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Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 1:58am On Apr 07

Episode ONE

(A gathering of the 2020 graduating set of the Lagos Crime Crackers Academy in VI, The student president of the class steps on stage to unveil the name of the graduating set)

Kings: Its been quite a journey learning how to become detectives, now is the time to put all our learnings into real life activities of curbing crime in our society today. It is our final year in this academy, and we are opportune to have been chosen from the very many that did the screening examination. Every successful set has a nice and ringing name attached to it. Here we have the most anticipated (Pointing to covered board) activity of the year. The name of our Class. On the count of three, we unveil!. One!..... Two!!... Three!!! (Kings pulls down the silk covering the board). I present to you the Vanquishers!.

Students: Yeeee!!! (Cheers).

Dorothy: Duur, what a boring name.

Ritchie: At least be positive, Vanquishers means… (Dorothy interrupts)

Dorothy: And who told you I don’t the know the meaning of what the vanquishers is? The name doesn’t sit well with me.

Fela: It is not only about you anyway, it is about the whole class. Go Vanquishers!!! (Interrupts the conversation)

(The Dean of Lagos Crime Crackers Detective Moses steps on the podium)

Dean: Thank you everyone for the final year gathering, this year will be entirely different from all your years in this academy. You all have been divided into five groups, meaning three students per supervisor. You can now check it on the notice board when you are out of here. My advice to everyone is that, now you will be dealing with real criminals and murderers, don’t interrogate a suspect alone. Go with armed officers. And….

Ritchie: Blab la bla, It is getting boring, lets go check the list.

Dorothy: Okay, I pray I am not in some clowns group. It will be annoying.

(Dorothy and Ritchie leaves the hall)

(Few hours later)

Detective Spark: (Enters the Dean Office) Good day sir.

Dean: Oh Spark, you are here. What again this time?

Detective Spark: I saw your mail.

Dean: Oh that? What about it?

Detective Spark: You said if I don’t make a five star project with my students this year, I will be sacked.

Dean: Yes, you know what Spark. You should have been sacked long ago by the board. You are worthless and useless to this academy. And I believe the board have had patience enough. If you don’t make the A grades with your students this year. You will be sacked. And I promise you that.

Detective Spark: (Sighs) but how do I do this with the kind of students you gave me?

Dean: What is wrong with them?

Detective Spark: They are all below average students, they are the bottom of their class. None of them has a 2.0 CGPA. How do I make a five star grades out of students like this.

Dean: Are you trying to tell me you work only with some particular set of students.

Detective Spark: No sir, but…

Dean: Then go make do with the ones you have been given and leave my office!.

Detective Spark: Hmmm…. Its okay. (Sadly leaves the office).

(As soon as he leave he encounters another Detective lecturers)

Detective Trisha: Spark, how are you doing?

Detective Spark: I am good.

Detective Trisha: You don’t look good, what is the problem?

Detective Spark: I said I am good, how is supervising going. Have you seen the list?

Detective Trisha: I have Nina.

Detective Spark: Wow, you are so lucky. She is one of the smartest students in the faculty.

Detective Trisha: Yes, the other two students are actually great students too.

Detective Spark: The Dean hates me so much, he gave me the bottom three students Their CGPA isn’t even up to 2.0. How do I become the next Dean of students with this set of students, How do I rack up a five star grade with these ones.
Detective Trisha: Then reject them, write a letter to the authorities that you don’t want them. This is very unfair.

Detective Spark: I will draft the letter as soon as possible.

Detective Trisha: This is intentional. He just doesn’t want you to become the next Dean of students. Simply because you didn’t support his ambition of the Faculty Dean last year.

Detective Spark: (Smiles) I will never support corruption. No matter what he does. He even threatened me with a sack letter, saying if I don’t make a five star with the students he gave me, I will be sacked.

Detective Trisha: (Whispers) He is planning on making Detective Dan the next Dean of students. I think that is what he promised him for Detective Dan’s loyalty last year. He gave him the top three in the class.

Detective Spark: Really? So you mean Ritchie, Dorothy and Luke are all under Detective Dan?

Detective Trisha: Yes, Everyone is pitching them to have the best year this time around. This is the first time all top three in the faculty are all under one supervisor. I have to go now.

Detective Spark: Okay, thank you. (Mutters some words to himself as he heads to his office).

(Few hours later)

( knock knock knock)

Detective Spark: Come in!

(Two boys and a girl steps in)

Kola: Good Morning sir…

Detective Spark: This is 2pm.

Kola: Sorry sir, Good Evening sir…

Detective Spark: I said the time is 2pm! (Shouts)

Alex: Good afternoon sir…

Detective Spark: What do you want?

Alex: We are your Project Students sir.

Detective Spark: (Quickly raises his head) There is a mistake somewhere I have three boys.

Alex: No sir, I am under your supervision sir.

Detective Spark: Who is Kola?

Kola: I am here.

Detective Spark: Fela?

Fela: Here sir, I am Fela.

Detective Sparks: Then Alex.

Alex: Call me Alex sir.

Detective Spark: Which Lady in this world bears Alex.

Alex: Me sir.

Detective Spark: I have had enough bad day already. What do you guys want?

Fela: We came to see our supervisor sir.

Detective Spark: (Sighs) You all can have your seat.

Fela: Thank you sir.

Detective Spark: What are the 7 basic rules of a detective?

(Students starts looking at themselves)

Detective Spark: That question is the simplest question an average student should know. (Brings out a file) This file right here will be submitted to the authorities tomorrow morning. I am rejecting all of you.

Fela: Why sir, you don’t even know us yet.

Detective Spark: Really? (Smiles) 1.7, 1.85, 1.87. Are your CGPA respectively. You don’t even know the seven basic rules of a detective. And you are in your final year!. Tell me how do I cope?

Alex: We will make you proud sir. You can believe in us.

Kola: Hmmm… (Burst into laughter)

Detective Spark: What is funny?

Kola: I am sorry sir.

Detective Spark: Leave my office. Now! (Shouts)

(All three students quickly moves out)

Alex: Why did you laugh? You have made him angry now.

Fela: See, I don’t think we are with the right supervisor

Kola: I am sorry for doing that, but it is funny how we couldn’t answer the basic rules of a detective.

Alex: Our combination won’t work. We are unserious students. We should not be together. Unless we want him dead.

Fela: So guys what do you think we can do to appease him.

Kola: I have an idea.

(8am the next morning)

(Heard a knock on the door)

Detective Spark: Yes come in.

Kola: Go in.

Alex: You enter first.

Detective Spark: If you don’t want to come in, please don’t come and disturb me ever again.

Alex: (Enters holding a wrapped gift) Sir we are sorry for yesterday.

Detective Spark: (Surprised) You guys brought me a gift?

Fela: Yes sir, we promise not to laugh ever again.

Director Spark: (Burst into laughter) You guys are the craziest set of students I have worked with.

Kola: Sir, please don’t laugh too much. Researchers says Laughing is highly contagious. I am trying very hard not to… (Burst into laughter)

Alex: (Burst into laughter) Sorry sir. I think he has PBA.

Detective Spark: What is PBA?

Alex: Pathelogical laughter and crying.

Detective Spark: This is the first time I will be hearing that. Nice to know. You guys can have your seat.

(Detective Spark unwraps the package)

Detective Spark: Wow! How do you guys know I love bread. Especially the toasted ones.

Fela: We did our research sir.

Detective Spark: Really? What else do you guys know about me?

Alex: You really hate water? You don’t like swimming.

Detective Spark: I really hate swimming.

Kola: And the funniest of them all, you hate studying and being too serious.

Detective Spark: You guys really did a great job on that.

Kola: We have that in common. We also hate studying and being too serious. Arrghh, very boring and……

Detective Spark: Shut up! I knew it from your CGPA. Because I don’t like studying doesn’t mean I don’t study or I will get a CGPA that is as low as 1.80

Kola: We are sorry sir.

Detective Spark: Anyway, the bread is good. Who bought it.

Kola: I made it myself sir, with the help of others.

Detective Spark: You guys live in the same place?

Kola: No, I called everybody and we met in my place. Alex brought the bread and Fela brought eggs and sardines. Then we all made it together.

Detective Spark: Wow, you guys didn’t know the 7 basic rules of a detective. But you just exhibited two important rules right here.

Fela: Wow, which one sir?

Detective Spark: Don’t tell me you guys still don’t know the 7 basic rules of a detective?

Alex: Hmmmm…. We tried….

Detective Spark: Arggh.

Kola: (Still laughing)

Detectiv Spark: Can you not stop laughing Kola.

Kola: Sorry sir.

Detective Spark: (Smiles) I think I like you guys.

Alex: Really?

(All three were happy as the cheered together)

Detective Spark: You connected each other so swift to make a decision of saying sorry in a grand style, you made a good and in depth research about me and what I would really cherish, you then took your time to bring you yourselves together to make it yourself. You know your CGPA doesn’t matter in this phase. Good team work is number one.

Fela: Yes!

Detective Spark: And you have to study.

Fela: Arrggh (Sad)

Detective Spark: Take this book. (Gives them a heavy text book of crime) Study it and get back to me tomorrow.

Alex: Tomorrow?

Detective Spark: Yes. You can leave now. Thanks for the bread. I think it is time to start work.

Kola: But sir…

Detective Spark: Tomorrow Kola!. Tomorrow.

Kola: Hmmm… (Sighs) Okay sir.

(They all leave the office)

Alex: How the hell will he expect us to finish this big textbook today, is that not wickedness?

Fela: Even after the bread we made. I think he is still angry.

Kola: Wait guys, tonight is the semester’s welcome party.

Fela: Oh my God!!! That is very true. Damn! Heaven knows I am not missing that party for no reason.

Alex: And the book?

(Luke, Dorothy and Ritchie interrupts)

Dorothy: Look who we have here. Alex Alex.

Alex: Dorothy, wait guys, don’t tell me all three of you are with the same supervisor?

Luke: Definitely, detective Dan.

Ritchie: And I think it will be criminal to put all three of you under the same supervisor.

Fela: I don’t know what they were thinking. Its crazy.

Dorothy: Wow, that’s a suicide mission for your supervisor.

Kola: And what does that mean?

Dorothy: What do you all have to offer (Laughs)
Fela: Hey, hold it right there, brains alone are not enough to be a smart detective. Team work is number one.

Alex: Yes, teamwork. And we got that.

Luke: (Smiles) Funny losers I anticipate to see cases you will use your teamwork to crack. Are you guys coming for the party tonight?

Kola: We were just talking about that, we don’t think so.

Ritchie: Really? That is shocking.

Alex: (Brings out the book) Our supervisor gave us this to study and bring back tomorrow morning. It will be a loong loong night for us.

Luke: Well, goodluck with that then. I have gone through this book four times, and I can tell you all what is in it.

Fela: Really? So there is no need to study then.

Luke: Study guys, we also have work to do.

Ritchie: We have to go now. See you guys some other time.

Dorothy: My regards to your supervisor, Losers FC (Laughs)

(They all leave the scene)

(In the evening, Detective Spark’s house)

Detective Spark: Hey honey. (Kisses Perry on the forehead)

Perry: (Looking sad) The case is getting more complicated. He might go to jail for the rest of his life.

Detective Spark: Perry, I already told you my hands are tied right now. There is nothing I can do. Get him an attorney a good lawyer or something. I am not a lawyer!

Perry: Is it because he is not your son?

Detective Spark: Try understand me, my step son is also my son.

Perry: Then do something, act like he is your son!

Detective: We have warned him countless times would he listen? No!

Perry: So you believe Chris will do such thing.

Detective Spark: There is a video evidence Perry. Don’t be petty. (Pours a glass of juice)

Perry: I cant believe you are looking me in the eyes and accusing our son of committing such heinous crime.

Detective Spark: Perry, I had a hell of a day at the office today. I have to rest.

Perry: How dare you Spark! How dare you. (Hits his chest)

Detective Spark: Perry please get out of the way.

Perry: And what if I don’t.

Detective Spark: (Picks his car keys) I will go back to the school and sleep there. (Picks his car keys and heads for the door.

Perry: (Sobbing) Spark, you know Joe won’t do such thing. You know it.

(Detective Spark leaves without looking back)

Perry: Spark!!!!! (Sits down bowing her head)

(8pm at Alex place)

Alex: God, these pages are way too much, how can we cover 179 pages in just a night.

Fela: Look guys, its getting hot at the party. Its trending already.

Kola: We have to study guys, we can’t afford to get rejected by detective spark.

Alex: But the pages are way too much. (Phone rings) Hey, who is this?

Luke: Its Luke, where are you! (Background is noisy)

Alex: I can’t hear you its noisy there.

Luke: (Louder) This is Luke where are you!!!

Alex: Oh, Luke. Are you at the party?

Luke: Yes, you are not here.

Alex: I told you we have to study.

Luke: You guys can show up. What will the party be like without Alex the party rocker. This place is on fire.

Alex: I know but I have to study Luke.

Luke: Show up, Kings is here with me, he would like to see you.

Alex: The same Kings?

Luke: Yes, he is here with me.

Alex: Wow, I am on my way!!!! (Drops the call)

Fela: What are you up to? We are not done studying.

Alex: Luke just said Kings is at the party and he wants to speak with me.

Kola: The same Kings?

Alex: Yes, are you guys surprised?

Fela: I thought you are done with this guy, he dumped you.

Alex: No, he didn’t. We had a little disagreement and this party might just be that special place to get him back. I am on my way. No one is going with me?

Fela: He dumped you.

Alex: Whatever.

Kola: Someone will have to answer detective spark’s questions tomorrow. I have to study this.

Alex: Okay, if you guys won’t go with me. I will go myself. Where are your car keys?

Fela: You and I know you can’t see clearly at night. It is not advisable to drive alone.

Alex: It’s just few kilometers from here I will be fine.

Fela: Okay, if we wrap this up quickly we will meet you at the party. (Hands over the car keys to Alex)

Alex: Thank you! (Takes the key and ran outside)

(Some minutes later)

Fela: (Snoring) (Phone rings)

Kola: Fela, your phone is ringing (Taps him)

Fela: (Wakes up) Its Alex.

Kola: Alex? Why will she call us again she just left us. Pick it.

Fela: (Picks the call) Alex. Alex. What is happening? Alex talk.

Alex: Fela, I just killed someone. I just hit someone I think he is dead. I think he is dead!!!.

Episode two loading…….

Certified Author: Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide

For more of my stories visit www.timmywriters.
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 2:02am On Apr 07
For more stories visit www.timmywriters.
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 11:13pm On Apr 07

Episode Two

Alex: Fela, I just killed someone. I just hit someone I think he is dead. I think he is dead!!!.

Fela: Alex, calm down. Just calm your nerves down and tell me what really happened.

Alex: (Shaky voice) So, on my way to the party. Out of nowhere this weird looking strange man came out of the woods and bumped into me. I couldn’t see him clearly because of my glasses. Before I could realize he was down in front of the jeep. I hit so bad Fela. I think he is dead.

Fela: Oh my God! Is he dead?

Alex: How will I know? I didn’t wait to check his pulse. He must have died by now. I think I killed someone Fela. I am a murderer.

Fela: Where are you right now?

Alex: Behind the catholic church.

Fela: We will be there right away. Just stay there don’t let anyone see you.

Kola: What is the problem?

Fela: Alex hit someone. I think the person is dead.

Kola: F*ckkk… we warned her.

Fela: She is at the catholic church, lets quickly meet her there.

Kola: Okay. Quick.

(Fela and Kola quickly rushed outside)

(They got to the catholic church and found Alex in the car really nervous and shaky)

Fela: (Hits the window) Alex open up.

Alex: (Quickly opens the car doors) Fela I killed him I killed him! It wasn’t intentional.

Kola: Shuush, you didn’t kill anybody. It is risky to be here I will drive us home. (Phone rings) It is Detective Spark.

Alex: Oh my God, why is he calling at this hour?

Fela: Pick the call.

Kola: Hello sir.

Detective Spark: Where are you?

Kola: Hmmm… We are at home sir.

Detective Spark: We? Do you three live together?

Kola: No sir, we are actually studying together.

Detective Spark: I need you to get me something. I am currently in school I will be sleeping over.

Kola: Is everything okay sir?

Detective Spark: Everything is fine. I need you to get me a bottle of alcohol.

Kola: Really?

Detective Spark: Can you do that?

Kola: Definitely sir.

Detective Spark: I will be expecting. (Hangs up)

Fela: What did he say?

Kola: Something is not right. Detective Spark wants a bottle of alcohol.

Fela: Is he in school?

Kola: Yes.

Fela: By this time?

Kola: I don’t know what it is, but definitely something is wrong.

Alex: I think we should all go together.

Kola: Why?

Alex: Luke called me and expected me to be at the party, I was on my way to the party when I ran into this boy. Surely I am a prime suspect. (Fela interrupts)

Fela: If we all spend the rest of the night with detective spark, then we have a testimony that we were not at the party but in the school.

Alex: Exactly, we even have a witness. Detective Spark.

Fela: Brilliant.

(Some hours later)

Detective Spark: (Drinking hard) Why is life so mean to me.

Kola: How sir?

Detective Spark: The dean refused to give me my promotion even though I am due for it. Instead he gave me the three worst students of the set and threatened to sack me if I don’t make a five star with them, who does that?

Fela: Sometimes, life needs to be mean at us so that we can really mean business.

Detective Spark: And what is wrong with Alex, she has been quiet. Its unlike her.

Kola: She has cold. But sir, you haven’t told us why you are sleeping over in your office.

Detective Spark: Kola, Marriage is like a game of luck. You choose it wrong you might pay with your life. You choose the right, you will forever be glad with life. My wife is the problem. She would kill me.

Fela: Why?

Detective Spark: Do you all know Joe? The upcoming music star.

Kola: Oh yes. The rapist.

Detective Spark: Joe is my step son.

Fela: What? The same Joe?

Detective Spark: His father and my wife divorced some years ago. Before we got married. I know the case is very hard to prove. But… I believe Joe was robed. Joe won’t do such thing.

Alex: There is video proof.

Detective Spark: Of what? Joe hitting the lady. Just a 7second video. I know it is not right to hit a lady no matter what. But something is still not right. I believe a lot is missing in this story.

Kola: So what does your wife want from you?

Detective Spark: She wants me to prove Joe’s innocence.

Fela: How? You are not his attorney. You are just a detective.

Detective Spark: And what is a detective’s job?

Alex: To crack cases.

Kola: Then present to the law.

Detective Spark: So definitely, with your definitions. The detective produces the finished products, the lawyers just package it and make it sellable.

Fela: Hmmmm… True. Are you thinking of getting your hands on the case?

Detective Spark: I can’t. I might lose my job as a lecturer in LCC. It will stain my reputation.

Fela: You might win the case.

Detective Spark: What if I lose?

Kola: So what are your plans?

Detective Spark: You guys will take up the case.

Alex: What? We?

Kola: Is this some sort of a joke sir?

Fela: What do we even know.

Detective Spark: You know more than a lot.

Kola: But sir, this is a top case. One of the biggest at the moment. It will be a joke to make us take this case up.

Detective Spark: The next court hearing is next week Friday. You have exactly one week to prove Joe’s innocence. I will send mobile number of his attorney to your gmail. You should work with him.

Alex: One week? How is that even possible.

Detective Spark: (Phone rings) Hello, What? I will be right there! (Ends call)

Fela: What is the problem sir?

Detective Spark: The Dean’s son, Kings was involved in a hit and run situation. He is currently battling his life in the state hospital. I just got the information now.

Kola: Oh my God. Should we go with you?

Detective Spark: No, You have a case to crack. Go home and start working on it.

(Fela, Alex and Kola got home with Alex soaked up in tears)

Alex: So it was Kings. Oh my God. This is unbelievable.

Fela: This is crazy, it is bigger than we thought. The Dean’s son.

Kola: But wait a minute, didn’t Luke say Kings was at the party? Then how did he manage to get to that location.

Alex: I don’t know, I didn’t even see the person I hit. I just knew he wasn’t moving anymore. Then I ran off.

Kola: Damn, #prayforkings is trending already. This is big.

Alex: I am scared guys, I am scared. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I should turn myself in.

Fela: Stop Alex, Stop! There is no reason to be scared, we are all in this together. Nobody saw you, you are not even a suspect.

Kola: She is. She and Kings just broke up few weeks ago, they are not in good terms. Luke knew she was coming to see Kings at the party. Kings eventually saw you or not doesn’t count. Luke called you to the party to see your ex. And you were eager to see him.

Fela: But we have a witness, detective spark. We were with him all through the night.

Kola: That still doesn’t make Alex a less suspect.

Alex: But, what was he doing at the middle of the road at that particular moment? He looked scared and worried. I didn’t see his face well. But he was actually trembling. Like…

Kola: Like he was running from something?

Alex: Yes, more like running from someone.

(The next day In school)

Luke: (Ran towards Alex) You know what happened to Kings?

Alex: Yeah, I heard of it.

Luke: Did you guys see yesterday?

Fela: (Interrupts) No, we were on our way to the party when Detective Spark called us to his office.

Dorothy: Detective Spark? At that time of the night?

Kola: We were surprised too, but it seems he had a lot to do. He needed our assistance.

Ritchie: Well, Kings is in a very critical condition. He is not dead. But the Dean is so pissed and every hand is on deck. Every student and even lecturers are on this case. It will be a very big boost for anyone that successfully cracks this case.

Alex: Thank God he is fine, that is all that matters to me right now.

Dorothy: Are you sure? catching the culprit doesn’t also matter?

Fela: We all have different priorities, I hope you know.

Dorothy: (Chuckles) Okay, until then. But time slowly fades away, one day the truth will show up. The truth might be the end for some and might be the stepping stone for others.

Ritchie: Anyway, we have to leave now. We have to start preparing for this case.

Luke: See you all later. (They leave)

Alex: God, I don’t think I can take this anymore. I cant even look them in them eyes.

Kola: (Looks into Alex eyes) Alex, you cant give up now, just put yourself together, they are not as good as we think they are.

Fela: It is not about them, it is about the Dean, the whole school generally. Everybody is on this case. Even our supervisor.

Kola: (Phone rings) Hello sir.

Detective Spark: Meet me at the crime scene right now.

Kola: Yes sir. (End the call) Detective Spark wants us at the crime scene right now.

Alex: Oh my God. I pray this is not bad.

Fela: You just have to get yourself together. Don’t answer too many questions. We will be here to always protect you. (Hugs Alex).

(After some minutes, Fela’s car arrived the crime scene)

Detective Spark: This is a Hit and run crime, the culprit can be charged for murder or manslaughter. But fortunately and unfortunately. Kings is in a critical condition at the hospital. He was diagnosed to have a broken skull and rib. Now as detective, our jobs is to find the culprit.

Detective Dan: (Interrupts) I think the vehicle is a high jeep vehicle just like that one. (Points to Fela’s car). Most of the damages do was the waist rib, (Bends down) The tyre screeches too, this is a jeep tyre not a Salon car tyre.

Detective Spark: So, what are you trying to say?

Detective Dan: Nothing in particular, just giving your students some simple clue on what to look out for in this case. It is a happy world everything shouldn’t be about competition.

Detective Spark: You are in a competition if you registered for the tournament at all. Me and my students don’t have any interest in this case. We will leave the competition to you and other detectives.

Detective Dan: (Smiles) Till then. (Leaves)

Detective Spark: You guys are not investigating this case.

Fela: Why sir? Everyone is investigating it, it will give us a big edge if we successfully crack this case.

Kola: Yes sir, this case is big.

Detective Spark: I am not submitting any bid for this case. Joe’s case is bigger and more important.

Alex: But sir, that is way out of our league.

Detective Spark: You want to know what is way out of your league? Covering up a crime. That is way out of your league.

(Fela, Kola and Alex looked very surprised as they leave the scene)

Fela: I think he knows something.

Kola: I don’t think so.

Alex: Didn’t you hear what he said?

Kola: He is a detective, he is trying to get into our heads.

Fela: I think we are not acting well enough. He knows something is wrong. We have to step up our game if we really want to survive being caught.

Alex: What if Kings wakes up. He will definitely recognize the car that hit him.

Kola: True.

Fela: We can sell the car.

Kola: No, that will be too sudden.

Alex: Then we love-vendor the car. That way he wouldn’t recognize it. It was a fast hit. I don’t think he will remember describing it. Memories might just get back when he sees the car.

Kola: Cool idea.

Fela: I have this guy in town who is very good at pimping, I pray I still have his number.

Kola: So guys, I read up on Joe’s case. All fingers leads to this boy. I don’t know how we are supposed to get this boy out of jail in a week. What is detective spark thinking?

Alex: Why will someone strip us off a case that is relatable to us. And give us a case we don’t even have any idea about.

Fela: It would have been easier if we were allowed to investigate this case too.

Kola: It’s a matter of time Detective Dan and his students will crack this out. I just want you to be ready for them Alex, they will call you for questioning anytime soon.

(In Detective Dan’s class)

Detective Dan: It is a fact that assumptions plays the biggest role in a detective’s life. But assumptions won’t make you the best detective. Many of you see me as the best detective lecturer on campus, I accept that accolade…. (Alex Fela and Kola enters the class quietly)
Detective Spark: You are late to my class (Faces them)

Fela: We are sorry sir, we had a flat tyre.

Detective Dan: At what time does assumption works in a crime situation.

Kola: Sir?

Detective Dan: Don’t tell me to repeat myself, I believe you had me the first time.

(Class making funny gestures)

Fela: You assume when all facts are wrong.

(Class burst into laughter)

Detective Dan: I won’t blame you guys. You are three good friends both in reality and at the bottom of the class too.

(Class laughs again)

(After some hours class ends)

Luke: Alex, wait.

Alex: What is it?

Luke: Are you sure you didn’t see Kings at the party last night?

Alex: I wasn’t even at the party. If I was there you would have known. Why are you so inquisitive?

Luke: Detective Dan has just submitted the bid to investigate the case and it got approved. So I am really working on it. You wanna go out for lunch later today?

Alex: No, I will be very busy.

Luke: We can both look into the case later in the evening.

Alex: My supervisor didn’t submit any bid for the investigation. So definitely we are not interested in the case. All we are interested in is Kings health.

Luke: Okay then, see you later.

Alex: Wishing you the best in your investigations.

Fela: What did he ask you?

Alex: I don’t know how long I can hold on for Fela. Luke is on my neck.

Kola: (Interrupts) Guys, I have a clue on Joe’s case. We have to see Detective Spark now.

(At the Detective Spark Office)

Kola: Sir, another female model just revealed that Joe molested him in a hotel. This is the second charge.

Detective Spark: So?

Fela: Meaning it is very impossible to clearly get Joe out of this mess. Angelina is a top model she can’t make this up.

Detective Spark: Have you ever heard of the saying “Everyone has a price’’?

Alex: Sir, are you trying to say we should try to make out figures and manipulate them to cover a rapist and woman beater up?

Detective Spark: (Smiles) Doing this, and covering up a murder case. Which do you think is easier?

Kola: What do you mean sir?

Detective Spark: At exactly few minutes past 8pm., you got a call from Luke saying Kings would like to see you at the party. Alex, you took your keys left your study and even though you knew your sights were not too good. You still left. Some minutes later you called back that you had hit someone and don’t know if he is dead or not. That person you hit is Kings. And the culprit the whole LCC is looking for. Is sitting right here in front of me. She is my student.

Kola: God. (Shocked)

Alex: (Silence) My God. (Silently)

Fela: How do you know these things?

Detective Spark: Anyway, maybe you have forgotten I graduated with one of the most impressive grades during my Uni days. I am a brilliant detective. I knew all this even when you all were in my office that night.

Alex: (Covers her mouth in shock) Sir…

Detective Spark: You know one thing I admire, it’s your teamwork and resilient spirit to actually try to cover up such crime. And that is why I believe you guys can do anything. With this kind of teamwork. So, as a good detective of the law. What should I do?

Kola: Turn us in.

Detective Spark: Us? Only Alex was in the car.

Kola: Yes, but you are part of the crime if you try to cover it up. So we are also in it.

Detective Spark: Do you agree with him Fela?

Fela: Hmmm… I think yes. We are all in this together.

Detective Spark: As a detective, it is wrong not to turn you in. But let us take a look at it from a Supervisor’s angle. Is it right for a supervisor to turn his students in for attempted murder?

Fela: (Sighs) Hmm…

Detective Spark: I need an answer.

Alex: I don’t think it is.

Detective Spark: (Smiles) Strong girl. That is what you are Alex. Kings is in a very critical condition. Don’t blame yourself, it was just an accident.

Alex: Please don’t turn me in. Please.

Detective Spark: You have just one Ticket.

Kola: We will do anything sir.

Detective Spark: Prove Joe’s innocence in 6days.

Fela: (Sighs) Hmmm… This is crazy.

Alex: We will do it.

Fela: What?

Kola: Yes sir, we will prove Joe’s innocence. And if we do, do we have a deal?

Detective Spark: Sure, there is more to that story. But leave it to me.

Kola: Okay sir.

Detective Spark: The phone number of his attorney is in your mail already. Get across to him.

Kola: Okay sir.

Detective Spark: One more thing… The pimping of your car thing, it is a very bad idea. I am disappointed you all can agree to such decision. It will make you clear suspects. Play the game like you don’t care what happens after. I am a part of your team now. Don’t make decisions without me.

Episode Three Loading....

Certified Author: Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide

For more of my stories visit wwwdottimmywritersdotblogspotdotcom
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 10:32pm On Apr 08

Episode Three.

(Alex, Fela and Kola mumbled till they got into their car)

Fela: How the hell did he know all these things. It was only within the three of us.

Alex: I am as surprised. This is a very dirty game to play. I am so f*ckeeed!

Kola: Wait guys, the book.

Fela: Which book?

Kola: The one the detective gave us to study.

Fela: It is in my backpack.

Kola: Bring it out let me see it.

Fela: (Brings the book out) Here it is.

Kola: (Searching through the pages, then found a micro wired chip) Damn!!! He has been listening to our conversations all along.

Fela: Damn, we underrated Detective Spark. So he wired the book.

Alex: F*ckkk! He didn’t just give us the book to study, he gave us the book so he could study us.

Kola: Exactly. (Disconnects the microchip)

Fela: Well, our secret is out open. We need to know what is next, before everything gets complicated.

Kola: Everything is complicated already. It is no more in our hands.

Fela: I just got the mobile number of Joe’s attorney on my mail.

Kola: Let’s put a call through to him. It is our only way of escaping this mess.

(At Lawyer Insane office)

Lawyer Insane: So you are the detectives for this case?

Fela: Yes, we were sent by Detective Spark.

Lawyer Insane: Hmmm, Spark is a joke (Mumbles to himself)

Kola: I am Kola. And I think the earlier we start work on this case. The better.

Alex: I heard court hearing is on Friday, we have little or no time.

Lawyer Insane: That’s true. My name is Insane.

Kola: In what?

Lawyer Insane: Insane, Any problem with that?

Kola: (Burst into laughter) No, not at all.

Lawyer Insane: To be very honest I don’t know why Spark is doing this to his own step son. I don’t think you guys can handle this case.

Alex: Can we start working, a lot depends on this case. A lot more than you can ever think of.

Lawyer Insane: So, the allegations against Joe are very critical. With hard evidences. But for now the plan is….

Kola: (Interrupts) Can we see him?

Lawyer Insane: See who?

Kola: I mean can we see Joe one on one?

Lawyer Insane: Hmmm.. okay. When do you wish to see him?

Kola: Now.

(Some minutes later, they all went to the correctional facility Joe was kept in. Perry, Joe and the lawyer were there)

Perry: You are the ones my husband sent?

Alex: You must be Perry. I am Alex, it is nice meeting you. (Hands forward for a shake)

Perry: (Didn’t accept the handshake) What are your grades in school currently?

Fela: Hmm… Well we are lower division students.

Perry: Lower division students for christ sake. Is Spark mad!!! (Screams)

Kola: If you don’t believe in us, trust your husband. He sent us for a reason.

Perry: You don’t even know what is at stake.

Alex: Trust me Perry, what is at stake for us is crazier and bigger.

Joe: I am Joe. I believe this face is not a strange face to any of you.

Kola: I am Kola, and I will be asking a few questions that might help us on the case.

Joe: Okay.

Alex: We will need to have our privacy with you.

Perry: What do you mean?

Fela: We will need to be alone with him ma.

Perry: Are you stupid? Alone with him? I don’t think you know what you are doing at all.

Lawyer Insane: I am his lawyer I need to be here. You cant chase us out.

Joe: Mum, Insane… Leave them. Just five minutes.

Kola: Just five minutes we will be done.

Perry: Are you sure you want to do this without us.

Joe: I will be fine mum.

Perry: Okay then. Five Minutes. I hope Spark dies a painful death.

(Lawyer Insane and Perry leaves)

Joe: I didn’t do it.

Alex: I don’t believe you, but we must save you because that is our job.

Fela: You hit her, the video is there. It is a proof.

Joe: (Sighs) That video must have been longer than that, but no one is willing to understand. This is a set up. You guys need to make the world see that.

Alex: You have Mr or Lawyer Insane to do that. We are just here to provide contemplating evidences or maybe raw ones to prove your case.

Kola: Why do you think she will want to set you up.

Joe: We are not in good terms, so, there is deal I and Angelina signed. The model. Angelina and I had a thing before. But we are no more together. But this deal made us cross path again. Sam my girlfriend wasn’t cool with it. She was so instrumental in me getting the deal done. But I wont leave millions of naira just because my girl was jealous.

Alex: So you didn’t back out of the deal.

Joe: Hell no, why will I back out. The company flew me and Angelina out of the country for a one week vacation and tour. We flew same class, same hotel and most times we were in each other’s space making photoshoots and ads together. On our last night before coming back home, I drank too much so me and Angelina slept the same room. How this pictures got to Sam is what I cant explain.

Fela: Angelina just announced you harassed her once,

Joe: That is not true. She is still pained I dumped her, and this is an opportunity.

Alex: So how did Sam get you into this mess?

Joe: She showed me the video and started hitting me with some sort of objects, heavy objects. I tried to explain to her but she was screaming at the top of her voice. So I had no other option than to push her back by hitting.

Kola: So you mean the video was edited?

Joe: Yes, the part where she assaulted me physically was edited. Just when I hit her back showed.

Alex: Did you notice any camera in the room when you entered?

Joe: Check the video once again, it is obvious someone was recording.

Fela: Uhmmm,,, So you are saying someone else knew this would happen, and had already stationed a camera to capture the moment.

Joe: Exactly. It was all planned. I just fell into a trap that was made for me.

Kola: Who do you think this third party can be.

Joe: I have no idea, could be any of her friends or anybody.

(Perry enters)

Perry: I think five minutes is up. The security guy is making some weird faces already.

Lawyer Insane: Were the information helpful?

Kola: More than helpful sir. We will see you later, we have to get going now.

Lawyer Insane: Call me if you find anything.

(Kola Fela and Alex leaves)

Fela: (Driving) It is a whole different story if the video was actually edited truly.

Alex: Before a video gets edited there must be a full original video somewhere. The original video is what we should try and get. That would be a very hard evidence.

Kola: But, many things are involved. One, Joe’s story must be true. Secondly, we must know who recorded that video.

Fela: Who uploaded the video to the net?

Alex: Sam of course, Joe’s girlfriend. She captioned it “Your favorite celebrity hits me at every opportunity he gets, it is time to take legal actions. I wont let this slide”

Fela: Just one picture of a black eye, and a video?

Alex: Yes.

Fela: Joe didn’t hit her on the eye in that video, it was just a push.

Alex: A lot might have happened before and after the video. We cant say.

Kola: Sam lives in North Central. Why don’t we pay her a visit.

Fela: (Turns the car around) Great idea.

(After some minutes they arrive at Sam’s place)

Alex: (Knocks)

Sam: (Opens the door) Who are you?

Alex: We mean no harm. Don’t be scared. We are students like you.

Sam: (Tried to close the door) Go away! I don’t want to see anybody.

Kola: (Holds back the door) Let us in, we are here to help you.

Sam: I said leave!

Fela: (Forcefully opens the door) Calm down Sam. You like it or not we are in already.

(Alex starts coughing)

Alex: Wheew, this weed are way too much. How do you survive lung cancer with this amount of cannabis on your table.

Fela: (Takes pictures of cannabis and alcohol)

Sam: No, you cant do that! This is against my right. You guys are infringing my right. You cant come into my house and start taking pictures of my stuff. I am calling the police right away.

Kola: Very bad idea. We have hard evidences that you are doing drugs in his phone. And I don’t think we will be the ones behind bars when the police finally gets here. I think the owner of this apartment will.

Sam: What do you guys want?

Kola: Exactly the question I was waiting for. What are you suing Joe for?

Sam: Don’t tell me you guys are cops?

Alex: No, we are detectives.

Sam: Damn! (Ran out of the house very fast)

(Fela and Kola gave a hot chase while Alex waited behind to search the whole house)

Fela: (Running) Sam! We mean no harm, we are just here for some questioning.

Kola: Sam! Running away wont do any good to you.

Sam: I am not interested in speaking to you (Keeps running)

(Suddenly a black SUV jeep packs in front of Sam. She entered the car and Zooms off)

Fela: (Tired) What did we just experience?

Kola: The jeep doesn’t have a plate number.

Fela: Only Big rich guys use that plate number. I tell you.

Kola: There is a lot more to this story. (Phone rings) Hello Alex.

Alex: I think I found something.

Kola: Okay we are on our way. Hey, Fela. Alex said she got something. We have to get back to Sam’s apartment.

(Some minutes later at the apartment)

Alex: So, this calendar probably meant a lot to her. She didn’t mark out the dates from the first day of the month. She started marking it out from the 16th. God knows what happened on that day. But it is obvious she is definitely counting down to something.

Kola: 16th? When did the video get to the internet?

Fela: The video surfaced on… (Trying to check) Damn! On the 16th.

Kola: That is exactly why she started the countdown on the 16th. She is guilty of something.

Alex: And this too. (A short note) Found this in her drawer.

Kola: (Reading the note aloud). “Just do it” Do what? She is sending this to who?

Fela: What if she didn’t send it. What if she received it from somebody.

Alex: The letter looks cryptic, see here this symbol. It is the only address on the letter. (Points to a sign at the base of the letter)

Fela: What if she was threatened to Implicate Joe.

Kola: There is a big possibility at that. But so far so good, there is no tangible fact to back that up.

Fela: A black SUV picked her up while trying to escape from interrogations, who are those in this black SUV?

Alex: Who also sent this letter. And where is the full video?

Kola: All these are questions we have to answer before the next court hearing if we really want to crack this case.

Alex: (Phone rings) Hello Luke.

Dorothy: This is not Luke, this is Dorothy. Your attention is needed in the school right away. We need you for questioning on Kings incident. Make yourself available right away.

Episode Four Loading......

Certified Author: Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide

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Really interesting
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Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 8:47am On Apr 11
Episode Four
(Dorothy Luke and Ritchie sits directly opposite Kola Fela and Alex in the interrogation room)

Ritchie: We need to be with her, alone.

Fela: What do you mean? Just start your interrogation. We are not going anywhere.

Dorothy: I know you know the rules, to save your time and our time too. Please let us have our privacy.

Kola: And what if…

Luke: (Interrupts) We have the warrant here, please don’t interfere in this process

Fela: We will leave. (Pats Alex) You will be okay.

Kola: The warrant reads five minutes. We will be back in the next five minutes. Get your facts right. She has nothing to do with this.

(Kola and Fela leaves)

Dorothy: Alex my girl. Feel comfortable. If you are innocent you have no cause to tremble.

Alex: You have 4minutes 30seconds more.

Ritchie: We need you to be very sincere, because cracking Kings case is very important to us.

Dorothy: Where were you during the party?

Alex: I was at home studying. With Fela and Kola.

Luke: I called you, and told you Kings was at the party. You said you will be there, unfortunately….

Alex: (Interrupts) As I was preparing for the party, My supervisor called me for an urgent study. So I went there. I couldn’t make it to the party.

Ritchie: At that time of the night?

Alex: He had issues with his wife, so he couldn’t sleep home that night.

Luke: So you did not see Kings that night?

Alex: How many times will I tell you this Luke!

Dorothy: You don’t need to attack anyone Alex. It is just an interrogation session. This doesn’t mean you are the culprit. But it is scarily co incidental, the night you planned on seeing your Ex. A jeep hit him into coma. Only few students use a jeep on campus. And you are one of them.

Alex: What are you trying to insinuate? The Jeep is for Fela anyway. (Smiles)

Luke: So are you trying to say Fela is the Culprit.?

Alex: Luke! I did not say that. I only stressed that I have no car. We use Fela’s jeep most of the time.

Ritchie: Like I said we are just trying to connect the dots.

Alex: Connect it to the right plug please. Am I good to go?

Dorothy: Definitely. Thanks for your cooperation.

Alex: You are not welcome. (Stands up and left)

Dorothy: She is hiding something.

Ritchie: It is very obvious, just a matter of time. She is trying hard to balance her emotions.

Luke: Detective Spark was in school that night, according to what Alex said. He is not in good terms with his wife. He is also not in good terms with the Dean. Are you guys connecting with me?

Dorothy: Yes, Detective Spark is due for promotion long ago. But the Dean for some political reasons didn’t grant him. And this has caused some itches between the two of them.

Ritchie: So you mean, Detective Spark will knock a student down just because he is frustrated?

Dorothy: Or maybe because Kings is the dean’s son?

Luke: No, a frustrated man is always absent minded while driving.

Dorothy: So you are saying he might have done it but as an accident.

Luke: Exactly, he was in school that night. Which is very unusual.

Ritchie: But for a top detective like detective spark if he had done such, he wouldn’t have gone to school. It is too dumb for a big personality like him. He won’t make such mistake.

Luke: You think? Then why did he call his project students to study at that particular time.

Dorothy: Hmmm…. So they will serve as witnesses.

Luke: Exactly. And that is what Alex just did. We can’t rule this possibility out.

(Alex joins up with Fela and Kola)

Kola: How was it Alex?

Alex: Simple. They were trying to force words out of my mouth.

Fela: Hope you didn’t bulge.

Alex: No, trust me. I was prepared.

Kola: (Message pops up) Oh my God.

Fela: What is the problem?

Kola: Detective Spark just got arrested.

Alex: What?

Kola: For Kings case.

Alex: Damn!

(Kola Fela and Alex quickly rushed down to the HQ interrogation unit)

Alex: What has he done?

Police 1: You can’t get in. Just some little investigations and we will be back.

Kola: But you know his arrest is very illegal.

Detective Dan: (Interrupts) Nothing is Illegal. This is just an interrogation session.

Fela: You did this?

Detective Dan: Who else would have done it?

Alex: Our supervisor is innocent and you know that.

Detective Dan: We will know about that soon.

Kola: You know the funny thing is that the academy gave the perfect students to the perfect supervisors. Clowns for Clowns.

Detective Dan: That is what you get when competence meets competence. And on the other hand when incompetence meets incompetence. (Smiles)

Fela: Nice wrist watch… (Staring at the wristwatch)

Detective Dan: Thank you. If you don’t mind I have some questioning to do. (Detective Dan leaves)

Fela: The symbol on that wrist watch looks very familiar.

Kola: Which symbol. That is a G-shock watch. Very expensive anyway.

Fela: No, I mean the customized one. That symbol looked very… Wait a minute, the letter. The letter.

Alex: What letter?

Fela: The one we saw at Sam’s place. The weird letter.

Kola: Is there any connection?

Fela: (Brings out the letter) Exactly, it is the same symbol.

Kola: Are you saying the symbol on this letter is the same on the wrist watch detective dan is wearing?

Fela: Yes, I am very sure.

Alex: Then let’s make an arrest. Let us interrogate him.

Kola: We have to get a warrant first. We have to meet the Attorney first. He is the only one that can get us that.

Alex: But no warrant was needed for Detective Spark’s arrest.

Kola: That is a case solely handled by the authorities. We are dealing with a case handled by the government and everybody in the world.

(At the attorney’s place)

Alex: You have to see what we are seeing, what will make an innocent girl try to escape when she knew we are detectives.

Lawyer Insane: Maybe she was scared and mentally not ready for the bullying she is getting on the social media. A lot has happened to her negatively since she leaked the video.

Fela: See, this is the video proof that she does hard drugs. This is also the letter…

Lawyer Insane: (Sighs) Who gave you the search warrant to ransack her house.

Kola: Is that what is important right now? What is important is to get to the root of Joe’s innocence. Why are you acting like the prosecutor in this case?

Lawyer Insane: To make a good case, we have to beat the prosecutor at it by solving every counter problem that might arise.

Fela: So we can’t make the arrest of the lady and Detective Dan.

Lawyer Insane: Unless you want to make the case more complicated and bring trouble to yourself. Even if Sam is not sound with the law. Detective Dan is.

Alex: F***ckkk!

Fela: We can invite Detective Dan for questioning?

Lawyer Insane: What connection does he have to this case? On what proof? Officially he has no connection to the case. Unless a lead from Sam connects you to Detective Dan. Or you are interrogating him because he has some kind of weird symbolic watch.

Fela: So we can’t invite him for interrogation officially.?

Lawyer Insane: Maybe not. But I will see what I can do.

Kola: Officially or unofficially we will get what we need. Let us leave guys.

Lawyer Insane: Just be careful, you can mess up the whole case.

Alex: What is there to mess up? As it stands now, Joe will be in Jail by Friday. And you are talking of messing things up. It is messed up already.

(Kola Alex and Fela leaves)

(The next day, in the school)

Kola: Guys, I just sent an official letter to the state police headquarters to officially make Sam available for questioning. They said they will get back to me.

Fela: We don’t have time for such long processes. Today is Tuesday. Court hearing is on Friday. We have to do something.

Kola: Sam is on the run. It says something.

Alex: She will be available for the court hearing on Friday. And there is no official way to prove to anybody that she was truly on the run before then.

Kola: What about the video? Why don’t we post it on the net to cause uproar, if the people confirm she does drugs there will be a different perspective on how they view the case. The judgement of people on Joe will become minimal compared to before.

Fela: And we might get sued for illegally entering someone’s house and even recording her privacy.

Alex: The weeds?

Nina: (Interrupts) She can as well argue you planted them there, because your welcome was illegal. The court will believe her testimony before listening to yours.

Alex: Hmmm… Nina.

Nina: Hi, how are you. The whole school is trying hard to crack Kings case. Who are you guys visiting, who is doing weed? Tell me something.

Kola: It is a very complicated case Nina.

Alex: We are not working on the Kings case for now.

Nina: Why? Your supervisor is a suspect already. You should be working on how to save him out of the mess.

Fela: The case we are working on is a bigger case.

Nina: Well, I wish you guys the best.

Alex: And how is Kings doing?

Nina: Still in Coma, but the doctors said he will be fine.

Alex: Thank God.

Kola: Any suspect from your end yet?

Nina: From my end Not yet, but Detective Dan and his students are leading the case already. They have presented two suspects to the board.

Alex: Who and who?

Nina: You and Detective Spark. Funny how the supervisor and his student are both prime suspects for this case.

Kola: Then what is stopping you? Truly, Luke called Alex that night to be at the party. And unusually Detective Spark was at the school that night too. So they are possible suspects too.

Nina: Yes, Luke called Alex to meet him and Kings at the party?

Kola: Few minutes before the incident.

Nina: Hmmmm… Then Luke has some explanations to do.

Alex: Why?

Nina: Because, Kings was never at the party. He was not seen at the party.

Alex: Really? What do you mean by that?

Nina: So, there was this picture everyone in our set took after the party, Kings was not there.

Fela: That doesn’t mean a thing, he might not be interested in the picture thing.

Nina: Nobody saw Kings at that party. Kings is a very popular student, for anyone not to notice our president at a big party like that is impossible. So I went to the CSO in charge on that night to check the attendance book of everyone who signed at the party that night. KINGS NAME WAS NOT THERE! Meaning he was never at the Party.

Episode Five Loading....

Certified Author: Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide


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Wow...this is gonna be interesting...more update pls
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Omo story too good ur site Link isn't working
...it is...just edit the (dot dot dot) to normal(. . .)
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Episode Five

Kola: Then why did Luke call her to come to the party?

Nina: That is why Alex is not on my books yet. Anyway, I won’t find an answer to that question if I keep talking here. Go ahead with your case. While I continue my findings. (Nina leaves)

Alex: Wait, If Kings was never at the party he was somewhere else. What was he doing in the woods?

Fela: Damn! This is so unclear to me. But Luke has to explain somethings.

Kola: Not now Fela, the case is not ours. Let us focus on our case. (Phone rings) It is the Insane, (Picks the call) Hello.

Lawyer Insane: Check the net now! Check it!.

Kola: Okay. (Cuts the call)

Fela: Why is he shouting.

Kola: He told me to check the internet. (Checking twitter) Oh my God!

Fela: (Checks the video trending) Damn! This is not good.

Kola: (Phone rings) Detective Spark.

Alex: Pick it. (Snatched the phone) Hello sir.

Detective Spark: Why is your face trending all over the internet.

Alex: Hmmm.. Hmmm..

Detective Spark: I said why is your face all over the net!!! (Screams)

Alex: (Cuts the call) I don’t know what to say guys. I think he is pissed.

Kola: God, what are we going to do? This video has over 1million views already.

Fela: Who posted the video? ‘

Kola: Sam, she tagged captioned it with “Joe and his team sent his boys to kidnap and kill me, I had to run for my life” The camera followed us all through. The video really looked like we were chasing her to kill.

Fela: God!!!! Why this.

Alex: What do we do now?

Kola: We are soon going to be wanted.

Fela: We have to continue the investigation. The only way we can get out of this mess is to prove that witch guilty. How dare her say we wanted to kidnap and kill her.

Kola: The question is, who made this video. The person followed us all through the chasing process.

Fela: It is definitely the SUV guys. There is more to this case than we ever thought. We are not safe again.

(At the attorney’s place)

Perry: I told you those guys are good for nothing idiots. I don’t know why Spark will send below average detectives to handle this type of case.

Lawyer Insane: I never trusted them. They are too inexperienced for this.

Perry: Oh, I hope Joe doesn’t end up in Jail.

Lawyer Insane: The case is getting messy. Anyway, I already pulled up a broadcast message to the public that Joe has nothing to do with the boys in the video.

Perry: Better, that is a good idea.

(Knocks on the door)

Lawyer Insane: Come in.

(Alex Enters)

Perry: You? What the hell are you doing here! After all you idiots have done.

Alex: Calm down Perry.

Perry: Don’t tell me to calm down! Leave, you just made the whole situation messy with your low IQ detective experience.

Lawyer Insane: Calm down Madam, What do you want Alex?

Alex: The camera didn’t catch my face.

Lawyer Insane: Yeah, where were you?

Alex: No, that is the wrong question. The right question is… Who makes these videos? How did Perry get the videos later and posts it on the net?

Perry: How?

Alex: (Brings out her phone) Take a look at the first video of the violence charge against Joe. The person behind the video was not in the house with them, the person was outside the building recording from the window. But Perry’s account was used to release this video. Same as the chase video, Take a look at it. The camera was very stable even though the characters in it were really running. In a busy town like lagos, you can’t run and not bump into someone on the way to interrupt the video. Are you getting me?

Lawyer Insane: (Looks closely) Hmmmm…. You are trying to say the person who made this video was in a car.

Alex: Exactly, a black SUV jeep.

Lawyer Insane: How do you know that?

Alex: As usual, the video is not always complete. A jeep quickly picked Sam up. They drove off with her.
Lawyer Insane: If the people making these Videos are random people on the streets. How did she get to meet them to collect the videos?

Perry: Meaning everything was planned before.

Alex: Exactly. Its all set up.

Lawyer Insane: Hmmm… You have a great point at that. But this is still not something that will take Joe out of jail. This won’t convince the Judge to be very honest.

Perry: Where are the other guys?

Alex: They won’t be seen anytime soon. The school has put up a disciplinary committee to look into the matter. We have to save them and save Joe as well.
Lawyer Insane: So what do you suggest we do.

Alex: I think the Kings case is connected to this case. And that is why Detective Spark wants us to get involved in it.

Lawyer Insane: How?

Alex: We don’t have any hard evidence yet. But I will be back. I just want you to trust us. We might not be the best for this case. But sometimes you have to break the rules to get the truth. (Alex leaves)

(Perry and Lawyer Insane stared at themselves for minutes in frustration)

(After few hours)

Alex: Good day sir.

Detective Dan: Alex, how are you doing?

Alex: I am good sir.

Detective Dan: It must have been a bad day for you and your team. You and Spark are leading suspects in a murder case, The other two are wanted for attempted Kidnapping. What a team!

Alex: Your wrist watch sir.

Detective Dan: (Looks suspiciously) What about it?

Alex: Where did you get it from?

Detective Dan: Why do you want to know?

Alex: Nothing, It is strange.

Detective Dan: It is expensive anyway. It is a G-shock 20…

Alex: (Interrupts) You bought it?

Detective Dan: A student gave it to me.

Alex: Luke?

Detective Dan: Yes, why? (Surprised)

Alex: (Quickly brings out her phone, takes a picture of the wrist watch) Thank you sir, I have to go now.

Detective Dan: Alex! Alex!. (Sighs) Something is not right?

(Outside the school)

Alex: (Phone calls Nina) Hello Nina

Nina: What’s up.

Alex: I have something very useful for you.

Nina: Go ahead.

Alex: I need you to request for a second examination of Kings body. This time with a different Examiner.

Nina: Why? You know that will be difficult.

Alex: Try your best. I think something is missing out.

Nina: Okay. I will.

(After some hours)

Dean: It will be silly to carry out another examination on my son, he is not dead yet. He is just in coma.

Detective Trisha: I am very sure this second examination will be very helpful sir.

Dean: Trisha. You know how this works. We cannot conduct a second examination. He is my son, not just some commoner’s son.

Detective Trisha: That is why we must not be misled. This case is the biggest case to ever surface on this campus. We need 100% credibility.

Dean: I won’t conduct another examination.

Nina: Because he is your son? Or because you want the truth revealed? Or because of the money?

Dean: Watch your mouth little.

Nina: Many people have died over the years, and after we pin their death on somebody, the real culprits go free and that is why the devil still works around and the angels rot in holes.

Dean: What are you trying to say?

(Detective Spark enters the office)

Detective Spark: I think what she is trying to say is… If another examination is not done on the body. We stop action on the case for now. And sue you for obstructing further investigation.

Dean: Are you threatening me spark?

Detective Spark: I am not sir, I am a prime suspect in this case. And I can sue you for trying to pin the case on me by not allowing full investigation.

Dean: (Sighs) This is crazy. Okaay. We will have a second examination. But if there is no difference from the first one. You all will have to pay back every dime the school spent on these new examiners.

Detective Spark: Let it be done sir.

(Later that Night)

Fela: God I can’t believe this, our picture is everywhere as kidnappers and killers.

Kola: #ProtectSam is trending also.

Fela: This is crazy, the Police will invite us soon.

Kola: I don’t know why they haven’t done so yet.

Alex: She is just using the net as a tool to gain people’s empathy. She didn’t complain officially to the right authorities.

Kola: Crazy girl. Can’t wait to get to the root of this matter.

Alex: And Sam is also…. (Phone rings) Hello Nina.

Nina: Where are you?

Alex: I am at Fela’s place. Might spend the night there with them.

Nina: We just finished with the examiners in the lab. Just got the result of the second examination.

Alex: Really? Is there any difference?

Nina: There are signs of strangling around Kings neck.

Alex: What? Meaning someone tried to strangle Kings before the car accident?

Nina: Yes, I will send the pictures right now. It was very obvious. A rope was used to strangle him, there was a hard struggle.

Alex: If it is obvious meaning they intentionally left it out the first time.

Nina: Exactly. And you know what? A fingerprint was found around the base of his neck.

Alex: Whose fingerprint?

Nina: You wont belie…. Ahhhhhhhh (Nina screams, the phone call ended)

Alex: Nina! Nina!!!. (No response) F*ckk!

Episode Six Loading....

Certified Author: Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide

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Thanks for the encouragement guys, firstly this site wont let me post links. So the Dot dot in between the link name stands for ... My site Timmywritersdotblogspotdotcom, was functioning as an original site before it became a site because i lost my laptop in 2019 and since then I haven't been able to continue blogging. So the domain expired that is why it is now a domain, blogspots are free. I just decided to start again. And this time i want to create a family and society where we can read stories like we are watching Netflix. And also bring together story writers all over the world through my little blog. I am working on that, but as a come back. I decided to drop Crime Crackers of Lagos. This story cannot be found anywhere else. My Blog will soon be fully ready for uploads. And by then I sincerely hope you all will be my fans and keep fueling my passion. A society where story lovers feel recognized. That is my dream. I hope you walk with me on this journey. Story Lovers are World Builders. Thanks for fueling my passion. Checkout some of my old stories like Cross, My love diary, street league of Lagos on Timmywritersdotblogspotdotcom. Thank you.

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Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by ashatoda: 10:03am On Apr 14
Thanks for the encouragement guys, firstly this site wont let me post links. So the Dot dot in between the link name stands for ... My site Timmywritersdotblogspotdotcom, was functioning as an original site before it became a site because i lost my laptop in 2019 and since then I haven't been able to continue blogging. So the domain expired that is why it is now a domain, blogspots are free. I just decided to start again. And this time i want to create a family and society where we can read stories like we are watching Netflix. And also bring together story writers all over the world through my little blog. I am working on that, but as a come back. I decided to drop Crime Crackers of Lagos. This story cannot be found anywhere else. My Blog will soon be fully ready for uploads. And by then I sincerely hope you all will be my fans and keep fueling my passion. A society where story lovers feel recognized. That is my dream. I hope you walk with me on this journey. Story Lovers are World Builders. Thanks for fueling my passion. Checkout some of my old stories like Cross, My love diary, street league of Lagos on Timmywritersdotblogspotdotcom. Thank you.
Lovely please continue and the dream will be fulfilled
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 8:10am On Apr 16


(Shocking and worrying expression on Alex face)

Fela: What is the problem?

Alex: Where is your car key?

Kola: What the hell is the problem Alex!

Alex: Nina, Nina… (Quickly grabbed the car keys)

Fela: (Grabs her hand) What is wrong with Nina?

Alex: Nina called just now, she… she…

Kola: Alex, calm your nerves and speak smoothly. Nina called you and said what?

Alex: Nina called and said the second examination of Kings body, there is a big difference. Some wounds were found around Kings neck. Something like a strangle before the accident occurred.

Kola: And…

Alex: She said they found a fingerprint around those wounds. She wanted to tell me who the fingerprint is for. Then she suddenly screamed and the call ended. I think Nina is in trouble.

Kola: Really?

Fela: And you wanted to go alone. It is risky for you. We are all going to the lab together. Something very bad must have happened at the lab then. (Grabs the car key and quickly ran outside)

(In the car driving)

Alex: And I was at Detective Dan’s place today. I took a picture of the wrist watch.

Fela: It is the same as the one on the letter?

Alex: Yes, same thing. Guess who gifted him the watch?

Kola: Who?

Alex: Luke.

Fela: What? Same Luke that misinformed us about Kings.

Alex: He has a lot to explain to me when I see him.

(They got the school’s lab and it looked very quiet)

Fela: There is no one here.

Kola: Let us check.

Fela: We might dip ourselves into more trouble if we try to break in. I think we should call the police.

Kola: The police won’t do anything. Let us check it out first.

Alex: (Tries Nina’s number again) Her number is not still going through.
Fela: There is nobody here.

Alex: But she called me not quite long. I am sure.

Kola: Are you sure this is the particular lab they used?

Fela: Yes (Noticed a movement). Hey there!

(They all broke into the lab to check what is going on)

Fela: I think I saw something.

Kola: It is a rat idiot!

Fela: At least I saw something. This place is quiet and abandoned I don’t think the examination was done here. We have to go before we get into more trouble.

Alex: But I have a feeling… (Suddenly a black SUV car drove inside the lab)

Kola: Look guys, who are those?

Alex: By this time of the night? What are they doing here?

Fela: Take cover, take cover.

Alex: Your phone camera. Put it on.

Fela: (Brings out his phone) Shii… it is dark here. Won’t capture their face well.

Alex: (Whispers) We have to move closer.

Fela: (Whispers) You and who?

Alex: Bring the phone (Snatches the phone from Fela)

Kola: Alex! Don’t go there it can be very dangerous.

Alex: (Whispers) I will be right back. (Leaves)

Fela: Alex! Alex! Oh my God. This girl will kill us all one day.

(Alex moves nearer to the scene)

(Two men all in black suit and Masked came out of the SUV jeep. Making calls.)

Alex: (Whispers) Looks like they are waiting for someone.

Fela: (Whispers) You are going to get us killed.

Kola: Zoom into their faces well. We really need this video.

(Suddenly another Black SUV Jeep entered the Lab, some Lab personnel also masked were carrying some bodies out of the lab into the SUV Jeep)

Alex: What is that they are transporting?

Fela: Looks like human. A packaged human.

Kola: God… Nina.

Alex: Oh my God, I told you guys. The examination was done here. That is Nina.

Fela: All of them are masked.

Kola: They are being extra careful.

Alex: This Examiners are evil. These are external examiners.

(Two men also got out of the other black SUV jeep. Also masked)

Man 1: Have you given him the injection?

Lab guy: Yes sir. She will not remember anything sir.

Man 1: Okay. (Hands over an envelope)

Lab guy: Are we done? Please.

Man 2: We are the ones to decide if you are done or not. For now take the money and take care of your family. They are safe for now. Nice doing business with you.

Alex: (Whispers) That voice sounds very familiar. I don’t know where?

Fela: The first man?

Alex: Exactly.

Kola: Really familiar.

Alex: Look, the symbol. Its on their suits.

Fela: Zoom it in. Zoom be fast.

(Alex Zooms it in. Suddenly a message Popped up and it made a sound)

Man 1: What is that?

Lab Guy: We don’t know. Our phones are not here.

Man 1: Then someone else is here with us. Search the area. Bring anything or anybody you see! You must find them!

(The Lab guys and suit guys quickly spread around strategic arears to search)

Alex: F**ck… Who the hell is sent a message by this time.

Fela: They are on their way, we have to go now.

Alex: I think they are coming closer. I think we have a good shot at their face now.

Kola: They will catch us. Alex!

Alex: Just a minute.

Kola: (Grabs the phone from Alex) Run idiot!

(Alex Fela and Kola quickly ran, they finally have somewhere to hide)

Alex: (Whispers) Put that silly phone on silent now before I smash it.

Kola: Did you save the video?

Fela: What? You didn’t save what?

Alex: It is saved you idiots. I would have gotten a clear view of their face.

Kola: And we would have been in Nina’s shoes by now.

(After some minutes of searching. The Lab guys and the Black SUV jeep leaves the lab)

Alex: I think they are gone.

Kola: Oh my God. God knows what they did to Nina.

Fela: She is the only one that knows what really went down in that lab. Maybe she was the only one not complying to their rules.

Alex: Maybe we should call Detective Spark or Detective Trisha or anyone of them.

Kola: Wait guys, Listen to the video again.

Fela: (Plays the video)

Kola: No, skip to the part where the man was giving commands to go search for us.

Fela: (Skips to that part)

Kola: Listen well to this voice.

Alex: (Listening carefully) Oh my God.

Fela: Detective Spark! (Shocking Expression)

Episode Seven Loading....

Certified Author: Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Blake755: 1:00pm On Apr 16
Shit please finish the story
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by dawno2008(m): 1:14pm On Apr 16
nice story, I checked your site but this story is not there,
good job
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Adejuwonhis(m): 11:13pm On Apr 16
Nice write up captivating to say the least kudos
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Blake755: 6:18am On Apr 17
nice story, I checked your site but this story is not there,
good job
Please quote me with the site Link
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Nice so far. Enjoying every bit. Been long I read an interesting drama
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 4:49am On Apr 18

Episode 7

(At Fela’s home)
Fela: I think at this point everything is unclear to me. I don’t even know what to do and who to believe anymore.

Alex: So, Detective Spark is one of…. I don’t understand. (Making a confused face)

Kola: We are not sure of anything yet. Until we are certain. Let us wait till morning. A lot of things will unfold itself.

(The next Morning at school)

Alex: I don’t think this is a good idea.

Fela: Me too. Kola we can still change our… (Detective Spark enters)

Kola: Good after noon sir.

Detective Spark: You can sit. Kola and Fela what is that rubbish on the internet, thank God Sam did not file in a report officially to the police. You two won’t be working on the street like this.

Kola: Sir, that is not true, the lady set us up.

Detective Spark: I know. I am asking why you guys were so silly to let it happen.

Fela: Sir, I think there is more to the case than what we think.

Detective Spark: Really? Tell me more.

Alex: A black SUV jeep picked Sam up when we went to see her in her house. This jeep is used by top figures in the city. I think the people behind this case are not just in to set Joe up. They are in the case for a bigger reason. Do you in anyway know this people?

Detective Spark: (Silence) Why do you think I would know Top figures in the city and why I will know those who picked Sam up while you were giving her a chase.

Kola: (Cuts in) I think what she is trying to say sir, is that you have been in connection with this top people over recent times you might give us a clue sir. The court hearing is on Friday we have limited time.

Detective Spark: So you are saying… (Phone rings) Hello sir, okay I will be right there. (Ends call). Guys I will be back soon. Wait for me.

(Detective Leaves)

Kola: Are you stupid Alex?

Alex: I am not stupid! You are.

Kola: Are you foolish? Why will you make him suspect we know things. It would take a whole turn against us if he knows we saw or heard him at the lab. Are you this dumb?

Fela: Guys!!! This is not the time to keep shouting at each other. Let us do something now that we have the whole office to ourselves.

Alex: Tell him to behave and stop yelling at me like I am his stupid girlfriend.

Kola: How dare you! Were you not the one who put us in this mess in the first place? You knew you have a faulty eyes and you still drove out in the night.

Alex: (Slaps Kola) How dare you talk about my eyes. How dare you!!! (Picks the little Flower vase on Detective Spark’s table to hit on Kola but Fela holds her hand)

Fela: Stop Alex, Stop! (A little slip of paper falls from the flower vase) What is this? (Opens the paper) Oh my God. (Shocked) Guys, the same letter we saw at Sam’s place. Just do it!.

Kola: (Snatches the paper) This is the same letter we saw at Sam’s place. Even with the same symbol.

Alex: Guys, he is coming. (They all quickly returned everything)

(Detective Spark hurriedly enters)

Detective Spark: The second Examination is complete Alex.

Alex: How was it?

Detective Spark: Successful!!! There were injuries sustained on the neck of Kings. They were intentionally Omitted from the first Examination. And we found a Fingerprint.

Alex: Whose Fingerprint?

Detective Spark: Detective Dan. The Police are on their way to make his arrest and the school have stopped all students from making further investigations. The state CID will now take control of the case.

Alex: So, why did the first Examiners leave it out?

Detective Spark: They were obviously up to something. That means, there was a struggle with Kings and Some people before he escaped the bush. Then bumped into your car then you hit him. So with what we have now. You might not be charged for murder even if you get caught.

Alex: If we trusted the First Examiners and they could hide such information from us. Can we also trust the second examiners?

Detective Spark: What are you trying to say Alex. (Looking at Alex in dismay)
Kola: Sir, we really have to go now. Joe’s case is priority. We have to get going now Alex.

Detective Spark: No, why the rush. Alex. Why shouldn’t we trust the Second Examiners?

Alex: (Looks at Kola) My bad sir, I wanted to be sure everything was done right. We will take our leave now.

Detective Spark: (Still looking at Alex in dismay) Okay. You can leave. But make sure you remember. The work of a detective is to prioritize justice over emotions, not emotions over justice.

(Outside Detective Spark’s office)

Alex: He is one of them. The bastard is one of them! That is why he pulled us out of Kings case and gave us Joe’s case instead. He knew it would be risky for him.

Fela: But don’t you think you are letting out your emotions too much Alex.

Alex: How!

Kola: If he is one of them he would have easily presented our recordings to the school to make you the culprit.

Fela: Exactly, Kola has a point. He still has our keys in his hands. And we saw the symbol and note sent to Sam in his own place too.

Alex: Meaning?

Kola: Meaning, he was also threatened or forced to do what he is doing by this same Witch symbolic guys.

Alex: Hmmm… A good Point. Oh my God. But threatened by Who?

Fela: The same Black SUV jeep guys.

Kola: Yes. But Detective Spark is fearless. You think anyone would threaten him and make him do what he doesn’t want?

Alex: It depends on what is at stake. Even the most fearless warriors can be held to bay. Can be wife, Daughter, Son… Wait guys. Son!

Fela: Yes son.

Alex: F***Ccckkk! What if the bait the Black SUV guys are using to hold Detective Spark at ransom is his step son. Joe!.

Fela: Sh*t! And that is why he cannot interfere at all into the case.

Kola: Damn! I thought as much.

(Sights Nina)

Alex: Nina! Nina! (Quickly ran towards Nina)

Nina: Hey Alex.

Alex: Are you okay?

Nina: I am fine, why did you ask?

Alex: Have you heard of the new result for the examination?

Nina: Which Examination?

Alex: The second Kings Examination.
Nina: They made a second examination?

Alex: Oh my God. Nina. Try to remember something, you…

Kola: (Interrupts) Oh Nina, you might have forgotten. Its been a stressful week for us all anyway.

Nina: Yes, That is true. Run along guys. But since the case is now being called off by the authorities now. Back to studying guys. I will be at the library.

Kola: Okay no problem. Bye.

(Nina leaves)

Kola: Are you dumb Alex? You wanted to tell her she called you and told you what? She cannot remember anything! She got injected and lost her memories of that night. Cant you understand?

Fela: Even if you tell her she called you. She wont remember and might probably leak the information to someone that might not be helpful to us. Its very good to know only US have the information we have at hand. Put your emotions aside Babe.

Alex: I am sorry for the other time Kola. I shouldn’t have slapped you.

Kola: It is okay. I should not have talked about your eyes too.

Fela: Now that you two have reconciled. We are forgetting something very important. The wrist watch on Detective Dan’s hand.

Alex: Wait for a minute. If Sam was threatened by that letter and symbol, Detective Dan was threatened too by this same letter and symbol, Then Luke?

Kola: Yes! The f*ckk! Where the hell is Luke?

(Kola Alex and Fela starts looking for Luke)

Dorothy: Hey guys, it is risky for you two to roam about this school. You should be in jail by now.

Alex: We don’t have time for your nonsense Dorothy. Where is Luke?

Dorothy: That’s true, we haven’t seen Luke all day. Ritchie?

Ritchie: I have called his number and he won’t pick. It is unusual.

Fela: Do you know his place?

Alex: I know his place. Let us go.

Ritchie: And why are you looking for Luke all of a sudden?

Kola: It is none of your business. Let us go guys.

(They quickly got into the car on their way to Luke’s place).

Kola: But, how did you know Luke’s place Alex?

Alex: Its not bad knowing a friend’s house.

Fela: (Clears throat) Well.

Alex: What!

Kola: Nothing, just be a good girl. Because even the guys in this car don’t even know where Luke lives. Only the girl. Just saying though.

Alex: You guys are crazy. (Laughs)

(After some minutes they got to Luke’s house)

Alex: This place looks silent.

Kola: (Opens the door) Look guys, the door isn’t locked.

Fela: Be careful. Don’t you think this is a bad idea? We are all over the net for this same reason. Let us rethink.

Alex: You want to stay outside?

Fela: No, I am just saying. (Quickly entered).

(Suddenly they found Luke’s lifeless body on the ground)

Alex: Luke!!!!!!!! (Tries to grab Luke)

Kola: (Grabs Alex) No, don’t go near him. We have to keep the scene a virgin.

Fela: Oh my God. He killed himself. See the bottle of poison there.

Kola: Is that a note?

Fela: (Picks the note up) It is a long note. Oh my God. It’s talking about the symbol. The Black SUV guys. And his… “What is Maami”

Kola: “Maami” is mother you silly.

(Suddenly two Black SUV cars were parked outside the building)

Fela: Guys, they are here. With guns! Find somewhere to hide. Hide!

(They all quickly hid themselves somewhere in the room)

Detective Trisha: Damn! (Hits the wall)

Detective Spark: (Sees Luke lifeless body) Oh my God. Trisha Why are you doing this?

Detective Trisha: Why am I doing what?

Detective Spark: An innocent child just killed himself because of what you are forcing him to do. Why? Are you dumb?

Detective Trisha: (Slaps Detective Spark) How dare you talk to me like that. You know what that bastard cost me. That Bastard is the reason I have no one to call Family. He won’t promote you and won’t even give me the recognition I deserve. I will destroy his whole lineage. And you must be with me on that. You like it or not!

Detective Spark: I don’t want to be a part of this Trisha, you injected your own student just to erase his memory. Now Luke is dead! A very bright student, he is dead because of you and your party. What the hell!

Detective Trisha: I didn’t kill him. He killed himself! And if you are thinking of backing out, you know what is at stake. You know.

Detective Spark: God! (Sober) What the hell is this!!!!! (Kneels down facing the ground)

Detective Trisha: (Ordering others) Hey, make sure the scene is secured. This is a suicide case. He killed himself.

Detective Spark: But wait, are you sure no one got here before us?

Detective Trisha: Why?

Detective Spark: He must have written some notes or something. Who dies without leaving notes?

Detective Trisha: What will he write in it. That some people are threatening his life so he decided to kill himself? Funny.

Detective Spark: Then what is a pen doing here? (Picks up the pen)

Detective Trisha: Damn! Search the whole area. Search everywhere now! Kill anyone or Anything you see! No one must escape.

(Alex Fela and Kola burst out through the back door of the room into the bush and started running. The men saw them and gave them a hot chase but they escaped. But they couldn’t pick their car.)

Man 1: We didn’t see anyone sir, but there is an old jeep outside. It seems someone was here before.

Detective Trisha: (Sights the car) Whose car is that?

Detective Spark: (Smiles) My Project Students Car. Fela, Alex and Kola!.

Episode Eight Loading......

Certified Author: Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide

For more intriguing stories from the author visit Timmywritersdotblogspotdotcom.

Happy Easter To All My Readers.
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 4:50am On Apr 18
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 4:51am On Apr 18
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 12:26pm On Apr 20
Crime Crackers of Lagos
Episode 8
(Alex Fela and Kola panting heavily in the bush)

Fela: Mehn, we are in a crazy school in a crazy school.

Kola: Detective Trisha? God have mercy! This is getting more insane.

Alex: (Panting heavily) So where is the letter Fela?

Fela: Which Letter?

Kola: The one Luke wrote? The suicide note.

Fela: Oh that, it is in my pock… (Dips hand into his pocket and didn’t feel anything) Oh my God. It dropped.

Alex: What the hell drop?

Fela: The letter, I think it dropped while we were running.

Alex: Are you stupid! What the hell do you mean by it dropped. (Shouts at Fela)

Kola: Do you know that letter is the only thing that can get all of us out of this mess.

Fela: Yes I know but it is not my fault we all ran for our lives. I didn’t know when it dropped.

Alex: Why won’t you know. Such vital evidence. You know what? We are going back.

Fela: Going back to where?

Alex: To find the mother*cking letter of course.

Kola: We can’t go back there Alex.

Fela: Did you see their guns? We are gonna be dead.

Alex: You guys can stay here and chicken out, but as for me I am going back there to retrieve the letter. I am sure it would have dropped in this forest. I am going to find it.

Kola: They would have seen our Jeep, they would have known it is us. So, they know who and who they are looking for. We are their prey for now. We have to keep low. We can’t go back there it is dangerous. Those guys can kill us. We saw their faces.

Alex: So what the hell do we do now?

Fela: I think we should find a way out of this forest first.

Alex: You shouldn’t talk you know.

Fela: It wasn’t my fault the letter dropped. You can shut the f*ck up if you want.

Kola: It is okay guys. Let us get out of here. It is dangerous. We have more than enough evidences already. We just need to prove them.

(Alex Kola and Fela found their way out of the bush. They burst out to the crime scene)

Alex: This is the crime scene.

Kola: This place leads to the crime scene?

Fela: What if everything was planned.

Alex: How?

Fela: If Luke’s place leads to the crime scene. Then probably, Kings was strangled at Luke’s place. He tried escaping. Then finds his way into the bush the way we did too. Then burst out here. And you hit him with the Jeep.

Kola: You are saying it isn’t co-incidental.

Fela: If it was co-incidental, Luke wouldn’t have called her. They knew he would come out here. And Alex would drive. So it’s almost impossible the accident won’t occur.

Alex: But how did he know I would even attend the party or even come alone.

Kola: Detective Spark was tracking all our discussions. So it is very easy to know you were coming alone.

Alex: F*ck!.

(Some minutes later at Fela’s place)

Kola: This is beyond me already. I cant believe Luke is dead.

Fela: How do we take our car?

Alex: The car is not as important as our lives right now. I have never been chased by armed men in my life.

Fela: I think we should sweep the case under the carpet. The more we try, the more it gets complicated. The more we risk our lives.

Alex: Sweep what? Our only way out is to get Joe out of jail and reveal this witch symbol guys.

Kola: I don’t think that is possible anymore.

Alex: How?

Kola: (Shows his phone to Alex) We have been declared wanted by the State Police Department for the Murder of Luke.

Fela: (Snatches the phone) Oh my God!!!!!

Kola: (Hits the wall) What the hell have I gotten myself into God!.

Alex: (Snatches the phone from Fela) The bottle of poison was found in our car. The car has been ceased. And now we are on the run. We are wanted! Funny, so they decided to stoop this low to frame us for this?

Fela: Our lives started ruining from the very first day we stepped foot inside that bastard’s office.

Kola: This is the end.

Alex: Guys, it cannot be the end. We still have to fight to survive. I am the girl here, I shouldn’t be the one trying to console you guys.

Kola: You have any idea of how we can work this through?

Alex: Yes. Let us get to the root of everything.

Kola: How? By going to jail?

Alex: No, by running.

Kola: Anyway, I won’t blame detective Spark. He is a victim also.
Fela: Who f*cking cares, why would he bring us into this. Why! We are just innocent unserious students. We don’t even have good CGPA.

Alex: That is how it has always been. Sacrifice the lower division students and protect the bright ones.

Kola: Staying here is not conducive for us. Few people know we always come here most times. So if we want to start running, let us start early.

Fela: Run to where.

Alex: Ibadan.

Kola: Ibadan? What is happening in Ibadan?

Alex: Luke is dead, we don’t know where Sam is, Detective Spark is one of them. But there is one person they used, but we are not considering. Because her assignment was quick and short.

Kola: Angelina?

Alex: Exactly, Angelina. If we can get Angelina to speak some truth to us. We can get something important for the case on Friday. Even if it is just adjournment. To give us more time till we get the case settled.

Kola: Tomorrow is Friday guys.

Alex: I know.

Kola: Then say tomorrow! Don’t say Friday like we still have a century ahead of us.

Fela: So what are we going to do in Ibadan?

Alex: Angelina has a very important show in Ibadan tonight. So we have to be in Ibadan tonight.

Kola: Tonight? We don’t have a car of our own right now. And we cannot even enter public buses.

Alex: Wait a minute. (Picks his phone) Hello attorney.

Lawyer Insane: Have you heard?

Alex: We know, but this is not the time to start explaining things. We need a car.

Lawyer Insane: (Laughs) Are you out of your mind? Do you know you guys are all over the internet as wanted criminals I should be reporting you guys to the police. You still want me to give you a car so you can run right?

Alex: It is not what you think. It is about Joe’s case. It will…. (Lawyer Insane cuts the call). He ended the call guys.

Fela: Only God knows how you came up with the idea of that being a good idea.

Alex: You have anything better? Do it!

Kola: (Picks up his phone) Hello Perry.

Perry: I shouldn’t be picking your calls.

Kola: Try to hear me out please.

Perry: What is there to hear out. How you guys got yourselves into another mess by staying in the news for another wrong doing. I knew you guys were not competent enough but all thanks to Spark.

Kola: Is your son there?

Perry: How do you know I am with him?

Kola: You always are. Is he there?

Perry: Yes, he is here.

Kola: Please give him the phone.

Perry: What did you say?

Kola: Please, at least I can’t kill him over the phone. I just need thirty seconds with him.

Perry: (Smiles) Okay. (Gives Joe the phone)

Joe: Hello.

Kola: Joe, you have always believed in us from day 1. And I can promise you, everything in the news are fake just to keep us away from this case. I need you to please coorperate with us. We need a little request from you.

Joe: What is that?

Kola: We urgently need a car. We are borrowing it.

Joe: And what makes you think I will release my car to you.

Perry: (Whispers) Car? This kids (Chuckles)

Kola: Because we are both in this mess together. And for us to leave this mess. We will need to get to Ibadan tonight.

Joe: Hmmm (Sighs) Just do your best to get me out of here. I will tell my mom to arrange a car for you guys.

Kola: Thank you Joe. We promise not to disappoint you.

Perry: (Cuts the call) What are you saying?

Joe: Please prepare one of the cars for them, they have to travel.

Perry: Are you out of your mind? These guys are criminals. Murderers.

Joe: I know, but I trust and believe them. Prepare it mum.

Perry: But…

Joe: Mum! Please do as I have instructed.

Perry: It is okay.

(After some hours, in then night)

Fela: (Driving). Yo! This car is super dope. Feels like I am on a race track. Wow!

Kola: What if the police stops us at every checkpoint.

Fela: (Hits the break) Oooops we didn’t think of that?

Alex: That is why I brought these. (Brings out three face caps)

Kola: So thoughtful of you.

Fela: I hope that will do. (Hits the accelerator and moves fast)

(Fela drove really fast and luckily for them no serious checkpoint was encountered on the way, the little ones they met. They needed to settle their way out by “gifting” the officers some amount of money)

(In the evening, they arrived Ibadan, Oyo State)

Fela: Are you sure Angelina will use this hotel?

Kola: I am also thinking the same. This hotel doesn’t look 5-star enough for her.

Alex: I am a lady, and a very big fan of Angelina. You cannot know her more than me. She uses this hotel whenever she comes for a modelling show in Ibadan. You see those flashy and expensive lifestyle on Instagram. It doesn’t follow them to real life.

Kola: Well, you know her more. I am not a huge fan.

Alex: Let us quickly settle in.

(Fela, Alex and Kola quickly booked a room at the hotel.)

(Some hours later, now in the night)

Fela: So, what strategy are you planning to use. Because we cannot get to meet her in person unless we are invited guests.

Kola: Yes that is true.

Alex: And who told you we are all seeing her?

Kola: What?

Alex: I am going in alone.

Fela: No, that is too dangerous. What if anything happens?

Alex: I will be on a standby call with you guys. If anything happens you make the move. She saw your face on the internet. She will easily know we are detectives once she sees you. But my face for now is still rare. She doesn’t know me.

Kola: True. We will be at the pool side then.

(Alex dressed up officially and went out of the hotel straight to where Angelina is staying)

Man 1: (Blocks Alex from entering) Hey, this place is strictly reserved.

Alex: I know, I just want to see her. It is very important. Tell her this is very important.

Man 1: (Signals to the manager) This girl here says it is very important she speaks to Angelina.

Manager: Madam you cant see her now. You cannot. You can leave now.

Alex: (Brings out the letter at Sam’s place) Tell her I found this. And we have to talk about it.

Manager: What is this? Please get out of here.

(Man 1 tries to chase her out,)

Alex: Just show her this! Angelina! Angelina!.

Angelina: (Speaking to her manager) What is going on there?

Manager: Some weird high school girl saying she wants to see. She said its very important.

Angelina: But I don’t know anyone here in IB.

Manager: Don’t mind her, she must be one of these hungry young girls finding a way to manipulate celebrities. She even showed me a letter, saying if I show you. You will let her in.

Angelina: What letter?

Manager: You better don’t mind her. Nothing much, just do it was written on the letter with some witchcraft kinda symbol. (Laughs)

Angelina: Just do it?

Manager: Yes.

Angelina: Let her in! Now!

Manager: Angelina, is everything fine?

Angelina: No need for questions. I said let her in!

Manager: Okay, right away.

(Alex was allowed in)

Angelina: Let us go into the private room. Manager, make sure no one disturbs us.

(They all entered a private room)

Angelina: Where the hell did you see this from?

Alex: It doesn’t matter Angelina. What matters is that my friend just committed suicide. And I believe he is under the same threat as this letter. Just do it. We want to know more about this people.

Angelina: It is best you don’t know anything about them. They are evil!

Alex: Joe is innocent right?

Angelina: It is complicated. Joe is truly…. (Bangs on the door) Who is there?

Manager: It is me Manager.

Angelina: But I told you not to disturb us

Kola: (Bangs the door) Alex! Alex!!! The black SUV guys are here! We need to move now! I think they found us. We need to run! Alex!.

Episode Nine Loading…

Certified Author: Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide

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Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 9:31pm On Apr 23
Crime Crackers Of Lagos
Episode Nine
Alex: Damn!, they are here. How do they always know where we are?

Angelina: You have to go now. It can be very dangerous for you.

Alex: No, I am not leaving.

Angelina: What do you mean Alex?

Alex: Joe didn’t harass you right?

Angelina: No, he didn’t. I did all that out of being threatened. They sent that same letter to me. And was trailing my only son wherever he went to. If I didn’t do what they ask me to do, they would kill my son.

Fela: Alex!!! Are you out of your mind? We are surrounded come outside! (Bangs the door hard)

Alex: Who are these people?

Angelina: The same Black SUV guys in black suits. They never show their face. They only sent the letter and the task in it. And who are these people? Wait… Are you recording me?.

Alex: I think this is more than enough evidence already, thank you. (Quickly opened the door)

Angelina: Wait! You crazy b*tch! Damn! (Calls her manager) Those kids must not escape this hotel. Get them!

Kola: What were you doing in there?

Alex: Don’t talk too much. Just run! (Running)
Angelina: They must not escape!!!!!

Kola: Not that way! This way!

Man 1: (Shoots at them) Guys! This way.

(Alex Fela and Kola were running through the hotel trying to get into their cars. They hid somewhere)

Fela: They are shooting at us! They want to kill us. Oh my God they will kill us.

Alex: They are more dangerous than we ever imagined.

Kola: Why is the hotel not doing anything?

Alex: We are wanted criminals, have you forgotten? They don’t know how dangerous we are.

Kola: Oh my God. This country! They don’t kill suspects until confirmed to be criminals.

Fela: This is Nigeria. We have to find a way out of this place already. We cant hide here forever. I cant leave all they way from Lagos and die in Ibadan ooo.

(Manager meets the Men in Black pointing the direction the kids went)

Fela: Oh my God, the manager is a f*cking snitch! I thought we were in this together.

Kola: They are coming here, they will kill us. Oh my God. Where do we run to?

Alex: You have to leave here now. I will distract them.

Kola: No, are you out of your mind? that is obviously a bad idea.

Fela: You have any better idea?

Kola: Don’t be stupid how can you want a lady to distract armed men?

Fela: There is this sympathy terrorist have when it is a harmless woman, they wont shoot. But guys? They wont even think it twice. Girls can even seduce them. Can you seduce an armed man?

Alex: And who told you they don’t shoot women?

Fela: War movies, they don’t kill women and children. They only kill men.

Kola: Will you keep shut idiot! This is real life bro, not camera and lights.

Alex: It is okay guys. Any better idea? Or we all die here. They are almost here.

Fela: I knew coming to Ibadan was a very bad idea. I knew it!. (Crying) So this is how my life ends. In Ibadan of all places!!! God!!

Kola: Let us all say our last prayer and expect the worse….
(Suddenly someone opened her room)

Girl: Hey guys, come in… Fast.

Alex: How can we trust you?

Girl: Do you want to stay there and die of bullets? Come in quickly!

Fela: (Quickly rushed in) Thank you ooo.

Alex: But…

Kola: (Rushed in too) Will you enter now. They are almost here.

(They all rushed inside the Girl’s room)

Fela: Oh my God. (Lies on the bed)

Girl: Oh don’t sleep on that bed stupid.

Fela: (Quickly gets up) I am sorry ma. Thank you very much for….

Girl: (Removes the bedsheet from the bed)

Fela: Jesus! Jesus Christ!

Alex: Guns?

Girl: What do they look like? They are not toys you know?

Kola: Oh my God, What are you doing with this amount of guns in your room?

Girl: Anyway, I just saved your asses out there from this John wick looking guys. You should be thanking me. Anyway my name is Jane. Its nice meeting you.

Fela: Oh, Mummy ooo. We were running from Criminals and now we are with another hardened criminal.

Jane: Hey watch your mouth. I am not a criminal.

Alex: I hope this is not a bait, I hope you are not one of them.

Jane: Yes I am one of them. You guys should run. Go ahead, go out and run for your lives. Stupid.

(Bang on the door)

Man 1: Open this door!, Open up!!!

Jane: (Whispers) Will you hide now or I tell them their big fish is here in my room.

Fela: Hide guys, hide. (Slots himself under the bed)

Jane: Not there stupid, Go lock yourselves in the bathroom. And try not to breathe.

(Kola, Fela and Alex quickly entered the bathroom)

Jane: (Opens the door Yawning) Who is there?

Man 1: Jeez, (Covers his nose) Hey ma

Jane: What?

Man 1: Please did anybody enter your room?

Jane: Anybody? I have been sleeping since except the person is invisible.

Man 1: Are you sure?

Jane: You want to check?

Man 1: No, its okay. If anyone tries to sneak into your room. Do not open the door. Those guys are hardened criminals and they are wanted all over Lagos. They came here to murder Angelina.

Jane: Really? Wow. That is bad.

Man 1: Please contact the receptionist once you see them.

Jane: On God. I gat you fam.

Man 1: Thanks madam. (Leaves)

Jane: Come out guys.

Fela: Are they gone?

Jane: I have actually decided to turn you guys in. Please come out gently.

Alex: Mtcheew (Opens the door). That place stinks.

Fela: Are they really Gone?

Jane: Now tell me, who the bigger criminal is. Someone who was declared wanted in Lagos state. Ran down to Ibadan to murder a top celebrity. And me who can freely walk into any state of my choice without being trailed by guns.

Kola: That is what they told you?

Jane: That is what I know. Why are you all scared of Guns then, when you are the real bad guys here.

Alex: Believe anything, but we are just harmless students who got into trouble. Big big trouble.

Jane: Hmmm… Big trouble indeed. Those guys out there are not smiling. They get you, they kill you instantly. Do you guys have any escape plan?

Fela: No, not at all.

Jane: What kinda Criminals are you? You came all the way from Lagos down here without a plan B?

Kola: She said she had everything planned out.

Alex: Why put it on me now?

Kola: Coz, you said you gat this. And if not for you we would have gotten out of here earlier. You refused to leave that room early and they caught up with us.

Alex: So, you are blaming me now?

Jane: Hey guys! Cut it off. Criminals don’t argue.

Alex and Kola: We are not criminals!.

Jane: Okay, Okay guys. Do you want to leave here alive? Then follow my lead.

(In Angelina’s room)

Man 1: Hope you didn’t spill anything to them

Angelina: (Shivering) No, No..

Man 1: If you do. You know what that mean.

Angelina: Please don’t hurt him. I have done all you asked me to do.

Man 1: We have no problem with you. Just that we might renew our problem if you spill anything to them. (Call enters) Hello sir. No sir, we lost them.

Caller: How dare you! Those guys are kids, little kids. How the hell did you miss out on them.

Man 1: I think they had help.

Caller: What about the Model?

Man 1: She is here sir, she swore she didn’t tell them anything.

Caller: Okay Good. Leave the hotel and keep finding the whole city. They must still be within Ibadan.

Man 1: Yes sir. (Ends the call). Lets move guys!

(They all left the hotel)

Kola: (Looks through the window) I think they are gone.

Alex: (Checks) They are gone. Thank you so much Jane. But we have to leave now.

Jane: Are you guys this dumb? You think they will just leave that way? You wont leave Ibadan if you go on your own. They didn’t leave here to sleep or have s*x with some random girls. They are out there looking for you.

Fela: True. By now the security is tighter, the news is we came to Ibadan to murder a top model after declared wanted by Lagos state police. It might be easy coming into this place. But now that they are aware of our presence it can never be easy getting out.

Jane: Wow! Smart one from Stupid. I am impressed.

Fela: I am not stupid. My name is Fela.

Jane: Okay. Like I said if you want to remain alive follow my lead…. Stupid.

Kola: Let us obey her guys, she is the only real criminal here.

(Some hours later. Dead in the night)

Jane: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. One more sack to go guys.

Alex: I can’t believe we are assisting you to stuck up guns in a sack. So you can sneak them into Lagos.

Jane: Yes, that is what you are doing. You don’t have any other option you have to be alive.

Fela: We are trying to solve crime cases, but we find ourselves soaked in the crime itself.

Jane: Let us quickly fill the last sack we are moving tonight.

Kola: Tonight?

Jane: Yes, you want to stay here till tomorrow? Might be dangerous for all of us. The security will get more complex tomorrow we have to leave tonight. Come over here guys. (Shows the through the window) You see that truck?

Fela: Yes, Yu logistics?

Jane: Yes, it is a cold room. That is my truck. Yu logistics business. I deliver fishes to vendors in Lagos.

Alex: Fishes or guns?

Jane: Okay, let us say both. But the fishes will be above while the guns will be below them so as you guys too.

Kola: What? Are you out of your mind? We will be in a cold room full of fishes.

Fela: And guns…

Kola: The guns are not even dangerous, but Fishes?

Fela: Which is more dangerous? Fishes or Guns?

Kola: Stop it Fela. All in all we will be in a cold room with both. We can’t even survive an hour with the temperature of a cold room.

Jane: Calm down guys. We can always give the vendors some silly excuses and pay them off. Not like I care about the fishes anyway. We won’t turn on the AC in the cold room. So it will be suitable for you guys.

Alex: God the smell of rotten fish can kill us before we get to Lagos.

Jane: Don’t worry it won’t. Let us start packing.

(After few minutes, they stuck up the truck)

Jane: (Opens the cold room) So you just lie side by side here. And make yourselves comfortable.

Alex: No guys, No way. This cant be possible.

Jane: Goodluck guys. Thanks for helping me with my goods. (Enters the car and starts the engine)

Fela: Wait!!! Do you seriously want to leave us here?

Jane: I have business to do.

(They reluctantly entered the cold room.)

(After few minutes)

Jane: (Driving, hits the checkpoint) Yes officer.

Police 1: Where are you going?

Jane: Lagos.

Police 1: By this time?

Jane: That’s the nature of our job. We move when the road is mostly free.

Police 1: Hmmm, do normal then.

Jane: (Smiles) Hmmm Officer. (Tries to reach her pocket)

(At the back of the truck)

Fela: God I cant hold this anymore, this smell is killing me I want to sneeze.

Kola: Are you mad? We are at the checkpoint. Don’t try nonsense.

Alex: Just hold on, we will soon leave here.

Fela: God, I can’t, this smell will kill me. I cant hold.. (Sneezes very loud)

Jane: (Freeze. Shocked)

Police 1: Who is that?

Jane: Did you sneeze sir?

Police 1: Are you asking me? It came from your truck. Open this truck. (Points a gun at Jane.) Open it!!!!

Episode Ten Loading….

Certified Author: Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide

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Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Blake755: 11:01pm On Apr 24
Wow boss nice update e be like say fela dey mad does agent answer fela self angry
Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 12:07am On May 01
Crime Crackers of Lagos

Episode Ten

Police 2: (Sneezes loud) Ah this cough will not kill me. (Walking slowly out of the bush) What is happening here?

Police 1: Sir, did you sneeze?

Police 2: Are you okay? Didn’t I just do that right now?

Police 1: But I heard it from inside the truck.

Police 2: I developed a running Nose this afternoon. Let the poor girl go. I was the one that sneezed.

Police 1: Okay sir. But… I heard…
Police 2: I said let her go. I sneezed.

Police 1: Yes sir! You can go.

Jane: Thank you. (Quickly enters the truck)

Police 2: Wait!

Jane: (Whispers to herself) Oh my God.

Police 2: Have you done the normal?

Jane: The normal? Oh, yes I have given him.

Police 2: That is his own. You will give me mine.

Jane: But why… I already gave…

Police 2: Do you want to argue with an officer of the law? Get down! Now!.

Jane: Okay, Okay it is not up to that. (Dips hand into her pockets and gives the second police some cash)

Police 2: Now you are talking. You can go.

Jane: Thank you. (Drives off)

Kola: F*ckkkk!!!!! That was very close!

Jane: Who the hell sneezed at that dying moment. Are you all stupid or something?

Fela: I am sorry, I couldn’t hold it anymore.

Jane: Do you know you could have ruined everything already?

Alex: He said he is sorry. And enough of this stupid of a thing. Nobody is your child here.

Jane: Really? (Steps on the break) Enjoy your little ride with me. (Turns on the AC)

Kola: She turned the AC on? Jane! Jane!!!

Jane: You were saying?

Fela: You want us to freeze in here?

Kola: This place is freaking cold. I told you all her plan is to get us killed. I told you guys!

Jane: Tell that stupid witch to say sorry.

Kola: Alex say sorry. We are all going to die.

Alex: (Shivering) No. She crazy? I am crazier.

Fela: Alex!!!! This girl is crazy. We will die here and nobody will know we even knew her.

Alex: Okay, Okay. I will because of you guys. We are sorry madam Jane.

Jane: I can’t hear you!

Alex: I said we are sorry.

Jane: We? I have no problem with others. I need the sorry from you. And say it like you mean it.

Alex: I am sorry!!!! Just turn this mother*cking AC off!

Jane: Okay, (Turns the AC off) Next time be a good girl.

Alex: God! I will…

Fela: (Quickly covers Alex mouth) Don’t say it. She still has our lives in her hands.

(After some minutes of silence)

Alex: (brings out her phone) Guys come see something. (Plays the video of Angelina confessing)

Kola: Damn!!! This is f*cking brilliant!!! (Smiling)

Alex: I told yah. I had a very important mission in there.

Fela: That was why you didn’t open when we were knocking?

Alex: Exactly, I needed to get those words from her mouth.

Kola: Damn! This is a hard evidence. But the problem is, we cant show up in the court today.

Fela: Why?

Alex: Have you forgotten we are criminals already? Once we get to the court our case will be the next on the Judge’s list.

Fela: Then we can send the video to Lawyer Insane. If he has this video he knows what to do with to get Joe out.

Kola: Yes, that is true.

Alex: At this point, I refuse to trust anyone in Lagos anymore. Within the last four days I have seen enough. This video cannot be sent through the media. Our locations can be traced and it can get into the wrong hands. Lawyer Insane can also be the wrong hands.

Kola: Hmmm… That is true. So do you have any other idea?

Alex: Since any of us cannot step feet into the court room for now. Someone can.

Kola: Who?

Fela: Oh, No, No, No, No, No, No, don’t even go there. She? Jane?

Jane: I heard my name! Should I turn on the AC!

Fela: No, we are fine. We are just admiring how…. How beautiful you are!

Jane: Really? Stupid!.

Kola: (Whispers) Are you kidding me? This girl will ruin everything.

Alex: She is smarter than you think though.

Fela: This is a case of the law what makes you even think she will accept to do something like that.

Alex: We tell her first.

(Some hours later, this time the coast is a bit clear, they all arrived at a big mansion)

Jane: Hello guys, welcome to my little abode!

Fela: Jeezz! You stay here? Alone?

Jane: As you can see, This is grandma, grandpa and the kids… Mtcheeew, I stay here alone stupid!

Fela: Oh my God this place is big and nice.

Alex: This is absolutely shocking.

Kola: Doesn’t change the fact that she is into something illegal. We have a truckload of Guns out there.

Jane: Fishes. Not guns.

Alex: Jane we have to discuss something with you.

Kola: (Whispering) Are you still serious about telling her to do it?

Alex: Yes, someone needs to get Joe out today!

(After many minutes of explaining their ordeal to Jane)

Jane: Ooops, So you are saying this weird john wick looking guys wants to kill you because you know enough already. And they also want to frame Joe up for the rape case, they also threatened Sam and Angelina to make up lies about Joe. Then your lecturer is the step father to Joe. And he wanted you guys to be in charge of this case, then you later found out he is one of the john wick guys. Then you later found out that he is not part he was also threatened alongside Angelina and Sam so he will not interfere in Joe’s case. And maybe help them kill Kings. Oh, Kings is the Dean Moses son. And detective trisha wants to destroy the lineage of the Dean. Who the f*ck are all this people!!!!

Alex: That’s quite a good way to summarize everything we have said. Bravo!

Jane: The story is not quite clear though. If the Dean is the target. What is Joe’s concern.

Fela: Oh, we actually made a mistake. Maybe Joe was the bait to get detective spark.

Jane: Alex said to keep him from Joe’s case. What do we believe? And to think of it, it will be dumb to use that kind of big case to bait someone when there are other easy baits.

Kola: Wait guys, we are missing something. If Joe is detective spark’s step son. Then who is his biological father.?

Alex: True. (Quickly brings out her phone)

Jane: Joe was always harsh on his father in his songs though. In one of his single “Phoenix” he said My dad has the rod to the red sea but wasn’t man enough to path people with court C (courtesy) coward b*tching around with C6 (CEE CEE).

Kola: Wait.

Jane: I am a big fan of the guy tho. And I know he doesn’t like his dad. B*tches him at every opportunity.

Kola: Who parted the red sea in the bible?

Fela: Moses…. Oh my God. Could he be talking about the Dean? Detective Moses?

Alex: So Dean Moses is Joe’s biological father.

Kola: Wow!

(Back to school)

(At Luke’s house)

Dorothy: It is obviously locked.

Ritchie: I can’t believe Luke is dead. And those bastards ran away!

Dorothy: We need to get inside.

Ritchie: No, we can’t. We will contaminate the scene.

Dorothy: Okay then, let us search the environment. There must be something valuable here.

Ritchie: Wait, why do you really want us to search the area. I am sure there is nothing here.

Dorothy: Just keep finding.

Ritchie: (Reluctantly) Okay.

(They keep on finding)

Dorothy: (Sees the letter Luke wrote in the bush) Wow. (Smiles)

Ritchie: What is that, Dorothy?

Dorothy: (Quickly hides the letter) Nothing, keep on searching.

Ritche: Are you sure?

Dorothy: Yes.

Ritchie: Okay (Leaves)

Dorothy: (Whispers to herself) Perfect. (Tears the letter into pieces) Evidence my foot!. (Smiles then dips it into her pocket) Ritchie! Let us leave here. There is nothing valuable here.

Episode Eleven Loading.....

Certified Author: Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide

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Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Wordsmith001: 12:12am On May 01
Crime Crackers of Lagos
Episode Eleven
Jane: So Detective Spark’s step son is the Dean’s biological son. How do all these make sense?

Alex: You don’t get it. Detective Spark and the Dean are not in good terms. So this means the people behind all these are trying to bring down anyone related to Dean Moses biologically.

Fela: Meaning, the King’s case and Joe’s case are related.

Alex: Exactly. Using Detective Spark, the step father of Joe.

Kola: Guys, Detective Moses has two kids. Officially. Obviously apart from Joe. His officially wedded wife has Kings and Moremi. If this is true. Then Moremi is not safe. She might be the next target.

Alex: She is the next target. Obviously.

(Court day, In the court room. Court waiting for the arrival of the Judge)

Perry: (Holding Joe’s hand) In Jesus name we have prayed.

Joe: Amen.

Perry: Don’t worry son. So far you are innocent, nothing will happen to you. You will see this phase through. I believe in the God I serve.

Joe: Where are the detectives mum?

Perry: Those kids. Are you expecting them? They took our car and ran out of Lagos. They are now wanted all over the nation.

Joe: I still have trust in those kids. I don’t know why?

Lawyer Insane: (Rushes in) Someone is here to see you Joe.

Joe: Who?

(Dean Moses enters)

Perry: What? What is this bastard doing here? What are you doing here?

Dean: He is still my son Perry.

Joe: No, I am not your son. Don’t call me your son.

Dean: It is not bad if I come to witness my Son’s trial.

Joe: So you can watch me go to jail? (Chuckles) Bad news I won’t go to jail because I didn’t do it.

Dean: I have been through a lot over the past couple of days. I wont wish for additional failure and calamity on my path. My son is in the hospital for days now, we don’t know his killer we don’t even know his fate. Now my other son is here battling a case he doesn’t know anything about. My life is crumbling right before my own eyes (Kneels)

Joe: I don’t want to see you. You are not my dad you shouldn’t be worried.

Dean: I am not saying you should accept me as your father. But I came here today to wish you best of luck. From a father to his son.

Joe: Get out… Get out!!!! (Screams)

Perry: You have to leave now.

Dean: I will… But know this… I love you.

Joe: Out!!!!!!. (Crying)

(Dean Moses leaves)

(Trail starts)

Perry: The witch is around. She has been Off for somedays now, but today she has to shown up. What does she gets for ruining you.

Joe: What about Angelina?

Perry: I can’t find her.

Joe: She won’t come here.

Judge: Defendant?

Lawyer Insane: My lord, like my other colleague has said it is only called rape if he forcefully had sex with a woman. It is also harassment when….

Joe: (Whisper) What is the Lawyer doing?

Perry: God! I think he is starting to plead guilty but not on the count of rape charges. But of, just harassment.

Joe: But I didn’t harass anyone.

Perry: Just be calm, everything will be alright.

Accuser: So, Insane here is saying. His client didn’t rape, but only harassed the young lady?

Lawyer Insane: No, Objection my lord!

Judge: Overruled. Continue Accuser.

Accuser: Let us not forget that as evil Mr Joe here can be, he even aided criminals and sent criminals to go after my innocent client miss Sam. The students are Fela, Alex and Kola. (Their pictures was shown on the projector) They first broke the internet for trying to kidnap my innocent client here. But due to the fear and controversy my client couldn’t handle she decided not to press charges.

Lawyer Insane: There is no evidence backing that up.

Accuser: I am still on my stand Lawyer Insane, secondly. They became prime suspects for the murder of their classmates Mr Luke. Their jeep was found at the crime scene with the poison inside the car. Since then, the police department has declared them wanted. They are nowhere to be found since then.

Laywer Insane: How do all this connect to my client?

(Detective Spark enters the hall.)

Detective Spark: There is a connection my lord. My name is Detective Spark. A senior detective in LCC. Kola, Fela and Alex are my project students. With no one giving them the approval to treat Mr Joe’s case. After all their unruly characters and being declared wanted they travelled all the way to Ibadan to try assassinate innocent celebrity Angelina for speaking the truth on Joe’s case about being harassed.

Joe: Dad? (Shocked)

Perry: Oh my God. Why is he doing this? (Covers her mouth)

Dean: Wow! Spark? (Surprised)

Lawyer Insane: Objection My Lord!

Judge: Objection Sustained

Lawyer Insane: All these are unnecessary and unwanted information What has LCC students got to do with my client. He has no connection whatsoever with these criminals.

Joe: Why would he call them criminals? (Whispers)

Perry: Are they not?

Joe: They are not.

Lawyer Insane: So please, the court should work with facts if a detective must interrupt a sitting court. Because that is their job. Not to give us unwanted stories about three kids. I rest my case my lord.

Detective Spark: My lord, let me move to the facts. Kola, Fela and Alex who are wanted in Lagos, drove to Ibadan. With someone’s car. (Image pops up on the screen) With Mr Joe’s car. With the Plate number Lagos AE/196/IKJ. The question now is how did a celebrity’s car get to the students if there is no connection whatsoever. I rest my case my lord.

Joe: Oh my God.

Judge: Mr Joe, please confirm if the image shown here is your car?

Joe: Yes my lord.

(Court starts murmuring)

Judge: Okay, the court will go on a fifteen minutes recess, after which judgement follows.

(Courts dismiss)

Lawyer Insane: I can’t believe you gave those kids the car. After I told you not to have anything to do with them!

Perry: It was Joe. He wanted us to give them. He said he trusted those guys.

Lawyer Insane: Now, he has made the case more impossible for us. They have hard evidences. The CCTV caught them alighting from Joe’s car. How do we win the case now?

Perry: It is your duty to make things right! Do it!. Damn! (Hits the wall)

(At the back of the court, Detective spark Sitting alone)

Dean: Why are you doing this?

Detective Spark: Why am I doing what?

Dean: You like that boy even more than I do. So why are you doing this?

Detective Spark: I don’t know what you are talking about. (Tries to leave)

Dean: (Holds Detective Spark) I don’t know why you are doing this. But I know this is not YOU.

(Detective Spark leaves)

(Court session resumes)

Judge: So, defendant. Do you have any other witnesses? Or evidences to present to the court?

Lawyer Insane: No, my lord.

Judge: Accuser?

Accuser: We are okay sir.

Judge: Okay, in absence of no further evidences and witnesses, here is my judgement…

(Jane enters looking stressed and scattered in her jean top and jean trousers)

Jane: My lord!!! Wait!!! I have something for the court!!!!! Wait!!!!

Accuser: Who is this?

(Court starts murmuring)

(The Police tries to bounce Jane out)

Police 1: Out madam (Rough handles Jane)

Jane: Wait, My judge!!! My judge!!!

Judge: Leave her alone.

Jane: Thank you very much my lord. (Adjusts her shirt)

Judge: Who are you? And what are you doing here?

Jane: My name is Jane, and I think I have very solid evidence to show that Mr Joe here is innocent.

Accuser: My lord sir!

Judge: Let us hear her out. Just two minutes. I want to hear her out.

Accuser: Okay. (Slowly sits)

Joe: (Whispers) Who is this?

Perry: I have no idea.

(Court starts murmuring)

Jane: (Breathes heavily) Firstly, I want to thank this amiable court for giving me the opportunity to be here to…

Judge: Madam, you said you have strong evidence to show this court. I went out of order to give you the chance. I give you two minutes to present whatever you have.

Dean: (Mumbles to himself) This girl is a joker. (Bows his head in frustration)

Jane: Thank you my lord. (Brings out a flash drive). Please can I get this connected to the projector?

Accuser: My lord! This is nonsense! She…

Judge: (Interrupts) Please sit.

Accuser: (Slowly sits) Yes my lord.

Judge: Kindly connect the flash drive to the projector.

Jane: Thank You my Lord. (Hands over the Flash driver to the clerk)

(Video starts playing)

Video and Audio starts playing:
(Alex: Joe didn’t harass you right?

Angelina: No, he didn’t. I did all that out of being threatened. They sent that same letter to me. And was trailing my only son wherever he went to. If I didn’t do what they ask me to do, they would kill my son.

Alex: Who are these people?

Angelina: The same Black SUV guys in black suits. They never show their face. They only sent the letter and the task in it. And who are these people? Wait… Are you recording me?.

Alex: I think this is more than enough evidence already, thank you. (Quickly opened the door)

Angelina: Wait! You crazy b*tch! Damn! (Calls her manager) Those kids must not escape this hotel. Get them!)

(Courts starts murmuring)
Dean: (Smiles) Oh my God.

Perry: (Smiling) Wow!

Joe: The kids! Wow, the f*cking kids! (Smiles)

Accuser: (Laughs) This is funny. What detective department or Law school did she graduate from? Who gave her the right to investigate this case? What legal backing does she have to interfere into the case talkless of carrying out investigations? The Law? The police? The detectives?

Judge: It is okay!

(Murmuring increases)

Judge: (Signals both Attorneys.)

(Both Lawyers quickly stepped up to the Judge’s podium for a brief meeting)

Judge: (Bends the microphone away from his mouth) Lawyer Insane, do you know this kid?

Lawyer Insane: I won’t lie, I have never seen her before.

Accuser: Same as me.

Judge: If there is no official backing for this evidence, it might be considered null. And you know what that means.

Accuser: The video could be photoshopped and edited. Nothing this commoners cannot do. She must have an official backing to be able to do this.

Lawyer Insane: She might have one, what if we ask her?

Judge: She would have said that first. How did she get the videos?

Accuser: She should be interrogated after the session.

Judge: It not valid. You all can go back to your positions.

Accuser: Yes! Thank you.

(They both went back to their posts)

Judge: So, young woman…, Where did you get these evidences from?

Joe: (Whispers) Does it really matter? That is Angelina’s face. That is all that matters.

Perry: I think it does. Oh my God. God I put my trust in you.

Jane: I made the videos myself.

Judge: Under which legal backing?

Jane: Legal backing? Hmmm… Hmm… (Looking confused)

Joe: She is in a tight angle, she can’t mention the kids obviously.

Perry: Exactly. She might even get into more trouble if she does.

Nina: (Interrupts) She is with me… (Enters the court all dressed up in her suit and bow tie). My lord, we are sorry for coming late. We had to tidy well from our ends so we won’t come here and waste this amiable court’s time. My name is Nina from LCC. I am a student detective my lord and she is my assistant. I hope this clarifies why anything she presents here today is valid.

Accuser: What? How is this even possible? But….

Lawyer Insane: The Lagos crime crackers Academy is a legal backing and can be accepted officially in the court of law. They are detectives too.

Judge: That is very true. Meaning, miss jane’s testimony is valid and accepted.

Joe: Wow! (Smiles)

Perry: Yes!!!!! (Shouts)

Clerk: Order!!

Perry: Sorry Sorry (Looking so happy)

Accuser: Damn! This is not possible.

Dean: (Looking happy) Oh my World!.

Joe: Lord of Christ!

(The murmuring in the court became very loud)

Jane: (Whispers to Nina) Who the f*ck are you?

Nina: (Whispers) I should be asking you that. Oh wait… you are Jane?

Jane: Yes! I am Jane. And I am not your assistant, Stupid.

Nina: You should be thanking me. If not, you will be dancing you butt into jail right now.

(After order was restored)
Nina: On the 25th of January, Miss Angelina a top top model confessed that up and rising star Joe harassed her. And the video our LCC detectives secretly recorded showed this same Angelina confessing that she did due to threats. Now, my lord one more thing. Here. (Brings out a white sheet of paper) is the document of approval that Detective Spark gave to his project students. Fela, Alex and Kola. To be in charge of Joe’s case. But he came here saying he didn’t approve the case to them. If this students are criminals. Then Detective Spark knows something.

Judge: Can I see the sheet?

Nina: (Hands over the sheet to the judge) So, if Detective Spark could stoop so low to deny his own project students and deny the operation he gave them by lying to this amiable court. Why should we continue to believe anything that comes from his mouth.

Judge: Detective Spark. Is this your signature?

Detective Spark: (Steps forward) Yes sir. But…

Judge: (Interrupts) Detective Spark is hereby barred from this case. And shall be investigated for further involvements. You shall no longer testify or investigate on this case anymore. And always make yourself available for questioning. Please get him out.

(Detective Spark was escorted out by the police)

Nina: And one more thing my lord. I would like to call Sam to the witness cupid.

(Sam steps up to the cupid)

Nina: Miss Sam, Due to the video we just watched, and Detective Spark denying his own students. Do you think they are being threatened to do all this the same way you are being threatened to give false statements against Mr Joe?

Sam: (Frightened) I… I don’t know what you are talking about.

Nina: (Shows the letter to Sam) Miss Angelina recognized this, immediately we showed her. Which made her trust us and started talking to us. What do you know about this letter Sam? (Bangs it in front of Sam)

Accuser: My lord this is not right, not at all. She is trying to…..

Sam”(Interrupts) They said they will kill my brother. They threatened to kill him if I don’t do it. I am sorry Joe, I am so sorry. (Crying)

(Court starts murmuring very loud)

Nina: So you are saying everything was a set up to ruin Joe.

Sam: Yes, it was a set up. They threatened to kill my brother. You have to save him, you have to save (Holds Nina’s cloth)

Jane: You stupid girl, so you set an innocent man up just to ruin his life.

Judge: Its okay! Everybody should go back to their positions.

Accuser: But my lord…

Judge: I don’t want to hear anything! I have heard enough.

(The murmuring continued)

(At school)

Detective Trisha: (On call) Yes sir, I am sorry sir! I am very sorry. We never knew it would turn out this way. Oh my God. I will fix it sir. I will. Definitely.

(Detective Spark enters the office)

Detective Trisha: What was that show of shame!

Detective Spark: I should be asking you, Nina is your project student. What is she doing in the court?

Detective Trisha: (Throws the phone at Spark) Are you out of your mind? Do you know what is at stake right now? Do you know? I just got off the phone with him. He was really angry. And you know what that means. Even a foolish person would know everything that went down in the court today was your project student’s plan. Everything!

Detective Spark: I am sorry, I never knew they were this bright. I didn’t expect them to go this far.

Detective Trisha: Are you stupid? They played you out of the game. Or maybe you are even part of their game. And you are deceiving us.

Detective Spark: No Trisha, I am not part of them, we don’t even communicate at all. You have to believe me.

Detective Trisha: Leave my office, I will fix this myself.

Detective Spark: But Trihsa… I swear..

Detective Trisha: I said get out! And don’t get involved in any of this anymore. I will handle it. Your job here is done.

Detective Spark: You wont hurt her right?

Detective Trisha: Just Leave.

Detective Spark: Trisha, you wont hurt her.

Detective Trisha: Leave!!!!

(Detective Spark leaves the office reluctantly)

Detective Trisha: (Picks up his phone) Hello, Execute Her. Now!

Episode Twelve Loading.....

Certified Author: Ayeni Timilehin Ayomide

Visit wwwdottimmywritersdotblogspotdotcom

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Re: Crime Crackers Of Lagos (crime, Suspense, Tragedy) by Ismaxx: 11:08pm On May 01
I don wait taya.....tnx bro

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