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Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by LoveToRead: 1:06pm On Jan 17
I was also amazed that Steph could keep the knowledge of the pregnancy away from her mother. Madam B had never said anything about it, so

I assumed that Steph did not tell her. Oh, how I wished it was Enny that was expecting my baby. By the middle of March, I was becoming concerned about Enny’s inability to conceive.

‘Don’t you think you should see a doctor?’ I told her. ‘See a doctor and let’s know why the delay.’

‘Good idea,’ she agreed. ‘But, don’t you think the two of us should see a doctor?’

‘Me?’ I shook my head. My mind was busy. If I could impregnate Steph, then it meant nothing was wrong with me.

‘I think I’m alright,’ I asserted.

‘How could you tell?’

That was a million dollar question which I dared not answer. ‘I just think I’m okay,’ I repeated.

‘Well, to start with, I’ll see a doctor,’ Enny consented.

The following day she went to see a gynecologist. Some tests were run on her and she came with the report that medically, all was well with
her. So, why was there no conception?

‘Let’s keep on trying then,’ I said. ‘I know God’s time is the best.’

‘But, what are about you? When will you go for tests?’

I smiled and held her hand. ‘My dear, Enny, let me assure you that nothing is wrong with me.’

I decided that I probably had to double my efforts in making her conceive. We just had to do ‘it’ more than we normally did. March 23 was my
birthday. I would be thirty-one. How times fly! This time of last year, I was still single and earning stipends at the coaching center. To day, I was relatively okay and was married. Things had moved very fast within the last twelve months. I thanked God for making me to come across Madam B. she had been my pillar, after God almighty.

In the morning of March 23, Mandy surprised me with a birthday cake.

‘Happy birthday, Alex,’ she complimented. ‘Wishing you long life and prosperity.’

I was pleased. ‘Thank you, Mandy. How did you know it’s my birthday?’

‘Madam told me,’ she replied. ‘It’s on your c.v.’

I accepted the case. ‘Thank you, Mandy. I so much appreciate this.’

‘You’re welcome.’

About one clock, Steph called my line.

‘Happy birthday, Alex. Wishing you many happy returns.’

I was surprised. ’How did you know?’

She laughed. ‘Wall has ears, Alex.’

I sighed. ‘Thank you, Steph, for the wishes.’

‘How’s the baby?’

‘He’s kicking. He’s hale and hearty and he’s wishing you happy birthday too.’

I smiled in spite of myself.

Later in the day, Madam gave me two hundred dollars. ‘That’s a little something for you, Alex. It’s for your birthday.’

I accepted her gift with a grateful heart.

At home, my lovely wife and her sister had prepared special dish with wines. I was overwhelmed with their wonderful gestures. Three days after
my birthday, Enny woke me up in the middle of the night. I yawned and glanced at the table clock beside the bed.
‘Hope no problem, Enny darling,’ I said.

‘We’ve got to talk,’ she said.

The talk must be serious, I thought as I sat up on the bed.

‘Do you love me?’ she asked.

My heat beat quickened. Why was she asking that? Had Steph called her to leak our ‘secret’?

‘Of course, you know I love you and will always do so.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Look, Enny, you yourself know that I will always love you.’

She paused as if weighing my words. ‘Very good. Why then are you doing what greatly displeases me?’

Again, my mind went into turmoil. ‘Please, Enny, stop talking in riddles. Go straight to the point’

‘Darling, why don’t you just see a doctor? Why don’t you just do it to please me? I want to carry your baby, dear. Why don’t you just try and
let’s hear what the report will be?’

I felt relieved. I had thought Steph had let the cat out of the bag. Thank God, she had not. I sighed. ‘Alright. Tomorrow morning – later today,
rather – I’ll go and see a doctor. I promise.’

‘Oh, darling.’ She hugged me as if I had promised her a life long desire.

True to my words, I went to a private hospital that madam staff used at Ikeja. I hardly went to hospital and this was one of the rare moments. I
went to meet the consultant and I told him the challenge at the home front. He said the main test was the semen test I had to do. I did it and
was told to come back two days later for the results. When I went back there, the report was unfavorable. I was told I had a serious low sperm

‘I can’t believe that,’ I said heatedly. ‘no. I can’t simply believe it.’

The doctor was emphatic. ‘It can happen,’ he explained. ‘It happens to many men.’

I shook my head. But I had impregnated a lady, hadn’t I? So, what’s this I was hearing?

‘There’re things we can do,’ he went on. ‘Certain fertility drugs can be prescribed to boost your semen production. You can avoid doing certain
things. I’m sure with fervent fertility treatment, you’ll soon be a father.’

I’m already a father! I screamed at him in my mind. I however restrained myself from saying anything. He gave me some prescriptions and the
kinds of food I should eat and those I should avoid. I thanked him and left the place. Later in the night, I told Enny about the report.

‘I know it,’ Enny replied. ‘I know the problem cannot be from my end.’

I was shocked by her response. ‘I don’t believe that doctor’s report,’ I quickly put in. ‘It can’t be true.’

Enny was silent for some moments. ‘Maybe you should try another place. Come to our staff clinic. They are good there. What d’you say?’

I thought briefly over it and decided that I would rather go to a neutral place. The following day, I went to St. Nicholas Hospital. I went through
similar tests, and when the results came, it was still low sperm count. I became worried. If all these were true, how come Steph conceived for
me? Then a caution came into my mind. What if I was not the father of Steph’s baby? Yes, I had met her a virgin, but that did not stop her from going on to sleep with another man, did it?

For full and complete reading go to https://okadabooks.com/book/about/a_fatal_love_sequel_to_the_sugar_mum/23963
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by tonysunkan(m): 5:57pm On Jan 17
Nice update.
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by tonysunkan(m): 5:58pm On Jan 17
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by Warlayx: 8:35pm On Jan 17
Holy Shit grin grin.... Baba, better reason DNA test
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by SeyiDominion: 4:04pm On Jan 23
Nice work
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by LoveToRead: 5:11pm On Jan 23
I called her that afternoon.

‘Steph, please tell me the truth, am I the father of that baby you’re carrying?’

‘Of course, Alex. Why’re you doubting? You’re the only man I’ve ever slept with in my life, Alex.’ I could perceive indignation in her voice.

I was exasperated. ‘Enny is yet to conceive, so I went for a medical test,’ I explained. ‘The result shows that I have low count sperm. That’s
why I’m asking you.’

‘You’re the father of my baby, Alex,’ she insisted with some vehemence. ‘Why not come over here and do DNA test? That will resolve everything, won’t it?’

‘Well, it has not come to that,’ I quickly put in.

‘Since you’re doubting, come over here, Alex darling.’

‘It’s okay. I’ll not bother you on this again. How’s everything over there?’

‘All is well, Alex. My expected day of delivery is 15th of April. I wish you’re with me, Alex.’

She had started taking the dimension I did not like. I quickly found a way to put an end to the conversation. On my own, I thought over things
again. Something must be wrong somewhere, I decided. How could it be that the same Alex who could not impregnate his wife was the one
responsible for the pregnancy of Steph?

Alright, I calmed myself. There was no need to be exasperated. I would soon get to the root of the whole matter as time went on.I procured the
fertility drugs and started taking them.

In addition to taking the drugs, Enny advised that we should start fervent prayers on it. Every night, we devoted some minutes to prayers. As a
'prayer warrior ' in her former church, she was at home with lengthy prayers. Despite my experience as a church administrator, I was not used to
long prayers. I however had to adjust.

On the second day of April, Steph called me, as usual.

'You can send any of your body part by courier service to any reputable medical centre here in U.S. It can be your nail, hair, skin graft, or blood
sample . Let me know when you're sending it and I'll make myself available there for the DNA.'

I sighed. 'I don't think that will be necessary. I only asked about the baby's paternity because I was confounded by this news of low count

'I don't like the fact that you are doubting, Alex.'

'Sorry about that. Let's leave the matter for now.'

On the day of her delivery, Steph planted camera in the labor room to have the incident videoed as it unfolded. She sent it to my e-mail and I
watched it in my office. It was like being present with her in the labour room. At a point, she had some pain just before she 'pushed' and the
baby came out. I heard her muttering my name: 'Alex, Alex.' It was very similar to the moans she made that Sunday morning in my bedroom,
except this time around, it was in pain not in pleasure.

At that point, I shed some tears. Surely, Steph could not be faking all these. By the time I watched it to the end, I felt elated that she had
delivered safely. I heard the doctor congratulating her on the new born baby boy. I realized that I had unwittingly become a father. I shed more
tears of joy. Somehow I was glad - very glad - that Steph had not listened to me when I told her to go for abortion. As guilty as I was of falling
in love with her, I felt happy that I was now a father.

But it was a joy I could not share with anyone, except with Steph. I decided to call her, but the line could not get through. I would try another
time. I was happy the rest of that day.

Enny noticed the mood as soon as I got home.

'Has madam increased your pay, or is she sending you to London for the coming summer holiday?' she asked.

In my excitement, I went to her and lifted her. 'No my dear. I'm just happy.'

'Just like that?'

'Yeah, just like that.'

I asked her to bring chicken from the pot of stew while I popped wine.

'Are you sure there's no basis for all these you're doing?'

I shook my head. 'I'm just happy, my dear.'

I slept very blissfully that night. The following morning, while I was preparing for work, Enny asked a very unusual question.

'What happened in your sleep yester night?' She asked.

I was nonplussed. 'What happened, how?' I parried.

'You called Steph's name many times.'

I was surprised. 'Did I?'

'Yes, you did.'

'I'm sorry. It must be a slip of tongue.'

I could see her staring at me. 'Is that all to it?' she asked.

'That's all to it, my darling wife.' I went over to give her a kiss. She relaxed. Just before we left the house she served coffee. We soon left the
house. As usual I dropped her at the bus stop. I arrived office early and got down to work. A few minutes to eight, madam came to the office.
That meant she came early. The office assistant told me she would like to see me. That meant there was something important.

'Good morning, ma'am,' I greeted her as soon as I stepped inside her office.

'Morning,' she answered curtly. My heart leapt up in apprehension. Something definitely was in the offing.

I sat down and looked briefly at her. She was in a bad mood.

'Alex,' she started. 'You're such a disappointment. Why? Why did you impregnate Steph?' Why?'

I opened my mouth in shock. So, she had finally got to know. I wanted to say something but no words came out.

For full reading: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/a_fatal_love_sequel_to_the_sugar_mum/23963
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by Saturn101: 7:16am On Jan 24
Nice update
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by BigBasher: 11:13am On Jan 24
cool one
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by vetrovialMan(m): 4:45pm On Jan 24
shocked shocked :oogborikoko yunction!!!

matter don caste o!
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by LoveToRead: 7:49pm On Jan 24
Nice update

You are welcome.
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by Zamar(m): 6:10am On Jan 25
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by SolaRaphael: 10:36pm On Jan 27
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by FairCritic(m): 6:12am On Jan 28
Carry on
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by Zamar(m): 9:58pm On Jan 28
More update
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by Janet96(f): 2:55pm On Jan 29
Expecting more.
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by BigBasher: 6:50am On Jan 30

Expecting more.

Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by LoveToRead: 10:23am On Jan 30
'Not only that, the two of you conspired and kept the information away from me. You made a fool of me! Why must you treat me like that?'

Again I opened my mouth but no words came out. I got up from my seat and prostrated.

'Just look at you,' she said in derision. 'I told you to take her as a sister but you went ahead and impregnate her. You should be ashamed of
yourself, Alex.'

I could not say a thing. I remained on the floor.

She shook her head.'I'm so disappointed in you. So disappointed.'

What could I say? Nothing other than to show penitence.

'I'm so sorry, ma'am,' I finally found my voice.

She shook her head again. 'I should have fired you, but I won't do. However even if you are my blood son, you'll take some punishment. Stand

I got up. It was like I was on trial and the Magistrate was about to deliver her judgment.

'You're to go on suspension. Immediate and indefinite suspension without pay. Go to your office and hand over all the files you are working on to
Mandy. Now, get out of my office.'

I stared at her. I was too shocked to say a word.

'What're you waiting for? Getting moving!' she bawled. I had never seen her in such an angry mood before. I left for my office and started
packing my things.

There you are, a voice told me. Finally you've allowed a lady to make you stumble. When a man could not control his libido, this is one of the
things that happened to him.

I shook my head as I felt sorry for myself. I was still packing and arranging the files and writing some reports when Mandy came in.

'Alex, how could you do that?' she asked.

'Do what?' I parried.

'You're still asking me! Osanobua, how could you impregnate madam's daughter? She just told me that you not only impregnated Steph, but the
two of you hid the fact from her until she delivered the baby. How could you do that, Alex? You that you're married!'

I wanted to tell her that pregnancy occurred before my wedding but kept quiet.

'Eh, Alex. So all that play play you and Steph were doing, you were actually sleeping with her!'

Now, this nosey Mandy was getting on my nerves, but I still managed to keep my cool.

'Na wa o,' she went on. 'Didn't you tell her that you had a lady you wanted to marry; that you were planning towards your wedding?'

I felt I had had enough of her pontificating. 'Mandy, if you don't mind, I'm busy. You can see that I'm trying to write a report here.'

For full readin, go to: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/a_fatal_love_sequel_to_the_sugar_mum/23963
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by ThrillPlus: 2:57pm On Jan 30
Nice update
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by CasNova: 9:11pm On Jan 30
Cool and nice
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by Zamar(m): 6:30am On Jan 31
Interesting work.
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by vetrovialMan(m): 12:12pm On Jan 31
choi! nice update, keep it coming
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by BigBasher: 4:07pm On Jan 31
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by FairCritic(m): 5:13am On Feb 01
Waiting for more.
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by LoveToRead: 5:38pm On Feb 02
She looked at me briefly, pursed her lips and left my office. I concluded my reports, gathered the files and took them to Mandy's office.

'Here, madam said I should hand over to you. The reports are here.'

I dropped the files on her table.

'So, what will you be doing now Alex?'

'I don't know yet,' I said simply.

'And your wife. How will she react to this?'

'How am I supposed to know?'

I sighed and went back to my office. I put my papers and other effects in my bag and left the office. I locked the place and went to hand over
the key to Mandy.

'So long, Mandy.'

'Sorry, Alex,' she said with some empathy. 'Take care of yourself.'

'Thank you.' I left the office building and drove the car towards Ikeja under the bridge. My mind was busy. There was no way I could hide the
fact that I had been suspended from Enny. What I was contemplating was if I should tell her or not the real reason for the suspension.

If I should tell her the whole truth, hell would be let loose. If I didn't tell her now, someday, somehow, she would still get to know. Why not tell
her now and damn the consequences? I shook my head. No, I would still tell her but not now. It would be one thing at a time. The news of my
suspension would be devastating enough.

I had no where to go so I drove home. I removed my bag from the car and as I was locking it, Juliet, one of my neighbour's daughters who had
become friendly with Deola, my wife's sister, came out of the building.

'Good morning, uncle Alex. What happened that you're back?'

I smiled at her. 'Morning, Juliet. I came to pick something.'

She smiled too, waved at me and moved on.

I went into my apartment. Deola had left for her school and would not be back until the weekend. I sat down heavily and thought over events.

It was an irony that just the previous day, I was happy that Steph had successfully delivered and that I was father of a bouncing baby boy.
Today, I was depressed as my job was hanging in the air and the whole bubble of the relationship I had with Steph was about to burst before
the eyes of my wife.

But wait a minute. Hadn't Steph said she would take care of her mother's aspect and that I should have no fear? So, what happened to that
promise now? Why was her mother reacting so harshly as if Steph and I were not adult; and as if the whole affair was not consensual?

I decided to call Steph. Her phone rang for a long time before she picked it.

'You woke me up,' she said.

In my anxiety to speak with her, I had forgotten that we were not using the same time zone. 'I' m sorry about that,' I offered. 'How are you and
the baby?"

'We're fine. You need to see your baby, dear. He's so beautiful.'

I was slightly happy to hear that. 'That's good. Glory be to God. I just came back from the office now.'

'What happened?'

'Your mum has suspended me from work.'

'What? What happened?'

I sighed. 'I thought you said you would handle the pregnancy issue from your end.'

'Yes I did.'

I sighed again. 'You obviously didn't handle it well. I was suspended for impregnating you and keeping the news from her.'

There was a pause. 'Did you hear what I just said?'

'Yes, I heard you. But it can't be for that reason, you must have done something else.'

'I didn't do any other thing. She herself mentioned the pregnancy issue as my offence.'

There was another pause. 'It can't be that,' Steph insisted. 'She knew about the pregnancy months ago.'

For full reading https://okadabooks.com/book/about/a_fatal_love_sequel_to_the_sugar_mum/23963
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by vetrovialMan(m): 6:16pm On Feb 02
hmmm, another twist, nice work bro, keep it coming

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Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by FairCritic(m): 9:02pm On Feb 02
Nice update
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by Bankerboy(m): 11:03pm On Feb 02
Keep it up bro, you are too good


Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by ThrillPlus: 12:59am On Feb 05
Keep it up bro, you are too good

Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by Awesome05: 8:41pm On Feb 05
Keep it coming.
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by LoveToRead: 6:42am On Feb 06
There was another pause. 'It can't be that,' Steph insisted. 'She knew about the pregnancy months ago.'

My heart skipped a beat. 'Really?'

'Yeah. I told her I was carrying your baby, and said I was the cause.'

'You don't mean it, Steph!'

'I mean it. I told her when the pregnancy was four months. I pleaded that I would have like to have the baby and she agreed. She even sent
some money for antenatal, despite telling her I could take care of myself. How would I be pregnant for nine months and my mum would not know about it?'

I could not believe my ears. 'But did she know all along that I was the one responsible for the pregnancy?'

'Yes. The same day I told her I was pregnant, I told her it's your baby. Mummy knew all this while. Do you know I also sent the pictures of my
growing tummy to her? You must have done something else for her to suspend you.'

I just couldn't believe this. 'But I didn't do any other thing. The reason she gave for my suspension was that of the pregnancy and that we
conspired to keep her in the dark.'

'Ask her again. Ask her your offence.'

I sighed in exasperation. Sometimes I could simply not understand Madam B. If indeed she had been acquainted with the news of Steph's
pregnancy all this while, how come she didn't react before now? How she bottle up all her feeling for about five months, only to be reacting
now? I would never understand Madam B.

Steph and I chatted a little more before she hanged up. I shook my head, wondering. There was no need I asked madam my real offence. If she
said it was because of Steph's pregnancy, so be it. Her reaction was what I would call 'delayed reaction.'

I decided to leave Madam B's angle for now and concentrate on how to handle Enny. For now I would not tell her the real reason for my suspension. I lolled in the house till early evening when Enny came back few minutes after five p.m.

'You're early today," she commented, coming to give me a peck.


I allowed her to change to casual and to join me in the sitting-room.

'I've been suspended from work,' I said. Expectedly, Enny reacted very sharply.

'What! What happened?'

'A misappropriation of some funds meant for the school building project occurred and I and the accounting officer were suspended. A board of
auditors is already looking into the matter. They will soon come out with their findings and I'll be vindicated. There's nothing to be afraid of,

I wrapped my right hand round her shoulders. She put her head on my chest

'But are you sure? Are you sure you're not involved in any shady act?'

'Of course. I'll be vindicated. There's nothing to be worried about, my darling.' I rubbed her back and that seemed to calm her down.

For full reading: https://okadabooks.com/book/about/a_fatal_love_sequel_to_the_sugar_mum/23963
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by Saturn101: 10:17am On Feb 06
Nice update
Re: A Fatal Love (sequel To The Sugar Mum) by vetrovialMan(m): 3:53pm On Feb 06
why do i have the feeling that, should've just opened up to her?

nice work

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