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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by collinometricx: 2:04pm On Feb 23
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 2:04pm On Feb 23
i invite myself
Ahhh broda nor vex for me o cheesy

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 2:04pm On Feb 23
Tnks man
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 2:05pm On Feb 23
The other seer get sense, my guy change mouth once.
Silver you nor invite me but I invite myself but wait Pious and Francis dey here too asking since I saw Lakuyada and ogini
Nor mind me broda
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 2:06pm On Feb 23
Oshey, I don camp for here, fire on my guy
Welcome bro
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 2:07pm On Feb 23
So the king chose to believe the one who lied.

Thanks silver for this new story
U welcome dear
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 2:14pm On Feb 23
Please for those who have been sending me emails, please this is my WhatsApp number biko...08147562279

Kindly text me, I can't remember the password I opened my nairaland gmail with and I've lost the phone number, this is just the reason I can't reply your emails.

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Slimynonny: 9:04pm On Feb 23
Shey u didnt invite me but no qualms im here with my mattrass....ride on abro

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 1:15am On Feb 24
KINGS(7 Days Of Choas)

First Episode titled A dinner with the chiefs is dropping today by 2pm.....

Be here..., because heads are about rolling.....


Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by collinometricx: 2:25am On Feb 24
KINGS(7 Days Of Choas)

First Episode titled A dinner with the chiefs is dropping today by 2pm.....

Be here..., because heads are about rolling

E too early

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Ayanfe29(f): 6:31am On Feb 24
KINGS(7 Days Of Choas)

First Episode titled A dinner with the chiefs is dropping today by 2pm.....

Be here..., because heads are about rolling.....

Will be patiently waiting!!!

I'd definitely love to be your guest!
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by kelvyncruz: 10:11am On Feb 24
I'm definitely waiting...
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by sly12345: 11:15am On Feb 24
KINGS(7 Days Of Choas)

First Episode titled A dinner with the chiefs is dropping today by 2pm.....

Be here..., because heads are about rolling.....
Chiefs again undecided
Isorite, I'm waiting, 3 hours left
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by purity23(f): 11:33am On Feb 24
KINGS(7 Days Of Choas)

First Episode titled A dinner with the chiefs is dropping today by 2pm.....

Be here..., because heads are about rolling.....
Silver we should change your name to killy killy master. grin

I will definitely be here by 2
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 2:09pm On Feb 24
EPISODE TITLE- A Dinner With The Chiefs

The mirror had that patina of age over the bronze frame, likewise the surface of the glass was splotched black in places. Queen Tiger stood and stared at herself, or at least the distorted image of herself. The mirror showed her the woman the world saw, all they saw, somehow it didn't seem right. Inside she was fireworks and rage, less love and frustrations, ambition and fear. All they saw was dark hair and the kind of eyes one forgets while you're still looking at them. She ran a finger over the frame, feeling its cool ridges and grooves and the layer of dust that clung. Perhaps she should remove it, it doesn't suit her preference anyway....

When the door opened, her eyes stare at the reflection of the maid from the mirror.., her eyelids dropped before words leaped out of her mouth...

"Is the king ready....?"She asked over her shoulder...

"Yes queen Tiger....."

She squinted before raising her hand slightly above her shoulder.., motioning the maid to leave..., she preen at herself once more before trotting towards her king size bed.....

Her eyes stun the door when it reopen..., her face dropped realizing it's her daughter who just walked in....

"Mother..."Maria, the princess called out crisply....."Aren't you going there...?"

The corners of queen Tiger eyes crinkled as she raise her face to look at her daughter....."That stupid father of yours certainly have plans for this ridiculous dinner with the chiefs....and you're not dressed, why are you not dressed...?"

She batted her lashes before speaking up...."I'm not going..."

"You have no choice, this is a dinner with the chiefs, your father is the host and such dinner demands the entire family of the host to be present...."

"Father hasn't consider me part of his family..., not even for once..."

"Maria..."Queen Tiger snarled..."Go and get dressed..."

"I'm not joking mother..., I'm not going there...."

"The hell you are..."Queen Tiger growled...."So get to your room and get dressed....."

"You're beginning to sound like father..."She snapped with knitted brows..

"I am your father's wife and the queen of this kingdom and you are the princess..., your absence will demean the royal name..."

"I do not care about the royal name...."She fling back deeply infuriated

"Do not push me young lady...."Queen Tiger retorted..."Now go to your room, get dressed and come to dining...."

"Mum...."She sneer...."I'm not joking..."

"Yes you are...., I won't repeat myself again Maria..., go to your room and get something to wear and bring your ass to the dining...."

"I'm not sitting with those old men..."

"They're the chiefs, you'll respect them...."

"I'm not going.."

Queen Tiger scoff before walking over to pick the room intercom up....
"I need two maids in my room now..."Queen Tiger said when the call connected...., she dropped the intercom and walked back to sit on the bed..

"Seriously...!"Maria stated...."You calling the maids on me..."

"You've lost your damn senses..."Queen Tiger retorted....

"My senses are full and intact mum, you on the other hand have lost yours...."

Queen Tiger furrowed her brows...

"Your husband is a beast..."Maria sneer...."And the sad thing mum, you never find fault on every bad thing he does..., he treats me like shit and you stay quiet about it...., I can't wait for the seer's words to come to pass.., I can't wait for that animal in a royal attire to die....."

"Enough...."Queen Tiger snarled standing up to meet her....."Enough of your trans.., your father ruled with an iron fist as should he...."

"Too bad the iron fist extended to his family and you can't see anything wrong in it....., you're the worst mum...."

Queen Tiger gawked before slapping her.....

Maria grimaced at the unexpected hot slap....

"You'll show me some respect or I'll teach how it's given..."Queen Tiger groaned before a light knock sounded on the door...

She glared at Maria who was still taunt by the hotness of the slap.....
"Come in..."Queen Tiger said before turning to sit on the bed....

The door open and two maids as requested walked into the room...

"Greetings queen Tiger..."The maids said in unison....

"Take my daughter to her room and dress her up..."She scowled glowering at Maria...

"Yes Queen Tiger..."One of the maids said and attempted to touch the princess...

"Do not touch me..."Maria snarled making the maid to quickly retreat..

"Move her..."Queen Tiger growled...."Drag her by the hair if you must, and if she resist, hit her hard...."

With the command, the maids quickly grabbed her but Maria fought them off and yanked her hands from their grip..., she glared at her mother before furiously walking out of the room herself, the maids distantly walking behind her...

Tables laden with delicacies line the walls. Everything you can think of, and things you have never dreamed of were in rich aroma for the king, the queen and the chiefs, some of the chiefs dug into the rich food with ravenous hunger while others ate with style like the food was poisoned....

"Your majesty....."Caleb, chief Miguel's son and also an arranged fiance for princess Maria call out....."I must say you aren't not just a great king but a good host with an admirable taste...."

King Zaran chuckle...."I'm happy son, today I learnt i will live and reign forever...."

The chiefs rolled their eyes at each other but none bothered to talk despite knowing the truth....

"Your majesty...."Chief Borgias, one of the wealthiest man the kingdom has ever known chimes in..., his family was known for their contribution in the establishment of the now great and enviable Saruza kingdom.....

"I thought nobody lives forever...."Chief Borgias continue breaking out from the circle of the silent ones....."Death certainly comes for everyone at some point..., isn't that right Miguel...?"

The corners of chief Miguel quirked up before he gave chief Borgias a lopsided grin ...."Since when did you start asking me questions in meetings like this..., or could it be one of your cheap ploys to humiliate me in front of the king and his family...."

"Come on Miguel..."Chief Borgias sass...."Can't we atleast put our differences aside and enjoy this euphoric moment...."

"Well I'm not the one with the fat grudge..."Chief Miguel retorted

"Stop it...."King Zaran jump in..."I'll not have you two quarrel like little girls in my palace..."

"Your majesty..."Chief Borgias chimes in..."We were just...

"Enough...."King Zaran shut him off brusquely....."That's enough from the both of you..., we are here to celebrate my longevity given to me by the gods, anything contrary to that will be seem as a crime and all crimes comes with consequences....."

"Your majesty...."Caleb cut in with a smile...."I'm sorry to break the mood but am getting sting by it's foul odour..., and now only the presence of my gracious one will light up my mood.."

King Zaran look around in search of Maria, queen Tiger noticed it and she quickly spoke up before the king asked...

"She's getting dressed...."Queen Tiger said

"Getting dressed...!"King Zaran reiterated furiously....."That daughter of yours must be messing with me....."

"That's why I have no daughter...."Chief Borgias chimes in...."They think they're too pretty to sit with their father..."

Slimed with his words, Queen Tiger shift her gaze to him..."Chief Borgias.., everyone in this kingdom knows you couldn't bear a daughter because your wife's stomach couldn't carry another child after your son....."

"We chose not to have another child..."Chief Borgias returned abashed

"Oh really...."Queen Tiger sass..."And here I am thinking the rumours were true...."

"What rumours...?"Chief Borgias asked

Not bothering to answer his question, queen Tiger flickers her gaze to her daughter who was now approaching them...

"Oh here she comes...."She said with a smile...

Smouldering in a stony look, Maria walked into the arms of Caleb as he dragged out a chair for her....

"Princess...."Caleb pout kissing her back palm...

Maria faked smile but didn't say a word...

"More wine....."King Zaran ordered..

The maids quickly rushed in and began to pour wine into their glasses....

"I heard the savage king of Zulugua will be paying our world a visit....."Chief Muguel said...

"We don't need the likes of Lakuyada in our world...."Queen Tiger said before taking a sip of her glass of wine......

"Why is he coming here....?"Chief Borgias asked......

"Aren't the missionaries he slayed enough..."Chief Borgias added when he got no reply the first time....

"He's my friend..."King Zaran said..."I invited him myself...."

"Lakuyada and his mother Anesia are two parts that makes up the devil, why invite them into our land.....?"Queen Tiger said

"I heard he slaughtered an entire village because they accepted the foreign God as they call it..."Caleb chimes in with a cringe at Maria....."People are crumbling under his rule and many craved the days of ogini, the water god..."

"He made himself the new god....."Chief Borgias interject...."He calls himself La-kus-ma and when the villagers pray to him, they say blessed be the name of la-kus-ma, all praise the name of our god la-kus-ma..."

"La-kus-ma, what does that mean..?"Queen Tiger asked

"It means the one who's greater than the greatest...."King Zaran replied...

Chief Borgias scoff..."He think he's greater than ogini and the God who defeated ogini..., and I heard he intends to expand his domain to this part of the world..., his intentions clearly depicts the whole world to worship him......"

"That king is a psycho....."Caleb said brusquely....."If he moves out of his secluded area and set a foot in our land...., he'll catch a bullet even before he realizes it...."

"Easy Caleb..."King Zaran said...."That's my friend you called a psycho...."

"Forgive me your majesty....."He said with a cringe at Maria who quickly pretended to be eating....."But his intentions really sound funny...."

A smirk circled his lips showing he wasn't happy with the way his friend was been spoken about....

"I heard bullets don't penetrate him..."Queen Tiger said....

"Well there must be something that can kill him..."Chief Borgias said...."No man is invincible..."

King Zaran wanted to speak up but then he felt his inside burning..., the hot sensation made him push away the chair and quickly lour to the ground, what followed was blood gushing out from his mouth....

Everyone on the table quickly rushed to his side....

"Your majesty..."Queen Tiger called out...

His breathe came in taunts, rising and falling rapidly....

"Someone call the doctor....."Queen Tiger latched out.....

King Zaran eyes narrowed with repugnance, he tried to talk but quickly realised how useless it was when he began fading....., just when he was lifted up to be taken to the hospital, he died and gave up the ghost...

Shock engulfed everyone and they stare at each other, each suspecting the other.....

Queen Tiger let go of him and quickly carried the food he was eating....

"Oh God....."Maria whimpered...."He was poisoned..."

Queen Tiger smelled the food and quickly raise her furious gaze at the chiefs....."Who killed my husband..?"she latched out

"The king....."A voice shouted from behind..., when they turn their gaze to the direction of the voice, they saw Sulieman, the king's special adviser.....

"The king is dead...."Sulieman said before shutting King Zaran's eyes.....

"If he was poisoned...."Chief Borgias interjects..."We would all be dead...."

"Call all the guards and maids..."Sulieman ordered...."Someone killed the king...."

"And who could that person be...?"Chief Miguel asked anxiously...

"Who knows if you did it...."Chief Borgias said brusquely...

"Are you crazy....?"Chief Miguel snarled...

"You're the crazy one.."Chief Borgias yelled..."You've always wish the king dies and now he's dead, look at your face..., you're secretly smiling because your plans worked...."

Engulfed with rage, queen Tiger walked out and returned with a rifle...., deeply infuriated with the chief's quarrel, she cocked the barrel and shot into the roof spreading silence and fear among the maids all over the palace.....

"My husband, your king is dead..."She yelled...."And all you could do is nag and wail like stupid women...., I'm going to ask for one last time.., who amongst you killed my husband...?"

"Drop the gun queen Tiger..."Chief Borgias said....."We were all here when the king fell down and die..., so maybe your question should be directed to the girls who cooked the food....."

"But you just said the food wasn't poisoned..."Caleb said...

"Well something killed the king...."Chief Borgias raved at him....

"It's the glass..."Sulieman jump in after smelling the glass...."The poison was in the king's glass...., he must have gulp it down when he drank from it...."

Awe wrapped it's cold hands around the palace workers when Ikoro, the most feared and powerful chief priest of the land appeared....

Queen Tiger glared at Ikoro as he trot towards king Zaran dead body....

"Ikoro...."Chief Borgias..."Can you tell us who killed the king...?"

Ikoro shook his head, then he looked from Queen Tiger to Maria before shifting his gaze to the chiefs......

"When the chicks of a hen become a hen, they go their separate ways...."Ikoro said

"What is that even supposed to mean...?"Queen Tiger retorted

"It means what it means dear queen..."Ikoro returned......"The king is dead but the throne isn't and per our custom, when a king dies, his son succeeds him within seven days..., and within these seven days, if the king's son doesn't climb the throne, succession will be shift from the beholder to the next eligible person..."

"That is so disrespectful....."Queen Tiger scowled, a tear falling from her eye, my husband, the king just died, and he's still lying in the place of his death, he was murdered and we are yet to find his killer and all you could drive out from your mouth is succession...."

"It's the tradition..."

"What tradition make this mockery of a king...., as eyes of the gods you should know better than this...."

"Only a fool will ignore tradition..."Iroko riposte

"Only a fool will treat a king like this..."She said back irritated..."The king was a great man..."

"The king was a fool..."Ikoro snarled..."Just because no one had the guts to say it to his face doesn't change the fact that he was a fool who made a fool's decision and died a fool's death..."

"This is not right..."Maria cut in...."My father doesn't deserve this..."

Iroko glowered at her before turning to face queen Tiger...."Bring your son back home to take the throne before the end of these seven days and the king's body shouldn't be moved from the palace until the crown prince is back....."He said before disappearing..

"He has got to stop doing that...."Caleb mutter still shocked by Ikoro appearing and disappearing.......

"Today is really a sad day for us all..."Chief Borgias said....

Nostril flaring with anger, Queen Tiger's eyes flickered from chief Borgias to chief Miguel, her mind quaking with possibilities that one of them killed her husband....

"Sulieman..."Queen Tiger stated with a deadly cringe at the chiefs..."Arrange for my husband's body to be taken to the central room.., and let it be known, I shall find my husband's killer...., and when I do....., even heaven will not stop me from wrecking havoc on that person...., whoever they are, they'll pay in triple folds...., I, queen Tiger said it...."



Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Christipsy(m): 2:54pm On Feb 24
E don land o o thanks so much silver1996 bt this dying na wa o o
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by purity23(f): 3:26pm On Feb 24
None of them like the king, the reaction is just too obvious.

Thanks for keeping your word silver.

Am suspecting somebody o but let me keep my thoughts to myself for now
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by collinometricx: 3:27pm On Feb 24
It yaf stated
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by purity23(f): 3:27pm On Feb 24
E don land o o
thanks so much silver1996 bt this dying na wa o o
As in the dying en, na big wa
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by kelvyncruz: 3:59pm On Feb 24
Mad oo, silver you too much, can't wait for the next episode

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Christipsy(m): 4:04pm On Feb 24
As in the dying en, na big wa
de thing slf tire me o o dear
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by showgoeson: 6:37pm On Feb 24
The kings are always dying

Thanks for the update

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by sly12345: 8:58pm On Feb 24
Oshey let's go
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by petersononome: 11:58pm On Feb 24
Thank you for the wonderful update silverman

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Mavikolo2020: 1:06pm On Feb 25
The king don just die shocked

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Ann2012(f): 6:00pm On Feb 25
Bye!!!!! King Zaran wink

Thanks for the update

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 1:38am On Feb 26



The sigh that escaped Kess's dry lips was slow, as if his brain needed that time to process the transfer..., he was actually here.., away from Akpatu and now in Saruza... his eyes remain fixed on the door as he took another deep breathe before knocking on the DPO's office door....

"Come in.."A baritone voice rumbled from inside...

Jutting his bottom lip, he place his hand on the knob and turn it down...
"Good morning sir..."Kess greeted....

"You're the transfer officer from......

"Akpatu sir..."Kess jump in

"How many years where you there.....?"The DPO asked

"12years sir..."

"12years..., that's a whole long time..."

"Yes sir....."Kess said before another knock rumble on the door....

"Come in..."The DPO said

Kess sigh again lifting his tension as a female police walked into the office....

"This is Dorathy...."The DPO said pointing at the female police...."She's your partner...."

Kess widen his brow making it obvious he doesn't want a female partner.....

"Inspector Kess..."Dorathy said, a smile playing on her lips...."It's really nice seeing you in person, I heard about your many exploits in Akpatu..."

Kess nibbed..."Seems my reputation precedes me..."

"It sure does..."

"I'll relief you two..." The DPO chimes in..."Dorathy will show you to your office and put you through some of the cases that are yet to be solved, she'll also tell you how things are done here...."

A muscles twitch at the corners of Kess eyes at the DPO's last statement...."Yes sir..."

"Dorathy..., treat him well.."

Dorathy smile slipped..."Yes sir...."

Hands folded across his chest, Kess watch as Dorathy pull the cloth from the board revealing the pictures of the suspects.....

"Who are these people...?"Kess asked curiously walking closely to take a better look at the board....

"The rulers of this kingdom..."Dorathy said...."Let me explain..."

Kess nib and gave her a go ahead....

"My late partner..."Dorathy began..."The man you replaced was onto a case and he found some clues before he got murdered..."

"What case..?"Kess asked

"A drug case..., a drug has been killing people in this kingdom, people call it the killer, my partner found clues on who was supplying these drugs and he got murdered for it...., but before he died, we prepared a list of suspects, here in the top, is chief Borgias..."

"Chief Borgias.....!"Kess reiterated

"Yes chief Borgias..., rumour has it, he's the most influential man in this kingdom...., he has vass lands and companies overseas...., while he is staying here is what nobody knows...."She face the board again and touch the next person...."This is Chief Miguel..., he's the second most richest, though people say he has hidden wealth somewhere but nobody really knows what he's made of...., Intel tells us he intends marrying his son to the princess but that isn't our concern..., our main concern here is one of these rich men could be calling in the orders of that drug or making the drugs themselves....."

Kess nibbed and pointed at a name without a picture...."Who's that...?"

"That's the Godfather....."

"The Godfather...!"

"Yes, the Godfather, we don't know his true name but that's what people call him, no one knows who he is, no one knows where he stays or what he looks like, the man is a ghost...."

"So why is he a suspect...?:

"He's the one calling the shots...., everyone we've arrest always confess one name, the Godfather..., the man is a legend and a ghost....."

"So could it be the Godfather is making and supplying the drugs..?"

"That could be a possibility but chasing a name is like going on a wild goose chase..., it's useless...., but my partner got a lead before he died..., he suspects they are making these drugs here..."She said ruling a name...."The saluit house..."

"The saluit house..."

"It's an abandoned house at the outskirt of town...., the house was abandon because the occupants complained the house was been haunted by it's former occupants.., they moved out and up till now no one has gone near the place or even think of building any house around it...., the place is secluded and that's why my former partner and I have reasons to believe they are making the drugs there...."

"If that's true, then we should go there immediately..."Kess said agitated

Dorathy sigh...."We can't now...., the king died last night.., he was murdered in the palace while they were eating dinner.."

"Not again..."Kess leared.....

"He was having dinner with his family and the chiefs when he suddenly dropped dead...., they say he was poisoned...."

"The chiefs killed him...."Kess concluded abruptly

Dorathy scoff...."Look, I understand a lot of things happened in Akpatu..., heard the chiefs killed the king and the king son came for revenge but this is Saruza, whoever gets murdered here, the killer is a ghost...."

"Well things are about to change...."Kess said....."Because I won't rest until all the killers in this town are behind bars..."

Dorathy smile...."I like your boldness but you still need to understand that this isn't Akpatu..., this is Saruza, here you thread with an extreme caution or something will hit you..."

Rage building like deep water currents, Queen tiger stepped into the central room where her husband body is laid on the table...., she frowned at the stench and walked close to the body......

"You fool..."Queen Tiger growled...

She move slowly around it, her eyes glowering at the body....."If someone hasn't killed you, I would have killed you myself..., you were nothing but a condensing ungrateful rat that I made king..., I worked my ass to this level to put you in that position when the shadows tried to snatch your father's throne.., but how did you treat me.., you stepped on me like a church rat you ungrateful mòron..."

She furrowed her brows as she glare at King Zaran body...."I was everything you had..., I backed you up, I defended you and what did you do to pay me back.., you put me aside like a torn shirt after everything I did for you...., it's good you're dead Zaran...."

Nostril flaring, she lean her head closer to his face...."Rot in hell king Zaran...."

"Queen Tiger..."Sulieman called out from the door....

Queen snuffed before raising her head to face Sulieman......

"Who killed him....?"Queen Tiger sneer...

"The maids are saying they know nothing of the kings dead..."Sulieman said walking closer to her...

"You think they're telling the truth...?"

"They might be telling the truth...., I keep asking myself this question, why kill the king in the same time he was having dinner with the chiefs....?"

"Your questions are irrelevant here Sulieman..."Queen Tiger retorted...."I want his killer found...."


"Certainly won't do it..., find the person, give the maids and the guards a harsh treatment until someone speaks up.., someone poisoned that food, it's either a maid, a guard or one of the chiefs...."

"I was actually of the thought that someone disguised herself as a maid to poison that glass...."

"Your thoughts and assumptions are wasting my time Sulieman..."Queen Tiger groaned..."I want results.., I may not like the king when he was alive but I won't be laughed at as a queen whose husband was killed under her nose and she did nothing to bring his killer down...., that will not be my dynasty....., someone killed the king, someone must pay...."

"I swear to you queen Tiger..., whoever killed the king will be found..."

"Good..."She sneer and walked past him

"The police are here..."Sulieman chimes in over his shoulder stopping Queen Tiger in her tracks...

"What do they want...?"She asked not bothering to look back to face him..

"They must have heard what happened last night, they seek your presence...."

"Tell them I can't be seen now.., whatever they want, you take care of it..."She ordered before walking out...

Sulieman glance at the king's body....
"Rest in peace..."He said and walked out of the room closing the door behind him...

Restless, Kess look around the palace and his head brood over king Pious and his wife Giselle and how they beautify their once burnt palace into a new palace that the people cherish...

"You thinking something...?"Dorathy chimes into his thought..

"No.."Kess replied shapily...."I'm just getting pissed by the wait..., it's taking too long for the queen to come here.."

"She's the queen Kess..."Dorathy said crossing her hands over her chest...."And she's in mourning..."

Kess sniff and fixed his gaze on Sulieman who was now approaching them...

"The queen can't see you now..."Sulieman said..

"But we want to see her..."Kess riposte, his right hand settling on his pistol strapped on his waist...

Sulieman threw him a stony look..."The queen cannot see you now...."

"Why...?"Kess queried...

Sulieman glare at him but didn't reply..

"Well is there anyone we can talk to...?"Dorathy cut in

"You can talk to me..."Sulieman said...."What is it you want...?"

Kess raise a brow at the flimsy question...

"We're here to ask questions...."Dorathy said...

"We're already doing the questions..."Sulieman retorted....

"With all due respect sir..."Kess cut in..."Do we need to remind you who we are...?"

"And with all due respect officer..."Sulieman fling back..."This is the palace, we've customs and laws that govern us...."

"So do we..."Kess riposte brusquely....."And ours demand we find the king's murderer..."

"Well I'm going to tell you you come back some other time of-fi-cer...."

"Why should we do that....?"Dorathy asked..."What happened to today...?"

"I don't have to explain anything to anyone.."Sulieman replied..."So excuse me officers...."

"You're obstructing justice..."Kess said..

Sulieman scoff..."You must be new to town because everyone in this town knows justice is a far word..., Saruza and justice doesn't do well.., ask your superiors.."

"Well things are about changing sir..."Kess returned...."So I'll kindly ask you to listen to what we have to say.., if you force us to leave, I'll be force to put you under arrest....."

"For what crime exactly...?"Sulieman queried...

"For been a hindrance to catching a murderer....."

Sulieman chuckle......"Tell me officer, how many murderers in this town have the police caught....?"

Kess nibbed and look at Dorathy who shook her head..

"None..."Sulieman continue.."Every body is a saint in Saruza, that's why the police aren't doing a damn thing...."

"Still..."Kess said..."We demand you stay out of our way and let us do our job..."

"Do you know your job..?"Sulieman asked

"Perfectly well sir...."Kess replied with full confidence..

Dorathy nearly smiled but she held it in before turning her attention to Saruma..."It's been brought to our attention that the king was murdered last night while he was having dinner with his family and the chiefs..."

"We need a thorough list of all the palace workers..."Kess said..."The ones who served the dinner should be boldly pinpoint out...., we'll start a legal interrogation from there..."

"I'll relay your message to the queen....."Sulieman said, a fake smile accompanying his words...

"Do that..."Kess smirked before letting him go...

Dorathy smile after Sulieman left...."You did great..."

Kess grit before replying her...."These kind of men need to be handle with an iron fist..., go soft on them and they see you as nothing..., I've been in this game before..., you need to be tough to win..."

"Akpatu must have taught you alot..."

"You have no idea...."

Maria quickly jump out of the bed when a light knock sound on her door....., she smile when she saw the palace guard standing in front of her.., she look at both sides of the corridor, when she saw no one in sight, she dragged the guard in and close the door...

"Princess, we have to stop seeing like this..."Aaron, the palace guard said...

"Kiss me..."Maria mutter lightly reaching for his penis in his trouser...

Aaron flinch and push her aback slightly...."I can't do this to you right now, you're in mourning..."

Maria look askance at him before she burst into laughter......
"Arr you kidding me...?"She ask ceasing the laughter..."Who in this palace isn't happy the tyrant king is dead..."

"You are the daughter of the tyrant king.."

"Was the daughter of the tyrant king..."Maria corrected reaching for his dick again..."I'm glad that fool is dead...., tell me you are too..."

Aaron sigh at the sensation he was getting as her hands roam on his penis.....
"Its just like you said..."Aaron mutter..."Everyone is happy he's dead...."

Maria smile..."Come to bed..., let's have sex..."

"I can't princess..., I need to get back to my duty post..."

"I decide where your duty post is, and now I'm saying your duty post is in my bed..."

"I can't Princess..., I'll get fired if I don't get back.."

"You really want to leave me here...?"She queried stepping away from him....

"You know why I can't stay here princess..."

"I told you, you don't have to worry about your job, as long as we're together, nobody can fire you..."

"The king may be gone, but you know how your mother is..., she doesn't take shit, I doubt she'll listen to you when you plead on my behalf..."

"Let me worry about my mother..."She said stepping closer to him.., but then the door swung open and she quickly jump back....

Rage seething her insides, she yelled at the intruder...."What is this Caleb....?"

Caleb glare at Aaron before turning his gaze to Maria....

"Why didn't you knock...?"Maria hollered..

"Forgive my manners princess..."Caleb said stepping closer to her..."In a rush to see your lovely face this morning, I forgot to knock..."

"You need to respect my privacy...."Maria snapped..

"What are you still doing here...?"Caleb growled at Aaron over his shoulder..

Heart wrecked with fear, Aaron bow before stepping out of the room...

"What was that moròn doing here...?"Caleb queried...

Maria furrowed her brows..."What does it seem like he was doing here...?"

"I Don't know, you tell me...."

"He was here to give me a message from my mother..."She lied with all forms of seriousness

Caleb smile...."I miss you, keep thinking about you all night..."

Maria scoff and sat back on the bed..., Caleb lean closer and attempted to kiss her on the neck, but she flinch then stood up...

"Caleb I'm in mourning..."She retorted..."I don't have time for this...."

"Oh, I'm sorry..."He mutter abashed...

"You should leave...."She said..

He widened his brows..."What...?"

"I said you should leave..."She reiterated

"I just got here.."

"Well it's obvious you aren't here to console me..., I'm already feeling sad, I don't need your presence to worsen it..."

He suck on his teeth and trot towards her...."Don't do this..."

"Do what...?"

"Act like you loved the king.."

She scoff in repugnance...."He was my father..."

"Who you hate with so much passion..., did you kill him..?"

Anger flood her nerves and she quickly stepped away from him..."Are you crazy, how dare you accuse me of killing my own father..."

"I'm not accusing, I'm only asking....."

"Get out.."She yell...

"I'm your fiance princess..."

She frown at the sudden reminder..."Well maybe we should cut this bullshut arranged engagement..., afterall, the anchor is dead"

He sniff..."You think because the king is dead the wedding plans won't go on...., our engagement was sealed with blood, do you know what that means....., it means if you try to chicken out of this marriage..., you'll die...."

"What if you die before then...?"She asked crisply, anger seething her insides..

He walk closer to her and bore his eyes into hers...."Are you going to kill me....?"

When he got no reply, he threw her a smile and walk to the door....."You know we shouldn't be fighting, because after these seven days given to your brother to return..., we will have the greatest wedding the world has ever known..., kisses princess of my heart...."

She boiled with anger as she watch him leave....before she wished and prays he dies a horrible death....



Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 1:53am On Feb 26
E don land o o
thanks so much silver1996 bt this dying na wa o o
Nor mind me jare
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 1:54am On Feb 26
None of them like the king, the reaction is just too obvious.

Thanks for keeping your word silver.

Am suspecting somebody o but let me keep my thoughts to myself for now
U welcome dear
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 1:56am On Feb 26
grin You welcome broda
The kings are always dying

Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by kelvyncruz: 7:07am On Feb 26
Wow, my guy Kess is here, thanks for the update o
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Palmerbarry: 7:47am On Feb 26
Nice one Silverman.

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