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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by enirock(m): 9:17pm On Nov 03, 2020
See as better things go dey follow you now and always. Thanks for the mention dear. Rapmike carry on. Mohammed wants to alter the history of the land by becoming an overlord, but he does not know Francis, making him think two(emmanuel) is the dragon lord. Fire down bro. We await more updates.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by Khriztarl(f): 2:32pm On Nov 04, 2020
Should i tell 'Anyanwu Munachi Francis' that he's a lord in 'the usher' or i should hold my peace. Coincidents are really funny to me. LOL. Oga Rapmike carry on.
Ann2012. Prudysara.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 2:52pm On Nov 04, 2020
Should i tell 'Anyanwu Munachi Francis' that he's a lord in 'the usher' or i should hold my peace. Coincidents are really funny to me. LOL. Oga Rapmike carry on.
Ann2012. Prudysara.

Lol. Just be reading.

Will hopefully update it today.

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by Ann2012(f): 7:17am On Nov 05, 2020
Should i tell 'Anyanwu Munachi Francis' that he's a lord in 'the usher' or i should hold my peace. Coincidents are really funny to me. LOL. Oga Rapmike carry on.
Ann2012. Prudysara.

Thanks for the invite dearie
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by PrudySara(f): 9:10pm On Nov 05, 2020
Thanks for the mention dearie..
Should i tell 'Anyanwu Munachi Francis' that he's a lord in 'the usher' or i should hold my peace. Coincidents are really funny to me. LOL. Oga Rapmike carry on.
Ann2012. Prudysara.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 9:40am On Nov 09, 2020

Francis laid on the floor, motionless. His strength had been beaten out by those thugs wjo claim to be men. His body may have been numb, but his mind was fuming.

He did not bargain for this. He had clearly made his terms and they accepted. Now that black guy called Ksenga decides to violate his body, even remotely shutting his mouth.


Francis turned his head to see who was calling him. There was nothing, just pitch darkness.

"Come now."

"Who is there?" He managed to say.

"Crawl your way to me."

Above him, a little red light shone. He could feel its warmth.

Francis did not care what it was. He was sure it was calling him. Slowly, with all the strength he could muster, he dragged himself towards the light.

"Yes, come to me. Come, let me show you who you are."

Slowly strength returned to him. Francis managed to push himself up and walk slowly towards the light.

"Good, good. You are showing who you are. The strength of the Anyanwus cannot be beaten down."

He was now close to the light. As he bent down to pick it, the ground gave way.

Francis tumbled and rolled until he landed on a pool of water.

The Lake of Recognition.

Francis tried to swim up, but waves of water kept dragging him down. As he struggled, he heard the voice again.

"Relax. Allow the spirits to lead you. "

Obeying the call, Francis abandoned all struggle and sank slowly into the water.

Suddenly he found himself flying through space, seeing constellations of stars. In the middle of it, he stopped.

"Welcome, Francis. We have been waiting for you."

"Who are you?"

"We are you or rather you are the culmination of all of us."

Francis heard all the names, from the first Anyanwu down to the last. All the leaders and wizards and tech gurus.

"Your presence here is key as the pages of history is about to turn again."

"Don't trust Ksenga!" Another voice spoke harshly. "Keep your instincts alive and awake. Beware of the Shivites!"

"Who are the Shivites?" Francis asked.



A female voice then spoke. "Let me show you then."

The background changed to the capital, Abuja.

"The Shivites were immigrants from Niger Republic. Their lands were destroyed in the cataclysm caused by a meoter hitting the Earth from the Sun. Thats why most of the Northern part of Nigeria is a barren wasteland with no water."

"You did not know that too?" The other voice spoke.

"Keep quiet Chinedu! I am explaining to the lad. We took them in, fed them and picked those of extreme talent to work under us. It was the same for other clans."

"But it was not enough. They kept wanting more and when we refused, they activated their plot."

"They knew how to use the ancient artifacts we had hidden for years. Now, some of them went into the Crimson Desert despite our warnings and stole the Horn of Chaos."

"They knew how to activate it."

"What is the Horn of Chaos?"

"He does not know about that, too? What do they teach them?"

"Quiet, Oscar! The Horn of Chaos is the ancient instrument we used to bind the greed and selfish demons that has plagued Nigeria since her birth."

"And they blew it?"

"Smart lad."

"Yes, they blew it, on the last Anyanwu to rule. Thats what led to the end of our clan."

"But that was not their target. Their target was the Horn Of Distortion."

"Why? What is the Horn of Distortion?"

"Its the horn to change the course of Destiny. It was what gave us authority and with it, they can claim what they truly desire: the right to rule."

"We will leave you soon. Beware of Ksenga, he is a Shivite! They are all watching you now. From now on, you are a Lord. Act like one!"

"We will be speaking to you from now on. Goodbye, Francis!"

The trance disappeared, Francis walking out of the water , everyone bowing down to him. He could see a frown on Ksenga's face.


Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 9:59am On Nov 09, 2020

Plus all my old fans.... I have forgotten your names but i cherish you guys.

Please, I will try to update here from Monday to Friday because of personal circumstances. Thanks for understanding.


Re: The Usher By Rapmike by enirock(m): 10:08am On Nov 09, 2020
He went into the pool as a boy and came out a man(royalty). He has been confirmed an Anyanwu, and has the spirits of his forebears to guide/direct him in the mission ahead. I guess he would seek out the history of his people now.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by Ann2012(f): 6:43pm On Nov 09, 2020
Thanks for the update Boss
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by silverlinen(m): 6:49pm On Nov 09, 2020
Oh ooo Rapmike
I dey enjoy this flow
Why you drop very nice interesting text na
Am taking you to the literature court
For capturing my interest and attention
You're the man
Love this

Re: The Usher By Rapmike by silverlinen(m): 6:51pm On Nov 09, 2020
Why are you like this
Why you capture my attention like this now
Am taking you to literature court
For capturing my attention and focus
Thanks man... you're the bomb

Re: The Usher By Rapmike by bigbauer(m): 8:42am On Nov 10, 2020
Thanks for the update Rapmike, though I wasn't mentioned.

A quick one, do you know that we've come to a point in life where you either kill or get Killed? check this thread out

Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 9:21am On Nov 10, 2020
Thanks for the update Rapmike, though I wasn't mentioned.

A quick one, do you know that we've come to a point in life where you either kill or get Killed? check this thread out


Seen it.

Will contact you when I am ready.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 10:24am On Nov 10, 2020
Chapter four

Somewhere in front of the Niger.


Zero and One woke up from sleep. They had reached this point exactly 10:00pm two days ago. Yet they had been reluctant to move forward.

They had reason to be.

"Are we moving now or do we wait for another day?"

Zero looked at One, whose eyes were a constant shade of black. How will they accomplish their mission?

"We have to move. The more we wait, the more reluctant we will be."

"Lets see if the weather favors us."

One walked to the bathroom, bare naked and closed it to shower. Zero smiled and walked towards windows adjusting the River and beyond it, the desert.

"The weather seems friendly on the other side."

"Then we go."

Zero walked towards One, delivering a kiss.

"This is not the time for it. Lets wait until we return."

"We may never return. But you are right, this is not the time. "

"Your dick says otherwise." One said, bursting into laughter.

Zero ran towards the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later, they were at the entrance of La Continental.

"Itz dangerous there. Why will anyone want to go into that desert?"

Zero looked at his host. "The weather is good today."

He snorted. "The weather is fickle. You and your friend knows nothing about this desert. Even if the weather favors you, the air is always thick and stuffy. There are few means of getting food and fewer means of getting water. Plus the beasts......"

"We are well informed of the dangers. Thats why we have this." He lifted a rifle.

"A sword may serve you better. Most beasts jump from nowhere. You may waste your bullets on hallucinations. "

"It will be fine." Zero said as he entered the Ford Jeep in front of him.

"Au revior, Mo ami!"

Zero waved at him as they drove off.

The bridge was the last sight of civilization they saw as they crossed into the desert.

"Now we are truly on our own." One said, sounding ominous.

Zero kept quiet as they drove on. True to word,the weather changed.

"Rain clouds. Hope it will not rain blood."

Zero quickly found their first stop, a cave big enough for their Jeep.

As they entered the cave, the rain started and it was red.

Zero came down and lit a fire.

Then they realized that they were not alone.


Re: The Usher By Rapmike by enirock(m): 11:57pm On Nov 10, 2020
This horn of distortion must really be powerful, if it has led these agents to a desert 'crying red water'. Thanks for the update.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 10:21am On Nov 12, 2020
Creeping out of the shadows,eyeing Zero with red, malicious eyes was a rabbit.

A cute little rabbit.

"Awwn! What is such a creature doing here?" One said while cocking his gun.

"Don't be stupid, One! This is no mere rabbit."

"I know. We can't advance carelessly. I say we stand where we are and keep watching it."

"No. Whatever it is, its not friendly. The sooner we get rid of it, the better."

"What if we are in its house?"

"It dies then."

They began to advance towards the rabbit cautiously, watching it for any sign of trouble.

Once they were close enough to catch the rabbit, it made an ear piercing scream.

From the depths of the cave, rabbits started to pour out. Hundreds of them.

"Zero, lets get out of here!"

Zero quickly retreated and entered into the car, starting it. One was not so lucky, as he was forced to shoot off a few rabbits tearing through his clothes.

"One, lets go!"

Zero attempted to move the car, but the ground was muddy, therefore the car was stuck.

Zero tried to move out, but the rabbits were fast and were already tearing through the door of the car, chewing the glass like it was a piece of paper.


Zero began to shoot wildly,then from no where, a thick smoke came into the cave. The rabbits quickly fled, leaving Zero and One alone.

"One! One!!"

Zero broke the car door and came out, coughing and using his hands to search blindly for One.

"Don't panic, am here."

Zero looked up and beyond the smoke and saw One with a smoke bomb.

"Nice thinking. How bad is your injur......"

He looked at the person again. This is not One.

"Who are you?"

"I am Ali Azim and I am the owner of the cave you are staying."

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by idmicheal20: 3:17pm On Nov 15, 2020
Hmmm,I'm enjoying your story.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by Bukolaberry(f): 9:58pm On Nov 15, 2020
so loving this, thanks for the update and mention.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by Ann2012(f): 4:35am On Nov 16, 2020
Well done OP
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 10:29am On Nov 16, 2020
Zero scanned around for One and found him on the floor,wringing in pain. The stranger moved towards him.

"Don't touch him!"

"Fine. But he would die if I don't get to him now."

Zero eyed the man. With his previous experience in the desert, he could not trust anyone. But One seemed to be in trouble.

"Fine. But if I notice anything dubious......."

"You can kill me and watch your friend die."

The man moved towards One and undid his clothes. Zero watched as he brought out an ointment and rubbed in the areas where One was bleeding.

"What was that thing that attacked us?"

"Those are the Beserker rabbits. "

"Beserker what?"

"Rabbits. At least that is what we call them. Your friend could have died of a thousand bites and infections if i did not arrive."

Zero watched as One stopped wringing and started to breathe easily.

"But he is safe now."

"Oh yes, he is safe. But I will advise that next time, you get a fluorescent lamp rather than fires. Fires attract all sorts of creatures."

Zero stood up. The rain had stopped.

"You also need treatment. For your leg." He moved towards Zero and applied the ointment.

"What is in that?"

"This? Its a combination of strange herbs found only in this desert. It is a real blessing. "

"Those rabbits....."

"Live deep inside the cave and were attracted by your fire. They can be quite delicious if caught and killed but otherwise, they can kill you. Smoke is good in driving them away."

He brought out his knife. "Now i have to eat my dinner. " He walked towards a sack and opened it, bringing out a two headed deer.

Zero was curious. "Are all the creatures so malformed?"

Al Azim smiled. "You new here? There is no normal person in the desert. Even humans that live here are a tad different. But its still habitable. "


"Yes. Don't be fooled by its reputation. There are a few places where you can get drinking water as pure as anything in the cities. Game and herbs are always available to cook, so what else? The dangers though are many. What brings you here?"

Zero eyed him. How can he trust this stranger?

"We came looking for some artifacts."

"Oh, archeologists! But you look like fighters not people concerned about the past. Anyways, if I don't know what you are looking for, I can't help."

"We will find it on our own. Thank you for your offer."

"I see. Good luck then. But I will be sure that you will return back here soon. It is difficult to find rare objects here, especially those of divination. If you need any help, you can always ask me."

"Will it be too much to ask for a map?"

Zero turned and found One sitting up.

"How do you feel?"

"Like a thousand needles operating on my body. Who is he?"

"You still need rest, my friend. The ointment is still weaving its magic in you. And yes, I can give you a map but I have my price."

Zero eyed him again.

"What's your price?"

"A rechargeable lamp."

"Thats all?"

"Yes, thats all. I can charge for more, but you guys will need all the help you can get."

"I won't mind some of this medicine as well."


"He isn't wrong. You will need a few things as well, knowledge on what to avoid and what to eat, the creatures in this area and so on."

"We have one here." Zero drew out a guide he had brought.

"Then why didn't you know about the rabbits?" He cocked his head. "That guide is outdated, you see. Things change very rapidly here and a place that was once safe can become a death trap in hours."

"So what are you taking for your knowledge?"

"Actually, nothing. I have too much here already. When will you be leaving?"

"Tomorrow. As soon as possible."

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by idmicheal20: 11:25pm On Jan 28
OP, long time no update. how are you doing ?
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 1:13pm On Mar 01
"Fine. I will be gone before you wake up. It is always profitable to start early here."

Zero walked towards the car and brought out two rechargeable lamps. "This is your price." He gave Al Azim. "Where is what you promised us?"

"Such haste for someone who would leave late." He brought out three small bottles. " These are the same ointment that I applied on you and your friend. Use them wisely."

He then brought out a small pile of papers. "This is my personal guide. It will be difficult to read but then I have this." He brought out a stash of little red books.

"You sell them?" Zero asked, looking surprised.

"Of course. Don't think you are the only ones that come here. Various people come here. Young couples looking for dangerous adventures, criminals looking for where to hide, government officials trying to reclaim land for the people, high class assasins working for their lords looking for relics." He eyed Zero in an uncomfortable manner. "Various people for various reasons. But they all need this book." He gave one to Zero. " Now our transaction is over, will you care for some meat?"

Zero wanted to reject his offer but his stomach rumbled loudly, betraying him.

"I take that as a yes." The man skinned the deer and walked into the cave with the lamp. Few minutes later, he came out with a brazier filled with hot coals.

"This is how we cook in this desert. This way, no troublesome creatures will show up." He started to roast the deer.

Zero was trying his hardest to stay awake but his eyes felt like they were lifting the world and soon he slept off.

It was bright and sunny when his eyes resumed their job. One was cleaning the ash of the deer.

"You are up, bright and shining." He planted a kiss on his head.

"I thought I will lose you."

"Well, am here and well. In fact stronger than I thought I ever was. Wonder what was rubbed?"

"His book will reveal.... Where is the book?"

"It's here." One came close to his chest and planted another kiss, this time on the lips.

"One, I don't want this. There is no..."

"But your dick says no. Come on, just a quickie."

Zero pushed him off. " Stop! Don't you realize that we are in the open?"

One stood up, almost angry. "Fine. You could as well clean up. There is a lake at the right side of the cave. Inside right I mean."

Zero stood up and noticed how clean One was. " How did you know?"

"Al Azim showed me. He showed me more than I ever thought I knew." He walked towards the cave.

"One, where are you going? Don't leave me alone...."

"Really?" One turned and Zero could see tears in his eyes. Of hurt or anger he could not tell. "Go bathe. You don't need me for that anyway."

Zero wanted to hug him there and then, but he knew that there was no time. He stood up and walked deep into the cave.

The cave was deeper than he thought. He managed to find where the hot coals we're from and soon came to the lake.

Twenty minutes later he came out, feeling refreshed and clean. One was already packing up.

"You are already set?"

One gave him a loathing look. "We don't have time, right? Let's be fast and get this done with."

Zero dressed up and caught up with One, who was already out of the cave.

The desert continued seamlessly although it was broken by a few signs of life: a groove here, a pool of water there. There was also mirages everywhere.

We could be here for a year and still make no headway. Zero thought. He watched as One kept reading the book and observing the area. He is hurt and angry. I should know that by now.

"We are supposed to find the Grand Seer at the pass of Hara Dur."

"Which is......?"

"Far from here." He stopped so that Zero will catch up with him. "See? We are here and the seer is there. We have to pass a forest and a waterfall before we get to this valley. Then we turned left and meet the seer."

"Did Al Azim tell you this?"

"He told me to tell you. He also claimed that you will reject me and make me regret knowing you."

"So that's what your sexual move was about?" Zero was rolling his eyes. "I never thought you....."

"It does not matter. We have to get to that cave by nightfall. I won't want to be visited by snakes."

"We don't have time! Are you forgetting we are on a schedule? The Dragon Core......"

"Can wait all they want!" One threw the book at him. "Take it and go. I wouldn't stop you from your death!"

Zero tried to hold One but he had stormed off, not looking at him. Great! Now I am alone.

He quickly took the book and picked up the pace. If it took him to enter a forest and a waterfall, then he better hurry up.

Soon enough, the forest appeared before him, it's luxurious green leaves an unsolved puzzle. Zero tore off a chunk of meat that One had shared and walked more hopefully, chewing up the meat.

By the time he got to the forest, he was too tired to do anything. He found a strong tree and climbed on a branch, preparing to sleep.

A hissing sound cut that plan from his mind.
Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 1:14pm On Mar 01

Plus all my old fans.... I have forgotten your names but i cherish you guys.

Sorry that I have been out for long, a lot happened that affected me personally.
I am back fully and will try to update here from Monday to Friday because of personal circumstances. Thanks for understanding.


Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 5:42pm On Mar 02
Zero faced upwards and saw a snake charging down at him.

Like literally.

He quickly rolled out of his position, deftly landing on nearby branches and dodging twigs. He landed quickly but saw the snake raising it's head to strike. As he waited for his inevitable death, an arrow struck the eyes of the snake, causing it to coil in defence.

He turned and saw a man in the shadows.

"Do stand quickly and move before the snake recovers."

He recognized the voice but was too much in a haste to get away to ask questions. He followed the shadowed man and got to a cave.

In the cave, he met One over a brazier, cooking meat with the man; Al Azim.

"Why do you seek death so quickly, my friend?"

"It's none of your business." Zero fumed. He hated looking like a fool.

"Maybe I should just left you to be eaten, after all you will spend a week in it's stomach before you died. Maybe your friend would have rescued you."

"If I cared."

"If you cared?"

"Yes. After all, you did choose to go on your own. Did you care if I died?"

"One, that's not......"

"That's the truth! You rushed to your death like a fool. Do you think I don't know that we are working against time? What do you take me for? I know our mission and how important it is. I also knew what it means to be alive and be loved, something you seem to forget."

Zero felt truly sorry. He had been hasty about everything without looking at the bigger picture. Even if he got the horn, it was no use if he or One died.

"Am sorry."

"Good. Because we are moving tomorrow morning. Hope you still have the book?"

Zero searched for the book and found it in his back pocket. Opening it, he searched for the snake.

"That's the Karagoon you are looking for." Al Azim said, showing him the snake. "It is a huge and utterly wild snake, with it's skin as tough as iron. The only weak spot is it's eyes. That and acid it seems."

Zero was fascinated." You said that I would have been in it's belly....."

" For a week, yes. It digests most of it's victims for a week, slowly churning them while they are alive. Mind you the insides are as tough."

"You can only kill them by driving a stake to it's eye and holding it down. That way the snake can't coil around it's wound and you will be able to pin it down." One said.

Zero laid down. " We are safe here, I guess?"

"Yes. We are safe here. But tomorrow, you two will be on your way to the seer, yes?"

Zero nodded as One brought a chunk of meat.

"Dinner. Eat and sleep. Tomorrow, we may get a ride."

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 1:58pm On Mar 04
Zero woke up with a start. Just like the other time, Al Azim was gone. One was grilling some meat.

"You are awake. Good. We have to move "

Zero quickly stood up and dusted himself up.

"Any spring here?"

"No, unfortunately. I do have a plan to get past the forest quickly but I will need your help."

"You do have my help and anything else. One, I am sorry for behaving that way previously."

"Accepted. Only don't take me for a fool again. I know the urgency we came with; I also know the dangers in this desert. There are a lot of unnatural creatures and plants here."

One stepped out and walked towards the forest.

"What's your plan?" Zero asked.

"Trust me. Here take." One passed him a big chunk of meat. Hold it but don't eat."

Zero held it gingerly, wondering what One was about to do with it.

As they got to the entrance of the forest, the snake came out of nowhere.

Zero moved away quickly but One stood at a spot. The snake ignored One and chased Zero.

"One, do something!" Zero shouted as the snake chased after him. One jumped on the snake and quickly brought out a stick.

"Drop the meat!"

Zero dropped the meat like hot coals and leaped away from it. He watched as One used a string to draw it towards the snake until it hung just above him.

One waved at him to hop at the back of the snake, which was trying to coil itself upwards.

Zero hesitated for a minute, then he ran towards One and climbed on the snake.

"This is our way through the forest." One said as he moved the stick towards the forest, the snake following through.

They passed through the vegetation of the forest quickly, with little time to observe the area. Zero could catch the scent of leaves and weird animals: monkeys, other smaller snakes, spiders and other creatures. All of them looking strange and different.

Soon enough, they were out of the forest. One jumped down the snake and flung the meat back to the forest. The snake chased the snake, dropping Zero.

"Sorry for the landing. Now we press forward."


Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 2:10pm On Mar 05
Please if you are following my story, use the comment section.

or at least give a like or two

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by Asiseeit: 3:52pm On Mar 05
We're following bro. Give us plenty hot updates and we'll advertise the story free on NL

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by silverlinen(m): 8:13am On Mar 07
Omo iya mi...... nothing do you
Just dey give us as e dey hot
I dey with you....Mafo

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 7:36pm On Mar 09

A room in the Dragon hall.


Ksenga paced up and down the place. How could this happen, how could he have allowed this?

He remembered the sight, Francis drenched in water, eyes smoking out red and body giving off steam. His slightly frail body gone, now imbued with a more physical and powerful body. Everyone, including him having to bow down to him while the Lake kept changing colors.

" He was not suppose to be there!" He screamed at the frightened guards. He wanted to kill them, send them to the underworld quickly.

Francis stopped at that, using a cackle of his tongue to halt any move he wanted to make before diplomatically asking him to forgive them.

Francis is now a Lord and Good heavens, almost a god! It was not suppose to be like this!

His plan was to keep Francis in there for the time being until he could extract his essence: hair, blood and skin in order to start the preparations for the ritual that he planned. Once Mohammed got the horn of distortion, they could finish up and become the new Lords.

Emmanuel threw spanners into that by telling Francis of his heritage. Even at that, it could have been salvaged. He wanted to work him to the ground and one day kill him as part of a general hunting exercise. The assailant won't know who he is and will just apologize, something he would forgive easily. Or he could have just killed the man, making sure that there were no loose ends.

Now all that is inside the fire!

He had to make an excuse to get out of here and get to Mohammed.

"Sir, there is a meeting sir!"

He turned to see a junior officer behind him.

"Lord Francis wants all the squad leaders in the auditorium. Now!"

He felt like slapping the idiot. Commanding him that way. He could, but thought against it. Only God knows what Francis must have been told in that lake. Those old hags would have told him everything. Last thing he needs is Francis following him about.

"Go! I will be there."

The junior nodded and departed.

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Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 9:05am On Mar 15
He quickly wore his uniform and walked out.

The auditorium of the Dragon core was foreboding, with it's black paint looking like it was scorched by dragon's breath. Despite that, it was always cold.

As it was now.

Everyone was seated, including Francis. Instead of his novice clothes, Francis was decked with the splendor accustomed to a Lord: Red on black attire with golden chain attached to the top of the shirt. On his head was the better with the star signifying his rank. Same star was on his right breast pocket.

"I called you all to talk about the arrangements for my induction. I have heard that the Lion Core Lord was killed in his hall a few days back." He paused, looking at him. "I don't intend on that happening here, therefore I plan to make changes."

"Alfred, you will be in charge of the recruitment of squads from now on." A gruff man nodded in agreement. "Marcus, I have been told that you are the best in creating new tech in this Core and maybe throughout the whole Cores. I need an upgrade to what we have in the armory."

He faced Ksenga squarely. " Ksenga, you are the most recognizable figure in this Core. I need you to meet with other Core Lords and the leader of the Lion Core. You will meet them on the pretext of reestablishing diplomatic relations."

"What will be my true mission?"

"Find out about their military strength and weaponry. I need not to tell you that you must be subtle about it. I leave the details to you."

"Emmanuel, you will be in charge of my personal guard."

He stood up. "Dismissed, everyone!"

As Ksenga stepped out of the auditorium, he smiled. Francis has given him the chance he needs.


Re: The Usher By Rapmike by rapmike(m): 12:38pm On Mar 17
He was still smiling when Francis walked towards him.

"Ksenga, follow me."

The abruptness of his summons surprised him. Have I been found out? He hurriedly wiped the smirk off his face. Trouble may be brewing.

Francis walked out of the building and into the field. Watching as servants watered plants and groomed the garden facing his apartment. He sat on a bench and beckoned Ksenga to do the same.

Ksenga sat there, expecting an accusation. Instead, Francis kept watching the servants for an hour.

Then he turned towards him.

"Do you know why I am now a Lord?"

Ksenga did not reply but he was tempted to say that he was lucky. His blood brought him here.

"Things are beginning to heat up around the Cores. It's not only the Lion Core that has lost it's Lord."

He has heard already? Ksenga had received the reports early that morning and had told the messanger to keep it to himself. How did he get to know?

" I saw the coup in my dreams and the next morning I intercepted a message bringing the news to you. Someone is shaking things up everywhere. War may break out, both among the Cores and in the country. Your people may be in danger."

" The Shivites?" How did he know where I came from. Oh, he would have my data book.

"Mistrust is a dangerous weapon, Ksenga. Emmanuel once told me that the Lords ended the second civil war. I don't want a third, but if a war is to start, I want it to end as soon as possible and I want us to win. Do you understand the gravity of your mission?"

He nodded.

"Remember, we are to act friendly. Some of these Cores will want to snoop around to know more about us. Give them as much as possible, without exposing us. Then use your squad to find out what and what they have."

He stood up. " I have instructed Marcus to give your squad some nano-cams to help you in your mission. They can be left behind for us to find out what is happening." He shook Ksenga and dragged him up, drawing him to himself.

"I am trusting you to deliver, Ksenga. Don't fail me."


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thanks for d updates

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