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Uncle Rufus 21+ / Unilag Girls Are Crazy! Zion Rufus’ Diary Of A Lagos Girl / My Easter Experience � Zion Rufus’ Dairy Of A Lagos Girl (2) (3) (4)

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Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 1:36pm On Sep 18, 2019
Episode 1

Proudly brought to you by #Elstories

Number 24 Ika road, a yard that has four exits. Two exits at the front and two exits at the sides close to the rooms at the end.
The two exits at the front are hallways, rooms faced side by side.

Rufus moved into this yard newly, he is short and looks younger than his age, Rufus could be mistaken as a man at his 20s whereas he is almost forty of age.

Early Morning Rufus came out of his room and stood on his doorpost, he stretched himself and yawned noisily, he lives closed to the restrooms so Rufus came in contact with everyone who is headed to the restrooms everyday.

He went inside his room and came out with an MP, he switched it on and a loud music played out of the speakers. Rufus isn’t a man who plays those new trending songs he prefers old songs with traditional rhythms. He started dancing and singing along “uwapopo…” He sang.

A woman who is widely called Mama Emeka in the yard, carried a bowl filled with water came out of the kitchen. The kitchen hall is demarcated by Rufus two rooms merged together from the restrooms unit. She paused and glared at Rufus, Rufus stopped dancing and chewed his chewing stick grudgingly “Rufus, you dey disturb this compound, useless man!” She said to Rufus and hissed loudly.

“Bia! mama Emekus, na so you dey greet your papa and your husband, no transfer your madness come my side oh!” Rufus replied with a warning tone and spits on the floor. Mama Emeka dropped the bowl of the dirty water she carried from the kitchen on the cemented floor and clapped her hands “so Rufus, you get mind call my husband, you nodey fear again oh” Mama Emeka said knotting her wrapper properly above her br–sts.

“I no get time for you, carry your big nyash and that dirty water disappear abeg” he said and went inside his room, “Rufus your p—k go rotten, go and marry. Useless man” Mama Emeka kept on ranting for awhile and carried the bowl and left through the exit close to the restrooms unit, she poured the water on a heap of dust bin close to suckaway.

Rufus has a shop in the market, he isn’t in a hurry to go to his shop because he had many apprentices who came to learn his trade from him in his shop. He stayed in the room till everybody has left for work, he came out of his room and went to the tap built in the centre of the compound.

He dropped his bucket on the base and switched on the tap two to three drops of water fell into his bucket “these mad people no pulp this water, now light no dey, oohh.. which kind yard be this” he complained to no one, he stood for sometimes before he took his bucket and walked to the well closed to the tap to fetch some water from.

He took a bucket dropped by the side of the well, a rope tied at the handle and dropped it into the well. He filled it with water and fetched it out and poured it into his own bucket, he repeated the same actions till he filled his bucket “no be small work oh” he exhaled and wiped the beads of sweats forming on his forehead.

He carried the bucket into the restrooms unit, he pushed open the only bathroom that has tiled floor and dropped the bucket inside. He closed it, he still re-open and walked to his room and gets his towel with a shaving stick. He went into the bathroom and removed his towel around his waist then spread it on the bathroom door, he locked it. And removed his short since he isn’t wearing any shirt, he was completely unclad as his long and thick c—k stood gingerly betwixt his legs.

Rufus removed the shaving stick blade cover and used it to scrub his armpit removing the hairs there, he repeated the same actions on the hairs in his pubic parts.


Mama Fejiro stirred up from her bed, her husband is a soldier who has travelled out of the state for duty. She waked up and saw that the day has far gone, she covered her wrapper hurriedly. “Ewooo… This children no wake me” she said under her breathe, she took the bucket in her room’s verandah and ran to the tap to fetch water. But there is no water in the tank, she hurriedly fetched from the well and carried it to the restrooms unit.

She heard sounds of water splashes on someone’s body “who dey inside here?” She asked knocking at the door “na me Rufus” he replied her and continued whistling as he scrubbed his body with the soaped bath sponge “baf quick, I wan go shop” she told him and kept her bucket properly by the side “to go shop never hungry you, if not you for don use that dirty bathroom baf” Rufus replied her sharply, and continued whistling.

“I never get your time, my come back see you there” Mama Fejiro threatened him and went into the main compound, then entered her room and took her towel and soap she forgot at first ’cause she is in a hurry. She came back to the restrooms unit and still find Rufus in the bathroom whistling without any sound of water “Rufus come out before I go break this door” she threatened but Rufus ignored her completely and continued bathing, she pushed the door and the door gave way due to it weak lock, “mama, Fejiro, you dey mad!” Rufus thundered angrily, as he tried to cover his long d—k that has gained attention already with his both hands.

“Rufus, wetin be that big and long thing you dey hide between your legs?” She asked Rufus and clamped her both legs, Rufus didn’t reply his d—k fully at his full length “you Sabi use am?” She asked him. Her eyes twinkled with lust as she stared absentmindedly at his e—ted d—k, “lock the door enter na” Rufus said with desperation, she walked inside and the bathroom door slammed shut.

She removed her wrapper and turned pushed her a-s backward at Rufus, Rufus spitted on his d–k and rubbed it on his length, she placed her both hands on the door and spread her legs to give him access to her p—sy dripping w-t.

He separated her bums and positioned his hard d—k betwixt her opening, he gave a sharp t—-t and fed her up but not fully inside her “ewooo! Rufus oh” she moaned loudly. Rufus thrusted in and out harder grabbing and squeezing her fallen br—st “my toto oh, fire fire on, Rufus” she moaned loudly.

Franka who walked into the yard with her uniform, she normally returns home in break time on labour days avoiding labour period. She heard the loud shout coming from the restrooms unit, she wondered why someone should be shouting at this kind of time and decided to find out.


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Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 1:37pm On Sep 18, 2019
-Episode 2

“Ah ah ah, scatter my toto Rufus oooh-” she moaned loudly as Franka tiptoed to the restrooms unit, she stopped at the entrance and decided to use the window. She walked to the exit at her right, climbed the suckaway connector laid square below the window level, she peeped and saw the sweaty back of Rufus.

Rufus laid on Mama Fejiro ‘s body “ah ah, em dey come…” Rufus groaned as he emptied his load in her, they stayed like that for sometimes before Rufus pulled out of her P—sy oozing c-m mixed with her w-t. Franka ducked at the window, she climbed down from the suckaway connector and tiptoed to backyard of the yard and then navigated to the other side, so that she could use the yard major entrance.

Rufus emerged from the bathroom grinning sheepishly, he has just been promised by Mama Fejiro that she will come to him if her c—t needs servicing. He went into his room and changed into what he wore to his shop that day.


Children were playing in the front of the yard when a bike rode to were they are and stopped.

“Uncle, Rufus, Uncle Rufus” they chanted repeatedly.

They all ran to him, girls and boys. Rufus smiled at the girls and frowned at the boys, he gave the girls one thousand naira note to the oldest and ignored the boys.

“Uncle Rufus, what of our own?” One of the boys asked.

“When your papa return, you ask am” he retorted and walked pass the girls that are cheering happily. Okon one of the boys Rufus refused to give money, he is short and wore only a short with his head devoid of any sign of hair. His stomach protrude making him look like over fed kid, he cried to his mother.

His older sister went after him, she laughed and cheered him. A woman came out of a room and stood on the passage frown plastered to her face “Nne, why your small brother dey cry?” She asked with hands on her waist as she stood arms akimbo.

“Uncle, Rufus no gree dash them money, em dash me two hundred naira” she replied her mother happily flashing the naira note in her right hand, The woman nodded.

“Use that money go buy ice fish, na wetin we go chop this night” the woman told her daughter who grumbled, “no, no, I no go use am buy am” she said tears threatened to flow down her cheeks.

“You go go fine where you go sleep” the woman said sternly without smiling, she is popularly called Mama Okon the action lady. Okon who has been crying stopped immediately and laughed happily, poking his tongue at his sister who is sad and wanted to leave to buy what her mother asked her to.

Rufus came out of the yard exit at the other side of the yard, he carried a plastic chair and walked to a space between two uncompleted house adjacent to the yard. He kept his chair there and sat, he laid his leg on the other, he placed a newspaper before him and started reading, he flipped pages whenever he is through with them.

He looked up and saw a girl who came out of the yard were he had emerged from earlier, “ehnn… Amara, come” he called a girl, she is black in complexion and quite taller than any girl of her age. She is just fourteen of age but inherited what she has behind from her mother, her behind is head turner but her front lacked such quality. “Uncle Rufus, good evening” she greeted and knelt slightly.

“You know say you be fine girl” he told her and she blushed, she played with her fingers as Rufus deep hand inside his pocket and brought out five hundred from his pocket and gave it to her “thank you, Uncle Rufus” she said smiling broadly, “don’t mention” Rufus replied.

“You go do something for me” Rufus said to her “wetin you want my do for you, Uncle Rufus?” she asked him as she listened attentively, Rufus smiled inwardly as he saw the interest in her eyes “no be today, I go tell you another day” he replied, she left with the thought of what Uncle Rufus told her, Rufus stared at her wobbling a-s and licked his lips.


Nne wasn’t happy as her mother took the money Uncle Rufus gave to her, she is just twelve but has eyes for money. After she and her family of five are done eaten, she went out of the yard to look for Uncle Rufus. She has high hope of getting money from Uncle Rufus, there was no light in the yard.

She walked to were the children of the yard are playing at the front yard and she didn’t see him, she walked to the end of the yard pavement. She strode slowly on the pavement and saw Rufus who has been whistling on the plastic chair he sat. She sat on the pavement distanced from where he is sitting.

When Rufus saw the shape, “who be that?” Rufus asked her “na me Nne” her tiny voice replied. Rufus smiled inwardly as his d—k stirred in his short. “Come” he instructed her, Nne walked slowly to him.

“Why you no wan play with your mate?” Rufus asked her, she sniffled and pretended to be close to tears “my mama don carry the money you dash me” she said with a voice close to tears “no cry, i go give you another one if you go do wetin I go ask you” Rufus told her, she started smiling in the dark as Rufus nodded in his progress.

“Anything you want I go do am, I no be small girl oh” Nne said boastfully, Rufus wondered about the new found confidence, he lowered his short band and his d—k sprang up. Since everywhere is dark and there is no light illuminating were they are. He held her hands and directed her hand to fold her palm around his hard d—k. He held her ankle and lift it up and down on his d—k “aaahh… Do am fast fas..t” Rufus moaned.

He closed his eyes as he bask in the sexual pleasure he is getting from her jerking him up “umh.. ooh” he released a throaty moan “Rufus, wetin ona dey do there?” A voice asked.

Read more here; https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=uncle+rufus

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Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by kaysmart4real(m): 4:21pm On Sep 18, 2019
Sitted. Let see how the story unfolds

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Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Adesammy111(m): 5:52pm On Sep 18, 2019
Seat booked.. Let the story begin in full

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Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 9:31am On Sep 19, 2019
Seat booked.. Let the story begin in full

Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by tahir01(m): 10:29am On Sep 19, 2019
Getting tensed. OP come and update o

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Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 7:48am On Sep 21, 2019
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Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by tahir01(m): 1:14pm On Sep 21, 2019
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Oya make Una come mark attendance so that oga go update.
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by KelvinCoaster(m): 11:52am On Sep 22, 2019
...He held her wrist not ankle. Nice story! Update naaa!
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 3:42pm On Sep 22, 2019
-Episode 3

A man stepped out his room and stretched himself on his doorpost, he is the caretaker of the yard. His name is Jimmy, the thought of unpaid PHCN bills in the yard worried him. He walked to Rufus’s door four steps away from his doorpost.
He knocked “kpo! Kpo! Kpo!!” repeatedly, no response. He decided to look for him, he walked through the hallway that leads to one of the frontage exit.

He greeted two or three occupants of the rooms in the hallway, he appeared at the pavement. Searched around the area with his eyes and didn’t find Rufus, he rubbed the back of his head wondering why he never thought Rufus to be at his normal relaxation place.

He walked to were Rufus is on getting there, he saw movements in the dark wondering what Rufus is doing with a little girl in such a place. Jimmy is newly married to a woman some Months ago, he wondered why the tenants allowed their children get close to somebody as Rufus “Rufus wetin ona dey do there?” He asked.

Rufus tensed and concealed his d–k in his boxer, his d–k pulsated in his pant and released his seeds in his short. He sighed in displeasure as his warm c-m spills on his bare skin “Uncle Rufus, them don catch us” the little girl said shaking with fear. Rufus deep his hand in his pocket and gave her some naira note, cleared his throat “carry am go” he told the little girl who ran away happily. “Nne, wetin you dey do with Rufus?” He asked the little girl who ignored him and ran into the yard.

He went closer to Rufus who is boiling in anger “Rufus, I dey suspect you oh. The way you dey play with women and small girls for this yard” Jimmy told him regretting while he didn’t come out with torchlight or his phone he would have catch both of them red-handed. “Jim the akita, make I dey follow men? See, no be everyman be gay. Na em make you nofit handle your wife” Rufus replied him angrily and carried the plastic chair he sat on, “see I no get time for you, give me NEPA money” he told Rufus who stopped walking and faced him “which NEPA, the one wey dey bring light or the one wey nofit on light?” He replied him and hissed angrily, he left Jimmy standing.

Rufus went into his room and came out with a generator and started singing “I pass my neighbor, I pass my neighbor” he whistled as he sang joyfully to himself, he placed it on a wood facing the pipe the smoke is coming from to Jimmy’s room. He took the wire that hang loosely close to the wall and connected it with the generator, he held the generator rope and dragged his hand forming triangle.

When the lights came up some children in the yard started shouting “NEPA!!!” Rufus smiled inwardly. He went into his room and came out with towel and left to take his bath.

“Jimmy, smoke dey enter inside this house” Jimmy wife complained to her husband who laid on the foam but thinking very hard, when Jimmy didn’t respond she nudge him and reported the matter again. Jimmy stood up and went out of his room, he went straight to the generator and off it. Rufus saw him “neighbors neighbors come oohh– jealousy, people wey nofit buy gen. dey off one” Rufus said hilariously, his hands raised up to the sky.

Everybody came out of the room and some stood far from there, and some went closer “Jimmy, why you off em generator? I wan charge my phone” one of the unmarried lady in the yard complained she is a nurse. Jimmy glared at him in the dark, “the smoke dey enter my room” Jimmy told all of them.

“Which smoke pass poverty?” one of the men in the yard retorted, everybody laughed as Jimmy who got angry and left them angrily. “My help you on am, Rufus” somebody in the yard told him, Rufus nodded as his generator is taken to the back of the yard.

Rufus went inside his room and whistled triumphantly, when the light came men and women with children came with their phones, torches to charge. Rufus asked for extension to plug them, in no time his room looks like a charging centre. He locked his door and started watching movie in his cozy sitting room.

In the dark room Jimmy’s wife tried to on her torchlight it was emanating faint light to her displeasure, PHCN brought their light two days ago and they have been using the torch since then. They even forgot to switch if off the previous night, “this torch don die oh, go charge am for Rufus room na” she told her husband who is boiling with anger on the bed “your legs break, go charge am by yourself” Jimmy shouted at her, “sorry oh” she replied and left the room.

Rufus heard the knock on his door and he grumbled, he thought everyone has charged his phone. He opened the door and saw Jimmy wife with just wrapper tied around her waist with a handless top, he ogled her and noted that she isn’t putting on bra. “Rufus help me charge our torch” she said to him and presented the torch, others were not allowed in but Rufus wanted Jimmy’s beautiful wife “enter charge am na” Rufus replied her and opened the door widely as she went in, he looked at her a-s and licked his lower lip and shut the door behind him.

She bent low and plugged the torch, and charged her phone “Jenny, you know say your husband no love you” Rufus told her “how I go do am, I don marry I don marry am” she replied Rufus “I know say him nodey f–k you well, I get something for you” Rufus said and went inside his bedroom brought some money and gave it to her, the woman watch silently without accepting the money.

“Thank you, Rufus” she took the money from Rufus, Rufus nodded and walked closer to her standing before her “you know say you fine well well, I wish say you never marry Jimmy. You for be my wife” Rufus told her, she shrugged. Rufus held her by the waist, she pushed him off her body and Rufus fell on the floor with a surprised look on his face “rubbish!” She hissed and left Rufus room, with his money. Rufus stood up angrily and off his generator, everybody who has what he charged in his room troop in and took them including Jimmy’s wife. She forgot to tell her husband about the encounter that night.


The next day, Rufus was brushing his mouth closed to the gutter that runs through the side of the yard when Franka walked pass him “bia Franka, you get apolo or you don dey wear blind people eyeglass?” Rufus asked angrily glaring at her “no try me oh, I see when you f–k mama Fejiro that day” she replied Rufus and eyed him, Rufus was shocked by her revelation “ah ah, Franka franka, you know say we be paddy paddy, you don tell anybody?” Rufus asked his heart beating rapidly.
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Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 3:43pm On Sep 22, 2019

-Episode 4

“No, I never tell anybody but I go tell my mama and papa this night if you no gree dash me money” she replied Rufus who exhaled the breathe he has been holding without knowing in relief, “you wan give me bp, only to answer na em you take all those time. How much?” Rufus asked, he ogled her and frowned. She isn’t really beautiful and not considerable due to her ugliness, but her behind is upcoming and Rufus nodded in acknowledgement.

Franka thought for awhile “one thousand naira, Uncle Rufus” she told him smiling, Rufus nodded. “Come my shop on Monday, I go give you am” Rufus told her. She gave him a warning look before she left Rufus, Rufus stared at her a-s and imagined things he will do to her that is why he wants her to be in his shop on Monday.
Rufus hits his toothbrush on his palm before he walked into the yard Swagging the cup he held.


The next day which is Sunday, in the evening every adult members of the yard gathered in the middle of the compound, everyone sat either in a bench or a chair. Rufus sat in his chair in between two women getting glares from the men of the yard.

Jimmy stood up and cleared his throat he is the caretaker of the yard “ona good evening” he greeted.

“Evening, oga caretaker” everyone mumbled except Rufus. “Before we go start this meeting, make Rufus pray for us” he said and sat. Rufus stood up “make all of ona close eyes” Rufus ordered.

Rufus looked at their faces and saw that Jimmy eyes were opened he groaned in disgust and started the prayer ” Merciful Lord, may our enemies wey nodey close eyes may they go blind in the name of J—”

“Amen!!” the others echoed.

“And some people wey them don talk say them go be accuser of the brethren, make them fall and die in the name of J—” Rufus loud his voice the more as he prayed.

“Amen!!” They responded.

Rufus continued praying without any sign of ending his prayer targeting his enemies in the yard in his prayer, everyone took their seats one after the other and watched Rufus.

“Holy ghost– fire!” Rufus shouted but there was no respond.

He opened his eyes “no, continue dey pray. Shebi we tell you to pray or lay foundation for church” Frank’s father told Rufus, who stood in their midst. He later took his seat.

The meeting was declared open, Okoro a teacher in the yard stood “I no see any reason why Rufus nodey wash toilet when em reach em turn” the man said angrily, Rufus replied him quickly “will you shut up and sit down, na Rufus to wash toilet matter carry you come here?” He asked him.

“Make ona warn ona self, na only person wey dey stand go talk for here, if anybody disobey na money em go pay. No mind say the landlord no dey here” Jimmy warned them and sat back, as the meeting proceeds they talked about the problems of the yard and how to fix some certain things in the yard for their common good.

After the meeting biscuits were shared amongst them and drinks ’cause is a custom normally practice if anyone wants to invite the entire yard to an important occasion. The single nurse in the yard is inviting everyone in the yard to her upcoming wedding “wait oh, Nurse! Na that man wey resemble over fed chimpanzee you wan marry or –” Rufus asked but he wasn’t allowed to complete his question when she cut him off “eh eh eh, Rufus hang am there. Warn yourself oh” she replied him fuming as others who are present in the meeting rebuked Rufus.

Johnson took it upon himself to correct him “You don marry Rufus?” he asked Rufus pointing his finger at Rufus, “em better my no marry than to marry trailer as wife” Rufus replied him, he stood up to attack Rufus. Every one in the yard laughed as he held Rufus on his shirt’s collar, Johnson is a very short man unlike Rufus who is tall.

Rufus stood up and looked down on his head “iffa fight you now, na two inches you go decline my pity you” he told Johnson who struggled to keep up his height in other to held on to his shirt collar.

Everyone in the meeting took their chair or bench ignoring their two, Johnson let Rufus go and angrily walked to his room ignoring the little girl who just came into the yard greetings. Rufus went inside his room.

He later came out of the yard after he has taken dinner with his normal plastic chair that he is fond of. He kept it in his normal position and sat in the dark whistling to himself while shaking his legs, Nne still came around that area.

Rufus saw the little girl and grinned, “Nne, come!” Rufus called her with a low voice, she came hurriedly. He held her and led her into one of the uncompleted building closed to the yard, he took her into one of the rooms.

“Uncle Rufus, wetin we dey do for here?” The little girl asked wondering why he has taken her to were they are “I wan show you something, no tell anybody oh! Or ojuju Calabar go kill you, I go dash you money sef too” Rufus told the little girl who giggled “plenty money?” She asked smiling in the dark, Rufus only nodded.

He tried to pull down her skirt “uncle Rufus, you dey pull my skirt. My mommy talk say make person no pull am for me” she said holding her skirt, Rufus groaned in frustration. He quickly raised the girl’s skirt up and bent her over as she held on to the window, Rufus quickly brought down her p-nt to her kneel to avoid another mommy episode.

He removed his short from his waist as his d—k stood turgid poking at the girl’s bum, he held it and rubbed it on her crack repeatedly as she got more h—y and wet “uncle Rufus, do me the sweet thing na” she told him looking back, Rufus was surprised he was thinking she is a virgin.

He t—-t in slowly into her w-t p–sy allowing only the cap to go in “chuk am na!” The little girl moaned in frustration getting Rufus angry, he thrusted in sharply but was surprised the depth of her P—sy. He gruntled in pleasure as her w-t p–sy swallowed the half of his d—k.

“Na who dey f*** you?” Rufus asked angrily when her p—sy isn’t as tight as the way he expected it to be “oh, na my teacher and uncle Philip dey teach me chunky chunky” she replied him.

Rufus wasn’t pleased, so he held her by her shoulders as he thrusted in and out of her wet p–sy “ah ah, ewoo, ay ay, unc… R–f–, my pissy pissy” she moaned as Rufus thr—sted in and out harder, grabbing her br–sts roughly through her shirt.


Jimmy took his torchlight from the bed he kept it “where you dey go?” His wife asked him, he ignored her and went out of the room, he always has the feelings of catching Rufus on the evil deeds he does in the yard. He walked to were Rufus normally stayed and flashed his torchlight but saw an empty chair.

Immediately sweaty Rufus saw the lights movement “ah ah ah!” He offloaded all his c-m in her w-t p–sy out of fear covering her mouth from moaning loud.

Jimmy heard some sounds and pointed his torchlight towards the building “who be that!?” He thundered.


read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=uncle+rufus
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Adesammy111(m): 4:13pm On Sep 22, 2019
thumbs up bro.. thanks for the update
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 1:47pm On Sep 24, 2019
Episode 5

Nne shaking ’cause of her second o—-m bit Rufus finger “umhh..” Rufus groaned painfully but making sure his voice isn’t loud, he duck and dragged her down with him. His palm covered her mouth as she shake in freight. Rufus’s heart beats rapidly as he imagined what will happen if Jimmy catch him with this little girl.

“Who is that?” Jimmy asked again but this time his voice is devoid of authority, he was having a double mind. He thought it must be those boys who are good for nothing, only move from one uncompleted building to another. Does it mean they have taken Rufus? Jimmy thought.

He kept on pointing the torchlight to the windows without approaching, is better he get people from the yard to help him search the uncompleted building he thought. He switch off the torchlight and went into the yard, Rufus exhaled.

He quickly helped Nne put on her pant on her waist, he helped her through the window and asked her to run into the yard. She did, Rufus himself climbed down through the window and ran to were his chair is and sat.

“Thief oh, thief oh!” Jimmy shouted in the yard “where?” The men with boiling blood in the yard asked. He took them to backyard and met Rufus sitting on the chair he saw deserted earlier, Jimmy was shocked as he point his torchlight at Rufus who waves his shirt on his sweaty body.

“J ikata, you don throw way your sense for window, c’mon off that torch!” Rufus roared at him, the two men behind him weren’t please that Jimmy made them to leave what they were doing for nothing, they glared at Jimmy whose mouth is left ajar and dropped the wood they held and left.

“Where you go Rufus?” Jimmy asked, eyeing him suspiciously “is like chin chin full your brain, I no blame you. If only your papa use condom” Rufus replied him and hissed, he carried the chair he was sitting on and nudged Jimmy aside and walked pass him “I go catch you, continue oh” Jimmy told Rufus as he paused on his track.

Rufus didn’t reply him, he was worried about Jimmy’s threat that he didn’t even know when he walked pass his room and collided with nurse who was just coming out of the bathroom, her bathing soap fell and the chair Rufus was holding dropped off from his hand “Rufus, you don sell your eyes give muka?” she asked him angrily holding his shirt, some gossipers in the yard stopped whatever they were doing to listen.

“No vex, follow me my pay your soap” Rufus begged unlike him, nurse Elizabeth was surprised on how Rufus reacted to her insult. But knowing Rufus as trickish man she agreed to his offer “come give me” she replied him angrily. Everywhere was dark so Rufus opened his door and went in, the nurse stood on his door and waited for some time Rufus didn’t come out with her soap.

She also went in “Rufus, you dey use me play” she said angrily in the room “i dey fine torch na” Rufus replied her , standing close to her as he stylish pretend to be looking for his torch “nurse nurse, you dey sell condom too?” He asked her “wetin bring that one?” Nurse Elizabeth replied him angrily.

“Nothing oh, any girl I f-ck with condom dey shout well well ’cause my p—k too big” he said boastfully still pretending to be searching for the torchlight he held in his hand “with that chewing stick?” She replied him with a question and laughed shortly. Rufus released his 9inches monster d—k from his short and turn on the torchlight pointed it at his hard d—k “this thing small?” He replied her angrily, Nurse Elizabeth was surprised at what Rufus did and also his long d—k made her clamped her legs.

She was really turned on added with the cold water she had earlier bath, she looked at Rufus d—k and thought for awhile, she wanted to scream that Rufus wants to rape him, but the want in between her legs couldn’t resist him. Rufus was quiet praying in his mind that she accepts to have s-x with him, she walked to Rufus and point a finger on his forehead, Rufus fell on the chair sitting on it as the torchlight with him dropped to the floor, the torchlight facing another side.

She untied the towel around her and it dropped on the floor, she walked to Rufus and straddle him, she held Rufus d—k and jerked it. “Hope say, you dey last, this your thing big Sha…” She told Rufus who was quiet and his mouth slightly open enjoying the magic of her palm. She held his hard d—k and slipped it into her w-t p–sy and started bouncing with her both hands holding the back of the chair.

“Oh ah oh! Ewoo, my toto” she moaned “nussiii nussiii” Rufus groaned gritting his teeth, he held her bums as she slammed harder and faster on his d—k. The loud moaning coming from Rufus room made those who were close to start talking and gossiping, especially Jimmy who went to Rufus door and knocked. His wife was turned on by the loud moans coming from Rufus’s room close to their room she shared with her husband, her fingers unconsciously slipped into her pant.

“Rufus, Rufus, abeg oh! Here no be ashawo hotel” Jimmy said repeatedly hitting at Rufus door, “aaahh- water dey come out from my toto” nurse Elizabeth screamed as she squirted on Rufus d—k milking his c-m “ah ah ah” Rufus released his load inside Nurse Elizabeth, when they came to their senses they heard the loud bang on the door.

Nurse Elizabeth quickly stood up from Rufus, Rufus angrily went to the door and opened it he saw Jimmy standing. He punched him on the face as Jimmy staggered backwards, nurse Elizabeth heard the commotion and tied her towel around her and sneaked to her room. People in the yard gathered pointing torch at them and started hailing them.

“Jimmy, Jimmy!” Some chanted.

“Oga Rufus! Oga Rufus” others chanted.

As both of them exchanged blows, Rufus held Jimmy on his waist and raised him up then slammed him on the floor “ewooo.. hahaha” they said and laughed.
When Jimmy wants to retaliate Rufus was shield and praised by the people in the yard laughing at Jimmy. When Rufus finally went into his room others went in to theirs.


In the next day, Rufus waked up so early and went to brush his mouth, after he is done. He wore a top and trouser and left the yard, he came out on a main road and flagged down a Keke.

“Police station, how much?”.he asked the Keke driver “50naira” she replied, Rufus entered the backseat with two other passengers seating.

On their way, Rufus tried to count the money in his pocket and his 50naira fell off his hand “driver stop, my money fall” he told the Keke driver “I nofit stop here, oga na just 50naira na” the Keke Driver replied Rufus who nodded. He arrived at his location and Rufus dropped from his keke “oga, you never pay me oh” he told Rufus who ignored him and continued walking, he ran after him and tapped him twice on his back.

Rufus turned quickly “if your hand touch me again, I go make the sun too hot for you” Rufus warned as the Keke driver shrink in fear, Rufus saw a beggar who sat beside a road and ignored her even when she has begged him alms “I see children around you” the blind beggar said to Rufus who laughed very hard.


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Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 1:48pm On Sep 24, 2019
Episode 6

Rufus looked around him at first to see if their are children around him, but the crippled beggar started laughing like someone that is insane “hahaha, fool…!” The beggar cursed Rufus, Rufus Shaked his head and left without looking back to check if the beggar is still in that position. Rufus thought the beggar as a mad blind cripple, situation can do things to the brain at times these were his thoughts.

Two policemen sat behind the counter, coming from the major entrance you will only be able to see from their stomach to their heads. Rufus walked into the station “Rufu Rufu, how far na” one of the police officers hailed him as they shook hands, Rufus became their friends because of the tips he gave to them on his frequent visits to the station. after their normal greetings “so, wetin
bring you come here this early morning?” He asked Rufus.

Rufus started explaining how Jimmy fought him “the guy carry my generator scatter, even spoil my stove” he lied as he narrated a whole new encounter he imagined “that one no go lock am up, my write how em use matchet threaten your life” the policeman suggested, the one with pen writing the statement of the case. “Ehem! Put am” Rufus agreed, he finished writing the statement, while Rufus paid for it and also gave them personal money.


Back at the yard, buckets filled with water queued from the entrance of the restrooms unit to the centre of the compound, as the owners stood behind or beside their buckets waiting for their turns.

They yelled at each other if anyone takes time to bath, “that small pikin make em baf outside” a man pointed at Fejiro and shouted angrily at her, she turned back and eyed him “make your useless Obinna go baf outside with that em penis like em father own” Fejiro mother retorted, everyone in the queue roared in laughter apart from Obinna and his father.

Rufus step into the compound with two officers behind him “that short man, na him” Rufus pointed at Jimmy who is the last person on the queue, everybody remained silent as the police officers marched towards them, Rufus watched from his doorpost as they held Jimmy on his belt “wetin I do ona officer” Jimmy wailed as he was dragged out of the compound like a common criminal, his wife emerged from his room “officers, wetin happen?” She asked no one in particular.

Rufus hissed and entered his room, “Rufus, wetin my husband do you, them never pay am for three Months” Jimmy’s wife lamented as Rufus brought out his stove to cook, Jimmy works in his local government council, he haven’t been paid for three Months ’cause of the chairman who decided not to pay but to embezzle the funds allocated.

Rufus ignored her and put the rice on fire and went inside, he locked his door as Jimmy’s wife kept on Crying on the ground outside, people who were on the queue mind their business as some supported and some were against Rufus “you don see where busy body land am, that Jimmy busy body too much” one of the men who was waiting for his turn said while conversing with a man behind him.

After Rufus was done eating, he came out to take his bath. He went to the tap and fetched water, two women were the ones left in the queue, immediately the man who was done bathing step out of the restrooms entrance the two women carried their buckets of water and got stuck in the entrance “mama Sandra, warn yourself oh” the woman that is very fat said pointing at the other woman who was almost spitting at her face “fatty, you nofit do anything” she shouted and jumped up, her both hands find her waist.

Rufus ignored them and walked forward, immediately the fat woman landed her hand behind the other one, who bent and held her by the waist. Rufus ran into the bathroom and locked it, he started bathing while the two women outside were battling themselves on the ground.

“Commot for my body, fatty” the slim woman said with a harsh voice as the other woman is on top of her, her hand curled her neck as she held her to herself. The fat woman struggled to breathe but she still maintained her position on the other woman, when they heard water splashes. They disengaged from each other and ran to the bathroom door then slammed it with their palms “who dey inside there?” Both of them asked at a time, Rufus whistle before he replied “ona don fight finish? Go and fight again” he said and started singing ignoring the curses that were rained on him by the women.

Rufus tied his towel around his waist and stepped out of the bathroom, the two women glared at him, immediately he left both of them still struggled with who will go in first, the slim woman sneaked in because of her size and locked the bathroom door “shame oh, olobo ho! Hoo! Hooo!” She shouted happily and almost danced in the bathroom.


Rufus mechanic is the biggest and the most famous mechanic around his area, there is no car he cannot repair. He makes a lot of money from it that he spend on women alone, Rufus would have been a mechanical engineer if his parents didn’t die before he could make it to his third year in the university. He pulled out of the university since no helper came forth to sponsor him.

At noon, Rufus had just finished repairing a car that took all his energy away, he went to a bench that he kept under a tree and slept off, Rufus saw himself peeping a naked old woman bathing as his hand creep into his short. He started playing with his d–k, his mouth slightly open as moans and groans escaped his lips.

He felt tingling sensation in his abdomen, immediately the environment changed to his room. He heard a loud cry of a baby. He woke up and went angrily to the door and opened it, he saw three baskets of babies on his doorpost, the babies were crying.

He looked around to check if there is anyone in the yard but find no one, he stepped out of the room and started going from room to rooms to ask who dropped the babies but the rooms were like rooms that the occupants have left it many years past, he started crying and sweating.

“Ewoo!” Rufus shouted as he woke up and fell from the bench, Franka who stood beside him giggled “uncle Rufus, I don come” she said to Rufus who sat on the ground sweating “ehnn..” Rufus replied her.

Rufus go do, yes or no?���


READ MORE HERE: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=uncle+rufus
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by tahir01(m): 10:47pm On Sep 24, 2019
Uncle Rufus go give all d gals and women belle for that compound.
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by bizza45: 2:57am On Sep 25, 2019
O boy this tori no b here oo, make I just gallant dey wait... More ink to ur pen bro
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Ann2012(f): 4:45am On Sep 25, 2019
Rufus na case grin
Thanks for the update
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 8:34pm On Sep 25, 2019
AkachukwuD ( m), Samuel55dauda ( m), adetkid ( m), banky3w ( m), Fattyheart28 ( f ), tessygold ( f ), Gracelygraced ( f ), lawrenzooo , Danboyi88 ( m), Tridroid( m), Jecdope ( m), Dnight ( m), Eness ( m), Bojack ( m), stblessing ( f ), Officialphilz ( m), gentlejohn( m), Clarabell, HealthTeacher( f ), Mztemmy ( f ),
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 11:59am On Sep 26, 2019
Episode 7

Rufus mechanic shop is fenced round with a gate that is very old, three buildings are built by Rufus who bought the land.

He remained on the ground sweating and trying to catch his breathe as he thought of his next action, he has never in his live be scared like the way he is now “go wait for me for that small house, I dey come” Rufus told Franka while he directs her with a finger pointing at the house, Franka giggled as she walk to the house shaking her a-s intentionally, Rufus swallowed as he stare at her a-s.

He got up from the ground and whip out the sands on his trouser, he saw four of his apprentices staring at Franka “biaa.. make your eyes no fall out oh” he told his boys who quickly focus on their works. Rufus went to a place where a bucket that his boys normally fills water is kept and scoop a cup of water, he wash his face.

He walked to the house Franka is, the thought of pregnancy cross his mind. He stood and held his waist staring at the sky, he thought for a moment before he went in, Franka sat on a table in the room.

“Uncle Rufus what of the money?” She asked him rudely when he walked in, Rufus deep his hand in his trouser pocket and gave her a thousand note, she smiled happily. “Thank you!” She said jumping up, “I go give you this one if you go gree open legs” he told her.

She was silent for sometimes “I be virgin oh, but well… Oya na” she agreed, she sat on the table as Rufus stepped in between her legs, she raised her skirt up to her waist, she wore a white pant.

Rufus held her white pant band and removed her pant from her waist then dropped it on the table, “you be virgin?” Rufus asked again and she nodded. He insert a finger in her p-ssy and fingered her slowly, he notice that her p-ssy isn’t as tight as a virgin she proclaimed. “I no understand this kind virgin you be oh” Rufus said and removed his finger, Franka already sweaty smiled “just put your own joor, or em small?” She said and eyed Rufus.

Rufus lower his trouser from his waist and his d—k sprang pointing gingerly, he rubbed the head after he had spit on his palm, in no time he wore his d—k condom and he positioned himself in her opening.

She curled her hands on his neck and crossed her legs behind him, Rufus inserted his d—k with a deliberate thr-st, he started moving his waist back and forth “ahh ahh, my toto, firrrreee!” Franka screamed, Rufus increased his thrusts as Franka tried to push him off her body.

Because of the shout Obinna ran from outside to the room when he heard the incessant shout of “firrrreee ooh, Rufus, aaahh!” From Franka, he burst in to see his boss and a girl having s-x, “oga, where the fire?” He asked, Rufus looked behind him and saw Obinna standing “chin chin full your brain, before I close my eyes I no wan see you there” Rufus replied him angrily, when Obinna left, he resumed his thrusts immediately as Franka kept on screaming the roof down.

“Ah ah ah!” Rufus groaned as he release his load, he stayed still to catch his breathe. He was surprised when he pulled his d—k out of her creamy p–sy to see the condom he has use broken, he closed and opened his eyes repeatedly to believe it all happened in the dream.

Franka stepped down from the table and wore her pant, Rufus was motionless all along staring at his d—k. “Uncle Rufus, I wan go” she told Rufus who was almost close to tears, he gave her the money. She wanted to leave “ehnn… Franka, you fit wait small, my go buy sth for you” Rufus suggested but Franka disagreed, he tried to persuade her to stay with money “I no fit stay uncle Rufus, I no want my mama to beat me” she replied him and left.

Rufus discarded the condom after raining curses on the pharmacist he had bought it from.


That evening Rufus arrived in the yard to see mama Fejiro fetching water unlike her, he looked around and observed that all her children are inside the house.

“Mama Fejiro, I dey greet oh” he threw the words at her as he busy himself in unlocking his door, she didn’t reply him “mama Fejiro, I dey follow you talk” he persisted, a huge man came out of mama Fejiro ‘s room.

A man with an army’s cap stood at the doorpost, “you don fetch am finish?” He asked his wife with baritone voice, Rufus nodded knowingly. That is why Fejiro and her kid brother are inside the house not playing with the yard children, “yes, honey” she replied.

She was about carrying the bucket to the restrooms unit when she felt like throwing up, she dropped the bucket and ran to the backyard “wetin happen? Mama Fejiro” her husband asked. Rufus went inside the house quickly his heart beating heavily, his palms sweaty.

The thought in his mind is that let it not be pregnancy, he lay on his bed and slept off. Rufus woke up later that day, there was light so he switch on the television and went in search of food. After he has eaten, he sat in his sitting watching television when someone knocked on his door, he went to the door and saw Jimmy’s wife at the doorpost.

“Yes, wetin I go do for you?” He asked her rudely without letting her into his room “ah ah, Rufus, allow me enter na” the woman replied him, her eyes swollen. She has visited the station and they requested a huge some of money that she doesn’t have.

He allowed her in, Rufus sat on his chair as Jimmy’s wife knelt before him pleading “anything my husband do you, I take God beg you. No vex release am” she begged him, “abeg stand up” Rufus helped her up.

“The problem be say, I go give you money. If you give me toto, your husband go commot for cell” he made his mind known to her “I be married woman, I no fit do that kind thing, Rufus, God no go gree” she retorted, Rufus glared at her angrily. “Oya, dey go!” Rufus told her pointing at the door, she wanted to go on her kneels when Rufus forcefully helped her out of his room and locked the door.

Another knock landed on his door “na who be that again na?” Rufus asked angrily, he walked to the door and saw mama Fejiro on his doorpost. His heart started beating rapidly as she sneak into his house “Rufus, I wan tell you very important sth” she said to him immediately he locked the door.

Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 12:00pm On Sep 26, 2019

Episode 8

Rufus heart started pounding in his chest as he became sweaty and the temperature of the room became too hot for him “papa Fejiro don return” she told Rufus who exhaled angrily in relief.

“How that one take concern me?” Rufus raised his voice angrily as he asked her, “em concern you oh” she replied him. Rufus started having headache immediately, “I get belle for you” she told Rufus who fell on the floor and fainted.

“Rufus! Rufus!!” She tapped him thrice on his leg but he was motionless, not wanting to be found in the room she sneaked out. Rufus wake up when she left, he sat on the floor his both hands supporting him from behind, all the women he has slept with the only one that his d—k got pregnant is a soldier’s wife.

He started sweating, minutes later he stood up and went to the kitchen, he took a plate of rice and devoured it, he still took four plates of rice and devoured. He ate till his stomach started complaining, Rufus couldn’t sleep through out the night, he slept off when it was dawn.


Early the next morning Dambo the soldier man who married Sandra who is the mother of Fejiro stepped out of the room, he stretched himself and yawned. A smile played on his lips as he remembered how he banged his wife mercilessly, but he frowned. How come his wife p–sy isn’t tight after he had last visited her honeypot four Months ago.

He removed his shirt and start push-ups as he counts with heavy breathe, he waited till his daughter and his son left to school before he went inside the room “mama, Fejiro…” He called out to his wife who emerged from the inner room to the sitting room “yes, sir” she answered him.

He gave her a fierce look as she shivered, “who dey service your engine?” He asked angrily, Sandra his wife feared “no body oh, I dey use cucumber” she lied, her feet were shaking as her husband kept on the suspicious look “so, why you dey vomit?” He asked her, “na just malaria” she lied again. He nodded and waved her off.

Fejiro ‘s mother heart started beating rapidly as she went inside, she was so scared of her husband.


Rufus woke up and sat on the bed, he walked to were he kept his tooth paste and toothbrush, then he coated his brush mouth with the tooth paste cream. He took a cup of water with his brush and went to the window, he opened it and brush from there.

He wanted to take his stove outside but halt at the door and turned back, he kept it on the floor and lit his stove. He placed the kettle of water on the stove and allowed the water to boil, he baked garri for himself and boiled the soup he had taken from the fridge placed at the corner of his room.

He poured water on a bowl and placed it on the table, he carried the baked garri and did the same thing, he finally added a soup plate that contains egusi soup with fishes and cow meats. He savoured the flavor smell of his soup.

He washed his both hands and took a mole of garri and deep it in the soup plate, he wanted to swallow it when he remembered that a soldier’s wife is pregnant for him. He totally was dissatisfied with the food he wanted to eat, he covered the garri and put the soup back into the soup pot. His heart heavy.

He sat dejectedly on his bed side, after sometime he took a bucket and towel, he walked to the door again and that same thought returned. What if her husband is aware, he paused at the door, he stood over five minutes battling with his thoughts. He dropped the bucket and prepared for work, he decided he will use his window to avoid mama Fejiro and her soldier husband.

He fly through the window and left for work.


At Rufus’s shop, when he was done taken his bath behind his shop’s store house. He rested on a bench under a tree behind his shop frontage, he had asked one of his apprentice to invite Iyawo who sold food along the road side close to his shop entrance.

Iyawo is a girl at eighteen years. a fine tall girl that stays with her loco parentis who had refused to train her in school.

She came to where Rufus is with wheelbarrow that has coolers in it, “Iyawo, give me rice 200 hundred naira own with two meats” Rufus told her as he stared mostly at her a-s licking his lower lip while Iyawo was dishing the food for him.

Rufus finished the food while Iyawo sat beside him, he demanded for pure water and soft drink, he took them all.

After he was done eating, “Iyawo, why you dey form. I know say them dey sample you, why you no wan give me na. Take this money” Rufus complained, he had tried enticing Iyawo for months with little money, but he was determined to have her today, that he reserved five thousand naira for her.

Iyawo eyes bulged at the sight of the money, she became wet. Rufus grinned as she clamped her legs, she snatched the money from him and counted it, “no be say I cheap oh, I just pity you” she told Rufus, Rufus held her waist hungrily as she push her a-s down on his g—n.

Since her skirt isn’t tight, he raised the back side up and her black g-string p-nt came into view, “na here you want do am?” She quickly asked Rufus, who nodded and fondled her br–sts in her shirt “aww, em dey sweet!” She moaned.

Rufus told her to get up a bit as he released his d—k from his trouser, he coated it with her wet as he slipped it in her w-t P—sy. She placed her both hands on his lap, as she was able to take in half of his size.

She rotated her waist on his big d—k, Rufus closed and opened his eyes in pleasure “umhh..” he groaned, she started bouncing on him fast and steady “oh oh, Rufus oh.. your thing big aaah” she moaned, Rufus held her br–sts from behind and fondled, she squirted on his laps and screamed out in pleasure, Rufus has decided to pull out when he wants to c-m.

She started riding him wildly again, Rufus shut his eyes tight as he bask in the sexual pleasure. “Iyaaawwooo!” A womanly voiced called out, the owner of the voice was coming to that direction. Rufus opened his eyes widely as he involuntarily spurted his load deep in her sweet canal.


Ona dey see God’s plan?

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=uncle+rufus
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Ann2012(f): 12:04pm On Sep 26, 2019
Rufus don enter gobbe

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Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by tahir01(m): 2:06pm On Sep 26, 2019
Rufus Rufus! The father of all nation.
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Danboyi88(m): 3:17pm On Sep 26, 2019
I can complete the storyI can complete the storyI can complete the story
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Devilpen(m): 7:01pm On Sep 26, 2019
I late come sha........ There is one Uncle Like that where I live to, his own is when his family have travelled

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Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by germaphobe(m): 8:26pm On Sep 26, 2019
uncle rufus!!!
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 10:20pm On Sep 26, 2019
I can complete the storyI can complete the storyI can complete the story
oya nah
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by banky3w(m): 4:17pm On Sep 28, 2019
Aka. chukwuD ( m),
Sam. uel55dauda ( m), ad. etkid ( m), ban. ky3w ( m),
Fattyheart28 ( f ), tes. sygold ( f ), Grac. elygraced
( f ), law. renzooo , Danb. oyi88 ( m), Trid. roid( m),
Jec. dope ( m), Dni. ght ( m), Ene. ss ( m), B. ojack ( m),
stb. lessing ( f ), Offic. ialphilz ( m), ge. ntlejohn( m),
CL. arabell, Hea. lthTeacher( f ), Mzt. emmy ( f ),
I don't know why I'm just seeing my mention after 4days. Thanks for the mention.
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 5:24pm On Sep 28, 2019

I don't know why I'm just seeing my mention after 4days. Thanks for the mention.

u welcome
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by daddio(m): 5:40pm On Sep 28, 2019

u welcome
Please bros, wetin dey happen to CRAZY HANNAH na?
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by makavelli47(m): 3:06pm On Sep 29, 2019
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Nobody: 9:10am On Oct 01, 2019
happy new month
Re: Uncle Rufus (21+) by Adesammy111(m): 3:25pm On Oct 01, 2019
happy new month

same bro... we want more update this month ooo

more grease to your elbow

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