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There Is Hope For You / There Is Hope For You / Open Heaven Daily Devotional(tue. 24/10/2017) There Is Hope For You. (2) (3) (4)

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Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 11:10pm On Dec 16, 2020
There is Hope!

In the face of opposition and difficult times, put your hope in God. He will come through for you. Things might not be where they should be. Keep up the faith, keep up the hope. Goodness will happen for you, it is a matter of time. Just keep going. Wrap effective prayer and actions round you hope.

Keep your prayer life up and intensify your actions towards the goals and aspirations you are hoping for.

I wish above all things that you succeed and you will ! Remember, there is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 7:33am On Dec 17, 2020
There is Hope.

Do not be discouraged especially because of the issue you are going through or facing. You will have a testimony and it will all be ok. Just keep your Hope up.

Speak to yourself to be positive when you feel like you are down. You are the best person to encourage yourself because you have your best interest at heart. It is your responsibility to make “you” happy.

Remember Psalms 42:5 where the writer of the psalms was asking himself “why so downcast oh my soul.........put your hope in God”
It is such a powerful scripture drawing us to the reminder that we should constantly do self- examination of ourselves and effect change if necessary.

If you catch yourself having negative thoughts about you issues, challenge yourself, challenge those thoughts and switch to positive thinking and hopeful thoughts. You have that power, you have that choice.

Remember, There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 12:06am On Dec 19, 2020
There is Hope.

Hope in God’s unfailing love. People might have ignored and undermined you. They can see your today but God can see your tomorrow. I will encourage you to put your trust and hope in Him who can do all things. Nothing is to difficult for him to do.

Let His power and His ability to do all things be your focus. There is nothing he can not do.

Remember, There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 1:33pm On Dec 19, 2020
There is Hope.

Putting your hope is God must be developed as a lifestyle so that you are continually hoping in Him.

This is linked in with Psalms 71:14 in which the scripture reads “ I will continually Hope in God.......” This denotes that the totality of the reliance of the writer of the psalm is in God. A life style of hoping in God had been developed.

When you continually Hope in God. When you have confidence that your Hope is in Him and He will come through for you, it shifts your focus from trusting in man to trusting in God.

I will encourage you to let Hope rise from your within and let it be your lifestyle. This is good for you so that in most things in your life you are trusting in God and not in your flesh while at the same time you are doing what you are practically meant to be doing towards achieving a specific goal.

You can develop the lifestyle of hoping in God from today. Start it!

David in the bible did. That is why most times before he embarks on key events, he would seek the Lord if he should go. He relied on the Lord for Victory.

Continually Hoping is almost synonymous with continual victory because every engagement is divine led.

I pray God give us all the grace to continually Hope in Him and His unfailing Love.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 12:11pm On Dec 20, 2020
There is Hope.

It is of importance that you do not let any negative circumstance or past history affect your Hope.

Yesterday is gone. Today is a new day. Only God knows tomorrow, so Hope in God. The negative experiences of the past is in the past. Draw the line on that past.

Your Hope is about your “now and future”. Nothing other that God’s plans and promises for your life should affect or impact on your Hope in God. God will answer you, focus on Him alone.

Remember, there is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 2:21am On Dec 21, 2020
There is Hope !

There are some things you need to pay attention to or be focused on while hoping and waiting on the Lord for Answers to what you are hoping God to do in your life:

Prayer: Very important, keep praying until you get the result. Even after your miracle, keep up the prayers because you need to protect the miracle!

Praise: Keep praising God for what you are hoping for. This is a spiritual mystery. So many times, Jesus thanked God and the miracles followed. Keep praising God for what you are expecting him to do. Are you looking for a Child? Thank God for the birth of a lovely baby.

Persistence. Be persistent in your pursuit of what you are hoping God to do in your life. Even when you can not see it, be persistent in asking, seeking and knocking on the door for you breakthrough. Don’t leave any stone unturned. If you are looking for finance to start a project, keep applying for capital, don’t give up. Keep active and it will happen.

Position: Position yourself for what you are hoping God for. Be at the right place. Be in Church, be in His Presence. Be earthly positioned too. Attend conferences, Summits etc Be in the presence of like minded people. Positioning is quite important to success and miracle. In the bible, positioning was why the friends of the paralytic man went to the effort of opening the roof to position him before Jesus. Guess what? He was healed. That is the power of positioning. Don’t be stopped from being positioned rightly to be blessed. Do it!

Remember, there is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 9:37pm On Dec 21, 2020
There is Hope.

This time of the year, Christmas is a time to focus on Christ and the hope he brought into the world.

Let us tap into that Hope.

God will protect us all during this season.

Remember, there is Hope !
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 11:53am On Dec 22, 2020
There is Hope.

I would encourage you to have hope in God, hope in Christ that all will be well with you. You have hope in who can never fail. Christ never fails, so you can not fail. Put your hope in Him who can not and will not fail.

It might look like what you are hoping for is not with you at the moment, don’t worry. The bible quotes in His time He makes all things beautiful. Your miracle is just around the corner. Let Hope rise in you.

Hope in Christ, use this season of celebrating Christmas to connect or reconnect with Christ and let that hope in Christ be birthed anew in your life. Make this Christmas a new beginning. Chill out, but start afresh with Christ. God is good.

The timing is right because you are going into a new year and a good time to set your short term, mid term and Strategic goals. Let God me in the plan. Don’t limit what God is set to do in your life.

Go for the big dream! Wrap your faith and Hope around it and you will be surprised how God will come through for you.

Enjoy the Christmas season, have a safe journey, focus on the greatness that God will do for you going forward. Be good to yourself because you carry destiny.

Merry Christmas.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 9:05am On Dec 23, 2020
There is Hope.

Compliments and hope you are blessed?

While the focus is on Christ because of Christmas. Focus on the hope that Christ brought into the world. This is what we are celebrating during this season.

Remember Romans 5:5 That reads that Hope never fails or hope does not disappoint. Let this word be your driver word during this season.

Whatever you are hoping for will come to pass. Don’t worry. Don’t let any negative situation or event of the past affect this present season in your life. Be happy. Be joyful because of the hope that Christ brought into this world that we are all benefiting from.

Remember the Christmas song “joy to the world” this is it! Joy is the essence of the season. Be joyful because of this season and the expectations of God’s miracles in your life. It definitely will happen. You will be celebrated.

Keep confessing the word “ I am hopeful because I know I will have a testimony”. It will not be too long.

I hope and pray that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Keep smiling. There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 7:08am On Dec 24, 2020
There is Hope.

Merry Christmas and I am glad and thankful God has kept us alive to experience Christmas 2020. It has been a year! but I am praying to God and hopeful for a better year ahead for us all.

Please remember that God is with you during this season, be hopeful and He will come through for you. Whatever you are needing God to do in your life, be hopeful that it is done.

Wrap your thanksgiving, Praise, supplications and actions around what you are hoping for God to do in your life. The answers to your issues might be during this festive seasons, you never know. Keep the hope and faith up even during this Christmas, yet have a good time in His presence.

It was during a festive season at Shiloh that Hannah’s prayers for a Child was answered. Was it not during a marriage celebration that Jesus’ first miracle was recorded. God answers prayers at anytime. This Christmas season might be your time! Amen.

Remember His word in Psalms 9:18 that He remembers the needy and will respond to those who hope in Him. For anything you need, there is God. Put your hope and trust in Him. He never fails.

Lastly, engage with the word and people of God during this season too. You can attend a Church Christmas Carol service or Christmas Service to enjoy the Presence of God.

The living faith Tabernacle, Canaan land will be having a Christmas Eve Service around 6:00pm local time as well as a Christmas Service on Christmas Day. If you can not attend in person, you can connect online via YouTube by typing domi stream in the search bar. The life broadcast should come on.

I wish you a very good Christmas and I know your powerful testimony is just around the corner. The world will celebrate with you soon. Keep the hope up!

By the way start putting your plans and actions for next year down during this season and start getting some actions down both on how you will achieve them. You will get there!

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by HellVictorinho(m): 10:20am On Dec 24, 2020
There is Hope!

Do something unusual regarding what you are hoping for. Thank God for what you are hoping for God to do in your life. That on its own is an act of faith mixed with a heart of thanksgiving. Consider it done even when you can not see it and all does not seem to be Woking well.

You would have read in the bible that at times before Jesus performs a miracle he will thank God. There is a mystery around thanking God before a miracle or a divine visitation.

You too can tap into that mystery. Make a list of what you are hoping for God to do in your life. Be very specific. Remove ambiguity. Now start thanking God genuinely from the depth of your heart. Thank Him also for what God had done for you or other people in the past. Thank God for who He is. The bible is psalms advise us to thank God “at the remembrance of His holiness”. Thank God for being a Holy God.

Remember, thank God for what you are hoping for.
There is Hope !
I am tired of hoping.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 12:40pm On Dec 25, 2020
There is Hope!

Merry Christmas!

Thanks so much for the frank Comment, it is appreciated and at times we all feel like tired of hoping. Don’t give up, you might be closer to the blessing than you think. The darkest hours of the night is the closest to the morning. Keep your hope and faith up.

Some things are responsible for us getting tired of hoping. I have been there. At times when it takes too long, we get tired. Don’t worry, in our eyes it might look too long. God’s timing is different from our timing. At times we go through some process that is defined by time before the promise. In His time He makes all things beautiful so whatever you are trusting God for don’t give up.

At times we look at present circumstances and can not link it to what we want God to do in our lives. Don’t worry, a day of God’s favour can terminate 10 years of pain and struggle. Just keep praying and acting in faith. Your season is now in Jesus name.

Also you might be in a situation where you even feel people are mocking you and this makes you emotionally tired etc. Don’t look at their faces. Look inward and upward. Upward to God who is your hope and inward because you are special. Yes you are special no matter what you are going through.

Let me surprise you, you are on earth because there is a key problems to solve. You are a solution to something. This is one of the reason why you are special. Please stop for a moment and say to yourself “I am special” yes you are. Start moving towards the essence of your existence. What interests you in life. What are you keen on doing positively? That might be the one of the clues to the solution you are meant to solve. You might not be in that career now. Start setting time to shape and fashion what makes you special. You will be celebrated!

Lastly don’t give up. Instead “up” your faith. Remember Hebrews 11:1 that reads that faith is the “ substance” of things hoped for. Faith is the substance of Hope. You can see this scripture as faith is substantial in the concept of Hope. Let faith rise in you.

Don’t be tired, believe in Gods that by faith, you will achieve greatness. Also don’t feel bad that you are tired. He are all humans and that is why we need the strength of God to carry on. Receive that strength today and be energised. You have a bright future!

Merry Christmas !

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 12:45am On Dec 26, 2020
There is Hope.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Just to encourage us that Christ who we are celebrating is the Son of God with Power according to the Spirit of Holiness as written in the bible in Romans 1:4.

Christ is also the Hope of Glory. So be encourage that Christ who is the story of Christmas is powerful and can bless and turn your life around. He can also guarantee that your Hope will actualise. Give your life to him and start living for Him.

He is the Hope of glory, so you can put your hope, trust and faith in Him. Jesus never fails. It is a matter of His timing for your life. Be hopeful, be happy and join in the celebration of the birth of Christ this Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 1:30pm On Dec 26, 2020
There is Hope.

I hope you had a good Christmas Day and enjoying Boxing Day?

Just to remind us that Boxing Day has its history in giving, thus the reason why most people open their gifts on Boxing Day. History has it that during the Victorian time in England, the churches would donate money and put them in boxes ahead of time for Christmas for the less privileged. The boxes are opened on the day after Christmas, Boxing Day and the money given to the less privileged and so on. A very good example of giving.

What has this got to do with Hope, you would ask? A lot! While you are hoping and trusting God for what He will do in your life for that breakthrough, giving is very key.

Develop the attitude of giving. It is one of the mysteries of the faith. Notice that in the bible, despite what Job went through in the book of Job, it was the time that he started praying for his friends that his fortunes were restored.

Giving is very key, adopt the habit of giving. Giving does not have to be money. It could be giving your time to a positive cause.

In Job’s example above, he did not give money but time and spiritual commitment to praying for his friends. Winning soul for Christ is giving. You are giving your time, you are sharing your time and you are giving someone the opportunity for salvation.

Even the essence of Christmas that we are celebrating I this season has its root in giving. God “gave ” his only son to the world. This demonstrates the giving nature of God rooted in deep love “ for God so loved the World”.

I will encourage you to start focusing on the needs of others while you are believing in God and hoping for answers to your prayers. Keep hoping but keep giving.

Give you time, give your attention, give your prayers, give your commitment etc it could be anything. You can give to someone, a community or a cause. Even spending some time to pray for your community or Country on a daily basis is an art of giving; your time and your spiritual focus.

I have had of testimonies of people who had deep issues and instead of focusing on those issues, started doing good, went out winning souls for Christ and God answered their prayers.

At times, people even have had needs but instead of just wrapped up in their own issues, focused on praying and practically supporting the needs of other people and before you know it, they got their own victory.

Remember, start using today as a day of raising your hope in God to a higher level and develop the habit of giving.

I pray you have a very good day.

Happy Boxing Day!

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 12:38pm On Dec 27, 2020
There is Hope.

Happy Sunday and hope your day is blessed.

This is to encourage you that while you are waiting on God for your miracle, develop a heart and attitude of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is very important to blessing. It is one of the mysteries of the faith.

Remember Jesus in the bible, before the multiplication that fed thousands. What did he do before the miracle of feeding the thousands,He “gave thanks” and miracle of multiplication followed. Are you expecting God for the miracle of multiplication, why not give him thanks, why not praise Him?

You can even take this to another level by thanking Him for what you are hoping for God to do in your life. This is tantamount to the activation of high level of faith, why not? Yes thank God for the job, for the peace in your family, for divine visitation over any issue that is presenting. God will answer you in Jesus name.

Having a thanksgiving attitude leads to a thankful tendency. It affects you positively and helps you to be appreciative. Appreciative of where you are. It might look like you are not satisfied with where you are. You will be surprised that what you have is even the prayer of someone. So be appreciative of where you are and see God move you to another level.

You might not have got that promotion at work and you are praying and hoping it will happen soon. Be appreciative and thankful for the job you have because some people don’t even have a job. You are praying to have a child, be thankful and hopeful that you are alive and see God appreciate your thankfulness and bless you with the fruit of the womb.

Be thankful unto him and praise His Holy name. At times God wants you to be thankful to get you to the next level so be sensitive and pay attention!

Remember, be thankful and appreciative of where you are while hoping for God to move you to the next level.

Enjoy you day!

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 11:16am On Dec 28, 2020
There is Hope.

Hope in the word of God that relates to what you need God to do for you. There are words of God and promises that relates to all areas of people’s need in the Bible. Research the word and claim the promises. Read it, meditate on it, quote the scripture and use it in your prayers. The word of God is powerful and you would be surprised at the power in the word of God and how it can change situations.

Look for few of those scriptures in the bible that matches what you are looking for. Zero in on a key verse in that scripture, memorise it and put it to heart. Quote the scripture in your prayers. Use the scriptures to face the challenges and see God move the mountains.

An example, if you are hoping in God for financial breakthrough, you can look through Ephesians 4. When you see verse 19. You will note it quotes that “ my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory” Ephesians 4:19. You can use the scripture by personalising it to yourself that “my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory “

Look for other scriptures that matches or addresses what you are hoping in God for.

Remember the scripture in Psalms 119:114 that reads that “you are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word”. Hoping in God’s word is very powerful and effective. God honours His word. His words are powerful.

Remember, Hope in God’s words. Know the words, quote the words, pray the words, praise with the words, use the words to face your challenges or aspirations and lastly remind God of His words and pray that they should work for you.

Incorporate the study of the word of God into your plans for the next year.

There is Hope !
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 1:07pm On Dec 29, 2020
There is Hope!

As we approach the end of the year and going into another one, start wrapping your faith and building your Hope around the specifics you want God to do for you in the coming year. Be specific, write it down, start thanking God for doing it for you and see yourself have a blissful 2021.

Don’t let the events of this year shape your faith but hope for a glorious next year. Hope in His glory as written in Romans 5:1-5. Note the other characteristics or keywords in that scripture: Faith, Hope, Peace, Perseverance, character etc.

Build up your faith in expectation of what you are hoping for. It will happen in Jesus name. Have peace even in the face of challenges or when you can not see anything happen yet. Have peace because in His time He makes all things beautiful.

Perseverance is quite key because it builds character as written in the same scripture of Romans 5:1-5. Persevere in the face of challenges, persevere in the face of rejection, persevere in the face of obstacles on the way to achieving your given goals. That perseverance will build character.

Character is key for achievement. It helps you to focus on the way to success and helps you to remain focused when you achieve success so that you protect and do not loose your breakthrough.

The next year will be awesome for us all in Jesus name. We will remain focused, stay in the centre of faith and be hopeful.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 4:11pm On Dec 29, 2020
There is Hope!

Just following on from a similar quote from Bishop Desmond Tutu.
Hope is seeing and looking forward to light when still in darkness.

This is very powerful because, you might still even be in a challenging situation but you are hoping and seeing light despite what seems like darkness around you. This means you are not letting the darkness around you affect you but you are focused on the light that you are hoping for.

This simply means, though you might still be in a dark, challenged or not too good a position, you are not conditioned by this but your hope is built around the light in the future. Your focus is not on the “now” but on the future.

If this is the case and you are hoping in God for somethings, why not shift your focus to that greatness you are hoping for ? The timing now is so relevant because you can start building towards an awesome 2021. Start conditioning 2021 as your year of brightness. The year you will shine for God’s glory.

Stop thinking of the difficult today or not knowing how you will get there. God works in a mysterious way. Leave it to God. Play your part.

Your part is to picture in specific terms what you are hoping God to do in your life. Then pray kingdom advancement prayers, help other people on the way to where you are going, be a blessing to other people, plan where you are going, work the plan, pray for God to strengthen you to stay focused on your dream, commit time daily/weekly to achieving your plans, thank God for the success of the plan and see God move in your life in 2021.

God will definitely answer you, please when He does, help others in Humility and show them the process. Win Souls for the Lord too and rescue the perishing.

This is your season!

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 1:08pm On Dec 30, 2020
There is Hope!

Hope continually as the bible quotes in Psalms 71:14 that “ but I will hope continually And will praise you more and more” This sums up the need to make “hoping and thanking” a lifestyle.

When you develop the attitude of hoping continually, regardless of the immediate circumstance around you, regardless of the present state you are in, you will be hopeful and this will help you to plug your focus into a positive future. This attitude even develops positive attitude in you as well as of spiritual benefit.

Also the bible quote in that scripture that “I will thank God more and more”. This means having a lifestyle of always thanking God. When you develop this attitude as you are hoping, It will help you to see the good in things around you while hoping for a better future.

As you finish this year, why not thank God for this year and thank God for a better and glorious year in 2021. Be thankful because 2021 is going to be a great year for us all. I am thankful for a better 2021 when God will lift me higher. Same for you in Jesus name.

Remember be hopeful continually and be thankful more and more. God bless your day.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 5:35pm On Dec 30, 2020
There is Hope.

I would like to use the word of God in Romans 15: 13 to encourage you which is quoted as "Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit".

It is quite interesting that God is referred to as he God of Hope. Also worthy of note is the fact that associated with hope is Joy and peace. The scripture quotes that the God of Hope will fill us with Joy and Peace. Joy are peace are two key ingredients to strengthen our Hope and faith on the journey.

I would encourage you to have the peace of God in you. Don't be disturbed if you have not achieved that dream yet, just have peace it will happen. Also be joyful. Your Joyful disposition towards like at this hoping stage in your life is so vital. Keep a joyful heart and a smile on your face. God will visit you.

Lastly, The scripture assures us that we can about in hope by the Power of the Holy Spirit. This means we need to be calling on God to strengthen and increase our level of hope. We can see here that the Holy Spirit is our enabler when it comes to be hopeful in His promises for our lives.

Please bear in mind that one of the keywords in that scripture is "believing".

God bless you as you invite the Holy Spirit to strengthen your hope. Also be hopeful as you go into 2021. Winners Chapel at Canaan land has services both on the 31st December in the evening and on the 1st of January in the morning. Start committing the new year into the hands of God and be hopeful in what he will do in your life in the new year.

If you can not make it to the services in person at Canaan land, you can connect via You tube, type in Dome Stream into YouTube around 6.00pm on the 31st of December or around 7.00am on the 1st January and click on the "live" screen/ box and be part of the blessings of God going into 2021.

Remember, There is Hope !
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 8:56am On Dec 31, 2020
There is Hope.

As we crossover into the new year, be reminded that the God you have put your hope in is a miraculous God. Read through the bible and experience His wonderful works; from the parting of the Red Sea and letting the children of Israel pass through it to Jesus feeding the five thousand people in the New Testament.

Be hopeful that if God can perform those miraculous acts, yours is possible. Let this notion and thinking be your “backdrop “ as you go into the new year, that you have a miraculous God as your father. God will come through for you and me in Jesus name. Give your life to Him to fully enjoy the benefit of God as a father.

It is good to still connect with people of God as they cross over into the new year. Most services in Churches have been adjusted time - wise because of the government’s instruction. Please check the website of the Church you are engaging with. If you want to join Living Faith Tabernacle online to enjoy the presence of the Most HIgh God, you can link on YouTube.

The service starts at 6.00pm and you can type Domi Stream in your search bar in YouTube. It will give you the service that is presently “live”.

God bless us all as we cross over into a great and blessings filled year in Jesus name. Don’t look at your immediate surroundings, look at the future.

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 11:03am On Jan 01
There is Hope!

Happy new year. First and foremost, we thank God for landing us into this year of turnaround era. Let’s look forward to a bright and fulfilling year.

Let’s wrap our faith and Hope around the positive expectations of the goodness we have put before God. He will answer us.

I would encourage us to focus on His unfailing power this year. I trust that you came into the year with clear written down plans and objectives. See God answer your requests this year as you mark your objectives for this year as done, one after the other! Amen.

Remember Hope and faith/ believe moves hand in hand so let faith arise in you to affect your Hope.

You are blessed in 2021. You will not miss God’s visitation over your life this year. Focus on helping others also on the way to your promise land. Lastly love God.

Happy new year

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 5:00pm On Jan 01
There is Hope.

Thank God we are in 2021!

We will experience greatness in this year in Jesus name. This is a matter of goals, focus, faith and Hope.

Today is day one, I know it’s a day of celebration but don’t take your eyes and focus of your goals and what you want God to do for you in 2021. I am sure you have already written it down and you are praying about it. You now need to move into action. By the way action here includes: prayers, thanksgiving, working the plan physically and doing good to others and loving God’s work.

Develop an action plan around how you will get to your destination. Don’t leave nothing to chances this year!

Focus focus focus on the goals and your expectations from God. Even have the picture of what you want imprinted strongly on your heart.

The book of 2 Corinthians 5:17 quotes that if a person is in Christ, he or she is a new creature, old things have passed away, behold all things have become new! Yes brand new. So technically this is a new year and a new You! Wipe the slate clean and start the beautiful journey of 2021. Start this lovely year on a clean sheet. On your marks, Set, GO!

I pray for your success this year in Jesus name. See you at the top!

Lastly if you believe you want to be in Christ, make that positive decision and live the Christ-like life by giving your heart to Him( Christ).

Please feel free to visit the Living Faith Tabernacle on Sunday and start the year with the first Sunday in His Presence. The theme for this year is “2021, Turnaround Era” how beautiful and how relevant it is to “Hope”. Even if your Hope in 2021 is turning things around in all your areas of live, this is cool!

God will be with us all this year.

If you need to connect with the services on Sunday, please you can link in via YouTube by searching Domi Stream and link in to the live service. Having said that, nothing is better that fellowship with brethren.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 1:47pm On Jan 02
There is Hope.

The beginning of this year is a good time to reflect on the beginning of this earth in Genesis Chapter 1. Reading the first few verses of the chapter, we can see how a lovely earth was created in verse 1, but the presenting circumstances were “no form, void and darkness” The good thing is the Spirit of the Lord was on Standby and we can see it “hoovering over”

This is to encourage us all that no matter the form of challenges that might have come into this year with us, as long as we allow the Holy Spirit to be present around us, there will be a solution and there will be a turnaround.

As you can see immediately after the hoovering of the Holy Spirit, that God commanded “ let there be light” and there was light!

The good thing about the sweet Holy Spirit is that there are various dimensions to its presence. This includes the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of counsel, the Spirit of understanding etc etc. They would all have been at work when hovering over in the account of creation.

I will encourage you to invite the Holy Spirit into the “beginning “ of this year. Just pray and invite Him in. He is always willing to be of help if we allow Him. That choice is with us to invite Him in.

Let the Holy Spirit start this year with you so that you have a divine companion that is navigating the year to maximise the blessing in it for you.

Let this assurance that the Holy Spirit is willing to work with you this year raise faith and Hope in you.

God bless your year!

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 4:59pm On Jan 03
There is Hope.

We thank God for His divine protection on us during this festive season. We are going back to the first full working week this year. God will help us as we go forward into the year. Let us put our goals for this year before God. Let us wrap our faith and Hope around the goals and what we have put before Him this year.

Focus the first week, the first month on planning how you will achieve greatness this year. This includes planning and mapping you journey to success. This also involved planning your prayer life and your kingdom principled lifestyle to enable and accommodate God blessing for you this year.

The bible reads in Psalms 90:12 that “ teach us how to number our days so that we can apply our hearts to wisdom” This scripture is quite important at the start of a new year. Analyse and evaluate the time you will be needing to do various activities including working time, praying time and other activities. Review your time allocation as well as evaluate your time.

Lastly apply discipline to how you work the plan. It could be challenging initially but be resilient and follow through on it. It might be as an example, that you want to change career. How many hours are you giving to training, studying and preparing for the accreditation exams for the new career? How many time are you committing to praying and how many hours are you sowing into the lives of other people who want to change their career as well ? Are you investing time in your Community and your Church ? . You need to review the time allocated to all the above positive parameters and it will be well with you in Jesus name.

Please start the year with positive energy and putting your Hope on the Lord. God bless your new beginning.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 7:47am On Jan 04
There is Hope:

This is the beginning of the first week of this year.
God go with you as you begin this year in Jesus name. Please key into the word of God around what you are hopeful for. The word of God refers to Hoping in His word in quite a few places in Psalms in particular. His words will deliver the greatness you are hoping in God to do for you this year.

Please research scripture relating to what you are hoping God to do in your life. Also learn authoritative scripture to challenge your situation to command a change in God’s name. Remember that the Earth is the Lord’s, the world and all that dwell therein as in Psalms 24. Also you are the Child of God so your father owns the Earth, the world and all that dwell therein. This includes what you are hoping for, so ask your Father to give you what you want.

Ask God humbly, challenge the circumstances.

Your day is blessed and your week is blessed as you start to research scriptures that you will use in your journey towards excellence in 2021.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 8:59am On Jan 05
There is Hope.

Build your hope and faith around the fact that His Word is very key to your hoping for a better future. In essence, you have to study the word of God, the Bible. It is very important, let the bible be your friend, buy one, get one and if you have one let it be your closest companion this year.

If you have not given your life to Christ and you want the bible to be of improved relevance to you with better understanding, go to a believers Church like the Winners Chapel at Ota or any of their Satellite fellowships and give your life to Jesus when they make the alter call. You can also engage online by going to Domi Stream on YouTube or other digital platform.

The key thing is to be close to the word of God, study the word of word, meditate on the word of God and pray with the word of God. Psalms 119:166 reads “ Lord I hope for your salvation and I do your commandments”. His commandments are in His word. Start by researching His commandments. You can start by exploring Exodus chapter 20. God bless your exploits into His Words.

As you study His word and develop your relationship with God, your hopes will become reality and you will have a powerful celebration and testimony. God bless your day.

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 6:22pm On Jan 05
There is Hope.

You might have had a challenging beginning to the year. Don’t worry God had not forgotten about you. He will bring and give you victory. It looks like all is lost and you are thinking is this how I am going to be in this new year. It is a lie of the devil. God will crown you with glory this year.

Don’t give up and don’t let what you are going through shape your future. Don’t let it dent your Hope in God. Instead be more hopeful and give appreciation to God for life. Be thankful and prayerful. Yes it might look difficult. Don’t give up hope.

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:23pm On Jan 05
There is Hope.

Do not let your Hope in God be shaken by any circumstance. Look up to Jesus the solution to all issues. There is nothing God can not do. Trust in Him. He will not fail you.

It might look challenging and difficult and the year had just started !!! It can only get better. Just trust in God and build up your faith and Hope.

There is this saying that the darkest hour of the night is not far from the morning. Your miracle might just be around this tough challenges. Don’t give up, keep on pressing on. Develop a positive attitude. Even in the midst of your challenges and tough situation, look for a person to bless. Contribute positively to your community.

I hope all will turn around for the best soon and I believe in a supernatural turnaround for you in Jesus name. The theme at Winners Chapel for this year is Supernatural Turnaround Era. You will not miss it in Jesus name.

The Church is beginning a 21 days of fasting and prayer to experience for members and believers supernatural turnaround. If you can be part of this, it will be good. Today is the 2nd day. It is going on till the 24th of January. Prayer is going on every evening between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. You can join in person or connect digitally via any online platform like YouTube. If YouTube, just search for Domi stream and click on the “live”programme between 6:00pm and 8:00pm.

If you need to give your life to Jesus and fully benefit from the grace of God on believers, say this simple Lord’s Prayer as quoted:

“ Father Lord, I come to you today to surrender my Life to you. I am making a decision today to be your child. Forgive me of all my past sins. I start with you today as your child. Save me in the name of Jesus. I thank you Lord for the new life I have in you. In Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen”

I thank God for your new life and I pray God will strengthen you. Find yourself a good believers Church like the Winners Chapel, Canaan land where your faith will be built up by fellowshipping and learning how to build your life in Christ.

God bless you.

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:03pm On Jan 06
There is Hope.

Please thank God for where you are and thank Him for where you want to be.

Develop the habit of thanksgiving while hoping for the best from God.

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 12:26am On Jan 08
There is Hope.

On the way to where you want to be, on the journey towards the breakthrough, there might be challenges and hurdles to cross. Believe that God is on your side. He will deliver you and help you through the obstacles and struggles.

No matter how big the problem or challenge is. We have a Big God who will come through for you and get you to a positive point.

See God turn your life around. Amen.

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 8:58pm On Jan 08
There is Hope.

God sees your heart and will reward you accordingly. Even while you are hoping for greatness to happen, keep doing good. He sees it. He can see that despite your issues, you are going out and being a blessing to others. While waiting for your miracle to happen, you are going the extra mile to be a blessing to people.

God sees all you are doing and You will be rewarded and decorated. Do not be discouraged, keep at at! Keep at goodness.

As January is rolling in, please pick up your goals for this year and start working towards the greatness. You have done the planning, now is the time for action! God will reward your efforts.

Very soon you will be celebrated. Get ready.

There is Hope.

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