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The Guardians Of Tankute { The Manhunters} / Fredrick Nwabufo: Chimamanda Adichie Will Lead Women To ‘Hell’ / When Hell Overflows. Story By Ufuoma Seunnla (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by Lakesc(m): 2:08pm On Oct 28, 2021
Thanks for the update. Ride on...

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ghostwritter(m): 1:40pm On Nov 04, 2021


Texas : United States
“Eva please, you’ve got to listen to me and not her” Jonathan begged
“Nathan I can’t, how would that make her feel, she is your mum and she will get to you anyway” Eva replied as the tears flowed freely from her eyes. It seemed she’d already lost him.
“I don’t care about my mum’s view on our relationship or whatever she feels about you, all I care about is loving you and I promise that nothing can change that. Eva I love you” he kissed her lips roughly as if trying to assure her of his love despite the grudges between her and his mother. He still couldn’t understand why his mother had suddenly been hell bent on seeing he doesn’t go close to Eva.
Jonathan Ford, an Africa-America who had for few weeks loved the pretty and athletic looking Eva since he first bumped into her in a grocery store few months earlier. Jonathan and Eva crosses perfectly into each other’s check list, one would’ve thought they’d been long time lovers or even couples already by the way and manner they go about their romantic affairs, but never sex itself.
Jonathan’s mom, Mrs. Alice Ford at first showed approval of her son’s choice of partner as she also had the gorgeousness, zeal and compassion towards life like the young girl but that changed suddenly.
“That girl is evil, Jonathan you’ve got to stay far away from her” Mrs. Ford, Jonathan’s mother warned when she last saw the two lovers togerther.
“But mom I love her and she loves me too, I guess that settles it” he stood in Eva’s defence.
“Listen boy” Mrs. Ford points to Jonathan to warn sternly “I am your mother and I know what’s best for you. This lady you see here isn’t what you think she is, she’s evil”.
“I’m old enough to know what’s best for myself mom and besides how do you know she is evil?”
She paused wondering if her sources matters, damn it “it’s the priest!” she simply said.
“And what’s the priest got to do with this?” he asked ignorantly.
“Father Fredrick said she is evil, I mean the real evil from the pit of hell, Stay away from her”
Jonathan since then had moved from his mother’s apartment to go stay with Eva, he was determined to love Eva no matter what. Rain had poured and the weather was chilly, it was one those nights when the flesh needed warmth upon it, Jonathan made his way into Eva’s room and on seeing her in one of her short skimpy night gown barely covering her laps, he starred in lust.
Jonathan softly whispered into her ear as he held her firmly on her waist from behind, he had his chin resting gently on her shoulder, pressing himself upon her succulent butt as he quickly grew sexually aroused. Something was different, the lights in the room were dimmed, her fragrance was sexually appealing and her touch was just what he needed for the moment, he realized Eva had got everything in motion he wanted to ask if she had made the room for his coming but dismissed the idea knowing it would make no difference at that point or worse ruin the mood. Anyway, he knew a good sex that night was inevitable.
“And you Mister Jonathan the lover boy will see heaven tonight” she turned to face him whispering into his ear likewise as she gave his outer ear a soft sensual bite, she giggled seeing Jonathan feeling ecstatic. She acted erotically, kissing and caressing him roughly.
“You are something else, you know that?” Jonathan hurriedly pulled off his shirt and trousers, leaving on him a short black pant. He gently laid Eva to the bed and rested himself carefully upon her body like a python on its prey. Eva reminded him it would be her first time, so he should take it gentle with her like he’d always promised.
“Whatever rocks your boat dear, but no pain no gains remember” Jonathan teased and the two laughed it off, the moment seems to have seized as they looked into each other’s eyes intensely and fell in love all over again. All of a sudden, the door to the room was slammed open and an elderly man walked in dressed as a priest, he was armed with a long sized crucifix and a bottle of oily substance. Jonathan was dumbfounded seeing Father Fredrick looked tensed and yet raged like one who had come for a kill, he realized they’d forgot to lock the door. Closely behind the priest was Mrs. Ford armed with her bible, she had fear all over her.
Jonathan rushes to his feet wondering what was happeneing and so was the confused Eva who quickly hugged Jonathan tight for closure on sighting Mrs. Ford.
“Oh my God!” Father Fredrick exclaimed and looked terrified like he’d seen the worst in Eva.
“Mom, what the hell is going on?” Jonathan asked but his mother seem not to mind him. “Mom I said what the hell is the meaning of this?” he inquired again but Mrs. Ford was less bothered at his anger.
“Boy, my lord is trying to safe you from this demon” she yelled still clutching behind Father Fredrick and her eyes on Eva.
Eva was confused as she looked from one person to another trying to wrap her head the unfolding incident. And while she attempts to get Jonathan’s attention for an explanation, she felt her skin burning, it was an excruciating pain that seemed to penetrate every inch of her. She screamed in horror as she kept rubbing every part of her body rudely. Every sprinkling of Father Fredrick oil caused Eva greater pain and Jonathan could only watch as Eva rolled, screamed and wailed helplessly on the bed.
“O you demon from hell I cast you out” Father Fredrick relentlessly commanded repeatedly as he then turns to point the crucifix at Eva who kept screaming in agony.
Jonathan still dumbfounded watched his girl acting possessed, or was she truly evil? He wasn’t sure what to believe or what to do.
“Father please you have to stop this!” he begged Father Fredrick who appeared engrossed in the exorcism, so he turned to Mrs. Ford “mother please tell him, he has to stop this, you are hurting her”
“Keep going father, keep going, it’s time we send the demon back to hell….Hallelujah!” she encouraged waving her hands in praises.
Shortly, Eva was motionless as she laid loosely on the bed like she’d died.
“I think she’s dead” Jonathan rushed to feel her purse, fear in his eyes “Father she’s dead, she is dead” he confirmed repeatedly.

Suddenly the atmosphere in the room turned tensed and everyone felt it, it was like a stronger force enveloped the room. While the priest was still figuring what was happening, Eva’s body rose from the bed into mid-air, it stood still and slowly turned upright to face Father Fredrick. Eva appeared chanted; strange wind blew madly within the room like mini-tornado as her body glowed so bright that it illuminated the room. A mystical dark smoke erupted from thin air to form a shield around her before transforming into someone else, another type of woman, an enchantress of sought.
With dropped jaws, the priest and the other two watched in disbelieve trying to absorb the realization before their eyes. Despite the consecrated power within Father Fredrick, he still feared for his life knowing he wasn’t just confronting an evil possessed human but something greater.

Mrs. Ford fainted.

“Father, please do something!” Jonathan begged as he took cover behind the priest.
“You can’t see what I’d seen boy, for this isn’t just mere evil” he shouted, trying hard to hold his ground and fear amidst the howling wind. It turned out he’d seen something else.
“What is it father, what did you see?”
“I see death!” he concluded overwhelmingly.

Three days later, a long bus heading for California was stopped by cops, various security agents had been on the search for the mysterious murderer of one Father Fredrick Moore and Mr. Jonathan Ford, both found dead in Eva’s apartment. The cops thoroughly searched and inspected the faces of everyone in the bus using Eva’s picture but the criminal they had in mind wasn’t found.
“Clear, you can go” one of the officers gestured at the bus driver to move-on.
Eva sighed in relief as she covered her head with a hood marveled by how she wasn't discovered when an officer examined her, she wondered how it had happened and then again wish she had answers to her million questions. She looked back as the bus drove away from a place she’d grew hoping to comeback when she finds answers to her true identity .Inside her head, a voice kept calling and she was sure that the owner of that voice was the real murderer and also the reason for her not being caught.

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ghostwritter(m): 3:42pm On Nov 06, 2021

It’s been a week since the mysterious death of Father Fredrick and Jonathan and yet Eva hadn’t been able to figure how it all happened, it seemed there’d been a loop in time the moment the priest sprinkle the oil on her and when she saw them cold dead except Mrs. Ford who’d ran out. Shocked by what she saw, Eva grabbed few of her things from the room and ran knowing the consequences if Mrs. Ford returns with security officers. She’d been strangely lucky to sneak her way from the various security check post and eventually out of Texas like a fugitive till she eventually got to California to meet that one person she belief will help her find meanings to her mysteries.

Eighteen years old Latisha had been sentenced to life behind bar many years ago after been found guilty of murder when a white man was found dead in his apartment, Latisha claimed the man had lured and raped her while she served as his maid but the court see no justifiable reason to pardon a poor young black lady who’d maimed a prominent white man. It was the second month in prison Latisha realized she is pregnant, it was a very horrific experience for her knowing that the man responsible for her pregnancy was dead and rthat she would be birthing a child out of her choice as there was no chance rto abort it. Throughout her pregnancy, she was cared for in a special solitary confinement within the Central California women’s facility. She gave birth to a pretty girl of blend colour which made local news and starred up aggrieved protest within the black community aginst the justice system that indeed a black girl had acted in self defense against her white oppressor and that the jugement be reviewed but the system never bent. Latisha was given the grace of three months to breast feed and take proper care of her baby within special vicinity of the facility before the baby was taken away from her to a foster care facility home after she’d requested the baby be named after her grandmother Evelyn.

The young Evelyn was adopted from the foster home almost immediately by the Tomskins an old childless couple for how beautiful and cute she appeared. She was given the best education and best parental care, though she was made to know who her real mother was and always made to go visit her regularly but never made to know the situation surrounding her mother’s unfortunate situation. The last time Evelyn visited Latisha was on her eighteenth birthday to inform her mother of desire to travel to Texas to further her academics and most of all enjoy some freedom away from the Tomskins. But now she’s back.
“Have I ever told you exactly how your biological father died?” Latisha in turn asked Eva after revealing all the weirdness that’d happened of late in Texas.
Eva simply shock her head wondering how that had got to do with the present issue, it seemed so irrelevant at that moment that she wouldn’t care to know.
Latisha who’d achieved a celebrity status within the walls of the correctional center for her mystic ability to help inmates and authorities find missing objects or persons. On few occasions had she helped the security bodies apprehend some deadly fugitives and that had acquired her special treatment in the center.
“When he’s done having his way on me while I still laid on his bed that evening all pained for violating me, I desperately cursed that he bleeds to death. And he did”.
“What do you mean he did?”
“He bled to death from his eyes”
Eva gasped “How?”
“For many years I pondered on the mystery of that day until many years when I enhanced my inner Chi and understood who I really am. I eventually realized my Chi simply granted my wish that day having seen how pained I was”
“What’s a chi?”
“Ones inner spirit, somewhat an alter-ego.
“My Chi couldn’t have killed my boyfriend and the priest because I never wished for it” Eva clapped back angrily not wanting to admit she was responsible for the death of the innocent.
“It is summoned by your pain, it attacks whoever causes you pain even without your permission” She paused to notice how disturbed the realization had caused her daughter but there is something more important she needed to tell her of which she’d seen many times in her vision and had wanted to inform her “Evelyn, there is something else you need to know. Your Chi is no ordinary, you’ve got the supreme Chi and isn’t meant to stand alone, it’s too dark and enormous that I fear it will destroy you soon”
“How?” Eva feared as she could feel her heart pop to her mouth.
“Give me your hand” Latisha closed her eyes as she held her daughter’s hands tight, after few moments Latisha’s nose began to bleed and her body growing cold but still wouldn’t let go of her grip. Eva stared petrified and confused on what to do as Latisha appeared like one in severe pain, she was about calling for the help of a warden patrolling near-by when suddenly Latisha whispered like one in trance. “You Evelyn must help your Chi find it cause, there are only two more of its kind with which you must quickly seek them for a greater purpose for which not, the world is soon be doomed” she opened her eyes slowly, they looked drained.
“Are you alright?” Eva asked concerned.
“Yes Eveyln, there is a bigger task and a longer journey ahead of you and I suggest you start going now”
“But I don’t know where to go or how to go about it”
Latisha smiled wearily “I know just where”

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by Solly1(m): 5:26pm On Nov 06, 2021
Thanks man, for the update...

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by lammy197(m): 9:31am On Nov 07, 2021
Nice but short update
Give us something today too

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by Lakesc(m): 10:15am On Nov 07, 2021
Nice update but not lengthy..

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by Richyblack1(m): 10:24am On Nov 07, 2021
Excellent diction, your story is thrilling,try and cook up more updates. Nice piece bro

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ghostwritter(m): 12:17pm On Nov 16, 2021
The Doyles woke up to the realization Sewa was missing in her room where she’d slept the night before, her disappearance from the compound was a mystery as none of the guards, stewards nor even the various security cameras within and around the compound saw her leave the building. The security agents who were alerted about the incident concluded after their observation that someone within the building who had knowledge of boycotting the security cameras was likely responsible for Sewa’s kidnap as all of her belongings were in place including her phone and purse, and that made every worker a suspect. One by one everyone living or working within the compound was interrogated including Mr. and Mrs. Doyle themselves.
“It seems you were the last person who saw and spoke to Sewa before going missing, am I right? One of the officers inquired.
“Yes” Madam Ajike nodded slowly. That was the second time she’s being interrogated.
“And if I may ask, what was she feeling like and what did you two spoke about?”
Madam Ajike told the officer how she’d visited her grand-daughter’s room and simply told her a story.
“What sought of story?” the Officer was curious.
“A story of myself” she made brief smile as if she was glad she did.
The officer propped further but the aged-woman refuses to answer further questions.
By evening, shortly after the officers had left the house, Mr. Bankole Doyle walked into Madam Ajike’s room, he carefully locked the door behind him, walked up to the old woman who was seated and staring at him like she’d anticipated his arrival.
“Son, you need to start learning to stay away from the Pit, it’s getting dangerous by the day” said Madam Ajike.
Abaddon is more of home to me than this place, it’s my source of power, a place where I can be my true self. I wouldn’t want anyone take that from me”
“It’s foreseen the three will eventually find their way back and take their places as guardians”
“I can’t let that happen, I must stop them”
Madam Ajike laughed “That will be suicide, you dare not”
Mr. Doyle swiftly cupped the old woman’s head before she had time to react, her body began to convulse violently for a while before it stopped. Madam Ajike’s entire body had mysteriously turned numb, unable to speak nor move, all that she could do was breath and stare helplessly at Mr. Doyle. He pulled off the black ring that had been on his finger all along then called the family doctor on phone to come down to the house to check on his mother who had gone paralyzed.
“I’ve had enough, I won’t let you stop me again” he said to her ears and added with a smirk “I’m sure you never saw it coming this time”
He unlocked the door and walked out of the room.

Raymond tiredly walked into his apartment very late in the night, he sank into his chair very worried and overwhelmed, it’s being a troubling day for him in his office, it started when one of the secretaries hinted him of Sewa’s disappearance that morning. At first he’d thought it to be one of those petty jokes but fear kicked-in when Sewa failed to answer his numerous phone calls. By afternoon, Raymond’s fear was ascertain when three officers visited the company in respect to Sewa’s mysterious disappearance, they interrogated few staff who had any sought of relationship with Sewa. Of course, Raymond was among the few interrogated, one of the officers browsed through his phone and grew suspicious when he saw Jacob’s Whatsapp conversation with Sewa, he deduced they were having secret love affairs. Raymond convinced the officers that his affair with Sewa has got nothing to do with her being missing, he promised to get in touch with the officers when he get clue of her where about. On the sofa in his apartment, he’d sat worried sick of what might have happened to Sewa. He thought of the possibilities of Sewa likely being attacked by the strange creatures of the underworld she’d told him about the last time she visited. There was no chance the officers would have believed him if he’d told them about it during the interrogation. He laid his back while he sighed deeply wondering how to go about searching for Sewa. Suddenly, Raymond heard footsteps in his bedroom, he alertly jumped to his feet pulling out a pocket knife in defense, he looked terrified as he could still hear the footsteps. It was obvious there was an intruder in his apartment. While wading the knife, he promises to strike the burglar as fast as he can like he’d mastered in his taekwondo classes. All of a sudden, Sewa walked out of the room appearing weird in one of Raymond’s outfit. Raymond was statured on sighting her, it was like he’d seen a ghost.
“What happened to you, I thought you’ve gone missing?” Raymond found his voice.
Sewa sat and requested that the amused Raymond do the same. Raymond eventually sat after he’d told her what transpired in the office due to her sudden disappearance and how he’d promised to alert security officers whenever she’s sighted. Sewa took turn to narrate her encounter with Grunu in the underworld, the headless human beings, her encounter with the Salicx and how she strangely awoke in Raymond’ s bedroom instead of hers. When Raymond suggested calling the security officers, Sewa warned him against it, remind him that her mysterious disappearance wasn’t logical and that she seemed more at peace away from home at that moment.


It was her third day with Raymond and Sewa felt more alive with him as every moment they spent together felt blissful, Raymond knew it was only a matter of time Security operatives discovers Sewa’s whereabouts but skeptical about himself being able to face the consequences knowing how frantic the Doyles are in seach of their only daughter. He struggles to fake ignorance when the topic of Sewa’s strange disappearance is raised among his colleagues at work place. Likewise, Sewa had been careful not to be seen; spends most of her day in Raymond’s apartment helping out with house chores and reading novels while Raymond does all the shopping on his way back home. It became obvious to Raymond something wasn’t infact right one evening when he tries to kiss Sewa while she was asleep, his nose bled but painless. He made researches online hoping to find the cause and cure to his illness but there was none related to what he had in mind but then he stumbled upon an article on a religious website which explains sudden bleeding in the nose as sign of death, the short article made references to a myth relating to some witches of the medieval era. Raymond soon dismisses it unable to make logic of it.
Meanwhile, Mr. Bankole Doyle having being briefed by the officers of their findings and especially Raymond’s romantic entanglement with his daughter, he ordered his guards that the young man be brought to him. It was one of Raymond’s off-days from work when he attends his community development service; some guards picked him up on his way and drove him to the Doyle’s residence, to Mr. Doyle’s presence. It was Raymond’s first time meeting Mr. Doyle up close and he felt so uneasy in his sight and could see he was an enigma even in his simplicity, he saw in Mr. Doyle eyes one that is desperate, rough, strong and sensitive as he stared.
“Where is my daughter?” Mr. Doyle engaged gravelly, showing no emotion.
Screams of thought rushed through Raymond’s head, indecisive on what to say as there were conflicting voices inside his head. One voice warned him against telling the truth while the other implored him to be truthful for the sake of his job.
“I don’t know sir”
Mr. Doyle grinned like he’d seen beyond Raymond’s words, he then ordered Roger to collect Raymond’s house key and go search it thoroughly. Raymond attempted to resist knowing Sewa would be in his apartment but thought against it on seeing the hefty guards around. Roger collected the key and dashed off.
The next thirty-five minutes seemed like torment to Raymond as Mr. Doyle just sat reading from the newspapers without a word to him until Roger came back without Sewa.
“Sir, I think he’s telling the truth, there was no trace of her in his apartment” Roger reported to his boss.
Raymond swallowed hard, uncertain of what he just heard.
Mr. Doyle watched Raymond keenly for a while; he seemed to doubt his innocence. He ordered that Raymond be given back his keys, driven back to his apartment and his monthly allowances be doubled as an act of apology.

On his way back home, Raymond wasn’t sure if Roger had purposely lied to protect him or had gone searching the wrong apartment. He watched the Jeep drove out of the company’s housing quarters as he was dropped in front of his block, he quickly unlocked the door to rush into his apartment and on the couch was Sewa reading a novel.
Raymond happily narrated to Sewa his encounter with her father, Sewa felt sorry for Raymond knowing how intimidating her father could be when desperate, and when Raymond narrated Roger’s search, they were both puzzled on what Roger had to gain helping them, but Sewa had her doubt knowing Roger had never lied to her father, and that made her suspecious that Roger was up to something mischievous.

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by Lakesc(m): 7:54am On Nov 18, 2021
So Roger did saw her in the apartment then? Thanks for the update..

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by Adesina12: 12:49pm On Nov 18, 2021
What a suspense!!!
Please come back on time to shed light to issues surrounding Rogers findings.
Sweet popcorn for you.

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ghostwritter(m): 1:58pm On Nov 20, 2021
Boredom eventually took its toll on Sewa after six day indoor, though Raymond had tried his best by getting her favorite genres of novels and as well have as much fun with her when he comes back in the evening but those weren’t enough, she wanted to be outside, wishes to socialize beyond the confinement, Raymond tried to talk her out of going into the public knowing the implications of it. Raymond on seeing how persistent and restless Sewa seemed to be suggested they could both go see a movie under the cover of the night as well go see other part town being on a weekend. By evening, Raymond hired a car and were careful not to be noticed as they boarded and drove out of the quarters. Raymond saw the excitement on Sewa’s face as they drove pass the lighted streets and so did Raymond who teased her of acting like a new realized prisoner except she would be going back to her prison after the night. He was bothered of the fate that awaits them both when either the security or Mr. Doyle get hold of them as it’s just a matter of time. Sewa smiled at him like she’d aimed to alleviate his fears, he genuinely smiled back seeing how beautiful she looked in her casual white shirt on a tight blue jean. They watched and really enjoyed a Tyler Perry movie in the cinema, had dinner in a nice restaurant and drove back when it got late. While driving back home, Raymond noticed a car that seemed to have being trailing theirs, he called Sewa’s attention to it and as she feared, indeed it was trailing. Raymond accelerated and swayed his way far off the trailer till it disappeared behind them.
On getting home, they both laughed in amazement at how they’d enjoy the fun and risk of the night after being certain no one followed. They helped each other out of their cloths while they kissed, Sewa giggled seeing Raymond totally naked, he looked very strong and attractive with muscles that have been developed through years of exercise. His eyes beamed in excitement seeing her unclad body, it was all perfection from her head to toe.
“Close your eyes” he whispered into her ears.
She moaned as he gently bit her nipple. he laid her on the bed and for am moment admired her like a trophy. He began sucking her round breast to her pleasure and at the same time slipped two fingers inside her. Sewa moaned louder while moving into his hands until he stopped suddenly to pull away.
“What is it?” Sewa inquired.
Raymond wasn’t sure how best to say it but he had to “I forgot to get protection and don’t…” he said with heavy breath.
Sewa cuts him with deep, passionate kiss, and when she had to talk, she told him to go ahead without protection. Swiftly, Raymond entered her and after she wrapped herself around him as he’d made love to her for half an hour, allowed herself in that single moment to be carried, he was astonished on realizing she’s virgin. When it was over, they sighed deeply and fell asleep without a word.

The bright morning sun shun across the room and into Sewa’s eyes as it opened, realizing she was naked, she smiled remembering what transpired the night before. Though a bit painful at start but she loved every act it in, her body seemed more revitalized and her sensed sharpened than usual. Slowly, She turned to the other side of the bed and saw Raymond laid faced up in a pool of blood, his own blood as it seemed to have poured out from every pores of his skin. She screamed and collapsed at such gruesome sight.
Warily, she opened her eyes to a knock on the door, whoever it was on the other side of the door seemed to be inpatient with her. She rushes to her feet on realizing someone is about to see her in the room with a dead body, for a brief moment she sobs quietly on seeing Raymond’s lifelessness amidst the heavy rapt knocks upon the door. There seem to be no time to mourn her lover as she thought to clean up the room to prevent any witness but it seemed impossible as the impatient knocker was persisting and Raymond’s copse looks too heavy a load for her strength. She anxiously sat by the side of the bed hoping that whoever was knocking would eventually leave if unattended to but the loud knock persisted and eventually she walked up to the door and asked who it was in a voice that hid her broken emotion.
“It’s me” a distinctive voice replied.
Sewa’s heart almost dropped hearing who it was.
“You who?” she asked to confirm her fear.
“It’s me Roger”
She stepped away from the door as if Roger was about to break his way in. she felt lost on what to do or say next, and when she finally decided what to do, she grabbed a kitchen knife in defense. She feared Roger had somehow found a way to kill Raymond and now had come for her. But how couldn’t he’d just killed her too when he had the chance?
“Sewa, I’m not who you think I’m. I have come to help you and you have to let me do that as fast as possible?” Roger said hurriedly like there is someone in pursuit of him.
“No I won’t, I don’t believe you”
“Will you believe me if I say there is a dead man inside the room as we speak”
Sewa gasped, indeed Roger was the murderer. “You killed him!” she screamed holding tight to the knife.
“It wasn’t me; it was you that killed him. Open this door, we don’t have much time” Roger’s voice grew impatient.
Sewa was petrified by the words, she couldn’t understand what was happening, and she concluded inside her head it was another dream and that she would soon be awoke.
“This is no dream Sewa, open the door before they gets to us” Roger shouted in respect to her thought like he could hear it and that made Sewa scrambled to open the door, not sure if that was the right thing to do.
“Get your things and let’s leave, they are coming for us” Roger ordered as he steps in.
“Who are those coming for us, I thought you…?”
Roger grabbed her hand, he swiftly let go as if electrocuted. Then slowly he began to shape-shift, his skin wearing out and his body shrinking into the heavy leather jacket he’d on, transforming into someone else in what appeared to be a painful fashion.
“Grandma!” Sewa gasped puzzled as every trace of Roger finally wore off Madam Ajike.
Sewa stepped back in her confusion.
Weakened by the process, Madam Ajike crumbled to her knees unable to walk. Knowing she had to answer to her granddaughter, she began to reveal how she’d taken a witcher’s risk to transform into Roger to safe Sewa as she’s being hunted by her father who would stop at nothing to hand her over to the Salicx in exchange for greater power in the underworld.
Sewa wasn’t entirely following, the whole talk bewildered her.
“You mean my father is also a wizard?”
“A powerful wizard at that” Madam Ajike replied, sighed deeply to reveal “Soon after Grunu had helped me birthed your father, I begged the creature to grant my new born baby powers to overcome enemies, the creature grudgingly granted it with warnings that he might grow to abuse such powers unless guarded with a mother’s touch. As years passes, Bankole had mastered the ways of the underworld as taught by Grunu but began to go too far by using it upon the innocent, I begged Grunu to help control my son’s excesses but we realized Bankole had grown in dark powers than I thought, I fear he’d made a convenant with the seven brothers of Abaddon to protect him from Grunu’s reach and in exchange deliver you as price for their darker powers” madam Ajike concluded.
While Sewa was in the process of making sense of the old woman’s narration, there came on gentle knock to the door.
“They’re here” Madam Ajike expressed in fear.
“The Salicx”


The two women braced up for a nasty confrontation, the young woman held firmly to the knife already on her while the old woman mumbled a defense spell.
“Sewa, when you eventually get out of this place make sure you find the supreme sisters and help put an end to this long age battle ones and for all”.
“Granny, I’m scared” Sewa wasn’t in for the old woman’s talk as the gentle knock persisted.
“You will be fine, you hold more power than you think. But I want you to promise…”
The door suddenly cracked open into pieces revealing Mr. Bankole Doyle and Roger himself who walked in majestically. Both smirking as they approached, they seemed to enjoy the sight of the women’s fear. Mr. Doyel narrated how he’d knitted the whole plan. He knowing that his mother was responsible for Sewa’s disappearance away from him, he cursed her with a temporary paralysis spell which also causes her to shape-shift when she desires. Madam Ajike unaware of Mr. Doyle’s plan escaped from the hospital, magically knocked Roger out on his way to go check Raymond’s apartment for Sewa, tied him in his boot and thought it best to transform to a Roger as to infiltrate Mr. Doyle’s plan.
Madam Ajike appeared disappointed as she realized she’d indeed fallen right into her son’s plan all along while she thought she was playing it rightly as she’d foreseen.
“Mother, I’m sure you already know what the future holds” Mr. Doyle smirked widely.
“Bankole please don’t do it, it’s not worth it” Madam Ajike cried.
“I’m sorry I can’t, it’s too late to turn back” he swiftly snatched the knife off Sewa and walked back to stab Roger’s chest repeatedly till he died.
Sewa watched in awe not sure what to make of the event or what to expect.
Mr. Doyle began to incite strange words in an even stranger tone that conjured dark smoke from thin air.
“Masters, I so will to you my body” he then slashed his own throat afterwards and fell lifeless.
There was silence for a moment, the women waited for what’s to follow, the old woman tend to understand the evil to coming as dark tension dwelled. The dark smoke suddenly vanished, Sewa heard a sound behind her and was stunned by Raymond approaching her in a zombie-like manner, his eyes were dark, and his skin pale with a face that held no emotion whatsoever.
“He isn’t who you think he is, he is a body case for the Salicx” explained madam Ajike.
Roger stood up and so did Mr. Doyle a moment after with the same weird features as Raymond. The old woman began casting defense spell that had little effect on holding the walking dead. The three men stretched their hands making the old woman crumble like she’d been overwhelmed by a darker force.
“She’s here” Madam Ajike mumbled her last words.
Sewa stood her ground unable to make sense of her granny’s last words or how to defend and attack the estrange men slowly approaching her.
Suddenly, a lady walked in stretching forth her hands towards the men, she seem to wield more power as the men began to scream in pain like one on fire and one-by-one they crumbled dead as the black smoke puffed out from their mouth and vanished into thin air.
“Who are you?” Sewa still shaken by what happened asked the lady who was also staring back at her in amassment.
“I’m Eva Tomskin, your supreme sister”

Like a good teacher, Eva explained in brief her life and journey in America and how it’d brought her across to her other supreme sister in Nigeria. And like an awful student, Sewa couldn’t pay much of attention as she watched the bodies of her loved ones loitered the room. By evening, the two young ladies freshened-up and headed out off the room with light luggage.
A strange white bearded looking man who’d being standing in the distance all along watched keenly as the ladies waved down a taxi heading for the airport.


Writer's note: At this juncture I think it's fair every reader of this story should officially drop a comment about your view on the story so far, I will also appreciate that you click the LIKE and SHARE button and can invite your friends because the story is just about to get interesting. My apologies to my fans who thought I'd betrayed them by not completing my first version of this story six years ago. And let me use this opportunity to ask that I wish to travel away from Nigeria to somewhere better, or anyone with a BETTER job oppotunity within Nigeria, or you can help me publish my works to PLEASE help me. I swear na beg I dey beg, I no dey do shakara. E get why

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I always anticipate your stories here on nairaland, although you have so many incomplete works but your writing style is unique and it usually leaves me to my imagination.
This your current work is awesome. Keep up the good work.

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Your story is very I'm interesting and it keep me glued while reading it..... I love the suspense.... It always make me look forward to the next update.... More inspiration to you dear

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Guy u are good but u dnt tend to finish ur stories.Just try and finish even if its just one.

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by Adesina12: 12:43am On Nov 22, 2021
A powerful fiction
All looks like I myself is underworld and experiencing this
The sky is your starting point
Sweet popcorn for you

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by whalesbanks(m): 1:01pm On Nov 22, 2021
I am into stories like this.... can’t even remember the genre it’s called...... but for those that believe in the meta-physical... I think they should hop in
Good work @ ghostwritter

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ghostwritter(m): 4:01pm On Nov 27, 2021


His hands were chained far apart onto pillars; nothing alive within the cold whispering wind of the night, all hopes had dashed out of him as everything he held dare was gone. suddenly, the chain broke off by itself to drop on the cold ground on which he stood. He raised his head to meet a familiar figure closely ahead of him. A colossus, it appeared to had formed from dark flames with it eyes blazing like hot coal, he quickly fell to his knees, his head and hands upon the cold ground in fear and total submission.
“Spare me…please spare my life!!”
Spookily, the creature gazed at him and upon his soul.
For this day…this time…I curse you Zendaya for the sins of your people” the strange figure said in a cold and gravel tone that echoed into his head painfully.
The man screamed to the excruciating pain dwindling inside him.


He jerked to consciousness and starred across the room, it was a dream, same dream he’d had every day for sixteen centuries. Heaving heavily, he was certain Death had purposefully tormented him with same nightmare as a reminder of his sin, and yet he hadn’t been able to fight the effect it always rubs upon him. Bored with living, Zen desperately craves for death but that can only be granted until if he amends his one biggest mistake the people he ones ruled had brought upon him.
Centuries upon centuries, he roamed the face of earth un-aged and in search of Death and it’s daughters, he’d long ago given up his search until sometime in the late 1980s when he read of the mysterious death of a prominent white man in the hands of a young black lady who claimed innocent. Keenly, Zen trailed the case with strong hope that the young Lady called Latisha might be the answer to the one thing he seeks. When Latisha was sentenced to life in prison, he thought of breaking into the prison to rescue her and was at the verge of execulting the plan when his informant a wardern revealed Latisha was pregnant. Zen was greatly disappointed knowing the real daughters of Death wouldn’t be able to adore life. Shortly Eveyln was born, Zen knew she was the one on sighting her. He trailed her all through her childhood to her teenage years till he saw the real image of death inside her.
Zen prided himself the master of disguise with many centuries of experience making it impossible for Eva to detect she was being followed the last time she went to go visit Latisha in prison, when she boarded the plane to Nigeria, when she checked-in to a hotel on her arrival to Abuja, when she trailed two people who’d go watch movies and had dinner afterword in a fancy restaurant. The next morning, Zen carefully trailed Eva to a company’s housing quarters, disguising himself in a white beard he watched her walked into one of the building from afar and waited patiently for hours till she saw her walked out with another young lady. On spotting the other lady with Eva, Zen’s joy knew no bound realizing he’d just found the second daughter of Death. The ladies waved down a taxi heading for the airport. Zen smiled knowing it’s now only a matter of time he finds the third of them.

Accra, Ghana

The auditorium roared in applause as a young black lady headed towards the podium again to receive her seventh award in a row. She’d just won the prize for the over-all best graduating student of the University of Ghana. Like many others in the hall, Nana herself wasn’t surprise she’d won it, she’d always been the best in all she does.
“I will like to tell you few things about this pretty lady” the Faculty officer began after given the chance to discuss how he felt seeing his faculty produce the best of the best “it still marvels me how she does it, she had won the prize for the best student of her class four times in a row, she’d won the most beautiful girl on campus making her the face of this prestigious university, she’d on behalf of this institution won seven international competitions, she is presently the best student of her faculty, it will also amuse you all to know that this same lady is the latest winner of the ‘Campus Talent Hunt’” he paused in genuine amazement at the young lady next to him “how she has got the time to pull all these and still come out so brilliant to become the overall best student of the year will definitely keep a sound mind wondering, please ones again I will like you all to give a round of applause to a legend in the making, a person of Nana Miranda Nnkaba…she has definitely made her mark in Ghana’s most prestigious University!!” the Faculty officer concluded ceremoniously and gave her a well deserving handshake likewise all the dignitaries and officials on the podium.

A pretty dark skin lady full of life, Nana’s way of life had been a mystery to anyone who wishes to understand her and she’s more of a mystery to anyone who wishes to compete with her in any aspect of her life. Most of her colleagues had wondered how she was always outstanding in anything she does with much ease, she comes out top in anything she does and never likes to take credit for her success because she finds it difficult to explain how things always turns out in her favour even with almost no effort. Nana had always kept her personal affair at a low and had shielded it from the public who had in turn fabricated all sought of stories against her and that had made people tag her different names such as ‘the great scholar, Ghana’s queen, Lady genius, Nana the mystic, Miss-Know-it-all, and the most common of it all was ‘Nana the witch’.
Later that night, the pool-side party was filled with young men and women who were there to celebrate the ‘Passing-out party’ organized by the university to celebrate it graduating students for the last time, the party witnessed the presence of the various handsome men and beautiful ladies all trying hard to out-do one another in terms of swags and wealth. Nana had been the talk of the fabulous party as most guys present couldn’t take their eyes off her sensually shaped body and her glowing dark skin and in turn causing most ladies grow jealous of the attention she gathered which eventually led to some of them plotting a dangerous plan against her.
While Nana was having fun by the pool side with a handful of friends, four heavy looking ladies appeared by her side “Nana, Queen-Bee wants you now, follow us now” one of the heavy ladies sounded intimidating and gestured to Nana to follow without question. The heavy ladies are members of a dreadful female-only fraternity operating within and outside the various universities within Ghana and had for long existed and strike on low-key. Nana is familiar with the so-called ‘Black Jezez’ who had always tried severally to lure her into their cult due to her influence on campus but the group had always failed; the group assumed that Nana’s membership will definitely boost their prestige against rivalry cults and every time Nana refuses their offer it angers them but that night the Black-Jeez planned to put an end to the humiliation.

After the ladies led Nana away from the party venue into an abandoned building nearby, Nana wasn’t surprise to see about thirty other ladies already anticipating for her appearance, they each held a small bottle of acids as well as various sharp objects, and Nana could feel the envy and anger in every one of them as she walked pass them towards Queen-Bee.
“Queen, she is finally here” One of the ladies whispered into the ears of a tall feminine figure who had her back facing her informant, she slowly turned to confirm what she just heard….she made a wicked grim on sighting Nana.
“So I hear you are overall best, Congratulation. The great and famous Nana who feels like an untouchable” Queen-B busted scornfully, she is gorgeous herself but that can’t be compared to Nana’s who is far more beautiful than any of the ladies amidst her.
Nana acted calmly even as she felt something deadly was about to happen, she could sense a dark and evil tension hovering around her, that is the same feeling she get before something bad happens.
Queen-Bee continued “you go around the campus acting like you are more than what you really are, you act like a goddess who prove to know everything about anything but I have got more good news for you, since tonight will be your last night on campus, we have all agreed to celebrate with you in a grand style” she laughed.
“I don’t know what you girls are trying to do to me but whatever it is; I suggest you stop it before...” Nana tries to explain calmly when she was cut short with a strong slap from Queen-Bee.
“Before what?...Before the cops come get us? Or before you fight us one after another, that will be impossible because after we all kill you with this acid in our hands and have your remains chopped-off to pisses by each member, nobody will ever find you” one of the Queen-Bee spat out angrily.
“Girls please, don’t do anything stupid you will all regret sooner than you expect, I beg of you” Nana spoke as she maintained a composed tone.
“You dey craze, so you still have the nerves to threaten us in our midst….wat da fvck!” a member said furiously.
“I will commend you for your courage even at the face of death, but I wonder how you do it because you ought to be begging me to spare your life” Queen-B said as she walked closely to Nana.
“I don’t know how to explain it to you all but I have a feeling you will all die tonight” Nana spoke with her eyes closed like she was visualizing an occurrence.
“I am done talking with you….” Queen-Bee said in annoyance as she couldn’t stand the threatening words of one who is suppose to beg for her life, she opened the bottle on her hands and emptied it acidic content on Nana’s face and all the ladies followed suit immediately pouring the deadly content on every part of Nana’s body and they all withdrew back almost immediately hoping the acid will take effect but to everyone’s surprise, Nana was standing rooted on her foot with great anger growing inside of her, she was obviously not affected by the acid that felt like warm water on her glowing dark skin.
“Why is she still standing, I thought…?” In amazement, Queen-Bee was about to ask when she heard screams of agony all around her, ladies all screamed for help as they all kept running into one another in pain and Queen-Bee watch with fear as her compatriots’ skins melted into their muscles and veins leaving them all physically deformed and unrecognizable.
By the time she turned towards Nana, she was met with someone else standing in her place. “Who are you?” Queen-B finally found her voice after a long stare. as she saw a different kind of Nana standing in front of her, she saw a fearful and evilly-possessed looking person with dark expression but with similar look like that of Nana, her looks was more of the ancient kind with her black skin glowing like never before.
“I’m Shironaah!, the supreme!” the possessed Nana whispered in gravel tone.

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You too dey delay ur story update.imagine i have to go thru the story from the beginning to remember the story line

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ghostwritter(m): 9:09am On Nov 28, 2021
I Love and sincerely respect you all readers. I will like to correct a notion saying that I haven't completed any of my stories. I want you all to know that I have completed many stories here on nairaland but I had them deleted due to the act of plagiarism and previous publisher's request.
And for the delay in post, I don't have much time to myself based on my profession and I also write with my phone for now and I like to take my time with all that I do as I can not too stress myself to impress people who don't know me. (I'm just addicted to writing stories as much as I hate it)
And for all fans of LUCIFER'S KEY, expect something OUHG!

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This story is chilling. Please continue

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ghostwritter(m): 11:09pm On Nov 29, 2021
Three days gone and Nana couldn’t still explain what exactly happened on the night of the incident even as she’d read it in the popular ‘Ghana Daily Watch’ and other local and international media about the death of thirty-three female who were believed to be massacred. The police are said to be on the look-out for the murderers and will do everything possible to find the people who had carried out such massacre. The police had no link at hand for any meaningful investigation; the only witness was Queen-B who had been declared mentally unstable and unfit to give any meaningful information to help the investigation.

Nana had sat on her bed all morning trying hard to recollect what had happened that said night, the last of that night she could recollect was her being unconscious of the event around her the instant Queen-Bee slapped her and by the time she opened her eyes, she was already on her bed in her room feeling so exhausted. Nana had wish to know what happened to those ladies that night, she wishes to know how she made it home unconsciously, she wishes to know how Queen-Bee suddenly ended up a lunatic, she wishes to know if what people had said about her was true, she wishes to know if she was truly a witch.

The only source of answer to her questions lies in a diary in her bedside drawer, the diary was gifted to her by her deceased mother through her father. Her father Dr. Kofi Nndaka a stout dark man had presented the diary to her when she turned twenty-three years of age about a week ago.
“What is this daddy?” she’d asked him when she held the brown hard-covered diary.
Dr. Kofi shrugged “I only know it’s a diary, your mother never told me the content in it” he paused, sighed and continued “She said she’d suddenly had the ability to see far into the past, to see into events and occurrences of the ancient days but I never believed, I was too busy with work to ever noticed she’d begun documenting things into this diary when she started growing ill. One evening, she handed me a diary and made me promise to hand it over to you when you are done with your education…she died the next morning” Dr. Kofi had explained.

Nana never bothered with the diary ever since and kept it in her drawer but that morning she decided to finally open and see through the contents of the estranged diary which had been in her possession for the sixth day. She was optimistic that the diary will hold explanation to the mysteries around her. She dusted the book, got her emotions ready for whatever the dairy was about to offer, slowly opened the diary and carefully read a short note behind it cover.

“To my dear daughter Nndaka Miranda Nana, I’m sure you are reading this diary this moment because you are ready to handle the truth. I wish I’m alive to personally reveal a lot of things to you and to provide answers to your million questions. Truly I might be dead but I am not gone for I have been opportune to see far into past of strange events entangled to your destiny. I want you to know that all that has been happening to you is the reaction of your ancestral-self. Before you read any further, I want you to read this diary along-side your sisters”

Nana couldn’t belief what she’d just read, she wondered if her mother was a clairvoyant and was greatly surprise to know she’d got unknown sisters somewhere.

“What sisters?” she wondered aloud as she’d being the only known daughter of her parents. She feared her mother perhaps had secret daughters somewhere else.
That moment, the house-maid informed her that two young ladies are outside requesting to see her. Nana feared it could be members of the fraternity who’d come for retaliation.
“Where are they from?”
“I don’t know Ma, but they said it’s very important they see you”
After many thought to it, she hesitantly went to the waiting room to meet her guest.


“Now you two are getting me confuse, how do you expect me to believe your stories? It’s unbelievable” Stunned by the information, Nana reacted to Sewa and Eva's tales of what had brought them both to her.
“At first I also never believe it but I had to since the night my boyfriend died mysteriously and Eva here made me realized that he died due to something powerful inside of me and that is what had led us here to Ghana” Sewa sounded sober fighting hard the tears as Raymond death crossed her mind.
“I am very sorry that you had to...” Nana tried to console Sewa who was now sobering.
Feeling irritated, Eva cuts in “Listen girls, I didn’t just travel down to Africa for this, I’m here to finding solutions to my problems and I will need you both to act maturely” Eva shouted angrily as she couldn’t sit to watch the two ladies in front of her going emotional.
“And what make you think I am the person you are looking for?” asked Nana
“Coz’ my mum said it’s you, she gave me the exact address...and here we are” Eva sounded so convinced and sure of her actions.
“And what makes you think your mum was right?” asked Nana not too convinced.
“Coz’ she was the same person who told me how to find her” Eva points to Sewa who was still sobering.

At that point, Nana remembered what her mother had written in the diary about her ‘two sisters’ and she wondered if it’s true that she had finally met them.
“Ladies, if I may ask, are we in anyway related to one another?” Nana asked curiously hoping to get a positive feedback immediately.
Eva and Sewa starred blankly at each other blankly and then to Nana; they had felt Nana should be in the best position to enlighten them on their situation and to help find solution. Eva threw herself heavily on one of the couch, felt so disappointed; she felt she’d gotten to the end of road for a self discovery. “Damn it!” she snapped “But mum told me we will find answers here, she told me you alone hold the key to who we really are and here we are without a damn clue…what a waste of time”.
Nana was certain that her mother was indeed gifted with extraordinary power which had made her see into both the past events and into the future, she realized Sewa and Eva were the ‘sisters’ her mother wanted her to read the dairy along-side with. Nana dashed into her room and came out with the dairy in hand.
“I am very sure this is what you are here for” Nana announced pointing the dairy to Eva.
“What is this?” Eva asked as she collected the dairy and flipped through it and it appeared like any regular story book.
“My mother must have foreseen your coming, she wanted all three of us to read it together, making reference to the cover note.
“Obviously your mother is also a witch like my grandmother” said Sewa
“Wait a minute girls” Eva seemed amazed by her realization “it’s all now making sense...it means the three of us have got a female witch for a family member and it seems nature had brought us three together for a purpose” she flipped back to the first page of the diary “Shall we begin” Eva asked looking into the dairy
“Yes!” Sewa and Nana affirmed in unison.
Eva began.

Professor Walter Chamberlin of Greenfield University in London was one of the renowned and most successful archaeologists of his time, he was well known for his great curiosity to researches, exploration and the extraction of whatever was believed to be a myth by his colleagues of same profession. One afternoon in a lecture theater, Professor Walter was having an academic session with group of his students when one among his brightest students out of curiosity posed a question at him. Professor Walter was taken aback by such an unexpected challenge; he’d feared someone someday will eventually challenge him with such a dreadful question.
In 1926, Professor Walter attempted to answer the question by embarking on a journey to the upper north of Africa, he led a team of young and zealous archaeologist with him and where lead into the Sahara desert using a paper map, a lorry filled with research equipment and an Africa escort Mr. Koli who seem to be familiar with the terrains and treacherous roads.
After three days of journey, Professor Walter and his crew finally got to their destination and were set to begin work immediately. Every equipment and crew where set to work as everyone was curious to see if what they had thought was a myth turns out to be a true after all. Every member of the team knew what was at stake if Professor Walter’s led research turns out successful, it will make them rich and famous.
When Mr.Koli got wind of the aims of those he had followed to the site for illegal excavation, he was surprise and advised the team against it. He warned them about the consequences of what they are about to embark upon. He told explained why the site they stood is cursed and must be avoided. The team laughed to Mr. Koli's superstitious believes, they made fun of the Africa community for ignoring such rich site.
On seeing the team were unconvinced, Mr.Koli walked up to Professor Walter and asked to be paid off for his service stating he could no longer be of any help to them, he was persuaded to wait and that he will be rich and famous if he joins the team in uncovering the riches beneath were they stood. Mr.Koli vehemently turned down the offer and was paid off for his services but before he left, he gave the Professor and his team resounding warning.

For days and nights, the excavation team worked harder to achieve what was had been assumed by other archaeologist to be the impossible. Professor Walter stayed awake in his make-shift tent all night reads through a crappy scroll that holds the tale leading to his mission. He reminisced on Mr. Koli’s warning, he smiled with a sense of purpose knowing the tale wasn’t fiction after all, Mr. Koli’s fear only ignited his sense of pursuit for the greatest treasure hidden from modern civilization.
On the seventh day after rigorous job of bench-marking, surveying, excavation, tracking, sand exploding, pipe-lining, earth aggravation and hole clasping, a member of the crew discovered a gold-colored object in a shape and height of a human, he quickly called upon his colleagues who were also amazed at the object, they brought it out for closer examination and were excited to realize it was indeed raw gold. Professor Walter encouraged his team to work harder that there was more underneath the earth; he told them that that was just one out of thousands yet to be discovered, the crew intensified their effort and within few hours, they had dug up over two-hundred human sized gold. Every member of the crew was marveled at the availability of surplus wealth in such part of the world. Weirdly, the human gold all appeared terrified like they’d frozen in the sight of something horrific, some even seemed to be on the run while very few were asleep.
“What on earth happened to this people, were this gold carved by men?” one of the crew member wondered.
“No man could ever have carved these much gold into the shape of human and animals and decides to bury it, I think something unspeakable happened here” another crew reasoned.
“You are right, something unspeakable really happened here thousands of years ago that transformed this once beautiful kingdom into a cursed land” Professor Walter suddenly cuts in with an air of authority, he took his time looking into the eyes of his team as they obviously looked puzzled by what they just heard, they never thought the professor was more inclined to the tale than Mr. Koli. They listen intensely as the Professor continued “What happened here was known to no one until an anonymous writer documented it and dropped it in one of the libraries where the information now gradually spread till it got to my hearing, I was challenged by one of my brightest students for why haven’t I dare try explore this place to which we stand our ground presently”.
“Sir, but what exactly happened here. I mean, what happened to these people?” another member asked as she fearfully pointed at one of the gold that had the structure of a grown man looking directly at her in horror.

Professor Walter brought out a crappy scroll from his bag and read through it “it says here that there was once a kingdom that had angered the three daughters of the so-called Death himself and that Death had personally came down taking the form of a dark dementing dust-like form which enveloped the kingdom and transformed every living object on it's way into a pure gold, and that is why they call this place The Kingdom of Death’s Gold, and that is why few people around the world mostly here in Africa belief that Death itself still lurks around to watch over it gold”
“Bullshit, only fools would believe such a crap” another crew laughed to what seem to be a folklore, he and few others viewed such a tale to be a mere fabrication by the natives to scare foreigners from extracting the raw gold while only a handful were apprehensive but the professor convinced everyone to get back to work claiming he’s got everything under control. Not quiet long had the team resumed work did an awkward silence settled into their midst like someone had ordered it. The forty-two member team kept mute and starred around at one another with an expression of fear hanging on their faces, no one wanted to talk or be the odd one in breaking the chain of the sudden silence that grrew tensed. Suddenly, a cold-chilly breeze blew across the space where the workers are, whispering the unbearable sound of horror and creating a vision of Death itself as it laid it venomous hands on every mortal being across it path, transforming it into a hollow structure of gold.
Within twinkle of the eye, everyone except Professor Walter Chamberlin had transformed into statues of raw gold of the exact posture they were and all of them seem to have similar facial expression of one who’d witnessed horror. Professor Walter looked around him awestruck, quaking in his boot. He ran out from the underground tunnel onto the surface and kept running nonstop screaming into the empty distance like a man who’d sighted Death itself.

“It’s real. Death is real. The city is real!



Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ashatoda: 7:30am On Nov 30, 2021
Wow! Just wow!! The whites really disrupted the peace of Africa and the most troubling thing is making us believe we had the wrong identity while selling there's to us. Africa might never really get it forever. Thanks @ghostwriter still clamoring for more

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Best morning everyone ♥️

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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by Adesina12: 11:42pm On Dec 01, 2021
This is wonderful epic from wonderland
Your writing skill is second to non Mr. ghostwriter
Prof! Death is real. And where was he running to?
And the three deadly sisters, what about them?
Thank you for the update
#team Oliver Twist
Sweet popcorn for you

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Many years before the existence of the Kushite Empire, Carthaginian Empire, Kingdom of Numidia, Kingdom of the Vandals and Alans, Kingdom of Nekor and the great Emirate of Sijilmassa, there lived a king by name Lord Zendaya who ruled upon the prosperous Kingdom of Baruu. Baruu was a small kingdom surrounded by more greater and powerful empires who had always possess themselves as threats to it through the past years, the ambitious lord Zendaya was not comfortable with it as he knew sooner or later, his Kingdom will be crushed and would be for the taken by more powerful kingdoms. So he thought of a lasting solution to the shame and insecurity melted upon his people from other kingdoms around, he soughed the advice of all the wise men in his Kingdom and it was in that gathering one of them made a strange but outstanding recommendation.

Before the next full moon, Lord Zendaya yielded to that strange advice when he journeyed alongside twelve of his most trusted men all disguised as peasants while they rode for days and nights dashing through the stormy rains, scorching sun, whispering winds and treacherous forests. After two full moons of riding through the continent of Africa from it north to it south, they found the place they wished for and it was exactly what one of the wise men had described it to be. All thirteen men reluctantly entered into a cave within the forest, inside of it was dark causing the men to light up fire torches, they heard murmuring in the distance ahead and forged on, soon they were all surprised to see an old crone. She was hideous of appearance, mumbling to herself in a dreamy, ghastly smile. Her hair was lank and lusterless, falling around her like strings of rotten straw. A cauldron bubbled slowly in the corner, leaving off the most infernal and rancid vapours. Bits of frogs’ legs, bat wings and eyes of newt were scattered around the floor of the cave. Her lupine eyes, savage and cunning came to life when the men got uncomfortably closer with their torches.
“Tell me Zendaya, are you willing to pay the price for what you seek?” the withered old woman asked in a cackling voice while staring at one of them.
All the men were stunned at how accurate she’d picked out their leader, Zendaya boldly stepped forward willing to give whatever it takes. “Yes I am”

She grinned with beaming eyes revealing rows of black jagged teeth “Of course you are. And so will I also grant you what you seek” for a moment she closed her eyes as she mumbled like a lunatic while the men all stood watching the old sorceress. She suddenly continued when she opened her eyes “We will need a vacuum, your men must hurry to go get a virgin girl for the ritual.
And so some men headed out and returned shortly after nightfall with a teenage girl who’d been bought a slave far away.
When outside, within the forest for the ritual, the witch bent and spoke strange wordings into the ear of the young girl who immediately fell to the ground unconsciously.
The old Sorceress turned to Zendaya ones again to ask if he would be willing to processed with his request in which Zendaya boldly affirmed.
.“So be it”

Standing upright with her hands up towards the sky in plea, she shouted “On behalf of Lord Zendaya, the ruler of Baruu Kingdom, I call upon the four gods of the land, the sea, fire and air tonight that you all come together and help take a message to Death itself deep down the corridor of…..”. Her wheezy, cackling voice rose higher and higher as she neared the end of her incantation. Quickly, the atmosphere changed to be very windy and thunderous, the atmosphere was dangerously electrifying by nature and it brought greater panic upon Lord Zendaya and his men as it was so strange to their sightings and logic. Suddenly, everything went quiet and totally still, nothing from many miles away could be heard and it felt everything on earth went lifeless that exact moment causing every tree around to go dry, bats and other night birds fell dead. All of Lord Zendaya’s men fell to the ground lifeless like logs at a time.

“What in gods’ name is happening here?…talk to me woman” Zendaya swiftly drew out his sword and shouted fearfully at the sorceress who had also fallen to the ground and struggling to stay alive. Zendaya rushes to her and desperately requesting to know what was happening.
“You asked for it Lord Zendaya and now it’s here” She said almost in whisper.
“What are you talking about?” he yelled with his eyes searching into the woman’s.
“Death is here!”

Dark smoky materials snooped out from thin-air and took to a gigantic hollow frame of a man cloaked in coal-black rag with no distinct body part, it looked spooky. Zendaya the only creature before it decided to defend himself with his sword as he stood ready for an offence, just then he began to shiver of cold aggressively while he gazed upon what was claimed to be Death himself.
“You called for me…Zendaya!” the words caused great pain inside of him.
“Yes! Yes!...” Zendaya groaned in excruciating pain “I wish to be powerful and my kingdom indestructible, make me the most powerful king to rule the surface of the earth, Make me Lord Khanu Zendaya the greatest"

Like wild fire of the harmattan, the news of Zendaya’s encounter with Death himself spread within and outside the Kingdom of Baruu. It was believed by everyone that Zendaya and his men encountered Death at their destination who challenged them one by one in a mortal combat in which every one of them were defeated except Zendaya who stood firm to the ground like a giant Oak tree, looks straight into the red glowing eyes of Death like an elegant Eagle and pounced upon it like a fearless Tiger as he wrestled Death for days and nights until Death grew tied, jaded and would fight no further. Death as sign of respect to his undefeatable challenger gave out a virgin girl to Zendaya”.
Whenever Lord Zendaya hears the version of his own fabricated tale of how he wrestled Death, he knew within him that it was just a lie, a lie which he purposely fabricated to boost his ego and the glory of his kingdom, a lie which he saw necessary to instill fear in the heart of kingdoms around, a lie which will portray him as the most fearless ruler who defer Death through physical combat, a lie which shall forever be passed from one generation to the other.
Every night, Zendaya kept having same nightmare, the one of which he’d knelt before Death, he remembered the painful echoes within his head as the spooky creature granted his request, he vividly remembered how Death had swiftly drifted closer to the virgin girl who was then unconscious and had lightly opened its mouth to pour out a small amount of its smoky content into her as it entered through her mouth, he remembered how death instructed him to “Go with her, for she is now a bearer!” he remembered how he’d journeyed back home with no comrade but rather with an unconscious girl who was about to make all his wishes come true.
The young girl whom Zendaya had brought along from his journey was nicknamed 'The Gift by Death' and ever since she’d been brought into Baruu, she had remained a source of mysterious for she had been unconscious ever since she was brought in and her belly had kept growing bigger everyday without no sign of fetus dwelling in her womb as confirmed by the physicians who watched over her in an enclosed chamber within the palace. Due to fear and rumors caused by wary citizens the king’s wise men advised Zendaya to quickly destroy and discard the girl saying a gift by death will only bring death upon the kingdom.
Twelve full moons later, the pregnant girl still laid unconscious with her stomach mysteriously growing bigger, the people of Baruu had lost hope on the purpose for their king’s quest a year ago. Zendaya anxiously checks upon the girl every night wondering if his quest for the protection of his people had not been in vain. One night, the physician ran to the king’s chamber and requested for his immediate attention.
“My Lord, you need to see this” the physician said before he was hurriedly followed to the underground chamber.
Three baby girls where on the floor soaked in blood, the virgin girl laid dead on the floor with her stomach tore open. The physician trembled as he tries to talk, he kept pointing at the three babies on the floor as he looks terrified.
“They killed her, they crawled out of her stomach…my lord I saw it, they killed her” he gasped with his eyes widen in horror.
The babies had practically tore out from the belly leaving a gory sight. Lord Zendaya was more than happy to see the estranged babies, he was glad not to have listened to the advises given to him by the wise-men, right there in the chamber after he’d stabbed the physician to death, he named the babies Shebaa, Sayaa, Shironaa. Lord Zendaya called for a great feast where he’d invited dignitaries from every known kingdom around to come dine and wine with him for the birth of his daughters. Dhina Phirona a great magician, illusionist, adviser and one of the emissaries sent from the kingdom of Egypt felt the cold wind of death and destruction hovering upon the three beautiful identical looking baby girls when he sighted them, he quickly called the attention of Zendaya and his wise men as a matter of urgency to destroy the girls for they are bound to forth bring great calamity and destruction upon the entire world and for if ignored, the world is doomed.
Twenty-one years later, the world was almost dragged to ruins by battles launched by Lord Zendaya. Baruu had transformed in fountain of power, as the most influential and indestructible kingdom to confront in battle as many kingdoms who dared had suffered serious mortal blow. No one dare ignore the authority of a once small and powerless kingdom which had in a short time become super power. Lord Zendaya made good use of his three daughters as weapons, kingdoms and empires dare not question his authority, he acquired enormous wealth and his people flourished in surplus riches. Even the kingdom of Egypt that was among the powerful loose woefully in battle against Baruu with almost all Egyptian soldiers maimed till they retreated. The battle was nicknamed the battle of ‘blood bath’ due to the high level of slaughter and carnage suffered by the Egyptians.

“This is strange, very strange, I have never seen so much death as I’d witnessed today” Pharaoh Khayu Tia Hsekiu the ruler and the commander of the Egyptian army spat out in disbelieve. He’d watched as his men all stumbled to the ground mysteriously at the sight of the three beautiful warlocks that led the Baruu’s army to battle. He was marveled at the effortless manner at which the Baruu warriors slaughtered his men as they begged to be spared of their lives, he witnessed as few of his warriors who had managed to stay alive retreated without order and ran off the battle field.
“Who were those three ladies who led Baruu to the battle?” Pharaoh asked with a curious intent.
“Your Majesty, they are believed to be the mysterious daughters of Zendaya who are capable of sucking lives from any living creature, they have never lose a single battle since they were twelve years of age and they seem to grow stronger with every battle fought” one of Pharaoh’s advisers keenly explained.
“Rumor has it that nothing on earth can kill the three sisters, I hear that their presence and touch drains live” another Pharaoh’s adviser added.
“What then do we do? For we cannot sit back and watch those demons take all we had worked hard for” he pointed towards a random corner of the palace just to emphases the location of Baruu kingdom as he angrily spoke.
“Your Majesty, it is obvious the situation at hand is far from the ordinary, it is time we call for the gathering of rulers across kingdoms to seek for a collective effort to defeating Baruu in battle” one of the counselors advised.
“No, what will they think of us, that the mighty Egypt now runs to them for counsel?” another voice came up from amongst the gathering and eventually the assembly of Egyptian strategist turned to one of contestation on whether or not forces be joined with other Kingdoms against Baruu.
“Silence!” Pharaoh ordered. “We shall call for the council of kings, for Baruu must fall”


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Re: Corridor Of Hell: Guardians Of The Dead by ashatoda: 7:31am On Dec 03, 2021
Hmmmm. Really deep. This is what most of our ancestors really did. They sought power from the devil and many of them got it. Thanks op and please more

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