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The Dog Attendant (T. D. A) [COUNTLESS Part 2]. A story By Darousmart Emmanuel. / "No Pleasure For Dead Girls" A Story By Mancrimes.. / CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 8:16pm On May 04, 2020
Thanks for the mention boss
Anytime. Thanks for sticking around. You are welcome
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 10:35am On May 05, 2020
Episode 9 - Trust me...Hold on.


We sat in AJ's former office and I wondered how all these turned out to be heading southwards. Like, I'm lost here and the idea of a certain device just changed the whole ball game. Even the prsident seemed clueless after the call with Seth, When she said “ We will find a way"
In my mind I was like “ Las las na to find my way o”

Itoro was telling Matthew about a certain and unidentified caller to Stella Chaltone's direct mobile. Nobody cared to know what I thought about all these happening. Fine.
" Lets a get a cup of tea” Matthew said to Itoro.
“ Im tasty. ” He turned to me.“ Want Some?

“Sure” I replied.

“ Okay! " He said and they both left the office.

I stood up immediately when I noticed they were out of sight, dashed for the elevators. Leaving the Yellow Towers, I made way for the apartment given to me and Ife.

I half ran, half walked and fought against my wit. My breathe siezed. I managed to control it when I reached the door on the second floor of the building.

I told the guards at the door that Matt demanded their precense. They glanced at each other.

I forced them to believe me. And they left reluctantily.

The door closed swiftly behind me when I entered. Ife looked up and glance at me. It was obvious she was bored already with the TV program she was seeing.
Her face became gloomy when she noticed the joyless look on mine.

She asked what had happened.

I checked for hidden cameras, spy bugs, I peeped through the window panes and watched the guards, earlier at the door, aboard a car and zoomed off.

Below the three storey building, there was another vehicle. A black Toyota Camry, latest model.

She asked what was wrong, again this time more worried than before.

She said “ Baby?”

I began “You remember what you told me yesterday at the chapel? ” I held her shoulders firmly “ About your dad's call, the long story about your momma and that which you said you'd want to do?

Ife shook her head.
“ And I told you: we can't just do such simply because your mom is on a sick bed... And I promised we will do so after I'm relieved off all these mess?

“Yeah, I remember” Ife said“ Why ? What's up?

“ I think now is the perfect time for it”

“ Really? Now? Just like that?

Thats enough. I told her to get her bags, emphasizing why I had insisted on traveling light. Nevertheless, I told her to get anything she could be able to carry.

“ What about the bags?

“ Forget them all !”

She got our passports and flight return tickets.

I dashed into the kitchen and my eyes searched for a piece of metal. I found one. I easily broke it off the rails of a plate rack. Returning to the living room, I grabbed her hands as I surreptitiously led her through the corridors. Down the stairwell and eventually outside, past the reception and into the open.

“ Are you sure about this? She asked again.

“Trust me... Hold on"

I let go off her palms and maneuvered the driver door, with the metal in my other hand. I pushed her in slightly after I opened the passenger door for her and circled the car, back to the driver's.

The plan was simple or so I thought: I would drive straight through the South gate aided by my new agency tag “ Contract agent”. And before the soldiers realize I stole the car, I'd blast my way into Central area district, from there: The airport and out of the this soon to be , dead zone. At the airport, I would work out something smart. I always did.

“ Put down the metal.. Step away from the car... Your hands on your head, where I can see them” Matt yelled angrily.

Matthew spoke harshly after he held up his Kruger .45 ACP, a deadly weapon, pointed towards me from a shooting range.

“ Nice and slowly... Step away from the car..I said , step away from the car” he repeated.

“ Turn around” Matt continued ” on your knees. Go down!!”

In seconds, Millitary officers; Agents and police officers surrounded me like bees. Such a caved in circle.

I obeyed as I locked eye contacts with my babe. She had stepped out of the vehicle too in confusion. My eye balls must have said it all“ I'm sorry dearie ”

The officers reached for and overpowered me.
Matthew told Itoro to put me in cuffs.

My eyes glanced Itoro's watch. The time says One twenty PM. Monday afternoon.

The council reconvened in the squared office to discuss.

I was slightly worried because my wife chose not to involve her real cabinet and executive council instead of the amateurs in this office.
All I saw in the office were Ambassador Green who was on a call to his country's president; Al Hassan : the inspector General of Police; Gerrard Finder, the ex Navy S.E.A.L of America; Samantha Walsh, the Security Adviser and acting director of the S.S.S ; Matthew the Detective and his sidekick Itoro , and myself.

I wonder why she did not involve the Chief of Army staff, the real executive council, the vice president and every other top officials in her government. What was her plan? I fear that this whole thing may boomerang and affect her.

But she'd not listen to me. She never takes heed to my advice, she does whatever she likes. The same thing happened last year when I tried to warn her against visiting the rally at Benin City. At Garrick Open field, Ekehuan - where she got shot.

Almost fifteen years ago or more when we were still younger and newly wedded, Bukky had only been a supervisory councilor in Abuja municipal and under the then FCT minister, El -Razak. She only began her political career then. She had been in charge of a demolition crew in the year two thousand and three.(2003)

I had warned her also against joining forced with the then Minister to demolish houses in Abuja, especially at Karimo and toward Dape Village, near the express way to Gwagwalada.

She had disobeyed me. She loved her job . Could not sacrifice it for anything or anyone. Not even for me.

“The master plan of Abuja must be met. Those people are building illegal structures. It's only right that the minister rids the capital off these structures” She had said.

“But not a the expense of those poor families in the Villages of Dape and Karimo. Try to be emotional for once in your life.” I argued with her.

Bukky was simply logic and reasoning over emotions. She had said “ I have a job to do. It will affect my career if I go against the Minister. Those buildings need to be put down. Simple! She said “ This is the federal capital, not their local villages”

Now, we are here again and it seems that nature was taking a strong toil at her and she still does not want to listen to me. It's terrible!!!

Now, Ambassador Green is through with his call. “ Okay Sir. I understand perfectly. Thank you”

He hung up and told the council that it appears that his country the U.S had abandoned him. The ruling president was a strict man, he said the mess was Mr Green's to take care of and they can't interfere neither will they meet the demands of the terrorists. The United States will never risk the lives of millions by trying to save one live in a suicide attempt. He was going to say more but eventually uttered “ They left me to my own fate”

I dont know why but a part of me felt that this man wasn't saying everything.

Gerrard told the council that the U.S would never negotiate with terrorists, no matter the consequences. He stamped the point clearly.

Samantha Walsh added“ Well...This is Nigeria... Anything can happen....Anything is possible”

“ We don't need them” Bukky began “ We don't need the United States drones either. It appears the device is stronger than any of them. This is our country. We solve this puzzle ourselves. ” She paused “ We have three options: Clemency. Second, the Military , which is too much force and third, The Department of State Security”

Al Hassan brought up the topic which concerned Aremu's arrest. Bukky said she needed someone to put the blame on. Someone needed to be the scape goat. She quickly glanced at me and our eyes locked in a mini gaze.
I could not stand her, in shame I looked away. Samuel what are you doing? Why are you like this? I asked my self. Well, endure. Just endure Sammy it would be over soon.

Mathew was asked why Jerry wanted to elope. He replied by saying the young man was only being logical and trying to save his fiance's life. He was a bit too afraid for his loved one.

“ I'll talk some sense into him ... We need not worry about his allegiance. It's right where it should . Trust me on this one”

“ Why do you support that young man so much? I was forced to speak now. “ You protect and over protect him. He is a very dangerous individual and may cause you more trouble than good. I hope you realize that fact?

Matthew replied “ I know. He turned out this way Because he was exposed to the harsh society as a very young boy. Then, he did not have anyone telling him his right from the left. An orphan from age seven or less, he was subjected to the vices of the society. To the streets of the rough part of Benin City. Can you blame me now for trying to tame him?

Bukky said it was alright.
She said Seth would soon call and they have to talk as she promised.
Not quite long, he did call. Seth asked why his demands were not being put into motion. Bukky told him that the U.S government will not play politics on this one. They rejected his terms. She advised him to make demands that were reasonable and feasible “ ....Don't start what we can't finish. Be wise”

A brief silence.

Then Seth said “ ... well, I don't need them and their stupid immigration embargo anymore. They can as well go to hell. I'll soon bury the entire lanscape of America under a pile of ruins.”

Ambassador Green and Gerrard did not take this lightly.

“ What insolence! ” Mr Green muttered to Gerrard “ Can you believe this guy?
Gerrard urged him to keep it on a low.

“ Now madame President...” Seth continued“ You will reliease in less than eighteen hours” She cecked her wrist watch “ The prisoner with the tag “ 606” from Whitehouse Maximum corrections center in Benin City...”

He told her the location where they'd have him released.
She said she would try.

“ .... And included in the convoy, you must put old bills of one thousand naira each . A total sum of Eighty million naira, as earlier stipulated.”

“ Okay” She replied “ So how do we get the senators and the young woman back?

“ You keep to your own part of the deal. And I'll do mine. I give you my word”

“Okay...And the device? Hello? Hello? ”
The lines went dead before she could say any further.

Bukky asked Alhassan who was the prisoner with the tag 606.
Al Hassan called Benin City. The comptroller of White house gave him the name.

“ Who is that?
“ The prisoner is...Raymond “ aka Ray” Omope”
“ What? ” She enquired to be sure.

Al Hassan repeated himself.
“ Will you set him free? I asked impulsively.
“ No! ... No way!! Are you kidding me?” Bukky blurted out.“ He almost terminated- this is madness. I can't do such. Oh God - this is insane. I can't believe- ”

“ What?” She screamed out again.

“ Your Excellency... ” Mathew tried to talk.

Bukky called ofthe meeting. She and Samantha walked out of the office. Ambassador Green tried to say something. Gerrard held him back. “ Let her be”

“ Can I talk to you? I went after Bukky in a bid to talk to her.

She refused.

“ I'm done talking. Speak to my secretary by the time this nation goes ablaze”

“ But if you don't decide now, we will suffer”

She said as she walked away “ Then God help us all”

Matthew rushed behind her. “ Your Excellency-”
“May God help us all ” Bukky repeated in anger and walked away.



Monday . Two, thirty P.M

Ife Harmony Chunedum, 19, was led quietly through the spacious corridor. The walls were white in appearance. White beams of flood lights from florescent bulbs lined the ceiling: per square inch and her physique casted a delicate but nice shadow upon the tiled floors. ( Cream tinted tiles).

Matt and I where with her and our boots stomped the floors while we walked.
We brought her into a room where Jerry had been held for the past one hour and more.
Matthew told her to sit down. He un-cuffed her. She sat opposite to Jerry across a metal table fixed to the floor.

He paced up and down in front of the boy. At his left, each time , he bumped into me. I finally left his path on the fourth collision.
Ife returned her gaze to Matthew. He had stopped moving about.

She must have seen something deep in Jerry's eyes when she returned her focus on him. He was already in the act too.

Oh! Dear! She was foolishly in love with this young man. Glaringly obvious in shining salt and sulphur. The world can think whatever they want. Only one man existed in her heart. Jerry Osas. Her stubborn sweetheart. But now he was in cuffs, again, for the umpteenth time in their relationship of over four years.

What was he thinking? Why'd he bring her here?
She looked around.
It was an air conditioned holding but had no windows. Just lights and a huge glass to her right, behind me. That was from where we had entered the room. A door on my left.

Why'd Matt bring her here? Why'd they both bring her here? In the first place?

Matt said finally “ Do you see a future with each other?
Ife and her boyfriend remained silent. I stood observing waiting for any of them to reply. Who would go first?...

The story continues..

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 10:36am On May 05, 2020

“ Ife” he said “ Do you wish to be on the run with this young man? It's obvious you love him. No doubt, and you must tell him everything. Don't you?

Why the multiple questions ? I just replied hesitantly “ Yes!"
“ Yes to which of my questions? He said Calmly “ Well. Would you want to spend the rest of your life in denial and self pity?

“ Why? I said “ Certainly , I don't want such a thing”

Matt was satisfied. He shook his head

“ Then talk to him. Talk sense into this young man” He said “ You both are adults. You know the rules of the land and that of mother nature. He needs advice, else he puts himself into alot of trouble.”

“ Surely. He listens to you. Talk to him at your own convenience. Lest I do something I will regret”

Matthew telling me to talk Jerry made me remember how Jerry reacted at the Chapel on Sunday. I told him the bitter truth about my entire family.
When my dad called , he said horrible things about mother's detoriating condition.

“ I thought you said she was a trader and barely at home” He had chipped in. He was confused. “ So you have been lying to me ?

Jerry had been so mad at me after saying those words.
“ I'm sorry. ” I said “ I tried. Many times to tell you. But I couldn't. And then Ray had found out somehow. He knew I had lied to you about my background. He threatened to make you go to jail if I ever opened up to you about...about.. It...and ...and everything... and an...it at all or didnt keep my distance”

He stared at me that day with a glare in his eyes. That kind of stare that sent shivers down your spine

“Explains why you were avoiding me for some time”

“ You see! ” I continued in a whimpering tone “ He said I was a distraction to you. That you needed to focus on your training and the gang. To become a better version of what you were made for..some...some.. A kind of...leader.. Or something... I cant remember...Is just--”

“ But we are supposed to be a team” Jerry said “ We shouldn't hide things from each other ”

“ I wanted to tell you ” I finally gave in to tears “ But when I eventually got the chance to....”

“ You waited all these while to tell me ? I cant believe this!

Right there in the chapel after Itoro had left, I went on my knees and pleaded “...I was so ashamed. Which child is ever proud of a mother who is a full time alcoholic and a part time mom?

“ That is not - It's not fair. There are lots of children out there who would give anything in return for two seconds, just to be with their mothers again. Just two seconds to see her smile and hug her. You dont-”

“Go on. Tell me. Tell me what I don't know” I began“ I'm sorry you lost yours. But tell me : What more can be worse than one who is alive and quietly killing herself with toxic liquids. A drunkard and good for nothing money squandler. A paranoid individual who thinks everyone and everything is out of the woods to get and harm her.” Tears escaped my eyes now while I said“ Year after year, My dad and I struggled to get her into rehab and to quit, but she would slide back easily into the attitude”

“ The behavior ate deep into her marrows”

He had held my palms “ I never said you were-” he paused. “Get up..Why you kneeling down. Get up my love”
He had paused “ It's okay. Stop crying. What-” he wiped my tears “ What exactly drove her into the habit?

“She blames father for cheating on her”

Jerry had met my pops, once, when I introduced him to Dad. But he hadn't met mom.

Daddy said she had gone on a trip to Onitsha international Market “ To buy goods ” he had said. Only to cover up for me.

“ Do you believe he did? Jerry asked.
“ No-oooo ! I...I...He...he... He'd never do such to her.” I said, wiping a tear “ Dad says she hears voices, sees things and over the years I noticed these traits too. Before my younger siblings followed, she would always tell me that my father has another daughter somewhere...” I paused “ She looks exactly like you” Mom would say “And he even collected money from the woman he cheated with. She would add”

“ Hmmm ..Are you sure that-- nevermind”

“Jay! Talk to me” I'm I sure that what?
He said “ Are you sure that this Kelly of a girl is not your sister? I'm just saying. But I could be wrong”

I wiped my tears off and said “ I dont know. All I just told you is what I experienced from childhood”

“ Trust me. I'm not judging you” he said to make me feel comfortable.

“ I know. Then , except we are twins , there is no way- ...I cant... No... May...maybe...Infact just forget it. No. It's not possible. My mom has a medical condition called schizophrenia. We noticed it late.”

He chuckled a laughter.

I hit his chest playfully. And snivled. “ Whats funny? Why are laughing at me?
“ Nothing... Just noticed you stammer when you talk fast...”

“ Seriously? ” I squeezed my lips“ Im just nervous. Stop making me feel bad. Quit it” I hit his chest again.

“ Alright. Cry cry baby”

“ Stop! ” I hit his chest again.

He drew me into his bossom.
“ Come here. It will be fine soon. I promise”

I told him that momma was on a sick bed. I opted we go see her if that would make him forgive and believe me.

He had said “ We can't... Not now... I promise this whole mess will be over in a day or two and we'll go wherever you want to.”

I believe him. I love him even more. We are both victims of circumstances and we understood each other perfectly. Only sometimes I get afraid of him and what he might do when he is angry.

Matthew brought me back to the present day “ And now you Mr Osas” He said “ You are a mad man. A foolish man”.

Thank God he focused on Jerry. I couldnt bear to start telling him what to do and what not to do.


I paced up and down, took quick glances at the boy. My fist was clenched, made motions to throw punches. I held myself after the third attempt.

“ You are very stupid” I said “ Osas, you are a deranged individual”

“ This was not the initial modus operandi” The boy said.
His arm gestured inside the cuffs. “ Nobody said anything about a drone pilot. Who is a fucking Android!”

I cursed him and told him that it was not enough reason to decide when to back out.

“ I get to decide. I invited you into all these. This case is mine. Not yours”

The boy had a thought in head as if I knew he was going to spill it anytime soon, he eventually did. He let it out impatiently :“ Then go solve it yourself and let me out of this damn place”

My fist banged the table. “ Don't even think for a second that you can cower out and run”
“What else are you good at? Asides being a fugitive? Huh?”

I continued and endlessly went on to give the young chap , one thousand and one reasons why he should be a man and gidi up to responsibility. For the greater good.

“ You just wanted to bolt for it! Put Ife's life in complexity” I said and pointed at her “ This young girl has been loyal to you. And you decide to put a tag on her head. A criminal tag like yours.” I nailed my point “ You are the biggest fool ever”

“I may not be your father” I paused “ Neither am I your brother. But believe me as a friend, if you truly love and care for her, then there are times when you should reconsider and play your cards smartly”

“ I'm not done”

The boy opened his mouth to utter a word or two.

“ And tomorrow maybe, when I'm gone or no more, my spirit will be at peace that I fought so hard to prevent a talent as great as yours to go down the drain.
A wasted effort, it would have been that you spend the rest of your life watching over your back. Running from your past. Or worse, behind huge metal bars.Take my advise and plan your life”

The boy replied and told me that there are times too when you have to run and live to fight another day. “ You heard the white haired man, in a blink , ASO Villa could be laid into a wasteland”

“ And you wanted to leave me here?I asked “ in this den of tigers . To return burnt by a fire I didn't start? ”
“ Neither did Ife” Jerry said “ I would never forgive myself if she _ “ He paused and sniveled. “ I brought her here_”

“ Quiet! ”
“Sometimes I look at you and I wonder how you are even twenty-one years old. ”

“ She has no part in all this” He shook his head afterwards and returned his gaze at me “ I had to take her out of here. Her family. Her mom-”

“ Jay!! Don't .” Ife cut in “ It's okay. Thats enough baby. It's okay”

He kept mute.

At that instance, I understood what was happening. I know how much he cared for her. I knew, I had cared for someone like that too. In the past and that was a very long time ago.

“ Get those chains off him, Itoro” I said.
“ And you Jerry, give him your necklace”
“ Why ?
“ Don't worry. You will get it back. Soon. And know this fact: ” I said “ No one is dying in the capital, not under my watch. No even off it! We can do this. Together. Just believe.”

“ Come on Ife! ” I said “ We are done here. Itoro will take you back to the Emerge-room 001. You will be safer there. Then Itoro ”I continued “ Meet us at the holding room 004. "

The boy asked what was up“ What/ who is in holding room 004?
“ Aremu Johnson . I need to talk to him. ” I began “ After which we are going to Benin City. To White house corrections center. On a new mission. Come”

** ** ** ** **

I had convinced the president to reconsider her decision earlier, about Raymond.
I had begged her to understand. I had seen her before lashing out on Jerry.
She had however agreed after much persuasion.
Yet there was a big problem somewhere. The task was not an easy one.

“ I cannot just have him released like that.” She said “ I'm under alot of criticism right now. More people will ask questions and the tally will increase. Don't forget my party members, the Senate president, my party leaders, the press, the masses, and even my poke nosy vice president. The list is endless”

She was worried.

“ I perfectly understand”I said to her in the lobby “ It's not even easy, considering the attempt he made on your life”
“ Exactly! My point” She was grateful I took her side on this one.
Bukky Alakara had crossed her palms. She said “ Then what do you suggest?

“I have a plan.”

I thanked her for the privilege and told her my intentions. It was a risky and deadly plan. I hoped it would succeed and the president reluctantly granted me a go- ahead.

I would soon do it, but I needed to see Aremu. I wanted the truth from him like my life depended on it.
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 10:37am On May 05, 2020
Episode 10 - More Secrets. Secrets Everywhere.

When we arrived the holding room 004, Matthew tricked Aremu into believing that his case is done for. He was a goner.
“ So if you want me to help you” Matt said “ You have to cooperate”

It was glaringly obvious that he was accused of two horrible murders. Somebody was sending him to jail. Somebody needed to pay the price and he -Aremu - fell the perfect lamb to the slaughter. The president issued an arrest on Aremu for two count charge of murder- Stella Chaltone, and Mr Lawani Saraki.

While he was in this rigorous explanation, Itoro entered the room and stood beside me.

“ Well ” Aremu began “ If I tell you anything, I'm a dead man” He continued “ If I don't. I'll still be hanged”

“ So do something.”

Aremu admited that he is more worried about the welfare of his cousin's widow and her children.

“ Who is that? I asked finally.

He gave me a stern look. His eyes turned red with anger. He said“ I don't recall talking to you. Do me a favour. ” He said “ Just keep quiet!

AJ narrated all he remembered and how Charlie had been killed. How he had been involved with one Mr Philip who wanted info and paid him to be his eye in the police force.

“So it had been AJ all along. I should have known” This thought went on in my head.

AJ continued. It had been too late. The picture was a lot bigger than mere petty thieves against men-in- blue and black: It was something much more than he could explain.

“ Then Charlie was murdered.” He said.

“ Who is Charlie? ” Itoro enquired.
A memory of so much pain hit me' like a fire storm.
I said “ He was--”

“ Will you keep quiet? ” AJ barked in anger. “ I don't even think you should be in this room”
“ Get out... Please!!”

AJ's face became void or expressions, once more.

Matt was puzzled. “ Jerry!” He said “ Behave!. Aremu continue please”

“ He was a cab driver” AJ continued “ He died in the Devil's corner. A ghetto in the surburbs of Oluku-Ishior( Isior) in Benin City.

“it occurred bitterly at the oddest hour of the night . All thanks to this boy here, who was his passenger, that same night, a year ago.”

Why did he call me this boy? Why does he and Matthew think Im a boy? Well na them sabi.

“ Wait! ” Matt said “ I don't understand. You mean, the car we saw at the sight of the explosion. At Jerry's hood, a year ago- that was your cousin? ”

AJ acknowledged this fact.
Matt asked why he didn't say a word about it.

“ Nemesis must have played a strong one on me...”

“ And your innocent- well, your cousin died for nothing”

He said “ That's tragic. Accept my condolences”

Hearing all these, I felt bitter, sore, and sorry for AJ. It had not been my fault entirely. Although I feel guilty to an extent.
I came back to the car that night and found Charlie dead. ---And---Oh! Yes! That explains why Aremu hates me so much untill this day.

“ I'm sorry. " I said.“ His death was not of my own doing... I never knew you were even related. I swear. I came back to that alley and Charlie was already gone. ”

“ He helped me”

“ And you repaid him by killing the man and stealing his phone afterwards.“ ...Right?”

I countered “ Why would anyone conceive such wickness? On someone who had save my life that night? I'm human , for God's sake”

“ Untill this day I still don't know why someone would want him dead” I added “ I swear...”

I was going to tell them how I found out who did it. I knew. But I wanted to take revenge personally .

I said instead after a pause “.. I didn't kill him.”

“ Alright. Believable” Matthew said.

He told AJ that “ So.. you decided to avenge him..”

AJ blurted out “ Yes !
He continued “ Then one day ... A man came from nowhere. He offered me money. He promised to take care of my cousin's widow. He promised me revenge on Jerry Osas. ”

“ Who was this man? Matthew asked. He took a seat. He told Itoro and the I to do same.

AJ said he never got his real name.

" He told me to call him Vincent.”
“ I liked his shoes . They were expensive “ Nice shoes, I complimented him... You like them? Vin replied. You can have them. I've got another pair. I scoffed and told him: That's so silly. I'll just buy mine with this money you've given me”

Then the promotion came from the D.S.S . Alot of things happened fast. I realized someone was watching my steps. People actually. It was too late to back out , then.
Furthermore, I met Seth Devin who made me become aware of the Alpha.

“ Who is the Alpha? I asked“ Sorry. But I'd like to know”

“ They say the Alpha is the one ” AJ replied “ who deserves more than a name".

How the Alpha had been the key to my promotion, my cousin's widow upkeep and so on. They would continue the ' good works' only if I cooperated and waited for the ' big day”

“ The kidnap of Kelly then. It had to be” Said Itoro.

“ I was confused too. ” Aj said “ It definitely had to be”

Matthew asked if Samantha Walsh was by any means a suspect in all these.

“ No! She isn't" He uttered.
He had thought so too untill she complained to him one day, bitterly, how Seth's recommendation letter for employment and his immediate promotion had come straight from ' Bird's eye view'

“ The Bird's eye view'? Matt said “ Like the powers above and beyond us ? His eyes displayed shock.

“ That kind of thing” AJ adjusted his shoulders. “ So I presume, Seth had a big sponsor”

Everyone knew who it was.

“ The Alpha” we all chorused.
“ But who is this Alpha?
“ First, who are these guys? Pr. Itoro asked no one in particular.

AJ spoke up. “ Please, pay attention. I heard rumors. They call themselves the 'Sons of Destruction' . To what extent, I just don't know ” He paused then continued “ By my cousin's grave, I swear I had nothing to do with Stella's death nor Mr Lawani. I tried to back out but it was too late.”

Matthew heaved a sigh. He exhaled rings of smoke from his cigar. He had lit one already. “ Sons of Destruction” He uttered “ Hmmm”
This was interesting. I wish I hadn't promised my fiance never to smoke again.

“ I believe you. ” Matthew said , drawing another stroke of cigar. With deep, exhale he said “You couldn't have killed them both. You are innocent”

“ So you believe me?

“ Ofcourse! Especially Stella's incident. There is no link in-between” Matt said “ Itoro had been placed under strict surveillance of the president's husband by his wife”

“ According to him” he continued after another thrill of smoke “ She has this feeling that her husband was cheating on her, but had no idea with whom , he committed the crime”

“ Wait! Im lost here”

“ How? ” Mathew asked looking at me

”So, Itoro knew of this fact all along and said no word.”
It occurred to me that everyone inside this room had secrets. Thank God I dont share mine easily. Na wa o.

“ He was -” Matthew exhaled “ He was ordered not to” he said “ Itoro found it difficult to even tell her. She forced him into it this morning, very early, when she threatened the Calabar man out him”

Itoro said she came with just two agents .
“ Rumeh Kadiri- your friend and Garba, the new guy”
Matthew said to AJ. “ Which is very suspicious”

He kept quiet and I wondered if AJ would slip info out. At this point you needed rapt attention to understand whats happening here. Four grown men sharing deep secrets.

Itoro broke the silence “ She began to strip in my apartment. Gradually, she seduced me, threatened she would scream so loud that Rumeh and Garba, who were at the door and the entire ASO Villa will hear her voice. She said

“ I bet you. You will. Never. Have. Another. Woman. As ' sweet- and -sexy' . As. Me. If you- dont- tell - me - who - my- husband- has - been- seeing - all- these- while.”

She paused , grabs him by the waistline and wraps her thighs round him “ Tell me! I put you as a spy on him like a few others, but you have been keeping things from me. How dare you? ” She was furious “ What do you know? Speak ! Now!!”

I snapped out of the scenario after picturing it in my head. Wow! So much attention to detail. Amazing.

AJ asked him what he did to pacify her.
“ I felt bad. I told her everything. I felt real bad. Honestly”

“So, ’ I said “ it appears the president’s husband had an affair. ”

But in my head I was saying “ More secrets. Secrets everywhere”

AJ asked “ Did she murder Stella out of jealousy?

Matthew said “ Maybe. But we can't arrest the POTFRON. It would daint our democracy. At least ” He continued “ Not until we have enough evidence to do so. Quietly”

Now, Matthew was already on his feet. Me and Itoro followed.

He thanked Aremu for his cooperation and we turned to leave.

AJ called us back. He told Itoro to dip his hand into his coat. Inside it, Itoro provided an envelope.

“ What's this? I asked.

“ A strand of hair from the abducted girl. I took it at the airport. She looks so much like Ife”

Matt asked him if he knew where they had taken Kelly to.
He replied, sincerely “ I don't. ”

Itoro happily pockets the envelope and thanked him for his help.

“ I'm sorry” Matthew apologized “ For the punch, earlier”

”No problem. ” AJ said.“ We are cool”

When we came to the observatory room, Al Hassan stared into Matthew's eyes. I could see the intense in the gaze- lock.

Matt said to him while signing a document “ You heard everything from the horse's mouth.”

Al Hassan, the IGP, shook his head and said “ Loud and clear”

Matthew went on to say “ Please , man guards at the door. Let no one enter this room again, until I come back from Benin City”

He looked at his boss “ Sir. If you don't mind. AJ is a prime witness to a political crisis”

“Definitely! Al Hassan confirmed.

Our trio breezed into the corridors. I asked Mathew about the plan he had mentioned earlier. I became curious to know what's going on in Matthew's mysterious mind.

“ We are breaking Ray out of prison” Matthew said “ Ray leaves White House corrections, first thing, tomorrow morning”

I checked the time. I became dumbfounded. Three, forty- five PM. Monday evening. I checked my wrist watch again, then followed closely behind Itoro and Matthew. “ Wow! Interesting! Bring it on.” I muttered and kept walking.


The helicopters were ready for transportation. Jerry; Mathew and a group of DSS operatives, all climbed aboard.
Itoro was not included,

Mathew dropped Rumeh Kadiri. He had his reasons : A sabotoir is best kept at main base in case of emergency.

Yet, I never got a good explanation from Itoro when I asked him. “ Why?

We entered the elevators and made for the top of the towers.

Then, in the open of the hangers,I had hugged Jay so tight that I’d never want it to end.

“ Come back. To me! Alive and unharmed...” I continued “ And bring her home — the lady — okay? Bring her back. Alive.”

He kiss my forehead and look into my eyes. Then he said “ I will. I promise. I'll bring her back even if its the last thing I do ”

The choppers whizzed to life and I reluctantly let go off his palms. I notice Rumeh staring at me and my fiance.

My eyes trailed to Mathew and Itoro. He gave Matthew Jerry’s necklace.

“ It's functional ” He said.

Matt in turn tucked a packet of cigarettes into Itoro’s long coat.
He said to Itoro “ Keep it safe. Hold on to it ’ till I'm back. Be a good officer, Itoro. You will need it someday. ”

The young man replied confidently “ Yes , Sir”

His smile was cheerful towaards me and warm too.

He said to Itoro “ And keep her safe. Let no harm come to her” He tucked the necklace into his own long coat.

“ I'll do my best sir. This time , even better! ”
They shook hands tightly.

Mathew let go of the grip, and said to me , “ Remain beautiful. ” A foot was already on the chopper “ You owe me just that little favour!”

I gave a smile and nooded. But ran up to him and huggged him tightly. “ Thank you. For everything. God bless you. Be safe”

“ I will. You too. Adios mon Cherie( My special one)

My palms were in the air waving when the two helicopters left and troded like two giant dragon flies in the air, gradually disappearing into the horizon and down towards the South.

“ He loves you” Rumeh Kadiri brought me back to the environment.

“ Hmm?” I was taken aback.

“ Jerry Osas. He loves you so much” He repeated.

I gave him a glance.“ Yeah! ” I began “ My heart beats for him alone.”

That moment, something in me remarked “ Nice one, girl!

“Come along now, Ife” Itoro said.

He led us back to the elevators. He dragged open the iron protectors.

We entered the elevators and the doors closed after he pressed a button for the second time.

My eyes gazed upon the Tavor- tar Isreali rifle in Rumeh's grip. I went mute. My fiance had warned me of this man before he left for the South.

Rumeh broke the silence “ Detective Abasi, ” He said “ Mind if I ask?

“ No. Shoot . I'm all ears”

“ What exactly are they going to do in Benin City ?

Itoro hesitated. Then he said “ The president has demanded the transfer of Raymond Omopeh from White House Corrections to Kirikiri , Lagos. ” He paused “ They are to make sure nothing goes wrong with the transport”

“ Oh ! Really?

Then Itoro said “ Definitely”

Some press chieftains left the Yellow Towers while we arrived the emerge – room 001. The men had been with the SA. She had spoken to them privately.

Itoro’s eyes trailed the five men as they entered the other elevator on his left. It would take them down the Towers . His gaze returned to the SA’s glass-office.

She was in a dilemma. This whole thing had really been a pain in the ass. A real crisis.

Her arms crossed over each other, she watched, and lost in thoughts , at the staff below her.

His eyes follwed her’s after a brief gaze — she had caught him staring, but did not mind— towards the Emerge— room 01 , which was now a bee hive. Everybody was busy, especially the tech guys. Working on one thing or the other.

This country was on the verge of collapsing.

“ Why?
“ Why What? Itoro replied me. I have been following him to a nearby desk.

We strolled a bit fast, before taking a left swing , round a work station.

I said “ Why didn't the president just pardon Ray and release him?
“ She had alot of enemies already” He began and checked a laptop screen, upon a desk where he now stopped. His eyes looked at Samantha again, then it found Kadiri who sat idly at a corner. “ She can't afford to make more ”

“ So what exactly is the point. I don't get it” I continued. I bit my lips “ She is the fucking POTFRON, for crying out loud. All that power at her disposa—”

He smiled and shuzzed me. He told the tech guy to stand up for a while.

He returned his gaze at me.
“ Why? I repeated “ Why , that kind of look?
He started with a smile.

The story continues...

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 10:40am On May 05, 2020
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Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 3:30pm On May 05, 2020
But this update small o
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 4:48pm On May 05, 2020
But this update small o
I will add more... in the spaces... and mention you... about the length. will do justice to the next post. Thanks
Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 4:53pm On May 05, 2020
I will add more... in the spaces... and mention you... about the length. will do justice to the next post. Thanks
Ok expecting it...

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 5:51pm On May 05, 2020
Ok expecting it...
Done. Have a nice evening bro smiley
Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 7:38pm On May 05, 2020
Done. Have a nice evening bro smiley
Seen Bro... Nice update...

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Creeza so you wrote a story and didn’t mention me embarassed welldone ooo!!

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 8:39pm On May 05, 2020
Creeza so you wrote a story and didn’t mention me embarassed welldone ooo!!
embarassed I did naw! check your mentions.... maybe you you didn't see it! Anyway, sorry. I just felt many of you guys were busy! And with time you will come online. But welcome. Nice to have you around.
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 8:43pm On May 05, 2020
Seen Bro... Nice update...
thanks man
Re: Five and Six by Missmossy(f): 9:01pm On May 05, 2020
embarassed I did naw! check your mentions.... maybe you you didn't see it! Anyway, sorry. I just felt many of you guys were busy! And with time you will come online. But welcome. Nice to have you around.
It’s alright. Thanks glad to be here smiley

Good to have you back too cheesy

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It’s alright. Thanks glad to be here smiley

Good to have you back too cheesy
Anytime. My dear. Please enjoy the last update. more to come smiley
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Creeza...U dey mess with my intelligence,u making me want more creeza
Give me moreeeee......morrreeee..good one man,am in love with this already

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Re: Five and Six by yungbanks(m): 2:06pm On May 07, 2020
Great work man more please

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 2:59pm On May 07, 2020
Creeza...U dey mess with my intelligence,u making me want more creeza
Give me moreeeee......morrreeee..good one man,am in love with this already
Hehehehe grin I cannot mess with your intelligence na. Haba! You be wise man o. No reason am. Lol
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 3:05pm On May 07, 2020
Great work man more please
Thanks man. More soon.
Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 10:21pm On May 07, 2020
Please is Creeza allowed to leave us hanging and wanting for more... Just come and update before we start crying as coro cases are building up here

Nice write-up man. You just leave us guessing continually the next move.
Big ups

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 8:47am On May 09, 2020
Please is Creeza allowed to leave us hanging and wanting for more... Just come and update before we start crying as coro cases are building up here

Nice write-up man. You just leave us guessing continually the next move.
Big ups
Thanks man. sorry I've been away for a day or two. I had a migraine but I'm getting better now. Will update later today.... Bless you
Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 9:31am On May 09, 2020
Thanks man. sorry I've been away for a day or two. I had a migraine but I'm getting better now. Will update later today.... Bless you

So sorry and please kindly take good care of urself and that amazing brain of yours that's been making us happy since times past

Don't worry I am not just saying it because we enjoy ur books which we do by the way but because we really care.

Kindly take good care of yourself and not over compensate .

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 4:24pm On May 09, 2020
Episode 11- “ Come Little Brother... Come”


I wish I had an answer. Right now I am not sure who to support any more. Hoping I have not turned a critic of madame President Alakara, who will believe and do anything, just to see her out of power, the reply I gave Ife was the best. Non- judgemental.
“ Why ? ” She asked “ Why that kind of look?

I felt my lips spreading. A smile had erupted from nowhere but now visible on my face. No doubt.
But mhen. Craps! Staring at her, I just marveled at Ife’s beauty. Her boyfriend had a good eye, indeed.

Becareful man! Becareful!! A voice echoed in my head.

“ We all have skeletons in our cupboards...Life is a movie. We should all play our parts and leave the rest to other actors.” I replied after silence.

On the screen, my actions from a keyboard clicked ‘ SEND’ to a message that read “ Get the Operatives ready. The plan is in motion”


The leather sofa in the spacious room bridged the Alpha and a tanned– well polished mahogany table. A very expensive piece of art.

The One who deserves more than a name, took a phone from a cupboard nearby.

A number was dialed as the Alpha pressed out the digits.

The connection was successful. The Alpha said while still backing the room and looking out through a large window.

“ Rumeh...It's time...” A brief silence follwed.

“ Good” The Alpha added “ Note , this is where our paths come to a cross roads. If anything happens wrong from here on wards, we never met.”

Another silence .

“ But before that” The Alpha concluded “ Now, pay attention and listen carefully”


It had been sixty— eight hours since I got into a fight with Skipper and almost thirty six when I landed inside the laundry house to execute my plans. A work in progress indeed.

Lying on a delux sized bed in this cell with eyes sparingly fixed to an LG Flat Screen 34' Tv thats connected to a DsTv decoder, I wandered in the pondering ponderous ponderland of my mind.

Occasionally, I look at John Okah who I picked among the five gang members to be my cell mate. No gays. Bleep that shit. Ive never liked solitude. And even worse being alone in the period of it.
John throw glances at me too while the latter churned away on the cereals he enjoyed with a cupful of milk and chocolate. Each crunchy balls generated a collision with the thoughts in my head. Bumping into every faucet and hindering progression.

I caution him with a stare. The youngster reduces his chewing spree only to resume it almost immediatly with reamped vigour.

Children. I sigh. Well look at him. Poor thing who got unlucky and added in size before his age caught up to him in velocity.

My eyes returned to the enclosure. It was spacious and well equiped with a cupboard at the corner. A table. A chair. A cushion. And then the glistening bathroom with coral- designed marble tiles.

Funny enough, this doesnt feel like hard labour. It is coerced.

The thought of it made me curse my entire being and slamed a fist against a nearby tray . The impact saw the plate on it go crashing to the floors.

“ Welcome to News Metro” A Tv News caster drew my attention “ Breaking News...”

I did not grasp everything entirely until my name was mentioned and my photograph etched to a corner of the screen.

I jerked to my feet. They found ground to trample upon the floor. I threw John a third glance in a row. He must be as shocked as his master.

Yet I decided it was best not to discuss it with John. I paced up and down, mumbling words and then eventually I could hear my self re-itterating in confusion.

“Kiri-kiri. Why Kirikiri?
“ Kirr-kiri? Not Kiri-kirki”
“ Lagos? Why Lagos.... Not-”

“ Ooooh! Fero! ” I continued “ Fejiro... What have you done now? I told you to let me do this my way. I told–”

I stopped. And not because I had nothing to say but because a sound caught me off. The Cell doors clanked as someone put the keys through a hole on it.

Valley walked in with four other uniformed guards. All of them on kharki- green uniforms. John probably knew they were not here for him but he stood up in anticipation of a blow or a fight. With the way he squeezed his lips to the right corner cracked his knuckles while staring into Valley’s eyes, I could as well liken him to Peter in the Bible.

I heaved a sigh.

“ Its time” Valley said, glancing at his right arm. It was six- twenty pm, Monday evening. “ You have visitors. ” He continued “ Farmiliar foes and friends.”
I marveled at the manner in which Valley smiled. Sheepishly to himself.

I can not explain why but a part of me wanted it so badly. The urge! That desire. It burned deep inside my heart to put a bullet in between those ignorant eyes. That ebony forehead that looked so perfect a target spot. Yeah a golden bullet would make it shine brighter in the glare of the light.

Ken and I discussed about our plans for the girls, the device and other hostages when Rumeh Kadiri called. I payed attention like I always did whenever people start talking and I want to give them the benefit of doubt that I actually listened. If only they knew how boring they sound with all those words and instructions flying here and there.

Then I hung and smiled.

“ Whats up Boss? Ken asked, coupling his pistol and then tossing it upon a metal table. “ Good News?

“ For us? Yes! For them? No”
I recounted before joining him in the task. I aimed at an imaginary target. Dropped the pistol and looked at the wall clock in the candle- lit room. It was already dark outside.

Ken remained silent waiting for me to drop a detailed information.

“ Pop up the internet Tv” I urged him.
The young man of 33, drew closer to his bossom, a Nexus 64-bit Laptop and connected to a terrestial Tv. He easily found his way through the net after several protocols where observed. He made active use of a location changer and a premium packaged VPN.
I told him the channel to search for. He did and clicked “play ” on the recent video without subscibing. There, we saw something. It was something I already knew.

“ I’m aware of the transfer plans” I began. Still testing my ammo, I said “ But I had no idea it would be this quick. I have my plans though. I will make sure Ray gets safely to Lagos. Its a must”

Ken opted“ I thought you wanted him released?

“ Hmmhmmghm” I replied “ Infact , I want him out of this country” A sniff escaped my nose involuntarily , after which I stared at Ken before adding “ My days are numbered this is where the road trip ends for me”

I went further to explain the plan with the President which was to stage a transfer of a prisoner to Lagos. Then we will burst him out of the convoy. To ensure his freedom. Thats the aim of this whole operation and afterwhich we must disappear instantly.

“ A heist you mean? Ken asked.
“ How clever! ”

I said “ I will make sure of it, and even more. I’ll have the convoy wiped out. ”

I strolled to a corner in the wide room where I took a can of beer , it was on a table. “ We will go to Benin - City this night and lay ambush at Oluku Ishior”

“ Our teenage hood? Ken asked.

“ Yes. Where we grew up” I remembered. ( It had been terrible after my parents passed on. A life changing event at the National Capital made my old man relocate to his own country home. I couldnt bare the poverty, after my old man passed on, leaving me to fend for a little brother and mother who never walked on the same path where I trampled my feet upon, or even to eat from the same plate I used.
I left home, leaving behind my little brother , Ray and an un-repentant mother with one goal in mind : Revenge on those who ruined my life.

No one heard from me again until I met Ray on the streets looking tartered, hungry and unkempt. My boys had gotten into a fight with a rough street youngster and the case was brought before me, only to realise the youngster was my kid brother.

“ Mama is dead” were the only words Ray said after he swiped blood stains off his lips.
“What? I uttered
“ Come little brother. Come”)

To be continued....*Capital Crime* Who? Where?... Why?...Or Implications? .... Stay tuned...

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Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 9:03pm On May 09, 2020
keeping my eyes peeled for this one
"Shits about to hit the fan"
We anxiously waiting for more

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 11:12am On May 10, 2020
keeping my eyes peeled for this one
"Shits about to hit the fan"
We anxiously waiting for more
thanks for reading
Re: Five and Six by silverlinen(m): 12:32am On May 12, 2020
Creeza i no sabi quote person comment how shall I do it.. moreover,can we hook up on any social media?need ur personal and private opinion on concerning something i want to do.
Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 11:56am On May 12, 2020
Creeza where art thou?
Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 12:05pm On May 13, 2020
Pls has any1 heard frm Creeza? its been a while. Hp he is okay?
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 3:32pm On May 14, 2020
Pls has any1 heard frm Creeza? its been a while. Hp he is okay?
I'm super cool my brother. Thanks for the concern. Just supposedly busy offline.

Hope you good too?
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 3:33pm On May 14, 2020
Creeza where art thou?
Here for you my niggi. Where'd I be? cheesy
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 3:36pm On May 14, 2020
Creeza i no sabi quote person comment how shall I do it.. moreover,can we hook up on any social media?need ur personal and private opinion on concerning something i want to do.
You click the quote button its displayed under the person's comment.

Now about connecting on social media... Send me a dm on Twitter @JaminMykel I'll reply Asap

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