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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Amauche147: 3:44pm On Nov 16
Nice one Op ....keep it coming
Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 8:00pm On Nov 17
"Take care and see you tomorrow" then he hung up.

The next day was a very busy day at the office. Dapo-Davies had called me earlier, on which I had told him that I won't be free until 4pm.
At about 4pm almost every staff were still busy before their desk, the company was handling a new project, which kept us working late into the evening.
At a point, I was already stressed out, then I knew my meeting with Dapo - Davies won't be possible, because I really needed to go home and get some rest. I took my phone and messaged him.
"Sorry, I am still quite busy at the office, don't think I would be leisured today.”
In few seconds he replied.
The next day was a weekend, which was quite convenient for me.
"Tomorrow is fine by me.” I replied.
Getting home, I collapsed on the sofa tiredly. Tutu dashed out of the bedroom curiously, expecting to see me with a luggage.
“Lola how far?”
I stared at her in silence, looking quite sleepy. She shook my hand playfully.
"Lola answer me nowwwwwwww........... I thought you and Dapo- Davies scheduled to meet today?”
“Tutu, I had to reschedule.” Sounding so tired.
“Why nowwwww......?”
“We were very busy at the office, today was really hectic. I just have to come home and rest.”
“Sorry about that, so what's the new plan?”
“We plan to meet tomorrow.”
“That's better, at least being a weekend.”
I sat upright on the chair with a frown on my face. Tutu sat very close to me and teased me.
“Lola why are you complaining? You wanted a job and you have gotten one.”
I whined like a child.
"Tutu leave me alone.............." then I lay back on the sofa to catch some rest.

Déja-vu lounge was a very calm relaxation environment , I sat opposite Dapo-Davies as we were having a table talk .
My plan was to see him briefly, then proceed to aunty Ella's store to spend the day with her.

About an hour into our discussion , I got so engrossed in the topic that I became so relaxed with Dapo-Davies compared to the previous time that we met .
He didn't talk anything intimate, rather we discussed the economy state of the country. I observed that he didn't like to talk much, he only briefed his questions while he listened to me shared my opinion. Suddenly, he paused, and gave a half smile.
"Unbelievable." That was all I could mutter deep inside of me.
For the very first time I saw Dapo-Davies smiled. I was close to ask him why he smiled, when he spoke.
“Tell You what Lola, I was never wrong about you.”
“How do you mean?" I asked.
He leaned forward in his chair and poured some more wine into my glass, he settled back and smiled again.
“Lola, let's leave that for another day.”
“But I want to know.” Sounding quite curious.
“Ok, I promise I’ll tell you, but first tell me more about yourself." I shrugged childishly.
"I won’t tell you anything, until you tell me yours.”
My childlike attitude cracked him up with laughter that I couldn't believe he could laugh that much.
Suddenly, he rose to his feet and moved closer to me.
“Let’s take a walk.” He said.
Offering me his hand, he drew me up gently. He carried the two glasses of wine in his hands.
“Have yours.” he gestured.
I collected the wine and said
“Thank you”
then we walked side by side as we strolled away .

About few hours later, his car came to a halt right before Aunty Ella' s store. Immediately Dapo-Davies stretched his hand to the backseat and brought out a shopping bag.
“Here you are, your little gifts from the state.”
I smiled coyly.
“C'mon Lola, they are all yours.”
Then, I got the bag from him.
“Sincerely, I wasn't expecting this, but all the same thank you.”
I said.
"You are welcome, and thank you too for coming around, you really made my day.”
I put my bags together to take my leave.
“Hope to see you soon.” he said.
“Alright, see you soon.”
He watched me as I got down from the car and the moment I shut the door, a slight smile quivered on his lips, then he waved me .
As I walked into Aunty Ella's store, she hailed me in her usual way.
“L for Lolly..........don't tell me you are the one that got down from that exotic car.”
I laughed it off, then settled on the chair.
she continued.
“Lola , you are really looking fresh, it shows you are really living life to the full, while you totally forgot me.”
“Noooooo........... Aunty Ella, you know I would not do that, office could be very taxing sometimes.”
“I understand......... Anyways let's put that aside. I know Tutu hasn't bought any exotic car, so who was that?”
Giving me a doubtful look.
“That was Dapo - Davies now.”
“Same Dapo - Davies?”
“Of course the same one.”
“Really, do you guys still see each other? Or..............are you now dating?”
I glanced at her quizzically.
“Not at all, we simply hung out, and that was all.”
“Ok ooooo......." She mumbled.
A wig attracted me, then I got up to take a look. Afterwards , we had talked at length before I left her store.

Few time has passed by, Dapo and I have known each other better and become more comfortable with each other. Very often, he called me to say hi, and some other times he requested that we hung out.
We became so free with each other, and we were simply good friends.

It was a Thursday afternoon that I had little to do at work, so I closed from the office earlier.
We had just two days to Tutu's birthday, I wondered what plan she had this time, since she always loved to mark her birthday.
As I Alighted from the cab, walking towards the gate, I bumped into Mimi and Sharon.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 7:00am On Nov 19
As i alighted from the cab, i bumped into Sharon and Mimi.
A warm smile bloomed across their faces, looking quite happy to see me.
“Hi Lola!”
Sharon greeted opening her arms to hug me.
I hugged her then Mimi. They Stared at me admiringly.
“Lola long time, you are really looking fresh.”
“Everyone says that.” I replied with a beaming smile.
“How was work today?” Sharon asked.
“We are actually in a haste, we will see you some other times.”
“Ok Byeeee……..."
I opened the door and stepped into the living room , Tutu the birthday girl was sounding so bright as she conversed on the phone. I could hear every of her conversation, because the phone was on speaker. I put off my shoes and sat on the rug. She winked at me indirectly saying hi. Then she continued.
“Michael, we are just three. Mimi, Sharon and myself .”
The male voice came from the other end of the phone.
“So what about your best friend?" he asked.
"You mean Lola?" chuckling so much.
"Lola will never follow me to the club, have always told you she doesn't socialize.”
I gave her a very keen look and whispered. "Stop it........."
She chuckled really hard this time, that Michael had to ask .
“What was that about ?”
“You know what Michael, Lola just came in now and she is sitting right before me, you know you guys haven't met, so I want you to speak with her .”
A very serious expression settled on my face.
“Ok, give the phone to her.” Michael requested.
With no other option left, I put myself together.
“Hello Lola!”
"Good afternoon sir!"
"How are you doing ?"
“Am doing great and you sir?”
“Sure I am fine, Tutu had told me few good things about you, and I must say that, am pleased to speak to you today.”
“Same here.” I replied.
“Pardon me if am asking for a favour the very first time of speaking with you.”
I smiled because I already knew what he was about to ask.
“Go on sir am all ears.”
“I will like you to join Tutu for a dinner, just to mark her birthday, Will you do that for me?”
Tutu leaned forward eager to hear my response, but I paused for a while before replying.
“Ok, I will.”
Immediately, Tutu gave a broad smile.
“I really appreciate that.” Michael said.
“You are welcome sir!”
“Hope to see you soon Lola.”
“See you soon too.”
Tutu who didn't bother to take the phone from me since it was on speaker, spoke out loud from her seat.
"Thank you sweetheart! talk to you later.”
The phone disconnected.
Tutu already knew that I was coming for her, immediately I dropped the phone, she turned her face away trying to hold her laughter.
"Tutu" I called out sounding very calm and serious.
She burst into laughter.
“What is wrong with you?"
“Nothing” She shrugged.
“Nothing, and you decided to mark your birthday in a club.”
She cut in.
“No....no... no, Lola don't get it wrong. 'D SPARKS' is a very big place with different section, they have the lounge, the restaurant, the bar, then the club. But, the club is the most visited. And that’s why a lot of people believed that it's majorly a night spot.” She explained to me.
“So where do you plan having the dinner?”
“The restaurant of course.”
My face lit up a bit, suddenly sounding quite disturbed.
“But ......”
“But what again Lola?”
“Tutu, I won't be comfortable with your sugar daddy at the dinner.”
She giggled at me.
“Lola, would you ever stop being like this. Ok if you really want to know, Michael isn't going with us. It’s an all-expenses paid dinner, he only booked a table for four and that’s Mimi, Sharon, You and I.”
My face lit up again
" That’s okay by me." I muttered.
Saturday came, Just in the blink of an eyelid. Tutu and I were still in bed before we were woken by the sound of the doorbell. A very big birthday cake was delivered to Tutu, along with it are several gift boxes all from Michael.
She opened the gifts one after the other. While she admired every bit of it.
Finally, the evening came. At about 7pm, the driver who was sent down by Michael was already waiting for us. We planned to pick Mimi And Sharon on the way since they lived quite a distance away.
At about 8.15pm, we finally arrived at "grin SPARKS". We all ordered for different menu as we wished, the restaurant really wined and dined us.
One of the staffs walked up to our table sounding very polite.
“Good evening gentle ladies !”
“Good evening.” We all responded.
Please, your all expenses paid dinner covers every section of ‘D SPARKS’, if you want more entertainments, you can proceed to our VIP club , you are free to order for drinks they have all been paid for.”
Tutu nodded.
“We will do that later” She said.
“Alright, and please enjoy yourselves.”
“Thank you!" We all responded.
Few minutes later, Tutu turned to me and asked.
“Lola what do you say? should we go to the club?"
I stared at her feeling quite reluctant, then Mimi persuaded me.
“C'mon Lola, you just heard the staff said, the ‘VIP CLUB’ definitely it can't be crowded. Because I know you are trying to avoid some rowdiness.”
At that point, I didn't want it to look like I was depriving Tutu to have fun on her birthday, so I agreed to go to the club.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 6:00pm On Nov 19
Approaching the club floor, I could feel the vibes of the naija jamz, the D. J was pretty good.
As we were ushered into the VIP room, we took our position and settled down.
Tutu Immediately placed an order for us which we were served in few minutes.
I politely sipped my drink and tried to relax myself while I observed the environment. I sighted an upper-class section tagged VVIP.
Suddenly, Mimi stood up and began to give some nice dance steps to the cool naija beats, Tutu stood up and joined her. Sharon and I watched them dance for a while as they were really entertaining us.
playfully, Mimi drew me up to join them.
“Oh no.. no....no.. Mimi, I just can't dance like you.” I held back.
“C' mon Lola, this isn't difficult just do as I do.”
Knowing that people were not around us, I got up and began to follow Mimi' s dance steps.
They hailed my name as I was really dancing well.
Shortly, a wait staff walked up to our table holding a wine bucket chiller.
“please, a gentleman at the VVIP asked me to bring this to your table.”
We were all mute looking at him since he didn't direct his message to a particular person.
Then he went further.
“Sorry, he said I should give it to miss Lola”
Immediately, I drew back in surprise.
“Me? I don't think so, maybe it's another Lola.”
Without waiting to confirm, Tutu collected the wine, and admired it.
“Oh my God! This must be a very costly wine.”
I cautioned her, then turned to the wait staff.
“Young man, actually am Lola, but I don't know anyone around.”
The waiter pointed to the VVIP.
“The gentleman is seated up there.” He said.
I raised my head, trying to see who the person was, suddenly I muttered heavily.
Then I caught my breath.
They turned to me and all asked in unison.
“What is it?”
Looking awe-stricken, I whispered.
“That's my boss .........”
The three all looked up to take a glance at him. While Tutu asked curiously.
“Is that Captain Wole Coker?”

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 9:00pm On Nov 19
The three all looked up to take a glance at him. While Tutu asked curiously.
“Is that Captain Wole Coker?”

That minute I didn't reply, because I was lost in so many thoughts. After a while, I nodded gently. Tutu covered her mouth trying to hold back her laughter, then she started.
“Lola see, you don't have to hide, your boss just sent a wine to your table, It even came along with your name, obviously he saw you clearly.”
She tried to pull my legs.
“He even saw you dancing.” She added laughing out loud.
Her action left a frown on my face. It took a while before I spoke.
“I never wanted to come.” I muttered, casting a regretful look. Tutu stopped laughing out of guilt, while Sharon inclined me.
“No Lola, you don't have to feel any regret. it's not that bad, after all you are properly dressed.”
Mimi edged in.
“Lola all you need to do is put yourself together, you know you have to go and regard him.”
I knew I was left with no other option. Immediately, I stood up and found my way up to the VVIP. I sighted him all dressed in a stripped polo matched with a blue denim, popping his collar up. As I approached his table, I gestured with my head slightly.
“Good evening sir”
“Oh miss Philips, how are you?”
“I am fine sir”
“I almost thought I was mistaking someone else for you. So, you socialize? I am quite surprised to see you at the club.”
“Ehmm........ actually sir, I don't club. We just came to mark a friend's birthday.”
“No...no...no.. it's okay. Sorry meet my friend Senator Mofe.”
“Good evening sir” I greeted.
“How are you young lady?”
“I am very well sir.”
“She is one of my very active staffs.”
“I see that's good to know, keep it up.”
I forced a smile.
“Thank you for the wine sir.” I said.
“Oh..... that, you are welcome.”
“I will like to join my friends.” I said.
“Alright, you are free.”

I left the two as I walked down, I heaved a sigh of relief. Immediately I got back to our table, I glanced at my watch while the three stared at me in expectation.
“Guys, I really want to get going.”
“Really, I was about to pop this.” Tutu said Pointing to the wine.
“See Tutu, have had enough already. besides, it's getting late.”
Mimi and Sharon got to their feet and they began to pick their items one after the other. Tutu stood up to do the same, while she handpicked the wine along with her. As the driver drove us back home, Tutu started.
“Lola, are you upset with me?”
“Of course not, I just do not like the fact that I found myself in such shoes. Besides, I believed that shouldn’t change his moral impression about me.”
She hugged me tightly, leaving Mimi and Sharon laughing.
“You two.” they said.
Sharon and Mimi decided to spend the night in our apartment since we haven't cut Tutu's birthday cake.
After a while, we arrived at home. More like the three were all itching to talk about my boss. I guess they didn't want to have the discussion before the driver. The moment we all got down from the car, they plunged into Captain Coker's topic, while we made our way in.
Mimi started.
“Lola forgive me, but I must confess. I couldn't take my eyes off your boss.”
Tutu interjected.
“Meeeehn….... check out the wine, when you are big, you are big.”
“I swear, I was tripping for him.” Sharon added.
I didn't bother to say anything, rather I just smiled at everyone's comments.
“Ok.............., enough of my boss now, can we just cut the birthday cake already.”
Mimi quickly tip toed to the kitchen to bring the big cake. As she was approaching with the cake, she broke into a birthday song. Sharon and I joined her. At the spell of her name T - U - T -U, she cut her cake then Sharon popped the wine. We all really had fun.

It was a Monday morning. Tonia sat opposite my desk, cracking up on the chair, she shook with laughter, finding my club gist really funny.
“You don't mean it Lola.” She said staring aghast at me.
“Tonia, I felt like the ground should just swallow me.”
She chuckled with laughter again.
“Babes, you don't understand how I felt that night.”
“Of course I can imagine.” She continued to laugh in between every of her words.
“To make your matter worse, you were even dancing.”
“mtcheeeew….……. Tonia I won't try it again.”
At once, the office telephone began to shrill, then I picked up. Immediately I dropped the call, I stood up.
“Captain is around.” I muttered as I walked towards the door, Tonia also stood up and left for her office.
I shut the door gently as I stepped into Captain's office.
“Good morning sir!”
“Morning!” he replied with his face looking quite stern.
Without wasting time, he handed over some files to me, I already knew they were projects he wanted me to go through. I collected them and nodded approvingly.
He never made a single reference that he saw me at the club.
“You can go please.” he mentioned briefly, then I took my leave. Tonia who was eager to know why our boss called me, came back to my office.
“Lola how far, what did he say?”
“What were you expecting? To start a gist with me about the club? If you see his facial expression, you will take to your heels.”
Tonia chuckled and tip toed to the door, then she left for her office. I quickly settled before my desk to get down to work.

It was a sizzling afternoon, and I was already closed for the day. As I was descending the stair case to take my leave, I saw Marvin hurrying down too.
“Hi Lola!” He greeted me cheerfully.
“Hi Marvin! Long time.”
“Are you leaving for home?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Then come join me in the car, so that I can drop you.”
At the thought of the blistering sun, I accepted his offer.
“Alright, but you seems to be in a hurry?” I asked.
“Yes, actually I went to pick captain's visitor from the airport, so I don't want to keep her waiting in the car.”
I held back. “You have a visitor in the car?”
“Come off it Lola, that has nothing to do with dropping you. she doesn't know you, bedsides, the sun is just too high.”
“Ok, if you insist."
Getting to the parking lot, Marvin got into the car. He opened the rear door for me to join the visitor since the front seat has been occupied with laundry delivery. As I got into the car, I saw a young woman sitting very relaxed, she was on a slightly tinted hair style. Wearing a well fitted dress coupled with a pair of white sneakers, I could perceive her cologne all over the places .She focused on her phone.
“Good afternoon” I greeted her, but she didn't reply immediately. Seemed to be enthralled by the phone in her hands. At once, she snapped out.
“Oh, please pardon my manners. Good afternoon!”
She spoke with a very strong American accent, again, she focused on the phone.
In few minutes, Marvin started a conversation with me.
“Lola, how are you finding the company's new project?”
I sighed.
“We are coming up.”
Immediately the young woman stopped what she was doing and turned to me.
“Did he just called you Lola? Don't tell me you are the same Lola.

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Amauche147: 9:54pm On Nov 19
Nice one...keep it coming
Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 3:13pm On Nov 20
“Did he just call you Lola? Don't tell me you are the same Lola. Were you the one who helped with the cooking when Wole was admitted at the hospital?”
I couldn't relate immediately when she mentioned Wole, but somehow it occurred to me that she was referring to captain Coker.
I nodded and replied quietly.
“Yes I was.”
“Oh ......my...... God!”
She held me with her two hands staring at me admiringly.
“Oh! you are such a darling.......... I really appreciate your kind gestures.”
“Don't mention it ma.”
“But that was quite a lot, and no favour is too little to be appreciated, so I must say thank you.”
“You are welcome!”
I could see Marvin smiling behind the steering.
She continued.
“Actually it's about twenty years now, that I left Nigeria, I think it's a good thing that I met you. If you wouldn't mind, I would like you to take me to some nice places where I can get some beautiful African fabrics.”
“That's not a problem, I know of few places, where you can get beautiful good ones.”
“Awwwww............ Nice of you.” She took a pause.
“Oh, pardon my manners, my name is Wendy. You can call me Wendy Texas, that's what my friends call me.”
At a guess, she should be in her early forties, so I knew there was no way I could call her by name. That's a norm in America, not in Nigeria.
She gave her phone to me.
“Just punch in your digits, so that we can communicate.”
I collected the phone, and did briefly.
“I have really missed some real naija dishes also.”
I couldn't help smiling as she pronounced some of the local foods with an American accent. She kept on conversing with me as we drove on.
Couple of days had passed, Aunty Wendy and I finally found our way into one of the biggest fabrics market, we took our time to move from one store to the other.
Most of the sellers gave her special attention, while she kept them all laughing with her Yankee attitude. After she was satisfied with her shopping, we hopped in the car, then Ahmed drove us out of the market. She brought out some of the items, and kept admiring them. I was really glad that she liked them.
I quickly notified Ahmed where I wanted to drop. Aunty Wendy turned to me looking quite displeased.
“Don't tell me you want to drop just like that?” She questioned.
“I thought we are done shopping, or is there anything you would love to buy more?” I asked.
“No....no.... no....am ok. listen Lola, there is no way I would let you drop just like that. You have sacrificed so much time for me already, Cutie you deserve way better.”
She twitched her fingers.
“So right now we will go home together, it's my turn to give you a special treatment.”
I listened to her carefully, as she pronounced her words really fast.
“Hell naaaaaaaaah.” She added.
There was no way I could turn her down, so I simply gave in. She kept commending on the development along the way and the few hours we spent together, I could say we really bond. I never knew we were heading to captain Coker's home, until we got closer. In few minutes, we drove into the villa and the sight of the vicinity brought me few memories. As we got into the living room, We dropped every luggage we were carrying at a corner.
Aunty Wendy grabbed my hand in a friendly manner to follow her.
“Hey Lola let's go.” I followed suit.
When we got to the staircase, I came to a halt.
“Where are you taking me?” I asked.
“To my bedroom, I want to show you some stuff.”
“But.........you can bring them down here.” I suggested.
Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of someone descending the stair case, I looked up and saw captain Coker all dressed to go out. He took a pause, obviously surprised to see the two of us together.
“Hey Wolex! You look damn...... cute, surprised to see Lola with me?”
Still looking aghast, he didn't speak. Then I greeted him.
“Good evening sir!”
“Miss Philips, how are you?”
“I am fine sir.”
She cuts in.
“Lola here has been so helpful to me, you need to see the nice African fabrics I got today.”
“Oh...........” he muttered, then turned to me.
“Thanks for being helpful.”
“You are welcome sir!”
“Wendy, I am going out.” He said.
Aunty Wendy quickly spoke.
“Thank Goodness that I remember now, pleeeeasss................get me my suya on your way back.”
“Alright I will.” He made his way out.
“Now that he is out, can we go now? C'mon Lola.”
Pronouncing my name as Lawlar. Willingly, I agreed to follow her upstairs. The whole bedroom was so classic. She brought out different goodies from her box and kept pressing me to take anyone that I wanted. I picked just two items, while she forced some few ones on me.
She proceeded to the kitchen and made me some chicken pasta. I was fed to satisfaction and she really made me had a good time before I left the villa.

It was a public holiday, so I had no cause to hop out of bed. I took my time to do some house cleaning, then went out later in the day. Seated at the rear seat of Dapo's car, I cracked a smile listening to him. Dapo who granted an interview earlier in the day, shared his different experiences with the media.
“And they always come up with a particular question. How happy are you? most times, I just laugh at them, because Little do they know that the rich also cry.”
I shook my head looking thoughtful.
“Oh, lest I forget.” He muttered. Picking one of his phones, he got busy in few minutes. while I looked through the window absorbing the streets.
“Lola have this and make a choice.” Giving me his phone.
I collected and stared at it, not comprehending what he meant. With a very calm voice he spoke.
“Lola I am buying a car for you, so make a choice and let me place an order for it.”

To be cont'd

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 9:00pm On Nov 20
“Lola I am buying a car for you, so make a choice and let me place an order for it.”
I stared at the phone casting a half smile, and looking uncertain.
“I wasn't expecting this.” I said.
“Surprises are not meant to be expected, and you won't try to reject my gift, that won't be polite.”
I chuckled inwardly.
Dapo, a car is a huge gift. I would love to take my time to make my choice. I didn't prepare for this and I wouldn't like to pick a choice hastily.”
“That's okay, whenever you are ready you just let me know.”
I nodded and smiled timidly.

“Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! ..................Any car of your choice.” Tutu emphasized.
“I was struck dumb, Tutu I wasn't expecting it.”
“Hmmmm. ........... Lola, I know someday you will confess to me.”
“That what?”
“What you two do behind closed doors.”
I shrugged.
“Think whatever you like, Tutu I am done convincing you that we are not dating.”
“Suddenly a call came through on my phone. Immediately I picked up.
“Hello aunty Wendy” With a feeble voice she spoke.
“Lola are you busy?”
“No, are you ok?” I quickly asked.
“I am kind of feverish, just thinking if you could come around.”
“Why not, I will be on my way.”
“I will be expecting you.”
The call got disconnected, then I got to my feet immediately.
“Is someone sick?” Tutu asked.
“Aunty Wendy.”
“Hope it isn't serious?”
“I don't know.”
Looking so unsettled, I picked couple of things then stepped out.
In no time, I was already seating next to aunty Wendy. I couldn't believe that she only had catarrh. gently I persuaded her.
“Aunty Wendy, we have some good pharmaceutical outlets around, why not let me get you some drugs.”
“I just do not like taking drugs.” She objected.
After urging her for a while, she eventually took some drugs.
About couple of hours later, I could see she was quite relieved, because she never stopped entertaining me with her gist.
I had no cause to pass the night since she had gotten better, but she insisted that she wanted me around. About 8pm, we had dinner then later went back to the bedroom.
Not too long, I could hear some sounds around the house. Aunty Wendy got up.
“Wole is back.” She said.
Acting surprised, I asked.
“Is captain Coker around?”
“Yes he is.”
“I thought he is out of town.”
“Not at all, he is very much around.”
Then she made her way out. I could only wonder why she requested me to come around when she had someone with her at home.
It was close to 9pm already, I got into the bathroom and quickly freshened up. After which I retired to bed to catch some sleep.
Aunty Wendy came in having a video call. For a while she stayed glued to her phone giggling, talking, laughing. While her little noise didn't let me sleep.
After the conversation, she headed to the bathroom to freshen up, then retired to bed. Still struggling to get some sleep, I saw Aunty Wendy turned then sat up on the bed.
She paused for a while looking quite thoughtful. At once, she tapped me gently.
I turned to her. “Are you alright?” I asked.
“Yes I am, but I really need to talk to you.”
I got up and also sat on the bed, then he started.
“Lola, I need something urgently from you.”
I nodded listening carefully.
“First off, I need to let you know that Wole and I are cousins.”
“Yes we are.”
“Wole was the only child of his parents, my mum who happened to be his mum' s younger sister, dropped me to live with them when I was four years so that Wole could have a companion while growing up.”
I adjusted my sitting position, while she continued.
“For good sixteen years, Wole and I lived together before I travelled to Texas and that’s why I am the closest to him in the family.”
She drew closer to me, and held my two hands.
“Lola, I need a favour from you, will you do it for me?”
“What is it is? I asked.” Looking so disturbed, she spoke.
“I want you to get pregnant for Wole.”
Gently, I withdrew my hands from hers. Her statement shocked me.
“Sorry, I didn't hear you right.”

To be cont'd

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“Sorry, I didn't hear you right.” I said.
“Lola I know you heard me.” She moved closer again.
“Ok, let me ask you. Have you ever wondered why there is no family in this house?................ that's because he doesn't have any. No wife, no kids.”
I edged in.
“But............. I thought I saw a little boy's picture somewhere at the lounge, the really bear a striking resemblance?”
“Yes, you are right, but.............. he is late.” her voice trailed away.
“Oh my God................” I murmured with empathy.
“Is he not married?” I asked.
“Wole was very married, but............. it’s a long story.”
She held my two hands again.
“Lola dear, after the several incidents that happened and the exit of David his son, Wole had never talked about any woman.” Shaking her head.
“No, he never did. the moment I heard him made a mention of you, I just knew this was an opportunity for me. Lola please, I really need you to do this for me.”
“Aunty Wendy, this is quite impossible. How can I get pregnant for someone I am not dating? How do I do it? Throw myself at him or what?”
“Lola you are not throwing yourself at him, you are only trying to make an old woman happy again.”
“An old woman?” I asked.
“Yes, big granny (Wole's mum) is about seventy -eight years now, I must say that her utmost desire presently is to see Wole get married again and have kids.”
She paused for a moment then continued.
“Yes I know am married and I have my kids around her. But the truth is, Wole is the biological son here.”
I went silent for a while, looking unsettled. Then shook my head gently.
“I am sorry I can't, this is hard for me................. The man we are talking about here has never showed interest in me, not even once.”
She cuts in.
“That he doesn't show interest doesn't mean he is not interested in you.
Lola trust me, you are his kind of woman.”
Looking so thoughtful, I looked away without saying a word.
She placed one of her hands on my shoulder.
“Lola, big granny use to be a very lively woman, but not anymore. I know her too well, and I can tell you that Wole' s marital issue is really getting to her. Please, if not for anything, for the sake of the old woman.”
She attempted to kneel down.
“No.....no...... no...... don't do that.” I stopped her.
“huuuuuh........” I sighed, after a long pause I said.
“Ok, I will think about it.”
She interrupted.
“Lola , there is no time, having you and Wole around right now is a big opportunity that I mustn't let go.”
Looking so confused, I questioned her.
“So what do you plan to do?”
She got down from the bed and quickly dashed into her wardrobe.
She came back with a small pack, settled on the bed and started unwrapping it.
“What is this?” I asked.
“A lingerie, this is the first thing we need, you will use this to entice him.”
“You are kidding me, you want to have me wear this?”
“Listen Lola, every woman prays for a man that will love them wholeheartedly, trust me that’s the true definition of Wole Coker. When Wole loves, he loves with all his heart. So tell me, would you not want to have a man like him?”
I went silent without saying a word.
“Lola, this is an opportunity for you to grab a good man, don't push it away. Don't let Wole slip away to another woman.”
She gently took my hands again.
“Trust me, you would love him, you two will make great couples.”
I sighed deeply after a while I replied her.
“Ok, ...............I will give it a try."
“Oh my God!” She exclaimed.
“Lola, you are a darling!” He gave me a tight hug.
“So first thing first, you have to change to this.” Pointing the lingerie to me.
“And what comes after this?” Anxiously I asked.
“Lola, just change to it first.” She quickly grabbed a white towel from the wardrobe and gave it to me.
I went into the bathroom and slipped into the lingerie. I felt so awkward in it, then I moved to the mirror to take a look. Suddenly, a little smile quivered my lips. All I could see was a stunning appearance. I turned around to take a proper look, my hour glass shape was a top notch. I whispered quietly.
“Wow! Lola this ........ is ...... Another...... Me! ”
Quickly, I wrapped the white towel and dashed to the bedroom. Aunty Wendy who was trying to place a call on the phone quickly moved closer to me.
“Let me see it on you.” She said.
With a very childlike smile, I split the towel apart.
“Wooooooooow! Lola......you are damn sexy. Trust me Wole has no option tonight.”
Immediately, she continued to place her call again. Suddenly a male's voice came from the other end of the phone.
“Wendy, are you okay?”
“Ermmmmm......Wole I need you to help me fix something in the room.”
“Okay just a minute, I'll join you.”
Immediately, my heart began to race fast. Sounding so confused, I asked.
“What are you doing?”
“Listen Lola, Wole is coming down to the room, and I really want him to see you this way.”
Acting very fast, she urged me to lay on the bed.
“Lola, just pretend like you are asleep, that’s all you need to do for me.”
She moved closer to me and positioned me the way she wanted.
At once, she attempted to remove my towel.
“What?” I objected.
“Come off this Lola, you don't have to cover up.”
Shaking my head in disagreement, suddenly we heard the sound of the door knob. Obviously, captain coker was about to enter the room. Aunty Wendy hurriedly removed my towel, then took a speed to sit before the dressing table, while I lay still on the bed. The door was opened, then Captain Coker came in.
“Wendy, I thought..........…………..”
He paused and didn't finish his statement. Aunty Wendy who pretended like she knew nothing simply focused on her phone, giving him the room to stare properly at what he saw.
Shortly, she swung around.
“Wole, are you okay? Oh ..........” She exclaimed and quickly got up to cover me up.
Still pretending like she knew nothing.
“I am sorry about that, I totally forgot that Lola is in the room.
I requested her to come around when I was slightly down in the afternoon, I am very sorry about that.”
“I would be in my room.” He muttered then left.
Aunty Wendy who couldn't contain her excitement, rushed to me. I got up and sat on the bed, she grabbed my hand and gave me a high five.
“Lola, this............ is ........... working. You need to see how totally charmed he was.”
My response was quite cold, then she shook my shoulder to cheer me up.
“Stop this Lola, this is working big time. Listen, you deserve to have a gentleman like Wole to yourself.”
I cut in.
“But do I really want to?” Looking so worried.
“Yes Lola you do, and we are already a step ahead.”
Not minding my reluctancy, she pat me at the back.
“Give me few minutes, let me talk to him.”
She got down from the bed , and left the room.
I threw my head back on the headboard, then shut my eyes. About twenty minutes later, she came in and sat next to me.
“We need to proceed to the next stage.” She said.
“So what's next?” I asked.
“Lola, you will be joining him in his room.”

To be cont'd

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She got down from the bed , and left the room. I threw my head back on the headboard, then shut my eyes. About twenty minutes later, she came in and sat next to me.
“We need to proceed to the next stage.” She said.
“So what's next?” I asked.
“Lola, you will be joining him in his room.”
“I beg your pardon?” looking irritated.
“Listen Lola, have already talked to him.”
“You did?” She nodded.
“What did he say?”
“Wole could be very stubborn sometimes but trust me, he can't turn you down.”
She moved closer to me and persuaded me.
“Dearie, millions of ladies are praying for an opportunity like this, but here it is before you on a platter of gold.”
That moment, I knew she was perfectly right. I thought about every single lady who had truly admired Captain Wole Coker.
“Lola believe me on this, most married ladies in these days worked their ways in. You too can work your way in.”
I went silent and didn't reply her.
“I want to believe that’s a yes.” She quickly grabbed a pyjamas.
“Have this, without wasting time.” She quickly put one of my arms in it, then I helped myself with the second arm.
“Lola, when you get there, just tell him that I asked you to come ok.”
I nodded.
She cupped my hand in hers to follow her. We walked through a passageway, then she came to a halt and whispered to me.
“This is his room, just rap on the door, when he comes out tell him that I asked you to come around, have already talked to him.”
She rubbed my back, trying to put me at rest. In few minutes, she turned back and left me, I washed her made her way to her room. I stood still finding it quite difficult to proceed.
I quickly asked myself if I wanted to do this.
“Lola this is simply throwing yourself at a man.” I murmured out.
“What if he turns me down? that will be so embarrassing. Snapping out of my thoughts, I shook my head.”
"No, I can't do this.”
As I took a step backward to take my leave, captain Coker suddenly opened the door. My legs were stuck to the ground. Conspicuously, he was surprised to see me, he stood staring without saying a word. I couldn't stare back at him, rather, I flexed nervously with my two hands.
Somehow, I remembered what Aunty Wendy told me, then I started stuttering.
“Aun.........aun ......aunty Wendy told me to come..............”
My voice trailed off.
Still, he was silent. To my greatest surprise without speaking, he gestured me to come in. Quite unbelievable, indeed I found myself making my way into Captain Coker's bedroom. At that moment, I knew there was no going back. I became over anxious to know what was going to happen that night. I was taken by curiosity that I couldn't notice the heaven on earth bedroom.
As I stepped in, I stood on a spot, waiting for him to lead me on. He shut the door pointing to a sofa. I walked gently then took my seat. Right on the table was a cup barely filled with drink. He sat next to me and carried the cup.
“This is alcoholic, would you mind to take some?”
With a little disapproval on my face, I shook my head. For a while, we were both silent, looking quite thoughtful, he nursed the cup in his hands and drifted away. While I watched him with the corner of my eyes. I began to feel uncomfortable and already regretting my action. After a while, I broke the silence.
“Sir, maybe I should just leave.”
Still he didn't speak. Gently I got to my feet to take my leave, then he rose and held my hand back.
He grabbed my face and began to kiss me. At first, I didn't respond to him, then quickly it dawned on me that I also have a role to play in this. That minute, I conquered my fear and naivety.
Using my hand to cup his head, I held it closer. He tried to drop the cup in his hands, but we couldn’t afford to stop. The cup dropped and broke making a shattered sound. We both ignored the broken cup and began to lock lips.

To be cont'd

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We both ignored the broken cup and began to lock lips.

Still in the act, he led me on, walking backward. As we collapsed on the bed, we kissed almost violently, he slid his hand down my back moulding my body to his. He fumbled with my lingerie, loosening the fastening on the back. In a second, we both slipped out of our cloth. Leaning over me, my body became limp pliable to his touch. I was filled with desire for him.
After a while of making out, he got down owing to my cringing act. He looked so enthralled to carry on.
Then he asked with a very shaky voice.
“Lola, what is it?”
“This would be my first” I said very quietly.
“Oh ...........”
Distinctively surprised. He tried to discontinue, but our passion was already mounted with pleasure and we both knew we wanted it. As he tried to move away, I brought his face back to mine and we kissed passionately. He paused and whispered with a voice so thickened.

“Are you sure you are ready for this?”
I shut my eyes nodding approvingly.
He made me totally relaxed with his strong yet supple touch. He lifted himself up on me again, now I could scarcely feel his weight.

About forty minutes later, all my anxiety was gone, finally I could say have become a woman. We lay close to each other observing some silence. My body felt different, I felt almost like stranger in my own skin. That moment, I wanted him closer to me...............how I really wanted him to get me pampered but suddenly he broke away from me. Right on his face was an expression that I couldn't describe. I tried to figure out what made him broke away, clearly, he didn't want to talk about the intimacy.
After few minutes of silence, he got down from the bed and left for the bathroom. Immediately he left, I became quite emotional, and my eyes were blurred with tears. How I looked like a cheap slut.
He came into the room after having his bath and murmured.
“Lola, the heater is on, if you will like to freshen up.” Then he got busy at his wardrobe.
I lay in bed feeling ill at ease, and didn't answer him. Gently, I sat up and put my clothes on, then i stood up to leave the room. He turned around and saw me heading towards the door, to my greatest shock, he never bothered to stop me to know what was going on with me, rather he ignored me. Gently I opened the door and left the room.
The time was about few minutes past 1am. Immediately I got to Aunty Wendy's room, I went to have a shower. Aunty Wendy was still awake burning with curiosity to hear from me on how the plan went. She sat close to me on the bed paying a full attention to my narratives.
Suddenly, she startled on the bed.
“Oh my God! Lola you mean this is your first?”
She held me closely, patting me to put my mind at rest, while I sobbed.

“Listen Lola, at this point no matter how Wole ignores you, he can never deny what happened between you two. trust me, I would talk to him.”
Sounding quite angry.
“Oh please, can you just stop forcing things to happen. We wanted intimacy with him.........Yeeeesss we got it, but still he is not interested. It is obvious he feels nothing for me, I should stop wasting my time to have his attention.”
“No Lola, don't conclude that way, like I told you earlier, Wole has been through some emotional stress before now, I can tell you his actions are not intentional.”
“Whatever it is, all I can say right now is that am regretting my actions already.”
She stares at me looking so worried.

I sat in the living room almost lost in thought, Tutu tried to have a chat with me.
“Lola, I thought you would only check on Aunty Wendy and come back home, I was quite worried when I didn't see you. Hope she is better now?”
I nodded without speaking.
“Lola you don't look fine, is everything ok?”
Suddenly, my phone began to ring. Tutu stood up to help me unplug it.
“Have your phone, it's Aunty Wendy.”
I looked away and didn't respond.
“Lola, I don't understand this, I believe you slept over at her place. And now you ignoring her call, did something happened between you two?”
I became more emotional, then tears began to stream down my face. I tried to sniff back the tears, but started sobbing nonstop.
Looking so worried, Tutu moved closer to me.
“Lola can you just stop this and talk to me, I am scared already.”
I got up and walked in. Getting to the bedroom, I broke down in tears. Reality dawn on me that I was too hasty to let go.
Tutu who could hear the sound of my tears, kept rapping on the door for me to open. But I didn't. Few minutes later, Tutu came close to the door with my phone. I could hear it ringing severally.
"Lola, Dapo-Davies is calling you.”
I lay on the bed, and didn't answer her.
It was already getting late in the evening and I was yet to come out of the room.
Tutu stood by the door and called out .
“Lola Dapo-Davies is here to see you.”

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 11:13pm On Nov 22
It was already getting late in the evening and I was yet to come out of the room.
Tutu stood by the door and called out .
“Lola Dapo-Davies is here to see you.”
I was shocked by her statement, because I knew Dapo-Davies has never been to my home........But, i could hear a male's voice from the living room.
Reluctantly, i opened the door. Seated at the living room was Dapo -Davies.
Few minutes after, we were both seated in Dapo-Davies's car. He persuaded me to tell him why I was crying.
"Come off this Lola, can you talk to me now.”
Somehow I got relaxed with him, then felt the need to discuss the issue with someone. Then I tried to say something.
“Dapo, I am not sure if I took a right decision.............” My voice trailed off?
“Lola, I am all ears”
Suddenly, I found it gross to discuss with a male friend.
“Errrrmm........actually it's a ladies' talk.”
He cuts in.
“Oh, that's ok. But whatever makes you cry this much, Lola you need to share it with someone. Dealing with it all alone can make you hurt yourself.”
I nodded gently
“Do you promise me you will share it with your friend?”
“Yes, I will.”
He wrapped his hand around my shoulder and patted me.
“Promise me you won't cry again.”
“I won't.” I muttered.

“Your friend gave me the description of your residence. She answered your call when you weren't picking. Then she told me that you locked yourself up in tears.”
“But, she shouldn't have, that was quite alarming.” I replied.
“You wouldn't blame her, she was only terrified.”
I nodded.
“Let me get going, I have a very important meeting to attend.” He said.
“I really appreciate you for coming.”
“Anything for Lola.” He mentioned.
I smiled and dropped from the car.
“Take care of you.” He said.
“I will and you.”
He watched me opened the gate, then drove off.
I settled on the bed and thought about what Dapo told me, he advised me to share the issue with someone. Little did he know that he got me so relieved by coming all the way down. I got distracted by the sound of my phone, checking through, the caller was my mum.
“Hello mum!”
“Temilola how are you?” Her voice sounding so radiant.
“Mum, I am fine, you sound so excited......” I said.
“Temi .... I am excited, and have got great news for you.”
Immediately, I paid a close attention.
“Good news, mum what could that be?”
“Ok, ....................... I went for my medical checkup and from the result of my x-ray, my physiotherapist told me that I am now medically fit to walk without a support.”
Her statement shocked me, then I jumped down from the bed.
“Mum! you are kidding me right?”
“I just told you the truth, though I still walk with a limp. But I was told that with time, my movement will gain its balance.”

“Oh my God, this is more than good news, mum I feel like flying home. I can't wait to see you, I think I'll find time to come around.”
“hhmm hmmn.......that won't be necessary Temilola, remember you are now working. During your leaves at work would be more convenient for you to come and see me, ok?”
“Ok mummy, what about David and Maryam?”
“They are both fine, they send their regards to you.”
“I have really missed everyone.”
“Temi my battery is flat let me get it charged, then we will talk more because I know you have a lot to ask me.” She giggled a bit.
“Ok mum.”
She disconnected the call.
I jumped up screaming with joy, Tutu who heard my voice rushed in.
“Lola, are you ok?”
With all excitement, I replied her.
“Lola, my mum just called me now. She told me that she is now medically fit to walk without support.”
“Wooooooooow.... it's indeed good news. I am so happy for her.”

“Tutu, I am the happiest in the world right now. At least I won't have to bother about her welfare, she can now do things for herself.”
We both left for the living room. I landed on the chair and took a deep breath.
“Oh, my mum just made my day.” I muttered and sighed.
Tutu who noticed the good change in my mood quickly edged in.
“Lola would you like to talk about it now.”
There was a slight frown on my face.
“No Tutu, I don't.”
“But, Lola this is bad. If you can't share your worries with me, then it means you don't see me as a friend. I must tell you that I really feel bad about this.”
“Tutu, it's not what you think, this is kind of different the more I think about it, the more it makes me cry.”
She looked away looking unhappy.
“Ok I will talk about it, but not now.”
“Do you promise me?” She asked me.
“I promise.”
She nodded and turned to me.
“I am so happy for your mum.”
Smiling joyfully, I muttered
“The best news I have ever heard all my life.”
“And I must say thank you for bringing the prominent Dapo - Davies into our humble home. Lola, his perfume still smells everywhere.”
We both laughed over it.

Story continues

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 11:15am On Nov 23
“And I must say thank you for bringing the prominent Dapo - Davies into our humble home. Lola, his perfume still smells everywhere.”
We both laughed over it.

I woke up the next morning to prepare for work. I sat on the bed couldn't help thinking about what happened between captain Coker and I.
My heart felt quite heavy, at the thought of facing him again. How regretful I felt, I wish I could turn back the hands of time. Quietly, I prayed for the strength to handle things, then I got down reluctantly to prepare myself for office.
My heavy workload at the office really helped me. I was so engaged with work that I didn't know when it was time for lunch. I swung my head back on the chair, trying to give my eye some break from the screen. Shortly, I heard a knock on the door, and gently it was opened. Surprisingly, I saw Aunty Wendy walked in. She got to my table then asked.
“Can I?”
I nodded approvingly.
She adjusted the chair and got seated.
“How are you Lola?”
I muttered quietly. “I am fine.”
“Pls Lola, let's not handle things this way. You got me more worried by not picking my calls.”
“Because I already knew why you were calling me, I just do not want to talk about it.”
“Lola, I had a chat with Wole this morning concerning you two, believe me he is truly sorry.”
“Aunty Wendy, why are you speaking for him. If indeed, he wants to talk to me he knows what to do.”
“Actually, he is on his way to Vietnam. He flew out this morning.”

I shrugged nonchalantly before speaking.
“Whatever happened between us, I have put it behind me. And I am not going back to it.”
Looking so frustrated, she sighed.
“How I wish things worked out between you two.” She murmured.
“If your wish can’t manifest, you let it be.” I spoke angrily.
“Ok ........ but Lola, pleasss.............. do not ignore my calls anymore.”
I cut in.
“If only you can stop talking about this match making of a thing.”
She held my hands across the desk and sighed.

Captain Coker's trip was a lengthy one. For a long period, I didn't get to see him face to face. And that really helped me to quickly get him off my mind.
Coupled with the full attention I was getting from Dapo - Davies, I totally forgot about captain Coker.
It was a very cool afternoon at the Game garden. Dapo and I got ourselves busy at the basketball pitch. Dapo dribbled me, moving very close to the hoop to score another goal, I held him from behind to stop him. He giggled so much, before speaking.
“Lola, this is against the rules of the game, you shouldn't hold me.”
“I don't care about the rules of the game now, all I care about right now is that you mustn't win me.”
“But I have won already.” He pulled my legs.
Playfully, I threw the ball at him while he dodged it.
He moved closer to me and carried me up so high.
“Ohhhh........................ pls Dapo drop me down.”
I screamed.

To be cont'd

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He moved closer to me and carried me up so high.
“Ohhhh........................ pls Dapo drop me down.”
I screamed.
“No, I won't, until you tell me I am the winner.”
“Ok ok ok............ you are the winner, Dapo you woooonnnnn.” My voice quivered.
He dropped me gently, laughing at me.
“What got you so scared?” He asked.
Sighing heavily, I replied. “I am acrophobic.”
“Really, sorry about that.”
He put his arm around my neck, while we took a walk around the game big vicinity.
“That reminds me, Dapo you need to see all eyes on Tutu and I yesterday when we drove my car to the SPARKS”
“Wooooooooow!” He said smiling.
“Dapo, I must say thank you, the car is so beautiful.”
“Lola, that car has been a while now, you should stop thanking me. wait a minute, did you say SPARKS?”
“Yes, we went to sparks.”
“That's surprising. Never knew you club.”
“Not at all, we only went to get some chicken kebabs at the restaurant.”
“So........... you don't club, no social functions.......... why?”
“Dapo, I am just an introvert, I just love to stay in door.”
“So what happens on my coming birthday, will you also stay indoor?”
“Wow! your birthday is around the corner?”
“Exactly.” He replied.
“Goodness, I don't like being in the crowd.”
“Ok, I am inviting you nowwwww............ to my birthday coming up this Thursday. Listen, because you don't like being in the crowd, I 'll make it a two peoples' party.”
I grinned a bit, feeling so flattered.
“Let’s get some ice cream.” He muttered.
As we approached an ice cream spot.

On Thursday morning, an impromptu meeting was slated for 2pm. Which was later rescheduled to 4pm.
Of course, Captain Coker wasn't back from his trip yet.
The meeting commenced around 4.30 pm, which also took a while. At the conclusion of the meeting, it was already getting late, so I quickly made my way home.

Feeling so tired already, without eating or having my shower, I simply slept off on the sofa in the bedroom. At about 12 .40am, I jolted awake. Looking around for my phone, then I remembered I dropped my bag at the living room. Tutu was still busy before the tv. She looked surprised to see me.
“Haanhann....... you haven't changed from your office wear?”
“I totally drifted off.”
I grabbed my bag then dropped into the nearest chair. Bringing out my phone, I already missed twelve calls.
“Jeeeeeeez. ....twelve missed calls?” I exclaimed.
“But I never heard it ring.” Tutu said.
“I put it on silent mode because of our meeting at the office.”

All the calls were from Dapo - Davies. He had fixed a dinner for us earlier to mark his birthday, which obviously have flopped.
“Oh my God.” I covered my mouth looking aghast.
“Lola what is it?”
“Yesterday was Dapo's birthday ...........”
“You didn't attend the dinner?”
She asked before I could finish my sentence.
“Tutu, workload at the office yesterday was a heavy one. To worsen it, we had a meeting late into the evening.”
“So what do you intend doing now.”
“I have to call him right now to say I am sorry.”
I held my phone carefully placing a call. It rang couple of times but he never picked.
“Is it ringing at all?” Tutu asked.
“Yes, but he isn't picking up.” I replied looking quite worried.
“Lola, the time is already past 12am, maybe he is already asleep. Why not call him tomorrow.” Tutu suggested.
Reluctantly, I picked my bag, and went to the bedroom.

The next day was a Friday and I was back home early. I kept picking at the snacks I had before me, because I had almost no appetite. Shortly Tutu came in.
“Hi babes! back so soon.”
I nodded.
“How far, have you been able to speak with Dapo - Davies?”
“Tutu, I haven't, I sent him a message, but I haven't gotten a reply from him. I guess he is still upset with me.”
“Too bad.” Tutu said.
Suddenly, his message came in. As I read through, Tutu who saw a funny expression on my face quickly moved closer to take a look. It was a picture of his birthday cake, a bottle of red wine and two goblets. The cake was left uncut.
“You mean he didn't cut his birthday cake because you didn't come around?” Tutu asked while another message popped in.
“▪▪▪▪▪▪Ready to right your wrongs now? Davies close @ Apex Island is my residence. I am waiting for you ▪▪▪▪▪▪”

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Re: IN-BETWEEN (for Lovers Of Story) by Fentasy: 8:00pm On Nov 25
Suddenly, his message came in. As I read through, Tutu who saw a funny expression on my face quickly moved closer to take a look. It was a picture of his birthday cake, a bottle of red wine and two goblets. The cake was left uncut.
“You mean he didn't cut his birthday cake because you didn't come around?” Tutu asked while another message popped in.
“▪▪▪▪▪▪Ready to right your wrongs now? Davies close @ Apex Island is my residence. I am waiting for you ▪▪▪▪▪▪”
“Urrrgggg........... all the way to his residence? Is this necessary?” I blurted out.
“Stop this Lola, Dapo - Davies never thought about distance when he came here to see you, that car outside was gifted to you by him. What more can a friend sacrifice. He has only asked you to make his day................... his birthday, cut it out Lola, don't be selfish.”
“Ok, will you follow me?”
“Lola, that table in the picture was set for two, and you know what they say. Three is a crowd.”
I whined a bit.
“But his house address seems far.” I mentioned.
“Don't worry, let me get to my cab driver, he would drop you at his door step.”
Immediately she reached for her phone and ordered for a cab. Reluctantly I stood up and got dressed. About two hours later, without any stress I was able to locate Dapo - Davies residence. Standing before me was a chef who ushered me in.
Shortly, I saw Dapo - Davies descending the staircase. The moment he got down, the chef approached him.
“Sir, everything is set, I will be on my way.”
“That's okay, thank you.” He took his leave.
Dapo turned to me looking so serious.
“Welcome to my abode.”
“Thank you!” I replied.
His facial expression was so serious, just like the first Dapo - Davies that I knew. Clearly he was still upset.
I adjusted on the chair and began.
“Dapo, I am so sorry, I had a heavy workload at the office.”
“Then you couldn't pick my calls too?”
“I put my phone on silent mode because we later had a crucial meeting, which lasted late into the evening. I went home immediately, believe me I fell asleep in my office wear.”
He took a deep breath
“It's ok, just that.............. I really felt bad. I just wanted you to come around to mark my day with me. then not picking my calls made me feel you were ignoring my invite.”
“Dapo I wouldn't do that.”
“It's okay, at least you are here now.”
“And I came with my little gifts.” I added.
I brought out a small gift box containing a male bracelet which I had bought earlier. He broke into a smile and collected it.
“Do you permit me to open it now......?”
“Sure you can.”
He opened the pack and brought out the bracelet, then he put it on. He took a proper look at it on his wrist.
“Lola............. this is cute.”
He moved closer to me and kissed my forehead.
“Thank you!” He said.
“I am glad that you like it.”
“I love it!”
He took hold of my hand and led me on.
“My chef made something nice let's have something to eat.”

We made our way to the dining, there I saw his birthday cake.
“Wooooooooow! a chocolate cake.”
“Sounds like one who loves cakes.”
“Yes, I love cakes...!”
“Then you are free to carry everything along while leaving.”
I smiled and took a glance at my watch .
“Wait a minute, don't tell me you are leaving soon. Lola I won't let you step out of this house, until you spend enough time. Tomorrow is weekend, and I know you aren't going to work.”
I didn't object him, we got settled and had the meal, which was nicely prepared.
Afterwards, we proceeded to one of his living room to watch a movie.
The American movie was a very emotional one, that ended in tragedy. It got me so bad that I tried to hold back my tears. But i couldn' t.
Dapo was quite surprised to see me cry.
“C'mooooon........Lola it's just a movie, your heart is so fragile.”

He leaned forward and kissed my forehead. Then gently, he kissed my lips. I wasn't surprised that he did. I responded abruptly; my lips yielded under his gently, then passionately.

To be cont'd

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