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The Best ISP In Nigeria? by thimbook2(m): 9:57pm On Jul 23, 2007
I can't help but say I'm really tired of the ISP's I've been coming across in Nigeria but am willing to get a change of opinion.

i wouldn't know if you've come across any really good ISP in Nigeria. I wouldn't mind page-links, price quotes for Equipment and bandwidth subscription.

Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by spora(m): 11:53am On Jul 24, 2007
My brother, I tire o.

They are all birds of a feather.

I used to be with DOPC before changing to Swift. Do I regret my action? O! boy, regret is an understatement. I may be in the office for 2, 3 days without signal and before the end of the month they have disconnected you. Thier accounting system (though, they claimed to automate it) is a no-issue. Men, I regretted ever coming close to Swift.

Somebody just recommended VGC and their engineers will be in my office this afternoon.

Before I sign anything with this VGC people,  we will have to visit Okija 2gether and swear that they will not give me Celtel and swift service.  grin  grin

No be lauging matter. sad sad
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by Chiekezi(m): 12:05pm On Jul 24, 2007
Try Netcom Africa, www.netcomafrica.com

I work there and you might say its a biaised opinion but i use the service at home and never complained
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by tasiana(m): 12:09pm On Jul 24, 2007
@ poster DOPC i would say the best so far.they ve incesant downtime but which isp doesnt and @ the end of the day they re the cheapest isp in nigeria both for wireless or vsat links.
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by naijacutee(f): 12:25pm On Jul 24, 2007
When you say cheap, how cheap do you mean?
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by lordss(m): 12:50pm On Jul 24, 2007
try hirest Africa, there link is very ok and at affordable price, netcom use to be very good but there are not fully open to internet cafe, get in touch with me via 8150731
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by Nobody: 12:55pm On Jul 24, 2007
@ All
Been around and tried em all and would state it anyday that DOPC that i hate so much are still the BEST
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by zoraro(m): 1:02pm On Jul 24, 2007
I have used Multilinks and DOPC, DOPC is better. Also, from research I did on the web DOPC seem to have the best bandwidth/cost for ISPs in Lagos. I pay #7350 per month for 128kbs/64kbs (downlink/uplink) wireless, although they call this broadband, it definitely is not, but its still better than dial-up speed and they have higher speeds if you want to pay more.
The service is not perfect but is manageable.
Netcom offers about the same speed for more money and have a data limit of 2GB per month which is not acceptable by me. DOPC don't have data limits.
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by Axiomlogic(m): 1:39pm On Jul 24, 2007
TO the best of my understanding I THINK THERE ARE NO ISPS IN NIGERIA,WHAT WE HAVE ARE BANDWIDTH RESELLERS.Should any one have an idea of a bandwidth reseller <isp> offering mobile broadband within Lagos @ a resonable price Holla
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by bigspif(m): 2:00pm On Jul 24, 2007
Hi ,
I use ADSL service and i must say im really impressed at the performance lately and the speed is bam, imaging for the past 3 weeks there was no downtime even for minutes, unlike the old days of incessant downtimes, something is sure happening with the ailing company.
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by bobidinc(m): 2:35pm On Jul 24, 2007
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by Guardian(m): 2:51pm On Jul 24, 2007

enough of the complaints. From DOPC (smart Indians), Accellon (South Aficans, almost dead), Gilat to Netcom (poor 3G service coverage) and even VGC (loaded shared service and understaffed with rookies) .
Majority of them are bandwidth resellers claimimg to own their own HUb bla bla bla, state of the art bla bla bla.

What they give you is shared bandwith, most times overload with large mulit-user to service ratio. So, DON'T COMPLAIN. You often discover the services are faster in the early mornings and odd hours but slower during peak- Characteristics of Shared service. The problem is YOU ALL always want it cheap and cheap, you run from one ISP to the other not becos of service but becos of cheap most of the time. If you want service you can trust you need a dedicated, contact me. bandwidth charge starts from $1700 for a 128 duplex or 192/64k.

But if it's all that bad and u still want it cheap for a SOHO (Samll Office/Home office) try Starcomms EVDO it's  running out most 3G's wireless like Netcom . When the service get's overloaded try any ynew kid on the block !!.

If you change your mind and need true service contact me.

Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by IGabriel(m): 3:18pm On Jul 24, 2007
Hey guys. U r just talking of ISPs. wen i 1st saw d topic, i was like guyz that knows much about ISPs are here.Not knowing u guyz aint know nothing. have any body heard of DCC satellites and networks? thats d happening ISP compnay.u take it or Leave.IPSO FACTO.
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by desgiezd(m): 3:34pm On Jul 24, 2007
Direct On PC (DOPC) - I rate them Numero Uno
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by Sarifat(f): 3:39pm On Jul 24, 2007
Hey all

have you heard of SWIFTTALK LIMITED ? i guess NO, ok why not give them a try and see if you will ever regret it i have tried them and i will say i trust them. they have their clients in almost every where here in Lagos,Ogun state, Oyo state, Warri, Portharcourt e.t.c. i can even give you one or two of their clients that i do patrolnise very well .

1  Rosafol: is located at 3, Asibeloye street Olodi apapa
2  Cross cafe :5, Samuel street Akowonjo.

just try these two first and am sure you wont ever regret it. if you want any info about them i can provide it as i have gooten everything about them because my man and i are planning to own a cafe pretty soon
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by OIH(m): 4:06pm On Jul 24, 2007
I'm glad this post came up.

I've been agonizing for weeks on which service provider to go for. Providers on my shortlist are
Starcomms EVDO

DOPC and Starcomms have the PCMCIA option that are what i consider to be 'NEPA proof' and they claim these are broadband. IPNX (a Telnet company) has a really interesting solution that is plug and play and has download speeds of up to 400kpbs. I've tested it and it works like a charm. The only problem is that the unit must be plugged to a power source. A big put off because of how NEPA has been behaving of late.

Can anyone out there vouch for DOPC Wi MAX solution?

I dont want to spend all that money and then discover that its no good
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by zoraro(m): 4:38pm On Jul 24, 2007
Dear Sarifat is your SWIFTTALK LIMITED not the same as swift mentioned by spora earlier.

I.Gabriel give us more details, if you work for DCC satellites and networks at least be honest about it like Chiekezi who works for Netcom Africa.
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by ariy(m): 5:19pm On Jul 24, 2007
Swiftalk Limited is different to the swift. Possibilities Cafe in Ibadan is one of their client
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by Sonye(f): 7:09pm On Jul 24, 2007
I use Starcomms EVDO and i do not seem to have a problem with it at all. Well, thats all i have tried
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by medube(m): 8:39pm On Jul 24, 2007
I am quite surprised at the kind of responses I am reading here. Everyone is responding without even asking what state or through which means (ie Wireless, VSAT, Dial-Up, etc) is the question referring to?
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by sleekdot(m): 1:08pm On Jul 25, 2007
big spif how do i get Nitel ADSL service
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by Seun(m): 2:38pm On Jul 25, 2007
Starcomms EVDO seems like a potentially good idea for broadband. Do you think it works in Sango Ota?
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by fyneguy: 5:25pm On Jul 25, 2007
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by Seun(m): 5:44pm On Jul 25, 2007
How much?
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by Chiekezi(m): 7:46pm On Jul 25, 2007
Let me say that in considering an ISP provider bear these factors in mind.

1. What contention ratio are you getting?
2. Does your ISP have a Network Operating Centre In Nigeria?
3. Do they have a dedicated 24/7 Customer service
4. What is the nature of their after sales service?

Yes Netcom gives shared service but this is only in two instances, a) when the customer requests for it b) On our Mynetcom Service

All service on Mynetcom is shared and coverage is limited to the commercial centres of Lagos State at present.

We always ask customers how many pc's will be used on the network, what applications will be running etc etc, however we have plenty of instances where people say they will use Bleep/Bleep on 7 computers and then after installation they complain of slow speeds. The thing is that we monitor our network 24/7 and it is possible to tell what exactly is happening at every remote location. I can tell you whether you are using gnutella, udp, http and so on and so forth down to the PC itself. So when we have a guy who says he wants access for 10 pc's and then we notice 30 pc's on that site its a concern.

There are a lot of isP's in Nigera so people are free to choose. This choice is predicated on issues such as cost, contention ratio, reliability, automatic uplink power control, customer care etc, We find that people want to pay the least amount and get the best service. This does not work, The best service costs the best money as you cannot drink champagne with beer money. Netcom has never claimed to be the cheapest but what we do claim on we deliver,

World class service, fully redundant hub, 24/7 customer service.

Remember, cheaper is often more expensive in the long run!!!
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by bumax: 8:55pm On Jul 25, 2007
Pls is it possible to access DOPC,Starcomms,DCC Satellites and Netcom while in the East,say like Anambra state?and how wide and efficient is their coverage there?
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by Chiekezi(m): 10:38pm On Jul 25, 2007
With Mynetcom, we have no coverage outside lagos. However with VSAT, access from the east is possible and is as good as our VSAT coverage anywhere else.
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by ogoretta: 11:44am On Jul 26, 2007
starcomms 3G broadband EVDO is very efficient and they have 24/7 customer care internet helpline. i can also recomend DOPC, though it connect and disconnect most times. their service center is also wonderful, when the card developed fault, they replaced it, i can tell u that is rear in other ISP.
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by bigspif(m): 11:47am On Jul 26, 2007
@ sleekdot
I think for now the roll out is limited, you can only get connected if you're in Lagos or Abuja. Im also waiting for them to flag of in Kaduna and Kano cos i need connections there as well. The last time i made inquiries i was told they would expand in the 3rd Quarter of the year. I guess Transcorp is finally turning the place around. smiley smiley
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by Nobody: 12:06pm On Jul 26, 2007
If u want 99.9% uptime and guaranteed speeds, GS-Telecom is the way to go. Their bandwidth is EXPENSIVE, but you will never shed connection tears again, i assure you.

Most of our banks use them (for those who didnt know), and guess what? They NEVER advertise, because they are that good.
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by GTay(m): 3:22pm On Jul 26, 2007
ipNX has what i would call the cheesy'PERFECT SOLUTION' cheesy. I have their product, its called an i-Wireless Broadband. It's a totally converged solution (data and voice) and completely plug n play.
I have actually hit download speeds of up to 700k using this product. And moreso, each box has two telephone lines that come with it. I call my office and friends using this one-in-all solution.
Give it a try!!!u'll keep on cheesy smiling cheesy i assure u.
Re: The Best ISP In Nigeria? by pappiyye: 4:33pm On Jul 26, 2007
i actually agree with waht gtay said cos i was introduced to dis new product of ipnx and its actually all what we all ve been waiting for.this product of ipnx is d bomb.
voice,data and fax all in one box. I actually achieved download speed of up to 680kbps. this is d real broadband solution. No installation,no cable,no antenna,no nothing its simply plug and play. as simple as plugging ur flash drive. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen i havnt come across such a solution in dis part of the world.

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