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The Dog Attendant (T. D. A) [COUNTLESS Part 2]. A story By Darousmart Emmanuel. / "No Pleasure For Dead Girls" A Story By Mancrimes.. / CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Five and Six by silverlinen(m): 10:25am On Jul 23, 2020
Boss Creeza no nahh, odikwa too risky. Ain't a writer and have got no intentions bout being one now. Just annoyed with Seth.... keep the good works senior bruv.. Thanks for the offer though

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 7:01pm On Jul 28, 2020
Episode 25- A girl has her Ways


Another nasty regurgitation came again. My intestines were burning with discomfort. That feeling of regret after killing this poor woman hunted me.
Rendering a young girl an orphan- the same status I’d been forced to live with for many years. It sure isn't going to be an easy ride for her. I've been there.
How do I get the device? How do I get Kelly and this little child out of here?

Whataboutism struck me when I realised there where others- the senators and according to their tale; about forty women more were held captive in this camp.
It seems the device in Seth's position finally worked.

“ Successful. H.ack complete. Intiate launch protocol”

I raise my eyebrows in disbelief. What can I do against five men with guns. I have just a metal cup and probably the steaming pepper sauce above the fire, about a 100 cm away from where I stand. I could swipe for it, but I'd be dead on arrival.
“ Caiden!” Seth speaks up.
“ Yes Mr?-"

“ Locate these coordinates and deploy three drone-missiles”

He typed in the coordinates using a virtual keyboard on the screen.

“ Target aquired” the female voiced AI replies “ Central area, Abuja”
“Central Area?” Kendrick asked with shock “ Boss. I thought we hit the nail on the head. Take it to the Aso villa”

“ Yes my friend” Seth replied “ But plans do change. And a strike at the central Area district of Abuja gulps almost a third of the city's population"

“ There are over a million people in Central Area" I spoke up“ This is insane. You have to stop th-”

A round tip poked at me from behind. I turned to see the hefty looking guy staring at me. His gun superglued to my spine. " Tuh-tuh-tuhtuh” he uttered while shaking his head.
Fuvck me..but Bros I no fear you o. On a normal day, you and I, one on one , I'll run into you like a caterpillar. I hesitantly gave a sigh after the thought in my mind.
Kendrick continues“ Boss. Those are innocent citizens. Alot of them are probably asleep at this time of the night. Will you kill them in their sleep?

“ What manner of death can be more honorable? ” Seth replies“ Hmm? I'm the hand of God. And I am merciful-”

“ Do you wish to launch? The AI cut him shut in his self-gratifying speech.
“ Yes. Do it! Now!!”

“ Unauthorized access word and inconsistency in request. Please, input correct language phrase” the device replied.

“ What?

He looks at Kelly. For a split second I could tell the grin that just disappeared on my face was there. My instincts grew wil.d. Is he going to shoot her?
“ Tell me this is a joke.” He says pointing his gun at her.

“ Caiden” Ms Green spoke up “ Please Laun.ch!"

“ Alright ma'am. The birds are in the skies! Collision in 46 minutes.”

A schematic map was displayed on the device screens having three blinking dots moving from one point to another linearly.
At that instant, Seth gave a wicked grin and laughed. I finally streched my knees and sat on the floor.
First thing I did was to check if Seth had my necklace around his collar bone. Presto! It was still on him- the golden bullet oscillating back and forth upon his chest. Fine then.

We wait and hope the calvalry arrives soon. There on the floor, like a child whose favorite toy and been snatched away with impunity, I sat clueless- or feigning cluelessness. Indeed if these guys do not arrive any time soon, only a miracle would save us. Only a miracle.


Dizziness. A sharp pain travelled across my eye sockets. I winced in discomfort. Blurry figures. A little clearer now. Itoro is taking serious beating from Rumeh Kadiri.
The timer fell from Rumeh's pouch: 3miutes left. I impulsively stretched for it. He noticed and came for me. Itoro dives him. Both men crumble upon me. The weight upon my back was nothing like I'd even felt before.

The timer flew away from my grip, farther into a tight corner. In groans I try to escape the trap. I gasp for air then struggled.
“ Ouch” Itoro gave a painful cry.
Rumeh had given him the elbow punch. Then kicked his nose twice with a back-heel. He must be in so much pain.
But little time to think about that, I sneaked out of the trap. A hand grabs my feet. I staggered and fell again.
A gun. It's not too far from me. Let's try and get that. Stretch Ife. Stretch... I can litterally hear all my imaginary supporters yelling in my head. Even Jerry's voice. Stretch. I'm trying. Im try..ing...to... Okay. I grabbed it.
I rammed the metal to Rumeh's head. Only slightly did it hit his head. Not enough to send him on a sleeping trip. He shook his head in pains as we rose to our feet.
I backtracked and stoned him the gun. He dodged. Lucky bastard. Why'd I stone you a gun in the first place if there were any bullets in the metal.

“ Arrghhhhh!. God! ” Itoro screams again. The metal had hit him on the nose.
I grit my teeth and felt a cringe in my toes. “ Sorry!”
Rumeh laughed and charged for me.
Adrenaline. I could feel the inflush into my veins when he made way for me. Okay how'd he do this? I asked my subconscious mind. Remember. Remember. I fold my fist into knuckles.

I threw punches. Fast ones.
Shocked at my reactions, Rumeh tried to catch my fist. I went for the kicks. A left leg. Right one. Right arm support punch. Left arm high jab.
More confusions? Huh? It's obvious in his eyes. I went for a right leg kick. He caught it with his left palm.
I leaped into the air and gave him an acrobatic kick.

That sent him to the floor. Daised.
“ What the-?
I rushed him and knocked the evil daylight out of his terrorist infested eyes. I kicked him again on the face with my heels on, just to be sure.

Slumping to the floor, I try to catch my breath. A gagging pain in my chest.
The timer!!!. I rushed and picked it up. I pushed the red switch off to stop the countdown at fifty two seconds.
“ Whered you learn to fight like that? Itoro asked.
“ A girl has her ways.”
He strutted to his feet. I bet he must be feeling awkward, saved by a lady. I kept silent even after realising this.
“ You know” he began“ I had him. I could have taken him down all by myself”
“Yeah. You are welcome!"
“ You know, ” He repeats “ I was the best at gun fights during my training in the States"
“ I am glad I could help”
He laughs. Then says“ Remind me. Never to mess up with your kind of girl” He relaxed against a wall.
“ Trust me. I will”
He chuckled. I smiled. Then he laughed. I joined in. He continued for a while before his intercom rang with a voice.
“ Detective! "
“ Still alive" He replies " who wishes to know?
“ It's Samantha. What-- where are you?

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Re: Five and Six by Puvo: 7:22pm On Jul 28, 2020
I need someone like Ife in my life grin

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 7:28pm On Jul 28, 2020
I need someone like Ife in my life grin
Ahhh! My brother... You don't know how long I've wanted to post this. *Sweats* phew grin All thanks to the mods for helping out, and Seun. Mhen the ban was five times straight in a row.

cheesy But for your wishes : Love will find you in due time. Believe smiley

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Re: Five and Six by Puvo: 7:36pm On Jul 28, 2020
Ahhh! My brother... You don't know how long I've wanted to post this. *Sweats* phew grin All thanks to the mods for helping out, and Seun. Mhen the ban was five times straight in a row.

cheesy But for your wishes : Love will find you in due time. Believe smiley

The sooner the better oo cheesy

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Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 2:38am On Jul 29, 2020
At least they've stopped the immediate one. The team better work faster so that forty five minutes does not get to zero seconds oh

Thanks Creeza.

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 12:55pm On Jul 30, 2020
At least they've stopped the immediate one. The team better work faster so that forty five minutes does not get to zero seconds oh

Thanks Creeza.
Im at the edge of my seat too. smiley and you are welcome sir.
Re: Five and Six by Khriztarl(f): 11:31pm On Aug 04, 2020
Ok. I landed. Safely.

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 8:17pm On Aug 07, 2020
Ok. I landed. Safely.
I'm gald you did not break a bone. Welcome my dear. smiley
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 8:25pm On Aug 07, 2020
Episode 26- Planned out to the T

Obviously not ready to loose any moment of the action, Seth focused all his attention on the screen.
Seconds later, a magnanimous explosion reported around the camp, putting Seth's shrilled laughter to an abrupt end. He jerked with shock.
Gunfire followed. More than a bunch of terrorists yelling, reigning bullets at unidentified gunmen and all the while engaging in serious warfare. Machine guns followed with the weaponry ra-ta-ta-ta hunger for human flesh- and they were never satisfied.

Four of Seth's men rushed outside to engage. They fell on arrival as bullets smite them down with vigour and rampage.

Kelly rushed for the device, but even in the confusion, Seth hit her so hard making her loose consciousness of time and reality. Little Aisha squeezed up in a corner with fear as she streched for Kelly.

Seth grabs his gun. Enemy soldiers were at the door. He fired one dead. The second man sent a retaliation shot. He ducked.

The boy- Jerry had no idea who just arrived but surely anyone against Seth is a friend.
Two items fell off Seth's palm. One smoked the environment. Admist chokes and distant gun battle sounds, Jerry distilled the air with his palms.
" Shit!" He uttered upon realisation.
The other item is a flashbanger. His arms went for his eyes.

Re-opened them. A terrific sight greets him as Kendrick rose from the smoke like a phoenix, yanking him up. They struggled. He grapples Jerry's neck. From underneath this 140 pounds of weight, Jerry sights a gun on the floor and stretch out to get it.

Kendrick was clueless as to what hit him. A bullet drove into his chest. He slumped upon Jerry.

Heaving, and bustling with adrenaline, the boy pushed him off.

His eyes went to the table where the device had been. The table was bare- Seth took the device with him as he disappeared into thin air. A door swung idly at the back of the hall.

Jerry turned to see a farmiliar soldier take serious beating from Seth's man- the man who had earlier poked a gun on his spine. He yelled angrily and stabbed the soldier with a small dagger.

“ Fuvk you! " The American soldier screamed and landed a blow on the terrorist. Trying to release himself from the corner of the wall where the man had him pegged.
“ Arrrghhhh! I will kill youuahhhh” The slowpoke replied with agility. Pushing him back. A head butt followed.

Jerry raised his gun and aimed.
“ Hey!" He screamed to get his attention. “ Dickhead. Over here!”

The terrorist turned.

The grey Desert Eagle gun wielded by Jerry, sent a bullet to his forehead. He kissed the dust with a loud groan and vexation, making one wonder if he would transfer that aggression towards the devil in hell.

“ Next time” the boy said to Gerrard Finder“ Use a gun. It's faster"

Gerrard grinned with pain as he touched the spot on his abdomen where the dagger had stung.
Blood smeared on his left hand glove. It was once black but now red.
He stares blankly at the table before returning his attention to the unconscious Kelly. Curiosity sparked his mind when he set eyes upon little Aisha. He tapped a button on his intercom and said “ Watch Tower, One hostage down. But there are–”

Bukky Alakara's voice replied“ Wait- wait! Stop - right there...Is that a little girl? Jesus Christ!! "

“Where is the device? She added.

“ Talk to Mr Jerry, he -” Gerrard said after checking Kelly’s pulse and turns to see the room empty.

“He-- is gone!"
A door swung idly at a corner.

“We got nothing on the radar.” Samantha said. “ No signals. Nothing"

I paced the Emerge-room 001. Only turning a minute to stare at the large screen. This whole thing becomes more intense by the second.
Who would have thought that nearly hundred women declared missing years ago were all kidnapped by Seth's gang. And they have been--”
Who is this devil?

To make things worse, the missiles are in the air, and can't be detected on radar. How do we stop this?

“ Where'd they hit” I finally asked Mr Green “ Can we be certain?

“ I -”

“ He picked a location in Central Area, Abuja” Kelly's voice rang from the intercom and her face shown on the screen “ He--” she struggled to speak.

We could still hear gun fire in the background. Gerrard Finder had given her his night vision cam and intercom to communicate while he held off advancing terrorists from entering the building.
Mr Green speaks up“ It's okay honey. Take it easy, I'm glad you are okay...”

“ He fired three missiles about ten minutes ago” Kelly began “ the French drones. Dad I'm scared" she broke into tears. “ I'm-”

“ Listen honey” Mr Green said “ You will be fine. Gerrard will protect you. No harm will come to you I promise.”

“ I disobeyed you, dad" she sobs “ I'm sorry"
“ It's okay. We will get through this together. No one will be harmed. You will be fine.- ” He paused“ The French Drones right?


“ What about them? I asked. I'd been silent for a while- giving them a father and daughter time.
“ If we cant pick heat signatures off these missiles.” Mr Green continued “ then they must be hypersonic”

“ Hyper what? --"

“ Hypersonic- meaning they travel at very fast speeds of sound.” Detective Itoro said.
He walked into the Hall with a broken nose. Blood stains on his shirt and had Rumeh Kadiri in cuffs.

“ Where have you been? Samantha asked. “ your nose-its”
“ Long story. I caught this one snooping around. ”

“ Take him away! I said to the military guards. They grabbed Kadiri and escorted him out.
“ Alright! ” Mr Green said “ The French drones are equiped with the ASN4G.”

" Google that" Samantha said to one of the tech guys.

“ No need.” Mr Green continued “ These Unmanned Combat Arial Vehicles ( UCAV) carry at least five payload each. A hack into the system of just one drone gave the A.I device full control over everything. ”

“ We must evacuate Central Area then” Samantha suggested.
I checked my wrist watch. 2am on a Wednesday morning.

“ Barely enough time for that” I replied.
“ My gut's urging me to be discreet about this and I have to say: the targets must be oil tankers or something explosive that would generate a nuclear effect.”

“ Smart! Smart move!” I chuckled. “ He played us all. He had this planned out to the T." I nearly shed tears.

My God. I'm dealing with the devil himself. What ever did I do to deserve all these?

“ We evacuate all vehicles in Central Area, then” Samantha said dragging me out of my thoughts.
In less than 20 minutes? “ Impossible!" I urged “ We'd be causing more harm than good.”
There has got to be a way.

“ But-” Mr Green started “ just but. If I recall clearly, the designers of these missiles made it possible to abort a strike.” He reached for a desktop and googled out something “ Yes! There.”

“ Glide breakers? Itoro said.

“ Yes. Glide breakers. Every ASN4G has an internal glide breaker. ”

“ So they have the ability to Kamakazi into each other? Like destroy each other?” Detective Itoro said making Green raise an eyebrow.

“ You know quite about missiles and projectiles" He complemented.

“ What now? How do we even get these glide breakers to work? I ask. “ Our radars cannot pick signals. We don't even know where the missiles are” I added.

“ Hypersonic missiles travel at great speeds even at lower altitudes. With the ability to maneuver sensors and radars, making them harder to detect and kill” Mr Green said.

“ And if I'm correct with predictions-” he continued“ They already entered the maneuvering stage.”

How then do we stop these attacks?
“ Abort the strike from the device.” he read my mind.

A voice could be heard as it thundered down on everyone along it's path.
“ Don't greet me! Get' out of my way!”
“Stay back. Get out. You are stupid. Don't greet me!”

It was my V.P, Mr Casmir Chukwuebuka as he entered the through the lobby in the Emerge-room 001.

“ Who else knew about this A.I device? I asked Mr Green.
“ My secretary. Stella” he uttered.“ Stella Chaltone”
When Casmir entered the hall he was bewildered “ What on God's planet, is going on here? --- ” He kept mute afterwards when his eyes went to the large screen on the wall as we watched live action of gun battle. Very intense one of it's kind.

“ Welcome, Casmir. You are rather late” I said with my arms crossed. I looked away and asked Samantha quietly.“ What is the reg. Number of that private jet again. Remind me, please"
She says “ An AirBus 250. Registered anonymously with a Swiss Bank"

Oh my sweet husband Samuel Alakara and his Swiss contract. His Swiss clientele all these while had been Stella Chaltone. He is smart. So smart. Why'd I allow this slip my fingers for so long.

I tried to recall everything we had been through in the past. Going back in time and memory lane. It took me a while, but now I could see the picture in my head. Very vivid. It all made sense now. Everything.

the story winds down to conclusion...

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 8:45pm On Aug 07, 2020
Kinda took a while guys... but I had to go back and read my initial plot again, so I could tie up some loop holes that need attention.

Sorry It's coming this late. I sincerely apologise but, I promise you it's worth your time. cheesy trust me, some of these things take quite a handful of sleepless nights to research and edit and even add your own experience to. So I'm grateful every time you comment and like and share smiley and yes, follow me up on this journey. We almost there.

Please also tick that follow button if you like my story telling, or if you don't, cheesy make sure to tick the unfollow button twice- that's two times- just to be sure wink

I remain yours sincerely, Jamin Jay aka Creeza. And together now folks: hands a' the head. Salute!!! :


Re: Five and Six by yungbanks(m): 10:02pm On Aug 07, 2020
Great more please

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 10:11pm On Aug 07, 2020
Great more please
will do that sir. smiley but in the meanwhile allow other great personalities like you to enjoy what you just read.
Hope you enjoyed this last update.
Re: Five and Six by oluwadabira111(m): 11:24pm On Aug 07, 2020
Waoh I will love to read your story u are humble lemme go and start from the beginning!

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Re: Five and Six by Puvo: 12:06am On Aug 08, 2020
Nice update

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Re: Five and Six by Khriztarl(f): 10:26am On Aug 08, 2020
I'm gald you did not break a bone. Welcome my dear. smiley
cheesy Thankyou
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 11:18am On Aug 08, 2020
Waoh I will love to read your story u are humble lemme go and start from the beginning!
Thanks man. I appreciate.
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 11:19am On Aug 08, 2020
Nice update
Anytime, boss. thanks

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Re: Five and Six by Odoogu(m): 1:45pm On Aug 09, 2020
all efforts appreciated. thanks Creeza.

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Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 3:58pm On Aug 09, 2020
Is Mr Alakara really behind this, or is it someone who knows his M-O, or is he in cahoots with some unscrupulous fellows like the VP

We await more Creeza and thanks for the update.

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Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 4:36pm On Aug 09, 2020
Always had him in mind.... Mr Alakara

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 9:44pm On Aug 09, 2020
all efforts appreciated. thanks Creeza.
I'm grateful.
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 9:47pm On Aug 09, 2020
Is Mr Alakara really behind this, or is it someone who knows his M-O, or is he in cahoots with some unscrupulous fellows like the VP

We await more Creeza and thanks for the update.
I guess there *are* always two sides to a story. Maybe the next update will fix in one or two hints.


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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 9:48pm On Aug 09, 2020
Always had him in mind.... Mr Alakara
Everyone is an enemy. except us smiley
Re: Five and Six by enirock(m): 10:05pm On Aug 09, 2020
I guess there is always two sides to a story. Maybe the next update will fix in one or two hints.

We/I patiently wait.
Re: Five and Six by cassbeat(m): 11:17pm On Aug 09, 2020
Everyone is an enemy. except us smiley
Except us bro
Re: Five and Six by EbonyQueen001(f): 10:41pm On Aug 12, 2020
Sorry, I have not been active here for a while.

Happy new month Creeza.

Hope to read from you soonest.

I know it's not easy writing, so we will patiently wait for you.

Ride on bro

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Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 2:11am On Aug 15, 2020
Episode 27- Five...and...Six

“ I will always be here, as long as you are there and do what I say. Never vice-versa” I recounted the words written at end of every parcel delivered to me from the Alpha. Every single damn parcel always had a task.

First, it started with naira bills. Then encouraging tones and a guardian-like approach. Until the tasks got dirtier and very demanding.

The parcels and letters always came from anonymous locations.

“ Yeah!” I scoffed“ Where are you now?

Looking around into oblivion, I asked again“ Where are you now?

Was it only in my fantasy? Where you only imaginary? Where are you now?

My feet are numb. And I can feel my breathe sieze. Inside my chest is a heart wrenching feeling that I may not survive this night. But I keep running, walking and drifting as fast I can to escape. Or even until this countdown is complete.

“ ...humans can be unpredictable you know?” Aremu Johnson's words crossed momentarily before fading away from my subconscious mind “ Mark this day!”

“ What about machines? ” I had told him.

Concidence that I still remember the conversation we had in a hotel at Lagos before the jet's hyjack and Kelly's kidnap.
My mind goes to the device. I stopped for a while. Catching my breathe, I check the countdown. It was still active but the device had gone into a state of emergency hybernation.

A countdown of 29 minutes and decreasing stared back at me. It's close now.

“ Never vice- versa” Those words hit me again.

The task was always the starting point. I could never reach this entity who watched over me like a guardian angel. And this entity seemed to know all my enemies in the past, giving me a chance to revenge on every single one of them. But now I guess I'm all alone. Or maybe the moon at it's peak guiding me to nowhere.
The suitcase closed. I increased pace. Alot going through my mind. I should have brought the American girl.
What if this was my only shot and I blew it up.

When I met Rumeh two years ago. I had this feeling he was an imposter or stalking me, until he delivered a written note to me from the Alpha stating that a change in communication media had occurred. No task was issued. But as I read down the letter, Rumeh Kadiri uttered those same words.

That reminds me. I reach for my pockets, and taking my phone out, I dialed Rumeh's number. Why didn't that fool inform me about the federal troops invading our camp. How did they even find us? Shit! Its even on airplane mode.

My heart kept pumping blood to the veins in my head as I switched mode and dialed Rumeh's number.

“ The number you are trying call is not available” The voicemail machine replied“ Please try again later”

This is so disheartening. Damn you Rumeh!!!

I came upon a mini bridge capable of light weight carriage. Underneath it was a train tunnel. My fingers tapped the iron bars used in railings for the bridge. My eyes stared upon empty train tracks as far as I could see towards the East wind.

That instant I heard a freight train horn from the distance. I knew it wasn't far away now. Hoping it was here already, I walked down the bridge only to return again at my initial spot seconds later.

“ Come on! Come on!! Impatience bit my tongue very deep.

“ It's over, old man. This is where the road ends for you.” A farmiliar voice caught me off guard.


Outside, my eyes darted from angle to angle. I could feel surge in my blood vessels and spikes in my breath levels.
I glanced upwards and noticed confusion all over the moon's face. Returning my eyes to the T junction which stared at me, I realised nature was trying to give me three options.
Weighed my options, I'd still prefer two--.

“ And so would Seth” I uttered.
“ Left or Right? I asked.

Would he go right or left? What if he had nothing right or good left in him? Did he take the straight highway to hell?

Seth is left-handed. Most right-handed hitmen like myself, would go right- it's simple: carrying the briefcase on my left arm; Gun in the other; Natural instincts would lead my eyes in opposite direction.

Left it is then.

Off I went, chasing the Seth and my ego stabbed angrily in my chest. For everything. He'd surely pay. Including the death of my friends: Mathew and Charlie.
After a while of running, I chose to dash into the bushes. Running in an open field would make me vulnerable. Speed. Stumping against shrubs and breaking leaf branches in my wake. Leaving battered plants as trail.

At a sudden halt, I heard someone swearing into the early hours of dawnand dialing a call to an unknown person who I cared too little to even give a fuvk about.
I inched quietly towards the path once more and saw that it was Seth. He tapped his fingers impatiently on the rails of a medium sized bridge.

A freight train blarred horns from a distance.

He walked to and fro atop the bridge before returning to his initial position.

“ Come on!!! Come on! He uttered.

I'd be a fool you if I let him jump freely unto that train and have his way easily.
I snatched out of the bushes quietly.

“ It's over, old man. This is where the road ends for you”

He had a gun aimed at my face while walking closer without flinching. Not even blinking an eyelid.

“ Who’s going to stop me? ” I ask “ You? Can you even see me? One of your eyes is almost closed. You look like a sorry sight from hell's gutter.” I sighed “ Come on, Sonny. Drop the gun.”

I walked a few inches closer since we were daring guts.

“ Stay back” he snapped.

“ Don't even try. I swear, I'll shoot you in the balls if you do”

Serious. I let my palms drop. They were going for my gun initially.

“ Hand the device over”

“ This? You want it? What's the catch–?
“ I'll give you two options in numeric figures”
“ You are making me a monetary offer? How generous” I said.

Drew even closer.

“ No. Just two numbers. You can only pick one.”

“ What are you offering?

“ Five, the hard way out: You die. If you refuse cooperation. And Six, the easy way: you live after handing the suitcase over but you'd wish you were dead”

I could not farthom how he made that up but I wanted to understand more. If he'll explain.

“ Funny!” I say “ What's that supposed to mean?

All these while I fought my fears and subdued them arguably well. I would look stupid displaying them.

“ The final destination” he replied “ For people like you and I. When you kill, steal (from) and terrorise or even kidnap people. Nature gives you just two options left: An out through DEATH or life in PRISON.”

Very intelligent. A grin spread across my face.

“ But not today, Sonny"

I rushed him.
The boy fired.
I wedged in with the silver briefcase. The bullet bounced of the casing. With a swipe, a bend to the left, a hitch punch greeted him.

I used the other to hit the gun off his hand. An elbow punch, and another upper cut with my left hand.

He staggered. I felt something around my waist. I snapped it. A dagger. This has a purpose and I'll use it well. I stabbed it twice into his right upper arm.

“ Arrghh! He groaned out.

I pull out swiftly and made for his upper torso. The abdomen. He grabs my hand. Ray must have taught him well. Never allow an enemy plunge or hit you with a lethal weapon around the abdomen.
A quick impulse. Twist the dagger. Manipulate his own strength. He reacted quick.

He dodged.

I winced after a blow clouded my eyes. Another.

A sharp pain in my knee ligaments from behind. A kick. I guess I let my guard down too much. Or he took advantage of the fact that my right arm was occupied.
A quick pain shot up through my right thigh. The skin on my knees peeled inside my trousers. I'm so certain about it- as I hit it on floor in reaction.

A punch. The bones in my right ear and cheek recalibrated with an eerie whisper.
Still holding on tightly to the suitcase, I touched my lips. A strong pain erupted from somewhere between the skin. Blood.

“ Now, that's personal”

All my efforts went into one singular act; using my left foot to kick him. The muscles on my right thigh almost tore apart from this act. But it made me mad.
He fell. Then launched again.
I hit him on the thigh with the briefcase. He staggered. I went for the face. A hit. Then all efforts, as I slapped the center of suitcase's case gravity against that his pretty cheek.

He tumbled and hit the floor.

Like a rebound ball from the ground, Jerry quickly got up and thrust himself again, ready for another charge. I've never seen someone with such tenacity, but I've had enough of this play.

Reaching for my gun, I sent a bullet into his upper torso.
“ Fuvk off!” I yelled.

He gave out a painful groan before dropping in his tracks.

The fight has an after effect.....care to find out. Hold on tight folks....
Re: Five and Six by Creeza(m): 2:16am On Aug 15, 2020
Sorry, I have not been active here for a while.

Happy new month Creeza.

Hope to read from you soonest.

I know it's not easy writing, so we will patiently wait for you.

Ride on bro
Absolutely, no need to apologise. I am very much aware that you all have busy lifestyles. So I use that as a motivation to entertain you with the best I can come up with. cheesy

Anybody can write though. But storytelling.. ah! Thats where things get tricky grin

Thanks once again..

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Re: Five and Six by yungbanks(m): 2:50am On Aug 15, 2020
Ermm............... Now i know the reason u titled it 5&6 wow 5&6 indeed ride on man

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