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What Is "Dirty" And "Stain" In YORUBA Language? / Romantic Story : My Dirty Friend (18+) Episode 1 / My Dirty Friend:episode 10 (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by quinSonia(f): 7:16pm On Nov 24, 2019
nice story baby girlgrin
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 8:12pm On Nov 24, 2019
nice story baby girlgrin

Thanks dearie
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Elvinho2244(m): 2:24pm On Nov 25, 2019
Great work, keep it coming I'm waiting

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by dawno2008(m): 3:17pm On Nov 25, 2019
Lovely pls keep it flowing
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 10:10pm On Nov 25, 2019
Mama had to borrow 12,000 naira from the dubious and notorious money lender, Mr Alabi to pay Nkiru's school fees just a few days to her exam.

How she could borrow money from Mr Alabi without a substantial collateral beats my imagination. Mr Alabi was known to be very strict and brutal to his debtors and he wouldn't blink an eye before seizing properties from his defaulting debtors.

When Nkechi and I asked Mama how she was able to get him to lend the money to her, she shrugged and told us it was God's grace. In our hearts, we knew it took more than that.

Nkiru worked at Mama Afang's restaurant and she also had to go to work with Mama on weekends to pay back the debt. At first, I went with them to work out of guilt but Broda complained that I wasn't giving him enough time as I should so I spent most days at home with Broda.

One hot Sunday afternoon, Mama had just returned back from Church with Nkiru. I couldn't go with them that morning because I felt sick.

They both came into the room and found me half naked and asleep on the bare concrete floor.

"Which kind sick this girl dey sick kwanu?" I heard Mama ask Nkiru as Nkiru bent to tap me.

"Sister...you dey okay? You done buy drugs?"

I rubbed my eyes and shook my head.

"You sure say no be belle?" Mama eyed me.

"Ahn ahn! Mama!" Nkiru defended me. "No talk like that na... E no go pass malaria. The mosquitoes for this room na battalion, buy fleet-"

"Thunder fire your mouth there!" Mama spread 5 fingers to Nkiru's face. "I be small pikin? I nor know wetin I dey talk?...I don carry 2 belle for this body." She slapped her tummy. " I don dey watch this stupid girl since, I dey see symptoms of belle they show for her body, I be nor wan talk make I no go get high bp."

Mama turned to face me. "Who give you belle?"

I was dumbfounded. Was I really pregnant? Broda and I hadn't used any protection. I swallowed a lump in my throat.

" Mama abeg! I nor get strength for all this your talk!" I waved my hands and stood up to get a dress. I wanted to get out of the room as fast as I could. Tension built up inside me.

Mama moved to my front blocking me from getting to my bag of clothes. She stood with her hands akimbo.

"If you know wetin good for you no bring any bastard come this room." She raised her hand to drag my left ear. "I no get money to train any bastard! You hear me."

I tried my best to pull her hand off my ear. "Mama leave me!" I cried.

She finally left me and went out of the room. Nkiru stared at me confused.

"Sister..." She paused when I gave her a deadly stare.

I wasn't in the mood for her lectures. I wore a dress and went to Broda's room.

I cried bitterly when I got there. After I settled a bit, I told him of the supposed pregnancy.

"My Mama go kill me!" I sobbed loudly.

He thought hard for a while. "We go go lab this evening."

"Wha...what if I truly get...get the belle?" I asked shaking. I silently prayed Broda would ask me to keep the baby and ask me to marry him.

"Nor worry, make we do the test first." He took my hands into his and looked into my eyes. "Calm down." He kissed me.

I didn't feel calm.

That evening, I sneaked out of the compound after Broda had left and we met at the junction then we both headed straight to the laboratory for the test.

When we got there, my blood sample was taken and we were asked to wait for the test result.

I was apprehensive. I looked over at Broda who seemed calm as he watched football from the TV which hanged high on the wall in the waiting room. I wondered if he had done this before.

The lab scientist handed the test result in a white envelope to Broda.

"Wetin e talk." I asked before he even opened the letter.

"Make I open am first na." Broda chuckled.

His attitude was driving me nuts. I snatched the envelope from him and tore it open. I unfolded the white paper inside. I scanned through the prints till I saw the word 'POSITIVE' boldly written in black ink.

My heart almost flew out of my chest.

I felt Broda's hand touch my tummy, I looked at him and he had a smile on his face.

I joined my legs together and pulled my skirt down as quickly and discreetly as I could.

I heaved a sigh of relief when I realised Broda and I hadn't been caught.

We were passing a checkpoint and some Soldiers saw a few boys hanging on the exterior of our bus, looking for a free ride to wherever that night.

The Soldiers flagged our bus driver to stop the bus and asked the boys to get down, some of the boys fled into nearby bushes and the rest were caught. One of the soldiers asked our driver a few questions before he allowed us to leave.

A few minutes after we passed the checkpoint, Broda caressed my thigh and I slapped his hand away which made him laugh.

"Fear, fear." He teased.

"Thank you." I hissed and rested my head on the window.

Broda and I were seated on a large dining table in a beautifully hall with luxury decor. I sat on one end of the table and Broda sat on the other end.

Our six children sat on the sides of the table, three on each side. Chiamaka, Kosisochukwu, Kamsi, Somotochukwu, Chidera and Chidozie were laughing happily at a joke Broda had made.

"Don't laugh at the table y'all, or you'd choke." I spoke with an American accent.

They all kept quiet but snickered when Broda made a remark I didn't catch. They stopped when I frowned.

When we were done eating, I rang a small bell on the table and 4 young maids wearing black uniforms with white aprons over it and white hats walked in almost immediately to clear the table.

"No desert for the kids tonight,they've had enough sweets for today." I declared and the children moaned.

"Listen to your mother, children. Now go upstairs and get ready for bed." Broda said to them and they scurried out of the dining hall.

"Any desert for me?" Broda asked with a coy smile.

I smiled and stood up. I slowly unbuttoned my exotic looking silk dress to expose a sexy red lingerie.

"This is desert...Are-"

I felt heavy taps on my shoulder.

"Wake up."

I opened my eyes and looked around. I saw I was still in the bus and it had come to a stop.

"We don reach Ore...why you dey smile like mumu for sleep?" Broda asked.


Tears flowed from my eyes as we walked back home from the laboratory. Broda tried his best to console me.

"Wipe your face, no let everybody know wetin dey sup." Broda handed me a handkerchief. "Nor worrt, I dey with you, you go born this pikin. I love you."

I smiled and felt hopeful.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 10:17pm On Nov 25, 2019
Thank you all for your wonderful comments, I feel so encouraged.

Criticism is also welcome.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by dawno2008(m): 12:54am On Nov 26, 2019
So far so good,you're still on point
I'm really enjoying this story

Keep ot flowing!!!!!

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 9:49pm On Nov 26, 2019
I was mostly asleep all through the journey. When we arrived at Lagos, I was awed by the beautiful buildings. There seemed to be Shops at every corner. I remember asking Broda if everyone in Lagos owned a car as the roads were congested.

The Bus stopped at Ojodu-Berger. Broda and I boarded a yellow bus with black stripes which the locals called 'danfo' to Iyana-ipaja.

Broda had informed me earlier that we would have to stay with his friend for a while before getting our own apartment as house rent in Lagos was too expensive. I wasn't happy with the idea but I had no say.

When we got to Iyana-ipaja, We alighted from the danfo and stood under a bridge with our luggage. Broda called his friend to notify him of our arrival.

Almost an hour after the call, his friend came. He was stout with an ashy dark skin. He had thick beards and a bushy hair. He looked like he was in his late 40s. I wondered why Broda was friends with such a dirty looking man.

"Chairman!" He raised both hands up to hail Broda.

Broda hailed him back and they both shook hands.

"This na my girl, Cherry." Broda said and pointed at me.

His friend looked me over from head to toe. "Na fine babe o! Where you see this beautiful Angel?"

They both laughed.

"Cherry, welcome to Lagos. My name na Emeka but everybody dey call me Mekus." He said and stretched his hand out for a handshake which I obliged. His palm felt wet and sticky. I quickly wiped my hand on my skirt when he looked away.

"Make we dey go." He said to us as he lifted one of our bags. The three of us boarded a keke to his place.

Mekus lived in an uncompleted building. It was an unroofed storey building and the walls weren't plastered. It was surrounded by a low fence with a dented gate that looked like it could fall any second. The space for windows were covered with windows. The only paint on the building was on the gate, it read 'THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE BEWARE OF 419'. The compound was overgrown with weeds and it looked like it harbored rodents and snakes.

I kept a plain face so that Mekus wouldn't notice my disappointment as he showed us around.

"Na only me dey for this whole compound." He declared with pride."

He took us inside the building and showed us a room at the left side of the house.

"This na where una go stay." He said as he led us into the room.

There was a mat on the floor and old wrappers were used as curtains over the windows. It was an eyesore.

"If una wan baff, just go to the back una go see shed there...no water sha. Na from Church I dey fetch...the church nor too far, I go show una. If you wan sheet, na shotput level, I go show you were to throway am. I dey my room if una want anything."

We thanked him as he left.

"Which kind place be this? I nor fit stay o." I said after I confirmed Mekus was out of earshot.

"Which one your Papa build, you fit go back." Broda sneered as he kicked off this shoes and removed his shirt.

I sulked.

"We no fit get house of at least 100k to rent? Even if na one room?"

Broda's eyes shot bullets at me.

"We need find good work before we rent. I don tell Mekus make he look for work wey you go dey use take pay our bills."

I was taken aback. "Which kind work?...And wetin you go come dey do?"

"I wan learn yahoo. I don tire for all these local work wey I dey do, I wan go international, I want dollars." He smiled. "You go dey work to support our feeding and other small bills till I catch work." He concluded.

"Hmmm...okay." I was sad he hadn't told me earlier. "What of my 50k share of that money."

Broda frowned at me. "You know need am for now."

"I need am, I wan send money to my Mama and I need buy clothes."

He hissed. "All those ones no dey important, make we save."

"You don start o! You promise say you go give me 50k when we reach Lagos. Every time na so so story you dey give me. I no wan save this 50k, I need am. All my clothes don tear for body. All my bra and pants you don slack them finish. O nor even fit braid or fix my hair for the past 6 months. Since I comot for house, I never send my Mama one naira. Give me the money, I no go take am this time. You open my body for that useless man and now you dey tell me story." I fumed.

Broda was fond of making up excuses when it comes to giving me money. All the proceeds from the scams we had done, when I asked for my share he would tell me he was saving up for us.

"Abeg, Cherry I no get power for all these yeye argument. We just enter this place, no let them hear our voice, I dey use God take beg you."

"I need my money, give me my money." I insisted.

He stood up from the mat and rushed towards me. His punch landed squarely on my left eye and I let out a scream.

"I don tell you make you no dey shout." He said as he punched me twice in the stomach.

I felt dizzy. I fell to the floor and cried in pains.

"If you mention any money to me again, I swear to God, I go bury you alive." He swore and went back to sit on the mat.

I laid down on the dirty concrete floor. I struggled to open my left eye but it hurt too much.


I was already 3 months pregnant when Mama kicked me out of the room. Nkiru begged on my behalf but Mama didn't budge. I packed my bag to Broda's room . The neighbors had a field day gossiping.

"Come make we go beg my Mama make she no vex as you don accept the belle." I cried to Broda.

He wrapped his arms around me and cuddled me. "Forget your Mama. You don get new family. Na here your focus suppose dey." He pointed to my belly. "Your Mama nor love you. I don see am since the first day, she just dey use you dey train your sister, both of them dey use your head. Now as you get belle, you don dey useless to am...you no fit follow am go farm and do all those strong work wey dey bring money. After you even train your sister finish that one go abandon you face her own family. You better wise up, na me and this pikin be the only family you get."

Tears flowed from my eyes as he talked. I had never thought of it that way before. I believed him and I instantly felt hatred towards Mama and Nkiru.

On several occasions, Nkiru tried to talk to me but I shunned her.

The next month, Broda and I moved to another town. I didn't tell Mama or Nkiru I was moving out.

I saw hell after we moved out.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by dawno2008(m): 11:46pm On Nov 26, 2019
I pray her eyes open soon ooo
Make she jam helper,cos this "broda" na grade 1 wicked soul

Thanks for the update
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 3:38am On Nov 27, 2019
I pray her eyes open soon ooo
Make she jam helper,cos this "broda" na grade 1 wicked soul

Thanks for the update
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Noblejohn32(m): 8:40am On Nov 27, 2019
Broda is seriously exploiting cherry, cherry sef na donkey

Nice story u gat there
Re: Dirty Hustlers by seunH: 9:53am On Nov 27, 2019
Good morning ma, I've been an active reader in the literature section, but this is the first time I'll ever comment, because this is the best story I've ever read, for it seem real and graphic and one could relate to it. Please when you are done I'll like you to convert it to PDF, for a lot of young girls out there needs to read this. I'm a lecturer and I have seen a lot of these cases (the one i have on ground is similar but instead a married man !!). I'll personally share it on my student's whatzapp group for broader coverage. More ink to your pen !!!


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 10:10am On Nov 27, 2019
Good morning ma, I've been an active reader in the literature section, but this is the first time I'll ever comment, because this is the best story I've ever read, for it seem real and graphic and one could relate to it. Please when you are done I'll like you to convert it to PDF, for a lot of young girls out there needs to read this. I'm a lecturer and I have seen a lot of these cases (the one i have on ground is similar but instead a married man !!). I'll personally share it on my student's whatzapp group for broader coverage. More ink to your pen !!!

Thank you sir. I'll try to convert it to a PDF file when I'm done. Cheers
Re: Dirty Hustlers by tahir01(m): 11:56am On Nov 27, 2019
E remain make we hit FRONT PAGE.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 2:32pm On Nov 27, 2019
The next month after Broda and I had moved to another town, his attitude towards me began to change.

He called me names and hit me at the slightest mistake. He once kicked me in the belly when I was 6 months pregnant. I lost my confidence and felt inferior.

He always assured me he still loved me but he
was always angry that he wasn't financially buoyant. Most days went by without food. I hadn't even registered for ante natal.

Things went from bad to worse and Broda asked me wash people's clothes and assist them with other house work for pay which I agreed to do. I also advised him to look for a paying job but he complained there was no good job in the town, I didn't push further so I wouldn't get beaten.

I began to miss Mama and Nkiru.

One night, I was seven months pregnant at the time. I couldn't sleep as the room felt too hot. We hadn't paid our electric bills so our light was cut off. Broda stayed awake. He used the torn cover of a book as a hand fan to make me feel a bit cool.

"My love..." He cooed.

"What?" I smiled at him.

He paused for a while. "I be one ask you make you go born for your Mama side."

I jerked and raised my head from his laps immediately. I sat up to face him.

"What?..I nor understand." I hoped it was a joke.

He placed his hand on my shoulder. "I no fit take care of you for now and when you deliver, I nor no how to baff baby, or press your belle....Your Mama need do all those things for you....And to tell you the truth, I nor get money for hospital bills or money to buy baby things."

I shoved his hand off my shoulder. "Why you wan fall my hand like this?" I said as tears flowed from my eyes. "Na you make me abandon my family...you come dey tell me say make I go back go beg them..." I sobbed loudly.

He tried to hold me but I pushed him away.

"Baby, no reason am like that na....Them be your family, them go under--"

"No be you tell me say them hate me?"

"I know wetin I talk and that na the truth...but no money for now we need their help..."

"What of your own family? Them no fit help? Since all the money wey I dey work, you dey send give them, I never one day send give my Mama. I never even use eye take see your Mama or Papa...Even for phone you no dey free make I talk to them..."

"Cherry, calm down." He hugged me and kissed me. "Where my Mama and Papa dey e too far..."

"Na heaven? Bus no dey--"

He landed a hot slap on my cheek. I held my face and wailed.

"Keep quiet!" He said and gave me a knock.

He picked up a pillow and pressed it to my face to muffle the sound of my voice. I flayed my arms as I couldn't breathe. He finally removed the pillow after a while.

I struggled to catch my breath.

"No ever talk about my Parents like that." He warned with a stern voice.

He grabbed my jaw and held it with a strong grip. His nails dug into the sides of my cheeks.

"Anytime I ask you to do anything, do am. No ask me questions. Even if I say make you put your hand inside fire, do am!" He lowered his hand to my throat and squeezed tightly. "Or I go kill you."

"Pl...please." I begged with a cracked voice.

He loosened his grip on my throat and sat back on the bed.

We both kept silent while I nursed my sore jaw and neck.

"I don tell you say make you no dey provoke me." He said in a low tone as he took my hand into his.

I wanted to pull away but I was afraid to do so.

"Tomorrow you go pack your things go your Mama house. Them go take care of you for that side. I go come pick you when I don settle things...No tell anybody where we dey stay. If dem ask you, tell them say I don travel out...You dey hear me so?"

I nodded fearfully.

"Good...I go miss you sha." He smiled as he took of my night dress.

The next afternoon, I knocked on the door and Nkiru opened.

"Sister!" She squealed happily and hugged me. "Your belle don big!" She laughed as my tummy hit hers.

I smiled at her.

"Where Mama?" I asked.

"She dey inside." Nkiru replied as she took my bag in.

When I went in, my heart skipped as my eyes met Mama's.

"Good afternoon Ma." I knelt down to greet her.

She responded with a nod. "You don chop." She asked to my surprise.

I shook my head and she served me food.

Neither Mama nor Nkiru asked about Broda all through my stay. They acted like he never existed.

Mama registered me at a standard private hospital for ante natal and she bought things the baby and I would need. Broda never came to check up on me.

Around 2am one morning, my contractions began. I cried in pains while Nkiru and Mama went from house to house in our street looking for who had a car or okada to take us to the hospital that morning.

A keke rider volunteered and Nkiru grabbed my hospital bag and off we went.

At the labor ward, the midwife attached a drip to my hand and the contractions grew stronger. I cried and wished Broda was with me to console me.

"I can see the head push!" The midwife urged a few hours later.

The pain was tearing into my insides. It felt like I was being stabbed at each corner by hundreds of knives.

"Her birth canal is too small." I heard the midwife tell a younger nurse. "We have to tear her open."

My eyes popped open. "No... Don't tear...I go push...abeg!" I charged with all my energy and pushed as hard as I could. It was like I was trying to poop out my bowels.

"The head is out! You are doing a great job. Keep pushing."

I fell back on the bed. I was weak. The midwife tapped my legs and told me to keep pushing. I thought I would die.

The baby's body finally came out and I heard the cry.

"Congrats, you have a bouncing baby girl." The midwife said and placed my little daughter on my chest.

I smiled as I stared at the tiny crying creature. I loved her instantly. I kept on wishing Broda was present.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 2:41pm On Nov 27, 2019
E remain make we hit FRONT PAGE.

Lol...Fingers crossed cheesy
Re: Dirty Hustlers by dawno2008(m): 5:32pm On Nov 27, 2019
So this dumb girl has a baby girl already,and this heartless love-vendor is refusing her money to send to her people embarassed

I'm speechless

Lovely update.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 5:35pm On Nov 27, 2019
So this dumb girl has a baby girl already,and this heartless love-vendor is refusing her money to send to her people embarassed

I'm speechless

Lovely update.

Thanks smiley
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 8:54pm On Nov 27, 2019
The next morning, I could barely open my left eye. When I looked at my reflection in my small hand mirror, I saw he eye was black and puffy. My cheek was also swollen. I cried in anguish.

"I go give you money make you take go pharmacy." Broda said when he saw my face. "See how you resemble criminal wey them catch." He laughed at me.

Mekus came into the room. He was shocked when he saw my face but he instantly pretended like he didn't notice.

"Una Good morning o!" He greeted cheerfully. "I be wan go fetch water, come make we go so I go show you the place." He said to Broda.

Broda turned and asked me to go with Mekus.

"Ah! Only her no fit carry the water...Na only for morning Father dey let us fetch and una go need like 3 kegs." Mekus explained to Broda.

"She fit carry am." Broda insisted.

Mekus looked at me with pity in his eyes and led the way.


After I delivered I was asked to take a bath and move into the post natal ward.

I was told to breastfeed my daughter and as I did that I took out time to admire her. She was a very beautiful baby.

She had a full head of hair which was jet black and very curly. She was the carbon copy of Broda. She inherited his honey colored eyes , his straight nose and his full lips with a perfect arch. She only had my light skinned complexion.

Mama and Nkiru came in to see me after a while. Mama brought food along for me to eat. They were very happy to see the baby. Mama rocked her as she danced and sang. She thanked God I had a safe delivery.

Mama wanted to name the baby but I refused. I thought it was only right that Broda should see her and name her first. Mama felt sad.

I didn't have an appetite so I ate a little. It was still very early. Nkiru had to go to school and Mama had to work. Mama gave me some money just in case I needed anything and she promised to come back later in the day.

I slept off as I was very tired.

I woke up when I heard my baby cry. I got down from the high hospital bed and picked her up from her cradle. I moved back to the bed and sat down to breastfeed her. She latched on to my nipple and sucked like her life depended on it. I laughed at her.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Broda walk into the ward. I was very happy to see him. He kissed me on my lips and asked if I was fine.

"How you know say I don born?" I asked.

"I get my ways...Na boy or girl? He asked as he grabbed a plastic chair to sit on.

" Na girl...she resemble you too much." I detached her from my breast and handed her to him to hold her but he refused.

"My body dirty."

He looked neat to me. I insisted but he remained adamant. I shrugged and kept her back to feed.

"When them go discharge you?" He asked.

"The midwife talk say na this evening."

"Okay, I go hang around." He shifted his chair closer and lowered his voice. "No follow your Mama or Nkiru go house, We dey go my place, Me, you and the baby."

I was surprised at the change of plans.

"But my Mama done buy--"

"Remove your mind from all those ones...I don buy baby things put for house too. Everything wey you and the baby need dey."

I stared at him and nodded sadly. Mama had spent a lot of money paying hospital bills and buying baby things . She would feel bad.

I didn't want to get sad at the moment.

"Which name you go give am?" I smiled at Broda.

"I go think of name later. I need go now, I bribe the nurses to enter here...I go dey around dey watch. After your Mama settle the bill I go come carry you. Stay alert." Broda whispered and left.

He didn't even look at our daughter's face. Maybe he wanted a male child, I concluded.

Later that day, I was discharged. Mama paid the hospital bill and went out to look for a keke to take us home.

Broda and I used this opportunity to sneak out of the hospital with our baby in my arms.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by dawno2008(m): 9:14pm On Nov 27, 2019
Kai !!!!!!
Which kind pekin be this for God sake shocked
Some girls sef,once gbola sweet dem,dey fit jump inside lagoon embarassed

Thanks for the update,but this babe dey annoy me ooooo angry
Despite the poor mother's efforts


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 9:25pm On Nov 27, 2019
Cherry will never learn

Thanks for the update
Re: Dirty Hustlers by EdmundAlma: 4:47am On Nov 28, 2019
Shebi Dem give this yeye cherry jazz chop Which Kain mumu be this one kwanu... I don't even want to believe that a full human can be this stupid.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 6:00am On Nov 28, 2019
Few days after we moved in, Mekus helped me get a job at a factory where packaged instant noodles were manufactured. The job was very stressful and time demanding. I had to work from 7am to 9pm, 6 days a week. I got a monthly pay of 25,000 naira.

"This job too dey stressful." I complained to Broda one evening as I applied some cream on my black eye.

Broda had begun to learn his 'yahoo work'. He usually visits his friends at Gowon Estate to teach him.

"How many days you don work wey you dey complain? You too lazy"

"I no dey lazy at all, if you see the kind load wey dem say make I carry yesterday...I go soon grow muscle o." I said as I flexed my biceps. He laughed.

"Nor worry, na just for a while." Broda said and planted a kiss on my lips. "When I make the kind money wey I dey target, I go use am take spoil you."

We both laughed and I kissed him.

"Hope you no go leave me for another woman? You go come talk say I no go university, I no get class..." I pouted.

"I won't" he licked my neck and my breath came out heavy.

"You sure? Swear." I demanded.

He squeezed both of my breasts hard and pulled off my top. I wasn't wearing a bra and he attacked one nipple with his tongue while he roughly pawed my other breast.

I shivered as waves of pleasure engulfed me.

"Swear say you no go leave me." I urged him.

I grunted as he chewed my nipple. He pulled down my shorts and parted my thighs. I was soaking wet down there. He rubbed my clit till I had an oragasm. He then pushed me to lay on the bed.

"I no go ever leave you" I swore to him and looked at him waited for him to say the same thing.

He never did.

He drove hard into me and kept slamming till he ejaculated. He rolled of me and slept off.

"Maybe he was carried away." I whispered to console myself.


I entered into the room after Broda and to my dismay, there was no baby item in sight as he had promised.

"Where the baby things?" I turned to ask Broda.

"I be keep them for the store where I buy them, I don pay down, Na just to carry am come. I go go collect them, nor worry about that one." He assured me.

I placed our daughter on the bed and sat down beside her. She was awake. I held her tiny fist and shook it playfully. She looked up at me with her large brown eyes.

"Go baff, make you carry her." I said to Broda.

"Wetin you wan chop? Make I go buy for you. Chop make you rest."

I smiled at him, I had never thought he would be so caring.

"Yam pepper soup." I told him.

"Okay, I dey come. Try relax." He said and left the room.

I felt happy and content. I kept on staring at my baby with love in my eyes. She was a blessing to Broda and I.

I thought about Mama and Nkiru. They would be heartbroken as I had left without letting them know. I didn't mean to hurt them. They should understand I had a new family now and that was my primary focus, I shrugged.

I looked at the wall clock and saw It had been 2 hours since Broda left to buy me food. I wondered why he took so long.

I suddenly felt very tired and fell asleep.

I was in a deep sleep when Broda returned and woke me up. He apologized for coming back late and gave an excuse that he had to wait for them to cook the food.

He brought out the flask from a polythene bag. He opened the flask and I salivated as the aroma filled the room. He handed the flask to me with a spoon.

I had already started eating he food before invited Broda to join me. He laughed and called me stingy but he refused. He went out of the room as I ate.

"I don boil water for you. E dey inside the yellow bucket outside." He said to me when he got back into the room.

" Thank you daddy." I said jokingly and we both laughed.

"What of the baby things?" I asked with a mouth full of meat. "I need baff the baby soon."

"I go go collect am after you baff finish, make I stay with the baby as you dey baff...we no fit leave only am for the room." He said and I nodded.

When I was done eating, I stood up and took the flask to go to the kitchen to wash. Broda stopped me and collected the flask from me.

"Nor worry, I go wash am. I go do everything, no stress yourself."

I felt giddy. I hugged him and kissed him passionately.

I pulled of my dress and kept it in the laundry basket at a corner of the room.

"Make that belle flat quick...why stretch mark come full your body like say you fight with tiger?" Broda said looking at my nude body with disgust on his face.

I felt embarrassed and hurriedly picked a towel to cover myself. As I left for the bathroom at the back of the house I felt very ugly.

In the bathroom, I saw I was still bleeding. The nurses had said it was normal. I removed the bloody postnatal pad and wrapped it tightly with a small polythene bag to dispose of later.

I looked at my body. My belly sagged and was riddled with black stretch marks. Broda won't find me attractive anymore, I sobbed.

I picked up a small cloth from the bucket of hot water. I squeezed the hot water out of the cloth and used it to press my tummy in with all my might as I clenched my teeth in pain.

I went back into the room when I was done bathing. Broda was sitting on alone on the bed.

"Where my baby?" I asked him as I scanned through the room with my eyes moving rapidly.

Broda stood up from the bed and walked past me to bolt the door.

"Which kind play be this?" I cried . "Where my baby?! Where she dey?!" I held his shirt and screamed at him.

"I don give her to people wey fit take care of am." Broda said calmly.

I blacked out.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Odoogu(m): 7:11am On Nov 28, 2019
abeg, quick question, could this be love?
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ayemileto(m): 8:33am On Nov 28, 2019
Chai nice work OP.

Abeg is this a real life story or fiction?

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Noblejohn32(m): 8:39am On Nov 28, 2019
Blood of Jeez!I don vex! If Cherry continue with that guy I'll will personally strangle her. Broda has jazzed cherry cuz i can't see why she is like this

Babyrender no vex I'm just angry ur story deserves FP


Re: Dirty Hustlers by tahir01(m): 11:00am On Nov 28, 2019
This cherry no dey learn o. Anyway we are going to FP
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 11:56am On Nov 28, 2019
Broda is a bad guy, Cherry better walk away now
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 4:08pm On Nov 28, 2019
I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I saw blood stains on my panties. My period had finally come.

I had a quick bath as I was already late for work. My wicked supervisor had already deducted 2000 naira from my salary for coming in late on two occasions.

As I put on my black jean trousers, I saw it was already loose on my waist. I had begun to lose weight . I wanted to quit the job but Broda would kill me if I did.

Broda was still asleep as I pecked him on his cheek and rushed off to work.

I was only 15 minutes late when I arrived at the factory. My supervisor reprimanded me and slashed 1000 naira from my salary even as I pleaded with him not to.

I was asked to load a truck with cartons of noodles amongst other workers. I had already loaded a few when a guy came to tap me.

"Director dey call you." He informed me and left.

I felt a thud in my chest.

"Cherry wetin you don do?" Fatima, my friend and coworker asked.

I shrugged looking confused. I had heard the Director was very mean man. I also heard he has beaten up some of the workers especially those who stole.

Fatima looked worried. She went on to load the bus while I went to take permission from the supervisor.

The Director was an Arab. He was huge with grey hair and full grey beards. I believe he was above 50. He was a handsome man.

"Good afternoon sir." I greeted him with a shaky voice as I stood by the door.

He had a large office. It smelled richly of Wood and Leather. His office was fully air conditioned.

"How are you? Why you dey stand for there like that? Come in, sit down, sit down!" He said smiling.

I took a seat opposite his table. I sat on the edge of the arm chair. I felt uncomfortable.

"Wetin you wan drink? Coffee? Juice...?" He asked and I shook my head.

I was amazed at his fluent pidgin.

"No! You must drink something... If I come visit you and I no gree collect wetin you give me, you no go vex?"

I smiled. "Okay sir ... I will take water sir."

"No...I no get water." He shook his head vigorously. "Only juice, wine..."

"Juice sir." I said timidly.

He pressed a button on his table and his Secretary came in almost immediately. He instructed him to get me a glass of juice and scotch for him.

"Cherry, Cherry... Very beautiful name." He said to me after his Secretary left.

"Thank you sir." I bowed my head. I was very uncomfortable. I wondered why he called me into his office.

"Beautiful name for a very beautiful girl."

His Secretary came in with our drinks on a tray and served us. He left quickly.

"You are too fine." The Director said after taking a huge gulp of his drink."Too fine to work under sun...You go secondary school? " He asked.

"Yes sir..but I no finish...."

"But you sabi read and write?"

"Yes sir."

"Good...you go dey work as my Junior assistant from today."

I widened my eyes and opened my mouth.

"Nor worry...the work no too hard, na just to usher visitor in, serve drink and arrange my office, simple." He clicked his fingers.

I went on my knees and thanked him.

"No....no...Get up, get up." He stood from his chair and walked over to pull me up from my knees.

"I dey pay my secretary 30,000 naira...but I go dey give you 80,000 naira monthly. No tell anybody...You fit keep secret abi?"

"Yes sir" I said and nodded.

He moved closer and placed his hands on my waist then he kissed me.


I felt a cold pressure on my forehead, I blinked my eyes opened. Everything looked hazy.

"You dey okay?" Broda asked me. He seemed to be worried.

I nodded and removed the wet rag from my head. I sat up on the bed. I felt a bit dizzy.

"Where my baby?" I asked Broda as I stood up and began to search the room. I looked under the bed, I started to rummage through a pile of clothes until Broda grabbed me and pulled me back to the bed.

I tried to push him away from me but he held on to me tight. "Bring her back!...bring my baby back..!" I cried.

"Shhsh! Calm down...its okay...its okay." Broda held me till I calmed a bit. He then loosened his grip and wiped my tears. "Its okay..."

"Why you do that kind thing?" I mumbled weakly and fresh tears ran down my face. "Bring my baby...I no need your money, I go take care am by myself.... If you no want make we dey with you, I go go stay with my Mama." I began to sob loudly. "Bring my baby!!!"

Broda rocked me as I cried. "My love, don't cry. She be my pikin too....E dey pain me say I give am out..."

I turned to look at his face. "Then why you give am out?!!! E no pain you!! You for tell me say you no want the belle before...." I yelled at him.

"I just want make she live better life...life wey we no fit afford to give am...." He said with a calm voice.

I kept quiet for a while. I felt exhausted.

"Did you sell her?" I looked into his eyes.

"Sell? No!....How I go sell my pikin...Them no get pikin, they promise say them go take good care of am, send am go the best school and give am better life...."

I began to sob loudly as he rubbed my back.

"Cherry no worry, we don do the best thing for--"

"No be we, na only you do am!" I flared at him.

"Okay, na me do am." He accepted.

"When them go bring am back?" I asked with a low voice.

I knew the answer already. I buried my face in my palms and cried.

"Baby its okay....Look, na the best decision I make. We got get plenty children for future when the time is right. We just dey start life. I'm only 23 and you be 16 years. Make we settle ourselves first before children. I get bright future and I wan share am with you."

He stood up from the bed and went on his knees. He pulled out a loose string from the carpet.

"Cherry I want make you marry me...I want make we dey together, make we born many children at the right time...." He pulled out my hand and tied the string on my ring finger. "We no need go church or sign anything. We know wetin dey our hearts and that one strong pass any marriage certificate....When I get money we go do big wedding."

I knelt down and hugged him. "I love you."

"I love you too baby." He looked at my face and wiped my tears. "No cry again and no talk about the baby...na mistake we make and we need forget..."

I nodded and we kissed again.

I tried my best to forget about my daughter but I continued to hear her cry in my sleep for over a year.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by EdmundAlma: 9:09pm On Nov 28, 2019
This girl is not okay at all.. just watch her say no to the Arab man, or tell broda who will tell her to say yes so he can be collecting the salary...
Re: Dirty Hustlers by leosmaria(m): 9:41pm On Nov 28, 2019
this girl is under a spell
Re: Dirty Hustlers by dawno2008(m): 9:48pm On Nov 28, 2019
This girl is not okay at all.. just watch her say no to the Arab man, or tell broda who will tell her to say yes so he can be collecting the salary...

But in reality,there are girls like cherry,if you go to some clubs in different naija cities or big village like I call them,you'd see some daft girls who come with their so called "boyfriend"and the guy will be somewhere drinking on the girl's hustle and some even help negotiate on behalf of their "girlfriend".


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