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Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by jbk6789: 7:05am On May 16, 2009
The Pitbull & Rott Can Both Kill Somebody If They Happen To Lose Their Tempers.
But For All Of You Who Say Pitbulls Are Just Dangerous,Rotts Are More likely To Attack Than Pitbulls.
Pitbulls (were) bred for bull baiting(pit-BULL). And they were also bred for fighting other dogs. People made sure that the pitbulls were not human aggressive. People made sure that they werent human aggressive because they needed to handle the dogs in order to break up the fights. Who Would Want To Handle A Human Aggressive Dog?
NOBODY! So They Bred The Human Aggressive Traits Out Of The Dog. However, They Made Sure That They Bred For Animal Aggressiveness. This Was Because They Needed the pitbulls to bring down bulls and fight other dogs. So The aggressiveness that pitbulls have is only towards animals & NOT humans. However Some pitbulls might bite people, they are not usually full blooded pitbulls. So Maybe People Should Read More Facts And Not Opinions Before Making Any Statements smiley
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by bcakez: 5:56am On Jun 21, 2009
Okay so far I have only seen a few people who actually show any form on intelect.
I own a pitbull, she was a pound dog so I have no idea if she was abused in the past or not so I was taking a risk with it not knowing her history. The reason I got this dog was because she was going to be put down and I couldn't bare to see this sweetheart have her life cut short. My pitt is the sweetest most affectionate dog I know. I have a German Sheppard as well and when they first met they did infact get into a fight but NO the pitbull was not hard to manage, all we had to do was separate them and they were fine, never going after eachother again. Nither of them got hurt and they were easy to break up after the scuffle. It wasn't serious at all. BELIVE IT OR NOT the pitt was not the one to start the fight either. It was the Sheppard feeling territorial. My pitt has never shown any aggression twards a human and she even sleeps with me every night. I love this dog so dearly and I have no fear of her ever. She is a powerful dog and she could be dangerous from the looks of it but she is the most gentle dog and loving! She doesn't growl or even bark. I adore this dog. My dog was easy to train and a great protector of me and my family. It all goes to show you, not all pitts are full of agression.
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by watermb1: 4:26am On Nov 10, 2009
ashric your a slowpoke. The rottweiler has the most powerful bite out of ALL dogs, you clearly don't know your facts.


Also a pitbull was never bread as a fighting dog you idiot. It was the most popular family dog in the world up untill the late 70's, eairly 80's when dog fighting became a popular sport and then got put into there temperment which is why when you buy a pitbull you HAVE to ask your breeder about there temperment history.
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by danny1990: 1:50am On Nov 13, 2009
One cannot say taht a pittbull or rottweiler is mor edangerous than the other. there are numerous factors to take into account. if anybody has researched into the history of the rottweiler they would know that they were once used as war dogs during the time of the roman empire. sure the pitty has a more tenacious crazy nature, but the rottweiler is a great deal heavier and has a great deal more muscle behind it. the pitty is bred for fighting, but at the beginnings as i have said the rottweiler was bred to rip out the throats of warriors with armour and shields. however it comes down to how the dog is raised, and at the most basic level which dog has the greater desire. if u look at nature, usually in animal fights its the heavier animal that wins. but again its down to the heart of the animal, and both dogs should be respected as potentially lethal animals. and yes pitbulls are much harder to train than a rottweielr, but the rottweiler, particulary the males can pose a problem throughout its life if not well discipline as due to its size it will constantly chanllenge the alpha male for that role so yea, be ware.
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by watermb1: 2:10am On Nov 13, 2009
Danny your a fucking slowpoke too, rotties were used as herding dogs, not fighting dogs lmfao
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by vianooo1(f): 10:20am On Dec 22, 2009
bcakez, i agree with you to some degree , A dog acts on how u train them. they know when u really love them they can tell. But sincerely a pitt bull has the tendecies to be more violent than a rot.The jaw is stronger and bits harder, but the rot is faster and barks as warning before attacking, only a few,barks and attack, they are both proud and determined dogs. My lahsa is a small dog, one would think its harmless until u get to close.She has injury in one cased by my boyfriends rot but she did me proud by getting his ears, Dogs are what you train them to be.espaecially as puppies.
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by progress02: 6:45pm On Feb 20, 2010
i need rottweiler urgently
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by vercetti(m): 5:13pm On Feb 23, 2010
No dog is dangerous, its the owners and circumstances surrounding the dogs that make them dangerous. What makes rots and pitbulls seem "dangerous" is their strength and build. These dogs were purposely and selectively bred to fight. Thats why they are sturdy and mean looking.
A mongerel or african basenji (local dog) can also be dangerous, the only problem is that they arent strong enough to do much damage.
If you bring up a rot or pitbull in a nice peaceful home, it will most likely grow up to be a nice dog, get the drift.
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by missrott: 5:48pm On Mar 03, 2010
this is my rott as a pup and how she is now. she is the perfect pet and so easy to handle as opposed to my boxer that is incredible difficult to handle due to the way he was brought up before i had him form the rescue.
neither pitbulls or rottweilers are capable of hurting a person without reason, well trained dogs wont hurt people even with a reason.
a dog is what you make it so if you want a dog as a weapon thats what it will be but if you want a good family pet then they can be that too.
any dog is capable of killing someone but when a small dog bites someone they will just laugh it off but on the rare occasion a big dog bites someone its all over the news giving that breed a bad name.
neither dogs were bred to hurt people as pits were bred for bull baiting and pit fighting other dogs and rotts started as guarding sheep from wolves etc then used to pull carts.
its forums like these that usually provoke the 'no my dog could kill yours' arguement
im not a biased rott owner but i think that pitbulls are much harder to train than rotts but the rotts jaw has 3x the power of the pitbull so both must be owned by owners dedicated to thier training.

Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by missrott: 5:51pm On Mar 03, 2010
and now at 10mnths

Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by bxg(m): 11:28pm On Mar 03, 2010
i tink u can find d answer 2 u question here http://www.petsdo.com/blog/top-ten-10-most-dangerous-dog-breeds
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by kellz16: 4:18am On Apr 23, 2010
firstly, i think rotti's are more dangerous, i own both, while rottis have the strongest bite per square inch , pitts teeth are like scisors and are meant to shred, they're both powerfull breeds and raised rite they're both amazing and loving dogs, ppl get breeds they do not research and do not understand, too many ppl get these breeds and dont kno wat to expect they are 2 different xtrems in terms of breeds,
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by mtafolla2: 11:22pm On May 02, 2010
pitbulls r the best dogs ever i own 2 and theyre harmless, it depends alot on the owners how they act. heres a pix of one of them hes the sweetest loyal dog ever.
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by mtafolla2: 11:35pm On May 02, 2010
1 of my babies, he is pure breed ukc american pitbull and hes the most loveable dog! hes harmless and yes hes huge but he wont hurt any1 or any other dog.

Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by platinumnk(f): 6:09pm On May 03, 2010
unless your pitbull or rotweiller are puppies
I am not coming over.

I have a pomeranian.
LOL hes harmless though he likes to think hes a guard dog tongue
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by kryius: 7:08am On Jun 01, 2010
heh your all idiots to stay on topic for a min both dogs can be very dangerous but so can any dog ever that has a mouth big enough to actually do any harm it depends alot on how the dog is raised and still they could be mean if they are super inbred just like unbred humans they can get a little messed up in the head i do not know alot about rots besides they are used alot as gaurd dogs because they were bred to be a bit more aggressive toward humans but i do know for a fact that pure bred pit bulls are not naturally aggressive toward humans because they were made to fight other dogs they were bred to not be aggrissive toward humans because at dog fights the opposite dog owners would wash the dog that their dog was going to fight to make sure that the owner didnt oil its skin or anything back in the 1800s pitbulls were quite larger dogs and bred to be put in a ring with bulls to fight for entertainment they would also tie up bears and let the putbulls fight them as well since then they have been bred down to be smaller dogs that are aggressive toward animals but if raised with other animals then they will not be aggressive towards them they are infact very smart dogs and if you retards would do any research at all you would find out that they are one of the most decorated dogs alive they were used in WWI and WWII for search and rescue dogs they have been in movies they were used to help find survivors in the murah building boming in oklahoma city they were also the number 1 dog used ti find survivors in the world trade center attacks on 9/11 if you dont believe me then look it up!!!! it is mostly their owners that make them aggresive that and if they arent pure bred then they can become slow i have owned a pit for years i got it at the age of 5 from my brother it was raised with a 8 year old child that would ride it around pull its ears bite its tail hell the child probably got curious and stuck his finger up the dogs ass and it never once got irritated and bit the child he was also in a house with a newborn baby the only way he could of ever harmed either of them was my licking them to death he was never aggressive at all ever he was a very hyper dog when you got him outside he would run and run and run for hours but would come straight back to you if you called for him i was only around the dog 2 or 3 times when my brother owned him but he had to get rid of him so i willingly took him cuz he was an awesome dog when i got him he took to me very quickly never once was he aggressive he loved every person in the world i had him for bout 3 years he stayed outside when i had him i caught him with other dogs in his dog house even a freaking racoon he never killed anything accept maybe a bug that he layed on the only thing dangerous about him was his tail it would kinda hurt that and he scared the shit out of you when he was running at you cuz he was every bit of 120lbs but he would stop and turn around as soon as he got to you i had to give him away to a friend that never in his life met the dog i wasnt at home at the time when the guy got there and my pit was barking and growling at him as any big dog owner would want you have them to protect your property and he was good at keeping people out of the yard but and soon and i got there the man came up to my pit and pet him a little to get a feel for the dog and he loaded the pit up in the cab of his truck gave him a little water and drove off and to this day has never given the owner 1 bit of trouble other then he eats alot the pit is about 10 years old now and is still a big ball of energy but i and i would take any todler over to him right now even in his old age and let the kid ride him around the yard so please you retards dont tell me that all pitbulls are the devil and are murderers because they are not bred to be aggressive toward humans any size shape or color all though black people do scare them if they arent around many because dogs see in black and white and they look kinda funny but they wont hurt them so the next time you see on the new that another ppitbull ripped some little girls arm go go see for your self if its a real full blood pitbull cuz i can almost guarentee that its not!

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Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by Strong420: 7:41pm On Jun 02, 2010
All of you peoples are aguing over stupid things. Cops use Rotweilers for a reason. Pitbulls are more agressive and are bread to fight lions, Rotweilers are the more calm and obediant version, get a Rotweiler and it will care and protect your family. i used to have a pitbull, every time i went by it's bowl it would growl and bite me.
Rotweiler: Dangerous but can be trained. animal planet will give you the facts.
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by maxtum(m): 8:22pm On Jun 02, 2010
NL's who has a pure breed Rottweiler puppy for sale? My location is Lagos and can be reached via email jummy609@yahoo.com. Thanks all.
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by tottixzx: 5:55am On Jul 16, 2010
i have a pitbull well trained!! once a lessrepect guy let his german shepherd to attack my pitbull, my dog i trained him not to bite but when the other dog bit him he got pissed and started to fight him back and he killed him, and on that day i dont know what happened to my dog he started to be fierce and attack any dog! and he attacked a rottweiler and killed it ( after that the owner of the rott complained and they took away my pit and i dunno what they did to him cry i wish if i can see the owner of the german shepherd again), well as an experience and what i read pitbull vs rottweiler the rottweiler might be stronger but just if the rott has more weight and taller but if both of them are the same i dont think so, and there are 4 types of pitbulls, the strongest which i had called maximus he is really huge and very very muscular i think he can kill the rott so easily! and that what happened and here a pic of my dog

Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by xreal: 7:34am On Jul 16, 2010
Nice thread. Well, when I was young, I had a TERIBLE experience with a rot, which made me see them as devils not until I owned one, rots are cool. I think it depends on some factors in which it was bred.
I'm realy in love with the breed now.
May I say this: I describe a dog as dangerous if it attacks the person who feeds it and/or its immediate neigbours (animal/human).
It's normal for a rot to attack strangers.
ROTS AINT DANGEROUS~~~~ maybe pitbulls are.
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by Shalomcapa(m): 1:22pm On Jul 17, 2010
Great thread,
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by Rottbull: 8:01am On Jul 18, 2010
Seriously people you are blameing the dog?better yet a breed? The dog is called mans best friend for a reason, it's cause they are they most loyal animal. If you raise your child violent will it be violent?apsolutely. If you raise your child nicely respectfull and kind will it most likely be that way?yes! Why is a dog diferent.I personaly believe rottwielersand pittbulls are the best dogs on the earth. Mans best friend would do anything for it's owner aka it's hero. You make it fight it will fight for you till the death. I have been around these dogs my entire life never been bit by nothin but a chiwawa. It's how you raise the dog so it's on us people. Are the dogs capable of damage yes. But if you raise them to not be violent they won't be.you have these dogs and you need help these dogs are hot on it.they will give there life to save a lo ved ones.believe it! So stop blaming the dog blame the one who,neglects it,beats it,trains it to be violent, starves it, and blame the dog cause it will do anything for it's owner and there owner says fight I dought you people have even had these dogs no you see pitbulls fight on the news it's caused they were raised by the owner to fight! It's a simple concept to get. Don't judge the dog. Cause if they band these dogs. People will find another breed to make fight intell all dogs are ban. So instead of ending the breed and the dog fights. If you disagree research it.once again it's the OWNER not the DOG!
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by ccollins(m): 1:28pm On Jul 18, 2010
Simply get a pure breed dog and train them properly.just that i get annoyed with this rots and pitts when i hear of them attacking and injuring a human being
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by chi6: 12:44am On Sep 24, 2010
i dont know much about pitbulls, but my family has always had lots of rottweilers even when we where kids and never did any of them ever attack anyone. they are the most sweet cuddily and loyal dogs i have ever seen or owned. i have a chihuahua now and he is way more mean expecially with kids then any rotti i have ever come in contact with, everyone needs to stop believing what they hear, and dog can be vicious if they are trained to be
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by Akjerry(m): 1:10pm On Sep 24, 2010
SORRY OH!! If u want to try a deadly dog dnt go to a pit bull nor a rot go to a street local dog and be sure 2 die of rabies
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by Squirty(f): 6:15pm On Nov 03, 2010
I am one year away from collecting my degree in animal science and the fact is that both dogs are dangerous. They both have the properties to kill just like many other dogs do. They both have fatal bites and are both very strong dogs both mentally and physically.

Rottweilers are instinctively guard dogs, they are the most loyal, protective, obedient and also calmest breed of dog along with German Shepherds-fact. Which is why police use them. Rottweilers are not fighters they are protectors, their nature is to protect their pack (family) and are willing to kill those who bring danger. But they will not spontaneously attack unless taught to do so by the leader of their pack (owner).

It's in a Pitbull's nature to fight which stems from the natural instinct of hunting and needing to fight for their survival as they are small dogs, but they have a deadly bite and a muscular frame to their disposal. This does not mean that all Pitbulls will attack, like all dogs Pitbulls are loving to their pack but are by nature factually more likely to attack randomly (even someone from their pack) purely because of their survival instinct, even if their owner has not raised them to do so. Which is why Pitbulls are banned in the UK and many other places and Rottwielers are not.

All dogs have different characteristics, the way a dog behaves is not purely because of the way they have been baught up. Some dogs are guard dogs, some dogs are retrievers, some dogs are herders etc, different breeds of dogs do naturally behave in certain ways. But it is up to the owner to control these behaviours whether it be to emphasise the behaviour such as retrieving or control a behaviour such as guarding, and if an owner does not properly take action to make their dog a happy, healthy, well behaved, obedient dog then that is where these natural behaviours show up in unwanted ways and cause these ridiculous attack stories where the poor dog always draws the short straw.

Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by Boomer288: 3:14am On Dec 08, 2010
You people are fucking stupid. Neither dog is deadly nor dangerous, An owner makes a dog. Btw for you retards Th pitbull passed the national temperment test with the highest percentage, 83% You lab is more dangerous then a pitbull ha your all gays.
Re: Pitbull Or Rottweiler: Which Is More Dangerous? by DeGenius3(m): 8:57pm On Dec 08, 2010
well having done some research online, i discovered that the pitbull is he more dangerous. you have to see how that dog behaves.

the rottweiler is also dangerous but cannot be compared to pitbull.

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