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Blood Link by Devilpen(m): 2:42pm On May 07
Blood Link
Tag: Highschool, Action, Technique.

Written by Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
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Every two years, a fight for position of the Chairman of Companies takes place with each each directors of companies having their own fighters or champions each with a unique style of fighting which has been passed down from generations or which were newly discovered.

The fighter who emerge winner, gives the director a direct ticket to being the Chairman of all companies, which means more money, more power, more connections and above all immunity to government and private policies.

Chapter 1
Director Josh walked into the small cozy conference room, a round table at the middle of the room and just three chairs around it.

Director Josh made himself comfortable on the middle chair and placed his legs on the table, his shoes neatly polished and shiny. He pulled off his red tie and undid the first two buttons of his white shirt and threw it to the ground. He stretched his hand forward at the table and grabbed the mobile tablet on it and powered it on.

"Now all I need is a fighter, left to me, I have no interest, but it's a norm, know let's see who is on the list" he muttered to himself as he squinted his eyes, while he swiped the screen of his tablet going through the profile of available fighters.

He stood up and heaved and began to pace round the room, with his hands tucked into the pocket of his neatly iron black trouser.

Director Josh raised his head up and pulled out his phone, he dialled a number, placed it on loud speaker and dropped it on the table, beside the tablet.

"Mr. Kaine, ready the car, we are visiting the underground fight arena, I can't find a fighter I want from this list you gave me, I'll be ready in 5" Director Josh said, without the other end replying, the phone hanged up.

Director Josh, picked up his tie and grabbed both phones and walked out of the room.
Director Josh looked out from the car, where he sat at the owner seat, in deep thought. From a wealthy family, he lost his mother, when she gave birth to him and because his father was a really busy person, he couldn't afford getting married again.

His father ran a solo publishing company, that really succeeded, after his father died a year ago in a automobile accident, after which he took up the Publishing Business and he didn't grew up outside the country, so he had to move the headquarter of his business down to Nigeria, while he had put someone in charge of the one oversea, since he knew the system of his home country better than somewhere else.

"Director, what's the matter? " Mr. Kaine asked, taking a quick look at his boss from the mirror above him.

"I really don't want to enter into this competition, but since it's a necessity, I can't help but imagine the risk of life involved" Josh replied calmly and sighed.

"Mainly the reason why your father kept hid business away from Nigeria" Kaine replied and squeezed his mouth.

Kaine adjusted his glasses, while he steered with his left hand, he placed his right hand back on the steering wheel and mumbled inaudible words, his wrinkled face which suggested he was probably in his late 70s.

Josh, a chocolate skin man, well built and a man of tranquility, he avoided drawing attention to himself as much as possible and always enjoyed the company of himself, Kaine was the only person he considered family.

"We are here" Mr. Kaine announced and pulled the car into the parking lot, he pulled the hand brake and turned off the running engine.

Director Josh alighted and heaved, he waited for Kaine to get prepared and took the lead.

Entering into the underground fight arena, a dead male was dragged out of the fight arena filled with blood.

He folded his arms into each other and watched as another set of fighters walked into the area and people placing bet.

"None interest me" Josh said and looked at Kaine

"He doesn't want to get involve and yet he is choosy about his fighter, shouldn't he just go for one?" Kaine thought within himself as he tagged along.

"HEEEYYYYYY!!! " a loud husky voice drew their attention.

Director Josh slowly turned around and before him was a huge man, with bare chest, a dragon tattoo all over his body, a menacing look and strong arms.

"You need a fighter for the upcoming Chairman fight I'm your man" the man said, full of himself.

"I use the legendary Gidi fight technique, and demon possess" the man said and snapped his fingers and behind him, three demons appeared.

Director Josh dipped his hand into his pocket and retrieved his business card and threw it at the man.

"Tommorow" Director Josh said and turned to take his leave "Don't be late" he added as he walked out.

"Vincent is never late" the man replied with an evil smile on his face.
Mr. Kaine ignited the car engine and heaved before speaking.

"You brought him just like that"
"Hmm, he has to prove himself, next tomorrow is the preliminary, let's see what he is up to" Director Josh replied and relaxed his back.
Re: Blood Link by Devilpen(m): 8:09pm On May 07
Chapter 2

Vincent was ushered into the conference room, dressed in a black round neck that made his muscles pop out more, he smiled widely as he walked in.

Director Josh seated on his normal seat, he watched as Vincent crashed into the first seat and smiled widely at him.

"I invited you to discuss your payment" Josh said and adjusted his blue tie.

Mr. Kaine stood by the entrance and watched as the drama before him unfolds.

"I have a strong conviction that, your first payment will be used to pay for your hospital bill" Director Josh said with a soothing voice and closed his eyes.

"It's the preliminary stage, and I house the strength of ten men, I've never been defeated " Vincent said boasting while pointing his left thumb at his chest

"Whatever the case is, one lose and I'm done with you " Josh said and stood up "3 million for a start" he added and walked out, getting to the door, Josh halted and spoke "Venue is the Big Burger arena, 7:30pm" Josh said and walked out, followed by Kaine.
Director Josh grabbed a bottle of vodka from the wine shelf in his large living room, which was spacious, save for the only blue leather chair in the center of the room and two empty shelves on the far end of the room.

He poured a half full wine cup and gulped down and sighed.

"Director, your fighter" Mr. Kaine said as he walked closer to Josh.

"He is not qualified one bit" Josh replied and poured himself a drink.

"Then you shouldn't have made a seal with him"

"No, since he is not certain to make it pass first stage, all we need is just to be in the tournament, doesn't matter if we win or lose " Josh said as heoved the wine glass in circular motion, making the liquid swirl.

"Hopefully whoever wins doesn't not get power drunk" Kaine said and bit his lower lip.


9:00 PM

Vincent walked out of brothel, laughing horribly while he carried a fragile looking girl in his arms, with his large arms which really made the girl cry out.

"I paid to enjoy the night with you!! " Vincent shouted

Mr. Kaine rolled up the car glasses from where he parked, he picked up his phone and dialled Josh's number.

"I have eyes on him, drunk and very unreasonable " he said and nodded his head

"Yes sir"

Vincent while catching his fun smashed his huge body against a boy that was passing by, spilling his goods to the ground.

The boy picked himself up and raised the torn bag up and smirked

"That a new phone you know" the boy said and picked up the broken phone "I need you apologies" the boy added staring at Vincent.

"What? " Vincent asked sarcastically and let go off the girl

"Apologies or I loose my temper and I'm bad at controlling it" the boy said and walked closer to Vincent, this time the huge difference between the two men was clear.

"I'll spare with you then, I should really do that to teach you a less...... "

Before Vincent could complete his statement, a hard kick landed on his neck, which sent him straight to the ground.

"Sir, something happened, I'm sending you the video " Kaine said hurriedly and hanged up.

The boy knelt down next to unconscious Vincent and examined him.

"I really hit him hard, he'll survive, just few broken bones" the boy said and stood, looked around at the on lookers and headed his way.

Mr. Kaine ignited his car and quickly drove after the boy, trailing him.

The Next Day
Director Josh walked into the Directors of Companies conference hall and located his seat among hundred of other, everyone having their fighters next to them except him.

"We are all present and the preliminary is taking place soon, the lots have been drawing and can be seen above" The lady on the podium before the entire room said.

The projector board above began to list all matches and third time

"First is Grand Publisher versus Blue Kitchen" the lady announced "Please rise for identification "

Josh stood up and on the third row behind him, a lady also stood up with her fighter next to her.

"Where is your fighter? "

"Huhhn, currently indisposed " Josh replied which resulted into low murmuring from others.

"The rule states that you must have a fighter, without one, you a on tip of loosing 60% of your company's annual profit and your company is worth a whooping 30 billion, which places you 13th on the list " the lady on the podium said.


Josh walked out angrily, banging the door hard behind him, he opened the door of his car, sat down, closed the door and sighed as he adjusted his tie.

"Take me to the school, I have to find that boy before the preliminary match" Josh said frustrated.

"He is just 17, is it a right thing to do? " Kaine asked as he drove off.

"It's a one match thing" Josh replied and sighed.

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Re: Blood Link by Devilpen(m): 2:42am On May 08
Chapter 3

Parked on the other side of the road, opposite the school they had traced the boy to, Director Josh took a quick glance at his wrist watch and sighed relieve, it was 4:12PM already.

Pupils began to troop out of the school gate in groups.

"We can't lose him" Josh said to Kaine who adjusted his glasses.

"There he is"
Mr. Kaine drove the car skillfully through the traffic after the boy, who had noticed them earlier and took to his heels, cutting through alleys and street ways. Kaine intercepted him and quickly opened the door.

"Hey, stop running" Mr. Kaine shouted in frustration

"Then you should explain why you kept tagging after me? " the boy replied, his hands folded into a fist, raises up to his head level.

"Micah, get in" Director Josh said after he had pulled down the window on the driver seat and pulled the door open.

Micah lowered his guard and took a look at Director Josh

"Doesn't look suspicious" Micah thought within himself and moved closer "My intuition is never wrong"

Micah hopped in and shut the door close, while Mr. Kaine ignited the engine and drove off.

"You snapped out my fighter with one kick and you have to replace him in the Chairman tournament, it's simple, I don't want to win, so make sure you lose on your first fight tonight and your work is done" Director Josh said and passed his tablet to Micah.

"That's the profile of your opponent, he is fierce and he is from the blood line of Ajagun, a very fierce blood line that kills for pleasure, they specialise in spear fight technique, slow but with deadly attack" Director Josh said and looked at Micah who was fixed on the tablet.

"You want me to loose and you give me a full profile of my opponent? "

"No, I gave you so you decide how to lose" Director Josh added "What blood line do you come from? "

"Thought you made your findings, I'm an orphan" Micah said and smiled at Director Josh.

"We're here" Mr. Kaine announced and pulled the car into the parking lot.

"You have an hour to get prepared, remember you are loosing "

"One quick question" Micah said before alighting with a bright smile "Your fighter, hoe many bones did I break? "

"32" Mr. Kaine replied and alighted.


"I heard Olakunle's son also entered into the comtest" A man probably in his late sixties said and puffed out smoke from his mouth and nostrils.

Seated under the red dim club light were two influential Directors, Director Gaba of Leading House Magazine, a chubby looking man and present Chairman of Company, Director Churchill of Country Airline, a very dark skin man with large eyes.

"His father was such a coward, he left the country to go oversea" Director Churchill replied and relaxed his back on the large cushion chair.

It was a private section of the fight arena that they had kept themselves in and catching up on the tournament

"He lack balls just like his father "


The fight arena in no time was filled to the brim, by fighter and their contractors alike, each on their designated seat, few special invited guest and half naked girls that moved from one end to another, with metal trays on their hand, serving alcoholic drinks.

"And the moment we've been waiting for, the first preliminary match, the sole aim of this is to give Directors a chance to see their champions in action, and make a final decision either to change fighters or carry on with the current one........."

Director Josh stood up from the bench he sat on in the changing room and began to pace around as the announcement was being made by the female commentator.

"Huhn looks like its time" Micah said and powered off his phone and stood up.

He pulled off his blue academic suit, leaving his white shirt nearly tucked in and pulled off his shoe.

"Don't drag matters in that ring, fight, lose and get out" Director Josh said.

"Depends " Micah replied and smiled.

"Fighting for Blue Kitchen, which worth about 80 million of net worth is Ajagun Kazim, he has participated in 30 under dog fight and won 27 of it, with a strong taste for blood!" the commentator screamed at the top of her voice

It was followed next by a loud rumbling noise that blasted out from the massive speakers in the fight hall, pop music followed next and next everywhere went dark, the light came back on revealing Karim right in the center of the ring, dressed in only red fight short, his hairs braided into three huge rows, a scarred face along with a menacing look

"Wow, such dramatic entrance, do I also get to have one" Micah said and grinned widely.

"And coming up against him, is a old but new company, fighting for Grand Publisher a company which worth more than 13 billion, is Micah, numbera of fight 0, numbers won 0,is this really a fight or what? "

Director Gaba scoffed from where he was seated and puffed out smoke from his mouth.

"There is nothing to see here, after all it's the preliminary "

Micah walked out of the dressing room into the arena, with a blank look on his face, he watched as his opponent tried intimidating him and grinned widely.


Kazim rushed at Micah closing the space in between in few seconds and sent the first blow towards Micah's head. Micah dodged it softly and moved back, creating enough distance.

"Wow, such preciseness and flexibility from the newbie, dodging Kazim's punch like it was already expected " the commentator remarked with excitement

Kazim threw more punches at Micah who continued to move around, leaping and dodging his attack.

"I'll end this once and all" Kazim screamed annoyingly "Blood Fist!! "

"Ohh man, Kazim just summoned his famous blood fist, which has saw him win majority of his matches, it's always exciting to seeeeeeeee!!!! "

Kazim's fists from the fingers down to the elbow turned red, oozing with evil all over, he dashed at Micah and sent the blow at him.


Dust went up in the air, which immediately sent chill through the spines of everyone.

"Is that your super power? " Micah asked, using his hands to block the attack.

"UNBEEELIEVABLE... kazim's famous finisher couldn't even do anything to the new kid"

Director Gaba stood up to his feet in awe, while Director Churchill threw away his cigarette with his mouth widely open

"Did that just happen? , even my champion can't stop that " Director Gaba thought within himself.

Micah grabbed Kazim by the right hand and flipped him over, pulling him to the ground. Micah stood over Kazim and sent the first hit which instantly took Kazim out.

"This is promising, a new age of fighters, earlier Micah had instead of waiting for Kazim punch to make its mark, he went at it, reducing the force of impact greatly, it's still a mystery how Kazim went down in one hit" the commentator shouted with ecstasy as the whole arena went wild.

"He just brought us unnecessary attention " Director Josh said as he watch Micah run out of the arena.

"Did I do well? " Micah shouted as he got closer.

"The plan was to loose" Josh said calmly.

Director Gaba and Churchill walled in minutes later into the changing room and both clapped their hands, drawing everyone's attention.

"And I thought you never had the balls like your father" Director Churchill said with a smile.

"Churchill " Josh muttered lowly.

"Your fighter, he is amazing, hope he keeps up the good form " Gaba added and both tool their leave.

"Tch, Leta get out of here" Josh said and turned to leave.

"Perfect idea"


Re: Blood Link by AceRoyal: 9:20am On May 08
Another interesting masterpiece grin
Re: Blood Link by Devilpen(m): 6:04pm On May 08
Chapter 4
Director Josh passed a cheque slip to Micah seated on his favorite position of the conference room, while Micah stood beside him.

Micah smiled as he pulled the slip into his pocket and cleared his throat.

"This is really much, do you know what I can do with this amount? I'm set for life" Micah said lowly, his voice beginning to become unsteady as he began to cry.

"The deal is done, get out" Director Josh said coldly and pointed towards the exit.


Micah closed the door of his house and slump into the tattered chair in the room. Piles of book neatly arranged on the left corner of the room, a reading table before the books, and three shirts and trousers hanging on the wall

He brought out the cheque slip and smiled brightly as he started deeply at it, an unbelievable amount, not in his wildest dream have he thought such could come to him.

"I'm moving out of here today" he said and fling himself up.


The Next Day

Micah sat on the school field track, lacing up his new racing boot, he raised his head up and saw others also lacing up their boots and warming up for practice.

An aged man blew the whistle with him loudly and raised his hands in the air, signalling them to gather around.

Micah stood up and jogged towards the man, in total they were six who gathered around, three girls and three boys.

"Coach" they all chorused.

"Alright guys, let's do this one more time, Micah, Billy, you're up" the coach shouted and clapped his hands loudly "Five laps go go go go" he screamed out.


Micah sprang forward with swift reflex, grinning widely he suddenly dashed off, leaving a very wide gap between him and Billy. While Billy was on the second lap, Micah has already gone all five.

"Come on Billy, get your sorry self running " the coach shouted as he approached Micah who didn't look exhausted.

"It's a good thing your grades are good, the school team can't afford loosing you, that was 56 mph"

"Is he a car? " one of the girls whispered.


Both Billy and Micah walked out of the school gate dressed in their blue track suit and their bags strapped to their backs.

A car suddenly drove by roughly, the glass came down and followed was rain of bullets, a bullet went through Billy's head, drooping him instantly to the ground

Micah grinned as various bullet pierced through his body, he grinned as he slowly blanked out.


Director Josh attention shifted from his phone to Mr. Kaine who dashed into the conference room panting heavily.

"Director, you have to see this " he said panting heavily "The boy Micah was attacked by unknown gun men"

Hearing this, Director Josh quickly jolted and dashed after Kaine.

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Re: Blood Link by Bobosneh: 8:28pm On May 08
Another great one from our Amazing writer
Re: Blood Link by germaphobe(m): 10:32pm On May 09
here we go again. our boss with another banger
Re: Blood Link by Bobosneh: 4:32am On May 15
Hi prime hope everything okay its been a while and its unlike you i really hope you are foing good
Re: Blood Link by Devilpen(m): 10:51pm On May 15
Hi prime hope everything okay its been a while and its unlike you i really hope you are foing good
We back Sir. Thanks for checking up on me. I needed to get better gadgets more because using a mobile phone wont help with my typographical errors
Re: Blood Link by Devilpen(m): 10:51pm On May 15
Chapter 5

Director Josh walked into the doctor’s office and exchanged greetings alongside Mr. Kaine who tagged along. Josh made himself comfortable on the leather chair before the Doctor, separated by a wide table that had a complete computer system on it.

“The boy that was brought in here with his dead friend, he is my brother” Director Josh said calmly

The doctor let out a bright smile and spoke

“The boy’s parent who died, already came for his body and for your brother, he is doing fine, his wounds are already healed and he is ready to be discharged”

Director Josh sighed in relieve and starred at the doctor for a while, noticing he was hiding some more details from him.

“There is something you are not saying Doc” Director Josh asked and relaxed his back

The Doctor sighed and grabbed his pen on the table fumbling with the nib, he looked up and spoke.

“The boy who died, his parents are not pursuing any case, seems whatever competition you are engaged in, someone is trying to boycott it, your fighter is not the only person who has been shot today, there are reported cases all over the country, at least 30 only today, and about just 5 of them survived” The doctor said and stood up “That is as far as I can give you, the rest remains confidential” he said and stretched his hand forward, offering a handshake to Director Josh.


Micah sat at the front seat of the SUV jeep, stuck in traffic and followed by drizzling of rain, Micah looked out from the window, absent minded, his thought probably filled with though of his dead friend.

Mr. Kaine would constantly looked at him through the corner of his eyes and focus next on the driving, steadily turning the steering.

Director Josh closed his eyes, tightly shut, also filled with his own thought.

Alighting from the car, after it had been parked in the huge parking space, an underground dedicated space specially made for parking of all exotic cars that belong to Director Josh. Micah alighted and flipped his school bag over his shoulder and waited patiently for Director Josh to alight and tagged along him, walking towards the lift that was on the far end of the parking space.

Getting to the main living room, which had a very wide space, filled with only a three seater leather chair and nothing else, Director Josh stepped out of the elevator and threw his suit to the ground, as he walked towards the beer bar and helped himself to a bottle of wine and pop the bottle open and drank from it, and let out a loud sigh as he dropped the bottle on the bar.

“I want to enter into the competition” Micah said breaking the silence

“And the competition you shall enter, first I need to see what you are made of personally, you took out Kazim with just one punch and you survived fifteen bullet and completely healed, which means the weak ones have been filtered out from the competition or it is being hijacked, form this point, you will meet only people either as strong as you or stronger” Director Josh said and gulped down the content in the bottle.

Mr. Kaine sighed and moved to a safe distance as he watched Director Josh pull up the sleeve of his shirt and loosed the first two buttons of his shirt and cracked his knuckles.

“Are you sure about this?” Micah asked with a serious tone.

“Bring out all your anger on me, if you bring me down, then you have my full support” Director Josh said and smiled wickedly.

“This is madness, both of them are clearly out of their minds, they are only finding a means to leash out the anger in them” Mr. Kaine said and moved back much more backward so as not to be cut in their frustrating match.

Micah dashed at Director Josh and sent a punch at his face, moving back swiftly Director Josh, evaded the punch, moving his body to the right.

“You’re open!!” Director Josh shouted, as he sent a blow at Micah’s chest.

“You think so” Micah shouted as he intercepted the punch and grabbed Director Josh’s incoming punch and flipped him over his shoulder.

Director Josh landed and sent his right knee forward, blocking it swiftly, Micah did three back flips to avoid close combat with Director Josh.

“Nine Dragon Fist!!” Micah shouted and slammed his fist together.

Blue flames suddenly engulfed Micah’s fist and disappeared, next he began to bounce on his toes, and throwing his jabs as he moved from left to right.

“Nine Dragon?, Who exactly is this boy? This technique is as ancient as time itself and thought to have been forgotten since no one could master the fight style effectively” Mr. Kaine muttered to himself looking surprised and suspicious at the same time.

Micah tapped his right big toe on the ground and suddenly appeared before Director Josh, and smacked his right fist on his face, which in return sent him crashing the bar, and breaking almost all the drinks.

He tapped his left big toe and appeared behind Director Josh, grabbed him by the neck and slammed him down, grappling Director’s Josh waist with his legs firmly and his hands choking out breathe out of Director Josh.

“It is assumed that all fighter first use the weakest of all their fighting style and as the fight gets tougher, their main skills begins to manifest, which means, the Nine Dragon Fist is the least of his abilities and yet that technique is one of the effective technique ever known” Mr. Kaine said and adjusted his tie.


Re: Blood Link by Bobosneh: 8:40am On May 16
Nice one bro welcome back and thank you for the update
Re: Blood Link by Devilpen(m): 1:25pm On May 16
Chapter 6

Director Josh grabbed Micah by the head and smacked his right knee right into his face, which made Micah stagger backward, feeling brief sharp pains, he whirled his mouth and moved his jaws. Taking few steps backward, he watched as Director Josh stood still.

Director Josh dashed forward, as he got closer, he went low, below waist level and launched himself at Micah, grabbed him by the waist, shifted his body towards the back and raised Micah up in the air and slammed him with a backward slam.

“Crouching Jug” Mr. Kaine muttered and shook his head “This still remains his favorite take down, even with the ability to copy anyone’s fight technique, after seeing them for the first time, another rare technique known as Agemo”

Micah muffled as he crashed to the ground, rolling over, he sprang to his feet, and moved distance away from Director Josh.

“He execute fast and swift close combat skills, or I might be wrong, neither of us are showing our true form” Micah thought within himself and launched himself forward.

Getting closer, he threw the first punch, which Director Josh, blocked, he threw another one again, and began to increase the pace at which he threw his punch.

He executed an upper cut punch and stopped right before the punch could smash Director Josh face. Using it as a decoy, he threw his left hook and smashed Director Josh on the ear.
TWWWIIIIIINNNNNNNN!!! The noise reechoed in Director’s Josh head, as he fell to the ground.

“And that is the finisher” Mr. Kaine said with a bright smile.

Director Josh smiled brightly from where he laid on the floor and looked at Micah.

“You are ready, I and Kaine would dig deeper into the competition and see what we can find, it is more than we think it is” he said as he stood up. “You need a costume and for the main time, everything school stays put, I will work that out” he said, walking closer to the disorganized bar.


Director Lily of Evergreen Markets stood alone in the large fight arena that would be hosting the first fight of the competition, wide audience seat and a very large dusty fight arena. She heaved as she took a glance at her tablet and viewed the fighter her champion would be going up against and squinted her eyes.

“A game of twenty contestants, 10 winners, reduces to 5 and to 3, the last man standing fighting against the current chairman’s champion, this is a game of blood” she said the lady standing next to her.

“This fight should come easy for us, we are against Royal Garden” the lady next to Director Lily said

“All the same, they are fighters you should watch out for, the Demon Ryo, the new kid from Grand Publisher, the Fury Cop and more, we have to thread carefully from here on out, this is a match that is full of surprises”

Director Gaba sat in the dark corner of his office and puffed out smoke from his mouth, standing next to him in the dark was an unclear figure, but huge in stature and a red glowing eyes.

“And let the game begin”


Re: Blood Link by Devilpen(m): 10:49pm On May 17
Chapter 7

Micah got himself grilled meat from the barbecue stand right at the entrance of the fight arena, stretching his pay right to the man, he smiled as he turned around to take his leave. Narrowly missing the huge man that suddenly showed up behind him.

“I heard he took out Kazim with just one hit” a boy as young as Micah asked the older man beside him from where they both stood devouring their grilled meat

“I brought you here not to win, but to learn from various fighters in this tournament, to unlearn and learn” The older man replied and stood up from the chair.

“But Bro Henry, you should also free me, so I can catch up on the fun also” the boy replied and stood up.

“You will get your fun when you face a worthy opponent” Henry replied and looked back at the boy “Jude, I will want you to know, strength alone does not solve everything, you have to go extra mile by thinking ahead before taking any step, know this and almost all your problems are solved”

“Yeah yeah, you always say that, I still wonder why you dropped out when you got to the semi final last three year and now you took over father’s company when you should be the one doing the bashing” Jude said and slurped

“It became boring, and all we needed was to establish our company’s structure, the Purple Hotel, we never needed to win, more fighting are done behind closed doors than you see in this tournament” Henry replied “Come on, the fight has started already, I need you to spectate the fighters”


“Representing Royal Garden is Dare, standing at 6.7 ft, a company net worth of 1 billion, a match record of 2 fights and 2 wins” the female commentator shouted at the top of her voice, standing right at the middle of the fight ground, dressed in a skimpy green skirt and a cloth that barely covered her upper body.

The whole arena went pitch black and from the entrance that led into the fight arena came halogen lights that illuminated through the dark and from the entrance came out Dare, as he approached, the darkness slowly faded, revealing his well toned body for an average man.

“And his opponent, a female by look, but with the strength of a man, and skills beyond the feminine body is Jinx of the Evergreen Markets, with 15 matches, and 10 wins, fighting for a company of net worth 192 million”

Jinx ran out into the fight ground, without any special entrance effect, dressed in black short and a tight cloth around her upper body and red hand fight gloves.

“I will crush you like the insect you are” Dare said and smiled devilish


Director Josh from turned to his left to look at Micah who was busy feasting on his grilled meat, paying less attention to the ongoing fight.

“You should be watching this keenly” Director Josh said

“There is nothing to watch here, the girl wins, she moved taking the left flank, and covered that little distance in 2 seconds, although she is slow, but she still has the fair advantage, based on speed, that speed she moved out with increases her punch accuracy by 8% which is enough to take him out, if she hits him repeatedly” Micah replied smiling.

Director Josh turned to the left to look at Mr. Kaine who quickly looked away like he saw nothing happen.

Jinx sent series of punch on Dare’s chest, each hit pulling him backward, she leapt into the air and landed a kick on his head, which sent him to the ground.

“Jinx is not taking any chance, giving in all she has, can she continues with this form?”

Dare, rolled on the ground, dodging the kick that came at him, he suddenly turned into dust and was out of sight

“and that is his special move, he wants to end this quickly”

A hard punch suddenly crushed Jinx’s face, splitting her lips, before she could react, another one graced her stomach, which sent out blood from her mouth, a hard kick on her right knee followed next, making her go on her right knee, he appeared before her and stretched his legs backward five steps

“Is he really going to do that, the super leg smash, which is capable of smashing the hardest rock, a kick that has killed a full grown lion” the commentator shouted with her eyes wide open, and following along was the loud cheer of the audience.

He squatted and clapped his hands together, and slammed them against his laps, he breathed in and out and suddenly dashed forward.

“If I was her, I would step two feet either to the left or right, he is going to be going in full speed which puts him at a disadvantage of taking a sharp turn, he just out did himself” Jude said and shook his head “Are these people naturally dumb or what?”

Dare dashed forward, screaming out loudly, getting closer to Jinx, about three seconds to smash into her, she stood up and moved two steps to the left. Unable to control himself Dare dashed passed her.

Jinx pulled off her gloves and suddenly pistols appeared on her hands. She aimed for Dare’s legs and pulled the trigger of the gun.

Dare screamed out in pain, as the bullets went right into his knee caps from behind, groaning in pain as he crashed down.

“POWWW POWWWW!, that is the finisher” Micah said and smiled “I like her already”


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Chapter 8
Director Gaba walked into the fight arena, followed by two of his guards, each strapping a rifle around their chest, looking fierce, with various scars running down their face. Director Gaba puffed out thick fumes out from his mouth and raised his head up to look at the massive crowd that had gathered to watch the fight and the competitors alike.

“The fun is yet to begin!!!” He shouted at the top of his voice and adjusted his tie, with a wicked grin on his face “In here, I make the rules, along with the committee, because I am the champion, three times consecutive winner and no one has been able to defeat my champion” he said proudly and beat his chest repeatedly.

“This fight shall span within two weeks, 20 fighters, 10 moves to the next round, then five, then the last man standing faces my champion, the next fight and all other fights takes place in my 10 star hotel……”

Micah scoffed from where he sat and sniffed before speaking

“A means to draw more sales to himself, such selfish frog” he said and turned his head to the left.

His eyes met with Jude who had been staring at him all along, feeling unease by the stare, Micah smiled awkwardly and looked back at the man speaking on the fight arena.

“I wish I could fight him in the next round, brother can you make that happen?” Jude asked, excitement written all over his face

“You are no match for him, if you would want to test that out, fight him outside, it is allowed” Henry replied and looked at Micah from where he sat.

“There is something odd about that boy, he carries a rare presence with him” Henry thought within himself and looked away.

“…….Everything you need is available, free food on budget for all fighters and their Directors” Director Gaba said and puffed out smoke from his mouth and began to take his leave.

Micah assisted Mr. Kaine carry a huge luggage, making it look it was made of paper, as he flipped it on his shoulder and tagged beside him, while other fighters also brought in their properties, things they would be needing to get themselves comfortable for the span of two weeks.

Micah turned to the left, walking behind Mr. Kaine who took the lead, and Director Josh walking behind Micah.

“Lodge 18” Director Josh said.

Mr. Kaine stood before the door that had the number 18 on it and brought out the keys from his pocket, and tried inserting it into the key hole. While he was still attempting to get the door open, Jude and his brother Director Henry got closer to them, having their own room at 19.

“Director Josh” Henry greeted with a plain look on his face and stretched his hand forward for a handshake.

Director Josh received the gesture and returned his hands into his pocket

“I’ve seen the reputation you’ve built for yourself, coming back to do what your father couldn’t” Henry said smiling.

“I knew the market better here than any other place” Josh replied and heaved “I see the brightness still runs in your family”

“Yes, and this is my brother, Jude, representing the business, I brought him to have experience of what the outside world looks like and how cruel it could be” Henry said pointing to his brother who was already smiling widely at Micah who was uncomfortable by his presence.

“I see, you have to be careful then, you know how these people are” Director Josh replied, just then Mr. Kaine opened the door and walked in, followed by Micah who quickly rushed in to get away from Jude.

“There are cameras planted in the rooms of each fighter, edge of the bed, get rid of it” Henry said and walked off.

Micah stood at the very peak of the hotel, get there by leaping from wall to wall, he needed every peace and calmness he could get, so he could easily meditate.

“Never thought I would find you here” a voice said in the dark corner, behind the huge metal water tank on the top of the hotel.

Micah turned around and saw Jude leaning on the tank

“’Hey, Jude right?”

“yup, while we are here, lets see what we are made of” Jude said and turned his left arm into metal, after he had imitated the material of the tank.

“I don’t think that would be necessary”

“You have no choice” Jude replied and smiled.

“Have it your way” Micah replied “Singing blade, wind rush” he muttered and next was a metal pole on his left hand.

Micah smacked the butt of the pole on the ground and immediately the ground caught fire and let out slight crack.

“This should be fun, I haven’t have the opportunity to vent out my anger on anyone yet, I might as well use you as a compensation for that” Micah thought within himself and dashed forward.


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Hopefully I begin updating in three days time
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Soon brother, we got a movie animation project on our neck and it's been stress upon stress.

Hopefully I begin updating in three days time
okay boss i wish you great success in evrrything you are doing. And will this your new projest be on youtube?
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Chapter 9

Micah swung the pole around his body skillfully as he approached Jude who was grinning from ear to ear, Micah pointed the tip of the pole from where he was at Jude and smiled widely
“Death bullet” he muttered and from the tip of the pole came out bullets.
TRAAAA TRAAA TRAAA!!! The bullet rushed out like they were fired from a rifle
Jude opened his eyes widely as the bullets came at him, he wasn’t expecting a long range attack which he was poor at defending.
“Tch, what is this, I have always controlled my opponents from the start of the game, but, but, this guy is on a whole total level, seems like he is going all out on me, yet, this BOILS MY BLOOD” Jude said and dashed forward at the bullets.

A loud crash suddenly came before him, the crash wave, sending him distance off, while Micah stood his ground until the crash died down and revealed Director Josh and Henry standing side by side, and facing each of the fighter.

“What in hell’s name are you both doing?” Director Josh asked Micah furiously

Micah scoffed and made his pole fade off, he smiled at Director Josh and leaped off the building.

Henry walked closer to his brother and as he walked passed his whispered into his ear

“Have you seen the huge distance between you both, that boy is bred by monsters, his past his something you don’t want to know, I hope he crashes out early, so you don’t have to feel his wrath, but at the same time, I don’t think that is possible” Henry said and also leaped off the building.

“Why is my brother so scared of him, and who is this guy, who has my brother’s respect?” Jude thought within himself and sighed.

“You both should not just go around acting foolish” Director Josh said and disappeared.


Director Josh walked into the room and met Mr. Kaine trembling with a white envelop on his hands, while Micah sat on the sofa chair fixed to the show on the television screen. Mr. Kaine raised up his head and gritted his teeth trying to maintain his composure.

“You look pathetic and what’s the matter?” Director Josh asked as he walked closer.

“Some dumbass delivered a message, asking me to lose my next match, pathetic lots” Micah said and heaved.

Director Josh heaved and adjusted his tie, he fixed his gaze on Micah who at the moment was beaming with more than enough confidence.

“Micah, we need to talk about you fighting irregular matches, like today” Director Josh said calmly as he walked forward.

“I wasn’t going to hurt him” Micah said and stood up, “There are matches tomorrow, I have to rest and go spectate” Micah said and walked into the inner room.

Mr. Kaine stood up from where he sat and walked closer to Josh

“I found something about the boy that might really interest you” Mr. Kaine said and slightly nodded his head to the left.


Director Gaba puffed out smoke from his mouth, relaxed in his private pub room, a pool at the centre of the large room, a bar to the left, he let out satisfying moan as the ladies on both sides massaged his chest.

An image suddenly appeared at the entrance, its head lowered and slowly proceeded forward, standing at a height of four inches, the figure crawled up closer to the pool, its long hairs, dragging along the ground as it moved.

“Spider” Director Gaba said slowly and puffed out smoke from his mouth.

“Boss, the messages have been delivered, as expected most are already dropping out and some are demanding explanation, while some have decided not to heed” Spider said as saliva dripped down from his mouth.

“Exactly the point where we I had to direct all matches here to my turf” Director Gaba said and smiled “This is my turf and I decide who wins or fight” he said again and puffed “What about the boy?”

“Nothing about Grand Publisher fighter is certain for now” Spider replied and snarled.



Mr. Josh walked out of the bathroom and stood before the standing mirror in his room as he used the face towel with him to wipe off his face and sighed. The door to the room came open and it was Mr. Kaine who walked in, looking refreshed.

“If you wont be going to the main center to watch the match, it will be broadcasted live, you can view it from the television” Mr. Kaine said and switched on the television.

“Thank you Kaine, but there is no need, we would be going to watch it first hand and have the chance of analyzing every fighter, what about Micah?”

“He woke up earlier than usual and has already gotten us a spot on the very front row” Mr. Kaine replied

“You did a good work searching out his background, in the wrong hands, that boy is a ticking bomb that is enough to bring world power down to its kneel, and it bugs me that we share so many things in common, especially the family background aspect, tsk, you know what to do right?”

Director Josh walked into the hallway that led directly beneath the fight arena, coming out into the open, he saw Micah seated by the right wing of the fight arena and walked up to him.

“Director Josh” an unfamiliar voice called out to him.

Director Josh paused for a few second before turning back, while fumbling with the right sleeve of his cloth.

“Before him was Henry, director of Purple Hotel, standing beside him with his brother Jude who had his gaze fixed on Micah all these while.

“I am really sorry for the unnecessary show my brother had to put up” Henry said and slightly lowered his head.

“These kids have a funny way of putting two people together I think” Director Josh replied “If you really don’t mind, seems there are more spaces” he concluded and led the way.

Henry took a quick look at his brother and pulled him along.
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Chapter 10

Micah scoffed as Jude sat next to him, while Director Josh and Henry sat on the far end, everyone fixed on the ongoing match between Evergreen Markets and Green Garden.

Evergreen Markets’ Champion: Hanabi, a total record of 21 fights and 18 wins and 3 losses.
Green Garden’s Champion: Night Cloud, a total record of 13 fights, and 13 wins

Hanabi moved a great distance away from her opponent who didn’t give any breathing space in his attack, as he went from one barraging to another. Hanabi panted heavily as she spat out blood out from her mouth to the ground and snarled as she watched her opponent dashing furiously back at her.

“She is at a very large disadvantage” Jude said and scoffed, at the very least not expecting Micah to give him a reply.

“She is not” Micah replied coldly “From the way she fights, her method is to watch her opponent closely, and find the perfect opening, by her calculations, she has found 20 opening so far, but she is finding the perfect moment to strike a blow that will completely take him out of the arena, she is smart” Micah said and clicked his tongue.

Henry with the corner of his eyes looked at his brother who was being lectured by Micah

“I hope you now fully understand you both are not fit to be on the same level, he has more experience than you and you are no match for him” Henry thought within himself and sighed.

Hanabi moved around swiftly as Night Cloud attacked her, bending down swiftly she sent a swift kick right at his stomach and like he had predicted the attack, he leaped backward and jammed his palms together, making strong waves dispatch out from his hand which sent Hanabi off her feet, sending her crashing her to the ground.

Micah scoffed and stood up, tucked his hands into his pocket and made to leave.

“Where are you going?” Director Josh asked

“It’s an unfair fight, I am going to lecture the girl” Micah replied staring deep at Director Josh.

“Tsk” Director Josh said as Micah walked on.


A hard punch grazed her lower jaw, which split her lips and sent her flying distance away, crashing hard against the wall, and falling almost lifeless to the ground.

A bright light shown before her, she slowly raised her head and saw Micah standing right before her, stretching his hand at her.

“Come on, let me take over” he said as he pulled her up.

“She is standing up, even after taking the famous One Cloud Punch that has always brought hopelessness to everyone it ever came across to” The commentator shouted in awe.

“Tsk, this is one tough opponent, I should have gone all out on her” Night Cloud said and tighten the glove strap around his hand.

Micah pulled her up, his body oozing out white fumes, with a fierce look on his face. Hanabi stood to her feet, unsure about what just happened, but it was certain she was oozing with unlimited powers and strength and it seemed like she had no particular control over her body.

In one swift move, she dashed at Night Cloud, and crashed her body against him and sent him flying, she grabbed his legs and pulled him back grabbed him by the neck and smashed him into the ground.

“What is happening here is kind of unbelievable, did that boy just go into ancestral mode and walked into the girl?” Henry said and turned to look at Director and saw he was no where to be found on his seat. “Tsk, one opponent I wouldn’t want my stupid brother to come across really”

Jude turned round to look at his brother and gulped.

Director Gaba from where he sat from the peak of the fight arena, had a strong unfriendly countenance on his face and stood up.

“Hmmmmmmm” he said and he walked out of the arena “Get all Director’s and their fighters, to converge at the great hall” he said as he walked on with his cigarette in his mouth.


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Chapter 11
Henry suddenly appeared at the top of the hotel building and sniffed into the cold night air and sighed.

“What you did back there at the fight with Hanabi, its quite strange” Henry said and turned around towards the water tank, where Micah was standing.

“I did nothing to her”

“I heard what you said to your boss, even if you communicated with him through telepathy” Henry said and smiled “You’re strange” Henry said and disappeared.

“I’m here for the man who took my friend from me and nothing else, and I will play those card according to how I want it to turn out and use every one of you as a pawn to achieve that even if it means taking out all I have in me to achieve it and I won’t stop at that only” Micah said coldly and smiled as he faded off into the night.


Director Josh watched as Micah walked in, standing by the bar, a bottle with him, he stretched out his hands and halted Micah.

“You should be careful how you move around this place, you know better that it is not save for any one of us and I am sure you know of that perfectly” Director Josh said calmly.

“I know, I just had to make my own findings”

“We are being summouned by the leading Chairman, it has to do with the strange occurrence with Hanabi I think, and you should refrain from saying anything even if the question is to directed at you”

“I don’t know if you’ve been having some strange feeling like a being much more stronger has been lurking around” Micah said and waited for Director Josh to put down his hand

A knock suddenly came at the door of their room, which interrupted their discussion. Mr. Kaine adjusted his cloth and made for the door. On the other side was Director Henry and his brother Jude, he ushered them and closed the door behind them.

“Something is up, something really strange” Director Henry said and placed his right palm on his face and sighed.

“We know, but we don’t know the details” Director Josh said and stood right.

“The chairman has no intention of giving up his position, and silently he has been eliminating weak fighters with his machineries, behind the scene, I have every reason to believe the urgent meeting is meant to be a mass massacre” Director Henry said

“That bastard, that means staying Chairman isn’t enough, there is more to these things” Jude chipped in.

“I don’t care what it is, as long as no one holds me back” Micah said and looked at the ceiling

“It is becoming a drag, well, we are moving out, I just came to inform you of the possibility of what might be the outcome at the meeting” Director Henry said and turned to take his leave.

Micah walked in last after Director Josh, manning the doors were gunmen, one on each sides of the metal door that led into the wide meeting hall were everyone were to converge.

Micah after entering stood still and looked around the hall, from what he could count, they were only 10 fighters and their manager. He looked at the multiple entrance at the other end of the hall. He walked closer to the wall and placed his left palm on it.

“Tch” He muttered as he pulled his hand out.

“There are others outside on the other end of those doors, I sense at least thirty of them, with no good intents, the Chairman isn’t part of them, seems this is a massacre” Micah said to Director Josh who was standing next to Director Henry and his brother.

The walls of the hall suddenly began to shake furiously, and from above it cracked, dropping large quantity of dust on them.

An uproar took over from everyone in the hall, not sure about what was happening.

“It’s everyman to himself” Micah said and tapped his left feet on the ground.

Director Josh saw this and also slammed his palms together and smashed them into the ground, making a blue shield spread out and covering everyone in the hall.

“Stay still, this isn’t supposed to be a meeting as said by the Chairman, it’s a massacre” Director Henry shouted and placed his hands on Director Josh.

“I’m lending you my strength” he said as his hands began to glow brightly.

A Director suddenly fell to the ground, with his head blown to pieces, another Director suddenly got cut into halves and another dropped instantly.

“Their taking out the Directors, which nullifies a fighter” Jude shouted

Micah suddenly took to his heels, almost becoming invisible, he stood before Mr. Kaine and at that instant a bullet smacked his forehead.

Micah groaned as the bullet dropped to the ground, with his skin which made contact with the bullet broken and oozing out blood.

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Chapter 12
Another shot came at Micah’s chest, making him stagger few steps backward
“The first one came from the right, the bullet to the chest came from the right, from below, nice trick to keep yourself hidden” Micah muttered “But between both shots were six seconds difference, that’s right he is changing direction while also reloading, just one more shot at me and youre done” Micah muttered and took a defense posture.

He looked back at Mr. Kaine who was visible frightened, no matter how hard he tried to hid it.

“From behind”

Micah grabbed Mr. Kaine by the head and pushed him hard to the right, away from the incoming bullets, narrowly dodging the bullet himself, Micah dashed barely visible. He sent a heavy punch forward, screaming at the top of his voice

“Dragonnnnn Dannnceee!!!” he shouted as he sent the punch forward.

SMACK!! The punch hit someone invisible, immediately contact was made right on the forehead, the opponent instantly became visible. The punch smashed through his skull, shattering it completely off the neck.

“Very predictable, I knew you would fall for the bait, looking back at Mr. Kaine would make you realize I have a blind spot behind me” Micah muttered as he moved his fingers.

The ceiling of the hall, slowly began to crumble, first were few block dropping down, and next of sudden it came down completely.

Dust went up into the air, completely covering the entire leveled area. The blue shield died down, with everyone in it unhurt. Director Josh gasped for breathe and stood upright, seeing the development of the situation before them.

“That is the Dead Force, the machineries the Chairman control” Director Henry said grinning from ear to ear.

Completely surrounding them were men dressed in complete overall red cloths, completely covering even the whole of their face and head.

“I cant even pick out their heartbeats, they are probably highly skilled and dangerous, their composure and all” Director Josh added and made a circle in the air.

A black hole formed out of the gesture he made in the air, he dipped his hand into it and brought out two Katanas (A Japanese sword).

“Blood Blade” he muttered as he swayed the sword in the air “I really hate using these, when the bloodlust comes in, its hard to stop” he said to himself and smiled

“Heaven Accompany” Director Henry muttered and next was his body covered in light looking armors, light as cloth

“Only five Director remaining” Jude muttered and scoffed

“We surrender” all remaining Directors shouted in unison alongside with their fighters.

Before them, the Dead Force made a path for those who had surrendered, allowing them to leave unscathed

“What about you, you have no score to settle with the Chairman, you should leave” Director Josh said to Henry

“Distorting the balance of a competition is enough reason for me to fight back and I need to settle that score” Director Henry replied “And apart from that, I feel this should be like strolling the park”

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Chapter 13

“Moooorrrrreeeeeeeeee!!” Jude screamed at the top of his voice as he smacked his right fist into the stomach of a Dead Force shoulder and suddenly his hands going up in flame “Shoot Styllleeeeeee” he screamed aloud as loud explosion from him rocked everywhere.

“That’s some crazy power” Director Josh thought within himself, while dodging the swift attack that came at him.

“Director!!” Micah shouted from where he stood, surrounded by Dead Force soldiers, who were cautious about attacking him blindly, since he was only taking them out with one smack to the stomach, which resulted in fatal damage to their body, no matter the fight technique that was launched at him.

“I’ll leave things here to you and the Henry, I have something to do” Micah said and slashed his hand into the air and instantly all Dead Army before him were slashed into two halves from the stomach. “Tch”

“Defense Palace” Director Josh muttered as his body became made of steel, fending off the attacks that came at him “Don’t die on me, brother” Director Josh muttered again as he nodded his head affirmatively to what Micah had said.

“Waitttttt, you cant have all the fun to yourrrrseeelllfff!!!!, the bad guys are always watching from behind, this is no fuuunnnnn!!!!!” Jude shouted and roared out fire from his mouth.

“Youre so loud, Don’t fall behind” Micah replied and disappeared.

Director Gaba grinned widely, a little feeling of uncertainty, he starred deep at the television set that showed everything that was going on in the destroyed part of the building and grunted.

“Those boys are going to be trouble” Director Churchill muttered, sitting down next to Director Gaba.

“The kid that used Nine Dragon Fist in his first match, it bothers me that that his is weakest technique after all, but at the same time, he is what we’ve been looking for, the key that finally brings us to our dear ambition, Spider, Midnight, Doctor Shoot, you’re the last line of defense, you can kill the Salamandar, but bring that Dragon to me alive” Director Gaba said and smiled evilly.

Micah leaned on the elevator as it moved towards the last floor of the hotel, he grinned and turned to look at Jude and noticed the sad expression on his face, at first he thought to ignore, but spoke

“If you’re scared, you should go back” Micah said coldly

“Scared, no, I am all fired up, I joined this tournament to get a closer look at the evil behind the suffering in this country and to be able to defend those that are important to me, I mean everyone, a world filled with powers, but yet injustice, the sad expression on my face, is that of many that has suffered for unjust reason because of people like Director Gaba, he has done so many unforgiveable things” Jude replied and made his fist go up in flame.

“Tsk, I once had friend who got caught up in this mess and died, the pain in the face of his parents, I still see it even know, the only child of his struggling parents, his life was caught short, I am only here to revenge him, but along the way I found something really interesting” Micah said

DING! The elevator sounded and came to a halt, the doors slowly came apart and before them were standing the Three Knights of Leading House Magazine
Doctor Shoot, dressed in overall red flowing gown and a hood that covered his face, beneath his cloth are rumoured to be various fire powers and he never misses his shot.

Midnight, dressed in plain black clothing, he can see a minute into the future, when he is fighting, predicting the next step of his opponent, he controls legions of demons and can manipulate them at will

And lastly Spider, who is always on all four limbs, and has hairs that are about fourteen feet long, his hairs are as sharp as steel, cutting through metals, he can change the structure of his hairs as he pleases.

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Chapter 15

Midnight went into a fight frenzy, easily overpowering both Micah and Jude, he smashed his right feet right at Micah’s head, sending it deep into the hard floor. Turning around to face Jude next, Midnight phased into thine air and appeared behind Jude, and sent a punch at him, narrowly dodging the punch that came at his face, Jude gasped for breathe as he tried gaining balance, before he could decide what next, Midnight was already at him again.

“Nothing you do is useful, I can see all your attacks before you even start” Midnight shouted and gave Jude a powerful headbutt.

Micah laid still on the ground, barely conscious, he laid motionless, with his eyes wide opened.

Midnight held Jude by the right arm and flipped him hard straight into the ground and smacked his stomach with his left leg and let out a loud laughter.

“Weaklings” he screamed out in excitement.

Director Gaba let out a soft smile on the corner of his lip, satisfied with what he saw Midnight did to the two fighters. He lit the cigar in his mouth and puffed out smoke from his mouth.

“That settles it, that dragon is the answer to my desire” he said and looked at Director Churchill and smiled.

“If I may ask, why do you need him?” Director Churchill asked calmly, staring at the television before them

“Isnt it obvious already” Director Gaba replied and smiled before speaking again “That kid is a pure walking energy, if my guesses are right, he possesses the dragon slayer magic, something that is very rare, in this 21st century” Director Gaba replied and smiled.

“I still don’t fully understand”

“You see my friend, after money, what comes next?”

“Power” Director Churchill replied

“Exactly, at first, I never intended for anyone to take over my seat as the chairman of all companies in this country, but since this kid showed up, I realized my worst fear, the fear of death could be conquered with this magic this boy possess, a power that replenishes you constantly, making it impossible for you to die” Director Gaba said and heaved “And now that he is here, I have to get it to myself at all cost, I want to rule forever”

Director Churchill frowned within himself and suddenly it struck him, more reason why Director Gaba was so set on getting the boy.

“That’s it, before he became Chairman, 17 years ago, he had a blood contract with a dark magic soul, which was sent into the body of Bloodlust, his fighter and champion for over 17 years now, if the rumors are true, that means, Gaba has been asked to pay back the price of the contract which is probably his life, or worst still, his family, with this power he can actually cancel the contract”
Micah noticed himself floating in a mildly dark environment, floating freely out of his own will.

“Tell me Micah, would you stand and watch the name of Dragon Fist be trampled and dragged in the mud by someone who is not worthy at all?” a calm resounding voice said to him.

Micah slowly opened his eyes and saw he was in a dark environment

“June, is that you?”

“I didn’t raise you to be a weakling Micah, I am sure your brother doesn’t expect you to be one also, that’s why he trusted in you”

“Hmmm, a brother” Micah muttered in confusion.

“Now is not the time to bother about this that are minor” the voice said and faded off, then suddenly “Will you get up this instant!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Tsk, even in death, you are as loud as always, is that how you keep shouting in the world beyond, they would be tired of you and send you back” Micah said with a bright smile on his face.

Jude smashed his fist to the ground, grinning widely and filled with rage, his arms went up in flames and spread through his entire body.

“You really hurt my pride” Jude shouted and stood up, filled with rage and energy.

“The Nine Dragon isn’t something you can get rid off so lightly” Micah said as he pulled himself from the ground.

“Ehh, standing already” Midnight said with a wide grin “Argh, that is not my most powerful move”

“Come with all you have”

Director Gaba stood in shock, seeing the two get back up to their feet feeling revived like nothing had happened to them earlier.

“Yes, that is the power I want, Bloodlust, get ready, you will bring me both of them this time, no matter what happens”


Re: Blood Link by Devilpen(m): 7:13pm On Jul 14
Chapter 16
Midnight narrowly dodge the punch than came at him and did flips backward, to maintain a reasonable distance between him and Micah, who obviously was on a higher par than he was.

On the other hand, Spider sent three strands of huge hairs at Jude, moving with great speed, the first strand smacked Jude on the stomach, grinning widely, the second strand smashed him on the face, splitting his skin directly below the left eye, with the third strand coming in swiftly, Spider felt a soft pull and suddenly Jude grabbed the third hair.

Already holding firm to the third strand of hair, and the previous two strands Jude smiled wickedly and spat out blood from his mouth.

“While you’re busy sending attacks, I noticed you cant re track your hairs unless all strands already completes their attack” Jude said, still grinning widely and pulled the hair tightly with his hands

“Hellll Fiiiirrreeee!!!!” Jude shouted and pulled Spider forward with great strength.
Fire from Jude’s body, suddenly moved through his hands and next through the hairs moving swiftly along the hairs towards Spider’s main body.

“My attack aren’t working” Spider muttered, this time fear was already all over his face.

“Ode!!, My hell fire technique burns through anything, although it takes a long time to activate” Jude said and watched as the fire engulfed Spider who screamed out in pain.

Micah dashed at Midnight and disappeared before him, Midnight grinned and before he could react to what was going to happen next, Micah appeared before him and smashed him hard on the stomach, sending him crashing hard against the wall.

“What’s wrong, is your vision becoming blurry?” Micah asked and flicked the sweat on his face off.

“How?” Midnight said grunting in pains as he picked himself up.

“It’s a pity you don’t know the flaws of your powers, you can see just a minute into the future, when fighting and you activate that power, you have to wait for three seconds before you can see into the next fight future, and that three seconds is enough for me to end your miserable life, so if I notice you’ve used your power, I’ll have to wait one minute before attacking” Micah said and squatted, he leaned his left leg backward and pushed his two hands forward.

“You can see into the future, then you should know that you cant dodge this attack” Micah said and smiled widely.

“Nine Dragon, Malicious Intent!!” Micah screamed and next from his hands came out a smoky huge dragon, that roared out loudly and dived into the air, smashing hard against the ceiling of the building, crashing down bricks, the dragon rampaged around the room and dived towards Midnight who was already frightened to the bone.

The dragon smashed itself hard against Midnight and caught him between its strong jaws and dived up, bursting through the ceiling, straight out of the entire building and disappeared into the sky.

“I’m drained” Jude said and coughed out blood from his mouth, clinching tight to his stomach “Hell Fire, that’s my final move, it drains all my energy” He said and went on his knees and placed his hand on the ground, coughing out blood.

“You should rest here” Micah replied, and helped Jude lay on his back “I just have to burst through and give that man the beating he deserves”

“It wont be easy, seems you don’t know about his champion, Bloodlust” Jude said groaning

“What about him?”

“He is an anti magic user, when you attack him, instead of him feeling the pains, you are the one who feels it, and it five folds stronger” Jude said and grinned

“Such monster” Micah said and grinned angrily.

“Not that I underestimate you, but I don’t think this is a fight you can win this time around” Jude added and coughed lightly

“Maybe, but if we don’t do it, we wont know” Micah said and sighed “I am off” He said and disappeared

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Re: Blood Link by Devilpen(m): 3:56am On Jul 15
Chapter 17
Director Josh smacked his leg against the neck of a Dead Force, pulled himself into mid air and grabbed another by the neck, giving a slam straight to the ground. He stood up panting heavily and gulped hard.

“That is the last of them, we should go help the kids” Director Josh said and let out a loud sigh

“My brother has been decommissioned” Director Henry said with a soft smile “We should hurry” he added and took the lead

“Kaine, you should wait behind”
They both took to their heels, trying to catch up with the boys as soon as they can, exiting the already destroyed section of the building where they had engaged the Dead Force and attempting to take the stair ways that led to the elevator, they both felt a strong force pull them backward, throwing them off balance.

They both groaned in pains, still laying on the ground amidst broken bricks.

“What was that?” Director Josh asked, hoping Henry had an answer to it.

“Probably a Condition Magic User, from one of them” he said and sat on his butt

“So we are stuck here, since we knock them all unconscious, and we don’t know who among them is a Condition User” Director Josh replied still laying down, almost exhausted “Any idea what the condition is?”
“Lets see” Henry said and stood up, walked closer to the stair ways and placed his hand forward.

Immediately he did this, a brick writing showed in the air
The inscription showed in the air and slowly died off.

“This is more pain, so unless Micah dies, we can’t leave here” Director Josh said and screamed out loudly

“It cant be helped, we just have to hope he comes back alive, while we regain our strength and find a way to identify the Condition user and make him undo this magic” Henry said softly and fell on his knees

Micah walked into the next room and saw already his opponent was already waiting for him.

“He is huge” Micah muttered to himself.

Bloodlust his opponent, stood at a whooping height of about 13feet in height and was well toned and heavily built. He had a cold look on his face that gave out his full intent which was nothing other than to kill and wreck havoc

“Tch, his power is not enough, being this heavily built? Whatever, I would never be a worthy student if I backed down now” Micah said and heaved.

He placed his hands against the wall and raised his head up, looking at the camera that was directly above Bloodlust.

“I honestly can take this guy out, putting his power into consideration, even if it had a weak point, I would be dead before I notice that, and the director is behind those doors, watching, if I can just find a way to break through and hold him hostage” Micah thought within himself and took a squat position “All I have to do is create a distraction and burst through the doors” he said and smiled.

Watching through the CCTV, Director Gaba smiled with full confidence that Micah was on the loosing side this time around.

“Trying to go directly will raise suspicion and make him more alert, guess I will have to pretend and fight him head on for a while before making my decisive move” Micah thought and suddenly dashed at Bloodlust.
Re: Blood Link by Devilpen(m): 3:58am On Jul 15
Chapter 18
Getting closer to Bloodlust, Micah sent a direct punch which Bloodlust took head on, getting the feedback on his own body, Micah flinched, feeling the pain, just like Jude had told him, without thinking twice, he sent another punch again this time harder than the previous one.

Bloodlust flinched this time around in pain, even though Micah also felt the pain on his own body.

“This boy” Bloodlust thought within himself and grinned “Twice, he attacked twice, felt the pain and still attacked, his punch packs more power than mine and he still attacked”

“Did you also feel that?” Micah asked panting heavily “You also feel the pain when I attacked consecutively right?” Micah said and widened his teeth with a broad smile.

Bloodlust smiled in return and stepped out of the way

“You’ve earned my respect, I loss” Bloodlust said and walked closer to Micah.

“When you walk through that door, give that son of a thousand father my regards in a very good way for enslaving me, with the threat that he would harm my family, with you here, I am free” Bloodlust said and walked passed Micah “By the way, my name is Khalid” he said and disappeared.

Director Gaba stood frozen at the unexpected turn out of event and screamed out in agony

“You son of a dog, how could you, you me your life” He screamed at the top of his voice, already sweating heavily on his forehead.

“Does this mean we lose, ehn Gaba?” Director Churchill asked in a shaky voice

“It cant end this way”

“But you don’t have any magic”

The door suddenly burst off, shattering into thousand pieces, revealing a dark silhouette standing at the entrance, with red flaming eyes

“The dragon pays the flies a visit” Micah said and dashed at Director Gaba.

“Dragooonnnn Speeeaaarrrr!!” Micah shouted and dived at Director Gaba, and smacked his head right into his stomach.

Director Gaba let out a painful cry, as Micah rammed his head into his stomach and instantly loosed consciousness

“My ultimate move for weaklings” Micah said and stood up, faced Director Churchill who had already peed his pants.

“Ehn, you cant be a man when you don’t stand up to fight” Micah shouted and squatted “Draggoooonnnnn Spppeee…” before he could finish the words, Director Churchill had already loosed consciousness.
Khalid walked down the stairs that led to where Director Josh and Director Henry were.

“Find the person with a blind left eye, he is the Conditional user” he said and noticed the surprise look on their faces and turned back to go up the stairs

“That Dragon user is a real bone in the throat, I have high expectations of him, and he is probably too young die” Khalid said and raised his left hand up.

“Or rather, you saw his real being and gave up” Director Josh said

Khalid smiled within himself and walked up the stairs “He is someone I don’t want to go up against” he said within himself as he exited.
Micah stood at the grave of his friend and let out a bright smile
“…..We won, a bad thing you are not here to celebrate” he said and heaved

Micah turned around and walked up to Director Josh who was standing distance off, in front of the SUV they brought along.

“Where to next?” Micah asked as he got closer to Director Josh.

“Mother’s grave” he said and placed his hand on Micah’s head “I really want to make up for those times I never knew I had a brother, a little brother, and seems I have a lot of catching up to do”

“I am not legally a brother, it’s a step brother” Micah said

“Doesn’t seems so to me, that Dragon stuff you do, gave me the ultimate clue” Director Josh said as he opened the driver seat of the car and went in, while Micah made himself comfortable at the passenger front seat.

“I once saw mother used that technique, but it was a weak one, so I had to make Kaine do some rigorous digging on your background”

“Your father really hurt her, and same with my old man, she died of heart attack, but before then I was already with June who taught me all I know” Micah said and heaved.

“More reason we have to be together and blend in, we really cant change the past but here is a present we can correct” Director Josh said and heaved.


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