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An Obsolete World by DarkGamer(m): 10:03pm On May 20
I'm starting a new book. I'll try and update regularly. You can check out the book on Wattpad. An Obsolete World by Emmanuel Akan. Vote if you like and make comments.
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Re: An Obsolete World by DarkGamer(m): 10:03pm On May 20
Here is the book cover.

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Re: An Obsolete World by DarkGamer(m): 10:04pm On May 20
When the world began dying, it started with its most of its inhabitants oblivious to the hard fact. Life kept up with its usual pace and humans were unaware of the situation around them, living their lives in bliss ignorance.
It was not until a few deaths in the city of Stockholm, Sweden which at first seemed benign and unrelated to each other that caught the attention of some people. People began to realize that there was an anomaly with the world they lived in. There arose a number of speculations about the cause and reasons for the deaths, but soon some answers began to surface. The answers being that firstly, the deceased all lost their lives in hospitals or medical centers in which they had been remanded as a result of their unusual maladies. Secondly, all the patients displayed common symptoms which mainly appeared as a mauve colored skin and blood shot eyes. Thirdly, the autopsies carried out on the patients presented no plausible cause for the deaths occurring. Lastly, results from experiments proved that the new disease had no cure and it was the first of its kind.
However, this information was kept classified by the Swedish government which did not want the news to spread and cause panic which would disrupt experiments and normalcy in the country. Experiments were funded by the Swedish federal government and it was carried out in secluded laboratories in the country. Information from the press in future airings would reveal the location of those laboratories to be Halmstad, where the first major death cases where recorded. The results of further experiments established a further shocking fact, the disease was viral and highly contagious. There were no serious death reports from the disease, so the government decided to withhold the news about the virus.
That proved to be a very fatal mistake as the disease could not be effectively controlled in the Swedish laboratories. The animal test subjects that were injected with antigens from the virus exhibited the same symptoms of the Stockholm patients and also acted rabid-like. The turning point occurred when a Swedish laboratory attendant in an attempt to extract a test rat from its containment tubule was bitten. Reports say he wasn’t aware of the bite and unfortunately he contracted the virus. It was not until a few days later, he began to exhibit the same symptoms. He had already been in contact with almost all of the team of scientists and nobody was confident about their health status. The situation led to a unanimous vote being agreed upon and supported by the team members to enable them confine themselves to working in isolation.
The laboratory attendant was restrained in an observation chamber and various tests were carried out on him. The human subject gradually began to lose sanity and his body underwent various mutations. Extensive experiments revealed the lifestyle of the virus. Its cells undertook regeneration per millisecond while repeatedly copying themselves into other body cells, organs and systems until it had whole possession of the body. An extraordinary characteristic of the viral cells were its inability to expire. Despite the ever increasing amount of viral cells, they never perished to allow for a stable environment. They simply replicated as they occupied space in the body until the body’s own cells died due to the unsuitable environment which prohibited its survival. The body’s immune system is therefore rendered powerless and the body follows suit in a short time. It was also discovered that the victim also displayed the craving to bite and portrayed an outlook similar to mental derailment.
Within a few weeks, the laboratory attendant passed away and in that short span of time, almost all of the scientists had acquired the virus and displayed full-fledged symptoms. When the proceedings of the assignment were submitted to the Swedish government by the remaining scientists who had not begun to display the symptoms and were still sane enough, the government ordered the termination of the project. Military action was engaged to take control of the situation and armed forces were deployed in Halmstad with the objective of exterminating all the scientists. Despite the action taken, not all the scientists were killed and some escaped to unknown whereabouts.
Realizing their mistakes, the Swedish government officials had no other alternative other than publicizing information about the situation. The entire world was thrown into panic and the Sweden was put into lockdown. However, the virus had already began its action, infecting millions in the country. It was a bloodbath as victims wrecked carnage on their surroundings and citizens were forced to migrate to other countries illegally. The virus got out of Sweden and that was the beginning of the end.
Re: An Obsolete World by DarkGamer(m): 8:16am On May 21
Please I would like to hear comments from the readers

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Re: An Obsolete World by DarkGamer(m): 1:04pm On May 21
This is the wattpad link.

New part coming soon.
Re: An Obsolete World by DarkGamer(m): 7:19pm On May 23
It has been about twelve years since the virus first appeared in Sweden. Ninety five percent of the Earth’s population has been wiped out. The world is on the verge of ending and the future seems bleak for all life forces. The virus has evolved and fortunately so has Earth’s remaining survivors. The survival of the Earth depends on the residual humans outliving the virus.

I craned my neck over the widespread branches in front of me and tried to guess the distance to the nearest town. From my position on a tall beech tree, I could view my surroundings openly but the town before me seemed to be quite distant and farther than I could see clearly. I assumed the distance to be about a hundred meters and groaned in evident displeasure. I was exhausted but I needed to get to the nearest town in order to get hold of some food and supplies. The journey to the town, though not too far would be prolonged due to my load. My belongings consisted of a back pack containing my essential provisions, an M14 rifle and a stock pack for my meagre ammunition. It was mainly the rifle that gave me most of the stress because of its weight but it was indispensable and crucial to my existence.

I picked up my backpack and hung it over my shoulders. My stock pack was always strapped to my waist and I grabbed the M14 slinging across my backpack getting ready to climb down the tree. I adjusted my hand gloves which were worn out from frequent tree climbing and I slowly lowered my right foot to a lower branch. I held the tree bark and repeated the process with my left foot. A wasp hovered above me and I paused trying to appear as inert as possible. It seemed that it wasn’t aware of my presence because a few moments later, it moved on to a nearby tree and I continued my flight down the beech tree. Finally arriving at the bottom of the tree, I stepped onto the forest floor and stood catching my breath. From where I sat on the tree, the direction of the town was westward so I would have to follow that route.

Humans were not the only ones affected by the Halmstad virus, plants and animals also suffered the effects of the virus. For some reason I cannot explain, the plants took on a withered look and were generally morbid. The animals were not left out as they died due to the environmental factors and the decline in plant life took its toll on them. Generally, animals were harder to locate and only a few plant life were healthy. The forest wore a gloomy look and I began my short trip to the town.

I walked carefully in the direction of the West and trying to detect any sound or movement that might be detrimental to my survival. Just a few minutes into my walk in the forest, I began to perspire with beads of sweat falling down my forehead. The forest floor was murky with mud owing to the heavy downpour of rain from the previous night. Together with the numerous fallen branches and leaves that clustered the floor, this walk was going to be a very rough one. A vine which was sustained in mid-air by two complementary branches snaked dangerously low and I lowered my head, moved under it and continued my walk. I wished I could just eat some of the fruits I could recognize here in the forest, but I didn’t want to take the chance as it might be infected.

Moving at a steady pace, I was able to cover considerable distance from the tree and I felt optimistic for the first time today. However I perceived movement in front of me from under the cover of some bushes and I went back to my usual vigilant mode. Retrieving my rifle from my back, I steadied its grip in my hands and got ready to approach the source of the disturbance. I thought about calling out to enable the person or thing to materialize from the bushes but I quickly shook the thought away from my head. I decided on killing whatever hid behind those bushes as the safest course of action. I slowly walked towards the bushes and aimed my rifle. Whatever was behind the bushes had either not noticed my presence or had decided to remain immobile, though I was sure that it was still there.

The problem was that I couldn’t pinpoint the precise location of the being and I had to estimate its apparent location. That meant I would have to fire about four shots at random points in the bush at close proximity to each other and hope that I would be lucky. If I didn’t get it, then I would have to face whatever it was. I made up my mind on where I would fire the shots and I got ready to pull the trigger.

With serious focus, I aimed at the coordinates and quickly pulled off three shots. I couldn’t afford more as I had to conserve my bullets. I heard a soft wail and I smiled inwardly, I had got my target. I approached the bushes carefully and I used the tip of the rifle to make an opening with the leaves, so that I could view my prey. I saw some fur and when I fully made the opening, I saw the victim of my bullet, a small raccoon. I smiled at my luck and dragged it onto open ground. I concealed the raccoon with some leaves I found nearby while returning the M14 to its position.

Hoisting up the raccoon on my shoulders, I looked forwards, ready to continue my journey. My load had increased but with luck, I could trade the raccoon for something valuable or consume it as a last resort. I tried increasing the distance I would cover by jogging as I had wasted some time and I hoped I would make it to the town in record time.

A few hours later, I found the end of the forest trail and knew I was at the border of the town. I emerged from the forest and stepped into open ground. I could see the town up close now just a few meters away. It looked like the rest of other settlements on the planet, mostly decrepit and rundown. I sighed in relief and walked towards my temporary destination. With my luck, I hoped it would be a ghost town as I needed the luxury of rummaging the buildings without any disturbance.

Due to the virus outbreak, billions of people in the world had died. The global economy had vanished and with little or no civilization, the world was reverting back on its evolution and was quickly moving back to near primitive times. There was no existence of countries, states, provinces etc. Every remaining human either survived in solitude or lived in groups for protection. The victims of the virus in their senseless attacks of slaughter wreaked havoc on everything around them, including the buildings and settlements. This lead to all the towns and other places that survived having the dilapidated look.

I finally arrived at the town and didn’t bother to look at the signboard on which the name of the town was inscribed. It didn’t matter any longer, so I didn’t trouble myself about it. The few buildings around the anterior of the town were in a sorry state and I made my way into the town. I t didn’t look like anybody was around but I wasn’t sure about that so I unslung my rifle once again.

Walking around for a few minutes, I noticed a building that looked like it had once being a convenient store and I decided to visit there first. A scruffy looking fox scurried past me but I left it to roam. I looked around me trying to discern how safe it was and finally pushed the doors open. I was greeted by a musty smell and dust that seemed to be on every surface. Coughing gently, I covered my nose and moved forward examining my surroundings. The shelves were obviously ransacked as some were lying on the floor and all seemed empty. All the electrical appliances in the small building were either broken or missing and the counter lay abandoned. I walked through the aisles still hoping to find something useful when I came to a corner of the store. A broken shelf lay on the floor and I caught a glimpse of something glistening under it and I decided to inspect.

Coming closer carefully, I looked under the shelf and realized it was some sort of canned substance. I reached under the shelf and retrieved the can, peering closely at it. It was dusty and I wiped the dust with my gloves as I looked at its caption, I recognized the can, it was a processed corn and I smiled again. I had been lucky a second time today. I detached my backpack and dropped it on the ground, along with my rifle, the can of corn and the raccoon parcel. I then decided to lift the shelf to see if I would find any other surprise.

Crouching down, I put my hands under the shelf and heaved it up slowly as it was quite heavy. The shelf was lodged in between other shelves around it and it took time before I could free the shelf I was holding. Finally, I was able to lift the shelf up and wedge it against the wall. A flurry of dust flew about and I covered my face coughing again, this time more furiously. In a few moments, I was able to recover and I got ready to scavenge for more items when my eyes caught a figure under the shelf I had just lifted. The figure was on lay on the ground with its back facing forward and I couldn’t see its face. However I could see its mauve colored skin with bulging veins on the skin exposed from the rags it was clothed in as I froze, dread growing within me.
Re: An Obsolete World by DarkGamer(m): 7:23pm On May 23
Anybody following?
@Shewrites @kunki90 @kayo80 @saturn101 @Awesome05 @kweensheba @FairCritic @oyinprince @hizeeksheun. I'm inviting you all to read my science fiction story.
Re: An Obsolete World by SheWrites(f): 8:02pm On May 23
Anybody following?
@Shewrites @kunki90 @kayo80 @saturn101 @Awesome05 @kweensheba @FairCritic @oyinprince @hizeeksheun. I'm inviting you all to read my science fiction story.

Re: An Obsolete World by hizeeksheun(m): 8:19pm On May 23
Anybody following?
@Shewrites @kunki90 @kayo80 @saturn101 @Awesome05 @kweensheba @FairCritic @oyinprince @hizeeksheun. I'm inviting you all to read my science fiction story.
Present ooh!
Re: An Obsolete World by DarkGamer(m): 8:35pm On May 23
Alright. How do you find the story?

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