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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by Bukolaberry(f): 9:49pm On Oct 09
mr Larry I follow you here, if this can have your attention then it's worth it.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 7:18am On Oct 11
I apologize for the delay. My data finished on Friday and I have been trying to get a fresh subscription which I got last night.

Will continue today.

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by Missmossy(f): 1:57pm On Oct 11
Bring it on you are doing well!!!
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by BIGGIE121(m): 8:47pm On Oct 11
in Mr macaroni's voice, what's going on here?? Mr rap Mike you're doing well, I'm really enjoying your story... keep up the flow

we are anticipating more updates pls
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 9:10pm On Oct 11

Emmanuel instantly steered the car off the road, almost colliding with a tree. Francis and Sodiq almost flew out of their seats.

"Jesus! Jesus!!" Sodiq was shouting. Francis looked distressed. What was that about?

He could see those behind the attack gearing up to chase them on three different bikes.

"They have given up on shooting us down. Let's get out of here." Emmanuel said, turning the car around. He just managed to do it on time as the bikes were almost on them.

"Who can handle a gun here?"

Nobody answered. Guess no one can do that at this moment, Francis thought.

Emmanuel frowned as he started to speed pass them. The speed was so much that Francis just managed to catch a glance at the destroyed minivan that the rocket hit. That could have been us.

Soon, the bikes were far behind them, much to the relief of everyone involved. Francis was about asking how a car could out run three power bikes when he heard a thud on the car roof.

"What is that?" Sodiq asked. Emmanuel cocked his gun.

"That's not good." Who could make Emmanuel rooster his gun so readily? Moreover this is a bullet proof car, so they are safe right?

That assumption was shattered with rapid response as the roof of the car was suddenly torn open.

Emmanuel took shots aimlessly at the roof while increasing his speed.

"Francis, take that walkie and call for help now!" There was a walkie talkie in the middle of the car. Emmanuel was still shooting at the roof.

"Emmanuel, what's happening?"

"Just do it now!"

That was the last word he heard from Emmanuel as he was lifted off the car and thrust out.

In came a being of iron.

"Where is the flash drive?"

Francis was too scared to answer him.

"Its with me! Just stop the car and let him go."

He looked at Sodiq. You really want to take the fall at this point?

Funny enough, the being took the bait and stopped the car. Francis immediately flew out of the car with the walkie.

"Please whoever this is, I need help. Help me!"

He turned to see Sodiq been snapped into two as the being in iron started to chase him.


He was almost on him when a rocket hit the being, sending him flying.

Francis turned towards the direction the rocket came from.

About eight people with various war gear looked at him.

"You are Francis Olisadebe, right?"

He nodded slowly, not sure of what to expect.

"Emmanuel told us about you. You are safe with us."

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 1:26pm On Oct 12
Somewhere in Banana City, Nigeria

"You failed us!"

Zero looked at all of them, eyes ready to send them blazing. What can I do to teach this guys a lesson? The f*ck up must be dealt with.

"I needed the flash. Just a common Flash Drive!"

"Two was there....."

See this idiot sha!

Zero slapped Four with such fury that his jaw cracked.

"And so what? How many of you were there? I even had to recall One from his mission for this! Do you know what failure entails?"

One spoke up. "Zero, all hope is not lost. There is a tracker on the flash drive, we can raid them and pick the flash."

"But that will be too late! They will have all the plans and schematics for the coup! Do you know how long it has taken to do this? Do you know what we have lost? You all will be dead by the end of today."

"What shall we do about Eight and Ten?" Five asked.

Who is this idiot?

"I don't care! Kill them if you......."

"Don't rush in deciding what we do about our assets, Zero!"

My Lord!

Everyone suddenly bowed, Zero in front of the rest of them. I don f*ck up in front of my lord! See Wetin this idiots don cause!

"Apologies, my lord. I had no idea that you were around."

Colonel Mohammed looked at Zero.

"You must not use your anger to destroy things that took years of planning, Zero. We still have a use for all of them. The rest of you, dismissed! One, stay behind."

They walked out, heads slumped.

"What's our causality count?"

"We lost Three and Nine. Ten and Eight are in critical shape. The rest are okay."

"Good! We did not lose too many people."

Really? He looks calmer than I expected. Was waiting for a slap.

"But my lord, the flash drive....."

"Forget about that for now. The Dragon Core have it now and to retrieve it is worthless since they will know everything anyway. We have only one option left. Which is why I told One to stay behind."

Okay. What's happening now?

"What option is that, my lord?"

"I have waited five years for that title. I can't wait any longer. Tomorrow, there will be a meeting of every member of the Lion Core. General Salisu will be there, with all the council members and their squads. I have a difficult task for three of you. "

Oga, we be two oh!

"Three of us? There is only One and I."

"Take it easy, Zero! I will bring the newest member of your squad, your new Two."

Eh? New Two? I don't like this.

Zero turned his head to the back and saw nothing. Which kin joke be this?

"Where is the new Two, my lord?"

"Two, show yourself."

From the shadow behind Colonel Mohammed, someone stepped out.

This man has hired a spirit call. To do this means only one thing: This is a life and death mission.

"My lord!"

"You know what this means, Zero. We cannot fail in this, do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"They will not expect him. You and One are to eliminate every squad member outside the hall. He and I will take care of the rest. "

Wow. That quick? Truly, its the only way none of our heads roll but...

"Yes sir."

"Secrecy is the horse in which this mission rides. If we can succeed, I will be Lord in truth."

One spoke. " What's our mission sir?"

Can't you decipher?

The Colonel turned to him. "Hope you are smarter than that? Since you asked, I will spell it to you. We are destroying the Lion Core!"


Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 8:57am On Oct 13
Chapter three

10:00 am
Somewhere in Nigeria.

"You are awake."

Francis rubbed his eyes. Is this Emmanuel?

"How are you feeling?"


"At least you can recognize me. That should count for something."

Francis mind was in a haze. Various images flew through his mind.


"Yea, I heard. Its a shame, he was a good person. Can be stupid, but a good man."

He felt his pocket. The flash drive was still there. He dragged it from his pocket.

"Take. This is what Sodiq died for."

"Sodiq died for it and you. "

"Don't attempt to blame his death on me."

"I am not. However its true. Francis, you are far more important than this flash drive."

"What do you mean?"

"Later. Gain your strength first while I send the flash drive to the appropriate quarters."

Francis laid down to rest, but his mind still buzzed. How am I more important than this damn flash drive? This time yesterday I was just working as an usher. How did I get to be point of been hunted? What's happening, really?

He did not know when he dozed off, but he saw a nurse come to check his vitals. Emmanuel seemed to be appearing and disappearing.

He woke up by 3pm, a headache running through his head. He took a sip of water and then stood up.

The door opened with Emmanuel coming in. A man of striking ebony skin and stocky build followed him.

"Seems you woke up earlier than expected." He turned to the man. "This is him."

The man eyed Francis. "How much does he know?"

"Nothing. You did tell me to keep him out of the loop as long as possible."

"True. You have done that well enough. However, that time is over. The enemy will change strategy once they failed to pick the flash drive. We must prepare."

He walked to the exit door. "Good work, Two."

"How much must he know?"

"Everything if possible. Don't rush him though."

"Yes sir."

As soon as he left, Francis faced Emmanuel. "What does he mean by 'everything'? What don't I know?"

"Don't be impatient. Can you walk?"

"Yes. I am not crippled. "

"Then follow me. There is a place I need to take you to."


Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 8:03pm On Oct 14
Francis walked slowly, managing a slight limp as Emmanuel walked out of the room, passed various hospital wards and then got to the janitor's room. He then waited for Francis.

"You sure that you can move?"

"Yes. Don't mind the limp, I can move well. Only don't expect me to run."

Emmanuel then turned to a wall and pressed it firmly three times. On the third time, the wall moved.

"After you." He beckoned on Francis.

Francis walked cautiously, his mind floating towards ritual killing. The tunnel was dimly lit with light bulbs near enough to illuminate everywhere, but far enough to mask details.

Francis walked through until he got to the end of the tunnel and into a huge hall.

The hall was lit with a thousand florescent bulbs, each bulb giving a white light. On the floor was a big map of Nigeria, with various markings. Around the maps were different names. Francis could see Akanji, Ovie, Usman and Anyanwu.

"Welcome to the hall of Lords!"

He turned back and faced Emmanuel.

"What is this?"

"This is the hall of Lords, heroes and guardians of our very own country."

Francis sneered. "What made them heroes?"

"They stand between chaos and order in this country. Basically they are the invisible hands that control the economy and government, making sure that nothing spirals out of control."

"With brute force?"

"If necessary. Otherwise, with diplomacy and secrecy."

"Simply put, they are godfathers."

"That's an understatement. They are not just lazy men who collect money from their minions. They fight for the people and are the reason why we are not at war."

"Have not seen why they are useful. Poverty still ravages everywhere."

"But it could be worse. Tell me, have you forgotten the second civil war?"

Francis kept quiet. Truly, the second civil war was ten years ago, still very fresh in memory. Even though he was spared the worst of it as someone staying in Lagos, he did see a lot of deaths.

Deaths that include his mother.

"They ended the war?"

"They are the invisible forces behind the end of the war."

"Who are they exactly?"

"Ex-Generals, heirs of Political dynasties, sons of ancient gods. Great Business magnates and chiefs. But they are all in danger."

"From who?"

"Those who attacked us. One of them."

"How does that now concern me?"

Emmanuel walked to a wall and pushed it. It opened.

"Your answer is inside."

Francis entered, noticing the name the wall bore was Anyanwu.

Inside, there were faces of various people. Men and women, grandly adorned and with strong faces or dignified looks, decorated the hall. He kept walking.

When he got to the end of the hall, he saw a man with a unique chain on his neck. Something about that chain immediately spoke to Francis.

He remembered the chain. His mother always made sure he wore that chain, claiming that it is the way he will find his father. He removed the chain he had woren all his life.

It was the same chain, branded with the word ANYANWU.


Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 9:40am On Oct 15
Francis remembered his mother's words.

"One day, this will bring you home. To your father."

Only that home seems to be a battleground and his father seems to be non-existent.

He walked out of the tunnel.

"How long did you know?"

"Quite a while, actually. I was told to keep it secret, which I have done up til now."


"We never thought we will need to reveal it. Moreover, the Lords seemed okay with it."

"So where is my father?"

"He is dead, unfortunately. He has been dead for three years."

"But you knew him?"

"Not really. My rank does not allow conversations between us."

"So what am I now?"

"You are our hope. You are the next in line to be a Lord."

"Why? Why am I so important?"

"The Anyanwus were always among the most powerful of the Lords. At times they were the most powerful, controlling all the elements and stabilizing the forces of nature. But too much power in the hands of one person can be dangerous, even if he is a saint."

He walked towards the exit of the hall. "You can guess what happens when someone becomes too powerful."

Francis knew. He had said it before. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

"So who stopped him?"

"All the other Lords and their subordinates. After that, no one has risen to that rank ever in the Anyanwus. You are the only one left."

Francis breathed heavily. " So why now? Why drag me from my secure position of ignorance and put me in the line of battle?"

"We did that because someone is trying to become an Anyanwu again. Someone is planning to be an Overlord. Thats what the flash drive contained: all the schematics and plans for the destruction of the Lord System and the rise of an Overlord. Thats why they were after the flash drive. If they succeed in their quest, the country will be left in chaos. Thats why we need you. You may be the only one that can stop him."


Re: The Usher By Rapmike by QueenBeeHive: 9:56am On Oct 15
op fire on

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by aprilwise(m): 3:23pm On Oct 15
It's getting interesting. Thanks for the update
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 7:45am On Oct 16
Emmanuel leaned towards him. "I know this is much to digest, so I will leave you to think about it. Don't take long though."

Francis found a seat and rested his legs. He had feared that he will fall down.

"I will be waiting for your decision. "

"Do I have a decision to make?"

"Yes. We cannot continue without your permission. "

"I understand. Can I be alone?"

Emmanuel nodded and walked away.

Francis did not seat for long. Rather he paced around the room, studying the drawings and the names around the room. He noticed other columns with the names of the other Lords and also noticed that they could not be opened.

Maybe they need only respond to their kind. His eyes then gazed on the Anyanwus column.

Consciously, he pushed it and the column gave way, opening up the tunnel for him.

Francis walked down the hall, looking at the large paintings and smaller pictures of the Anyanwus.

Is this where I belonged? He remembered how Emmanuel always called him king, even though he was a mere usher. He remembered a conversation they once had, far back before the flash drive.

That morning he and Sodiq had argued about when they will 'make it'. As young men, they had joked about the cars they will drive and the women they will carry. Emmanuel was looking at them, shaking his head.

"If na only Sodiq dey talk this thing, I no go dey surprised. But you, Francis, you are bigger than this talk. You don't know your worth."

Sodiq went on the offence, accusing Emmanuel of looking down on him while proclaiming that his time will soon come.

Yea, his time came indeed, but it was not the time he expected.

However, he asked Emmanuel what was so special about Francis. "No be ordinary usher e be?"

Emmanuel replied. "He is a king. Kings don't behave like common folks."

Since then, Emmanuel always called him king whenever the opportunity arose. He also told him that one day he may have the chance to make a change.

If I chose this path, will it make a change?

He walked out of the hall and into the tunnel back.

His walk this time was more assured and shorter. He met Emmanuel at the end of the tunnel.

"I will join under a few conditions. "

"Okay. What are the conditions?"

"First of all, I will be in charge. I can't be a figurehead Lord."


"After all this, I must have my chance to change this country."

Emmanuel smiled. "Is that all?"

"Lastly, everyone must tell me the truth. You, your boss, everyone. I must not be kept in the dark."

"Fine." The dark man appeared from no where.

"So when do we start?"

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by Missmossy(f): 12:38pm On Oct 16
Let’s go there Francis for president grin keep it coming rapmike more inspiration and strength to you.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 8:47am On Oct 17
The next morning
09:00 am
Somewhere in The Island, location unknown

He watched as they walked inside, totally oblivious of what was about to happen. In as much as his head was steady about the mission, his heart still went out to them. They die due to lack of knowledge.

He and One had taken the whole of the previous day to plan the attack. He was to take out the 100 elite bodyguards, all with the same level as One. One had to take out the rest.

Of course this was going to be impossible initially. This was made more difficult when Colonel Mohammed told him that he must not use his Zero gear. Without those, he was far less than he is. But the Colonel's warning was poignant.

"This has to be seen as an outside attack. Even I will be seriously injured in order to deflect blame."

"But people may notice that both I and Zero were absent." One protested.

"Sure, I will give you guys pseudo missions to do. Luckily, the news about the flash has not gone out. I will use that as a ruse to excuse you guys."

That did not help the matter. Zero thought about it for hours with One and found no way they will kill up to 200 elite men without their certain death.

Until One opened up a possibility.

"They will eat, right?"

"Yes. They will certainly eat early, before the meeting."

"What if we dosed their food with Tetrahex?"

"Tetrahex? That's the lowest of lows man. Moreover, where will we find that?"

"Finding it is not the problem. Using it is. We have to work on our schematics quickly. Luckily for us there is only one place they can eat in the Island and we have unlimited access to the place."

Zero nodded grimly. Tetrahex was banned and rightly so. The drug hallucinating abilities were legendary, but it had a side effect of making those who used it to be more accurate with their attacks. Of course with the right camouflage, they will still end up killing themselves, but the risk of getting killed was high.

That said, no one cared at that point. This was the only plan that gave them the hope of complete victory. That's what he needed.

They had eaten at 06:00am. Of course the drug kicks in within an hour and can last at least 6 hours. One has the task of killing the remaining 200 left. The Spirit call will kill off the main guys in the conference room.

Zero waited. The Colonel had told him to wait until its 10:30am before starting the attack. He touched his com.

"One, are you ready?"

"Yes Sir."

"Don't mess your side up."

"Same here. May fortune be with you."

"You too. Stay alive for me."

"Same here. One out."

Zero smiled at himself. He needed to do that.

He peeped through his binoculars. The meeting had already started.

He watched idly from his vantage point. The Island was so remote that nobody outside those in the know knows about this place. But the good side of that was that unless you had explored the place previously, you cannot know the good hiding spots.

It was 10:25am. He got back to One.

"Guy, are you ready?"

"Yes. You know that you don't need to worry about me."

"Yes, I know. But let me worry."

"Lol. Don't get soft on me. See you at the end."


Zero came down from the tip of the rock he hid. He quickly took a sniper shot at the security room.

The bullet pierced through the window and released its sharpnels, killing everyone in sight.

He then ran it.

Its now or never.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 8:31am On Oct 19
Zero quickly unlocked the door.

The first person to go was the receptionist. He had known her for a few years now and had nothing against her.

She stood up to attend to him but before she could utter a word, Zero ended her with a shot from suppressed pistol he held. He then moved to the stand and checked the security feed available to the reception stand.

Two in the first floor, fifteen in the second and Thirty in the third. Zero looked for the others but he could not find them.

He moved into the elevator and went to the first floor.

As the elevator door opened, Zero ran in, taking quick shots at the two men on the floor. They dropped down dead. As he entered the elevator to go to the second floor, he saw some men walking in from the next room.

He ran quickly towards them, using his pocket knife to cut two down on their throats. The third pulled his gun and fired.

The sound of the bullet reverberated throughout the floor.

Zero had dodged the shot and fired one of his, dropping the man. However, as soon as the man fell, Zero suddenly found the room full of men.

Quickly, he jumped backwards, baiting the men to follow. As he got into the previous room, he quickly set C4 charges on the door and moved backwards, cocking his gun.

As the men came out of the room, Zero started to shoot at them, using the bodies of the dead as cover.

The gun battle continued for a few minutes, with Zero taking down three of them while he had received some bullet wounds. As the last of the men walked past the door, he detonated the charges.

The blast took the men unawares, killing most of them. Zero quickly stood up and shot the few that were still alive. His clothes were stained with blood.

He changed to one of the uniforms that the other bodyguards wore and walked towards the elevator.

Once inside, he set charges on the sides, out of view of any person who was not inside. He then used the elevator to get to the second floor.

As soon as the elevator door opened, he staggered out.

"There are enemies on the first floor, help is needed."

Most of the bodyguards looked at him as he staggered towards them. These ones are not gullible.

"Stop there!"

He was halfway between the elevator and their location.

"Why are you here? The instructions were to kill anyone that stepped into the complex or die trying. " One of the guards asked.

"I came for backup."

" You have your communicator for that."

Sh*t! He has been found out!

"You cannot deceive us. Shoot him!"

As the bullet rang out, the bodyguard leading them fell down.

Zero quickly brought out his pistol and took out two of the others while his mystery ally engaged them in hand to hand combat.

With their attention divided, Zero was able to cut down the rest. However, his ally was already dying.

As he walked towards his mystery ally, he quickly reloaded his gun. When he got to the man, he removed the headgear that they wore.

It was Ten.

"What are you doing here?" Zero asked in confusion.

"Long story, somehow found out about your plan. Go finish it up, Sir!"

Ten smiled as his body drifted into numbness. Zero quickly took the elevator, aware of the charges.

He moved from floor to floor, finding dead bodies on each floor. As he got to the top floor, he met One.

"Whats happening? Why are you outside?"

One spat out blood. "I am not looking good, Zero. Go in and finish it up."

"One, don't die on me. Don't!"

"Come on, don't tear up now. After all, I am not dying. "

Zero then left him and opened the conference room.

Everywhere was littered with dead bodies. He spent a few good minutes to observe the carnage.

As He walked to the end of the room, he saw Colonel Mohammed laying on a pool of blood.

He hurried to his side.

"My Lord! My Lord!!"

The Colonel turned towards him. "How was your end of the deal?"

"We settled everything, sir."

"Good." The Colonel sat up. "Now blow the alarm and leave the rest to me. Get One out of here."

As Zero moved out of the room, he pressed the alarm, signifying an attack on the Lion Core.

He gave a shoulder to One as they got to the elevator and exited the building.

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by aprilwise(m): 11:41am On Oct 19
This is mission possible. Thanks for the update
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by favourtioluwa: 4:28pm On Oct 19
Wow!!! thanks for the update

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