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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:14am On Nov 18

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 169

I held the hands of my two girls and we all moved to meet their mother, Profit approached me smiling and hugged me tightly resting her head on my chest smelling good and intoxicating.
I wasn't comfortable with the hug because I didn't understand why she will be smiling instead of going gaga.

I asked my kids to go in while I remained with my wife in the porch.

Me: I was joking with those messages, was just a prank.

Profit: *she frown* so, you didn't miss me, sweet?

Me: I missed you so much.

I hugged her again before we both moved inside, I was suspicious of Profit because she isn't showing any sign of anger and am not feeling secured at all.
I took my bath and joined them in the family sitting-room, I saw that Profit have already loose her hairs.

I requested to plait her hairs she was surprised, she asked Johannah to get a comb and little stool.
She didn't bother to ask if I could braid sef, she just sat before me on the chair and backed me.

Her skin was so enticing looking at her nape from behind the hairs there and the smooth skin, I resumed braiding of her hairs.

Baby: daddy is plaiting mommy's hairs *giggling*

Johannah: he will soon plait us too.

Me: no way, am only plaiting my wife.

I could feel that Profit is blushing and her head have swelled up already, the kids went up to study then retired to their room before I was done with the braiding.
I returned the little stool and comb went up to our bedroom to meet Profit looking at the mirror admiring the heir I braided.

Profit: the braiding is beautiful, I never knew you can be this romantic.

Me: you should take a bath and rest, you must be tired.

Profit: am very tired, thank you sweet.

She gave me a quick kiss and went inside the bathroom to take her bath, she later joined me on the bed and we slept entangled together.
I wasn't able to sleep still scared on what her plan is, she looked at me.

Profit: why are you not sleeping?

Me: am happy that you returned.

Profit: you are scared, I missed you.

She kissed my lips before we both slept, I wake up to find only me on the bed.
I checked the time and saw 8am, Profit must have taken the kids to school and have also gone to work.

I checked my phone and saw a text message from Profit "you must be a good late comer"
I laughed and took my bath then went to meet Mr. Sam to discuss about the terrible leadership going on in the state governor's office.

Mr. Sam: ahhh! Victor Victor, the new governor, how are you?

Me: good morning, sir. Am fine, how is the family?

We both sat and I brought up the corruptions going on in the state.

Mr. Sam: *he start laugh* why are you worried? isn't my money neither your money, is our oyel money.

Me: the money is given by the federal government to develop the state and alleviate the suffering of the masses

Mr. Sam: which masses? See, you better open your eyes and see the opportunity to enrich yourself and your entire generation, we don't know what will happen next because nobody is interested in ruling this country, cash out and invest in Europe so that when the country collapse you won't collapse with it.

Me: *I shock* but sir, what if the masses start fighting us?

Mr Sam: which masses? Anybody that start barking like dog just give him a bone and he will start singing your praises, the masses are comfortable in their sufferings you better enrich yourself and leave the masses.

Me: this is our country.

Mr. Sam: our country ke, this is my ATM machine, our founders are very foolish they were busy planning how to wicked each other and dominate each other.

Me: are you not scared you will be caught in this corruption?

Mr. Sam: with which constitution? Our constitution favours us, you think we are in democracy?

Me: I don't understand, sir.

Mr. Sam: our president is just like head of state, the president controls all the arms of government and can even declare any state state of emergency, the Vice president is a useless position because he has no role in the government, with the president you can win any election because we are practicing military rule under the guise of democracy and civilian blalala!

The more I tried to make Mr. Sam reason with me and see reasons why we should govern well, he was giving me reasons to be a lazy governor and visit the state ATM every month to cash out.

Me: what if people refused to vote due to our performance.

Mr. Sam: they will vote for us even if you do nothing in your entire tenure, just dash them small from their tax money you go see how them go dey praise you, give them chicken to share for christmas and small rice them go start to follow you like zombie.

I just had to carry myself out of his office because the man had no vision for coming into power, and when I read his manifesto I wept for the voters who still voted for the man because they did nothing in their entire eight years in the gubernatorial house.

I started studying a lot of things in the state and discovered that the LGA are helpless and the money sent to them were just used in paying salaries and the chairmen are busy paying loyalty with the small cash they would have used to do something to develop their LGA.

I came back home sad to find my kids back from school, Johannah came to welcome me but Baby sat back looking sad.

Me: sweet, what is the matter?

Johannah: she fought with someone in school.

I sat with her and carried her on my laps, she was still sad and she looked like someone who had cried, I go kill person pikin oh!

Me: why did you fight, sweetheart?

Baby: somebody said you are heartless and a thief, a blood sucker and a liar because you are a politician.

Me: don't listen to them.

Baby: are you a politician, daddy? *she blinks her eyes*

Me: am not a politician but the governor of the poor masses, the one that will changed the wickedness done to the poor people.

Baby: am happy daddy.

I had to take them out after calling Profit who told me she wasn't in the country that she will return that day, we came back after the outing and I find Profit back home with the hairs I braided her.

I sat on the sofa with her and gave her a sweet kiss, the kids left for study while it remained just the both of us.

Profit: Baby fought in school today.

Me: she told me about it.

Profit: Vic, I don't like politicians that is why I always don't want my grandpa to win any election because he is surrounded by mean people that called themselves leaders of the country.

Me: I will be different first lady of the state.

Profit: we are not married yet.

Me: will you marry me?

Profit: are you the priest or you want to propose again?

I started smooching her there in the sitting-room, she was doing gragra and forming good girl as if she no like am.
We fixed our wedding and we wedded while I took full control of the leadership of the State, I removed all the rogue ministries in the state leaving only finance and education.

I appointed two commissioners and disappointed a lot of rogues that called themselves my supporters, I was giving charge to conduct election for chairmen.
I gave out the chairmen ticket for free and my party members were upset about it, I didn't care.

Those who indicated interest to be the chairmen was all called upon by me, I started interviewing those who indicated interests on live TV and they disgraced themselves.

Me: how many villages are in your Local government area?

And none of them were able to mention the exact figures, I was disappointed and wonder why someone will want to lead villages that you don't even know their numbers talk more of names.



Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:15am On Nov 18

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 170

I just realized that our parties are all fielding leaders that lack vision and have no plans to better the condition of the poor populace, I just had to ask them to go back to their various LGAs and find out the names of the villages, the livelihood of the people and what kind of plants and cash crops grow in their locals.

I dismissed them and went back home met my now wedded wife teaching my kids, they didn't notice I was standing in front of the opened door of the family library.
Baby was the first person to notice I was there and rushed over screaming daddy, I carried her up and gave her a smack kiss.

Johannah came over to welcome me also before their big Madam Profit stood up and gave me a sweet hug.

Profit: J, teach your kid sis, I want to talk to your dad.

Johannah: alright, mommy.

Profit held me by my hand and we went up to my room, immediately we got in she started laughing and she actually looked sensational while laughing though. I chuckled softly imagining how lucky I am to get a beautiful wife like her.

Profit: you are such a funny man, do you have to humiliate those dudes on live TV?

Me: I didn't know they will fail woefully, was expecting them to know all those things I asked.

She sat on the bed and looked at me with her se-xy eyes.

Me: why are you staring at me like a sinner?

Profit: *she laugh* I want us to make a baby.

Me: just say you want to fu-ck you this bad girl.

She threw a pillow at me and I dodged it and rushed inside the bathroom to take a bath, I was there having a cold bath when she joined me and hugged me from behind resting her head on my back.

My soft di-ck rose slowly from his slumber the moment her hand crept down to get a hold of it, she grabbed it and stroked it twice as we both stood under the shower bathed by drops of water.
I could feel her bre-asts pressed on my back getting full and her ni-pples getting attention also.

I turned and we both kissed while, I ended the kiss and started dropping soft kisses on her cheek down to her nape then finally grasped her br-east and fed it with my mouth.
I su-cked on it hungrily while she stroke my di-ck, I find her opening and dug in two fingers.

Profit: I need you *she whisper to me*

Me: bathroom se-x lead to girl child.

She pinched my di-ck, I screamed playfully.

Me: do you want to render me impotent.

Profit: I need a boy, make sure it is a boy.

She backed me and sampled her lovely round so-ft a-ss, I adjusted the crack with my both hands and plugged in with my hard di-ck from behind and we fu-cked our brains out.

We cleaned up and dressed up after the deed and lay on the bed together.

Profit: I love you so much, Sweet.

Me: if I were to be a one minute man will you love me?

Profit: you won't dare! I will cut it off.

We both laughed and cuddled till it was time for dinner, after the dinner I began receiving calls from my party members around the state demanding for the position of commissioner even after I made my decision clear that I won't give anyone commissioner after appointing two.
The next day Mr. Sam who is now a senator came to my office to demand why I haven't made our party faithfuls commissioners to be rewarded for being a member.

I was shocked to realize that making people commissioner is a means of reward to enforce duties, I told him I haven't seen the need and he ordered to install commissioners as soon as possible I just dey look am.
He also told me about his plans on sacrificing one hundred souls to the Grand master, I didn't care about what he said because the man has talking like the biblical beast lately.

When I requested for those candidates that I wanted to field for chairmanship to come with their inquiries, the number of people who came drastically reduced I was shocked though.
The other time it looked like the whole LGAs came to the government house but now it looked like they were forced to come.

I discussed with the few of them who came and made my plans known to them, I wanted to build a strong Agro-family in each local government area so that they won't rely on the State government before they can carry out their duties, I told them to go and discuss with their people and village heads.

Immediately I was done with them my phone rang it was Mr. Belema who has refused to pick my calls for days.

Belema's voice: my governor, good afternoon sir, sorry say I no pick your calls my phone screen spoil na today I just fix am.

Me: no problem, I wan meet the wife of the man that died during the election.

Belema's voice: no problem, ehnn... My governor I call in respect of chairmanship.

Me: why you no come government house when I asked others to come.

Belema's voice: I don already work for you I dey expect reward, I fit do anything to get that chairmanship.

I cut off the call and blacklisted his number and called a reasonable human who I asked to invite the wife of the deceased to the government house, she came after some days with her children that looked like suffer has taken a huge ride on them.

I gave her children scholarship and gave them a house with a well paying job to one of her children after settling the woman with some cash.

On weekend I went to the field with my kids and my wife, the open field was a plan I conceived with clean lake.
I sat on the field with Profit while Johannah and Baby ran around the field joyously.

Profit: this place is beautiful, I love it.

Me: the braids on your head look ugly, am taking you to the saloon.

Profit: *forming cry* you said am ugly.

Me: I didn't say so oh! You wey fine like mammy water.

Profit: promise me you will plait it for me before I will stop crying.

Me: emotional blackmail! INEC on the beat, were you crying before?

Profit: I just love when you plait my hairs, guess what?

Me: you are planning to travel again.

Profit: no, am pregnant.

Me: I don't believe you.

Profit: *smiling* three weeks gone.

I jumped from my sitting position and screamed on top of my voice that my beautiful wife is pregnant.



Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by drupleez: 12:42pm On Nov 18
story story o
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc(m): 5:09pm On Nov 18
Great update..
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Jamesbiodun(m): 10:53pm On Nov 18
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Clustergist: 3:10pm On Nov 19

By Elvictor

in the flowing street of consciousness mystery, life, beliefs, enchantment, africa se-xuality was birthed.

Episode 1

"I don download am" I screamed loudly attracting my brother who was in the sitting-room to our room, he asked what made me screamed like that.

"I don download Teen Wolf last season" I told him but he returned an askance look to my explanation of joy "is a lie" he doubted and I played the first episode, we both basked in the feelings of euphoria while watching it.

Yesterday my girlfriend had told she knew a certain website that I could get any seasonal blockbuster of my choice, with her directives I was able to download a whole season through the night with MTN night pack.

We were at it when my mom returned from the market, we went to welcome her pausing the seasonal movie. "Things just dey cost upadan these days, person no go fit buy wetin em wan buy again for this country" she lamented bitterly ignoring our greetings "Buhari" my twin brother chirped-in and we both giggled.

"Victor, your aunty talk say make you come stay with her. Hope say your clothes dey clean because you dey go there tomorrow" my mother said picking out the things she bought from the market from the big black bag she went to the market with.

"Thank God, I need holiday I swear and Aunty Vera na better person" I said and bragged about how I will be moving about chasing girls to my brother, I won't try such in the presence of my mother because she regarded me as a saint.

I stopped being a saint barely fourteen when a lady who was a bachelor rented a flat few blocks from us, she always teased me "my husband" anytime she sets her eyes on me.
Her fondness was so profound that she became a friend of the family, whenever she called me Her Husband my father will direct an awkward look to me.

I was so naive then on what constitute to be a husband, running an errand was part of having the husband title and the benefits are lots because I was able to get to buy milk with stipends she always give to me.

I visited her on Sunday then she doesn't usually go out at Sundays and I haven't actually visited her on Sunday, that was the first and I met her braless with a vex and short skirt.

She welcomed me warmly and in no time I was on the chair watching movie while she went inside her bedroom, she called me to join her in her bedroom and I did, only to find her with just towel wrapped around her body.

"My husband, pull your knicker let me see if your pipi is very big" she instructed I was a very shy and obedient child, I couldn't mount the gut to do so. She didn't buy into my resolves and grabbed my short helm and pulled it down, that was the first time I saw my little di-ck get erect.

"Small pikin like you see the kind big lollipop you carry" she grabbed my small man and stroked it expertly sending sensual waves down my nerves, she helped me off my clothe and I was unclad before her.
She asked me to lie on the bed and I did timidly, while she loose her towel and exposed her big bo-obs and cleanly shaved pu-ssy. She let go of it and it dropped on the marbled floor then she stepped out of it and proceed to the bed were I was lying naked and watching.


Click on the link for episode 02����


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Shedrack777: 7:25pm On Nov 19
oga landlord finally become a president. elvictor, this story was very very great. thank you very much. nairaland made this story borin. but thank God for coolval22
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 11:41am On Nov 20

Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Episode 171

I started calming down when the three weeks rang a bell in my head, I sat back and took her palms in my hands and rubbed them.

Me: how is it possible, we just tried to make baby three days ago, I thought you were on pills then?

Profit: we are married how do you expect me to be on pills? I kept it all to myself because you are always busy with how to fix the state and forgot about your wife. I wouldn't have told you if you said otherwise when I talked about us making baby.

I kissed her cheek and apologised, then placed my ear on her stomach, wondering how she will look with big stomach because she looked good on flat stomach.

Me: is the baby kicking?

Profit: *she spank me* you are such a horrible father, how do you expect three weeks foetus to kick?

Me: it must be a girl then because boys start kicking from three weeks.

Profit: are you serious, you think pregnancy is soccer, I don't want to talk you again.

She went into her silent mood again, I had to tickle and kissed all over her hot body before she forgave me.
The kids were running after butterfly, I held on to my wife as we sat and watched the calm lake.

We went home later in the evening after visiting an eatery, we decided to eat out on that particular day.
People in that eatery were surprised on seeing me, some people still didn't believe am the governor because of the few securities I go around with.

I gave a beggar along the road a huge sum of money before we went inside the eatery and have a family time, I fed my love Profit food and little Baby started bogging me.

Baby: daddy, why are you feeding mommy? is she now tata?

Me: yes, she is my big tata *I kiss Profit and she blush*.

Baby seemed to be studying the new word big tata, it seem she doesn't even know the meaning of the word tata.
I was in a conference meeting discussing with the elected chairmen on how to go about the agro-family programme when my aide told me some honourables wanted to see me.

I quickly took an excuse surprising the chairmen present to talk with those honourables, I was defeated on what they said that I have sidelined a whole independent legislative arm of government that checkmate the executive arm for balance.

I shook my head in pity and realized they existed to answer yes to me, the unitary system that we are practicing is a horrible one in disguise of federal system of government.
I had to tell them that I have no business in the chambers, that they are independent and they can invite me at will to answer query on some policies that seem unfit for the masses.

They were shocked though when I dismissed them and asked them to act like the legislative arm not rubber-stamped stooges, I returned back to the chairmen forum and the ideas were heart warming.
We made a conclusion that I will follow every bit of the programme and emancipation of LGAs to the latter, I picked one of the LGA to visit till a total redemption is done on it.

I travelled down to the LGA with assembly members representing the LGA, I booked a hotel and invited experts in field of agriculture to check mate the soil that is best fit for a particular crop or plants.
I met with village heads and clan rulers concerning land issues.

While the soil testing was going on, I built a modern standard park and bought buses that befit travellers profile in the LGA, I went further to establish goat farm and asked those who are practically jobless but employed to work in the LGA to manage it after several trainings, I made sure I set the chairman on his toes to make the goat farm secured and ensured those transferred there meant business.

I then mounted a very big poultry farm and also made those employed under the LGA that have nothing doing to under go training to manage it, I started constructing garri processing factory and palm oil processing factory with grand oil too, I added local gin to it.

I made sure they were quickly occupied and kept it running intensely with few raw materials at our disposal, I started building institute of agriculture under the local government management.
Constructed a radio and television house quickly for the LGA ti have a voice that represent them to the world.

The results of the test started coming and the needed machines were quickly bought, I had to use Profit to enable me get some high classed machines and some seedlings that have been treated.
We started farming one of the largest cassava farm, big mango farm, one of the biggest fruit garden in Nigeria.
Palm tree farm, rice farm, vegetables farm, with okoro farm and corn farm according to season.

Twenty four hours power plant was built for the LGA to attract population, I also built waste management ministry and lastly I handed all the assets to the chairman to take good care of it and invest more because he won't be getting a dime from me and he should make sure he invest more.

Other LGA chairmen have already made blueprints on what they want and the kinds farms they need, lands were made available and I followed the progress to latter.
I was relaxing inside my car when one of the contractor came to me and requested for audience.

Contractor: oga, I know how to do am so that we go make enough money.

Me: I no understand, I tell you say make you go buy treated seeds for planting.

Contractor: the price no be like that, I wan still hike am so that I go take 40% so that you go collect 60%.

I just ordered my security aide to hand him over to the police to face trials, I was done with two local governments out of twenty four LGAs in six Months, Profit stomach was getting bigger by the day.

I decided to give those chairmen a chance to follow up what I did, I was shocked they were all proving themselves with sincerity in the money I gave them.
I had to monitor it closely while taking care of my wife, I was depressed by some news I got from one LGA were two cult groups have turned the LGA to battle ground, if not the idea that I got then to bring media down to the local level the news would have been under reported.

I issued a warning that they should stop it or they will meet their end, I asked the chairman to compile the list of the children that refused their parents and hard working youths to rest.
They still went ahead and shot someone again, I requested for military intervention which loads of men in uniform were deployed were enforced 24hours curfew on everyone and ordered shoot at sight on anybody that disobey.

We went house to house picking those boys involved, I rooted all of them out and recovered the guns that were given to them during election.
Why not money to better their life?
Why not employment and appointment but gun to destroy their life.

I made sure not bail was on them and followed the matter till the judge decide their fate.
I was in my office when Mr. Sam now senator stormed in my office.

Mr. Sam: how dare you! Small boy like you dey challenge, why you stop the shooting? You don develop everywhere who you want my use him head kill the one hundred souls to protect my public image?

Me: good morning, Mr. Sam. How is your family?

Mr. Sam: *he boils* get ready, I go use your soon to born baby for the sacrifice.



Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 11:42am On Nov 20

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 172

I just look the man tear one big laughter clutching my stomach, I laughed and laughed till the man face tightened like someone that smelt something awful.

Mr. Sam: why are you laughing like a mad man? what is funny.

Me: I heard that my wife's father is Boss Mustapha *he look at me sharply* the General that calls the shot in Cabal, I hear say em deg drink human being blood.

I could see the sudden fear that took over his facial expression, he stood there motionless.
He gave me a hard look and stormed off, my phone rang and it was one of the chairmen calling.

I picked it up and he started complaining that he can't get enough land because his local government was hugely occupied by water body, I asked him what his people do for a living and he told me they are mainly fishermen.
I told him I will call he later, I ended the call and used my phone to learn about possible things that could develop the LGA.

Most of the villages are surrounded by water body, the villages are hardly accessible due to lack of speed boats and ships to transport goods to these villages, insecurity is a problem too because of sea pirates.
Tourism will bring huge money from this islands if it is turned to resorts.

I called the chairman to come over and some experts in the said field, we discussed on how to provide modern fishing equipments and what to preserve those fishes for commercial sales, turning those petty fishermen to commercial fisher men.

He was delighted with the ideas and told me he will work with it, I made orders for speed boats and small ships to facilitate goods and services and human movements.
The moments those speed boats and ships are released into those seas, commercial activities took another dimension.
The chairman called and thanked me and even told me about how the people are responding overwhelmingly towards turning those islands to resorts.
I told him I would like to visit one of those resorts during fish festival, he told me they don't do it and he said such yearly activities could attract more people to the resorts on those islands.

Weekend was always a refreshing day to spend it at home, I sat and watched how Profit moved from staircase down to the kitchen to get some fruits.
I imagined her flat stomach and now her big stomach, I didn't know when I started chuckling.

Profit: don't tell me you are laughing at me?

Me: no, I wasn't laughing. I was thinking what I am capable of doing.

She blushed and sat down with me and started cutting the fruits to small sizes, I used the fork and picked some up and chewed.
I fed her and she ate su-cking my finger, bad gal no wonder she asked me to use my hand.

Profit: can you massage my legs.

Me: why not?

I lifted one of her legs and put it on my laps, I started massaging it while she relaxed.
The two girls came down from staircase Baby leading the way with a paper and a pencil.

Baby: look mommy.

I saw the paper she has drawn a woman with big stomach, but that thing doesn't look like my wife.

Me: who is that?

Baby: I draw mommy and my soon to be given birth little brother.

Me: that isn't my wife, that drawing looks ugly.

Profit pinched me, I no gree because my wife no resemble wetin she draw na.

Profit: don't mind your, daddy. He is jealous that you refuse to draw him.

Johannah: but mommy her drawing isn't beautiful.

Profit: even your sister is jealous that you refused to draw her, me and your unborn brother look so beautiful.

Baby: thank you, mommy. Daddy don't be jealous I will draw you and big sis, okay.

She went up while Johannah left the house for her music class, I wonder why her mother is interested in registering the girl in music class and dancing sef, abi their two wan compete who go model pass.

Profit: my back hurts massage it too.

Me: these one every place on your body is paining you, don't you think you should see the doctor?

Profit: you are my doctor.

She smiled and I realized that all she wanted was me to be massaging her upadan, Baby came down from the staircase.

Baby: daddy look.

She showed me a drawing of a sketchy old man and walking stick.

Me: who is that?

Baby: is you daddy when you grow old, is he not handsome mommy?

Me: God forbid!

Profit: *smiling* my love is always handsome *she peck me*

Me: Baby come here, I will flog you.

Baby: no, daddy.

She ran up laughing and I shook my head, I didn't allow Profit to engage on what will make her tired hardly let her go to work alone.
I didn't let her take care of the kids for school, I always support her for everything and she complained about it that am over petting her and making her lazy.

I didn't know some people have already started hitting drum of war until I heard rumours that I have borrowed trillion to actualize the agro revolution that made the state food basket of the country.
I didn't take it serious until when I started getting threats from Abuja to stop further agro-revolution in the state.

I didn't even understand how all these nonsense came about until when I was sent a letter that am not releasing taxes to the federal government, I was asked to come to Abuja.

I told my wife about it and she asked if those money gotten from those agricultural sales were sent to the state purse, I told her no that the various LGAs used them to pay salaries and developed on their own.

I went to Abuja with my entourage and met with chief of staff of the president and some senators who asked me why was I not remitting the money that my states made from those agricultural products to the federal government treasury house for proper sharing.

I looked at the men with me and saw their fat stomachs and fat cheeks, no be only proper sharing.
I told them isn't in my place to do that, that the local government areas were the sole owners and benefactors of those investments.

They weren't deterred and still insist I send all the money from taxes to the federal government, I still wonder what they meant by taxes because I have been sending them taxes.
They threatened that if I don't comply that they will stop sending me Monthly allocation, I just go my state wait for them to try that rubbish and I will make sure all the companies shut down.

Mr. Sam visited my office again this time around with Mr. Belema, the idiot that I refused to make chairman.

Mr. Sam: you will leave this position and go back to being nursing mother.

Their two started laughing, I just knew they are cooking plans to impeach me.

Mr Belema: my governor, you stingy oh! why you no allow me be chairman na?

I used my phone and started taping their voices.

Mr. Sam: only am wan chop all the money, from oyel money to green grass money very stingy small boy.

Mr. Belema: if na me be you, I go change oh! Abuja people nodey use money joke oh.

Mr. Sam: no advice am, make him dey here dey sit on top all the billions in the state.

I no even send them sef because I was thinking on starting ministry of works that can actually fix bridges, fly overs and world class roads not ministry of works that will only award country to Julius Borrow or wetin be the company name sef?

When they are done mocking me they left my office and I started filing their cases, I added it with the tapes I got from Abuja.
I called the assembly speakers and told him to fix a meeting with all the honourable members, you don't wait for war you give them war.



Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 11:43am On Nov 20

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 173

Honourable members were surprised I assembled all of them, we went inside a close door meetings banning journalists from gaining entrance.
All of them settled and I played the tape that I got from my visit to Abuja.

I watched their faces as the tape was going on and I could see the anger showing on their faces, they listened till the tape ended and the house went gaga.
I retrieved the tape some of them were already barking like mad dog, some requested for the tape but I refused to give it out.

Some of them were telling me how they were bribed to impeach me, I acted surprise but made no comment. I called the commissioner of police and I paid some amount of money to change the Area commander of Mr. Belema LGA. I paid the new Area Commander some cash to open the case of Mr. Jasper death and bring the culprits to face the law.

I told my secretary to uncover all looting that traces to Senator Sam and lies he told, I also called for meeting with chairmen from Mr. Sam senatorial district to make the information that my secretary is going to uncover and also educate their people on how to re-call Senator Sam.

I was happy that I brought media down to the grassroot level, I got home very late after the several meetings I was so stressed.
I parked my car and saw Profit standing in the porch with her big stomach, the moment she saw me she inhaled sharply and flashed me a smile.

Profit: thank God you are home, why did you return so late? I was so worried.

Me: am so sorry, my love. I won't try it again.

She hugged me and stayed like that, I was like this pregnancy dey do this woman something.
I held her hand and we walked to the garden together, she was surprised that I was taking her to the garden.

Profit: what are we doing here? you need to eat.

Me: you worry too much these days, am fine.

I rushed and switched off the light in the garden and I walked back to her, I stood with her and waited for some minute.

Profit: what are we doing here, Vic? Why do you have to switch off the light?

Me: just wait and see.

Fireflies started gathering around us, I catch one and put it in her palm and I asked her to open her palm and the firefly flee and a smile appeared on her face.
I helped her to sit down with me on the grass, we sat together watching the fireflies.

Profit: I want to take Baby to an art class.

Me: why? I want my daughter to be a lawyer.

Profit: *she pinch me* enrolling her in an art class to master art doesn't mean she won't be a lawyer.

We stayed there for a long time before we went inside together, she was tired and I asked her to go inside while I ate.
After eating I went up and took my bath and joined her on the bed, she wore a sexy nightie.

Profit: what kind of bre-asts do you like?

I looked at Profit to see if she is actually joking with that question but she looked passionate about the question, me that don't even reason br-easts na yansh full my mind.

Me: I don't know what you mean.

Profit: do you like fallen br-easts or standing bre-asts?

I contemplated on why Profit will ask me such question, is she thinking am cheating on her or what?

Me: I don't have a thing for bre-asts.

Profit: *she nudge me* but you love su-cking it, tell me am serious about it.

Me: I love your br-easts alone whether fallen or standing, can we sleep am so tired.

I cuddled her and she remained calm while sleep took over us, I made preparation to lodge Rivers first.
I contact lots of urban city planners and interior decorators, I gave them the task to make plans on how to turn the capital to a world class city.

I invited notable urban and city planners all over the world that have engaged in making beautiful cities, I made my mind known to them that I want the city to look like paris and be able to house over ten million people only in the capital of the state.

The houses will be mainly skyscrapers to enable the population I envisaged to be housed without complaints, I invited all land owners in the city and made my plans known to them.
That they will partake in sharing money from the rents, I made it a company in charge of the city revenues from every houses that will be built and opened the floor for investors to invest.

The blueprint was presented and I lodged Rivers first, I invited all the oil companies in the state and billionaires to grace the occasion with all the land owners.
A lot of people were skeptical about my plan to turn the whole capital city to what am showing them on the screen, the urban and city planners made known the cost of achieving it.

A lot of people showed interest but were having cold feet to invest, I went ahead with my plans and work commenced immediately.
Those who wanted to volunteer to work for our dreams were given free food and transport to wherever works were going on.

When they saw how serious I was going about it, investors started pouring in from within and without.
The time for Profit delivery was drawing near so I have to stay at home and administer, a lot of indigenes from diaspora were donating to make the great dream achievable.
I was in my study room when Mr. Belema called, I decided to pick.

Mr. Belema: please, help me.

Me: who is this please?

Mr. Belema: Governor na Mr. Belema, abeg help me.

Me: how may I help you?

Mr. Belema: police are on my neck, I have ran away from the state.

Me: good luck, don't come back sha..

I ended the call and then got across to the chairman in Mr. Sam senatorial district and he told me that Mr. Sam was attacked by his people some days ago that he will never return home again.
I asked how he has gone about the plan to recall him from senate to face his crimes, he told me the people are willing that INEC were dragging feet but they are serious about their demands.

I instructed the contractors to build street by street so that they won't displace occupants, I also asked those who are doing business in the city to register their names and business so that their business will be taken into consideration while the construction is on going.
I warned those in charge of asking for money or misbehaviour, I made phone numbers public in case of any reports from those who are to register them.

I was busy massaging Profit feet when I heard car horn, I didn't leave what I was doing but I knew the car that drove in came with entourage.

Profit: are you expecting anyone?

Me: no, am not.

The door was pushed open forcefully and Mr. Sam stormed in looking very angry.

Mr. Sam: you fool! I will deal with you. *he yell at me*

Profit: who is this?

Mr. Sam: ask your foolish husband, I will deal with him.

Profit forcefully got up from the settee and she winced in pains while bending down, I supported her before she could drop down on the settee.
She held my shirt and screamed of our unborn child, Mr. Sam stood motionless not knowing what to do he quickly made his way out of the house.

Profit: Vic, is so painful.

Me: am sorry, sweet. I will be taking you to the hospital.

I called the maids from their boys quarter and they all came over to support, I drove her to the hospital and she was taken to the delivery room while I hang around in the ward.

My phone rang and it was a strange number, I picked the call.

Voice: what did Senator Sam did to my daughter?

Me: go... af... she is in labour.

Voice: what did he do?

Me: he wanted to pick a fight with me.

The call ended that is when I realized I was actually sweating, how did Profit grandfather knew that Mr. Sam came to visit me, I got tired of standing and I sat down.
Closed my eyes to have a nap because I couldn't get evil thoughts out of my mind.

I find myself in a very dark path with bushes around, the grandmaster appeared before me.

Grandmaster: you have failed the lion cult.

Me: how did I fail?

Grandmaster: to those who seek victory in battle, blood is required.

Me: I don't want victory.

Grandmaster: hahahahaha!! *laughing* you shall loose everything.

The ringing of my phone actually woke me up from slumber, it was one of the chairman in Senator Sam senatorial district was the one calling.
I picked the call...

Chairman's voice: my governor, INEC are now ready to conduct the re-call process.

Me: thank you so much.

Chairman's voice: you don't sound happy.

Me: I will call you later.

I saw the doctor coming out of the delivery room, I quickly got up and rushed to meet him.



Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 11:43am On Nov 20
oga landlord finally become a president. elvictor, this story was very very great. thank you very much. nairaland made this story borin. but thank God for coolval22
thank u for reading it
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by dawno2008(m): 1:39pm On Nov 20
Weldone @Elvis torrent, keep it flowing,but nor kill profit oolong

How I wish our polithiefians can reason a little close to this hourable's way,

Though fictional, but it's all starts with the right attitude and mind-set and most especially the right "ideal".
Good story enjoying it like madt cool
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by bigbauer(m): 4:33pm On Nov 20
Elvictor, saying I love this story is an understatement. This is so inspiring, it shows what's possible with the right person at the helms of affairs.

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by efeprovidence: 8:44pm On Nov 20
great work your mind is really cool coming up with this piece. these are my ideas in writing, your story has given me more clarity nice one, ride on
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc(m): 8:31am On Nov 22
Thanks for the update...
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by sodeeqsulaimon88(m): 7:17pm On Nov 22
Seeing someone that combines entertainment plus happenings in the country's politics plus how to tackle it really amazed me....Elvictor Elvictor Elvictor how many times did i call u
say after me I'm a rare gem

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 2:33pm On Nov 23

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 174

Me: doctor how is my wife?

Doctor: congratulation, sir. Your wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Who you? wakanda wahala is this na, na wetin I ask this one?

Me: how is my wife? I mean my wife.

Doctor: sorry, sir. She is in a good condition but you can't see her now.

Better, I smiled because God has actually answered Profit's prayer, she was desperate about giving birth to a boy.
If I mistakenly say the foetus in her womb is a girl she will bit me, is good she gave birth to a boy how would I have comforted her, thank God oh!

I sat down and whistled away looking around, I saw a man standing with a little boy. He was engrossed in discussing with the beautiful nurse with him, the little boy ran to were I am with a phone in his hands.
He gave me the phone laughing, I didn't want to take it but he dropped it off from his hands that I had no choice to grab it before the phone drop on the floor.

He turned and ran away to were his father stood discussing with the beautiful nurse, the man wanted to take her number.
He searched his trouser pocket wondering where he had dropped his phone, he looked at his little boy and asked him.

The nurse left them to attend to patient, the man searched with frustration for his phone I had to get up and hand over the phone to him.

Me: na your phone be this?

Man: *he look at the phone with shock* yes, thank God. Where you see am?

Me: take.

I went back to were I sat down and waited patiently for them to ask me to see my wife, I didn't know when I slept off.
I woke up to see Profit family with heavy securities, Profit grandfather was there in person.

Immediately the doctor appeared they rushed him and then all of them headed to meet Profit.
I follow from behind because all of them were desperate to see her, I opened the door and started hearing congratulations upadan.

No one is congratulating me that score the goal, is like they will give me the trophy.
Just then one of Profit's aunt appeared with her baby girl, that girl can worry me.

She got inside the room and the baby started crying for me to carry her, I go find trouble carry this pikin after my wedding ceremony and she messed my hairs up.
Nana's mother gladly hand her over to me and the little girl let out a wicked giggle, she no even waste time to drag my hairs.

I threw her up and caught hold of her while she chuckled, I repeated while watching Profit's grandfather looking at the new born baby sleeping.
I could see the love in his eyes and I started looking around me and saw that they are all females.

Her grandfather called me aside.

Profit's grandpa: son! son!!

Me: father! father!!

Profit's grandpa: in-law! in-law!!

Me: yes, sir.

Profit grandpa: I said it you will be a good husband to my daughter.

This one wey this man dey praise me, hope he isn't investing sha..

Me: thank you, sir.

Profit's grandpa: I will like to borrow your wife and child for three Months, you are such a wonder father.

How I wan come be wonderful father when you don take my wife and pikin, how many days dey in a month and weeks then a whole three Months.
This man have been oppressing me since 80s, they started leaving promising to come tomorrow to take my wife away.

At least my wife can now see me all she was seeing is her new born baby, and receiving praises from her family members.

Profit: sweet, why are you standing come here.

I went to her she looked tired lying down on the bed, she used a lot of strength to lift herself up and hugged me tight crying.
I didn't even understand her again, why is she crying again? I thought she wanted a boy.

Profit: am so happy, I gave birth to a baby boy.

Me: why are you crying?

Profit: you don't understand Vic, my baby is the first male in my grandpa lineage.

Make somebody tell me something no wonder the man was so happy, Profit rubbed her palm on my face and wanted to kiss me when our baby started crying.

I jerked up and went to the bed or wetin be this sef them put the pikin to carry am, the baby is so fragile. But his small mouth is opened wide crying very loud, he seemed so soft didn't even know how to carry him as he is busy dragging the cap on his head.

I was helpless so Profit got up and carried the baby from there and he stopped crying immediately she sat down and started bre-east feeding him, see the way him dey possess everything dey su-ck dey go.

Profit: why are you looking at the baby like that?

Me: he eat too much, he will just finish all the br-east milk.

Profit: *chuckling* are you jealous? Oya come and su-ck too.

I just dey look Profit the way she is radiating with happiness make me wonder what is the secret behind the male child stuff sef.

Me: are you going to stay with your grandpa?

Profit: if you are okay with it.

Am not okay with anything aunty but local man no get choice la, papacy don talk him mind.
She kept the baby back on his bed and went to use the restroom, I walked to the small bed the baby is and looked at him.

Me: as you small like this, the first thing you come to earth to do na to separate husband and wife, what if I throw you outside the window.

Profit: throw who outside the window?

I looked at the restroom door looking at me is Profit, she seemed angry with what she heard.
Wakanda of wahala is this?



Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 7:13pm On Nov 23
This one funny die grin grin
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Okechukwu22(m): 8:32am On Nov 24
That last part got me laughing hard..........
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by mostob(m): 11:16am On Nov 25
So, i finally catch up. Kudos to you bro.
But one thing I noticed is your 'Goverance' grin
Those are good blueprints for our economy development.
Can you drop your site link pls?
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc(m): 1:28pm On Nov 25
Nice update Vic....
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by boriola: 12:34pm On Nov 26
Thanks for the update

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