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There Is Hope For You / There Is Hope For You / Open Heaven Daily Devotional(tue. 24/10/2017) There Is Hope For You. (2) (3) (4)

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Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 7:23am On Feb 08
There is Hope.

The attitude of thanksgiving is vital on the journey of Hope. As you are hoping in the Lord, thank Him for where you are coming from, where you are and where you want to be. Thank Him for that future you desire.

See yourself in that future and thank Him for it. Start conditioning your self in that future, raise your imagination to that future, build a vision of that future and thank Him for the future. All these elements strengthens faith in you.

An attitude of thanksgiving and praise is quite vital to carrying the presence of God with you.

Once you have the presence of God with you, hills will melt like wax and if you consider that hills might be the barrier between where you are and the future you desire, then praising God can shift the hills of obstacles off your path to a glorious future.

Now go and put your Praise on!

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:39pm On Feb 09
There is Hope.

Do not be tired on the journey of Hope. At times you might feel discouraged or tired because you are putting efforts into things and you don’t seem to get to the end journey. What if you are so close and just one last push is what is needed to breakthrough ? Only God knows the time so just keep pressing on.

Just like Paul wrote “press towards the mark of the high calling” don’t give up. Ask for God to endow you with the Spirit of “might” to keep pressing on. God is good and in His time He makes all things beautiful.

Keep pressing on.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 8:38am On Feb 10
There is Hope.

There is Hope no matter how challenging the present situation looks like. Try to pray and plan for the future and believe the future is going to be better than where you are now.

The vision of a better tomorrow, the imagination of a brighter better future helps to alleviate the pressures of your present situation. Have faith as well, it lifts you from the present and projects you into a better glorious future.

God bless you as you build up your faith, pray and plan for a better tomorrow. Lastly action, action, action!

Action is what sets you in motion towards that plan, towards that prayer. You need to act. Replan your day so that you have set times that you action the prayers and plans you have for a better future.

You will make it in Jesus name. Amen

Please remember to connect with Winners Chapel morning prayers from 5.30am to 6.30 am. What a positive/ prayerful way to start a day!

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:21pm On Feb 11
There is Hope.

Have you ever thought of a very difficult situation you were in and how God delivered you ? Have you ever reflected upon a dire situation you, your family or your friends were in and how God came through for you in the nick of time? Think back to that difficult situation and you thought “that was it” and God came through for you ! Yes! It is the same God that you are hoping to bring you into your desired position.

If God can do it then, He can do it now. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Don’t doubt His abilities to deliver. He can do all things.

Put your Hope in Him. Wrap your faith around His power to save. He is the Almighty God. If He had met your needs in the past, why doubt Him now.

What is between you and where you are going to are situations, circumstances, events, people etc. Bring God into your Hope Journey and let Him navigate the route to excellence for you.

Lastly fellowship with like minded saints who believe in the great power of God. Attend Winners Chapel nearest to you or Visit the Faith Tabernacle in Canaan land. You can visit on Sunday and be part of the great experience of God’s Kingdom. Develop your knowledge of God and be a part of the body of Christ that has passion for people and love for God.

Why not visit on Sunday either in person or by connecting online like through YouTube by typing Domi Stream in the search bar. God will bless you as you fellowship with other saints. Also remember to go to Church with the expectation that God will meet your needs and He will !

You are next in line for blessing!

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 9:30am On Feb 12
There is Hope.

The issue of love is one to consider while you are on the journey of Hope. You need to have the virtue of love just like proverbs 21:21 which refers to the fact that if you pursue love and righteousness, you will get prosperity, honour and so on ( the NIV version).

The question you need to ask and address moving forward is:

1. Do you love God?
2. Do you love yourself?
3. Do you love doing good?
4. Do you love your partner and family?
5. Do you love your Country?
6. Do you love your career, job, business?
7. Do you love the earth you live in?

Embrace the character of love as seen in God. God is love.

The opening word of John 3:16 that popular lovely scripture is “for God so love the world”. Remember we are created in the image of God.

Let us demonstrate His real and genuine love......Love that gives, love that is honest and love that wants the best for others. It is a character of God.

On your journey of Hope, please focus a lot of developing your love for God. God rewards genuine, honest “agape” love.

God bless your weekend and remember to make this weekend and Sunday one to demonstrate your love for God by visiting Him in His House, the Church. Attend the nearest Winners Chapel to you or Visit the Living Faith Tabernacle. You can also join online via YouTube etc.

Please once you get into Church, remember to express to God how much you love Him in the Worship session. God bless your heart!

Have a blessed day.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:53pm On Feb 13
There is Hope.

In this journey of Hope, Faith goes hand in hand with Hope. Faith is the oxygen that Hope relies on. Faith and Hope are almost inseparable when it comes to realisation of dreams and aspiration.

As you are hoping in greatness, let faith be developed in you. “Developed” because there are measures of faith. Remember in the scripture where Jesus referred to “ O ye of little faith”. My encouragement is that let us develop the level of our faith. Raise da faith!

Read Hebrews 11 and see how various characters of faith in God by His people was celebrated.

People often refer to Hebrews 11 as the “Hallmark of Faith”. You and I too can raise the level of our faith. Yes we can! Let’s start today.

Remember to join with saints and worship at the nearest Winners Chapel to you or Worship at the Living Faith Tabernacle at Ota. Your presence will be so much appreciated.

Worship where you are treated as a special person in God’s presence.

Please if you have not given your life to Christ and you are willing to, please signify when they are making the altar call at the service and be ushered into a wonderful and glorious new life in Christ.

You know you can also join online via YouTube or other channels. Just type Domi streams into the search bar and you are in Church!

On Sundays, the services starts at 6:00am with the last Service being 11:45am.

God bless your week ahead and the rest of the month.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 4:12pm On Feb 14
There is Hope!

God is love and it is quite important to understand the extent of God’s love for us. He soooo much love us that He “gave” His son for the salvation and redemption of the human race.

He loved us so much that He provided everything within the eco system to sustain human habitation on earth. He made detailed provision for us. What a caring and loving Father!

Are we going to reciprocate this love from God by loving Him back in return ?

Endless of people have undying love for Him in the Bible so much so that the love was translated into Worship of God, loving Kingdom principles and loving the people of God and willing to see them saved. These are some of our expressions of love to God.

How will you express your love for God while on this Hope journey that will bring you into excellence?

You decide today and be richly blessed.

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:40pm On Feb 15
There is Hope.

At times in life, you feel overwhelmed with challenges and can’t figure the way out. Just take a step back and tap into God’s Wisdom and the Holy Spirit.

Remember at creation in Genesis chapter 1, after the earth was created, it was without form and void. This is far from the plan of God for the earth. Notice that what we then witnessed was the Spirit of God hovering. Wisdom was also present. The rest is history, the result is a beautiful earth as we have it today!

No matter how formless a situation can be, bring the Holy Spirit into it and then experience a beautiful future.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 9:46am On Feb 16
There is Hope.

Do not let the point of success or destination of success from where you are now look like an undoable action. The end result might look too great and in the physical, you do not have the strength and resources to get there, do not despair. You have a great God who can do all things.

In the spiritual, put your faith on, put your praise on and put your prayers on. Let that faith rise in you and remember to quote the scripture that says “ with God all things are possible” ! And then see how all things will become possible in your life.

In the physical, start planning and scale the goals into manageable phases. What looks like a great mountain will now look like smaller phases that you can manage precepts upon precepts. Take one phase at a time and please remember to celebrate the completion of a phase, then move to the next one. Before you realise it you are at the top.

God will see us through in Jesus name.

Please don’t forget the mid week services at Winners Chapel on Wednesdays. You can attend the Faith Tabernacle also or plug into any of the Virtual Services like on YouTube by typing Domi Stream into the search bar.

God bless your day.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 11:27pm On Feb 16
There is Hope:

You need to be strong on the journey of Hope. Not just physical strength but spiritual and emotional. The journey of Hope to your place of excellence is an interesting one that you will meet all sorts on the journey: challenges, opportunities, positive people, discourages, encouragements, open doors, disrespect, honour all sorts! You have to be strong and be “even” and focus and “press” towards the mark of that high calling.

Also develop the spiritual sensitivity and discernment to know when an issue is derailing you and taking you off-course. It is your duty and responsibility to establish yourself back on that path towards your dream. Refuse to be stopped! Do you know how many challenges, opportunities and obstacles Jesus faced? He chose to focus on his purpose and not the typical issues along the journey of his purpose.

You too can learn from Jesus. You can read the book of Mark in the New Testament, the shortest of the four gospels and learn through Christ. Observe the dynamics of life He experienced and how he did not let any of it stop him.

If you want to know more about Jesus, please visit the nearest Winners Chapel around you. You can also visit the Faith Tabernacle at Ota. You can also link in to worship via YouTube and other virtual platforms. Type in Domi stream into the search bar and plug into a new life in Christ Jesus.

Remember the mid- week service on Wednesdays and the Services on Sundays starting with the first service starting at 6.00am and the last Sunday service starting at 11.45am.

God bless your future.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:47pm On Feb 17
There is Hope.

Do not let anything, situation or event frustrate you on the journey towards excellence. Have Hope, have Faith and have Trust in the Lord.

He is the Lord of all the earth and has the power and the ability to see you through. Ignore the magnitude of the issues and challenges but focus on the greatness and the bigness of God.
This is the place of worship. When you place God on “the highest place” and appreciate His greatness above all.

You and I will make it in Jesus name.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 7:36pm On Feb 18
There is Hope!

On your journey to excellence, people will offend you, they might ridicule you or say things not pleasant about. Don’t waste your precious energy on them. Focus on where you are going. There will always be distractions either human or non-human. You have the choice to determine what you want to expend your attention on.

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, who for the Joy that was “ set before” him endured the cross.........and is now set at the right hand of God. Be focused, cut out the irrelevance.

God go with you.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 8:59am On Feb 19
There is Hope.

You can correct the mistakes of the past if they are hindering you moving into the future that you have build Hope around. A mistake can be as little as a training that could have helped you better into the future. At times some small mistakes are huge hinderance to a bright future. It could be not having enough business training and your plan is to be a multi- millionaire running groups of businesses or enterprises. Do something to change it! Now!

A mistake can be corrected by doing so simple things like creating time to retrain, make restitution or change a pattern or an attitude. There are so many inspiring books out there on various concepts; either a physical book or an e-book. A mistake correction could even be changing the order of how you do things.

Remember David in the Bible. When they were bringing the ark of God and led to the death of someone. David learnt from this mistake and it was done the right time the second time and the ark continued to be the symbol and the presence of God bringing victory and sweet divine presence.

Do not let mistakes stop you on the way to excellence on the journey of Hope. There are some prerequisites and necessities for some breakthroughs. This has nothing to do with your career, profession or who you are. Do you know that two of the richest top 10 richest people on earth today read the same business book that gave them insight into how to run successful businesses. There you are, they are both in the top 10 list of the richest billionaires on earth today.

Don’t let nothing be an impediment on your way to excellence.

Join a Winners Chapel or Faith Tabernacle and engage with the power of God through great Worship on Sunday. The service starts at 6:00am with the last service starting at 11:45am on Sundays.

You can also link in virtually on various platforms including YouTube. Just put Domi Stream in the search bar and link in with a powerful service. If you have not given your life to Christ, please feel free to do this when they make the call to give your life to Christ. A great future awaits you!

This is your moment of change. Don’t miss it!

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:44pm On Feb 19
There is Hope!

Just as in Jeremiah 31.17: Which reads that there is Hope in your future, thus says the Lord........
I would want to encourage you that there is Hope for you. Do not give up, do not feel discouraged, keep pressing on, there is Hope in your future.

Do not be discouraged, be encouraged.

Remember in the Bible when David returned from a war and found that his belongings had been taken. His initial reaction was to be upset but immediately the Bible says “and David encouraged himself in the Lord” the rest was victorious history, he recovered all! .

Be encouraged, there is Hope in your future.

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 12:28pm On Feb 20
There is Hope.

The book of Jeremiah 17:7 reads that. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose Hope is the Lord. This scripture is clearly helping is to understand the relationship and closeness of Hope and Trust. They are so close that you can call them “twins”. When you are hoping you have to raise your level of trust.

Trust in the Lord that He will perform what He has promised you. Trust the Lord that your expectations will not be cut short. Trust the Lord that He who has began a good work in you is “faithful” to complete. Trust the greatness of His power that there is nothing He can not too. Trust the Love and Mercy of God on you that it will bring you into Greatness. Trust His unfailing prophesies.

Your trust or ability to trust on this journey of Hope is crucial and vital in how you come out at the other end of this journey of Hope.

Lastly, trust that if God can do greatness and miracles for other people, then He can do it for you.

Go and experience His great works by powerful and life changing testimonies from people in Church. Attend the nearest Winners Chapel to you or the Faith Tabernacle at Ota. On Sundays, there are 4 services. Feel free to attend any of the services. The first service starts at 6:00am and the last service starts at 11:45am,

You can also connect via online platforms including YouTube. If YouTube, type Domi Stream into the search bar and the live stream will come on.

Please if you need to give your life to Jesus and be a full benefactor of the grace of God on His people, you can do so when the announcement is made about giving ones life to Jesus. Watch out for that time. It mostly happens just after the sermon/ preaching or within the preaching, listen out. God will bless your new glorious beginning.

Remember build up your trust level in God on this journey of Hope. We will all arrive at a beautiful destination in Jesus name.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 2:17pm On Feb 21
There is Hope.

The fourth service at Faith Tabernacle/ Living Faith Church today, Sunday was awesome. It was a special miracle service leading on to a prayer session and then testimonies afterwards.

I was encouraged because there were lots testimonies as to how God touched His People in the prayers sessions minutes before. People were healed and delivered from long term sicknesses and oppressions in minutes! because of the touch of God on people’s lives.

The lesson for me as it relates to Hope is that, God can do anything at anytime. With Him all things are possible. There will be someone in that service who had been hoping for a touch from God and God met them at the point of their need today. You never know when it is your time. Keep hoping ! and God will do it!

This lastly brings me to the Preaching of the Apostle over the Commission today on miracles that:

1. God is willing.
2. God is able.
3. God is Ready.

The golden questions are you ready?

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 8:35pm On Feb 22
There is Hope.

Thanksgiving is quite important on your Hope journey. It is important to thank God for all the blessings that come your way.

No blessing or opportunity is too small. The connection you make today may be your source of mega- breakthrough tomorrow. Don’t belittle any step you take forward.

No matter how small the step is , celebrate it with Thanksgiving. Give God thanks for all He has done, is doing and will do in your life.

If you have a thanksgiving heart, you will have an appreciative disposition towards life and this is good for positive living.

Positive living impacts on happiness and your general mental health. Develop a gratitude tendency. It is very important.

God will come through for us as we develop a heart of thanksgiving. Let the psalms be your friend. There are so many Psalms on thanksgiving and praise like Psalms 150 etc.

Start learning Psalms of Praise and let it inform your heart of gratitude to God. Even when you can see nothing happening around you, give God thanks ! This is a powerful tool.

Keep thanking God on your way to breakthrough and God will show up for you in Jesus name.

Remember you can connect with Wednesday Services of the Living Faith Church- Winners Chapel. You can also connect online via platforms like YouTube. Type Domi Stream in the search bar and join with believers in Worshiping the Most High God midweek on Wednesdays and on Sundays. God bless you as you do.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:36pm On Feb 23
There is Hope.

You might have had a very challenging day and all things seem to not be working, you kept getting blamed for things or you feel all odds are against you.

Don’t worry, take a deep breath, picture the beautiful goals you have ahead on you and replace the reflection of the horrible past with a glorious goal ahead.

It could be difficult because you are wrapped in the emotions of the negative events, bounce out of it, develop that ability to “switch” from negatives to positives. No matter how difficult you situation might be, focus on God who will bring a better tomorrow.

Always focus on the positives in the face of negative situations. Have the ability to remove yourself from the negatives. At times listening to Praise and worship music can help with that switch to positive/ Godly emotions.

Don’t let any negative situation rob you of your future. Be positive, be happy and be focused on your glorious future.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 11:11am On Feb 24
There is Hope!

Yesterday is gone. Today is a new day. Let the negative emotions and occurrences of yesterday be bygone. Don’t bring it into your new day. Trust me, everyone has challenges. It is your approach and method of addressing it that matters and is very key to taking you to a hopeful future.

Don’t bring the baggages of yesterday to your bright future that starts today. Clear your mind for a better tomorrow. Let faith, trust and Hope be built and developed in you.

Focus on that glorious tomorrow. It shall be well with you. Amen.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:43pm On Feb 25
There is Hope.

Give God the chance to work in your life. You might have tried it in your own ways in the past. God knows better and He is powerful and awesome. There is nothing that He can not do. He knows the future you are moving into.

It is not by power, it is not by might but by the Spirit of God. Let that Spirit lead you into greatness and excellence. Put your Cares and worries upon the Lord. He will never fail you. Trust in Him. Have faith in Him and put your Hope in Him.

Exalt the Lord in Worship and not your present situation. Worship Him who knows and can guarantee your brighter future.

Put your Hope in His word.
You will succeed in Jesus name.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:03pm On Feb 26
There is Hope.

There is Hope for those who believe in the power of God and the limitless efficacy of His strength. There is nothing God can not do, so put all your Hope, trust and faith in the Lord.

Trust in his unfailing love to see you through. Let the Most High who can see tomorrow change things for you.

Be close to God and live a worship lifestyle. A life of total adoration of God. Live for Him regardless of what he has done or not done for you.

Remember to attend the nearest Living Faith Church or Winners chapel and be blessed as you do. You can link up on line too via the YouTube or any other platform by typing Domi Stream in the search bar. God bless you as you do.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:23am On Feb 27
There is Hope.

As we go into another month soon, raise your Hope level and raise your Faith level. Believe that this is your season and this is your year and it will not pass you bye without you experiencing God’s greatness and blessings in line with your Hope and Faith.

Focus on the specifics that you want God to do for you this year. Also are you implementing the plans that you started the year with according to your hope in God?

There are two approaches to success: the spiritual and the physical. God plays His part, you play your part. Have you noticed most blessings in the Bible are contractual in nature; between God and man.

Most blessings and miracles are contractual and mostly incumbent upon an obedience from the side of man. Look at Deuteronomy 28:1-14 where there are great blessings pronounced, note that the starting sentence reads “and it shall come to pass, if you shall..........”. That means there is a condition that will have invoke the blessings. The blessings will happen “if”. Pay attention to God’s instructions in your life.

Do an exercise and list all the instructions you have received from God. List them and honesty ask yourself or evaluate what you have done or are doing with them. If you are a believer and you know Matt 6:33, are you seeking first the kingdom of God, are you seeking righteousness?

Where God had given you specific instructions around your life, your career etc are you following the path of that divine instruction or doing other things that you think are right because “everyone is doing it”?

Make this a period of self evaluation with the intention of setting corrections in motion towards full obedience in your life.

Remember to attend the nearest Living Faith Church or Winners chapel to you or attend the main Tabernacle at Ota. The first of the four services on Sunday starts at 6:00pm and the last starts at 11:45am. You can link up online by accessing the channels to the services. Like an example on YouTube, you can type Domi stream in the search bar and you are in the service!

Remember, take your faith and Hope to the next level and evaluate yourself if you are fulfilling your part of any blessing conditions between you and God.

Lastly search the scriptures around success and blessings and note or pay attention to the conditions attached. Start that research. This is part of getting to the next level !

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 4:13pm On Feb 28
There is Hope.

It is quite a blessing to experience the powerful move of God in the fourth service, 11:45 am on Sunday, changed to Special Miracle service and the move of God in Healing at the Living Faith Tabernacle, Ota.

Please spread the word around the 4th Service at Living Faith Church / Winners Chapel Living Faith Tabernacle’s 4th Service on Sundays now a special service for miracles.

The testimonies after the service was an encouragement and a reminder that “There is Hope”. People with issues over long periods of time received deliverance in the service.

Let this experience be an encouragement that God is in the business of delivering His people for the oppression of the enemy. If God can do it for some people in today’s special miracle service at Living Faith Tabernacle, Ota in the 4th service at 11:45 am today, so can He do it for you and I. In this case what we need is an increased measure of faith because with God all things are possible.

I hope you all have a very blessed and victorious month ahead. In the Month of March, I see us all march into breakthroughs, excellence and blessings in Jesus name.

There is Hope.
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 11:58pm On Mar 01
There is Hope.

Face the issues ahead of you with a divine and positive attitude that God is in control and will see you through in Jesus name.

There are mountains you need to climb to get to the top. Face it with courage. Courage means you face the challenges ”regardless” This was why God repeatedly told Joshua to be courageous in Joshua chapter 1.

On your Hope journey, you need courage. Be bold, be courageous and have faith that all is well. All will be well !

When you have faced the challenges and climb life’s mountain and get to the top, you will become an overcomer. You can then look back and see how Hope, Faith and trust in God saw you through.

Hope that you will get to the top and become an overcomer and have a testimony.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 10:16am On Mar 02
There is Hope

Let your Hope be in the Lord and not what you can or can not see happen around you. God can change any situation. With God all things are possible.

Don’t just let your Hope be in the Lord but let the Lord be your Hope as is written in Jeremiah 17:7, that we should let the Lord be our Hope. If the Lord is our Hope then the entirety of our Hope belongs to Him. He is our ultimate and He will come through for us. If God can not fail, then his Hope can not fail. So if the Lord is your Hope, you can not fail.

Remember to attend the Living Faith Church or Winners Chapel on Wednesdays or Sunday. The mid week service on Wednesday starts at 6.00pm while the Sunday services start at 6:00am with the last service which is now a special miracle service starting at 11:45am. Be blessed as you fellowship with like-minded people who trust in the power of God to do the impossible.

You can link up online on some platforms as well including YouTube. In YouTube, you can put Domi Stream in the search bar and you can access the services live or any previous service.

You are marked for greatness.

There is Hope!
Re: There Is Hope by Pentatonic: 11:15pm On Mar 03
There is Hope.

People might reject you because of how they see you at present. Only God knows tomorrow. Your tomorrow is bright and that is why you need to develop faith and hope. Don’t be mindful about people’s negative responses to your present circumstances.

Look into Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith! Look up to the Hill where your help comes from like in Psalms 121:1. An element of true Worship of God is looking and beholding the greatness of God and not your problems. Develop this skill. Whenever you want to think of the enormity of your problem, switch mentally and picture the greatness of God.

When people do or say bad things to you, Instead of responding, just declare in your heart that God is Holy. Let His Worship or the Worship of God fill your life on your journey towards excellence.

Remember to link with or visit Living Faith Church/ Winners Chapel on Sundays. Join the first, second, third or fourth Service at Faith Tabernacle. The fourth service is a special miracle service, very awesome time in God’s presence!

You can also link virtually like on YouTube, by typing Domi Stream in the search bar.

Worship the Lord on your journey of Hope. It is well with you!

There is Hope!

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