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Jobs/Vacancies / MICRO JOB || Writing-typing Related by 5nlock: 3:12pm On Mar 02, 2019
We need someone to work with us on a NEW Book-Writing Project

We'll send you several articles on a particular topic.

Using your Intelligence, and Initiative We Want You To SIMPLY Compile them into 1 Book

...with making-sense table of contents.


- personally worked on a book Or a University project in the past
- devoured A LOT of non-fiction books....enough to replicate.

You'll Need a Laptop� to do this...as WE have a target of 5 Books Every Week.

Is N2,500 every week (we are new, and on a low budget)

Need more details?

WhatsApp 07036792432

Jobs/Vacancies / JOB FOR YOU... If You Have At Least 4,000 Twitter Followers by 5nlock: 3:36pm On Dec 14, 2018
THERE'S A MICROJOB available for anyone who has at least 4,000 Twitters Followers.

All you have to do is tweet links of some services that we offer.

10 Links per day. Preferably 5 in the morning, 5 in the evening.
5 Days in a Week.

You will get EXACTLY what we want you to Tweet.
so it's more or less, just copy & paste cool


#4,000/ month *for a start* ☝�
(Payment's every 2weeks...that's #2,000 every 2 weeks)�

Interested? *Whatsapp your Twitter username to 07036792432 before Sunday, 11-11-18, 23:59�
Literature / Persuasion Secrets Of The World's Most Charismatic And Influential Villain by 5nlock: 1:20am On Nov 19, 2018
This book is controversial!

...and if you're interested in having more money, fame, respect, power, influence, privilege, peace of mind, love in your life, and access to knowledge denied other men... this book shows you how.

Mush cookies and feminists will be horrified. The information's been used for centuries by history's most powerful, influential, and sometimes notorious men to live lives lesser men only imagine.

Just some of the secrets inside:
Mental techniques used by General Douglas MacArthur to inflict psychological pain on someone who disobeys or displeases you. (Psychologists say this causes the same reaction in their brain as physical pain, without leaving marks. Use it for disciplinary purposes only.)

13 ways to keep your enemies and competitors constantly on defense, fearing your next move, struggling to keep up with you.

How to peacock your way to straight to the top level power!

How men grab power over others - in professional relationships, personal, and family. (The closest thing to owning a "super power"!)

How to go from being socially awkward and shunned by women to becoming the most confident guy in the room. (Even broke, creepy losers can become successful and confident, with beautiful women always on an arm.)

How to get women to compete for your attention, love, and commitment.

How to inspire other men to want to follow and help you achieve your goals. (They'll be loyal and cheerfully submit to your will.)

How ugly, short, broke men instantly become attractive to women. (Be attractive to business partners, lenders, clients, and all others you want something from.)

A secret way to make people fight to be with you, listen and obey you, and get nervous if they don't hear from you! (You'll be the person everyone wants to hang out with are yours.)

Easiest way to attract people and opportunity like a magnet. (No fluffy universe-worshiping woo-woo nonsense here!)

How to change your phone usage making yourself influential and persuasive. (Chicks, friends, customers, or anyone!)

The ruthless dictator's secret to gain obedience, loyalty, and the top work from all you wish to lead (without committing genocide).

Lex Luthor's method for getting devotion from women, underlings, minions, and employees. (Be perceived as a strong leader for a change!)

The mistake 80%+ of men make that ensures they're looked down upon by women, clients, customers, friends, and family. (It's probably the most common reason why men fail at reaching their goals, are always broke, and cry in their beer lonely each night.)

How being nice makes people hostile (And no, you don't have to sell your soul or be a dick to anyone.)

Embrace selfishness to help others. (You'll notice things fall in place: Chicks, family, colleagues, and bosses!)

And so much more!



Business / Re: Come In And Take This [FREE REPORT].... If You Still Find It Hard To Earn Online by 5nlock: 12:31am On Nov 19, 2018
I love your Copywriting skills. My kinda guy!!

Business / Come In And Take This [FREE REPORT].... If You Still Find It Hard To Earn Online by 5nlock: 12:24pm On Nov 14, 2018
You saw this topic on Nairaland...
And then you clicked on it...
And that means that You Are Very Interested in making a reasonable amount of money on the internet.

And after you have reached the end of this post, you will See that this is something You Really Want It Right Now.

Here's why...

6 months ago, a lady friend of mine made an outstanding discovery after several long months of testing out different methods on affiliate marketing.

With this discovery, She was able to pull in $500 that first month
... and she did not invest ANY money at all.

She compiled all the steps she followed into an ebook report and shared it with me and a small group of Nigerian Internet marketers.

So far, it has been used by us to earn thousands of $$$$ monthly.

And just last week, one of us made £60 (~ #30,000) in just 1 day.

(see screenshot....)

After you apply these SAME Techniques...
And after you have started getting results like us, you will realize that this is something that many Nigerian gooroos would like to sell to you for 5,000 to 10,000 naira

... and it will still be worth it.

But guess what?

You will get it...FOR FREE in 24 hours...if you are among THE FIRST 100 PEOPLE to do something...

Vote Atiku? No, Not that...

You see, A small group of us began a project to help Nigerians to get knowledge in cryptocurrency...
...while trying to make it fun!

We also Share FREE CRYPTO opportunities on our telegram channel >>> https:///cryptovybe
...so that Nigerians can get FREE cryptos, which could be worth a fortune in future.

We are currently working on several methods to grow the project...
and that's where you come in!

All you have to do to receive our 'Super Unique $500/Month Formulae' For Free is to do these simple tasks on our Twitter:


... and after that, you will Get The Ebook Sent To You!

Sounds good, right?

- cheers�

Jobs/Vacancies / Job To Run A (crypto-related) Social Media Account by 5nlock: 5:23pm On Nov 09, 2018

THERE'S A MICROJOB available for anyone who can run social media (esp. Instagram & Twitter) accounts�

All you have to do is repost content to Instagram. ..

it's more or less, copy & paste�

PAY: #4,000/ month *for a start* ☝�
(Payment's every 2weeks...)�

Interested? *Whatsapp your Instagram username to 07036792432 before Sunday, 11-11-18, 23:59�
Business / Write What You Like� ... And Get Paid� by 5nlock: 7:56pm On Aug 14, 2018
❓Do you have (access to) a laptop? �

❓Can you use Google search? �

❓Do you have a thing for Writing *stuff*✍�

Then perhaps you'd want to see this��


A NEW Blog needs writers (like you) that will Write on What you like.

See link for more details... And if you are interested, submit your entries.


*SOURCES SAY* Entries are closing soon!

So hurry���
Business / [free Tip] How To Get More Orders On Fiverr (1 Simple Trick I Use) by 5nlock: 9:07am On Nov 07, 2017
Always Upload a photo when delivering your gig.

This gets added to your portfolio and makes the photo you to become part of the gig gallery.
(Time will fail me to go into the psychology of WHY IT WORKS but Just trust me, it works in getting clients) grin grin grin

Even if you do not offer a photo-ish gig, always UPLOAD PHOTOS.

Your photo must not be complex...
SEE BELOW for the simple photo i used for a gig i offered... i talked about the gig here https://www.nairaland.com/4161771/simple-fiverr-gig-give-16

1. Powerpoint
2. Snipping tool
*Every pc has these*

You can even use PICSart on android or www.canva.com ..just put a pic

In case you missed the gig i offered, and how i offered it, see https://www.nairaland.com/4161771/simple-fiverr-gig-give-16
If you need help earning on fiverr, email me hoorlahmiedhey@gmail.com


Business / This Simple Fiverr Gig Can Give YOU $16 In Ten Minutes - It Gave Me by 5nlock: 8:39am On Nov 07, 2017
TRANSLATE KINDLE BOOK DESCRIPTION TO HTML...is one of the easiest gigs i offer on fiverr tongue tongue tongue

It Takes 5-10 minutes to complete WITH A FREE SECRET ONLINE TOOL.
(Imagine making $16 = 5k+ in 10 minutes) shocked

Now this may be small to earn on fiverr...but imagine having JUST 10 of this kind of orders in 1 month (that is 50k+ for spending just 100 minutes in total in 1 month).
Somebody's 2 month salary.

I USE THIS FREE TOOL >>>>> https://kindlepreneur.com/amazon-book-description-generator/
(it does the job in seconds BUT I tell clients that it takes me like 1-3 days, so that they will think it's hard...and i can charge WELL sef!) cool

...This is also a HOT GIG (considering that most Americans use amazon kindle), thus also very profitable.
If you need a guide or coaching on how i offered this gig...and if you need help in learning how to make $200-$2000 per month working for just few hours.

Then contact me NOW...

I will:
- show you the gigs i offer (and how you can offer too)
- coach you and guide you
- review your fiverr account and correct your mistakes
- Give you softwares and tools (that i paid for) at NO EXTRA COST
- SHOW you how i promote my gigs EFFECTIVELY (most gurus that know this will not show you for free)
- Also add you to an EXCLUSIVE SUPPORT GROUP on facebook where other fiverr workers get help and receive help grin

The price of this coaching is just $10 (N3,500)...a little token for my time and knowledge.
If you are interested, email hoorlahmiedhey@gmail.com


Business / Re: "First Bank Is A Joke!" Disgruntled Customers Cry Out by 5nlock: 9:22pm On Nov 06, 2017
It is a terrible thing, banks are really terrorizing their customers, was at diamond bank Rumokoro, PortHarcourt, the other day with a friend and they insisted on an ID which we presented the temporal voters card and then they said they can't use it. We should come back when we have international passport.

Just imagine! angry angry angry

they should just tell us that need the money to do something, instead of frustrating people.
Business / Re: How You Can Get MAKE-MONEY-ONLINE Courses Without Spending A Kobo by 5nlock: 9:41pm On Nov 03, 2017
So have you joined and its worth it? Please give feedback, it will be helpful for us.

I wonder what your fear is again shocked

You have a chance to:

- GET KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU'D NORMALLY PAY FOR (if you really want to earn online).


YOU HAVE A MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE too. If within 30 WHOLE days, you feel like your money is worthless, you can ask for a refund..and get it.

#No questions asked.

...And you're still afraid of TAKING ACTION?

Business / Re: How You Can Get MAKE-MONEY-ONLINE Courses Without Spending A Kobo by 5nlock: 6:57pm On Nov 03, 2017
So have you joined and its worth it? Please give feedback, it will be helpful for us.

grin grin grin
Business / Re: How You Can Get MAKE-MONEY-ONLINE Courses Without Spending A Kobo by 5nlock: 5:39pm On Nov 03, 2017
Hmmmm.. i think i'd want this

One question. Is this a one-time payment OR i'll have to pay again to renew?

Let me know what i'm doing.

It is one time.

You can also join our facebook group https://web./w3bmmg/ for more assists

we brainstorm and help each other with challenges in the group. smiley
Business / How You Can Get MAKE-MONEY-ONLINE Courses Without Spending A Kobo by 5nlock: 5:24pm On Nov 03, 2017
DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY if you enjoy buying worthless courses from gurus tongue tongue tongue

Hello Guys and Ladies,
My name is Victor.

And for very few SERIOUS people, i will be giving access to one of the platforms where i get practically ALL my Internet Marketing Courses FOR FREE.

You can also learn several skills on it, that you can use to make money.

Further more, you can SELL any of these courses to OTHER PEOPLE who need them and make money for yourself (i have sold several of these courses to some friends who needed them).
(some GURUS out there will NOT like this)

All you have to do is Just:
- Log in
- Select the one i want
- Download

If you're tired of paying for Courses that end up being a waste of time BUT still want to make money online (some Gurus just Re-package and Re-sell them), then you should see this > http://www.youwon.info/im-knowledge/

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Business / "First Bank Is A Joke!" Disgruntled Customers Cry Out by 5nlock: 10:27pm On Oct 31, 2017
It turns out that this past week, FIRST BANK froze accounts - without WARNING, NOTIFICATION or a MEMO shocked shocked shocked
This action has left many customers stranded...as resolving the issue it not an easy task for many (especially students).

Customers has taken to social media to complain as this act has left them stranded.

A customer gave his own narrative below: CLICK THIS LINK to see main post + other customer comments > https://web.facebook.com/IamAnosike/posts/1483902911691543
FIRST BANK'S JOKE OF THE MONTH���� - if you missed it, Good for you
DATE: 30/10/2017
I'm STARING at the faces of everyone around me. Nobody's Smiling.
First Bank of Nigeria Limited just put up a joke...a cruel one�

A young father is complaining to CUSTOMER CARE about how he needs 150k for his son's operation at UPTH. The money is right there in his account, but he cannot access his funds (account frozen without any notification).���

A female student is also weeping right now. She needs to withdraw money for an application that is expiring today. The money just got paid into her account, but she cannot access it too. (account frozen without any notification)���

I'm standing here on this queue, reminiscing about how First Bank of Nigeria Limited ruined my weekend...and here they are about to ruin this new week for me again.

***How did this JOKE start for me? lemme take you back***

Imagine this.

You wake up on a Thursday morning and realize that you're almost cashless. You make your way to an ATM and attempt a withdrawal with your FIRST BANK ATM card...but alas, you're greeted with the message, "INVALID TRANSACTION CONTACT YOUR BANK."���

Now you're not too unsettled about this. "This is probably first bank and their ATM card network wahala...." ...You think.
It's normal. Every Loyal Customer of the bank know that they have this issue all the time, but we forgive them!���

You try later that same day at different ATMs. And the same response. Now you're worried...because not only can you NOT withdraw, you also cannot transfer your funds. But depositing and checking balances is NOT A PROBLEM�

The next morning (Friday) you make your way to the bank where practically EVERYONE you know who has a First Bank account is present.
It is like a FIRST BANK ACCOUNT HOLDERS GET-TOGETHER, only this time they're complaining....bitterly.
It is the weekend. They need urgent cash to settle a bill, a fee, their rent or at least flex the weekend. The money is in their accounts but they cannot withdraw.
(No Notifications. No Memos. No Deadlines..Nada).

...and It's MONTH-END already. A wrong time for a 'Trusted' bank to drop this kind of cruel joke. Don't you think?��
The bankers then tell you a story about CBN, and how they mandated banks to upgrade Students' accounts to Generic Savings IF THE ACCOUNT OWNERS are more than 24 years.

"But there was no notification." Everyone is saying.

*As at the time of writing this, countless students are stranded at First Bank of Nigeria Limited CHOBA BRANCH���... (me sef, i'm preparing to trek back home)*
"A voter's card, national id card OR Driver's license along with a utility bill are the requirements for UN-freezing your accounts." says the Manager.

But here's the funniest part of THE JOKE���
Voters'Card registration cannot be done anytime soon - I went to the office. Was asked to come back NEXT MONTH.
National I.D cards in my country are NOT issued in 1 day.
I went to their office too. Was given a temporary slip (to work with) UNTIL THE CARD IS READY.
*The Bank rejected the slip too. They want a CARD - that'll take centuries*

...I'M still staring at the faces of everyone here...and apparently NOBODY GETS the joke.
They're probably mislead by the first bank banner which has a 'YOU FIRST' inscription written on it�

- By, A Disgruntled First Bank Customer

Business / Free Fiverr Report - 7 Potential Reasons Your Gigs Are Not Still Doing Well by 5nlock: 11:27am On Oct 18, 2017
This short report shows several possible reasons why your fiverr gigs are not doing well.

It was inspired and created based on a series of fiverr accounts that i have personally reviewed and critiqued.


Literature/Writing Ads / Job Opening For Book Lovers & Writers by 5nlock: 7:39am On Oct 09, 2017
VACANCY OPENING for someone who can manage a Book Blog...

Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to basically REWRITE articles...and upload on the blog cool

You will receive article contents to rewrite.
The rewritten work should not look like a robot OR a merely spinned article. It must make sense! It must also be blunder-free.


i) You must be a READER and lover of books
ii) AGE: 18-30
iii)You must have have a PC with INTERNET CONNECTION
iv) You must be able to rewrite at least 5 articles per day
v) You must be willing to upload 6 days in a week.
vi) You must be innovative enough to GENERATE IDEAS for the blog

If you meet all the criteria above, send an email titled, "INTERESTED" to writingjobstodo@gmail.com

You will be contacted with further details

13th October, 2017
Business / Re: How To Get Accepted Into Maxbounty, As A Nigerian...and Earn Big by 5nlock: 3:25pm On Sep 07, 2017
This is not the way to be a mentor. I got to your website and all i could see is your Bank Account Details asking for money. If truly you're a MaxBounty affiliate, you'll be proud to teach your methods free and money will naturally follow. You have not built any trust yet and you want money for one faceless eBook.

Not even a screenshot of your earnings uploaded.

Nobody pays no one without any mentoring. Get that right.

Remind me again what you stand to gain by misguiding people?
You know that these false statements of yours will hinder people from HAVING A LOOK, right?
But of course that's what you want..that's what you do.

Anyways, i have a reputation of social media (you can access me),,... but i added a MONEY-BACK (not for an insolent FREEBIE SEEKER like you) but for the others who may have lost faith.

If you need a screenshot, nigga ask (I don't see how it will profit you sha)...
Business / Get Access To Internet Marketing Training Videos & Softwares + Free Downloads by 5nlock: 10:13am On Sep 06, 2017
If you want to make money online, this is the MOST ASTOUNDING opportunity that you will see this year.

See details here >>>> http://www.scriptedownload.com/make-money-online-nigeria/

I am limiting this access to the 9th of September...to avoid too much traffic.

If you're interested OR if you have any questions, use the contact details on the site. I will be glad to reply you.


Programming / See This, If You Want To Be An Expert Programmer Or Hacker by 5nlock: 1:49am On Sep 01, 2017
Education / Solve Your Maths, Qr & Physics Calculations Without Stress Today by 5nlock: 8:09am On Aug 02, 2017

For PARENTS (who want to solve the Calculations for their children) & STUDENTS (who have assignments to solve, but do not know how to go about it... )

Read More >>> http://www.scriptedownload.com/showfullworking/
Business / How To Get Accepted Into Maxbounty, As A Nigerian...and Earn Big by 5nlock: 9:40pm On Jun 12, 2017
Do you wish to go into CPA Marketing?
Have you been rejected by CPA networks several times?
Do you wish to give it another try? But this time...a smarter try.
Well, you have no worries. I am here to help.

I got into Maxbounty without any hiccups...and yes, i have pulled in profits from CPA Marketing too.

Follow this link for more info on how to GET the approval...and EARN with CPA.


Weh done...

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Business / Re: [free] How I Got $75 On Fiverr, Without Doing Any Work by 5nlock: 5:34pm On May 09, 2017
Yea, you probably want to make your "big break" by selling these so called instructions.

whether on NOT you buy these "so called instructions", i'll still BANK.

It then depends on whether YOU ARE NOT buying, because you think you will enrich me, by paying for the time i spend in teaching you what you DO NOT know cry cry cry OR because you just do not need it (in which case, okay) OR you just feel like showing yasef (in which case, weh done) grin
Investment / Re: Guys, I Need Your Help On Fiverr by 5nlock: 5:27pm On May 09, 2017
Downloaded. I'm actually looking for a free lecture. I believe I'd get it here or some other place.

okay then...i wish the BEST OF LUCK, in finding a FREE and effective lecture cheesy
Business / [free] How I Got $75 On Fiverr, Without Doing Any Work by 5nlock: 6:05pm On May 04, 2017
Hello, I am Victory Anosike; a Medical Student and Fiverr expert.
I have been on fiverr for 2 years now. Joined 2015, got my big break 2016. I currently run 4 accounts. Three LEVEL 2 accounts, and One Level 1, that i opened recently to work with a skill i just learned.

I discovered a trick, and i want to share... it got me $75 WITHOUT doing anywork on fiverr .

See it HERE>>> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_IhvOtrWcBnZnV4OGp1X2lmY1E


If you want to make money online - even though you have NO SKILL
If you want to learn a new skill, and make money in the process
If you want to join fiverr, and you do not know how to go about it
You are on fiverr, but you don not make enough sales, I AM WILLING TO SHARE the knowledge that i have acquired over the years...from 7 of the best Fiverr experts in the WORLD... i am still acquiring grin

FOLLOW THE LINK to get >>>>

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Investment / Re: Guys, I Need Your Help On Fiverr by 5nlock: 5:51pm On May 04, 2017
Business / Re: What Business Can You Do With 100,000 by 5nlock: 5:18pm On Apr 23, 2017
i will start selling flp products from the comfort of my home, and make up to 100% profit on each sale.
Jokes Etc / DORO Wins 'most Famous JUJU Of The Year' 2014 Awards by 5nlock: 7:03pm On Dec 14, 2014

(To all those who proposed a theory that DORO is a goddess worshipped by
THE MAVINs.....*u may be right*)

It was amazing and scary honoring when i got a call from the organisers of
'THE MOST FAMOUS JUJU OF THE YEAR 2014' AWARDS to cover the event.
Now, to be honest, i din't attend because i was Not Afraid . but cos i managed
to raise my Guts over fear.

The Epic event was hosted by The Nigerian Juju Council and this is actually
the first time this is happening. It was truly a story competition for the gods.
The red carpet clouds were full of glitz and glamour thunder and lightening as
guests, celebrities and their came to Represent.

The event was based on the popularity of the gods for the year 2014 and
GOOGLE search engine was the standard, with DORO having the highest
number of search queries.

It was a Skelewu moment for DORO.....and a thunder-firing moment for other
competitors when the results were announced as all the other Chairman gods
who did not win- and their worshippers went up in arms shouting 'WE NO GO
GREE' and some others were singing shouting 'Infact, Don't Judge Me'....but
then the gods were not to blame....they lost.....and they were not happy they

***Personally, i had to take cover, and run out for my life (i am no Super
Human)...to avoid stories that touch.***

I could not take any photos at the event..... My Apologies .
It was such a Spiritual event that my Carnal camera failed to work...it couldn't
even take 2 shots. I now realize that when going to events like this, i ought to
be prepared and If i could Rewind Time , i would have gone to specially anoint myself and my camera. but maybe, next

I cannot Categorically list the names of other godDY contestants....who
lost....cos they warned begged me not to.
***so uhm!!!! Bye Bye.

PS::: this was edited. get the full gist @ d SOURCE>>>>>

Nairaland / General / Re: #EBOLA Ish: How To Produce Your Own Home-made HAND SANITIZERS by 5nlock: 6:48pm On Sep 05, 2014
snowprince07: undecided what is Ebola

MEHN... one guy that is killin people these days o. just ask GOOGLE.

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