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Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna (trailer) / Ikenna Igwe Shares Horror Experiences In A Face-me-i-face-you Building / THE REVELATIONS... Short Story... By Danny Walker (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 6:40pm On Feb 07
update is here
Re: Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna... By Danny Walker by Omoakin5(m): 3:51pm On Feb 08
op where are u?give us Saturday gist now
Re: Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 7:59pm On Feb 08
The closeness between Ikenna and Oluchi was building fast; he would visit her at the restaurant or she would be at his place while they talked and laughed together. The attraction got stronger and better, she was always welcome to his house as it became her home but Ikenna never made the mistake of giving her the keys to his house; in this land anything could happen and he surely doesn't want to be on the losing side...

Ikenna and Oluchi are both seated on a tree trunk by the road side eating some snacks as they talked
“My business is over 4 years”
“How did you start up?” he asked
“My father sold of one of his biggest plots of land for 6million naira because he wanted to set up a large bakery with village but unfortunately he died before he could start”
“I’m so sorry”
“I loved his idea so I took up the plans and set up the bakery and discovered there was still enough cash to start a restaurant so I went into the business”
“I’m impressed... you own a bakery and a restaurant”
“I have always wanted to own a restaurant; it was a dream I and my best friend had but she died before we could start”
“So sorry... looks like you have lost real close persons” Ikenna said
“Yeah... my father... my best friend... Lillian Uzoma, she actually died before my father”
“I know the kind of pain you must feel... like when I lost my kid sister 3 years back... she was 26 and flying from Washington to The Netherlands but the plane never reached its destination”
“Oh my God... so sorry” Oluchi said
“The plane went missing but was found after one month in the ocean”
“Sorry about your lose dear” she put her hand across his shoulder
“Lets take a walk” he said and they both got up and held hands as they walked. They walked through the market place; Ikenna then noticed people staring strangely at him as they whispered
“Why are they staring at us like that” he asked
“Don’t mind them; it’s considered forbidden for a married woman to hold hands with another man except her husband” Oluchi said; Ikenna is a little surprised
“Are you married” he asked, she smiled
“No... but many think I am married to Obara-Agu”
“Why would they think such?”
“Because he told them so and has killed some men because of me, funny enough I had nothing with the men he killed”
“I see”
“Are you scared?” she asked, he laughed lightly
“That’s funny and obviously rhetorical” he said
“No its not” she said
“Can’t be scared of a man I can squeeze life out off” he said and she laughed; out of nowhere Obara showed up and stood in front of them; people had gathered to watch the drama
“What are you doing with this out cast” Obara spoke in anger
“Why would you call him an outcast” she replied
“Oluchi! You belong to me and me alone” he said loudly
“I don’t belong to you”
“If you do not separate yourself from this out cast, I will kill the both of you here now” he spoke in range; the crowd murmured loudly; Ikenna was silent
“It seems you have gone deaf” Obara said to Ikenna
“What is the meaning of this? Why are you embarrassing us in public” Oluchi said angrily
“Are you talking to me like that?” Obara asked and immediately raised his walking stick to strike her head but Ikenna got hold of the stick before it got to her head, he then snatched the stick from Obara
“How dare you raise your stick to hit a woman?” Ikenna said then pushed him backwards that he staggered and almost fell
“How dare you?” Ikenna said then gave him a hot slap, the crowd shouted; Obara in shock as he held his face
“You slapped me?” Obara said and another slap landed
“Speak again and I will give you the third slap here”
“I have had enough of your bullshit” Ikenna said then broke Obara-Agu’s walking stick, the people shouted as some persons placed both hands on their heads
“The next time you try this rubbish I will dismember your face” Ikenna threw the broken stick to the ground in front of Obara then walked away with Oluchi leaving Obara completely weak and powerless...
Ikenna is seated in the sitting room with his laptop when someone knocked on the door, he walked to the door and opened it to see Lillian
“Hey Lillian” he said and she immediately hugged him and kissed his cheek
“I love you and I am so proud of you... you have made me happy” she said; he appeared to be surprised as she walked inside and pulls him along
“Why are you excited” he asked
“Because you have done a great thing” she said
“What did I do?”
“You have killed Obara-Agu” she said
“Kill? I didn’t kill him... we only had an encounter and I gave him a stern warning” he explained, she smiled
“You’re about to find out” she said then disappeared
“No wait...” she was already gone; another knock on the door, he walked to the door, opened it to see Oluchi, she hugged him tightly then kissed his cheek
“I love you... I am so proud of you... you have made me happy” she said and walked in
“What’s the excitement about” Ikenna asked
“Because you have done a great thing” she said the exact words Lillian said or should I say Lillian said the exact words Oluchi was going to say
“What did I do”
“You have killed Obara –Agu”
“How?” he was confused
“Obara-Agu is dead” she said
“Dead... how? I didn’t kill him”
“Yes you did” she said; Lillian appeared on another chair
“You did by breaking his walking stick which was his strength” Lillian said but only Ikenna could hear her
“Come on, Obara is an evil man that deserved to die” Oluchi said
“So I guess this is good news” he said
“Of cause it is” both ladies said together...

There is an advantage and disadvantage to what Ikenna had done... the news of Obara-Agu’s death had spread like fire, the event that took place at the market had spread with it and many believed Ikenna had killed Obara-Agu, this happening made the villagers fear Ikenna and labelled him the second most powerful man in the village, he gained popularity and friends... but on the other hand... the news had reached the chief priest who happened to be the most powerful man in the land.
It is believed that no one sees him face to face and lives, even the elders who were permitted to speak to him spoke to him only through mystical flame known as OBI (The Heart)...
Re: Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 8:07pm On Feb 08
Some group of elders walked into the shrine house which was surrounded with flame torches; they all sit and await the priest to speak
“Njaba! We have come” an elder spoke and then silence and suddenly a large red flame began burning heavily from a large pot, it burned to large as so bright that the elders could feel the heat from where they sat
“Speak” a deep demonic voice sound; it was the chief priest speaking
“We have come to report the news of Obara-Agu’s death”
“Obara-Agu brought death on himself; no son of Njaba engages in a love duel” the voice said
“What about the stranger”
“An abomination dwells in our land and you all do nothing about it”
“Ezenmo... Silence!” the voice ordered and they were silent
“One man commits grave offences in our land... he must be killed... he set the Watchers on fire, killed four elders and finally Obara-Agu... Njaba is enraged and therefore demands that his head be brought to the shrine in 14days”
“How do we go about it?”
“That is left for you to figure out... if you fail, death will come upon the land starting with your families” the voice said and the fire immediately died down signifying that the priest would no longer speak so they got up and left...

Ikenna opens the door to see Lillian
“Hi” she said and walked into the house
“Hi” he replied as he shut the door
“Why do you always knock when you come around?” he asked, she looked at him
“Am I suppose to answer that” she asked
“I mean you are a ghost... or should I say phantom... spirits just appear in people’s houses without knocking”
“Let’s say I’m a different type... I don’t barge in and scare them or do you prefer that?” she asked
“I don’t think you need to knock here because you are welcome anytime” he said then stared at her in silence
“What are you staring at?” she asked and he lowered his face
“I’m sorry... it’s just that you are a very pretty spirit”
“It hurts that I came here after you died” he said
“If I hadn’t died you wouldn’t be here... because things get worse after my death and you are here because things got worse”
“I guess you are right... but sometimes... I think I’d die doing this mission and probably join you on the other side” he said, she smiled then got up and sat beside him and touched his hand
“I like you too... but sometimes things don’t always happen the way we want it, we just have to live with it... you don’t expect life to favour you all the time” she said
“I wish it could for once” he said, she smiled
“You will not die doing this mission, as long as you are with me, you will live through this although the troubles are about to start but you will live through it... besides, you are beginning to love Oluchi... I want you to love her; she is everything you want... after all these is over I will no longer be here but she will” she encouraged him as he remained silent; there was a knock on the door, he walked to the door, opened it to see Oluchi
“Hi” she said then hugged him
“How are you doing today” he asked
“Not bad?” she said as she walked in with a black poly bag in hand; Ikenna had eyes on the bag
“Thanks for yesterday” she said as she sat
“Please its nothing” he said
“What’s in the bag?” he asked, she laughed
“Your eyes have been on this bag since I entered, you didn’t even allow me rest” she said; he grabbed the bag
“You can rest while but this one will not” he said and pulled out a cooler and opened it to see dog meat pepper soup
“You have made my day... I am so going to marry you when this is over” he said picking up the spoon; she laughed
“Be careful it’s still very hot” she said
“E go cold for belle” he said
“Let me get a plate” she entered the kitchen and came with a plate, she poured some meat in the plate
“Maybe we should wait for it to cool off” he said; Lillian was sitting close and watching
“Tell me about your friend Lillian” he said; Oluchi is silent then looked at him
“I wouldn’t call her a friend... she was my twin sister... who could be more unique and intelligent? So gifted... sometimes she said things that scared me... (chuckles) like when she said there was going to be a serious fight at the market and lives will be lost... it happened as she had said it, the next day on my way to market I saw people running in my direction, they told me there was a serious fight going on in the market machetes everywhere... I loved her so much; we both planned on owning a big restaurant because we both loved cooking a lot... but they took her away from me” she said with tears in her eyes
“Who took her away?”
“The chief priest’s apprentice, Obara-Agu, the elders... they took her as a sacrifice saying the gods wanted her because she was an abomination to the land because of her extra abilities... I know they were liars and animals... but I believe that one day Lillian would end their evil lives... I was happy the day I heard that four chiefs went missing and the death of Obara-Agu as well as the day there was a great fire in the evil forest that destroyed The Watchers... I really miss Lillian, tears rolled down her eyes
“It’s okay” he held her close
“But why did you ask?”
“Huummm... well... I met her father”
“Really? Where”
“At his house”
“His house? Mr. Uzoma moved out of his house after the death of Lillian and ever since then I have never seen him... I wish to see him”
“Don’t worry you will... I will take you to him

Ikenna is sitting in his bedroom and arranging some clothes, he hears the sound of the TV come on, he picked up his gun and walked to the door, he opened the curtain to see Lillian in the sitting room, crossed her legs watching TV
“You know, I have never seen you turn on this TV” she said without looking back at him, he lowered the gun then walked to her
“No time for TV” he said as he sat down and put the gun on the table
“But don’t forget that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” she said
“Not this Jack” he said as he got up and walked to the room
“Let me finish up with what I was doing” he said
“Yeah.. quickly we need to talk” she said
“Alright, give me a minute” he walked away then returned not long then sat down, the TV suddenly goes of, he looked around but there was still light
“What happened?” he questioned with a puzzled face
“What do you mean by what happened? I turned off the TV” she replied
“You... you turned off the TV” he repeated with disbelief
“Hell no, do it again” he requested; the TV comes on again
“Wait... turn it off” he said again, it goes off, he smiled
“Ok turn in on again” he seemed to be enjoying it, the TV comes on again
“It seems you want to blow up your TV... cause I’m channelling some dangerous amount of energy into that electronic”
“Waw... how did you do that?”
“It’s part of me, a can establish connection with almost anything around me... I feel the energy as well as the matter around me that can be easily manipulated” she explained
“God damn it, girl... you are a superhero” he said, she laughed
“Am I?” she asked
“Hell yeah... wait a minute... do you have telekinesis?” he asked
“Yes I do”
“Be right back” he went into the kitchen and returned with a jug of water and a cup, placed it on the table
“I want you to lift this cup” he said; the cup suddenly goes up from the table, Ikenna is stunned, he moves closer to the cup, held it then pulled it down slowly; it felt like a magnetic field
“It feels like magnet” he said
“Yeah, it’s the energy from me... I can also make it impossible for you to pull down” she said
“I won’t doubt that” he said
“Now I want you to turn water into the cup from the jug” he requested as he watched carefully; the jug levitates and bends slowly towards the cup and water pours into it until it got filled up
“Beautiful” he clapped
“Watch this” she said; the jug levitates then disappeared
“Wow... where did it go?”
“There are various places it could go... I can send it to limbo, planet zero, unknown planes or the dimension between the reality of this place and the reality of another place I know” she explained
“Quite interesting”
“If I send it into an unknown plane then I can’t bring it back” she said
“It’s like throwing a stone in the ocean... there are millions of unknown planes”
“Ok can I have my jug back please” he said and the jug appeared then sits back on the table
“I can make it unseen but it would still be right there” she said
“Like invisible?” he said
“Yeah” she said and the cup suddenly goes invisible
“Interesting” Ikenna moved close, he could see water which was almost invisible until he touched it and his finger got wet; but could not see the cup; he touched the invisible cup but couldn’t see what he was touching
“This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my entire life” he said
“But how come the water is not invisible” he asked
“You can’t make water invisible because it already portrays the nature of invisibility” she said; the cup appears again
“Now watch this” she said; water levitates from the cup into the air then forms a circle
“You got to be fucking kidding me... you are a water bender” he said, surprise on his face as well as excitement; the water then formed a gun like Ikenna’s, then shoots a water bullet that travels slowly to Ikenna’s head then goes back to the water; then the water formed the symbol of love
“Beautiful” he said
“Ok that’s enough” she said and then water collapsed on the table and spilled on the floor
“Shit... Come on Lillian? You spoilt it” he said; the water on the floor started moving together then moved up the table like a snake and together with the water on the table, it all returned into the cup; Ikenna clapped loudly
“This is the most beautiful entertainment I have ever had” he said
“What a beautiful ending”
“Thank you” she said...

“You said we needed to talk” he said
“The village elders visited the high priest after the death of Obara-Agu and it all fell on you because of the deeds you have done” she said
“I’m so proud of myself” he said
“Now the chief priest has demanded for your head” he laughed
“My head?... you can’t be serious”
“Yes your head”
“And how exactly do they intend doing that”
“The youths” she said
“They want to use the youths” he completed
“Yes” she said
“I see”
“Listen Ikenna, things are going to get bloody soon so I need you to start moving your important possessions to a safe place
“I Guess this was the rain you were talking about” he said and she nodded lightly
“But where do I move these stuff?” he asked
“You think”
“I think I know where... your father’s place”
“Good, start today because tonight there will be an attack on you” she said
“Thank God... I’m finally going to have fun” he said
“Are you for real?” she said
“Come on girl... this place has been way to boring for me... I need some excitement” he said as he started packing up his gadgets into a bag, he puts his laptop in a bag then turned to Lillian to see her watching TV
“Lillian come on, help me please”
“What do you want me to do?”
“Detach the cameras around the house” he said then she nodded and disappeared; they packed up all his computer gadgets in two bags, he then carried them off to Mr. Uzoma’s house; Mr. Uzoma gave him the second apartment to load his bags... he then returned to prepare for WAR...
Re: Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 8:11pm On Feb 08

Oluchi’s shop was full of people eating and drinking, chatting aloud which was a usual scene around there. Two elders walked into the shop, from their dressing you could tell they were village chiefs; the called out to Oluchi through one of the girls; Oluchi responded
“Good evening my elders” she greeted them politely
“Good evening my daughter” they both replied
“Come in and sit down” she said
“Thank you but no need, we came for something urgent”
“Yes, lets go outside” Mazi Eze said, they walked outside, away from people
“There is something very very important we want you to do for us”
“Which is” she asked curiously; Mazi Ugo cleared his throat then spoke
“The hen that refuses to shield her children from the claws of the kite will lose all her children to the kite” Oluchi was not clear
“I don’t get” she said
“There is this young man in our village who came here over a month ago; rumour has it that you are both seeing each other, he comes around your shop and you visit his home”
“Yes that true? Any problem?”
“That man is highly dangerous” Mazi Ugo said
“Dangerous? How?”
“Listen my daughter” Mazi Ugo lowered his voice
“That man has committed a lot of evil in this land within the short period he arrived”
“But he is just a scientist” she defended
“That is the lie he told you” Mazi Eze said
“What is going on?” she asked
“That young man set a great fire in the evil forest and destroyed Nti Ala (The Watchers), he also kidnapped four elders who still missing till date, he was the one who killed Obara-Agu; he is very dangerous and will do worse to us all”
“Oh my God! This is unbelievable... How could he?” she was obviously shocked that Ikenna was the one behind those events although except for Obara-Agu
“My daughter... if you love your life you will help us” Mazi Eze said
“What do you want me to do” she asked
“If you do it well, we will expand your business by opening another store for you in the main market and also in the next village” Mazi Eze assured her
“really? You mean you will open two stores for me”
“yes we will”
“Then I will do anything”
“Good... we want you to prepare a very delicious dog pepper soup and take it to him but poison it before he eats it” Mazi Ugo said, she smiled
“that is very easy” she said
“Yes I know you can do it” Mazi Eze said smiling
“Where is the poison?” she requested; Mazi Eze handed it to her, it was Aluminium Phosphate powder in a bottle
“When do you want it done?” she asked
“Tonight” Mazi Ugo said
“Consider it done then” she said and the men smiled
“You are a daughter of the land” Mazi Eze said
“Thank you Mazi... I never knew this, thanks for letting me know who he truly is”
“You are our daughter and we must protect you from evil” Mazi Ugo said
“Thank you very much... please come and have something to eat” she said
“God bless you my daughter” they smiled and followed her inside, she served them some nice dog meat pepper soup. After they ate she escorted them outside as they happily picked their teeth
“My daughter God bless you” Mazi Eze said
Welcome sir”
“let us be on our way” Mazi Ugo said
“Wait... How long will it take the poison to work” she asked
“In three hours he would be dead” Mazi Eze said
“Ok... that means in three hours the both of you will no longer exist” she said
“What did you say?” Mazi Ugo said
“The both of you are very stupid” she said
“What?! Oluchi have you gone mad?” Mazi eze said
“It is the both of you who are mad” she fired back
“Aru! Oluchi!” Mazi Ugo said with surprise on his face
“You both walked to my shop asking me to poison an innocent man I love and who is doing the right thing” she blasted, they both looked at each other
“You come to me with worthless promises... do you think I am poor? Or do you think I can not expand my business anywhere I want? And even if I need help, surely not from you... are you not the same men who never wanted my family to prosper? (Surprise on their faces) Out of greed, and busy body, you all joined forces with my father’s brother to kill my father for his money which was never yours and at the end of the day the greedy animal of an uncle died after my father, may his soul never rest... Evil men!” she blasted
“Oluchi how can you say all these to us” Mazi Eze said
“I will say more”
“We shall see” Mazi Ugo said
“We shall nothing because the both of you may not see tomorrow” she said
“What?!” Mazi Eze exclaimed
“Go home and allow thy poison to do its work... lets hope it works as you have said”
“Chineke! I am finished” Mazi Eze ran off with Mazi Ugo
“Don’t worry you still have three hours!” she said as they ran off, she walked back to her store

Ikenna sitting in the sitting room and watching TV, there was a knock on the door, he picked up his gun and walked to the door and looked through the door watch hole to see Oluchi, he then hid the gun under the chair then opened the door
“hello Sweet heart” he said, she hugged him and kissed him then walked in with a bag in her hand
“What are you doing?” she asked as she sat down, she noticed his laptop and gadgets had been cleared from its position
“Just watching TV” he said sat beside her
“What’s in the bag?” he asked
“You didn’t even allow me relax”
“I am so hungry” he said as he grabbed the bag
“didn’t you prepare anything?” she asked
“No?” he opened the cooler to reveal Jollof rice and some meat which got him salivating
“I was waiting for you” he said as he grabbed the spoon and started eating
“You can’t be serious... waiting for me... what if I didn’t show up” she said
“I knew you would... I had faith” he said then hands her the second spoon
“Hurry now while stock last” he said, she smiled
“Let me get some drinks” she went into the kitchen and returned with some drinks, they ate together.

After they were done eating, she relaxed in his arms as they both watched TV quietly until she broke the silence
“Ikenna” she called
“Who are you?” she asked, he was a little surprised with the question
“What... are you talking about” he asked
“I’m talking about who you are?” she said as she adjusted her sitting to look him in the eyes
“I thought I already told you”
“Well then tell me again” she said
“Ok... I am a natural scientist and I study nature and animals”
“That’s a bloody lie” she said
“Excuse me?”
“You are not excused” she said
“Come on Ikenna... do you think you are talking to some village girl or some illiterate?”
“Come on, you are taking this too far”
“Then tell me who you are”
“I... I already told you who I am” he said
“You set up a great fire in the evil forest, you kidnapped four elders from this village who are still missing till date... is that the new work line of a natural scientist?” she questioned, he was silent
“Ikenna lie to me one more time and I will walk out that door and never come back” she threatened; he saw the seriousness n her eyes and immediately knew he didn’t want her to walk out his life
“Give me a minute” he said then went into the room and came out with a big metal bag and placed it on the table, he returned inside and came out with another one. He sat down then opened one of the box to reveal guns, bullets and knives
“Oh my God... desert Eagles... 5.5mm berretta with suppressor... my goodness this is Smith & Wesson .500” she said touching the revolver
“What are you doing with these? Who are you?” she asked; Ikenna was more interested in how she knew these weapons by their names
“how did you know these weapons by their names?” he asked
“I studied criminology in the university of Lagos” she said
“Waw, you never cease to amaze me”
“What’s in the second box?” he closed the first then opened the second to reveal grenades, land mines and spy devices
“These look more like German grenades, advanced land mines and spy wares” she looked at him in the eyes; he knew he couldn’t continue lying anymore
“I am Agent Ikenna Silas... secret Elite agent... the best in the Nigerian field, I work for the CIA and FIB”
“My God! You are an assassin... Government approved assassin” she said
“That’s not what it is” he said
“Then what is it?”
“Well... its part of our job but we don’t take down just anybody... we only deal with individuals who are threats to the world” he said
“And how do you tell they are threats?” she asked
“Look its a long story”
“So I have been with an assassin all this while” she said
“No... it’s not like that... okay? You are getting this whole thing wrong” he said, she just stared at him
“Ok fine... we kill... yes we kill... we take names, kick asses, no questions asked... we infiltrate, we set people up in their own game, we take terrorists down, we do a lot but... we will never ever take out the innocent... why are we even talking about this?” he said walking about
“What is your mission here?” she asked
“I am here to end all these crap in your community... missing persons? Mutilated bodies? Mysterious village? Everything will end” he said
“I don’t know but... what is happening here is kind of supernatural” she said
“I didn’t think so until I arrived... but now I have help”
“What help? From who?” she asked, he paused and didn’t know how she would react if he told her
“Your friend... Lillian Uzoma” he said
“What are you talking about? Lillian is dead?”
“I know that... but I see her and she has been of great help to me” he said, she stared plainly at him with disbelief
“I’m serious” he said
“Hell no you cant be serious” she said; Lillian appeared on one of the chairs but Oluchi couldn’t see her
“She is here” Ikenna said
“What do you mean by she is here”
“”I mean she is here” he pointed to her sitting position
“Is this a joke?”
“No its not... she is sitting over there” he pointed, Oluchi looked and saw no one
“Are you in any way trying to scare me?”
“No I’m not” he replied
“Wait a minute... is hallucination a consequence of being a secret agent” she asked
“This is no hallucination... I think I’m talking too much” he said
“get a cup of what” Lillian said
“I’ll be back” Ikenna went into the kitchen and came back with a cup of water and placed it on the table
“What are you doing” she asked
“Lillian wants to speak to you” he said
“With a cup of water? Am I suppose to looking inside the cup or what” she mocked and suddenly the water levitates from the cup and formed a written word in teh air
“Hi Oluchi” Oluchi is in shock
“Oh my... God”
“Is it really you Lillian?”
“Yes” the water formed
“I can’t believe this” Oluchi said with sadness in her voice
“I have missed you so much” Oluchi said as tears formed in her eyes
“Me too” Lillian replied
“Why can’t I see you?” Oluchi asked
“It’s not yet time” Lillian replied
“I have opened the restaurant we have always wanted”
“Yes I know” Lillian replied Oluchi gave a little sad smile as tears in her eyes almost dropping
“Maybe you can visit some time” Oluchi said
“I come there a lot” Lillian replied, tears rolled down Oluchi’s eyes and she cried
“I love you Lillian”
“I love you too Oluchi” the water returned back to the cup leaving Oluchi crying; Ikenna moved closer to her and comforted her
“I know how you feel” Ikenna said
“They must all die for this” Oluchi said
“That is absolutely inevitable” he said...

Oluchi spent the night with Ikenna; they were both asleep when there was a sudden loud explosion that woke them up
“Jesus!” Oluchi jerked from the bed as her heart raced
“SSSHH” Ikenna signalled her
“What was that” she asked
“My trap caught a scape-goat” he said as he stood from the bed
“Where are you going?” she asked calmly
“I’ll be back” he said then entered the sitting room and turned on the outside lights then walked back into the bedroom, then looked out the window but saw no one, he took his night goggle and a gun, he loaded the gun then handed it to Oluchi then picked another gun
“Don’t be scared, I got this” he said
“Do not open the window curtains and lock the door once I go out, when I come back I will knock once” she nodded in agreement, he left; going out he turned off the outside lights then puts on the night goggles which gave him better brighter view of the environment. As he came out the house he sees two men in the bush, he shot them dead after attaching a suppressor to the gun nozzle; he squats then proceeds to the back yard; he saw two other men moving quietly in his direction but they couldn’t see him, he shoots them both; he walked into the bush were the explosion had come from, there he saw six dead bodies; he had earlier planted a land mine there; he saw no other person, he then dragged all the bodies into the bush, got fuel from inside then set the corpses on fire then went back inside
“Everything is okay” he said to her
“Are you sure” there was fear in her eyes and she looked really beautiful being scared
“You know? You look more beautiful when scared” he teased her
“Oh shut up” she smiled
“Who were those” she asked
“Boys from your village chief I guess”
“You really need to leave this place” she said
“I already have another location” he said...
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happy Sunday to you op, don't 4get to give us Sunday gist ooo
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Re: Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 5:39pm On Feb 09
Oluchi was up early, had her bath and got dressed to go to her restaurant; Ikenna still in bed, she walked out the front door to see mango leaves all over the floor under the tree, she gets a broom and starts sweeping suddenly a bike drove into the compound fast that she got startled
“Oluchi! You dey here? Your shop dey burn” the young man said then turned and drove off. Oluchi immediately looked confused and scared
“Ikenna! Ikenna!” she shouted as she ran to the house
“What happened” he was already awake
“My shop is on fire” she said quickly
“What the hell” he quickly got in a shirt, picked his car keys and moved out with her and together they headed to the restaurant
Getting close he could see youths carrying sticks and machetes as they sang and destroyed the restaurant violently; something was surely wrong somewhere, Ikenna thought as he quickly parked
“Stay here” he said as he stepped out
“Where are you going? Those people are dangerous” she said
“I know... just stay here okay?” he left her in the car and walked towards the young men, he picked up a long large stick and dragged it along as he walked to them... somebody suddenly came up from behind him with a machete, he turned around with force as tjhe wood landed on the head of the target, sending him to the ground after a loud bang to the head; from the sound it was obvious skull was broken; two others ahead began two advancing towards Ikenna who was still dragging the wood along with blood stain, as they approached he hits one in the stomach with the wood who bends in pain, Ikenna strikes the second in the face who also holds his face and without wasting much time Ikenna hits the wood on his head and he fell then returned to the first who was about to run off but the sound the wood descending on his head sends him to the ground in no time but this time with the wood attached to his head and refusing to get off, that was when Ikenna knew there were nails on the wood. More youths began advancing towards Ikenna with dangerous objects; Ikenna tried pulling the wood from the dead man’s head but couldn’t; he lets it be then touched himself only to see he was not with a gun, the men kept advancing towards him, he then tightened his fists for a fight... I wonder what he was thinking or probably going to do when those men get close to him... something happened really fast; as they approached, the fire rose from the burning building and consumed them and they all scattered with fire, Ikenna was surprised and as well grateful, he looked back to see Lillian
“Thanks” he said
“What the hell were you thinking?”
“Well... I was going to give them a fight”
“You are crazy... there is a thin line between bravery and stupidity.... you are not commando... even Jackie Chan would run” she walked passed him towards the building and he followed
“Can you stop the fire” he asked, she raised enough sand from the earth that formed a tornado and let it collapse on the building and quenching the fire, she then returned the sand to the earth.
“Why did they do this?” he asked
“because Oluchi poisoned two chiefs who died last night” Lillian said
“What?! Why the hell would she do that?”
“She did it for you” Lillian said
“For me?... come on don’t give me that” he said and walked away; Oluchi standing outside the car
“Did Lillian do all that?” she asked
“Let’s go home” he said then entered the car and she followed quickly...

They arrived back at Ikenna’s house; Oluchi was sitting down and thinking, Ikenna standing with folded arms staring at her; she suddenly remembered the bakery
“Oh my God... the bakery!” she said to Ikenna
“Tell her the bakery is fine” Lillian said
“Lillian says your bakery is fine”
“Lillian is here?” she asked
“Yes she is” he replied; Oluchi looked around the room
“What do you think would make them burn your shop” he asked
“I have no idea” she said
“Oluchi, two chiefs died last night and they died from food poisoning... they opened up that you poisoned them at your restaurant” he said but she remained silent
“This is not a time to be silent... you know the situation in this village so why would you do such thing and put yourself in danger... you had no right to kill” he said
“I did it for you” she replied almost immediately
“Did it for me? Are you for real? You are saying you killed them for me” he was surprised
“Yes I did” she said firmly
“Ok! Why?”
“Because they asked me to poison you” she said
“Wh... what?!!!”
Yes” she explained it all to him; he then sits down thinking
“I’m sorry” she said
“No... No... You did no wrong... at least now I know why”
“There is going to be a big fight soon” Ikenna said
“Gun men are on their way here” Lillian said
“Lillian says Gun men are on their way here” Ikenna said
“Oh my God... what do we do?” Oluchi said with fear in her voice; Ikenna went into the room and armed himself with two desert eagles .50 cal then hands a berretta to Oluchi who refused to take it
“We are leaving here now but we must be armed” he said
“I have never shot a gun in my life talk less of killing someone”
“(Chuckles) What about the men you killed last night” he said
“Seriously? That was different” she said
“Yeah... different kind of killing... non lethal kill” he said
“I’m not taking the gun”
“You have only 10mins” Lillian said
“Come on take it... Lillian says we have only 10mins” he said and she collected the gun
“What now?” she asked
“Lillian please help me transport these boxes to your father’s place” he said; Oluchi watched as the boxes ascended up and disappeared
“Why can’t she just transport us” Oluchi said
“I want us to have little fun” he said smiling
“You can’t be serious” she said
“We can’t leave through the front or back because we do not know where they are coming from” he said
“What about your car” she asked
“bad idea” he said; suddenly 15 men arrived with machine guns and opened fire from 10meters away from the house
“Get down!” Ikenna yelled at Oluchi as he spotted them through the window; both dive to the floor as the men open heavy firing; the power of the machine guns pierced through the walls like papers, sounding like thunder; each bullet pierced through the walls into the house and rooms and coming out at the back... these bullets moved at very high speed and not a single bullet was scattered backwards like Ruthford’s experiment on bombarding thin gold foil with alpha particles... each bullets penetrated each object it encountered without mercy.
Oluchi was screaming out as she held her head but her voice could hardly be heard as the heavy guns blasted; particles of building falling on them and at Ikenna’s suggestion, they both began crawling into the room. These men appeared to be enjoying themselves as they fired endlessly with bullet cartridge littered around them; the building appeared to be at the brinks of collapse when suddenly Ikenna's car goes into the air and suddenly sweeps all the gun men away just like children clearing piles of rubber band with slippers. This was the hand work of Lillian; most men were dead and other seriously wounded; Lillian posses one of the men then makes him open fire on the others alive before finally making him shoot himself dead then she left his body...
Ikenna and Oluchi noticed the gun firing had stopped
“They stopped” Oluchi said; Ikenna gets up and looked around
“This building is about to collapse” he said then pulled her up and they both jumped out through the already destroyed window, he supported her as she descended from the window and together they slowly moved to the front only to see dead bodies and Ikenna’s car in the bush
“What happened to my car” he said
“You won’t need it anymore” she said
“Because another set are on their way here” she said
“Then we must leave here now”
“Follow me” Lillian said and led them through the bush at the back of the house.
They walked for two hours
“Stop I am tired” Oluchi said
“Where are we going” Ikenna asked Lillian
“The next town” she said
“Why are we going there” he asked
“I have a safe place for you” she said
“Ok lets go” he said
“What did she say” Oluchi asked
“She said we are going to the next town where she got a safe place for us”
“Hope you carried your ATM card” Lillian asked
“Yes” he said
“The next town has enough ATM machine in case you need one” she said to them
“Let’s move quickly” he said and they continued...
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tank for d update op.how I wish I get Lillian kind of power,omo I go destroy all our political enemy.oga give us more
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Ikenna has come to whip their asses in the village. But on the other hand, he needs to be careful.
Nice write-up. Keep posting please
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"In A Small Town Of Mbetolu in Imo state where People Go Mysteriously Missing or Are Found Mutilated, Agent Ikenna is Sent To Walk This Hard Road With The Alias "Julius Ceasar", he Is To Infiltrate This Village And Find Out The Mystery.
On His Arrival He Meets A Beautiful Stranger who, strangely Knew A Lot About The Happening in Town and She Becomes His Helper; this Spin Into A Bigger Mystery as Ikenna Discovers That his Actions Has Alerted The Supernatural coupled With The Discovery that His Helper Had Died Years Before Now. The Situation Becomes Even More Complex As Agent Ikenna Himself Suddenly Goes Missing"

Do I Have Intereed Readers here
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You never fail to impress me with your stories

Blood and Thunder A Dawn of justice
M.A.R.Y Apocalypse my best supernatural story so far.

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I was like wow.
You never fail to impress me with your stories Since
Blood and Thunder A Dawn of justice And M.A.R.Y Apocalypse my best supernatural story so far.
Kudos bro Smallville Danny walker
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Re: Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 9:25am On Feb 11
A young man entered the house with a bag
“here... I bought food for you both” he said bringing out two coolers from a black nylon
“Thanks a lot” Oluchi said as she grabbed a spoon and started eating; Ikenna is seated and thinking
“From all that you have said, dp you think you can actually succeed?” he asked Ikenna
“I don’t really know but what worries me is how the hell they got hands on such powerful guns” Ikenna said
“They probably had connections”
“The only way to get such guns is through the army... specially trained ones; even the police don’t carry those”
“You are right... anyway my name is Roland” he said
“You are welcome Ikenna” he said
“Thank you” Ikenna said; Oluchi was busy with her food and not looking at the men talking
“So what do you plan on doing” Roland asked
“I have a plan”
“Great then”
“According to Lillian, The elders will be having a meeting in two days” Ikenna said
“I will need you to transport me to the village in two days” Ikenna said
“Are you sure about that” Roland asked
“Don’t worry I have it under control” Ikenna said
“Ok if you say so” Roland replied; Ikenna opened his food and from nowhere Oluchi deeped her spoon in his food
“You still want more?” Ikenna asked
“Maybe just yours” she said as she ate, he smiled as he joined her
“I can get you more food” Roland said
“Thanks a lot but we’re good” Ikenna said
“No we are not, please get more food” Oluchi said; Roland smiled as he walked away
“So you like food like this” Ikenna said
“Continue talking, I will finish your food” she smiled as she ate; Ikenna began dragging the cooler with her playfully...

The elders had sent boys to the next village in search of Ikenna but they couldn’t find him...
Ikenna got in a car with Roland who drove him back to the village; the car pulled over by a bushy path
“Is this the final stop?” Roland asked
“Yes... I will take it from here, you can go back, thanks” Ikenna stepped out of the car
“Be careful” Roland said and Ikenna nodded and walked away...
He walked in the dark environment towards the meeting venue; he arrived a compound where he spotted eight men sitting and talking but he made sure to stay out of sight; suddenly he heard voices behind him, he quickly hid in the bush as three young men went passed him, he then moved closer to the meeting and overheard their talks
“The youths have not found him” Mazi Obi said
“The youths said they ran into the next village but still they went there and couldn’t find him” Mazi Uzor said
“Time is not on our side anymore” Mazi Evans said
“That man is highly powerful” Mazi Uba said
“I agree but we will get him” Mazi Obi replied
“he set over 10 youth on fire... how do you explain that” Mazi Chike said
“According to some villagers who were witnesses said, he commanded the fire from the burning building to consume them and the fire obeyed” Mazi Uba explained
“That is very unbelievable” Mazi Evans said
“It got worse that the men sent to his home to finish him off all died and not a single one alive” Mazi Uzor said
“I am afraid we may not get him” Mazi Ugonna said
“Mba!... We will get him... he must die” Mazi Obi
“He who wants to eat a tortoise must have very strong teeth to break its shell first... he is in for a very strong war” Mazi chike said
“Dead men tell no tale” Ikenna said as he came out from the darkness to the light; the chiefs were shocked
“how did you get here?” Mazi Ugonna asked with surprise
“Do not worry about that” Ikenna said
“You are wanted here and you had the guts to show up in our midst” Mazi Chike said
“You have the guts to talk about me” Ikenna said
“You are an abomination” Mazi Obi said
“An abomination? You mean like you tagged Lillian an abomination?... nobody is leaving here alive” Ikenna said
“You dared not threaten us” Mazi Obi said
“It looks like you are the one with the big mouth... okay tell me why you have mutilated bodies lying around sometimes and I will kill you last” Ikenna asked as he pulled out a gun and screwed a suppressor to the nozzle
“You have over stepped your limits” Mazi Obi said and he got a head shot immediately; the force from the bullet sends him crashing backwards from the bench to the ground and scaring others
“Nobody moves until I say so” Ikenna said and there was silence
“What you seek is beyond you” Mazi Evans said and Ikenna immediately shot him in the head and he dropped dead
“That is not the answer to what I asked... anybody else wanna come clean?” Ikenna asked
“Go to the high priest, he has the answers” Mazi Chike said with fear
“Where can I find him” Ikenna asked and suddenly all the elders began vomiting blood to Ikenna’s surprise
“What the hell?” Ikenna looked perplexed
“The high priest killed them” he knew lillian’s voice

“Why did he do that?” Ikenna asked
“There is something he doesn't want you to know” she said; suddenly loud barking is heard
“Oh shit!” Ikenna would never forget that sound from those beasts
“Those are the high priest dogs... come with me” Lillian said and led Ikenna away...

“How did it go?” Roland asked as Ikenna entered
“its been handled rightly” he said as he sat down
“W here is Oluchi?” he asked
“She is asleep” Roland said
“I will be inside if you need me... your food is in the kitchen” Roland said and walked into his room
“Thanks a lot” Ikenna said as he relaxed on the sofa
“We have to do this the hard way” Lillian said; he turned his head to face her
“How do you mean”
“The high priest is too powerful to take down now; you must first get my body”
“Ok?” he then sat up as he got interested
“It is the main source of their power”
“Like seriously|?” he said with surprise
“My God... so they murdered you for power sake” he said angrily
“Yes dear.... without my body in their hidden spot, the chief priest is powerless”
“Where do I find it” he asked
“In the land of Njaba”
“That name doesn't sound nice at all” he said
“Njaba is a ruthless demon” she said
“Okay, how do we take him down” he asked, she laughed lightly
“You are not taking him down... you are not fortified enough to stand against such creature” she said
“Ok what’s your plan” he said
“Land of Njaba is a spiritual land”
“And how do we get there”
“I can’t go in there with you”
“I don’t really know... Njaba probably put a seal against me so as to avoid me coming after him” she said
“I see... so how do I get in there”
“Through the evil forest... it might be difficult in there but you will overcome”
“Let’s hope so” he said
“My body is in the king’s palace, find a way into the palace” she said
“Dawn it... this is beginning to sound like Hit man’s Mission” he said
“This one is probably harder than Hit man’s ’” she said
“yeah, thanks for making me feel better” he replied with sarcasm
“You are welcome... you leave tomorrow” she said
“Alright then... I will get prepared” he said
“Please get enough rest” she said and disappeared...

Ikenna dressed in black suit; inside his jacket is two desert eagles .50 cal, one Smith and Wesson Revolver .500 cal and a school bag loaded with other weapons
“So how do you want to locate the body” Oluchi asked
“I don’t know yet, let me get it” he said
“So she didn’t tell you where exactly to look” Roland said
“Not really... she said it’s in the palace but couldn’t sense it because some higher power stopped her”
“I’m coming with you” Oluchi said
“Nice joke” Ikenna said
“I wasn’t joking” she said
“Hell no, you are not coming”
“I am coming with you|” she insisted
“Never” he said and she was silent
“I have to go now” he said the kissed her cheek and carried his bag then left; Roland drove him back to the village then he continued through the bush to his old house; arriving there he is surprised to see that the house had been burnt down, his car still lying in the bush, he walked to the back yard and into the bush as instructed by Lillian... she led him deep into the bush
“Wait..” she said
“What is it?” he asked
“Someone is following us” she said airily because she knew who it was
“Who could that be?” he asked
“Check behind that tree” Lillian said; he walked to the tree then quickly grabbed the person and pulled out to see Oluchi who screamed in fear
“What are you doing here” he asked
“I’m here to help you” she said
“I have all the help in this bag”
“Come on... those things can’t think, they can’t feel... I can” she said
“I can’t let you... it’s too dangerous” he said
“Oh come on... nothing is going to happen to me” she kissed him then hugged him
“You are still not coming” he said
“Let her come” Lillian said
“She could be of help” Lillian said; Ikenna looked at Oluchi who was smiling
“Why are you smiling” he asked
“I have a feeling Lillian said I can come” Oluchi said and Lillian smiled
“Ok on one condition” he said
“You will listen and obey without complains” he said
“Yes sir” she said, they continued
They arrived at a spot where big trees were painted white and some black; three black trees and two white trees
“This is the spot” Lillian said
“So what now” Ikenna asked
“There is a thread tied around that black tree” she said pointing, he walked close and saw the thread, a short red thread
“You are going to pull it to that white tree over there” she said as she pointed to the white tree
“But this thread is too short, can’t move one feet from here” he said
“This is magic honey... that rope can stretch round this planet 100 times” she said
“Wow” he was amazed as he looked at the rope
“Lillian?!” Oluchi said loudly with surprise
“You can see her?” Ikenna asked
“yes I can” Oluchi ran to Lillian and hugged her
“Oh my God... I can feel you too” Oluchi was excited
“You wouldn’t see me again after now... I can’t go in there with you both, there seems to be some higher power keeping me out probably because of my corpse” Lillian said
“I wish you can stay” Oluchi said
“I wish so too” Lillian held Oluchi's hands
“After now it will all be over... you need to help him get my body out... it is the source of their powers... you must bring it to our reality and burn it” Lillian said
“I will do my best... I will make sure they all die” Oluchi said, Lillian smiled
“I will miss you” Lillian said
“Me too... but I know we will meet again” Oluchi replied then hugged Lillian
“I will direct you on how to tie the rope” Lillian said
“Hold Oluchi’s hand as you do it and don’t let go of the rope or her hand” she instructed and they both obeyed; the black tree where the rope began was on the south of the forest
“Now pull the rope to the white tree on the north-east” she directed and he obeyed
“Make a C-turn round it then head to the black tree on the west, make a C-turn round it and head to the black tree on the east, make another C-turn then head to the white tree on the north-west, make a C-turn then head back to the black tree on the south then make a U- turn around it then let go of the rope” they obeyed, he lets the rope go and it fastened itself to the last tree and the rope began glowing brightly
“Stand in its centre” she said and they did; the rope glowed brighter and soon fire consumed the rope and they disappeared into the whirling wind; Lillian waved them goodbye until they disappeared then she disappeared too...
Re: Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna... By Danny Walker by 198800Mam(m): 12:44pm On Feb 11
Re: Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 5:08pm On Feb 11
Few weeks later...

Army Barracks
“Have you heard from the Agent” Colonel David asked
“Not yet sir” Scott replied
“Then make communications with him”
“I have tried that sir but his line is not going through”
“When last did you hear from him”
“Few weeks ago... but I think I should go over to his place” Scott said
“Please do... I need information” Colonel said and left hurriedly...

Scott arrived at Ikenna’s house to meet the shock of his life; he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, the whole house has been burnt down, Ikenna’s car was lying in the bush, the building had partly collapsed. Scott looked around the premises then walked to the building, he noticed the large holes in the building and immediately knew those were shots fired from heavy guns, what he didn’t understand was what had happened here. Who had fired those shots? How did they get such weapons? What happened to Agent Ikenna? He couldn’t bring answers to those questions just standing there, he then left the building, got on his bike and was about to leave when he saw two men approaching, he drove closer to them
“Good day gentlemen” Scott greeted
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” one said rudely
“I’m Lieutenant Scott” he said then pulled out his military ID, fear suddenly entered both men as they looked at each other and tried hiding it
“I would like to know what happened here and the where about of the man who lived here” he asked
“That man was a criminal... he committed a lot of sacrilege... he destroyed the village shrines, abused an elder, killed youths and conspired with his woman to eliminate the elders, which they successfully did”
“A woman? Which woman”
“Her name is Oluchi”
“What happened to the house?” Scott asked
“The youths came and burnt it down”
“I saw bullet holes, did the youths also do that” he asked
“I believe they did”
“And how did they get such weapons”
“That I do not know”
“And where is the man and the woman”
“Both ran off to the next village but the youths still couldn’t find them there”
Scott inhales deeply then exhales
“Thank you|” he said then drove off.
He made reports at the headquarters; soldiers were deployed into the community to capture the youths. Many youths got arrested and beaten to get information, most of the culprits were caught while others were freed; some youths had to run away from the village in order to save their lives.
All information gotten were pointing towards the elders of the community but unfortunately all the elders were dead, this brought their efforts back to zero...

Ikenna opened his eyes to find himself lying on the ground, he looed up but couldn’t see the sky enough because trees covered up everything, he quickly got up and looked around; a little puzzled to see himself still on the same spot (or so it seemed), he thought he’d probably find himself in a different world; he saw the trees where he tied the knots but this time the trees were not coloured and rope was not present. Suddenly he realized Oluchi was not around him as well as his weapons
“What the hell?” he said touching himself but not a single weapon was found
“Oh no... where is Oluchi” suddenly he heard screaming, that was definitely oluchi’s voice
“Oluchi!” he began tracing the voice; fortunately and unfortunately he found her but one the shoulder of a stranger and she appeared to be unconscious already; there were four strangers all dressed in ancient igbo attire; they were on wrappers of different colours, no shirt and had some traditional tattoos on their body; they saw Ikenna and paused
“Sorry but you have something that belongs to me” he said pointing to Oluchi, the men looked at each other, then one walked silently to Ikenna not knowing Ikenna was in rage mode he got close and Ikenna knocked him out immediately; surprise on the faces of the others.
Another walked to Ikenna with a big stick, he waved the stick at Ikenna who immediately held his arm, hit him on the ribs with his elbow then collected the stick from him and hit him on the stomach with the stick then on the head and he passed out.
The other two looked at each other, then the one carrying Oluchi whistled loudly
“Are you calling your dogs? Well then let them come” Ikenna mocked as he held the stick tightly and ready to strike and then suddenly two huge wolves appeared from under the earth, they were so fierce looking and appeared to be about 6 feet tall; their teeth were stained with blood; they were probably busy before they were summoned. Ikenna’s eyes widen in shock and he kind of lost his confidence, his grip on the stick weakened slowly
Re: Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 5:08pm On Feb 11
“O shit! Come on this is not fair” he complained, both men turned and left him to his fate in the hands of the beasts
“Hey! I will be back for the girl” he yelled out to them as they walked away
“You hear me?!!! You bush fuckers” he blasted; the snaring of the beasts brought back his attention as they began moving towards him slowly
“Hey relax, I don’t want to fight you” he tried explaining as he moved backwards and they advanced; he knew that if he didn’t do anything he would be torn to pieces
“hey! You like to play catch? Lets play” he slowly picked up a stick
“Fetch!” he threw it in another direction; the beasts looked at the stick as it flew in the air and landed on dry leaves then looked back at Ikenna
“I am so bleeped... I thought you liked to play” he said then picked another stick
“Come on try it... its fun... fetch” he threw another, this time higher and further; the beasts looked again and watched the stick reach the ground then looked back at Ikenna who was already on the run *baba don japa*...
The beasts stood watching Ikenna run then roared loudly before chasing him; Ikenna had quite the speed but they were catching up... Running to nowhere exactly but he knew he had to run; he began hearing the sound of falling waters, he knew he was approaching a water fall and he kept going, getting to the edge of the cliff, one of the beast got really close, Ikenna jumped off but not without getting a claw strike on his back, he screamed in pain as he descended down into the water.
The wave was quite strong but he held on to a rock and struggled to get to land, feeling dizzy, his knees weakened then suddenly dropped to his knees and then fell face flat; there were faint voices but he couldn’t see anyone...

Ikenna opened his eyes to see himself in a cage with other captives, he looked around the place, he saw his suit on the floor while the other in-mates stared at him; there were other cages, arranged horizontally and all full of people but the strange things was that everyone was quiet, looked dirty and depressed
“What the hell is going on here?” Ikenna said out loud and drawing the attention of other captives
“Be quiet” somebody said behind him, he turned to see four men
“What’s this place?” he asked
“Hell” another said
“It’s the last place you will ever see” another said
“So don’t bother shouting... we all are going to die”
“We all are surely going to die... but I ain’t dying in here” he said
“Sorry God can’t save you”
“Then I will save myself” Ikenna said
“Hey! Get me the hell out of here!” he shouted, other captives tried signalling him to be quiet but he refused
“Get me out of here and give me back my girl” he shouted as he struck the cage
“You will only make your death come faster” somebody said; three guards walked into the place and walked towards Ikenna
“Who is that idiot shouting” one of the guards asked
“Open the cage and find out” Ikenna said; one of them angrily opened the cage and like the speed of light a punch to the face of the man who opened the cage, anyone watching would have sworn that little blood from his nose spilled in the air as his neck jerked backwards and he falls to the ground, another attacked with a machete in his hand but a punch landed on his eye as the machete falls off his hand and he collapsed, the last one recived an elbow attack to his chest followed by a jaw breaking punch that slammed his head against the iron cage; all these happened in approximately 4 seconds... everyone began calling out to Ikenna
“Every man for himself” he said and began unlocking the cages, they all began running out to the exit, they were so much nut Ikenna let them all out. Ikenna walked to his cage then picked up his suit, dusted it then put it on; he walked outside to see chaos and bodies on the ground both captives and captors but more of captors; blood everywhere as the captives slaughtered the captors with machetes; the captives greatly out number the captors but then suddenly there came a black bus from nowhere and some men jumped down and opened fire on everyone.
Ikenna and some others quickly ran off to nowhere in particular; the bullets killed a lot as everyone scattered and sort a hiding spot; Ikenna kept running, he looked back to see two others running with him and in front was the end of the cliff
“Not again” Ikenna said
“There’s no road” one man said from behind; Ikenna made a quick stop and they did same; looking down they see a flowing river
“What do we do now?”
“We jump” Ikenna said
“What! That suicide” one protested; they hear gun firing behind them, they looked back to see some gun men coming at them
“We stand a better chance in the water” Ikenna said then jumped and they immideately followed...
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Re: Last Adventure Of Agent Ikenna... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 2:07pm On Feb 12
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