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PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 3:43pm On Mar 06, 2019
Hi everyone, I'm glad to be back with another story titled PastorZoned.

Copyright ⓒ ToyinTaiwo, 2018
This work is copyright. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in no part maybe reproduced, copied, scanned, stored in a retrieval system, recorded or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 4:07pm On Mar 06, 2019

The Root of David Church is a large church with 10,000 capacity auditorium. So you can guess the number of members the church has.
Root of David ministries was founded by Pastor David Obafemi. He received God’s call when he was still an undergraduate, God called him to work for him when he was in 200l in the University of Lagos.

He started his ministry right from school, he started a fellowship using lecture theatres as venue. By the virtue of the power of God placed upon him, students flooded his fellowship. Not only undergraduate but post graduate and master’s students also.

At some point, some lectures, non teaching staff who lives in the school started attending as well. By the time Pastor David got to his final year people who lives outside the school started coming for service as well.

As an undergraduate, Pastor David had a very busy schedules compared to others because he had to joggle his education with spiritual work. Despite all, God was still faithful because he came out with a first class honours.

How did he make it? You’ll ask. When other students are busy preparing powerfully for exams, he has little time to prepare because members were always staying back to see him after fellowship. Some we need prayers, some counseling, some financial assistance and he was always there them helping people out.

By the time Pastor David returns to his hostel, he returned late and tired. He won’t be able to read when others are reading and going for night classes. He only prays and ask God for help and a week to the exams, God will show him what to read for each courses.
And that is exactly what
the examiners will set. Since he had prepared fully well, he'll eventually be the first person to leave the exam hall and when the results comes out, he embraces his A's.

Everything about Pastor David speaks success. He graduated and went for his NYSC and during his NYSC he took some theology classes. He was the President of the NCCF (National Christian Corpers Fellowship) Delta State chapter. And was called upon both within and outside the state for Christian programs. He was popular and he shined every where he went.

After NYSC, Pastor David started his own Church as directed by the Holy Spirit. As at that time, he was about rounding up his theology course. Building his own Church wasn’t a stress at all because he came from a wealthy family.

He has various shares in his father’s company and he also had access to some allocations monthly. Although some of his Church members insisted on contributing their own quota towards the Church building but the larger part of the money spent on erecting the church was from his purse.

Pastor David was born into the family of Chief and Prof. Mrs. Obafemi. His Mum is Igbo while his father is Yoruba. His father, Chief Obafemi popularly known as ‘Oba’ is a business mogul, is one of the richest business men in the country and among the top 5 in Africa. Despite his wealth and affluence he never toyed with the wife of his youth, he dedicated his life to love and cherish her.

Pastor David’s mother, Professor Mrs. Crystal Obafemi is the current Federal minister for health. She is a senior cabinet official in the Nigerian executive council It was a dream come true for her because that was one of her ambitions and having a fulfilled marriage by marrying the best man in the world is her greatest dream come true.

(Read “Broken Hedge” to find out about Pastor David’s Parent’s love story. It was one of a kind)

Pastor David is the first child and has a younger sister, Diamond.
Unlike David who insisted he wants to study in the country, Diamond, an undergraduate, schooled in the United state. She only
comes home for holiday and her parents travels to the states regularly to check up on her.

Pastor David’s Parents were not surprised at the way God is using their son, right from when he was young they’ve always known that he’ll be a man of God.

When he was very young he prayed to God to bring back his father whose where about was unknown to the whole family and God answered him. Ever since then, David never joked with God. He grew up to be a good and obedient child, he never stressed his parents.

All the other parents around them especially his parent’s friends use him as a good example to their own children. He joined his father’s company briefly before he decided to go into full time ministry when his hands became full with so many kingdom responsibilities.

He also travels abroad for ministrations and all. Pastor David became an household name in Nigeria and beyond. Even the President invited him over to meet with him in Aso Rock.

He became a celebrity Pastor with so many followers on social media platforms. And as young as he was, he was a respected man of God. Root of David recently celebrated it’s fourth years anniversary.

At 27, Pastor David is still very single and trusting God for his help meet. He still lives under his Parents roof not because he couldn’t get his own place but because he knew staying alone could be dangerous for a single Pastor.

Even the Bible says let he that thinks he stand take heed, lest he fall. He makes sure he doesn’t give unnecessary room for ladies to get to him.

Whatever business he had with female members ends in the church. No familiarities except for his female family friends who are like family to him and are of good moral conduct.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning service at the Root of David ministries, the church was full to the brim. It was another awesome time in the presence of God.
Though the congregation do turn up well during the weekly service as members don’t joke with the bible study and prayer meetings but still the population on Sundays can’t be compared to that of the weekly meetings as members turn in massively for Sunday services.

At the end of the services, souls were blessed and members troop out of the auditorium with smiles on their faces. Those who saw familiar faces greeted each other.

Pastor David finished praying with the officiating ministers and went back to his church office and as usual some members are already waiting at the reception to see him, most of whom were ladies. The queue in front of the other Pastor’s offices is nothing compared to that of Pastor David.

The pastor himself knew that most of the ladies have nothing important to discuss they just want to sit with him face to face and talk with the pastor. And the end of the day, Pastor David realized that some of them don’t actually have any problems. He only smile when they leave his office.

He knew he had to get marry soon though he’s just 27 but he knew he is not an angel and blood runs through his veins too. So he started praying about his marital life.

On a good day, if he wasn’t a Pastor he would have settled down maybe at the age of 30 but as it is now he dare not try that and more so, God had already assured him that he’ll grant him his heart desire.

Everybody is invited.

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 4:14pm On Mar 06, 2019
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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by kevwecute1(f): 5:41pm On Mar 06, 2019
Just took my Sit at the front row

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by olumike001(m): 5:59pm On Mar 06, 2019
cool cool cool cool

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 6:26pm On Mar 06, 2019
I dy back seat dy watch

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by temig(f): 6:29pm On Mar 06, 2019
abeg shift let me sit ,this two sit beside me I collected it for my pals oo .ride on ma really really interested

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 6:49pm On Mar 06, 2019
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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Divineroyalty(f): 6:56pm On Mar 06, 2019
She's back with another story.
I guess this David is the baby boy in the broken hedge that was conceived by mistake.
Things always turn out for the good of them that love God. Glad to know that the mother is also living her dreams.
The broken hedge was indeed a masterpiece.

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by dupsai(f): 8:07pm On Mar 06, 2019
Following ...........

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Niwdog(m): 8:22pm On Mar 06, 2019

Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by MYJIST(m): 8:45pm On Mar 06, 2019

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 9:19pm On Mar 06, 2019
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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 10:20pm On Mar 06, 2019
The Adetulas came back from church and started gisting about how wonderful the service was. The head of the house, Deacon Adetula asked his two daughters one after the other if they enjoyed the service because that was their first time attending Root of David.

“The service was wow Dad. I really had a great time in God’s presence” Ademide, the second child replied her Dad.

He also asked Adeola the same question and she replied him. “Dad, it’s not far fetched, that Pastor David is indeed an anointed man of God. I’ve heard a lot about him in Delta State where I served. I was told he shook the state when he was serving as the NCCF president some years back” Adeola replied.

Adeola was adopted by the Adetula at the age of 5 when she lost her parents to an auto accident that claimed their lives and sent them to an early grave. She was the only child and she was the only one who survived the accident. After her parents were buried, no one was ready among the family members to take her in but they were ready to share the deceased's properties.

The family members concluded on taking her to an orphanage home but thank God, Deacon Adetula who was just an ordinary neighbour was there when the decision was been taken. He told them he’ll adopt her and they gave out Adeola to him without even thinking twice.

That was how Adeola became a member of the Adetula’s family. Luckily for her, her name too carries 'ADE' like the others. Later after she was adopted her surname was changed because she insisted Deacon Adetula gave her his name when she was around the age of 10. So till date most people thought that she’s their biological child. They cared for her like their own.

Deacon Adetula and his wife planned to have four children before but they had to change their decision when Adeola joined the family. So they have just three children of their own. Adedayo, Ademide(only girl) and Ademola.

Adeola is same age with Ademide and they got along so well and shared everything in common. They both attended the same primary school, secondary school, same university and also same course of study, Accountancy. They also lived together on campus. Although, NYSC separated them for a year.

Ademide and Adeola just finished their NYSC. Adeola served in Delta state while Ademide served in Cross River state. They came back home and realized that their family now attends another church,all this happen in the space of one year when they went for service. Infact the first son of the family, Adedayo is also a core worker in the church.

He was the one who introduced the family to the Church. They all attended an othodox church before they joined Root of David Church. The baby of the house, Ademola is an undergraduate, who schooled in one of the universities in the South West.

Ademide and Adeola are both dark skinned, beautiful, average height, though Ademide was a little bit taller than Adeola. They are both 25 years old and single. Adeola never had any relationship as beautiful as she was she never gave any guy a chance. Ademide once had but things got bad because Ademide couldn’t give the guy what he wanted so he left. Ademide decided to leave guys out of her life since it’s hard this days to find a guy that can wait till marriage before having sex.

The Adetula’s are really happy to have their daughters back home. And luckily for both of them, they just got a job. They applied for the job during the course of the service and they were told to resume once they are back from service. So they are to resume on Monday. Adeola got a job with an accounting firm while Ademide got a job in a microfinance bank. Though Ademide salary was not that much but it’s a good way to start till she get a better offer.

Deacon Adetula and his wife are both civil servant, Deacon Adetula works with Lagos State government while his wife who is a nurse work with the state hospital. She also volunteers at the church hospital. They are both in their mid fifties, have their own house, a bungalow. And lived comfortably.

Ademide, Adeola and Deacon Adetula were still discussing about the church when Mrs Adetula called out.

“Ademide! Adeola ……suspend your gist with your Dad for now. I need you two in the kitchen, you can continue your discussion later”

“Yes Mummy” The ladies replied.
They took permission from their Dad and joined their mum in the kitchen.

An hour later, all the members of the family were at the dinning having their lunch. After lunch, the ladies cleared the dinning. After that they went back to the sitting room to join the others.

“Now back to our discussion” Deacon Adetula said when his princesses returned. “You two have to join the workforce of the church. Pray about it and let God direct you on where to serve and function well”

“Yes Daddy” They replied.

“I know you two were fervent in school, so don’t relent because you are now a graduate, infact this is the time to serve God more” he counselled.

“Daddy, don’t worry Ademide and I are Sunday school teachers in our school fellowship. We can take it from there” Adeola said.

“Speak for yourself Adeola, as for me, I’m still thinking about it”

“Thinking about what?” Mummy Adetula cut in. “You served God in school, you now graduated and decided you’ve done enough?”

“Mummy it’s not like that. It’s my first time in the Church, just give me time. That’s all”

“Ok. Let’s give her time. Everyone is entitled to their opinion” Daddy Adetula said. “I think she wants to gather momentum” he said jokingly and everyone laughed.

They went into other discussions and some minutes later the sitting room was empty. Everyone has gone back to their rooms to relax.

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 6:02am On Mar 07, 2019

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by skubido(m): 8:15am On Mar 07, 2019
Don land ooooo.

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 9:06am On Mar 07, 2019
She's back with another story.
I guess this David is the baby boy in the broken hedge that was conceived by mistake.
Things always turn out for the good of them that love God. Glad to know that the mother is also living her dreams.
The broken hedge was indeed a masterpiece.
Thanks sis. You are right about David.
Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 9:09am On Mar 07, 2019
Pastor David was in his church office attending to one of the members who came for prayers on a particular problem bothering her. After hearing everything she has to say, he prayed with the woman and gave her some advise.

He told her he’d like to refer her to the Church’s clinical psychologist because her case needed more of psychological attention than spiritual. The woman agreed, he was still writing the referral letter when the intercom buzzed. He picked the call from his secretary who informed her that her mother is around.

He told the secretary to let her in once the visitor in his office step out. He finished writing the letter and handed it over to the woman. He also fixed another appointment with her to monitor her further. The woman thanked him and left.

One of the reasons why he was loved by many, he always look out for his members. It might not be easy to book an appointment with him but once you are able to get through, he’ll take his time to attend to you.

He is selfless, humble and caring at the same time. One more thing, Pastor David has a rule, he doesn’t close his door when he has female visitors either young or old, his door is always open. And the secretary's desk is directly opposite so anyone can see whatever is going on inside.

The Church has an administrative building with more than 20 offices for the church staff. The full time Pastors have their offices where they attend to members and do their official duties.

An office could contain two or more staff depending on the department while some have a whole office to themselves like the church administrator, chief accountant, church secretary, church professional counselors, psychologists who handles cases professionally because the church realize that the problems is not even spiritual all they need is good counsel or a psychologist who could evaluate problems and help them solve the problem.

Inside the church compound, there is also a standard and functional hospital building. It has competent doctors and nurses. Some are full time staff while some are volunteers.

After the woman left, Pastor David’s mum, Prof. Mrs. Crystal Obafemi walked graciously into her son’s richly decorated office. She’s beautiful even in her mid fifties, tall, fair, elegant, rich and also married to a billionaire husband who was the love of her life. Diamond took after her while David took after his father. Tall, dark and handsome.

Pastor David stood up from his sit to acknowledge his mum’s presence. He hugged her and offered her a sit. She sat on the sofa and her son sat opposite her.

“I saw you this morning before I left the house mum, you didn’t say you are coming. That reminds me you should even be in Abuja by now” Pastor David pointed out.

“You are right, I’m going straight to the airport once I leave this place. I just feel like paying you a visit. I just left the company to see your Dad but he’s very busy having meetings with some investors”

“I know you are not just here to see my face, so what brought you here Mum” She smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t take your time, I know you have visitors in the waiting room. The reason

why I’m here is to call your attention to some things. Since both of us are busy, I decided to make sure to come down here myself.

“Mum there’s nothing you want to say that I don’t know already. This is about marriage right?”

“Right, David look at the reception, most of those who are out there to see you are young girls
and I bet you some are here for something else”

“Mum, I understand you perfectly well, reason why my door is always open incase they have other ambitions”
“You need a wife, that’s the only thing that can curb this ladies. Imagine they won’t take their problems to the elderly Pastors. If you are married things will be different”

“I know mum…

“I know you are still young but with the way things are going right now, you have no other choice”

“Thanks mum, like I said I’m praying about it”

“I don’t want us delaying on this matter, the devil is very subtle and I don’t want you to be ignorant of his devices. You now the story of your father and I, if not for God’s mercies we would have missed it completely” She pointed out.

“I know your story mum. Don’t worry I will get married soon”

“You have good ladies around you, just look out for the best and pray about it. We have sister Prisca the choir mistress, Jane the daughter of Deaconess Oriabor, Rita, Pastor Joel’s daughter. Sis grace, the teenager’s teacher and….

“Mum! He cut in. That’s enough. Infact come and be going, the President is waiting for you in Abuja” He stood up guiding her up her sit gently in a funny way.
“I’m just suggesting this wonderful ladies in case you are too busy to notice them, that’s all” She
shrugged and sat down again. Pastor David took his sit too.

“Really! Mum you should know better. You think it’s every sister in the church that is actually a child of God!” He shaked his head.

“I didn’t say that. That’s why I said you should look for the good ones and pray about it”

“Mum, the church is like an hospital. So many people in the church are like sick people who still needs healing. So it’s not everybody in Church that is a genuine child of God. Like I said, I’m on it and God will fix it. Have a good day my Honourable Minister” He stood up and pulled his Mum up. He pecked her on the cheek and hugged her.

“God will protect you my son”


“ I love you. You know that right?” She said.

“Yes I do and I love you too Mum. Have a safe trip”
He asked when she’ll return from Abuja and she told him. He walked her to the door, returned to his desk and buzz the secretary to send in the next person.


Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 9:10am On Mar 07, 2019
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grin Correct mum!

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Present ma'am


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Seat claimed

Well done ma'am

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one of my best writer on NL has returned with a bomb More grace op

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nice update Toyin well done

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And nobody mentioned me, but nonetheless, am following keenly.

Oya OP hammer us with updates.
Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 8:02pm On Mar 07, 2019
Deaconess Oriabor's Residence.
Jane came back from work and met her mum in the sitting room watching her favorite Zeeworld channel. She welcomed her warmly.

“How’s work today?” Deaconess Oriabor asked her daughter. “Work is fine” she replied.

“Your food is in the microwave. But I’d like to have a word with you once you are done eating” she informed.

“Ok Mummy” Jane replied. She went to her room to freshen up and returned to have her dinner. After eating she notified her Mum that she was through.
“Come here and sit next to me” she said and Jane did as she was told.

“My daughter, how far with our plan. As Pastor David not notice you yet?”

“Mum he hasn’t o, infact I’m tired. If not that I love that Pastor I would have given up. How I wish he could see my heart and see how much I love him.

Even the last time I visited him in his office, I used all kind of body languages but he just kept on talking about spiritual matters. He only sees me as his church member, a worker and a friend, nothing more. No attraction, nothing!” Jane complained.

“Don’t give up my daughter. Nothing good comes easy. See I’m with you on this one.

Who wouldn’t want to be a mother in law to Pastor David. Even aside the fact that he’s a renowned Pastor, he also came from a wealthy and influential family.
A billionaire father and the mother is also the federal minister of health. Do you know the categories of elites that will attend his wedding? Business tycoons, politicians and big big men of God. Jane I can’t wait to be in-laws to that family” She said, expressing her heart felt desires.

“Me too mum, Do you know how much respect I’ll command in the society if I turn out to be his wife. I will have millions of followers on all social media platforms or who will follow the Pastor and not follow his wife. Mum I can’t wait to be a celebrity Pastor’s wife”

“See why you have to press harder”

“Mum to be sincere, I would have given up if not for your support. Pastor David hardly glance at me twice. Imagine, I joined virtually all the departments in the church, so he could notice my commitment and dedication to the things of God”

“I feel your pain my daughter” She said given her a pitiful look.

“What do you think he wants that I don’t have. Church work, I’m always there. Beauty and perfect figure, I have. My mother is even a Deaconess. So what other quality did he seek that I don’t have?” Jane asked no one in particular.

“Patience my daughter, be patience”

“And to crown it all, I have a good job, my own car and everything a lady like me could afford.. I’m not after his money all I want is to marry that handsome, anointed, power filled man of God. I just want to be a proud wife of Pastor David Obafemi!” She poured out.
“You know what, you have to join more departments and work harder. Make sure you attend all the workers meetings with the Pastor especially the vigils” Jane’s mum advised.

“Mum do you think it’s easy to joggle office work and church activities! It’s not, I’m only doing all this out of inconveniency”

“God will strengthen you. And you shall have him by God’s grace”
“Amen o. Thank you Mummy”
She told her she can go and rest because it was already getting late. She also reminded her to call and text the Pastor always.

She has all those access to Pastor David because they are foundation members and their family is close to him before the church grew bigger. Infact Jane and Pastor David attended the same university and she attended Pastor David's fellowship while on campus. So they know each other from way back.

She went to her room and did as her mother had instructed. He called and spoke with the Pastor asking how his day went. After she ended the call, she also sent a good night text message.

Deaconess Oriabor had made up her mind to give everything it takes for her daughter to marry the Pastor. Jane is her last child and she wants to set her in a good home like she did for her elder sisters.

She is one of the foundational members and she thinks she deserves to be the Pastor’s inlaw. Deaconess Oriabor lost her husband some years back, she had four daughters.

Three are married to the husbands she set up for them, rich husbands. All because she doesn’t want her daughters to suffer, forgetting that all that glitters is not gold.

The two out of her three daughters are not really enjoying their marriages, it’s just that the money is just there. So now she’s on her mission to fix her last child too.


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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 9:33pm On Mar 07, 2019
Thanks for the update OP

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 7:07am On Mar 08, 2019
pastor please shine ur eyes oooo op thanks


Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 10:49am On Mar 08, 2019
It was just few days to Father’s day which will be celebrated in Church. Root of David Church doesn’t joke with celebration like Father’s day, mother’s day and children’s day. Also youth Sunday where the youth showcase their God’s given talents.
In preparation for the father’s day, Adedayo Adetula left his office and went to his parents house to meet with his siblings. He parked his car inside the compound and walked into the house. He knocked and Adeola opened the door for him.
He hugged and pecked her on the cheek. “How was your day?” he asked.
“ Nice and yours?”
“Not bad. Where’s everyone?”
“In their rooms” Adeola replied.
“Let me say hi to Dad and mum first. I’ll join you and Ademide in your room” he said and was about to leave when he recalled he left the snacks he got for them in the car.
“Adeola” he called out and she answered. He handed his car keys to her. “I got you ladies something, just check the back seat. The wheat bread is for mum and Dad” he said and left before she could even say thank you.
Adedayo moved out of the house, a year ago when he got his own apartment. He had to do that because he’s preparing to settle down any time soon. He is a good looking guy, cute. He has his own business, he’s into art work and printing. He gets contracts from different companies including telecommunication companies, he handles all their printing job be it banners, bill boards, customizing incentives be it T-shirts, bags, pen, caps, wrist bands and all. Adedayo was really doing pretty well for himself. He assisted his family especially his siblings to the best of his capability and he loved his family so much that he doesn’t joke with them.
Adedayo knocked on his parents door and he was told to come in. They exchanged greetings and he asked after their well being. He asked how well his father is preparing for the forth coming father’s day and congratulated him in advance.
“I hope you fathers we give us rice on Sunday o” he joked.
“We hope so too” Mrs Adetula added.
“You people should relax. We will surprise you” Deacon Adetula bragged.
“That’s what you people said last year and we didn’t take ordinary water not to talk of rice” Mrs Adetula said and they all laughed.
“Adedayo, by next year, you too must be a father o. So bring the person you want to marry home and let’s meet her. Enough of this bachelor's life” his mum said with all seriousness.
“You will meet her soon Mum. Well, I won’t be staying long, I just came in to say hi” he informed. They thanked him for stopping by.
He left their room and went to his sisters room. They thanked him for the snacks. Then they had a brief meeting on what to give their father on father’s day since that’s the norm of the family and they’ve been doing that since childhood. Even though they are still going to give him gift individually, they still have to give him something in the name of the whole family.
“Are we not including mum in our discussion?” Ademide asked.
“She should be here also but she’s with her husband and I don’t want Dad to suspect anything” Dayo replied.
“It doesn’t matter, he knows we are going to get him something anyway. So let’s just call mum to join us” Adeola said.
“Ademide, you go and stylishly get mum out of that room” Adedayo said.
She stood up from the bed and left the room.
“Should I get you something to eat?” Adeola asked Adedayo.
“Don’t worry, I’ll eat when I get home. Thanks”
Ademide returned and informed them that Mummy will join them shortly.
“Will you guys be available this weekend?” Dayo asked them.
“We have a wedding to attend this weekend” Ademide replied.
“That’s true but we’ll check on you when we come back” Adeola said.
“Adeola!” Ademide said and gave her a funny look. “Speak for yourself. Me I can’t come after the wedding o. It will be late already”
“Ok we can’t come” Adeola changed her mind.
“So you guys don’t want me to eat your food this weekend abi. Even you Deola”
“Don’t worry. I’ll come” Adeola promised. Their mum walked into the room. And they went back to their father's day discussion.
“I suggest we buy a gift for the Pastor also” Mrs Adetula suggested.
“All the Pastors?” Adeola asked.
“No o, I said Pastor not Pastors. And I mean Pastor David”
“Mummy have come o, is Pastor David a father. Is it not father’s day?” Ademide tackled.
“Mummy is right and to answer your question he is our spiritual father irrespective of his age and marital status” Adedayo countered.
“Ok o, but for me, I think those who should get gifts on that day are real fathers”
“My friend shut up, I noticed you of late but I just intentionally kept quiet” Adeola said.
“What did I do now?” Ademide asked innocently.
“I noticed you don’t like Pastor David” Adeola said.
“I noticed that too. I told her to accompany to his office last week when I wanted to submit the report he specifically ordered me to write about my take on the standard of the church clinic and she refused. It was Adeola that eventually followed me” Mrs Adetula added.
“Really, you are an alien Ademide. Do you know how many ladies who are on queue everyday just to see him!” Adedayo smiled, shaking his head.
“Please don’t put me in trouble o. The bible says touch not mine anointed. I don’t have anything against him. I’m not just cut out for familiarizing myself with a Pastor” She defended.
“Let’s leave her abeg. How far Mummy are you ready to be a full time staff at the church hospital?” Adeola asked.
“I will join fully when I retire for now I’ll just continue to be a volunteer”
“And Pastor really like you to be a full staff. Mum you know you are really good at what you do” Adedayo said.
“I already explained to him, I want to give my all if I work at the church hospital but for now I can’t because of the nature of my job. Assuming I’m working in a private hospital, I can readily resign but you know how government work is” She explained to her children.
“We understand” Dayo said and his siblings concurred.
They finally agreed on what to buy. Which will cost up to a #80,000. Dayo volunteered to give 50% of the money. Mummy 20%, Ademola and Adeola 15% each and the last born who is an undergraduate and not working was to buy all the wrapping papers for the gifts, so it won’t be as if he contributed nothing. Adedayo left and went to his own house after the meeting.


Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by skubido(m): 11:51am On Mar 08, 2019

“God will strengthen you. And you shall have him by God’s grace”
“Amen o. Thank you Mummy”

Werey re ooo, Awon abatenije.

Stupid Mother.

OP Tanks for the update

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Re: PASTORZONED: A Story By Toyin Taiwo by Ann2012(f): 1:32pm On Mar 08, 2019
Thanks for the update ma'am

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