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Re: The Only Nudge by stevyno1(m): 10:59pm On Jan 04
keep it coming, nice delivery
Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 6:32pm On Jan 06

Feathers, Josh, Collins and Owen had just finish dressing at Seven’s house. Fate had brought the four of them together under the same roof. The walked outside and waited for the girls. After few minutes, Mary and Anna walked gorgeously to them.

Seven had already ordered for a mini bus that will contain six passengers conveniently, Josh is very good at driving a minibus. He went to the driver's seat and others stepped inside.

Collins ensured that she sat beside Anna in the car.

Josh played Ed Sheeran’s music ‘Photograph’ from the bus’s media player and everyone was miming the song except Anna, the melody was so sweet that it made the atmosphere inside the car so calm and lovely as they drove to school.

Josh drove to the school garage, and everyone stepped down.

“I’m gonna go to the principal’s office now to discuss Anna’s enrollment in our school” Josh said and others nodded.

The guys shook themselves and gave Mary a slight hug excluding Owen who tried to avoid hugging Mary. Mary noticed but she ignored.

Everyone dispersed to their various classes.

Anna followed Josh to the Principal’s office.

Josh told the principal “Good morning sir” Josh greeted.

“Josh, have your sit, how do you do?” The principal who recognized Josh as the school Labour Prefect asked.

“I’m fine sir, this is my friend here, she goes by the name Anna, she came all the way from Korea and we want to enroll her here” Josh said.

“Oh! At this time of the term, the mid-semester had just passed. Anyways, I think she can still be considered at least because of you, you have been very hardworking as a Labour Prefect of this awesome school, take her to the school health center, let them run the usual series of test we perform on all our students in this school, let me know the outcome, if she fits in, you can take her to the Vice principal’s Admin for registration, take her afterwards to the school tailor to book a new uniform for her. Then lastly, pay her school fee to the bank and present the teller to the school’s bursar after which she has become a full time student of Kingston hi6gh School” The principal said.

Josh nodded.

“Thanks sir, I’m grateful” Josh said and walked out with Anna.

Anna kept stealing glances at Josh all during the times of registration. She wondered how a human can be this muscular, cute and handsome. But she doesn’t like how serious Josh is, he is too serious for her liking.

They were done with the registration after many hours, she is now a full time student of Kingston High School.

Josh led her to the V.P Academics office to test her and appoint what class she is gonna be.

The V.P ACAD informed her to sit on a student chair. A locker was in front of her. She was given a Mathematics and English text. The outcome of the result will tell the V.P ACAD what grade she is gonna be.

Anna checked the question and arched her brow, she had never done Mathematics in her life. In the other world, they don’t go to school, they do not even know Mathematics, English or any other subjects.

Josh sat far away from her and he thought inside of him that she may fail.

“How can you give someone that came from the village this test, what did you expect her to write?” Josh thought.

“Goddy, are you there” Anna said in her mind.

"Yes, I am, I guess you didn’t know any of the question given to you” Goddy said.

“I’m telling you, how did this man expect me to solve all this stuffs that I had never seen?” Anna said.

“I got the answers with me already” Goddy said and started dictating the answers for Anna.

Anna wrote down the answers silently in the answer sheet given to her. She submitted it after about an hour.

The V.P Academics adjusted his glasses. He told Anna to sit while he marks her answer sheet and determine what grade she should be.

The V.P marked and was surprised that Ana got every questions correctly.

“Anastasia, we have been expecting someone like you in our school, you are very brilliant, I was actually thinking of placing you in class 7 but not anymore, you are gonna be in class 8." The VP ACAD said.

The V.P ACAD scribbled her name into the names of students in class 8. He informed Josh to lead her to her class.

Josh did and went back to his class.

Anna was still putting on mufty unlike other students who were putting on uniform. She felt odd among them and while she was looking for a comfortable seat, a girl called her with a welcoming smile on the girl’s face.

"Come and sit with me” the girl said while smiling.

Anna naively went to her and sat beside her.

“My name is Jane and you?” The girl asked introducing herself.

"I’m Anna, nice meeting you Jane” Anna greeted in return.

“My pleasure, you are gonna like this school, especially this class” Jane said.

“Oh! I hope so, thanks Jane” Anna said and focused on the board.

She saw some scribbled words written in inks on the white board.
She just didn’t understand anything there, she brought her head back and her face met with Bella who was smiling at her.

Anna smirked and took her face off her.

Anna turned her head and saw Owen and Collins discussing.

The teachers came according to their period to teach. Everyone of them asking Anna to stand and introduce herself which she did politely.

Break Time...
Bella stood up immediately she heard the bell for break and went to meet Anna.

“Hi Anna” Bella greeted.

“Hi” Anna replied coldly.

“No, don’t be so cold, don’t mind what happened yesterday, can we go have lunch together?” Bella asked.

“Thanks, I’m not interested” Anna said.

“Please she is not interested Bella, Anna let’s stroll downstairs together” Jane said.

Anna nodded and followed Jane downstairs

Bella smirked and returned to her seat.

Collins and Owen decided to take a stroll to Feathers' class.

Collins abruptly went to meet Bella.

“Hi, the greatest witch of our time, may you keep loosing” Collins said and grinned mockingly.

Bella maintained a frowned face without responding.

Collins left the Class with Owen.

Anna walked side by side with Jane.

“You look so beautiful Anna, I’m sure many guys in the school are gonna be tripping for you” Jane said.

“Maybe, but I did not come here to have a boyfriend” Anna said.

“What is the name of the country you came from?” Jane asked.

“Jeonju Hanok in Korea” Anna said.

“Wow! But you look like a supernatural being” Jane said.

“Excuse me!” Anna turned her head abruptly at Jane wondering how her assumptions was so close to the truth about her.

“I mean, you are as beautiful as a super being” Jane said.

“Oh!” She said and was calmed.

“Did you know class 7, I wanna go and meet someone there” Anna asked.

“Of course, can we go together?” Jane asked.

“Why not” Anna replied and they both went to Class 7 ( Mary’s class).

The bell for break time rang in Mary’s class and Jude who wasn’t listening to all the teachings he had been receiving quickly ran to Mary’s place. He felt like hugging Mary but Mary was indifferent on seeing him.

He smiled on getting to Mary’s seat and happiness can be easily seen on his face. It’s been long he sees the only lady his heart desires.

“Mary!” He called with so much Joy in his voice.

The joy in his voice was even breaking his voice. He was so emotional.

“Hi Jude” Mary greeted slightly.

“Oh! Mary, I miss you, so much, you did not tell me that you are travelling, I even sang a song for you in class to tell the whole class how much I had missed you.” Jude said and blushed.

Mary wondered why Jude missed her, it’s not as if they had any relationship that subsist between the two of them.

“Oh! Thanks” Mary replied.

“I guess you miss me too” Jude said without thinking, he wished that he had not said that cus he is scared that Mary might give him a negative answer which might spoil his mood for the rest of the day.

“Erm... That, actually… Jude, you look handsome” Mary said and neglected his question.

He had just seeing her after many years and he is happy for seeing her, she should not spoil his mood.

“Oh really!” Jude exclaimed and a broad smile appeared on his face. He traced himself from head to toe with his eyes and blushed. Now he knows that he is handsome, for Mary to have confessed it.

Owen and Collins entered Mary’s class. Jude saw Owen and he became furious because of how Owen pulled Mary away from him the other day. He is also jealous that Owen is making Mary fall for him.

Jude walked to him and Collins.

“Hey you, isn’t your class large enough to play? It’s best for you to leave this class else I tell our class gangster to beat the hell out of you from this class” Jude threatened.

Owen became scared and he knew that Jude is actually crazy enough to do what he just said. He turned his head to Collins to know what he thinks about what Jude just said.
Collins knew that Jude is reckless and he could do just that.

“Owen, lets leave” Collins said and turned and they saw Jane and Anna entering.

Collins had began to like Anna from the first day he saw her. But Anna detest Collins for whatever reason she can not explain.

She liked Josh but she prayed that she would not fall in love with Josh.

“Hi” Anna faked a smile at Collins and went to meet Josh.

“Hi Josh” she greeted.

Josh raised his head towards Anna and his heart beat.

She wondered if it was not the same Anna she had been taking from one place to the other for registrations. Anna looked very beautiful and she appeared angelic to Josh.

Josh stood up and held her wrist, he pulled her outside.

Josh’s emotion is beginning to cloud him, he knew he is being tempted by a force he can not explain.

“I must not fall to this temptation” Josh thought.

Nevertheless, he instructed Anna to follow him to the relaxing room.

They got to the relaxing room and he pinned Anna with his two hands with his arms rested on the wall on top of Anna’s shoulder. He was standing opposite Anna.

“Anna, I can’t explain what is happening to me, I do not know if I’m spelled or something, my heart is beating for you, I… I… I love you Anna, I’m sorry, but… I Iove you Anna” Josh said and wish he can run away from the relaxing room, but he can’t help it.

Anna was stunned that the serious Josh can confess his love for her.
The words of Josh were piercing her heart, her heart was bleeding, and she knows she will betray the promise she made to the King of her world very soon, she is scared cus she did not know the punishment that the King of her world will give her. Her heart is dangling, her emotions are fast taking over, the look of love and innocence showed clearly at Josh’s face whose face his not far from hers.

•Do you think Anna would break her promise to the King of her world or keep it?

To be continued.


Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 7:05pm On Jan 06
Nice one op and hapi new year,op u forgot epi 43
Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 9:07pm On Jan 06
Nice one op and hapi new year,op u forgot epi 43

Wishing you the best bro.

I posted it twice and didn't know how it disappeared.

Besides, the reply tab has been deactivated before on my thread. Dunno what happened.

I will repost it again.

Apologies for the stress.


Re: The Only Nudge by Dacaller: 2:26pm On Jan 07
pls repost....episode 43........happy new year to u......
Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 12:53pm On Jan 09
I really apologize for keeping you guys on mute for long.

I discovered that episode 43 of the ongoing story couldn't be updated as an antispasm whatever has banning the episode for over 5 times.

Kindly read the episode via this link: https://www.facebook.com/602561243273761/posts/1535848616611681/


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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 6:30pm On Jan 09
I really apologize for keeping you guys on mute for long.

I discovered that episode 43 of the ongoing story couldn't be updated as an antispasm whatever has banning the episode for over 5 times.

Kindly read the episode via this link: https://www.facebook.com/602561243273761/posts/1535848616611681/

nice,love epi 43 so much
Re: The Only Nudge by Dacaller: 9:23pm On Jan 09
thanks sooo much

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Re: The Only Nudge by Dacaller: 9:23pm On Jan 09
thanks sooo much....av read it thru d link

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 4:28pm On Jan 10
"Josh, I really do not know what came over you, but I want you to know that this is not how love works, some hours ago, you were behaving coldly to me. You suddenly saw me in class and pulled me here like a puppet, you panting like a lion that wants to devour, you started confessing like a witch whose secret was discovered that you love me, what sort of love is that? Do I look like a kid to you?” Anna said and removed his pinned hand over her shoulder.

She walked to Mary’s class to meet Jane.

“Let’s go dear” Mary said.

Jane nodded and walked out with Anna.

“Is anything wrong?” Jane asked.

“Do not worry about that, I ain’t feeling like going to the cafeteria again please” Anna replied.

“Oh! No qualms then” Jane said and they both walked to the class.

They sat down silently on their seat. Bella who had been sitting all while suddenly walked out.

“Excuse me please” Jane said to Anna and walked out.

“Jane, any update, have you confirmed who she is?” Bella who had signalled for Jane to meet her outside asked her.

“Not so soon, I have to be friends with her first” Jane said.

“I can’t wait, before we start talking about her weaknesses, we need to know who she is first” Bella said feeling frustrated.

“Bella, take it easy, she might suspect, I’m trying my best” Jane said.

Bella sighed and walked back to the class.

Jane waited patiently outside before she came back smiling at Anna.

“Goddy, are you there?” Anna asked.

“Of course” Goddy replied.

“Good, my heart is getting softer for Josh, what do you think I should do cus I must not disobey the order of the King” Anna lamented.

“Leave their house, tell Feathers to get you a new accommodation” Goddy replied.

Anna sighed.

“Alright dear” She said in her mind.

“Anna, aren’t you missing your dad?” Jane asked.

“Dad! Erm... Actually, not really,I’m not really used to him” Anna replied.

“Anna, can you follow me home today?” Jane requested.

“You are funny, we met today and just because we are smiling at each other, you want me to follow you home” Anna said.

“Oh! You do not even trust me” Jane said.

“Is this about trust or about being careful” Anna replied.

“How about me following you home” Jane said.

“Why? Don’t tell me it’s because you like me so much” Anna replied.

“Okay, forget that” Jane replied and fury arose inside her..

“This girl is really hard to get along with” Jane lamented in her heart.

The break was over, every student had returned to class including Owen and Collins. While the teacher was teaching. Bella was busy thinking of what she can do to Anna and his friends for humiliating her. The teachers taught according to their periods and the bell for closing time rang
Bella rushed without thinking at Anna and blew an evil air into her nose, Anna who was still sitting struggled for breath and began to confess.

“I am a white being, I am a white being, leave me alone, light has nothing to do with darkness” Anna said while dozing.

Collins saw Anna dozing like someone loosing consciousness.

“Owen , stay here please, let me go and call Feathers and Mary” Collins told Owen and ran to Mary’s class to inform them about Bella’s action in class.

“Goddy, I’m confessing already, please help me” Anna said weakly in her mind to her friend.

“I can’t do anything to help you, I am only here to answer any questions you ask, that is the job the king gave me, I must not go beyond my jurisdiction, I’m sorry Anna” Goddy said.

Bella smirked and Jane who was working for Bella but disguising like a good person to Anna also sat beside Anna who was fast loosing consciousness.

“So, she is a white being, good! So tell me now, what is the secret to your power?” Bella asked Anna.

Bella was happy that her newly acquired power is working on Anna.

“The secrete of my power is…” Anna said and paused.

“Goddy help me, a force is pulling me to tell my secret” Anna pleaded to Goddy.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help” Goddy replied.

“The secret of my power is...” Anna said and Feathers, Mary, Josh and Collins rushed in.

Josh followed too and Jude who came to pock nose also followed.

“Bella!” Feathers yelled boldly.

Bella turned angrily, her eyes was red, just when she was about to get a vital information from Anna, Feathers entered. Irrespective of her feelings for Feathers, she must teach him a lesson.

“Josiak masiak teuu, Brunooo masiak teuuu, Jaufat masiak teuuu
Janni janni arisum” Bella casted a spell.

The spell conjured a very strong wind, it is as strong as a rock. Bella directed the strong wind with her eyes towards Feathers.

Everyone ran away from Feathers but Feathers stood still. Jude ran to his class in fear, he carried his bag and picked a race home

The wind blew around Feathers that no one could even see Feathers, he was lost in the wind.

Bella smiled when she was not seeing Feathers anymore, she saw that the rest had fled away including Mary.

“Mary, I know you have not gone, you are the next” Bella said and took some steps forward.

"I am strong, your wind is useless over me”Feathers said.

"Brunias jeluminot, Julias ferikanisos, Tofa tofa korah kora
Juhu juhu nof kef, Sef duh muh ruh jaif ni” Feathers casted the spell.

A cold smoke appeared from Feathers' mouth, it flew like a butterfly slowly at Bella. Bella watched the smoke flew directly into her eyes. She lost her sight, she can’t see.

“I can’t see!” Bella lamented almost crying.

Mary, Josh and Collins entered and laughed.

“Evil shall not prevail, may you live the rest of your life like that” Feathers said affirmatively.

“You are really funny, you really think I can become blind just like that’ Bella said and laughed.

She yelled loudly and the whole building began to shook and crack. She began to float on air and flew to Collins, she touched Collins on his head. Collins fell.

She flew to Josh, Josh ran away but she sped faster, she caught up with Josh, she touched Josh in the head.

"My father, help me please!!!” Josh screamed but it was too late, he fell.

Bella happily flew to Mary.

Mary casted a spell so that a force can protect her from Bella, but she missed a word.

“Durofis durofis durofis, Durofis jais jais...”

Bella flew to her before she could complete her spell. Bella touched her head, she fell

Bella smirked.

“Silly girl, she doesn’t even know simple spell, It is Durolis Durolis not Durofis durofis. I’m happy she wrongly pronounced the spell."

Bella who was happy that she is winning flew to Feathers.

"Casiat casiiiiat!!!” Feathers shouted.

Casiat is the name of a white being destined to help him and Mary
Bella’s heart skipped on hearing Casiat.

“Juromibas jurofaidat, Juromibas Jurofaidat!” Bella casted the spell and she find her self in the strange world.

She intentionally casted a spell so that she can disappear and stop Casiat, the white being from coming to help Feathers.

Bella walked to Casiat in the strange world.

Casiat had heard his name being called by Feathers and he is now going to the human world to help Feathers.

“Casiat, where you are going?” Bela questioned.

“To help Feathers and Mary, they are in danger” Casiat replied and walked faster to the portal. The portal is like a door that leads to the human world.

“You can’t go Casiat, my dragons will not allow you!” Bella threatened.

“Jusssssssssss!” Bella groaned a demon’s name.

Jus is one of the evil spirit that works with Bella.

Jus ran with a sword. He ran towards Casiat with his sword.

“I will not allow you to go, I have being summoned by my master” Jus said.

Casiat is just a messenger In the white world, he can not fight, he only delivers message.

“Please, do not stop me like the Prince of Persia did to angel Gabriel when he was bringing the answers to the prayer of Daniel” Casiat pleaded.

Jus giggled and laughed.

“See you! I work with the Prince of Persia for fifteeen thousand years, we stop white beings from delivering the prayers of help to the saints”
Jus said.

Casiat was confused and ran back to the King in the white region.

“Jus, I’m going back to the human world, do not let him pass” Bella commanded and Jus nodded.

Bella appeared and saw Feathers casting spell on Mary so that she can wake.

Bella flew to Feathers and touched Feathers on his head . Feathers fell.

“Just Owen and Anna now” Bella smiled and flew to Anna, she touched Anna’s head and Anna fell
She flew towards Owen, She touched Owen’s head and Owen fell. She stood happily and laughed with Jane for winning.

“Boss, now that Owen is lying, why not kiss her and fulfil your mission once and for all?” Jane said.

“Thanks dear” Bella laughed and walked to Owen, she squatted on Owen ready to kiss him.

Casiat appeared suddenly with a warrior white being. The warrior used his sword to touch Bella on his shoulder. Bella turned.

“You are evil” The warrior angel said.

Casiat went quickly and woke Mary.

Afterall, they must not do anything as white beings unless they are commanded by a human.

“Casiat, thanks for coming, please just make her paralyzed, let her lost the ability to walk around” Mary commanded Casiat.

Casiat gave the warrior angel the permission to do what Mary requested

“Done” the warrior angel replied.

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 7:20pm On Jan 10

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 10:56pm On Jan 10

Lennox had a feeling that something is wrong with her daughter. He ran to the temple and stood in front of the ancient statue of his forefather. He knew for sure that his child is at school. He guessed that Feathers and Mary who had supernatural powers must have been winning the battle against her.

“Curos baijat bainu, Bunfuros diatus, Koba koba koba, Durosat fait fait” Lennox casted a spell and he finds himself in the strange world.

He quickly ran around in the dark territory searching for Jus. Jus is the dark being he personally assigned to be working with Bella.

He met Jus bruised and battered behind the portal, he knew at once that Jus had a duel with a white being and the white being ended up wounding him.

Lennox squatted beside Jus.

“Jus, tell me what happened?” Lennox questioned.

“Master, I stopped Casiat, one of the white being destined to help Feathers from going to the human world, he went back and call a very powerful white being to fight me, I tried all I could cus I do not want to disappoint Bella, the warrior white being fought me and he ended up brutalizing me” Jus said faintly.

“You mean my daughter is in danger of Casiat and the warrior white being right now?” Lennox asked fretfully.

“I fear that they must have done something evil to her” Jus replied.

“Where are our warriors, where are the Baal warriors, what of the warriors of Jezebel and seducing ladies of Delilah? I need as many as possible right now to follow me to the human world, I never knew this people will take things far like this, If they win, my ancient temple will be destroyed.” Lennox lamented.

“There is a case of one Pastor White at Washington DC in America, the king of the dark territory and many of our warriors are busy attending to his case, I guess you should visit our king” Jus said.

“That shouldn’t be a problem, uncle Luci and I have be6 friends right from the day my father had always brought me here when I was young, I just hope he is less busy” Lennox said.

“Of course, he should, tell him what you came for” Jus said and closed his eye, he was going through a lot of pain.

Lennox stood up at once and ran to Uncle Luci’s palace. He met many guards dressed in uniform with helmet on their head, horns on their head, and a disfigured body structure.

“Please, I want to see Uncle Luci” Lennox asked hurriedly to one of the guard who was standing like a robot.

“Does he know you?” The guard replied.

“Please tell him that Lennox, the dark mage, the son of Korah is here” Lennox pleaded.

His legs were stomping on the floor by itself, he can’t just wait to speak to Uncle Luci for help.

The guard signaled to another guard who happens to be a messenger guard. The messenger guard went inside to deliver the message to Uncle Luci and came back to meet Lennox.

The messenger guard whispered to the guard that instructed him to go in.

“Uncle Luci said you can come, please go in” The palace guard said politely.

Lennox hurried inside.

He met Uncle Luci on a dark throne and two ladies who were dressed like queen sitting on a smaller throne beside him. He saw their names written on their forehead. One was Jezebel, the other was Delilah. They were stark naked.

HARLOT was written like a tattoo on the chest of Delilah while MOTHER OF ALL WITCHES was written as a tattoo on the chest of Jezebel. He ignored and focused on Uncle Luci.

“May you live long Uncle Luci, your prowess and power had shaken the universe, you are being rebuked every day in the human world by good people who work with white beings, may your name he exalted forever” Lennox said and squatted in front of Uncle Luci with his head bowed.

“Sit down my son, It’s been long I see you, the last time you came to my palace with your father, you were young, now the young boy has grown. I really wish I am having face to face contact with all those that are working for me but I just do not have the time. Recently, I and my queen had been personally working on a case of one pastor White in Washington DC, very stubborn a man, always casting spells to chase my servants away, I’m sure you shouldn’t he surprised that every religion cast spells."

"The spell of Christians is speaking in tongues, the spell of Muslims is their confession of their quran and the spell of herbalist is their incantation, do I even need to be lecturing you? I’m sure your father must have taught you all these, I trust Unknown too."

"I even met him in the astral realms when I was going to meet the king of the white territory some days ago to report some saints like I did for Job, trust me, I enjoy reporting the saints and seeing them punished. That is why I always wish for them to just fall into sin so I can penetrate and devour them” Luci said and laughed heavily. His voice sounded like a thunder and everywhere vibrated.

“Yes, my king is very kind, always seeking to steal, to kill and to destroy” Jezebel added.

“Yes, our king is very sweet, if any human bows and surrender themselves to him, they must enjoy the riches of life without peace” Delilah said and everyone laughed.

“May you live long my king” Lennox who was sitting bowed to the king once again in respect. He wanted to quickly state what he came for but he doesn’t want to spoil the fun they are having, he has to make Uncle Luci feel like he is caring. Hence, he has to say something on what Uncle Luci has said.

“Uncle, this Pastor White, have you being able to get to him?” Lennox asked.

Uncle Luci looked at Delilah and they both laughed sarcastically.

“Delilah, why not tell him how you penetrated into Pastor’s White’s life” Uncle Luci said.

Delilah adjusted on her throne
“Young man, I believe you know who I am by now, I am the same lady that seduced Samson till he told me the secret of his power.
Same me possessed a church member, she visited Pastor White many times and became close friend with Pastor White. I made sure that she ensures that Pastor White comes to her house cus she called him that she was sick.
As soon as Pastor White came, I made sure she possessed Pastor White. Pastor White casted some spells that almost drove me out but I was persistent."

"You can’t speak in tongue in front of fornication, even the book of the white beings says they should flee from formication. Pastor White didn’t run away from the room, he stood there trying to resist until I slept with him, he fell into my hands. I came back and informed Uncle Luci, Uncle Luci then sent Jezebel as a witch that she is to go and finally destroy all that Pastor White had, so yes, I can say we are successful and we are fine” Delilah said.

Lennox faked a smile, that is not what he came for, he came for his daughter, now that he has shown that he is concern, he faked a smile and spoke what he intentionally came for.

“Erm….Uncle Luci, my daughter is in danger of the white being in the human world” Lennox said.

“Oh! Some humans must have conjured them to earth cus spirits does not go by themselves to the earth unless they are being conjured by humans” Uncle Luci said.

“Exactly Uncle, those humans are my family’s real enemies” Lennox said.

Luci’s face became serious.

“Tell me their names?” Uncle Luci asked willing to help Lennox.

“Feathers, Owen, Collins, Josh, Mary and Anna, these are the six people that wants to destroy my daughter and ensure that our temple collapse” Lennox said.

Uncle Luci wrote down the names of the six of them.

“Lennox, I will help you but I do not do anything for free, that means if I help you you must also do something for me in return” Uncle Luci said.

“Anything my king, as long as my family and our temple are saved. and I will need you to help me accomplish my primary mission too, which is making my daughter, Bella, to kiss Owen, the dumb boy on earth, he is the son of Star that Seven made convenant with many years ago.

"Do not worry, I will help you, but first promise to do what I ask?”

Lucifer asked what he wished from Lennox and Lennox thought for long, when he had no choice , he sadly agreed.

Lucifer then commanded the two strongest baal warrior to follow Lennox to the earth. Lennox and the two warriors ran to the portal that leads to the human world. They entered the human world and appeared at Bella’s class.

Bella whose leg had being paralyzed, she was sitting like a witch that had lost her power amidst Feathers and his five friends who were watching. Casiat and the warrior angel had returned to the white world, after all, they had helped Feathers, Owen and their friends accomplished their mission. Feathers and his friends had been awoken by the spells of Mary including Anna. Jane was squatting beside Bella, watching her boss pathetically and casting the little spell she knew on Bella so that she can walk but none of it works. Anna was surprised to discover that Jane was working for Bella.

“No wonder she is asking suspicious questions” Anna thought.

Bella was happy to see Lennox appear suddenly to the class with two strong and powerful dark beings soldiers.

Feathers, Owen and others who were sitting comfortably stood up suddenly and jerked in fear of what they saw.

What's your take on the recent development?

To be continued.

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Nice update op

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Lennox ran to meet Bella, he was surprised to see her sitting on the floor like a poor beggar.

“Bella, what have they done to you?” Lennox asked.

“Dad, I’ve being paralyzed by the warrior angel” Bella replied.

Lennox stood up and looked at Owen. He stared at Feathers and Mary and smirked.

“I can see that your power is making you raise shoulder right? You made my daughter paralyzed, wow!” Lennox said.

Feathers knew that Lennox is ready for something crazy, he winked at everyone at once, since everyone was looking at him as if he’s the saviour.

Feathers carried his school bag and ran out, Owen, Collins, Anna , Josh and Mary slung their bag pack on their shoulder too and ran out.

Lennox was stunned, he wasn’t expecting them to run away. He thought that they would have a duel with him, after all, they had supernatural power. He watched all of them faded out of sight.

Josh quickly went to the driver's seat of the mini bus and waited for everyone to step in, he drove away. Feathers picked up a call and put a call through to Seven.

“Hello Seven, please leave the house right away, meet us at Josh’s father house” Feathers said.

“Send the address to me as soon as possible” Seven said and waited for some minutes, the address came as message to his message bar, he opened it and read it. He mastered the address, he closed the door and went to Josh’s father house.

“Owen, hope you are fine?” Feathers asked in sign language.

“I am, I can’t believe that all this duel is because of me” Owen said in sign language.

“Do not worry Owen, we will definitely win, we will sand by you” Mary said to Owen.

Owen nodded and exhaled.

“Anna, how are you doing now?” Collins asked.

“Fine” Anna replied Collins coldly, she doesn’t really like Collins.

“I’m happy that you are fine now” Collins said to Anna not minding how she replied him.

Collins indeed liked Anna, he hope that someday, he will be able to confess his feelings to Anna.

“Hey guys, where is the crazy Jude that followed us here?” Josh asked. Everyone laughed.

“Crazy guy, he use to behave like he’s strong, It’s obvious he ran away” Feathers said.

“He can’t even fight for his crush” Josh teased Mary.

“Silly you, stop it” Mary said and slapped Josh at his shoulder.

Josh giggled an everyone laughed sarcastically at Mary.

“That’s Mary number one’s boyfriend in this school, the guy can even donate his kidney for Mary” Collins said still giggling.

“He can donate his kidney for Mary but he ran away when he saw a strange wind that almost swallow Feathers, why can’t he wait for his girlfriend” Josh said.

Feathers and Anna laughed.

“Sincerely, I never knew Mary had a boyfriend” Anna teased.

“Aw” Mary said like someone that wanted to start crying.

“Stop it guys, Jude is just a friend, he is not my boyfriend” Mary said and folded her hands like a kid.

Feathers and Anna grinned mockingly.

“Feathers, why did you signal for us to run away?” Josh asked.

“I was about asking to” Owen said in sign language.

“Big brother is afraid with all his powers, he only knows how to abuse Kitty, his girlfriend” Mary said savagely.

Feathers looked at her and giggled.

“Silly girl, Kitty is not my girlfriend, she is just like any other girl, at least she is not like big eye Bella” Feathers said.

Owen and others bursted into laughter.

“See guys, I wasn’t scared, I only need to be wise, you remember the book that says that even an housemaid uses wisdom in all that she does. Running away from battle sometimes is good, it doesn’t mean one is not powerful, it’s a way of protecting all of us and retreating Did you guys know that Mary fumbled when she was casting spells, you see that now, we still need to study this spell very well” Feathers said.

Everyone nodded.

“Feathers and Mary, you are the only ones with supernatural power here apart from Collins who only becomes supernatural at night and Anna too, guys, master your power very well” Owen said freely in sign language.

Everyone nodded.

Josh drove to the his father’s house, they all stepped down and saw Seven waiting at the entrance. They greeted Seven and Josh led them inside.

Lennox went to meet Bella, he and Jane carried Bella who can’t walk out of the school.. They ordered for a cab and the cab drove them home.

“Lennox, what are we gonna do about Bella?” Jane asked.

“I do not have the power to heal her, I can only hope for Unknown to return from the astral realm soon, I’m sure he will be able to do something” Lennox said.

“But you are a dark mage, can’t you cast powerful spells to heal her?” Jane asked surprisingly that Lennox can not heal his own daughter.

“You still do not get it, do you? A dark mage does not heal, I can not heal, not even when it was a white being that made her paralyzed, I have my powers but healing is not among” Lennox said in pain.

He wished he can heal his own daughter but he did not have the power.

“But Lennox, two warriors followed you from the strange world, why not ask them to go tell Uncle Luci to give them the portion to heal Bella?” Jane questioned.

“Jane, I had that same idea, but Luci himself cannot heal” Lennox replied.

“Who can heal then? Or is this how Bella is gonna spend the rest of her life?” Jane asked.

“There are mysteries and their are secrets, I can only hope that when Unknown comes, he will deliver to us the mystery of the unknown, the secret of her healings” Lennox said.

“So you mean to say, what Uncle Luci, the king of the dark world can not do, Unknown will do it?” Jane said curiously.

“You need to understand a lot about the dark world, let me teach you what you did not know. Did you know that a lion is the king of the jungle, but a lion is not the strongest, lion is not the biggest neither is it the fastest, he was just made a king by nature. About 99, 000 years ago, The king of the white world was living all alone in space, he thinks he should have children who will also be his servants. So he created the earth and the white world, there was no dark world then. He created sons and daughters, this sons and daughters are spirits, they are the white beings. The king created millions of this white beings. He now sits and think that he can not just keep creating white beings, he need to assign work to them. So he made some singers, some to treat the white territory flowers, some to drum, some as warriors, some as messengers and so on. After he had created them into categories.
He thinks again, that the white world is clumsy. So he created another heaven. He told all the choirs (singers) to go to the second heaven, their duty is to be singing, praising and worshiping him everyday from the Second heaven
But it is pathetic that they do not have a leader. So the king of the white world sits and thinks again “should he appoint a leader among them or create a new one?” He decided to go for the second option.

"He thinks that if he will create a leader of the choir, it has to be a very powerful white being, beautiful and precious. So he went to his throne, he began to gather many musical instruments like harps, tambourine, flute and so on.
He used those instrument to cave a white being, he spend a lot of energy in creating that white being.
He breathed into the nostrils of that white being and he came alive. He presented the white being to the choirs at the second heaven who had being expecting their leader
They saw who their leader would be, a very handsome, beautiful and gorgeous man like being. The king likes him cus he dedicated a lot of energy into creating him. The king blessed him with powers that he can not take back and the sweetest voice to praise him. He named him Luci."

"Luci started carrying out his duties everyday as he is supposed to, until one day."

“Why did the king thinks he can just sit on his throne and just keep enjoying our song, so we will keep praising him and he will keep enjoying it, we are the one stressing ourselves here, I need to take over the throne” Luci thought.

"Luci gathered all the white beings that are choirs together. He told them that they should rebel against the king and take over his throne.
They all agreed."

'Luci started training all of the choirs to become warriors. After they had trained for many years, during this time, they had stopped singing and praising the king. Luci led all his choirs who are now soldiers out of the second heaven to the first white territory where the king dwells. He started fighting the white beings that are in the king territory. They were not expecting it, the kings soldiers also started fighting Luci’s soldiers. Luci was fighting and moving closer to the throne. A white being quickly ran to meet the king of the white being."

"My king, may you live long, you lovely servant, Luci, the one you made head of the choir in the second heaven had rebelled and he is fighting many white beings already, he is coming to take over the throne” The white being who happens to be a servant said and bowed."

The king stood up in all his glory.

“Mike!” The king called Mike came out from his mansion instantly at the call of the king.

"Mike is specially trained to fight, he is the leader of all soldiers in the white territory."

“Go now, and fight Luci and his rebelled spirits” The king commanded.

“Consider it done sir” Mike said with a bowed head.

"He unsheathed his sword and ran to the battle field. Luci and his rebelled choirs fought with Mike and all his angels. They fought for thousands of years because beings does not get tired. They fought till there was no more space in the white territory for them."

"The king then created the dark world for Luci and his rebelled soldiers. He made a decree in all his power and authority that they be casted there. He casted luci and his soldiers to the dark territory on earth. Luci and his soldiers starting falling down like a rain pouring to the dark territory on earth. That was how Luci and the beings with him became dark till today."

"Luci created a throne for himself and started fighting anyone that works with the white beings on earth."

"Did you see that Luci is just like any other white beings that was created differently, so he doesn’t have all the power especially the healing power. The reason why I said we should wait for Unknown is that he went to the astral realm where Jupiter is located, there are new beings there, you call them alien, they have super powers and can teach him how to heal as well” Lennox said.

“Now, I understood everything especially about Uncle Luci, what are we gonna do for Owen , Feathers, Mary and their friends?” Jane asked.

Lennox laughed.

“They are still in my custody cus Josh’s father is working for me” Lennox said.

What's your take on this?

To be continued.

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Josh’s father welcomed Owen and friends. They all sat down tiredly. Josh went inside his room to drop his school bag, he went to the kitchen and prepared drinks for everyone. He served them all respectively.

“Thanks” Many of them said as they received and sipped the glass of juice.

Josh’s father’s phone rang.

"Excuse me please” He pleaded and walked out.

It was Lennox calling him.

“Hello Jack” Lennox said from the other end of the phone.

Jack is the name of Josh’s father.

“Master, they are still with me, what should I do?” Jack asked.

“Have you served them a drink?” Lennox asked.

“My son just did” Jack replied.

“Oh now, why? You should be the one to serve it, why not prepare a simple food for them, cast the seventh verse of the spell I sent to you yesterday to it” Lennox said.

“Oh! that shouldn’t be a problem, what of my son, Josh, won’t he be affected?” Jack asked.

“He will, try to engage him in something that will not make him eat the food, please make sure they all eat it” Lennox pleaded.

“Consider it done master”Jack said and hanged up. He went inside.

”Guys, I can see that you are so tired, how about I prepare a food for you?” Jack asked.

“We won’t mind” Mary replied.

Jack went inside and prepared the food. He served it on the dinning table and invited everyone over to eat.

Everyone came to the dinning table to eat.

“Josh, a minute please” Jack requested.

Josh stood up follow his father to the room.

“Josh, I do not want you to eat that food” Jack said.

“Why dad?” Josh asked surprisingly.

“The food is made specially for them, excuse me?” Jack said and walked outside. He closed the door on Josh so he won’t he able to come out.

He had already casted a spell on the food they are about to eat. Josh is oblivious of the truth that his father is working for Lennox.

Everyone started to eat excluding Anna, she doesn’t feel like eating the food. She is just getting used to earthly food. The food they eat in the strange world is quiet different.

“Goddy, are you there?” Anna asked.

“Stop asking me that question, I’m always here please” Goddy replied.

“I’m sorry, I do not know why I just do not feel like eating this food” Anna said.

“Cus it is spelled by Josh’s father” Goddy replied.

“Come again please” Anna requested.

“You heard me, the food is spelled by Josh’s father” Goddy said.

“Why didn’t you inform me before we start eating?” Anna requested.

“You didn’t ask before you all start to eat” Goddy replied.

“I must really ask about everything before you say something” Anna said to Goddy in her mind.

“That is what I’m sent by the master for, ask and it shall be answered, you keep shut and ignore me as if I do not exist, then you eat your cake and have it” Goddy replied Anna sternly.

“Oh! Anyways, what are we gonna do, everyone is eating a spelled food already” Anna said.

“I do not know dear, I can’t help” Goddy said.

“What exactly are you sent to do” Anna said furiously in her mind to Goddy.

“To direct, to lead, to comfort, to guide and to help you, you have the power, you know what to do” Goddy replied.

“I’m pretty tired of you Goddy, the last time Bella was casting a spell on me, it was working, I was revealing myself to her, yet you did not do anything” Anna said.

“Keep waiting for me to do everything when the King already gave you the power to accomplish and overcome all that you will face in the human world” Goddy said.

Anna exhaled.

All this while, she had been staring at her food and lost in thought, her conversation with Goddy had made her loose consciousness of her environment. She suddenly noticed that everyone had slept off. While she was stunningly staring at them, she heard footsteps behind her.

“I know this girl might not be affected” Lennox said as he walked in with Josh who went out to welcome him.

“I do not think she even ate the food” Jack replied.

Anna turned and was stunned to see Josh and Lennox.

She knew Jack to be Josh’s father but Goddy had informed her that he spelled the food he served to her and her friends. Anna stood up courageously and stood behind the chair.

“I’m disappointed that you are working for Lennox” Anna said to Jack.

Jack giggled.

“Wickedness is good dear”Jack replied.

"Let me see what you can do to my friends” Anna said.

“Well, We can’t do anything, but we have someone that can do something” Lennox said and stretched his hand towards the door.

Unknown entered.

Unknown had returned from the astral realms with two aliens, their names are Jo and Bo. Spell can never work on an alien.

“Duf duf maih maih, Koru nu nu nu fus, Bel fur bur bur fur, Ef kef tef ef kef tef” Anna casted a spell and she stretched her hand at Unknown who was dressed in a priestly dark regalia.

Unknown smirked.

The spell is suppose to make him fall to the ground and lay unconscious, but he wasn’t affected.

He signaled with his eye for Jo and Bo to bind Anna.

Anna casted another spell but it was like pouring water inside a basket.

Jo and Bo walked closer to Anna, they folded her arms to the back and carried her out.

“Lennox, find a way of brining all of them to the temple, we do not have time, as soon as they got to the temple, make them lie down, tell Bella to kiss Owen and let’s settle this once and for all” Unknown said and walked out.

Lennox bowed slightly and smiled at Jack.

Lennox picked up his phone and called his boys. The guys Lennox called came after fifteen minutes and carried Feathers, Owen and friends to the the van they brought.

Lennox stepped inside the car he brought and followed after the van that carried Owen and friends.

The guys got to the temple and carried everyone inside the temple.

Lennox entered and told the guys to lay everyone flat on the floor.

Lennox put a call through to Bella to come to the temple right away, she did, she arrived and was stunned to see Owen and friends lay on the floor.

“Dad, how do you accomplish this?” Bella asked stunningly on the wheel chair that she sat.

“Unknown had return, he easily helped us. That girl you said is a white being is in custody of the two aliens Unknown brought as we speak” Lennox said.

Unknown tied Anna to a chair in the middle of an empty room. He started to cast different spell around Anna.

“Goddy, my spells are not working” Anna lamented.

Goddy remained quiet.

“Goddy, you said I should ask you if I need help, please Goddy help.”

Goddy remained quiet.

“Goddy please, do not mind me for how I spoke to you the other time, forgive me please, help me, as soon as this man finish casting his spell, I do not know what may become of me” Anna said pathetically but there was no response from Goddy.

In the strange world...
Immediately Goddy saw that Anna’s spell isn’t working on Unknown, she knew that the power that Unknown had gone to acquire is far greater than the power the King gave Anna. She left Anna and ran to the strange world.

She ran to the white King’s palace.
No guard stopped her from entering cus she's well known. She entered the King’s chamber.

“My king, may you live long” Goddy said and bowed.

The king recognized her at once.

“Goddy, aren’t you assigned to be with Anna, what are you doing here?” The king asked.

“A man had gone to acquire power in a realm and he is very powerful, he even came with aliens, the spell Anna casted isn’t working on him” Goddy said with a bowed head.

“Mike!” The king called.

Mike, the warrior leader of all soldiers working for the white king stepped in front of the king.

“Here I am my Lord, command me” Mike said.

“Follow Goddy to the human world, go and help Anna” The king said.

“Consider it done my Lord” Mike said.

He ran with Goddy to the portal that leads to the human world. They entered the human world and found themselves in the room Anna was being tied to.

Mike unsheathed his sword immediately and walked towards Unknown who was lost in the spell he was casting.

Jo and Bo, the two aleins that came with Unknown saw Mike and charged at him.

They unsheathed their sword also and started fighting Mike. Mike was very skilled but they were not bad either.

Unknown knew that there is a fight occurring in the room. He opened his eye and saw Jo and Bo seriously fighting with Mike. He was scared of Mike, the last time he saw Mike was many years ago when a godly human on earth pray for help when he was about casting spell on her son, the King of the white world listened to her prayer that day and sent Mike to deal with him, he can never forget how he was brutalized my Mike. He knew he has power now but it can never be as much as that of Mike.

He hope that Jo and Bo won, but Jo and Bo suddenly fell to the ground groaning in pain. Mike had defeated them mercilessly.

Mike walked closer to Unknown.

“We have met before, I’m glad we are meeting again” Mike said and raised up his sword.

He touched Unknown on his head with the sword, Unknown fell and became a smoke, he faded like flies into the strange world.

Jo and Bo who were lying saw that Unknown had been banned to the strange world, he may never be able to come to the human world again.

They casted spells together and they found themselves in the strange world with Unknown too, but they can still go to the human world unlike Unknown.

Mike untied Anna.

“Go now and free Owen and friends” Mike commanded.

“That is if Bella had not kiss Owen” Goddy said.

•Do you think Bella could have kiss Owen?

To be continued.

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After Lennox had told Bella to kiss Owen, Bella struggled to stand cus she can not walk. Lennox helped her crawl towards Owen.
Lennox helped her squat on Owen.

“Kiss him now” Lennox said.

“You can’t!” Feathers who had been watching the whole drama with his left eye slightly opened it said.

Feathers stood up abruptly and went to Bella, she pulled Bella away from Owen.

“I thought…” Lennox said and paused.

“You thought I ate the food, huh? Yes I ate the food but I wasn’t spelled, Mary wasn’t spelled as well. We had to pretend along with others to make you think we are all spelled. I needed to confirm that Josh’s father is working for you."

Feathers tapped his fingers and Mary rose.

"Wickedness shall not prevail” Mary said and moved closer to Feathers.

“Drui drui makos, Juroni duoirs duiors, Fe ru ns ns ns afiat, Cubo rai raiju raisi” Mary casted a spell on Owen and Owen’s eye got opened.

Owen stood up in fear.

“Do not be afraid Owen, we are here” Mary said.

“I’m still thinking of what I can do to you evil man” Feathers said walking around the room.

Anna entered.

“Mary, has Owen been kissed, how did you wake?” Anna asked surprisingly.

“No, we were not affected in the first place, we only pretended” Mary said.

“I’m happy the spell did not work on them” Owen said in sign language.

“That’s good, Mike, a warrior angel from my territory has fought and defeated Unknown and the aliens” Anna said.

“Really?” Mary asked.

“Yeah, I’m telling you” Anna replied.

Feathers went to Lennox.

“Man, now your Unknown had been defeated, what are you gonna do now?” Feathers asked.

Lennox was stunned to hear that Unknown had been defeated by the warrior angel of the white territory.

“Your daughter is paralyzed, how about you not being able to see again?” Feathers said.

“Oh! That is too much boy, stop that, I do not want to fight with you, just leave” Lennox said.

“Oh now, duel with us, please fight with us” Feathers pleaded sarcastically.

Lennox can not believe he is afraid. He decided to duel with them with all his power.

Lennox shifted back and conjured his first spell, the rain began to fall heavily, thunder struck Feathers all of a sudden and he fell, he stood up immediately, the thunder struck him again, Mary stood in fear of what may happen to Feathers. She quickly casted a spell and stretched her hand towards the thunder. The thunder turned into a man like structure and rushed at Mary, it collided with Mary with full force, but Mary stood, she maintained her tenacity.

Lennox was stunned to see Mary still standing.

The thunder got angry and roared from the sky, it increased it’s energy and ran towards Feathers who had just stood up, Feathers slided backward and almost fall .Anna ran towards the thunder and hugged the thunder, she started casting a spell on the thunder, the thunder tried to let Anna let hold of it, but Anna refused.

The spell of Anna conjured powers and it broke the thunder into ashes, it disappeared into thin air.

Anna furiously flew like a butterfly to Lennox, Lennox brought out his ancient ring and rolled it in the air before Anna came. The ring created a strong force in the presence of Lennox. Anna who was flying with full force collided with the force guiding Lennox, she stumbled back with full force, before she could fall, Feathers quickly ran towards her, held and support her from falling.

Anna was happy that Feathers helped him.

Mary squatted and casted the third stanza, the seventh chapter of the Fifty Second Book of Pharaoh that they read thus:
“Asuun ariat ariat
Dof kef kuf buf jug suf” She casted the spell three times and a fire appeared before her in form of a kettle.

She grabbed the fire like kettle as if it was nothing and ran towards Lennox with full force, Lennox staggered to the back and cried for help after Mary threw the kettle of fire on his body.

“Uncle Luci, where are you, save me, my body is burning!!!” Lennox cried out.

The body of Lennox began to burn
He remembered the spell of quenching fires that his father taught him when he was young.

“Orian atior Orain
Muuuu sat mmuuu sat” Lennox paused the spell and cried out loud, the fire was seriously burning him.

“Mary, go and wake others! Feathers commanded.

Mary ran and started casting spells so Collins and Seven will wake.

“Dainaaaani dainaaaani
Dura dura dura dura” Lennox finally tried to complete his spell in pain.

The fire left him at once and the spell heal his body and made him feel better immediately.

Lennox became extremely furious, he is now ready to fight Mary and Feathers with all his might.

Lennox covered his face with his hand, he casted a silent spell, the demon working for him suddenly had full possession of him. Lennox body shook and his face looked exactly like that of a demon.
Even Feathers got scared.

“This is the real dragon” Feathers exclaimed.

They were no longer seeing Lennox, they were now seeing dragon.

Lennox roared in the dragon form that he is. He bent like a dog and flew with sting in his mouth at Mary who was busy casting spell on Seven to wake. She had already casted a spell so Collins can wake

Lennox opened his mouth wide, a doggy sharp teeth has replaced his human teeth, he placed his teeth on Mary’s shoulder and stings Mary.

Mary cried out loud for help, her powers can not withstand the sting, the pain surged trough Mary’s body that she thought she is gonna die any moment from then. She fell to the floor groaning in pain.

Feathers saw his twin sister rolling on the floor in pain. He ran towards the dragon.Anna ran towards the dragon too.

The dragon flew high and escaped their fury. It dragon landed like a bat and stared scarily at Anna and Feathers. Feathers quickly squatted beside her sister to heal her.

“Jufris jufris kaima
Muroni muroni muroas
Tofa tofa juu juu juu
Drin drui drui” Feathers casted the spell on Mary and Mary who was fast losing consciousness got healed immediately.

She stood up and joined Anna.

Anna, Feathers and Mary stood in the same line facing the scary dragon. The dragon groaned and roared like a lion, he casted a spell and horn grew from his forehead. Fangs grew from his nail and tail appeared from his anus.

This is the dragon the prophecy had been talking about” Feathers said.

“Yeah, let’s take it down once and for all” Anna said.

“You dragon, you are going down today!!!” Mary said out loud.

“I am the dragon, I am undefeated!” The dragon said and waged his tail.

It opened his mouth and fire rolled out from his belly out of its mouth towards where Feathers, Mary and Anna stood.

“Castronuini niun afus” Feathers casted and stretched his hand, the blazing fire coming with full force suddenly stopped as it saw Feathers stretched hand.

The fire went back to Lennox to destroy him.

Lennox stopped it with a spell and directed it back to Feathers.

Mary flew and catch the fire, the fire burned her but she has already casted a spell that it will not her feel the pain. She took the fire and took it to the dragon.

“Cufona cufona!!!” Mary shouted at the top of her voice.

The fire left Mary’s hand and consumed the dragon. The dragon suddenly burned into ashes and while groaning loudly, they were all happy.

Mary walked back to Feathers and Anna.

“You can never defeat me, my temple will never collapse!” a voice sounded behind Mary, Feathers and Anna.

They turned to see the who it was. They found out it was the same dragon that they thought had died.

“He is not dead” Feathers exclaimed.

The dragon laughed loudly.

“You Owen, kiss my daughter and I will let you go freely or else, I will make you all my servant” The dragon said.

Feathers giggled.

“Do your worst cus Owen is not gonna kiss Bella” Feathers said.

“You tried me ” Lennox said and bowed his head and casted a silent spell.

Jo and Bo, the aliens that came with Unknown suddenly appeared.

“Make them my servants, fight them and defeat them” The dragon said and grinned wickedly.

Feathers shifted back in fear, Mary took some steps backward.

“Feathers, they are aliens, they are undefeatable unless the warrior angle comes to help us” Mary said in fear as Jo and Bo approached.

“That has been handled already” Anna said and Mike appeared suddenly with his sword.

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 2:14pm On Jan 15

Mike walked closer to Jo and Bo. He unsheathed his sword and raised it.

“Are you ready to surrender or I do what you will not like?” Mike asked.

Jo and Bo quickly stared at the dragon for what to do.

“Fight him!!!” The dragon yelled angrily.

Ja and Bo unsheathed their swords and started to have fight with Mike. They were not ready to give up this time.

Mike fought with all his might. After few minutes, Mike charged back and stood.

Jo and Bo smirked when they realize that Michael isn’t winning.

“Dad, tell them to stop, I’m scared” Bella lamented.

“My daughter, do not worry” Lennox said in a soft tone.

Even though he was angry, he still respects his daughter and answered her softly.

Anna charged at Jo and Bo abruptly and blew air towards them, the air formed a smoke towards them and they were forced to inhale it.

Jo and Bo struggled for breath and was almost falling.

Mike saw that as an opportunity and charged at Jo and Bo. He touched their two heads with his sword and they fell.

“Seriously! They are down” Anna said stunningly.

Mike smiled and squatted before Jo and Bo, the power he exerted on them by the use of sword had made them fall and loose power. Anna giggled, she was so happy to see Jo and Bo down, she knew that Unknown had being banned into the strange world and now, Jo and Bo had also being easily defeated.

The dragon roared and waged its tail. Lennox was sad when he realized that the two alien had lost their power. He watched the aliens as they transform into smoke and flew back to the astral realm where they came from.

“Lennox, are you gonna give up now or you still wanna duel with us?” Feathers asked.

Owen walked closer to them and smiled. He was happy that they had won already.

“All that happened is not my fault, I only did what I had do to, I just wanna protect my temple, If the right lady kiss Owen, my temple will crumble, that was why I had been trying as much as possible not to ensure that it happens” The dragon said.

Lennox knows that he has lost already not even when Mike is present.

“You are not even sure if Owen has met the right lady yet, why disturbing yourself?” Feathers asked.

“I know who the right lady is from the beginning, I know that the only lady that can break the curse of dumbness over Owen is the daughter of the Seven” Lennox confessed.

“You mean Mary is the right lady to kiss Owen?” Feathers asked and Owen arched his brow.

Something had always told Mary that she is the right lady that will set Owen free but she can not place what the thing is.

“Yeah, but I decided to keep it as a secret from everyone, their parents made mistake while they were young and now they have to suffer for it” Lennox said.

“How do we know you are saying the truth?” Feathers asked.

“Let them try it, but if they do, my temple will crumble, what my forefathers had laboured for over the years will have to fade off in an instant” Lennox said.

“Dad, so you knew Mary is the right lady all along” Bella said and cried.

Bella knew that her father made her evil, she has supernatural powers but her father made her use it for evil and now she has to be paralyzed for the rest of her life.

“Feathers, why not tell Owen to kiss Mary and let’s see if this will work” Mike said.

“And what if it didn’t” Feathers questioned.

“Do we have a choice, all this battle is because of Owen who had not been able to kiss” Mike said
Feathers heart skipped.

“Mary, did you think you are the right lady to kiss Owen?” Feathers asked.

“I’m so sure of that, something has always been telling me” Mary said. Feathers looked at Owen whose face is dropped.

“Owen, this is a great risk you are about to take, no one is certain, we can not trust Lennox yet, did you think that Mary could be the right lady to kiss you?” Feathers asked Owen.

Owen shook his head.

“I do not think so” Owen said in sign language.

Feathers exhaled and looked at Mike for help, but Mike is only a warrior angel, all he does is to help good people fight battle. Feathers saw that Mike wouldn’t suggest anything that can help, he set his gaze at Collins.

Collins bowed his head and sighed
No suggestion was coming from Collins too. He knew now that the whole decision is for him to make.

Seven walked closer to Feathers.

“My son, I know you are confused, but come to think of it, if Mary is not the right lady, whom did you think the right lady will be? I was the one that made covenant with his mother, his mother betrayed me, her son was cursed and my daughter is the only remedy to lift the curse off his head, isn’t that making sense?” Seven said.

“True” Feathers said and reasoned.

Mary is the closest person that can kiss Owen.

Feathers exhales and went to Owen.

“Be strong brother, we all love you but this is a risk we all have to take, take courage and kiss Mary” Feathers said.

As if Owen’s heart was placed inside a mortal and a pestle was pounding it, that was the way Owen’s heart was beating. He was so scared immediately the word kiss dropped from Feather’s mouth.

Mary was simply staring at Owen, she was not scared at all, she was only waiting for Owen to approach her.

“You can do it” Seven encouraged Owen.

“Yes you can” Collins said.

“Do it Owen” Anna and Mike said uniformly.

Owen closed his eye and prayed to Zeus to help him, he walked closer to Mary. He watched Mary’s beautiful lips and he wondered how he will even kiss her, should he bend his head or how?

They both have pointed nose, he thinks he need to bend his head slightly, his heart was beating faster.

Mary stood still and was looking at his face boldly.

“Do it… Owen do it… Do it Owen… You can…” Everyone started encouraging Owen.

He moved his lips gently and placed it on Mary’s lips.

Everyone watched and prayed that Owen will speak.

Mary rapped his right hand around the neck of Owen and placed her left hand on his chest as if they were in an intimate relationship.

Owen kissed her passionately, Bella couldn’t watch them, she bowed her head, even though she has no feelings for Owen, the person her heart desire is Feathers, but she doubt that Feathers may ever receive her into his heart.

Owen disengaged the kiss.

Everyone watched Owen expecting him to speak. Everyone was scared, Feathers was scared, Feathers brought out his phone and opened his page, he is ready to type what happen to Owen at last, he knew that his fans will be scared too especially at this junction.

Is Owen going to speak or he is going to remain dumb for the rest of his life. Mary’s heart was beating fast this time.

Owen opened his mouth and tried to talk. He opened it widely and tried to talk. Everywhere was quiet like graveyard.

“Hey! Let Owen speak, this is his one and Only Nudge” Feathers thought in his heart. His hand was on his phone ready to type what will become of Owen.

Heart beating.

They are waiting.

He has received his one and Only Nudge.

“I can’t speak” Owen said audibly.
He didn’t say it in sign language.

“You can’t speak, what did you just say?” Mary asked.

“Can I really speak, am I speaking” Owen said audibly and tears fell from his eyes.

Everyone ran towards Owen and hugged him, the swarmed around him in joy.

Suddenly, Lennox's temple began to shake, a strong wind was bowing over the temple.

“Out everybody, Owen has spoken and my temple will finally crumble” Lennox said in pain.

Everyone rushed out, Anna felt pathetic for Bella and pushed her out on the wheelchair. The back side of the temple suddenly collapsed.

“What of my father?!” Bella screamed.

Anna heard, she ran back inside the temple. Feathers followed behind.

“Lennox your sins are forgiven, come with us” Feathers said to Lennox who was standing like a robot in the temple.

“No, If I will die, let me die with my forefather’s temple, I can’t live without the temple, please go!” Lennox yelled and knelt down.

“No Lennox, there is still hope” Anna said.

The roof upon them broke suddenly and it will fell on them.

Feathers quickly casted a spell and the scattered blocks and cement hanged.

“This spell on this blocks and cement will not last long, Lennox please, follow us” Feathers said.

“No leave me, my sins are much, it can never be forgiven, I made my daughter evil, allow me to die with my forefather's temple” Lennox said.

Anna ignored Lennox’s word and held his left hand, Feathers held Lennox’s right hand and dragged him out. He closed his eye and all he hope for is death. They all walked far away from the temple. They all watched as the Temple collapsed finally.

Bella cried on seeing what she had been commiting evil for crumble right before her eye. Anna saw Bella crying, she walked closer to her.

“Bella stop crying” Anna said and patted her.

“Why won’t I?, this is how I will be on wheelchair for the rest of my life” Bella lamented.

“No, I have the powers to heal” Anna said.

Bella arched her brow.

“Mis su sur surfri main
Du kier seir furo
Ainnn ainnnn nas nef
Drin drin drin” Anna casted the spell and a cold air blew on Bella.

Bella felt strength surge through her body.

“Stand up Bella!” Anna commanded.

Bella tried to stand and she was able to.

Lennox blinked his eye in surprise , he wanted to cry, he wanted to smile, he doesn’t even know what to do, he thought his daughter will remain confined to the wheelchair forever.

Bella ran towards Lennox and hugged him.

What's your take on this?

Your positive comments unlocks the next episode.

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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 6:34pm On Jan 15

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 11:08pm On Jan 17
Lennox and Bella returned home that very day. Bella was happy that she can walk but sad for all the evil she had committed in the past.

“Bella, I’m so sorry for all that I had made you done, I knew it’s evil but I thought it’s for our good, please forgive me” Lennox pleaded.

Bella sighed and saw the look of sincerity on his father's face.

“He’s gonna always be my father, no matter what he has done, I can’t keep grudges against him” Bella thought and walked closer to him.
She hugged her dad and her dad received the hug.

‘I’m sorry Bella” Lennox pleaded again.

“Dad, I’ve forgiven you, I hope that all those that had seen me as evil will change their perspective about me” Bella said painfully.

Lennox sighed and they disengaged from the hug.

“I wanna rest, it’s been so great of a battle today” Lennox said and took some steps towards his room.

“Me too” Bella said and walked to her room to rest.

Josh’s father unlocked the door he closed on Josh after he heard that the temple had being crumble. He regretted working for Lennox.

“Dad, why did you lock me up inside all along?” Josh demanded.

“Cus I am evil, I work for Lennox and you are oblivious about it, I’m sorry” Jack said.

“Dad, you mean you work for Lennox?” Josh asked in surprisingly.

“Yes son, the temple we had been trying to protect now has crumbled even Lennox and his daughter had being defeated” Jack said.

“Dad, that’s unfair, so you lock me up inside so that you could deal with my friends, I’m happy they won still” Josh said.

“I’m sorry son, please forgive me, I’d stopped already, Lennox and Bella too had changed to good, please, forgive me” Jack said.

Josh looked at his father. He can’t believe his father can ever be working for Lennox.

“Having ill will towards my biological father is the last thing that I can ever do” Josh said.

“Dad, I’ve forgiven you, and I’m happy that you have changed to good” Jude said.

“Yes son, I have, thanks for forgiving me” Jack said and looked at Josh’s face.

Josh smiled and Jack smiled too as they stared at each other happily.

Star and her husband finally returned home. They didn’t know that their son had started speaking
Owen was the only one at home, Mary had returned to her house to gist her dad about all that happened.

Star walked in majestically with her husband and Bennet the younger brother of Owen. Owen who was extremely happy that he finally spoke, he was in the sitting room playing games on the PS when he saw his family entered.
He stood up and welcome them in sign language.

“Owen, how are you?” Star asked while Bennet had already hugged his brother.

“I’m fine” Owen said in sing language.

“Son, you look so handsome, guess Mary is really taking care of you” Owen’s dad said.

Owen smiled.

“Thanks to her” Owen said in sign language.

“We wanna go inside to shower and rest, don’t worry, we have all day to play with you, more so, I’m sorry for lying to you, we didn’t go for any wedding, we travelled to Germany to have some fun, I just want Mary and you to get used to each other, I’m surprised she is not at home, hope you guys are cool?” Star asked.

Owen smiled.

“Yes we are” Owen said In sign language.

Star and her husband took some steps towards the stairs that leads to their room.

“Mom, dad, Bennet” Owen called. He said it audibly.

All this while he had been pretending like he had not started speaking.

Bennet rubbed his ear to know if he heard the voice of a ghost or something related to that. Star and her husband turned at once at Owen’s voice. Star’s face turned into a serious one, she was stunned.

“Did you heard that, am I hallucinating?” Star asked her husband.

“I heard it too” Star’s husband said.

“Mom, dad, Bennet, it isn’t an hallucination, I’ve nudged the right lady, and as you can see, I’m speaking” Owen said.

Star jumped on him and hugged him as warm tears rolled from her eyes. Bennet hugged Owen’s waist, Owen patted him with his right hand. Star was extremely happy.

Owen’s dad smiled and happiness spread through his heart.

“So tell me, who was the right lady you kissed?” Star asked.

“The right lady is Mary” Owen replied.

“I said it, yeah!” Star screamed and hugged Owen once more.

“Brother, I’m happy that you speak” Bennet said.

Owen smiled and bent and hugged Bennet in return.

Owen’s dad walked closer to Owen and patted him on his shoulder as tears formed on his face.

“Son, I’m happy you finally spoke” Owen’s dad said.

“Thanks dad” Owen replied.

His dad hugged him slightly and they disengaged. It was indeed the greatest time of joy for Owen’s family.

The following day...
Anna had followed Mary to Seven’s place to sleep, she knew she had accomplished her mission and she will soon be going to her world.

Mary and Anna dressed up for school and went to school in Mary’s car. Mary went to her class and Anna went to her class. Mary entered and saw Kitty and Lydia already in class.

“I thought I’m gonna come before you guys , this is just 6;59am” Mary said as she walked towards them checking her wristwatch.

They both smiled.

“It seems everyone came quiet early today” Lydia said

Feathers who had refused to go to school with Mary had gone to Josh’s house early in the morning to check up on him since he hasn’t heard from him since they left Jack’s house.

Josh who had just finish dressing for school was happy when he suddenly saw Feathers. The two lovely friends hugged.

Feathers asked why he was absent at the temple they were been carried to yesterday. Josh explained all that his father had done . He pleaded that Feathers should forgive his dad in which feathers did immediately.

Josh was happy that Feathers had forgiven his father. He took Feathers to Jack and they greeted.
Feathers hugged the man and smiled.

“Thanks Feathers” Jack said.

“It’s nothing, Josh let’s move to school” Feathers said.

Josh drove the minbus that he used in driving everyone with to school
Feathers sat at the owner's seat.
The two friends listen to ‘Purpose’ by Justin Bieber and kept miming the song and shaking their heads in a way that rhymes with the beat.
Josh got to school and parked at the school garage, the two friends stepped down , slung their bag packs and walked to class.

Kitty, Lydia and Mary were gisting. Lydia rose his head and saw the two handsome friends entered.

“Kitty, your crush” Lydia said.
Kitty rose his head and traced Feathers with her eyes as he walked to his place.

Kitty smiled at Feather’s beauty, he looked more handsome, black curly hair, he’s fair, fresh face and beautiful lips.

Kitty brought her head back to her friend.

“You like him so much right?” Mary asked Kitty.

Kitty blushed.

Kitty nodded.

“I like you too” Feathers said from behind the girls.

Kitty turned stunningly at Feathers. Feathers stretched his hand to her, she received it, Feathers pulled her up and pulled her closer. He hugged her and felt calm again, that peace he always feel around Kitty flooded his soul again.

Kitty’s heart skipped, she wasn’t expecting that.

Feathers disengaged with her slightly and stared into her face.

“You think you love me?” Feathers asked.

Kitty blushed and lowered her head, she couldn’t look at Feathers' face. She unconsciously place her right hand on Feathers' chest.

“Yes” Kitty said

Feathers smiled.

“I do too, I’m sorry for how I treated you in the past, I promise to stand by you always. I love you and I will forever do” Feathers said and hugged his new girlfriend.

Lydia and Mary watched and smiled unconsciously. They brought their head back.

“You like that?” Lydia asked Mary.

“So much” May said.

“Mary” Owen called as he entered the class.

Mary turned and saw Owen walking closer to her. She stood up and approached Owen

They met themselves.

“Mary” Owen called.

“Owen” Mary said softly.

“I wanna tell you something” Owen said.

Mary nodded.

“How would you feel if I tell you that I love you?” Owen said.

Mary blushed and moved closer to Owen without knowing she has unconsciously taking some steps closer to Owen.

“Mary, I love you” Owen said.

Mary giggled reflexively and hugged Owen tight. She was so happy.

Owen arched his brow and smiled, he hugged Mary and kissed her hair.

“Hey! You, what are you doing here? You are even hugging her.” Jude said to Owen painfully as he, Thomas and Bigger walked closer.

Owen disengaged with Mary slightly and turned his head at Jude. Jude slapped his forehead as he saw Mary resting his body on Owen.

“Jude, I’m sorry, I know you like me, but my heart belongs to Owen, It’s Owen I love” Mary said still resting on Owen while Owen smiled.

Jude walked closer to Mary and Owen

“Mary, I really wish we can be together” Jude said and cleaned the drops of tears dropping from his eyes.

“Jude, I’m sure you gonna find the lady your heart desire” Owen said.

“You can speak! Oh! Really?” Jude said and Owen nodded.

“I’m happy for you Owen, Mary, I promise not to interrupt your relationship, I respect your decisions, but always know that I like you, hey! you Owen, you better take care of Mary or I’m gonna spank your butt” Jude said and Owen laughed.

Mary laughed.

Jude walked closer with his chief adviser Thomas and Bigger.

“Jude, I liked how you respect Mary’s decisions, you gonna find the right lady, there is nothing as painful as liking someone that did not like you, be strong boss” Thomas said.

Gentle Bigger smiled. He doesn’t talk much like Thomas. Jude nodded painfully.

Anna was sitting in her class when Collins entered. Collins saw the beautiful Anna as he walked towards his seat.

“It’s now or never” Collins though and decided to confess his love to Anna. He walked closer to her.

“Anna, good morning” Collins greeted.

“Hi” Anna greeted and smiled.

“You are very beautiful, imagine I tell you that I like you, what will your response be?” Collins asked.

Anna giggled.

“I’m returning to my world soon, I can’t fall in love, I’m not a human, I’m a white being” Anna said.

Collins raised his brow confusedly.

“You are a white being!” Collins said to confirm.

Anna nodded and smiled.

“Where is Owen?” Anna asked.

“He should be in Mary’s class” Collins replied.

“Oh! Let’s go there” Anna said still smiling.

Collins smiled and nodded. They both walked to Mary’s class. Owen saw them and smiled. Josh stood up.

“Looks like everyone is hooking up today, firstly, it was Feathers and Kitty, secondly, it’s Owen and Mary and now these two guys” Jude said referring to Collins and Anna.

Anna left Collins and ran to Josh. She hugged Josh abruptly. Josh was stunned, he hugged her in response.

“I wish we can be together, but I must not disobey my king, I’m returning to my world now” Anna said.

Josh smiled faintly and hugged her. They disengaged.

“Jude, why not let’s sing for them” Thomas said.

“True, let’s sing Ed Sheeran’s song, title – I found a love for me” Jude said and walked outside.

“Guys, we gat a song for you all” Jude said as he walked to the front of the class. He held his invisible microphone. Thomas hung his girlfriend (the guiter) and sat on the teachers' stool ready to play.
Bigger held his mouth organ ready to play.

Jude sang as Thomas and Bigger played their instrument respectively.

�I found a love for me...
Darling just dive right in...
And follow my lead...
Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet...
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me...
‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love...
Not knowing what it was...
I will not give you up this time...
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own...
And in your eyes you’re holding mine...
Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms...
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song...
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight.
Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know.
She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home...
I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets...
To carry love, to carry children of our own...
We are still kids, but we’re so in love...
Fighting against all odds...
I know we’ll be alright this time
Darling, just hold my hand...
Be my girl, I’ll be your man...
I see my future in your eyes...
Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms...
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song...
When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful...
I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight...
Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms...
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song...
I have faith in what I see...
Now I know I have met an angel in person...
And she looks perfect...
I don’t deserve this...
You look perfect tonight.�

Everyone smiled. Happiness filled the class. Suddenly,Anna faded before everyone into her world and they all marvelled.


~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~

I really appreciate EVERYONE who has taken time to follow this masterpiece from it's inception to the end.

Thanks for all the emojis, positive comments and other engagement which is the drive to this piece.

I pray that the love you have for my stories will never diminish.

Also to every followers, commentators, readers: MAY YOU FIND MONEY IN YOUR OLD CLOTHES!

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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 12:29pm On Jan 18
This is what i call a MASTER PIECE. Thanks oluspicy

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 4:34pm On Jan 18
This is what i call a MASTER PIECE. Thanks oluspicy

You're welcome sir.

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