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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 8:41pm On Sep 25, 2019
Na real market he buy oooo cheesy
Thanks for the update

.... Work neva even start for Oga Alex.... grin
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 8:42pm On Sep 25, 2019
solomonbrown64 Following closely bro! I just sent you a message on whatsapp
....Seen bro. .. smiley
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 8:43pm On Sep 25, 2019
..... I should have uploaded earlier and I am sorry didn't. I can't, not tonight at least but I promise a double update tomorrow. Abeg, make una no vex. Thanks for the comments and likes.


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Ibunkun1(m): 11:32pm On Sep 25, 2019

You don buy market grin
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 10:06am On Sep 26, 2019
Chapter 3

...... I got home an hour before noon after a lot of dos and don't from the head teacher. At a point it became boring because my mind wasn't there anymore but rather the fact that I had a sort of special child which was undoubtedly going to be a massive problem and then my class had the highest population in the primary section with eleven children: four girls and seven boys.

..... The kids greeted me in the usual dull manner as they were being taught Grammar by a female teacher, the one who was chasing the kid the other day. The way the head teacher was like I will work hard here and this place wasn't for the lazy folks. Telling me that a lot of teachers had resigned particularly because of this set of children, like that was supposed to scare me. He hyped the school so much, one would expect them to speak English if not with the Queen's accent, at least with the right intonation but no, the children's spoken English wasn't better than what I hear from kids on my street. Even my previous school children spoke better English than this lots did and Heaven knows that the director didn't have air conditioning unit in her office talk more of her classrooms. The Head teacher's English was just as awful and the language teacher was speaking like she was in the garage. No flamboyance or charm, nothing. No wonder the children spoke in the manner in which they did.

.....I was right after all, the school was all packaging and little substance. I had serious work on my hands.

..... I trekked back home and was soaked afterwards in sweat, all the while thinking if this job wasn't a trap after all and I also remembered the Head teacher mentioning that a very popular actress in Nigeria had one of her kids in my class. He said it like it was some kind of achievement when in truth, it was bad news. The kid was actually new since we were currently in second term of that academic year which meant that if the kid fails to improve or regresses, the blame will be squarely on my shoulders. I could leave this job and swallow my pride to be the assistant teacher in the school my former employer sent me to or I could kill my fear and face head-on what others ran from.

......I choose the latter and decided to resume the next day but before then I needed clean clothes. I brought out my dirty wears and headed outside to get them washed but I stopped in my tracks because all of the threads for spreading clothes was used and even the space on the fence was occupied. I was livid for not only the thread which the clothes were spread on was my own but the fact that my towel which I hug outside and a few rags were tossed aside. The rags were tossed to the ground, behind my window and my towel was pulled from the thread and folded on the nail that joined the thread to the wall.

.....How could someone be this inhumane? Who could have done this? Whenever this thread breaks, no one will bother joining it, instead, they will leave it to me and once, me , the mumu has done their bidding, they will return once again with their clothes. Enough was enough. What was more irritating was the fact that female under wears was hung on the thread directly in front of my window. Only one woman would be this stupid to do this.

I marched to Deborah's room, I was done calling her Mummy Michael. I knocked heavily without a care in the world. She answered rudely per usual but I was having none of it that morning.
"Deborah, go out there and pull your rags off my thread." I said sternly and I heard a chuckle from one of the rooms. Her eyes flashed after I called her by her last name.
"Na me you dey call Deborah. Shey ori ye ti da ru ni( are you mentally stable). Emi, ni omo ibo yi pe Debora(it's me, this Ibo boy is calling Deborah). Ewo bobo yin sha (Look at this boy oh). You don dey Bleep na, that's why you fit dey call me Deborah. Oma ri be (it will be like that na). Oloriburuku omo....." She kept ranting. I had heard enough. It seemed because they think that I am young, they can all ride me.
I returned to the back of the house, picked one of her buckets and started pulling off her clothes, dropping them into the bucket.
"Alex, shey oti ya were ni (Alex, have you gone mad)." She screamed but I ignored her and continue with what I was doing. She started shouting but strangely, no one came out. I expected Grandma to be outside now and the landlord at least but they were either not around or they couldn't be bothered. She continued with her curses but I ignored her and when I was done, I moved her bucket away from my window. If she likes, she should pick it up, if she likes she shouldn't.

I moved past her and went to fetch water to begin my washing. When I returned, I still found her there, waiting and quietly staring at me with red eyes. She was really struggling not to cry but I could care less.

"Iwo(You)............. Iwo(You).......... " She whispered repeatedly and then left. I hissed and continued with my washing.


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 10:08am On Sep 26, 2019

Chapter 3 cont'd

..... I decided to leave on time and get to school as early as I could because I wanted to know my children more, not just their names but their academic performances. I got to the school by 6:30, wearing a T-shirt and jeans with my fairly abused sneakers since it was a Friday. I met the security guard and no one else, which was good news to me. I ran up the stairs, and starting going through their notes, starting with Mathematics. The scores I saw there in their homework wasn't impressive in the least which meant that either the kids didn't understand what was taught to them or they weren't interested but there was an obvious attempt to get it right so it was the former, the teacher didn't do enough. I checked through their textbooks and discovered that a few of them nearly never do their assignments. Question marks in red ink was all over the place but it seemed nothing was done either by the teacher or the school management and that's if they were even aware of it. This was bad, really bad.

...... But it was not all gloom and doom because two kids stood out from the rest; a boy and a girl. They were exceptional and scored high marks in their continuous assessment tests and their homeworks were always done. I had to ask myself why these two were different.

..."Good morning Mr Solomon." A few children chorused, after which they returned to dropping their bags on the shelf meant for that. I returned in kind although I noticed that their bags were quite full but they all had their lunch boxes with them. What was in their bags?

...."Mr Solomon. We haven't introduced ourselves properly to you since you are our new class teacher. We asked after you from Mr. Daniels and he said you already left. My name is Chiamaka and I am the class captain." Indeed you are, I said within me. The girl who proceeded to introduce the remaining children in class was quite short but her confidence was sky high and was without doubt, one of the impressive kids. This one might not be a special child in that sense but I would have to be careful of her regardless.

.... I said hello to each and everyone of them available and a few kids from other classes who came to greet me before returning to my work. I was so engrossed in my work I didn't notice that it was time for assembly. It was when the drums started beating for the national anthem that I quickly returned to myself and ran to the assembly ground. I saw a few parents in the reception hall with strange clothes. I greeted them and whether they replied or not, I didn't care but proceeded to the assembly ground. I saw the director first, who gave me a weird look after she answered my greeting. I thought about why she gave that look but quickly realized that she was probably wondering why I was still walking when the pledge was being recited. I messed up there.

I looked around and saw a few teachers who were from the nursery section. All were smartly dressed with one of two overkilling it. When I meant overkilling, I meant a lady with the kind of weight behind her shouldn't be putting on a trouser that tight and a shirt so short that I could see her back from even the slightest movements. One of the teachers was putting on shorts, like literally shorts with rings decorating her fingers. I was shocked but I wasn't surprised because I had already suspected right from the first day I saw the head teacher with his hair that was no different from that of Soyinka that this school "na jasi" school.

..... But seriously that lady's behind had to be the best I had ever seen in my short time on Earth. If I had seen this online, I would have sworn that it was implants. Vision's observation of Mjornir comes to mind. The ass was perfectly balanced. The lady was decently tall and well proportioned, just shy of 5 ' 10, subtle curves despite the tight wears but that derriere came out of nowhere. Jeez! Something like this should be covered in a school environment despite Its awesomeness for God sake. Na which kind school I come so?

"Are you ready for today's cultural day?" I heard the voice of the head teacher. Cultural day? What cultural day? No body told me any thing like that will be taking place that day. I rubbed my temple, praying for a quiet day because deep within me, I knew it was going to be a roller coaster. What a school!


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 10:09am On Sep 26, 2019
....... Promised fulfilled guys. cool
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 10:09am On Sep 26, 2019
You don buy market grin
.... No be small one grin

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Ann2012(f): 10:16am On Sep 26, 2019
Thanks for the update

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Ibunkun1(m): 2:12pm On Sep 26, 2019
Thanks for the update sir cool
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Ibunkun1(m): 2:46pm On Sep 26, 2019
Hmmmm,abi aunty Deborah get one kin eye for you ni
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 9:43am On Sep 27, 2019

Chapter 3 cont'd

....The announcement shocked me and it took a lot for me to control my temper. I was here yesterday and that head teacher didn't say a word about this. Now that I thought about it, the filled bags and the strange clothes I saw with parents at the reception explained it all. The white chairs I saw at the gate and the canopy set up I ignored when I first came in should have given me a hint that something was up but I just didn't think that the head teacher would fail to tell me something of this magnitude.

....I had no clue on what the theme or topic of the event would be about and I wasn't particularly ready to meet with any parents right now. I barely even know the names of the kids. I will surely get back at this dude. I greeted a few teachers and then followed my children as they marched to their classroom. The moment I got in, I asked them about the event and they explained as best they could.

....Apparently, cultural day here wasn't what I had imagined it to be. It was usually a continental thing rather than a tribe thing common in other schools. Europe was the focus this year, Basic 2 and Basic 3 were given Eastern Europe. I asked to see their clothes and it was a funny set of English wear with hats, suspenders and all that. It was odd because I saw the same outfit with kids from other classes. I called them out when everyone had arrived including the troublesome kid and asked them to carry out the display they carry out the display that they would be showing off later that day but they said they needed the other class and music in order to do it. Apparently, It was a merger between both classes because Basic 2 had just three kids.

...I nodded and went down to the second floor to meet with the teacher. It was the female teacher from the other day. We were a bit familiar with ourselves already and the conversation flowed. We didn't say much because I didn't want to leave those kids unattended to for too long. Her kids came up to our class and they all put in their display. It was a simple dance common with Europeans with their dry songs and hopping movements they called dance but before the dance, there was a brief speech about the number of countries, their capitals, GDPs and other unnecessary information. In summary, it was quite boring but expected nonetheless from younger ones. I will expect the higher classes to bring up something better.

..... I clapped for them like I was excited about their performance, the other teacher saw through my pretence though but laughed nonetheless. She decided to stay in our class until it was close for the event to begin. The woman was a talker and I used that to my advantage, probing smartly but allowing her to do most of the talking. The information I got from her wasn't good news one bit and did little to alleviate my already sour mood. I was mad and for good reason, this job was an obvious trap but I hid my thoughts well from the teacher.

..... At 5 ' 4, the female teacher still managed to make herself scary to the children and they feared her save for that troublesome kid who was already on his knees for talking back at her. She was married and had a kid. The discussion digressed from the kids to the staff and I heard better gist. She spoke a lot about the head teacher in quite the light and I came to the conclusion either she really admired the man's commitment to his job or she was really close to the dude. Either way, I had to be careful about what I tell this woman.

.... Soon, it was time for the event and the kids each carried their chairs down to the canopy. Few parents were there and one of my kids parents had arrived. We headed back upstairs for them to change to their wears and then returned to the canopy with me already raising my voice more than I was used to because of those kids.

.... The event started with a prayer from one of the parents and then the national anthem followed and off we went. Pre - school one and two started the show and honestly it was more of the teachers dancing than the kids who probably had no idea what they were doing outside on the stage. The nursery section came up and I had no idea of what performance they gave because my eyes was glued to the lady with the perfect booty. She faced the crowd and that gave me the perfect angle to see how those cheeks jingled from each hop she made. Jesus! What a sight it was. It was hard to keep my thing in check but I conquered.

...This school was going to be my undoing. While the next class did their thing, I called out my kids and arranged them orderly together with the other teacher. I made sure I looked my best because now was the first time most parents would see me, particularly those of my kids. I arranged well on the stage and the music went on. The way I gingered the kids, one would think that they were doing what had not being done on the stage before. Parents, mostly women were shouting and some came out led by one woman whose skin differentiated her from the rest to take pics. Even Oga Samuel behaved himself that day.

..... Each kid got a huge high five from me before they returned to their seats. I was busy gisting with the other teacher as she made mention of the fact that I wasn't supposed to be directing the kids anymore as they were old enough to do so themselves, blah, blah and of course, the woman with the glowing skin was the actress. We were still talking when a tall woman walked in and then backed us. She was on denim shorts that got to her knees and a white shirt, with denim jacket on top. The wedge she was on increased her height. Sweet Jesus, her legs seemed to go on forever. I felt something I hadn't felt in a long time just staring at her. Her booty might have been orange to melons in comparison with the other lady but this woman was far more sexy and attractive to me than the other stacked lady. Just look at those legs! Who was this woman?


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 9:44am On Sep 27, 2019
Hmmmm,abi aunty Deborah get one kin eye for you ni

.... Be like so oh....
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by izaray(f): 11:31am On Sep 27, 2019
Thanks for the update

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 9:45pm On Sep 28, 2019

Chapter 3 cont'd

....."Yeee!!" The scream of a child, a female, brought me out of my wonderings. I turned to the direction of the sound to discover that in the few seconds I was distracted, Samuel had done something already. This time, he scratched someone with his sharp nails. Thank God, it wasn't his fellow classmate as I wouldn't know what to tell the parents and such a scenario was surely not how I wanted to meet my parents. A solid smack had already been issued to him and then another before he was sent to the head teacher's office for more spanking. The scratch wasn't deep but it still needed first aid just to be on the safe side. This boy was going to be a real case.

....The woman that distracted me had disappeared and so I stylishly asked about her from my new female collegue who gave me a disgusted face but answered nonetheless that she was the year 5 & 6 teacher. That look spoke of discord between both teachers but it was none of my business. I won't be an enemy to your enemy because that person happens to be your enemy, no, no, especially this sexy thing that has stolen my attention. I met with the bootylicious teacher by chance when I returned the first aid box meant for the nursery section. I realized face to face that she was the same height with me and far more beautiful than first let on. Her cheeks were full, giving her this chubby look but her legs were far from fat. She was just healthy. Her behind clearly made her legs shorter than they seem. The thing was just marvelous. Although, that wasn't her name but rather Mercy.

..... The shock meeting kind of glued my tongue to my mouth, it wasn't embarrassing but I was stuttering. It happens sometimes to girls I am attracted to but if I am not, you could be Amy Hathaway and I wouldn't give a damn. But that lady in that black suit in the movie Batman was the stuff of dreams then. We did the basic introductions and I took my leave mainly because of my kids. Despite her youthful face, she was clearly older than I was and had an engagement ring on; surely, there was no show for me here if there ever was.

.... The final prayers were said and the show declared close. A lot of the parents from my class showed up, mostly women in extravagant wears and one man. Native attires in a show celebrating European culture? Nigerians can never disappoint. I smiled as each kid more or less introduced me officially to their parents. Small talk ensued that I couldn't wait to see it end. My head teacher followed and it finally struck me that this man just loved to be the centre of attention of everything. Madam entered into the discussion too and then it became really unbearable to me. I hated attention like this but I had to keep up with a happy expression. They all took my contact and soon moved on with their kids.

.... I had to carry my kids chairs back upstairs with a few other kids whose parents were yet to arrive helping but it was me majorly doing the work. I settled down in my class after the run up and down and continued from where I stopped in the morning. As I went through their notebooks, particularly those where they had to write a lot of notes, I discovered errors upon errors and the odd thing was that the silly teacher had already marked these pages, putting his or her signature there. How can anyone who calls him/her self a teacher do this? This was tantamount to digging one's grave. Notes filled with errors and marked simply means that the errors were seen and were deemed correct by the teacher else they would have been corrected. Which kind work be this one na? I asked myself, frustrated by what I had seen since morning.

..... I was in the middle of this when a cleaner came into the class to inform me of a meeting between the teachers downstairs. I nodded my thanks and went down to the reception where I saw other teachers with the head teacher already talking. He wasn't happy with the performance of some of the pupils particularly those from the nursery section whose children didn't even know why they were on the stage. He was yet speaking when the teachers at fault cut him off and all started giving their various excuses. The sexy teacher who I saw earlier who didn't so sexy anymore with her suit on, was busy correcting wrong pronunciations. It was like a gathering of market women; I couldn't believe the actions of these teachers towards their boss. It was despicable to say the least. No one dare utter a word without permission when the head teacher in my former school was speaking and yet she was a woman. How could a man let himself be stepped on like this? Something was clearly wrong somewhere.

..... The only reasonable information I picked from the meeting was that midterm and PTA meeting was next week which meant that I had two days to get ready to hear all sorts of obscenities from parents. I rubbed my temple and cursed in my language because I wasn't ready. Lord knows I wasn't ready.


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Hardes(m): 10:13pm On Sep 28, 2019
Guess the students aren't all that bad after all .

Thanks for the update
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Ibunkun1(m): 12:21am On Sep 29, 2019
Thanks for the update.

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by EbonyQueen001(f): 8:11pm On Sep 29, 2019

.... smiley Thanks dear. It's been a while. How is family and all?

Yeah it is.
Family is cool, things are moving well.

Hope you are good?
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by EbonyQueen001(f): 8:43pm On Sep 29, 2019
I feel what Mr Solomon is going through. The ordeals of a new teacher. The foundation is indeed faulty. Let's see how he will overcome it, for surely, he will make an impart.

Weldone oga solo.
Correct this pls "CHAPTER 3 ...four girls and seven girls..."

Kudos sir
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 11:11am On Sep 30, 2019

Chapter 3 contd

...... I had to leave school earlier than I desired because of the security guard, Mr. Benson wouldn't let me rest and kept on saying that he had to leave else he wouldn't see any bus heading towards where he stayed except if I wanted to pay for bike for him. I didn't have the luxury to do that so I left, reluctantly. I soon discovered why the man was vibrating, the entire school was empty save for the two of us; even the head teacher had left. It was past six already and I was really tired as I was yet to eat anything other than one sausage roll.

.... My walk home was uneventful as I kept on thinking about what program I was going to come up with to bring some of these kids up to level terms with the rest of their peers, at least those that pay similar fees with theirs. It was second term already and although I didn't plan to stay too long in this particular school, I still wanted to do something with those kids. It was daylight robbery for their parents to pay the fees required for them and then gain nearly nothing in return. I sighed and then headed for Mama Emma's joint to get some fufu. As much as I loved and enjoyed Okro soup and one or two wraps of fufu, I couldn't wait to get paid so I could do a change of diet. This particular meal was starting to irritate me.

.... I slept as soon as I got home only to wake up the day due to persistent knocking from someone. I got up to see the dark, swollen face of Mummy Michael at my door.

...."Yes?" I answered straight away. Both of didn't have any business with each other so I was surprised to see her at my door and to her credit, she didn't greet me either but went straight to business.

...."Sorry to disturb you sir." She began but couldn't do so without mocking me first. Typical.

....".... I wan ask if I fit dry cloth on top your rope." She asked with a straight face.

...."I will be washing today and if there is still space after I am done, I will let you know."

... I replied with a straight face too. She clearly didn't like my answer but there was nothing she could do about it. She turned quietly and left, while I took a good look at her rolling hips in tight joggers and then smiled, not at the enticing view but the fact that the respect I deserved was finally coming my way.

.... I set out to wash indeed after a few rounds of prayer. It didn't take too long so there was quite enough enough space on the thread for her to spread her clothes. I called her attention to it, only to see her with her face made up like she was heading somewhere whereas she was only washing. Who wears makeup while washing? Well, she actually looks good though and knew just want to put on her dark skin to make it glow. It isn't easy to find a grown woman who is actually proud of her skin these days. I shook my head and return to washing my basins I used for washing. Look at me, eyeing another Man's responsibility when I could barely handle my own.

.... Responsibility now eh, no longer a married woman, eh? I laughed to myself, completely taken at how cunny these demons could be. Once I believed those words It would mean that I could do what I wanted with this woman if she allows me anyway because I was now working and could therefore hold my own and perhaps, a friend with benefits with it. God forbid! I voiced out. I took my bath and pressed my clothes for Sunday and then went over the notes I wrote down the previous day.

.... Three of the boys were above average, while the rest were mediocrities and below that; three of them were big problems. One of them was the actress's son whose notes were incomplete and his handwriting extremely poor as I could barely read what he wrote, wondering how he would be able to read for anything. The other two were just too lazy to do write their notes with so many blank spaces within their notebooks. One wonders if they have parents at all who checks their notes. Samuel was the last boy and his problem evidently clear. He just couldn't sit somewhere for more than three minutes. Something was definitely wrong with him but the reason why he was a special child was yet to be allayed to me.

.... The girls were fine, just a product of garbage in, garbage out. The fault of the teachers and the school management too. Those boys were my problem and I just hoped that their parents will be sane enough to listen to advice from a young man, that's if they even come at all. These parents were obviously not in the lives of their kids, I would just have to give them the benefit of the doubt. For now, El clasico calls.

*****Sorry about yesterday folks.... *****


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 11:20am On Sep 30, 2019

Yeah it is. Family is cool, things are moving well.
Hope you are good?
... Thank God for that.
...Oh yes, I am well, thanks for asking.

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 11:21am On Sep 30, 2019
I feel what Mr Solomon is going through. The ordeals of a new teacher. The foundation is indeed faulty. Let's see how he will overcome it, for surely, he will make an impart.

Weldone oga solo.
Correct this pls "CHAPTER 3 ...four girls and seven girls..."

Kudos sir

... No be small wahala Mr. Alex get oh...

... Thanks jare, I don correct the error.

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 11:22am On Sep 30, 2019
Guess the students aren't all that bad after all .

Thanks for the update

...Oh yes, just a product of garbage in, garbage out.
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Whizlight(m): 11:49am On Sep 30, 2019
Oga solo will never change. No be only el classico na manchester derby. Lol.
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 3:50pm On Oct 01, 2019

Chapter 4

........ I slept off that Saturday after pressing my clothes and making a decision on my future. My new madam's screaming still rings in my head and everytime it happens, I become angry rather than embarrassed. She wouldn't have said anything like that if I truly had my certificates on me and I wouldn't be trying to get into her school in the first place if those papers were on me. It would be to admit my kids here rather than getting a lowly paid job. I had to up my game and so I decided to register for the coming matriculation exams as soon as I got paid. Only a business and a good job that won't come without certificates will take me out of this predicament of mine except if l leave the country and I intend to do it the right way, I will still need money too. Elder was right after all, "Na money dem use take find money."

...... I woke up the next morning and headed for church for the first service thinking about how I was going to spend my half month salary while in transit. My rent, light and dirt bill had to be paid and then I needed fresh clothes since the parents in that school were big fishs in their respective careers so I needed to look my best first. It might be cheap but not faded and then food and the rest.

..... It was a wonderful service with lots of bullet points but I missed a few because I was distracted by the many rolling waists of women in heels. Kai, my weakness was right in front of me. I decided not to stay upstairs any longer, downstairs would be my best bet from now on and the closer I am to the Bishop, the better. I am a man, no one can send me back from staying at the front for dressing indecently.

.... Still, I couldn't help but wonder how some women felt so comfortable in some of the clothes I saw. That's none of my business though. No dramas that weekend and no meetings either so Monday came and I more or less officially started work and it was hell for me. Samuel and Kelvin, the actresse son gave me tough time. Kelvin will tear up pieces of paper from God knows where and use that to start being mischievous in class. I punished him severally but he just continued with his antiques without a care in the world. He would grunt when I was explaining what I was teaching, it was so bad that at a point I had to send him out of my class.

.... Samuel would sneak out of the class the moment my eyes were off him. I couldn't close the door because the class had no air conditioning unit with just a single fan in it so the door had to be opened for proper ventilation. In the middle of explaining something after the hardwork of getting the children's attention, Samuel would sneak out and then I would have to go chasing him around only to return to try and get that flow again, but I couldn't because the children's attention was now divided and of course time won't wait for me; I would have to begin another subject or the stamping feet of the next teacher would make me close that particular class hastily.

....On Tuesday, I was upstairs marking scripts while another teacher was teaching when I heard a scream from downstairs and then the name of Samuel followed. I knew something was up, I just didn't know how much. I wasn't in my class though but in the other teacher's class as all teacher share subjects and tend to take other kids in the process. Probably, the teacher didn't know Samuel had left the class or didn't care to find him if he noticed the kid was missing. Either way, the scream was a big deal as the boy was later brought upstairs with a bruised knee.

.... He didn't injure anyone but himself when he slipped and fell on the hard, concrete floor where the assembly was held. He was taken to the school nurse but the Head teacher was clearly mad especially as the next day was PTA. How on Earth was he going to explain to his mum that her troubled son was unattended to by his class teacher or the teacher in charge in class at that moment. The head teacher was shouting and blasting everyone including the security guard who should have seen the child and taken hold of him. It wasn't a small matter and I wondered why he was so mad until I realized that his mother was said to be very temperamental and although she doesn't come for the meetings, she would surely come for this one. He said we should get ready to explain ourselves tomorrow. No one had to tell me that it was going to be a do or die affair the next day.

...... I had already placed myself in troubled waters when I went against the school rules and spanked a kid with a ruler. Kelvin made me lose my temper and I dished it to him well. He was very quiet later, not cooperative but quiet but not after he told me he was going to report me to his mum. The kids helped me arrange their books on their desks before I loaded them with assignments for the midterm holiday. I gave them workbooks that have barely been used and those whose works weren't marked so that they could do them at home, saving me dramas and unnecessary questions from parents the next day although I knew that still wasn't enough. Parents would most likely have their complaints ready regardless of what I did that day.

.... I prayed hard for favour and dressed up in my best wear before heading for school. It was barely passed seven in the morning when I heard footsteps up the stairs. I expected a teacher or someone but surely not a parent and certainly not the glowing, tall and lithe figure of the actress in the doorway. I stood up to greet,

......"Good morning ma'am." I greeted but she acted like she didn't hear me.

....."Why did you hit my son, Mr. Alex?" She asked, barely controlling her temper. I know say I don enter an today. Jesus, please take the wheels.

....**** Happy Independence day folks.....

.,...****The story is slowing gaining momentum and soon we will get to see Alex choices and judge for ourselves if he made the correct decisions or not.....


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 4:19pm On Oct 01, 2019
Oga solo will never change. No be only el classico na manchester derby. Lol.

.... grin grin grin, you don catch me finish.....

.... But seriously, I am a Madrid fan.
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Whizlight(m): 7:21am On Oct 02, 2019

.... grin grin grin, you don catch me finish.....
.... But seriously, I am a Madrid fan.
awwwn. Me too. But when we get to london we will separate
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by oluwadabira111(m): 9:55pm On Oct 02, 2019
Love this story Oga abeg come continue na

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Hardes(m): 11:42pm On Oct 02, 2019
Thanks for the update.

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 12:42pm On Oct 03, 2019

Chapter 4 cont'd

..... "Madam, please take a sit. This is Kelvin's desk." I said after moving towards her son's seat. I decided to be diplomatic and hoped that she wasn't the temperamental ones who do not cool once they become angry. Should I reply her in the same disrespectful manner in which she did, there would be war early this morning and I doubted if my madam will take the side of the new teacher over a customer, a popular one at that which is good for business. I had to be diplomatic and put away my pride at the moment. I will win another day.

...."That's not what I asked, Mister." She replied, not moving from where she was. I was in deep trouble here especially since I broke the school rule and knowing most management, they would let me carry my cross. But still, I couldn't help but admire this woman. She was taller, at least taller than me with about one to two inches. Her straight nose and full wide lips with a strong jaw gave her heritage away that she was certainly not a full blooded African. What stood out for me about her wasn't her glowing skin, or straight nose and full lips or her narrow waistline which wasn't attractive any way but rather her long, straight legs. She was on shorts, at least it went to her knees which confirmed my suspicions that she came here for war and not a dialogue. No one comes to a parents- teachers meeting on shorts. Na my head this woman come for.

....Still, those sexy, smooth calves on display was scattering my head. Nothing apart from a hourglass shape attracts me more in a woman than long straight legs. There is just something about a woman's long thighs and calves that just does it for me. My ex- said that it was a curse and I wonder if it was true.

......"I will answer your questions, madam. It's my job after all but take a seat first, please." I repeated my statement still standing beside her son's seat in class. She eyed me a little and wrinkled her nose before towards where I stood. I pulled out the seat for her and she sat down. She didn't thank me though and I wasn't disappointed. I decided to stand beside her even if she asked me to sit so that I could concentrate and prepare for answers to forthcoming questions as she looked through her son's notes.

...."Kelvin said that you spanked him with the flat side of a ruler? Why did do you that, Mr. Alex?" She asked in her foreign accent. She had still not touched his books and had now turned to face me. At this point, I doubted if she would have been here ordinarily if it wasn't for her son's play acting skills something he obviously learnt from his mother. I had no place to turn to this time although it seemed like she had cooled down a bit but she was still frowning.

...."I am still fresh, madam...." I began.

...."...Obviously." She stated, using her fingers to run me up and down. Kai! Was my dressing that bad? I didn't let that faze me but rather continued.

..."The children's character and psych are still very much unknown to me. I can't say confidently at this point that I know the kind of learners that they are ... Individually but I know enough to teach them. Kelvin is a smart kid when he is actually interested in the teacher's teaching at that point but that isn't the case regularly. He is usually not interested, the reason for that I don't know yet but he tends to show that by grunting in class and dividing the attention of others by other annoying activities. I warned him and tried punishing him on several occasions, it worked for a time but he soon resort to default. I hate punishing children when they are supposed to be learning in class. I decided to use the ruler on him when he used rubber and paper to hit a fellow classmate's neck. The area hit got swollen and the girl who was affected started crying out of pain. Kelvin refused to apologize and so I felt I had to hit him for him to know the gravity of what he had done." I finished but got no reaction from the woman who at this time was just staring at me.

..."I should have been giving noticeof this either through the phone or through the communication book. Mr. Alex, you must never under no circumstance hit my child without my permission. I do not care for your reasons and I won't next time but I will let this pass because you said that you are fresh. If Kelvin is being naugthy and refusing to cooperate, call me and I will deal with him in my own way. You can punish him but do not, I repeat, do not ever hit my child again except I give the go ahead. I do not know about other parents but that's how I want it for my son."

.... I was Shocked from what I just heard but said nothing in reply. She looked away from my indifferent countenance and started to go through her son's work.

....."Just take a look at his handwriting. It's so bad that I can't make any meaning out of it yet the teacher is ever happy to give my son an F. I pay good money here yet something as basic as handwriting can't be taught here. All they do best is change teachers like a woman's wrapper." She said and then hissed before heading out, most likely downstairs. This PTA meeting will be one not to miss.....


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 12:43pm On Oct 03, 2019
awwwn. Me too. But when we get to london we will separate
.... For sure bro.
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by izaray(f): 12:55pm On Oct 03, 2019
Carry go ahead ahead

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