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Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 10:02pm On Sep 17
Good evening people,it's me again the failed writer,lool wink... I'm here to narate my my life in form of a story.
Trust me,you wouldn't want to miss this.

This is 80% true life and 20% fiction.

I'll create to finish all my stories.


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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 10:49pm On Sep 17
Prologue:My name is Franklin. A fair low esteem niggah in almost everything.Usually i make my friends cycle small and quality(inno fit dey reason who no reason me).

I changed 2 universities,no jokes. Uniport,Fuo (federal university otuoke).and currently Rsu(rivers state university of science and tech). Changing schools affected me alot,though not academical but environmentally,(friends,families (friends who turned family) the locals,the artefacts,to mention just few) i miss FUo,most especially the community,such a peace loving people.

Chapter 1....

I was in the academy(NDA)for afsb (RC 70)when i got admission into RSu.A Month later rivers was release to go,mehn see freedom. At least now no more waking up 4am,using less than 5 mins to freshen up/dressed up.

No more white and blue shorts,mehn i hated that shorts ehh,coming from a guy who likes to sag(low waist cheesy).

Many faculties were writing their first paper when i arrived Otuoke,i missed the full session of 200 level second semester. My room mates were so happy to see me,we joked,talked,laughed. Mehn i miss those moments.

Many of my room mates knew i wasn't coming back,though they thought it was something else(NDA).

The last papers i wrote were 'ges'...
That evening i met my friend (a girl i had a crush on,but i forget m cause e no fit work,she be like the hot cake of our faculty)... See weytin she wear,she hasn't seen me for months,though she's been calling like say we dey date(so tey i barren her number,no blame me.i just comot for camp and i be dey vex).

Franklin!!! She exclaimed as soon as she came outside her lounge, she charged at me with her both hands wide open. I was standing on a block(did i forget to mention? She's like 2-3 feet taller). As she near me i tell her may she no climb so we go dey leveled(same height cheesy) we hugged our selves for close to a min,even when i dey try break the contraption she'd be like wait first lemme feel you. I just weak.

How's your health? Are u okay? Where have you been?. Questions upon questions. Which one i wan answer first. I look her from head to toe,then let out a word "paddy mi". I swear this girl set!. The leggings she wore was at harmony with all her curves and inches. Than the armless top was just wow,would have been better if it had cleavage cheesy.

Have been fine aunty,i answered her,ignoring the other questions. We walked around the river bank close to her longue. She kept filling me with information,she be like NiA while me be the body responsible for her function,i dey use her gather both personal and important information for our faculty...

Skipp. Skipp. Skip.

From year two to year 1,mehn this shit is bad ,doing clearance all other and stuff. Certain day the school security staff denied me entry into the school ict's building because i wore a rugged jean, first he said i had dreadlocks. I showed him my documents he still wouldn't let me in,i vex go the nearest cyber cafe do everything i be wan do.

Before school resumes officially i don get mat no and every every done ready except accomodation.

Me and my parents be agree say i go rent house oo. Only God know waytin sup em gimme money pay hostel fee. Mehn have never felt betrayed in my entire life.

The room i was given was F and G room 11. Fear those boys em rugged.

Two weeks staying there i was getting familarize with em but on a low pace, i be dey form levels na.

On the first day of moving in officially (packing in) em tif my wallet wey all my money for the month dey inside,plus my national iD and voters card with my ATM. I wan mad,inno gree oo. I call meeting for that room that night,bout 12 people for one small room. Choi fear RSU.

Everybody dey deny say em see my wallet,e get one guy em dey call R2,stand up all of a sudden talk say na me lost guard. I look this guy calmly,come smile. Ahboy! You?,I exclaimed pointing him,''may thunder no fire you'' i talk next. The boy wey don sitdown stand up back dey wake near me before em hold m. As the hold m na ein him start dey shout o.

Who you be sef! You get money pass us? Ahbi your parents rich pass our own?... R2 e don do na,no dey shout,one of the boy who was restraining said,Abel! No tell me may i no dey shout, r2 barked.

You get mind talk say may thunder no fire me,me! He shouted hitting his chest.

While him be dey do all those dramas,i brought out my four rings begin wear em back one after the other. This time every body was picking side, some were neutral though,e don do e don chorused everywhere in the small room. Ahboy! One man no be island o, base on say i dey over look you Since no mean say you got dey chyke (bayelsa slang for scolding )me o. Your weigh reach? Ahbi na cause i quiet since i enter here.

E don do, die the matter,the oldest among us said standing up. Ahboy!. He said looking at me,we go find ya wallet. R2 e don do. He spoke with so much authority in his voice, and they seem to hold him on high regards.

I turned around to dress my bed. !!Pow!!... I was blow at my back. Mehn my bone sound, r2 !!! Somebody shouted among the crowd of boys in my room. Immediately swifty turn around jack him with spear(spearing )... He landed on his back flat,punch upon punches i rained on him. Before we were separated,the dude was bleeding from his nose.

God!! God!! God!! Gogo leave me,leave me! May i stab this boy. He said to a guy restraining him,he had a knife in his hand.

Capito capito. it is cap in 18th certury wen prince odin was sailing to panama, he sight two men on red bonet and yellow bonet, he acho the man on red bonet and tobuo the man on yellow bonet and he cap wida ur eyes 4 the days are evil.

He said shaking the knife he was holding.

Madiga madiga...for it is cap paracita divor may the devil that lead you,guide you, I said.

They all looked at me stunned...

R2 i called, e go weigh you.

I left the room almost shaking,thank God no body saw that. Impersonation na sin o,but no be my fault say i sabi cap na. Him cap gimme,i cap give am back. I was saying to my self while i walked to my cousin's hostel.


Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 12:46am On Sep 18
Chapter 2....

Frank hwfa na,i cousin said as soon as i entered his room. Unlike my room his room mate are just 3,i wish mine was three walai,the room was quite smaller than mine though. "Frank you normal"? My cousin's room mate yell. Waytin sup? I said. (The shout brought me back to reality).

Bia frank,you high ni? See as you just spill our macdowell,a well build broad dark boy yelled,confidence no vex,my mind no dey here,i said pitifully.

Where ya mind dey? My cousin asked. Mehn e far from here, imagine em douf my wallet wey 22k dey inside? I said angry.

For where e happened? One yellow boy shouted. For my room oo,this thing pain me i swear,ontop that person dey charging me,i said shaking my head.

Me:Him carry knife say him go stab me, him dey cap gimme.

Confidence: hope you cap give am back?
Me:two secs na.

My cousin stood up from the floor he was sitting,he had a wrapper tied around his waist and a white singlet.

Davisonsadmy cousin) ahboy you say him charging..

Me: brotherly no be small,him even blow me for back of my head sef.

Victorysadthe yellow guy) e don be. Person touch my brother for this school?,ahboy come may we go match m.

Mehn with speed of light the boys were changing up oo. The all wore red and black with red bagana tied on their head.

Confidence: Aros! For it is capped.touch not my sailor,for when thou has touched a crew onboard a ship,thou has touch all onboard the ship.

Mehn at this point fear start catch me,this people no no say na impersonation i dey impersonate ni.

Victory: every body jazz out!.

.......... While we were walking my cousin kept adjusting his shirt,trying to hide the bugling thing from his stomach.

Kpor! kporr!! kporr!!!... Open this door may all of una jazz out. Confidence said while knocking hard on the door.

The door opened almost immediately,the person from of the door was abel,the guy that was yelling at r2 say e don do.

Ahboy jazz out... Victory shouted from back. Meanwhile people eyes were on us,many stopped what they were doing.

I say jazz out! You dey madd? Confidence yelled!.

All the boys in my room stood on their feet,the rushed to the door almost immediately.

'Who goes you'! A boy name gogo shouted.
Ahboy !! My cousin called calmly to him. He returned the stare,then my cousin motion with his head turning to the varanda,with his hand tapping his stomach continuously. 'Jazz out'...

Without a word,gogo came out,the other guy behind wanted to protest before victory raised his shirt to him revealing the gun. 'No body gas hear our voice' he said as he dropped his shirt back. You wan try? They all comply, even the almighty r2 we dey form executioner.

"I hear say una charging my brother",why?. My cousin asked tapping the thing bugling from his stomach.

"Senior man na missunderstanding".the oldest of my room mate whose name is afone said in a respectful manner, "we dey bout to resolve am when you jazz in come"...

My cousin smile,that kind smile... Like my room mates go dey think waytin funny bout waytin afone talk?.

Frank" he called loudly... '"Who blow you""? He asked walking back and front..

Na now i understand that kind smile, "R2" i said between my teeth...

''You get mind charging my brother? As if that one no do you,you blow am join''. My brother said as though he knows which among em is R2... "May the clown jazz out two secs before i forget something for him head"...

Bros e never reach like that,afone stepped forward begging.

Ahboy retract ya steps,na waytin comot from my cousin mouth. Afone kuku waka go back.... "I say may the boy jazz out'"

R2 came among the bunch of boys standing front of us... " senior man,na me rugged r2,the grand executioner the cap"... (Executioner dey call striker senior man... Inno fit laugh)... ''As the matter take be ehh,na all missunderstanding"...

"Ahboy follow me"... Was the next thing my cousin said.

Then head out before any one could leave,a path was made for him as he approach the exit,behind him was

Victory who kept a reasonable gap between himself and r2,while confidence followed at the back....

I stood there watching as other onlookers.

"Selina selina,what must be must be"!. I heard the words behind me, i turned slowly i couldn't believe what i saw, afone,the supposed peace maker was rubbing a ring on his finger,just then abel came to whisper in my ear.

"Ahboy you Bleep up"... Now you go make D1 react. He finished his whispering... Who be D1 for this school? I asked with keen interest. "Na afone" he said motioning towards afone... I swallowed hard. Then ran after my cousin.. As i dey ran na so i dey pray give God,biko may
Em never wound m ooooo.

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 4:52pm On Sep 20
Chapter 3.

After that incident everybody start dey gimme distance,how room was inspected,and those illegally staying with us were evicted. Finally we're just 4, as e suppose be.

Unlike my previously hostel.this one is like face me i face u,the blocks are facing each other.

Early mor mor i rush had my bath,na today mr pepple talk say him go give us our first test.mehn i just weak for the man, the first day i enter that school him collect my phone,smh.

Abel don baf finish dey dress up, i checked time,it was 6:56. The place no far from our hostel. Boy! I go go oo emmanuel yelled to abel. Ahboy u no go calm down.
Franklin make we dey go,Abel said tapping me.
Oya na, i said standing up.

Emmanuel was so restless,he kept yelling at Abel to hurry up. I just shake my head. All this 100level sha.

We reach physics lab at exactly 7am on dot.the door was shut with few people inside. While outside the kind crowd wey dey dia na like people wey the wait make God read em verdict to hell,(i sure say em no go go heaven).

See?see? Since we for don comot,Emmanuel was charging abel. I don't understand,why this people no wan enter na. No be say the door dey locked sef. Excuse me,i forced my self though. Without hesitation i open the door and walked in,a girl followed me from behind. His back was turned to us, he was on his lab coat as usual.

Immediately he turned he shouted,hey you!.pointing who ever he was referring to with his finger. The boy stood motionless.

Come here,Mr pepple said with anger. everybody kept quiet waiting to see what he'd do next.

I was looking out the window when i hear 'kaps' ... I look straight,pepple slapped him again.

Who opened the door? He yelled. Everywhere kept quiet,i said who? Still no talking. In that case this all the departments here has failed my course.

Immediately there was a roar of protesting voices..

Before i could pick what was happening fingers were pointing at me. A girl's voice who happens to be the loudest among others shouted "he's the first that came in sir"...

I was like wtfffff,who's this b*tch? See how ugly she is self,the girl i had entered with said with disgust.

"You"! Pepple yelled pointing towards me,i kept quiet as though i wasn't seeing anything. Say him slap me ? Tahh,i go just leave him class. "I said you"... He shouted this time.

Mehn the way he looked at me ehh,sha i no send m,person way just dey comot from afsb i go come dey fear mere civilian? When inno fear captains major ?... Abeg may the man die it.

Hey!,Pepple shouted at the girl in his front,go and slap him he said.

Who sir?, pepple gave her a stern look... This fair boy,this fair boy,people said pointing at me.

She walked as though she was being led to the her dead,well i wouldn't blame her though.

When she got to where i was,i acted like there was nothing there. "Bros no vex,pepple say may i slap you". I carry my face look her,she dey raise her hand up small small. I just arrange my book stand up comot for the lab.

Who knows that boy? What's his mat no?... Those were the words that came out of the lab,probably pepple's.

Abel and Emmanuel were stunned by the whole drama, boy make we dey go i yelled at abel.

People just dey look me like say i be one ghost.

Before any thing will happen i left.

I later hear say the thing pain am ehh,say him dey find my mat no,say him go carry me go senate.

Rubbish,Nigeria educational system just Taya me.

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 3:14pm On Sep 21
Chapter 4.

Our matriculation was fast approaching, some of the people that were evicted returned. Though we reach an agreement second semester they will go,and they agreed.

Me and pepple turn enemy, i no dey even bother go him class.

The porter has been frustrating my life like madt,unlike my previous university this one you'll have to sign into your hostel.

Providing them with ya passport,your school fee receipt and other credentials (100 level mostly)

The man refused to signed me in,the first time i was in his office,he said i should put my papers in files,i was like no qualms na.

I hurried down to complex center front hostel D...
When I got to his office it was locked,mehn the outrage i felt ehh.

I just retired to my hostel for the day.

Ahboy,ahboy.. Which kind sleep you dey sleep like this na ote,i could hear Abel from my dream world.

"Leave me oo".. I said sleepily. "You know waytin be time?"... Someone asked me.

Na 6:45 pm oo,and you start sleep 2pm...

I felt 6 hand on my body,they pulled me up.
"Boy e don do wake up"... Afonne's voice hit my ear.

I stood up from where they had left me to sit.
Went outside to wash my face,i was so hungry. Immediately i remembered what had happened at environmental science faculty (the man's office). I got angry.

"Boy come make we go smack" Abel said standing front of me.

Me:you hold rubs?.
Abel: no issue that one dey

"Are you guys going to smack?"... A voice said behind our backs.

We both turned,it was caleb. Another of my room mate.

Abel:waytin sup?
Caleb: i fit follow una?

Abel looked at me,probably seeking my approval.

Me: caleb may we dey go already.

I said turning around.

Abel: why you tell that chaiz man may him follow us na?.

Me:leave the boy,no be smack we wan go smack?.

Soon we got to a place inside our hostel compound(our hostel F N G be like barrack).
There were two different people selling food there,though both under the same canopy but different tables.

Caleb:where una dey chop ?
Abel:mama Africa.
Caleb: oya na may we enter.

Well,usually the crowd at mama Africa fit dey like line that lead to hell( heaven no dey crowdy,lol)
But today every where clear,maybe na because we come early.

Waytin you wan buy? A woman probably in her late 20s asked,immediately Abel handed three plates to her.

I walked inside the canopy to sit,i still dey vex bout waytin sup today,i brought out my phone lazily and started surfing the net.

Hello!, a voice said. I brought my eyes up from phone,behold a pretty girl was front of me.

I'll describe her,no vex. Lol. She had a long thread braided. She's light skin in complexion,her body set! Asin every thing washing and setting.

She fine scarra,or ahbi na because since i come RSU (ust) na ugly girls i don dey see since?. Her boobs were burgin from the black hood she wore.
Mehn and e tey way i touch boobs.

Hello! The voice brought me to reality...

"Hmm..yeah? May i help you?"

"Would you mind if i and my friends sit down here ?." She asked

Sure!!,i said almost immediately.

Okay!.. She said with a smile,"just a sec,i'll go call them"...

Abel and Caleb came to the table i was seated,Abel had two plates of food in his both hands while Caleb had one.

Abel: aboy hwfa...(he said dropping a plate front of me).

Me: i dey.

Abel : who be That banny...(he meant the girl).
Me: she say she and her friends wan sitting with us.

Caleb: (with mouth full) hope her friends na girls o.

Abel: i hope them em be girls too ooo.
Me: we're bout to find out.

Just then the girl walked in with three other girls... Mehn em too goes well.

Hii,she said while dropping her plate of food on the table.

There were chorus of greetings from her friends,we returned their greetings too.

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 7:36am On Sep 22
My guy, ride on. But why you wey no fear major generals dey shiver just 'cos you impersonate?

BTW, the way you write makes comprehension very tasking. I mean, I have to wonder who said what always.

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 4:11pm On Sep 22
My guy, ride on. But why you wey no fear major generals dey shiver just 'cos you impersonate?

[/b]BTW, the way you write makes comprehension very tasking. I mean, I have to wonder who said what always[b].

Lol senior man i dey fear generals oo. Like madt that year those people fit comot u from afsb with a blink of an eye, but u see those captains and majors? Nothing come out.

As for the bolded

I'll work on it,thank you for the feed back.

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 1:07pm On Sep 24
Chapter 5.

They girls introduced their selves as bella,Ellen and Lizzy,the one front of me just kept quiet and concentrated on the her food.

Franklin shift,na waytin i hear when i be dey try start conversation with Bella.i look up na Emmanuel,he was holding a plate of beans and two balls of bread. I just weak.

Mehn i shifted na,didnt wanted to fall his hand,as if devil was against me,Emmanuel started conversation with the girl that has concentrated on her food since. She answered( e pain me ehh).

"I like ya hair" Emmanuel said stroking her long dread. She let out a smile,see teeth. Well arranged,white like cloud, She too fine.

"I'm flattered"... She said giggling.

Mitcheeew flatter ko,lesser ni,i said in my mind.
All three of em were having conversation without me,well i don't do well when it comes to banny.

"What's ya name"? Bella asked me.
Caleb: his name is Franklin.

Caleb said trying to defend his hunt. Lol, i just smile.

Abel may we dey go na,i said to him.
"Wait small"... I wan collect Ellen number.
I just weak. Sha lemme describe Ellen,she's short,like average short if there's anything like that,like her friends,she has a long braided attachment,she no too fine,she no worwor. She dey the middle. To worse everything her chest flat, maybe na nipple abel go dey play with,lol.

Lizzy:Fine boy,why are you not talking na?
Me:you mean me?
Lizzy:yeah,you've been quiet since we came.

At least person noticed my quietness.

Me: no body talked to me na,and i dont know how to jump into a conversation.

Lizzy: now that's some manners young man.
She said letting out a smile,sha she's fine o. Unlike her friends she tinted her low dread.

Me: young man? How old are you ? 100?
Lizzy: im older than that.
Me:yeah whatever.

She laughed.

"Una don chop finish may una dey go,customers full here"... Mama Africa yelled.

Ahboy may we off na,Abel said to me.
Me:no issue(i said standing up).

We all got outside the canopy,our conversation with the girls continued.

Where's you girls hostel? Abel asked generally.

Lizzy:Hostel C.
Emmanuel:let's escort you girls na.

I just taya for Emmanuel and caleb,especially emmanuel, no sign i never give am may him leave that banny,for where?.

We just came out of f and g gate when some group of boys stopped at our front.

Who be Franklin here?.
One of the boys asked.

Omo waytin sup na,my belle don dey rumble already.
Bros we no no who be Franklin,maybe you go enter inside F and G go check. Abel said.

They just looked at him the exact way i'd look at him.

Gf!!... Em say em no no who be Franklin o. The boy who had asked us bout me yelled to the other side of the road.

Who this one dey talk to?,mehn weed sha na bastard.

Emmanuel:Bros may we escort em reach their hostel we go come back.

No body dey comot here,oya may una follow us go see executioner...

Na so el carry us cross over the road side oo. Two dey our back with one of em gun poking me, the girls were visibly scared now except Lizzy.

Bella:Jesus oo!
One of the boys on red bagana tied on his left hand turned back immediately. "What did you say" ? He asked angry.
After waiting for a while and see Bella wasn't answering,he shove his hand into his jacket and brought out a daggar.

This time around i don already dey scan my escape route. "What did you say"? He yelled.

Bella:i did not say anything.
I almost burst laugh when i heard it,because of dagger she deny jesus,lol.

"Talk loud may i hear you"... He said,teasing her.

Bellasadwith shaky hands she dip a finger into her mouth and raise it up to the sky) i swear i no talk any thing.

'Scorpion allow the waka na'... A guy on red bagana tied to his forehead said while walking ahead.

We crossed to the other side of the road,just front of love garden,close to sug secretary building.

"Aro!,the jews are here", the guy who has been ahead of us said. Who this idiot dey call Jews?
I cursed in my mind.

A guy walked out of the darkness
In his hand was beretta m9A3 pistol,with a silencer. "Well! well!! well!!!,look what we have here". That voice sounds so familiar,i looked at Abel,dude was shaking,like visibly vibrating.

"R2"?!. Emmanuel called...
"Shhhh"... "The rest of you may go,Franklin lap". The familiar voice said.

R2?? Waytin i do this guy na, I talk for mind.
Na cause of me em no injure am last time,na so him wan pay me back ni.

"no body leaves here"... A voice said beside me.
I looked at the direction i had heard the voice,behold it was Lizzy. I knew that girl wasnt the regular rsu girl.

At this point everybody dey mind waytin we dey talk,i just hope Lizzy mind hers too.

A guy walked out of the darkness and stood front of Lizzy.That guy is R2.

R2:who goes you?.
Lizzy: aro lili,code name messiah.grand striker of deck xyz,who goes you?.

R2: grand executioner of rude mafians,the commandant inchief of the Scandinavians rsu chapter.

Lizzy: Aro!!.(she said hitting her wrists together in a "X" form twice).


Immediately she turned around,she and her friends cross over to love garden.

R2:may una disembark ! Una deaf.

Emma:let's be going.

I watched as Abel Caleb and Emmanuel crossed over to love garden,mehn the kind fear i dey feel now ehh,i just wish say i dey ontop bed,say all this thing na dream.

Move!. A voice behind me said accomplanied by a slap...

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Hardes(m): 2:45pm On Sep 24

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 12:04am On Sep 25

Sit tight bruh
Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 9:48pm On Sep 26
Chapter 6...

The led me to the back of one popular restaurant in campus. "Yummers".

R2:aboh go down!. ( he yelled! Moving from one point to another)

No body tell me to comply,i go jejely lie down for ground flat,yeah you guessed right. Fear got the best of me lol.

R2: You dey cap me!.
Me: brotherly no be so. ( omo i humble, e remain small may i force tears comot for my eyes).
Me:brotherly no be so. (My voice was echoing the spacious hall)...
R2: how e come be? You!,you make me bleed. Mee?!!. R2.
Me:brotherly abeg,calm down may we align.
R2: may you and who align? See this Jews. May you and who align?.

Mehn have never felt helpless my entire life,i just wish say i be get fellowship way i dey go,or any thing way fit save me from this mess. If i die now waytin i go tell my mama?.

R2:answer me,may you and who align?.

He shouted pulling my dread, e pain me ooo,but i can't shout like that,i gas look strong for him eye.

'Carck' the sound came behind me.

"Aro"!. The voice said.

This voice sounds so familiar. Sounds like davison own.

R2:wida ya eyes!...

"Free the boy"!... The familiar voice said. The kind joy wey i get ehh as i hear am,asin joy!!!.

R2:beta marine!... ( he hit his wrists twice in an 'X' shape)

The person i saw front of me so wasn't davidson,he was smallish with a long dread,a red bagana was tired around his fore head,on his neck was a neck lace of two bones crossed together with a skull ontop it.

R2 just called him beta Marine,waytin i go no hear for rsu??.

Beta marine:aro! Free the jews,na striker brother.
(As soon as i heard striker i knew he meant my cousin davidson).

R2: beta marine, (he said hitting his wrists once this time). This jews make me bleed,he comot blood for my body.
(He shout hitting his chest violently)

R2: him even anchor him brother for me.
(Anchor ke? My brother na ship?

Beta marine: the bagar you know,the bagar you anchor. I'm taking the boy with me.

Immediately the people that has followed r2 and i entered brought out their gun and aim at the beta marine( no vex say i dey call m beta marine,i no even know him name).

R2:free them. (He said to his sailors angrily. Well i don't know the rank of a beta marine against an executioner,I'd love to know incase any body wan enlighten me.)

The beta marine and i walked side by side,i dont know why but i seem safe around him. We came out from the hall,it was fully dark.

Beta marine: follow me.

He walked ahead of me while 3 guys walked behind me. We passed hostel C and D(those of you that school in rsu) then burst out through the uba bank. The three guys had catch up with me and we we're walking altogether.

We walked down to hostel B,my cousin hostel. Could It be my cousin sent them or? I was just confuse.
"Wait behind, Franklin come with me". The beta marine said calmly at we approach the entrance of hostel B.

How this guy take know my name? Now i was curious. We got into hostel B and made way to room 28, damn right!. my cousin's room.

He knocked twice and after a few moment the wooden door was opened.

It was like get together party inside the room,Abel Caleb and Emmanuel were there.Lizzy too was there. With few other new faces. Close the door frank, victory said pointing towards it.

Davidson: brotherly thank you. (He said clawing him, those vikings thumb touch).

Beta marine:na cause of you oo. No be say i like to save people life. (Omo dey talk weak me).

Every body just watched while the two strong men in The room aligned.

Beta marine:rude mafians will come for you davison,r2 is not taking this thing likely.

Davidson:em no dey tell person to chow, it is capped every checking tree must stand well well well...

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Hardes(m): 9:26pm On Sep 27
jeez! see suspense.

op comman continue abeg

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Timantech(m): 1:29am On Sep 28
Op come sail this ship to panama.......

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by webbro007(m): 4:23am On Sep 28
aromateeee op

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 1:35am On Sep 29
I go update tomorrow,but i don modify the remaining chapter 6.

No vex say i no dey too upload like that,my pa and i get issue,i dey plan carry my pride down beg m for forgiveness. Lool
Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 6:41pm On Sep 29
Davidson: frank hwfa?
( seriously my mind no even dey here,i was almost shot.)
Victory: ahboy no tell me say na that thing wey just happen you dey reason so!.
Davidson: frank lap!.
( he said gesturing with his hand over a bed that two hard looking girls were seated.)

I carry my self jeje go sitdown for their middle,the room was hot despite the fast rotation of the ceiling fan.

Davidson: how e dey?.
(Sitting up on the bed).

Me:brotherly i blank. The thing weigh me.
Davidson: you do am any other thing?
Me:nothing o! Me wey even save am from una wrath sef. ( i said recalling how i ran from F and G to back gate.)
Davidson: him go strike again.
Me: i know.
Davidson: you no fit fight executioner,so how you wan do am?.

(The quiet weak me,if only this people know say na impersonation i dey do).

Me: i off!,i empty. My deck no dey here brotherly.
( i let out another lie,kai this time i cant stop lying)
Davidson:no worry bout your former deck,sail with us.
( like this guy dey tell me may i join m in return of protection??).
Me:brotherly? You sure?.
( i know why i ask.lol)
Davidson: na so e go be.
Me: no issues,as you yarn am na so.
Davidson: Aro!.
(He said clawing me).

The look on abel,caleb and emailed's faces was priceless.esppecially emmanuel lol,the guy wan go but no no how to take talk am.

Davidson: aro franko! Code name mayhem.rugged member of deck 007.

Immediately the new faces were just clawing me one by one,even lizzy.

Confidence: striker!when we go burst am rub?.
(Wait wait wait!. Burst who rub?)

Davidson: no need for that one,where him dey before e go don collect.

Davidson: you see this two girls beside you? He said.
(I looked at my left and right,the girls go well but no curves,no boobs. And the two even claw me sef.)
Davidson: any where you go they follow...
( he said bringing out a pistol from his inner jacket).

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 2:06pm On Nov 02
Chapter 7

So las las you don join another one for here ahbi?

Abel said to me while we walked to our hostel accompanied by the two girls.

Me: you don see am na
Emmy :what if R2 dey room?
Caleb: that one na win issue ooo,na him and Frank get issues no be me and am.

The talk weak me.

We got through the gate,it was quite embarrassing though,the girls kept following me from a distance.

Where em go sleep? Me wet dey try manage one small bed wey rsu gimme.

I sat down front of block F,the girls sat opposite the block. Quite a reasonable distance but this closed.

Crowds of people starting running towards our hostel gate with some siren at the back ground. No body tell me to lost. The way I banged my room door eh e remain small make e break.

Afone opened the for me. I didn't take time to shove him aside while i made way inside the room.

We were just 7 in the room that moment, the series of gun shots was so loud that we were taking cover under our bunk. Before bullet from no where Peirce through our ply wall.

Under the bed where I was with Emmy seem safe,at least for now...

I just needed to close my eyes a bit. No matter how much I try opening em the kept closing on dia own.

I woke up the under the bunk. No body bothered to wake me up. E pain me ehh.

I checked time it was 6:15 am. At least I never miss lecture.

I be dey brush wen Solomon call me say two girls dey room dey wait for me.

I weak,this girls still follow me come here ni. How em take know my hostel na number na.

As I enter inside,I sight everybody,including R2. Baba dey wear clothe like say nothing sup.

Him cooperate wey him wear fit m sha,but ehh this guy na two face oo. Who go believe say the president of computer science department na rugged cultist?.

Aha aha frank hwfa. Na waytin comot from him mouth wen him turn see me.

Baba I dey oo,how e dey be. I reply m back immediately, shoving aside the memories of last night when he tried to kill me.

I fit borrow your belt?. Him ask with concern. My belt ke. A whole president no get belt?. No yawa na use m,I said to him while I made out of the room...

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Hardes(m): 2:51pm On Nov 02
. . ..

Welcome back op
Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 7:46pm On Nov 02

. . ..

Welcome back op

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 11:14pm On Nov 06
Chapter 8.

Seems I'm unusually early to phy101 class
The scantiness of the class no be here, just a hand pick of people in the lab.

I check time na 8:30,him class dey start 8am till 10 am. And him no dey ever dey late.

My phone vibrate,i bring m out of my front pocket.it was a whatapp message from Abel.

"boy people no dey my hall",the messages stand out.

"even me sef,here empty", I texted back.

Two boys walked in that moment so entangle in their conversation.

Boy1:OMo boy you hear shots last night?.
Boy2: I was so scared I swear.
Boy1: no be only u Ooo. Me an under my bunk I here Oo,i even sleep off for Dia sef.

As soon as I heard that I smiled, at least no be only me sleep under bunk.

boy1:waytin em say happen Self?.
Boy 2: I think it was a robbery, my roommates who were at the bank when it happened was telling us.
Boy1:rob bank for night?

"Even me no understand. Who robs bank at night?."

Boy2: I don't know, that's what they told me.

I stood up and left the lab. Hunger dey catch me sef,make I dey go bac hostel.

As soon as I left science faculty,close to humanities and sociology faculty,i received a call from an unknown number.

I stare at my infinix hot5 screen contemplating whether to pick or not.

"hello",a familiar voice said from the other end.
Me:emma Hwfa

Emma:i dey,where are you na, me and Abel dey management faculty dey hunt bannies.

Me:i dey lap Dia 2secs...

Na so I hang up retract my steps to faculty of management.

As I enter the ever busy ent2 hall na only handful of people dey dia. The whole faculty dey almost empty.

I brought out my phone and dialed Abel's number. Him say may I come cms3.

To come dey climb up as I weak like this.
I be dey stand front of ent2 hall when 3 girls walked in. A-ha A-ha,you wouldn't believe it. It was Lizzy and her friends.

I waved at them, trying to drag their attention, Bella and Ellen just walked out after looking me from head to toe. If na cuz of yesterday no be my fault. But thank God oo na so this for take embarrass me?.

"Uncle" a voice said behind me.

I turned around and saw Lizzy standing front of me. This girl just too goes well.
Her sweat pants wey she wear no too grab her body like that but e Goes well.
Her shirt was sleek. She definitely a fashionista.

"Uncle" she said again.

Me:ehh aunty?

"How was your night "?

Me:it was good.

Look behind you she said while stroking my shirt sleeves.

Those two girls dey front of ent2. I just weak....

So??!,you got babysitters now? She let out with a laugh.

I waved at em, a while after they waved back. I signal em to come, after all it's bout time I know em.

Girl one:hwfa frank.

Not evening surprise how the gotta know my name, I Don dey already used to am.

Me:I dey, how e be?.

She nodded her head back in reply.

Girl1:Aro !!!. (she said clawing Lizzy).

Girl 2:Aro!!! (she clawed Lizzy too).

The second girl didn't even acknowledge my present sef,she no even send Me.

My phone vibrated from my chest pocket, I brought it out immediately when a came in.

Me:abel may Una lap ent1.

I said and hang up.

They girls are already 5 steps away,waytin happen? Lizzy tell em may them go back Ahbi waytin?.

Curiousity wan kill me,(lol.) hwfa Lizzy where em dey go?..

Lizzy :i tell em may em give you space.

Me:ahan Ahan like seriously? Your way reach?.

Lizzy :You Don forget who I be ahbi... German it is capped all v.queens are Aromates but all aros are not mates.

Wait wait wait,this girl just call me German?

Me:Who you dey call German?

I walked closer to her, perceiving her cologne.

Ahboy hwfa,a voice said behind me...


Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by skyblueking(m): 10:52am On Nov 08
So better tori don land and Hardes no fit alert me.... No worry guy i dey come for you.... Make i enter sambisa fess....

Where is Ann2012?

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Ann2012(f): 1:03pm On Nov 08
So better tori don land and Hardes no fit alert me....
No worry guy i dey come for you....
Make i enter sambisa fess....

Where is Ann2012?
I dey here gidigba
Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by skyblueking(m): 10:27pm On Nov 08
I dey here gidigba
i trust you la.... Reserve our seat.... Help me order popcorn and alomo bitters for us....
Am coming...
Nicheey abi Nike kwo adidas comman kwantinuo....

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Ann2012(f): 10:59pm On Nov 08

i trust you la....
Reserve our seat....
Help me order popcorn and alomo bitters for us....

Am coming...

Nicheey abi Nike kwo adidas comman kwantinuo....
I no want alomo, na Chapman I want
Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Hardes(m): 11:37am On Nov 09
So better tori don land and Hardes no fit alert me....
No worry guy i dey come for you....
Make i enter sambisa fess....

Where is Ann2012?
Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by skyblueking(m): 6:20pm On Nov 09
I no want alomo, na Chapman I want

Nooo oo ..... I no get strength to carry person....

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Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by skyblueking(m): 6:21pm On Nov 09
Dem dey find you for Army headquarters, Abuja....
Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Hardes(m): 5:20pm On Nov 11

Dem dey find you for Army headquarters, Abuja....
Weyin I do o
Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 7:25am On Dec 05
Chapter 9.

Abel was with Emmanuel and Caleb.
See as this rugged chaiz men forming posh.

Emmanuel :lizzy hwfa na. (he said walking towards her, e no dey hard m to flirt.

Lizzy : fine boy, I'm fine. Where were you guys?.

Abel :we were up na, I be dey wonder waytin dey hold frank from coming, I Don see why.

Lizzy : no dey give m hope. (this talk weak me).

Me : Caleb hwfa na?
Caleb : I dey o, here empty o.
Me:i dey reason m sef, maybe na cause of those shots last night.

Lizzy:even you guys heard those shots? (she asked intruding into our conversation.)

Caleb : yeah, it wasn't funny.
Abel : waytin be that thing sef, the way people take run Comot for F and G no be here o.

Lizzy: it was baggars em. Em be wan mount rsu with full force.

Emmanuel :cult way dey go on?
Lizzy :yes na, all thanks to R2.

Lizzy : frank may we comot here na.(she said holding my arm).

See ehh, I no get banny, I no get intention to get banny, but this lizzy dey mad me. She fine, she rugged, she dey social, she be alpha breed I swear.

Emmanuel: frank don't you want to go?(he asked while holding Lizzy's hand,come smile like one idiot)

You know that kind Smile na, him dey indirectly tell me fuvk u. Lol.

We came out of management science faculty, the street was almost as a ghost town.

Caleb: Lizzy abeg you be dey talk bout cult war, you fit yarn me details?.

See the kind look wey all of us give m ehh.

You be Vikings general ahbi you be striker? Emmanuel said looking at him sarcastically. Emmanuel no dey hide him mouth sef.

No qualms, when i reach hostel I go yarn you scores.

Abel:where you come dey go?
Lizzy :ellen and bella dey call me.
Emmanuel : em dey around? Wait I go follow you.

Abel: bia bring that your black ass here.
( I fainted.emmanuel is dark like very dark, so most times other black people makes fun of him, tragic! Lol)

Lizzy: frank, see you In a jiffy.(she said blowing a air kiss).

This girl sha, burst my brain.

Abel:hwfa frank you Don get banny like so
Me:wyn me na.

We laughed while we walked through the tiny tarred pathway.

The school was almost empty, just a handful of students with lot of police people.

Knock knock!!... Emmanuel said while he knocked on our room's door.

Afone opened up. He was sweating furiously,"waytin una want?"... Na waytin him talk next.

"Ahan ahan baba be dey straff" Abel whispered
to my ear and left out a laugh, lol.

"Nothing, we go come back later". I said trying not to laugh. Baba was so vexed ehh, maybe na when him wan cum we come disturb m.

Caleb:So now like where we dey go?.
Abel:may we branch AZ?.
Emmanuel :that ashawo joint?.
Abel :shhhh bring your voice down.
Me:may we go alReady na.( Me wey no dey take ear hear ashawo lol. )

The look em gimme ehh. The next thing na one stupid laugh all of em laugh.

See play, no do ooo you fit promise me money no come gimme,but you see ashawo banny straff and weed? No do Ooo.

Abel:wait frank you serious? (still laughing)
Me:be like say you no no say I dey drown inside my own cum(sperm).

See laugh. E come be like say I be 'I go dye'.

Oya may we go, Emmanuel said gesturing us to move forward.

We passed through hostel B. The headquarter of Rsu cultist. Fear that place.

We enter inside there, my cousin no dey but confidence be dey smoke when we enter.

Aro! He let out a yell as he clawed me.

Me:brotherly I dey come may I disarm my self for here.

Confidence :waytin sup?

Me:i dey go mile one.

Confidence :why you no come carry your things na.

Me: I want may my hand free

Confidence:no qualms.

We all disarmed our selves.

In case you're wondering why, em no born u may you hold your phone pass back gate. Front of police em go collect your phone for gunpoint.

Emmy:guy you for try waka together,here na back gate.

Caleb:and so?

Abel:e be like say life don taya gaan

Caleb :nothing dey to collect na.

I just shake head. Three rugged chaiz men.

Na so we pass sharwama joint reach education car park. We cross road pass front police station, cold dey catch me under sun. The TM way I take this morning the pack still dey my pocket, na so police dey ask for ID card. Any one wey you get, ID card o,voters card o,any one.

E reach our turn na emmy dey front. (we form line) em alone Emmy, allow caleb, allow abel, e come reach my turn. Funny thing be say I dey on dread,come tint am gold join. Kai, the way the police man take look me ehh. E no funny, the other one wey be dey behind come shout "what's the hold up na " for my mind I say e don be.

Police man: who are you?. (see me see trouble, am I a yahoo boy??)

Me:sir I be student.

Police man: why you come keep this kind hair? You be singer?

Me: ahh oga I be rapper o( I said smiling boldly).

Police man:whos smiling with you?(see as the smile clear from my face like dick wey lost erection).

Police man: your ID card.

I open my purse bring out my voters card.

Him look am, come gimme am back.

Police man: pass.

The kind joy I get ehh.

I never waka reach front him dey call me from back,my heart Skip.

When I turn the next thing I hear na, "you go try barb this your hair o".

Me: ahan ahan, sure thing olokpa. (I said saluting)

People just dey look me like who no get sense. Sha how would they know? Police wey dey hustle means to defraud civilians.

We waka go straight, take left, take right, take left,still take right.

Before we reach one blue building wey em put star beer banner. "drink responsibly " was boldly written in it.

Abel: gentle men, I present to you AZ.
Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Vibesvbs: 5:14pm On Dec 08
Nice���.wen we go expect d next one??
Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Nicheey(m): 6:06pm On Dec 08
Nice���.wen we go expect d next one??

This night man
Re: Diary Of A Rugged Chaiz Man. by Vibesvbs: 6:10pm On Dec 08

This night man
U fit tag me abeg��

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