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She Keeps Insisting On Having Sex Without Protection / See What a Lady Did to Her Boyfriend For Sleeping with her Without Protection / Sex Without Protection (2) (3) (4)

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She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by jonaifame22(m): 8:01pm On Dec 17, 2019
honestly speakn,I am a kind of person that do not love condom during sex,buh d way this damsel keeps emphasizing this thing,my heart's fearful,who knows what dis gals plans are,who knows her hiv status,even though d bible has assured me DAT if i drink of any deadly thing it shall not me,will that assurance also cover me if i part her legs like Moses did the red sea and proceed to lick her pvssy,knowing fully well dat in the process some of her pvssy juice will be swallowed,dis thoughts and many more makes my heart beat slowly and without vibe like sounds from a drumset played by an unskilled drummer, of course i really want to fvck her, but the question is am i ready to dive into d warm canal of her pvssy unsheated knowing fully well that I am oblivious of her HIV status..........

okay guys lemme quickly introduce you to bisi, now bisi is a new friend of mine I just met at the shrine, she's not too tall,with broad shoulders,the pupil of her eyeballs are brownish something like hazel eyes, her nose pointed like the arrow of a barometer,her lips thick and perfectly covering her dentiture like the cloud completely covering an aeroplane high up in the sky,her neck long and slender resting on her broad shoulders,underneath her shoulders hung perfectly is a pair of round fairly big breasts which makes her chest region full like basket of a farmer returning from a bountiful harvest,her hips very visible from both sides like the handle of a trophy,, believe me when I say that bisi is worth fighting 10,000 men over.

the day we met at the shrine I sat close to her and we both smoked,I was not aware of her at all,but as I smoked I felt a head rest on my shoulder,I would have resisted by impulse,but the feminine scent of her perfume,subdued me like the anointing subduing a witch in a crusade, then I ran a full scan of the facial structure of the head resting on my shoulder, I was pleased wth what I saw, and immediately,my shoulders hardened like a piece of clothing that has just been starched in other for her to rest her head much longer,my preek was beginning to sniff the air within my boxer short region and i am very sure that it wanted to know if there will be a chance of getting to swim in the warm,dark and wet canal of her Toto till it convulses violently with sperm

so I decided to spark up a conversation with her,i then asked her to give me her lighter which she did,i deliberately sparked the lighter in a way that it would not light so that I can ask her to do it for me all In a bid to jus get us talkn, I asked for her help in lighting my blunt,which she did, I did not want to comment on her beauty cos i felt that she'll have heard a million times that she is beautiful, so I decided to do mine differently, so i commented that she is very daring and she asked why I said so, so I made her understand that she rested her head on my shoulders without knowing the kind of person I am and what would she have done if I had reacted violently, and she smiled in a drab manner and said "guy" no be today, I have seen a lot of negativity in my life and just one more from a random guy here in the shrine would make no difference,As I heard those words,my ears stood like the ears of a watch dog that has just heard a sound in a quiet compound, and I decided to milk her of her negative experiences.

then she started narrating her ordeal of how she comes from an averagely well to do home and of how her father was the regional manager of first bank in her hometown,then suddenly he fell sick and defied medical intervention and he kept getting worse until he died, then her uncles came from no where and started claiming all of the three houses he built,she said her mum went to court but there was no will from her father stating who the properties should go to, then suddenly her mums leg started to swell, and smell and had live maggots coming out from it,until she finally gave up the ghost,honestly I felt touched like Jesus,when the woman with the issue if blood used her hand to make physical contact with him.

she continued and made me understand that from that period she started sleeping with men for money coupled with the fact that she enjoyed it and she read in a book that one should make money from what he or she enjoys doing.

she further went on to tell me of her sexual prowess and how she cld become very sexually hyper whenever she smokes well and drinks in addition, she began to tell me of how many Nigerians are suffering from erectile dysfunction mostly the youths,and she went on to tell me of how men within the age bracket of 40-50 are slowly outshining the youths, she also told me of how she has slept with Lebanese men and Indian men and how that these foreign men do not really want to tress themselves on top of a woman,rather they'll have the gal suck their dick and pay her off handsomely, honestly she told me so many stories of her sexual conquest, my ears were full like a Ghana must bag filled wth okrika clothes to be displayed at yaba market, many of the stories made my preek stand up with provocation like a red cap chief in a council of elders meeting standing to address the igwe on the recent case of theft in the village to which he has lost two she goats and three cocks.

hmmmmmmmm in my mind I vowed that if I find myself in the same room with her and me and her are naked like the truth of a story that has been uncovered for so many years, I will fuvck her to the extent that her guardian angel will pull her away from under me before I kill her with my preek,

as we chatted,she told me that she wants to buy a bottle of water,so I volunteered to go with her,but the spirit of lust adviced me to let her stand up and walk forward a bit before I join her, so that I can be able assess her body, I was wondering in my mind why did the spirit of lust advice me to let her move forward first before I join her,but guess what,i was glad I heed to that advice by the spirit of lust,cos as she walked I saw the size of her yansh for what it truly is, as my eyes focused on her yansh like it s an advert on a bill board,as I looked around I noticed that other guys were also gazing at her yansh as well,believe me her yansh and hips are a sight to behold,cos we all looked at it like university students looking at the board in their respective department for their pasted semester results.

then I stood up and we went to buy water, I teased her seriously on her curves I teased her that she's got more curves than BlackBerry curve 2 and curve 3 put together, she didn't laugh but rather she said "guy what do you want" cos the way dis ur mouth is running ehn, athletes from Kenya's got nothing on it.

ooops that punchline hit me hard like left and right hook to a punching bag, being that she asked me what I wanted,I felt she was throwing the ball in my court, so I seized the moment and begged her for a mouth to mouth French kiss, she laughed and she said that she only kiss guys she's dating, so I was quiet and after a little while I asked her to be my galfriend and she asked when last I had sex ,I told her 3 weeks before in a brothel, then she smiled and said she thinks I wanna date her so that I can have access to free sex.

but I took my time to explain the situation on ground to her and i still requested for a kiss,so she billed me 10k for the kiss, I made her understand that it's not as if her lips are not worth 10k or more but i need to go back home and I can only part with 3k so that I can have t-fare for transport,she then adviced on why i can't jus have sex with her and forget about the kiss,buh I told her that I don't have condoms on me ,and she said she doesn't really like the feeling of condoms during sex and that it makes sex feel rubbery and she won't feel the the warmth of the pe'nis. inside her, when I heard this words I got stunned like an Igbo man who has jus heard that the Nigerian customs service has seized his containers worth 12 million naira, I decided I won't Bleep her , so i gave her the 3k and I decided that I will kiss life out of her and enjoy my three thousand naira and press all the things I can press, so we went to a dark corner near a car and she sat on a table and i faced her and she sat on a table with her legs wide apart,and I stood in between her spread legs and held her waist, as I held her waist,my preek stood slowly but surely like a chief in an occassion standing slowly for recognition for all invitees to see after his name has been announced by the Mc,and as I grabbed her waist,I pressed it soflty like one will do when trying to know if an agege bread to be paid for is soft or not,I have not even pressed her breast but I cld tell that they were already trembling within her brassiere, it will not be wrong if one would say that at that point in time that her breasts were an endangered specie as my five fingers from my Right hand were preparing to storm her chest region to take her breasts into custody in my palm like the DSS storming the court to take sowore in to custody.

I moved my head for the kiss as we kissed the warmth of her lips further made my pen'is erect and hard like the life of a frustrated Nigerian youth who has graduated from university for the past five years with no job after submitting several CV's hence being broke and not being able to afford the basics of life,then my left hand took the short journey from her waist up to her chest region, as I smuggled my hand into her brassiere to bring out one of her breasts,but her brassiere will not let go,as her brassiere held on to her breasts tightly like 90 yr old Abraham holding on to the promise of the lord even in old age that he would have a son even though it was clear to him that Sarah's womb has shut down like a black berry phone whose battery is 0%.

while my right hand struggled to bring out her big breast I wondered why her brassiere is holding on to her breast tightly without letting go as if it has been threatened to be sacked by her if she allows any man tamper with her breasts.

before long I got one of the breasts out and I sucked at it passionately,she rubbed my face with her palm slowly, all the hair on my body stood and even though mosquitoes were biting my feet through the space in my sandals exposing my feet,I didn't seem to bother, I noticed preek was restless as it made the front area of my trousers bulge forward, due to the powerful erection of my preek, i cld feel the very foundations of my trousers quake and shake like that of the prison room were Paul and Silas prayed and sang until the angel of the good lord broke the prison gate and set them free,but in the case of my preek the foundations of my trousers only shook but there was no angel to break the zipper and make my preek come and threaten her Toto,well maybe because my preek did not pray and sing, well she made a move to bring about my preek and I was about forgetting my earlier resolve to not fvck her without condoms,as she was about to open my zip one of the security guards flashed a torch and we were seen and he asked us to leave while he checked if the cars in that area were not bugled by us.

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Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by Atlanticfire: 8:10pm On Dec 17, 2019
You want me to read that epistle that you wrote?

Do you think I am jobless like you?


Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by donbachi(m): 8:11pm On Dec 17, 2019
All dis long story na for just fvck wey u fvck without condom.


Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by Betakeshi: 9:27pm On Dec 17, 2019
Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by wisdomukwuru(m): 9:42pm On Dec 17, 2019
Ogbeni kilode..
All this tori bcuz of sex without condom
Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by Tajbol4splend(m): 9:45pm On Dec 17, 2019
See as the story long like PHY 101 handout

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Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by jonaifame22(m): 9:59am On Dec 18, 2019
You want me to read that epistle that you wrote?

Do you think I am jobless like you?
where do you work?

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Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by jonaifame22(m): 6:38pm On Dec 22, 2019
See as the story long like PHY 101 handout
Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by Goldenheart(m): 6:47pm On Dec 22, 2019

Damn thats a long read...
Learn to keep things short n sweet...
Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by mechanics(m): 7:49pm On Dec 22, 2019
Using the Word of God to joke is very wrong of you.

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Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by shege45: 8:11pm On Dec 22, 2019
all dis story for Bleep? you get strength oo
Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by DonJayrome(m): 8:25pm On Dec 22, 2019
You can write such a long story just because of sex with or without condom? How are putting this energy in writing reasonable novels and see if writing is your calling instead of wasting in on something unreasonable that will not put food on your table.

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Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by MichaelPoem002(m): 12:01am On Dec 25, 2019
The guy tried na

I like the humour and the sensitive use of simile to create imagery.

Although, I read it all but you need to be the next rated writer. What I read was fantastic but we hope to see you write more and more with sharp sensitivity to what's happening within your environs.

Good job man.


Re: She Said We Should Do Without Protection,dat It Is Sweet Like That by MrOjay1(m): 10:30am On Jun 18, 2020
keep up the good work,man

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