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Re: Dirty Hustlers by leosmaria(m): 5:58pm On Dec 07, 2019
I resumed work the next Monday. I was anxious about Broda coming to see Musa.

"Darling, how is your mum? Hope you enjoyed your stay at the village?" Musa asked sweetly as I sat on his laps and played with his soft curly hair.

"She's fine." I replied.

If only he knew how horrible my weekend had been, I sighed.

Musa planted a deep kiss on my lips. "I missed you." He whispered.

I recoiled from him. I remembered I was still spotting blood from my anus. I shuddered as my mind flashed back to what Broda did to me during the weekend.

I stood up from Musa's laps and sat on the couch next to him. I thought it was a good time to let him know about Broda's visit.

"My elder brother dey Lagos... I told him so much about you, he talk say he wan see you...he go come today."

Musa's face went blank immediately.

"You get brother?" He asked with a frown.

"Yes...my elder brother... He be the first born."

"You tell am about me? I think say we agree say nobody go know about us?"

My heart sank. I thought he loved me. He had even asked me to spend the weekend at his place. Was he ashamed of me?

"Na only my brother I tell." I spoke sadly.

"Cherry, a deal is a deal. You have to Learn to stick to your words." He said firmly. "Since you don already ask am to come, no wahala...No tell any other person say we get anything." He shrugged.

I Stared at him and concluded he didn't really love me, he was only using me for sex. Broda was right, other men were only after my body, no man could ever love a broke school dropout like me, I thought to myself as I walked to the restroom to cry.

Broda came into the office around 2pm in the afternoon. He exchanged pleasantries with Musa and they talked for a while.

I excused myself from the office and sat outside to wait. I was still sour at Musa's attitude. To think I had almost fallen in love with him.

Broda came out from the office and asked me to walk with him to the gate.

"So na Arab you dey fork?...I be think say na Hausa or Fulani" Broda sneered at me.

Blood rushed to my cheeks and I bent my head.

"The man get money, we go hit am big." Broda chuckled as he placed a hand over my shoulder. "We just need play our cards right."

When we got to the gate, I bade him goodbye and walked back to the office.

That night, Broda and I laid side by side on our mat. We had a lot of gists and laughs. I was in a happy mood.

"I want make you get belle for Musa." Broda said suddenly.

I jerked up from the mat and stared at him with surprise. I looked at his face for a sign that he was joking but it seemed he was serious about what he said.

I shook my head vigorously. "I no fit!"

He sat up and held my hand.

"Cherry, we need get the man to dey committed... That man fit give us up to 15 or 20 million naira, we just need get where to take hook am and that na the only way."

I removed my hand from his and shook my head again. How could he suggest such a thing, I thought.

"Cherry, be considerate...you know say this man, him pocket full and we need the money. You...well, if you demand for that kind money he no go give you...many girls dey wey he fit take replace you adding to the fact say you no too bright, the man just dey manage you....Na the belle sure pass. We go use the money take travel abroad, start our family and live better life...I just want the best for us baby." Broda grabbed my waist and kissed my cheek.

I pulled away from him.

"Wetin we go do with the pikin?" I asked as my mind flashed back to my first daughter who Broda had given away.

Broda hissed. "That one no be problem...The belle no go reach 7 months before we comot am. By then, with God's grace, the man go don pay up."

Tears ran down my eyes as I weighed the gravity of his plan, I didn't want to lose another child. How many more children would I have to sacrifice to fulfil Broda's dream? I asked myself.

"Why don't you just get me pregnant and we go talk say na him get the belle. With that, no need for abortion... He go still pay the money and we go born the pikin for abroad..."

"God forbid!" Broda waved his hands over his head and snapped his fingers. "You no fit carry my belle come dey fork another man, na big taboo where I come from, you and the pikin go just die self....and besides, we nor fit born now, make we settle for abroad first, life no dey easy there o!"

Broda moved closer to me and held me tight to his body. "Cherry do am for me, for us...for our future children."

"I can't..." I sobbed.

He pushed me away from him. I almost hit my head on the brick wall.

"You be one very selfish person!" He screamed at me. "All you think about is yourself! You think say I dey happy say you wan carry another man belle? You think say na only me go enjoy the money?! I dey make plans for you, I dey secure your future... You for still dey village dey slave away for your Mama farm...You think say the Arab love you? He just dey use your body! When better, classy babes full ground. Na local girl like you he go dey mess with...no wonder he dey lock you dey fork you for office." He stood up and punched the wall.

I was frightened. I shifted to a corner on the mat and bent my knee to my breasts.

"See, I don try for you...never for once wey I don ever cheat on you since we meet, na you carry your dirty pussy go fork....Tomorrow, gently pack your things comot...All my plans with you don cancel, no marriage again!"

Broda turned to face the wall as he panted.

I felt terrible. I didn't want to lose Broda because of Musa who didn't love me. I caused all of this, I shouldn't have cheated in the first place, Broda only wanted to make something good out of a horrible situation. He was doing it for us. I thought.

I stood up and walked to him.

"I will do it." I said and sniffed.

i am patiently waiting for the day cherry will make a nice move
Re: Dirty Hustlers by leosmaria(m): 5:59pm On Dec 07, 2019
thanks for the update wink
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Wane2(m): 6:19pm On Dec 07, 2019

I don't even know, as long as I don't have to deal with her stupidity.. I think it's because I keep forgetting it's just a story
Hopefully by the end of the story she would have acquired sense or updated the one she has, or your wish for her might have come to pass if she remains this stupid till then?
By the way good job to the author you're wonderful.


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 8:09pm On Dec 07, 2019

Hopefully by the end of the story she would have acquired sense or updated the one she has, or your wish for her might have come to pass if she remains this stupid till then?
By the way good job to the author you're wonderful.

Thank you! smiley
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 8:11pm On Dec 07, 2019
thanks for the update wink

Thanks for your comments wink

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 8:11pm On Dec 07, 2019
thanks for the update wink

Thanks for your comments wink

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by tahir01(m): 9:01pm On Dec 07, 2019
Thanks for the update.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by quinSonia(f): 8:29am On Dec 08, 2019

Thanks for your comments wink

babe more pls
Re: Dirty Hustlers by aprilwise(m): 12:02pm On Dec 08, 2019
Broda don brainwashed cherry to the extent she doesn't have Life of her own. Thanks for the update


Re: Dirty Hustlers by EdmundAlma: 1:56pm On Dec 08, 2019
Thanks render.. I'm not saying anything about cherry anymore.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Nobody: 2:29pm On Dec 08, 2019
This cherry dey make me vex abeg
How can a girl be so stupid?
I'm getting angry

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 3:49pm On Dec 08, 2019
Three months later, I discovered I was pregnant for Musa.

Broda and I went to a medical laboratory to run a pregnancy test to confirm if my suspicions were true. The result came out positive.

Broda was so delighted. He even bought a bottle of cheap gin on our way home to celebrate with. He didn't allow me sip from the gin, he said he was scared I could lose the pregnancy.

"Baby, our dreams are coming true." Broda smiled at me and took a deep swig from the bottle. "America, here we come!" He laughed. "All those 50k, 100k wey we been dey bill the Arab son end as from today. Na million way now."

I smiled and nodded. As hard as I tried, I wasn't excited. I couldn't wait for Musa to pay up the money so I could remove the thing growing inside of me.

Broda kept on drinking happily. He was in a happy mood. I decided it was a good time to tell him what was on my mind.

"My love, I be wan suggest something." I said nervously.

"Tell me." He said with an encouraging smile.

"As we wan go overseas, I think say e good if I fit write senior WAEC, make I get the certificate so when we get there I fit start work then enter university."

Broda bursted out laughing like I had just said the most ridiculous thing.

"You write WAEC?" He pointed his index finger at me as he kept on laughing. "Which university wan admit dullard like you? You no even mention Nigerian university, na the one wey dey oversea!"

He made me feel stupid and worthless. I wanted to cry but I did my best to hold back my tears.

He held his chest as he tried to stop laughing. "See Cherry, I no fit waste money to register for WAEC wey you go later fail woefully."

He placed his hand on my back and rubbed it. "Nor worry, nor stress yourself, na good idea you bring." He swallowed back a laugh. "I go take care of you all the way, all you need do na to born and train our children, I go find the money to take spoil una."

He pecked me on my cheek. His breath reeked of alcohol.

"Now, relax my Queen. Wetin you wan chop make I cook for you."


I sat on Musa's laps with my blouse unbuttoned, one of my breasts was exposed which he sucked on.

I bit my lips as I thought of how to tell him was pregnant. I had been procrastinating telling him for days. Broda was fed up and threatened to beat me up if I didn't break it to Musa that day.

"Baby?" I began.

"Hmm?" He answered with his mouth still sucking on my nipple.

"I want to tell you something."

Musa released my nipple and looked at my face with a frown. "What? You want more money? Ah...Cherry I no know wetin--"

I cut him short. "No, no...it's not that..."

"Then it's what?" He asked getting impatient.

My mouth went dry. "Uhm... I- I am pregnant."

His face turned red. He gently pushed me off his laps and stood up to face me. "What do you mean you're pregnant? I think say you tell me you dey take drugs to comot am?"

I nodded slowly and looked away to avoid his eyes. "I don't know how it happened."

He sighed heavily as he walked to his desk. He turned to look at me and scratched his head.

"Okay...it's fine, you know where you fit remove am?"

What a Bastard, I thought.

I shook my head hard. "I no fit remove am, I am a Christian, I can't kill." I said it exactly how Broda said I should.

If looks could kill, I would have been dead with the way Musa stared at me.

"Cherry, no be full human being yet...it's nothing!"

I folded my arms and frowned. "I no fit comot am!"

Musa looked distraught. "I can't marry you!"

I hated him that instant. Broda was right about everything, I thought.

"I never asked you to marry me. Just take care of your baby and I."

He widened his blue eyes at me. His face got so red I thought he might explode.

"I will pay you any amount you want...please!"

I had him where I wanted.

I picked up my handbag and buttoned up my blouse.

"I can't remove it." I said as I walked out of his office.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 3:51pm On Dec 08, 2019
Wishing all my avid readers a HAPPY SUNDAY. smiley

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by leosmaria(m): 3:58pm On Dec 08, 2019
I sense trouble oooo anyways nice update but e short oooo grin


Re: Dirty Hustlers by tahir01(m): 8:35am On Dec 09, 2019
The amount of views no dey tally with the comments o. We can do better. Let's make FP
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Noblejohn32(m): 9:06am On Dec 09, 2019
Cherry is just a walking corpse but men can be funny


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 9:53am On Dec 09, 2019
Cherry is just a walking corpse but men can be funny

You sef tire abi
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Noblejohn32(m): 9:58am On Dec 09, 2019

You sef tire abi
i swear down! Cherry matter deh vex me.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 10:02am On Dec 09, 2019

i swear down! Cherry matter deh vex me.

I dey vex pass u
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 5:15pm On Dec 09, 2019
Two weeks later, Broda and I arranged a meeting with Musa. We were to meet at an open field close to an Anglican Church, three streets away from where we lived.

We had done an ultrasound which indicated the foetus was about two months old.

Broda and I stood waiting on the field for Musa for over two hours. The sun was blazing hot and there was no shade around to hide under. The sun burnt my skin. After a while, my legs became weak.

I complained to Broda about it but he asked me to shut up, he was getting impatient with Musa's
lateness as he had dialled Musa's number severally but he didn't pick up. I almost suggested we leave but I was scared Broda could hit me.

A black SUV drove into the field and parked in front of us. A short bald man with dark sunglasses alighted from the Jeep. He was escorted by two armed police men.

I gulped and turned to look at Broda. I could see fear in his eyes but he didn't move.

"Make we go." I whispered to him as they approached us. He ignored me.

My heart began to race as started to regret the whole situation.

"Good afternoon Sir and Madam." The short man bowed his head slightly at both of us. "I am here to represent Mr. Ibrahim Musa. My name is Mr Adekunle Bayo . He sends his apologies as he had something urgent to attend to. Nevertheless, he briefed me about it and I can take it up from here."

"Why did you bring them?" Broda used his chin to point at the police men who stood beside Mr Bayo.

"Oh never mind them. They are just my bodyguards. I move everywhere with them." Mr Bayo shrugged.

I didn't believe him. I wanted to grab Broda's hand and ask him to run with me but I froze like a statue.

"Let's go straight to the point." Mr Bayo spoke quickly. "What is it you want? Mr Ibrahim has told me about the whole pregnancy saga, he suggested she goes for an abortion as he doesn't want it."

"She can't do such. We are Christians and it is against our family tradition. He needs to take up his responsibility." Broda said with a firm voice.

Mr Bayo took off his sunglasses and held it in his hand. He nodded his head slowly at Broda like he understood him. "If I may ask, what sort of responsibility?"

"It's his child we are talking about here, he should know. My sister needs comfort especially now in her delicate condition. She needs accommodation, a car and all that would make things easier for her. Nobody is asking him for marriage as he has already made it clear he won't marry her."

Mr Bayo nodded as Broda spoke. "I understand, my boy." He stretched out his hand and one of the police men stepped forward to drop a fat brown envelope on his open palm.

"Here." He handed the envelope to Broda who received it. "That is the sum of 200 thousand naira. Do as you please with it. Mr Ibrahim wants the case closed."

Broda threw the envelope to the sandy soil on which we stood.

"The case is just beginning."

As Broda dipped his hand into his bag, the police men pointed their guns at him. I let out a loud gasp as I raised my hands and I turned to look at Broda to see his hands were also raised.

"I just want to bring out my phone." Broda announced. The police men didn't put down their guns. Broda left his left hand up while he slowly used his other hand to reach into his bag to bring out his phone.

He fumbled with his phone a bit before holding it out for Mr Bayo who squinted his eyes to look at the screen.

"I know his wife and some of his family members. I am ready to let them know of my pregnant sister."

I opened my mouth wide as Broda spoke.

"He's married?" I asked Broda. I couldn't understand why I felt so downcast.

The look Broda gave me made me feel stupid. I lowered my eyes to the floor.

"We need 20 million. It will be like nothing ever happened." Broda said to Mr Bayo.

Mr Bayo chuckled. "My boy, if I were you, I would be grateful for the 200 thousand." He turned to me. "Mr Ibrahim said I should let you know your employment with the company has been terminated. Good day Sir and Madam." He bowed his head slightly and turned to walk to his SUV.

"His wife will hear about this! And the company too! It will be all over social media!" Broda yelled. It seemed like the veins in his neck would burst.

Mr Bayo turned back slowly to look at Broda. "And you think anyone would listen to a hungry scoundrel? My boy, don't push your luck."

The police men kept their guns pointed at Broda and I till Mr Bayo entered his jeep before they followed suit. The jeep drove off spraying dust on Broda and I .

Broda's eyes were red with frustration.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by leosmaria(m): 5:30pm On Dec 09, 2019
this story is getting interesting but I fear for Cherry's life
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Nobody: 9:04pm On Dec 09, 2019
This broda wan put cherry inside trouble
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 9:26pm On Dec 09, 2019
Broda and Cherry will lose big tine
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Wane2(m): 10:18pm On Dec 09, 2019
Lol, Broda greedy bastard, by the time dem give am wetin him dey ask for him go give him life to Christ. Come to think of it it wetin be this Broda real name sef? make I go register am for my criminal database. Come o e be like say Cherry sef no know him real name ah! stupidity at a supernatural level. Abi na too much respect no wan let her give us him name, picture and address make we go rearrange him facial structure?
Ehen by the way, what about the flashback na, I really love how you were simultaneously telling us about the past and present. I thought maybe you would tell us more about the past and end it where you began the story. Anyways as always good job.


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 7:26am On Dec 11, 2019
After our meeting with Mr Bayo who had given us the sum of 200 thousand Naira, Broda wasn't satisfied. He dialled Musa's private phone number severally but Musa never picked.

Broda told me he contacted Musa's wife on facebook informing her of my pregnancy but she blocked him. He also tried reaching out to Musa's brother but he also ignored him.

For three long weeks, Broda made me shuffle between the Company and Musa's house where I stood by the gates from dusk till dawn just to get Musa's attention. It didn't work, the only attention I got was ridicule by other staffs.

"I don tire, this belle don dey reach 4 months...I no think this man go pay the money, e better make we comot am now." I said to Broda one evening.

I had just returned from standing at Musa's gate, I felt very tired.

Broda turned to eye me. "Na you never ready to collect the money. You suppose dey cry, dey shout for him gate. No way wey he no go answer you."

I frowned at Broda. Whenever Musa's car came up his driveway, I always ran to hit at the doors and window as I begged him. His security men always chased me away, sometimes they would lash me with their whips. Broda would never understand how humiliating it was, I thought.

"For 3 weeks now, I dey stand under sun and rain dey beg am... If he fit pay, he for don do am since, I don try abeg...the pregnancy sef dey weigh me down, I need remove am, the earlier the better." I suggested.

Broda looked me over with the corner of his eyes. "Hmm...okay." He said as he nodded. "You no wan go beg am again abi? No wahala...but make I ask you first, you get money to take remove am?"

I was surprised and irritated by the question. "Which money? I dey give you all the money na."

Broda hissed. "Sister, your abortion money dey part of the 20 million wet the Arab dey hold. If he no gree pay, born the pikin, go drop am for him house."

I began to vent as tears rolled down my eyes.

"Which kind talk be that?! The man pay 200k, na only 10k I need for the abortion, you fit keep the rest to yourself!"

Broda raised his brows at me and laughed.

"Abeg o, Madam vex...no be me you suppose dey para for, go meet the man wey give you the belle...after all, when una dey screw, you no include me...na now wey e no sweet you again you come dey drag me inside, it's not done." He said as he kept on laughing.

My cheeks felt hot, I wished I could punch him in the face.

"No be you tell me say make I carry the Belle for am?!" I screamed at him.

Broda shook his head at me. "Cherry you see how dumb you can be...no be you go open your mosquito legs for am in the first place? It was bound to happen. Don't force the bastard in your womb on me--"

I didn't think twice before I landed a slap across his face. I opened my mouth wide in surprise at my action. I wanted to apologize to him but I couldn't find my words.

Broda held his face, his eyes shot daggers into mine. "What did you just do?" He asked as he stood up from the mat, he started to unbuckle his belt.

I stood up after him. My instincts told me to run but I decided to stand still and face him.

"Beat me! Beat me!!" I raised my hands to my sides and moved closer to him. "You don already kill me finish, I am dead inside! Nothing wey you do me fit pain me again!" I cried.

Broda pulled my hair and used my head to smash the wall. I yelped out in pain. I turned and stretched my hand to grab him by his shirt, I used that as leverage to pull my body close to his and I sank my teeth deep into the skin on the side of his belly.

He groaned in pained and landed powerful blows on my head for me to let go but I clenched my teeth and held his skin firmly in my mouth.

"You dey craze abi?!" He yelled at me as he kept on pounding my head and back. I began to feel dizzy from his blows and finally let him go.

He pushed me to the floor and picked up his belt. "You bitch!" He screamed. "Who dey give you mind, you wan fight me?! Who you be?!" He asked as he struck me severally with his belt.

I whined and whimpered but I didn't beg him to stop.

I heard him panting. "You be waste product! Thank God say I don process my visa finish, I dey go buy my ticket and next week by God's grace, I don move!"

I looked up at him with my eyes wide, I couldn't believe what I heard him say.

He laughed when he saw my face. "You dey surprised? You think say I fit put up with a prostitute like you!" He spat at me and struck me again with his belt. "By next week, I don leave the country, I be wan kick you out since but--"

I didn't hear the rest things he said. My mind raced and my head began to spin. Never would I have thought Broda could betray me so. I never suspected he was planning to travel, I had been busy with work and running helter skelter to get Musa to pay the money. He purposely kept me in this dilemma to distract me from his wicked and selfish plans, I thought.

"...Better go back to your Mama's farm you bush pig! Oh, I forgot! She won't even let you in. The last time you came back home pregnant she footed the bills and you ended up selling the child and you plan to take home this bastard to her?" He laughed with scorn.

"Cherry, I no say make you pack o, you don try for me, I be wan even drop like 2k for you as I dey go but you just spoil everything... Anyhow sha you fit do wetin you wan do after all you get Arab sugar daddy..." He said and laughed again.

My chest began to feel tight. I couldn't breathe properly. I wished the ground could open up and swallow me.

"....Make I tell you one secret, you wan hear?" He looked at me for an answer but I didn't reply. He continued anyway. "After he pay the 200k, I tell your Arab say I be your boyfriend and na me get the belle... I know say he no go pay the 20 million, if I persist, he fit kill me, I just want make you suffer, make you know say you no fit cheat on me and go scot free. Ashawo!" He spat on me.

He turned away and began to walk out of the room.

Till this day I tell you, I don't remember how I got hold of the pestle or how I ran after him, I don't even understanding how he didn't hear me come after him.

All I know is that I hit him with the pestle at the back of his head and he fell to the floor. I kept on pounding his head with the pestle till he stopped moving.

When I finally stopped, I was deeply satisfied with the way his face caved into his skull and the sight of his blood had a calming effect on me.

For the first time, I spat on him.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by quinSonia(f): 7:37am On Dec 11, 2019

this babe so you have killed BRODA WEY MUMU finally grin


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Olawunmiabeni(f): 7:37am On Dec 11, 2019
O my God lipsrsealed
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 7:58am On Dec 11, 2019
Nice move Cherry
Re: Dirty Hustlers by tahir01(m): 8:09am On Dec 11, 2019
I hope say d story never end.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Wane2(m): 9:14am On Dec 11, 2019
Oh God, I'm so happy I want to cry cheesy That fool deserved that, oh but the troubles she would face.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by aprilwise(m): 9:44am On Dec 11, 2019
See wicked broda. Cherry eyes don clear . Thanks for the update
Re: Dirty Hustlers by EdmundAlma: 1:07pm On Dec 11, 2019
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I'm the happiest right now. Finally, the era of her stupidity has come to an end. I was already boiling because I thought she'd just be a cry baby after the confession. Chai so uncle wanted to leave her with 2k. The heart of man is truly wicked


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