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Re: Black Orchid by xaviercasmir(m): 10:42pm On Aug 18, 2020
Ann2012 thanks babe for the mention.

Bro your work is really captivating. I like your diction and also your storyline is cool.

Nice update


Re: Black Orchid by Ann2012(f): 12:00am On Aug 19, 2020
Thanks for the update OP

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Re: Black Orchid by enirock(m): 12:06am On Aug 19, 2020
Pilot land the jet here. This one wey e be say Ann2021 call and also Khriztarl, e mean say this one dey tortori body (thanks for the mention ladies and also helping me out with the ban). To the Op, I love your power (discriptive) and the way your plot is laid. Carry on. We don book our space.


Re: Black Orchid by Deborah98(f): 6:29am On Aug 19, 2020
[quote author=Khriztarl post=92972043 update.
Deborah98, do not, i repeat, do not quote the whole post again. Mbok.[/quote] okay ooo cry
Re: Black Orchid by Khriztarl(f): 9:07am On Aug 19, 2020
[quote author=Deborah98 post=92977886][/quote] thanks.
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:46pm On Aug 19, 2020
In less than a minute, I found myself in the parlor. A room painted in two colours, a green at the upper half and ivory colour at the lower half. These colours made the parlor glamour and sparkling. It was blessed with assorted furniture and digital equipment. Papa had a great taste for things, he wouldn't joke when it comes to getting the latest in town. He bought the 54 inches TV recently after our 32 inches got spoiled. The desk below the TV had a DSTV decoder, a DVD, and a stereo. The walls welcomed a big family portrait, my parent's wedding portrait, two Air conditioners, a big wall clock and a portrait of my dad and my mom separately. The brown sofas were just three, the three-set sofa and the two double set sofa, plus, we had his reserved cushion chair on his favourite position. A dark tan coffee table at the center with a flower in its vessel on top, Nne’s handiwork. The control remotes would always sit beside the flower vessel on the table. Papa was sitting on his favorite cushion chair going through his phone and I could perceive his strong cologne from where I was standing. I went over to sit in the three set sofa horizontally from where he was.

“Good morning Papa,” I greeted.

“Good morning Ebere,” He greeted back, raising his head to glance at me.

“I didn’t know you wear sanitary pads these days,” He said. He was putting on a brown stylish ‘senator’ with gold cufflinks and a black Italian shoe. At 55, Papa had no glasses on. This got me wondering if at all he read despite writing so many books.

“It's not like that Papa, I was looking for my textbook.” I mumbled. He used that statement on Ebuka and I when we delayed in our room before coming out. He used it when he wanted to tag us ‘ladies’ just because he believes only women waste so much in the room trying to get themselves pretty.

Nne came in at that moment to serve my Papa's breakfast. She had changed from her nightgown to a red blouse. At 48, Nne was still blessed with firm breast, elegant, beautiful and still curvy with her magenta lips. Her full beautiful hair showcasing her astonishing hairline. My sisters and I shared the magenta lips from her while Ebuka had Papa's black lips. Papa told us that her curve was what got his attention before realizing it was more than the curve. He said her beauty and intelligence made him marry her. Nne a 5’3ft tall, chocolate skin with a triangular face just like Ebuka. She was more of a no-nonsense woman, but very lovable than Papa. She owned a unisex boutique at Oron road. A boutique she had been running for 20 years. She graduated from the university in 2007 with BSc in Business Management. I remembered Papa throwing a house party, inviting friends and neighbours for the celebration. According to Nne, her clothing business was enough for her, she wasn't in the mood to work under someone.

Ugo’m your son now wears sanitary pad,” Papa said to her, as he sipped his tea she gave him. Nne who understood what he meant laughed so loud as she sat close to me.

“Your son woke up so late and he wouldn’t want to go to school today because of a chicken presentation,” she said, having a bite of the bread she gave him. Papa laughed at this. I looked at Nne, and slightly nodded my head and sighed. I wondered why they were using "your son" throughout.

“What time is the presentation?” He asked me.

“9:30.” I answered.

“And you’re still at home?” He inquired, “You don’t need to wait for me, my first lecture is by 10am.” he continued. I stood up, grabbed my cross bag and said.

“Papa, what about the money you kept for me?”

“Well, if that’s your bone of contention today.” He said, dipped his hand into his wallet and brought out 13,000 Naira note and handed it over to me. I needed just 10,000 but I received it with an additional 3k.

“Thanks, Sir,” I said, smiling. “Bye Papa, Bye Nne” I said. And they both responded in unison. One needs to exercise patience with Papa before getting a request done and if the request is done, extra tips would be on it.

"Won't you eat anything before leaving?" Nne asked me.

"No Ma, I'll eat when I get back" I replied. I hardly eat before going for lectures. But would sometimes buy snacks in school when my stomach hurts bad.

“Ebuka!” I heard Nne call on him as I made my way to the exit door.


Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:51pm On Aug 19, 2020

I was out from our black gigantic gate into the street of Ikot Abasi. It was a sunny morning. I was already sweating. I hated the morning sun because it made me sweat unconsciously. Our home, located at 120B Ikot Abasi street off Udo Umana road in Uyo was built by my parents in 2007 a few months before Nne graduated. It was a double celebration for my parents and us too. The house painted in a carton colour and built in a bungalow form, had five rooms, a parlour, dinning, kitchen and bathrooms/toilets. The dining and kitchen were just behind the parlor. The parlor divided the rooms into two halves. The two rooms at the left hand in the first half; the first room which was my parent’s and the other was for my sister's. In their respective rooms they had their own toilet and bathroom. On the other half at the right hand side, had three rooms. The first room was noted as the visitors room. The one in the middle was for my younger brother, then before mine which was the last, there was a toilet and bathroom which I shared with Ebuka. The toilet/bathroom that Ebuka and I shared, had two aluminium doors. One to his room and the other to my room. There was a corridor in each half of the building. The corridor on the right side had the entrance door while the parlor's main door had this iron double door that's always locked except when there was a visitor. The parlor had two other doors apart from the main double door. The door on the right connects to the right corridor, while the one on the left to the left corridor. There was a large sit-out before entering the house.

The interlocked compound was so spacious that it could contain six scantily parked SUV cars in the front and in the backyard, two. Decorated with different types and shapes of flowers, an orange tree in the middle was moulded round with bricks that made it look like a roundabout. There were only three cars parked in the compound. A Mercedes V-boot, a Mercedes SUV 2010 model and a 2012 Toyota Hilux. The Mercedes V-boot was the first car my parents bought. They bought it back then in 2002. The car was still functional but they rarely used it. Papa once gave it out to a man to use as public transportation in order for him to feed his family. The man manhandled the car in the first three month, this got my dad furious and he had to retrieve the car and refurbished it. The SUV was bought in 2012 while the Hilux was bought in 2016. I was able to learn how to drive in 2016, and I had those cars at my disposal but for a good reason. I loved using the Hilux for my flexing mood, but Papa always made it hard because it was his favourite.

"Good morning, ma" I greeted Mama Idongesit as I walked past her akara and bread kiosk.

"Good morning, Akpan" She replied, stirring the akara balls which were on fire. Akpan actually means First son in Ibibio. She called me that anytime she saw me and also because I was always patronising her.

I had to alight the third tricycle popularly known as Keke and told him Plaza, before we could hit the road. The street of Nyong Essien as we passed was one hell of a business zone. Men and women, young and old were all engrossed in the daily struggles. I saw a big truck that had thousands of Lacasera drinks being offloaded by boys of my age and below. They were so happy and excited, engaging with each other as they shouted and laughed with enthusiasm while a river of sweat ran on their body. Shouts and screams from people filled the sunny and stuffy air as they went about their hustle. During the traffic stop at Udo Umana junction before Oron road, there was this insane beggar with this act of rushing to meet someone, he would take his pants down, then show his dirty butts' hole and dangling balls with his flaccid manhood by bending over. This was disgusting and disturbing, but it was fun seeing the way people were scampering for safety and reacting. Although I only looked at the lunatic once, I was just laughing watching people’s reaction.

I no sabi wetin dey do this Udom government” I heard the keke man complain as he drove into Oron road. “Dem don report this mad man issue give him government but him never still do anything.” the man continued, though I barely heard he was spitting. He stopped me because he couldn't go further based on the instruction from the state that restricted them. I was now running late as it was 9:22am. I had to quickly stop a minibus, hopped in and the bus accelerated towards plaza.

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Re: Black Orchid by peacy26: 10:11pm On Aug 19, 2020
interesting story. wow i'm actually familiar with the location. akwa ibom ayaya o

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 10:25pm On Aug 19, 2020
interesting story. wow i'm actually familiar with the location. akwa ibom ayaya o

Uyai grin

Thanks for commenting.
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 10:26pm On Aug 19, 2020
Deborah98, elvictor, Ann2012, khriztal, emex100, fattprince, adeola25, michaellovaldo, aforke27, jomagibs, sheba222, topol99, gunners160, froze6, celestialbeing, pauliben


I just dropped another

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Re: Black Orchid by Deborah98(f): 7:18am On Aug 20, 2020
Sorry I have been busy recently,I will go through them later,you are such a beautiful writer...
Re: Black Orchid by Deborah98(f): 7:18am On Aug 20, 2020
okay I'll go through them later, kudos dear
Re: Black Orchid by fattprince(m): 10:16am On Aug 20, 2020
Deborah98, elvictor, Ann2012, khriztal, emex100, fattprince, adeola25, michaellovaldo, aforke27, jomagibs, sheba222, topol99, gunners160, froze6, celestialbeing, pauliben


I just dropped another
Thanks for mention Op. I'm enjoying the story.
Deborah98 I'm still not your friend. If you wanna be my friend you have to pass the right route.
Re: Black Orchid by Adeola25(f): 12:18pm On Aug 20, 2020
Nice story Op, thanks for the mention and the update
Re: Black Orchid by Khriztarl(f): 2:20pm On Aug 20, 2020
Fattprince lol. Your own dey body o.
Re: Black Orchid by Deborah98(f): 3:07pm On Aug 20, 2020

Thanks for mention Op. I'm enjoying the story.
Deborah98 I'm still not your friend. If you wanna be my friend you have to pass the right route.
how undecided
Re: Black Orchid by fattprince(m): 3:37pm On Aug 20, 2020
Fattprince lol. Your own dey body o.
wink You know catching cruise with new comers is always fun.
Re: Black Orchid by Ann2012(f): 5:19pm On Aug 20, 2020
Thanks for the update op
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:02pm On Aug 20, 2020
Plaza was always the busiest place in Uyo. It ran from the former First bank area at Oron road, through the First bank area at Aka road, through Qua Iboe church at Abak road, through the popular De choice Mall at Ikot Ekpene road to Uniuyo’s town campus first gate. It was a place filled with different kinds of people, business with different characters and behaviour. I normally won't joke with my phone or gadgets whenever I find myself at Plaza. Always cautious of anybody walking by or close to me. I remember Jerome’s story of his stolen phone. It was a moment we laughed and pitied him.

Shey, na me una de laugh?” Jerome asked, with a frown on his face.

No be like that na” Tomi said, amidst his laughter.

“No worry, una phone go follow lost.” Jerome muttered.

“Back to sender,” Daniel thundered. We all laughed.

Plaza was also Notorious at night most times, one would find pickpockets, agberos, touts etc. But it was always business-minded where a lot of products are sold and bought. It was always a refreshment area.

I alighted from the bus by the road side just beside Uniuyo's fence, and gave the driver a 50 Naira note. I walked my way through the crowded area filled with students, non-students, road side sellers, keke drivers, touts etc.

I went in through the university's first gate. My school had 4 campuses. The town campus, which was my departmental campus, the Annex campus which was opposite the town campus and it had Papa's department. The main campus was at Nwaniba road, and the Ediene Abak campus for pre degree students. As usual, everywhere was littered with both the students, hawkers, non-students, and staff of the school walking to and fro, making the day a busy one in school.

"The freshest Kingston,"

I heard my name as I was walking through the tarred road leading to convo park. I turned to see Prophet, waving at me. I had to stop for him to catch up with me.

"How far, guy?" He said in his thick Ibibio accent as he got close enough to me.

"I de o" I’m good, I replied in Pidgin. Prophet was in the department of Political science, and we were that little close during our first year when we did Introduction to Political science together.

“Mkpo abedie?” I asked him how things were for him in Ibibio. I was not really fluent in speaking Ibibio but I heard most of it.

“Idiokor” Not bad, He replied. "These days you're hard to find, where have you been?" He said as we made to walk past the ‘49/50’ building.

“Bros I de na, na you wey no dey find me.” I answered walking as fast as my legs could carry me. It was 9:30am.

“Una no get lecture today?” I asked if there was no class for his department.

We get o, but na by 10am” He replied.

With a glimpse, I saw few of my course mates standing close to the department of philosophy, and that gave me a clue that the lecturer wasn’t around.

“The King, please help me talk to Grace, I’m dying for that girl” Prophet said as we walked.

I stopped and looked at him.

“Wait, you mean you haven't talked to her?” I asked.

Grace was among the few course mates standing beside the building.

Haba, this is just January, besides I started dying I mean started having feelings for her last year August.” He clapped back.

He was way shorter than me. Probably 5’2ft or below. Dark skin and has this Ibibio face. “Please just talk to her for me,” He pleaded more.

“And what makes you think that she will agree to talk to you or give out her number just because I did talk to her?” I asked.

“Because she’s your course mate, moreover you are the revered King that Uniuyo girls’ worship. Your lips only can change her mind,” he said, shining his white teeth’s.

I laughed and said “Shey, you de wine me ni”.

“All hail the freshest King!” I heard someone scream. Prophet and I turned to see who it was, behold it was Daniel and his gang who were standing beside the building. They were walking towards us.

“A King with no kingdom!” Daniel hailed me again. He was fond of hailing and mimicking people incessantly with useless titles and names.

“Daniel, How you de?” I asked. I shook hands with him and then with the other three of the males there.

“Helen, how are you?” I asked Helen, giving her a hug. “Grace baby” I teased Grace, I hugged her as well.

“King, you look fresh and sweet” Helen complimented me.

“You don't look bad as well,” I said, with a smile.

“What’s the secret?” Grace asked me, giggling.

Nothing o, just me and my God” I replied, still smiling.

“The only short prophetical Political scientist” I heard Daniel call Prophet.

“How many times will I tell you to stop calling me that, you won’t hear?” Prophet warned.

"But come to think of it, why would your parents give you such a name?" Grace asked.

I wasn't expecting this. I had to laugh at this not because it was funny to me but because it was coming from someone Prophet was crushing on. I saw the look on his face, he wasn't enjoying it.

"I wonder o" Nsisong, one of the guys said, in his tiny voice amidst the laughter. He was the smallest in our department.

"Guys, I will see you all later," Prophet announced.

He turned and was heading back when Daniel shouted after him "Abeg, No vex o" and we all laughed.

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Re: Black Orchid by Khriztarl(f): 8:17pm On Aug 20, 2020
wink You know catching cruise with new comers is always fun.
grin grin Swr.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:31pm On Aug 20, 2020
Deborah98, I've successfully uploaded it online grin

Check my signature. wink

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Re: Black Orchid by Khriztarl(f): 8:35pm On Aug 20, 2020
Ok, i think i'm liking this freshest king guy. so Amaka is my birthmate. Wow, interesting.
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:42pm On Aug 20, 2020
Ok, i think i'm liking this freshest king guy.
so Amaka is my birthmate. Wow, interesting.

Lol. It's an interesting piece, Amaka is not your only birth mate in the book. There is another cheesy

Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:45pm On Aug 20, 2020
Hi guys,

BLACK ORCHID AVAILABLE online now. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1039238

I promise you and assure you that the book is worth the amount you'll purchase grin.
And also, giving you the assurance that you won't regret buying the book. wink

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Re: Black Orchid by Tominix(m): 8:45pm On Aug 20, 2020

skubido khriztarl tominix enirock Elvictor Oyinprince mhizv Herbiedeen Adesina12 xaviercasmir Oremeyii Prudysara Purity23 Emex100
Make una come oooo
Awnnm crushee thanks wink


Re: Black Orchid by Deborah98(f): 6:36am On Aug 21, 2020
Hi guys,

okay that's nice
Re: Black Orchid by Kunkiddo(m): 5:55pm On Aug 21, 2020
great work Op. i REALLY LOVE IT
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 5:58pm On Aug 21, 2020
okay that's nice

Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 5:58pm On Aug 21, 2020
great work Op. i REALLY LOVE IT

Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 6:05pm On Aug 21, 2020
We chatted as we walked to our departmental classroom block, ECN block. 13 meters away from the department of Philosophy building. The building had just 4 rooms. The first room from the Philosophy department building was likeably the "Economics lab". It had a couple of computers and printers in there. And in rare cases do lectures go on there. Just once I did encounter a lecture going on there. The second room was known as the "Postgraduate room". Classes there were meant for post graduate, master's degree, and PhD. But sometimes, the part-time students had lectures there. The first two rooms were cage-like. That is, it had a burglary iron demarcating them from the remaining two rooms. The remaining two rooms were the normal classroom where the students of Economics had their academic and extracurricular activities.

"Baba, na your ‘next 10 minutes’ be this na" Tomi said, demonstrating as he saw me walk into the class. He was seated amidst two ladies. Hardly before one would find Tomi sitting without a lady close by.

"You dey craze guy, Una don finish the 9:00am presentation?" I asked.

In school, we rarely used English to communicate with one another except during lecture or official hours. We used Nigerian Pidgin. The class was one hell of a noisy place. Faces from different departments and levels sat conversing and having fun because no lecturer was inside or lecture going on. In a group of 5 persons, I saw a fat girl seated on a slim boy. The boy, with a squeezed face that turned into a frown, winced in pain, begged the girl to stand up. The group roared into laughter as I chuckled. I exchanged greetings with the few persons I knew in the classroom before I got to where Tomi was seated with his ‘girls’. The girls were seated backing me.

"No mind that lecturer, him lazy ehhh." Tomi said as we shook hands. He was seated on the table, facing me.

"Hello, ladies," I greeted the two ladies.

"Hi," they replied. From a mere glance at their behind, I knew that they were freshers.

"My name is Kingston, Economics department, 200l" I said, turning to stand closer to Tomi and introducing myself to the first lady, giving out my hand for a hand shake.

"I'm Tonia, Philosophy department,100l" She said with a fake smile that showed her bigger incisor teeth. Her teeth look so like a Vampire's. I turned to the second one. She brought out her hands first.

"I'm Sandra, 100l, Economics department" The other lady said, unperturbed. She had a look that sent cold waves down my spine. I could sense my body vibrating.

The name, I thought, the name. And I remembered. It was the morning dream I had. Damn! The goose bumps became severe. I was right in front of someone I made out with in the dream. The face was unveiling itself, the same hair, the same nose, the double piercing on each ear, the piercing on the nose, the scar below the mouth, the beady eyes. It was exactly the way I saw it in my dream. The strange lady I saw in my dream was staring at me. I felt my soul leaving my body. It was magical. She was still staring at me. Her cologne blessed the extraordinary ambience at that moment.

"Kingston, are you alright?" Tomi said, with a pat on my back, bringing me back to life as I shook my head.

“God de create, omo see beauty! Do you like my girlfriend?” He continued, asking me if I liked Sandra.

"Your girlfriend?" I asked, trying to get my senses back. Tomi has a girlfriend; did he break up with her overnight? I thought.

"Don't mind him, he's joking, I'm not his girlfriend" Sandra said, laughing.

"Tell her the truth, baby. I asked you out a while ago and you accepted," Tomi said, shining his teeths. This time they all laughed.

"Uneghe," someone shouted from the doorpost amidst the noise in class. I was able to pick out the person's voice. Uneghe actually means Igbo. It was what the natives of the State called the Igbos. I knew I wasn't the only Igbo in the class but the voice made me realize that I was the one being called.

"What are you two doing with these two beautiful damsels?" Patrick said walking alongside Daniel. Patrick was as tall as whatever one can imagine, maybe 6'4ft or 6’5ft. With his muscular structure and a round hard face that showed his brownish goatee. He was the tallest in my department and level.

"Patrick Edet Unamikot," I said. Whenever he calls me Uneghe, I would call him by his three names. I wondered how someone's name will be ‘Unamikot’, like why 'Bushmeat'?

"You haven't answered my question," He said as we shook hands. No one answered his question because it was pointless and besides, we never cared. He shook hands with Tomi.

"Tomiwa, the only Yoruba boy with an Ibibio blood" he said in his thick Annag accent. He greeted the ladies too.

"The only Abak iroko tree in this campus" Tomi replied. Patrick was from Abak, a Local Government in Akwa Ibom. Daniel shook hands with Tomi, said hi to the ladies and sat down close to me.

"So, what marginal propensity to consume has been gotten from this gathering so far?" Daniel asked. We all laughed except the Vampire lady and the Cat eyes Sandra.

I watched as they gist about relationships goals. I made little contribution. My mind not exactly in the discussion, I was stealing glances at Sandra, wondering if she knew what was going through my mind. Our eyes interlocked twice, I had to look away twice. Her presence made me feel uncomfortable but I couldn't leave because I just couldn’t. Time checked; 10:25am, the lecturer was nowhere to be found. We had been talking for 20 minutes.

"Please all Economics students 200l should meet outside" was the voice that came from the door. We all turned to see our able and ever zealous Class Representative, Ini-obong Mary Etim.


Re: Black Orchid by Khriztarl(f): 1:23am On Aug 22, 2020

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Re: Black Orchid by Khriztarl(f): 1:25am On Aug 22, 2020

Lol. It's an interesting piece, Amaka is not your only birth mate in the book. There is another cheesy

Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it
Wow. Who's the other? I hope it isn't patrick though..

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