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Re: The Only Nudge by Kaycee9242(m): 12:37pm On Nov 26, 2020
Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 12:38pm On Nov 26, 2020
I guess feathers will insult bella,oluspicy u did not tell us who told bella dat her spell won't work on owen in d previous episode

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 4:12pm On Nov 28, 2020

“You look so beautiful” Feathers replied Bella.

Bella blushed.

“But my grandmother told me something” Feather said and paused.

Bella arched her brow at feathers word.

“Beautiful girls with big eyes do not always have sense, do you know why? All the senses that are suppose to be stored in their brain has being stored in their eyes, that is why their eyes is always big, follow me home, let my dog eat part of your eye so you can have a normal eye that everybody has” Feathers said and smirked.

He walked away without turning nor feeling guilty.

It’s part of him, he doesn’t know what love is, he doesn’t know how to love.

Bella’s face dropped and hot tears formed rapidly in her eyes, they were gushing from her face like a heavy rain, she wondered how an handsome boy like Feather can treat her with so much disdain.
She quickly brought our her mini nirror from her bag, she stared at it for minutes looking at her eyes and regretting being born to Lennox family because all the generations of Lennox are always having big eyes.

Jude who had wanted to know where Mary lives, devised a plan.

After the basketball training, he pretended like someone going home, but he didn’t. He hid behind a tall tree watching Mary who was standing obviously watching Owen.

Owen moved closer to her, and signaled with his head for them to start going home together.

Mary’s smile broadened and she seems so happy, even though she was expecting Owen to tell her to go home with him. She still believes that Owen might ignore her. She can’t stop herself from thinking about how Owen fell on her body, she couldn’t even feel the weight of Owen on her, all she could feel was his love in her heart.

Thinking about it alone makes her happy, and she’s happy that Owen is finally liking her.

Jude traced them and took a cab to follow Mary’s car, Owen and Mary entered Owen’s house like a couple.

Jude felt a bit of jealousy arose in him, he smiled when he finally knows that Mary and Owen live under the same roof. He walked away.

“Bella, why is this happening, we have just two days left after today, do you want our temple to crumble, that is all we have got in our entire life, that is the reason we live? Bella it’s taking ages, just kiss the dumb boy, that’s all, is that hard to do? Or is it that that you neglected your mission already or could it be what I’m thinking.”
Lennox said scolding Bella for not accomplishing the mission behind her attending the school.

Lennox is suspecting already that Bella might be in love with Owen especially with the way Bella has pity on Owen anytime he talks about casting spell on Owen.

“Dad, it isn’t easy like you thought” Bella defended.

“What is making it hard my dear?” Lennox said with a very frowned face.

“Dad, It’s complicated, that Mary of a girl was the one that distracted me the last time I was casting a spell on him. In fact, if you see the way she shouted on me the last time I was casting the spell on Owen, you would have love to strike her dead. Dad, you know what?” Bella said and paused.

“What?” Lennox questioned.

“I think we should deal with Mary first, once we deal with her, getting to Owen will be easy” Bella suggested.

“Nice idea, you know what to do right?” His father asked.

“Yes father, I was only waiting for your permission” Bella said.

“Good, deal with her” Lennox said.

“Done” Bella said and smirked.
In school...by 8am
Every students stood in a well arranged order at the assembly hall. There had been series of programmes being done as usual, the principal walked to the podium, he gave his boring speech and the students stood with their mind far away hoping that the big pot-belly principal will conclude his speech soon.

“As you all know that our male Senior Prefect had a very terrible disease, he was operated last week and her parents informed us that he will not be coming to school anytime soon, we can not leave the office blank, you and I know that the role of a Senior Prefect in school is very cardinal and of utmost important” The principal said and gulped the saliva forming in his mouth.

A lot of students concentrated to what the principal had just said anticipating on what he was about to say next.

“We have appointed a new male prefect, we appointed him based on his credibility and diligence, please make welcome our new male prefect, Bright Owen” The principal said and all the students cheered.

The students were twisting their head searching for where the Bright Owen is gonna come from.

“Jeez! My name, why did the school management have to choose me, I don’t want this, no, I don’t” Owen thought in his heart almost crying.

“Can you come out please” The principal ordered when he didn’t see the sign of anyone coming from the assembly ground to where he stood.

Owen realized that he has no choice but to come out. He went to meet the principal and the students were in awe at his handsomeness.

“So cute” a clumsy student said unconsciously.

“Congratulations” the principal said and stretched his palm towards Owen, Owen reluctantly received his palm without saying a word.

“Isn’t too much to say thank you boy, is it?” The principal said sarcastically trying to tell Owen to learn how to say thank you when someone congratulates him.

But Owen already said ‘thank you’ in his heart, the word that only him could hear, the principal couldn’t hear his words because he can not speak.

The principal realizes that Owen is not speaking, neither is he ready to say ‘thank you’.

The principal ignored him and wondered in a jiffy how a rude boy that is too big to say ‘thank you’ could finally become the senior boy of the whole school.

“Bright Owen, kindly give a speech of appreciation and vow to be faithful to your call as a male prefect of Kingston High School” The principal said and handed over the microphone to him.

Owen collected the mike like someone that can speak, he formed a courageous face and smiled

“Zeus, I’ll be embarrassed, do something now please” Owen pleaded in his heart to his god. His heart aches all of a sudden and an involuntary cough started pouring from his mouth into the microphone.

The assembly of students were surprised when they saw the male prefect who is suppose to give a beautiful speech coughing uncontrollably.

The principal held him by his shoulder and some teachers who were standing behind the students rushed to the podium to aid Owen.
He was carried by two teachers to the school health centre when the cough doesn’t look like one that will stop.

The principal informed the students to sing a song and march inside.

They all did.

Owen who had being quickly attended to by the doctor had already stopped coughing as soon as they got to the hospital.

“There is nothing wrong with you young boy” the doctor said to Owen on the bed.

Owen nodded.

“He thanked Zeus in his heart for saving him”.

“Are you getting better now?” The doctor asked.

Owen nodded.

“Can you talk please” The doctor asked not feeling comfortable with the way Owen was using his head to answer his question.

Owen closed his eyes and turned to the other side of the bed ignoring the doctor.

The Doctor stood up and walked away.

“Poor boy” a masculine voice called.

Owen turned and saw him standing.

“You again” Owen said in his heart
“Our new male prefect that coughs on his first speech” Jude said and paused, he walked closer to where Owen lay.

Owen wondered why the rude boy called Jude had come to visit him at the health centre.

Owen lifted his head a little not feeling comfortable at the presence of Jude.

“Owen, why are you sleeping with Mary?” Jude questioned.

“What?!” Owen said in his heart, he opened his mouth to express his emotions to Jude but nothing was coming forth.

He raised his head when he wanted to speak and dropped it back to the bed when he couldn’t say it out.

“Answer my question?” Jude said with a hard face.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” Owen said defensively in his heart.

Owen nodded his head trying to tell Jude that he is not sleeping with Mary.

“You are good at lying right? Ain’t you staying at her place, living under the same roof?” Jude said.

Owen wondered how he knew because he didn’t tell anyone and he knows that Mary must be smart enough not to inform anyone about them living together.

Owen sighed.

“You are probably wondering how I knew, but that is by the ways, hope nothing has happened between you two?” Jude questioned.

Owen shook his head implying No.

“Well, I’m gonna trust you, be fine” Jude said and was almost standing up to leave when Feathers and Charlie entered.

Charlie had gone to meet Feathers in his class that they should go and check up on Owen at the school health center.

They were surprised to see Jude with Owen, they both know that Jude and Owen are competitors that can never get along. Feathers knew in his heart that Jude must have come to intimidate Owen, he wouldn’t mind giving him his piece of cake.

Charlie and Feathers walked closer.

Jude was surprised to see them, he ignored them and took some steps to walk away.

“Don’t tell me you are going” Feathers said facing Jude.

Jude nodded.

“You can’t go?’ Feathers said.

"Why?” He asked.

Feathers ignored him and turned to Owen.

“Owen, what has this boy done to you?” Feathers asked.

Owen remained silent.

Feathers turned and looked at Jude with disdain.

Mary, Kitty and Lydia had also decided to check up on Owen at the school’s health centre, they entered and saw Feathers, Charlie and Jude with Owen.

“Feathers” Kitty greeted unconsciously.

“Crazy girl” Mary muttered silently but audible enough for Kitty to hear.

“What?!” Kitty questioned.

"After all he did for you the last time, you still calling his name” Mary said silently and Kitty ignored.

Feathers smiled and stretched his hand wide like someone that wanted to hug.

Kitty, Mary and Lydia arched their brow at the same time.

“What! Feathers wants Kitty to come and hug him” Mary said and couldn’t believe he eyes.

“Does that mean Feathers has changed, oh really?!” Mary thought.

Kitty who couldn’t believe her eyes, he watched Feathers stretching his hand wide like someone that is expecting a hug.
Kitty thought in her heart that the Feathers she had been crushing on must have changed from a bad ass to a good guy.

Kitty ran without thinking twice to Feathers to hug him, Feathers held her two shoulders when she was almost getting to him.

Kitty was shocked at the way Feathers suddenly gripped him her
Feathers looked into her eye and smirked.

He moved his face towards Kitty’s face like someone that wanted to kiss.

“Can you stop calling my name? It doesn’t sound nice in your mouth, I dislike being called by you” Feathers said and loosed his grip on Kitty’s shoulder.

Kitty felt bad and closed her eyes hoping that she can disappear but she can’t.

“Mary, Owen is fine now” Jude said.

Mary nodded, she ignored Kitty, after all, she had warned Kitty but it seems she can’t think straight because she is in love with one crazy class captain.

Mary touched Owen’s face to see how he is fairing, Jude got jealous and took some steps closer to Mary.

Feathers who had a the peel off of a banana in his bag, he ate it while they were coming because Charlie came to call him when he was about taking his breakfast, so he bought a banana, that is his favourite fruit, he bought it at the school tuk shop, and chewed it on their way to the hospital.

The school authority does not permit throwing of liters in just any place except in liter bin which was placed in every strategic area of the school.

Feathers couldn’t find where to dump the banana peel off after eating the banana inside, he kept the peel off at the small purse beside his bag hoping that he will dispose it when he sees a liter bin, but he didn’t see any till he and Charlie got to the hospital.

He brought the banana peel off out after Jude had taken a step to meet Mary who was with Owen, he threw it before Jude and Jude stepped on it unconsciously.

Jude’s leg slipped and he fell using his head to hit the small stool that is beside Owen’s bed.

To be continued.


Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 5:23pm On Nov 28, 2020
Feathers why

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 3:58am On Nov 30, 2020

“Feathers!” Charlie called.

Feathers turned his head to him.

“That serves him right” Feathers said.

Jude stood up and felt embarrassed for falling in front of the girls, especially Mary.

Mary walked to Jude.

“Sorry, does it hurt?” Mary asked.

He shook his head as he stood upright, he searched himself to see if he isn’t rough, he still looks cool
He walked out without saying a word.

“You mean Captain did that?” Thomas said.

Jude who was sitting amidst his friend bowed his head and stared at the empty ground.

“Sorry boss” Bigger said and Jude nodded.

“What are you gonna do now?” Thomas asked.

“I don’t know yet” Jude replied.

“I have a suggestion though” Bigger said.

“Tell me about it” Jude said.

“When it is break time, we gonna tell the students we wanna perform, since they loved our previous show, they will be willing to listen to us, then we can sing a song of insult to him, a song that will make him feel ridiculed before everyone, he might regret coming to this school” Bigger said
Jude smiled.

“Nice idea.”

“Let’s work on the lyrics immediately” Thomas said.

Thomas took a book and scribbled in a lyrics.

“Check mine” Thomas said and gave it to Jude.

Jude collected it smiled when he read it.

“Bigger, write the solo, I’m going for the chorus” Jude said.

“Yes boss” Bigger replied.

Owen had returned to his class, Bella wasn’t thinking about her mission, she has never fell in love before but ever since she saw Feathers, her heart has being longing to see him always, she can’t say if she loves Feathers but she knows she likes Feathers so much, but the guy is bad mouthed, he abused her the last time, even at that, Bella never stopped liking Feathers.

Owen noticed that Bella was moody and inactive unlike before. He tapped Bella.

“Bella, is anything the problem?” Owen asked in sign language.

Bella shook her head.

She feels weak on the inside, she feels like she is failing her dad.

“I have to deal with Mary” she thought.

Mary is the sole obstacle to getting to Owen. The teachers came and taught according to their period.

Mary’s Class (Break Time)
“Hey guys, let’s go to game room today, please, I wanna make sure I win Lydia today” Mary said.

“Are you joking?, Lydia won you five times yesterday, forget that, you can’t win Lydia ” Kitty said.

“Leave her, let her keep giving herself false hope, I might even win ten times today” Lydia said and laughed.

Kitty and Lydia laughed in mockery of Mary who was very poor in playing game. Mary squeezed her face like someone that would cry and placed her head on her locker.

Jude, Thomas and Bigger walked to the front of the class.

“Friends, we are have a very nice song to perform” Jude said.

“Fvck off” The labour prefect said
He is a friend of Feathers. Feathers and he both dislike Jude and his friends because he stalks Mary and intimidates Owen.

“No, continue ” Lydia said from her seat.

“Is that your business?” Mary said
Lydia giggled.

“You are scared that he wanted to sing a love song to you like he did then right?” Lydia said.

“He won’t, he would not like to be embarrassed again” Mary said.

“Let’s see what they are up to then” Kitty said, Lydia nodded and Mary maintained a straight face towards Jude and his friends.

Jude held his invisible mic in his hand folded in a blow like manner,
Thomas sat on the teachers stool with his guitar and the Bigger stood holding his mouth organ.

“�Pa pan ran ran
Pam pan pannnnnn ran”
Thomas played.

“�Hun hun , hun hun hunnnn, hunnnn...” Bigger played.

�Oh na na (2x)
Come and see a boy
Oh come, oh come
Come and see a goat
Oh come oh come...

�Pa ran ran ran rannnnnn nnnn n” Thomas played.

“�You need to see
The only goat, he is a fool
He is dumb,
Do you know, do you know him?"

Hun, hun hunn nnnunnun”
Bigger played.

�This boy killed his mother
Pa ra ran...

This boy killed his brothers
Pa ran ran tan tan...
This boy has a bad o o o omen...
If you stay around him
You will suffer a bad omen
He has slept with...
A aaa a aa
10 girls in this school...

Oh! Oooooooo
Did you want to know him?�

The whole class stood up excluding Feathers and the Labour prefect who was wondering who Jude and his friends were referring to.

Jude paused his song and talk.

“If you want to know him, you are all are gonna do the right thing to him, did you grab? ” Jude asked the listeners.

They all nodded, anticipating to know who the person is.

“When I mentioned the person’s name, you all know what to do right?!” Jude asked.

“Yeah, don’t worry, leave that to us” a very muscular and strong face girl said with a thick voice, those are the class gangsters, theirs is do deal with anyone that does wrong or cheats another.

And now they are waiting for Jude to mention the culprit's name so they can deal mercilessly with whoever he was referring to.

“Feathers, I think this guy is up to something” the Labour Prefect said.

“I think so too, but let’s watch” Feathers said.

“No, let’s go out, what if he mentions your name, the whole class are gonna pound on you to beat the hell out of you” Labour prefect advsied.

“We have issues , quiet alright, but he dares not mention my name” Feathers said confidently.

“Alright, if you say so” The labour prefect said and directed his attention back to Jude and his friends who were performing.

Jude continued his song.

�His name is not rare
Pa ran ran
He is right here with us
Pa ran ran
His name is
Pa pan pan ran an

Before Jude could finish spelling in song , the class gangsters pound on Feathers and dragged him out to the class.

Jeez! They beat the hell out of him.

Mary knew that no one interferes when the class gangsters are dealing with a student, they felt pity for Feathers.

Bella entered Mary’s class to deal with Mary at the same time use the opportunity to see and greet Feathers, that is if she will not be insulted by Feathers again.

Her eyes met with Feathers who had being beaten mercilessly and was lying on the floor with a torn uniform, rough hair, and shabby face.

Bella wondered why everyone was watching Feathers on the floor without helping him. She was oblivious of the class gangster
Bella ran towards Feathers and squatted beside him.

“Who the hell is this?” the head of the class gangster stood up and walked towards Bella, the other girls followed.

“Who the hell are you?” Gangster leader asked Bella.

Bella ignored and was checking Feather's body.

“Sorry Feathers, who dealt with you like this? Please tell me?” Bella said trying to comfort Feathers who had lost all strength and didn’t even have enough strength to answer Bella’s question nor stand up.

“We dealt with him” the gangster leader answered Bella’s question.
She pulled Bella up with her collar roughly. Bella tried to free herself but the girl was strong.

“Are you his girlfriend?” The gangster leader asked.

Bella refused to answer, she was trying to remove the girls hand from her collar, it was making her feel molested.

“Since, you won’t answer, I guess you leave or you suffer the same fate Feathers suffered” the girl said.

Anger arose inside Bella and looked straight into the girl's eye.

“Suprolis ariat manana” Bella casted a spell of confession.

Bella has the power to make a female confess but her dad has warned her not to use it, when it is the right time, he will tell her, but Bella can no longer stand being molested by the muscular girl, more so, she needs to take revenge for Feathers.

Bella’s eye turned absolutely red and the girl’s eye turned totally black.

The gangster girl got confessed
Once a person make a confession, the person confessing will be doing everything that the person that made him or her wanted him or her to do.

The gangster girl had been confessed by Bella, that implies she has to be doing all that Bella wants and give truthful answer to any questions asked by Bella.

“Now tell me, why did you beat Feathers?” Bella questioned.

Jude who didn’t understand what was happening yet was smiling with his friends at Bella and the gangster girl.

The gangster girl explained all that happened, including why Feathers was beaten.

When Jude heard the gangster girl behaving like a fool and explaining everything that happened in class to Bella and why Feathers was beaten, he started getting scared but his friends were still smiling. He remembered that Bella once touched him and he fell. He hurriedly stood up and went to the class’s entrance in case Bella wants to take revenge for Feathers. And true enough, when Bella heard all, she searched immediately for Jude.

“Where is the crazy guy that told lie on Feathers?” Bella asked looking around the class.

“At the entrance” A student said.

Bella saw Jude and Jude’s eye met with her. Jude picked a race immediately and ran like a...
(Complete that one in the comment box)

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by Dacaller: 10:06am On Nov 30, 2020
like a mad bull

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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 1:01pm On Nov 30, 2020
Like a mad man
Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 7:52pm On Nov 30, 2020

Everywhere was calm, the students were wondering why Jude ran away, they were also wondering why the class gangster was talking subjectively to Bella.

Bella helped Feathers up and looked at Feathers pathetically. Feathers grunted and walked back to his seat. Bella walked towards him.

“Sorry dear” Bella said and he nodded his head. He was trying to recover from the hell of a beating he received from the class's gangster.

“Hey you, now apologize to him” Bella said facing the class gangster.

“I’m sorry Feathers” she said and bowed her head.

“What, this is not happening” some student muttered.

They wondered how a whole class gangster can be this subjective to slim Bella. No one could place what was really happening between the gangster girl and Bella.

“What’s your name by the way?” Bella asked.

“My name is Vanessa” the girl replied.

“Alright, Vanessa, from today, be doing everything that Feathers wants, is that understood?” Bella said.

“Yes” Vanessa replied.

Feathers forgot his pain in a jiffy when he heard that their class gangster is gonna be working for him.

“What?! Do you mean she is gonna be working for me” Feathers asked.

“Yeah, don’t worry, she will do all that you commanded her to do.”

Feathers lips was parted and dropped in surprise.

“Let me try if this thing will work truly” Feathers thought.

Every students had already sat down and concentrated on what they were doing, after all, they did not even understand a thing that was happening between Vanessa, Bella and Feathers.

“Hey Vanessa!” Feathers said and threw his pen to the front of the class.

“Yes” Vanessa replied.

“Go and pick that pen for me” Feathers commanded.

Vanessa went and brought the pen.

Feathers arched his brow “Is this a magic or something?” he thought.

Bella smiled and felt happy that with what she just did for Feathers. He must have deeply fallen for her. But she did not know that Feathers and Love are word and opposite.

Feathers himself didn’t care if Bella was using magic or not, all he cares about is that he will be able to use Vanessa and deal with her for once punishing him.

Feathers smiled and brought out his laptop.

“Feathers, you need to change your cloth, it’s dirty” Bella said feeling that she is caring.

“True, but I must type this episode first” Feathers replied.

“That reminds me, I heard that you are writer and you have a page on Facebook” Bella said.

“Yes dear, even though my old page got hacked but I’ve created another” Feathers replied.

“Sorry, can we go for lunch?” Bella asked.

“With a magician” Feathers thought.

Feathers faked a smile and started typing, intentionally ignoring Bella who was standing.

“Feathers!” Bella called.

"Bella, you have done enough , thanks, please leave, let me type this episode” Feathers said and continued typing.

Bella felt embarrassed when she realized that Feathers isn’t grateful despite all that he did for him.

She became depressed, her spirit became low, she walked sluggishly from Feathers' place and walked to the entrance feeling depressed. She remembered immediately what her primary mission is, she walked back to the class to meet Mary.

Mary’s heartbeat increased, she became fretful at the presence of Bella.

Bella imagined in a second what she can do to Mary that can make her stop stalking and liking Owen.

“Seflagino arisum quicom seflagino arisum quicom” She said.

But suddenly Lydia pushed Bella away with anger.

“Those words she’s saying are not native Americans language, they are magical spells” Lydia said.

Bella fell to the ground, Mary stood still in fear.

“She is a witch” Kitty said.

“More reason why we need to ensure that she stays far away from Owen” Lydia said.

Mary sunk to the chair and sighed.

Bella who was pushed by Lydia had fallen to the floor, she stood up gently feeling embarrassed, she felt like calling Vanessa to come and deal with the three of them but she refused to.

Instead, she purposed in her heart to kiss Owen by force, she walked out angrily and went straight to her class.

“Owen, please follow me” She said with a frowned face.

“Why?” Owen asked in sign language.

“Just do” Bella said.

“Alright” Owen said in sign language and stood up, he wondered why Bella wanted him to come. He followed Bella hoping that everything will be alright.

Charlie who had just stepped out of his class watched Bella and Owen walked towards a tiny hallway, he wondered where they were going, he traced them gently and he watched as Bella drew Owen to an empty room.

“What could they be doing there all alone?” Charlie thought.

Charlie tip-toed to the side of the room where he can conveniently watched them.

Bella had already purposed in her heart that should she see anyone interrupting what she is about to do, she will make sure she cast a spell on whoever the person is.
She stood before Owen and looked straight into his eyes.

“Owen, Lennox is my father, you and I know that he is very powerful, he already told me that I’m the right lady destined to kiss you ” Bella said.

Owen looked at her with fear of what may happen after he must have kissed Bella.

Charlie felt jealous when he saw Bella moving her lips towards Owen to kiss him, but he couldn’t move, he reasoned that Bella may not be pleased with the fact that he is stalking her.

Bella moved her lips towards Owen’s lips, Owen stood still with his heart beat beating very high.
But in a few second before Bella’s lips touched Owen, she fell down and fainted.

“Lennox!” Unknown called as he twisted the knob into Lennox room.

Lennox who lay on the bed quickly stood up when he heard the seriousness in the tone of Unknown.

“Lennox!!!” Unknown yelled again.

Lennox looked at him in fear trying to search in a second in his heart if he had done something wrong or disobeyed the rules of the temple.

“Why did you allow your daughter use her confessing power?” Unknown asked accusingly.

“What?!” Lennox who was oblivious of the truth that Bella has indeed used her confessing power.

“Yes, I received the signal in the temple when I was meditating, you and I know that this is not the right time for her to start using her confessing power, anyways, she must have been in a bad situation right now and I do not know if she will survive it.

•Do you think Bella will survive what has just happened to her?

To be continued.


Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 8:39pm On Nov 30, 2020
Nice update op,i hope bella survives but that feathers guy is too mean 4 my liking

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Re: The Only Nudge by Kaycee9242(m): 11:57am On Dec 01, 2020
Nice update op

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 7:02pm On Dec 02, 2020

Charlie rushed and entered the room.

“What happened to her?” He said as he approached Bella.

Owen had also squatted beside Bella wondering why she suddenly slumped.

“I don’t know” Owen said in sign language to Charlie who also understood sign language.

Charlie looked at him and set his gaze back at Bella.

“Did you see her eyes?” Charlie asked fretfully.

“Yes, it’s absolutely white, where is the eye ball?” Owen said confusingly in sign language.

“Call the ambulance” Charlie ordered and Owen ran out but hurriedly came back when he realizes that even if he dials 911, which is the ambulance line, he will not be able to speak to them because he can not speak.

“I can’t speak , remember?” Owen said to Charlie in sign language.

Charlie recollected and quickly stood up and ran out to call 911.

Owen stood watching Bella lay on the floor. He wondered why Bella had suddenly slumped, he thought that maybe Zeus had protected him from Bella.

But he trusts Bella, he doesn’t know why, he is scared when Bella wanted to kiss him but he is also happy that Bella is not the kind of somebody that can betray him.

Two men in civil uniform followed Charlie inside the empty room with a stretcher, they carefully carried Bella and placed her on the stretcher, she was carried immediately into the ambulance parked outside, then to the hospital.

Owen sighed as he watched the ambulance drove Bella away from the school.

“Was she suffering from a sickness before?” Owen thought.

Charlie had followed the ambulance to the hospital, he had thought that if Bella wakes up and see him stood by her, Bella will reason that he is caring and probably begin to like him.

Owen went to his class thinking about Bella and waiting for the school to close for the day so he can go and visit Bella at the hospital.

Thomas and Bigger had gone to pick Jude at the rest room he ran to, they informed him that Bella had gone and that he should come to the class.

Jude sighed heavily and followed them to the class.

Feathers watched as Jude and his friend entered the class, he couldn’t do anything to Jude yet because the second to the last period teacher was teaching.

The teacher continued teaching, everyone concentrated except Feathers who was imagining how Jude will be beaten by the class gangster after he had ordered her to beat him.

“I believe you all know the formula for Pythagoras Theorem?” The teacher asked the whole class.

Some murmured while some said yes.

“Captain, stand and tell me the formula for Pythagoras Theorem” The tall black American teacher said.

Feathers head was bowed still imagining how Jude will be beaten by Vanessa. He couldn’t hear what the teacher had just said.

“Feathers, can you hear me at all?” The teacher asked again.

Fathers came back to reality and blinked his eye, he nodded like someone that heard the teacher.

“Hope you are cool?” The teacher asked.

Feathers twisted his neck and nodded, he placed his two hands on his locker and stare directly at the teacher.

“Alright, remind us the formula for Pythagoras Theorem?” The teacher asked.

“That should be… Erm... What’s that now?” He muttered silently facing the Labour prefect who is his partner.

“Errmmmm. Square + ermmmm. Square =Adjacent square.”

That was not what the Labour prefect said but because he was speaking silently in such a say that the teacher will not know he is telling Feathers the answer, that was what Feathers heard.

Feathers smiled thinking that is had the answer.

He stood up.

“Sir, this question is so simple for me, I’m the class captain here, kindly ask another person sir” Feathers said confidently.

“Oh really? As a class captain , you should be able to be able to answer all questions on behalf of the class.

Feathers giggled.

“Well, if that’s what you want, as a matter of fact, pleas bring the marker, I will write it” Feather said proudly.

“Oh no, that isn’t necessary, you know! Just say it” The teacher said patiently.

“I insist sir” Feathers said stubbornly.

“Alright” the teacher said and handed over the marker to Feathers.

Feathers smiled and raised his shoulder up like a peacock, he walked proudly to the white board, he opened the marker and wrote:

”M squared + M squared = Adjacent squared.

The brilliant ones suddenly bursted into serious laughter and the dull ones too had to pretend as if the knew the answer, they also laughed.

The whole class bursted into laughter making Feathers smiling face dropped and turned into a shameful one.

“Your crush is so dumb” Lydia said in the middle of her laughter to Kitty.

“Very dumb, the guy is so dull, rude, proud. gosh! all he knows how to do is to write stories” Mary added.

Kitty was the only one who was not laughing among the whole class, how can she be mocking her one and only crush.

Kitty couldn’t reply her friends, she didn’t know what to say.

“Brilliant class captain” the teacher said ironically and everyone bursted into laughter again.

Feathers stood in shame and the teacher shook his head and collected his marker from him.

“Who can tell us the formula for Pythagoras Theorem?” The teacher asked.

Mary raised her hand.

“Tell us please” the teacher requested.

“Hypotenuse squared = Opposite squared + Adjacent squared.

Before the teacher could comment on if it is wrong or not, the dull ones in class bursted into laughter including Thomas while the brilliant ones wonder what is funny about Mary’s correct answer.

Indeed, class is a crazy bunch of students.

"What’s funny?” The teacher asked with a serious tone and a serious look too.

The dull students laughing stopped laughing at once.

“What’s funny now? Answer me, because she got the question right.” The teacher said and the dull students in class stylishly bow their head so the teacher would not ask them the next question.

The teacher continued teaching till his time elapses, he went out of the class.

Same time that the teacher started teaching...

Lennox received a call at home that Bella, his only daughter had being rushed to the hospital. Lennox knew at once that it was because she used her confessing power.

“Bella” Lennox called on getting to the hospital.

Bella remained mute, she wasn’t talking , her eyes were still absolutely white, there is no sign of eyeballs.

“Bella, I believe you are hearing me, no matter how angry you are, you shouldn’t have used your confessing ability, you brought this upon yourself” Lennox said and exhaled as he stares directly into Bella’s eye.

He sat down on the small stool beside the bed of Bella.

“Sorry dear, anyways, Unknown told me what to do to save you,” Lennox said and brought out a metal that look like pen. He pointed the mouth of the metal pen to Bella’s white eyeball.

“Tefris ajiat tebrinat!
Asius melicasus Asius Comba qiquosat Jeruvu” Lennox casted the spell and the eye balls of Bella turned blue.

She coughed all of a sudden and came back to consciousness.

“Now, everyone you have confessed will be free as well from your confession” Lennox said and sighed happily seeing Bella conscious again.

Immediately the teacher left, Captain Feathers stood up at once and went to Vanessa’s seat.
Feathers did not know that Vanessa had being free from Bella’s confession because of what Lennox did for Bella at the hospital to heal her.

“Vansssa! Stand up right now!” Feathers commanded with a loud voice.

“What the f...ck?!” Vanessa exclaimed.

“Can you hear me at all, I say stand up right now and go and beat that boy mercilessly” Feathers commanded pointing to Jude.

Vanessa stood up and held Feathers roughly on his collar.

“Looks like you want more beating, the beating you received during break isn’t enough” Vanessa said.

Feathers became confused, and Jude who was already getting scared that Vanessa may obey Feathers and come to beat him also bursted into laughter in mockery of Feathers.

Thomas and bigger and few students who were also watching laughed at Feathers.

Jude saw another opportunity to punish Feathers again for how he made him fell at the hospital.

“�Peacock Feathers...
Proud and dumb
Dull and stupid."

Jude sang.

Thomas quickly brought out his guitar and Bigger hurriedly took his mouth organ out of his pocket
They played.

“�Everybody say **** EM b**** ”

Jude said pointing to Feather
And as if he used a spell, the whole class obeyed and started singing that line of the song

“�****EM b****(20x)

Mary mocked Feathers and faced Kitty, she pressed her eye and pulled her tongue out to Kitty.
Kitty slapped her hand like a kid.

Kitty did not like how Feathers was being treated. But Mary and Lydia liked it because of how Feathers had treated their friend Kitty.

"�**** EM b****” Mary and Lydia stood up from their sit and joined the class in singing.

To be continued.


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Bella and Lennox arrived home. Lennox sank on the chair and Bella who was feeling guilty of using the ability that she has despite the fact that her father had warned her severally that it’s not yet time for her to use her power.

“Should I get you a drink?” Lennox asked like a caring father.

Bella nodded, Lennox went inside the kitchen and poured a glass of wine and brought it for Bella.
Bella respectfully collected it and gulped it in.

Bella sighed satisfactorily and placed the empty glass on the table.

“Bella, will you tell me what happened in school now or you gonna take a nap?” Lennox asked.

“I’ll like to rest” Bella replied.

“Alright” Lennox said and watched as Bella stood and went inside her room.

Owen couldn’t go to the hospital to check up on Bella as he planned to do before because his mother called to inform him that he should come home early and that there is an important issue to handle at home. Owen had wondered what important issue would arose at home but he couldn’t place exactly what it could be.

He sat with his mom, dad, his brother and Mary at the living room.

Owen stared around the room wondering exactly what was happening.

“Well, Owen, Mary” Star called.

Owen and Mary focused their attention on Star.

“We are travelling and it will take a while, my sister is having a wedding and I’ve promised her that my husband and I are gonna spend a week helping her out in all that she needs” Star said and paused.

He observed their faces and notices that they are listening but surprised, she continues.

"We will be back in a week time” Star said.

“Is Bennet also following you?” Lennox asked in sign language referring to his beloved brother.

"Yea he is” Star’s husband replied.

Owen arched his brow when it dawned on him that only he and Mary will be staying at home, even though he does not dislike Mary as before, he still thinks it’s not proper for Mary and he to live alone under the same roof.

“Are you surprised that you and Mary will be living alone for the main time?” Star’s husband asked.

Owen’s face remains puzzled, like he was thinking of how it will be for Mary and him staying under the same roof. He prays in his heart that nothing will happen between Mary and he.

“Owen, don’t be disturbed, I trust you, you won’t have issues with Mary” Bennet said with a voice that looks like that of an 8 years old boy.

Owen faked a smile at his brother, his brother thought Owen’s smile was real and he smiled back.

“So that’s it, we moving at night” Star said.

“At night!” Owen exclaimed in his heart.

“Why not tomorrow morning?” Owen asked.

“Does it change anything? I promise my sister to come this night, are you scared of us going out at night or you just nervous that you are gonna be staying alone with Mary” Star questioned.

Owen nodded, he can’t believe he will be staying alone with Mary.

The night clocks and Star, her husband and Bennet went out of the house leaving Mary and Owen at the house.

Owen went straight to his room, he thought that Mary might want to start playing or chatting with him, he doesn’t want that from Mary. He lay on the bed and closed his eye but he wasn’t sleeping.

A knock sounded on Owen’s door and he knew at once that it is Mary, after all, just Mary and he are living in the same house. He wondered why Mary was knocking, he went to the entrance of the door and twisted the knob of the door.

“Hi” Mary greeted.

Owen stared at her without replying, after all she knows that he is dumb.

Mary showed him a book that he was holding in his right hand and a pen in his left hand.

“How may I help you” Owen asked sternly.

“I do not know this topic, please come and teach me ” Mary said pleadingly showing him the topic inside the book she was holding.

“Why not let us do this during the day?” Owen asked in sign language.

“I would have love to, but it’s an assignment actually, we are to submit tomorrow, please help” Mary pleaded.

Owen heart softened at her plead and welcomed her in.

“Thanks” she said.

She sat on a chair and Owen sat beside her. Mary opened the topic and it was Trigonometry.

“What did you want to know about it?” Owen asked.

“Everything, teach me please” Mary pleaded like she didn’t know anything there, whereas, Mary understood Mathematics very well, even though she is not too good, but when it comes to math6ematics, it’s her favourite subject.

The fact is she misses Owen and she wants to see him.

“This is SOH and this is CAH and this is TOA, It’s actually a formula in Trigonometry written in acronyms so that one can memorize easily.

SOH means Sin teeta = opposite over hypotenuse. CAH means Cos teeta = Adjacent over hypotenuse. TOA means…”

Owen taught in sign language, he paused when he realizes that Mary was just staring at him the whole time, at first, he thought she was concentrating on his teaching but as he continued teaching, he realizes that Mary was lost in thought.

And true enough, Mary was thinking about how cute and handsome Owen is, she kept admiring Owen’s lips.

“Are you here?” Owen asked.

Mary didn’t reply, he kept staring at Owen.

“Are you here?” Owen asked in sign language again.

Owen tapped her on her shoulder when he realizes that Mary was lost in thought.
This is what Mary was thinking>>>

“We welcome you all to the glorious wedding ceremony between Owen and Mary, we all know they are getting married today” The pastor said and paused.

Mary imagined herself blushing on the wedding day. She also imagined positively that Owen will already be speaking by then.

“Mary, did you willingly accept this Owen as your crown, during the rain, during dry season, when things are good, when things are bad, either in wealth or poverty?” The pastor asked.

Mary who imagined herself putting on a very whitish wedding gown, she assumed that the wedding gown she will be putting on will be one of the most expensive wedding gown in the whole of America.

“Yes” She replied the pastor and a very wide smile appeared on her face.

“Owen, do you...

This was her last imagination before Owen ask her in sign language if she is still listening to the teachings he is giving. Mary heard but he did not want to stop thinking, the imagination is so interesting that she doesn’t want it to end.

That was when she didn’t answer Owen’s question.

Mary’s imagination continues...

“Owen, did you willingly accept Mary as your wife, will you stay by her and with her in rain and sunshine , in health and sickness and in wealth and poverty?” The pastor asked Owen.

She imagined that Owen smiled and say Yes.

“Good! You may now kiss your bride” The pastor said.

Owen turned to Mary and Mary moved a bit closer to him, Owen moved his head towards her to kiss her, that was the day she had being expecting.

That was the time Owen patted her on her shoulder when he realizes that he has communicated to her in sign language twice but she isn’t responding.

She doesn’t like how she was tapped by Owen, Owen had cut short her sweet imaginations.

“Are you here?” Owen asked in sign language.

“Erm….yeah” Mary said and faked a smile.

“Owen, I think I need some rest, see you tomorrow” Mary said.

Mary didn’t say that because she wants to leave Owen, she said that because she wants to find a place for herself so she can continue her sweet imaginations of how she wedded Owen in the future.

Owen and Mary both slept in their separate rooms.

In the morning...
Owen woke up and yawned, he bathed and dressed up for school, he went out without waiting for Mary.

Mary felt bad when she realized that Owen did not wait for her.
She went to school too.

In school

“Feathers, I do not know why you kept on having bad luck this days” the Labour Prefect said standing beside Feathers at the entrance of their class.

They are yet to start the assembly, the assembly starts by 8am.

“I want you to do something for me” Feather said to Labour Prefect.

“What?” Labour Prefect asked.

“We know Jude is always coming late right, tell the Punctuality Prefect to give him the punishment of cleaning the school poultry” Feathers said.

“That shouldn’t be a problem” Labour Prefect said promisingly.

Jude came late as usual, the Labour Prefect has spoken to the Punctuality Prefect, Jude was asked to clean the poultry yard of the school, he was surprised at that great punishment just for being unpunctual.

Feathers went to the poultry yard and locked Jude inside the Poultry farm. He could see Jude through the thick net that fenced the poultry farm.

“Jude, I made you fall, 1:0.
You made told lie on me and made Vanessa and her gang beat me 1:1. You told the class to keep fcking me with their songs, they kept calling a b**** , you successfully let them sing FCK EM b**** for me 1:2. Now, I already lock you in this poultry farm, have fun with the hens 2:2” Feathers said and smiled.

Feathers raised the key to the poultry farm up, "no one is coming to save you here, I’m closing the entrance door too so anyone will not suspect that anyone is here."

Feathers pulled his tongue out like that of a dog at Jude who was just standing helplessly.

Feathers took some steps away.

“Are you really going” Jude who thought Feathers was only threatening him saw Feathers going and it dawned upon him that he might be spending the rest of the day there.

To be continued.

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Bella had told Lennox that it seems Owen trust her and that Owen is gonna do everything that he virtually orders. Lennox followed Bella to school, he waited for Bella to inform Owen that he is around.

Bella went to class, he informed Owen that Lennox wants to see him and Owen obliged.

Owen and Bella met with Lennox at the school garage where Lennox car was parked.

“Owen , how are you?” Lennox greeted.

“I’m fine” Owen said in sign language but Lennox do not understand sign language.

He understands that Owen was probably speaking in sign language, he faced Bella for interpretation.

“He said he is fine” Bella interpreted what Owen communicated.

“I guess I have to start learning sign language” Lennox said and laughed, Bella faked a smile at her father’s boring joke, whereas, Owen maintained a straight face, he wasn’t laughing.

“Erm…Owen, I’m just gonna go straight to the point, Bella is the right lady for you, and if you will like to kiss early, I suggest you have to kiss her quick” Lennox said.

Owen nodded.

“Are you gonna kiss Bella today so you can speak?” Lennox asked.

Owen nodded.

“Good boy” Lennox said with a smiling face and stepped inside his car, he waved at Bella maintaining his smiling face and drove off.

Bella turned to Owen.

Owen turned his head to Bella, returned it and went inside the class without saying a word to Bella.

Bella wondered why Owen was behaving cold, it’s quiet unusual of him. She watched Owen walked to the class and she followed him behind.

“Ha ha ha!” The Labour Prefect laughed.

Feathers smirked.

“You mean the fool is enjoying his day with the hens now?” Labour prefect asked sarcastically.

Feathers nodded as he sat with the Labour Prefect inside the class waiting for the teacher of the first period.

“That’s a great lesson for him” Labour prefect said and laughed, he brought out a novel and showed it to Feathers.

“Have you read this” He asked.

“No, you know I don’t read novels” Feathers said.

“Hey!” Thomas said as he and Bigger walked towards Feathers.

Feathers turned his head and looked at them.

“Where is Jude?” Thomas asked.

“When did I become his brother, why asking me?” Feathers questioned.

“We were there when the Punctuality Prefect told him to go and clean the poultry just for coming late, we waited in class to see if he will join us or not, but he didn’t, we finally went to the poultry to check him, it was locked, and we were told by the woman who sells fruit beside the farm that you were the one that came out last from the farm” Thomas explained.

“So?” Feathers said.

“So” Thomas repeated and giggled, he turned to Bigger, Bigger looked at him and they both turned their head back to Feathers.

“I advise you to give us the key to the farm now or you give us the hard way” Thomas threatened.

“Seriously! The hard way, you wanna fight me or what?” Feathers said not ready to give up the key to the farm. He wants to ensure that Jude to spends a whole day there.

Thomas and Bigger walked out of the class.

“Feathers, what do you do, seems they are guessing already that you lock Jude inside” Labour Prefect said.

“And so?” Feathers replied.

Labour Prefect who knew feathers to be adamant especially when he has made a decision, he sighed and opened the novel he show Feathers some minutes ago and started reading it.
After 15 minutes...
The principal came inside the class with Thomas and Bigger.

“Feathers!” He called.

He suddenly heard the principal called his name. He closed his laptop at once and looked up to the principal who had walked to the front of the class. The principal recognized him.

“Come out!” The principal commanded Feathers.

He came out.

“Where is the key to the poultry farm?”

Feathers blinked his eye and went to his bag, he unzipped it and handed over the key to the principal.

“Follow me ” the principal said.

Thomas and Bigger went to report to the principal after they Left Feathers.

Feathers, Thomas and Bigger followed the principal behind. They all got to the farm, the principal unlock the key and entered.

He saw Jude who was already sitting at a corner hugging his knees and bowing his head.

“Jude” the principal called.

Jude rose his head. He stood up and came closer to where they are, the principal opened the door of the poultry and he came out.

“This is not happening” The principal said in a surprising manner as he wondered how Feathers can be this cruel.

“How about you entering and staying there till night” The principal said.

Feathers nodded with a pleading face.

Jude walked towards his friend and they were happy to see him.

“Now, enter this poultry!” The principal commanded Feathers.

“Please sir, please” Feathers pleaded.

“I won’t say that again” The principal said sternly.

Feathers walked inside the farm as he kept staring at the principal with a pleading face maybe the principal would change his mind.

The principal saw him entered, he closed the door on him and locked it. He went out of the poultry with Jude, Thomas and Bigger and he locked the main gate to the farm.

“Sorry Jude, Feathers will learn his lesson” The principal told Jude and his friends.

“Thanks sir” Jude and his friends said gratefully.

They departed.

Owen sat in his class thinking of how to be careful with Mary especially now that they are the only one living at home.

“Owen, why are you behaving coldly, I mean, you did not seem happy, is anything wrong?” Bella asked.

Owen nodded.

“Tell me about it” Mary requested.

"Lennox said you are the right lady, but am I not suppose to have some sort of feelings for you for me to know that you are the right lady, I’m scared and confused” Owen said in sign language.

“Don’t be, trust me, you may not have a feeling for me now but you will defiantly have one for me in the future” Bella said.

“I hope so” Owen replied in sign language.

“Since the lecturer is yet to come, we can kiss right here, no one will know” Bella said.

Owen sighed.

“Bella, I prefer being dumb than kissing you, I need to have some sort of feelings for you first, how can I kiss someone that I did not love, more so, I do not like your big eyes” Owen said to Bella in sign language.

Bella’s mouth dropped, she couldn’t close it, she can’t believe Owen just abused her with her eyes.

Tears rolled on her face and she placed her head on the locker.

Owen turned to her and noticed she felt bad.

“I shouldn’t have said that” Owen thought and regretted what he said. He wanted to touch Bella on her shoulder but he withdrew his hand, he was scared that Bella may insult him.

“I’m sorry Bella” He said in his heart and set his gaze at the book in front of him.

Thomas and Bigger had advised Jude never to give up on Mary, they told him that ladies like men that are persistently disturbing them, they gave him false believe that Mary liked him but she didn’t know how to confess it. They advise him to stop asking Mary if she likes him or not, he should just go and meet her and ask her to look inside his face and tell him that she did not like him. They told him that Mary will never be able to do that because she truly loves Jude.

Jude decided to obey them and went to meet Mary, he invited Mary to the rest room before the lecture could even start. Mary wondered why Jude would want to speak to her privately, but she trusted Jude.

She informed her friends before she left for class to the relaxing room.

Jude stood directly opposite Mary
His heart beats heavily against the walls of his heart, he stared at Mary’s beautiful face.

Mary kept wondering what he is about to stay.

“Mary, the truth is I like you” Jude said and paused.

“I know” Mary replied bluntly.

“Mary” Jude said silently.

“Tell me you did not love me and I will stop disturbing you” Jude said frankly.

To be continued.

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"Jude” Mary called and paused.

“Mary, I know you like me, stop hurting me please, you and I know that I like you” Jude said.

Mary sighed.

“Jude, to be frank, I don’t like this, why would you bring me here to ask that kind of question” Mary said.

“I’m sorry, I just need to know” Jude said.

“What did you want to know?” Mary asked.

Jude sighed.

“The truth is hard to bear, Jude, I do not love you” Mary said and walked away.

Jude felt like someone whose heart was stabbed. He regretted what his friends told him to do.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have done that” Jude thought.

He thought of how he is gonna be feeling if he sees Mary, he better start trying to avoid Mary, he felt rejected.

“But can I ever stop loving Mary, she seems to be a part of me, I love this girl, I know that” Jude thought as he walked to his class.

The Labour Prefect heard the rumour that his friend, Captain Feathers had been detained at the poultry, it pisses him off, he felt bad for Feathers, he waited till break time, then he went to the Principal’s office. He pleaded with the principal that the he should kindly release Feathers.

The principal insisted at first, but when he realizes the adamancy in the Labour Prefect's voice,

He was not ready to leave the principal’s office unless the principal agrees to release Feathers.

The principal gave up and considered the plead of perfect, he handed over the keys to the farm over to him. The Labour Prefect collected it happily, thanked the principal and ran to the farm
He opened the gate and saw Feathers facing the North.

Feathers was backing the Labour Prefect.

The Labour Prefect wondered why his friend was standing and facing the wall.

Feathers didn’t even notice that he had come, what is he doing that made him this serious.

“Feathers” He called.

Feathers turned to him with his phone in his hand.

“What are you doing?” The prefect asked in surprised.

Feathers maintained his frowned face.

“Typing stories of course, I must drop the next episode today, after all, they had met the requirement” Feathers said.

“Alright, I’ve pleaded with the principal and he has handed over the key to the poultry to me, I’m sorry that you stayed here for few hours” The Labour Prefect said and unlock the door to the poultry.

Feathers walked out and kept his phone inside his pocket.

“Are you done typing the episode?” The labour prefect asked Feathers when he wasn’t saying anything not even a thank you.

“Almost, gonna post soon” Feathers said.

The Labour Prefect nodded, he locked the doors to the farm and they both went to the class.

Feathers felt bad because as a class captain, he had never thought he can be humiliated in such a way. He can’t imagine himself being inside that farm for almost four hours.

Just as he was about to enter the class, he saw Kitty and her friends walking outside, they are gonna be meeting at the very entrance.

He waited outside with the Labour Prefect for them to pass, he was in a very bad mood.

Kitty saw Feathers standing outside with the Labour Prefect, his very good friend.

“Hi Feathers” Kitty greeted.

Feathers stared at her and hoped that she knows where he is coming from.

“Must you greet him, he is just a proud peacock” Mary said to Kitty but Feathers heard.

Feathers said and arched his brow.

“Am I proud?” He asked Mary innocently.

“Oh, you do not know, you treat ladies with contempt, I wonder how you treat your family members” Mary said

“Oh! I do not think I have ever done anything wrong to you, why did you keep hurling insult on me ” Feathers said.

“You have done that for my friend, so, whatever you did for her, you did to us” Mary said.

She was trying to provoke Feathers to anger, but Feathers isn’t moved by her words.

“What do you want from me?” Feathers asked.

“Apologize to our friend” Mary said.

“Kitty, I’m sorry” Feathers said and moved closer to Kitty, Kitty bowed her head , Kitty can’t imagine Feathers behaving this way.

Feathers held her two shoulders and hugged her.

Kitty knew at once that it was a dream, she closed her eyes for ages, she opened it and still saw Feathers hugging her.

Feathers disengaged slightly and kissed Kitty at his forehead, Kitty can’t raise her head up to see Feathers because she was shy.

“This is not happening” she thought
Feathers felt a kinda peace around Kitty that he had felt since he lost his parents.

Feathers lost his parent at the age of 8, they both fought and killed themselves. Feathers wondered how a couple that once loved themselves killed themselves in cold blood

It made him believe that love does not exist, he vows never to date or marry any lady till he die, he hates anything love.

But the words of Mary touched the soft part of him instead of making him angry. He realizes that he might be proud truly and he had to apologize to Kitty.

He used his right fingers to raise kitty’s head up.

“Kitty, I’m sorry” Feathers said and Kitty was still finding it hard to believe what she was hearing from Feathers.

“I do not know how it feels like to like a lady, I do not know what love is, I had being dead to love since my presents die , can you teach me to love?” Feathers asked sadly.

Kitty’s lips parted when she heard the last word of Feathers.

Kitty nodded slightly.

Kitty felt pathetic on Feathers and hugged him tight.

Mary shook her head, she never imagined that Feathers can be this soft at heart.

“Where are you guys going now?” Feathers asked Mary after slightly disengaging with Kitty.

Mary who was still recovering from how Feathers had just behaved came back to her sense and was searching for the right answer to Feathers question.

“We are heading to the cafeteria” Lydia helped Mary answer the question.

“I would have love to follow you guys, but I had been standing for hours, maybe next time” Feathers said and Mary and her friends nodded.

They watched Feathers and the Labour Prefect entered the class.

Break time...
Owen stood up and walked out of the class, ever since he abused Bella, she had been behaving coldly and ignoring him, even though Owen felt bad for what he had done to Bella, he felt there was nothing he could do, may be he will apologize to her in the future when she is ready to listen to his apology.

Owen was feeling hungry, unlike before when his mom used to cook and prepare breakfast for him to eat at home before he leaves to school. He has to start depending on the school cafeteria to eat till his mom return.

Owen walked to the same cafeteria that Mary went

Thomas who is always giving Jude false encouragement has told Jude not to give up on Mary, he told Jude that he overheard Mary and her friends going to the cafeteria, he advised Jude to join them at the cafeteria and sit with them and foot the bill, he told Jude that it will make Mary and her friends respect him.

He told Jude that when a guy foots the bill of a girl at a cafeteria, the girl always like them.

Jude who always believed his Thomas, his adviser without thinking twice or meditating on what he heard to know if it is good or not.

Jude suddenly became happy on hearing the advise of Thomas. He told his friends to follow him, but that they should stay outside the cafeteria while he goes in to sit with the girls and foot the bill.
Thomas , Bigger and Jude walked to the cafeteria.

Jude got there before Owen, he searched around with his eye and found where Mary and her friends sat.

It was a four seater surrounding a table, Mary, Kitty and Lydia occupied a three seats, Jude was happy that he can sit on the fourth one.

He walked towards where Mary and her friends were while Thomas and Bigger hanged outside the cafeteria.

“Hi girls” He greeted on getting to where they sat.

The girls were surprised to see him.

He was scared that they might tell him to leave, he didn’t wait for them to tell him to sit, he sat on the fourth chair and smiled.

“Sorry, have you guys ordered for food” Jude asked.

The girls kept staring at him.

“No” Mary replied.

Jude signaled to one of the attendant and the attendant attended to Mary and her friends.

Mary was feeling uncomfortable because of the presence of Jude but she didn’t want to insult Jude again, she had to play nice.

Mary ordered for their favourite's food and in a jiffy, the attendant brought a plate of the food they ordered forJude’s own included , he ordered the same thing they ordered for.

Jude foot the bill has planned.
They kept eating, Jude didn’t like how everywhere was silent, he didn’t want to break it either.

He use the cutlery to pick a fries and called Mary, Mary looked up, he requested to feed Mary with the fries he picked from his food.

Mary felt like telling him no, but since it’s just this once, she decided that when she gets to class, she will warn him not to do what he did again by coming to disturb their peace at the cafeteria.

Mary faked a smile and opened her mouth.

Owen who had being watching Jude eating with Mary and her friends walked towards them but they didn’t notice him until Mary opened her mouth and received the fries from Jude as if Jude was her boyfriend,,her eyes met with Owen immediately the fries landed in her mouth.

To be continued.

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Awesome update,keep it up

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 5:48am On Dec 07, 2020

Mary couldn’t continue chewing, she paused the fries in her mouth, she bowed her head, she disliked Jude for acting this way, now Owen will start thinking he is dating Jude for real, not knowing that her heart does not belong to Jude and she is only trying to play along with Jude so he won’t feel insulted again.

Owen watched and maintained his frowned face, a feeling of jealousy arose inside of him, he can’t place why he is jealous, he is not sure if he is having any feelings for Mary or not, but standing and watching Jude fed Mary right in his presence provoke him to jealousy. He walked away and went to take a seat elsewhere, he ordered for food, ate and left for his class.

Break time....Same day
Bella was still finding it hard to believe that Owen can insult her, she has been depressed for hours in school, she wasn’t even concentrating to the previous teachings.

After she watched Owen left, she closed her book, stood up and walked outside.

She had been missing Feathers so much, even though she knew that even if Feathers sees her, he might still insult her, but she doesn’t care, she still has to go and visit Feathers.

She entered Feathers class and went to his seat, Feathers saw her and smiled. He stretched his hand to shake her.

Bella wondered if she was only dreaming or it’s really a reality, she lowered her head gently and saw Feathers and outstretched hand, she reluctantly received the handshake.

She was still surprised.

“Hi Bella” Feathers said and smiled.

“Hi” Bella replied.

Feathers withdrew his hand and stared at Bella, the kind of look that tells Bella that he is listening to what she came to his class to do.
Bella recovered from the sudden change of behaviour of Feathers.

“Feathers, I’m thinking if we can go out together” Bella said.

“Really, I’m a bit busy now” Feathers replied.

“Busy, doing what?” Bella asked Feathers because she expected that every students should be free by break time, she wondered why Feathers would be always busy.

“Remember I’m a writer, I only have the chance to type an episode in school by break time or when I got home and that is after I had finished my assignment” Feathers said.

Bella nodded.

“Where do you live?” Bella asked Feathers.

“Why asking please?” Feathers replied politely.

“I just wanna know, maybe I can follow you home one of this days” Bella said.

“God forbid! What?! Follow me home, I dislike ladies, I dislike a lady and I being alone” Feathers said angrily remembering the day he saw his mother stabbing his father.

He remembered how his mom and fad had taken him to different places to have fun when he was 6 years, even at 7 years, he had watched his parents kiss and hug right in his presence, he had wished that someday, he will have his wife too and he will be able to kiss and hug his wife.

He wanted that kind of life his parents were living, until he clocked 8 years, they had a misunderstanding and it led to a domestic violence, he was right there when his mom and dad were fighting, the fighting between them became brutal that they ended up killing themselves right before young Feathers. Since then, love has never been found in his dictionary.

Bella was shocked at Feathers sudden outburst. Feathers concentrated on his laptop and continued typing his story.

“Feathers, I’m sorry about that” Bella said.

Feathers who was still angry refused to reply.

“Alright, I guess I have to start going” Bella said and took some steps away.

“Bella” Feathers called
Bella turned.

“Charlie said there is a basketball training today, you can come, inform Owen as well” Feathers said.

Bella nodded and took some steps towards the entrance of the class, he met with Mary, Kitty and Lydia who were just coming from the cafeteria. They ignored her and went to their seats.

“Those b*tches can not even greet” she thought angrily and turned.

She saw Mary and Lydia sat, while Kitty went to Feathers.

She wondered what Kitty had to do with Feathers.

Kitty brought a French pie for Feathers. She tapped Feathers gently, Feathers turned at her and saw a beautiful Kitty, slim but beautiful, her skin were as soft as wool, her eyes as white as snow , her eye ball as dark as charcoal, the shape of her face interest Feathers and there is this feeling of peace that Feathers felt anytime she is around him.

“I b6ought you this” Kitty said and showed the French pie to Feathers.

Feathers smile widened, he collected the French pie from kitty and ate it. Kitty was happy that Feathers collected the French pie she bought for him and also ate it in her presence.

Bella who was watching became jealous, she disliked Kitty for buying snacks for Feathers, she assumed that Feathers must like French pie and that if any ladies buy it for him, he will surely collect it and eat it.

She jogged downstairs and went to the cafeteria, she hurriedly ordered for five French pies, she was given and she paid. She jogged immediately to Feathers class hoping that Feathers will gladly accept the fries that she bought for him and smile at her like he did for Kitty.

She entered Feathers class and presented the French pies to Feathers. Feathers who had already been satisfied with the French pie he ate from Kitty, he looked up at Bella and wondered with a serious look on his face why Bella went to buy French pies for him
“Bella, I ain’t gonna eat these, I’m satisfied” Feathers said politely,
Bella felt rejected.

“You can throw it away” Bella said and dropped the fries on Feathers locker, she walked away.
Her eyes met with Kitty’s happy eyes.

Kitty was jealous when she saw Bella presenting French pies to Feathers, she became happy when he saw that Feathers never collect it nor ate it.

Bella walked away and Kitty smiled.

Charlie met Bella on her way to the class at the staircase.

“Bella” he greeted.

Bella nodded not wanting to look at his face.

“Bella, is anything wrong?” Charlie asked.

Bella shook her head.

“Can we take a stroll together or we go and take lunch together?” Charlie suggested.

Bella shook her head.

“Bella, please, how about going to the game room to have fun?” Charlie suggested again not ready to give up.

Bella shook her head, Bella wasn’t in a good mood and Charlie would not understand.

Charlie sighed frustratingly.

“Okay, have you being informed that there is basketball training today?” Charlie asked.

Bella nodded.

“Are you gonna come?” Charlie asked and Bella nodded.

Charlie was happy that he is gonna see Bella again that day.

“See you “Charlie said and walked away.

Bella sighed faintly, still in a bad mood, she went to her class.

Basketball Court
Everyone lined up listening to Charlie, the head of the basketball team, Feathers was standing beside him because he is good at basketball. Charlie appointed him as his assistant.

While Charlie was addressing the team, some guys started coming towards where they are.

Charlie saw them and sighed
”Feathers, this people are here again” Charlie said to Feathers.

Feathers stretched his neck and saw the folks that Charlie saw.

Like anyone would guess, It was Jude, Thomas and Bigger.

Jude Thomas and Bigger approached them.

“Hey Charlie” Jude said.

The whole basketball team who were standing horizontally in a well arranged line turned their head and saw Jude and his friends.

They all sighed because they thought he had come to disturb them again.

“Hey you, what did you want this time?” Feathers asked.

“None of your business man, I am speaking to Charlie here, Charlie! I and my friend wanna join this team” Jude said and smiled.

Looking at Charlie’s face, the kind of look he is giving Charlie is that one that implies that If Charlie declines his request, he will disturb their training.

Charlie sighed and looked at Feathers. Feathers looked at Charlie and respond for Charlie.

“Hey, Jude, we don’t need members for now, maybe next time” Feathers said.

“Let him in” Owen said in sign language.

Everyone stared at Owen, even though it was only Bella, Charlie and Mary that understood the sign language that Owen spoke with, the rest just wondered what he meant.

“Owen, this guy is a disturbance, we can’t, he probably came to join because of Mary” Charlie said facing Owen.

Mary left the line and went to meet Jude.

“Jude, I know you don’t like playing basketball, all you know how to do is to sing , don’t come and disturb us here please” Mary said softly.

Jude respected Mary and turned his face from a proud and adamant face to that of a kid and gentle face.

“Mary, I like to see you always, I do not know why, I just want you around me always, my heart is hurting because she that I love can not understand my feelings, my heart beats faster anytime I see her, I tried to stop loving, but I realize that my like for you is beyond me , I can’t stop liking you, it’s like a spell, I can’t explain, when I’m alone at home, your thought fills my mind, I kept imagining what our future be like, I kept imagining how it be if you start liking me” Jude said softly and paused.

Mary’s heart beat gently against the wall of her heart. She stares into Jude’s eye and she saw innocence and trust, she knows Jude is someone she can trust, Jude truly loves her, then she checked her heart, her heart isn’t connected to that of Jude, even though he is very handsome with curly hair, fresh face and beautiful body structure, she just doesn’t have this feeling of love to Jude.

She hasn’t given Jude a reply yet when Feathers interrupted.

“Mary, are you gonna join the team or you wanna keep discuss with him?” Feathers said like a boss as he approached Jude and Mary.

Mary didn’t even know what to say to reply Jude, she obeyed Feathers sarcastic command and went to join the line of the basket ball team.

Jude stayed there hurt.

Feathers looked at him with contempt and went back to the line. Jude dislike what Feathers did.

“Why will he tell Mary to leave him when it is obvious that his words touch Mary and Mary is about to say something positive, what is always with this Feathers?” Jude thought painfully.

He watched Feathers throwing the ball at the lined team one by one, they had commenced their basketball practice

Jude was angry that they all ignored him as if he does not even exist. He went to meet Thomas and Bigger where they stood waiting for him.

“Thomas, can you believe I was ignored like a piece of crab” Jude said.

His friends looked at him wondering what he waned them to say.

“What can I do to disturb them?” Jude asked.

His adviser, Thomas, came out with another suggestion again as usual.

”Let us create a scene like we always do, let us create a scene here, let’s perform the song we rehearsed three days ago, that song about Bleeding Heart” Thomas suggested.

Jude smiled and nodded.

Thomas brought out his guitar and Bigger brought out his Mouth Organ. They arranged themselves very well. Jude held his invisble microphone and stayed at the front, Bigger stood behind him at the left with his Mouth Organ placed on his lips with his right hand.

Thomas held his girlfriend, the guitar, and stayed behind Jude by the right with his guitar hung around his neck and his two hands placed on it ready to play: Take me somewhere. Somewhere far away.

���You and I...
Just I and you...
Pa ran rannnnn...

I will cry because I miss you
Please don’t got away...
Take me somewhere we can be alone...
You be the prince and I will be the princess...
Baby, just say yes...
Pa ran ran...
O o o o...
We were both young...
When I first saw you...
I closed my eye...
Flashback started there...
I’m standing there...
See you make your way through the crowd...
And said hello...
I gat to tell you I’m waiting...
Wondering if you ever come around...
My heart bleeds for you...
Wen I met you on the outskirt of town...
My heart bleeds...
I wish you come for me...
But you never come me...��

�I love you
And that’s all I even know
Just say Yes
Pa ran ran.�

Everyone was hearing the sweet melody, one by one, all the spectators watching the basket ball concentrated their attention on Jude and his crew. Charlie did not know when he stared shaking his head to the sweet melody of Jude and his crew’s voice.

Feathers and the whole of the basketball team stopped what they were doing and started dancing at the sweet melody.

Come and see how Feathers was dancing, see Owen dancing too...chai! See how Mary sef is dancing, see Bella too.

Basketball court turned to dancing field.

Jude was happy that he has stolen the scene again as usual, he watched everyone dance, he can’t imagine Owen dancing. Jude did not know when he bursted into laugher because of the way Owen danced.

“I do not think this guy has ever dance, what a ugly dance?” Jude thought.

Jude was happy for disturbing them, after he laughed, he stopped singing, he signaled for Thomas and Bigger to stop playing their instruments. He stared at the people who were dancing at his song, now they have stopped dancing because he had stopped singing. The signal coming from their face is telling Jude to continue singing so they can keep dancing. He watched Feathers stood probably waiting for him to continue signing. He surprised all of them when he signaled to his friends that they should leave the basketball court.

Everyone stared at Jude and his friends regretfully as they walked away, many of those dancing and watching Jude performed wished that he continues the song he was singing.

Charlie shook his head when it dawn on him that Jude has finally succeeded in disturbing them again. He told Feathers to continue the training of the basketball team
Feathers obliged and called the team members to come together for the training.

After they had finished the basketball training, Mary went to meet Owen and asked if they can start going home, Owen nodded.
Owen who was sitting and unbuckling his basketball boot finished what he was doing and stood up, he followed Mary to her car.

Bella watched Owen going with Mary, she noticed that Feathers had gone inside the basketball hut to probably take his bath.

Yeah, Feathers went to the hut to take his bath, he hates going home with sweat all over his body, some team members prefer to bath at home, everyone sweats during the course of the training, so the basketball team had created a hut that looks like a small building where everyone can bath and change.

Bella thought of either following Owen and Mary to where they stay or wait for Feathers, she realized that she will always see Feathers, but she has to know where Owen and Mary stays first.

Mary stepped inside her car, Bella entered hers, she waited for them to drive away before she does.

Bella started to trace them from behind. After fifteen minutes, Owen noticed through the front mirror that someone is tracing them, he knew that if he speak to Mary in sign language, Mary will have to look at him before she understands , and that may make her loose focus from her driving.
He searched around for a paper and a pen but he couldn’t find one, he pulled his bag, unzipped the last purse and brought out a pen, he tore a sheet of paper from one of his book as well.

“Mary, someone is following us” Owen wrote and showed it to Mary.

Mary glanced at it and once and focus on her driving.

“Who could that be? ” Mary asked turning swiftly her head to Owen occasionally.

“I don’t know yet, but I’m so sure someone is following us” Owen wrote and showed it to Mary.

“What do I do now?” Mary asked.

“Drive to an hotel, the nearest one” Owen wrote.

“An hotel?!” Mary asked and arced her brow.

“Do as I’ve said” Owen wrote.

She read it and nodded, she drove a little further, she sighted a nearest hotel and drove in, she parked at the hotel garage.

“Good of you, don’t step down yet , if the car tracing us enters this hotel, then we will know someone is truly following us, just don’t step down from the car yet” Owen scribbled.

Mary read it and nodded.

Bella saw Mary drove inside the hotel, he wondered why they had gone to the hotel.

“They can’t be living in the hotel” she thought confusingly.

Nevertheless, she drove in and parked in a distance away from their car.

“Step down and check out the person in the car, the car has just parked” Owen wrote.

Mary nodded, after all, it’s not yet dark, she isn’t scared that anything may happen to her, and she trust Owen who told her to check out who the person is. She went straight to the car, it has tinted glass, Mary couldn’t see who was inside but Bella saw Mary.

Bella reasoned at once that they must have seen her car, that was why they decided to come to the hotel, she hope Mary and Owen did not know she is the one, she reversed and drove home.

Mary stood wondering who the hell was tracing them, she sighed and went back to her car.

“The person drove off” Mary said to Owen.

“Good, now drive home” Owen said in sign language.

Mary nodded like a servant obeying the commandment of his boss and drove home.

Bella drove home sad, she wasn’t able to see Feathers neither was she able to know where Mary and Owen stays.

She entered her house, dropped her bagpack on the chair, she went to the refrigerator to pick a chocolate to drink. Sank on the chair and sighed, she closed her eyes, things were not going her way, it seems Feathers is liking Kitty, she hasn’t being able to kiss Owen yet, her heart was heavy, she felt bad.

Lennox entered and saw Bella drinking chocolate with eyes closed.

“Bella” he called.

Bella opened her eye, she saw her father and closed it again.

“What’s wrong?” Her father asked and sat on a chair opposite her.

She opened her eye and sat very well.

“Dad, I’m failing my mission, it’s getting harder than I thought, I can’t even use my powers the way I like” Bella said.

“Bella, don’t feel bad, Unknown has extended the days he gave you to kiss Feathers, take your time, I believe you will kiss him before he kisses the right lady” Lennox said.

“Dad, who is the right lady?” Bella asked.

“Even I did not know, the face of the person was not revealed, but if Owen kisses the right lady, I will definitely know” Lennox said.

“Could the right lady be Mary?” Bella asked.

“I ain’t sure, just ensure you kiss Owen as soon as possible” Lennox said.

Bella sighed.

“Can’t I make use of any of my abilities?” Bella asked.

“Not yet dear” Lennox said.

Bella carried her bag pack like a tired somebody and dragged it to her room, she took a shower and slept off.

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 5:53am On Dec 07, 2020

Mary and Owen had driven home
Owen and Mary both sat in the sitting room watching a movie.

“I’m feeling hungry” Owen said in sign language.

“Let me cook for you” Mary said and went inside the kitchen. She cooked for Owen, and both ate at the dinning table.

She stood up after eating to pick up the plates so she can take it back to the kitchen, she fell to the ground slowly.

Owen quickly stood up in fear, he watched Mary lay on the ground with a eye closed, he wanted to call the ambulance but he remembered that he can not speak. He thought of what he can do to save Mary, he used his finger to touch Mary’s nose, Mary wasn’t breathing.

Then he remembered what his teacher taught them.

”If you find an unconscious person, try to determine what caused the loss of consciousness. If you can’t determine what caused the loss of consciousness, call emergency medical services and give first aid for that illness or injury until they arrive. If you cannot determine what caused the loss of consciousness, give first aid for general unconsciousness and call emergency medical services if the person does not revive promptly (i.e, within a couple minutes).
Check the person’s airway, breathing, and circulation. If you do not think there is a spinal injury, put the person in the recovery position:

Position the person lying face up.
Turn the person’s face toward you.
Take the person’s arm that is closest to you, and place it to his/her side, tucking it under the buttock. And place your lips directly on the persons lips, blow air inside the person’s mouth.”

Owen remembered everything at once because he was very brilliant, he did all the processes except the last one. He knew that if his lips touched the lips of Mary, then he has automatically kissed Mary and he will even blow air into his mouth.

“What if Mary is not the right lady” He thought.

That means he will do all that for Mary, Mary will come back to life but he will never be able to speak again if Mary turns out not to be the right lady.

"What should I do now?” Owen thought.

Mary fell down intentionally to see the reaction of Owen, nothing happened to her, she was laughing inside when she noticed Owen roll her gently to face up, she also noticed Owen placing her right hand under her buttocks, she knew that the next thing Owen will do is to blow air into her mouth and automatically kiss her, that is the moment she had been waiting for, she isn’t sure if she is the right girl, but she has never being scared of being kissed by Owen.

She suddenly started feeling like coughing

“What kind of crazy cough is this?” Mary thought.

The cough kept trying to find way out but she was swallowing it.

Owen thought that he had remained dumb for life than watch Mary die, he moved his lips closer to Mary’s lips.

Mary coughed out all of a sudden when she couldn’t take hold of the cough again, Owen’s lip was just an inch away when he heard and saw Mary coughed.

He hurriedly withdrew his head and stood up so that Mary will not think that he is caring. He watched Mary as she opened her eye gently and coughed satisfactorily.

Mary opened her eye and saw Owen standing, she knew that Owen hurriedly stand up for whatever reason is best known to him, she smiled inside and maintained a sick face, she sluggishly stood up and sullenly walked to her room.

Owen watched her leave without saying a word, he thought of either going to her room to check up on her and ask what happened to her or he rather go to his room to sleep.

He think it’s better for him to opt for the first thought, even though he did not want to prove to Mary that he is caring, a part of him still cares.

Mary knew that Owen may come to visit him, so she lay on the bed hoping that her presumption will come true.

Owen walked inside Mary’s room, he walked towards where Mary lay and tapped her gently, Mary pretended like someone asleep. Owen tapped her again, Mary opened her eye gently and maintained a face that made her look like she’s sick.

“Mary, sorry, how are you doing now?” Owen asked in sign language.

Mary sighed and stood up from the bed without replying Owen, she went to the door and lock it, she kept the key inside the pyjamas she was putting on.

Owen didn’t noticed that she had locked the door, he bowed his head when Mary left to the door from the bed, he was thinking of what could have happened to Mary, that would made her slump suddenly, he prayed in his heart that that kind of thing will never happen to Mary again.

Mary came towards her bed and lay with her eyes opened.

“I guess you need some rest, please rest and be fine” Owen said with a caring face in sign language.

He stood up and walked towards the exit, he twisted the knob of the door and he realized that the door was locked. He tried like three times and the door wasn’t giving any sign of opening, Mary had already being laughing in her heart as she watched Owen struggling with the door’s knob.

Owen turned his head to Mary and Mary quickly closed her slightly opened eye, she pretended as if she was sleeping again.

Owen walked towards her and tapped her, she opened her eye.

“The door isn’t opening, kindly get me the key” Owen said in sign language.

“I do not know where I kept it and I’m too tired to search for it” Mary said.

Owen watched her and did not even know what to say.

"Owen, why not stay here, before tomorrow morning, I will be fine, I will search for the key for you to go out” Mary said.

“I can’t sleep here, how can a male and a female sleep in the same room, what if something happened?” Owen said in sign language.

“Something like what?!” Mary asked.

“Kiss” Owen replied.

Mary smiled.

“It can’t, I won’t kiss you, you sleep on the bed and I sleep on the floor” Mary said.

“No, you aren’t feeling too fine, I will sleep on the floor, you sleep on the bed” Owen said in sign language.

Mary nodded.

Owen lay on the ground but he wasn’t sleeping.

After few minutes...
Mary came down from the bed and slept beside Owen on the ground, Owen whose eye was closed suddenly opened it and saw Mary sleeping beside him. He suddenly stood up in such a way that scared Mary.

“What are you doing?” Owen asked Mary.

“The bed is uncomfortable for me please, I prefer sleeping on the floor” Mary said.

Owen sighed, he looked towards the door and wished he can just get out of Mary’s room. He returned his gaze back at Mary when he realizes that there is no hope.

” Then I better sleep on the bed” Owen said in sign language.

Mary nodded like a kid.

Owen lay on Mary’s bed and covered himself with a duvet, but he wasn’t sleeping yet.

Mary who was laying on the floor regretted coming to the floor to meet Owen, she wants Owen and her to sleep together, she wish to sleep off on the arms of Owen, but Owen is not cooperating with her

She stood up gently and went to the bed after like an hour, she thought that Owen had slept not knowing that Owen has not slept because he is somebody that doesn’t really sleep at night, he spends most of his time at night reading.

He noticed that Mary had slept on the bed, he knew that if he goes to the floor to sleep again, Mary will still come , so he didn’t bother standing up from the bed, he just lay still hoping that Mary will not instigate anything.

Mary was happy because she thought that Owen was fast asleep, she hasn’t shower yet, her body was itching her, she stepped down from the bed and walked normally to the bathroom.

Owen opened his eye slightly and watched how Mary walked, Mary wasn’t walking like someone that was sick unlike some hours ago.

What could be happening? He watched Mary come out of the bathroom with a towel around her body and picking some wears swiftly, he closed his eye until Mary finished dressing.

Mary looked towards Owen not knowing Owen is not totally asleep yet. She jumped up happily and danced to a song in her heart She was happy that she will sleep in the same bed with Owen. She had always being imagining how it will look like.

Owen was confused, he wondered how a sick person can be jumping and dancing.

“Is she just pretending or she is now healed?” Owen though.

There is only one way to confirm, Owen pretended like someone that is just waking up from slumber.
He stretched his body and sat on the bed.

Mary suddenly realized that Owen was awake, she suddenly put on a sick face and a sad mood on her self, she walked sluggishly towards the bed and sat, she bowed her head not saying anything. She was expecting Owen to ask her how her health is.

Owen confirmed that she had only being pretending, Owen knew now that she intentionally kept the key.

Trust Owen...he suddenly start to shake too, he was shaking like someone that would convulse.

It’s Mary’s turn now!
Mary suddenly brightened her face and attended to Owen who was shaking.

“Owen what happened please?” Mary asked with her soft and caring voice.

Owen kept on shaking.

“What do I do now?” Mary asked almost crying.

“Help me to my room, there is a drug I always use there, I need to take it now or I may…” Owen said sluggishly in sign language.

“Don’t say it, I’m scared, I will help you to your room” Mary interrupted.

Mary helped Owen up and helped him to the door, Owen opened a corner of his eye to watch where Mary will get the key from.

Mary just dipped her hand in her pocket and brought out the key, she opened the door.

“Oh, nice one” Owen thought and still pretended like someone that is sick.

Mary helped Owen to his room, he wanted to help Owen to lay on the bed but Owen suddenly stood up, he pushed her to the bed, and lay on her.

“Is this what you want?” Owen asked in sign language.

Mary shook her head in fear and wondered how Owen suddenly regained strength.

Owen suddenly stood from her and ran towards the entrance, he removed the key and took two steps out, he brought his head in and saw Mary watching him surprisingly.

“You thought you can pretend, I’m locking you in that room till tomorrow, have fun!” Owen said and closed the door, he locked Mary inside his room.

He went to his dad’s room to sleep.
Mary realized that Owen had caught her pretending skill.

Trust Mary...she wouldn’t give up.
She walked towards the door, it was locked, she searched around, she searched every hook and crannies of Owen’s room for almost two hours till she find the spare key in one of Owen’s trouser, in Owen’s pocket.

Owen left his dad’s room door opened, after all, he wasn’t expecting anyone.

Mary opened the door with the key and she smiled to herself. She quickly thought of what to do to take revenge on Owen.

“Good” an idea came through.
Mary remembered the horror films she used to watch, how ghost put on white cloth from head to toe.

Mary went to her room and put on a long white pyjamas, he used a white bed sheet to form a cape on her head to her neck. Like the kind of cape that Muslim girls put on, only her face was left opened. She took her powder and poured on her face the white powder, she checked herself in a mirror and she looked exactly like a ghost.

Now, she has to walk in a way that ghost walks for her plan to work
She thought of where Owen could be , she checked Bennett’s room, Owen wasn’t there, she checked his mother’s room, Owen wasn’t there, she checked his dad’s room, she found Owen lay on the bed.

“Good” she thought.

She walked like a ghost towards Owen and tapped Owen gently
Owen woke and saw a ghost, he...

Complete the sentence. �

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 3:57pm On Dec 07, 2020
Owen freaked out,nice update

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 7:32pm On Dec 07, 2020

Owen japa with full speed, he had never imagined seen a ghost before, he ran towards the door and twisted the knob, little did he know that Mary had locked the door.

Owen turned and saw the ghost’s view, he bursted into a silent cry, he ran towards his cupboard, he hurriedly pulled out of lot of his father’s clothes, he buried himself under many clothes that he had pulled down. He closed his eye hoping that the ghost will not see him.

Mary bursted into an uncontrollable laughter, she covered her mouth so that the sound will not escape her mouth. She walked like a ghost to where Owen buried himself at. She squatted and touched the clothes on Owen, she pressed those clothes so that Owen could feel her hand. He continued crying and praying to Zeus to save him.

Mary kept giggling silently. She slept on the cloth that was on Owen as if Owen was a bed. Owen can not imagine a ghost sleeping on him. He lay still, it’s better for a ghost to sleep on him than for the ghost to kill him.

Funny enough, Mary slept off, due to the stress she had put herself to since she had being playing pranks on Owen, she slept deep that she started snoring.

Owen was surprised to see a ghost snoring like a human being, the sound of the snore sounds like the voice of Mary.

“Maybe the ghost want to deceive me to stand up that is why the ghost is snoring with the sound of Mary” Owen thought.

He refused to stand up. Mary who was fast asleep rolled from Owen’s body to the floor.

Again, Owen thought that the ghost probably want him to leave his hiding.

Hiding indeed, imagine someone hiding under his father’s clothes.

Mary raised her leg and landed it on Owen’s belly. Owen felt pain in his body and he was pissed off at the ghost for hitting him with her leg, especially on his belly.

Mary who was laying and fast asleep on the floor right beside Owen, she rolled on Owen again.

“This ghost must be fast asleep, I better run out” Owen thought and gently, pushed the ghost away.

He stood up and tip toped to his bed, he wanted to go out but he thinks that it is good to take a look on the ghost that came to his room and slept off so soon, he switched on the light and moved closer to the ghost, he saw the ghost’s face, it was Mary.

“What the heck?” Owen thought.

“Did she die? How did she become a ghost?” Owen thought.

Owen smiled when he realized that Mary had pretended again as a ghost.

“This Mary thinks that she is smart” Owen thought.

Even though Mary was fast asleep like a baby, Owen admired her, he noticed her sexy lips, but he dares not try to kiss her.

Owen woke her up.

Mary woke up and quickly started pretending like a ghost again but she realized that Owen wasn’t moved like before.

Owen just squatted before her looking at her.

She pressed her eye ball and groan like a ghost to scare Owen away.

Owen laughed silently.

“I wanna sleep ghost, go to your room and have some rest” Owen signalled and went to the bed, he lay and slept off.

Mary realized that Owen caught her prank, she doesn’t like how Owen get to know but there was nothing she could do. She stood up, went to her room, she lay on her bed and slept off.

Next Morning...
Owen woke up , dress and walked out. Mary had quickly dress, she wants to ensure that she goes to school together with Owen.

Owen was surprised to see her already dressed in her school uniform, he sighed

She gazed at Owen like a kid as Owen stepped out and noticed her presence.

“Fine” Owen said in sign language.

She smiled and quickly went to her car, she stepped in, Owen did too.

Mary drove to school.

“I was informed that Jude came to disturb you guys as usual at the court” The Labour Prefect said leaning eagerly on Feathers.

They were both standing at the corner of the class writing their time table for upcoming text.

“Yeah, true, that guy is a character” Feathers replied.

“Feathers, see...The Labour Prefect said pointing at Kitty who had just dropped her bag pack and was using her handkerchief to clean the chair.

“What about her?” Feathers asked with a grin formed on his face.

“Feathers, I’m sure you like the girl, just say the truth” The Labour Prefect teased Feathers.

Feathers giggled.

“Hi Feathers” Kitty said approaching Feathers.

“Hi” Feathers replied.

“How was your night rest?” Kitty asked like someone who cares.

“Why are you asking for his night?” Bella said from the entrance.

Kitty was surprised to see Bella in their class.

“Feathers, Hi, don’t mind her” Bella said like she is the girlfriend of Feathers.

“Hi Bella, but why shouldn’t I mind Kitty, I think she is just asking a question” Feathers said politely.

“Don’t mind her , she is a stalker, I’m sure she did not like you, she is just pretending to” Bella said and eyed Kitty.

Kitty watched Bella and wondered why Bella disliked her so much just because she likes Feathers.

“Really, so Kitty did not like me, but how did you know about that?” Feathers asked.

“I know cus I know, I just know, it’s a gift” Bella said.

“Alright, what did you want then?” Feathers asked Bella.

Bella smiled.

“Just want to ermm… Since the bell for the assembly has not been rang, can you come over to my class, I have a surprise for you” Bella said still smiling.

“I wish I can, but do you think I’ve forgotten how Vanessa and the whole class molested me just because you said Vanessa is now my servant not knowing you only deceived me” Feathers said.

“I’m sorry, It wasn’t intentional” Bella said with a pleading face.

“Sorry! After I had been molested, anyways, I ain’t interested in going to your class, I prefer to talk with Kitty than you” Feathers said.

“Why?” Bella asked.

“Sincerely, girls with big eye always have problem” Feathers said and Labour Prefect bursted into laughter, Feathers walked away, Kitty smiled and walked away.

Labour Prefect stood laughing at the savage response given by Feathers to Bella. He kept laughing till his eyes become red.

Bella squeezed her face like someone that wanted to cry and walked back to her class in a sad mood.

Jude ensured that he came early so that he will not be asked to clean the poultry again, even though he knew that cleaning the poultry is a punishment that is just too much for coming late
But still he came early, he came around 7:42am.

Thomas and Bigger had already got to the class, they were sitting on their seats talking about how they stole the show at the basket ball court the previous day.

“Hi friends” Jude greeted.

They shook Jude one after the other.

Mary and Owen got to school, they departed to their various classes. Mary entered the class and saw only Kitty sitting, she wondered why Lydia came late, she greeted Kitty and walked towards Jude just to tease him.

“Hi Jude” Mary said and smiled.

Jude blushed cus he can’t imagine Mary smiling at him.

“Hi Mary” Jude said with a seductive voice.

That kind of voice that a boy uses when he is talking to his girlfriend on phone.

“Thanks for stealing the show at the basketball court yesterday” Mary said.

“It’s my pleasure” Jude said and Bigger and Thomas giggled.

“Naughty boy” Mary said and walked back to her seat.

Jude faced his friend suddenly.

”Mary came to play with me!” Jude said and opened his mouth wide.

“Close your mouth first, I fear that flies may enter” Thomas said.

“Jerk” Jude said and gently close his mouth.

“I told you already that Mary likes you” Thomas his adviser said and is now feeling big because Mary came to tease Jude.

“Swears, I never imagined that Mary could come to tease me” Jude said happily.

Bigger smiled, Bigger the silent one amidst them.

“Bigger you smiling, I’m so happy right now” Jude said and sat down on the locker.

“Jude , don’t be a fool” Thomas said.

“What!” Jude exclaimed.

“You still do not know how ladies behave right? She left because she is feeling shy to play with you here, she wants you to invite her to a private place to play, maybe you should just take a stroll together with her, she will like it, crack a joke, once she laugh , quickly use that opportunity to confess your love for her ” Thomas said.

Jude as usual, he didn’t give it a thought, he just smiled sheepishly and shook Thomas for a perfect advise.

Thomas smiled and felt on top of the world.

Jude walked to Mary.

“Hi Mary, would you like to take a stroll with me?” Jude said praying she says yes.

Mary stared at him.

“It will be fun, after all, he is funny” Mary thought.

Mary smiled.

“Kitty, I’m gonna be back or we meet at the assembly hall?” Mary told Kitty and Kitty nodded.

Mary followed Jude, he was extremely happy.

“I like that boy called Thomas” Jude thought thanking Thomas in his heart already for his advise that seems to be working perfectly.”

My (Mary, I like your smile, did you know that” Jude said.

Mary smiled.

They walked through the school hallway, Jude did not even know what to say.

“Joke , please come now, what joke can I crack now?” Jude thought frustratingly.

“Damn it!” Jude said unconsciously.

“Excuse me!” Mary who had been silent all this while that she had been strolling with Jude said.

Mary thought that it’s gonna be fun taking a stroll with Jude but everything was just dull.

“Sorry, that was a mistake” Jude said.

Jude finally thought of a joke.

“Mary, there was this boy, he is brilliant, one day, his teacher came to class, his teacher told him to stand up, did you believe the guy just stand up?” Owen cracked his dry joke and laugh alone.

Mary wondered what was funny.

“A teacher told a brilliant boy to stand up, he stood up, what is the big deal about that one?” Mary thought and faked a forceful smile just to make Jude’s joke look like it was funny.

Owen appeared from the other side of the hallway, he approached Jude and Mary.

Owen wasn’t scared of Jude anymore, he wanted to prove that to Jude.

When he finally got to where Jude and Mary were, he held Mary by her wrist, Mary blushed.

Owen pulled her gently like a husband pulling his wife and walked away with Mary, he even wrapped his right hand around Mary’s neck like she was his girlfriend just to let Jude feel crazy.

To be continued.

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Best update ever

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Jude watched as Mary walked away with Owen, he didn’t know what to do, he was confused. He thought that Mary should have rejected Owen’s pull and tell Owen that she is busy with him and even that Owen “can’t he see that I’m with the girl?”

Jude felt bad.

The assembly rang and he didn’t bother going back to his class, he just went to the assembly hall

The assembly commenced and series of the usual programmes commenced, afterwards, the principal mounted the podium to announce some important information needed by the students.

“You all know that your mid semester text is commencing next week, it’s advisable that you all sit tight and study for your exam, remember I always tell you that everyone is a genius, they just need to be hardworking and diligent in all that they do” The principal said.

“Secondly; there is gonna be a debate, the debate is gonna be between class 7 and Class 8. The debate is taking place on Friday in this same hall by 2pm. Some representatives of the Ministry of Education are coming to honour and award the winner of the debate” The principal said.

Owen arched his brow when he heard that the debate is gonna be between his class ‘Class 8’ and Mary’s class which is Class 7. He hoped in his heart that he would not be chosen to represent his class, after all, he is the most brilliant student in his class.

The principal gave further announcements and told everyone to march inside.

The Biology teacher came to Owen’s class.

“Good morning class” He greeted.

“Hi ma!” Everyone greeted.

She faced the board and wrote the topic she is gonna be teaching on it.

The teacher went back to the podium from the white board, she rolled the sheets of her jotter and sighed ready to teach.

She raised her head to start explaining the topic she had just written on the board.

Owen stood up all of a sudden because he was feeling like urinating.

“How may I help you young man?” The teacher asked when he saw Owen stood up suddenly.

“Bella, tell the teacher I wanna urinate” Owen said in sign language to Bella.

Bella eyed him and refused.

“Now he wants me to help him but he can hurl insult on me” Bella thought.

“Young man, please don’t disturb my class, but ain’t you the newly appointed Senior Prefect?” The teacher asked

Owen nodded, he was hurt that Bella didn’t speak up for him and defend him like she does, she wondered if Bella was using what is happening to him now with the teacher to take revenge on him.

“Can’t you speak, why did you like to just communicate by the use of body language often, even on the day you were suppose to give a beautiful speech as the newly appointed Senior Prefect, you refused and started pretending to be coughing . Oh! You wondering how we knew! The principal later asked the school doctor that attended to you to know what was wrong with you, but the doctor said he couldn’t find anything wrong with you” The teacher said.

Owen sighed.

"Zeus, do something please, I can not speak, I do not want anyone to know, it’s gonna be bring shame upon me ” Owen prayed to his god.

“Now listen, if you are gonna prove stubborn to me not to speak, then I’m gonna force you and trust me, when I say that.” The teacher said threateningly.

The teacher is ready to ensure that Owen speaks to her, she thought that Owen was just a stubborn spoilt boy.

A guy stood up from the back sit of the class and went to meet the teacher at the front of the class. He whispered some words to the ears of the teacher.

“Really?!” The teacher exclaimed at the whispered words of the boy that came to meet her.

The boy nodded.

The teacher shook his head pathetically.

“Did you wanna do something outside?” The teacher asked Owen.

Owen nodded.

The teacher signaled for Owen to go, Owen went to ease himself.

After Class
The teacher had taught and gone
Owen had also returned to his class and listened to the rest of the teachings of the teacher.

After the lecture, Owen twisted his head around searching for the boy that save him from the teacher just when he was about to receive the greatest disgrace of his life.

“I’m here” the boy said.

Owen turned his head and saw the boy. The boy smiled, he has sat right behind Owen.

Owen arched his brow and went to sit beside him.

Bella felt bad that the boy helped Owen, she wanted Owen to regret the words he said to her but now, the boy has spoilt her plan.

“Thanks for saving me” Owen wrote.

The boy smiled.

“I’m Collins” The boy said in sign language.

“Oh! You can communicate in sign language?” Owen asked in sign language.

The boy nodded while smiling.

Owen was happy that he now has another person that understands sign language apart from Bella in the class.

“What did you tell the teacher that calmed her?” Owen asked in sign language.

“The truth” Collins replied.

“The truth?” Owen repeated in sign language.

Collins nodded.

“What is the truth?” Owen asked again.

“That you can not speak” Collins said.

Owen arched his brow.

“How did you know that?” Owen asked surprisingly in sign language.

“I’ve watched you many times spoke to this lady in sign language, I knew from the first time I saw you communicating with her in sign language that you can’t speak” Collins said.

“You mean Bella?” Owen asked in sign language confirming that the girl he meant was Bella.

Collins nodded.

“You informed the teacher that I’m dumb and he felt pathetic for me right?” Owen asked

“Exactly” Collins said.

Owen sighed happily and thanked Zeus in his heart for helping him as usual.

Mary and her friends had just received the first lecture, they were revising about the teaching they had just received. During the middle of their discussion , Kitty abruptly changed the topic.

“Hey guys, who did you think will be chosen to represent our class on the debate on Friday?”

“Maybe your crush” Mary said to Kitty.

“Yeah, Feathers is good, he might be the one representing our class” Lydia added.

“Or the Labour Prefect, they are both good” Kitty said.

“But I want Feathers to represent our class” Kitty added.

“Guys, did you know what I’m thinking, imagine that Mary’s crush , Owen in class 8 versus Feathers, Kitty’s crush in class 7 were chosen to combat themselves" Lydia said.

“That will be so interesting, well, I know Feathers will win, most writers are always very brilliant” Kitty said

“What are you talking about, Owen’s gift of brilliancy is natural, it’s God’s given, who is Feathers beside Owen?” Mary said confidently believing that Owen will definitely win Feathers.

“Guys, don’t argue yet, we aren’t even sure, let’s wait and know those that are combating” Lydia said.

“Girls” Jude who had taken a quick stroll to the relaxing room to go and rehearse a stanza of their song.

He called Mary on entering the class.

Mary and her friend turned at the same time at Jude.

“Guys, have you checked the billboard?” Jude said.

“I checked it before the assembly commenced, It was only the time table and some information that are no relevant to our class that are there” Lydia said.

“The participant of the debate has being chosen and pasted on the billboard” Jude said and paused to wait for their reaction.

“Tell us about it please” Mary pleaded.

“Owen and Bella is representing Class 8 and Feathers and Mary is representing Class 7” Jude said.

Mary’s eye met with Kitty.

Mary did not really like Feathers and now he is pairing with him to combat his crush, Owen and Bella that she dislikes.

Lydia quickly thought and felt pathetic for Mary.

“Mary, you and Feathers, who is Kitty’s crush are gonna be combating with your crush, Owen and that witch called Bella, whom did you want to win?”

To be continued.

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Nice update. Confused on which team to choose to win,maybe team owen and bella or team feathers and mary

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How will Owen talk in the debate is d problem
Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 4:03pm On Dec 13, 2020

Break Time...
Bella had just come from the cafeteria where she went to eat alone, she did not bother inviting Owen, she felt guilty because of what she did for Owen. She disliked the boy that helped Owen, while she was coming, she met some set of girl rallying round the billboard at the principal’s office, she decided to check what they were staring at, she took her time and checked, it was the names of debaters that were written and the topic they they were gonna be debating on.

She saw her name and that of Owen written boldly at the left side while Mary’s name and Feathers name were written at the right.

“What! I’m gonna be debating against my crush, gosh?!” She thought and went to her class.

“Owen, have you seen the update on the school billboard” Bella said to Owen who was reading silently.

Owen nodded without raising his head neither was he smiling.

“I’m sorry for not helping you, you and I are representing our class, while Mary and Feathers are representing their class” Bella said expecting a surprise reaction from Owen.

Owen simply nodded his head without saying anything.

“You won’t say anything?” Bella asked.

“What am I suppose to say?” Owen asked with a sterned face in sign language.

“Oh! Guess you are not in the right mood, I just think we can work together, more so, you can not speak, how will you speak at the debate?” Bella said.

Owen remained silent.

“My dad can help you speak for 24 hours but under one condition, at least you will be able to speak during the debate” Bella said.

Owen arched his brow when he heard the Lennox can help him speak for 24 hours. He was damn surprised.

When Bella told him about the truth that he had being chosen as one of the debater, he felt like expressing his shock, but he kept it, he did not like what Bella did to him so he is still pissed off with Bella at least to let her know that what she did to him was wrong.

“You mean Lennox can help me speak for 24 hours?” Owen asked to confirm what he has just heard.

“Yeah, but under one condition” Mary said.

“What is the condition? Owen asked.

”You gonna kiss me after the debate” Bella said.

“Kiss you! Why is that necessary, even if you are the right girl, I should still be able to choose and not get forced” Owen said.

“Then you won’t like it when the whole school found out that you are dumb on the debate day” Bella said.

“That will be worst” Bella added

Owen looked at Bella and squeezed his face like someone that wanted to cry, he thought painfully as to why he will be born dumb, if he is not dumb, Bella is not gonna be taking advantage of him like this.

Owen had no choice but to say yes, at least for the time of debate to pass.

”What if I kiss her, and I’m not able to speak again, then I will become dumb for life” Owen thought confusingly.

“What do you think?” Bella asked.

Owen nodded.

“It’s fine” he said in sign language.

Bella smirked and rejoice in her heart.

“You gonna have to follow me home today so dad can perform the power on you” Bella said.

Owen sighed heavily and prayed to Zeus to help him like he always does.

Mary had gone to meet Feathers about the debate, they had promised themselves to make their class proud, after all, they are not yet dating their crushes.

Feathers and Mary sat in the school library, sitting side by side and reading the textbooks they have ordered for to have a broad understanding on the topic of debate. They continued reading for hours.

Mary called Owen to inform him that she will not be able to drive him home today because she is in the library studying. Owen do not respond on phone, he will simply pressed a button on the phone so that Mary will hear the click of the button, that is how Mary will know that he heard her.

Owen smiled because she has already been thinking of how to tell Mary that she is following Bella to her house.

Owen followed Bella to her place, Lennox welcomed them.

Bella called her dad to a private place and told her dad about the debate Owen will be participating in on Friday. He told his father to help Owen to speak for 24 hours, she knows her father has the ability to do that.

Her father performs magics for people, but the magics are never permanent, the highest number of days a magic from his father had lasted to their client is 3 days.

By client, I mean, those that come to the temple to ask Lennox for help.

“That shouldn’t be a problem” Lennox said.

“Thanks dad” Bella said and smiled.

She took some steps outside, her father called her back suddenly.


Bella turned.

“How about your primary mission in that school?” Lennox asked.

“Dad, trust me, I’ve handled it” She said and smiled.

Lennox sighed and went to meet Owen at the living room where he sat anxiously.

“Owen, I’m gonna help you speak for 24 hours, from 12am on Friday till 11:59pm on Friday” Lennox said.

“I will be grateful” Owen said in sign language.

“Open your mouth slightly” Lennox said.

Owen parted his lips and Lennox casted a spell on it, Owen felt his tongue loosened, he tried to speak but he can’t.

“I felt my tongue loose but I still can not speak” Owen said in sign language.

“I just said you gonna start speaking on Friday morning” Lennox said.

“Oh! I totally forget, okay” Owen stood up anxiously and wanted to start going home.

“Are you going so soon?” Bella asked.

“What else?” Owen asked in sign language.

“Aren’t we gonna prepare for the debate” Bella said.

“True” Owen said.

“Where can we study then?” Owen asked.

“Right there” Bella pointed to an open room that looks exactly like a study room.

They went there and started studying about the topic of the debate.

Bella brought out her laptop and was researching, she was cramming, Owen was doing the same too, their face looked serious, there is not one single emotions attached. They are seriously preparing for the debate, they wanna make their class proud.

The deal day of the debate is in the next episode, you wanna see who win?

To be continued.

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Owen should not allow dis girl to use his head oooo

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Hmmm debate time,nice update op

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“We welcome you all from the short break, now we gonna hear from the ladies mouth” Mr. Faraday said and gazed his attention at Bella.

Bella stood up and held the microphone.

“Good day Head of Judge, the judges, the representatives of the Ministry of Education, my co- debaters and colleagues. My name is Bella and I’m here to support the notion that says ‘Death Penalty should be allowed.’

My partner here has given the definition of what death penalty is and two solid points that proves that death penalty should be allowed.

My first point is this, The death penalty should be applied, because it is a just punishment for horrific crimes. The Christian Bible has the solution, “an eye for an eye”. Let the punishment fit the crime. If you take a life, you forfeit your life.

Some criminals are so far beyond any hope of redemption that the only way to control them is to terminate their life. If a terrorist is sentenced to life in prison, he will only recruit more terrorists from the prison population.

Executing the terrorist would be a nice way of saying, “mass murder is not acceptable in our society”.

Secondly, If someone murders someone else, they have given up their human rights, including the one to stay alive themselves
The punishment should ‘fit the crime’ – if you have killed someone, you should be killed too.
Giving a killer the death sentence will stop them – and others – doing it again.

The very small chance of executing the wrong person is balanced by the benefits to society of putting off other murderers.

With these four points that my partner and I had listed, we hope that we have successfully convince you that death penalty should be allowed. Thanks” Bella said and sat.

The crowds of student clapped and cheered her.

“Fantastic” Mr Faraday said and scribbled the points she got based on standard.

“Alright, let’s hear from this side as well” The principal said facing Mary

Mary had being scared all this while, she was hoping that she would not fumble, her heart was heavy. She stood up and handled the microphone, her hand was literally shaking. She closed her eye tight and exhaled heavily.

“Good day Head of Judge, Judges, representatives of the Ministry of Education, co-debaters and colleagues. My name is Mary and I’m against the notion that Death Penalty should be allowed.

My partner has precisely described what death penalty is and gave us two strong points to back up the notion we are against.

The first reason why I think death penalty should not be allowed is this; There’s no ‘humane’ way to kill. The 2006 execution of Angel Nieves Diaz, by a so-called ‘humane’ lethal injection, took 34 minutes and required two doses. Doctors have said that it is likely Diaz’ death was painful.

Other brutal methods of execution used around the world include hanging, shooting and beheading. The nature of these deaths only continues to perpetuate the cycle of violence and may not alleviate the pain already suffered by the victims’ family.

Secondly, It makes a public spectacle of an individual’s death. Executions are often undertaken in an extremely public manner, with public hangings in Iran or live broadcasts of lethal injections in the US. According to UN human rights experts, executions in public serve no legitimate purpose and only increase the cruel, inhuman and degrading nature of this punishment.

“All executions violate the right to life. Those carried out publicly are a gross affront to human dignity which cannot be tolerated,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

With these four points that my partner and I had stated, we hope that we had convinced you that death penalty should be banned in the society” Mary said and sat.

Their was a loud cheers from the audience, louder than that of Bella. Majority of the crowd love the precise points of Mary than that of Bella.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the end of the end of the long anticipated debate between Class 8 and Class 7, let’s listen attentively as I announce the individual scores of the winner. Without bias, and with strict standard of measuring who won this fierce debate between class 8 and Class 7. I am pleased to announce that; Owen who was the first to deliver his speech had 63 points."

The multitudes of students clapped for Owen.

"Feathers who spoke against the notion that Owen support had 75 points."

The multitudes of student clapped loudly for Feathers.

"Bella who was the first to speak amidst the ladies, she had 55 points."

Many of the students clapped gently.

"Mary who is a partner of Feathers and is also against the notion that death penalty should be allowed, she had 93 points."

Everyone stood up and started shouting, hailing her and praising she and Feathers.

Mary blushed and bowed her head gently. Feathers looked at her and smiled. He covered his face with his two palms and exhaled, he was so happy that they won and made their class proud.

After few seconds...
“Thanks you, kindly have your seat” Mr. Faraday announced and every student were beginning to sit down one after the other.

“Ladies and gentlemen , The total point for Owen and Bella is 118 points. While the total point for Feathers and Mary is 168 points. The winner of this hot debate is Feathers and Mary."

Many students that are in support of Mary and Feathers stood up again and rejoiced. The few students who wanted Bella and Owen to win just sat down silently watching others rejoice.

Bella felt disgraced, she bowed her head slightly, Owen felt bad that their team loss. He felt sad that he couldn’t make their class proud.

The representatives of the Ministry of Education stepped down from the podium to congratulate the winner which are Feathers and Mary. The Head of Judge and other judges also stepped down to congratulate Feathers and Mary
They were awarded and praised.
After the organizers of the programmes had left, many students rushed to hug Mary and Feathers.

Owen walked sluggishly outside, Bella followed behind.

"Owen, It’s time to fulfil your promise” Bella said to Owen.

•What promise is that?

•Do you think Owen will fulfill his promise?

To be continued.


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Hmmm neva thought that feathers and mary will win owen and bella but i don't think owen will keep his promise by kissing bella,by the way nice update op

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Owen turned when he heard Bella asking for the fulfilment of promise. He was surprised that Bella had no iota of shame, despite the fact that they humiliated their class, she still had the gut to be asking for the promise.

“Bella, ain’t you ashamed?” Owen asked fluently.

“I’m not, why would I? Failure is a norm, everybody fails and for the fact that we failed today doesn’t mean we will keep failing, every successful man you see has once failed, so please stop talking about that and fulfil your promise” Bella said.

“Owen!” Mary shouted from afar as she approached Owen.

“Jeez! Owen, how come! You spoke, I was surprised, even the other students were surprised too for the way you spoke during the debate. Whom did you kiss?” Mary asked curiously.

“I of course, he had the kiss with me because I’m the right lady that was why he spoke” Bella replied Mary’s curiosity.

Mary arched her brow.

“Owen, is that true, did you kiss her?” Mary asked not wanting to believe what Bella just said.

“I’m just about to, we made a deal, she told Lennox to make me speak for twenty four hours after which I must kiss her” Owen said.

“Really! Can’t Lennox just tell you who the right lady is?” Mary asked.

“He once told me that it’s Bella, but I can’t just kiss her just because he said it, I still need to take my time” Owen said.

Mary sighed.

“All I’m waiting for is for you to fulfil your promise cus you know what I can do if you do not” Bella said threateningly.

“What would you do?” Mary asked boldly.

“Seems you are quick to forget that my father is a magician and a temple priest, trust me, you do not want to try us in our family” Bella said proudly.

“There is nothing that you gonna do, you just a frustrated b**** on an evil mission” Mary said and grabbed Owen’s hand.

She walked him to her car. They were already done for the day at school. The debate occurred after the school academic activity.

Bella was furious and he quickly pick up her phone to call her father.

“Hello dad” Bella said.

“Hi dear” Lennox replied.

“Owen promised to kiss me if you can make him speak for twenty four hours and now Mary is making him do otherwise” Bella said.

“You mean Mary is not allowing Owen to kiss you?” Lennox asked.

”Yes dad” Bella replied.

“Confess Mary!” Lennox ordered.

“What?! Dad, I thought I can’t use my confessing ability now ” Bella asked.

“I will handle that, confess Mary quick, you must kiss Owen today, we do not have much time” Lennox said.

“Alright dad” Bella replied.

Bella ran towards Mary’s car.
Mary and Owen had already sat inside the car discussing on either to go home and she cook for Owen or branch to eat at a nearby restaurant.

Bella came rushing to their car all of a sudden.

“What did you want?” Mary asked from inside the car.

“I wanna see you please?” Bella pleaded.

Mary looked at Owen to see if Owen would permit her to step down from the car. But Owen himself was confused, he didn’t know why Bella of all people will be pleading to see Mary.

Mary didn’t get any signal from Owen as to either she should step down or not, she turned her head, opened the door and step down
Mary leaned against her car.

“Alright, I’m here, what did you wanna see me for?” Mary asked.

Bella stood directly opposite her, she stared at Mary’s face and casted a silent spell.

Mary wondered what she was doing, but before she could think of what to do, her eye suddenly become darkened, Bella’s eye was absolutely white.

Mary was successfully confessed by Bella.

Bella smiled when she realizes that her power worked on Mary.

“Command me my Lord” Mary said and bowed.

Mary grinned.

“Listen to me, don’t call me my Lord, call me Bella, firstly, describe where you live for me?” Bella asked.

“52nd street, Lexington Avenue” Mary replied.

“Good, I do not have much time now, I want to kiss Owen, what can you do to help me?” Bella asked.

“Anything you want me to do” Mary replied.

“Alright, speak to him that he should fulfil his
promise of kissing me, convince him, do that now!” Bella commanded.

“Alright” Mary said and bowed.

“Wait, stop bowing for me, that might create suspicion” Bella said.

“Alright” Mary said and stepped inside the car.

“Owen, I think it is good that you fulfil your promise to Bella” Mary advised.

“Why? Why did you suddenly change your mind? What if she’s not the right lady” Owen said.

”She is the right lady, just do as I’ve said ” Mary said.

“Why should I do as you have said, are you my commander, is it because I allowed you to be driving me home that made you feel like you are a boss? I’m suppose to be driving myself to school if not because I had being dumb all this while, anyways, suit yourself” Owen said and opened the door, he stepped down from Mary’s car.

Mary opened the door of her side and quickly went to meet Owen, she knelt down and started crying.

“Please Owen, fulfil your promise" Mary pleaded.

Owen wondered what has gone wrong with Mary, what is making her behave this way, why the sudden change of behaviour.

Bella stood and leaned on the car, she smirked cus she knows that Mary will do everything possible to convince Owen to kiss her.

•What's your take on this?

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Re: The Only Nudge by Kaycee9242(m): 5:53am On Dec 16, 2020
Nice update

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