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The Enemy Within - A Tale Of Love, Lust And Betrayal / Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. / United In Betrayal (2) (3) (4)

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In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 6:35pm On Aug 16
Chapter 1

Rosales Knowles.7:15pm.Abuja.

"The jerk!" She peeked at the thin gold watch that encircled her wrist "It's our first meeting and he's fucking not here"

Manners.Risha.The least she wanted was to let such a big fish off her hook.

Golden lights.Chandliers.Marron and white table clothings.Efficient waiters cladded in crisp white shirts and smart black pants.

Her eyes flickered from one table to another,scanning other customers and their accessories.Her stomach grumbled at the sight of their mouth watering meals.She would wait for him before eating,it's one of the ways of being affectionate.

"Rich folks" She smiled and sipped from a glass in front of her,stared at her watch again then to the entrance.
There he was.Tall and walking like a god.A pair of black glasses concealed his eyes.His hair...what the hell was he doing in casuals? Making her feel too serious in the sleeveless red gown that had a slit high up her right thigh.

"Sorry for being late.Had something urgent to sort out" He flashed a smile and took a sit.His eyes caught her drink.Orange juice.

"Rule No.1 You can't fall for him" Miranda's voice rang in her head.

"It's fine" She smiled back and a kind of expression she couldn't tell appeared on his face.She discarded it and tried to focus.

"You said you are Risha?" He maintained eyes contact.

"Yes" She responded,staring back without a flinch.

"I must say you look prettier in person" He said,his eyes trying to find the birthmark around her neck on the left but curly strands of thick brown hair was neatly swept from the right and clustered on that side.It fell down to God-knows-what length.Was this way of hair packing really a coincident? Or she did it on purpose?

"Why not pack your hair in a bun? Does it not disturb you?"

"I'm used to it this way.It's been this style since childhood" She smiled.Obliviuos of his motive.

A waiter appeared to take their orders and minutes later the table was full.Spaghetti stir fry,potato salad,shredded chicken,watermellon smoothie,jollof rice and then beans pudding,fried plantain and spiced fish.
Her eyes glinted of excitement at sight of the varieties before her.It didn't last long before her expression faded.She held the plate of jollof closer to her eyes as he stare in confusion.

"7800 for this little appalling rice?" She gasped and the few tables close to them turned to look at them.

"It's obscene to spend such huge amount on one small dish when millions are out there starving" She queried,anger clouding her once happy eyes.

He leaned closer and whispered "Low your voice little Missy.Rosales Knowles is the only eatry where you can get delicious dishes at cheaper rates"

Cheaper rate? He just called 7800 for a mare plate of rice cheap.Was she that poor? Maybe he was the one being extravangant.Rich people really have no regard for money and it keeps going to only them.

"We can go to somewhere else if you want" He said and made to leave but she stopped him.

"No.Let's dig in fast and leave"

They ate in silence,she was engrossed in her food while he stared at her every now and then,picking on his food like an ailing child.He thought she eats fine and every thing seemed to be going smoothly untill he decided to give her one more glance.He was shocked at how and when her eating became clumsy and fast.She had mixed the beans pudding and spaghetti stir fry.So disgusting.

"Can we go now? I'm done" He needed to get this glutton out of here real fast.The food was to test her and she's almost finishing everything.

"But I'm not done" She mumbled,her mouth stucked with food.Strands of once plain but now yellowish spaghetti dangling on the sides of her mouth.

"Let's go" He stood up.

"Wait for me.This is the best meal I've had my entire life"She picked her purse and gulped the rest of her drink "We can go now" she stood up.

"This isn't Tory" He said to himself as he watch her adjust her gown.

"Can I use the rest room?"

"Sure" He gave her directions and stared at her magnificent figure in awe as she walked.

Quickly he called his friend.

"Emekus!" his friend hailed from the other end.

"Guy.This isn't time for jokes"

"Okay.Kelvin.What is wrong?"

"You remember the Instagram girl I told you about? The one I suspected to be Tory?"

"Yes.Yes.I remember.You guys were suppose to meet"

"We are together now.She isn't Tory" His voice went down.

"You just met her.You can't be sure"

"Dude this girl is different.She is Calm,Outspoken and..and has this mad curve" he stuttered "Tory is plain.They are like cheese and chalk"

His friend gave a loud chuckle.Stopping between breaths.

"Dude you won't kill me.Why didn't you tell me you called to marvel at a girls bums instead of all these plenty english" The friend accused.

"Cut the crap! Ken" His cheeks pinkened knowing he was caught red handed.

"Since she isn't Tory just take her home and tickle your curiousity.And maybe start a false relationship then use her while it last to get Tory"

"What! That's ridiculous.The last time I tried being a Nigerian man as you put it,I ended up loosing a whooping sum of 5million naira and a very important document.Do you know what business that money is capable of sponsoring? I bet you don't"

"Okay.Fine.Don't take her home,maybe a hotel.And when have you become so cautious with money?"

"I'm done" She announced.

"I'll call you back" He dismissed his friend and they headed out.

They got to his car,a gleaning black Brabus.He openned the door for her.

"Get in"

A gentle man to the bone.The butterflies in her stomach danced happily.

"Where do you live? I'll take you home" He said it like an order and walked round to the driver's seat.

Home? Her stomach churned at the mention of home.How does she scale through this? Miranda had warned her not to let him know her resident.She stared at him as he fastened his seat belt,unaware of her tension.What to do..what to do.

"Why don't we go to your place and finish what we started" She leisurely placed her right leg on the left one,revealing a fair spotless thigh.

He looked at her exposed skin and looked away.

Gatcha! She danced in her head.

"No!" Came his reply.

What! Is he gay?

"Come on" She leaned closer and made some walking moves with her fingers on his forearms.He smelled sweet,subtle intoxicating smell guys rarely have.

"Fine" He pushed her hand and ignited his car.

She stared at him.This one shakara too much ooo.Na your money dey give me this patience.

They got to his place,a grey duplex.Lights shone at almost every angle.Risha surveyed the compound.The floor was interlocked, flowers hung on fancy clay pots on the wall instead of being planted in the ground.A white Lexus was the only car in the garrage then a red one just beside the one they arrived in.

"Your place is beautiful" She smiled.

"I know"

What! Just that? He surely is the most arrogant fellow she has ever seen.How he smiled and apologised for being late when they first met almost made her have a second thought about swindling him.But right now she can't wait to strip him off all his wealth.

"Welcome Sir" His gate greeted immediately he got off the car.

"Thank you James"

"Miss Chinny is around,but she stepped out for a walk"

"A walk?" He stared at his watch "This is 9:37pm"
He sent James off and turned to Risha who was still in the car listening to their conversation.
"Aren't you coming out?

He brought out his phone.He has missed five calls from his girlfriend,he dailed her line while Risha put out one of her legs out of the car.

"Hello babe.Where are you?" Kelvin asked looking very worried.

"Babe?" Risha brought out the second leg and the next second she was on the ground "Oh my goodness!"

"Babe who is that?" Chinny asked.

"Ermmm...my cousin.I'll call you back" He ended the call.

"Your cousin?" Risha looked up to him confused.

Chapter 2 is out already!

If God permits,I'll be posting a chapter daily.Please comment and mention friends to read too.Thank you!

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 3:45pm On Aug 18
Chapter 2

"I can't pretend to be your cousin! I can't believe you are one of those two timers.Gosh!"

"Well" He got his body off the car and stood in front of her "That's the only way we can have a peaceful night.Unless you intend to sleep on the street"

"Why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend?"

"Was I suppose to?"

"Then why did you asked us to meet?" She was getting more frustrated.

"Because I thought....come here" He pulled her and flung her hair backwards.Her neck was plain, no mark of any form.

"Turn around"

"What?" She was astound at his sudden change.

So weird.What's with the 'come here' and 'turn around'?

He spun her and she fell on the car.He pulled down her gown's zipper to the center of her back.

"What the hell are you doing?" She struggled to break free but his left hand was pinning her to the car while the right one held her hair up.

She wasn't Tori.No birthmark.No tattoo on her back.He felt a surge of relief and let her off.What came next he least expected.A punch to his face the moment she broke free.

"Argh!" He groaned and held his jaw .

How can a girl possess so much power?

"You don't mess with me" she smiled at him while zipping up.

A slim light girl in grey yoga pant and vest ran to them seconds after the punch.

"Babe! Are you okay?" She asked.

"I'm fine" He straightened.

"Oh my God! You are bleeding" she cried.

"It's just a minor incident" he gave Risha a deadly glare,she rolled her eyes and threw her face.

"And who are you? Why are you just watching instead of doing something!" Chinny yelled.

"It's okay Chinny.That's my cousin Jordia"

**** **** **** ****

Anger was plain on Jatau's face as he paced the living room.His wife and younger daughter were sitting on the sofa waiting for his next move.He stared at the wife,her face was buried in her palms.

"Lama how could you let her out.Such a vulnerable child!" He shouted and she looked up.

"Would you have let Miracle off so easily?" He asked and she rolled her eyes and looked a way.

"I'm talking to you" He tugged at her night dress.

"What are you trying to say? That I'm careless with Risha because I'm not her biological mum?" She flared up.

"Exactly!" He paused and went ahead "You let her gallivant the way she wants .Giving outsiders a bad impression of her"

"Really?" She stood up

"Your daughter is a graduate.She says it all the time,now tell me what you want me to do?" She asked and Miracle looked lifted het head to look at her.

He sighed,in a gentle tune he asked her.

" What happens if I die today? "

She looked away.She wasn't going to give him a chance to cloud her with guilt.

"Lama does that mean Risha will have no one left?"

"Ofcourse I..I'll take care of her" She stuttered, not looking at his face.

"Then what are you doing now! I married you purposely for her sake"

"That's enough Jatau! I won't stand her and be insulted" She walked into the room angrilly.

Jatau took his wife's position beside his daughter.

"Miracle go to bed.You shouldn't be up this late"He patted her back.

"Yes Dad" She got up and made to leave.

"And sorry for scolding your mother in front of you" He closed his eyes,assive fighting pains.

Scolding indeed.Miracle laughed within her,Dad always has a way or word to protect his superiority.They clearly argued with Mum and he called it SCOLDING.

"Dad" She called.

"Yes" He opened his eyes.

"Sis Risha isn't with any man as you all assume.I heard her tell mum she'll be visiting aunt Miranda"

Jatau was astouned.Why did his wife pretend not to know where she went to?

"You can go to bed now" He said staring blankly.

"Please don't tell mum I told you.I may never get the dress she promised me" Miracle pleaded.

He smiled,badly wanting to laugh at his little girl's childishness.

"I won't.And Dad will buy you something really good tomorrow"

"Thanks Dad!" She genuflected with smiles and went to her room.

"Good thing she didn't turn out like her mother"He muttered to him self before falling asleep on the sofa.

**** **** **** ****

Kelvin,in the most still motion lifted Chinny's hands off his body.It was already 1:00am but sleep was far away from him.He got his laptop and tried working,but his mind wasn't at it.Using his phone at night wasn't his thing either.But he decided to try so he began to check his WhatsApp messages.He has a message from Risha,it was from the previous day.Few minutes before they met.He opened it and she was Online.

"What could be keeping her up?" He wondered.

Checking his friends' status wouldn't be a bad idea.There might be funny images and videos to help cheer him up.After discovering Risha wasn't Tori he felt a part of him was happy and the other wasn't and he couldn't explain why.

"Tonight I'm sleeping at the Devil's" Risha captioned a photo of her in bed.Her hair was covering half of her face and her lips looking pouted but it wasn't.All she did was part her them abit.They were baby pink,just the colour of the shirt he gave her to sleep in.

"Why does she look like an halfcast" He zoomed the picture,concentrating more on her lips.

"What has come over you man?" He said to him self when he realised he was drooling at her "But why is she up by this time?

**** **** **** **** ****

"Babe I'm scared" Risha said to Miranda over the phone.

"Calm down he won't hurt you" Miranda assured her.

"How do you know he won't hurt me? We don't even know this guy and here I am crashing at his place"

"Stop panicking.You'll be fine"

"Okay.But be praying for me oo" She said and Miranda laughed.

"So tell me.Is he handsome in person or was it just filters?"

Risha smiled.

"He's very handsome" she whispered into the phone and they laughed "Too bad his girlfriend is around.And he suddenly turned into a devil"

Miranda laughed "I saw your status on whatsApp.You called him a devil,that's so unfair "

"You don't know what he did to me! I even had to punch his jaw" She laughed and rolled on the bed.

"Just today and all these chapters were written?" Her friend asked.

Risha sat up "Wait.What do you mean?"

"I think you are liking him already.You should listen to yourself when talking about him.You were laughing wildly just now"

"Please don't say such again.I can't fall for Kelvin"

"Kelvin? Why does it Sound like you've been calling the name for years"

"Good night Mimi.You are begining to annoy me"

"The truth..."

She ended the call and completed "is always bitter.You were going to say"

"Huh!" She sighed and closed her eyes "Good thing I didn't over talk and tell her I'm now Jordia.Kelvin's first cousin"

Thanks guys..Please comment..like..mention friends and share.

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by daddio(m): 4:11pm On Aug 18
Good, thanks.

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by Ann2012(f): 4:53pm On Aug 18

Well done OP

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 7:18pm On Aug 18
Thanks guys..I'll be more careful with typing.I noticed there are lot of errors
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 6:41am On Aug 20
Chapter 3

Risha awoke to the sweet smell of fried egg.She sat up and uttered a few words of prayers before rushing down stairs.The kitchen was a door by the right,just across the living room.

"Good morning" She greeted Chinny bubbly.

"Morning Jordy.Hope you slept well?" She turned around drying her hands with a towel.

"I did.And I like what you just called me" Risha said and they laughed.

"I sincerely apologise for yelling at you yesterday.I didn't know you were his cousin" Chinny moved closer and held Risha's hand.

"Come on.It's nothing"

Poor Chinny.If only she knew her effort was for a total stranger.

"Thank you" She hugs Risha.

"It's okay" She pulled her away gently.Hugging wasn't her thing,maybe because no ever hugged her before.

"I'm making us breakfast,but your brother won't be joining us"

"I was about to ask about him.Where is he?"

"He said he had something to do at work"


"I'm surprised too" She paused to listen to her self and added "Well don't get me wrong,you brother is the most hard working guy I've seen my entire life"

"It's okay.I didn't think that far"

So he left early to avoid her.She excused herself and ran upstairs to get her phone.She returned some minutes later making a call.

"What do you expect me to do now?" she stamped her feet and succeeded in attracting Chinny's attention.She only smiled.It must be their brother-sister talks.

"Big bro!" She gasped "You don't expect me to collect money from Sis Chinny do you?" She paused to observe Chinny's reaction,from the side of her face she could tell Chinny was smiling.

She continued.

"Okay.Okay.I will.But make sure you pay her back.If you don't I'll personally haunt you.Okay.Love Ya.Bye" She ended the call smiling.

"Sis Chinny"

"Yes" She turned swiftly.

"My bro asked if you could give me some money.Gat school issues to sort"

"Like how much do you need?"

"700k" She called confidently but deep down her heart was pounding like hell.

God please let her give me this money without suspicion or delay.As for Kelvin,pin him down where ever he is till I'm out of here.I promise to give you 100k out of it.

"Okay" Chinny's response finally came.She carried her phone "Call your account number"

Risha called her details in the most normal way she could,reciting her prayer points as she waits.

"Are you Risha Ja..Ja..t..au" Chinny looked up at her.

"Yes.I'm actually not Igbo.My mum married one of the tribes from the middle belt"

"How do you know I was going to ask?"

"The look on your face"

"Owww.I see" She smiled and went back to her phone "Done" She looked up again.

Risha's phone beeped and she opened the message.What she saw almost sent her mad but she had to comport herself.She was the first cousin of super rich Kelvin,it' will be a shame to craze over 900k

"It shows nine hundred here and I only asked...."

"I know.The extra 200 is my little way of saying sorry.Things aren't going smoothly currently but don't worry,you'll get more by the end of this month" She smiled.

"Thank you Sis Chinny" She hugged her tight.

Risha's phone rang and they disengaged.

"Let me take this please" She swipes the green circle up "Aren't you a good timer Mimi"

"Madam your Dad called me oo"

"Oh my God" She gasped and a worried look clouds Chinny's face.

"I told him you are on your way.But what are you still doing at his place ? Is he that good?"

"That man is very stupid.Why lectures so early,how do I cope now? I haven't had my bath sef" She scratched her hair and Chinny payed attention to it for the first time.It wasn't wig at all,she could see the roots.

Miranda stared at her phone to be sure she called the right line,it was correct.Saved as RiRi.

"RiRi what are you talking about? What lectures?"

"I'm coming now! Please grab a seat for me.Thank you" she ended the called and groaned.

"Going back to school?"

"Yes.And I haven't even seen my family"

"There is always another time.So what do we do about breakfast? You can't go back without eating"

"Yea..But there is nothing I can do.That man is too mean,I dare not miss his class nor go late"

"Let's do it this way.You go up and bath while I pack up something for you"

"Awww Sis Chinny,you are the best thing that ever happened to my brother" She hugged her briefly before running upstairs.

Sis Chinny? The best thing that ever happened to Kelvin? 200k did this magic.The only person left to be wooed was Vicky,Kelvin's only sibling.

"That one is too hard to please.A thorn in the flesh" She sighed and resumed her work.

Minutes later Risha came back to the kitchen.No make up.Her hair,carelessly parted in the middle.It cascaded down to her waist,resting on her bum.

"Thanks again Sis Chinny" She said as she collected A packed breakfast.

"It's nothing"

"Bye" She smiled and ran out.

Chinny followed almost immediately.

"Jordy! Wait"

Risha's intestines knitted against each other as she held the door knob.I've just been bursted,she repeatedly told her self.

"Yes" She spun with a broad smile.

"Your hair" She paused "Is it natural?"

Huh! She let an air of relief.

"Ofcourse!" She grinned "My mother isn't Nigerian"

"Your mother isn't Nigerian?"

The statement echoed in their ears.

"Just kidding.I'll send you the hair cream I use.It's imported from Thailand"

"Owww thank you" Chinny placed a hand on her chest smiling.

"Have to go now.Bye" She left before the reply came.

Once she was out she turned of her phone and exhaled deeply as she sighted a cab.

"Nyanya" She told the cab man immediately her butt felt the seat.

"I no dey go Nyanya" He said.

"I go pay 5k"

The driver turned to look at her at the back seat.

"You sure?"

"I swear"


Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by lonesome501(m): 7:21am On Aug 20
this babe na Y.G.N.L...she no get laptop,,but dat doesnt stop her 4rm doing yahoo.

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by oluwadabira111(m): 8:12am On Aug 20
Nice work.lemme go and read it but OP u have to be more consistent when updating this your story.

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 9:06am On Aug 20
Nice work.lemme go and read it but OP u have to be more consistent when updating this your story.

I wil.Thank you
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 9:07am On Aug 20
this babe na Y.G.N.L...she no get laptop,,but dat doesnt stop her 4rm doing yahoo.

Lol.Na real Y.G.N.L
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by Ann2012(f): 9:14am On Aug 20
Risha almost got bursted

Well done OP

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 8:12am On Aug 21
Risha almost got bursted

Well done OP


Thanks Ann2012
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 7:29pm On Aug 21
Chapter 4

Not up 15minutes after Risha left Kelvin pulled in.He Slumps into one of the sofas and and unlaced his black sneakers.

"Babe I'm back!" He called out and rested his back on the chair.

"So fast" Chinny came out of the kitchen with a tray of water and a tumbler.She placed it on the Crystal table before him and sat beside him.

"Yea.It was a minor thing that just needed attention" He drank some water and thanked her.

He looked around.

"Where is Ri...I mean my cousin,Jordia?"

"Risha you wanted to say?" She smiled at him and his heart sank to his stomach.

He held the tumbler to his mouth.Staring.How did she find out?And why is she calm?

"I got to know her other name when I tranafered the 700k you asked me to give her"

Pufff!.He spat out the water he was about to swallow to her face.

"Babe!" A disgusted Chinny stood up instantly and headed to the kitchen.

Seven hundred what? It rang in his head .Was this some sort of Karma? How did Chinny not think? Was there no cell phone to call and confirm? How did this happen in such a short while?He wasn't sure he stayed up to 2hours in the office.Many thoughts ran through his head as he sat there just staring.

"Risha" He muttered with a clenched fist "Pray our parts never cross"

Chinny returned but he was too drown in thoughts and regret to realise.

"Babe are you alright?" She sat next to him.

"I'm fine" He got up.All part of him suddenly became feeble,he had to put in more effort in mounting the stairs else he will never get to his room.

The swine! He would get her and make her pay.Now he wouldn't deny the fact that pretty girls are deadly,The prettier the deadlier.

**** **** **** ****

Even though she tried to appear usual her spirit wouldn't calm down one bit.Everything about her seem to be affected.Her walk steps suddenly possessed slight bounce ,like she was walking on springs.Even how she responded to the few people who greeted her sounded abit odd.Normally she will simply reply'Good morning' and head to where ever she was headed but today she went as far as asking about their night.

She closed the rust gate to her father's compound in a half bang and hummed to their cream bungalow.Her little sister who was playing at the cottage ran to meet her.

"Big sis!"

"My baby!" They hugged and Risha spunned the both of them round laughing.

"You are very happy.You got a job?" Miracle peered into Risha's face curiuosly.

Risha made A sad face then screamed "Yes!"

"Yes!" The teenage girl jumped up.

"Now big sis can buy your favourite Toys,books,dresses and even candies!"

"Are you serious?"

"Why not? Let's go in and talk more" she lowered her voice and added "about shopping"

"Yes!" She punched her fist in the air.Risha couldn't help but marvel at how beautiful she looked.

**** **** **** ****

Blue Isle night club had a mix smell of alcohol and smoke.As usual it was full to the brim,sweaty bodies pressing and rubbing against each other under multi-coloured lights with Kizz Daniel's latest hit Poko, revibrating the building.

V.I.P was aligned in blue neon light at the balcony where Tory,Sonia-her only friend and other big boys and girls were seated.Tory dragged hard on the Shisha pipe she was holding,threw her head back and let the smoke plumed then gave it Sonia.The entire room seem to be doing the same thing .

"Have you handed the documents to Chief yet?" Sonia passed the pipe to Tory.

"Not yet" She shook her head "He is trying to play smart"

"Huh" Sonia scoffed " We Can actually make alot out of both parties if we play our cards well"

"I don't want to get involve in anything shitty.Chief is deadly,and I sense same about Kelvin Anozie"

"What do you intend to do now?"

"Still thinking"

From the corner they sat Sonia realised a guy has been looking at Tory for sometime.He had a white face worn backward.

"I think some guy is checking you out"

"Who?" Tory maintained her sitting position.

It's never chick to sway around looking for a guy who is checking you out after being informed.

"He is coming" Sonia muttered and gulped from her glass of Henessy.

"Hello pretty" He nodded at Sonia and sat next to Tory.

"Long time Risha.Never imagined seeing you in a place like this?"He said.

"I beg your pardon?" Tory turned to look at him,her long lashes standing out.

"It's impossible to forget me" He smiled superciliously and went on "Japhet? Nasarawa state University Keffi? Does it ring a bell? He attempted tucking her curly hair behind her ear to earn a better view.

She slaps his hands off.

"Get your filthy hands off my hair!"

Japhet stare in total awe at the girl who was once head over hills for him.Was this a payback for not reciprocating her emotion? He remembered Miranda, a close friend of Risha trying to hook him up with her.He still recalled the exact words he told her,

"I won't deny the fact that Risha is pretty and intelligent but she lacks the sophistication and status.I can't start going about with a nobody" He said and added "Sorry I can't" When he saw the hatred on Miranda's face.

He looked at the current Risha beside him,she was his the kind of girl he wants.Classy and social.

"Babe let's get out of here.It's obvious this slowpoke Is high and can't tell his friends from strangers" Tory said to Sonia.

They grabbed their bags and Japhet stared as they left.

"She's really changed" He got up and stood by the railings as they got downstairs and headed to the exit.Sonia pulled a guy from a girl he was rocking and grinded her ass on him before meeting Tory ahead.

"Mad bitch" He gave a mischievuos smile.

**** **** **** ****

They got outside and leaned on Tory's Red Lexus.It was cold outside.

"Gosh!" She sighed "That guy is a prick!.We would have spent the night together."

"I know right.Even when you were feigning anger I could still see the lust in your eyes" Sonia said and Tory pushed her.

"Go jhoor!"

They laughed.

"I hate guys who use ancient tactics to get a babe's attention"

"I don't understand"

"Take this guy for instance.Intead of going straight to the point he started calling me one weird name.What's that letter R name again?" She snaps her finger repeatedly to recall.


"Not Rita.What ever" She gave up "I mean instead of pretending to know me somewhere he should have been forward.If it's sex he wants he should have just said it" She laments.

"From the way you are sounding I think you are hurt"

"Ofcourse I am.That slowpoke is just my kind of guy"

"I can get him for you"

"F*ck you! Sonia,for trying to make me look stupid.After hurling insults on him?"

"Let's go home.I know you are high and h*rny,I'll take care of you" She winked at her.

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Chapter 4

A sliver of light from the living room penetrated through a slit opening under the door,giving the dark room a little glow.Just beside her bed was a dressing table with various shampoos aligned according to how frequent they are needed.A big mug with shattered handle had a miscellany of combs and hair pins stuck at it's rim.And above the door,which was at the direction her feet points to was a brown wall clock that produced the only sound in the tranquil room.

Risha snuggled under a blue sheet pondering on what to do with her loot.She knows the value of money so going on a shopping spree was far from it.She needed to do something that wasn't ephemera,A business.But what business?

Her thought was truncated when her phone vibrated under her pillow.

She demonstrated the cross then picked.

"Good morning babes" Risha smiled

"Morning? At this time of the day? You know you've been acting weird since the call at Kelvin's place" Miranda complained over the phone.

Risha scratched her hair "It's because I'm tensed now.You think it's easy to go to a stranger's house and steal a whooping sum of..." She trails off.

"Steal? He didn't give you the money?" Miranda couldn't hide her shock.

"Yea..hmm..I stole from him" She mumbled.

"Rishama!" She screamed over the phone.

"Shhh!!" She whispered "Low your voice please"

"So how much did you steal?"

"Ahn ahn..I told you already.300k and you've gotten your 100k "

"Rishama I don't believe you"

"That's your business"

"But I hope you are aware I was the brain behind all this.In fact I gave you the outfit that made you appealing before his eyes"

"Hian! Outfit that almost landed me in trouble.I was just lucky my P-man wasn't home"

"That's your business too!"

Risha glared at the phone before returning it back to her ear.

"Okay oo.I want to sleep now.Good night"



"I think you should add to my share.I mean it should 50/50"

"When you say 50/50 what do you mean" Risha's brows furrowed.

"I mean each of us should have 150k "

Risha paused for a moment.

"Okay.Expect 50k now" She ends the call.

Miranda squealed and rolled in her bed.She knew Risha will concur to it but didn't expect it so fast.

Her phone beeped.

"What a dummy!" She smiled at the alert

"One may be intelligent,hot and all that.But in life you need wisdom to survive"

A mischievous smile played on her lips as she went to her call log.

Cupcake.She dailed.

"Hello cupcake" She said in her most mild tune.

"Sup babe.You gotten the money?" A husky voice asked.

She frowned and her enthusiasm vanished.

"You only care about the money.What about me? You didn't ask of how my day went or what I ate" She grumbled.

"I'm sorry" He smiled and added "How was your day? And what did you eat?"

"What the hell!" She scoffs "You are seriously repeating what I just said? Can't you for once use your initiative and put abit emotion to our conversation?"

"What do you want me to do? I told you about my past relationship and how messed up it has made me!" He flared up.

She became mute for the whole period he talked.

"You should understand me" He rounded his oral epistle in a low tune.

She sighed and muffled "Okay.I'll send you the money now"

"Awwwnnn.You are such a babe.Life would have been messier without you"

"That'enough" She giggled.

*** *** *** ***

"See her life.She's been on another call since she got the money,I hope she doesn't give it to Martins"

A message pops on Risha's screen.It read thus;

"Thanks babes.I've seen the money.Was talking to Martins when you called and had to transfer some money to him after that.Will call you tomorrow.Kisses."

"Argh!" Risha groaned and flung her bed sheet over her head "I knew it! What do I do with you Miranda? I'm glad I hid the truth from you"

*** *** *** ***

Kelvin sat comfortably in his friend's office.They weren't really close back then in secondary school but he gave him all the support a classmate should.Now he needs his help as a police officer to get Risha.He looked round the office as he tried to discard the cruel things he'll do to her once she gets caught.That was when he realised a book shelf with starks of books just behind the office owner's table.How he got to be see it just now was a mystery.

"Do police read books?" He wondered.

"Yes we do Mr Kelvin" His friend,a tall light skinned fellow in his early 30's pulled in.

"I'm sorry Tunji.I didn't mean it that way" A surge of embarrassment clouded him.

Damn you Kelvin! I thought we were over this thinking aloud thing.

"It's okay" Tunji sat across him "So you wanted to see me"

"Yes.I need you to help me track some one down.I'll pay anything"

Tunji gave him a long stare and smiled.

"Forget the money.What's this person you want tracked down's offense"

"She stole from me" He spoke slowly.Feeling of betrayal glinted on his face.

"Your girlfriend?"

"No.Someone who was suppose to be a friend"

Great job Kelvin! Some one who was suppose to be friend?

"Can you tell me how it happened?"

"Is it neccessary?" He blurt.

"I beg your pardon?" Tunji gave him an are-you-okay? glare.

"I'm sorry.I meant to say...."

Gosh! He slumps back in his chair and Tunji got the message.It's something he didn't want to discuss,he' ll let him off for now and make him talk about it later without him realising it.He has been a police for 5years now and their most prided enthos is the ability to cajole a withness,victim and even the suspect into saying things they don't want to.

"Can I see a picture?"

"Sure" He swiped through his phone's gallery for Risha's photo.

"Here" He gave his phone to Tunji.

Tunji's eyes circled the moment he saw the picture.

"You know her?" He sat up.

"She's currently on the top on our WANTED list.She has stolen from two high profiled men this week,I shouldn't be telling you this because they want everything private inorder not to tarnish their reputation" He whispered.

First on a wanted list? Tory must have started a stealing spree.It can't be Risha,she looks too innocent for that.

"Really? Then who duped you of 700k a week ago?" A little voice in his head asked.

Crab! He rubbed his face and sighed.

"Do me this favour"

"What's that?" Tunji looked up from the phone.

"Let me be the first to know when you find her"

"That's nothing"

"Thank you" They shook hands "I'll leave now"

"Okay Man.We'll keep in touch" He handed him his phone.

Kelvin became cold at the new developement.He drove in silence not minding to turn on his music as usual.How does he tell the police there are two different criminals out there with the same face,will they believe him if he tells them one is curvy and the other is not? They'll think he is an insane pervert.But then his fling with Tory will come to limelight,his step father will get to know he is solely at his mercy.Because without the credentials Tory took his life is messed up.He closed his eyes and by the time he opened them he was heading right into another car.

Skrrrrrr! His car screeched and grinded into a halt.

"Jesus!" He gasped and rested his head on the steering.

The driver of the car popped his head through the window and yelled "What is wrong with you! Can't you see the traffic signal?"

"I'm sorry!" He apologised and muttered to himself "I didn't even hit your car"

His phone vibrated in his pocket and startled him.

"I wonder how we got cousin Jordia when all our cousins on mum's side are males" A female voice spoke at the answer of the call.

"Let's not do this now Vic"

"Kel are you okay?" Her tune turned worried.

"I'm not.I will call you when I get home"

"You don't have to.I'm coming over"


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Chapter 5

Risha cradled the phone between her shoulder and her ear as she applied gloss to her lips.

Miranda picked her phone on the second ring.

"Hello babes"

"Hey.I'm returning Kelvin's money to him" She paused "I feel terrible about the whole thing"

Miranda gave a mocking laugh at her statement.

"What's funny?" Risha dropped the gloss and held unto her phone properly.

"You just sounded like a fool!"

"Calm down.I did not ask you to return yours"

"Ofcourse you didn't and you can't!"

"Miranda are you okay? You are over-reacting for goodness sake"

"And you are pretending for goodness sake! If you can keep this money for two straigth weeks then why can't you keep it for ever?"

Because my conscience isn't dead yet!" She flared back " Have you sat to think of what he'll do to me if he finds me someday? What of my father.The shame this single act of self will cause him.I'm still baffled at how you manage to fool me into this dirty deal"

Miranda scoffs.

"How I manage to convince you? I can't recall trying to do that.You've always pictured yourself as the pretty smart one so you indirectly nominated your self!"

"You are seriouly saying that to me?"

"Oh my goodness! I forgot I'm talking to almigthy Risha.I should be trembling" Miranda spoke with a high pitch voice that weighs sarcasm.


"I gat place to go with Martins.Have a blissful day" She hangs the call.

"She's so full of her self" Miranda glared at her phone.

"Who is that?" A girl she is drinking with asked.

"A girl called Risha" she rolls her eyes.

"Risha?" The name reechoed in her head.

"You know her?"

"Not really.But I think I've heard the name some where"

"You may know her.She swindles men alot.She's currently having issues with one Kelvin Anozie,A recent victim"

Kelvin Anozie.That's Tory's victim too.

"You have a photo of her?"The girl demanded.

"Sure" She opened her gallery and the first photo was that of her and Risha at the mall two days ago.

"Here" She gave the phone to her friend Sonia.

"Oh.My.God!" Sonia's mouth fell agape at Risha and Tory striking resemblance.

"You know her?"

"Yes..I mean no" She grabs her bag and brings out her phone "Look at this" She showed her a photo of Tory.

"You know her too"

"No.This is my friend Tory"

"The bossy and annoying Tory?"


Miranda gave Sonia a quizzical look.

"You are kidding right?"

"I'm not!"

Sonia narrated the incident at the club the other night.

"And we thought the guy was using an old fashioned way to hit on Tory.Little did we know he was serious and was actually referring to your friend"

"What's the guy's name? I may know him"

"Japhet.Nasarawa state university Keffi" She repeated his exact statement that night.

"I know him.Risha used to crush on him"

"This is weird"

What a quirk fate.The world is smaller than humans imagine.

"What are you thinking of?" Miranda noticed Sonia's sudden absence.



"I gat job for yah"

*** *** *** ***

Risha wallowed in her thoughts as she journeyed to Maitama.Unlike before when passengers chat heartily while travelling most of them got busy with their phones and earphones.

Miranda's words came fluttering in her head.Was she doing the right thing or was she just pretending to be nice as accused.She shook her head to discard the many thoughts struggling to settle at the same.

"I'll give him his money and we'll never see again"

Okay Risha.You just sounded like someone who's bading a love she doesn't want to let go off good bye.

"Arrrhg!.. What is wrong with you" She scolded her self.

"Aunty are you okay?" The driver who was seated next to her inquired.

"I'm fine" She smiled and turned to make one of those faces she does to quench her embarrassment.

In less than two hours she was at Kelvin's house.Chinny was still around and has welcomed her whole heartedly.She stared at the building,a mixed sense of nostalgia and guilt flooded her in waves.What will his reaction be like if he sees her?

"Here is freshly squeezed orange juice" Chinny placed it before her on the dinning table.

"Thanks sis Chinny"

"You are welcome.I called your brother and he said he'll be here soon"

Here stomach rumbled at the mention of Kelvin.

"Owww.You must be very hungry"

"I'm fine" Risha smiled to shield her tension.

"Let me warm some food for you" Chinny left for the Kitchen.

"You are wicked Risha,Hurting those who did nothing but good to you" She closed her eyes to dismiss how the day Chinny will find out she isn't related to her boyfriend in anyway will look like.

"You were too scared to spend the money?"Kelvin's voice jerked her back to reality.

She sprang to her feet,she could sense her fear.Their eyes met.His was menacing and full of anger while guilt and shame clouded hers.

"I'm sorry" She fiddled with her sweaty fingers.

Just "I'm sorry" and everything seem to come back to normal.All the anger gone and his unsantiable desire to see her punished suddenly vanished.Was that how powerful words can be?

"I have the money here but not all of it.I gave some to my friend and bought gifts for my little sister.Wanted investing the rest but my heart won't let me" She paused "But if you'll give me some time I'll work and pay you the rest"

He only smiled at the end of all she said.How she looked down at her fingers while she talked gave an extra gait of gracefulness to her,he was right about her atlast.Without doubt Tory is the one on the WANTED list not her.Now that she has bridged the gap of doubt between them they can dive into business.

"It's okay.You can keep all of it"

She looked up.Her mouth slightly ajar.

"I don't ..understand?"

Chinny showed up with tray of food,interrupting their conversation.

"Babe you are back"

"Yea.And was having a little chat with Jordia" He pulled Risha into a side hug and the awkwardness they both felt was beyond any other.

The door bell rang.

"I'll get it" She slid out of his hand rushed to the door.

"Hy" She smiled broadly at a dark tall girl at the door.

"Who are you?" The girl gave her a quizzical stare.

"Jordia.Kelvin's cousin"

Crab! Did she just say that?

"Oww..Jordia" the girl smile "I'm Kelvin's only sibling Vic" She smiled superciliously.

A pang of embarrassment hit Risha,she hates being caught red handed.

"Come in Vic" She opened the door widely and made to leave but Vic held her hand.

"Act along if you don't want to get bursted" With that she walked ahead in a way Risha finds proud.

Thank you so much for your patience so far.But know that your comments will go a long way in spurring my writing will.Thanks again.


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Chapter 6

Risha with a sigh closed the novel was reading and double tapped her phone.4:52 pm.At the dining Kelvin said they needed to talk and it's been hours of absent mindedly reading of novel in bed while waiting.She needed to get done with everything here and go home.Her stomach made a loud growl and she dashed to the rest room,it was the third time and she couldn't hold back from accusing it on Chinny's rice and stew.Minutes later she came back walking in a bent manner,one of her hands supporting her stomach while the other held her hair from obstructing her view.

"Are you okay?" Kelvin made his presence known and she almost jumped.

"Sorry.I don't mean to startle you.There was no response after countless knocks so I came in" He apologised.

She only nodded .

"What's wrong?"

"I think it's food poisoning" She blurted "Don't get me wrong.Chinny is a great cook but I can't stand the pepper" She added when she realised it numerous possible meanings.

"I understand" He smiled " Having a stomach pain after Chinny's meals has become a normal thing for me"

A broad smile shone on her face.


"Yes..I mean...What am I trying to say?" He stuttered.

"The same thing I was trying to say.Chinny isn't a bad cook except for the pepper"

"Exactly!" He snapped his fingers at her and they both smiled.

The room suddenly became silent.Everyone bearing their thoughts and uneasiness.

"Are you okay? Can we go now?"

"Yes" She nodded and trailed behind.

Where they were going to she had no clue but she followed without hesitation.

Downstairs,Chinny was watching a reality show called 'The Kardashians' while Vicky was engrossed in a vogue magazine just opposite her.Kelvin sometimes wonder if Chinny ever gets jealous watching these big -butted white girls knowing the fact that she's just slender without curves.

"Jordia is leaving" He announced to get their attention which he did.

"So soon?" Chinny spun to look at them.They looked more like couples than brother and sister,she thought.

"I'm leaving too" Vicky stood up "was waiting for you guys"

Chinny turned to look at Vicky.She needed no soothsayer to tell her she was being averted.

"I'm coming with you guys" Chinny declared.

Kelvin and Risha shared a what-do-we? glance.

"Don't you think visiting a mother-in-law to be is better?" Vicky chipped in and Kelvin almost gave a sigh of relief.

"Okay.." Chinny muttered.

She got up and mount the stairs as collected as possible.Finally! She performed a waltz dance alone in her head.

Kelvin couldn't take his eyes off his sister.Such a genius,always coming in the moment she is needed the most.

"But mum is out of town.What do you intend to do with my girlfriend?" He communicated with his eyes,something he was taught by Vicky many years back.

When they were kids Vicky had brought the idea of them using body language and their eyes to communicate in public places and during critical situations like the one he just escaped.He shoved her off,calling her idea childish and girly.It wasn't his fault,he was a boy and five years older than her so being mature and strict was normal.Vicky has always been the stubborn and manipulative type,some how she initiated him into it with his realisation and since then till date they can communicate without using words.

"I only lied to get her stinky claws off you guys" She replied.

His brows furrowed and his eyes narrowed to slits.

"That's my girlfriend we are talking about"

She rolls her eyes.

"What ever.All I know is I'm doing you and Jordia a big favour"

"Thank you" He flashed a smile and reciprocated.

Risha stared at the two with no idea of what is going on.The only thing she understands is Vicky helped with distracting Chinny and she'll forever be grateful.

"Let's go" He said to Risha.

"I'll see you guys to the car" Vicky offered and led the way, Risha followed suite then Kelvin.

They got to the car,Kelvin as usual held the door for Risha.

"Thank you" She muttered.

Vicky moved closer and stretched her phone to Risha.

"Your number"

Risha thought it sounded more like an order than a request.The weirdest way to ask for one's contact,isn't she just like her brother.Arrogant and extremely kind.

Risha collected the phone and saved her number.

"Thank you" She gave a sweet smile "I'll call you"

That smile was the least Risha expected.

Kelvin turned to the opposite direction and smiled at his sister's sudden likeness for Risha and how silly battling to conceal it made her look.It became clear to him why their bond exceed that of any siblings.They have alot in common,ranging from food,places,sense of judgement and even down to people they like.Risha is a typical example,they both got to know her not long ago and have already like her.Yes.He likes Risha and she gave him more reasons to when she gave herself in hours earlier.Nothing struck him more than how she played with her fingers while admitting her faults.Offering to work and pay for the ones she has squandered depicts a high sense of responsibility.And no act of remorse superceeds not being able to look at the one you offend.

"I couldn't keep it.It's not mine" Her reponse was succinct.

He smiled within him and proceed to ask more.But he made sure it wouldn't leave any of them feeling guilty or stupid.

"What business was it you wanted to do? I can help" He gave a half shrug.

She paused for a moment "Opening a saloon"

"It took you quite some time to say it.Are you not sure of it?"

"I am"

"Okay.So why a saloon?"

"I have a very lengthy hair and each time I go to treat I get absolute rubbish and pay a devastating amount for it.So I thought opening a saloon will give me the opportunity to teach those who I'll employ how to treat hair beyond the normal ones they treat on a daily basis.And also those with really stuffy hair will get to know how it feels to have a dandruff free scalp "

He sighed after her monologue.

"Sounds more like a dream than a business"

The conversation died and it became quiet once more.She gave him directions of her house and watched him drive accordingly.

"Why didn't you get me arrested when you discovered I stole from ? You didn't even call or message me"

Stole.She seem to have gotten over it,another reason to like her.

"Well" He paused and turned to the right,entering her street "That's nothing.My kid sis spends more than that on a wig"

She bacame speechless,it is the most arrogant statement she has heard her entire life.In just one sentence he was able to call her a petty thife,broke and shallow.He surely needs to be awarded.

"Even if it's peanuts to you I expected a reaction worst than what I saw back there"

"That is because I already reported you to the police and your face couldn't have depict more remorse and fear"

"What!" She turned in her seat to look at him.He was smiling "You reported me?"

"Calm down" He pats her shoulder gently and she did.

"You said you'll get a job and pay me"

"Yes" she turned to him "That was before you decided to let me keep it"

"Hmmm" He sighed "I just changed my mind"

"I knew it" She leans back in her seat.

"Work for me" The words came with force "I'll pay you three hundred thousand monthly.Your groceries and accommodation covered"

She suddenly looked blank.

He pulled by No.38 Imran street.The house number she gave him.

He didn't understand her facial expression so he thought she must have belittled his pay.

"Okay 500k"

"Shhhhh" She placed a finger on his lip "I may just die of shock if you go further"

The next thing he did amused her.He threw back his hard and laughed hard,his adam apple jerking up and down.

"You..You are one hell of a clown" He spluttered amidst laughter.

"I'll take take as a compliment" She turned to the side and smiled.

"You shouls.No one has made me laugh this hard"

She smiled and thanked him before getting off the car.He got off too.

"Where are you going to?"She asked when she noticed him trailing behind.

"Your house ofcourse.You know mine so it wouldn't make sense if I don't know yours"

She couldn't believe her ears,neither her eyes.Everything happened so fast that she was begining to wonder if she was hallicinating.

"But here is my house" She pointed at a yellow rust gate.

"Let's go in.Unless you are hiding something"

"Fine" She sighed and led the way.

She just succeeded in finding her self a burden.A low squeal escaped her lips knowing that Kelvin was at her house,it only means one thing;A friendship has just been built.


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Re-read chapter 6,more has been added
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Could it be Risha and Tory are related. twins maybe?
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Could it be Risha and Tory are related. twins maybe?

Thanks for the update

Exactly what i am thinking


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Chapter 7

The room appears clean and has a minty floral scent.A white bed stood starlky against the deep blue walls.Beside the head of the bed was a brown drawer that carries an image of a smiling baby with toothless gum,she would have pass for a younger version of Risha if not for the pale complexion.At the dresseing table where the stranger she came too see stood backing her are various cosmetics.

"Are you Miranda?"

How she pronounced 'Miranda' disgusted Miranda.It was like holding water in one's mouth at the same time stressing the second 'R' in Roberto.

"I am Tory" She did the same disgusting thing to her own name and turned around.

Miranda's jaws dropped as she stared in total awe at the sophisticated replica of Risha before her.She never believed Sonia untill now.The only noticeable features that differentiated them was Risha's figure and Tory's velvety skin.Their personality was something that requires time to be detected.

"I..I..am Miranda"

Tory smiled and shook her head.

This is beyond ordinary,even their smile.

"Sonia said you have a job for me" She manage to say.
Her eyes returned to their normal position.

"Yes sweet heart.But why not sit first?" She pointed at a single cushion behind Miranda.

"No.I'm fine"

Even though Tory looks just like her friend she wouldn't trust her so fast.There just something that screams EVIL! about her no matter how calm and harmless she seem to appear.

"Okay" she picks a fat stick of tobacco on the table behind her and offer to Miranda.

Miranda glared at it and shook her head implying No.

"I don't smoke"

"What about a drink?"


Tory walked smoothly to her,like she isn't wearing heels,Risha would have crash to the ground before covering the space between them.

"If we must work together you need to trust me"

"We've been talking about work since before we met and I'm yet to know what that work of your is all about"

"It's simple" She walks round Miranda in a way she finds creepy "Tell me all I need to know about Risha"

Miranda stiffled the laugh that almost excaped her lips when she called Risha.She really murdered the name.

"Why should I?" She comported her self and put on a serious face.

"Because in that bag" Her almond nude nails points to a brown bag on the bed "is 1.5 million Naira"

Miranda gulped noisily and blinked.

"You are kidding right?"

Tory smiled,happy that the money is having the expected effect on Miranda.

"I don't kid.I do business"

Miranda paused for a minute.

"What do you need to know about Risha?"


*** **** *** ****

The slamming of hands from the living room re-echoed in Risha's head,worsening the headache she awoke with.She muffles incoherent words of anger into the pillow and rolls repeatedly,finally she splayed her self in a supine position,panting heavily as she gradually drifts back to sleep.Her door creaks and the silhouette of miracle crept in,she tip-toed to the bed and whispered directly to Risha's ear,

"Wakey! wakey!!"

"Argh!" Risha jumps and Miracle retreated out of fear.

"Don't ever do that again!" Risha said in a suptle yell when she noticed who it is.

Miracle moves closer "I'm sorry.Daddy asked me to wake you up"

Risha rubs her sweaty forehead " It's okay.I'll join you people"

Miracle felt her sister's neck with the back of her hand and muttered "You are burning"

"Yea.I think it's fever" Risha snuggled back into the blanket.

Miracle was tucking her in bed when their father pulled in and threw the blanket over his head with just a drag.

"Miracle go to the living room!" Jatau ordered.

"Dad, Sis Risha is sick" Miracle tried to intervene.

'Out!" He yelled and the panicked child ran out.

Risha sat up sluggishly.

"I couldn't go for prayers because I'm having a splitting head..."

A brain wrecking knock interrupte her.For how long she couldn't tell but the world seem to end for her,she badly wanted to cry,maybe scream along to ease the pain but something seem to be stuck in her throat.So she just stared blankly,streaks of steamed tears seeping down her cheeks.

"Now go and assist your mother in the Kitchen!"

She slideout of bed and dragged her feet to door while her hand rubbed the spot that almost got cracked.

"And where do you think you are going without slippers?"

She quitely turned and slid her feet into a white fur slippers beside her bed and made to leave again when he called her back.

"Your mother told me you now bring boys when I'm at work"

"I didn't bring boys.It was just Kelvin" She muttered angrily.

"And who is Kelvin?"

"A friend"

"Rishama how many time do I need to tell you I don't want boys around you? You are just Twenty-one"

"Twenty-two" she blurts and peek at her father's face "I meant to say I'll be twenty-two in two months"

"My friend shut up! And as for your new job I want you to turn the offer down.I can take care of you for now!"


"Do not talk! You aren't taking any job untill you aquire an Msc!"

He brushed pass her and slams the door behind him.

"You should be awarded the most childish father on planet" she rolls her eyes and climbed her bed.

The door reopens and Risha jumps out of bed,crashing on her butt.

"Sis Risha,mummy needs your help in the kitchen"

"I'll be there now" She straightens up frowning.

Miracle left and she sighed.

"Sometimes I wish he travels and never return"

*** *** *** *** *** ***

"Good morning Mummy" Risha greeted and leaned on the door.

"I didn't send for you to just stand there you know" Her mother stirred a raw akamu liquid on fire.

"How may I help?"

"You aren't blind Risha.Arrange your father's tray"

Risha sighed and carried the tray.

"What was that? Did you just hiss at me?" Her mother inquired and Risha knew trouble is brewing.

"No I didn't.I only sighed"

"What's the matter? Is the pap not ready yet?" Jatau walked in.He has heard their noise from the sitting room and decide to intervene before it gets out of control.

"Rishama is really grown now.Can you believe she now hiss when I talk?" She smiled like it didn't bother her "I don't blame her though.I blame those rich men for mistaking her for an adult"

"Enough Lama! Don't ever talk to a child in such manner,Rishama to be precise" He said and Risha turned to look it him.

All hope is not lost atleast.

"She just hissed at me and you are..."

"You are having a headache right?" He said to Risha.

""Yes sir" She nodded.

"You can go in and rest.Miracle will bring your breakfast to your room"

"Thank you Sir" She genuflected and rushed to her room before he changes his mind.

Guys,your reactions mean alot to me...don't make me feel I'm in this alone.Thank you!


Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by bfawzie(m): 6:57am On Sep 04
keep up the good work boss.

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by Emex100(m): 9:11am On Sep 04
dont worry about reaction yet.
Once you are consistent you will be rewarded with reactions.

Though you are doing go but you update are short with isnt giving the satisfaction of reading an update

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by maleeknasri(m): 2:43pm On Sep 04
nice one op i dont trust this tory girl at all

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 4:02pm On Sep 04
dont worry about reaction yet.
Once you are consistent you will be rewarded with reactions.

Though you are doing go but you update are short with isnt giving the satisfaction of reading an update

Noted.Thank you

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by PrudySara(f): 11:13am On Sep 06
Miranda is evil... thanks for the update
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 11:13pm On Sep 07
Chapter 8

Lama trailed behind Jatau to their room ranting effusively.

" you publicly disgraced me out there! I still find it hard to believe you asked your daughter to go back in and rest while I work my self out.You chose her over me Jatau!"

Jatau sighed and sat at the edge of the bed.

"Oww.That is all you are going to do right? Now I know why Kayla couldn't make it till now"

Jatau sprang to his feet "Woman!"

She laughs and claps her hand.Enjoying the outcome of Kayla's name.

" So you can talk? When it comes to Kayla and your daughter you talk"

"I'm warning you for the last time don't ever mention Kayla" He brush pass her and walked out.

Lama buries her face on her palms.

"What have I done? Is it wrong to say what's bothering me?"

Jatau walks in again.

"I'll have break fast with Shama,please help Rishama find some medicine"

She lept and held his hand, entreating him to stay.Shama,the offshoot of his childhood friend Risham whom Risha was named after was more like a brother to her husband.Letting her husband meet up with him in his current state will cost her serious damage.Shama's no-nonsense wife will get to know about her misbehaviours and report to the Women Association they belong to.It denotes paying a whooping sum of twenty thousand naira or quitting the association which to her was unplugging her own life support.

"It hasn't gotten to that" she leaned on him and stroke his hand gently.

"I'm sorry" She muttered and he looked down on her.

what does he do with this woman? Resisting her requires alot more effort than being angry at her.He pulled her to the bed and they both sat.

"Lama" He called in a mild tune and she looks at him.

"Can you tell me those things Risha do to spite you? I can talk to her and she'll understand" He asked and she bows her head.

"Alot of things" She muttered and swiftly continued "But I can endure them all"

"No" He adjusted and made her turn to face him "You shouldn't endure.This is your husband's house so you should be happy"

She smiled coyly.Now he is talking.

"Same with Risha and Miracle" He added and her countenance changed.

"I know Risha is naive and somehow lazy but she's doing her best to please you.I could see it during the short times I stay home with you people" He pulls her hand and hold them in his "You two should get along for my sake.Risha doesn't have a problem it's just that....."

She flares up.

"So I'm the one with the problem?"

Jatau watch in astonishment.He thought they were talking like every normal couples so how did he provoke her?

"Please sit.It's not what you think" He tries to pull her back to her former position but she became stiff like a dry stick.

"It's clear yoi priotise Risha over Miracle and I.Especially me" she began to weep " On many occasions your daughter sleeps out and bring in men behind your back but you never do any thing about it"

"Enough of the Nonsense Lama!"

"Then do something if you don't want to hear more nonsense" She spat "I just want the best for Risha but you keep seeing me as the villain"

"The BEST for Risha? Is the BEST claiming not to know her where abouts when she tells you she'll be visiting Miranda?"

An eerie silence ensued as her eyes shivered in their sockets.

"Is the BEST slandering her amidst your friends when you are suppose to shield her? As for the young man that brought her home" He stands up "You are talking about Kelvin right?"

He paused to observe her facial expression,it was true after all.She has been feeding him with lies all these years and he comes back to lash his anger on poor Risha.

"I know you are surprised that I'm aware of Kelvin,I told you before I married you that Risha doesn't hide things from me" He said with an air of pride.


"It's okay my dear" he cut her short "I've decided to quit my job and focus more on my kids before you turn them into heartless monsters,maybe something worst"

She watched speechlessly as he walked out.

*** **** *** **** *** **** *** ****

"You forgot me totally" Risha said over the phone.

"It's not so baby.I've been busy lately" Miranda said.

"You just called me baby" one of Risha's brows arched. "What's happening?"

Miranda laughed hard.

"Come on girl.Don't be so petty,what's wrong in calling you that?"

"Nothing" Risha shrugs "Just sounds unlike you and my ears couldn't help but notice"

"Your business oh!"

Risha laughs.She really missed Miranda.

"So what are you busy with.Please don't tell me it's Martins"

"Nop.My make up studio"

"You now own a make up studio?"

"Yeah baby"

"Oh.My.God!. I'm so proud of you girlfriend"

"You should"

"Now I know why you forsook me for all these days.But it's worth it so I'm not mad"

"Now that's my girl" Miranda spoke with a thick western accent and they laughed in a sync.

"I'm thinking of getting a tattoo" Miranda said out of no where.

"A tattoo? Why? I mean you dread it so why the sudden change of mind?"

"Er...I just find it trendy and sexy.Espescially when it's on you back.Slightly above your bums"

"That's enough"

"And you and your man are about to..."

"I said enough!"

Miranda laughed wildly.

"You dey fear konji abi?.It's not your fault since you don't have a man"

"Must you always remind me of how pathetic I am?" Risha joked and they laughed.

"So when are we getting the tattoos?"

"We? Did I mention getting any tatts? Besides I gat no man to flaunt it at"

"Stop jare..And that reminds me.I saw Japhet two days ago?"

"And how is that my business" She rolls her eyes.

"Oh my God! He looks more handsome and hot and .."

"Okay Miranda! I think you are really getting on my nerve"

"I'm sorry" Mirand apologised "But he left a message for you"

"I don't need it!.You know what? I better get going.My dad is taking my sis and I out for dinner"

"Dinner? Where?"

"I don't know either.But why do you sound so enthusiatic? You aren't the one going"

"Durrr!..Call me when you get there"

"Why? You aren't my boyfriend okay"

"The last time I checked you don't have any.Just tell me your location"


"So what are you wearing? I'd like to wear something similar.It's been long we did that"

"Seriously? Is this really Miranda I'm talking to?"


"You are so weird"

"What ever.Just let me know"

"Okay.I'll send you pic when I decide"

She squealed a thank you! and ended the call.

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 11:49pm On Sep 07
Always endeavour to re-read every chapter,I add to it most times.
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by Ann2012(f): 9:16am On Sep 08
Good way to go Risha's Dad
Thanks for the update

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