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I’ll like to meet The Sugar Daddy 'Bankrolling' my business — Ifu Ennada / Tboss: 'I Never Had Love For Myself Until Recently' Shares Steamy New Photos / "Timaya, Let Me Be Your Sugar Mum" - 53-Year-Old, Plus-Sized Single Mum (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by BigBasher: 1:04pm On Sep 07
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by FairCritic(m): 7:59pm On Sep 07
Interesting piece.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by Xcex: 12:31am On Sep 08
Nice read
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by SavageResponse(m): 1:35am On Sep 08
We're waiting... grin
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by LoveToRead: 5:46am On Sep 08
I sighed. I would tow the tough part, I decided. I would be a hero; I would be a man. I decided to remain where I was.

A minute passed.

‘Good boy, Alex,’ she finally said, smiling. ‘That’s how to be a man. Now, come over here and prove yourself to be a real man’

I suddenly grinned as I moved to her. Henceforth, I decided, I would satisfy all her needs.

That evening, madam and I slept on the same bed. I had been able to satisfy all her needs, so to say. Sexually, she was not demanding. Initially, I found it so awkward to be making love to an older woman but I soon adjusted my mind to it.

Was she not beautiful and desirable? Had I not proved myself to a macho man the way I grounded her on the bed and pounded her?

Despite all my reservations, I found it very exciting and exhilarating to be very intimate with her. We finally slept off about midnight. I didn’t wake up until few minutes to seven. I went to the adjoining bathroom where I brushed my teeth and took my bath.

Then, I dressed up in grey suit and went to the lounging-room. Madam too soon dressed up and came to join me.

'Good morning, ma’am,' I greeted.

'Good morning, Alex. How was your night?'

I smiled. It was fantastic with her, I thought. 'Very fine.'

She smiled too. Some minutes later, she took her bath. She then chose an ankara gown that was well designed.

'How do I look?' she asked, turning so that I could have a good appraisal.

My smile broadened. This madam, ehn!

'You look stunning,' I confessed.

She was pleased with my remark. 'Thank you.'

I nodded. 'You're welcome.'

She corked her head to a side. 'Hey, you look good too, young man.'

I smiled again. 'Thank you, madam.'

'But, that tie.' She moved over to me and adjusted the tie. I could smell her skin and her breath which smelt of fresh mint.

'There you're. That's better,' she muttered.

'Thank you.'

'Now, order for room service. We need light breakfast before we go.'

'Okay, mummy.'

I ordered for the light breakfast. After the breakfast, we left the hotel in one of the executive cabs for the Ministry of Petroleum Resources.

Her meeting with the Minister was very successful. Thereafter, we met the other people she was supposed to meet. By three p.m. we had met all the people we should. The thing would be that we had to do a follow up on the telephone.

'Let's stay one more night in Abuja,' she suggested. 'Then tomorrow, we'll go back to Lagos.'

I nodded. 'It's okay.'

When we returned to the hotel suite, madam asked that I should ordered for the food that I wanted.

Poor me. I could only think of fried rice and turkey. The meal was sumptuous and I enjoyed it.

Thereafter, we ordered French wine. To avoid prying eyes, madam said we should remain in the suite. Everything she did was okay by me.

She went to take a shower thereafter. Her hand bag was left in the lounging-room. I could see that she stuffed a lot of cash including dollars and euros in it.

Ah, don't get me wrong. I didn't touch her money.

I locked the main door and went for a quick shower in the second bathroom. I then changed to shorts and t-shirt. I went back to the lounging room. She soon came out, wearing another bum short and t shirt. Even at her age, she really looked sexy in that outfit.

She sat on the sofa and stretched her legs.

'Wow, what a day,' she exclaimed. 'Can you help with some massaging again?'

I grinned. 'it will be with all pleasure, madam. Anything you want.'

She nodded. 'That lotion should be in my valise in the bedroom.'

'Okay.' I went to the bedroom she occupied. The valise was on the side of the bed.

Some of her clothes were on the bed, including her lingerie. I had to empty the bag to search of the lotion. I finally found it, returned the contents of the valise inside and left the room.

I met her lying on her belle on the sofa. She looked up at me.

'This time, it's my back that needs massaging.'

'Your back?'

'Yeah, my back. It aches.'

'Oh, sorry,' I said, not sure if I had said the right thing. ‘It must be the work.’

She raised the back of the t-shirt she wore. She was certainly braless.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by hadewest0(m): 7:05am On Sep 08
Hello friends. This version of the Sugar Mum came to my mind when I was initially writing the story. Then, I chose the option of writing the version that I wrote.

Now, I felt compelled to write this version. The two stories have similarities but they are not the same. The plots are different, and so are the motifs and endings.

Happy reading.

The Sugar Mum (The Steamy Version)

Love Toread

This is a story of love, betrayal, lust and vengeance. It is a story filled with intrigues and suspense

The story is protected by copyright.

The Sugar Mum (The Steamy Version) (c) 2020
Cover picture: courtesy, Pexels

All the characters and events are fiction. They do not in any way refer to anybody, dead or alive.

This story is dedicated to almighty God and to all who believe in faithfulness.

Chapter One
At about four o’clock, Edith called my line. I was about to start a Literature class when the call came through.

‘Hello, Edith. How are you?’ I greeted.

‘Fine. I just want to remind you about the programme starting in the church today. I hope you’ve not forgotten.’

I chuckled. ‘Oh, no. I won’t forget. Trust me, I’ll be there.’

‘That’s good. Okay, see you.’

‘Right, till then.’

I grinned to myself as she cut the line.

The church programme Edith invited me to was scheduled to start at six p.m., according to the flier she had given me. It was a three-day programme with some guest ministers expected. Miracles had been promised to happen.

I was determined to be there for a miracle that I very much desired.

After two years of graduating with a Second Class Upper degree in English language from a prestigious Nigerian university, I was yet to get a good job. I stayed with an uncle and his family at his two-bedroom apartment at Ikosi, Lagos and only managed to receive stipends from the evening coaching job I did at a tutorial center.

At thirty years old, I was looking forward to settling down soonest and starting my family. Enny, my girlfriend since my undergraduate years, was really supportive. She was a year younger but we had finished from the same university the same year.

Through connections, she had got a job in a federal establishment. Recently, she told me to speed up getting a job as her parents were on her neck to marry. They knew about me, but how would I be able to settle down without a (good) job?

I didn't want to lose Enny. She was a good lady. She had even boosted me financially on many occasions. So, you can see that for me to succeed in marrying her, I indeed needed a miracle.

At few minutes past five o’clock, I decided to call it a day at the tutorial center. The church was not far away, so I got to there about five thirty. I joined some church workers in arranging and dusting the chairs.

I actually had the intention of joining the work force in the church and had signaled my interest three weeks ago. When I told Edith, she was very pleased.

‘Good,’ she had said. ‘Join us in the vineyard of the Lord and see how fulfilling you will be.’

Edith was just a neighbor and a friend, so I saw her more as a sister. Concerning the church work force that I planned to join, it was a work that had no income or allowance attached to it; but which - I was told - had a lot of divine blessing.

I was informed that I would go through workers in training and be baptized before I could be fully integrated into the church workforce. I said no problem and had started the worker's training.

Few minutes after six, the praise worship started. From where I was, I could clearly see Edith, singing alongside other choristers. The event later progressed. It was an exciting programme as I joined others in praying that Holy Ghost fire should come down and consume all our enemies who did not wish us good.

At the end of Day 1 of the programme, Edith came to meet me.

‘So, how did you find the programme?’ she asked.

I smiled at her. ‘It was a great experience. Thanks for inviting me.’

‘Oh, you’re welcome. I hope you will attend the remaining days’ own.’

The Sugar Mum (The Steamy Version)


Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by BigBasher: 2:51pm On Sep 08
Nice work.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by tonysunkan(m): 11:35pm On Sep 08
Hmn, Steamy!
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by FairCritic(m): 11:09am On Sep 09
Nice work.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by BigBasher: 6:33pm On Sep 09
Waiting for more.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by UltimateSpice: 9:19pm On Sep 10
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by ThrillPlus: 5:03pm On Sep 11
Ride on
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by BigBasher: 11:21am On Sep 12
Waiting for more.

Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by LoveToRead: 7:43pm On Sep 12
She raised the back of the t-shirt she wore. She was certainly braless.

I pulled a stool to her side and sat on it. I then rubbed the lotion on her back and massaged the place. She closed her eyes.

Many thought went through my mind. I imagined Enny bursting inside the room and seeing us in this position. But then, even if that should happen, I would explain that I was only helping to massage madam’s body, I argued in my mind.

Believe me, I would stress, it was just a massage.

'Are you okay, now?' I asked after some minutes.

'A little bit,' she muttered. There was a brief silence. ‘What about you?’ she asked. ‘Are you okay?’

I smiled. ‘I’m okay. No problem at all.’

Some minutes later, she her eyes were closed. She appeared to be dozing.

'Are you okay, now, madam?' I asked again.

She opened her eyes briefly. 'Oh, yes, I'm okay now. Thank you.' It was apparent she had started sleeping off.

I put her cloth back to cover her back. I covered the lotion too. I then sighed.

‘Why don’t you sit down here?’ she mumbled,
pointing at a spot on the couch she was lying on. I was thinking of just watching television in the lounging-room, but if what she wanted was for me to sit by her side, then I would have to oblige her. I sat where she had indicated while she placed her head on my laps. She soon slept off.

I continued to watch the television until I slept off too. Some time later, madam stirred and woke me up.


I looked at her dreamily. It took some seconds before I could remember where I was.

'Let’s retire to the bedroom,’ she said.

'Okay.' I stood up and switched off the television.

'Where's my handbag?' she asked.

'I took it to the bedroom.'

'Thank you.’ She stood up and preceded me to the bedroom. Inside the room, just like the previous night, I satisfied all her needs.

The following morning, we repeated the routine of bathing, dressing up and preparing for the day’s activities. I left the bed-room for the sitting-room, where I switched on the television and ordered for room-service.

About half an hour later she came to join me in the sitting-room. After the meal, we rested a bit before we started to pack. I assisted her in packing, then I called for the porter.

As we rode the elevator to the ground floor, I decided that my Abuja trip was certainly unforgettable. My experience with Madam B was certainly worth it. With her, I had experienced what I had never experienced in life before.

We returned the keys of the suite and checked out of the hotel. The executive cab was waiting to drive us to the airport.

We got to the airport and we were told we just missed the ten o'clock flight. We remained in the departure lounge and chatted, hoping to travel by the next flight. We had to travel by the mid-day flight.

By 12.55 p.m, the plane taxied to a stop at the local wing of MM airport in Lagos. Taju, madam's personal driver was already waiting for us at the Arrival Hall. He rushed at us as soon as he saw us, almost prostrating for madam in the process.

He relieved me of madam's valise I was holding, while I insisted on carrying my small bag. Taju then preceded us to the car park where madam's Mercedes S class was one of the cars glittering in the sun.

'Drive to the office, first. Alex will go there and continue his work. Then, you will drive me home.'
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by BigBasher: 7:38am On Sep 13
Nice work.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by LoveToRead: 1:39pm On Sep 13
Nice work.

Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by FairCritic(m): 6:46pm On Sep 13
Nice update.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by Authoreety: 7:42pm On Sep 13
Baddest writer

Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by Saturn101: 6:42am On Sep 14
Interesting piece
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by tonysunkan(m): 12:05pm On Sep 14
Interesting episode.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by LoveToRead: 6:37pm On Sep 14
He relieved me of madam's valise I was holding, while I insisted on carrying my small bag. Taju then preceded us to the car park where madam's Mercedes S class was one of the cars glittering in the sun.

'Drive to the office, first. Alex will go there and continue his work. Then, you will drive me home.'

The driver nodded. 'Yes, madam.'

Chapter Five

Later in the day, I was still working at my desk by 3.00 p.m, when madam's call came in.

'Good afternoon, madam,' I greeted.

'Afternoon, Alex. Hope you're not too tired.'

'No qualms, ma'am. I'm okay.'

'That's good. Concerning the issue of accommodation, we discussed, one of my houses has a vacant two-bedroom flat. The house is at Ketu. You can take the time off to see the estate agency in charge of the house. Tell Mandy to give you the address of the agency. Go there and meet with Mr. Bashorun. I've already discussed your matter with him. He will take you to the flat. If you like it, then you can take it.'

I was gladdened by what she said. ''I'm grateful, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am.'

'Let me hear what you think of the place after you've inspected it.'

'Alright, ma'am.'

The line was disconnected. I whistled to myself. Some weeks back, madam had asked me where I lived and I had told her I stayed with an uncle, but was planning on how to get a place of my own. She had promised that she would assist in the way she could.

Now, she was about to fulfill the promise. I tidied up the files on my table and went to the secretary's office.

Mandy was on the phone when I got there. I sat on one of the visitor' chairs and waited. She soon finished the telephone conversation.

'Yes, madam said I should get the address of the estate agency from you.'

She nodded and brought out a paper on which she had written the address of the firm. 'Here.'

'Thank you.' I smiled at her. 'It's very likely I will go home from there. Good night.'

She smiled and reciprocated my farewell. I went back to my office to pick up my bag and locked up the place. The address was at Unity road, Ikeja. In less than thirty minutes, I was there.

'I was expecting you,' Mr. Bashorun said after I had introduced myself. 'Madam said you were coming.'

He called a man and gave instructions that he would be taking me to Ketu but he would soon be back and the man must wait. He then opened a drawer and brought out a bunch of keys.

'Alright, let's get going.'

I was on my feet again. What a busy day! It was incredible that just some hours ago, I was in Abuja. The hustles of life would always be with human.

We went by his car, a Toyota Corolla. Since the traffic was light, we soon got to the place at Ketu. It was a storey building inside the estate adjoining the headquarters of The Apostolic Church.

We passed through strong iron gates manned by uniformed security men. I liked the environment. It was neat, serene, well-planned and very urbanized. It was almost like a Government Reservation Area. After pressing the bell and waiting for some moments, a man, one of the occupants, came out to open the gate for us.

The way he and Mr. Bashorun greeted each other showed that the man was a familiar face.
The house, coated in cream color, had four two-bedroom flats. The second one on the ground floor was the vacant one that I was offered.

'Here we are.' Mr. Bashorun brought out the bunch of keys and opened the flat and we went inside. The sitting room was spacious. The two bedrooms were neat. All the floors were tiled.

Even the kitchen was tiled. I was okay with the bathroom and the kitchen. When I opened the tap in the bathroom, water gushed out. The whole building itself was very decent. I was impressed with the place.

'Do you like it?' Mr. Bashorun asked, studying me.

I nodded my complete approval. Only a person with a dysfunctional mind would not like the place. 'Yes, I like it.'

'Yeah, indeed, it's a nice place,' Mr. Bashorun agreed.

The area was indeed decent. I had no doubt I would love it.

'What about the cost? How much is the rent per annum?' I asked.

'Madam said I shouldn't discuss that with you. Alright, let's go.'

We left the place. I got down at Ketu Bus stop. From there, it would be easy for me to get a tricycle to my place. I went home straight, had a shower and changed into casuals. Thereafter, I decided to call madam.

'Do you like the place?' she asked.

'Yes, madam. It's a nice place.'

'Good. Then you can have it.'

'Thank you. But I still don't know how much I'll pay for it. When I asked Mr. Bashorun, he said you told him not to discuss that aspect with me.'

'Yes, Alex. Don't worry about payment. You can have the place free for the next two years.'

'Free for two years? Wonderful!' Thank you, madam. I'm so grateful.'

'It's okay. Just continue to do all things diligently.'

I understood what she meant. I was already reaping the reward of my ‘diligence.’ Why would I not continue with it?
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by BigBasher: 5:26am On Sep 15
Nice update.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by ThrillPlus: 3:01pm On Sep 15
Fascinating story.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by SavageResponse(m): 1:36am On Sep 17
@LoveToRead where is the concluding part of the story?
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by CasNova: 10:45am On Sep 17
Nice update
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by SolaRaphael: 3:56am On Sep 18
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by FairCritic(m): 9:05pm On Sep 18
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by Awesome05: 8:46pm On Sep 19
Waiting for more.

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