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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 1:32pm On Dec 16, 2020
Great update op,none the less i smell trouble

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 10:49pm On Dec 16, 2020

“Man, you spoke well, very bold” Labour Prefect said.

“Thanks bro” Feathers said and smiled.

They walked outside the hall, many students were dispersing to their various homes already.

“Wait, isn’t that Mary?” Feathers said setting his gaze towards a particular direction.

“Sure, she is” The Labour Prefect said and took some steps further.

Feathers jogged to where Mary was, she was kneeling down and begging Owen while Bella leaned against the car and watch.

Bella saw Feathers and she quickly left the car and came closer to Feathers.

“Feathers, Hi” She said and waved her fingers.

Feathers ignored and set his gaze still at Mary.

“Owen, what did you do to her?” Feathers asked.

“Nothing, she is insisting that I kiss Bella, can you imagine?” Owen said.

“Funny! Why would she?” Feathers said and smirked.

“Mary is that true” Feathers asked Mary.

“Please, Bella said I should convince Owen to kiss him” Mary said and cried.

Mary looked up at the face of Feathers, her eyes suddenly became blurry, she couldn’t see Feathers, she was seeing herself.

“Mary is anything wrong?” Feathers asked when she realized that Mary kept looking at him and she wasn’t taking her eyes away.

Mary remained silent.

>>>>>>>FLASH BACK<<<<<<<
“I think I should Inform you that I’m getting married soon and I want to confirm if nothing will happen to me or my unborn children” Seven asked Lennox.

That was the time Seven, the father of Mary wanted to marry, even though he had lost trusts in Lennox because of how Star betrayed him and nothing happened to her despite the fact they had a covenant. He still had an iota fear and he think he needs to clear things out with Lennox so that any evil will not befall him and his generation in the future.

“Star has already forcefully broken the relationship, the curse will be on her first child, but for you, you are free, but I pray you did not give birth to a twin” Lennox said.

“A twin? Why?” Seven asked.

“Giving birth to a twin might made the curse have effect over you as well” Lennox said.

“No, I do not want that, I’m gonna get married and give birth soon, preadventure I give birth to a twin, what should I do” Seven asked.

“Simple, take your favourite amidst them, take care of him or her, dispose the other one” Lennox said.

“Come again please, I pray I do not give birth to a twin, but are you saying if I give birth to a twin, I should have one and throw the other one away” Seven asked.

“No, by dispose I mean, give it to the orphanage or give it to any barren couple around you” Lennox said.

“Alright” Seven said and stood up, and went away.

Seven got married happily, his wife got pregnant and gave birth to a twin. When Seven heard that it was twin that his wife gave birth to, he placed his hands on his two head and cried.

“It was Star that had brought this upon me by making me engage in that convenient and yet betrayed me, now, I will have to give one of my child out” He thought and his heart was very bitter.

He went to meet the doctor and told him to inform his wife that she only gave birth to one child.

The doctor did as commanded by Seven, he did not bother asking why, after all, he had signed in the wife’s presence before child delivery that he is her husband.

Seven called his friend who had been barren for three years since they got married. The barren couple came to meet Seven at the hospital. Seven presented the male child to them.

The wondered why he is giving them a newly born male child.

“My wife gave birth to twin, while you have none, take this kid and have it as your own son” Seven said and gave them the child.

The barren couple happily collected it and thanked Seven. They went home happily hoping that someday Seven will not come to claim his child.

Seven saw them leaving happily and tears streamed down his face.

“Even if a man has twenty children, he would never have trivialize anyone of them, he watched his new born baby being carried away.

He and his wife went home with the new born baby left, she is a girl.

She was named Mary.

The barren couple named their male child Feathers.

But Lennox hide a secret from Seven, he thought that it is not the right time to tell Seven.

Lennox knew already that Seven will give birth to twin, he has seen into prophecy, he knew that the twin he is gonna give birth to will have supernatural abilities but they will never know how to use it unless somebody teaches then.

>>>>>>Back to Reality<<<<<<<
Mary felt like a scale fell from her eyes, her understanding became brightened, she sullenly remembered all that has happened, how she was beginning to obey all the command of Bella, she remembered that Vanessa did the same thing when Bella looked into her eye and moved her mouth silently like someone saying something.

Mary stood up from her knees at once and rubbed her face. She knew at once that the same power that Bella used on her, that was the same power she used on Vanessa. She noticed that not all of Bella’s power can work on her, like the day Bella touched Jude and Jude fell, Bella used that same power on her by touching her but nothing happen to her.

Guess, it is only her confessing ability that has worked on me, but why did I suddenly come back to my senses, why was I looking at Feathers and seeing myself” Mary thought.

What's your take on this?

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Re: The Only Nudge by Kaycee9242(m): 4:07pm On Dec 17, 2020
Nice one op

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Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 7:24pm On Dec 17, 2020
Getting more intresting,nice update

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 4:12pm On Dec 18, 2020

“Mary, are you alright” Feathers asked.

Mary nodded.

“I was confessed by Bella, she used her power on me so that I can start doing everything that she commanded” Mary said audibly not facing anyone in particular.

Bella was surprised to hear what Mary said. Her heart beats faster than usual, her lips parted and dropped. She wondered how Mary got to know.

“But Lennox gave me a go ahead, didn’t he see into prophecy that this girl will come back to her senses or he just wanted to disgrace me intentionally. Well, I need to defend myself first” Bella thought.

“What are you talking about?” Bella said feigning ignorance.

Feathers heard what Mary said, he tried to make sense out of it, but he couldn’t.

Firstly, she saw her kneeling down begging Owen to kiss Bella, she stopped that and looked at him for some time, and now she is talking about Bella confessing her.

Feathers kept wondering what has gone wrong will Mary.

Owen knew that Bella is a powerful somebody, after all, Lennox is a magician and a powerful one at that, like father like daughter, Owen thought that Bella must have got some of her power from her father.

So, yeah, If Mary claimed to be confessed by Bella, it may be true. Even Owen is now finding it hard to understand Bella.

“Owen, I’m sorry for how I tried to convince you to kiss Bella, please let’s go home” Mary said and entered the car without waiting for Owen’s response.

Owen sighed and followed Mary, he entered by other side of the car.

Feathers watched as Mary drove away with Owen. He still couldn’t comprehend all that had just happened.

“Feathers, don’t mind her, I think she’s having some mental personal issues cause I can’t understand all that had just happened now” Bella said.

Features exhaled.

“Let’s move” Feathers said to the Labour Prefect and took some steps to walk away from Bella.

“Hey! Feathers, please don’t go, can we go and catch some fun together?” Bella pleaded.

“No, I’m sorry, I had just participated in a fierce debate, I need time to relax” Feathers said.

“Erm...can we…can I follow you home?” Bella requested.

“Please do not talk about following me home again, I need time to relax, understand me please” Feathers said politely and walked away with the Labour Prefect.

Bella felt bad that Feathers left, she wished that Feathers stay, she had always imagine spending time with Feathers would be. She can’t imagine how lunch with Feathers is gonna be. She went home.

Feathers use his sword to guide a man’s sword. The man jump and rolled, he tried to pierce Feathers shoulder with his sword. Feathers guided it, the sword escaped him. Feathers used the opportunity to try to hit the man with his sword at the man’s back. But the man was swift enough to guide it. The man took some steps backward.

Feathers watched and stood with his sword like a warrior.

“Sufrodaota megris megris adiat!!!”

The man casted a spell to the sword he was holding, the sword left his hand and came towards Feathers, the sword was fighting Feathers without someone controlling it.

Feathers exhausted all his energy at some point and his sword fell from his hand, the sword dwelling with him stayed very close to his neck like he is about to be beheaded. He raised his head gently.

The man who casted a spell on the sword that was about to kill Feathers walked closer to him and held the sword.

Feathers fear decreased and he sighed in relief.

The man bowed to Feathers and took some steps away.

“Where are you going?” Feathers asked the man.

“Follow me” The man said and Feathers followed him like a sheep about to be slaughter.

He is not having problem trusting the man now, after all, the man had the opportunity to kill him yet the man refused.

The man went to the an old hut, the man entered and Feathers followed. Everywhere was dirty, there were cobwebs at every angle of the room. Everywhere was not properly arranged except the old scrolls that were well arranged inside the shelves.

“Where is this place please?” Feathers asked the man.

“It’s a place on earth, you need to find where this place is on earth, so you can read the scrolls here, it will teach you how to use your powers. You have supernatural abilities but you will never know how to use it unless you are being taught."

"More so, whenever you are coming to this place, come along with your sister, read everything you need to know about your powers here. Cause the time has come and the time is now when the dragon and his daughter will come to you in anger ready to devour you and your sister and all that you loved and cherish."

"This dragon is a mage who practices white magic, but because of his selfish reason and the vow to protect the temple of his ancestors , he betrayed his conscience and he has formed alliance with his daughter to bring evil upon an innocent son. Listen this day my son, the battle has commenced, be smart and find this place quick on earth. It’s called the Library of Powers” The man said and Feathers woke up.

It was a dream. Feathers had being dreaming all this while.

“It’s been a while I dreamt and remember every scene of the dream and the words” Feathers said and quickly scribbled everything that he remembered in the dream inside his diary.

He exhaled after he had written down the dream. Her went to the bathroom, rinsed his face and stretched his body. He came back to his bed and sat. He kept staring at the dream he narrated inside his diary seriously trying to understand what it meant.

Lennox and his daughter stood before Unknown at the inner part of the temple.

“I’m really disappointed in you, just a simple assignment, you can not propel your daughter to accomplish. This has got complicated than we imagine. I told you then that prophesy says that the twin that will be given birth to by Seven will have supernatural abilities. The prophesy also says they will fight us with their all their strengths.
Lennox and I knows that that Mary is one of the twin with supernatural power, but we aren’t moved cause we know that there is no way she can ever learn how to use her power."

"What we are doing is simple, we are taking Mary out of the way, so we can focus on Owen and accomplish our mission” Unknown said.

“What if her twin shows up?” Lennox asked.

“I pray he or she won’t causes it’s gonna be a tough battle between us, we just need to be fast in taking Mary out of the way” Unknown replied.

“Bella, have you being able to know where Mary live?” Unknown asked.

“Yeah, she told me when I confessed her ” Bella replied.

“Lennox, go there now and bring Mary here, cast a spell on Owen so he can loose his memory, he will not remember all that happened which include how you came to take Mary, we are gonna keep Mary in our custody as long as it takes till we find her twin, once we do, we keep him too and ensure Bella kiss Owen. Once we accomplish our primary mission which is Bella kissing Owen, we will release the twin to go” Unknown said.

“May your wisdom never run dry, I’m on it” Lennox said to Unknown and went out with Bella.

Bella and Lennox left the temple at 11:03 pm and went to Mary’s house. They got there by 11:47pm.

Owen and Mary sat in the living room playing a game.

“Owen, I feel bad for you cause in the next thirty minutes, you are gonna stop talking” Mary said during the middle of their game.

“It’s painful, I just wish I can be so certain of who the right lady is, but I have to be very sure so I would not make the greatest mistake of my life” Owen said.

“I always wish I’m the right lady, but anytime I remember the dream I had long time ago, I use to doubt if I’m the right lady sincerely” Mary said.

“And if you are sure to be the right lady, I need to be sure too, I know it will take time but I know I will be certain of who the right lady is and have my first kiss with her someday” Owen said.

“Owen, I never knew you can be this friendly, you have always be strict” Mary said.

“Being denied by nature of what others had is a pain I bear every single day of my life. Seeing everyone around me speaking and yet I can’t speak is so painful, that is why I had never being happy. I’m scared that once twelve am clocks, I’m gonna return to the boring Owen, happiness will depart from me, the pain of not being able to speak will take hold of my heart again” Owen said and bowed his head, drop of tears streamed from the corner of his eye.

Mary walked closer to him and hugged him, she placed her head on Owen’s shoulder. Owen wrapped her hand around her
Mary raised her head towards the wall clock and saw the time.

“Owen, it’s 11:47pm, I think we need to rest since we will have to wake early tomorrow to go to school” Mary said.

“True” Owen replied.

Mary stood up and Owen did too.

“Bugradovis bulas bulas mnnnnriiiii mnnnriii agasit. Ye sevens and eights. The powers of baal! Come ye… Asafat!!!” Lennox who was standing at the entrance of Mary’s house angrily casted the spells and the whole door of the entrance to Owen’s house flew away.

“Jeez! ” Mary screamed when she saw the door of the entrance flown away.

Owen arched his brow in fear and shook fretfully.

Lennox and Bella entered the house furiously.

• Did you think Lennox and Bella succeed in their plans?

•What's your take on this?

To be continued.


Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 5:01pm On Dec 18, 2020
Nice update

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 10:53pm On Dec 20, 2020

Immediately Mary saw Bella and Lennox, she knew they came for something bad. She hurriedly held Owen by his hand and pulled him, they both ran upstairs into a room , they closed the door on themselves.

“Owen, what do you suggest we do, this people will soon find out we are here” Mary said.

“Be calm!” Owen said and looked around.

“They wouldn’t suspect we are in the toilet, will they?” Owen asked
Mary shook her head.

“Good, follow me” Owen said and went to the toilet with Mary, they closed the door on themselves and breath silently.

Lennox saw them running upstairs, he smirked and wondered where they were running to. He knew no one can save them, he is confident of himself.

Lennox stepped upstairs searching for different rooms to know where they are. Bella also joined in the searching. They searched under the bed, inside the wardrobe, everywhere, but I guess Zeus or some kind of help that is not natural made them forget to check inside the toilet.

“Where In the world did these guys hide?!” Lennox lamented.

“This is their house, they know it better than we do” Bella replied.

Lennox stepped down frustrated and Bella followed behind.

“What are we gonna tell Unknown?” Lennox asked.

“Sincerely, I do not know” Bella said.

“But it’s advisable we leave this place at this very moment, they might call the cops and we may be accused of intruding into their homes without being invited” Bella advised.

“Damn it!” Lennox cursed and jogged out. Bella followed him behind swiftly.

They went back to the temple dejected.

Owen had become dumb again, the magic Lennox used on him had expired. They were afraid to come out of the toilet till it was morning, they were thinking that Lennox and Bella may still be around.

It was after Owen checked his wrist watch and he discovered it’s 6:06am already, that was when he boldly came out, he searched everywhere and he confirmed that they were gone. He informed Mary who was still scared of going out to leave the toilet. They dressed and went to school.

“I’m so sorry that you won’t be able to speak again, I wish that the 24 hours magic that made you speak will be an 100 years magic” Mary said facing Owen at the school garage.

“It’s alright, It’s my destiny” Owen said in sign language and walked to his class.

The Vice principal academic came to Mary’s class.

“You all can guess what I came for, your text is commencing today and I believe you all have read. I personally assigned myself to supervise this class.” The vice principal said and signaled to the teacher that followed him to bring in the text question.

The skinny tall teacher walked towards the vice principal academic and placed the text questions on the table.

The V.P ACAD directed the teacher to distribute the text question which he did.

Jude collected the question and shook his head.

There is not one single question that Jude know amidst the questions. It was a Mathematics test. He knew that the test was that day, so he sat right behind Mary. He told the student that use to sit behind Mary to leave her seat so he can sit there.

The girl obliged without arguing with Jude and went to sit at Jude’s place before the test.

Mary knows just all of the questions because she is very good in Mathematics.

‘Mary, please allow me to see your answer sheet, I do not know any of the question” Jude pleaded
Mary sighed and continued answering her questions.

“Mary, please, do not ignore me” Jude whispered.

“Excuse me sir” Mary said raising her hand up in the air.

“Yes! young lady, what did you want?” The V.P ACAD asked.

“This boy behind me is disturbing me” Mary said.

“Is that true?” V.P ACAD asked Jude.

Jude nodded.

“Can I have your answer sheet?” The V.P ACAD said politely and collected Jude’s answer sheet.

“Can you walk out please?” The V.P ACAD said.

Jude walked out, he had not written any word in his answer sheet.

“Mary reported me, not only that, she also referred to me as this boy” Jude thought painfully.

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 10:57pm On Dec 20, 2020

After few minutes, they were done with the text, the V.P ACAD signaled to the teacher to collect their answer sheet. He went round the class and collected the answer sheet. The vice principal left along with the tall skinny teacher.

“Mary, that is so bad of you, why would you do that to Jude” Lydia said bluntly.

She was pissed off greatly for the first time at Mary. She can’t imagine that the gentle and loving Mary she knew could do such.

“What?!” Mary exclaimed.

“What?! What does that suppose to mean? What you did for Jude is bad and we must tell you the truth as friend” Kitty added.

Mary looked at her friend interchangeably and bowed her head. She doesn’t see anything wrong in what she did prior to this time. But she felt guilty cus she has now realized that she shouldn’t have behaved in such a way.

“I only thought of a way to get rid off him, he was disturbing me and I had to focus on my questions. More so, I hate examination malpractice” Mary defended.

“Nevertheless, you went too far” Lydia said with a stern face.

“Guys, I’m sorry. I’ve realized my fault” Mary said with a pathetic face as she looked at her friends pleading for forgiveness.

“It’s alright, but you know the right thing to do” Kitty said.

Mary nodded.

Mary stood up and went outside.
Jude was standing behind the school pillar, his heart was bitter. He can’t imagine that Mary could do that to him. Mary walked to him.

“Jude, I’m sorry, I flawed. Please forgive me” Mary pleaded.

Jude who had maintained the face of a pity somebody suddenly lightened up his face.

“Mary, I do not want you to feel bad please, we all make mistake” Jude said forming a fake smile. He dislike to see Mary in a bad mood. Even though what Mary did hurt him. He can’t stop himself from being at peace with her.

Mary maintained her sorry face and bowed her head slightly. She can’t imagine that Jude could forgive her easily.

“I’m sorry once more” Mary said.

“Oh no! Mary, I can start crying now if this continues, I do not have any grudge against you” Jude said trying hard to form a boring smile on his face cus to be sincere what Mary did hurts him so much.

“Thanks for forgiving me, I’m gonna start to leave” Mary said coldly waiting for the permission of Jude before she would leave his presence.

“Erm… Mary, I always like you to stay around me, what about lunch?” Jude said and his heart skipped. He prayed a thousand times in his heart that Mary will not say no.

“If it’s gonna make up for the wrong doings I had committed, sure, I will go for lunch with you” Mary said.

“It isn’t about making up, I’ve always wanted us to go for lunch together. And I won’t want you to keep feeling pathetic, just brighten up your mood please” Jude pleaded.

Mary nodded.

Jude smiled and signaled for Mary to lead.

They walked side by side to the cafeteria.

Feathers and the Labour Prefect were sitting side by side in the class.

“I had a strange dream yesterday. And I had been trying to fathom what the meaning could be, but I can’t” Feathers said.

“Tell me about it, I may be of help” The Labour prefect replied.

Feathers brought out his diary and opened the very part he wrote the dream in, he handed it over to the Labour Prefect.

The labour prefect read it for few minutes and gave it back to Feathers without saying a word.

“How about it? ” Feathers asked when he noticed that his friend wasn’t saying a word.

“Your mom and dad are dead, we could have asked them for the mystery behind you cus the dream says you have a sister. It might be an elder sister or your twin sister. The first thing we need to do is to locate whom your sister is."

"The dream also talked about dragon, but the dragon was later referred to as a man. The man and his daughter are your enemy. This man and his daughter will come to fight you at a time unexpected and if you do not know how to use your power then, they will defeat your sister and you."

"The dream also says you have a supernatural ability, so the third thing we gonna do is to find out what power you have. But still you will never be able to use the power unless we find out where the Library of Power is. That is where we will see the scroll that will teach you how to use your power, having stated the goals, let’s think of a way to handle it now” The Labour Prefect said wisely.

Feathers love how he spoke, he smiled and start to think after few minutes.

”Feathers, did you come up with anything?” The Labour Prefect asked.

“Josh, I tried, nothing is coming” Feathers replied.

(The name of the Labour Prefect is Josh)

“A dream does not come to confuse us, most times the answer lie within us. I’m gonna start by asking you some deep questions, are you in for it?” Josh said.

Feathers exhaled and wondered how Josh can be so brilliant when it comes to spiritual matters.

“I’m in, but wait, why are you so brilliant in this field of dream and interpretations?” Feathers asked.

Josh grinned.

“It’s a gift, I do that always anytime people narrate their dreams to me, but my parents asked me to stop when neighbours start disturbing me everyday by coming to our house to ask for the interpretation of their dreams from me” Josh said.

“Wow! We have being friends for years and I did not even know this part of you, anyways, I can’t wait for you to interpret my dream” Feathers said eagerly.

“Firstly, did you think your parents had any child before you?” Josh asked.

“I do not know, cus I’ve never seen any child with them” Feathers said.

“The fact is you either have a sister or a twin sister” Josh said and closed his eye.

Josh had a gift of time travel, but he kept that to himself.

Time travel is the ability to go back to the past to see what has happened.

Feathers wondered why Josh closed his eye

Josh set his mind on the dream and travelled back to the year Feathers was born. He saw a man giving a child to another man.
He saw their names written on them.

Seven was the given the child to a barren couple. He saw that the child Seven had was a twin. He also heard the names of the children being called. His spirit went home with Seven. He heard Seven call the girl Mary. His spirit left Seven and went to meet the barren couple that collected the male child. He heard them calling the male child Feathers. His spirit then travels in space to a far land searching for the Library of Power
His spirit met an ancient man sitting by a rock, he was putting on a white gown, his hair is as white as a white wool and his face is as white as snow, the old man stood holding a rod.

“Sir, please I’m going to the Library of Power ” Josh spirit asked.

The old man sighed and stood up
He directed Josh there with his rod.
Josh saw a small hut afar beside a very large mountain. Josh spirit was happy. His spirit thanked the man and he ran there in a milliseconds.

He saw the hut, he entered, it was dirty and he saw many scrolls inside. He tried to hold the scroll but he can’t cus he’s a spirit. Only a human can handle it.

“How do I come here as a human?” his spirit thought.

Josh’s spirit ran immediately to the old man that directed him to the place.

The old man was still sitting.

“Sir, please how do I come here as a human, my friend need to get that scroll before the dragon and his daughter comes to defeat him?” Josh spirit asked the man.

“This continent is Asia, the country is Korea. This village is called Jeonju Hanok village, this is where you can find the hut that contains the scroll that will unveil how your friend and his sister will use their power” The old man said.

Josh spirit wondered how the man knew what he came for.

Josh took some steps away.

“My son, please tell your friend to come with his sister, they will study and learn how to use their power here cus no one is permitted to take the scroll out of Jeonju” The old man said.

“One more thing” Josh spirit asked.

The old man looked at him with an expression that says that he should go ahead and ask his question.

“Please how do I know who the dragon and his daughter is? I need to know who the enemy I’m dealing with is” Josh spirit asked.

“It is not for me to disclose that to you. You will find out on earth” The old man said.

Josh opened his eye and saw Feathers still staring at him.

“Josh, you have closed your eye for some minutes now” Feathers said.

“I saw into the past. I found out where the Library of Power is ” Josh said.

“Tell me everything you found out please?” Feathers pleaded.

“The Library of Power is in Jeonju Hanok village in Korean at Asia. We will have to go there together to read the scroll, but your sister must follow you, I found out that you have a twin sister” Josh said.

Feathers heart skipped.

He exhaled and blinked.

“Tell me please, who is she?”

“Over there” Josh said pointing to Mary who had just returned from the cafeteria with Jude.

To be continued.


Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 11:38am On Dec 21, 2020
Nice update op,really love this story,more mb to ur phone

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Re: The Only Nudge by The6thAustralia: 3:46pm On Dec 21, 2020
Nice update op,really love this story,more mb to ur phone
the story has a good build up


Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 8:34pm On Dec 21, 2020

Feathers traced the direction of Josh’s hand and saw Mary. He returned his face to Josh.

“What is that please cus I’m confused?” Feathers asked
Josh smiled.

“What’s there to be confused about, you saw that I pointed at Mary, she’s your twin sister” Josh said

“How can that be? You must be kidding” Feathers said.

“Do I look like I’m joking to you? She is your twin sister” Josh said.

Feathers turned his gaze at Mary again.

“Really, so Mary is my twin sister” Feathers said when he noticed that Josh was serious.

Feathers bowed his head and slightly. He sighed.

“What is the next thing now?” Feathers asked.

“Good, we need to let her know the fact” Josh said.

Josh explained in details all that he saw to Feathers.

“So Mary’s father is my real father. I already accepted fate as an orphan, guess I’m gonna be having a father soon” Feathers muttered audible enough for Josh to hear.

Feathers stood up and went to meet Mary.

“Can I see you please ?” Feathers asked.

“I just come from the cafeteria, I need some rest” Mary said.

“You did not have respect for your class captain, obey him please” Kitty pleaded to Mary hoping that Feathers will like her the more for that.

Mary looked at her friend and she understands what Kitty was trying to do.

“Where do you want us to go to?” Mary asked and stood up.

“Outside there” Feathers said
Mary walked outside.

Feathers smiled and touched Kitty’s shoulder.

“Thank you” Feathers whispered to Kitty and followed Mary out. Kitty blushed and smiled.

“Here I am Feathers” Mary said.

Feathers sighed.

“Has your dad ever informed you that you are a twin?” feathers asked.

“What are you talking about?” Mary asked.

“Sorry please, okay. That day you claimed to be confessed by Bella, I’m beginning to find sense in your claims, you were confessed and you were begging Owen to kiss Bella for whatever reason, I do not know. But you looked at me for some time all of a sudden, then you came back to yourself. Please tell me, how do you feel when you were looking at me?” Feathers asked.

“Feel! I do not feel anything but I saw myself, instead of seeing you, I saw another Mary, then suddenly, it’s like a scale fell from my eyes and I came back to my senses” Mary said.

Feathers nodded trying to relate her experience with the visions of Josh.

“If I may ask, why did Bella ordered you to inform Owen to kiss her, is there anything special about it?” Feathers asked.

Mary sighed.

“It’s quite personal, I can’t tell you” Mary said.

“You can’t tell your twin brother” Feathers said.

“What the heck are you talking about?” Mary asked.

“Sorry, the truth is I’m your twin brother and I have proof” Feathers said.

Mary giggled and wondered if something has gone wrong with his class captain.

“Captain Feathers, I know you are not a jovial somebody, the things you are good at are only writing and insulting people, so please what is all this talk all about?” Mary said still giggling.

Feathers sighed.

“Mary, you know what?! The dragon and his daughter are after you and I, we need to act fast, let’s visit your dad together and ask him, he gave birth to you and I, we were twin but he took good care of you and gave me out to a barren couple” Feathers said.

“The truth is I do not understand a thing amidst all what you are saying, did you have better things to say please?” Mary asked
getting pissed off already with Feathers confusing words.

“No, that’s all I wanna say, but I know what I’m saying and I’m serious” Feathers said.

“Good for you, I am not a twin, my name is Mary, I do not know you, I only get to know you in school. So please if this is a form of drama, please stop it, I ain’t interested” Mary said and went to her class.

Feathers sighed.

He went to his seat.

“Josh, she can’t relate with what I told her ” Feathers said.

“She will relate to what you told her in time, do not worry, let’s just keep an eye on her” Josh said.

Feathers nodded and the teacher conducting and
supervising the next text they are writing came in.

Owen went to sit behind Collins, he was very scared of sitting behind Bella cus he saw Bella clearly yesterday with Lennox. He saw fury on their face and he knew that they came for something evil.

“Owen, why didn’t you sit beside your friend today?” Collins asked.

“Friend? She is not my friend, she is evil” Owen said in sign language.

Collins smiled.

“Yeah, she’s a witch” Collins said.

“A witch, how do you know?” Owen asked.

Collins giggled.

“There is a way to identify witch whenever you see them, I came from the dark world too, I’m a lycan” Collins said.

Owen arched his brow.

“You...are…a…were…wolf?” Owen asked in sign language selectively.

Collins nodded and maintained his smiling face.

“An alpha at that, I’m the leader of my pack” Collins said.

Owen face dropped at Collins words.

“Even at that, witches are very deceptive. I knew from the first day I saw her that she meant harm to you but I kept cool. You and Mary are not save. Be careful” Collins said.

Owen sighed.

He kept stealing glances at Collins, he can’t believe he is sitting with a werewolf and an alpha at that.

An alpha is the leader of a pack of wolves just like a father is the leader of his family (pack).

Werewolf is a man who turns into a wolf at night and devours animals, people, or corpses but returns to human form by day.
That is who Collins is.

When Lennox and Bella got home after they had gone to Owen’s house but couldn’t accomplish anything. Lennox had angrily taught Bella everything she needs to know about her power as a witch. He gave Bella many scrolls that contains spells. Bella is now more powerful than before cus she now understands how to us her powers. Moreso, she has learnt more spells.

She listened to what Collins told Owen with her powers from where she sat. She became furious at Collins. She needs to act fast. Bella read it among the scrolls that her father gave her that the only thing that can kill a werewolf is a silver knife.

“Let me take Collins from the way first, then cast spell on Mary so she can follow me home, I will find her twin and do the same, then I will kiss Owen and my mission will be accomplished” Bella thought and smirked.

Closing time...
Everyone was leaving the class and going home. Bella walked swiftly to Collins' place while he was carrying his bag ready to go home.

Owen had left the class to meet Mary so they can go home together. Bella had already vowed in her heart that even if she couldn’t see Mary and Owen at school by closing time, she will make sure she follow them home and cast her spell on them Collins raised his head and saw Bella.

“Dufrolis amagnata...ajiat sefralis, Bues beus beus” Bella casted a spell and a silver knife appeared on her hand.

Collins saw the only thing that could kill him in Bella’s hand. He knelt down instantly and pleaded to Bella not to kill him. He feared that he may die.

“I was only trying to help please” Collins pleaded but Bella who is now overwhelmed with power and ready to fulfil her mission by all means, she has vowed to take away anyone who will stand as obstacle in accomplishing her mission.

•What's your take on this?


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Feathers and the Labour Prefect stood and watched as Mary and Owen drove home.

“Josh, I think I should know my twin sister’s address” Feathers said.

“I think so, cus we do not know when the evil people will come for them” Josh replied.

“But even if the enemy comes against them and we are present, what are we gonna do cus I may have power but I do not know how to use it” Feathers said.

Josh sighed.

“Wait! Something came across my mind right now. Did you know that Bella confessed Mary, she also did for Vanessa, what if she is the enemy” Feathers said.

“How can you think like that, but, wait! This girl is having a supernatural power, we can speak to her, she may join us to fight the enemy together” Josh suggested.

“Sincerely I do not like that girl, not because her eyes is big or because she is ugly, I just don’t like her, but since she’s having a supernatural power, I think I will have to pretend as if I like her” Feathers said.

“Good, let’s check her class and see if she is still around so we can just speak to her, I believe she won’t turn us down, after all, she likes you” Josh said.

Josh and Feathers went to Bella’s class. That was the exact same time that Bella raised her silver knife up.

“Bella!” Feathers called.

Bella dropped her hand and turned his face at Feathers, as soon as she saw him, her anger calms cus she likes Feathers. She immediately formed a pathetic face and quickly thought of a way to defend herself so they would not think she is evil.

“Bella! You are about to kill an innocent boy” Feathers said and walked closer to them.

Collins stood up.

“She wanted to kill me with that silver knife in her hand just because I advise Owen to be careful. She is evil and I’m sure of that, she is a witch” Collins said.

Feathers looked at Bella and returned his gaze on Collins.

"Why are you falsely accusing her, how did you know?” Feathers asked Collins.

Collins kept quiet cus he didn’t know who Feathers is, he only know Feathers on the day he and Mary debated with Owen and Bella.

“Bella, what did he do to you?” Feathers asked.

“Everyone had left the class, just he and I in the class and he came to me trying to touch some private parts of my body” Bella lied.

Feathers believed Bella and he looked at Collins with an eye of contempt.

“Hey man, don’t ever try what you did to her again, now leave this class” Feathers commanded Collins.

Collins felt sorry for Feathers and his friend cus they believed evil without knowing. He slung his bag pack across his shoulder and walked out of the class.

“Bella, sorry, do not mind him, but where did you get that knife?” Feathers asked.

“Oh, this?” Bella said staring at the knife and asking if Feathers meant the knife in her hand.

But during that time of asking, she was seriously searching for a lie to tell.

The first characteristics of a witch is lying.

“Actually, I was using this knife to cut some chickens yesterday and my school bag was on the kitchen table, I was lost in thought that I did not know when I put the knife in my bag” Bella lied.

“I see, it’s a silver knife though, but did you really wanted to kill him?” Feathers asked.

“No, I was just scaring him, I will never kill ” Bella said.

“Alright, we actually came for a serious business” Feathers said and Bella sat.

“Tel me about it?” Bella requested ready to listen to Feathers.

Josh suddenly and abruptly dragged Feathers out of the class
Bella wondered why Josh behaved that way.

“Feathers, we can’t tell her what we intentionally came for, firstly we met her trying to kill someone and now she is saying what looks like a lie, how can you forget a silver knife in your bag, think about it Feathers” Josh said.

Feathers reasoned with Josh.

“That is true, cus if truly Collins was trying to touch a part of her body, I’m sure we would not meet Collins kneeling and pleading” Feathers said thoughtfully.

“Exactly my thought, there is something suspicious about Bella” Josh said.

“Then we better start going before she use her silver spoon on us” Feathers said.

“You are silly, silver spoon or silver knife?” Josh said and laughed.

They both walked away without informing Bella.

After Bella waited for some minutes, she checked them outside and noticed they are gone. Bella ignored, she slung her back pack on her shoulder, went to her car and drove to Owen’s house.

She parked and stared around the beautiful house with an evil grin on her lips. She casted a spell on the door and it opened gently by itself. She walked inside Owen’s house, she started searching every hooks and crannies of the house for Owen and Mary.

To be continued.

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Some minutes before...
Mary was driving home with Owen, they were vibing with the music that was buzzing from the media player of the car.

“You like the song?” Mary asked.

Owen nodded.

Mary kept miming the song with that of the artiste.

She stopped singing abruptly.

“Owen, did I inform you that Feathers came to me, he said some confusing words such as him being my twin, even though I ignored him and made him felt like he did not know what he was saying, but his words kept ringing heavily in my heart. I do not know where he got the information from but I think I need to speak to my dad and ask him some questions” Mary said.

“It’s alright” Owen said in sign language.

“Just that, is that all you are gonna say?” Mary said and stole few glances at Owen who was not replying anymore .

As she drove, she noticed that Owen show little or no concern about what she just said. In as much as he doesn’t have problem with her going to her father. Mary made a left turn and drove towards her house.

Owen was enjoying the music that he did not know when they got to Mary’s house.

They both entered and Seven welcomed them.

They sat.

“Welcome, I wasn’t expecting you cus you never informed that you are gonna come” Seven said.

“Yeah, that's true. Dad, something came up” Mary said.

“Tell me, I’m all ears” Seven replied.

“Dad, am I a twin?” Mary asked.

Seven’s heart felt like running out of his body. He knew that a normal human being wouldn’t have found out his long hidden secret.

For his daughter to ask this, she must have heard it from a spiritual somebody.

“Mary, you are a twin” Seven said coldly.

“Really, where is my twin?” Mary asked.

“Lennox said you will be cursed if I do not give your twin brother to an orphanage or a barren couple” Seven said.

Mary sighed.

“Dad! Anyways, where can I find him? What’s his name?” Mary asked.

“I do not know where he is please, bear with me, his father and mother fought and killed themselves, ever since then, he had being living with a Nanny. i visited him many years ago. His name is Feathers” Seven said.

“Is name is what?” Mary asked loudly.

“Sorry, Is anything wrong with the name?” Seven asked, surprised at Mary’s outburst.

“Feathers was the one that told me that he is my twin brother, that was why I chose to come to you to ask you when his word got stuck to my head” Mary said.

Seven wondered how Feathers found out.

“So, you are also the father of Feathers” Mary said.

Seven nodded and bowed his head. A surge of guilt ran across his whole being when he realized how he had despised his very own son for years. Even after his adopted parents die, Isn’t he suppose to bring in Feathers and take good care of him, yet he still despise him.

Mary walked closer to her father.

“Dad, but why would you do that?” Mary said already feeling sorry for his father.

"Lennox said If I do not do, you will be cursed, I do not want you to be cursed like Owen, that was why I made that reckless decision” Seven said.

Mary nodded trying hard to understand all that his Father meant.

Anyways, Seven is his father, it’s gonna be a great reunion between Feathers and his father.

But one more thing is confusing to her, how did Feathers find out? She must find out how Feathers knew about her father's deep secret.

Bella searched every rooms in the house, she couldn’t find Owen and Mary. She was frustrated and she sank into chair in the living room.

That was the time Mary and Owen went to Seven’s house. She waited for a while and she left without closing the doors.

Owen and Mary later came in some minutes later and found that the door to the house were opened and the doors to the rooms were widely opened.

They got scared and they knew that something strange had happened.

“We can’t sleep here this night” Owen said in sign language.

“Yeah, we better go back to dad’s place” Mary said.

They closed the entrance door only, stepped inside Mary’s car and drove to Seven’s place.

Seven was surprised to see them, they explained what they saw in Owen’s house to Seven, there was only one single room left apart from the room that Seven was sleeping.

He ask if they can sleep in the same room to which Mary quickly nodded to.

Owen and Mary lay side by side on the bed silently. Seven went to his room to sleep.

Bella went home. She explained all that happened to Lennox.

“I think we need to know who Mary’s twin is” Bella said.

“I found out already, Unknown told me after he had conjured a lot of spells” Lennox said.

“Who is he?” Mary asked.

"According to what Unknown tolf me, he bears Feathers, and we need to take him down immediately” Lennox said.

“Feathers! He is in my school, he is my crush, I can’t hurt him” Mary said.

“You will have to bring him here. As a matter of fact, I have his address here with me, all you will have to do is cast a spell on him and bring him here, we will not hurt him” Lennox said.

“Dad, nothing must happen to Feathers please” Bella pleaded.

“Do not worry, we are not evil, we are only trying to protect our temple” Lennox said.

Bella nodded.

Lennox handed him the address of Feathers house. It was late already, but Bella had to go. After all, she is doing it for the temple.

The temple is an ancient temple and she can never allow the temple to crumble. She must kiss Owen and make sure that Owen can not speak again, that is the only thing that can secure the temple.

But many people are beginning to surface, they are people who stands as obstacle in accomplishing her mission, she needs to deal with them first so she can easily kiss Owen and finally secure her father’s temple.

She drove to the address given to her by her father. She entered Feather's house at 11 :58pm.

Feathers had just finished tying an episode of his story, he was editing it when he noticed someone entrance.

“Who could that be?” Feathers thought and turned his head towards the entrance.

He saw Bella.

Bella casted a spell on Feathers and Feathers forgot about himself
He didn’t sleep, he did not faint, he did not fall, but he did not know what he was doing again.

Bella signaled for him to come over and he went to meet Bella like a sheep about to be slaughter.

Bella smiled and pecked him at his cheek.

“Feathers I’m sorry, but I have to do this” Bella said and held Feathers by her hand, she pulled him to the car and Feathers sat on Bella’s front car sewtt like like a dummy.

Bella drove off.

Collins prefers to stay in the forest at night cus that is when he always transform into a werewolf. If he stays in his house, he might ended up harming people and everyone will know that he is a werewolf, he did not want that. So he prefers to come to the forest at night. he came as a human around 11:48pm to the forest. His hair begins to grow into wolf-like form, he becomes a creature that resembles a very hairy man with claws and fangs.

He was roaming round the forest at night and everywhere was boring to him, he decided to take a stroll outside the forest. He sat beside a tarred road behind a tree, no one could see him but he was peeping behind the tree watching every car that pass.

He was enjoying nice and pleasant views in the street of America.

Bella kept driving, her car, but suddenly loosed energy to move. She parked it and wondered what had happened to the car’s velocity.
Her car was parked right beside where Collins sat enjoying a nice view.

Collins saw a lady parked her car.

Bella checked the car parts and was irritated at the car for stopping at this time of the night.

“Feathers, come down, come and check if you know what is happening to this car!” Bella yelled cus she was frustrated for how the car stopped abruptly.

Feathers came out like a dummy to meet Bella.

Collins listened very well and he knew at once that the lady was Bella and the guy he called was the Feathers that won the debate with Mary.

That same Feathers and his friend chose to believe Bella over him.

“Hope this girl is not planning anything evil for Feathers” Collins thought.

Feathers opened the car’s bonnet and was staring at it. He did not know what to do there, after all, he is not a mechanic. He just had to obey Bella.

“Why are you standing staring at it?” Bella said angrily and pushed Feathers away from the front bonnet,

Feathers fell into the empty but neat gutter beside the road.

Bella closed the front Bonnet angrily and folded her hand thinking so hard of what to do.

Feathers came out from the gutter and stood in front of Bella. He lowered his head.

Collins knew at once that Feathers can not be so dumb to be pushed away easily and yet stand up and bow his head like a servant does to his master.

“This Bella of a witch must have casted an evil spell on Feathers, I need to help him” Collins said.

Collins flew from behind the tree and landed angrily before Bella.

To be continued.

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Collins roared fiercely at Bella, Bella staggered back and panted heavily in fear of what she saw.
Collins kept breathing fiercely, Feathers remained still, he wasn’t afraid of death neither was he afraid of the werewolf in front of him. He was not just himself.

Collins held Feathers with his fang and pulled him to the forest. Bella stood still in fear, she reasoned immediately and she remembered when she heard Collins telling Owen that he is a werewolf.

Bella sighed and recovered herself. She stared at the forest and smiled.

“I’m will ensure that I teach this Collins a lesson, more so, I can’t go back home and inform Lennox that Feathers had being taken away from me” Bella thought and abandoned her car, she entered the forest in search of Collins and Feathers.

She has decided not to go back to Lennox until she found Collins and Feathers. She walked through the forest and search for hours, she couldn’t find them. She decided to stay beside the pathway that lead to the exit of the forest. She knew that they must pass that place when going out.

5 am...
Collins transformed back to a normal human being, Feathers was still under a spell. Collins held him and hoped that Bella would have gone out of the forest.

Bella who had being hunting actively for them saw two people coming towards the exit of the forest, she lay ambush for them until they got to where she hide. She came out and smirked, looking at Collins furiously

Collins was surprised to see her, he thought she had gone. Collins was ready to defend Feathers no matter what it cost.

“Sefradailis arisun quiqui, Burodat gerus gerus an...Nus fas fat nus fas fat!!!”

Bella casted a spell and a soft wind blew across Collins face, he tried with all his might not to loose himself but he did. Same thing that happened to Feathers happened to him.

Bella smirked.

“Am I evil? No, I am not. I’m very sure of that. Lennox had said he would not hurt them, since they are serving as obstacles presently, it is good that they are being dealt with for the main time so I can easily accomplish my mission” Bella thought and tried to encourage herself that what she did is alright.

“Follow me!” Bella commanded Feathers and Collins.

They followed Bella inside the car.

Around 4am, Bella had invited a mechanic to her car for proper servicing. The car has started functioning. She drove to Lennox place.

Bella stepped down and informed Collins and Feathers to do the same. They obliged and followed Bella inside.

“Dad, this is Feathers, the twin brother of Mary. This other one is Collins, he is a werewolf, he was trying to use his power to protect Feathers” Bella said to Lennox.

“Alright, we gonna keep them inside the temple, the only person to be brought here now is Mary right?” Lennox asked.

“Yes dad, once I successfully bring Mary here, then it will be extremely easy for me to kiss Owen” Bella said.

Lennox nodded and signaled for Feathers and Collins to follow him to the temple, they obliged. Lennox locked the two of them inside a room he calls ‘Ancient block’.

Bella relaxed and slept for few hours, she dressed and went to school. That day was the happiest day of her life.

‘Just to get Mary and I’m done” Bella thought and the thought alone made her happy.

Owen and Mary who lay side by side on the bed, they maintained the distance between them from the time they slept till the time they woke.

They woke , dressed, informed Seven that are leaving for school, Seven bade them good bye and Mary drove to school with Owen.

The Labour Prefect got to school and he couldn’t find his friend, he waited till it was time for the assembly, he was scared that something might be hindering Feathers from coming.

Feathers is not a type that skips school, he doesn’t joke with school and to top it all, he is the class representative, the class captain.
Josh, who is the Labour Prefect, he waited till the assembly was over, he still hasn’t seen Feathers.

He knew that Feathers is in a very deep spiritual battle based on the dream he read in his diary.

He wrote a letter of excuse to the secretary to the principal after the assembly demanding for his permission to leave the school premises based on the fact that he couldn’t see his closest friend and he will like to check up on him.

The secretary to the principal gave him an instant permission cus she knows that the Labour Prefect is a serious type.

Josh was happy that his permission to leave the school premises was granted. He walked outside the school premises with the letter of permission to leave the school premises in his hand

He took an available cab and went to Feathers house. Feathers had stopped living with his nanny for some three years ago. He now lives alone.

Josh noticed that Feathers door wasn’t closed. He entered his house and searched everywhere, still he couldn’t see Feathers. His heart skipped and fear engulfed him. He gulped in saliva and blinked.

He liked Feathers so much, they had been friend since their first week at Kingston High School.

Josh leaned on the dinning table in Feathers house and thought of what to do. He remembered that he saw Owen and Mary at the assembly hall. His mind suddenly drifted to Bella. He did not trust Bella. Nevertheless, Bella came to school.

What should he do now. He walked to and fro in Feather’s house.

“The dragon and his daughter. A man and his daughter” That word in Feather’s dream rang in his ears.

He knew at once that the dragon and his daughter must have come for Feathers.

“Okay, who is this dragon and who is the daughter?” Josh thought.

The closest person Josh can suspect is Bella.

“Why should I suspect an innocent girl, but who else would I have suspected? Huh? ” Josh thought and kept thinking.

“What if Bella is the daughter and her father is the dragon?” Josh thought.
“No, it can’t be” He thought again.

"Yes it can, I saw her with my eyes holding a silver knife ready to kill her classmate, yes! I know what to do” Josh thought and went back to school.

All the times the teacher was teaching in class, Josh mind wasn’t there. He was just praying for them to close.

The bell for closing time rang
Josh saw Mary carrying her bag pack ready to leave the class
Josh walked to her place.

“Mary, hi, you did not ask of Feathers” Josh accused Mary.

“I’m sorry, but I have a lot on my mind right now” Mary said.

“Will you listen to me , Feathers had being kidnapped by the dragon and his daughter, I’m still searching for him, either you believe it or not, he is your twin brother. And if I may tell you, you are the next target” Josh said and waited for Mary’s reply.

Mary arced her brow in surprise.

“Yes! Dad confirmed it yesterday, but I’m not ready to tell him yet, that was why I did not even ask of him, who is the dragon, and where could Feathers be?” Mary questioned.

Then Bella entered.

She came into the class to cast a spell on Mary so her mission can be almost complete.

“Bella is coming near, just leave, she might want to do something evil” Josh said.

Mary quickly slung her bagpack across her shoulder and walked out.

Bella saw her going and called Mary. Mary didn’t wait, she walked swiftly outside. Bella ran and caught up with her.

Josh ran towards Bella and pushed her.

Bella staggered.

Mary realized that Owen might still be in danger, she didn’t want anything to happen to Owen. She ran back to Owen’s class. She ordered Owen to follow her to her car, Owen obliged and she drove to Seven’s place with her car.

“You have the gut to make that b**** escape from my venom!” Bella said to Josh.

Josh realized that he is not safe. He ran away from Bella. Bella smirked angrily.

She entered and drove home.

Josh took a cab and traced her to her house.

Josh lay ambush around Bella’s house till it was midnight. He was scared to enter Bella’s house cus he knows that they are powerful people But he had decided to stay around the house till better idea comes to his head.

12 am...
That is the time Collins changes to a werewolf. Don’t forget that Collins is an Alpha. That implies he is the leader of a pack (sets) of werewolf.

His pack had waited for him in the forest and they all perceived that something evil has happened to their Alpha (leader).

Twenty four werewolf left the forest at night in search of their leader. They were sniffing and searching Collins with his smell.
With their strong ability to perceive at a far distance, they walked towards Bella’s house and his smell became strong.

The twenty four werewolf knew at once that someonehad entrapped their leader there.

They were furious and ready to release their Alpha (leader).

Collins had transformed into his werewolf, he angrily opened the door that was locked on him and Feathers.

He carried Feathers on his back and groaned out load as he came out ready to devour Bella and Lennox.

Josh who was outside saw many werewolf approaching.

“This is strange” He thought and find a place beside the house to hide.

Lennox heard the groan of a werewolf. He came out of his room and saw everywhere scattered.

Collins who was backing Feathers appeared to Lennox furiously.

The heavy sounds of the werewolf outside the house filled the ear of Lennox.

To be continued.

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One word AWESOME

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 5:30pm On Dec 24, 2020

Lennox smiled on seeing Collins.

“What is happening here?” Unknown asked as he approaches where Lennox stood.

“Sir, you can’t imagine that this young boy is scaring me with his wolf like structure, he does not know that I have prepared for everything. I know he will convert to wolf today and his pack might come for him” Lennox said and giggled.

"So this boy is very dumb, he does not realize that just one spell will make him loose his wolf or whatever has taken over him” Unknown said and sat on the chair.

Collins was still panting heavily, but he was more scared because they do not even show any sign of fear.

“Dad, he has changed right” Bella’s voice sounded from the room.

“Yes my daughter” Lennox replied still smiling.

He also took a seat.

Bella got to the living room where Collins was in his wolf-like structure.

“Sincerely, I thought you are smart Collins, you broke the door of the Ancient Block and you think we are not prepared for your change at night, sincerely, I just do not know how people think shallowly” Bella said and sat beside Lennox.

The twenty-four were wolves broke the door and entered, they saw their Alpha backing Feathers.
They rushed at once at Bella, Bella stretched one single silver knife at them and they all moved back. They knew that even though they had all the strength to pounce on Bella and the two men with her , just a silver knife would do. The werewolves do not want to loose any pack.

Collins walked out with Feathers on his back like an elephant walking towards his comfort zone.

“Dad, they are going” Bella said.

“Leave them my daughter, they are very dangerous in their wolf-like form, they are still under your spell, once you get to school tomorrow, just tell them to follow you” Lennox said.

“I really wish we can cast a spell on all of them” Bella said.

“They are in their supernatural form, our spell can never work on them” Lennox said.

“I guess I’ve not read that part yet among the scrolls you gave me” Bella said.

“Yeah, the only thing that can scare them away is the silver knife, that was why Unknown advised everyone of us to sleep with a silver knife yesterday” Lennox said.

“Now I understand” Bella said and walked back to her room. She slept off.

Josh watched the wolves walked outside and marched away. He saw the strongest among them backing somebody out. He hope that the person will be Feathers.
It’s morning already, he needs to dress and prepare for school. He didn’t sleep for a whole night because of his friend. He went back home, dressed and went to school.

Josh got to school and saw Collins and Feathers talking to themselves beside class 4.

“What are they doing there?” Josh thought and walked there swiftly.

As soon as they saw Josh, they set their gaze on Josh.

Josh wondered why they suddenly set their gaze on him.

“Please, we want to see Bella, she is our master, please bring her here, we are always longing to serve her” Feathers said.

Collins nodded cus he understands that they were talking under the influence of Bella’s spell.

After the werewolves got to the forest, by 5am, they all transformed to a normal human being, the spell left Collins in his supernatural form but had effect on him as a normal human being. Feathers also had not being free from spell.

Josh knew at once that Bella had casted a spell on them.

Mary and Owen had just arrived to school and departing to their various classes.

Mary saw Feathers and Josh and one other guy that she has not recognized. She walked closer to them.

“What is happening here?” Mary asked no one in particular.

She asked that question when she noticed they all stood like something strange is happening.

“Collins and Feathers are under Bella’s spell” Josh said pathetically.

He was pained that he didn’t have any power to deliver Feathers and Collins from Bella’s spell. The only gift he has is interpreting dreams and time travelling.

Feathers raised his head and saw Mary, Feathers didn’t see Mary, he saw himself.

At once, something like a scale of blindness fell from his eyes, his understanding got brightened, he came back to himself and he got free from Bella’s spell. He blinked his eye and rubbed his them. He tried to remember all that had happened in the past 24 hours, then he realized that he had been spelled by Bella.

Gentle tears dropped like a light rain dropping from the sky on his face.

Josh moved closer to him and hugged him when he noticed that it’s obvious that his friend his free.

“You were spelled by Bella” Josh said still hugging Feathers.

Feathers sniffed.

“I know” He replied.

They disengaged from the hug.

“My understanding got brightened when I saw Mary, I actually wasn’t seeing Mary when I stared at her, I was seeing myself” Feathers said audibly.

“Same thing that happened to me on the day Bella spelled me. You are indeed my brother, Seven had confirmed it too.” Mary said tears formed in her eyes, she was happy to know that her twin brother is Feathers and everything that happened has confirmed that they are twin.

“I love you brother” Mary said and hugged Feathers.

Mary cried and more tears dropped from her eyes.

“I love you more sister” Feathers replied sullenly.

Josh cried gently and smiled at the same time, he used his handkerchief to clean the little tears on his eyes.

To be continued.

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“Please take me to Bella” Collins said.

Feathers and Mary disengaged.
They all looked at Collins and felt sorry for him, it’s obvious he was still under a spell.

“How do we help Collins?” Feathers asked no one in particular.

Josh sighed and looked at Mary to see if she has a way out.

“Collins is a werewolf, there is must be a way out” Josh said and brought out his phone. He dialed his father’s number.

“Hello son”Josh father’s voice sounded on the other end.

“Hi dad, my friend who happens to be a werewolf is under a spell, did you know what we can do?” Josh asked.

“Yeah” Josh’s dad responded.

“Please tell me dad” Josh pleaded.

“Tell him to go back to where he transforms always, let him try to transform like it was night, the spell will leave him” Josh's father said.

“Thank you sir” Josh replied and ended the call.

“He knows what we can do right?” Mary asked.

Josh nodded.

“We need to take Collins back to where he transforms” Josh said.

“Just that, I know the forest, I have been there before” Feathers said.

“We will have to inform the school authority before we leave” Mary said.

Josh left them and hurried to the secretary to the principal’s office.

“Sir, please, I wanna go somewhere with my friends” Josh pleaded.

“Name them?” The secretary said.

“Feathers, Mary and Collins” Josh replied.

The secretary scribbled their names inside a sheet of book.

“Josh, I know you are a serious type, please let this be the last time you will take permission in this semester” The secretary said.

Josh nodded.

The secretary handed the permission letter to leave the school premises to him. It contains the names of his friends as well. He went out to meet his friends . They all headed out and went to the forest including Collins.

“Collins, try to transform” Josh said while Feathers and Mary watched.

“I can’t, I can only do that at night” Collins said.

“I know you can’t but try, you’re under a spell and for you to be free, all you have to do is just try to transform” Josh said.

Collins nodded and took some steps back.

He bent like a dog and opened his mouth wide, he let out the wolf ability in him, his bones began to crack like it will break, his neck began to twist like he will die.

“It’s very painful” Collins said and stopped.

Josh moved closer to him.

“Collins, I know it’s painful, but this is the only way for you to be free from the spell of Bella, try, don’t give up” Josh encouraged Collins.

Collins nodded.

He roared again and his whole body shook, he wanted the wolf in him to express itself fully but that only happens at night, he tried without giving up for minutes until he fell and lost consciousness.

Josh, Feathers and Mary ran towards him.

“What happened to him?” Mary asked in fear while Feathers and Josh squatted beside him silently observing him.

After few seconds, Collins opened his eye and they all welcome him with a smile.

He smiled too and recollected how he had been behaving all this while.

“You were spelled by Bella” Feathers said.

“I know, I’m happy I’m free now, thanks to you all” Collins said.

Josh stood up and held Collin’s stretched palm. He pulled Collins up and they all smiled.

“Now we know that Bella is our common enemy, if we do not act fast this time, she might play a fast one on us again” Feathers said.

“True! Let’s just do the next thing now” Josh said.

“Which is?” Mary asked.

“The two of you are blessed with supernatural ability, but you will never be able to use it unless you read the scrolls, and the scrolls you will read is at Asia in Korea at Jeonju Hanok Village” Josh said.

“So we going there” Feather said.

“You have to book the next available flight to Korea, till then you are not going back to school neither are you gonna sleep in your house, you better sleep in an anonymous hotel till you move to Korean” Josh said.

”I will like to follow you guys” Collins said.

“No, I won’t follow them either, just the two of them, I’m just gonna give then the address of the place , they will read the scrolls there and uncover how to use their power” Josh said.

Collins nodded.

“Let’s move now” Feathers said and Mary jumped on Feathers back abruptly.

Feathers who was not expecting anything like that staggered to the front like he will fall. He turned at Mary.

“A brother that can not piggy back his sister, what kind of brother is that?” Mary teased.

Feathers chuckled.

“A sister that wants to push his brother to the floor just because she wants piggy baking, what kind of sister is that?” Feathers teased back.

Mary rushed at him and held his wrist.

Feathers jerked.

“Scared brother” Mary said and they both walked hand in hand out of the place. The got to a junction where everyone will depart.

Josh scribbled some words inside a jotter, he tore that very sheet he wrote words in and gave it to Mary.

"This is the address of the hut of Power at Asia, please be safe. Collins and I will go to my father now to ask of how we can protect ourselves from the spell of Bella till you come back from Korea. Moreso, we need to protect Owen” Josh said.

“Please do, I do not want anything to happen to Owen and I hope that Bella will not kiss her before we come back” Mary said.

“Do not worry, Collins is in Owen’s class, he will protect Owen, we will do everything in our capacity to protect him” Josh promised and Collins nodded.

“I will miss Owen” Mary said pathetically.

“And me? Aren’t you suppose to miss me too?” Josh teased.

“She won’t, are you her…” Feathers said and paused. He winked at Josh.

Josh and Collins giggled.

Feathers chuckled.

“Her what? complete it now” Mary said like a kid and slap Feathers by his shoulder.

“Guys, we are going” Josh said and took some steps away with Collins.

“See you guys, thanks” Feathers said.

“Thanks!” Mary shouted.

Feathers and Mary held themselves like brothers and sisters and went to Seven’s place.
Seven welcomed them.

“Dad, meet Feathers your son” Mary said.

Feathers frowned his face immediately. He disliked Seven for giving him out.

Seven moved closer to Feathers.

“Son, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for giving you out, I always wish to stay by you every now and then, but I do not want to bring curse on any of you, I know I made a mistake when I was young by foolishly engaging in a spiritual covenant with someone that later betrayed me” Seven said with a pathetic face.

“And even after my adopted parent die, you can’t come for me, I lived as an orphan for may years of my life” Feathers said and bowed his head.

Even though he did not like Seven for how he treated him, he still respect him for whatever reason he himself can not place.

“Forgive me son, I’m so sorry” Seven pleaded.

“Who am I to hold grudge against my biological father?, I forgive you father” Feathers said and hugged Seven.

Seven received the hug.They disengaged after few seconds.

“Sit down my son, I’m happy to have you back, what would you like to eat?” Seven asked.

“Dad, you saw us around this time of the day when we are suppose to be in school and you did not ask why we left school” Mary said.

“Welcoming my lost son is the right thing for me to do at this time” Seven said and quickly went to the fridge to get some drinks for Feathers.

Feathers honourable received it with a bowed head and smiled after he had gulped in the drink.
Seven sat looking at Feathers happily.

“Dad, if you won’t ask, I will tell you cus I know you are overwhelmed with your lost son that is back already, dad, you know that Feathers and I had supernatural powers but we will never know how to use unless we visit the hut of power at Asia, in Korea” Mary said.

Seven listened to every word of Mary.

“What do you want to do now, my supernaturally endowed children?” Seven teased.

Mary chuckled.

“Dad, we are taking the next available flight and travelling to Jeonju Hanok village in Korea, where the hut of power is located” Mary said.

“I will miss you, as long as you are going there for the good of it. Good luck” Seven said.

Mary was surprised at how her father was easily giving in to all her sayings.

“Did he know all this before?” Mary thought.

Mary and Feathers booked the next available flight and traveled to Jeonju Hanok village at Korea to where the hut of power is located.

•What's your take on this?

•Do you think Feathers and Mary mission would be accomplished?

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 12:12pm On Dec 25, 2020

Owen was surprised that he did not see his new friend, Collins in class. He had stopped sitting with Bella.

The school closed for the day and Bella slung her bag pack, she walked towards Owen.

“Tell me, where is Collins?” Bella asked.

“I thought you should greet first” Owen said in sign language.

“Oh! I forgot, hi, where is Collins?” Bella said.

“I did not know, I’m certain he came to school but maybe he went somewhere” Owen replied in sign language.

“I see, where are you going now?” Bella asked.

“Is that your business?” Owen asked in sign language and walked away from Bella.

Bella wondered why Owen was behaving coldly to her. Maybe because of the last time Lennox and her went to his place. She walked out out of the class and went to Mary’s class. She searched with her eye for Feathers and Mary but he couldn’t find them.

“Damn it!” She cursed.

“Are they gone or they left early?” She thought and was confused.

She asked one of Mary’s classmate.

“Did you see Mary and Feathers in class today?" Bella asked.

” No, they are absent” the classmate said and walked away.

“What are they up to?” Bella thought and went to her car. She drove outside the school and saw Owen waiting for a car.

“Let me trace Owen, he might not be going home, he might be hiding somewhere” Bella thought.

Owen entered a cab to Seven’s house. Bella drove and traced the cab that Owen was to Seven’s house.

Owen was oblivious of the fact that someone was following him. He entered Seven’s house and Seven welcomed him.

Bella noted the house that Owen entered and smirked. She drove back to her place.

Bella drove inside her house. she walked inside and Lennox welcomed him.

“Dad, I couldn’t find Feathers and Collins at school today” Bella lamented and sunk on the chair in the living room.

“Tell me, you mean they didn’t come to school today? That must be suspicious” Lennox said.

“But Dad, I found out the hiding place of Owen” Bella said.

“They might actually be hiding there, I mean, Feathers, Collins, Mary and Owen might be hiding there” Lennox said.

“Maybe” Bella said.

“Let’s finish this once and for all, since they might be in one house, let’s just put them all under a spell and bring them here so we can accomplish our mission” Lennox said.

“I’m tired” Bella said.

“Don’t be my daughter, we are almost there, let’s go together".

Lennox stood up and helped Bella up They drove to Seven’s place. Bella and Lennox entered the house using spell to open the entrance door.

Owen who was having dinner all alone noticed that someone entered. Seven who was watching television saw two people entered. He walked closer to them and saw Lennox and a girl. Owen left what he was doing and walked closer to them.

"Lennox, do you come to greet me?” Seven asked.

“Maybe, I came for a serious business, how many people are in this house now?” Lennox asked.

“Well, Mary and Feathers had travelled to Korea, it’s just Owen and I that are here presently” Seven said.

“They travelled, why? Anyways that’s your family’s business, I think your children will have to come home from wherever they are after they heard that you are missing” Lennox said.

“What are you talking about?” Seven asked.

“I meant I’m taking you to the temple right now, you gonna stay there, the government will declare you missing when they found out that you are lost, your children will find out over there and come home. In other words, we are holding you hostage till we are able to get your children” Lennox said.

“I do not know what you are talking about, I do not offend you, I have no issues with you, why should you hold me hostage?” Seven asked.

Lennox casted a spell on Seven, he became unaware of who he is. Owen was watching them from where he stood with a scary face.

“Owen, you are our last target, have fun, but if we leave like this, you will tell the cops that we came for Seven, I’m sorry that you will have to loose your memory” Lennox said and walked closer to Owen.

Feathers and Mary had arrived at Jeoju Hanok village in Korea. They were searching and asking every villager for where the Hut of Power is but everyone claimed not to know the place. It was late at night and they did not know where to stay, it’s a village and there is no hotel where they can lodge there. They sat beside a very old house. A man was passing by and saw two young teenagers.

“My children, why are you sitting here?” The man asked.

“We came from America in search of the Hut of Power, we have searched everywhere and asked many villagers but we couldn’t find it still” Feathers said.

“No one will tell you, the library is a very dangerous library, no one goes there and return, but since you came from America, you must have come for a very important mission. Sleep in my house this night and I will take you there tomorrow” The man said.

“Thank you sir!” Mary quickly said.

They both stood up and followed the man to his house.

The man lay a mat for them to sleep on, Even though it was not convenient for them, they had to.

After an hour of laying, Mary wanted to ease herself, she stood up and walked outside. She overheard the man speaking on phone.

“Okay…yes I have…they are sleeping in my custody now…I will do that…sure…I know the right spell to cast on them… do not worry Lennox…yeah…bye” The man hanged up.

Mary’s heart beat simultaneously and she knew at once that the man that accommodated them is working for Lennox.

•Let the comments unlocks the next episode.

To be continued.

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Lennox walked closer to Owen.

“Dad, please let’s leave him, let us just tell him not to inform the cops, I’m sure he is gonna comply” Bella said.

“And what if he doesn’t?” Lennox turned and asked Bella

Bella walked closer to where Owen stood.

“Owen, promise you aren’t gonna inform anyone” Bella said

“I’m not” Owen replied hurriedly in sign language.

“Bella, this is a great risk we are taking” Lennox said.

“Dad, trust me” Bella said

Lennox nodded and went out with Bella and Seven

Owen sighed and sat on a stool beside him.

“Are this people so cruel? They even wanted to cast spell on me so I can lost my memory” Owen thought.

“Feathers, wake! this man that accommodates us is working for Lennox, I heard him speaking with Lennox” Mary whispered.

Feathers listened and opened his eye..

"Really, then we need to leave this place immediately” Feathers said. Mary nodded staring around in fear.

“You know what? Pretend as if you wanna receive fresh air outside, then walk away, don’t worry, I will be safe, I will find you, just run to somewhere safe ” Feathers said.

“I’m scared, I do not know anyone here, what if I got lost, what if you did not find me, am I gonna spend the rest of my life in this village?” Mary said in fear.

“No, you ain’t gonna spend the rest of your life in this place, that is our only medium of escape, just leave. Mary, look into my face and trust me, I’m your brother and I can not hurt you, the man will soon enter and cast spells on us, run away, I will find you, I promise” Feathers said assuredly.

Mary nodded and summoned little courage. She went out, she met the man just coming in.

“My daughter, at this time of the night, where are you going?” The man asked.

“Sir, the heat is quiet much on the mat, I ain’t used to sleeping on mat, just wanna take some fresh air outside” Mary lied.

“Alright my daughter, don’t stay long outside” The man said and entered.

Mary stepped out and stared around, he didn’t see anyone, everywhere was dark, she ran into the dark and kept running trying to find a shelter for herself.

Feathers pretended to be sleeping , after few minutes. He coughed. He coughed again and continued faking coughs.

“My son , why are you coughing?” The man asked and moved closer to Feathers.

Feathers stood up and went outside without replying the man.

“Where is my sister?” Feathers asked the man.

“Your sister! She should be around the vicinity, she said she wanna take some fresh air outside here” The man replied.

“This is how I cough every night and the drug I do use to become healed is with my sister, I need to see her or I may die anytime soon” Feathers lied and continued faking coughs in the middle of his speech. The man was perplexed.

“Isn’t her name Mary?” The man asked.

“Yeah, but I can’t remember telling you her name” Feathers thought.

He nodded.

He confirmed at once that the man actually knew about them.

“Mary! Mary!” Feathers kept yelling and walking towards the dark. He kept walking into the dark and he kept calling Mary till he faded off.

“What is wrong with all these. children, did he think his sister is lost, maybe her sister is in the backyard or somewhere close, but now, he is searching for her, what if he get lost, anyways, that’s their problem, the two of you should come back soon so I can cast the spell I was ordered to cast on you” the man thought and sat at the entrance of his house.

After an hour of waiting, he got disturbed and wondered where they had gone.

"These children must not get lost, Lennox is gonna scold me. I need to find them” the man thought.

The man walked inside the dark in search of Mary and Feathers till he faded off.

Jude bowed his head in school at recess time, he wasn’t speaking nor playing with anyone like he used to do. His face looks sad and his heart is heavy.

He had searched and tried every means to get to Mary but he couldn’t. He feared that something bad might have happened to the lady he likes. He misses Mary so much.

“Jude, can you stop thinking about Mary please” Thomas, his one and only adviser said.

“I wish I can but I can’t. Her soul and mine are intertwined, I’m addicted to seeing her, I wanna see Mary please” Jude pleaded to his friends as if his friend knew where Mary was.

“Jude, she might be sick or busy at home, let’s wait till next week” Bigger said.

“I can’t wait no more brother, I felt empty without seeing Mary around” Jude said.

“Cheer up Jude, how about we sing on how you miss Mary so much” Thomas suggested.

“Will that make me see her?” Jude asked and buried his head on his palm.

“No, but it will comfort your soul and give you hope” Bigger said.
Thomas nodded to confirm what Bigger said.

Collins sat in the back seat in class like he always do with Owen who is now sitting with him.

“Collins, I wanna tell you something” Owen said in sign language.

“No don’t, follow me outside, that witch may be hearing” Collins said and stood up.

Collins and Owen walked out of the class.

“I’m all ears now” Collins said.

“Bella and her father came to Mary’s father’s house yesterday to kidnap him, they wanted to cast a spell that will erase my memory but Bella insisted” Owen said in sign language.

“You mean Bella’s father had Lennox in his custody presently?” Collins asked.

“Yeah, but please don’t tell anyone, don’t even report to the cops” Owen pleaded in sign language.

“I ain’t a kid bro, I will handle it, do not worry” Collins said

“What are you gonna do cus I do not want then to know that the information got leaked by me?” Owen said in sign language.

”Calm down, follow me” Collins said and went to Josh’s class.

He called Josh out and Josh followed them outside the class.

Collins told Josh what Owen said

“Mary’s father is being kidnapped in broad day light by this evil people, we need to help Seven” Josh said.

Owen looked at Josh and Collins interchangeably for what they are about to do.

“I know Bella’s house, after we close for the day, let’s go there” Josh said.

“I know Bella’s house too, but the thing is, if we go there, how are we gonna save Seven?” Collins asked.

“Let’s go there first, what we are gonna do will come” Josh said like he kept one power somewhere to make use of when they get there.

“Alright” Collins said and walked back to his class with Owen.

As soon as the bell rang for closing time, Bella went to meet Collins and Owen at their seat before they could stand up to leave the class.

“Collins, the Alpha, where were you yesterday cus I couldn’t find you in school?” Bella said.

“Excuse me? Do we have any business, when do we become friends?” Collins asked.

“Of course I was not searching for you cus you are my friend, I was searching for you cus I need to take you back to the temple, I don’t care if you are a werewolf or their Alpha, all I know is that as long as you keep obstructing my mission, you gonna have to be kept and tamed at the temple till I’m done fulfilling my mission” Bella said.

“If I may ask, what is this mission of yours?” Collins asked.

“We aren’t friends so I can’t tell you, I do not have much time please” Bella said and casted a spell on Collins.

After she had casted the spell, Collins laughed and sat conveniently on the chair.

Owen was surprised that the spell didn’t seem to affect Collins.
Bella became furious, she casted one of the most powerful spell she had just learnt on Collins, yet, the spell didn’t have any effect on Collins.

“When you are done casting whatever spell you are casting, leave the class or you can as well sleep here” Collins said mockingly.

Collins stood up and walked away from her with Owen.

Bella felt bad, she disliked herself, she felt embarrassed, no one can ever resist her spell not even a werewolf who is yet to transform
She angrily carried her bag pack and left the class.

Feathers kept walking inside the dark till it was daylight.

“Where am I gonna find Mary?” Feathers thought.

Feathers suddenly saw a very high mountain and an image of someone standing on it. He stood up from beside a tree he sat, he walked towards the mountain. He stepped up towards the image
It was Mary.

“Mary!!!” Feathers called.

Mary smiled.

“I stood on this mountain so that wherever you are, you can find me" Mary said.

Feathers became happy that he didn’t stress himself too much before he finds Mary.

“But that man is gonna be searching for us, he might find us anytime soon” Feathers said.

“Feathers, I found the Hut of Power, it’s beneath this mountain” Mary said and stepped down towards the opposite of where Feathers was coming from like the back of the mountain.

“Are you serious?” Feathers asked and stepped behind Mary down the mountain.

“Brother, do I look like a comedian?” Mary teased on her way steeping down.

She got beneath the mountain and Feathers arrived behind her.

“That is it” Mary pointed to the hut for Feathers.

Feathers saw the hut, he held Mary and they jogged there together.

They entered, it was dirty, cobwebs were everywhere, the scrolls are well arranged in the old shelves there. They took the scroll one after the other and start reading.

“True, I can’t keep thinking like this” Jude said.

“You mean we should perform right?” Thomas asked happily expecting a positive answer from Jude.

“Yeah” Jude said and walked to the front of the class.

“Hey guys, listen to our song” Jude said.

“Bring it on boy” Vanessa and the other girls who are class gangsters hailed Jude.

Jude maintained a sad face, after all, he is about to sing a sad song.

Thomas hung and set his girlfriend on his neck. His girlfriend is his guitar.

Bigger also set his mouth organ on his lips.

They played … pa pan ran nnn paran ran ran an pan
Thomas and Bigger played solemnly.

Jude sang;
�Don’t I know it? Nobody has to say.
I’ve been lucky.
Guess I was born that way
I thank my father,
His absence has made me strong.
And I love my mother,
But she had troubles with God
No tears for the life that you’ve led
You’ve had angels in your head
Did you hear them singing in the end?
All the things that you’ve seen
All the things that could have been,
Well I’ve been everything I want to be
So no tears, no tears for me
Yeah, I’ve bathed in sunshine
But cherished the fading light
And I heard my heartbeat faulter
On a winter’s night
I loved a woman
She didn’t hear my prayers
So Lord, oh Lord, I’m yours
No tears for the life that you’ve led
You’ve had angels in your head
Did you hear them singing in the end
All the things that you’ve seen
All the things that could have been
Well I’ve been everything I want to be
So no tears, no tears for me
‘Cause someone some where’s going home tonight
Trying to understand the sacrifice
So save your tears for those left behind
For the life that you’ve led
You’ve had angels in your head
Did you hear them singing in the end
All the things that you’ve seen
All the things that could have been
Well I’ve been everything I want to be
So no tears, no tears
No tears for me... �

Jude sang.

To be continued.


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Feathers and Mary kept reading the scrolls, they were engrossed in reading the scrolls. They forgot to eat for three days, they do not know if it is morning or night. They just kept reading like a force is pulling them to read and they can’t help it.

After three days, Feathers had read all the scrolls. He raised his head and stood up. He walked outside.

“Now, I know everything about the use of my power” Feathers muttered and stretched his body.

Mary walked out too, she stood beside Feathers and stare at the sky for the first time after three days.

Feathers turned at Mary and set his gaze back at the sky.

“Brother, we are done studying the use of our power, what next?” Mary said still staring at the sky.

“We are heading back to America, we will make sure we protect Owen and if Bella and her family stands in our way, we deal with them” Feathers said and lowered his head.

He squatted to the ground and used two of his fingers to draw a circle on the clayey soil

“Brother, how about we test our power here before we go back to America” Mary said.

“You want a dwell with me?” Feathers asked.

“Yes brother, I hope I won’t hurt you too much” Mary said.

Feathers giggled.

“Why not pray that I won’t hurt you too much” Feathers said and stood ready to dwell with Mary

“Duferat dufera digun, Duferat ariop ariop, Miso misons ariop as... Jumnnnn jummnnn asi” Mary casted a spell and she formed a circle with her hand in the air, a circular stone appeared in her hand, she blew a gentle air on the stone.

The stone left Mary’s hand and roll with full force at Feathers, Feathers bent to guide the stone but the stone stayed on top of him and landed on him.

Feathers fell to the ground with a eye closed.

Mary ran to Feathers.

“Brother!” Mary shouted.

“I’m not dead” Feathers said and used his hand to control the stone that landed on him, he directed it Mary, Mary was quick to cast an instant spell, the stone disappeared. Mary smirked when she realized that she was winning

“That must have hurt, sorry brother” Mary apologized with a mockery expression.

Feathers smirked

“Why are you quick to announce yourself as the winner?, by the ways, I wasn’t hurt by the stone, I had casted a spell already that doesn’t make me feel pain or feel weak” Feathers said.

“Toflas ajiut ajusas, Murona murana murona, Dedrifilosymyasiacumri, Aji nun an nfu merin” Feathers casted the spell and the spell made him float in the air , he kept floating till he disappeared into thin air.

Mary was not surprised to see her brother disappear into thin air, after all, she also read it in the scrolls.

“She smiled and lay on the floor casting a very long spell so that Feathers next action would not have effect on her.

No mortal man can see Feathers, Feathers saw himself in another world. He saw Mary, he tried touching Mary but he couldn’t. He wondered if he was a ghost, he saw many spirits walking around. He was scared when he saw an ugly spirit with two heads, six legs and five horns approaching him. Feathers quickly casted a spell that will bring him back to the human world.

He casted it and still find himself in that strange world. The spirit approached him and smiled.
Feathers became scared and wondered why the spell had stopped working.

"I am horrible right? Yes, you can call me Apolion, I only work for dark mage and wizard. I work for those who perform evil, they conjure me and I help them accomplish their evil mission, I like you cus you are handsome but I know we can’t be friend because you and your sister are white mage, you are destined to use your power for something good, you missed a word amidst the spell you casted, that is why you have not been able to return to the human world, try to cast the spell accurately again, but before you do that, I will like to show you where the good spirits live” Apolion said.

Feathers exhaled.

“Where please?” Feathers asked.

“Follow me” Apolion said and pointed to a very large space at Feathers. Feathers saw many spirits putting on white, their hair are as white as wool, their cloth is as white as scarlet, their face is as white as snow, all of them were floating, they were very beautiful, there are beautiful flowers around, there were beautiful trees.

Feathers wished at once that he can go there but he has to go back to the human world to talk to his sister so they can go there together
Feathers casted the same spell but this time he got every word right, he appeared before Mary.

Mary who was laying stood up abruptly.

“Brother, I thought you would hurt me from the other world you went to” Mary said.

“I won’t, I saw something very beautiful there, I saw some beings that looked like angels, their hairs are very white and curly, it’s long that it reached their spinal cord section in their body. These beings are very beautiful, an ugly guy I saw there, he called himself Apolion, he was the one that directed me there” Feathers said happily.

“I can’t wait to see them” Mary said.

Feathers and Mary looked at themselves eyeball to eyeball and casted the spell together. They found themselves in other world,
Feathers led Mary to where the white beings were.

They got there, they saw some singing , some dancing, some treating the flowers.

Mary walked to a white being that was treating the flowers.

“Excuse me!” Mary pleaded.

The white being turned at Mary
Feathers walked closer to meet Mary.

“I’m Mary, my brother here is Feathers, we came here to see how beautiful you guys are and I wanna ask, are you guys angel?” Mary asked.

“You are welcome Feathers and Mary, my name is Anastasia, we are over one millions white beings here. But we all have our different works. My closest friend here is Goddy. We work with the flowers, we ensure that the compound is clean always, I knew already that you both are coming, the King has instructed me to follow you into the human world to help you in accomplishing your mission, the only warning he gave me is to return early after I had helped you accomplish your mission and not fall in love with human” Anastasia said.

“You wanna follow us to the human world, are you still gonna be dressing like this? You are dressed in white from head to toe” Feathers said.

“Once I get to the human world, I will have to behave and live like a human, dress and eat like them, please do not ever disclose my identity to anyone that I’m a white being from the other world” Anastasia said.

Feathers and Mary nodded.

“Cast your spell and let’s go” Anastasia said.

Feathers looked at Mary in surprise, he casted the spell together with Mary, they found themselves in front of the Hut of Power.

“Where is Anaestesia?” Mary asked.

“I do not know too, I thought she said she is gonna follow us to the human world” Feathers said.

“I’m here please” Anastasia said already dressed like a human, her white hair had being changed to a dark one. Her white face had being changed to a red one. Her regalia had being changed to beautiful skirt and blouse. She walked out of the Hut of Power,
She smiled.

They were surprised to see her already dressed like a human.
Mary giggled as she looked towards Anastasia leg. Anastasia looked at her leg and wondered why Mary looked at her leg.

“This is the human world, Anna, you gonna need to be putting on sanders or shoes here” Feathers said.

“Oh” Anna said.

She wasn’t putting on a foot wear, in the other world, they do not put on footwear, they just float around with their white shining legs.

“Don’t worry, gonna get you a footwear for you on our way to America” Feathers promised Anna.

Anna nodded.

The man that was working for Lennox saw Feathers, Mary and a very beautiful girl from afar.

“They are suppose to be two, how are they three?” The man thought from the mountain where he was standing.

He knew that they had already uncovered their power in the Hut of Power, he ran away from there before they test their newly uncovered power on him.

Feathers, Mary and Anna went back to America.

To be continued.

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Re: The Only Nudge by oluspicy: 9:40am On Dec 30, 2020

Feathers and Mary arrived at America at Seven’s house with Anna. They all entered the house with the house spare key that was with Mary.

“No one is at home, dad couldn’t have gone out at this hour” Mary said and sat down tiredly on the chair.

“Anan, please have your sit” Feathers said and she sat down gently.

“Would you try his number?” Feathers asked.

“I just did, it isn’t going through” Mary said.

Feathers sighed.

Feathers brought out his phone and put a call through to Josh.

On phone...
“Feathers, whats up?” Josh’s voice sounded on phone.

“I’m fine, we just arrived” Feathers said.

“Wow! I’m happy, I’m gonna come there with Collins soon” Josh said.

“Collins! Is he with you?” Feathers asked wondering why Collins would be with Josh at that time of the day when it is obvious that school hours are over.

Feathers went inside the kitchen and served Mary and Anna with drinks. He took his too and sipped it gently.

About thirty minutes later, Josh and Collins entered. Josh walked closer to Feathers who had already stand up ready to welcome his friend. They both hugged and later disengaged.

Feathers hugged Collins too. Josh gave Mary a slight hug, not too deep or tight.

He wondered who the new girl is. He ignored her and before he could find a seat for himself, Feathers called him.

“Josh, meet Anna, Anna meet Josh” Feathers said.

Josh moved closer to Anna and stretched his hand at Anna, Anna received it and smiled at Josh.

Josh wondered what was funny, isn’t it just to greet, what made her smile while shaking me.

Josh and Collins sat after Collins had shook Anna with a bright smile on his face.

Anna wondered what’s making Collins smile. Isn’t it just to greet me, why then is he smiling.

They all sat.

“Owen himself is suppose to be here or has he gone somewhere with Father too” Mary lamented.

“Mary, I’m sorry to say this, but your dad is in Bella’s custody as we speak. Her father had come to take him away. They almost casted a spell on Owen so he can loose all his memories but Bella insisted promising her father that Owen is not gonna report to the cops” Josh said.

“If Seven is in Bella’s custody, what of Owen?” Feathers asked while Mary lowered her head in pain and thought of what they must have done and be doing to her father.

“I and Collins advised Owen to go to an anonymous hotel to stay for the main time” Josh said.

“Please call him, let him come and meet us here” Mary pleaded to Josh.

Josh nodded and brought out his phone. He dialed Owen’s number, it rang, after a while, it was picked.

"Josh, Owen is with me and I would have cast a spell on him that would make him kiss me, but the spell will not work because he is cursed, but I’m gonna make sure he likes me, I will orientate him and inform a doctor that can help me in every possible means to make him like me, once he does, I’m sure he will kiss me willingly, after which you can have Owen and Seven back and you all will be free” Bella said and hanged up.

Everyone listened to what Bella said cus Josh had put the call in loudspeaker.

“What are we gonna do now?” Mary asked looking at everyone.

“We gotta be smart, you guys had hopefully uncovered your power, we need to strategize on how to get back Owen and Seven” Josh said.

“How do we get started?” Feathers asked.

“The chance we have here is that Bella liked Feathers, she wouldn’t want to hurt him. Feathers should pretend as if he likes Bella for the main time” Josh said.

“How am I gonna do that?” Feathers asked.

“Put a call through to Bella now, tell her that you are gonna like to come visit her, remember that witches are very dangerous and deceptive, you have to be smart, every power has it’s own weaknesses, try to find out her weaknesses so that even if Mary and you wrestle with her with your power, you will be so certain that you will win. It’s not certain right now that can win any battle with her cus we all know that not only is she powerful, her families are also very powerful” Josh said.

“If I put a call through to Bella now, won’t that be suspicious?” Feathers asked.

“Try it first” Josh said.

Feathers put a call through to Bella.

“Hi Feathers!” Bella said from the other side of the phone.

“I’m fine, where are you?” Feathers asked.

“Home of course and I didn’t even see you at school for some days neither did you inform me . I’m surprised to see your call though” Bella said.

Feathers exhaled.

“Yeah, I was suppose to tell you, I went somewhere but I had arrived. I would like to come and visit you" Feathers said.

“Oh really? I’m gonna be so glad, but you use to dislike me, why did you suddenly change your mind” Bella said.

“I never said I like you, I only said I wanted to come to greet you” Feathers said.

“Well, I’m just wondering why a male would visit a female without liking the lady, just confess you like me and stop pretending, anyways, if you can not confess you like me, I’m gonna tell you a thousand times that I like you. I’m gonna text you the address to my place, I’m gonna be expecting you” Bella said.

“Alright” Feathers said and hung up.

Everyone heard the conversation cus the call was on loudspeaker.

“I do not like that girl, I just do not like her” Feathers said feeling irritated for calling her.

No one replied Feathers, after all, he wasn’t expecting someone to reply him, he was only confessing how he feels.

The whole room was tense and silent for a while, everyone was thinking on what will become of Feathers if he goes to Bella’s place After about two minutes, Feathers phone buzzed briefly. Feathers knew it was an SMS, he clicked the message bar open and read that of Bella out loud.

It was an address of her house.

“You can go now, but be careful, give us updates every time you are chanced, I hope you come back today but if you can’t, we will have to hope that we meet in school tomorrow” Josh said.

“Are you saying I might end up sleeping in that house?” Feathers asked with a disturbed heart.

“We do not know what the future holds, just be smart ” Josh said.

“How is Anna gonna be doing please? isn’t she suppose to be following us to school or what did you guys think?” Mary asked.

“She should follow us to school tomorrow, I’m gonna speak to the principal myself about her enrollment in the school” Josh said.

“She is beautiful, Josh, Isn’t it?” Mary teased.

“What are you talking about?” Josh asked with a frowned face.

“Of course, she is very beautiful, very gorgeous, soft skin and beautiful lips” Collins said and bite his lower lips.

“Excuse me?” Anna exclaimed.
She stood up.

“Mary, please, I wanna shower and rest” Anna pleaded.

Mary led her to the bathroom and showed her the room she’s gonna be staying.

Josh and Collins switched on the plasma TV to catch some fun.

Feathers arrived at Bella’s place. Bella who had been anticipating for his presence welcomed him with a hug.

Feathers stylishly rejected it by bending down and holding his stomach like someone having stomach upset.

Bella smiled and controlled the pain she felt as a result of the stylish rejection of her hug by Feathers.

Feathers stood upright and exhaled like someone that had just recovered of the stomach upset.

Bella signaled for Feathers enter the house. He did.

Lennox was sitting in the room reading one of the ancient scrolls he had just ordered from Babylon.

“Dad, meet Feathers, the twin brother of Mary” Bella said.

Feathers wondered how Bella knew that he is the twin brother of Mary.

“Feathers, I must say that we’ve met before but that was when you were under a spell, I was happy that Collins helped you out, after wards, you went to Korea to uncover your power, you escaped the man I told to cast a spell on you. Not only are you now powerful, you also returned to America here with a new girl. Well, I just wish that you were smart, my daughter told me that you are a story writer on Facebook, you even have a page, how come you do not reason that walking inside this place might be the end of all the power you went to Korea to get?"

"At least, my friend who is also a writer, she is very smart, she doesn’t make senseless decisions. Now see this pin in my hand, it is the secret to your power, once I inject you with this, you loose all powers you had acquired. What you did not know is this, while you are working on acquiring your power, I had ordered ancient books from ancient libraries of power in Babylon to find out the weakness of your power. Don’t think too much, I found the secret to your power, here it is in my hand, Feathers, I am sorry, deeply sorry that after I had injected you with this pin, you will become our dog once more, we will cast a spell that will work on you for 50 years, after all, no spell is ever permanent, but I know that 50 wasted years of your life is gonna satisfy us and make us happy."

"You are too small, too young to fight against the family of Lennox, yes, you can call us big eye family, you can abuse my daughter by saying all her brains are in her big eyes, she told me all the insults you have hurled on her in the past, I’m sure you will swallow all those insults after you work for her like a servant working for his master for fifty years of your life."

"I’m sure that your fans on Facebook will miss you, they will keep waiting for you to update them with the next episode not knowing that you have become my daughter’s dog" Lennox said and smirked.

He took the pin and walked closer to Feathers.

•Do you think Lennox's plans will work on Feathers?

To be continued.


Re: The Only Nudge by Finnestgreat: 5:27pm On Dec 30, 2020
Re: The Only Nudge by Kaycee9242(m): 4:20am On Jan 01
Nice one op

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