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Poll: Choose your favorite three 'action!' screamers

Steven Spielberg: 32% (75 votes)
Martin Scorsese: 26% (61 votes)
Francis Ford Coppola: 9% (21 votes)
Quentin Tarantino: 18% (42 votes)
Peter Jackson: 11% (26 votes)
Michael Bay: 1% (4 votes)
This poll has ended

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Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by vescucci(m): 4:25pm On Aug 01, 2007
This a list of my favorite directors, in order too.

1. Steven Spielberg
2. Martin Scorsese
3. Quentin Tarantino
4. Peter Jackson
5. Clint Eastwood (fast rising)
6. James Cameron
7. Francis Ford Coppola

I bet u thought It'd stretch till #10, too bad, I stop here. Wanna know who're going to make the top three, vote and see how your favorites fare
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 2:06pm On Aug 02, 2007
Met very few movie buffson here undecided
Like SS alot but he tends to slip up and make some crazy ish. I wont dispute that he's a genius and very influential to many aspiring movie makers . He has made so many classics from jaws to producing Transformers. I haven't watched all of his movies especially the older ones (westerns). I have been disappointed in some of his movies (A.I) but have also taken joy in many of his projects/movies (Taken: still remains my best sci-fi series)

Marty Scorsese is another brilliant director - specializes in mafia, violence.
A master in tracking shots. Haven't watched all his movies either but i admire his passion (in such a small size too grin)

QT is one of my favorite directors. Innovative and distinctive.
Specializes in violence too, likes to use unconventional storytelling device like 'chapters' in kill bill, reflecting in reservoir dogs.
I totally fell for George Clooney in 'from dusk till dawn', those tatts were killing! (ok digressing lol)

I have favorites but non is more than the other to me. They all appeal to me, give me different pleasures grin
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by vescucci(m): 3:50pm On Aug 02, 2007
Hi there, iice, is it? I'm very impressed that you being a girl appreciate people like Quentin Tarantino, Martin I can understand, cuz he's smallish and bespectacled and has a teeny voice, very likable. Bloody films that those guys make should normally be a girl's abhoration, but iice seem to be different. I guess u'd like 300. Anyway the question I want to ask you is why you hate A.I. Maybe you think the ending is awful, but I like sad endings once in a while, makes it more realistic and you can expect a sequel (have u seen ?) More questions, are you really 62? And what does 'Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit' mean? some ancient and occult mantra? I love stuff like that!
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 4:26pm On Aug 02, 2007
Yeah i don't know why that is a surprise undecided Some women like action and gory movies or is it only the ones i know grin
Yup a big fan of QT even RR (Robert Rodriguez) i guess it's because those two work together alot that so they i guess they learn a thing or two from each other.

Then ending of AI wasn't sad for me. . .i thought it was befitting. But then the Aliens came and erhhh i was like SS has done it again. . . it was like too much towards the end. But generally i didn't like that movie. undecided And then Taken came and i was alright! lmao! grin grin Sequel? What sequel?

Yea a fan of 300. . .adored the movie grin

The age again huh? grin Don't bother with it. . .Age shouldn't hold us back sometimes aye? cheesy
'Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit' is the famous tattoo Angelina Jolie has on her tummy = 'What nourishes me, Destroys me' grin
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by vescucci(m): 3:07pm On Aug 07, 2007
[/color]iice cold! I'm sorry it took me forever to reply ur post. I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship cuz u seem to be interested in stuff that I am. I gonna talk about some things u said in ur last post. But first I need to know how old u really are, not for anything but so I can relate to u better. If it bothers u to reveal ur real age, u could give me an age that u'd like me to think u were and we'll kick it from there. That being said, let me reiterate that I'm totally down with u cuz aside from a girl I met who likes Robert Ludlum books (by the way, The Bourne Ultimatum is out. It's off the hook) u're the only other person (girl) I know who likes stuff I do. Do u read, by the way. I'm not a geek or a nerd but I find great pleasure in books of witty and fast-paced quality. if u do, let me know ur favorites. I heard like two months ago that Quentin was working on a slasher flick, but I've not heard anything about it again. Don't know if u can shed some light about that. As for Angelina's tattoo, She'll probably kill herself of starvation before food does. She's pretty skinny now. Have u seen her lately. U can check her out on her new movie, A Mighty Heart. I love my girls buxom! What's ur real name anyway? Ciao![color=#000099]
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 5:04pm On Aug 07, 2007
So many questions grin iice doesn't do details of that criteria grin

Really? Age puts a damper or hamper on friendships? undecided
An age? 62! yes i know, am groovy/funky grin

Yeah, am looking forward to checking out 'The Bourne Ultimatum' Really psyched about it. Just read it made 70 mil so far and is currently the #1 movie on the charts. Yes i read. . .mostly fantasy/adventures, some sci-fi and really getting into the suspense/thriller genre. My bro owns a collection of Ludlum, Clancy, Forsythe, Le Carre etc. So far i've been trying to catch up with him but he's like miles away from me lol. Got into Ludlum because i read some time back that The Sigma Protocol was gonna be made into a movie. And after seeing The Bourne Series. . .well you can hardly blame me cheesy

Are you by chance talking about Grindhouse? That's like 2 movies in one. One part directed by RR (Planet Terror) and the other directed by QT (Death Proof). Truly a fascinating movie to watch - . QT's film style and inspiration shines forth in this one.

Yes, she has lost alot of weight which according to the news is mostly due to losing her mum this year.
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by vescucci(m): 9:52am On Aug 09, 2007
Wow, it blows my mind that u're such a faithful friend. I guess I can infer a lot from that, I have a feeling this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I also have a feeling that I've said that before like in deja vu. Grindhouse is the name I was looking for. I've not seen the movie but I heard about it on Rickdee's top 40 countdown when he QT was invited. About the Sigma Protocol, it was written by him and some guy, and it's one of a few among the Covert one series I think. Anyway I thought it was gonna be made into a series like Apocalypse Watch was supposed to. Ludlum, RIP, is such a great writer that his plots are very difficult to adapt in a film because his villians like 'The Brain' always wanna take over the world and indeed they come close to achieving their goals. Anyway I don't want to bore you with my passions so that you can reply me. But I think it's good that you're starting with Ludlum and not some creep like Len Deighton. U should try Angels and Demons by Dan Brown which I think is better than the over rated Da Vinci Code. Every one of his books are cool except Deception point where he stretched reality, really pushing his luck to make the whole story happen in just one day, though all his books span just a day, but Deception Point was different. Enough on that, I can respect it if you don't want to reveal your age, but I just don't want to sound inappropriate in some instances. Anyway iice, (what's your real name anyway?) have a nice day
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 3:12pm On Aug 10, 2007
LOL erhhhh where'd you get the faithful friend bit from? undecided
Grindhouse is sweet. . .very QT!
Yeah i already read some books of Dan Brown. . .only one i have yet to read is Deception Point.
Digital Fortress, was just there for me. Thrilling but it got messed up when Hale committed 'suicide'. . .that gave away the real culprit!
I think a script is in the works for Sigma Protocol but no updates so far. . .have to do some research on that.

Ahahahahahaha seriously man. . .my name? undecided we'll leave it @ iice. . .its what most people call me nwayz grin

BTW what do you think of Ron Howard?
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by PoDeep(m): 7:40pm On Aug 10, 2007
Scorsese & tarantino are geniuses.
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by vescucci(m): 10:42am On Aug 11, 2007
Ok, Lady iice, I'm cool with everything you said. Anyhow, I see the same things about the writing styles of Dan Brown. He seems to be a talented writer but didn't get the chance of writing less popular books before he rose to fame. He could have used a lil practice. Anyway, his best book as far as I'm concerned still remains Angels and Demons then The Da Vinci code and his less stimulating books, Digital Fortress and Deception Point. Since you haven't read Deception point, I would not advise you to be in a hurry to read it. It's not a terribly bad book, the plot is ok, but he pushes the idea of luck too far. About Ron Howard, I think he's a more accomplished producer than an actor, but that's just my opinion. I don't know if you were asking because of his involvement in The Da Vinci Code, but I preferred reading the book to seeing the film because the adaptation was too bland and was lacking imagination. It was almost a complete and accurate reconstruction of the book. I like for a movie to have additions and sensible deletions, just enough to remain true to bulk of the story, something like what you see in the Bourne trilogy movies. Alright iice, I'll hear from you soon I hope. I find myself looking forward to your replies. Take care of yourself, ciao!
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 5:56pm On Aug 11, 2007
Way cool! cheesy
Hmmmm yeah i liked Angels and Demons right from the first page with that illustration. . .very cool.
Hah! Yeah i found the movie bland too, preferred the book to the movie. Yes and i do agree Ron is a more accomplished director/producer than an actor. . .thou those happy days tongue

Ron has made some good movies though. . .A beautiful mind, Apollo 13, Cinderella man, Willow etc

Ever notice that some directors always work with some actors
Ron Howard - Russell Crowe / Tom Hanks
Tim Burton (love this guy, very weird) - Johnny Depp
QT - Uma Thurman / Michael Madsen
SS - Tom Hanks / Tom Cruise
Martin Scorsese - Leonardo Di Capuccino erhhh Caprio
Ridley Scott - Russell Crowe
Tony Scott - Denzel Washington

Okay i won't be hurrying to read Deception Point lol.


I like for a movie to have additions and sensible deletions, just enough to remain true to bulk of the story, something like what you see in the Bourne trilogy movies.

True. . .so are you in the movie bizness or just a lover of movie magic? grin
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by vescucci(m): 4:43pm On Aug 13, 2007
I love it when you agree with me, especially people like you. Anyway, you couldn't righter, if there's a word like that, about Ron Howard working with specific actors, i guess these directors have favorite actors who fit into their themes. Tim Burton is probably weirder than you think, but I suspect Johnny Depp is stranger. I mean the guy seems to have a specialty for creepy films; Sleepy hollow, the ninth gate, from hell, Secret window, The Astronaut's wife, Edward, the scissorhands, not to mention the ones I might not know. if you get a chance, you read up The Bourne Identity if you haven't read it already, it's better than the film, though the film was fairly good. Maybe because Robert Ludlum was the Executive Producer. Now he's dead. sad. Don't you think it's funny that we're the only guys in this thread? weird, people need to watch movies more

P. S. could you furnish me with your Yahoo ID so we can chat on the messenger. this is beginning to be clumsy, like old pen pals stuff. Have a nice day!
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 5:08pm On Aug 13, 2007
LOL what do you mean people like me? undecided

Hah! Trust me i can imagine how weird Tim Burton is. . .Don't call Johnny's name! grin grin He is the loff of my life! grin
Yes he has a knack for portraying some creepy, weird characters but he can be totally cool. . .seen 'cry baby'? I was soo young when i saw that movie. . .he was all i remembered in the movie tongue Ok but i totally fell for him in 'What's eating gilbert grape'. . .*sighs*
Yeah i've read Identity but didn't finish it. . .my cuzin borrowed it and i think he misplaced it. Nwayz, am just gonna get another copy. LOL nah, i think some people watch movies here but maybe are not as obsessively passionate about it as we or me even lol.

Erhhhh about the ID thing, that's abit erhhhh hard to get lol. . .but il make a concession grin
When next you get online. . .i'l give you 'a' mail lol. . .we'll take it from there cheesy
Have a nice day too!
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by vescucci(m): 9:19am On Aug 14, 2007
You must be like the 2334229th person to fall for Johnny Depp. I don't blame you really, I just think he should leave some of y'all for the rest of us. But I still insist that he's kind of weird. Check out the way he receives his awards on TV. He's one hell of a cool dude, though. Gotta love that guy. I got a friend here who thinks the world of him and John Legend. I don't know if she's alright or she just has a fetish for Johnnys. Your e-mail address will have to do for now, I don't know why you appear to be so apprehensive, though. But I guess you have to be careful of us Nigerians as you must have heard about some very cunning con-artists, so I tell you this; you ain't gotta do anything you don't want to do. Don't feel pressured by anything I ask you for. As time goes on I'll prove to you that we're not all the same. I'm not being defensive so don't feel like I'm offended or anything, just telling you that I understand your motive for being careful. Make sure you finish The Bourne Identity before long because it's still my favorite book of all time. Anyway that all I have to say for now. Be quick to reply, iice.
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 6:19pm On Aug 14, 2007
grin grin
I don't care if am like the millionth person to fall for Johnny. Yes he's kindda eccentric, that's why i loff him grin
You even notice how he dresses? Like doesn't really give a damn? cheesy Very cool dude grin
Hah so her too! Well she'll have to get behind me in line tongue grin
LOL you are preaching to the choir. . .i am Nigerian you know tongue

I will email you. . .don't wanna leave my mail on in here grin
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by vescucci(m): 12:28pm On Aug 15, 2007
Oh gosh, this is exactly the kinda stuff I didn't want happening. Now you're Nigerian which sorta happens to be worse than preaching to the choir and kinda like preaching to the pastor's wife. I'm very glad though that you're Nigerian. Anyways, girls gotta be careful of boys as most of us are dogs, even if I do say so myself. But I'm your brother and dad and maybe your son-if you're really 62-are not like that. God i feel awkward having believed you were some European or something. I guess it's pointless asking stuff like where you are and the likes. There's this film I saw 1408. I had read the book earlier and the film is a pretty good adaptation of it. I have made up my mind to see The Bourne Ultimatum at Nu Metro, so that it'll be an unforgettable event for me. I hope I won't bore you with my love for the book and film. Thank god for the faithful pirates, who make Hollywood films available to poor folks like me. Now it seems the Chinese community have caught on the trade over here (at least they've seen potential in the Nigerian market), so we can be assured of quality (not where you find some restless viewer waltzing around the bleeding cinema with his bloody silhouette all over the place, or the wise guy not positioning the frigging camera right so the picture is slanted or even recording in a format that makes the film have a hollow or echoing effect. I'm sure you must have experienced these dissatisfactions before, but I'm sure it's a small price to pay for 200 smackaroos. i know you must think I'm a talkative but it so happens that you're the only person I keep correspondence with, so because you're a faithful keypal. i think I've said that before. Let's just say you tickle my fancy. See ya around!
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by bgees(m): 1:27pm On Aug 15, 2007
im suprised no one mentioned ridley scott and mel gibson.at least they should be appreciated for their hardwork which is so clear.
i would always go for MS, his movies are more''mature'.but SP,if u are fan of special effects ,then u will like him.
i also pay homage to micheal mann's potrayal of crime.its so entertaining.
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 1:36pm On Aug 15, 2007
Vescucci grin
LMAO i come off European huh? tongue
Haven't seen 1408 yet though reviews don't give it that much. . .kindda same ol same ol. Seen 23 with Jim Carrey? It was just ok. . .i just like the mental turn of things tongue The mind is truly powerful! grin
Hah i will prolly see Ultimatum this weekend. . .today the cinemas are all filled up!
Tell me about it, i know what you mean. . .you'd be watching a movie and all of a sudden, a silhouette walks by the screen bwahahahaha. Totally kills the mood! If you could smack that person through the screen am sure you would! grin tongue

BTW did you get my mail?

Bgees welcome!
Yes i was going to mention them but got sidetracked lol cheesy
I love mel's movies. . .always bloody and violent grin
Ridley has got some good movies
And we must mention Mann like you said, his portrayal of crime!
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by bgees(m): 2:02pm On Aug 15, 2007
im still waiting on a martin scorsece movie on black america. enough of those italian and black irish crime stuff.
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by Akin007(m): 3:16pm On Aug 15, 2007
M. Night Shyamalan's of sixth sense, unbreakable n the village
all with a twist @ d end
ss and qt are both great
what of these guys that did the rock n enemy of the state amongst others? i 4got d name now mayb later
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 3:30pm On Aug 15, 2007
Shyamalan is a brilliant writer!
Trade mark. . .he's always in his movies grin
And he always uses an actor from his previous movie in his next movie

For enemy of the State - Tony Scott (Ridley's bruv)
Erhhhh sometimes he's camera angles can be hella dizzy but he sure can pack some adrenaline into his movies

For the Rock - Michael Bay. . .what can i say. . .he loves lots of explosions in his movie. . .not sooo consistent in getting his movies right but he does have some good pieces. . .most recent = Transformers!
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by Akin007(m): 3:56pm On Aug 15, 2007
i neva knew ha sterrs in his movies
noticd that though
was talking about jerry bruckheimer? nice producer. produced enemy of d state, d rock, pirates of the carribean 1,2 n 3, deja vu, national treasure, bad company(i likd dat) con air,
berverly hills cop
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by vescucci(m): 11:23am On Aug 16, 2007
Omg it's refreshing to have more people in this joint! bgees and akin007 welcome! I'm freaking pleased to have you guys here and hope you guys make it a date with me and iice who seemed to be hitherto the only ones here. Now with the formalties over, let's get to the business of the day;

iice, you come first, cuz after all you are my trusty keypal. We'll probably be seeing Bourne Ultimatum at the same time, but I'm really considering leaving it till Monday, if I can sneak out of my office, so that I can pay less (less means like half the price with a free coke and some pop corn, lol) Today is a lovely day and I miss home on days like this. I'm probably the only black man who still loves a good tanning, lol. This thread isn't ours alone no longer as you must have noticed. We're lucky though, to have veterans it seems. And not curious gooks looking to feel among. See ya later, Chris Daughtry rock BTW

bgees, you complained that we don't recognise people like Ridley Scott (I'm sure iice mentioned him earlier, scroll thru her previous posts) to which i say you're largely correct. I assure you, it's not because we think less of them (right, iice?) but we just got carried away, that's all. we'll make a point of broadening our scope, thinking out of the box like. Ridley is great and I'm sure iice thinks so too. Mel Gibson must be angry with me for paying tribute. I love his involvement in his projects, there are very few committed player like him. His movies are all epics and I find it intriguing that he should be so knowing of other cultures since his origins are form another continent i.e. Australia (Braveheart-Scottish, Apocalypto-ancient Aztec I think, and The Patriot-American). He's famed for his faith and people attacked him for being anti-semitic for his portrayal in The Passion of Christ, though he's known for making politically incorrect statements sometimes, but hey who doesn't?

akin007 (last name first, agent!) I really dig your taste (I hope that doesn't sound condescending) I fell for Jerry bruckheimer way back when he started with X-files I think, and later with his brand new logo. I love for directors and producers having something to do with cinema and television. Sam Raimi is also a new addition to that field and very well so with Spiderman 1,2 and 3. Hope for more till like forever. Shyamalan is an example of the all American dream come true, isn't he? A mind bender, Shyamalan.

Now for a statement; I still love the directors of old because they demand more from their actors, maybe because they're perfectionists or maybe because there are no crazy-ass special effects, but they do. Now everything is going digital and action based and there isn't much need for really talented actors like Russell Crowe around. Look at the Tinsel town actors of the 50's through the 70's like Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart(my favorite along with everyone else) Bette Davis, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra (had a lovely career too) James Cagney, and Judy Garland RIP(most of these geezers are dead, but i say RIP to Judy cuz she died at an early age in 1963 and I was already in love with her for her role in The Wizard of Oz cry) Now we're all caught up with being funny or tough or being sexy that nobody makes films like Casablanca (my favorite again for obvious reasons) again. Anyway, I'll be the last person to live in the past so don't wonder my age.

See y'all later, do come back now!
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 5:47pm On Aug 17, 2007
vescucci wink
I do 'hope' to watch it this weekend. . .prolly don't sleep 20hrs and go watch it - what a rush! grin
If not, i'l have to settle for next week.
LOL a good tanning? Likewise. . .am forever lying in the sun (ironic) grin
Yes Daughtry does rock!!!

Bogart kiss cheesy but am not a big fan of the old movies. . .there are great and show case some good talents. . .but am a child of the new age grin I love everything about them. . .but every once in a while i throw in a solid movie without the effects and have a good ol' time grin
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by Akin007(m): 4:44pm On Aug 20, 2007
bourne ultimatum;
avn't seen it, avn't read it sad sad sad
saw nd read both identity n supremacy cheesy cheesy cheesy
love the books much more dan the movies though.

saw transformers ova d weekend
lovely cool cool cool and they live happily ever after,  shocked shocked shocked
after all they went thru??

i second you on not into oldies (iice)
cant c lot of the new ages where i am but not as old as Bogarts.
read about him. was neva oppourtuned 2 c any of his movies, but must av bin a great actor.
doesn't fancy rock
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by vescucci(m): 8:11am On Aug 21, 2007
Hey y'all! It must be like ages since I posted anything here. I couldn't absolutely do anything yesterday cuz I was bleeding busy through out, but I squeezed out some time to view iice's post. I knew she'd always post somn. Too bad y'all don't dig the oldies like I do but don't get me wrong, it doesn't dampen my fervor for the newbies. Maybe that's because y'all don't have a good feel for was going on then. It's a major part of a whole American history. Singing in the rain, Frankenstein and King Kong are all products of those days. If that's not enough reason to love those days, think about the Looney Tunes from WB, Disney creations (like we all know, have y'all seen Fantasia, no talking just crazy composition and events) Tom and Jerry, and a host other classical cartoons. Though they don't compare to my personal favorites, The Simpsons, Southpark, Family Man, Johnny Quest and Beavis and Butthead plus others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Anyways, akin007, ti's nice to hear from you.

I love happy endings too as you have shown, but occasionally I enjoy a break from the norm like what you see in this Denzel Washington film, Fallen or in Thomas Harris' book Hannibal (I didn't finish the film, but I suspect that nobody caught the bad guy). iice don't be crossed with me for being silent. I promise to always make noise (if it's possible, that is), that goes for you too akin007.

This doesn't usually happen to me but I'm blanked out and ain't got nothing more to say, so y'all have a good day now! Cheers!
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 12:59pm On Aug 21, 2007
Vescucci. . .am not crossed @ you grin
Not disputing the qualities of old movies. . . wink
But like i said. . .am a new age baby grin
Fantasia is definitely a classic! The music, the symmetry. . .classic!

I on the other hand don't usually like happy endings shocked cheesy Happily ever after is too played out for me. . .besides. . .unhappy endings bring out more emotions in people tongue And it's no secret i have a thing for villains grin grin What can i say?. . .they are more interesting tongue
Hannibal! my man!. . .I don't think anybody could have played that part as well as Anthony Hopkins! Chilling!!

Now on to Peter Jackson (attempting to restore some sort of semblance with regards to the topic) tongue
Ok i haven't seen much of his work except for the famous ones. . .which includes my favorite movie so far of all time = LOTR
I have to say, he has a good eye for shots. Has a real good sense of combining music, scenic backgrounds with the emotion of the moment. . . *sighs* I think am going to go watch that trilogy again. . .just curl up and mellow out in it grin Of course i get to see Aragorn Viggo, over and over tongue
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by Hopirokoko(f): 1:01pm On Aug 21, 2007
Please i can see you are online, Please i am really sorry to border you, i just joined Nairaland and i am trying to post messages like every of my other colleagues on Nairaland, but i dont know the link or where to click, please can you help me out?
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by Akin007(m): 3:09pm On Aug 21, 2007
ol movies definitely play ther parts smiley
peter jackson is cool but ddn't i know him b4 lord of the rings. made an hero out of him (i blieve) though king kong was not bad at all.
hannibal is a sure bomb. pls dere's lot of hannibals in town, tanx to our pirate brothers but talking about anthony hopkins, julianne moore and ray liotta in hannibal(lecter) that was really cool. never saw silence of the lambs angry angry angry embarassed embarassed embarassed
not too down wit animations but will always roll eyes to the tom & jerries and few in there leagues embarassed embarassed embarassed
as i said earlier, i love a twist @the end of the tailtale.  Shyamalan; dat was the first guy i mentioned. happy ending bores.
lastly; my name is thomas moore, i was named after the saint that grin grin grin cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy grin,
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 3:15pm On Aug 21, 2007
Hah, better go check out silence of the lambs. . .Anthony was definitely chilling! grin I can so understand the fascination Jodie had for him grin

I love animations. . .with a few exceptions. . .not a big fan of anime. Have a love of comics and graphic novels too. . .read 300? Pretty good adaptation. . .

The saint. . .hah! i remembered when i watched that movie. . .*needs three miracles* grin
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by Akin007(m): 3:42pm On Aug 21, 2007
bin looking 4 it ova 7yrs. neva came across it. still av my copy of hannibal.
anthony is great, but fell in love with him as Zorro. cool cool cool

read a lot of novels but not graphic embarassed embarassed embarassed

you dont believe in this cold fusion mumbo jumbo? do you? wink wink wink
Re: Hollywood directors: Rate or hate? What's your Take? by iice(f): 3:59pm On Aug 21, 2007
Hmmmm silence of the lamb is that hard to find? shocked shocked

Nah didn't really like him in Zorro. . .i think i was swept away by Antonio's sensuality grin

So what kinds of novels do you read?

I love to read too but i must confess, i watch movies more than i read grin Like i said, i live and breathe motion pictures! tongue

Is 'The Saint' a favorite film of yours? BTW the soundtrack is pretty cool!

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