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Who Knows The Story Of Medusa? (picture) / THE BACHELORS.(Sex was only the beginning)-18+ / In The Billionaire's Bed By Wunmiade16 Is A Plagiarized Work (2) (3) (4)

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Christipsy(m): 5:32pm On Sep 24
Who n who will survive this game silver 1996
Thank a lot

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by sly12345: 6:16pm On Sep 24
Samuel might end up killing sergeant Owen, as for the nurse, she deserves whatever she's getting

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by enirock(m): 8:31pm On Sep 24
Don't tell me Mr Smith in an attempt to protect the company would have Titi kidnapped, or does Samuel have a spy in the firm, or is Smith in league with him? Owen nor dey play o. Silver I think you used Matthew where you meant Henry, kindly read through and correct. Thanks for the update.

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Lakesc(m): 10:16pm On Sep 24
Hmmm..what if I say it's none of what you predicted... grin
Atleast now we will expect a happy ending for Anita's sake...

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by purity23(f): 9:00am On Sep 25
And here I am thinking mr Smith is one of the good men, but why would nurse Titi go about threatening to bring the company down

Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 10:00am On Sep 25
Sergeant Owen is not smiling o, but wait o, where is Success

I think Mr Smith had nurse Titi kidnapped probably to stop her from going public with what she knows

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Adekunlated: 10:26am On Sep 25
Tnks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 11:30am On Sep 25
Nurse Titi made the mistake of threatening the company

Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Jesubaby(f): 12:14pm On Sep 25
Mathew shouldn't sign it o. And susan should pls come in time. I know that Nurse Titi is in big mess

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Khriztarl(f): 12:23pm On Sep 25
There are certain things you don't do in certain places. It was obvious Mr. Smith wasn't buying Titi's confession, why the threat then?

How stupid of Henry, you just call a broke guy in the heat of a situation, tell him his sister has gone gaga, and expect him not to sign for the closest free-willed 'treatment'? Why wasn't the entire situation explained to matthew before he headed for the asylum?
matthew doesn't even know his sis's got hot billionaire enemy, he'll just sign her death warant.

Owen killing them isn't going to help you. Ole buruku.

Thanks silv.


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by kelvyncruz: 1:31pm On Sep 25
My question is, if nurse titi had a recording of her conversation with Samuel, why didn't she threaten Samuel with it when he threatened to expose her nude pictures., as for nurse Titi, she shouldn't have threaten to bring the company down, the company is not the reason for her misfortune

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by OPC90(m): 4:17pm On Sep 25
We are in for a long short

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ibroslank(m): 7:53pm On Sep 25
I lost my predicting ability bit thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by enirock(m): 1:44am On Sep 26
Nurse Titi saw she was not been taken as serious as the gravity of the allegation she brought forward, hence she chose to threaten/bring to the consciousness of the company how damaging the recording will be if it gets to the public domain(especially when she asserts, that the company is aware and did nothing). I don't think she did wrong, rather she met the wrong person. If she had met the CEO, this issue would not be treated/handled with levity as Mr Smith is taking it .

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:33pm On Sep 26
EPISODE TITLE- A sergeant's turn

As Matthew raise his arm to sign, his watch cascaded down further down his arm almost interfering with the pen, once again he glance over at Henry's face, he was still smouldering under that looks that conveys he isn't comfortable with him signing his sister over to the Doctor, but deep down, an intincts tells him he's doing the right thing, he has learnt something over the years, no matter what people say he should always follow his heart..

With positive thoughts running through his head like children running about in the house, he read few contents of the paper in front of him before his gaze moved to the signatory column, he sigh as contradictory thoughts began to flood his head., then Anita's thought been mad began to find way to his head like wild fire, he can stand anything but definitely not the thoughts of his sister been mad, Something flashed beneath the surface of his hardened expression and he hurried to investigate the sudden shift. It was too late, the emotion disappeared before he could identify it, like reaching desperately for an escaped balloon, the string dangling so tantalizingly close but the thoughts of Anita pushed it away and it's lost forever...., he hesitated no more before he sign every signatory space in the Paper and push it back to Charana's side....

Charana pick up the paper with a face of utter nonchalance as if she was merely waiting for him to sign the documents, then she glance Henry's way and caught his watchful eyes peering at her, his facial expression was one of absolute disdain, he abhorred her, she knows that for a fact....

"Believe me when i say this.."Charana said moving her unblinking eyes from Henry to Matthew..."Your sister will be giving the best treatment as she deserves..."

Matthew slightly wipe his eyes with his palm, the days knowing Anita is mad  would either pass as a blip in the course of his life, or they would be the final trauma that breaks him.....

"Can i trust you to do that..?"Matthew ask..

A smile almost surround Charana's lips but she held it back.., his sister is his weakness and that she has understood to be his breaking point.., she adores the love the brother have for her, she wished she was loved like that while growing up, her case was different, been the black sheep of the family comes with it's ugly consequences.., she guess her bad decisions in life is probably one of them....

"Yes.."She replied, her voice rumbling low than she anticipated...."Very soon, your sister will be up and kicking..."

"Thank you.."Matthew replied

Charana felt pity for him, if only his sister hasn't gotten involved with the wrong crowd..."I'll keep you updated of any new changes in her attitude.."Charana said standing up to keep the documents in a safe...

"Don't stress yourself.."Henry chime in..."I'll be coming here everyday to check on her.."

"That's totally fine with me.."Charana replied....

Matthew and Henry exchange glances before Matthew shift his gaze to Charana again but just when he was about talking, a loud clattering sound came from another part of the hospital..

"Well gentlemen..."Charana added cutting into Matthew thoughts.."Work calls again.."

"Can i see my sister again..?"Matthew ask..

"Not today.."Charana replied..."As you saw yourself, she isn't herself.., i don't want her hurting you or anyone else.."

"So what are you going to do to calm her down..?"

"We'll restraint her....."Charana said.."We have our means.., you can come back tomorrow or next to see her..."

"Alright.."Matthew said standing up from the chair....

"Your sister will be fine...."Charana assured..

Matthew nodded, glance Henry's way and stepped outside, Henry looked at Charana for a while before he followed Matthew outside....

Charana watch from the door post as Matthew and Henry take a walk out, when they disappeared out of sight, she turned only to hit her head on Andrew's....

"Jesus.."Charana grimaced holding her forehead..."Where did you come from..?"

"Your office toilet...."Andrew said..."I heard everything..."

"Then you must know he signed.."Charana said walking back in to sit back on her chair..

"That's good news.."

"For now yes..., but I have a feeling her friends will be a problem.., a serious problem.."

"What are you suggesting..?"Andrew ask folding his arms across his chest..

Charana scoffs.."Nothing.., but if they try to mess this deal up for us.., I'll make them disappear..."

A smile surrounds Andrew's lips before he pull out a chair to sit...."What you did was brilliant...."

"What did I do..?"Charana ask cupping back her pen..

"The knife in Anita's room.., You knew she'll pick it up..."

"And I'm glad it worked..., we owe littlefinger our thanks.., if he hasn't Informed us they were coming with her brother.., non of these would have been possible.."

"So what are your plans towards Anita...?"

"Oh.., that poor little thing.., too bad she's going to be insane for the rest of her life...till death do her part.."

Samuel turn to face the gun, his breath gets caught in his chest, then he knew the fear is gaining on him, he breathe shallowly and find a way to release the tension. The more apprehensive he get, the more he got cramped by the horror before him....

"You really think you can mess with me..?"Sergeant Owen ask, his words and tone making Samuel and Festus spines shivered....."I warned you what will be the consequences if you ever try to double cross me.."

Adrenaline floods Samuel's system, It pumps and beats like it’s trying to escape, he thought his heart will explode as his eyes ran wide with fear....., but he knew he has to talk, to say something to save himself from the madman in front of him.., how could be so stupid not to know the danger that will come with his actions....

"What were you thinking..?"Sergeant Owen scowled.."That I'll shivered and backout from the deal just because you sent me a pix of my nudes..."

"If it's the money you want, I'll give it to you.."Samuel manage to say amidst pants breathe and fear...

Sergeant Owen gritted, pace a while and finally stand to face them again ....."I no longer want the one million naira..., i want fifty..."

"Fifty.."Samuel reiterated shocked..."I don't have that kind of money..."

Sergeant Owen scoffs, he rub the muzzle of the gun with his finger before walking over the bed to sit....."You think I care if you have the money or not.."

"I'm not lying.. "Samuel blare out..."I don't have it..."

"Well that's bad because that's what I want.. "Sergeant Owen said, he sigh, turn his eyes to the death girl and the pool her blood was forming on the ground before he turn back to face Samuel again..., after a second of stare.., he pointed the gun at him again..

Samuel's and Festus heart hammered as they flinched, slowly taking few steps backwards......

"Give him what he wants.."Festus mutters with shaking mouth..

"Aha...."Sergeant Owen cut in dropping the gun..."Listen to your friend Samuel.., i hate to scatter your brains right here in your bed.."

"I'm not lying, I do not..

A shot to the flower vase just beside Samuel silent Samuel, the crinkling sound of the vase when it broke and scattered on the ground made both boys heart raised to a stop.., their hands trembled, Samuel felt sweat tickled down his skin, the throbbing of his own eyes, the loud creak of the broken vase still vibrating in his ears...

"I want fifty million and that's it.."Sergeant Owen retorted...

Samuel's fingers curled into a fist,, his nails digging into his palm, he couldn't hear his rapid breathing, but can feel the oxygen flooding in and out of his lungs. Hesitantly, his eyes look at the dead corpse before him., the girl Sergeant Owen had killed, Fear tortures his guts, churning his stomach in tense cramps, engulfing his conscience, knocking all other thoughts aside.....

"Fine.."Samuel manage to say with great anger licking through him...."Twenty fivs million.., that's all I have, I swear.."

"I don't believe you.."Sergeant Owen replied

"He's telling the truth.. "Festus interjects, the pounding of his heart beating into his voice...

"Fine..."Serģeant Owen said with a bit of skepticism...."Let's say I agree with you.., Where's the money...?"

"It's in the bank..."Samuel said immediately

Sergeant Owen face retreated into frown.."You think I'm a fool.."

"The money is in the bank.., i can write you a cheque.. "Samuel said putting his fear in control....

Sergeant Owen chulkle and just when he was about to talk, Samuel's ringing tone went up like buzzed rattle snake.., Sergeant Owen pick up the phone from the bed and look at the caller before he raise his gaze to Face them...

"Mr Smith is calling you.."Sergeant Owen said.., then he dropped the phone on the ground and smashed it with his shoe cascading the phone screen into fragments...

Samuel clenched his fist again hesitantly as anger surged through every part of him...., his legs twiched a moment as Sergeant Owen began to walk towards them..., heart renting, he watch as Sergeant Owen dragged Festus from behind him..

Festus throat closed in threat of screaming loudly as once again, his head came in contact with the gun...

"I'm going to ask one last time.."Sergeant Owen said holding the gun to Festus head...."Where is the money..?"

Samuel crunched his teeth over his lip harder than he ever had. Salty blood filled his mouth but he didn't say a word, instead he watch with anger as Sergeant Owen slowly round his finger around the trigger...

"It's right here in the house..."Festus blare out saving himself from the menacing aura threatening to rip his heart out...

"What did you say?"Sergeant Owen ask leaning his mouth close to Festus ears..

Festus heart throb in fear as he raise his gaze fo face Samuel.., then he try to breathe realising that was the only logical call to make....

"The money.."He said trying to form the words.."The money is right here in the house...."

"Now, that wasn't so hard, was it...?"Sergeant ask, his voice low yet taunting...."Now you're going to take me to where the money is.., move, the two of you..."

Susan look at the address she had once written down just to be sure she's in the right place..., upon affirmation, she open the almost transparent gate and walked into the compound..., she stood noticing it's only two houses in the compound, one of the houses looked totally desolate like noone was living there, while the other proved neat, the front was well cleared.., she sigh and decided to walk towards the direction of the clean one.., she got to ths threshold, the window was open, she peep inside, luckily for her she saw a picture, she recognised nurse Titi..., heaving a sigh, she trot towards the door and knock without any form of hesitation...

"Nurse Titi..."Susan shouted when no reply came neither did anyone answer the door..

She knocked again, this time more louder than the first, just when she was about moving towards the window, she saw something, a shadow lurking behind her, she quickly turn only to see the behind of someone running towards the gate..

"Hey wait.."Susan shouted running after the person.., she got outside look around but there was no one in sight....., she walk back to the compound and walk right out.., just then different thoughts began to run in her head....could someone be following her....?


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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:35pm On Sep 26
Real actions as just started. Thanks for the update
U welcome
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:36pm On Sep 26
grin cheesy
Atleast now we will expect a happy ending for Anita's sake...
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:36pm On Sep 26
And here I am thinking mr Smith is one of the good men, but why would nurse Titi go about threatening to bring the company down

Thanks for the update
U welcome
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:38pm On Sep 26
I lost my predicting ability bit thanks for the update

You welcome
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Christipsy(m): 5:47pm On Sep 26
Nice one
Thanks silver 1996

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Lakesc(m): 6:08pm On Sep 26
Thanks for the update...

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by enirock(m): 11:48pm On Sep 26
How does one leave 25mil lying around(I thought only naija politicians did/do this) Thanks Silver for the update.

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by DanieBlinkz(m): 11:59pm On Sep 26
Sergeant Owen, that's a trap o, Festus is thinking deep in his panic mode

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by kelvyncruz: 8:16am On Sep 27
This two boys will lead Sergeant Owen into a trap.

Tnks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 8:38am On Sep 27
Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by purity23(f): 8:46am On Sep 27
Matthew signed it, I don't think this story is ending soon.

Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by OPC90(m): 10:47am On Sep 27
Hmmm... It's well

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Adekunlated: 2:04pm On Sep 27
Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Lakesc(m): 4:47pm On Sep 27
Matthew signed it, I don't think this story is ending soon.

Thanks for the update
My thought also...

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Khriztarl(f): 7:53pm On Sep 28
Thanks for the update.

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 8:54pm On Sep 29
EPISODE TITLE- All for the money

Fear is as ubiquitous as sunlight on such quiet areas, Susan knew this yet she was ready to take the risk.., better the risk than never knowing the cause of her friend's sudden insanity, she look at every corner again but other than a passing car, there was no other person in sight..., she sigh wondering if she really saw someone or just her eyes were deceiving her....

She was about walking back into the compound when the ringtone of her phone interrupted her footsteps, she stood and quickly took out her phone from the small bag she hung around her waist..., she sigh when she noticed it was henry calling...

"Hello.."She said looking at her sides again, when she saw noone, she exhale and waited for Henry to reply..

"Hey how are you..?"Henry's voice came up...

Susan hesitated a bit before she opened her mouth to talk..."Is Anita alright..?"She ask anxiously

There was silence from the other end, to Susan a person only remain silent when they want to report bad news..

"We couldn't take her out from there.."Henry said from the other end..

Susan's face washed blank with shock, like her brain cogs couldn't turn fast enough to take in the information from her ears......
"What do you mean you couldn't take her out..?"She queried immediately..

There was hesitation before Henry's voice came again..."His brother signed a document..."

"What document..?"Susan ask, her face scrunching with the sound of the new development...

"The doctor told him he needed to sign some documents so his sister could be treated.."

"What..!"Susan cut in..."Was he forced into doing it or what.., what the hell happened there...?"

There was hesitation then his voice came again.."Look he's coming okay..., we're on our way to my house.., meet us there..."

She screwed up her face knowing fully well that isn't the type of news she expected..."Fine.."She said, her voice carrying a thread of anger that could be easily detected..."I'm on my way..."

She ended the call and look inside the compound again..., she wanted to walk back in but decided she'll go back later in the day, nurse Titi Will probably be around later in the evening or night..

Angry eyes were just the start for Samuel, then came the strut, the clenched hands and silent clipped words.., and with Festus leading the way to the room his hard earned money was secretly kept, he fear he'll cross some invisible lines, even as his blood drained and his heart hammered erratically he turn around to face sergeant Owen mounting them forward with the gun.., if only his eyes were a knife.., a knife to sergeant Owen ribs, the sharp edge digging deeper till every ounce of life is far from him...

"Move.."Sergeant Owen ordered

Festus drew in a deep breath, the burning hard stare from Samuel towards him was a sign of warning.., a signal to him.., he understood it but he was too scared to act on it...., and he fears Samuel's dark stare would only last only as long as it took him to think of the most brutally cutting thing he could tear him down with...

"Faster..."Sergeant Owen said pushing Samuel's head with the back of the gun....

Samuel's eyes squinted and quickly he reverted his gaze to him to glare at him again but quickly realise how stupid his anger looked when sergeant Owen slapped his head..

"I said move.."Sergeant Owen retorted..

Annoyance dawned on Samuel but he knew there was nothing he could do, sergeant Owen is holding the gun and any stupid bravery from him could mean him loosing his life and everything he has acquired.., he has to come up with a plan.., if he needs to survive from the madman behind him..he needs to be fast...


Success heart quickens as she lean behind the door.., her hands tremble as her head try to contemplate what her eyes just saw.., with every footsteps and command she hears from outside her room, she gets more and more terrified...

Her nails dug into her palm as she try to control her rapid breathing.., she move her back from the door with the intentions of opening the door again just the way she did earlier when she saw the sergeant pointing a gun at Samuel and Festus climbing down from the staircase heading towards the direction of her room and finally walk past it.., she knew where they were going.., the safe room, once or twice she has try to go there but the room door is computerised, not even a gun can put it down and only Samuel knows the combination to open it.., she had asked why there was such a room in the house a few days ago and she was told it's a safest place in the house to hide....

A few days ago she learnt Samuel had stashed some money in the vault in the room, whoever thinks of robbing it will just been wasting his time.., opening the door is a headache..., opening the vault is a total waste of time.., once or twice she has try to get in there but to no avail...

Fear overwhelms her body, making it drastically exhausted. However, most of all, the fear is making her calm and that is what scares her the most..., she wasn't sure if she should go out there and try to play the heroine who rescue them or find her way to the sitting room, outside and out of the house....,, everyday she has always knew such a day will come, a day where his accomplices will turn around and turn on him..., her legs twiched and her heart pounded as she hesitantly took each step, slowly she open the door only to peep through the little space she created between the door and the wall, from her room ,she saw them, the one with the gun and the two scared boys standing in front of the computerised door..., her eyes widened with fear when sergeant raise his gun to Samuel's head...

"Open it.."Sergeant Owen ordered holding the gun to Samuel's head..

Samuel's head throb in fear as the gun press the corner of his head closely, then all of a sudden, he held his breathe, daring not to make a sound. Each second seemed to last an eternity as he stood perfectly without flinching listening to the heartbeats of the intruder.., right there it occured to him, Sergeant Owen won't kill him not until he get the money he came for and the only thing standing between him and the money is him.., he has the code.., the code to the door, the vault and the combination to the safe......., right there he revert his gaze to Festus.., Festus knew what he was doing from the start.., the door was their last resort.. the final bus stop..., the place scores will be settled......

"How do i know you won't kill us if i open this door...?"Samuel ask looking Sergeant Owen way...

"That's my decision to take.."Sergeant Owen retorted, his voice carrying the level of how impatience he's becoming...

"And i guess your decision is to kill us.."Said Samuel keeping his fear checked....

Frown lines encroached on Sergeant Owen's face.., he stare at Samuel for a while then he remembered the nudes pictures and it made his anger sparked...

"Open the damn door.."Sergeant Owen hollered positioning the gun in Samuel's forehead...

"You're not going to kill me.."Samuel said back immediately..."Only I know the combination to open the door, if you kill me, you don't get a dine.., so I suggest you remove that thing from my head.."

Sergeant Owen curl his lips, then he dropped the gun swallowing down his frustration...."You're right.."He said, voice low yet clipped with rage.."I can't kill you but I can kill him.."He added taking the gun to Festus head..

Festus heart lurched almost immediately as once again he's been faced with the terror of suppressing the urge to vomit from fear of been faced with a gun....

"So what is it going to be Samuel..?"Sergeant Owen ask, a taunting smirk creeping into his lips.."Are you willing to lose your friend over the money or you're going to be a man about this and open the door, give me my money and we can all walk unharmed...."

"Unharmed..."Samuel reiterates..

"If I'm in a good mood.."Said Sergeant Owen, his fingers slowly circling the trigger..."Don't play smart with me Samuel..., I'll pull this trigger and scattered his little brain right here right now.."

Terror thundered on Festus as Sergeant Owen fully circled his fingers on the trigger, , festus tried to talk but what came was engulfed in silent stutters as terror sealed his throat stopping him from mouthing any word out...

"Fine..."Samuel blare out at the last moment....., he took a deep breathe to calm his panic before he continued...."I'll open the door..."

"Open it then.."Sergeant Owen said still etching the gun to Festus head...

Samuel glare at him, his edge of irritation returning with a gravity that burns beyond his need to save his friend...., he turn to face the door and input some numbers.., a red light at the top of the door beep, Samuel glance Sergeant Owen way who motioned him to go in...., with a cringe Samuel turn down the door knob and the door sprang open....

Sergeant Owen eyes widened as he peered inside.., the vault was no different from any bank vault, on the far end of it was a safe, a safe Samuel could have probably hidden all the money and the only thing stopping him from reaching the safe was the electrified safe locks shoning its electrical red light from the ceiling.....

"Deactivate the electrical locks.."Sergeant Owen said still holding the gun to Festus head.....

"Let my friend go first.."Samuel said back holding back the urge to rush at him and punch him in the face..

"Do not mess with me Samuel.."Sergeant Owen hollered.."Deactivate the damn thing or I swear to God I'll blow his brains out..."

Dread twisted in Festus gut as sergeant Owen preesed the gun to his head, when he look at his corner and caught a glance of the expression in his face, he realise he wasn't joking...

Samuel frown and quickly turn towards the input code system mounted on the wall.., he input some few numbers and the electrical locks deactivated....

"Move..."Sergeant Owen hollered pushing Festus into the room.., he set his eyes on the safe before he reverts them back to Samuel....."The safe box.., open it.."

"Or what...?"Samuel ask, his gaze moving from Festus who was creeping to the edge of the wall to sergeant Owen..."You'll kill my friend..?"

Sergeant Owen face scrunched, a vortex of anger swirled inside him and he turn the gun towards Festus direction and pulled the trigger..., the bullet hitting the wall a few inch from where Festus was sitting...

Festus froze, adrenaline flolding every part of him.., he turned his head but too slowly to be normal to see where the bullet had hit...

"Do you think I'm joking..?"Sergeant Owen queried angrily...

Amidst fear and anger Samuel glare at him, then he turn towards the safe box only to turn back and face sergeant Owen side again but it wasn't him he was looking this time but the person behind him.., he swallowed forcefully knowing fully well she'll be putting herself in danger if caught.., he needed to buy her time and buy them time as well..

"If i open it.."Samuel said looking behind Sergeant Owen but he quickly took out his gaze not to arouse suspicion..."If i open it, do you promise not to kill us..?"

Frightened down to the deepest part of her soul, Success took another step with the glass jug in her hand, blood froze in her vein reminding her of the terror in front of her and what he'll do to her if caught.., she took another step just close enough to hit his him from behind with the glass jug.., and just when he was about to talk..., she hold her breathe, sealed out every logical thinking and fiercely hit the glass jug in his head..

Sergeant Owen staggered as the back of his head collided with the glass.., the strong impact broke the glass into pieces sending sergeant Owen to the ground.., Samuel seize the opportunity and quickly carried the gun that fell from sergeant's Owen hand..

"Oh my God I killed him.."Success blare out shivering..

With the gun in Samuel's hand, he touch Sergeant Owen, he felt a pulse, right there it occured to him, he's not dead yet..

With a buzzing in Sergeant Owen's head, he opened his eyes, his sight still in the clutches of the sleep, he hesitantly blink, Only now his brain is as a flat battery, the exertions of few minutes earlier being a marathon of erratic killings and a need to take his money., then his lids that were drooping and leaden with sleep snap open as violently as if he been woken by the raid sirens wailing..., his eyes sparked with anger when he saw Samuel, Festus and Success sitting just opposite him.., the events that happened earlier began to replay in his head, it annoyed him and he tried to move, to pounce on Samuel but he quickly realise he's been tied to a chair.....

"Samuel.."He yelled, his voice loud and thunderous...

"Welcome back..."Samuel said standing up to meet him.., then he pick the gun up and flaunt it in his face...a quick warning that he's the one in charge now...

Sergeant Owen glare at him, rage pounding in him like a drumbeat...."I swear to God I'll kill you.."He chided.

"Oh yeah.."Samuel replied, a smirk following the tone of his words.."You've been saying that ever since you got here.."

Festus stood up.., anger coiled deep in his stomach as he remenbered how scared he was when he was been faced with the gun.., angrily he walked towards sergeant Owen.., his fist clenched, the corners of his mouth hardened, he glare at sergeant Owen for a while ùntil his rage took over him..quickly he slammed his fierce fist across Sergeant Owen's face..

Blood pooped from sergeant Owen's mouth as Festus fist came in contact with his face....

Festus shook his hand to relieve himself the pain of punching him hard...

Sergeant Owen spat out blood, Samuel expected a yell from him but instead an annoying laughter evaporated from his mouth...

"You punch like a pussy.."Sergeant Owen said and spat out blood again...

Flames of anger licked through Festus as the words sank into his head, pushed beyond his boiling point, he pounce on Sergeant Owen again and sent blows upon blows to his face until his hand weakened...

The excessive blows sent sergeant Owen to the floor, the chair falling with him...

"Bastard.."Festus yelled angrily holding his blood soaked fist...

Blood dropping from sergeant Owen's face, he tried to stand up but quickly realise how futile it was when he fell back down..., he groaned and manage to raise himself and the chair.., then he raise his bloodied furious gaze to Festus and then to Samuel.., all of a sudden, as if another strength entered his body, he rushed at Samuel almost getting hold of him but he was a minute too late.., Samuel mistakenly and fearfully pulled the trigger, the bullet hit him in a close range stopping him in his track..., shocked, he glanced up to face Samuel...then he groaned trying one more time to get to him.

Struck between disbelief and fear, Samuel pulled the trigger again..., then again and again, resentment blossomed within him brimming with hostility, he continue shooting him till he ran out of bullets.......

Blood poured like water from Sergeant Owen's mouth, just then he dropped to his knees and manage to raise his gaze to Samuel before he fell flat on his face..., he struggled for a while before the pains and bullet holes dragged him into the cold hands of death.....

Realising what just happened, the gun fell from Samuel's hand, his legs weaken and quickly he crunched down to the ground and stare widely at the pool of blood flowing freely on the tiles...

"What have we done..?"Success ask shivering

Nurse Titi grimaced as she tried to free her hands from the ropes but all to no avail.., tears dripped down from her eyes as old memories began to flood her head....,she looked round the room, if only her mouth wasn't gagged, she would have screamed for help...her greed pushed to her to this day.., for the money, she has done so many despicable things and if death is her reward for the life she chose, she's ready to accept it...the preachers are right...., money is the root of all evil and vanity upon vanity.....ALL IS VANITY...

PLAGIARISED......This is only the beginning

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 8:57pm On Sep 29
Nice one
Thanks silver 1996
U welcome

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