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Black Maria: Legends A Story By LarrySun / Maria: The Sequel / The Nemesis Of Ezra Season One:beginning Of Karma. (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:27am On Oct 05
oh good heavens I didn't see this turns
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:27am On Oct 05
I never imagined this playing out like this....

Thanks for the update boss
You're welcome, ma'am. smiley
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:28am On Oct 05
The turning twist.
Will you create another villain, Larry?
We shall see.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:28am On Oct 05
i guess maria is still alive, and shes a member of TBF
A big fan of the deceased.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:29am On Oct 05
Larrysun for the prize!
I am tagging along with you on this one, nothing do you.
It's nice to have you around.

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:54am On Oct 05
Hmmn.... Nemesis.
Yeah, Book 4. wink
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:54am On Oct 05
LarrySun is that Yinka, tell me yinka created a group please.

This is getting interesting.
You'll know soon enough.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:55am On Oct 05
Larrysun you just dey blow ma blow ma mind.
Nobody saw this coming.
I'm glad you enjoyed the episodes.

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:55am On Oct 05

You awesome Larrysun!
Thanks, ma'am. smiley
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:56am On Oct 05
Ghost mode deactivated Larrysun you're a genius I can't but say I am privilege to read your masterpiece I Duff my hat,
wow wow wow that's all I can say more ink to your pen
Thanks for coming out of that closet. Lol!
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 3:56am On Oct 05
I go dey follow follow you !!!!?!?
TBF. wink
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 4:07am On Oct 05
naira land became boring to me under it's literation .but with this story hmmmm. here is my second land.
oga larry. am following ur story like ur village people.
Thanks boss.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 4:07am On Oct 05
Thumbs Up,keep it up
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 4:07am On Oct 05

please, can I get this on Okada now??
Not yet.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 4:10am On Oct 05



(1995 – 2005)

Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 4:14am On Oct 05

Update 3

Chapter One


Prison life was a new experience to Peter Black; and it was an experience he wished he hadn’t known. He didn’t always do well with being caged like a monkey; all his life, he had always done things in his own terms. Since the day he lost his mother, he had always taken the sole responsibility of his own decision, and so far so good, he was still alive. He had remained alive because he chose to live his own life as he deemed it fit, but now that his life would now be controlled by warders and officials in the prison, he wondered how long he was going to stay alive. Maria, of blessed memory, had told her about her experience about prison, and what he learnt had scared the bejesus out of him. Hell could be no worse than what she had described to him, and if the female prison could be as terrible as what Maria had told him, then he knew prison for men would be a lot more terrible. He had learnt that prisoners, either male or female, were being treated like animals. They were being fed with the smallest portion of food, and whenever family members brought gifts to the prisoners, the gifts were always claimed by the warders, and if they chose to be kind, they would share the gifts with their rightful owners, and the warders, of course, would take the biggest portions, about eighty or even ninety percent of the gifts. And the inmates wouldn’t dare report this inhumanity; any prisoner that tried to do would always meet with a mysterious accident within a week. The inmates knew this, so they always made sure they complied, except some few powerful ones among them who were not only notorious, but had spent many years already in the prison.

Peter stepped down from the van that had conveyed them from the courtroom, the sound of the large prison gate shutting behind them still resounded in his mind. What he kept thinking about was if he would ever step out through the gate again. He refused to imagine the worst. True, he had been sentenced to life imprisonment, but he didn’t place to spend the rest of his life in this prison. People like him were not meant for a place like this. He was only twenty-three years old; how would he spend the rest of his life in this place? It was simply unacceptable. There was only one way to correct the situation. He had been a fugitive as long as he could remember; it wouldn’t be anything new if he became one again. It was a lot better being a fugitive than spending all his life here, wasting his life in this hellhole. No, prison life wasn’t an option. He still had a lot to accomplish in life. He wanted to be a part of his son; he wanted to make Basket pay for putting him in here. By denying him in public, Basket had severed the remaining little connection they both shared. It was now he just realised that Officer John Balewa was not his friend in the least, he had stopped being his friend for a long time ago. Peter had thought years apart would have quell the hatred Basket had for him, but it seemed the hatred grew with every passing year. It occurred to Peter Black that Officer John Balewa was his greatest adversary.

It burned him like acid to know that his son was being taken under the roof of this cruel person. He wished he could control the situation, he wished he had any other person that could take care of his son besides Basket, but there was no one else. That meant that Basket was going to be the father of his child. If he lived the rest of his life in this prison, his child would grow up without knowing that Officer John Balewa was not his biological father. No, he would never allow that to happen.

Peter thought about requesting the presence of Basket and letting him know that one of the two babies belonged to him, but he quickly dismissed the idea. That would not be good for the child. He was well aware of Basket’s thought about having an offspring. Basket had said that he didn’t deserve to bring a child to the world, because that child would be as evil as him. If Basket knew that one of the babies belonged to Peter, there might be no line he wouldn’t cross. Peter didn’t trust the safety of that child with Basket. As much as it hurt him, Peter knew the best thing for the baby was to conceal its identity, at least until he came out of jail.

How sweet would it be, Peter thought, when he suddenly appeared at Basket door and request for his child? The truth would shatter Basket. That was the best payback he could ever give to the man that had subjected him to prison life. He would take his child from him and then disappear. Basket would never be able to recover from that shock. Such discovery would be as shattering as when he caught him on top of Rhoda that afternoon, and this time round, Peter knew he was not going to feel guilty for his action.

For now he would leave Basket to continue claiming fatherhood. The longer it took, the more hurting it would be on Basket. He would leave Balewa to continue caring for the child, to continue investing on him. Hell, he might even choose a career path for the child, but when he appeared and claimed his child, all those would be corrected. He almost smiled as the thought ran through his head.

He was sure about one thing, he wasn’t going to come out of this prison soon. He would have to familiarise himself with the surroundings and the system of the prison. He would need to know the duty schedules and the best days to make plans. In a few months, or even years, he would be ready to strike. When he was ready, Peter Black would break out of jail.


The prisoners, the entire two hundred of them, were asked to line up in a straight line. They remained there for over an hour while uniformed men with guns paraded the grounds with their weapons – none of them was smiling. In fact, Peter could see that they were looking for an opportunity to fire on any of the prisoners. When one of the inmates looked at one of the armed soldiers in the eye, the military man spat in his face and kicked him.

“That’s wrong,” one of the inmates said in protest to the way his fellow inmate was being treated. As soon as the words escaped from the inmate’s mouth, Peter knew the middle-aged man had just stuck his bald head in a hornet’s nest. Someone probably refused to tell him that whatever rights he thought he had was nonexistent in the prison.

Two soldiers descended on the poor prisoner. One gave him a severe punch directly in the eye and the spot became instantly dark. But sporting a black eye was the least of the condemned man’s worries. The guards rained punches at him and no one came to the victim’s recue. All the prisoners could do was watch. The man fell to the floor and the men continued kicking him all over the body with their huge boots. His eyes were swollen shut and his lower lip was split in two. Blood covered his entire face as if he had just been baptized with the crimson fluid. The man grunted like a pig with each kick. One of the guards raised his heavy boot and stumped hard on the poor man’s arm. Even Peter and the rest of the prisoners could hear the bone crack. The man screamed out loud as if he was on fire. But this didn’t stop the attackers; they continued kicking him so severely that he was barely conscious. When they had beaten the man to their fill, they lifted him by his limbs and carried him away.

“He’s gone,” the inmate who had been spat on said pitifully.

“How do you mean?” Peter Black asked.

“He’s not coming out of that alive,” said the man.

“You don’t know that for sure,” Peter declared.

The man stared at Black’s face and gave a wry smile. “You don’t know anything, do you? Consider yourself lucky that you’re not the victim. As those guards carried the man away, they were going to bury him in the prison’s grave.”

Peter was flustered. “But that’s preposterous. The man wasn’t dead.”

“If he wasn’t, then he would definitely be by the time they bury him. He’s one of those scape-goats. They’re passing a message to us, that we shouldn’t mess with them. This is what they do; they always look forward to killing at least one new inmate.”

“But that’s wrong,” said Peter still finding it hard to believe what he had just heard.

“Hush! Keep your voice down. Those are the exact words that sealed the fate of that poor man. Trust me you don’t want any of the guards hearing you right now.”

“How did you know all these?”

The man smiled; his smile would have been charming had one of his upper front teeth not been missing. He was looking so haggard and unkempt. His clothes hung loose on him. As Peter stared at the man, he thought he would have been more befitting being a scarecrow than a human being. His sky was dry and ashen, and his bald head boasted of various scars that could have only been the design of machetes from the hands of street thugs. Peter knew without a doubt that this man had lived a reckless life and whatever crime he might be jailed for, he most probably committed it, or had even done worse. “This isn’t my first time of being in this prison. I was released six months ago.”

“How come you’re back again?”

The man’s face became serious. “I was wrongly accused of beheading three people for money ritual. I continued telling them I’m innocent but they wouldn’t listen to me. This country is messed up. There’s no justice anywhere.”

Peter stared at the man and nodded his head. He refused to say any further word to the man. He took a few steps away from the criminal and joined another queue. This was a vile man, one of the vilest on the face of the earth, and he wouldn’t want anything to do with him. Peter wished it was this man the guards had attacked instead of the freedom fighter they had probably just killed.

As Peter stood in the queue, he knew he was in the world of terrible people who had done terrible things, and he was going to soon meet a lot of them. Suddenly occurred to him, and it made him slightly uneasy; he would have to find a way of surviving these demonic prisoners; the guards seemed to represent more security than some of his fellow prisoners.

“You look familiar,” the man on his right said and Peter turned to see a tall albino staring at him. The pale-skinned man squinted at Peter Black to get good look of him. Peter was sure this particular man didn’t come in the same van that had conveyed him over. The man must have been brought from another van; his judgement must have taken place in a different court.
“I don’t think I know you,” Peter answered and turned his face away. But the man continued gazing at him. He would not be easily gotten rid of.

“I know you from somewhere.”

Peter wanted to maintain an anonymous identity. Being known as Peter Black the popular thief might not bode well for him in this prison. “I don’t know you. Please stop bothering me.”

He stared forward and saw the prison governor walking towards them, flanking him on both sides were two armed guards – the same guards that had beaten one of the prisoners to death. The man approached the prisoners with authority and said:

“Who among you is Peter Black?”

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by francium001(m): 8:04am On Oct 05
Thanks for the update Still following

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Nmezor(f): 9:14am On Oct 05
Thanks for the wonderful update oga Larry...Nice twists n turns..I am finally back,gosh I really missed alot cry
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Cameoluv(f): 10:13am On Oct 05
Thanks for the update
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Bukolaberry(f): 10:45am On Oct 05
thank you so much, gen gen gen I hope this man is another TBF I no want wahala for black in this prison
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Bukolaberry(f): 10:49am On Oct 05
yes o %100 sure. since the doctor is part of the movement, anything can happen.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Kaycee9242(m): 11:14am On Oct 05
Larry thanks for the update.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by chioma8(f): 11:18am On Oct 05
Thanks for the update.....
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Arclite: 1:47pm On Oct 05
Larry Larry I didn't n finally come out of ghost � world na u bring me out Larry Thani u plenty more ink to ur pen
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Arclite: 1:52pm On Oct 05
[color=#990000][/color] undecided cry embarassedI would like to suggest or politely ask that pls larry u should change from ur policy of one update per week to at least two update per week cause d suspence de kill person to wait for one full week
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by hoebamaa(m): 3:25pm On Oct 05
F***..Peter is in deep sh*t
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by EkopSparoAyara(m): 4:01pm On Oct 05
Awwwwww! You give me too much credit.

You don't just deserve it, you earned it..
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by OPC90(m): 5:07pm On Oct 05
Ghen ghen ghen....
thank you so much
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Doubra12(m): 7:00pm On Oct 05
Breathtaking as usual,Peter black should watch out o,only his name can get him into problems in the prison.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by surestsam(m): 11:12pm On Oct 05
Not yet.
Bros, Abeg do quick put am Okada o... this small small reading no do me o
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by leonard2rex(m): 11:43pm On Oct 05
yawa for black, thanks larry sun
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Brainiac12: 7:51am On Oct 06
Magnificently breathtaking �

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