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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 4:10am On Aug 22, 2020
Wow. Who's the other? I hope it isn't patrick though..

No grin
Re: Black Orchid by Elvictor: 6:03pm On Aug 22, 2020
the story looks promising, kudos OP

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:44am On Aug 23, 2020
the story looks promising, kudos OP
Yeah, thanks man
Re: Black Orchid by Ann2012(f): 9:31am On Aug 24, 2020
It keeps getting interesting....
Well done OP
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 10:59am On Aug 24, 2020
It keeps getting interesting....
Well done OP

wink Yeah,

how was the weekend?

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 11:02am On Aug 24, 2020
In my department, she was the only female class rep. She won this through a question she answered in our first year. When we were still freshers before the usual school orientation, we were called in for a meeting by the Head of Department, Prof. George Etuk Sam in the class. He welcomed us, and gave us a tip of what the department was all about. He spoke fluently with his British accent. I was told he grew up in London, where he started his teaching career before coming back to Nigeria thirteen years ago. His grey hair and beard made him look like the Nigerian Playwright, Wole Soyinka but this time, ten years younger. He asked us to nominate four people who we would love to be our leader. Four boys were nominated, I was among the four boys. But he wanted two boys and two girls. I personally nominated Iniobong, because I wasn't interested in being the class rep. Another girl was nominated, Daniel who was also among the boys volunteered to step down. It was now Jerome, Nsikak, Iniobong and the last girl, Florence.

Prof began his questions on the four, asking them to describe the responsibilities of the class rep, which they did according to their knowledge. He went on by asking them to write the name of the VC on a piece of paper. Jerome and Florence failed the question and were disqualified. I felt bad for Jerome for two reasons, the first being that he was from my tribe and village and the other reason that he had this leadership quality on him. I had earlier thought that the male would be the class rep while the female became the assistant. It was this reason that made me nominate Iniobong, and vied for Jerome and her but I was wrong. The last question by Prof was more of an IQ question.

“This is going to be an IQ question for you two. You need to think constructively and let your intelligence cloud your well embellished logic” he said, facing the two nominees.

“What is the last word I just said now?” He asked the contenders.

“Logic.” Nsikak answered.

Prof whistled and turned to Iniobong.

“Now,” she said. And the class roared into laughter. Prof was perplexed at our action demanding the reason for our laughter which we couldn’t provide.

“You all are young and sometimes dumb, but let me break your dull-witted brains and say this. She's absolutely correct” He said. We were astonished and wondered how correct her answer was.

“Before my question, I gave them a brief instruction. Remember I said the question was going to be an IQ, that they should think constructively allowing their intelligence to guide their reasoning or logic. Then I went on to ask them 'the last word I said now', if you have a reasonable IQ thinking, you would understand that ‘NOW’ was the last word in that question I asked,” He explained. The class burst in applauding, but I found his explanation funny.

Ini, as we would call her, won the class rep responsibility and was asked to pick her deputy from the class, this time, her opposite sex. She picked Tomi because they were best of friends then. Prof then highlighted the duties of the class rep and the deputy, he told us irrespective of the fact the class rep was a female, we shouldn’t joke or disrespect her and he would not take it lightly on anyone who goes against his instructions. I felt bad for Nsikak, who lost both the class rep and deputy but what was I supposed to do?

We gathered in front of the ECN building under a mango tree, we just couldn't stand the scorching sun. I wondered if actually the universe offended the sun that got her mad, making her descend on us with such an insufferable heat that could melt our souls of the body. We waited for a few people to arrive before Ini could start. Ini, in her blue crop top and white trouser that fitted her accentuated waist was looking so beautiful for the day couple with her light make-up. She stayed in Lagos with her mom. She told me that her father left her mother and two younger sisters for another woman in Ibesikpo Asutan, her hometown. She never gave me the full details and I never asked.

“Good morning all,” she started by greeting. We responded by adding whatever name or title that suits us for her. I heard Grace say “Good morning, fair witch” Inaudibly, I laughed.

“We all know we were supposed to have the ECN 201 presentation today-” she started but was interrupted by the class.

“So that man won’t be coming again after shifting this presentation from last week?” Nsikak said to no one in particular.

“That man is lazy for Christ sake; I don't know who gave him that PhD certificate" Chubby Efe said.

“I'm very sure you don’t have a reasonable sense; you lack home training” Daniel said mimicking the lecturer. It was accurate which made us all burst in laughing so hard. Ini, on the other hand was trying to get a peaceful decorum but everyone was busy jesting the lecturer.

"Guys, please" Ini begged.

“Your village people must be at work.” Daniel said, mimicking the lecturer again. We couldn’t resist the laughter. Everyone laughed so hard, including Ini. He was so accurate with the voice and the face gesture.

“Guys it's okay, listen to me please” Ini pleaded amidst the laughter. The laughter filled the sunny air that was whistling and refreshing because of the mango tree we were under. I watched my fellow course mates laughing and having fun so hard. My family in school. They were the people I was to spend the next two years learning with. They were everything one would want for a coursemate. In my department, we were known to be the most stubborn, intelligent, cunning, peaceful, funny set. We also had the most handsome boys, beautiful and curvy girls. We had both the intelligent and the non-intelligent. We won the departmental general quiz in our first year against the former final year students thanks to Omodot John Esu. He was a first-class potential student, with 4.77 as his first Cumulative Grade Point Average, CGPA. Mine was just 4.53. Nne had to prepare my favourite "Oha" soup and semovita for it and encouraged me to keep it up while Papa smiled and said giving me a handshake.

“You and Tomi have been looking lustfully at women a lot these days. I'm surprised you still have time to read to have this result. Well, you have my congratulations, you deserve it, keep it up”.

Papa was always on the notion that we should be in school to learn and have a great result and become better than he was. He had never policed us to read or study. He would only make mention that, he doesn't want any bad result in his home unlike Nne, who would deny us of our favourite games and toys just for us to read. Papa graduated from the university at the age of 24, thanks to the scholarship that he won, he told us. He went further to explain how he was sponsored by the NNPC to do his masters immediately after his BSc because of his awesome result, he was held back to teach as a junior lecturer before gaining his PhD at the age of 32 from University of Nsukka, Enugu. He said he wanted his children to be educated and become more knowledgeable than he was, even if we don't like the idea of furthering our education after the BSc. Nne was a seamstress after her secondary school. She told us that she happened to meet Papa when he came to her madam’s shop but didn’t notice that he had been having his eyes on her until the day she caught him staring at her. The rest was a story, she said. She said they courted for a year before eventually marrying in 1996. She told us that she wouldn't want us to be found wanting when it comes to education. That we were very lucky to have someone so learned as Papa.

“You all have heard your father. Just my two cents to that, be educated at first before you decide to be anything else. It will help you tremendously,” she would say. Ebuka once mentioned being a music artist, Nne told him “Nna’m, I have no problem with you being on TV and throwing money up and down, just go to school first, we will sponsor your musical career after you come out best” she said.

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Re: Black Orchid by Ann2012(f): 11:05am On Aug 24, 2020

wink Yeah,

how was the weekend?
Weekend was wonderful
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 11:06am On Aug 24, 2020
“Guys, please it’s enough!” Tomi shouted. The laughter gradually faded. Iniobong took her position and said.

“I went to his office, he wasn’t there. I had to call him and he said he’s sorry that something came up and we should come tomorrow for the presentation”

“Tomorrow?” I screamed. I hated classes on Saturdays. The murmuring started again.

This man dey smoke grass o” Grace said in pidgin. She was in a pink gown and her favourite three-line sandals. Her dark skin glowed with the foundation she had on her face. Her natural hair was packed in a ponytail.

“Yes, tomorrow.” Ini confirmed.

They started arguing on why he should fix class on Saturday. Lamenting also on how busy their Saturday schedule was.

I turned my face to look at the lecture going on in the class. I saw Sandra staring at me through the window. My heart skipped. Was she looking at me all this while? I thought. My look was still fixed on her, I was going to win this staring contest, my thought said. She winked at me before taking her face off. I had this tingling in my body again. What was that for? Why am I feeling this way? What's happening? Who is she? Why was she in my dream? Wait, hope it's not what I’m thinking? What am I thinking? All these questions ran through my mind in a second as my eyes fixated on an empty space though still looking at the classroom. She looked more beautiful from the side view. I couldn’t stop staring not until I felt my head hurt from a slap. I turned immediately to find Tomi giving me that ‘Bro, you’re losing it’ look.

“That is that for today” Dr. Isaiah concluded his 3 hours ECN 231, Industrial Economics lecture. The class had been going on for 2 hours, I felt relieved when he said that. I hated afternoon lectures. “We will meet again next week, same time, same place,” he said as he walked out of the class.

“Class, please don’t forget tomorrow’s 8am class” Tomi announced from his seat. Tomi was on a black T-shirt with a black pencil trouser and a white canvas. I had earlier thought he wanted to go for a burial.

“King, please help me with your note,” Henry, who sat behind me said. I turned, gave him the note and asked “Bros, when will I get back?”. He said the next day before the presentation.

“What’s the time please?” Anwulika asked, turning to face me from her seat that was in front of me.

In my level, we had a total of 15 Igbo students out of 110 admitted. Five came from Anambra state, 1 from Delta state, 4 from Enugu state, 2 from Abia state, 2 from Rivers state and 1 from Imo state. Majority of them resided in Lagos and Rivers.

“3:23pm” I answered, checking my wrist watch.

I heard her mumble "Thanks" as she spoke to her boyfriend, Esu. They had been dating since our first year.

"Dude, let's roll," Tomi said to me from the white board stand. I stood up and made my way to where he was.

"Elizabeth is looking beautiful today, I have been admiring her all day" Tomi confessed. I smiled and looked towards Elizabeth's way. Truly, she was looking so pretty, all classy and saucy with her pointed noise, her heavy makeup and petty dress. Naturally, she was a beautiful chocolate slim lady that got all the boys tripping for.

"Tomi, what happened to Ezinne?" I asked about his girlfriend. "She's no more beautiful?"

Ezinne was Tomi's girlfriend. They had been together for long. I wondered how Ezinne tolerates his frivolous acts. Tomi called himself a "Yoruba demon". According to his ideology, "One cannot taste one food all the time, there must always be a change of food" I never asked him what type of it was because I knew exactly who Tomi was.

"Ezinne is where she is." he replied, vibrating his black lips that made some sounds.

"I'll just tell her that you have a new girl," I said.

Tomi gave me this look that made me burst into laughter. "You wouldn't dare. Have you forgotten the bro code?" He asked.

"I was kidding bro," I said, "Besides, Ezinne and I are not on good terms” She believed I was always influencing Tomi’s frivolous lifestyle. She hardly talked to me.

“But that girl get wahala o” Tomi said in Pidgin.

“Wetin happen again, she don commit?” I asked. They always had issues at one point or the other, but quick to resolve it. Ezinne stayed with her mother, her father died when she was little, Tomi told me. She worked in a computer training centre. Her mother couldn’t afford her higher institution. I sometimes admired their quick sense of forgiveness but one party would always be quick to mess up. We all knew who the party was.

“Bro, we’ll talk about this some other time.” He said.

“I’m going to talk to her”. He said as he walked to Elizabeth. Tomi would always beat me when it comes to talking to ladies and wooing them. I had my weakness when it comes to talking to a lady, but Tomi always seems to be energetic whenever he’s talking to them. I saw him help Elizabeth pack her books and said something that made her laugh. He made a gesture towards my stand, pointing at me. I wondered what that was for.

“What was that for?” I asked Tomi as we made our way out through the school gate.

“What was what for?”

“When you were talking to Lizzy, you pointed at me.”

“Oh, that! I simply told her; you loved her dressing”

“Just that? bros no de whine me” I said. We made it through the crowded minibus stop at Ikot Ekpene road just close to the school’s fence. The road was so busy and always noisy. Polluted with smokes from both vehicles and non-vehicles. We crossed over to the side of the road.

“Make we enter that supermarket, I won buy something,” Tomi said. I followed him as we entered the supermarket that was rich with varieties of goods. Tomi walked over to the counter and said “Give me two packets of Flex”. I smiled. This guy was really a Yoruba demon, I thought. I left him to check out the shop’s musical wing. I saw a different set of music boxes, Bluetooth, earpiece and headphones. I sighed in frustration when I couldn't find what I was looking for. I moved from there to find ice creams well packed in the freezer and I felt my stomach longing for them. I took one to the reception. I saw Tomi eating a sausage roll and talking to a lady.

“How much is it?” I asked the cashier.

“350 Naira” He said, in his thick Igbo accent. He actually called Naira as ‘Naila’. I paid for it and tore it open before eating it. Tomi joined me as we devoured the ice cream together.

“Who are you using the Flex on this time?” I asked him.

“My babe of course”


“Yes. Wait, how many girlfriends do you think I have?”

I laughed at the question.

“Look, just because I talk to other girls doesn’t mean I don't love Ezinne. Besides, I do enjoy her something” He said, winking at me.

I smiled. “So, when is she coming?” I asked.

“Tonight,” He said. Tomi’s father, Mr Akinwumi Omojuwa was an estate manager. He owned one of the biggest estates at Nwaniba Road. Tomi told me his father left Ibadan for Uyo in 1983 after his Diploma, where hegan as a house agent before getting big. Mr Akinwumi and Papa were friends for a long time. Papa told me Mr Akin was their co-tenant in the house he rented when he recently came to Uyo. Tomi stayed alone in a self-contained house in one of his father’s estates. He stayed there as a caretaker. I frequented his place whenever I had nothing to do at home or for fun and still when he invites me.

“Big man!” I hailed him.

We walked out of the supermarket and into the busy road. The road was also filled with all kinds of road side business.

"Fine boys, make una come buy better trousers for here" One woman said in Pidgin, urging us to patronize her. We ignored her and continued walking.

‘Nwaniba, Nwaniba!’ ‘Oron road, Oron road’ ‘Aka Etinan’ ‘Abak road’ Bus and Keke conductors shouted at the top of their hoarse and cracked voices. Most conductors were looking malnourished, with scars on one particular part of the body. Some were busy smoking the hell out of them and some were busy doing nothing but shouting and running after passengers.

"Bros, we go match break for here" I said, stopping abruptly. Tomi halted and asked.

"Do you like Sandra?"

The question shook me. I wasn't expecting it at all. I had to pull myself together to hide it.

"Guy, you no fit talk?" Tomi asked in Pidgin.

"Why do you think so?"

"Think what? That you like Sandra or you can't talk, which one?".

"That I like Sandra".

"Dude, I got eyes and an expert in this field, coupled with the way you were just admiring and staring at her today."

"I haven't seen her before; did she resume today?"

"You haven't answered my question, now you want to derail, sharp boy".

"Answer mine, I will answer yours."

Tomi chuckled. "If that's the case, when you see her you ask her that."

Tomi was about moving when I stopped him.

"Ok bro, I'll answer your question but just answer mine first"

"Alright. She didn't resume today and I have seen her a couple times. Maybe it's your eyes that can't see people". He said.

Truth was, I hardly noticed people or look at their face except when the person did it first.

"Truth is, I had a dream this morning about making out with Sandra and I felt really uncomfortable when I saw her today and for the first time" I said.

Tomi looked at me like I was vomiting some gibberish before bursting in laughter.

"Ebere, your village people are at it again" he said amidst his laughter.

"I'm serious"

"Hmmm, but do you like her?"

"Tomi, how am I supposed to like someone I made love to in the dream not even knowing she existed until I met her".

"Are you sure it was her or Itoro?"

"It's her. Same nose, same mouth, everything"

"Ebere, I really think you need to get laid and you were busy thinking about it before sleeping and then Itoro came in the form of Sandra. You need a girlfriend to get laid with. When was the last time you were laid"? He asked laughing.

"Tomi, be serious for once" I said.

"I'm dead serious. You know what, let's talk about this later. I have a tenant I need to catch up before 6pm" He said and started walking.

We both boarded different vehicles going different ways.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 11:07am On Aug 24, 2020
hello everyone. have a blissful week cheesy
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 11:07am On Aug 24, 2020

Weekend was wonderful

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Re: Black Orchid by Herbiedeen(m): 5:02pm On Aug 24, 2020
Great Piece
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 10:49pm On Aug 24, 2020
Great Piece
grin grin
Re: Black Orchid by enirock(m): 11:50pm On Aug 24, 2020
Great Piece
Where have you been? welcome back. Thanks Op for the updates.
Re: Black Orchid by Herbiedeen(m): 7:21am On Aug 25, 2020
Where have you been? welcome back. Thanks Op for the updates.
been busy with trying to find my PVC oh, who knows, maybe like 5k would enter my pocket next month (at least, datwan sef fit cook soup na) gringrin
Re: Black Orchid by enirock(m): 11:04am On Aug 25, 2020
been busy with trying to find my PVC oh, who knows, maybe like 5k would enter my pocket next month (at least, datwan sef fit cook soup na) gringrin
Do you reside within Edo state or Ondo? So we nor hope for good governance?
Re: Black Orchid by Adeola25(f): 1:07pm On Aug 25, 2020
Thanks for the update OP
Re: Black Orchid by Herbiedeen(m): 4:47pm On Aug 25, 2020
Do you reside within Edo state or Ondo? So we nor hope for good governance?
Lol, within Edo, Benin city precisely

Which of them good before, politics is not for gentle and honest men oh

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:06pm On Aug 26, 2020
Later that evening, I turned on the power generating plant at home. I had my dinner which was vegetable soup and fufu. I ate to my full and was being lazy about. Nne had to beg me to unhang the clothes that were spread on the lines outside and lock up the gate. Ebuka was busy playing the PES in my room. Papa who came back late because of the emergency H.O.D meeting they had with the VC couldn't watch his favourite 'Get beat' program. He complained about how tired he was and went to bed straight away. I later joined Ebuka in playing the PES, he won me thrice as I whooped him five good times.

"This Corona virus is spreading fast. New cases are now in South Korea, Italy" Ebuka announced.

"Where did you get that from?"

"Channels TV"

"NEPA bring light? I asked.

"Yes, but for 2 hours before they interrupted it" he said. "They are even saying the 'stuff' has entered America" He added.

"I hope it doesn’t come to Nigeria. We have enough problems that kill more than Coronavirus" I said.

We played for over an hour before he announced his submission. I went to the parlour to find no one sitting. My two sisters weren't home which made it quieter and more peaceful. They would have been watching their Zee world programs. I never liked the programs one bit.

Amaka was a youth corper, serving in Abuja. A journey she started a year ago. Amaka finished her secondary school at the age of 15. She didn't go through SS3 as her school pronounced her brilliant after continuously taking the "first position" from her JSS1 till SS2. Her school proposed to my parents that she should write the senior WAEC. Papa initially refused, but Nne convinced him to let her write that if she did not pass at the first trial, she would still write it again in SS3. Amaka sat for the exam and came out with 5 A's and 4 B's. Extremely super intelligent. She sat for UTME the next year and scored 301. She was admitted to read Chemical engineering for five years in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Graduated with a First class, and about now she was almost through with her service. Though an extrovert like Papa, she was caring, protective and hardworking. She was beautiful with her round face like Selena Gomez. Got visible and sweet dimples on her cheeks. Her light colour skin surpassed mine. She was 5'5ft tall, she got the look of Nne but in a fair complexion. Her hips accentuated just like that of Nne. She had a firm small breast and her big butt that clapped effortlessly when she walks. This usually makes men go crazy. Sometimes when I walked with her, I did enjoy the attention she was attracting.

"Ami, that guy over there has been looking at you like he wants to devour you" I would say, using my eyes to signal the location of the guy.

She would laugh and say "Let him look, I've seen the worst to this man orgling my body and I'm used to it".

"Don't your boyfriend get jealous?" I asked.

"Jealous of what? My guy doesn't mind. He likes the fact that his girl is getting men confused with her Baka" she said. Though they later separated after she found out that he was bisexual.

My little sister and the jewel of the house, Chimamanda. We called her Amanda though, which is an English name. Nne told us that she and Papa decided they would name their next girl "Chimamanda” after they read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple Hibiscus in 2004. Nne said they initially wanted Kambili but changed to Chimamanda. Amanda was a combination of all our beauty, she made it easier for everyone to be friends with her because of her beauty and flawless skin. Her light skin was just mild, a little dimmer than Amaka and I. She had the same height as Nne. Though just 15, she had a bigger breast than Amaka's. Her hips accentuated but not as big as Amaka's. Her black purple eyes made her look so beautiful. She was an SS2 student of Infant Jesus Model school at Oron and a boarder. I once went to the school with mom for her visiting day, the school was really big and voluminous.

I sat on the sofa, smiling and missing my sisters. Looking at the wall clock, it was 11:34pm. Just then the blue bulb for the PHCN got bright. I left the parlour to the sit-out and quickly switched it from the lister engine point to the PHCN point on the circuit breaker. I also turned off the power generating plant. The power generating plant was designed in a way that by exactly 2:30am in the morning it goes off automatically except when it goes off because of lack of diesel.

I laid on my bed beside Ebuka who was sleeping, and thought about my day's adventure. I thought about Sandra and the dream. Her face, her cat eyes, her smile, how my body felt when I touched her, how she made me feel by just staring at me. Was it just about the dream? Maybe Tomi was right. I was thinking about getting laid, that's why I had that dream. And I felt the way I did when she touched me because I liked her. Wait, love at first sight for me again? I had been in a relationship twice with love at first sight angle. "Sandra, why are you messing with my mind tonight?" I asked no one in particular. I made up my mind to talk to her and know more about her when next I see her. I never knew when sleep came peacefully and overtook my thoughts.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:08pm On Aug 26, 2020

"Group D, your turn. Come out now!" The lecturer shouted. We had been in the class for over two hours. My group was just called out. I looked around and couldn't find our group leader, Honesty.

"You guys should not waste my time!" He thundered.

I stood up and joined the rest of my group members who were sluggishly walking to the white board stand. The group was divided into 5, groups A, B, C, D, E. Each group had about 25 members including the carryover students. Each with its own topic. Our group was "THE EFFECT OF CAPITALISM IN NIGERIA ECONOMY". A score of 20 marks was to be awarded.

"Who is the group leader?" He asked no one in particular.

"Honesty" someone said from our group.

"Where is he?" Dr David Oladipo, our ECN 201, Introduction to Micro Economics lecturer screamed.

"I will just score you guys 0 if you keep wasting my time" he threatened.

This made us scrabble for an answer at the same time looking round to know if we'd find Honesty. Dr Oladipo doesn't tolerate nonsense and we all knew that.

"H.O.D" He called out.

I knew I was in soup. He called me H.O.D because of my Papa’s position in the school. He was a friend of my father’s.

"Come out now, and save your people from having a big 0 on their score card" He said.

I came out from my hiding place to the face the class. Tomi and Daniel seated at back sit were busy making signs and stupid gestures with their face.

"Good morning, class" I started.

I was putting on my blue track suit and white sneakers since it was Saturday. Everyone was in casual wear and no girl had make up on their face. "Good morning, sir/boss/bro/fine boy" was the chorus answer from my audience. It was always the usual style of greeting a student gets when he/she stands in front to say or present something.

"We are Group D, my name is-" I was saying but I got interrupted by the lecturer. "Go straight to the point".

"The Effects of Capitalism in Nigeria economy. First of all, let's deliberate on the meaning of Capitalism. Capitalism is an economic system of government whereby the production and distribution of goods and services are carried out or executed by solely private individuals. It is a means whereby private individuals own and control production and services thereby distributing them to the consumers. Nigeria as a nation practices capitalism. Nigeria practices both capitalism and socialism thereby making her a mixed economy. The Effect of capitalism in Nigeria economy can be divided into two categories. The merits category and demerits category. The merited category
1; Private ownership: Capitalism in Nigeria has granted her citizens the privilege and right to own and control the resources thereby converting to a private property.
2; Freedom of choice: Capitalism has granted every Nigerian the right to choose a particular commodity or services over the other. There is never a situation where a commodity or service is imposed on both the producer or consumers as they are at liberty to freedom of choice.
3; Resources are fully utilized; In Nigeria under a capitalist state, resources are fully and highly utilized by both the producers and consumers. These resources are utilized because of the high rate of competition. Since everyone is at liberty to own and produce, competitions will take place. These competitions create room for resources to be fully utilized because no one wants to lose to the other in producing a commodity or services.
4: Producers earn more by increasing output. In Nigeria, take for instance Aliko Dangote a private person, he's a producer by virtue of his business. He earns so much with the consecutive increase in his output or products, this is possible because Nigeria allows capitalism to take effect. Producers tend to earn more by increasing their output in a capitalist state. If Nigeria wasn't practising Capitalism such a private firm ‘Dangote Groups’ Producers won't exist limiting the increase in output"

There was a round of applause. I stood transfixed and wondered why they were clapping. I had been talking for ten minutes. I was about to continue when Dr Oladipo asked me to stop. When I was still presenting, our group leader came in.

"Group leader, you're late. Your village people must be at work” Dr Oladipo said.

“Minus 7 marks from your score" Dr Oladipo said. "Come and take over from H.O.D"

Honesty came and spoke for fifteen minutes, before three other members who spoke for 10 minutes each. The last group was called, they talked for about an hour before we finally dismissed at about 12:08am. The class was both fun and boring. Some people were busy spitting fire in the name of English Language which made us laugh. Patrick, was a good example of one whose accent and vocabularies couldn't let him communicate so well in English. The boring part was the duration of the presentation. It was taking much time and most of us had sour sitting down for long.

"Kingston" someone called my name, I stopped and turned, Elizabeth was walking towards me. We had finished the presentation and I was in a group of two boys and two girls talking and laughing while walking to the gate when Lizzy called me. We stopped and looked behind to see who it was, they continued walking when they realised it was my business. Tomi was just a few meters away from me as he was busy with his call.

"How are you?" She asked, as we continued walking.

"I'm fine, You?"

"I'm good too"

"Okay, so what's up?” I asked.

"Nothing much, just few ups and downs"

"You want to share?”

"Maybe next time, because that's not why I called you for." She was putting on a red round neck polo with an inscription "Lover girl" and a blue denim skirt that was above her knees. She wore a black fancy slipper on her foot.

"So, what's it then?"

"It's about what you said yesterday to Tomi".

"Urhmm. What did he say?"

"He said you're looking for a girlfriend and I should help you out".

Tomi is a fool, I said within me. Always busy with mouth saying rubbish. Was that the new wooing strategy of his? Telling girls, I needed a girlfriend?

"Don't listen to him, you should know him by now." I said

"He also said you broke up with your ex about two months ago". Lizzy said

Damn! Tomi why? Just keep your mouth shut for once. He was standing closer to the gate as we got close.

"Did he ask you for your number?" I asked hoping that at least he got her number after snitching on me.

"No, he said you should ask me instead" She said. I didn't understand the chemical equation going on. Why would Tomi want me to get her number?

"What for exactly?" I said, but it was too late when I realized the depth of the question.

"Are you for real?" She asked with a frown on her face. "In short, we never had this conversation." She said and walked out from me like I was a beast. Her action kind of revealed something, was she having a crush on me? Lizzy of all people? The hot and slay queen model? I smiled.

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Re: Black Orchid by enirock(m): 9:22pm On Aug 26, 2020
Thanks for the update Op.

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Re: Black Orchid by Austeeenxx: 12:33pm On Aug 27, 2020
Mad o! Girl ask you for your number you dey tell am what for?

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Re: Black Orchid by Khriztarl(f): 1:43pm On Aug 27, 2020
Thanks for the update op.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:23pm On Aug 29, 2020
"Tomi, you de fall my hands o" I said as we boarded a minibus to Nwaniba. I had nothing exactly to do at home, so I decided to go to Tomi's place.

"Omo Igbo, Kilosele?" He said. Tomi hardly spoke Yoruba. Though he wasn't fluent in it but would score 50% whenever he spoke it. After our secondary school, his father made him go to Ibadan to stay with his relatives. The excuse was for him to understand more of Yoruba and know his people. Tomi stayed for over a year before coming back to Uyo.

"You rattled me out," I said.

"Rattled?". He asked.

"Yes, you told Lizzy that I have no girlfriend," I whispered, not wanting the other passengers to have a clue of what I was saying.

Tomi laughed and whispered, mimicking me "Lizzy likes you. I have caught her several times staring at you. Did you get her number?".

"No, I didn't. Why would she like me?"

"Ask me again," he said. "Get her number from the class WhatsApp group" He continued.

We had the class Facebook conversation and WhatsApp group.

"It's against the rules". It was against the rules to get a girl or boy's number from the group for something private except it was for educational reasons. Though I hardly involve myself in their noise chats, I only read the important messages dropped by either Ini or Tomi.

"Break the rule," he said.

"I will ask for her number instead on Facebook". I said.

"Smart boy, you're now adapting to the system," He said. Tomi, though a month younger, would always see himself as the elderly one which I never complained about, I would just play along.

We alighted and paid the fare when we got to our destination. We walked into the estate and greeted the gateman. The estate had 5 buildings, two were duplex, then the other two; three storey buildings. Then the remaining one was a bungalow. I had never been in any of the buildings except Tomi’s bungalow apartment.

“Tomi, how many rooms are there in all the buildings?” I asked him as we walked to his lodge that is situated in the bungalow building. The bungalow had 3 self-contained, two one bedroom flat and a two-bedroom flat.

“Much bro. Self-contained, one, two, three, four-bedroom flats are all in there,”

Your papa get money o. Chai!” I said, teasing him.

Your papa nko? person wey don write textbooks upon textbooks, him be lecturer, him be Doctor, him be H.O.D, former Registrar, very soon dem go give am Professor. Special advisor to the Governor on Non-Indigenious people matter, lest I forget, ur papa na fellow landlord like my papa. Your mama come get one of the biggest Boutique and fashion shop for this Uyo. Igbo people sha. See money everywhere.” He said.

And he never lied about what he said. Papa had written so many textbooks and books on ‘Business world’ ‘Accounting’ ‘Entrepreneurship’ ‘Money’ and so many others. He wrote the popular ‘Basic Accounting for senior secondary schools’, a book that was published in 2006. He was the school’s Registrar between 2012-2018, after which he was appointed H.O.D in 2018 again. He was one before between 2007-2011. He was the reason Tomi and I gained admission together in 2018. Tomi scored 216 in his UTME while I scored 235. Papa, though an associate professor, chosed to be addressed as ‘Dr’. He would say “I’m not yet a professor, when I become one you can address me as Prof. But for now, call me by my PhD title”. He was appointed Special Advisor on Non-indigenous people matters by the state governor early 2019. Something I don't know how it works. Papa owned a duplex in a street at Aka Etinan road. He had about 10 tenants paying him yearly since 2014. Nne's boutique was very big and exotic, she also ran a fashion designing business in it. She had many workers.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:26pm On Aug 29, 2020
You no fit compare all those things with person wey get 5 estates, one come be the biggest for this uyo, your mama wey come get supermarket nko?” I fired back. We burst into laughter. Truth was we were lucky to be born in a family where we ate three times a day.

Tomi’s room was decorated with a king size bed, a wooden wardrobe, a TV set, PES 3 console, a home theatre, a ceiling fan, had these coloured bulbs, a table and chair as his study. The room was painted in a blue and white modern style design. Ezinne was seated on the bed watching a movie when we came in. She stood up when she saw us and went to hug Tomi. I went straight to bed and sat down, brought out my phone and charger and powered my phone. I made sure to say hi to her but she was so busy cuddling and hugging Tomi.

“Baby, what did you prepare?” I heard Tomi ask her. I was famished though and was hoping for a solid and sumptuous food. I ate Bread and drank Tea before leaving for class. Nne made sure I ate them because she feared I would get sick.

“I prepared Spaghetti and fried ripe plantain,” She said. At the mention of fried plantain, my stomach rumbled. I love fried plantains. Maybe she fried it for a long time because I didn't perceive anything, I didn’t know if Tomi did. And the kitchen was just close by.

“Wow, that is nice. God knows I’m ultimately famished” Tomi said.

“Even me too,” I added.

“Even me too” Ezinne mimicked me.

Gini ka mere gi?” I asked her what wrong I've done to her in Igbo.

O imaro?” She asked if I had no clue.

Gini ka o bu, nne biko gwazi ne’m?” What is it, please tell me? I begged.

“Please guys, it’s ok. I have learnt enough Igbo today.” Tomi exclaimed, raising his hands up.

“I don’t know what I've done to your girl,” I told Tomi.

“You have been teaching Tomi to flirt with all those uniuyo girls” Ezinne said.

“Arghh” Tomi said. “Babe, I can’t do that, I can’t cheat on you. Not anymore” He added. I chuckled at his “Not anymore”. Ezinne had caught him thrice cheating, but she still flocked around him like flies. Maybe it was because she loved him. Just maybe.

“Please don’t start with your stupid promises.” She said to Tomi. “As for you, Kingsley or is it Kingstone, keep teaching him to flirt. I will come for you.” She said to me.

“Okay. Can we eat now?” I asked. She had been giving me this threat almost all the time. I guess the main reason she was never in good terms with me was because of the bro code. I never disclosed Tomi’s secrets to her.

Twenty minutes later, we were done with eating. Young MA’s No mercy was playing while I was busy singing and dancing to the beats. When it comes to the music world, I had the latest Hip Hop and Afrobeat songs. My favourite American rapper being Drake, I had his songs up to date. When it comes Brits, J Huss while Nigeria, Phyno. I wouldn’t joke with anything about Phyno, his songs were always a hit for me. My ringtone was his “Ride for you”. Tomi and Ezinne were busy with themselves on the bed, but to a limit.

“Tomi, come let me whoop your ass” I said, getting the gamepad for a match.

“Now?” He asked.

“Yes”. I replied

He picked up the gamepad and we started. We played for more than an hour; it was a stalemate game. We won 5 times each. Ezinne was already sleeping when Tomi announced he was feeling sleepy too which made us stop playing. He joined his girlfriend on the bed while I slept on a mat.

“Ebere, wake up” I heard Tomi say. “It’s 6:23pm,” He added. I quickly opened my eyes. I stood up and checked my phone. 6 missed calls. 1 from Papa, 3 from Nne, 1 from Ebuka and 1 from Grace. I slept for 3 hours.

“Why didn’t you wake me when my phone rang?” I asked him.

“I didn’t hear it when it rang,” Tomi said. Ezinne was nowhere to be found. “Where is Ezinne?” I asked. I looked at my phone and found out it was on silent mode.

“She went home, said she had something to do,” Tomi replied. My phone rang at that moment, I picked it up when I saw the ID caller was Papa.

“Ebere, Ebe ka ino? where are you? you’ve got your mother worried sick. We called Tomi, he didn’t pick up as well,” Papa said over the phone.

“I’m sorry Papa. I slept off and my phone was on silent. I'm at Tomi’s place” I said. I whispered to Tomi about him not picking his calls, he whispered back "My phone was on silent too".

"I believe you're about to come home now" He said.

"Yes, sir". I replied and he hung up.

"When did you wake up?" I asked Tomi.

"About 30 minutes ago, Ezinne woke me up"

"So how was it?"

"How was what?"

"Your encounter with Ezinne yesterday"

"That one. It was lit. She was badly nasty"

"What if she becomes pregnant?"

"Bro, I used flex."

"I know. I'm just asking." I said. At that point, he became mute for a while.

"Bro, seriously I don't know. I just don't like the idea of abortion. I never do. I guess I will just let her have the baby. And my father, I guess he will ask me to marry her". He said with a worried face.

"What about your mother?" I asked him. Tomi hardly talks about his mom.

"My mother is always on her business. She rarely calls me and if she does, it's always about my foodstuffs only. I think she wouldn't mind. I guess she thinks I will be like dad". Tomi said. We all knew about Tomi's dad's secret affairs with younger ladies. Tomi's mother Mrs Inyene had long accepted it and did nothing about it.

I hated it when Tomi talked about his mother being less enthusiastic about his life, things he wants, things he hates etc. Since when Tomi decided to follow his father to his new mansion in his one of his estates after the revelation of his infidelity, Tomi's mom limited her closeness to her son. This was when Tomi was ten years old. Thanks to his sisters, Tomi still had a female family to confide in.

"But I won't impregnate her sha. I'm always careful" He added.

"We have to be careful with girls though, they can make us fall into a bottomless pit that we will never come out of." I said.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:28pm On Aug 29, 2020
So, i've been thinking about this question.

Btw Ebere's dad and tomi's dad who do you all think is/was richer? cheesy cheesy cheesy
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:30pm On Aug 29, 2020
I arrived home at exactly 7:35pm. Papa and Nne were in the parlour. Nne was having a phone conversation with someone I guessed to be Amaka, because of the incessant Abuja this, Abuja that. Papa was going through a textbook I know nothing about. I looked at how beautiful and happy they were together doing different things. Nothing made me happier than the fact that my parents were together and still loved themselves like they just met. June 6 was their 24th wedding anniversary. Though they had their ups and downs but it wasn't greater than the love they shared. I wished and prayed to be like them in the future. Will my future ever be like this? I thought.

We ate dinner at the dining table together. Nne made Abacha which was decorated with vegetables and meats.

"No one makes Abacha better than my wife, I can proudly say it anywhere" Papa said, chewing his meat.

He was talking to Ebuka and I. I saw the look on Ebuka's face, it was the same expression I had. Did we ever argue the fact that Nne doesn't make delicious abacha?

"When one is a better, lovable partner and husband, he deserves a delicious meal anytime, anywhere" Nne said.

"Papa, Nne. Biko can we eat in peace for now. You are free to play love talks after the meal" Ebuka said and I laughed.

"When getting a wife, let one of her beauty be her skills in the kitchen. It will make you love home more than anywhere else" Papa said.

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Re: Black Orchid by enirock(m): 10:47pm On Aug 29, 2020
Thanks Op for the updates. I think Tomi's father should be richer given the real estate business and his lifestyle(chasing ladies) and his ability to maintain it.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 12:03am On Aug 30, 2020
Thanks Op for the updates. I think Tomi's father should be richer given the real estate business and his lifestyle(chasing ladies) and his ability to maintain it.

Hmmmm, grin grin grin I was thinking Ebere's father grin
Re: Black Orchid by Ann2012(f): 7:30am On Aug 30, 2020
Thanks for the update OP

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Re: Black Orchid by chrysan(f): 10:58am On Aug 30, 2020
nice writing.....i love the way you describe places and events. it gives us a clear picture of you're talking about and makes it easier to imagine in our minds

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 2:51pm On Aug 30, 2020
nice writing.....i love the way you describe places and events. it gives us a clear picture of you're talking about and makes it easier to imagine in our minds

Thanks grin
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 2:52pm On Aug 30, 2020
Thanks for the update OP

cool cool cool

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