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Five and Six by Creeza(m): 5:12pm On Apr 03, 2020
Hey there. It's one of your favourite writers, back with something new. Only this time : I went pro.
I've had this story in my docs for a while and it's 85℅ done. And hey, I'm like derrmm it, I know I have plans of making cash out f this but what good will it do me if this gets stuck in my drive and probably the world ends( Lol) and screw me nobody eventually gets to read it?

That would be a crazy one. Lol
So I decided: Let's make this free. It has taken me a year and seven lunar cycles already to write and re-write but fuxck it, Its free.

I don't care anymore. If I'm a writer, I will never run dry of stories to tell in the future and ofcourse I believe even you, yes you, reading this right now, have a bright one too. Its a long long road into the future you know? We will get there.

And What more can I do? This period a lot of people need distractions to keep them from being bored and stuff.

Alright. I’ll quickly drop this and the next will be the beginning.... Thank you for reading this intro.


Mathew Panshark has a lot of cases up his sleeves until his president orders him to look into a more pressing issue. A young inventor alongside three senators had been missing for 24 hours.

In the wake of events, an ex-criminal is brought into the picture only to realise his former boss is a suspect. Jeremiah Osas aka Jerry as he is fondly called is offered total redemption in exchange for his services as a hitman- The youngest and brutal of them all.

But Jerry Osas is no fool, he could see very clearly, the handwriting of the people he was working for and that of the devil they had porn with boldly written on the walls in corridors of power.

Chief amongst these being the infamous task of saving the world and Miss Kelly Green might cost him the life of his fiance ; Ife Melody Chinedum.

Will he survive this one? Or be used and tossed back into the slums where they found him a year ago? Dead or alive?

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 5:31pm On Apr 03, 2020
Five and Six
A Thriller Novel by
Jamin Jay

First Edition
GreatNext Media , 19th Street EDPA , Benin City, Edo State. Nigeria
All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or reprinted in any format without prior authority from the publishers. Except a few pages or except sorely for the purpose of review or constructive criticism on blogs, social media, threads or any format transferable. ©

To God for the privilege of waking everyday and sticking to the initial plan.

To my Nairaland Famz turned family, you guys have really made me a percentage better of the man I am today. Through the criticism and the comments and everything.

And to everyone going through difficulties in life you have to remember it’s just a phase. Hold on!


To D. N, for your kindness and patience.
To M. C, for loving me and then breaking me. Showing me that feelings aren't truly what they seem. And being broken doesn't mean you can't pick up the pieces.

To My dad, U.E, for showing me hidden secrets in books. And for loving me, rescuing me in times of trouble and forgiving every mistake even when it's unforgivable.

To my big bro, U. Jnr, for being my eagle in the darkness of life showing me the right path to light and persisting even when I was unyielding.

To my mom, J. E, for all your support and kindness.

To my big T. Words cannot explain how much I owe you my brother.

To K. N for loving me even when I was in love with someone else. I remain your biggest and number one fan.

This is something new.. Call it forbidden fiction.

Episode 1 - Millions

Kelly Green

The wind was intense below the airplane shaft. The altitude stabbed angrily with a negative attitude and I was in no haste to sweep this fact under the carpets of my imaginative mind. One could see, if they were calm enough, to slow down time, and their heart pumping furiously inside it’s space, that the terrain down was a blind blanket of blue deadly greyish clouds. A death trap.
“ What?” He yelled back at me.
I replied with fear “ I’m not doing this. I’m not jumping”
He grabbed his parachute and wore them.
“ Can you fly this thing? He came at the top of his voice.
“ No! - but I’d rather die up here than down there”
“Be my guest“ he replied” the pilot is dead by the way” he decompressed his oxygen mask. “ But I’m not leaving you here. I’ll kill you myself, with my bare hands when you are useless”
“ My dad will get you for this. For this – arrrrrrrghhhh ” My yelling was cut short when a force kicked me from behind.
I found myself in mid air with no one beside me but the devil himself , smiling while we floated aimlessly in the sky. We dropped down super fast. And it was super scary. I screamed all I could. Or did I picture myself screaming? Strange!
He held on to my palms and smiled away. In seconds , a white light and darkness covered my eyesight.


“ You'd make a hell of a hitman one day. I believe so much in it. I know what I'm planning for you. Plans not of bad intentions but to bring hope and respect back to the brotherhood” Ray's words came like a thunderbolt in a mild milkshake to my memory.
He had casually tapped my shoulder. This happened at an abandoned warehouse immediately after a gun fight with Phillip's faction of the Kvng Naziz- our gang - a year ago and half.
There had been something in Ray's eyes. Something more than mentorship, mentorship? No! Give or take dictatorship in a friendly manner: an elder brother's care; Ray had adjusted my collar“ one day, Twelve. One day. Come hell or highwater and guess what son, : I am hell and I am highwater! ”

“ How can Matthew request we pack up in such a short notice. It's simply outrageous! It's a Sunday morning for God's sake. Arrrghhhh!!!!- and why the heck-? Ife brought me back to the present day with her voice.

“ Jerry? Oh God! Jerry?! Another endless mind mapping. You know what? - just forget it”
She struggled to haul a luggage to the centre of the room. For a moment she must have wished she had a magic wand to move the bags.

I geared up from the cushion. My black hoody highlighted my broad shoulders and it made my alpha male figure to glisten marvelously. Ife loved it, and so did a lot of girls, but only her opinion mattered to me.

Tapping a finger on my jeans, I eventually smiled at her adorable but weak display of feminism.
I moved towards her. The bullet piece- necklace around my neck oscillated back and forth. Then rested gallantly on my chest.

I grabbed the bag from her, wondering why she'd need so much luggage for a two day trip- Although Matt hadn't been specific.

“ We don't really need our village people following us to Abuja, you know?
I tried to make humour out of the statement.
“ They will be grateful if we traveled light and more, if we leave all their hokus pokus wears. Besides it's the capital not a family reunion. Hmmm?

Ife stared into my eyes. She searched for something to say. I knew this fact. Then it came out“ Such a nice comment from the king of scatter scatter community. I bet your subjects will have luck locating your last washed t-shirt.” She hissed“ Abeg lemme pass! As if it's only my belongings that are in here.”

I insisted. “But babe. We don't-”

The door bell rang and cut me short. A stressed out but agile Matthew walked in, accompanied by a younger man. A half of the dozen men who had been guarding the premises lined up behind the duo.
“ I'd be damned. Oh my! _ ” Matt uttered a bit too surprised when he saw us _ Ife and I, struggling with bags-especially Ife. Yeah , especially her. I noticed his gaze rested upon her. But why? I'd find out soon.

Pls like, comment and share. If you read it. Thank you. I understand if it was too long.. Just give it time. The story will grow on your skin the way it did mine. And then... you can't stop reading anymore.. Enjoy!!

Next Episode Loading.....

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 5:38pm On Apr 03, 2020
Now calling on the detectives of NL;

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 7:43pm On Apr 03, 2020

Ife stood speechless. Obviously, she had been angry at Matt for the late night call.

I wished I had met him in a different situation than we did in the past.

Well, let bygones be. We were now best of buddies, not that close, yet not withstanding age gaps, we had rapport.
Tension was rife in the room. I felt it.

“ Hey! I uttered, cordially calm.

“ Is that how you welcome an old friend? Matt queried” Something's definitely wrong with these walls”

“ Formatted your brains, did they?

The young man that arrived with Matt smiled for a milli- minute and stopped as his eyes focused on Ife. He was seriously taken aback .
“ Wow! He blurted out. Still in shock.

I watched this young man. Marveled and angered. Really? What could be the fuss with this one? Who was this mumu?

“ Who is this? Your new errand boy? I enquired.

“ Meet private detective in training- Abasi Itoro from the south south command. Specialist in Biometric Engineering and Cyber security' Matt recounted proudly. “ From the University of Ohio, U.S.A”
He turned to Ife“ Howdy do? Still maintaining the looks?

A smile grew on her cheeks. She sat down and said “ Well, I'd have been my best on your arrival if you hadn't come knocking on such a short notice”

“I'm sorry , my dear. Pardon me this once. Nevertheless, you look stunning as always. I was caught in a dilemma myself. I thought you were in Abuja with me”

“ Huh? I don't understand”.
“ You'd be surprised if I told you. Don't worry”

My eyes were still on the young Itoro Abasi whose gaze stayed confidently on Ife.

“ And why the hell is this one day dreaming about my woman?

“ Sorry. Mr Osas.” Itoro slipped out. He motioned his fingers as if to say something to Matthew. Matt in turn, gave him signals to sit down and keep quiet.

He handsake clasped mine. “ I've heard so much about you sir.” His eyes went downwards a few inches and rested on the necklace. “ Stories would be told about you sir. You're a true patriot. It takes courage to do what you did. A legend indeed”

Matt bossed his P.A to his senses.
“ Arrrghhhh.!!! And they said * show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are. Please nobody should associate me with this mumu. Oga sit down o! I'll buy you Star Radler later, not just Legend extra. Just shut up and sit down abeg you”

Ife chuckled a laughter. She has always liked Matt for his sense of humour with a touch of arrogance.

Itoro sat. He began “ But Sir!

The info. The pictures. I mean they look exactly alike. Her face, Kelly's face, their physique-”

Ife pulled me down to sit down beside her.

But I was curious to know. I queried.
“ Who is that? Who looks like who?

Matt changed the topic. “ Don't mind him”
He has a crush in the office who probably doesn't care if he exists. He refers to your girlfriend, Ife here, on this note to be a carbon copy of his crush. Yet I think there is an exception. Don't you think so too, Itos? Look again. Just once more and you'd see it. The age. That too.

Itoro understood.

“ Really? Ife enquired' I'd love to meet her”

“Unfortunately. I wish to disappoint you my dear. She has been transferred to Kaduna. At least for now”
Oh. That's serious.

“ Yes. So you see why my P.A was a little bit haughty a while ago. His brains went for a mandatory leave too.

He playfully covered his mouth and drew inches closer as if he wanted to whisper to her hearing but he knew he was loud and everyone heard him. He said “ YOU did not hear this from me but I think his village people are s.eriously working.

Ife caught the drill as she gasped for air with shock.

“Yeah, like seriously ”

He shook his head in a bid to reaffirm the fact to her.

Matt stood to his feet. Something is going on. I knew something was fishy. I will find out soon enough. I don't really like what I'm feeling.

“ Well if you are ready. Shall we?

“ Oh leave the bags” Matt continued “ My men will get those for you. What are they being paid for?
And they did.

Outside the premises, I breathed in fresh Benin- City air. It had been long I was out in the open like this, not that I could not if I wished. Yet , why stress out and only watch the exit gate like a cinema screen, when I can't go through it?. It would drive me nuts ,daily.

Itoro was ordered to deactivate the strap on my feet. Finally!

A sinister thought captured my criminal mind. Bolt for it!! Right now with one of these cars; stupid boy! Yet something else came to mind. A budding feeling deep down in my graceful heart. I drew Matthew closer and whispered:

We are not coming back anytime soon, are we?
“ Not exactly! ” Matt replied in the same undertone.

“ But Ife has classes- lectures ,alot of them”

“ Let her stay back. I'll have men guard her 24/7”

“ I'm not going to do such- going nowhere without her. ” I protested“ We can't leave her here. You know how risky it is”

Matt looked at the young lady inside one of the Mercedes. She smiled back and waved. It seemed the only normal thing to do under these circumstances“ Then Keep an eye on her”

“ We have a flight to catch” his voice became louder.
“ I'll brief you on Intel while we are airborne”

I just gave a nod, heaved a sigh of relief and my hoody covered my head, then my hands came down to the pockets of the hood.

“ Let's get at it. Get going, I mean” Matthew called out before saying underneath a smile “ Youngest Hitman of the Naziz's”

We smiled. Memories of the last twelve months came flashing into our minds. It was a nice joke which I understood and I couldn't be more glad that Matthew had arrested me when he did. Infact, it was the best thing he or anyone could have done for me.
A favour worth milions of Naira.


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Re: Five and Six by ashatoda: 8:02pm On Apr 03, 2020
hmm love the intro and anticipating for more. welcome back creeza

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 8:04pm On Apr 03, 2020
hmm love the intro and anticipating for more. welcome back creeza
Thanks dear. I've been working on this one for a long time now. You will love it. Please feel free to share. SMILES. I must sound hilarious in the intro right? Lol
Re: Five and Six by silverlinen(m): 8:09pm On Apr 03, 2020
I am surely in for these more update's OP

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 8:13pm On Apr 03, 2020
I am surely in for these more update's OP
I'm glad you took a sit already. I promise you won't be disappointed. This is a good one but pls critic when you feel something's going the wrong track. Thank you sir

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Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 12:14am On Apr 04, 2020
So the suspense is being built... Musa get me a bowl of porp corn nd a glass of that fine wine. Creeza is back nd I cnt wait 4 d updates. In a benin undertone- We die here

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Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 12:19am On Apr 04, 2020
U begin to wonder d crimes he must have committed that placed a strap to his feet nd house arrest nd what role Ife would play- if she is his achiles heel or something more. I am begining 2 see different pictures. continue oh before I start day dreaming

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 12:36am On Apr 04, 2020
So the suspense is being built... Musa get me a bowl of porp corn nd a glass of that fine wine. Creeza is back nd I cnt wait 4 d updates. In a benin undertone- We die here
See me blushing like a ripe pawpaw. Lol. Thanks bro

Been a while. Updates coming later in the day.
Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 1:30am On Apr 04, 2020
See me blushing like a ripe pawpaw. Lol. Thanks bro

Been a while. Updates coming later in the day.
Ripe pawpaw ke? nor go overipe oh. Been ages dear. Since we ve been asked to stay at home, we may as well do ourselves a lot of good with a great read. Eagerly waiting as they drop during the day. It good 2 see a piece from u in this troubled time. Atleast we are guaranteed a great read

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 11:54am On Apr 04, 2020
Ripe pawpaw ke? nor go overipe oh. Been ages dear. Since we ve been asked to stay at home, we may as well do ourselves a lot of good with a great read. Eagerly waiting as they drop during the day. It good 2 see a piece from u in this troubled time. Atleast we are guaranteed a great read
Thanks a lot fam.
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 11:57am On Apr 04, 2020

Abuja always comes alive when one enters the capital and drives for almost ten minutes from the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport.
As one drives towards the Central area of the city's major councils, the awakened city , coated by a large cloak of the 400meter high Aso Rock, welcomes any first timer with open arms. Incredibly one feels the open embrace in the air as the city , literally , always comes alive.

The expression on Ife's face was a living proof. But I was born here. A long time ago. I can barely recall my way around the city , except for the little town of Old Karimo where I grew up. Maybe I'd visit someday, later in the future.

And everything seemed to have changed rapidly. So fast indeed.
As we arrived the three arms-zone from the back of the the Secretariat complex, overlooking the gigantic Eagles square , the environment became serene. Too serene Infact that everyone realized it had been quite a long ride.
A road block was mounted ahead. Able-bodied agents, D.S.S , the Police and a handful of Army staff. I looked at my girlfriend. She was anxious this time around. It occured to me, like like it did her that the ASO Villa was a den of tigers.

A police officer strode towards the entourage of four Lexus Jeep. Each bullet proofed and tinted. The first Jeep's glass wound down and the driver shook hands with the officer. He walked to the car carrying us. The electric zipping sound of the windows caught Ife's fancy as they came down. She smiled.

I glanced away from her direction and towards the window.

“ Chun sir!!! The officer bellowed his lungs out. He saluted and some officers around immediately stood at attention.
“ At ease” Matthew replied.

I took note of an officer who stared at me after the display. At first I ignored him, but had to return the stare as his eyes fixed on me like he had seen a ghost or something.
The smile on my face disappeared instantly.
(Wtf! Who looks at strangers in that manner. Oga your eye no dae fear me. I dae fear you? Yes you, I dae fear you?) Take your time, no dae x-ray me light that.
This dialogue went on in my head and I had to keep quiet. I did not know who he was but hopefully, I'd find out soon. To avoid stories that touch.
Anyways, he wore a DSS bullet proofed vest.
“ Open all the gates” came a loud order.

“ Your countenance” Matt began“ it changed when you stared at that man”
He turned back to get a reply from me. The entourage was moving again like a fast millipede.

“ Who is that?
“ Aremu's new subordinate and friend. He was stationed at the American embassy. The story I told you about”
I remained silent and thought deeply about this.
Ife commented on the quick stop and search at the gates.

“ For a capital, that was easy”

“ Come here alone in a tacky, unkempt dress, an old Burke car, probably on a hot -sunfried afternoon. Then tell them you have an appointment with the POTFRON while , and of course , yeah, sipping a bottle of Scotch whiskey.” Matt paused to laugh “ I swear, your mother will not recognize you when one of those soldiers handle you without pity”

“ What does POTFRON mean? Ife said after a moment of silence. Sadness was written all over her face.

She had not really said much about her mother most times, whenever we discussed and I wondered at this every opportunity I got to do so- like just now.

“ POTFRON means: President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria”. Itoro interluded “ And you still get through only if you lie to them that you are headed to the officers mess- That should gain you entry for sure! Or maybe you were headed to the Senate. No problem.”


In minutes, we arrived the officers mess: A large parking space. There was abundance of food at selected locations and drinks ofcourse.
The cars gained entry past the last gate after our identies were thoroughly scrutinized.
Soldiers littered everywhere. This is so incredible, I must say.

We ventured further towards ASO rock Villa.
“ Are you okay? I asked Ife.

Her mood said it all.
“ I'm fine- just a bit- ” she sighed ” Don't worry”

I had every reason to. When we alighted from the vehicles at the old ASO council Chambers near the General Staff wing, Infact I began to regret ever wanting to revisit Abuja. After fifteen years and more. What next?
Again, since this journey began, I was clueless like many times before now, and wanted to see how all these plays out.
Matt led me to the squared office. The military guard at the door terrified me to say the least. His muscular and gigantic physique made him look like the real replica of the Olumo rock. His head alone look like rocket luncher. Imagine getting a head but from that kind of skull.
Straight OYO. I tried to hold back the laughter. Matt noticed and he asked “ What?
“ Nothing. I'm fine”
I was indeed afraid but there was nothing I hadn't seen, even worse than hell. Ray had been hell and highwater all in one to me.
Who would have thought that me, Jerry, a criminal would stand before the POTFRON, officially, well not officially dressed, but conditionally a dignified guest.

“ Is this the criminal?” The President asked from her seat.

Matt noded.

Well, my earlier thoughts should be used for a soap opera. Who am I? A Guest? No be only guest , invitee join. I hissed.
soliloqusying, I bit my lips and bitterly disappointed at the first statement of the president. Screw her! For thinking so little of me. Screw her back and front. Nonsense!
I nearly said those words out.

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 12:00pm On Apr 04, 2020
I rose to my feet and walked to the other side where the men stood across my desk. I shook hands with the boy. His grip seemed firm as he was eager to let go off my palm even as fast as he had held them initially.
“ It's nice meeting you. Personally”

“The pleasure is mine, Madame” He uttered.

I told him to feel free. “ You're our guest here”
“ Only if you cooperate”
“ I guess so- certainly ... indeed your excellency” confusion slapped his tongue.
I then went straight to employ him to help me solve a mystery case that seemed too difficult for us.
Further making him feel important, I told him that I would be recruiting him as a contract agent and hoped he would be very helpful.

Matthew cut in “Absolutely Ma. I have debriefed him on the latest Intel and every vital info he needed to have knowledge about.”

The boy burst into laughter.
“ Why? I asked after a moment of silence and confusion.

“ Pardon me” He continued to laugh then said “ Me? Help you? I'm sor- ” he gasped for air “ I'm sorry ...I'm .. I'm sorry. I can't help you.”
“Help? That's so funny”

“ What do you mean?- Matt I don't understand. Did you bring this insolence into my office to mock me? I bypassed my chief of staff, my cabinet and all the executive council members to confide in you. Because I trust you. My security adviser says the D.S.S has been compromised and my vice president is not the best of advisers at this moment... Even your own boss_ Alhassan is unreliable right now.”
“Then what?” I continued in anger, “ You bring this - this non-entity. This fool into my office, only to laugh to my face and conclude he can't help us ” I paused and then said“ He can't help me? Did you hear that? Such impertinence in his tone”

“I'm sorry. Your excellency. I didn't forsee these at all”

I glanced at the boy. I found something interesting about his character. Curious though, but I asked. “ Young man. Do you know that the life of that young lady and those senators are worth more than your pride? Do you?
This time around he payed attention and listened carefully “Are you not afraid of uncertainty. Put it this way” I added “ what if you were in their shoes? And someone who could do something about it, decides not to lift a finger. Probably, you'd be dead by now-' And- ”

“ Death! Well , I’m not afraid of death” He cut in “ By facts, I've romanced her twice and I think her husband the devil- he definitely hates me! ” He was serious with every word“ Worse still , Hell may reject me now, if I ever went back. And I mean that, literally”

Matthew looked sternly at him. And I was marveled too. Awestruck is a fancy word in this context.
“ Jerry, you better learn how to speak in place, you are referring to -”
“ No leave him be” I cut in“ I like his guts. Yet I'm curious. He reminds me of someone I knew a long time ago. A staff under my demolition crew.”

In a bid to make him feel comfortable, I offered them Scotch whiskey. They were not in the mood for parties. I understood. Neither was I, I was just being nice. All politicians do, when they want something from you. And I hoped to get them tipsy too.

“ What's your father's name? I probed' I'm sorry if it's personal but I'd like to know” I came back after returning the glasses to a desk nearby.

He told me his dad's name then said “ Is he in trouble too? Sorry you might find it difficult locating him”

Surprise gripped my neck.
I immediately gestured both men to take a seat. They did. Then I followed and probed further.
The boy replied.
“ He is late. He died in a fire”

I felt the young man getting emotional. It was empathy and I knew. Immaturity on my part would be me loosing grip over my emotions. But why this boy? Why him. I knew his dad. And we where close.
“May his soul rest in peace” I replied nevertheless.
Then I said to my own surprise“ I'm sorry for your loss. Yet Mr Osas” my tone increased“ with a single call, I can throw you in jail for life on account of murder and manslaughter. Yes the murder of your uncle's entire family. It was you right?

“ I was set up” Jerry protested. How'd he had done such? He claimed innocence.
“ Calm down” Mathew admonished, now sitting on the fence in the argument..

“ And trust me, you'll never see the break of dawn nor the smile of your fiancee nor your family again. Never again_”

“ It's all lies. Believe me”
“ I read your files. You told the judge that you arrived later at the scene. Someone else had beat you to the task.”

“ Yes”
“ And what about the attempt on my life? Where you not caught at the scene too? Deny that also. Mister man, you're a potential murderer”
He said“ I-”
He was in the web now. I'd have to enter action with boldness and give him a way out of the dilemma. I went on “ Or I could grant you asylum, immunity and temporally drop all charges against you directly or indirectly. And more.

“ More? How much more?
“ Freedom”

The coin is rolling, choose a side: your pride or your country.

Matt bulged him to comply. “ C'mon. Decide now bro. Let's do this together. Like old times”

His necklace was captivating.
After a brief silence.
I asked him why he failed to pull the trigger on me when he had the chance. I was told that he hesitated until Ray snatched the sniper away from him.
“ Tell me ” I leaned forward ” why didn't you do it?

After silence, came the answer “ As a child, I lost my mom to most cruel manner of death. Death by fire. I could not imagine another poor child going through the same fate”

There. I retreated and realised every man has a soft spot. Just find it and you have them in your palms. Yet there was something special about this young man that everyone else in the room if there were more, hopefully , the walls too, they would have seen it also : A golden heart.

I rose to my feet and wished them luck. I walked towards the door and . knocked, my guard came in with two other army staff.
One of them stayed in the office while the rest led my exit.

“ What exactly am I supposed to do?
“ Brainstorm” I replied mindlessly“ we are dealing with criminals here. To beat one. You need two. And I can't be more happier that I got you and Matthew.”

“ Mmm” Matthew uttered” that's -”

“ Very Savage. I know ” I said with a smile.“ But it still rhymes. Now back to business”

“ I think you have the wrong man for the job.”
“ No. Matthew trusts you. I don't want to regret doing same.”

“Use the Military, you will save time and energy” the boy suggested.
“ And who says I can't use them? I'm the commander in chief of the armed forces. ” I paused then stressed the word “ Armed forces . Which includes you”

“ How is that possible?

“ You were an armed individual , in an organization that fought my government. Last year, remember?
I concluded with a sinister smile. This boy must take me for an old fool. Nigga I've been in this game since you were a toddler.
“Now get to work and stop asking questions”

After she had left. Matthew Panshark pulled out a file from his bag and dropped Kelly's picture on the table. I realized, the second time, the first being on the airplane_ that the main victim really looked like my girlfriend. The first time I had been shocked now I was convinced.

“ She is just a good carbon copy ”
“ Yeah! But there are differences. The eyes and a few things..”

I decided I was going to do it after all. Whatever it was that I was here for. Oh fuxck , how the hell did I arrive here? Now I'd have to tell Ife about her doppelganger. Now that's double fucxks! Oh why do I even have to give a fuxck? People look alike! One in a thousand- there is always a possibility. Damn, I am already giving a hell too many of fucxks.!!!


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Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 3:25pm On Apr 04, 2020
O boy shit is getting real. Musa I need a refil. One begins to wonder if Ife is truely a doppleganger or the person who may have committed those monstrosities that we know not of. Keep it coming bro. Our eyes ar peeled

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 4:31pm On Apr 04, 2020
O boy shit is getting real. Musa I need a refil. One begins to wonder if Ife is truely a doppleganger or the person who may have committed those monstrosities that we know not of. Keep it coming bro. Our eyes ar peeled
The fate of the world lies in your hands, detective. I'll give you the herrings and the red markings. Figure this one out yourself. God bless you cool
Re: Five and Six by silverlinen(m): 5:08pm On Apr 04, 2020
Following all the way
I can't miss ds for anything buh the updates are too short....Creeza dun wanna disturb u buh make the updates a liltle bit longer.Waiting for the next update though.

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 6:53pm On Apr 04, 2020
Following all the way
I can't miss ds for anything buh the updates are too short....Creeza dun wanna disturb u buh make the updates a liltle bit longer.Waiting for the next update though.
By how much longer do you think it should be?
please be a bit specific. I want to know what's on your mind. I've been wrong a couple of times, and now I may be. But I had this feeling that when a post is too long, people actually don't read through. they just get bugged down and what you have in result is this: they tend to dump the story and never read again... what's your opinion on this?
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 5:40pm On Apr 05, 2020
48 hours Ago


My name is Raymond Ajayi. 37years old and currently serving a lifetime improsonment in White House Corrections Centre Benin City. It's a Friday here and the sun is hot, very hot this afternoon. Being outside in the courtyard doesn't change anything about my anger towards the world. I'm just pissed off at everyone. And I won't mince words in this.

If you pay attention, listen and follow me I will tell and show you.
It had been a year since I was convicted for being the Mastermind of an attack upon the federal government and the leader of the defunct kvng gang. The Kvng Nazis.
However, the prison had eventually turned my playground where I reassembled a new gang. Two of a group of five whom where new members. Jerry Osas had been a terrible mistake of my life in terms of trust. In effect, amongst these, non was my favorite.

First , I got myself the muscle bag: Biggy, a randomly fat but agile man. He too was acquainted with Jerry. He was convicted for bank robbery and his lifestyle ever since became worse. He could not wait to get out of here. But he'd have to wait, Even if he wasn't so sure of it.

“We need to get back into the hole, if we are to continue the format” I said drawing the attention of the men. Surely I displayed confidence and they revered me as a god but sometimes, I had bouts of doubts.

The media have always told silly tales about me. Once they said : “For a lady in her prime and social circle, she somehow, well , preferred dark shades.”
I wont blame them because that one silly story remains true about me. I was still adjusting to the popularity. And to cap it all, my father is a renowned honourable. So much for the hate of of public life. Ahhhh!! Am I being too dramatic?

Well,he had remarried and divorced the same lady within two years, actually a year back now, after they adopted a son- a white son- I never worried.
Maybe , dad couldn't move on yet. It meant nothing to me. Besides, I was Black and both of my parents were Whites. Everything, to me seemed under perfect control. I have always had the notion that things would work out fine. No matter how bad or rough it gets , wait till the end of the tunnel, its usually brighter and better.

I sat down comfortably in the lounge.
“ Please be careful with that” I beckoned on a man who held a brief case.
“No problems Ma” The agent said.
Secondly, I got myself the fresh blood. John Okah, young and wild. The lad tugged at his shirt while paying attention. He was convicted for burglary and infliction of mortal injury. He knew Jerry too; was in jail with him for three days- that's a year ago.

“ To do that, we need an upsteer, a riot preferably” I continued.

The six of us sat round a wooden table sitting on a set of wooden bleachers.
I sniffed. Again and said“ Still the only way. Gather here” He drew their attention even more.
“ Once we start, you know how it goes. We always end up in the hole. ” I said reassuringly,“ By now everyone of you knows what to do. So it's not a new game ”
They concurred.
I said “Remember, Comptroller Ahmed won't cease to be himself.”

Comptroller Ahmed was the head of prisons - He gave me everything that was approved off my sponsors outside the confines of the walls. Everything: Luxury down to kingly treatments except freedom. And freedom was what I craved so dearly.
Freedom to revenge on everyone that fuvcked me up, starting with Mathew and that boy: Jerry Osas.
Convicted to life imprisonment, the judge that handled my case had no other options. The odds had been against me.
A sting in my gut bit hard as I thought about my predicaments. Time was not my best buddy now. I had to take the bull by the horn like always or die trying.
On this courtyard that had a very rough and hard concrete turf, there were over two hundred inmates scattered around in groups, but when I whistled, it got to it's destination. The man was waiting for it. Patiently.


I had hoped that everything will go as planned but unfortunately three senators were included in the detail.
They had been on a representative mission to the States. And now they were back into the country. I thought they said it was just the girl. To me, it felt like extra luggage.
I had been waiting with my immediate superior at the Murtala Mohammed airport to pick up the young daughter of the ambassador of the United States in Nigeria.
“ Drop it here please' Kelly' s voice brought me back to the environment” How soon before we leave for the capital? She asked.
“ You will have to discuss that with my superior . Ma! I said.
She enquired whom I referred to.
“ By the way, why couldn't the jet head straight to the capital from New York?
“ Security reasons, Ma!' I replied mindlessly.

Thirdly, I reunited with my old brothers from my defunct gang. The three of them stood by me when I was captured in my pharmacy at the heart of Ring Road in Benin City. They would lay down their lives for me. Yet I still dont trust any.
They were only unfortunate to have been in the building during the thunderstorm that night.
My attention returned to the approaching man.

The warder walked leisurely to the corner where the we sat. He paced round the square of the court. Repeatedly walking to and fro before making a right turn and strolled towards my direction. All along, he never left the sides of the wall. As tall as they were.
Even the snipers on the wall saw him but played blind to his motions. Someone else saw him. People always do. Someone was always angry with it. That was the plan.
In the continuous motion, the guard circled the table but at a far reduced speed. He tapped his button on his left palm while humming a melody.
“ Do you have it? I said.
“ I guess I do, but surely it will cost you” he blurted outrightly .
“Damn you! I know it always does. How about your head this time for a change? Huh?
“ Do you fuvking have it or not? I spat out.

The warder paced behind me. To and fro.
I observed an inmate from a distance. I knew the foolish man would come and interfere now: soon.
I observed as the man watched and yes , oh yes ! The fool bulged. He was accompanied by his gang as he came unware to the slaughter.
“ Finally! I muttered and thanked my demons.


I raised my head and lo! My boss already strolled into the lounge. I returned my gaze towards Kelly. Somehow I had seen her somewhere before now. She looked exactly like a young lady I knew of almost the same features. Or did I mistake her for someone else?
The three senators where growing fat. They had enjoyed their visit to the States. Spending the taxpayers money however they deemed it necessary.
The man that approached regarded them. He was dressed in a dark blazer suits, a blue tie and Italian shoes to match the suits. Almost the same with every agent except the color of the tie, and the shoes, especially the shoes.

“ Good morning Miss. I'm Mr Aremu Johnson. I'm in charge of your security detail.”
Kelly shook hands with him.
“ Nice meeting someone in charge”

“ Welcome to Nigeria. The land of possibilities” He smiled at it and she did same“ Miss, I presume” he continued “you'd had a smooth flight and as well been acquainted with my second in command? Yes?

A.J referred to Me.

Kelly acknowledged this fact with a brief smile. She returned her eyes to AJ's shoes.

Aremu John marveled at not only this young lady's beauty but her achievements so far. He had read her file : She finished college at sixteen. Grad school by eighteen and one year later she was already a renowned public figure at nineteen. And now she is twenty and still achieving feats that are too good to be true.

He had told me a few hours before this job that it seemed so funny, to think that when he was her age, he had a wine bibber for a father. He had hustled to train himself in school and came out with a third class in philosophy. The useless drunkard of a father passed on four years later and he never bothered to even attend the old man's funeral.
“ Pathetic!” He had hissed quietly.
Sometimes I pity my superiors. All the suit and style but with a background so hostile and unstable.

Retracting my mind to the warder I said “ The drugs. Stupid!”

“ The mountain has put up sanctions on distillation of hard drugs into the yard” The warder was cautious this time around.
“ I will settle scores with the mountain later. Right now, I want the drugs and you are a valley to me. Guess what happens to you if the mountain found out? Huh? Your balls for dinner, maybe?
The mountain was comptroller Ahmed. A tall ,stout and devoted Muslim.
As I was waiting for a reply, the man slipped a syringe box( metal) into my pocket from behind. I did not bother to look back, my eyes were glued to the fool that approached.
Biggy fickled a hanky into the warder's palm carefully and he made way to disappear.

“ I would not be so fast to leave now. If I were you” Skipper said.“ Stay please. Mr warder , stay put. Please stay!”
Meet Skipper , a fat, old man, has been in and out of White House maximum corrections since nineteen years of age. Now he was probably 58. Who knows? He is the fool I've been starting at, all these while.
His ishh with me was the preferential treatment I got from everyone in the heirachy of the officers. To him, it was outrageous! Very .
What was so special about this “ Ray' of a human being. He wanted to find out.

I looked at her again. I knew someone else with the same physical features as her. The only difference knew

“When's the jet taking off? Kelly dragged me out of my thoughts.

“Thirty minutes. E.T.D One hour.”
I carefully sat close to her while she put a book she had been reading in between us. She probably didn't want me closer than the book.
My detective instincts took charge as I quickly bruised her hair. A little stroke and complimented her.
Kelly did not like this. She however said “ Thank you. It's a natural gift from God.'
“ If you will excuse me” I said while rising to my feet “ Lady and gentlemen. “Taking a glance at everyone“ I have a security detail to inspect”

With that , I turned and made way to the glass entrance . An envelope appeared from my waist coat and I slid in a strand of hair which I had surreptitiously plucked off Kelly's hair. I tucked the envelope safely into the suite, where the been all these while. Many people consider me aloof and proud, well I consider myself all that and more. Who cares?

“ Stay away, now. Don't do this, Skipper ” the warder said .
He stepped in between the gangs. Eyes were already staring down different others
It was obvious there's a battle in the corner looming silently towards the surface.

“ Not until I get what you gave him. Now!”
“ It's nothing. Just forget it.”
“ Who cares. I bet it's something, else he would not have gotten any. “ I saw you giving him something. I want mine.”

“ Trust me - hold up Biggy” I said and stood up, drew Biggy from the charge. “ Let me talk to him. Skip, you don't want to have what I've got. Heavy is the head that wears the crown.”

“ Who fuvking cares? My head is heavy already from curiosity”

I declined his request, pointing out to what happened to the cat due to curiosity.
At the moment , most cliques in the court had turned their attention to our corner.
Anytime now. I thought. The snipers would never shoot real bullets except life is threatened- that being their colleagues. They wouldn't even dare shoot at me with any form of tranquilizers either.
Skipper, seeing no one gave him a reply after my utterance of rubbish, became very curious and incredibly furious .
“ I said give me- ” he launched upon me
I retreated. And laughed. “ whoa... whoa... wait... Wait...hold up man...marafaucker... Easy man...whoa”

“ You baby devil” Skipper yelled“ wait till I lay my hands on you. I'll rip that smile off your face”.

My brothers, the warder, all held Skipper. A very huge man indeed, tall and fat.
“ Baby devil!” He cried out again.
He had always referred to me as the “ Baby devil” because of my number tag “ 606”. He thought another figure six instead of the zero, would make me an Antichrist.

Right now, I couldn't help but beam with devilish smiles, ferocious and evil contempt. I was mad. Lunaticly enraged. Skipper had triggered the demons I was taming for a while now.
Skipper would be so sorry.
Indeed here comes the devil's baby.

On impulse, I injected the the serum into my veins. It was a mixture of cocaine and tramadol. A flush of energetic glow travelled throughout my system.

Biggy held Skipper. The warder tried to prevent another brawl in the Bronx. Too late. I sliced through both men and gripped Skipper by the collar. The warder grabbed my' shirt. Some one pounded on him and he fell to the concrete from the blow's impact.

“ Here's your share!” I said violently, jabbing my right knuckle into his left jaw. Another metal like knuckle clouded Skip's vision from below. Again, it came. This time painfully.
I gave Skipper a dreadful head butt. It left his teeth trembling .

John Okah landed a massive punch upon Skip's right hand man. Fight ensued. My three other brothers took turns in panel beating who ever wasn't a member of our brotherhood.

Skipper tried to regain strength when something painful stabbed into his abdomen. The syringe drove itself home , deep into skippers's fat stomach as I angrily slammed my fist on it.
“ Arrgghh- ” was the scream that blanketed the entire yard amidst the riot and upsteer.

“ Shhhh...Don't make a sound” I admonished the old man and squeezed his right arm backwards. “ Relax. I'm a doctor. I've got this under perfect control.”

Hours later. AJ came back in to the lounge. He looked so worried and asked Seth Devin what was the cause of the delay. He had left everything in Devin's care.
“ Change of plans. Plan B is taking effect” Seth Devin replied dragging AJ to a corner “ Make the call. Sir”
AJ made a brief call.

Plan B took immediate effect as ten agents who had been stationed outside the airport terminal came walking into the lounge.

“ Gentlemen, ” Devin began” Lady. There has been a report of mechanical issues with the jet. It's not in a perfect condition to make the trip. Security demands we do not allow you board commercial airliners. Paramount security, If you don't mind!“ His deep voice was evidently commanding.
His eyes went to a silver ring on one of the senators' finger. I saw this and waved it as his own bid of diengaging eye contact with me. Could prolly be!
I looked at AJ. He was silent . I wondered what this meant. The stubborn type , although refusing to show discomfort early, I felt something very wrong somewhere.
I missed New York at that instance, yet I've wanted to see her dad. It's been ages since we last saw each other. I checked the time. It was late.
Our party came through the open half of the terminal, breezed past immigration and customs officers and soon we were on board black limousines and Tundra Jeeps. Again I caught Seth Devin starting at the briefcase and the senator's silver ring. When he noticed this, he displayed nonchalance and simply looked away after a calm nod.


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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 3:15pm On Apr 07, 2020
24 Hours Ago

Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria


When I checked the time again, it was FOUR AM and probably the worst clock time for a troubled mind. I could not stop thinking about my flaws and even if I wanted to, I can't do anything about it because my body had selfish desires too.
If this deal fails I will surely burn. Even being aware of the risks, I took it anyways.
I sipped from a cup of hot coffee, cigar in the other hand. For someone who rarely smoked, I enjoyed the aroma and burning red flame in the dimly- lit room. It had turned into a ritual after repeated times in the past.
A bit disturbed than usual, I started at the silencer mechanism on the table, then the surveillance camera that was placed in Kelly's room. Then it became fetishly soothing to watch her sleep soundly but I resisted the temptation and changed the feeds to the door of her room. The agents on ground were active. Both of them.

“ She sleeps like a princess” A male voice called from behind.
“ yeah ” I replied “ Good morning”

Seth Devin pulled up his own chair towards the table. We had stayed up almost all night together making sure nothing went wrong. The lower agents had guarded the rooms of the senators each, and heavy man-up detail was placed at Kelly's door - two man shift a time, every one hour interval. No one went into her room and nobody came out either.

“ It's four A.M for Pete's sake. John ” Seth said after checking his wrist watch “ I think you need to relax a bit. Let me take over from here. Go get some sleep ,big man”

“Cut the drama Seth. You and I know who the boss is here, so stop being righteous and over dramatic”
The initiatial idea of not driving straight to V.I and into the U.S consulate because Senators of the federal Republic were in the Entourage, was enough to send alarms into any suspecting mind. I was worried about this fact.

“ Well , I know the plot will go as planned. I designed it. Nothing can ever go wrong ”
Agent Devin, 45, a straight man, average height, a little scar on his right cheek, unnoticeable,muscular and curly white patches of beards. One would wonderfully wonder how swiftly he climbed the chains of the agency.
A year ago, he was virtually nobody. Did not exist. Now he had the responsibility of safeguarding diplomats and their relatives.

“ You think so? ” I began“ Humans are unpredictable. Mark this day”

“ Then what about machines? ” Seth asked.

I turned in my chair and stared at the large scene outside the glass house. A light flickered in the heart of Ikeja Lagos- amongst thousands of others.

“ You know what I think about your statement” I continued“ you sounded like- you're telling a wounded little boy that santa will make his pain go away” I said “ Only if he behaved”

“ That's an exaggeration” Seth replied “ Even if you read bits of my mind, you're metres away from it.”
“ Well , this is only penance for all the atrocities you did in the past”

“ I needed the money” I began apologetically.
“ I know” Seth raised a voice.“ That's why THE Alpha is generous enough to pay you triple and even see that your cousin's widow and children are taken care of.”

“The one who-deserves-more-than-a-name or simply , like you know, the Alpha, is a big benefactor. I'm grateful to the one, but Charlie' s death isn't any of your faults. It was that little boy - that Brat- Jerry Osas_ So I really don't understand why the Alpha pays the bills. Except, the one who deserves more than a name has a thing or two for the boy. Which I doubt and then something is very much amiss”

A year ago, a taxi driver was knocked out dead by a bullet in the 'devils corner' , a dark alley- after helping a young thief elope the police. His shooter was never identified.

“ It's Okay now-” Seth cut in“ This is not the time for past grudges. Let's move on with our lives. And work -”

“ Of course. Yet I'm sorry for putting Ray behind bars”

Seth scratched his greybeard. “ I know. So don't worry. Bsides, that is being taken care of. I forgive you. I hope Ray does the same”
Seth stared at the surveillance feeds on his laptop.
“ She looks so familiar ”

“ I bet I have seen her somewhere too” I replied.

I sat up, sniffed , took a gun from my hammer holster and gave it to Seth.
Seth collected it with his left arm and screwed in the silencer.

“ Make it look clean”

“Trust me. I'm a professional” He said and a grin of evil grew monstrously on his handsome face.
Waking up in an unfarmiliar hotel is the wierdest thing ever. I felt like I was being watched. Frankly, like the whole world was watching through a screen and Im the actress in a big movie. Life ofcourse is a big movie and like many blockbusters , you hardly even know your audience but with a touch of ambience, you reach out to your target audience and reciprocate what they want you to feel. It's like a big smoke screen. A mirror of sorts with many dimensions. It's something you cant explain. You only feel it.

I strode out of bed. Pulled the drawer near my hotel bed and took my glasses.
Put on my night jacket and dialed a number through the hotel's phone.

“ Hello. Good morning. You have reached the U.S Embassy secretary. My name is Stella Chaltone. How may I help you? The voice on the other end replied on picking the dial.

I introduced myself.

“Good morning Miss Green. How was your trip?
“Fine- wait - how is it that you know about my trip to West Africa?
“ Ma -- uhmm , ” the lady paused ' Simple..Your caller ID number.. It bears the +234 code.” The lady heaved a sigh of relief. ' If you really don't mind checking”
“Oh Bummer! Dumb ass me. You know I forgot about that? Probably because I dont know whats going on no more” I said “ I was told my trip was confidential”
“Can I get a straight line to my dad's. His mobile has been, well just help me. Can you ?
“ I uh!” The lady began.
“ Please... ” I begged “ the U.S consulate, I tried but machine replied and its a waste time which I aint got”
The lady requested for a minute to do the needful. She came back online and told me that the ambassador was still sleeping and would least apprecaite any effort from people to be disturbed.
As such he can't speak with me at the moment.
“ Geez.. really? ” I tried to fight the feeling then said “ Okay! ” With a sigh of relief.

“ But is he aware that my flight was delayed? I'm really fed up with this system” Worry coated my tongue“ Your people, I mean at the embassy , can't you do something about it?
“ I presume so Ma” She paused “ Yet our hands are tied. The agencies are designed to fit a pattern.”
I hung up after saying “ Thanks! -uhm- Never mind”
Sitting here on this bed, lonely and dejected, I wondered; After all these years, dad would still refuse to make out time for his only daughter. It all started when Mom passed on. When Mom was alive, he loved us both to a fault. Then she took ill and dad never visited more than thrice in the hospital. The doctors had diagnosed a terminal disease. I was only fifteen then and was in college, and confused. i had a penchant for football, although I had always been at the receiving end ; The goalkeeper.

After her mom passed on, I was left with dad who has never , really, really loved me. The news of mom's death came during one of my championship matches. Ever since then, I quit the hobby and found solace in science.

“ You are not even our biological daughter.” Dad had yelled out on me one summer after mom's demise “ We adopted you from a Shit hole in Africa. Can't you see? She adopted you. Not me. So be grateful honey , that I am even paying your bills and sending you to the best of schools”. His deep blue eyes had turned red with rage and disgust.

It hurt me everytime, I close my eyes to visualise what should have been and what not. Yet I did not stop there, and not withstanding my brown skin color I craved to make daddy proud of his little princess. I stumbled upon one of his formulas for building a device and decided to reproduce a clone. A deadly move indeed.

“ Don't you dare try such a thing - the results will be bitter and trust me you won't like it”

“ Why dad?
“ I'm done talking about this issue. ”
“ But you were a scientist. You built something like this in 1993”

“ The project Nightingale was top secret and has been dead for decades. Don't bring it back. Alot of lives will be in danger.”
“ I'm sorry dad”

I have this stubborn and rebellious mindset that plunges me into action when someone gives me the red light. I could as well die trying, for what it worth; But I did rebuild the device under modern facilities. Now I was here in Nigeria to show dad that I was not as useless as he thought me to be.

My mind went to the briefcase. I opened it . A female electronic voice came alive as my thumb pressed passionately against a glass screen.
“ Please input password” the voice requested.
“ Dad is an ass but I love him still.”
“ Password correct” The AIO replied.
I smiled and brushed my chin ,then smirked and said “ A big ass indeed”

It was equipped with artificial intelligence.

I had a thought and however changed the password to “ I miss mom”
Caiden confirmed it. “ New password active”

Seconds later, a knock came on the door.
“ Who's there?
I banged the suit close.

“ It's Devin, Ma! Good morning. It sure is a beautiful Saturday morning for a trip. Don't you think? His voice came.

“Obviously! What do you want?
“ Can I come in? He asked.
I made way for the door,opened and said “ Sure! What do you want?”
When Devin came in, he scanned the room. He glanced at the briefcase on the table “ Who were you talking to ?
“ No one ” I began nonchalantly“ Where is John? AJ , I mean”

“ He is already on his way. To Abuja. We'll meet him there. Headquarters called in the dead of the night, turns out he is needed for debriefing and all other matters beyond my rank.”
“ Really?” I suspected something ” In the 'dead' of the night?
“ Yes ,please! And Ma, if you don't mind we leave in an hour.”
“ I see!”

My gaze rested uponhim. Devin beamed with devilish confidence. He was handsome, no doubt but looks they say , can be deceiving.
“ Don't worry ma'am” he called out specifically for the first time ” you're in safe hands. I'll protect you. I promise”

“ We'll see about that. Right?” I said before opening the door ,meaning he should get out.
When he had left. I angrily kicked the air multiple times. You guys should stop messing with me. Arrghh. I hate the world. Pffft. Can it get any less suspenseful? He nearly caught me there.
“phew” I heaved just before opening the briefcase and continued.

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 3:17pm On Apr 07, 2020
Hey guys, kindly drop comments if you view okay.
Thank you
Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 1:04am On Apr 08, 2020
The fate of the world lies in your hands, detective. I'll give you the herrings and the red markings. Figure this one out yourself. God bless you cool
I have been figuring it out for a while but I guess with these updates I might be drawing a conclusion
we wait to see what that briefcase really contains and why Devin has been paying it so much attention and Kelly equipping it with a voice recognition or AI.
it's beginning to seem a detective thriller but I will not arrive at that conclusion yet

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 12:44am On Apr 09, 2020

I have been figuring it out for a while but I guess with these updates I might be drawing a conclusion
we wait to see what that briefcase really contains and why Devin has been paying it so much attention and Kelly equipping it with a voice recognition or AI.
it's beginning to seem a detective thriller but I will not arrive at that conclusion yet
Dont conclude yet sir. These walls have ears. cool But then, I really appreciate. I will post an update today. Sorry for the delay...
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 6:08pm On Apr 09, 2020
EPISODE 3- What If??

18 hours Ago

SEVEN Cars trooped out of the five star hotel at Nine-thirty A.M. Kelly and three agents boarded a black Lexus Jeep. The senators, each enjoyed their black Tundra. I sat in a silveCanCamry 2.5 Two thousand and Seventeen model car( Toyota) just like the remaining agents. This was a purposeful distraction.

I was amazed as my bad luck earlier had turned around into a fortunate scene. My car broke down just across the dual lane opposite the entrance of Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos. Banging angrily at the steering Incaught a glimpse of people entering a convoy.
Luckily, I spotted a familiar senator and took pictures immediately. I took pictures of one certain young lady. Oh my she is attractive! I was almost drooling. Definitely, she wasn't from these parts of the world. This would help boost my blog page if it turned out to be first hand gossip.
I wondered what could have happened behind closed doors? From the news lately, these senators were last seen in a representative mission to the States. What then where they doing here? Un-announced!

Wow! I exclaimed.

Deciding to try my luck again and fortune smiled back as my car engine ignited. Quickly but un-suspectedly, I snailed behind the entourage. If the drive would take less than fifteen minutes, then it was enough for me, I guessed after checking my fuel guage display near the steering.

“ Thank you.” Just one more please. Oh! Thank you. Kelly told the hostess as she received a cup of tea.

On board the airliner, we enjoyed the VIP cabin of the very expensive jet. The Airbus 250. The seats were arranged in such a manner that each individual had enough private space. The second class cabin accommodated the air marshals which were the DSS agents . Six of them and virtually unarmed. Including one white man.
I sat in the VIP cabin and could not take my eyes off Kelly. When the air hostess left, I focused even more intently at this object of marvel: Kelly. I tried to understand her.
She did not blink my way. Rather engrossed in her book than worried, she adjusted her glasses and lifted not even an eyebrow .
She inhaled hot air from her cup when it kissed her lips.
A senator , Mr Tamuno had his eyes on her too. He had his eyes on her since the first day at the airport- the very first day she arrived.
I had noticed this fact. My eyes went to the man's ring again. Such a beauty in the wrong fingers.
The rest of the senators were busy with the news on Satellite TV. They said nothing and I wondered if they were dumb. It's awkward for senators not to talk much.

I trailed back to Kelly as she rubbed her palms against the silver coated briefcase.
Her palms returned to the table. I followed her with these eyes again.
Tension was ripe in the air. Silence had a place on board the plane. I felt it.

She stood up and impulsively jolted upwards too. Foolish. Lost my self there for a second.

“ Don't worry. Just want to ease myself” she said.
“ Okay . Thought you needed something. I would have loved to get it for you”
“ I'm fine. Thank you!” She insisted.

Two minutes ater, I brought out a bag from under a cupboard. It had been placed there a week ago by a maintenance crew. They had sneaked into the hanger of the airport, gained access into the Airbus 250 and kept the bag safely inside the board.
I looked into it after unzipping. There were parachutes, serum vials and injections, .45 semi auto pistols, and oxygen masks inside it. zipping it close, I made way to the second class cabin.

“ Come with me” I beckoned on two black agents.
When they arrived the former location, I gave them eye signals. They understood.
I gave them the bag. They walked into the other cabin, trailing into the left corner.
At this moment, I caught Tamuno staring. I smiled but Tamuno did not smile back.

“ Oh Bummer! I thought.
“ What was that?
“ Nothing of importance ,sir'” I replied Mr Tamuno.
“ Just protocols”
“ Okay . If you say so” The man looked away indifferently..


I relaxed into my seat once more and continued my chore. I opened the briefcase case. Everything seemed in place so I banged it close again.
I had left a while ago into bathroom to cool off my nerves which where already geeting the full heat of after anxiety. Those prying eyes. Those unrepentant goddamn prying eyes. Phewww!
For a split second it dawned on me that I was the only lady on board , excluding the air hostess.
“ What if--?” Nevermind! -' I swept the thoughts under the carpets in my mind’s chambers.
I felt prickly heat running down my spines even with the a.c on. What the heck's going on. Relax Gretel, relax Kay... You got this.
I took myiPhone from my bag, checked my previous messages and then opened gallery of photos.
She slided through and saw one where she posed with Mom after winning a gold medal in inter-house sports. The nerdy goalkeeper indeed.

“ What are you doing? Agent Ken ? Wait . What the-” A voice cried out from the second class cabin. It had an American- Canadian accent to it.
I swirled. Shock and curiosity made me feel uneasy.

A bullet sound cut the man's scream short. A struggle was heard amongst two other people and then momentary silence as another bullet followed.
I shrieked. My heart quickened it's pace.
The senators were awfully terrified too as it was written all over their faces.
“ What's going on? ” Senator Danladi , a christain Hausa asked.
I had learnt his name from my research the previous night.
Another gunshot followed. It pierced the cabin door on the left- just few inches behind the dignitaries.
I screamed and revved out in fear, bending over with my arms over my head. My voice could blow out lanterns from kilometres away.

“ Stay calm . Everyone , stay calm. This is absolutely under control.” Seth thundered his voice. It clouded mine. He pulled out his Makarov 9mm auto and confidently walked into the cabin where the noises came from .
A female voice shrieked out from the other side of the door.
Another gunshot came. Then a body slammed the door open, with so much force you'd instantly realise that the corpse had been kicked.
It was the air hostess. She laid on the cabin floor- lifeless.
Seeing this , I dare not scream. Okay Bleep it I cant hold it back. I screamed even more. And more. And more.
Seth Walked into the cabin accompanied by four agents.

“ Lady” he began with so much power in his voice” and gentlemen!!!

I began to shiver involuntarily. I was right all along not to trust this devil.

“ Keep calm and you won't get hurt”
“This is not a hijack ” he continued and turned towards me“ This actually, is a kidnap”.


The police prevented the press men from poaching evidence and entering the premises. The “ yellow ” tape ran from one part of the the compound to the other. The front gate had been ripped off.

“ This is madness. I mean , what species of lunatic bloodline runs in these criminals? They made sure they entered the compound , kill every security officer standing and sleeping- if that applies- , eliminate the entire household. Not just that, they set the whole house on fire!!! ”
It was with so much pain in my black heart that I exclaimed “Kai” when I passed through the lines

“ I don't think these killings and kidnappings are linked. Boss , I think they are lone wolves” Abasi Itoro said while trying to keep up with my pace.

“ You're very foolish Itoro” I stopped, focused at my P A and sighed.
“ How can you suggest such a thing? Listen my friend, murder is murder; Kidnap is kidnap which can equally lead to murder, but these two are occurring at the same time. Last week a distressed neighbor reported the abduction of a law firm jury, a case that happened right under our noses here in Abuja and we are yet to crack it and now, this court clerk, his poor family , all murdered in cold blood?

I paused and gripped the young man's collar” How else do you wish to explain that? Well ” I let go of the collar“ logically and factually, they seem co-rellated. We don't just know yet”

“ They are just victims” Abasi Itoro blurted out. Rather shockingly.

“ Yes. Victims that are both law firm workers. Trust me I've seen butchers being slaughtered by cattles , but not two butchers in one week” With that I paused, an idea crossed my mind. I somehow waved it and said “ Itoro you're still a young man. What I just said, keep it off your records. Be a good policeman. You will need it someday”

A CID agent walked up to us. Obua Godday, a seasoned expert in forensics and criminal analysis. He was our guy. My guy in the CID since my promotion to detective grade I- the highest rank in field ops of the police force- below the IGP- and this happened before I relocated from Benin City to Abuja.

“Matt, it's terrible here. I mean these people where- whoever they were- they are animals”
“ What do you mean? I replied with questions.
“ There were kids. Three of them, each stabbed in the eyes, both eyes, and shot right through the chest”
“ One of the kids was a little girl, about four and this tall” he demonstrated “ Sophie was her name. Matt these people were my friends. I knew their family”
Itoro's face changed in countenance. I noticed and put up a hard shell. Don't flush in the presence of younger policemen. This was just another rough day in the job. At 45, I had seen quite alot to know that life could end any minute.
I asked after the parents.

Obua's reaction was predictable. He shuddered, sighed and sniffed. He was pained indeed, obviously. He said they were killed too “ ...but some signs of bruises on Mr Lawani's - the father of the house--”

“ Sorry. Mr who? ” I interjected.

“ Mr Lawani Saraki- rings a bell?

“ Don't worry. Continue”

“ Some bruises on the muscles around his cheeks, he was tied to a chair and made obviously to watch his kids being executed. Then the climax. They set the whole place ablaze. The fire fighters arrived just in the nick of time to save evidence of all I have narrated, else we would chasing the winds. Lucid mortise was delayed by the fire's heat but rigor mortise had already started taking place after two hours.”
I tapped the man's shoulder, walked past him before I came staring upon the bodies.

“ Do you know the Mr Lawani? Itoro asked me quietly.

“ Not exactly. All I remember is that I sent alot of criminals to jail and he was the court clerk in most notorious cases.” I paused“ This could have been anybody's handi-work”
Indeed these were perilous times. The life of a police officer is a hard one. Only the brave could sleep peacefully at night. The gory remains of caked blood. The sight of bodies in plastic bags. It was all terrible.
I stared at the man- all burnt- half blackened and disfigured, tied to a chair in the middle of the living room; A lady on her knees holding a cushion, arms strapped to them, legs outstretched- probably had been raped- and on her neck was a deep mark of slice, a matchet perhaps. All these were in black -charred meaty remains
I sighed. Anger ravaged my soul. My P.A trailed off to another room in the one storey building. I took out a memopad and a tape recorder. Filed out a report. My P.A got details from the forensics team as they scanned the environment with high tech devices. They swept it for finger prints and body fluids. Anything at all to serve as exhibits or evidence.

“ Nothing Boss.These cons were smart ! They left no trace of their presence here. ” Itoro began“ Thankfully, I gathered that the CSO is missing. His body is no where to be found. That's if he is even dead.”

“ Do you have a picture?

“ Yes . Here. But we ran a background check, his face doesn't have any filth to it”

I was up to something. I took my eyes off the pictures. I raised a metal pallette which had been blackened by the fire's coal. My eyes had been on it for a while . A teddy bear which was savaged from the fire's fury and scorching, only an inch was burnt.

I scanned it. I told Itoro that they tried but they were not perfect. I raised the teddy with gloves on. I said these were footprints- shoe prints actually, on the teddy. I saw markings.

“ High grade. From the prints, Italian, maybe Peruvian. I've seen similar prints often. I don't know. Somewhere. Can't recall” I said “ This is hard but we will crack it. Tag it and give them to Obua. Hey! ” I called him back“ Tell him it's not for dinner. I'll buy him biscuits later”

Itoro nodded and went off with a smile on his face. The evidence rested in a plastic bag within his palms.

At that instance I began to mumble in anger and soliquoy in a thousand languages that only a mad mad could understand. These criminals will never stop at anything to evoke evil on earth.
I monlogued continuously. My phone rang few minutes later and I slid the dial right wards. The man on the other end , my boss, the inspector General goes all formal and tells me to get down to Lagos immediately. We had, according to him, a disaster at hand and a gruesome uprising.

“ Like disaster in disaster, or crisis in dilemma?

“ It's worse Panshark” the man uttered“ This is bad . Very bad. Why am I lamenting? Ah!! Just get down to Lagos ASAP. Take Itoro with you. I can't have these things happening in my tenure. They are too much. The president is on my neck ”

“ But sir , I'm already on a case”

Inspector General Abdul Alhassan was not moved. “ Bull shit ! ' Shaq I said bullshit. Bull crap . Abandon that case now! I will have someone else on it ” he said “ I trust you on this intricate one”

I told him it was terrible at my location.

“ And your job and life will be terrible if you don't get your heavy ass down to Lagos now. ”
I cursed the gods of the police force and my life. Muttering incoherent words and cursing the day I agreed to all of these. Police life and stress.

“ Okay sir” The line went dead.

However, I signed out and surrendered all my memos to one of the guys at the intelligence department. Bernard, a fine young gentleman. I called out to Itoro while filling out some details on a white template sheets- A classified doc for detectives- I autographed my trademark “ sha-ark” Signature.
One way or the other, I wanted to crack this mystery myself and still prevent further crimes. I'd find my way back to this case. I promise. Even just for the sake of the little girl, Sophie. I will be back.

To be continued.
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Now calling on the detectives of NL;

Thanks for the invite.

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Re: Five and Six by Ultimategeneral: 6:10pm On Apr 11, 2020
Thanks creeza for the mention. And i will be back to crack that case.

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Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 12:41pm On Apr 12, 2020
Where art thou Creeza?

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Re: Five and Six by rachealfst(f): 1:54pm On Apr 12, 2020
Wow!!! Creeza is back, I just got the mention. Thanks.

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 5:53pm On Apr 12, 2020
Episode Four

Lagos Airport, Saturday, 6:55PM

Reporter KELECHI

I had followed up the latest news and trends and was still fascinated that the news of the senators arrival and that of the mysterious lady had not surfaced online.

Does it mean I am privy to such info? I thought and tapped away on the steering wheels. I had been a blog photographer for years now but have never really realized my true calling- a top notch journalist.

As I tapped , my other arm flickered and flipped the contents displayed on my iPhone.
I had followed the convoy from a reasonable distance up untill the airport where my car broke down again. Eventually managed to push it off the traffic while waiting for my mechanic. Ages now, and the man seemed really pre-occupied.

I chuckled to a story I was reading on Nairaland platform . A young student of University Of Benin was pictured tied up and bound with electric wires. The said student had been accused of collecting NEPA bill from his Co - tenants in his off K hostel and wasted the money on gambling. He had lost everything to virtual sports on bet9ja platform.

In effect , his neighbors gave him to NEPA officials as payment for the bills after he had received beating of his life and brain formatting slaps.

A caption was imprinted on the photo as such“ When you play Alabi with strongmen's money and you loose. Just know that you are lost forever”
I read through comments, cracking up my ribs with laughter. Some people were praying for the young man to be freed from his village people . Some said it was God's will. “Can you imagine?” I exclaimed. “Ah!” When I saw a comment “ Chai another Buharideen on a leash..aboki infested mumu”

Nigerians are really savage.
The trolling was endless and many
others: well , like me, was just here to read comments and laugh.
I was tempted to upload the pictures I had taken earlier. But then I stopped and pushed the car’s door. I needed fresh air.
A group of men were coming out of the arrival terminal . At the same time Lagos State patrol and police officer came swarming into the area like bees. Something's wrong. I thought and joined a handful of puzzled on Lookers and wondered what had happened.


Itoro Abasi and my humble self arrived Lagos on a commercial airliner. Inspector Al Alhassan had informed the State patrol and district police of our arrival. It was arranged that the meeting should be of Paramount importance.
I had no idea what to expect but I had been briefed on board the plane through a SAT phone. I met with the CP's assistant who told me that a distress call had come from a hotel waiter and that a former police officer was shot. He survived miraculously.

“ Is he an SS agent? Itoro interjected when the uniformed officer dished out the info . He replied and mentioned the officer's name.

“ Oh! Old Johnny Aremu”. I retorted.
I lit a cigarette and breathed in the cold night's air before inhaling the tobacco smoke. “ The old boy took a bullet? Where is he now?

“ His shoulder was banged pretty bad. He has been called by the DSS headquarters for debriefing. He left just a minute ago before your arrival and now air borne to Abuja with a medical personnel who is attending to him“

Itoro took notes. He observed. I carefully looked around for details. The police had installed a road block. No car went in or out of the premises , people were perturbed, discriminately searched and scrutinized. Just then, I noticed a young man staring at me. In affirmation to my instincts, I nodded and exhaled hot air, my windpipe was on a cruise as I took another draw of the cigar.

“ Itoro ! ” The lad came. I continued“ I just found a likely suspect”

I showed him the man who looked more like a photographer with his iPhone. He was taking random pictures. He stood next to a car and narrated to an officer who asked him to park his car well.

“ He does not look like any. I think he is just a concerned citizen”
“ Rule no1. Itoro! Everyone's a suspect. Including us. Never skip that part. Including us“

I returned to the CP's debriefing. Asked him a lot of things and especially, the time the plane had left ,the registration and the where exactly it went off radar.
“ The plane never left” The man began “ It's still in the hanger. It was diagnosed with mechanical issues but the truth is that the engine was tampered with”

“ The engineers?
“Disappeared. Likely on the plane that left”
“ Which plane? I asked.

I inhaled another round, looking confused ”I thought you said-”
“ A jet registered by an anonymous name with an offshore account. It's an Airbus 250. Taxes are paid by a Swiss bank. We can't track it to any individual”

“ With all the techs you posses?
“ We are under-equipped and understaffed sir-'
“ No..no ...don't start that chapter on me about how the government is not doing well in terms of -”
“ Sir, all I am trying to say is : only the D.S.S would have such gadgets. Yet I doubt they , you know , ” He shrugged.

“ By God- ” I swore “ I love this country”
And then continued“ The agents on board?

“ Ghostworkers. We have records of two. One white man and the other a Black individual. The rest, no trace of data anywhere, all erased. Even the pilot's presumed a suspect but I doubt he is one of them. We ran a background check and we found out that his family had been murdered- today- all of them. ” He paused “These plotters must be really smart”

“ Damn! I'd give them that. They upped their game.”
“ Excuse me-” The CP 's assistant said as he turned to collect a phone from his junior staff“ Acting CP here.” He trailed off a little.

My thought raced off widely. It dawned on me that we were chasing the wind. Another thing struck my fancy about the fact that the CP's Assistant was a doubting breed.

“ We have a problem , Sir” the man returned.“ A jet has just crashed in Lokoja.” His eyes were red with shock.
I felt empathy trickling down my spine.

“ What are we up against here? The man said “ Sir? ”
“ What's your name? ” I asked not in a haste to draw conclusions.
“ Thomas. Sir”

No wonder. The thought flashed in my head.

“ I have no idea now. We'll find out soon” I replied the man's question.

“ What's the registration of the jet?

“ it's an Airbus 250 , sir!”

I became dumbfounded.
My P.A returned after asking the photographer a few questions. Itoro said the man had opened up to him and plainly said “ he was just a photo blogger , who's car broke down on the wrong side of the road at the wrong time. Badluck saw him at the airport this night to take pictures”

“ Good!
I reached for my phone, took it out of my coat and dialed the inspector's number.
I acknowledged the CP's ( Commisioner of Police) Assistant as the man left to question airport personnel.

My boss, the inspector General, was sympathetic on the phone when called me back to the capital that same night.
“ But we just got here”
“ What's the situation on ground?
“ The jet is gone. Death row. I presume-”
“ Yes we know of that fact- the girl's father is on our necks. He is even threatening the President. Imagine!”

“ I can imagine his pain sir. But threatening the President? That's far. Its tantamount to treason in all ramifications”

He says it was a wrong decision to have allowed the DSS take charge of his guard and that of other expatriates.

“ Speaking of which-' I cut in” The database of the so called agents have been wiped out. We have a mole. And it hurts to say this sir, but I think we are chasing blank theories here. Our best bet, A.J and he was assaulted by the terrorists. Lucky for us, he is still alive. ”

The convo ended with Alhassan requesting my presence in the Capital.
Itoro enquired about the the content of the call. I gave him a warm shrug and looked intently into the eyes of the blogger who stood at a reasonable distance.

“ Tell him not to post my pictures on any site or blog. Else I'll sue him to violating my privacy ” I paused“ I have a feeling he knows more than he is sharing. He'd better not play with us”
“ He won't. I guarantee. Besides this case is still classified. The public has no idea what's really going on. The officers and security men have been strictly warned against reeling out info to the press”

“ Did you get his contact address?
“ Yes I did ”

I drew the last of the cigar stick and stamped on its buffer when it touched the ground. Then nodded in appraisal. “ Gear up boy! We are going back to Abuja”

“ Arrrrghhhh. This night? What for?

I glanced at the blogger one last time then paced toward the airport entrance while my P.A followed closely.

“ The President demands my presence. We going to the squared office. ”


ABUJA. 10:20 PM

I arrived the Aso Villa and was asked to wait outside by the President's S.A ( Security Adviser)We had left Lagos at about eight -twenty pm. I checked my wrist watch, it was ten twenty pm.(10:20pm).
I had been waiting for ten minutes- which seemed like forever- after which I was called upon.

“ Detective? ” The S.A began “ the President will grant you audience now. Please follow me”
We left the A.C blown lounge and went through a corridor leading toward the Squared office. The AC installations on every corner of the building made me shiver, having no idea what to expect but I knew I was up for some lashing and tongue battle , questioning too. I hoped against hope that it wouldn't be so.
When we arrived, an armed military guard at the door paved way for our entrance. The S.A knocked.

“ Come in please” A male, word commanding voice acknowledged.

The knob of the door's handle twisted and in seconds we were both standing in the squared office.
Inside it, a middle aged man in uniform stood at the right corner of the large office. Towards the left of the office on a well decorated cushion and table to match, sat another man: chocolate and handsome, even at his age of fifty two. He had a semi round face. His brown eyes sparkling as he poured himself a glass of whiskey.

At the centre of the office, on the floor was a well crafted piece of art in marble tiles that actually depicted the Nigerian coat of arms in golden and silver stripes. My eyes trailed this beauty , then forward , and finally arrived at the desk on the north side of the room.
Across the desk, someone sat but the figure backed the men in the room and ofcourse the S.A.

“ Your excellency” I acknowledged the handsome man on the left.
He waved casually. That meant peace to me. First impressions always mean a lot.

“ Inspector, sir” I shook the other man on uniform.

“ Thank goodness you came, Panshark ” My boss, the IGP ,Mr Alhassan said and sighed a relief.
It was his voice we heard earlier.

I acknowledged the man with a nod. The S.A said to the President, after she cleared her throat“ Excuse me, your excellency” she began while directing her attention to the one who sat across the desk.

I looked to the windows on the left and the moon was at an observatory position, high up in the skies. The window's interior frames were beautifully adorned with green and purple curtain blinds at the edges- pulled and hooked - Each had embroidery of marvellous designs.

“ Your excellency? The S.A began, again“ Detective Matt Panshark is here. Just as you ordered”
The President turned and stared intently into my face. There was a spark of hope, something like relief on her’s. My confidence level dropped forty bars below. Madam President was without doubts a very beautiful woman , even at her age of forty-nine.

Bukky Alakara retained her seat as president after the assassination attempt on her life.
It had been 12 months ago, by the kingpin Raymond Ajayi.
Many critics were of the opinion that she had staged the attempt on her life to garner sympathy. The revolution attempt by the terrorists was averted, she nearly died while fighting for her life in the hospital. Every criminal the government could lay hands on in the past were put away. Her government enjoyed peace up until this moment and she needed a resolution to this latest crisis as the nation and a disturbed ambassador Green was in no doubt mounting pressure on her to act speedily.

She stood up from her seat and picked up a remote control. She was dressed in a smart native regalia that highlighted her feminine uniqueness as she walked towards the centre of the office with ease and comfort.

“ Have you seen the news, Matthew? She said calmly.
“ Yes Ma'am, I-”

She pressed a button and the tv above the entrance to her office, came on. There was a news of the airline jet that crashed in Lokoja. Although it was very late at night, the news had been the headlines on every channel since the evening. She stopped changing channels.

“ Why is my administration under siege from terrorism, Matthew? Her words were calm and calculated.

I had no immediate explanations. Neither did my superior, Al Hassan.

“ You may leave now, Samantha” President Bukola said to her S.A “And you, sit down” she gestured towards me and Inspector Al Hassan.

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 5:58pm On Apr 12, 2020
With due respect Ma'I began “ I think there is a pattern somewhere. All these can't be happening randomly. There is a link. We just have to find it”
“ You think so” The chocolate skinned man , sitting opposite, asked.

“ I have a deduction ,sir. Not yet a theory.”

“ His excellency, the first gentleman” Bukola began as she referred to her husband, the man on the left “ thinks these are lone wolves- crisis of turbulent times, as he puts it”
At once, I remembered what Itos had said earlier that same day at the crime scene. I could not stop but wonder if the young lad was still awake or sleeping in the guest lounge of the Aso Villa .

“ If I may say this Ma” Al Hassan killed the silence“ My men will get to the bottom of this in-”

“ Enough already!” President Alakara bellowed “ Don't feed me that Chicken sauce anymore. Since Morning, You 've repeated those same lines over and over again”

“ Sorry Ma”

“ Pity yourself”

“ Yes Ma'am”

The man on the left cushion smiled. He scoffed and sipped away from his cup. He shook his head in a funny way.

“ How do we tackle this puzzle, as a team? She focused on me” I need all hands on deck”
Shit. You need my ass on deck. I had wild thought in my head. las las,na me go work all the work, I thought in pidgin English.

I rampaged on every positive situations and outcomes. The umpteenth of them being that Aremu was in the hospital, though alive , he had sustained minor injuries- major at least , to an extent and would be active fully by Monday. The doctors said he needed rest. So he will get enough. Let's put him out of the picture for now.
Then. There was only one option. Just one left. I guess.
“ A rough link. If I put it lightly” I wished I had said that but instead I uttered“ Someone can still help us. I know a young man.”
“ Help? Did you just imply help? The man at the corner said “ You must be joking” He had a very nice accent. Polished and squeaky clean.
“ Your Excellency, he is a formidable asset”

The POTFRON asked “ Is he a soldier? She seemed tired.

I declined“ He is a criminal.” I paused to ascertain the reactions on their faces- three of them“ And currently serving two and half years term of house arrest. He was key to the capture of the kingpin who attempted to end your life , Ma.”

“ You mean Ray's Ally” She raised an eyebrow.
“ Past ally , now enemies”
“And this enemy of my enemy-”
“ Is a friend ” I completed it for her.
“ And I'm not sorry to say this too, madame. I lost alot of good men on that fateful night- a stormy one indeed. Men I considered brothers but that criminal or ex- criminal- he saved my life”

“ Good! Where is he now?

“ I can have him down here in the next available flight ”

“ Please do so. As we wait to hear from the abductors ”

Immediately, the door slammed open, the military officer at the door tried to prevent a white man and his body guards- two of them- from barging into the office. I somehow recognized one of the two men: Gerrard.

“ I demand to see her! ” The man in front said with authority.
“ Sir, you've violated our laws of diplomacy” S.A Sam said as she blocked the Whiteman who had a well curled and relaxed grey hair.

“ Under diplomatic laws. I have the right to see her- more especially if it affects me or any other expatriates. The United States in particular”

“ Sammy, ” President Bukky called “ Please let him in”.

Samantha slightly shifted sideways when the man gave her an elbow bump. His two body guards stared furiously at the military personnel.

“ Leave us please” My GCFR said. The three men and woman obeyed, leaving only the ambassador at the door.

“ Mr Green” The man at the left corner said“ It's so nice to see you”
Mr Green had other thoughts. He said disapprovingly“ With due respect, Mr. First gentleman, sir. I currently don't have the time to exchange niceties. Yet I appreciate the effort you're making. Thank you”
He turned to the President.
“ The news are all lies! A jolly good fellow would realise these are cooked up stories. No casualities? No passengers except the pilot- God bless his sacrificed soul-” He laughed “ I hardly believe any of these. Prove me wrong madame President”.
He paced up and down frantically.

“ Calm down ambassador” President Alakara said“ We are yet to confirm if she was on board. The news-”

“ The news?' He cut in“ why the lies?

'It's to reduce panic among the masses'

“ Oh! Believe me, md. President, standing before you is a freaking shit hole of panic. Imagine my daughter arrived Nigeria yesterday and your D.S.S - your - they deemed it unworthy to inform my secretary. Or the consulate at Lagos” he sighed.“ And guess what?

“ Calm down sir”
“ No, guess what?
“ Okay” she followed with the cue.

“ I woke up this morning and my secretary's gone. AWOL.”

“The same D.S.S agents were having breakfast at the embassy's cafeteria. Now, honestly, tell me: Of what importance are they to me there. Huh? Mere observers ?
No one told me anything. My soldiers, able-bodied men- at the embassy, no one saw anything. My secretary disappears just like that. MiA . ” He scoffed“ I can't believe this- and you know what- you know , they actually said they saw her drive off the premises and that was it. Just like that-- piffft. Off radar she went. GPS disconnected. And now

He sighed heavily before reality dawned on him “ Now my daughter is missing too. Gawd!”

“ Take it easy sir” Bukola placed a palm on his shoulder from behind.
“ How did you find out about your daughter?
“ Her friends from New York called my direct line” he chipped in calmly.

“ We are doing our best, sir” I interrupted“ thanks for the info you shared. We will take the lead from here. For now-”
“And you are?

“ This is detective Panshark” Bukola said“ He is incharge of the operations and coordinations at field level”

Mr Green was not impressed. He said plainly after being down-casted“ Please find my daughter”

“ Be patient with us sir-” Alhassan said before he was cut short by Mr Green's outburst.

“ Don't tell that. Save it for the press!”

“ And those agents at the embassy are worthless. I don't need them there anymore. I never did. I told you so from the inception of it all.”

“ I will repatriate them to the Villa” Bukola suggested.

Bukky signalled and quietly urged me to do something quick. I acknowledged and excused myself. It was so weird to experience inferiority complex being displayed by my country men because a white man stood in our presence. This is our country for God's sake. We should be the ones calling the shots, and not the other way round, bickering and trembling at the mercy of some white-haired man because somehow, he considered himself a high being and closer to God. Yea, call me a racist. I accept.

But then again I understood, it's not easy loosing you only daughter to the cold arms of terrorism. I wondered what I'd do if I was in his shoes. Too bad.

While I made way for the door, Mr Sam Alakara - the first gentleman followed closely and we both exited the office and the heat of Mr Green's anger.

President Bukola called out“ And Matt! Please get your P.A Mr Itoro to see me. ASAP. Please.”

“ Sure! I'd do just that”

Indeed I will.

To be continued.

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 5:58pm On Apr 12, 2020
@rachealfst, thanks dear. I'm glad too. I see your works. They are simply amazing. You have achieved quite a lot my dear. Congrats. Smiles.

@ultimategeneral, Please do come back. Smiles. Thank you for sticking around am excited to have you on board.

@bigbauer You are welcome sir. Respect.

@enirock, bro. I'm here. I'm here. I'm back... Sorry for the delay....Dont be so mad at me. Thank you for taking your time to read and dropping constructive criticism. They encourage me to do more. God bless you

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