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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 9:12am On Aug 15

Such expressive comments.

Double updates for this but let's not be quick to hate on Dele yet.
Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 9:13am On Aug 15
Episode 9- Apologies and Forgiveness

Seyifunmi locked the door behind her and tossed her keys on the tray sitting on the table by the door. She removed her hand bag and laptop bag from her shoulder and rolled her arm to ease the sting in her shoulder.

She sighed and walked towards the living room.

"How about this one?" She heard Ose's voice ask.

"No. It reminds me too much of the Dare and Alicia drama." Rosanna answered.

Who was Alicia? Was that the woman Dare left Rosanna for?

Honestly, she couldn't still believe Dare left Rosanna. He seemed so genuine, so sincere. She thought there could never be a man who.would live Rosanna as much as Dare did. But she thought wrong. They all did.

The first few weeks after Rosanna returned to Nigeria, she'd stay cooped up in a couch and stare out the window. She wouldn't eat or sleep, only stare into space. Even her mother had come down to talk her out of it.

Apparently, Ro left the States because she couldn't stand her mother's nagging for her to move on. She couldn't exactly blame Ro. If Dele left her for another woman, she'd be devastated as well.

"Hey people." She greeted as she walked into the living room.

"Oh hi." Rosanna said grinning. "How was work?"

She crashed into a sofa and stretched out her hand for the plate of small chops Ose was holding. He passed it to her and she tossed two lime sized puff-puff into her mouth.

"Okay." She answered with her mouth full.

"Somebody's hungry." Ose commented smirking and placed his laptop on the coffee table.

"I haven't eaten anything since the noodles I had at Délé's place yesterday evening." Seyifunmi said after swallowing.

Rosanna shook her head and said, "Wasn't I begging you to eat last night?"

Ose turned to Rosanna and asked, "What happened?"

"She and Dele had a fight." Rosanna answered.

She stiffened in her seat. "We didn't fight. We just… It's just complicated. He's so annoying and so aloof and so stupid."

"Here it comes." Rosanna quipped, rolling her eyes as she left the room.

"Why the hell is he bent on driving me crazy before he proposes? I'm a spec, you know. I had tons of suitors, men who were ready to marry me once I said the word. But I left them all for him. Why? Because I love him. Now, because he knows I love him he's playing me like a fiddle, taking my love for granted and hurting my feelings." Seyifunmi ranted with tears in her eyes.

Dele had been so mean the previous day. He had brought the food Tinu cooked and ate it right in front of her, all the while praising her cooking.

"Shay," Ose called, "what did you do?"



How could he ask her that?

"Seyifunmi, I know you. You tend to overreact a little. So, what did you do?" Ose said.

She narrated the entire episode to him, holding back her tears.

"So am I at fault?!" She cried out.

"Well," Ose started, scratching his head "if I am to be honest, I'd say you both are."

"Tell her." Rosanna chipped in carrying a tray of food. She placed the food on a sidestool and put the stool in front of Seyifunmi.

Seyifunmi was too irritated with Ro to remember to thank her. Rosanna had since the night before accused her of being as guilty as Dele in the issue. She couldn't see how. She was the girlfriend who went out of her way to prepare her boyfriend a nice meal. He didn't eat the food and he let it go to waste, knowing how much she detested it.

If he had even forgotten to eat, that was forgivable. But Dele went ahead to eat at Tinu's place, flaunted his washboard abs for her to see and she was at fault?

"You shouldn't have gone so aggressive, telling him to starve or get something to eat outside." Ose said.

"He didn't even apologise." Seyifunmi cried in bewilderment. How could they tell her not be mad, when he didn't even apologise until he was hungry.

"Seyifunmi, even still. There are things you do to me that you don't apologise." Rosanna said. "Still, I forgive you without you even asking. Why? Because I love you."

"Exactly." Ose put in. "Sometimes, you don't have receive an apology to forgive."

Seyifunmi rolled her eyes and picked up her fork.

"You people are ganging up on me." She said and shovelled rice into her mouth.

Rosanna rolled her eyes and picked up Ose's laptop.
"Abeg, let's watch Deliver Us From Eva. I'm in the mood for some black Romcoms. Or do you prefer Brown Sugar."

She asked and Ose shrugged smiling at her.

Seyifunmi paused as she watched the scene. Ever since Ro returned, she and Ose picked out a day in the week to watch movies and eat small chops. While it worked to get Rosanna out of melancholia, it also resolved her doubts about something.

Now, she was a certain as death that Ose had feelings for Rosanna. She watched him stare at her as Ro's gaze was fixed on the screen.

She smiled. He couldn't even hide it.

Life was funny. If only Ose had feelings for Rosanna before Dare returned, maybe Rosanna wouldn't be the heartbroken mess she was.

She just wished Ro would let go of the past and look to her future or at least, stop the happy girl facade. Her smiles directed at the screen made Seyifunmi want to weep at their deciduousness. Sometimes, the sound of Ro crying woke her up in the middle of the night. The agony in her sobs made her want to find Dare and gut him open like a fish,so he'd know pain too.

Every time she tried to get her to talk about her feelings and what happened, Ro would cut her off and tell her to drop it.

What if Ose was the one who'd take Rosanna's sadness away?


Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 9:17am On Aug 15
Episode 10 - The era of celibacy

Délé's eyes followed Seyifunmi as she got ready for bed. When he had changed her wardrobe, he had specifically instructed the personal shopper he hired to get her exotic sleep wear. Seyifunmi had splurged on a silk nightie once and he enjoyed seeing her in it.

Ever since the wardrobe facelift, she never wore any of the sleep wear he bought her. She loved sleeping in oversized cotton tee-shirts. She claimed the absorbed heat better. He didn't mind, since they were mostly his tee-shirts.

But, since she decided to spend her three week leave with him, she'd been strutting around in gossamer silk sleep wear and exciting him. But for three days now, Seyifunmi had not been 'in the mood.'

He didn't know if this was torture or a punishment, but it was hell.

His eyes trailed her till she crawled on to the bed and kissed his lips lightly.


She rolled on to her side of the bed and laid on her side with her hips thrusted out to his side.

God, what is this?

The black sheer mini gown left nothing to the imagination as he saw her skin teasing him from underneath it. The skin he wanted to touch, kiss and hold.

Did she want him to beg or what?

His eyes working on their own accord skimmed her over from her exposed neck to the tips of her toes. Somebody was loving the view and blood began to flow down south.

Well, it was time to take the bull by the horn.

He inched closer to her and from her heavy breaths, he knew she wasn't sleeping. He smirked.

C*ock tease.

His hand went to her silky smooth thigh and carressed it as he planted kisses on her neck. He didn't miss the hitch in her breath as he placed open mouthed kisses to her neck.

He felt her body heat up as his hand moved higher. He got the curve of her hip and tipped over the side to reach the apex of her thighs.

A hand reached out to grab his.

"Dele, not tonight." She said.

"What do you mean by not tonight?" He asked and pulled his hand out of her grip.

"I mean I am not having sex this night." She replied.

He chuckled mirthlessly.

"You're funny."

"I'm dead serious. I'm not in the mood." She said.

"You can't dress like that and tell me you're not in the mood." He said with anger slowly coating his tone.

Why on Earth would she clad herself in sleepwear like that and tell him she's not in the mood?

She turned to face him with a glare.

"So because I'm putting on what you bought me it automatically means I want to have sex?"

"No, but you don't usually wear this." He fired back.

She sighed and pressed her nose bridge.

"I apologise if I sent some kind of mixed signals. I'm sorry. But, I'm not having sex this night." She said and turned her back on him.

"Is this some kind of punishment?" He asked, irritated.

"Nope." She said, popping the p.

"Then what's the meaning of this drama? Since when are you not in the mood? The Seyifunmi I know is always in the mood."

She turned to face him, with her brow raised. "Are you calling me a nymphomaniac?"

"No," he sputtered. "I'm just saying you're usually prurient. Not that I ever complained. I like it." He answered.

Her hard look softened and she smiled at him.

"Thanks but I'm still not in the mood."

She turned her back on him and he shook his head in disbelief and irritation.

"Then maybe you should cover yourself." Dele said and tossed the duvet over her sleeping form.

He hissed as his ringtone blared. He grabbed his phone and saw the caller ID.


He accepted the call and put the phone to his ear.

"Hello, Tinu. What's up?" He greeted.

He answered by her sob., "Hello Dele."

He sprang out of the bed in fear. Had something happened to the kids?

"Tinu, what happened? Why are you crying?" He asked.

"Dele, are you okay?" Tinu cried.

"Why are you asking? I should be the one asking that. You're crying. Did something happen to you?" He asked.

"Dele, just answer me. Are you okay? Are you safe?" Tinu cried again.

"Yes. Yes, I am." He said and she sighed in relief. "Tinu, is everything okay?"

"I don't know. I woke up restless and the last time I felt like this, Chris died. I was just scared. I've called AJ and everyone I care about. Everybody is fine. I was just scared that you-"

"I'm okay, Tinu. Go back to bed. It's probably your mind playing tricks on you. Go back to sleep." Dele cooed.

"Okay. Thanks. Stay well." She said and hung up.

Dele dropped his phone, hoping Tinu wasn't going to have another relapse.

"You disappointed me." The Cyan Lady told him with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry." He apologized. "Please don't cry."

Her tears fell, causing him immeasurable pain.

"You don't want to be with me. You don't love me anymore." She cried.

"I do. I swear."

"Then why won't you come be with me?" She cried with her eyes red.

He cursed the nurse who sounded the alarm. Ever since he met the Cyan Lady again, all he wanted was to be with her, and she'd told him that was only possible if he killed himself. After planning for months, he finally got the chance.

He'd gotten rope from the storage room and had hung it over the ceiling fan in his room. He had prepared the noose just like she showed him. He had climbed the stool and placed the loop around his neck and tightened it.

She held his hand as he pushed himself off the stool. Her sweet smile egged him on as he waited for death to claim him. But right before he lost consciousness, a nurse came in and thwarted his plan to be with the Cyan Lady again.

"Please stop crying." He begged her. "I will try again. I promise."

Her sad eyes lit up at his words.


"Yes. I will try again."

Seyifunmi slipped on her bathrobe and knotted it. She walked out of the bathroom and met Dele pulling a Polo shirt over his head. She chewed on her lips as she watched the roll of his back muscles.

The past few days had been torturous, but it was a necessary evil. If she had to abstain just to get him to propose then so be it.

She walked to the vanity and asked as she sat on the stool in front of the table, "Where are you going this night?"

"I have an appointment with Tinu." Dele responded as he opened his wardrobe to get a belt.

Seyifunmi's ears tingled and itched at his words. She turned to face him.


"I'm going over to Tinu's place. We have to review a few reports and documents." Dele said as he passed his belt through the loops on his jeans.

"But it's late." She said. "When will you be back?"

"If we don't finish on time, I'll spend the night there." Dele said.


How could Dele not see this for what it was? She scoffed and shook her head at Tinu's diabolicalness.
If Tinu thought she'd take this lying down, she has a different thing coming to her.

"You can't go." She purred and stood.

Dele raised his brow at her as he buckled his belt. She sashayed towards him unknotting her robe slowly as she took each step.

"Seyifunmi, what are you doing?" He asked as she stopped in front of him with her robe open. She shrugged the terrycloth garment off and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"What do you think?" She purred again.

"Seyifunmi, this is not the time for this." He groaned as she rubbed her damp body against his.

"I know but I need you." She moaned as she leaned on tiptoes to kiss his neck.

"Seyifunmi, this is important. Stop this." He groaned again as her kisses reached his ears and her hands descended to palm his back underneath his shirt.

She brought her lips to his and teased them open. She smirked in victory as he kissed her back and led her to the bed.

He laid her slowly unto the bed, while kissing her tenderly.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

If she had to keep Dele away from Tinu with sex, then it was a fair bargain.

Dele pulled her hands and laid it over her head as he kissed her neck.

He brought his lips to her ears and whispered, "Why don't you let me get out of these clothes and call Tinu to cancel? Then we can get back to this."

She nodded and kissed him one last time before he rolled over her. Her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth as she salivated in anticipation.

Her trance broke as Dele grabbed his phone and keys on the bedside table and said, "I'm sorry but I have to go."

He bolted out of the room, leaving her all primed and ready.


Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 9:20am On Aug 15
Episode 11 - Her Mumu Button

Tinu groaned as he rejected another ring. He couldn't blame her. This was the fourth store she'd accompanied him to. The rings he'd been shown were beautiful, ranging from antiques to modern and whimsical designs, but they all seemed mundane. He hadn't seen anything that conveyed in detail just how much he loved Seyifunmi and wanted to be with her.

"Just pick one na." Tinu said pointing at the array of rings in front of him.

He ignored her. Anyway, if it were him, he'd have up and left. And Tinu had been really helpful, teaching him the four Cs and how to judge a diamond. She had even impressed the manager of one store so much that he offered her a job on the spot.

He laughed at the memory. The woman whose husband used to mine diamonds for a living. Anyway, he probably judged Tinu unemployed because of the faded jean shirt-dress and sandals she had been putting on.

Tinu claimed not to have been so knowledgeable about jewellery until one snooty socialite had been bent on humiliating her at one ball she attended with Chris. The woman had asked her what gold she was putting on and Tinu had responded yellow.

The woman and her cohorts laughed her to scorn. Tinu later learnt from Chris that the woman wanted to know how many carats the gold necklace was and that it was an eighteen carat gold necklace.

She further learnt the woman was pissed with her because she had wanted Chris to marry her daughter.

Tinu said Chris took it upon himself to explain to her every detail about any piece of jewellery he bought her.

"I don't think I'll get what I want here. I'm sorry for wasting your time." Dele said and stood.

"Wait." The attendant said with her hands outstretched beckoning.

Dele sat back down and met Tinu's exasperated face.

"I swear you will buy me lunch." Tinu said.

The lady returned with a mauve velvet cube and opened it.

"This just arrived today."

This was the ring.

"Oh my God!" Tinu cried and collected the ring from the lady. "This is beautiful."

The frazzled lady beamed and said, "The purple diamond is a three carat, brilliant, fancy intense IF and the flat shank is made of platinum with palladium inlay. It is stone finished. The purple gem is in a cathedral setting. And-"

"Are those leaves filigreed to the inlay?" Tinu asked smiling.

"Yes." The woman said and nodded. "Lavender leaves. Lavender is an evergreen herb and is the symbol of eternal love."

"Oshey." Tinu said and jabbed him the side. "You were right to reject every other ring. If someone gave this to me, I'd marry him that very second."

Dele chuckled.

"I have the diamond authenticity certificate here, sir." The lady said and slipped him a pamphlet.

Dele still examined the ring while Tinu went through the certificate.

"Can I have this engraved?" Dele asked looking up at the attendant.

"Yes sir. We also offer laser engraving services here. The item will be delivered after four working days" The lady responded nodding.

"Can I get a note then?" Dele asked.

"Of course." The lady said and rushed to get a form. She slid it over the glass counter to him along with a pen.

He clicked the pen and scribbled on the paper with Tinu peering over his shoulder. He filled in his bio-data and the address he wanted the ring delivered to. They'd have to drop it off at his office, since Seyifunmi was at home. He filled the blank box the message he wanted engraved on the ring.

My silver lining, my rainbow.

"I go love o!" Tinu guffawed.

"Amebo!" He turned and said to her.

He handed the attendant the form and the ring.

"Sir, I'd advise you have the ring sized first before engraving." The attendant suggested. "Because if it's too thin or wide, it will ruin the engraving."

"That's true." Tinu affirmed.

"Okay." Dele said and collected the box and the form back from the attendant.

"Shall I ring you up?"

"Yes, please." Dele said and the lady left to get a POS machine.

"Dele, how will you size the ring without letting Seyifunmi know?" Tinu asked.

"I have no idea."

Tinu shrugged and asked, "So what about the samples I showed you for the tiles for the master bath? I wasn't able to get the one in the picture. Which do you prefer?"

Dele sighed as he remembered he had another problem. He had to finish furnishing and decorating the house before he proposed to Seyifunmi. He had hired Tinu to decorate the house he'd built for Seyifunmi and himself to her taste. At least, to the taste on her Dream House Pinterest board.

Last night, he had had to lie to Seyifunmi that he was reviewing reports with Tinu, so he could leave to pick out some furniture with Tinu for the game room. Keeping the house a secret was more work than he thought. And decorating was even more exhausting.

"Well, I'd leave it to your professional judgement." He answered.

"Okay then. Then we'll be through with the master bedroom by in three days. I'll order the tiles this night and the boys will begin work tomorrow. After the master bedroom, we'll move to the kitchen. I've already ordered most of the appliances Seyifunmi chose. I must say she has impeccable taste." Tinu said just as the attendant returned.

Dele smiled softly and handed his card to the attendant.

"You can say that again."

Dele got off the phone wondering how he'd convince Seyifunmi to watch the twins and Chris. Tinu had to go out of town to get some maple wood floor boards for a dealer in Port-Harcourt and she needed him to take care of the kids while she was gone.

He had no problem with it. He had planned to take the day off, but he just got a call from his engineers that he was needed at a client's office.

He sighed and walked into his room. Seyifunmi stood by the window and he walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Maybe he'd borrow a technique from her. Only God knows why she was so bent on him not leaving the previous night, that she tried seducing him.

She flinched slightly in shock and then leaned back into his embrace.

"What are you watching?" He asked and kissed her neck

She moaned lightly and said, "Some guy tried proposing to his girlfriend in the parking lot. Let's just say it didn't end well."

He chuckled and slipped his hand underneath her tee-shirt. Somehow seeing her in her regular tee was more comforting than the silk nightgowns.

She moaned again as his hands palmed her flat stomach.

"Babe, I need a favor."

"What?" She breathed out.

"I need you to watch the kids tomorrow while I'm at work." He said and the spell was broken.

She pulled away from him and turned to face him with her features painted with horror.

"All four of them?"

"No. Just the twins and Chris." He answered, hoping to dispel the look of terror on her face.

"No. I can't," she said, shaking her head, "I don't want to."

"Please, na. I won't be gone for long. Please." He begged.

She shook her head.

"Dele, that was what you said the last time and you left me alone with them for three days. No. Those kids have enough energy to kill an elephant. I honestly don't know how they do it." She complained and crossed her arms over her chest.

"It's probably all the sugar they eat." He said and pulled her closer.

She shook her head and stamped her feet.

"Dele, I don't want to." She whined.

He smirked, knowing her resolve would soon break.

"C'mon. It will be practice for when we finally have our own baby." He teased and her arms fell from her chest.

"I - I am still on b - b - birth control." She stuttered in shock.

He shrugged and said, "I know but that doesn't mean we can't keep practicing how to make a baby."

He kissed her lips and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Hey babe." Rosanna greeted as she entered the kitchen.

Seyifunmi turned from the book in front of her and smiled at her cousin. Rosanna joined Seyifunmi at the island and hopped on to the stool in front of the counter.

"What are doing here?" Seyifunmi asked as she slipped a book mark into the book.

"Well, since you left me to die of boredom at home and Ose's on writing lockdown. I decided to come pay you a visit." Rosanna chippered and dropped her black, baguette on the counter.

Seyifunmi raised her brow. Who was Rosanna deceiving?

"Really?" She said and pursed her lips.

"Fine," Rosanna groaned, "DStv subscription finished yesterday and today's the season finale of The Bachelor."

Seyifunmi shook her head smiling.

"Sorry to disappoint but Dele has the TV on parental guidance." Seyifunmi informed her and Rosanna groaned.

"So I wasted five hundred naira for nothing?" Rosanna lamented as she laid on the counter.

"We have WiFi." Seyifunmi put in and Rosanna reared her head.

"That's why I love you."

Seyifunmi shook her head and picked up her book. Rosanna turned to look at Seyifunmi and her peering eyes spotted a mark on Seyifunmi's neck.

"Is that a hickey?" Rosanna cried in delight.

"Where?" Seyifunmi asked, feigning ignorance.

"Right here." Rosanna said as her hand reached out to touch the mark at the base of Seyifunmi's neck. Seyifunmi swatted Rosanna's hand away.

"Mind your business." Seyifunmi said with a shy smile on her face.

"You had sex with him again?" Rosanna cried and Seyifunmi clouted her arm.

"Keep your voice down. The kids are here and I don't want to be the reason why Dele has to explain what sex is." Seyifunmi scolded.

Rosanna tsked smiling. "You slept with him again."

"More like again and again." Seyifunmi said, smiling bashfully.

"I thought you were going celibate till he proposes." Rosanna asked.

"You have no idea what that man does to me." Seyifunmi sighed.

"Is he that good?" Rosanna asked squinting in disbelief.

"I can't begin to explain."

"Wow," Rosanna said smiling, "this guy is pressing your-"

She raised her head in thought.

"How did Ose say it? Oh yeah!" She said and snapped her fingers as she remembered. "He dey press your mumu button."

Seyifunmi shrugged.

She wouldn't deny it. She knew she was putty in Délé's hands and her celibacy regime wouldn't last that long, but she couldn't help it. It was her reflex and primal reaction to him.


Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Emex100(m): 9:30am On Aug 15
Thanks for the mention love.
I'm well seated!

Am here already babe.


Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 9:37am On Aug 15
@millieademi, nice work you're doing here, God continue to bless you. Also, you stopped updating DIVIDE, Please, I'm really loving it, why did you stop nah? Please.

Thanks love. And amen.

As per Divide, I'll probably continue once I'm through with this book, before moving on to book three.

Thanks for asking though.
Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 9:38am On Aug 15
Seyifunmi, we be her own undoing.....

So much insecurities backed up with poor communication.

You don't know the half of it.
Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by genius43(m): 9:38am On Aug 15

You don't know the half of it.

I am waiting for the remaining half, my seat belt still intact

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 9:42am On Aug 15
This Seyi's jealousy is getting out of hand and setting her off the edge. Communication is key in every relationship. If you have issues, talk about it without holding anything back. She should simply talk about her fears and doubts with Dele na

Abi o
Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 9:46am On Aug 15
Jeez.. Bamidele, kilode? Why are you so insensitive? You've lived with seyi for so long and you can't even notice hurt in her voice. You can't communicate her feeling. Some one who's always been cooking for you just said. 'i am not your wife' and you stand here to tell her 'i am not your husband'. Do you even ever consider her? I mean, you have kids, she doesn't. You live in nigeria, you should have an idea, of what our mums do here. Why acting oblivious of the fact that she might be under pressure?. Dele, it's been 3yrs+. She's stood beside you all this while, even when you were in dark moments. Yet, you get her this pained. No, am asking again, what sort of statement is 'i am not your husband'? You berra briddle your yeye tongue and do the need full.
seyi, tinu's not your enemy sha o.
millieademi, please tell temi and tomini not to ask dele to move in with their mum. Please, don't even let any flame spark between tinu nd dele. Make e end for friend zone. Thankyou.

Please for the record, Tinu and the children are staying in Elsa's old apartment. So even they stay in Lagos, they'll be staying there and not with Dele.
Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 9:50am On Aug 15
Right from Genesis Dele has not shown any kind of respect to Seyifunmi.
Sex/lust is the only thing binding them both.
His treatment of her is disgusting to me.

If we are being exposed to the sexual part of their relationship, it's because they've been apart for three months and recently just got back to each other.

I don't feel Dele doesn't respect Seyifunmi. I just feel he is aloof and so caught up giving Seyifunmi the proposal of her dreams.

And besides, maybe you all didn't read that part in episode 2. Dele had asked Seyifunmi to marry him severally but she took it as banter.


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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Khriztarl(f): 11:08am On Aug 15

Please for the record, Tinu and the children are staying in Elsa's old apartment. So even they stay in Lagos, they'll be staying there and not with Dele.
That wasn't what i meant. I mean temi and tomini or even that reggie asking dele to be a husband to tinu.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Blaqdiamond(f): 12:07pm On Aug 15
millieademi you are too much, thanks for the update

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Destiny4fame(m): 1:00pm On Aug 15

Thanks love. And amen.

As per Divide, I'll probably continue once I'm through with this book, before moving on to book three.

Thanks for asking though.

Thanks ma'am for the update, I sha hope nothing will happen to this SHIP, Nothing must happen to this ship ooooo, abeg.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Inkopere: 1:54pm On Aug 15
Thanks for the update

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Abosede512(f): 2:06pm On Aug 15
Thanks for the update

Seyifunmi, you're on your way out! Tinu has taken over!
my thought too, the children will join them

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Adeola25(f): 2:53pm On Aug 15
Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Counter24(m): 3:00pm On Aug 15
My Goddddd....
Millie you sure know how to write... I dove my cap for you babe smiley smiley

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 3:30pm On Aug 15
Hi guys.

Please there was a part of Episode 7 that was cut off.

I've modified the update. So please do well to read it. Please. It properly explains why Seyifunmi began hating on Tinu and it forms the basis for the subsequent acts of Seyifunmi.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Jessy234(f): 4:15pm On Aug 15
Thanks For The Update Ma'am

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Khriztarl(f): 8:39pm On Aug 15
Hi guys.

Please there was a part of Episode 7 that was cut off.

I've modified the update. So please do well to read it. Please. It properly explains why Seyifunmi began hating on Tinu and it forms the basis for the subsequent acts of Seyifunmi.
thanks love. *in whispers* Should we expect another update

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 9:42pm On Aug 15
Today's pretty quiet.

Anyway, I decided to drop one last update, so that you sleep well.

Or not. grin grin grin grin tongue tongue cool

Episode 12 - Little, rude, ill-mannered witch

"I'm through!" Chris shouted from the visitor's restroom by the living room and Tomini groaned.

It was her turn to go call Aunty Seyifunmi from the kitchen. Temi chuckled as he stared at the television screen. She groaned again. It was Temi's two hours of television. He got to pick what to watch and she was so hating the Discovery Channel show he was glued to.

She got off the couch and turned towards to kitchen.

"Please, bring me a glass of water on your way back." Temi said and she replied, "Okay."

She walked to the kitchen and met Aunty Seyifunmi and her cousin, Aunty Ro, laughing.

"Sorry, Aunty Seyifunmi, Chris is done pooing." Tomini announced.

Seyifunmi nodded and said, "Okay. I'll be right there."

Tomini nodded and left the kitchen. She walked back to the living room and then remembered she forgot to get water for Temi.

She sighed and walked back to the kitchen.

"Especially that Tomini that looks like her mother. She reminds me that Dele wasn't mine first and that he'll never be mine completely. And I don't even know what that husband of hers was thinking making Dele an executor. Was he trying to play matchmaker? I wish Dele had gotten sole custody of the twins when Tinu was in the asylum. Then she'd be out of the picture."

Tomini paled as she heard Aunty Seyifunmi's voice say all those words.

So she never really liked them? She knew stepmums could be mean but she thought Aunty Seyifunmi was different.

And she wanted mummy out of the picture and Daddy to get sole custody?

What does sole custody even mean?

She walked back to the living room and tapped on Temi's arm.

"Where is the water?" Temi asked.

"I'll get it later. First, answer me. What is sole custody?" She asked.

Temi shrugged and turned back to the TV.

"Daddy has a dictionary in his room." He answered.

Tomini hissed. "You will see who will bring water for you."

"I have legs." Temi answered still gawking at the screen.

Tomini walked to her father's room and opened the door. She turned to the six foot tall book shelf by the door and found the dictionary on the top shelf.

She sighed. She wouldn't be able to reach it even if she climbed a stool. She looked around the room for something she could add to the stool of a boost and found Aunty Seyifunmi's phone charging.

She smiled and walked to the phone. She knew her password. She had seen her enter it once. She spelt it out as she typed it in.


She clicked on the Google app icon and typed in the sole custody meaning for dummies.

The results came up and she clicked on the first one. Nearly dropping the phone in shock, her jaw dropped as the ramification of what Aunty Seyifunmi wanted dawned on her.

She wanted their mummy out of their lives. She shook her head.

Not on her watch.

She cleared the tabs and dropped the phone.


"Guys, your rice is ready!" Aunty Seyifunmi hollered. Temi and Chris cheered and rushed to the dining table. Tomini hissed and picked up the remote Temi had abandoned and changed the channel.

She caught a Barbie animation airing and sat cross-legged on the sofa.

"Tomini, are you not eating?" Temi called. She ignored him.

Tomini heard Aunty Seyifunmi's footsteps head in her direction and she pretended not to hear anything.

"Tomini, food is ready. Come to the table." Aunty Seyifunmi said smiling.

Evil, pretentious witch.

"Tomini, I said food is ready." Aunty Seyifunmi said with her voice hardening.

Tomini continued watching the tale of Barbie as Rapunzel.

"Didn't you hear me?" Aunty Seyifunmi gritted.

Tomini turned to her with her brow raised.

"I'm a girl. Not a guy. You only asked the boys what they wanted. You didn't ask me. If you want to know, I don't want rice. I want toast bread. Not with fresh pepper but with dry pepper and eggs and sardine. With a cup of Bournvita. Thanks." Tomini said and turned back to the television.

"Why didn't you say this before I went to make the rice?" Aunty Seyifunmi said, grinding her teeth.

Tomini turned to her and smirked.

"Oops. Sorry."

She caught the look of surprise on Aunty Seyifunmi's face and she beamed at her.

You have no idea what is coming on.

Tomini had already broken her ATM card and hidden the novel she was reading. Aunty Seyifunmi had declared war by wanting her mummy "out of the picture" and she'd get war.

Aunty Seyifunmi shook her head and left the living room.

Tomini ran to her Daddy's room with her bleeding finger held up. She had been trying to get a glass of juice but her favorite glass was dirty. She tried washing it but the glass slipped out of her slippery, wet hands and fell to the floor. Trying to clean up her mess, she cut her index finger on one of the broken pieces.

The finger kept on oozing blood and her eyes watered. She knocked on the door with her good hand.

"Daddy!" She called.

She knocked again and shouted, "Daddy."

She heard whispering and then the key turning in the lock. The door opened and the evil witch came out.

She looked down at her bleeding finger and her face contorted into a mask of concern.


"Sorry, let me help you." Aunty Seyifunmi said and stretched her hand out to touch her. Tomini slapped it away and glared at her.

"I want my Daddy." She whined.

The lady stared at her in shock and then pursed her lips and crossed her arms across her chest.

"He's on a call now."

"I'll wait for him." Tomini retorted.

"Do you want your wound to fester?" She said and dropped her arms.

Tomini tilted her head in confusion.

What did fester mean?

"To get infected?" The lady simplified as though she heard her thoughts.

"I want my Daddy." Tomini reiterated staring the witch down.

"And I said he's on a call." The lady fired at her frowning.

"And I said I will wait for him. Sheesh!" Tomini snapped.

What was her business?

"Don't make me smack you." The lady shouted.

"Don't you dare touch me," Tomini shouted, pointing her bloody finger at the older woman. Who did she think she was?

"Only my mummy has the right to beat me and you're not my mummy and you never will be." Tomini shouted at the lady.

The lady raised her hand and then stopped herself.

You should have hit me. Then, you would have faced my mummy.

Tomini smirked at her with a cocky grin on her face, satisfied the lady couldn't push through with her beating and loving the seething look on her face as she clenched her jaw.

"You little, rude, ill-mannered witch. Do you think I want to be your mother? In fact, no one in their right senses would want a child like you." Aunty Seyifunmi gritted in her face.

Tears pooled in Tomini's eyes. The lady just insulted her mother. Her mummy was in her right senses. Maybe she had been sick before, but she was better now.

"Take it back!" Tomini shouted crying.

"No." Seyifunmi said.

Tomini grimace and shouted at her, "I hate you!"

The lady laughed and said, "Guess what. I can't stand you either."

Wickedy witch. Evil monster.

More tears fell from Tomini's eyes. The door opened and her Daddy appeared and took off his earphones.

"Baby, why are you crying?" Her father asked as he crouched in front of her.

Tomini sobbed and hugged him.

"She cut her finger." The evil witch supplied.

"Sorry," Dele said and pulled away. "Common." He said and picked her up grunting. He took her into his bedroom and sat her down on the bed.

"I'll get the first aid kit and clean up your wound."

He left to get the box from medicine cabinet in the bathroom. She waited and saw the evil witch looking at her, smiling.

Rage tore through Tomini as the urge to tackle the lady and beat her like she beat up the boys in her judo class came over her.

Her father returned with the box and sat by her side and cleaned her wound up with antiseptic and bandaged it with a smiley face, cloth-strip plaster.

"As good as new." Her father said and kissed her finger. "I've kissed it better. It will healed in no time."

He chuckled and ruffled her cornrows. She just stared blankly at him with tears still dropping from her face.

What did he see in this wicked monster? Why did he and mummy not stay together? Was it because of her? Was she the reason for their divorce?

"Why are you still crying?" Her Daddy asked and wiped her tears.

"Thank you, Daddy. I'll go to bed now." She said and kissed his cheek.

She left the room without looking at the monster. She hoped she'd go to the kitchen and step on the broken pieces of glass.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Bukolaberry(f): 9:57pm On Aug 15
thanks for the update, dele have to choose now.
Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Adeola25(f): 10:05pm On Aug 15
This episode is so funny, Seyifunmi and Tomini has now turned to rivals ;DThis episode is so funny, Seyifunmi and Tomini has now turned to rivals

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by jupitre(m): 10:18pm On Aug 15
Those blaming Dele for not having proposed to seyi should remember not all relationships lead to marriages.And then Dele can't propose sef unless he's ready to get married to her..The fact that they're having sex doesn't mean anything, if she can't wait till he's ready,then she should leave..

That aside,If seyi doesn't learn how to love those children like her own,she's going to lose Dele..She should even learn how to bridle her tongue..
Thanks for the updates Millie...


Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Ann2012(f): 12:37am On Aug 16
Hmm, with the way things are going..... I hope Seyi won't lose Dele. She should just calm down...her temper isn't helping......

Thanks for the update

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by morhsuud22(m): 2:01am On Aug 16
Village people don remember Seyifunmi, i hope Tinu and Seyi's fingers are equal because that ring looks far from Seyi ATM.

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by Ayanfe29(f): 3:17am On Aug 16
Amen to Tomini's prayers. I pray she cuts her feet. grin

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 7:26am On Aug 16
Episode 13 - Your house or your life?

Tinu smiled as the Temi and Chris ran to her mini van, screaming mummy. Temi pulled open the door for Chris and ran to sit shotgun.

Dele strode to the car holding the children's bags and Tomini walking beside him looking sullen.

Did her Daddy scold her?

Leave it to Tomini to look like someone died whenever somebody scolded her.

She smiled at Dele as he drew closer.

"Hey. Thanks for looking after them." She greeted.

"No p." He said as he dropped their bags on a seat in the back. Tomini hopped into the vehicle after mumbling, "Mummy, good afternoon."

"Emi sha ni mo ran e n se." Dele said and pocketed his hands. (I'm the one who sent you on an errand.) "How did it go?"

She grinned and said, "The delivery should arrive next week. Also, I need the cheque for the plumbers. I already sent you the invoice last night."

He nodded. "I fell asleep while going through it. Don't worry. I'll just transfer the money to you. You can then on pay them."

She nodded.

"Well, I have to go and prepare the kids for school. They can't go late on their first day." Tinu said.

"That's true. Anyway, thanks for everything and for agreeing to stay in Lagos." Dele responded.

She nodded. "Ko t'ope." (It's nothing.) "Just propose and let me come and rice. Wedding rice is hungrying me."

He grinned.


"Bye D.D." Temi and Chris shouted, with Tomini staring at the headrest in front of her.

"Se e ja ni?" Tinu whispered. (Did you two fight?)

Dele shrugged and said, "She's been moody since she cut her finger last night. The glass cup she likes using broke."

Tinu frowned. That wasn't enough reason to get Tomini moody.

"Okay. I'll see you around." She said and raised her window as Dele pulled the door shut.

She activated the child lock and reminded her children to put on their seatbelts. They did and she started the vehicle.

Temi and Chris began jabbering about the cool shows they watched on TV. Temi informed her about the process of making music boxes and Chris told her about the leatherback turtle eggs Diego rescued.

Tomini kept quiet throughout the drive till they got to the nearest traffic light. She watched her daughter through the rearview mirror and caught her wiping her tears off.

What happened? It had to be more than the broken cup.

"Tomini, why are crying?" She asked and the jabbering stopped.

"It's nothing, mummy." Tomini sniveled.

"Mummy, Tomini was naughty yesterday." Chris reported. "She was talking back to Aunty Seyifunmi."

Tomini turned to glare at her brother.

"Mind your business." The girl hissed.

Did Seyifunmi scold her and that's why she was moody?

"N gbo." (Is that true?)

Tomini bowed her head.

"Oluwatomini Oduah, I am talking to you. When I talk to you, you answer me. Why were you rude to Aunty Seyifunmi?" Tinu shouted at her daughter.

The girl flinched and started crying.

"Because she is an evil witch." Tomini said.

"Don't be silly. She's not your mate. She's old enough to be your mother and you will respect her. Do you understand me?" Tinu snapped.

When did that one start? All these American shows are giving these children liver. This is Africa and they better understand that.

Tomini looked at her squarely in the mirror and cried, "But she wants you out of the picture. She wants Daddy to get sole custody. She called me a little, rude, ill-mannered witch."


"Tomini, tell me everything. From the beginning and don't leave anything out. And you better not lie to me." Tinu instructed with her head pounding.

What gave Seyifunmi the right to call her daughter names? If there was one thing she believed, it was that you could discipline a child without calling him names. From the little she knew, name calling reduced a child's self-esteem.

Tomini narrated everything. From how she heard Aunty Seyifunmi and Rosanna talking in the kitchen to how she broke her ATM card and hid her novel to how she asked for toast and to how she broke her cup and how Seyifunmi called her a witch and said nobody in their right senses would want a child like her.

Tinu's head spun. Was Seyifunmi indirectly insulting her by saying nobody in their right senses would want a child like Tomini?

So because she knew she had a mental infirmity once, she started using it as a point of reference.

The light turned green and Tinu made a U-turn. She was going to teach that loudmouth a lesson.


"Dele, did you see my book? I've been looking all over for it?" Seyifunmi asked and lifted up the throw pillows on the couch.

"No." He answered as the door bell rang. He got off the couch. "Check the kitchen."

"I already have." Seyifunmi grunted and flopped on the couch in exasperation.

"You'll find it. Don't worry." He said as he strode to the door.

He unlocked it and pulled it open. He met a frowning Tinu and a teary eyed Tomini.

"What happened?" He asked and held the door wide open for them to come in.

Tinu raised her hand in rejection.

"Bamidele, I don't know what silly games you and your girlfriend are playing, but the next time she calls my daughter names again, I'll skin her alive." Tinu shouted.

What is going on?

"Tinu, why don't you come in and let's talk about this civilly?" Dele said hush.

Tinu chuckled sarcastically and rolled her eyes. "The same me that is not in my right senses? I'm not here for that. Eyin oju mi ni awon omo mi and mi o kin fi won sere." (My children are the apple of my eyes and I don't joke with them.)

Her glare returned as she said, "Kilo fun. Ko gbodo try e mo. If not, I'll show her the Obiliwisky in me and what she can do for her children." (Warn her. She shouldn't try it again)

"Tinu, I'm not sure I understand what you are saying." Dele said frowning.

Why was she accusing Seyifunmi?

"What's going on?" Seyifunmi asked as she drew near to the door.

Dele turned to her, hoping she could clarify what was going on.

"Ask your girlfriend." Tinu retorted.

"I'm right here." Seyifunmi answered and crossed her arms over her chest.

Tinu raised her hand. "Aunty, mi o ba yin soro. I'm talking to Dele, Tomini's father."(Aunty, I'm not talking to you.)

Tinu eyed her and Seyifunmi eyed her back.

"Stop this, please."

Tinu hissed and said, "Tomini said your girlfriend called a rude, ill-mannered witch and that no one in their right senses would ever want a child like her."

Dele turned to Seyifunmi in shock.

How could she say that?

"And that she couldn't stand her." Tinu continued.

"Is that true?" Dele asked Seyifunmi.

"Why don't you ask your pesky, little tattletale what she said to me?" Seyifunmi snapped.

"Seyifunmi." Dele chided.

"She said you shouldn't touch her and that you're not her mother and that you'll never be." Tinu said.

"Oho, why won't I call I rude and-"

"You should have known something made her to be rude to you." Tinu interrupted.

"What are you saying?" Dele asked.

"Tomini overheard your girlfriend talking with her cousin about you getting sole custody of the children," Tinu fired at Dele and then turned to Seyifunmi, "Look, you are not her mother and by the grace of the living God, you never will be."

She faced him and said, "Dele, you know me. If she puts up this attitude and you don't rein her in, I will take you to court and take away your visiting rights on the grounds that I am not comfortable with whom you are exposing my children to. Tomini, let's go."

She pulled her daughter with her and stormed away from the doorway.

"Tinu." He called but she slighted his calls and entered the elevator.

He sighed as Seyifunmi walked back to the living room and he locked the door.

How could she? She knew everything he went through to get to this level with his children. What gave her the impression he wanted sole custody?

"How could you?" He turned to face her.

"You don't know the attitude she was giving me." Seyifunmi said.

"She's just a child." He screamed in exasperation.

"Sure, just go ahead and take her side." Seyifunmi said and walked closer to him.

"This isn't about sides. She's just eight. Even if she was rude, you should have come to me."

"Are y-you saying I can't discipline your children?" Seyifunmi stuttered. "Is that what you're telling me?"

"You didn't discipline her. You insulted her. And that aside, what made you think about talking about sole custody with the children around?"

She shook her head and muttered under her breath, "In fact, I'm glad you don't have sole custody."

What was wrong with this woman? He didn't expect this from her. Why was she putting on all these ridiculous at this time? Was this a sign not to go ahead with proposing to her? He didn't understand.

If she was going to cost him his children, then maybe they'd have to call it quits.

"Let me tell you something. No one else in this world may want Tomini but I want that girl . In fact, I'd give up everything including you to be with her." He snapped.

Seyifunmi squinted and scrunched up her face in confusion.
"What are you trying to say?"

He shook his head. It was easier said than done. He couldn't bring himself to leave Seyifunmi. He loved her too much. Would he really have to pick between his children and the woman he loved?

"Just leave."

"The living room, your house or your life?" She asked.

"Pick whichever suits you." He answered.

She hissed and said, "I'm out of here."

She walked away and he clenched his fists in anger.


Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by millieademi(f): 7:27am On Aug 16
Please o....

Who are we shipping?

Dele&Tinu or Dele& Seyifunmi.

Just curious.
Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by peacy26: 7:47am On Aug 16
Dele\Tinu abeg

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Re: Ocean Of Secrets: The Flow (ocean Of Secrets Saga; Book 2) by AirmirthDY(f): 8:01am On Aug 16
Someone should please tell Seyifunmi to calm down now.... In as much as I like TInu and Dele, I love the fact that Tinu really loves Chris even in death and is not hitting on Dele... But with the look of things, Seyifunmi will ruin everything...

Anyways, I support Tinu and Dele coming back together cos of the kids.. Divorce causes real trauma for kids..


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