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The Dog Attendant (T. D. A) [COUNTLESS Part 2]. A story By Darousmart Emmanuel. / "No Pleasure For Dead Girls" A Story By Mancrimes.. / CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 3:46pm On May 14, 2020
I'm super cool my brother. Thanks for the concern. Just supposedly busy offline.

Hope you good too?
We are hanging in there

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Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 4:04pm On May 14, 2020
Here for you my niggi. Where'd I be? cheesy
I sight you bro are u on Facebook lets connect and be friends

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 4:27pm On May 14, 2020
I sight you bro are u on Facebook lets connect and be friends
Na bro. just twitter and Instagram for now. Had to stop facebooking for the meantime.
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 4:28pm On May 14, 2020
We are hanging in there
Im glad bro.

I'll drop double updates today.
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 4:31pm On May 14, 2020
Then what? ” Kendrick asked.

I wanted to gulp down the beer before answering. I was way too thirsty “ Those heavy duty vehicles. Remember them. We will use those” I paused to allow Ken catch up.

“ We will create a blockade ” I began to draw out a map on a white sheet of paper “ Our men will position themselves here, inside one Tipper, then here, on a tall building , Snipers... Here, right here ” I provided a real map with images up to 3000 ft zoomed in from GPS satelite.

“ After these?

“ We open fire! So much of it!! I presume the motorcade will be heavily guarded so we must be well equipped. And every action must happen within twenty minutes. . . else we are sitting ducks’

“ Soldiers? Did you consider them guarding the convoy? ” Ken asked brilliantly.

I had a thought and hoped the President would adhere to my last instructions. “ No. Dont worry" I said“ The green shirts wont be coming to play this time around”

“ And the money?

I smiled, enjoying the way Ken was asking questions, better prepaired than being sorry.

“ I know they will tag the bundles with tracking devices. Do not let it bother you. When the time comes you will know what to do with those”

Ken sighed “ Okay. But does the Alpha know anything about this? The money and the ambush?

“ Who do you think is the Alpha?

Ken was clueless “ I dont know. ”

“ Worry about things you know , then. ” I advised“ The Alpha is only after the device. How we get it is our own headache”

The questions increased more and more... After Ken asked me“ And that specifically, you have not activated it, remember?

“ I will , when Ray is far away from the shores of this country”

With that I finished my speech and told Kendrick to quickly get the vehicles ready.

“ We leave for Benin - City this night. Go”

When Ken was out of sight, I dropped the can of beer on the table, gasped into space and said to no one in particular“ We are the ones calling the shots now. Let them play along and right into our trap”.


*Whitehouse Benin- City*

We left the inmates quaters. They led me across the court yard and then arrived the admin block of White- House Corrections Centre. Taking me to a visiting room, they bound both my hands and legs when I sat with eyes, fixed at an analog clock ticking on the wall. The time says seven- eighteen PM.

It was still Monday evening and I couldnt wait any longer for dawn to come.

“ Im sorry about the chains” Controller Ahmed said in a more religious than casual tone “ But you know– I know ;these people, Uhmm, Never mind–”
He ordered “ Valley” to adjust the chains, making me a bit more comfortable. That was the best he could do for as he prevented being in the wanting books with the department of State Security.

I understood, shook my head in appreciation waiting for whatever would walk through that black door ,which stood at the middle of two milk painted walls. Fixed and plastered beautifully with mortar. The rest was story when the door eventually blasted open.

Jeremiah Osas. He walked in with his black hoody( imprinted on it was a big blue “J” on his chest region) and a long face, stressed eyebrows, knuckle -clenched jaws and smile-less cheeks. Behind him was Detective Matthew Panshark with his long leather coat ( black) and grey top with to match pants. His fist equally black and his expressions same as the boy’s.
The truth is that“ feelings are contagious” and I fumed out hot air like a chimney fed logs of wood. My knuckles squeezed involuntarily undernearth the table. The pains this men had put me through, is unforgiveable.

“ Someone seems to be enjoying his stay at the docks” Matthew said when he reached for the chair across the table. The boy did the same.

His eyes locked in with the mountain- Mr Ahmed, the latter glanced at Valley, who in turn glanced at the three warders standing next to him.

The three men glanced at me, then back to Valley, who returned a rather guilty look at Ahmed. Ahmed could not stand the eyes of Matthew, he shrugged with stress and cleared his throat. Twice.

I watched as Mathew shook his head and said “ Hi ” to me.

“ You look fine- and plumpy or are you adding weight. Fat maybe?

I replied “ Well Thanks but no thanks.” stared at the boy “ Someone put me here. So, someone has to pay the bills. ” returned my gaze to Matthew “ And you are both looking stressed out”

“ The world is crazy and harsh, aint it ?

“ You bet! ” Matt said “ You should see it, some time. Oh! I forgot. You're never going to see it again. ”

I strutted up, clanking the chains which held me down. I did it again like the first attempt to break free was not enough.

“ Why are you here?

Mathew said “ I presume, you’ve seen the news?

I acknowledged.

The boy opted up to say “ In less than 48 hours alot of crimes and deaths has occured in your name“ the boy paused“ The brotherhood and their new leadership under your own blood, Fero, the Ferocious, has terrorized this country even far greater than Shekau”

“ Corrections!” I said“ Fero is not a new leader of my gang, he is an acclaimed-” I paused. My eyes must have revealed surprise. I was stroked to notice that the boy recognised Fero. Then it occured to me undernearth a smile. I had introduced them to each other briefly. What else could Jerry know? Did he know about the council- deep things about it? Or did he know about the Alpha? I know nothing about that part. Only Fero does. * And he (Fero) once told me that “ The Alpha is closer to the enemy than any one of us”

I scoffed.

“ That nevertheless, if all you have said is true. Fine, but where do I come into all of this? ’ve been behind bars”

Jerry asked me what I knew about the drone pilot.

“ Never met one in my screwed up life? Wait – ” I asked as the reality of the question hooked me“ Are you okay? Whats all this?

“ So you mean you know nothing about the device? Matthew chipped in “ The Sons of Destruction? How about that? Any bell ringing?

“ You must be mad” I continued“ You put me away – Bleep it! You put me here for a long time and come back months later to ask me questions about a drone pilot like some Air mashal or Observer bird. Bleep you!

I yelled on “ And you still ask me about a group that will soon destroy your foolishness. Really? Sons of destruction- Wathafuvkis that? A village meeting?
Bleep you both! A million times over.”

“ I am a medical doctor– or was –I practiced medicine, if you still remember not air force or community service” I made my point clear.

A brief silence followed.

“ Has Fero contacted you in the past few weeks? The boy again asking “ What do you know about the Alpha?

“ Are you normal? Something is wrong with you. Obviously! In fact Im done here”

“ You avoided my question!” Jerry lashed out with fire in his voice “ Well , never mind”

“ A law firm jury is missing, a clerk is dead, his family roasted, An american inventor and three Senators of this country all missing. Then a secretary dies, just in less than forty-eight hours”

“ How does that affect me? I asked angrily. Behind the mask was a happy heart.

“ Because it does” In teeth gnashing , the boy continued “ Alot of lives wasted and alot more on the line. And every single finger points back to you. Here!!! In this place. ”

Mathew told the boy to take it easy. He stood up and strolled the room and pleaded with controller Ahmed to excuse us. He ordered the warders to do the same.

“ I’ve got this covered. Dont worry” Matthew said.

Then came back, eyeballs locked with me, he took his seat.
After a few seconds “ What exactly do you guys want? Ive seen the news. Why wait? Where is the caravan? Why are you fucking here! ” screaming, I clenched tightly to my fists

The boy said “Shhhhhh. Keep quiet and listen.”

This made me tweak an eyebrow. Wow! Where’d that pop out from? Such audacity. Strangely commanding.

“ We are moving you out this prison...” Jerry drew near, eyes growng red with hatred “ And I’ll make sure you reach your destination. If you try anything stupid... Pray to your god you dont... You will be toasted. I promise you. ”

“ You are bluffing ” I said “ You are here to escort me to prison. Thats the biggest joke I’ve heard in a while. You? Jerry? You, like escort me from one prison to another. Which day did you become *Jerry Logistics?” Wait! I paused “ You are joking, right?

“ No, he is not” Matthew chipped in “ We will surely take you there – out of here– out of this place – One way or the other you will leave this place”

I said in regret “ I should have killed you both when I had the chance. You especially, Mathew”

Matt said “ Too bad. Im still alive, all thanks to God and Jerry. You trained him well”

“ Indeed . I trained the bastard well... This is me being so fuvking proud at how stupid he has become. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Saw that? ” I said mockingly“ Now that was me trying to give a Bleep about you too”

Jerry broke the ice in retalliation “ Listen here... I’ ll make you wish you were dead. You will never see the break of dawn again. Ever!! You’ ll rot in Kirikiri Corrections and you’ll beg death to come. Even at that time it will disobey you – master Ray– you will...”

Mathew drew the boy backwards from the collision. The chains saved the boy as they held me down. Lucky idiot.
I grinded my teeth in fury, but I was proud. Somewhat happy that I had created a monster equal in strength and rudeness to myself.

“ One day. Number 12 ( The name I've always called the boy) ” I said calmly undernearth a chuckle which became a laughter. I said “ One day. I told you, didnt I ? laughed again before concluding “ One day.”

My laughter grew with rudeness; echoing through the corridors outside.

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 4:38pm On May 14, 2020
Episode 12 - We are in the last days

Amoured vehicles; Bullet proofed Vans, left White–house Maximum of Ugbowo district, Benin–City as early as protocols deemed them worthy to begin their journey. The convoy had six hilux cars; and a bullet-proofed Van; all led by a power bike.

Prior to these, I had a long chat with “Valley”, who in turn educated me on one or two things about guns: calibres, cartridges; and daggers. This began in the armoury of White-house, after Matt and I shared our plans and strategy with Valley and men from the state DSS command deployed by the agency. Matt, however, left the most private part of the plan to himself and me. “ Because the future ceases to be if I tell you and many others.’ Matt stated: In other words, It won't happen.”

I acknowledged this fact: True. I, however, listened to “ Valley”, although, I knew more than Valley confessed.

Matthew would throw jokes at Valley, “...you don't know. You don’t know what’s going on.”

I would make gest about it, “It will take your money eventually”

And Matthew made issues worse when he and Garba, the Operative from Abuja, said “ For a vanishing...”

“ I don’t understand” Valley chuckled.

“ Yea. Just like that.”I complicated matters, “ Into thin air. Away, with your senses.”

( For readers who are not my Nigerian blood, but from mother earth, this joke is a about bitcoin mining. But the situation surrounding our conversation, made me wieve it in. And it was so funny, giving our contrast in ideas– Valley knew next to nothing about bitcoin.)

Ray, as usual sat in chains, around his legs and arms. He sat in between Matthew on his left, Garba, to his right.
The three men were on the opposite view of Valley and myself.

Walkie-Talkies grimmed on and off. The time was seven AM, Tuesday. All these men– Operatives, warders and the prisoner– had not blinked an eyelid in sleep.

I broke the silence that followed the joke in the moving Van, when I asked Valley a rather personal question;
“ Is “ Valley” your birth name?”

At this, Ray burst into laughter. It was obvious he anticipated this moment, all along.

“ His freaking name is Valley. He got none. 'No name' sounds better when you add it to Valley” Such rudeness in his voice when he said“ Mr. Valley 'No-name'. ”

Valley’s arms gripped his gun with anger written on his face. This however, did not stop Ray from laughing, in defiance to everybody’s wishes.



The neighbourhood in Oluku, rose early today, even before daylight came. People trooped out from different nook and crannings which aligned with the express road. Among these peaceful citizens was a young trader, Khadija

She began the day by sweeping her corner, then shaded her oranges on a tray; upon a stool. Her little corner was on the right-hand side of Mama Bola’s Kiok. And just like many ''roadside" traders, she prayed and prepared for the day; while sighting pedestrians, cross and re-cross the scanty traffic.

“ Goodmorning, Ma!” She greeted Mama Bola.

The woman replied and showed empathy when she enquired about her family and business.

“ We thank God,” She affirmed, “ More blessings are what we pray for.”

Mama Bola, who only arrived a minute ago, turned to open her kiok when she called her attention to something.

“ Yes, I heard about it...” Mama Bola acknowledged, “ I hear say one of those area boys... Obey abi, Obehi, go enter gbese( trouble) for thieves hand.”

“ Them samaram beating, no be small.” ( For my American and UK readers, or African bloods from mother Earth, this word 'samaram' is a pidgin slang which is an adverb 'very well' for the word 'adequate'.)

She added: “ Himself, come revenge yesterday night as he catch one of those guys for here, near Total 'filling' station..”

“As in eh.. My sister! No be small matter o!”(Truthfully, my sister , its not a small matter)

She told Mama Bola, that Obey and his gang members showed the unfortunate thief, no mercy. They damaged him with slaps and blows.

“ I hear say, them shoot am las las.(They shot him finally)” The gossip was too sweet for the woman and she inched closer to get first hand gist, “ You know say I quick close yesterday” ( You know I closed early yesterday)

“ Yes na! Na for–”
It was at this moment that a Dj across the road commenced his jams everyday. He made an intro with his beats and interrupted Khadija’s speech.

She hissed, “ All this mad people for Oluku sef”

Mama Bola grinned with a smile. She asked if the police had not intervened in the situation, yesterday.

“ Aunty!” Khadija began, “We no get police for this country again. They come carry the 'dead-body' comot after those boys do jungle justice finish”

“ My dear” Mama Bola assured her “ For this Oluku, na only God fit save person”

Her( khadija’s) eyes caught a glimpse of a poster bill as it glided into the atmosphere. It had a caption: “WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS.”

One of those posters had being given to her yesterday, by a preacher. She muttered “ Winners Chapel.”

Mama Bola ended their conversation and she minded her business.

Then continued her shedding with her facial expression telling her intentions for the day when she glanced at the traffic. It was worse yesterday. And being the first and only daughter among nine children, she was sorely the bread winner of her poor family at sixteen years of age.

“ Baba God abeg” She muttered. Then glanced, again, at the poster bill when it flew over a mango tree; a reasonable distance from her sitting position.


The poster bill glided and came over a tall building. A sign board had a print of “ Bet9ja: Reward for passion,” hanging over a balcony of the building; It glided again, finally, rested on a man’s face. The man brooded with anger when he removed the paper and tore it to shreds. Some one else was with him and both men lay flat, atop the building.

The first man wielded a sniper gun of .50mg ( Military Grade) amour–pericing bullet caliber; peering through the gun’s sniper glass, he returned to his chore after the paper interrupted.

“ Any sign of the insect?” A voice came from an intercom in his ear.
He replied “ Negative! The millipede, is still in the cave”
“Hold your stance” The voice commanded: “ Wait for my orders...”


The other man heard this but he was busy with his binoculars, surveying the landscape of Oluku. Far in the distance, the Sniper also noticed–like his surbodinate did– how Dj “BeatScratcher” was dropping the jams in succession. The man began to nod.

“ Are you kidding me?” He asked his partner.

“ We only live once” The man with the Binoculars, replied, giving a wryly kind of smile.

*Brace up for the impact* Soon.....

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Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 9:07pm On May 14, 2020
Na bro. just twitter and Instagram for now. Had to stop facebooking for the meantime.
OK man @C1_official on instagram

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Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 9:24pm On May 14, 2020
The Vice President or The President's husband= THE ALPHA... My humble opinion...

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 11:38am On May 15, 2020
The Vice President or The President's husband= THE ALPHA... My humble opinion...
Let's see na... cheesy
Re: Five and Six by yungbanks(m): 3:31pm On May 15, 2020
Nice man more abeg no forget to mention Banks ooo

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 10:14am On May 16, 2020
Nice man more abeg no forget to mention Banks ooo
sure my gee
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 12:55pm On May 16, 2020
Episode 13- ...U-turn like a Panda

His eyes turned reddish-blue due to the drugs inside his blood stream.

“ How will I know the particular vehicle?” I said, while driving at a steady speed and blasting my way up the hill from the Auchi-Benin bypass road.

“ Watch out for a blue van... it's the only one.” Boss replied

“How did you know?” I asked again.

He remained silent. And I continued to match down the throttle, giving the engine makers a test for their money.

“ Millepede in view” He got a reply from the sniper guy.

We were in the clearing now and I could spot the sirened power bike blaring through the highway. He signalled with his fingers meaning I should increase speed– At the moment, there was need for speed– I fired up the hill.

The same time, another one fired from a distance on Lagos road, in opposite direction to the convoy; on the other line of the highway.

He ordered again, “ Hold positions! No engaments, yet.” This was for the sniper guy

Seconds later.

“Soldier ants, move into formation. Go, now! Go! ” His lungs were on a drill, “ Block the millipede’s path. On my marks.”

Our trailer continued the blasting, up through the hill,and from one bend of the road.

Boss Seth started his count down timer and in a bid to catch up with the van, I matched the throtlle harder.

Activating the nitros, I increased gear and speed to the last figures.
( Fourteen minutes, fifty-nine seconds... Fourteen minutes, fifty-eight seconds... Fifty-seven...fifty-six...)


The power bike siren blared. A lot of things were happening at once and more people crossing the tarmac on Lagos- Benin express; Cars clearing and giving room to the siren and convoy.

. “ Now!” He yelled into his intercom.

( Fourteen minutes, thirty seconds... Twenty-nine...twenty eight...)

The sniper released a single bullet which travelled at more than 50km/hr, only at this time, in the speed of light aiming straight for it's target.

The sniper bullet sweetened itself into the forehead of the bike rider. It shattered the officer’s black helmet. The bike skid off the road and crashed into a set of musical equipments. They exploded at once, killing seven people on the spot.

Within seconds, I rammed our trailer into the van. It flew into the air and tumbled sideways: Three times, unto the other lane– Almost instantly, the second trailer which had been blaring horns rampantly had a fair share of the Van –smashing it to stupor; it was tossed four yards behind the convoy.


Khadija and Mama Bola spotted a motor bike. They also saw cars clearing the path, but one tipper, in defiance to the siren, moved into the middle of the road with a single aim: To block the motorcade.

“ Wetin dae happen?( what's happening?).” Mama Bola asked.

The rider upon the power bike horned , just to, in a bid to dislodge the disobedient Tipper ahead– if the driver was non-chalant to the siren– but he was probably mad , deaf, stupid or all-in-one; he moved into a perfect blockade position.

Then they heard a loud gun shot. Just one. In reaction , the bike rider lost control and skid off the road . He crashed into Dj Beatscratcher's equipments. They exploded at once, killing seven people on the spot. Including the rider.

Khadija spotted a trailer which sped up the hill and was paces away from a blue van.
Subsequently , the van got smashed, catapulted into the air and tumbled sideways: Three times, unto the other lane– where she shaded her oranges.
The second trailer which had been blaring horns rampantly had a fair share of the Van –smashing it to stupor even before it touched the ground.

The impact came like a man, running into a pile of rocks with his head charging forward; only this time, the man’s head is made of metal and smasking the rocks into tiny pieces.

Awestrucked, she froze like ice block where she stood. It was not long before men dressed in black vests and others in khaki uniforms, climbed down their vehicles to open fire.

At this unexpected sight, she exclaimed, “ Iye meh! ( My Mother!)

She ducked and took cover, disappearing into shelters just like many had done. The confusion increased as she bumped into a pot bellied man running in opposite direction to her, headed for the experess way. A round of gunshot saw the man doing a U- turn and breezing past Khadija like a panda.

Mama Bola was nowhere to be found, She had long disappeared. Drivers abandoned their vehicles in the new traffic: Cars collided into each other, after which three explosive impacts occured, of which, one was a ghastly motor accident that sent tyres into the air. Oluku junction went ablaze in the mayhem.


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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 6:15pm On May 16, 2020
Episode 14- Holy Shit!


I glanced at Ray before clenching my fist; bit my lips; released the tension and loosened my fingers.
I would not be going through all this stress and torture–The life I chose after Ray taught me how to “ Fish” for money to fund my education and envisaged lifestyle–The wrongest turn from a wrong decision among every right choices I made in life. But I am, bcause of Ray. Now, the only way to redeem myself is to play along with all these and hopefully get over with it sooner or later.

“ Is that your real name? Valley? Tell me your name... Your birth name.”

Ray laughed harder this time around. And so annoying to think about.

“ What's your name?

Valley became upset by Ray’s laughter.

“ Hahaha” Ray mocked “ His name is : screwing, fucking Valley. He has no name. It's fucking Valley.”

For almost a minute he kept on laughing then had to stop for a moment when he realised he was the only one laughing. “ Ha--hah!” He uttered.

“I'm sorry, Valley.” I said.

I looked at Matthew and then at Garba, checked my wrist watch.

“ Why?” Valley replied after his silence all these while.

I glanced at Ray, then Matthew gave a nod which I picked up as a signal to “go ahead”.

Ray was confused but he laughed on, nevertheless, with a glare written all over his face : Hysteria.

“ For this.” I said and dashed my elbow into Valley’s chin. Another knuckle followed as I slapped my pistol against Valley’s temple.

“ What was that sound?” Garba asked when we heard a crash and explosion.

“ It's an ambush...” Screamed one officer, he had popped out his head to see what's happening. “ Back up! Now, we are caved, back up!”

Ray smiled to this. What joy must have come over him and I knew this fact. Infact, I had seen that smile million times to know when Ray anticipated something wonderful.
Through a pigeon hole I peeped outside. What I saw made my heart skip a beat. A trailer was charging towards us. It's driver was probably a mad man on the loose.

“ Go now! Now– ” the officer yelled a second time.

“Holy shit! ” Ray uttered.

Before I could say jack my entire being was shaken and i felt weightless. It was as if a volcano of fear erupted from within me and then a forceful impact tossing me angrily against the walls of the van.

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Re: Five and Six by Missmossy(f): 8:58pm On May 16, 2020
Keep it coming cheesy

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 9:13pm On May 16, 2020
Keep it coming cheesy
Count on that ! There is more coming from where all these came grin

Brace yourself. Or you can use a map to picture the scene I created here cheesy

I usually don't do this: talk about my research but I studied the junction for four days before I could pull this one. I almost got mobbed one night sha. A group of thugs who capitalised on someone's greed. Truth is they play3d a game of cards and he got cheated. They took his phone and all the money he had supposedly won. grin

Long story cut short. I saw all these happen and when I wanted to intervene a boy with red eyes and black lips instilled fear in me. One smallie prolly fifteen years of age showing me danger grin

“ na your brother?" he growled at me “ you no go comot for here? Abi make I call area boys for you?

The rest was history grin

You don't want to know how I begged after collecting free slap. grin

Thanks for reading and commenting.
Re: Five and Six by Missmossy(f): 9:35am On May 17, 2020
Count on that ! There is more coming from where all these came grin

Brace yourself. Or you can use a map to picture the scene I created here cheesy

I usually don't do this: talk about my research but I studied the junction for four days before I could pull this one. I almost got mobbed one night sha. A group of thugs who capitalised on someone's greed. Truth is they play3d a game of cards and he got cheated. They took his phone and all the money he had supposedly won. grin

Long story cut short. I saw all these happen and when I wanted to intervene a boy with red eyes and black lips instilled fear in me. One smallie prolly fifteen years of age showing me danger grin

“ na your brother?" he growled at me “ you no go comot for here? Abi make I call area boys for you?

The rest was history grin

You don't want to know how I begged after collecting free slap. grin

Thanks for reading and commenting.
Haha grin sorry ooo

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 2:16pm On May 18, 2020
Episode 15- Allow me..


“ Holy shit!
I made that statement after the collision. I blacked out. But now I regained consiousness, unfortunately, to alot of gunshot and firepower whizzing around me.

Not for long, Jerry and Matthew regained consiousness too. Garba was gone. The driver and the police escort were both dead.

Valley? Valley was still under the cold but I could not pin it down if he was dead or not.

Jerry said to Matt: “ Tell me this was part of your plans”

“ Hell no! Absolutely not!”

“ You will send us to early graves” The boy argued, “ I told you. But you’d not listen”

“ arghhh!”

“ Cut him loose. The chains, get them” Matt said.

The boy grumbled and groaned before urging the detective that they had to leave the van- which was smoking and leaking gasoline. Not to add that it was a potential target for stray bullets.

He grabbed a black bag at the corner.

Matt encouraged him “ Its bullet proofed. The van is safe”

“ Well, not for long. If this group attacking us is the one I know quite well like the back of my palms”
The boy groaned again and cut his seat belt. He searched for the keys to my chains. He found them in Valley’s left pocket. He freed my feet.

I was thunderstrucked with shock. I moaned from the pains of the impact and still trying to remain alert.

“ Wait! ” Matt said “ I think... I think I broke something.” He picked it up “My intercom is damaged too.”

Matthew’s legs were bleeding. Then there was this hand motion. Was he shaking out of fear?

At the moment, the roof of the van took a blow from a rocket launcher. The impact threw Jerry off balance. The bag fell from his hand. Vibrating his head like one under a demonic spell, the boy staggered up again in a bid for survival.

I had taught him well, no doubt, I acknowledged proudly. Then I gazed at the boy when he momentarily fell again, crawled to the rear of the van and hammered his boots against the doors.

Quicky, I searched for a gun amongst Garba and Valley. I made sure that Matthew was not aware.

Funny, I found next to nothng as the boy had already snatched away every weapon before crawling to the door. The pistol was behind the boy, safely tucked into a holster.

When I made up my mind to dash for it with my last strength of the moment, the boy kicked the door open, twarting my plans.

The metal flew and landed upon the tarmac. Then, the boy dragged Mattew out.
“ Come on!

The boy came back from the bag. Then he helped me out after hesitating“ Grab my hands.”

I wonder if this young lad is on a hard drugs diet. The energy inside him is too much for anyone who just had a major accident.

I spotted a bullet pendant on him.

I imagined strangling the boy with the necklace, only for a split second, before I was pulled out of my thought by an explosion . A worrisome sight welcomed me back to reality: The boy gave Matthew a pistol, took hold of a Tavor tar .21 Isreali rifle.

Again, Matthew began to fret. Aim and shoot the goddamn gun motherfucker! I yelled in my head.

Jerry rushed into the van for the last time. He dragged Valley out of the choking smoke.

He returned, with equal energy and helped Mattew up, dashing behind one of the Hilux cars. He ducked a bullet and turned to his left, sending an offensive to his attacker. The man did not live to tell the story.

I impulsively followed . I could run away but I might run into a son-of-a-bullet. And there goes my deathy- son- of- a- bitch. Surely, that would be the end of ' Raymond grumpy de first.’


I fidgetedly switched on the shooting mode of my gun. I plunged myself to the forefront to get great marks. Foolishly, I popped my head from my hideout. (The riffles of the DSS agents seemed like child’s play when compared to the very advanced AR–17 guns which the terrorists wielded.

In a swipe, the group racked down a dozen agents. ) I ducked. Sent down by a stray bullet which caught me off guard. Nearly– but missed by a hair strand.

A masked man noticed my position after I released a slug. I instantly killed the man but was not spared by others. They gave me a full heat of their assualt with differnt exclamation marks.

“ Damn!” I yelled.

The firepower was intense. I quickly scampered, half squatted back to where Ray and Matt were.

When I was safe , I noticed my team mate Yetunde was lying flat on the coal tar.

A bullet cut through his proof and pierced his chest from behind.

“Shit!” Another stray bullet sent me downwards, taking cover.
The masked men made a mighty circle around us. We were sitting ducks within the circle.

“ There is little you can do now,” Seth said in his deep voice, “ Detective Panshark.”

Seth glanced at me “ We have met before. Your face though.”

He looked away and rested his gaze on Ray.
He uttered not even a single word during this act.

He jumped up with joy, his face brightened from cheek to cheek. In equal amusement, he thrust himself into Seth’s arms.
“ Yeah! Yeah! Thats what Im talking about.” He said and hugged the broad shouldered- Seth.

“ A while bro. A while, it has been” Seth replied as he squeezed tightly unto Ray “ It took a while, Little bro.”

“ You are the man. Bleep it! ” Ray said after a good inspection, “ You look so good. Ha-ha , come here”

He grabbed Seth again, passionately. “ Thank you.”
“ Thank you my brother”

He was pushed away a little as Seth gazed upon Matt and I like an eagle hovering against its preys.

“ You are bleeding.” Seth said to Matthew.

Matthew said something about Seth going overboard and contrary to their plan.

“ What plan? Ray enquired.

Seth told him that if he had informed him, Ray would try to stop its execution. Then returned to Matthew “ This is not the way I visualized it. Its even more. ” He continued. “ But Im a very desperate man and these are desperate times.”

“ Is my own life even sure now? Matthew asked.

“ Depends. Im a business man. Give me what I want, you get yours.”

“ You think so? Matthew said calmly “ you might just be another foot soldier in the hands of those in power.”

Angered. Seth took off his eye shades. His eye balls were red with terror.

A hot slap covered the face of Matthew. Again it came.

“ Where is my money? Where is it? Seth became impatient.

“ I think its inside this bag” Ray said, “ Why are we still talking?
Give me a fucking gun. Somebody. Goddamit. Gimme that!” He reached for one.

I impulsively stood to my feet. “ Wait! Wait! Wait! Please! Listen to me. Just a minute. Please. listen. ‘Please’

He yelled at me and sent me back to my knees with a slap of the gun.

“ Quiet!

I insisted. I said: “ Wait! To start with– I have no idea of any plan going on here. And–”

“You lie!” Ray uttered “ Such a beautiful liar.”
“ Sure. I have a lot of plans.” I chipped in, “ But not to die. Definitely not here with this man or any other fallen agent out there.”

A litter of dead bodies scattered around the circle. Smoke and the stench of putrid fuel filled the air. The only thing in place was the desertification of the landscape by innocent citizens– excluding those caught dead by stray bullets.

“ Whats your point? Seth asked.

I boldly demanded to be reabsorbed into the gang. I added ‘ Please’ with authority.

“ Ive never wanted any of these. I was forced into everything I've done. “ I paused, “They held me ransom with my girlfriend and tricked me into doing everything I’ve done. Believe me. Please.”

He stepped back and gazed at the me.
He said “ You had your chance once. You failed to pull the trigger on your target and that led us to where we are today.”

“ Allow me. Let me prove myself now. I’ve grown and matured. You can see that for yourselves. Let me pull the trigger now. Let me be your best hitman again.”

Seth did not hesistate. He provided a gun “ Very well then. Lets see what you can do”

I snatched the weapon and instantly sent a bullet into matthew’s forehead.

The pistol fell from my hand. This happened simultaneously as the moment when Matthew body fell lifeless upon the tarmac.
I may be day dreaming but I just murdered my friend.

“ Damn!” Seth said “What d....Bleep... By God, son, you are worse than a hitman in winter. Boy, you are a stool pigeon who just got promoted.”

“ Really? I uttered
“ Once a hitman” Seth began“ Always a hitman”

“ I want him” Seth added “ He comes with us.”

“ Well I don’t” Ray argued with Seth“ Kill him too.”

The story continues....

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 2:19pm On May 18, 2020

Haha grin sorry ooo
Thank you my dear.
Re: Five and Six by Puvo: 11:41pm On May 18, 2020
So Mathew just died like that

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Re: Five and Six by StarXayo(m): 11:28am On May 19, 2020
so interesting! but i hope Detective mathew is not yet dead like that.. kudos to the writer.

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Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 5:11pm On May 19, 2020
I thought Matthew was among the heroes of this story.... Damn....

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 3:03pm On May 20, 2020
So Mathew just died like that
For some reasons. Everything happens in life, for a reason. Thanks for commenting though.

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 3:04pm On May 20, 2020
so interesting! but i hope Detective mathew is not yet dead like that.. kudos to the writer.
I hope so too grin
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 3:06pm On May 20, 2020
I thought Matthew was among the heroes of this story.... Damn....
Heroes di^ too , you know.
Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 4:43pm On May 20, 2020
Heroes di^ too , you know.
Sadly true tho

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Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 10:53pm On May 20, 2020
bia Creeza is this how u will leave us high nd dry? Sorry I got a bit confused- is it that Mattew knew Seth's plan or u made a typo? I believe not killing Jerry may be their undoing. Thanks Creeza for this wonderful nd captivating read. More por favor

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 2:17pm On May 21, 2020
bia Creeza is this how u will leave us high nd dry? Sorry I got a bit confused- is it that Mattew knew Seth's plan or u made a typo? I believe not killing Jerry may be their undoing. Thanks Creeza for this wonderful nd captivating read. More por favor
Not a typo bro. Remember when Mathew met with the president to discuss a plan? or you skipped that part? Remember the press chieftains that left the Yellow Towers when Itoro and Ife returned from the roof? And about Jerry. My lips are sealed. ... wink

No.. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me without you guys here it would have been, well, a bit all by myself.. grin

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 2:21pm On May 21, 2020
Episode 16 - A Divided House

My men raised their weapons inmediately he uttered those words.
“woah! Hey! Put them down” I said.

The killings were enough for the day. I turned towards Ray, draw him to a corner and told him about my intentions to send him outside the country and about the device. I checked my wrist watch and said there was’nt enough time left, just four minutes before the fedral troops come knocking around these axis.

Ray got angry, “ You should never dictate to me when and how to do things.”

“ Sorry ? What? ” I replied with shock.

“ Im fucxking saying why would you break me outta jail only to have me on my heels, running, again.

“ Aint that stupid? Fuxck it! ” Ray said,“ I’m going nowhere. And the boy dies. Trust me, you don’t know –.”

“ Trust? You dont even trust my own judgement” I raised my voice“ The boy lives. And he comes with us. I know what Im doing. And you little bro, Ray you must leave this country right away–.”

Ray walked out on me. “ mtcheww” he sighed.

“ Raymond?

“ What? He turned in disgust.“ What? Huh? He raised his voice“ You know-”

I cautioned. And said in between my teeth “Put you voice down... you little imp. ” My voice roared“ And dont talk back at me... Now listen here...Dont make me regret--”

“ Are we doing this?– ” He scoffed“ Cant believe we are doing this , again. Out here? Because of this boy?”

“Dont make me do this.” I began“ Dont change my plans”.

Ray scoffed. “ To hell with your plans. You just changed it already”

“ No I did not. Just made some adjustments”

“Fucxk you did. And who gives a fuxck about manners and obedience? You know that shit aint for me.”

“ Calm down bro"
“ Stop telling me to calm down"
“ Dont force my hand, Ray.”

“ So what? What will you do? Shoot me? Go on then. Shoot me. ” He said after a scoff“ I have people who look up to me. I promised them I'd set them free. You should have just let me do things my way. I could have done it better. Much better than you, big brother.”

I looked up and noticed the skies where getting dark. Clouds clustering together and wind began to blow... A rain was imminent and we have to leave this place as soon as possible.

“ Ungrateful heart. Now...listen, you little fool.” I said with my arm raised up to sound a last warning “ Dont make me do this. I promised Mama I'd-”

“ Now you are bringing Mama into this? Seriously? No respect for the dead?”

Raymond reached for his gun. It was obvious we were not on the same plane anymore.

“ You know the rules. Two kings can not reign together in the same territory.” Ray said.

He cocked his pistol, focused at Jerry who was still in a state of shock.“ And Im not letting go off my throne.”

I came to the rescue and aimed at my little brother from an angle of 45 degrees. Ray did not blink. Strange. He has changed. This isnt the Ray I risked my life for. The Ray I knew from our childhood. This isnt the Raymond I trained in medical school. Someone I gave up everything for. This was somebody else. A stranger who would not fit in my plans.
Regret flushed through my face.

His eyes grew red with regret and anger from the pit of hell. Shocking. No. I cant let this stranger ruin my plans with disobedience.

“ The boy lives.” I said “ Put down your gun.”

“ He is a fucking spy” Ray retorted. “ And he dies, come hell ...or highwater... And I am ...hell and Highwater.”

Jerry limped away and stared at us in disbelief.

Ray reached for the trigger. He squeezed it.

“ Don’t you dare.” I growled “Ray!!!!–.”

A loud gunshot recoil reported just the same moment a rumbling thunder clapped acrossed the horizons in the dark cloudy skies.


Its ten- thirty three. A Tuesday morning and the worst day of my life so far.
On a normal day, I would believe the fact that Samantha Walsh and everyone in the Emerge- Room 002 could allow all these happen without lifting a finger. They did not flinch.

Everyone saw what happened. They heard it. They had the location pinned.
Itoro ( the Prvt Detective) had placed a gps somewhere, someplace hidden. I could not care any more now to know where, but we could have sent in back up or something.
I cautioned my emotions, urging them to not make a scene. If only that were possible until I gave a reaction even my deepest emotion could not create.

“ How could you?”
“I cant believe you just sat there and let them die?

“ All of you? How can we be this heartless? I yelled after taking a glance at everyone in the room.

Then a reply came: “ Pull youself together. ” It was from the Ag. Director of the DSS, Miss Samantha Walsh.

I countered angrily, “ No. You pull yourself together.”
I stormed out of the room before anyone could say more.

As I walked out, I bumped into a man. Initially, I took no note of his entourage nor his fierce look. I only uttered, “ S- sorry” after seeing two military personell behind the group of men.( Rumeh Kadiri was a part of them.)

Without much thoughts to this, I left them in curiosity. A tear wanted to escape my eyes and i willingly let it drop.



The young lady apologised for stepping on his foot and he accepted it cheerfully. He bothered himself with the issue that brought him to the Towers more than everyother thing on this planet. Even at the moment.

The police inspector, Al Hassan was so disturbed at his sudden presence in the room. He could tell. Everybody in the room jerked to their feets. Even those who had been standing jerked out of their skeletons and glued hopelessly to their muscles.

“ Mr Vice President.” Samantha said. “ What a pleasant surprise. Sir.”

“ Sir. You too. Mr. Senate president, sir” Samantha said again with even more shock written all over her face.

“ Wow! Please! ” She gestured the him and his entourage to available seats.

“ Keep it to yourself” He said to her. “ Im shutting down this building. Everyone of you will be tried and prosecuted for mass murder and breaking the rules of engagements” He turned to Alhassan “ especially you. For acting without orders.”

Sam tried to beckon his attention when she said “ But sir– we are working under directives. Direct instructions. Sir. Besides, we never re-engaged.”

“ The more reason why you will imprisoned for life.” He cut in.“ Sending all those men to their early graves. You are lucky if their families do not clamour to see you hanged”

“ We were under direct orders sir.”

Casmir Orji asked: “ Whose orders?

His voice was indifferent when he found himself a seat.

“ Mine.” A voice replied as it entered the room.

She was accompained by Mr Green and her personal guard. She continued “ They are working under direct orders from me.”

Bukky Alakara made him feel uneasy with her statement. She looked at the soldiers who immediately stood at attention upon her entrance.

“ At ease.”

“ You know the rules of the land.” He said. “ Rules must be observed. And offenders never go unpurnished.”

Bukky said she would take full responsibility of whatever outcome this whole crisis posed. Her eyes stared at Rumeh Kadiri. Something seemed out of place, however, the young man looked away, trying to avoid contact.

Casmir Orji smiled and rose to his feet. He walked about the large room. Took hold of an art work and dropped it to the floor. The bronze piece shattered. He noticed Bukky blink impulsively.

Everyone became startled. Good. Atleast they acknowledged his power.

“ Thats a mess” He began, “ similar to how you often create mess and there is always someone to clean it up.” He walked towards her. Adjusted his tie.

A snivel escaped his nostrils then he said “ This time. You are the mess. The right wind of change will clean you up and away.”

“ I will do my best to resolve the issues” Bukky said without flinching, “ But remember, Casmir, a divided house can not stand tall.”

He told her that she had put the country in great danger through the uncensored manslaughter at capital of the Edo state. It was everywhere on the news. A heist. But he knew better: she made silly mistakes.

“... And here you speak of houses and tall buildings. Such hypocrisy.”

She had started a tune that will send her into political oblivion.

“ Obviously!” He said“ And im concerned.”

“ Yet. You are incompetent and in unsound mind to rule this country” Casmir Orji continued “ The house of Reps has sent a bill to the Senate. A third of the house passed a vote of no confidence about you.”

Bukky said “ So it seems. I got the memo. But the senate has the final say. Our party has the majority...”

He scoffed. “ You dont know, do you? Aya ya ya.. ya ya. Md.”he smirked“md. President, just because the news hasnt gotten to the screens, courtsey of my desk, the half the senate wants to see you out of power. Even your own party members. You are this close to loosing it all. Look at my fingers” He said“ This close. This tiny.”

Bukky asked the Senator who had arrived with him, “ Is this true? Tell me, Alex how true is this?”

The man gave a nod.

She said there would be no need for all that. The process of hearing will take a long time. She would make it short for them.

“ I’ll resign– ” She said to everyone’s shock.

The Vice President gave into a shrewd smile but he uttered“ Hmm-mhh?

“ Immediately I resolve this whole issue. Just give me time.” Bukky Alakara continued, “ In 73 hours. I will abdicate, if I dont” She paused“ resolve the crisis.”

Casmir and his entourage rose to their feet. He led the motion and others had followed suit.

“ Very well then. I'll leave my men here.” He pointed to the soldiers and at Rumeh Kadiri who had arrived with him.

At the door, he turned and said “ They will help you in any way possible.”

“ I dont need to remind you” Bukky corrected“ That these same men of yours are my military staff. I am their commander– in –chief. Or that also, I am still your boss?

He was too sure all these would soon phase by. He said “ Not for long. You have 48 hours to fix this mess, else– Im sorry, I may not be able to help you then”

He turned away. But momentarily looked back, straight into her eye balls. He knew she hated him, but had to put up with his nomination as a running mate. The decisions had come from the party, and here they were at cross roads for the umpteenth time after many years. To him, she was a fragile woman who just did not fit into the world of ‘men’. Disgust was evident in his eyes and he was tired of feigning concern and pity. Tired of being her “male” shadow. Her number 2.

He said “ Goodluck, your exellency.”

He left while smiling from cheek to cheek. One military officer led the way. Two agents flanked him and the senate president on both sides.

Senate President Alex Atanda was a pawn in his games. Casmir is his god -father in politics and as such, the man owed him gratitude and surbodination. ( The things men do for power)

His plans of ursuping the presidency of his country and becoming the first citizen was taking physical shape. How fortunate the universe is to him. How fortunate he is. These thoughts gladened his heart as he left the Yellow Towers.



I stood silent. My deputy just dissapeared into the elevators outside the Emerge– room 002. The elevator was in the same lobby as the Emerge- room 001– The largest hall where activities took place.

I turned to my staff. All eyes were on me. No one spoke a word. Silence. Waiting for me to say something. What can I say?

The story continues....


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Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 2:53pm On May 21, 2020
Is it too early to say" yea I said it"?

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Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 8:56pm On May 21, 2020
hmmm. matters never play finish, VP don try "power grab"

Thanks Creeza I understand the second to last update Now kudos

U used to drop two back to back update but e be like say u want make the anxiety build. Nice suspense dear. We await more...

You chose to entertain us first with your literary prowess hence we owe it to you to be grateful and enjoy the ride. Thanks once more

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Re: Five and Six by Tuhndhay(m): 11:03pm On May 22, 2020
Good Bro...... Good I repeat

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Re: Five and Six by Lotiababe(f): 12:15am On May 26, 2020
Reporting live Sweetie. Thanks for the mention

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