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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:01pm On Nov 02

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 163

Joshua: brother, no mind mommy oh! I pass.

Me: eehhnnn! Aunty, is it true?

My aunt: yes, him pass.

I jumped up from my chair and started dancing, I danced inside the house so that I won't discuss with my aunt concerning my uncle.
I only saw Profit sitting in the sitting-room wondering were the kids have all gone to, she narrowed her eyes on me.

Profit: why are you sweating?

Me: I was dancing.

Profit: unbelievable! You are such a trickster.

I laughed and sat beside her landing a smack kiss on her cheek, we both sat together while her eyes remained on me.

Me: why are you looking at me like that?

Profit: *she smile* I will tell you tonight.

Me: where are the kids?

Profit: they are with their uncle behind the house.

Me: *I narrow my eyes at her* I don't want my kids to be musician.

Profit smirked and laughed when she saw how serious I was with what I just said, I can't let my kids singing people in the village and learn about the poverty of the country because they are too young to handle such societal wickedness and I can't endanger their mental emancipation.

Profit: your uncle seem to be a good musician *smiling*

Me: I will just bite you.

Profit: bite me na *she wink at me*

I bury my head in her chest while her hands intuitively held my head back, laughing out her ass.
My aunt and Joshua came inside the sitting-room together.

Joshua: love wan ti ti!!

My aunt: Vikto, no spoil my daughter in law for me oh!

Profit: tell him, mommy. He is a very bad boy.

Joshua came to sit beside me and started telling me how he was able to pass his examination with sharpness instead of brilliance, disgracing me upadan before Profit.

Profit: examination malpractice is a terrible thing.

Joshua: aunty no *I cover his mouth*

Me: he was just joking.

My aunt: make I go bring food for all of us.

My two kids ran towards us smiling happily.

Baby: daddy, is it true?

Me: what is true?

Johannah: people in the village don't like school, they only talk about farm.

I talk am say make Profit no allow these children near my uncle, he is so obsess with blowing with that single track which isn't possible.

Me: ask your uncle Joshua, he had lived in the village.

Baby: is he my uncle?

Me: yes, he is your uncle.

Johannah: but daddy, he doesn't have beards.

Joshua: I have beards oh! check the small bears and goatee I get.

He showed them his beards and goatee that he thought he has, I commot my mind kpatakpata from the issue and relaxed.
We left after we had dinner with my aunt and her family, my kids were so happy I have to threaten them with masquerade tales before they agreed to go to bed, Baby can pester for Africa.

I opened my bedroom door and find Profit on the bed with her transparent nightie, her panties were red molesting my raging hormones.
The duvet was brought down to her legs to expose her sweet body, she kept that inviting look on her face and her beautiful eyes adding fire to the flames fanning my hormones.

I climbed the bed and lay on the bed, she lay on my body and placed her palm on my chest and looked deep in my eyes.
I kissed her forehead twice while she shut her eyes, I ran my lips on her soft cheek.

Me: I can't do it now, I want to put a ring on that finger and have you all for myself, I want God to bless our union.

Profit: you would have told me that the other day you know *smiling*

Me: *I nod* am sorry, I have to see your parents concerning the wedding.

Profit: *she kiss my lips* I love you.

Me: *I kiss her forehead* I love you more.

The following days I had to get busy with my campaigns, always with people and had no time for my family but I didn't fail to call Profit often even when am away.
The kids were not happy because I always return late in the night, mostly when they are suppose to be on the bed.

The campaigning and putting things in place was so hectic, the chairmen are just useless command no leadership apart from being leech to the state government.
I will have to change all that apart from my L.G.A the other L.G.A have nothing to show apart from employing people that have no work at all.

I was busy message one of the chairmen concerning how to disburse the money for vote buying when Baby came to were I am.

Baby: daddy!

Me: please, go and play with your sister.

Baby: daddy, look at me na!

Me: am busy.

Baby: daddy, please na.

Me: Johannah! come and take your sister with you

I was busy typing and replying so many messages, I don't want disturbance at all.

She started crying and left when Johannah came to carry her away, I breathed and continued what I was doing.
Profit came and kissed me on my cheek then took my phone, I groaned.

Me: am actually working with that phone.

Profit: you don't have to overly serve people and forget your family.

Me: I will apologise to her.

Profit: good, that is my baby.

Me: with big di-ck bah? *I wink at her*

Profit: not again, bye bye.

She left and I laughed out loud, I had to order an ice cream and pizza.
I personally gave it to my kids to appease them, they forgave me immediately such is the way it should go.

The following days visitors upon visitors trooped in to my residence, the worse was on friday when different group leaders visited me.
I was discussing with some of them in my garden bar when my kids returned from school since it was Friday.
They closed earlier than other days, my kids sighted me and ran to me.

Baby: daddy, see I score highest in my test.

Me: good girl.

Johannah: good afternoon, daddy.

Mr. Belema: are these your kids? *I nod* how are you kid *touch Baby*

Baby: how am I a kid?

Mr. Belema: *smile* because you are small.

The other men were silent I wanted to drag Baby out of the place quickly, I signaled Johannah to take her away but too late because she just opened her mouth waaaaaaaa!

Baby: *point at the smallest man amongst us* he is small.

Every one amongst the visitors started laughing including the man who called Baby kid.



Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:02pm On Nov 02

Subtitle: Fu-ck Fakers.

Episode 164

I had to lie to Baby that her mom bought ice cream for her before she happily jogged away holding her big sister's hand, I was so happy that Johannah was acting matured.
Because if their two combined in terrorizing me I won't be able to tell the story that will emerge from it, I apologised to Mr. Belema and my visitors before they left but none of them show grievances though they were all praising Baby for being smart and outspoken.

I was about going in when Mr. Belema returned looking for me.

Mr. Belema: your excellency!

Me: aahh! Mr. Belema, you still came back?

Mr. Belema: I want to discuss something serious with you.

I nodded and both moved over to the bar in my garden, he took a seat while I also settled.

Mr. Belema: is high time we cease my L.G.A

Me: I don't understand Mr. Belema, I thought we already have the chairman on our side.

Mr. Belema: *shake his head* we rigged it with the help of officers and the support of the senator, the senator is longer on our side so everything is in our opposition favor.

Me: can't you buy them over with the money I gave to you?

Mr. Belema: I met with Mr. Jasper but he resisted the offer and he had decided to work against us.

Me: the election is in our favour we don't have to worry about one local government.

Mr. Belema: we have to make your winning convincing and also show that you have the people mandate.

Me: there is no need for that, there won't be good governance without opposition because the oppositions are the only one who will bask on your flaws and wail about your failures.

Mr. Belema: *he nod* we can't predict tomorrow turn out so we have to be decisive because my L.G.A have the biggest vote counts, I have a suggestion.

Me: go ahead

Mr. Belema: assassination of Mr. Jasper will bring the opposition to their kneels.

I rejected the man's idea of killing the man and I made it clear to him that am not interested in whatever plan he had, he wasn't convinced though but I have made up my mind with my words and am not taking it back, he left and I find my way to my sitting-room.

Baby: daddy! *on sighting me*

Me: *I carry her up* have you eaten?

Baby: yes, aunty Bella gave us sweet food, I bought sweet for you daddy, take.

Me: *I receive the sweet from her* thank you, sweetheart.

Johannah: Baby, come let us complete our assignments our home teacher will soon be here.

Baby: okay, big sis.

I dropped her on the marbled floor and she left the sitting-room with her sister, I went directly to my room to pick up my bag because I will be going to the village that night to secure my home and then return after voting to tidy things in our party monitoring room.

I bagged the things I needed and went to have shower, creamed myself and started arranging what I needed for the night and the next day in the village when Profit opened the door.
I turned and saw her standing on the door shocked to see a bag on the bed.

Profit: let me call you back.

She hung up looking beautiful and tired due to endless meeting, I really pitied her for fronting as her father's CEO isn't an easy task for the many companies the man have.

Me: welcome, sweet.

Profit: *she frown* why are you packing up?

Me: I am leaving for the village, I will be back by tomorrow.

Profit: *her frown deepen* you didn't tell me.

Me: I forgot, sorry sweet.

She entered her silent mode again without knowing what I wanted to do in the village, she sat on the bed and started removing her shoes.
I knelt before her and lifted my hands up, when she gave me a confused look I closed my eyes.

Profit: what are you doing?

Me: ndi silent at it again.

She laughed for sometime and kissed my forehead before I agreed to opened my eyes.

Profit: *her soft palm on my cheek* you know I can't be angry with you for so long, you are so sweet.

Me: am really sorry for not telling you, am going to the village for the election.

Profit: I was planning to take you to my church tomorrow, my pastor wants to meet you, I'll have to call to cancel the plans

Me: I promise to follow you next Saturday.

Profit: I will be glad hope you are not at it again *I laugh* I don't like politics.

I kissed her before getting up, she stood up and hugged me tightly refusing to let go.
Yeye lady, I had to lift her face up from where she buried it in my chest. I kissed her lips and she reciprocated with hot romance that left us breathless for a some seconds.

Profit: I will miss you.

Me: you have my picture. *I smile*

Profit: *she smack my a-ss* will I be able to cuddle and kiss your picture?

Me: you never can tell what you wil be doing later in the night.

Profit: bye bye.

She escaped to the bathroom while I grabbed my bag then got out of the room to see my kids standing on the hallway with their suspicious eyes on me.

Baby: daddy, are you escaping? *her eyes widen*

Johannah: he is travelling, Baby.

Baby: okay, big sister.

I hugged both of them and gave them smack kisses on their cheek after I squat to their height.

Me: I will be back by tomorrow.

Baby: don't go, daddy. I don't want to miss you.

Johannah: safe journey, daddy.

Me: I will buy both of you ice cream, plenty ice cream.

Baby: *shake her head and grab my clothe* I don't want to lick ice cream, I want to stay with you daddy.

My head spark, you wan always dey around me to dey disturb me upadan, haba! this small pikin no go chill make I waka.

Me: I will be back by tomorrow, *she shake her head and grab my arm with her both tiny hands* Baby, I am not running.

I talk tire and even promised to buy her a lot of things she no gree, told Johannah to take her away but the little girl held on tightly to me.
I tried pulling her away from me, she cried loudly that Profit ran out with towel tied around her body.

She carried her up and Baby kept on crying with her new version of mouth which is big mouth.

Baby: mommy, daddy is leaving na, don't allow daddy leave na.

Profit: your daddy is travelling to come back tomorrow, lets go and watch cartoon.

Profit took her away with Johannah while I left the house, I was about driving out of the house when my phone rang it was a call from Ugochukwu.

Me: aturu, you don return?

Ugochukwu's voice: crocodile laugh, who tell you say I travel? you just forget your man just like that.

Me: no vex, you know all these elections of a thing na, person need to take am serious.

Ugochukwu's voice: I don already prepare to enter village so that I go vote there, I wan really vote out that yeye governor with goat voice.

Me: you don come again? who wan come count your vote?

Ugochukwu's voice: any person wey wan try magic go see pepper, I don already arrange enough cash to run this election for opposition for free.

Me: you don start your chest beating later you go start to cry, I wan enter village later sha..

Ugichukwu's voice: we get plenty things to talk about after the election.

No doubt I haven't been in touch with him for Months and we needed to discuss about our friendship before natural death took it course, I drove directly to my aunt's house with my security aides.
We picked them up and drove to the village.

Joshua: sas girls dey beg for my number, no wonder I be governor brother, fine boy no pimples. Josh! the Josh! like me.

Me: Joshua, don't say I didn't warn you ohh! I don tell you say your name na Joshua and who tell you say Josh na name of human being when gorilla dey bear Josh as name.

My aunt: you for tell your driver to drive us so that you go settle down dey argue with this one wey I dey still dey think how manage him become my pikin.

Joshua: but mommy you cook rice and share drink for my child dedication, hope say you no dance too *laughing*

Harry-p: which child dedication? Papa no do any child dedication for you oh! The only thing I remember be say them only share powder and I suspect say one old woman wey don tie spoon for wrapper carry your sense go house back when no fufu dey to carry go house.

Joshua: Godforbid!

My aunt: amen!

Trust mother at your own peril, them nodey use their pikin joke at all, I started shaking my head.



Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 6:02pm On Nov 02

i bully person online sha

Lolz. It dey happen grin
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 6:15pm On Nov 02
Elvictor is back. Thanks for the update.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Ezekiel36vs28: 8:07pm On Nov 02
Kai elvictor. You are too much abeg.we don miss you too much.welcome back
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Great update Sir and welcome back....
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Lolz. It dey happen grin
the guy annoy me
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:41am On Nov 04
Elvictor is back. Thanks for the update.

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:41am On Nov 04
Kai elvictor. You are too much abeg.we don miss you too much.welcome back

thank you my big boss
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:42am On Nov 04
Great update Sir and welcome back....

my able Lakesc, thank you so much

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:43am On Nov 04

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 165

I didn't know I was that loved so much that people have already gathered at my gate without me passing words across.

Voices: born governor!

Joshua: see celebrity show.

Harry-p: naso them go take celebrate me when I blow with my people in the village song.

I had to come down from the car and talked to my people before driving in, people were welcomed in and I immediately ordered for food for all, I talked with the chairman, honourable members who came to pay homage.

I didn't know I was that famous that a whole senator came to visit me, after meeting with ward chairmen and poll agents I left for my room.
I picked up my phone to discover that Profit had already called me twice, by now she will be boiling like hot water. I dialed her number and she picked the call refusing to talk.

Me: hello, my sugar, my tomato, my maggi, my onion, my salt.

Profit's voice: I don't want to talk to you.

Me: *I laugh* but you are already talking to me na, am sorry.

Profit's voice: how was it with your village girlfriend?

Profit again I know what she is planning to do, to make me feel guilty and grant her request.

Me: I didn't see her in the village.

Profit's voice: hope you are joking because... Am not in the mood for a joke.

Me: she is in the city accusing me of cheating, I was very busy attending to meetings am sorry.

Profit's voice: yen yen yen yen, must you call me a cooking rice and village girlfriend to appease me? You are not romantic at all.

Me: I know that is why I have a romantic wife after all, can I talk to my kids?

Profit's voice: why?

Me: don't tell me you are now a coupist, why are you preventing me from talking to my children?

Profit's voice: I am not giving anyone my phone come and beat me.

I laughed very hard knowing she wanted to piss me off very well to revenge for me not picking her calls, I had to plead with her before she gave the phone to Johannah first then she gave to Baby, sharp mouth.

Baby's voice: daddy, is that you?

Me: *this pikin no go kill me oh!* is your one and only daddy, speaking from my paradise in the village.

Baby's voice: really daddy? our teacher taught us that mosquitoes live in a paradise and can bite, I don't want my daddy to have malaria.

Me: *I need to change my pikin from that yeye school* give your mommy the phone, I want to talk to her.

Baby's voice: have it mommy, daddy want to talk to you.

Profit asked their nanny to take them to their room and then we continued our discussion.

Profit's voice: have you eaten my love?

Me: I thought you said am no longer your love.

Profit's voice: *laughing* I am sorry I didn't mean it, you know I love you more than myself.

Me: get a very sharp knife from the kitchen.

Profit's voice: why?

Me: I want to test your love na.

Profit's voice: *laughing* Vic, you should have been a comedian not a politician.

We kept on talking that my ears were getting affected as I pressed the screen of my phone on my ear, I kept it on the bed and placed the phone on loud speaker and we continued.

I drifted to sleep while speaking with her on the call, I woke next morning to hear her voice from the phone and I was shocked this lady didn't end the call.
I talked with her before meeting the visitors that came that morning, they were all in good mood.

I gave some cash and also funded for more food for all, I took my bath and then visited the INEC officers to see if they were well taken care of, the person I placed them in charge didn't disappoint with what I saw. Some of them didn't recognize me and I didn't bother about their validation.

I drove with my security aides down to the INEC office and talked with some of them, I also allowed money to do some of the talking sha..
I voted when everything was under control with media team that testified about the credibility and the situation of the voting process, they didn't report about votes buying that was going on massively.

I left without saying a word when I was asked about the chance of my victory, I drove to the coalition center in my L.G.A and met with D.P.O before leaving, I handed everything to Harry-P to take care while I headed straight to the monitoring room.

When I got to the monitoring room I was told we were leading, I was shocked when we are also leading in Mr. Belema Local Government Area where I had no chance of victory at all.
I quickly dialed Mr. Belema's number but he refused to pick, I decided to ask of the tech guy on update in the L.G.A of Mr. Belema and he confirmed my fear, Mr. Belema actually carried on with what he said.

I was about dialing his number again when call came in from Ugochukwu, I picked the call quickly.

Ugochukwu's voice: *breathing heavily* o.. Boy.

Me: this one you dey stammer and breathe like woman wey dey labour wetin happen?

Ugochukwu's voice: as I dey talk to you like this, I dey inside soakaway dey hide. Them nodey vote for here na war film them dey act.

Me: you call me as John Wick or Chief of army staff, I wan understand?


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by purity247(m): 10:29am On Nov 04
oga elvictor come online come and give us food
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 5:19pm On Nov 05

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 166

Ugochukwu: guy! This matter no be joke, abeg make call for government to come my village.

Me: your village wey nodey google map, you better hide inside that soakaway before them go blow up your head.

I ended the call and called Mr. Belema but he refused to pick, I stayed in the monitoring room till it was evening.
My phone rang and it was a call from Profit, I quickly picked it up.

Me: sweet.

Profit: Baby is sick.

Me: what! hope you are joking, how? when?

Profit: come home, she is having serious fever.

She ended the call, I had to abandon the monitoring room and ran out like craze man even those technicians around were wondering what was going on, my security aides quickly followed when I got on the wheel and drove home.

I sped like craze man almost getting myself in an accident if no be God, I landed at the gate of my house.
The gate gave way and I drove in wondering why the place is beautified like a party is about to take place, I came down and rushed to the porch.

Baby: daddy!!

She screamed happily running towards me, she wore cinderella today sef.
I carried her up and gave her a smack kiss both cheeks, my shirt was ruffled.

Me: I thought you are sick.

Baby: am strong and big *I laugh* mommy said you will be coming home right away and I didn't believe it until I heard the car's horn.

Me: *I no wan fall my hands say I no know wetin dey happen, na big fu-ck up go be that* where is your mommy, dear?

Baby: inside with big sis.

I carried her in and find people decorating the downstairs and re-arranging rooms. I carried her up stairs and got inside my room to find Profit talking to one lady like that.

Baby: aunty bought me a big gift, like this *she spread her hands*

Profit: Baby, go with aunty Ruth I want to talk to your daddy alone.

Baby: okay, mommy.

The lady took Baby outside and I was left with Profit who was behaving like a snake, I sat on the bed with her and kissed her cheek.

Profit: are you not angry that I lied to you?

Me: you look beautiful today, I can't get my eyes off you *I kiss her neck*

Profit: *laughing* naughty boy, is this the time you should be thinking of se-x?

Me: tell me what should I be thinking again if not to have my sweet future wife, ehnn?

Profit: today is Baby's birthday and I had to lie to the kid that you know *I shock oh!* I know you don't even know the birth dates of your kids and your future wife.

Me: write them down I will be carrying them everywhere I go to so that I won't forget, you know I have ten naira memory card upstairs.

Profit: *laughing* Vic, you should be worried that you haven't wish the kid happy birthday.

Me: you have done all that for me I don't have to worry at all, so who are we having for the birthday party?

Profit: my parents are coming, my dad insist on seeing you and your little girl Baby.

Me: is better, I will make my intention known to them.

Profit: *shrug* my dad has his own dreams.

Me: me too.

Profit: what is that dream of yours young man?

I captured her lips and she fell back on the bed, we kept on kissing while her hands worked on my buttons. I tossed the shirt aside and we resumed our kissing, we sat on the bed and I positioned my hand on her back and pulled her to myself while I lay on the bed.

I pulled down her zip and my palm rested on her soft flesh, she helped herself out of the long lovely hot white gown while I sacked my trouser including my boxer.
My hard di-ck stood strong pointing at her, I saw a smirk on her face when she unclasp her bra and it fell off from her chest, she revealed the most delicious looking bre-asts that any man will ever come across.

My hand got hold of the left one and I plucked my mouth to it su-cking like a toddler, at this moment you can point a gun at me and threaten to shoot but I will never leave my su-cking ministration lai-lai.

A knock landed on the door and she had to pull my head from her br-easts if not my mouth don gum there, she asked who it was on the door and it was Johannah and Baby.

Mehnn.. Naso I wear my boxer sharp sharp and put my trouser and shirt in place find my towel disappear go bathroom, I just dey curse those small witches wey spoil the show for me.
I took my bath and came out to find the kids with Profit, she was giving them final touches na women sabi wetin I mean by final touches.

Baby: daddy, where is my birthday gift? *I blink like mumu*

Profit: he will give you as surprise, sweetheart.

Johannah: good evening, daddy. Granny and pa are around, do you want to see them?

Me: *my heart beat race* I will see them.

Profit left with the kids and I picked the white out-fit she had prepared for me, I wore it and I was looking fly and the black shoe come finish work on top the swag, em good to marry better wife oh!
My phone beeped and I picked it up to receive a text message from Profit, "lazy father got the children gifts already, xoxo" her text message melt my heart because wetin to buy the girl dey give me hyper for there already.

I came down and the guests were men and women of class, I was taken to Profit's father by Johannah. The man looked like a tiger the way he looked like someone who had never smile in his entire life almost make me pee for trouser, he was sitting with some old men like am too.

Johannah: pa, look at my daddy.

Me: good evening, sir.

Man1: is it not the future governor of the state?

Man2: you are right, he is so young and he has gone far.

Mustapha: come here, my uma.

Johannah sat on his laps, I sat and talked with the two men with him but Profit's father hardly talk. Johannah was busy tickling the old man who was busy laughing like wicked hyena, the other men left us and he also asked Johannah to go and join the party.

Mustapha: young man, are you the man that impregnated my daughter and ran away?

Me: am sorry sir, I was drunk that night hardly remembered anything. Am here to rectify all my mistakes.

Mustapha: and you think I will forgive you for making me back out on my presidential bill and be the party leader?

The man just shot me at my feet with that jamb question, I was shaken didn't know the man presence can intimidate like this for all the practices wey I dey do when I go see Profit papa I go come display, suddenly he started laughing.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:40am On Nov 07
I keep getting ban anytime I try to update, why?
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by paulgabrielz: 8:44am On Nov 07
I keep getting ban anytime I try to update, why?
the spambot knows the story sweet and e no want make we enjoy am lipsrsealed
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:53am On Nov 07
the spambot knows the story sweet and e no want make we enjoy am lipsrsealed

lol, the mods in this section make them do sth na, I dey fear to update sef.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by bigbauer(m): 11:51am On Nov 07
I keep getting ban anytime I try to update, why?

cc: Obinnau Divepen1 seun somebody do something
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by superability(m): 1:00pm On Nov 07
Episode 1
�Intimacy �
�[My Virgin Girlfriend] �
By: Blessing D writes

�Charlie’s POV �
“Come on baby” I hushed as I slammed my lips on hers.

She took two steps backwards and her back hit the elevator.

I slid my finger into her short miniskirt and started fingering her.

She moaned into my mouth as we kissed roughly, her hands wrapped tightly around my neck.

I slid in two more fingers into her p***y making it three fingers and her moans became more loud.

She tilted her head backwards disengaging from the kiss as she moaned in extreme pleasure.

“Oh my CB, you’re..so so good” she moaned out, eyes closed.

“Yea, I know right, want more?” I asked increasing the pace of my moving finger.

“Ye…of course” she stuttered a bit and leaned back to kiss me but unfortunately the elevator stopped and opened.

“Damn! why now?” I groaned at the elevator as I removed my finger from her and she dressed herself properly.

“See you at 7:00pm tonight, land mall hotel” I whispered to her before stepping out to meet my manager who was already starring at us knowing fully well what had just happened between us too.

I headed straight to the restroom in that particular floor to wash my hands ignoring my manager who was saying whatever sh*t behind me.

I got into the restroom, turned on the tap there and washed off the sweet p***y scent off my hand.

I starred at the mirror as I did that.

A smirk formed at the corner of my lips when I saw how handsome I looked.

Is there anyone as cute as me? I thought and chuckled.

Then left the restroom afterwards to bomb into my manager who was waiting at the entrance of the restroom.

“What were you doing with her at the elevator? What happened between you two? She looks as if she just won a lottery” mike asked even if he knew what had possibly happened.

He just likes hearing me narrate stories to him. I don’t no if he’s actually a man or a woman considering how he enjoys gist.

“The usual mike, what do you wanna hear again?” I replied then asked.

“I just..I wanna know if you’re done with her or you’re gonna continue from where you stopped so I can reserve a hotel room for you two” he replied.

“Well you can, at 7:00pm” I replied him and he chuckled as we headed to the garage so I could get home.

I haven’t set my eyes on my sweetheart all day, I know she must be searching for me by now.

If you’re wondering who am referring to then know its my daughter.

Yup, my four years old sweet daughter.

I have been busy with recording all day here in CB recording company.

Well, CB is the short form of my name so this company is actually mine.

I’m wealthy, I have wealthy parents who supports me in anything.

So I’m the most luckiest person on earth, I could have anything I wish at any minutes.

Its been like this for me since I came to earth.

I got closer to my limo and the guards standing around it quickly opened the door for me and I got in. My manager got in and sat facing me in the limo as we drove out of the company.

� Rosanna’s POV �
“Baby girl, I heard CB is gonna be performing a live show next month, I’m so so excited about that” my best friend and colleague said full of energy as she stayed and watched me cook in the kitchen.

“Really?” I asked turning the pan which contains scrambled eggs on fire.

“Yes babe and the bigger news is…guess” she said then paused.

“Come on Tara, I don’t like stressing my brain just head straight to the point, tell me” I replied her pouting.

“Okay okay, I’m so excited to say this, I heard CB is gonna be coming to our modelling company next week” she revealed then ran and embraced me from behind.

“Wow, really?” I asked smiling.

“Yes babe, do you no what that means? Its means I’m gonna be seeing him at a very close range and I might possibly happen to be one of the ladies that might catch his attention.”

“Geez,I’m gonna go shopping so he’ll notice me before that day, I can’t wait” she continued talking and talking.

I turned off the gas cooker and dished out all the cooked meals, then carried them on a tray and left for the dinning while she followed.

“Are you gonna follow me to shopping babe? You also need to look pretty you no?” She asked after a while.

“No Tara, I’m saving my money up alright, I don’t have much money to waste” I replied her and she rolled her eyes.

“Even for the Prince charming? Well if you agree and follow me, I’ll get you a very pretty dress too, just follow me please?” She pleaded sitting across the dinning facing me.

“Well, if you say so, I’m always available for free shopping” I replied and she laughed.

“Spoiled brat” she slapped my arm and said.

“Ouch, but that’s the truth, I love free stuff” I said then got up and left to get water from the fridge.

“Hurry up Ros, we don’t wanna attend the showcase late, hurry up” I heard her voice ring from the dinning.

� Charlie’s POV �
The car drove into my private quarters and I came down immediately without waiting for the guards to open the door for me, I already sitted my angel sitting at the balcony looking out in space.

How I hate seeing her lonely.

I hastened up my pace along the staircase totally ignoring the numerous greetings from the maids then I went to her at the balcony.

“Sweetheart” I called and immediately squatted down to her.

“Why are you here alone”? I asked but she didn’t turn to stare at me.

“Baby, what is it? Did anyone offend you?” I asked turning her to face me.

She was holding unto a pink teddy tightly and that’s the reason I can’t get hold of her hands

“Come on, why are you here alone?” I asked for the third time and she finally blinked.

“Where is my mommy?” She asked taking me by surprise.

“Your..your mom?” I asked my voice coming out weakly.

“Yes, where is she?” She answered and asked.

“Baby..why are you suddenly asking me about her? I thought we have talked about this a long time ago” I said to her.

“No, we haven’t, I heard you and mom aren’t together, is that true?” She asked and I opened my mouth to talk but couldn’t think of any reasonable thing to say.

“Is it true?” She asked again.

“Um sweetheart, where did you hear that from?” I asked trying to divert the question.

“I heard it from one of the maids, they were whispering it amongst themselves and I think what they are saying is true because I don’t even no how my mom looks like” she replied sounding really bitter which only got me angry.

Who is the useless bit*h? Where are they? I thought and stood up on my feet.

“I’m coming, stay here and wait for me” I replied trying my best not to show how angry I was then I got up, I’m so gonna deal with them.

All of them! I thought angrily and left to look for the head worker.

TBC Rosanna.

How do you see it?

Its wasn’t unlocked o but I decided to make you guys happy, make me happy in return.

Let your comments, likes and shares answer the question.

Share so that a lot of people will see it.

Click on the link for episode 02��


Guy u don dey mad or wetin....
Is it by force to read ur story?
Create another thread...
Just Bleep out of here biko


Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Healman(m): 11:53am On Nov 08
May God save us from every form of bully o! Even e-bully.
Weldone bro, still making brain.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 12:13pm On Nov 08

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 167

The way he was laughing like wicked hyena was just too funny that I couldn't stop myself from laughing uneasily, we were at the game of this laughter when a woman who I guessed it must be Profit mother or so came speaking one language wey me no understand anything sef.

The man responded to her questions, I greeted her.

Woman: are you my daughter's fiance?

Me: yes, ma.

She studied me and continued the discussion with Profit's father while I used the chance to memorize what I should say and what I shouldn't say, the tension in me were evaporating when Profit appeared from nowhere and sat down closed to me, she used her hand and crossed my shoulder.

Profit: are you hungry?

Me: ye..s *my voice sound somehow to me sef*

I could see Profit was enjoying the tension in me, I was thinking her question was to enable me escape from her father's presence but never realized that she just came to make sure I remain there, wahala for who no get father to help am oh!
She quickly joined them in discussing with their language while I sat mopping at them like a small boy.

The man wicked eyes were on me and I started wondering what I have done wrong, I quickly realized that Profit's hand was crossed on my shoulder, I instinctively wanted to remove it but Profit added another of her hand and leaned on me.
It would have been a romantic moment if we are not in the presence of her father, the man cold look nearly make me pee.
Baby appeared with her Daddy wahala.

Baby: daddy, look at my car. *show me a toy car*

Me: who gav.. it *I stammer*

Profit: is so beautiful darling, will you use it to drive your daddy to work?

Baby: *she think about what Profit said* is so small for daddy to enter but if daddy will agree to be small, I will drive him to work.

Mustapha: little girl, come here.

Woman: you are always like this, daddy.

Baby: good evening, grand pa. Am not a little, am bigger than my mates.

Mustapha: who are your mates?

Baby: my age mates.

Mustapha: your age?

Baby: am three years old but I will be four today, Grand pa. Are you the father of my mommy? Mom said I should call you Grandpa.

Mustapha: yes.

Baby: you are so old and mommy is so young, how come?

Mustapha: *rub Baby's head* you are such a smart kid, your mom is my grand child.

Baby: okay, Grandpa. Am also your grand child too?

Mustapha: ofcourse, a beautiful grand child you are.

Baby: thank you Grand Pa, for calling me your grand daughter I will inject you free whenever you fall sick.

Mustapha: are you a nurse and what do you know about syringe?

I know say the matter go soon concern me.

Me: *I whisper to Profit* I want to use the restroom.

Profit: *with a smirk* you want to ma-sturbate?

Me: I want to urinate.

She let me go and I exhaled with relief while I went straight to the bathroom, from urine I used the WC too. To come out come be problem for me sef, I came out after spending quality time in there.

Profit: I thought you wouldn't come out again.

I was startled didn't realize Profit was standing in the hallway, she walked closer and hugged me tightly.

Profit: you don't have to be scared, my grandfather is a nice man and he won't hurt you because he knows I love you.

Me: how about your parents?

Profit: they died of plane crash when I was young, come lets go and cut the cake with our child.

We went in to the party hall holding hands, I have heard so much tales about her Grand Father and none of them is a good news.
We sang and cut the cake then asked Baby to wish, she did the wishing in her mind.

After the birthday party ended Profit's grandfather sent one of his aide to call me, I went to see him because he was standing outside alone with the woman that came together with him.

Me: sir, you sent for me.

Mustapha: I did, when are you marrying my daughter?

Me: *happy news wan finish me* this weekend, sir.

He nodded and entered inside his car and drove out, guests started leaving that is when I realized I have stressed myself mentally and physically that I started feeling drowsy when I was eating sef.
I rushed and took my bath then lay on my bed, I didn't know what happened but I knew I was awaken by hunger seeing Profit standing well dressed with breakfast on a table ready for me.

Profit: you should stop sleeping the way you do, you can be kidnapped and taken to another country yet you won't wake up, good morning my love.

Me: morning oh! my sweetheart, you look like baby whale this morning.

Profit: what is Baby whale?

I showed her my tongue and went inside the bathroom to brush my mouth, why she go talk say I dey sleep like corpse when them don drain all my energy with interviews last night.
I came back and didn't find her in the bedroom, I ate the breakfast and also took my bath before coming down to see her giving the kids breakfast.

Johannah & Baby: good morning, daddy.

Me: morning my children.

Johannah & Baby: how are you, Daddy?

Me: am fine.

Profit started her I won't talk to character again, she refused talking to me even when I talked to her she will only respond with her hands or do what I asked her to do.
I didn't realize I haven't checked my phone so I rushed to get it and saw lots of congratulating text messages and lots of missed calls, I was able to call some people and sent group messages to those who congratulated me, I put a word to my deputy to handle matter arising.

Profit came inside the room and sat on the bed, I sat with her.

Me: am sorry, flog my mouth if I say anything stupid again, am the baby whale.

Profit: *she laugh* I will be travelling today, going to France to handle some deals.

Me: why? You are the CEO and anyone can represent you.

Profit: the deal is very important and am spending two days there.

I wasn't happy about the news but I had to pretend to me supportive, I helped her with some needed files while the kids and I drove her to the airport.
When she departed from us I felt empty and scared, the feelings of her disappearing like others engulfed me and I rebuked it me wey nodey go church come dey wonder where I dey get all these pastoral inspiration.

We got into the car and we headed home, I was thinking of anything that will distract me from thinking about Profit safety, one come enter my head

Me: Daddy Baby, what did you wish for during your birthday?

Johannah: she doesn't want to tell anyone, Daddy. Even mommy asked her but she refused to say it.

Me: Baby, you don't want to tell Daddy too.

Baby: I will tell you daddy but when you grow old like grand pa.

I nearly forget say I dey drive tear one mad laughter, which kind gambling be that sef.
Going home was a no no for me, so the kids and I hang out in all the interesting places around town, eatery, cinema and others.

We came home late and I instructed their Nanny to look after them, I went inside my room and suddenly find a lion inside.

Me: Jesus!! *fear catch me*

Before I come get sense say na my occult member be that, the lion transformed into the acting governor.

Governor: metem! metem!!

Me: metempsychosis

Governor: I bring words from the grandmaster, the sacrifice hour is now.



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Obinnau Divepen1 seun mynd44 lalasticlala what's happening to Elvictor post?
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 8:30pm On Nov 08
I keep getting ban anytime I try to update, why?
let me do the update for you
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by MrPosh4real(m): 10:01pm On Nov 09
* turns off ghost switch *
Afar update us na
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Haryorholuwar(m): 8:13am On Nov 13
abeg come update na, or can I get this story on your website
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 8:11am On Nov 18

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 168

I was confused and scared at a time hearing sacrifice shot me down to shock mood, suddenly he vanished and I realized someone was trying to enter my room.
The door opened and Baby appeared with her teddy.

Baby: daddy, am scared.

Me: where is Johannah?

Baby: she have slept off, daddy. I am scared.

She was shaking I had to take her back to their room and I asked her to lie on the bed and sleep while I sat on the sofa in their bedroom and watched over my kids, I was bothered about what Mr. Sam the acting governor said about.

I mumbled teleporting words and I appeared before the huge forest as lion, I roared in the dark and appeared before the grandmaster.

Grandmaster: metem! metem!!

Me: metempsychosis!

I transformed back to human and asked him about the sacrifice Mr. Sam was talking about.

Grandmaster: the lions need blood! Blooooodd!! of those you are going to govern, bring hardship and suffering on them, let them die in their numbers! bloooooodddd!!

I was taken aback by Grandmaster demand of me making sure of death of my subjects instead of protecting them, I teleported back to my body after he dismissed me and saw Baby tapping me.

Me: sweet, what is the matter?

Baby: daddy, am scared.

Me: don't be scared, daddy is here for you.

She nodded but she wasn't convinced about what I said, I carried her on my body till she slept off.
I looked at her young face and admired the handwork of God in beautifying her, I couldn't sleep that night I stayed awake till the next day early in the morning.

I woke up later to see my kids bed empty had to walk down to the main sitting-room to find the cleaners and realized their Nanny had prepared them for school and encouraged them not to wake me up because I looked tired and I was actually sleeping like stressed human being.

I went up to my room and picked up my phone to discover that Profit had called me so many times, I scratched my head and thought of what to say.
And I realized that I had no excuse that she will believe, I scrolled to the message icon and typed.

"Hope you have a wonderful time with your white boyfriend, me and your children missed you"

I sent it when I was done typing the message, I dialed Ugochukwu's number and placed a call to him. After it rang thrice he finally decided to pick my call.

Me: Ugogoro my man, the man that walked through shadow of death and survive, how far na?

Ugochukwu's voice: may thunder with different voices and lightening with different faces disband, disconnect and scatter your mouth.

Me: amen! Hallelujah!! Pastor bless me more.

Ugochukwu: may disvirgined madness run into you and render you impotent.

Me: na me and you dey quarrel oh, wetin concern my innocent di-ck for the matter?

Ugochukwu's voice: I think say you go shout amen na, you dey call me to confirm if them don kill me or come for my burial?

Me: you nofit die na, you get o deshi remember the o deshi we do na.

Ugochukwu's voice: which o deshi? who tell you say o deshi go work when those guys don grab me?

Me: I warn you say make you no go, I don win the governor election come make we talk bro.

Ugochukwu's voice: I go call you later.

He hung up and I have missed two calls already while I was talking to Ugocukwu, all the calls were from Profit.
I saw a new message notification and I access it.

"What are you talking about honey? I couldn't sleep because I didn't hear your voice, text me back because you have refused to pick my calls the next two minutes will be in a meeting"

I just looked at the message and whistled sang into the bathroom triumphantly feeling myself, I had my bath and drove to government house with my security aides.

Landed there and started inspecting all the ministries in the government, I started from ministry works and discovered that the only working materials in the ministry are.
Shovel, digger, hoe, matchet, head pan, all the materials were old like those personals I find there gisting and wasting time.

I wonder if shovel and digger with hoe dey do road?

I moved to Agriculture ministry unannounced with my aides and the media to expose nonsense that people are calling ministry that are not responsible for anything but been paid monthly, I find tractor abandoned by Brutish when they left Nigeria parked in one fruit tree like that, I moved inside and discovered only fertilizer mainly spoilt ones because it wasn't never utilize.

The few people I find their were mainly busy arguing about soccer and bet9ja, they are all old and due for retirement, the ministry of agriculture have nothing to do with agriculture at all but palm wine joint for people who have no idea of what they are doing there, I moved to ministry of transport.

I find digger and hammer kept in their stores no modern machines to even fix pot hole or even tools for road maintenance when Julius Berger don work am finish, I moved from ministry to ministries and discovered that the only functioning ministries are education and finance which I am sure they are in the business of manipulating figures of budget that doesn't have any value to people living in the state except you know person wey know person.

I went home confused on how to revamp all these ministry and realized that those ministry are just there for cash out no form of funds can redeem their thoughts, on my way I pulled out my phone it was getting late such a stressful day.

"Sweet, why have you refused to return my call-"
I scroll to the next message.
"I will be in Nigeria soon" I laugh 'cause she said she will be dealing with business deals for two days.

I was so stressed and I had to block out thoughts from my mind so that I won't be totally drained, I arrived home and exhaled.
I came out of my car and realized that my kids were all in the porch, I walked closer and my two kids ran to welcome me screaming daddy.

I gave smack kiss and realized Profit was smiling looking at me, I don die na the statement wey enter my mind, I would have ended the madness tay tay.



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