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In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance - Literature (2) - Nairaland

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The Enemy Within - A Tale Of Love, Lust And Betrayal / Countless (a story of Sex, Betrayal and vengeance) by Darousmart Emmanuel. / United In Betrayal (2) (3) (4)

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Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 10:37am On Sep 09
I'll be updating a new chapter later in the day...Thanks for your patience.
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 10:25pm On Sep 10
Chapter 9

Risha sat in front with her father while Miracle busied herself with one of the books she bought for her at the back seat.Their mother has not made peace with their father yet so she deem it right to stay back.Jatau ignited the old blue Camry and they took off.

" Where are we going to?" Risha looked at her father.

"I don't know yet" He responded without looking off the road.

She smiled as it reminded her of Kelvin.After bringing her home that night they never spoke till date,it's been one week and exactly two days of fighting the urge to call or chat him up.She is a girl,he should do the chasing.

Her phone beeped.A notification,she forgot to switch off her data after sending the picture to Miranda.

"Hello swindler.Been busy and you never cared to check on me" A WhatsApp message from Kelvin reads.

She covered her mouth and smiled before replying.

"Hey brute.Who said it's a girls duty to check on a guy?" She attached a laughing emoji and clicked send.

Immediately he responded with tons of laughing emojis.

"Don't tell me you are one of the foremothers out there still sticking to old principles"

She snorted short laughs.

"I'll kill you when I see you"

" I can't wait to have your delicate hands on me" He smiled.

"Is that Kelvin?" Her father's husky but vibrant voice questioned and she looked up.

"How'd you know" It came out before she could stop it "Sorry Sir,I mean Yes "

"Are you with your earpiece?"

"Yes Sir" She wondered what he needed an earpiece for as she rummage the caramel bag on her laps.

"Here it is"

"Give it to Miracle.She should listen to some music"

"I'm fine Dad.It will distract me" Miracle didn't look away from her book.

"I need to talk to your sister.Adult talk"

Risha only smiled at her father's intended smartness which she finds quite immature.But what Adult talk is he talking about?

"Trust me Dad.I'm too engross to pay attention" Miracle assured her father and he gave in.

He turned to Risha who looked away and furrowed her forehead.

"You said Kelvin is your friend?"

"Yes Sir"

"Boyfriend or what?"

"Yes Sir"

"Boyfriend?" He emphasied.

"Yes Sir"

"Say it with you mouth and stop trying to confuse me!" He almost yelled.

"Boyfriend" She muttered and Miracle giggles.

"Give that earpiece and phone to her"

"But Dad.." Miracle attempted protesting.

"My friend take it from your sister!"

"Yes Sir" She recieved the earpiece with a gloomy face.

Jatau stares in into the mirror "Now loosen that face!" He ordered and she comply "That's better"

"Back to you" He said to Risha "How did you get to know Kelvin?"

No! She will not discuss boys with her father.And Kelvin,what on earth was she thinking when she agreed to being his girlfriend,now he will comfirm she is one of those desperate girls swooning around him.Nothing on earth will make him think otherwise.What a mess!

"I..I met him at the bank" She stuttered,she'll be be dead if her father discovers the truth.

"Are you telling me the truth?"

"Yes Dad" She nods.

"He works there or a customer?"

"He works there"

Another lie,she doesn't even know what he does for a living.It will be her first question when they meet next.

"I hope you aren't one of those fortune hunters?" He swerve the car to the right "Because most bankers aren't as rich as their profession sound"

Miracle giggles again.

"Are you not suppose to be listening to music?" Jatau came to halt at Chicken Republic Bannex.

"I tuned down the volume" She muttered.

"You will tell me why you did that when we get home"

"I'm sorry Dad.I won't do it again"

He ignored her and spoke to Risha.

"Invite Kelvin this weekend"

"Are you not going back to work?"

"Thinking of gallivanting again?"

"No..." She tucks her hair behind her ear "I just feel it's too early for that.We may scare him away"

"The earlier the better my dear.I need to know who you are dealing with because I won't be there to console you when your heart gets blended"

"Blended!" Miracle chuckles "Dad don't you think it's abit exaggerated?"

"I think you should stop meddling and worry about the punishment that awaits you"

Miracle slumps back into her seat.

"I'll teach you the besic things you need to know about boys when we get home.And also get prepared for a serious scolding,you never told me you were dating and we agreed I'll be the first to know.But for now let's enjoy!" He opened the car door and stepped out as she watched him.

If only he could act like a Nigerian when it comes to issues like this.She still finds it hard to understand why he hasn't let go of these foriegn traits even though he returned to Nigeria almost two decades ago.And it annoys her more knowing the only african thing he choose to adapt since his return is the food and constant use of the rod,maybe they mever left him at all.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Tory's spike heels produced a clattering sound as she pace the room,her right hand clenched into a fist that and pounded gently on the left palm.Miranda sat in the most careful manner on a sleek lemon Lounger awaiting Tory's outburst.Sonia pulls in from behind.

"Hello ladies" She greeted and flopped beside Miranda.

"You came just in time" Tory dipped her hands in her bright green trousers' pockets.

Sonia looked from a fretted Miranda to a fuming Tory.

"Everything okay? Miranda are you alright?"

"You can't fucking ask if she is okay!" Tory belowed and they jerked "The bitch ruined my first move"

Miranda erected to her feet "You don't ever call me that!" She spoke with an accent that only dawned on her seconds after.

"Oh yeah?" Tory advanced towards her.

Sonia tugged one of Miranda's hand from the back to sit her down but it was late as Tory hit her hard on the face.

"As long as you work for me you don't talk back" Tory smile superciliously at the fear the slap ignited in Miranda.

Sonia steps inbetween them.

"That's enough Tory.I think you went overboard"

"Are you talking to me? " Tory's eyes darkened "I pay her to work for me not to fumble! She was plainly asking her friend for detials about what she is wearing and where she will be going.And Risha was smart enough to notice"

Sonia sighed and pulled Miranda to sit.

"Mimi in jobs like this one must put their brain in total use"

"Exactly!" Tory chipped in.

"And what if I don't want to use my brain! What if say I'm quitting!" Miranda flared up in tears.

"Ofcourse you can't sweety" Tory folded her arms smiling "

Miranda turned to Sonia for hint.

Sonia nodded repeatedly.

"You can't quit.She has paid you already"

"But I haven't spent it all.I will refund it"

"We don't refund" She said sadly

"But I'm no more interested! I can't betray Risha" She spoke desperately,hoping there is a way out.

Tory gave a snort "You should have thought of that before diving in"

Miranda straightened to her full height.

"I'm not scared of you Tory,you can't force me into what I don't want to do" She picked her bag and dashed out.

She scoffs "You obviously don't know who you are messing with"


Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by Treasurewamiri(f): 11:27pm On Sep 10
Thanks. We are waiting for the modification
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by Surfondsystems: 9:12am On Sep 11
Chapter 1

Rosales Knowles.7:15pm.Abuja. gtb

"The jerk!" She peeked at the thin gold watch that encircled her wrist "It's our first meeting and he's fucking not here"

Manners.Risha.The least she wanted was to let such a big fish off her hook.

Golden lights.Chandliers.Marron and white table clothings.Efficient waiters cladded in crisp white shirts and smart black pants.

Her eyes flickered from one table to another,scanning other customers and their accessories.Her stomach grumbled at the sight of their mouth watering meals.She would wait for him before eating,it's one of the ways of being affectionate.

"Rich folks" She smiled and sipped from a glass in front of her,stared at her watch again then to the entrance.
There he was.Tall and walking like a god.A pair of black glasses concealed his eyes.His hair...what the hell was he doing in casuals? Making her feel too serious in the sleeveless red gown that had a slit high up her right thigh.

"Sorry for being late.Had something urgent to sort out" He flashed a smile and took a sit.His eyes caught her drink.Orange juice.

"Rule No.1 You can't fall for him" Miranda's voice rang in her head.

"It's fine" She smiled back and a kind of expression she couldn't tell appeared on his face.She discarded it and tried to focus.

"You said you are Risha?" He maintained eyes contact.

"Yes" She responded,staring back without a flinch.

"I must say you look prettier in person" He said,his eyes trying to find the birthmark around her neck on the left but curly strands of thick brown hair was neatly swept from the right and clustered on that side.It fell down to God-knows-what length.Was this way of hair packing really a coincident? Or she did it on purpose?

"Why not pack your hair in a bun? Does it not disturb you?"

"I'm used to it this way.It's been this style since childhood" She smiled.Obliviuos of his motive.

A waiter appeared to take their orders and minutes later the table was full.Spaghetti stir fry,potato salad,shredded chicken,watermellon smoothie,jollof rice and then beans pudding,fried plantain and spiced fish.
Her eyes glinted of excitement at sight of the varieties before her.It didn't last long before her expression faded.She held the plate of jollof closer to her eyes as he stare in confusion.

"78000037285998 for this little appalling rice?" She gasped and the few tables close to them turned to look at them.

"It's obscene to spend such huge amount on one small dish when millions are out there starving" She queried,anger clouding her once happy eyes.

He leaned closer and whispered "Low your voice little Missy.Rosales Knowles is the only eatry where you can get delicious dishes at cheaper rates"

Cheaper rate? He just called 7800 for a mare plate of rice cheap.Was she that poor? Maybe he was the one being extravangant.Rich people really have no regard for money and it keeps going to only them.

"We can go to somewhere else if you want" He said and made to leave but she stopped him.

"No.Let's dig in fast and leave"

They ate in silence,she was engrossed in her food while he stared at her every now and then,picking on his food like an ailing child.He thought she eats fine and every thing seemed to be going smoothly untill he decided to give her one more glance.He was shocked at how and when her eating became clumsy and fast.She had mixed the beans pudding and spaghetti stir fry.So disgusting.

"Can we go now? I'm done" He needed to get this glutton out of here real fast.The food was to test her and she's almost finishing everything.

"But I'm not done" She mumbled,her mouth stucked with food.Strands of once plain but now yellowish spaghetti dangling on the sides of her mouth.

"Let's go" He stood up. adeolu

"Wait for me.This is the best meal I've had my entire life"She picked her purse and gulped the rest of her drink "We can go now" she stood up.

"This isn't Tory" He said to himself as he watch her adjust her gown. ajisafe

"Can I use the rest room?"

"Sure" He gave her directions and stared at her magnificent figure in awe as she walked.

Quickly he called his friend.

"Emekus!" his friend hailed from the other end.

"Guy.This isn't time for jokes"

"Okay.Kelvin.What is wrong?"

"You remember the Instagram girl I told you about? The one I suspected to be Tory?"

"Yes.Yes.I remember.You guys were suppose to meet"

"We are together now.She isn't Tory" His voice went down.

"You just met her.You can't be sure"

"Dude this girl is different.She is Calm,Outspoken and..and has this mad curve" he stuttered "Tory is plain.They are like cheese and chalk"

His friend gave a loud chuckle.Stopping between breaths.

"Dude you won't kill me.Why didn't you tell me you called to marvel at a girls bums instead of all these plenty english" The friend accused.

"Cut the crap! Ken" His cheeks pinkened knowing he was caught red handed. diamond

"Since she isn't Tory just take her home and tickle your curiousity.And maybe start a false relationship then use her while it last to get Tory"

"What! That's ridiculous.The last time I tried being a Nigerian man as you put it,I ended up loosing a whooping sum of 5million naira and a very important document.Do you know what business that money is capable of sponsoring? I bet you don't"

"Okay.Fine.Don't take her home,maybe a hotel.And when have you become so cautious with money?"

"I'm done" She announced.

"I'll call you back" He dismissed his friend and they headed out. bank

They got to his car,a gleaning black Brabus.He openned the door for her.

"Get in"

A gentle man to the bone.The butterflies in her stomach danced happily.

"Where do you live? I'll take you home" He said it like an order and walked round to the driver's seat.

Home? Her stomach churned at the mention of home.How does she scale through this? Miranda had warned her not to let him know her resident.She stared at him as he fastened his seat belt,unaware of her tension.What to do..what to do.

"Why don't we go to your place and finish what we started" She leisurely placed her right leg on the left one,revealing a fair spotless thigh.

He looked at her exposed skin and looked away.

Gatcha! She danced in her head.

"No!" Came his reply.

What! Is he gay?

"Come on" She leaned closer and made some walking moves with her fingers on his forearms.He smelled sweet,subtle intoxicating smell guys rarely have.

"Fine" He pushed her hand and ignited his car. 5588273351

She stared at him.This one shakara too much ooo.Na your money dey give me this patience.

They got to his place,a grey duplex.Lights shone at almost every angle.Risha surveyed the compound.The floor was interlocked, flowers hung on fancy clay pots on the wall instead of being planted in the ground.A white Lexus was the only car in the garrage then a red one just beside the one they arrived in.

"Your place is beautiful" She smiled.

"I know"

What! Just that? He surely is the most arrogant fellow she has ever seen.How he smiled and apologised for being late when they first met almost made her have a second thought about swindling him.But right now she can't wait to strip him off all his wealth.

"Welcome Sir" His gate greeted immediately he got off the car.

"Thank you James"

"Miss Chinny is around,but she stepped out for a walk"

"A walk?" He stared at his watch "This is 9:37pm"
He sent James off and turned to Risha who was still in the car listening to their conversation.
"Aren't you coming out?

He brought out his phone.He has missed five calls from his girlfriend,he dailed her line while Risha put out one of her legs out of the car.

"Hello babe.Where are you?" Kelvin asked looking very worried.

"Babe?" Risha brought out the second leg and the next second she was on the ground "Oh my goodness!"

"Babe who is that?" Chinny asked.

"Ermmm...my cousin.I'll call you back" He ended the call.

"Your cousin?" Risha looked up to him confused.

Chapter 2 is out already!

If God permits,I'll be posting a chapter daily.Please comment and mention friends to read too.Thank you!
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 9:53am On Sep 12
Modified! guys..I took too long because I'm having alot of issues on ground.
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 10:18am On Sep 12
Thanks. We are waiting for the modification

Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 10:20am On Sep 12
[color=#770077][/color][quote author=Surfondsystems post=82122311][/quote]

I don't understand the figures and gtb beside the first line on this chapter.
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by PrudySara(f): 10:49am On Sep 13
Miranda, obviously don't know what she has gotten herself into..
Thanks for the update..
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by Fijumokesayo(f): 4:08pm On Sep 13
Interesting story, I hope Tory won't harm Risha though.... Well done Op
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by izaray(f): 4:40pm On Sep 13
Interesting keep the update coming
Re: In Deep Sticky Mud-A thrilling blend of Romance,Rivalry,Betrayal&vengeance by wildfire2000(f): 10:49pm On Sep 14
Thanks guys..more updates coming

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