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The Devil's Puzzle (Reloaded) / The Day I Died (reloaded) / Short Story: Bloodline (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ironkurtain(m): 10:04pm On Nov 26, 2023
Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Corrections made.


Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by do4luv14(m): 12:53pm On Dec 04, 2023

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by maxlev1: 3:38pm On Dec 08, 2023
Nice story by the Author of this masterpiece. Keep it up, I am enjoying the story.

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by do4luv14(m): 8:11pm On Dec 08, 2023
Nice story by the Author of this masterpiece. Keep it up, I am enjoying the story.

Have you read book 1 and 2

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by maxlev1: 8:53am On Dec 14, 2023

Have you read book 1 and 2
Yes I have. Since when Alex was under adopted parents. He almost committed suicide because he was frequently bullied at school. Eric was also brought up under another woman whom he so much loved. I have been following every moment of the story.

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by Vidamia(m): 5:17pm On Jan 14
Happy New Year boss.....you haven't give new year updates


Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ironkurtain(m): 7:06am On Mar 03
After another short while of them still being in bed, uttering no words at each other and fixing their stares at the ceiling of the bedroom, Annette then proceeded to get herself out of the bed. She picked up the shower towel on the floor, briefly regarded Alex with a coy smile of satisfaction, and then made her way towards the bathroom with a noticeable change in her gait.

Alex watched until she closed the bathroom door after her before easing to a sitting position with his head bowed and sighed heavily. Then, he regarded the bathroom with a half turned face as the shower faucet started running, having all sorts of unpleasant facts now registering in his mind.

What just happened was indeed unexpected and wasn't in the plan that he had in mind for coming there. His brother would probably have a problem with it. That, he was somewhat sure would happen, and being aware of the type of relationship that Annette was having with his brother's girlfriend, he might've further complicated the situation. It could mean a lot of trouble!

Alex then turned his eyes at the reflection in the vanity mirror facing the bed. And for a while, he stared at himself sitting on the bed with no shirt, and his trousers and underwear all rumpled up around his ankles.

Just look at this goddamn nigga! Alex thought to himself as he stared at the mirror, shook his head, and, with an urge for a cigarette, then reached for the pockets of his trousers.

The bathroom door then opened with Annette emerging after having a quick shower. Alex, now conscious of his nudity with no time to pull up his pants, immediately grabbed the blanket and covered himself up.

Annette stepped into the bedroom wearing only her undies with the rest of her clothings in hand. She did come out with a brighter, friendlier look that made her even more attractive to Alex.

But Alex wasn't the expressive type. He just stared on while she quietly folded the clothes neatly on the sofa, resting his eyes longer on the youthful bosoms bobbing salaciously on her chest as she did so, before turning the gaze at her luscious curves when she then proceeded to join him in bed: the sexiest hips he had seen so far and, with a lot of effort, had to stop himself from ending prematurely while giving her a frenzied stuffing from behind.

Annette climbed into the bed, threw the blanket over her body, and tucked herself next to Alex.

"What's the matter?" She then asked curiously on seeing Alex staring ahead with a somewhat perplexed look on his face. He didn't give her an immediate answer. "I know you're having a lot of things on your mind right now. But don't get the wrong idea about me, though," she continued with indifference. "Me jumping into bed with a guy that I barely know is still ain't in the list of my favorite hobbies."

Alex snorted with a shake of head. "I may not be among the smartest dudes to have graced this expensive love shack with their presence, but that do sound like what a dumbass would say after what we had done." He glanced at Annette. "Just my opinion, no offense."

"You have done more than enough, so none taken." Annette smiled at him. "But i do mean what i said," she continued.

"But that action of yours do say otherwise, and i don't think you know me that well," Alex stated.

Annette then regarded him searchingly. "You seem to be having a problem with the sexx we just had," she noted.

"It would be a big lie if i say that i don't," Alex said quietly. "And you already know the reasons if i do," he added.

"Oh...wow." Annette turned away, nodding her head with a mix of disappointment and knowing look, written on her face. "And it didn't happen to cross your mind when you took the jump in bed with me?" she asked, then looked at Alex. "If you cared that much for her," she added, referring to Lisa and still yet to be aware that she had opened her legs for the wrong person.

"Cared enough to admit to having made a mistake that would hurt her badly," Alex said and played along in being whom she thought to be speaking with. "But most importantly, i wanna know the real reason why you did it cos it doesn't seem like the price for your cooperation as you had put forward," he went on.

"So you think it's probably some kind of plan... my own plan at getting back at Lisa?" Annette asked, regarding him coldly.

"You tell me," Alex shrugged.

Annette scoffed at him and then shook her head again. "And here i am, thinking that you were different," she muttered quietly and sighed. "Anyway, if you must know, i did what i did with no ill-intent in mind, and Lisa won't get to know about it from me if that's your concern," she continued irritatedly. "But if you wanna stay beating yourself up with guilty conscience, then that's on you cos you won't get the luxury of sharing that misery with me, not at all. So you can as well get the hell of here and go cry your confession on your girlfriend's shoulder."

With that being said, Alex quietly reached under the blanket to pull up his pants.

Annette then turned away from him, fuming with her arms folded across her chest. But it wasn't about what Alex had said that left Annette quite crossed with him. Her feelings for him had gotten so strong, probably madly in love with him and knowing that she wouldn't have the one man whom she had easily and readily opened herself to without him making any effort to see to it. And it hurts her a lot.

"Well, I'm supposed to be feeling concerned, though," Alex sighed as he buckled his belt. "Just like every normal guy in this situation. And if you disagree with it, then you are living wrong and a hypocrite if you think otherwise," he concluded and started thinking of how he would break the news of the damage he had caused without drawing much ire from Eric.

As he moved to get off from the bed, Annette's hand suddenly got hold of his arm and stopped him short. Alex then glanced at the hand with a tight on him and stared at her. Annette was now regarding him with some sadness on her face.

"Don't go," Annette said quietly to him, her lips trembling a bit and seemed to be on the verge of bursting into tears. "Please... stay with me," she begged.

Alex felt pity for her. Seeing the look of loneliness that steadily clouded her face then made him stay put. She had been through a lot, and he would want to add to that suffering.

"Okay," he then said to Annette, to which she immediately tugged him closer and excitedly threw her arms around his shoulder. "As long as you won't in any way push for a repeat of that outrageous shag-show," Alex continued breathlessly as Annette gave him a long, tight embrace.

Annette's cellphone then rang. It broke the embrace and drew their attentions to her jean pants, where the phone continued ringing in one of its pockets.

"Aren't you gonna answer the call?" Alex asked, seeing her being hesitant to do so.

"But you said I shouldn't answer any phone call," Annette mentioned to him.

"Well, I'm here with you now, so go ahead," Alex said, acting upon the warning that Eric had given her. "Put it on speaker, too. I wanna know what it is all about," he added.

Annette immediately rolled out of the bed and reached for her jean pants. She took the phone out of the pocket and quickly recognized the number that was calling. After making another brief hesitation with her eyes staring thoughtfully at the screen of the mobile device, she then tapped the Answer button and also put the call on speaker mode.

"Uncle Tim," she began in her modest tone of voice and held the phone in front of her face as she moved towards the bed to stay close to Alex.

"Annette?!" Alex heard a male voice rasping out of the phone speakers. "My dear, where have you been?" it continued.

"I've been hanging around town with a friend," Annette replied and glanced at Alex.

There was a brief pause before the voice asked, "Oh, you mean the guy that had earlier dropped by to see you?"

Annette looked at Alex, and Alex shook his head at her. "No, he left half an hour earlier before i did," she then replied.

Another brief pause followed. "Oh... okay. Anyway, i hope all has been well with you," the voice went on.

"All is well, and it has been a very interesting day too," Annette agreed, flashing a coy smile at Alex.

"Really? Oh wow! I'm very glad to hear that!" The voice said with an elated squeal that left Alex staring incredulously at the cellphone. "I was beginning to get worried about the awful amount of time you always spend being holed up in your bedroom," it continued, paused, and asked, "So, can you give me the gist of the interesting events that happen if i may ask?"

"I went around town and to my favorite places that i haven't been to in a long time, treated myself to a good meal, and had a lot of chat."

"Another pause followed and longer this time. "Wonderful, my dear. That explains your absence. I did drop by at your house twice, and you weren't there on both occasions."

"Oh,...is there any matter at hand that requires my presence?"

"Nope, just checking on you... cos i was getting worried. You hardly stay out this long unless you are with that girlfriend of yours, and you did mention her canceling the appointment that you had made with her."

"If that's the case, then you don't have to worry about me. You know that I can always take care of myself."

"I know that for sure. So, where are you at right now?"

Annette looked at Alex again and saw the same head gesture that he had made towards her on hearing the first question. "I'm in a public place," she replied.

"The place seems to be too quiet for a public place," the voice said with an inquisitive tone in it.

"I'm in the town library and in the ladies' room right now," Annette lied. "I had to rush in here to answer your call."

"Oh, okay. You take care of yourself, " the voice said, then another pause, "and do call me if there's anything that requires my attention," it concluded.

"Thanks, Uncle Tim. You take care of yourself," Annette bade the caller and left her cell phone on the bed after the line clicked.


Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by Ambassador21(m): 10:46am On Mar 03
Thank you for the update Boss

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ironkurtain(m): 3:22pm On Mar 03
Alex gazed shortly at the phone and asked, "Your uncle?" to which Annette nodded as she took her former position beside him. "Is he a relative of Angel's dad?" he asked again.

Annette shook her head. "My mother," she corrected, then sat next to him with her feet tucked under her legs. "Her younger brother... from what i heard," and clasping her hands in between her thigh with a brooding downcast gaze.

Alex saw the change in Annette's mood on her mother being mentioned. "I guess he wasn't around that much," he continued, telling himself to carefully choose the words he would be saying on the seemingly sensitive issue.

Annette looked at him and, in spite of her having painful recollections of the traumatic events that had occurred during her childhood, did so with a smile on her face.

"He did show up a few months ago, claiming that he was my mom's long-lost brother," she told Alex. "At first, i told him to go kick rocks with that bullsh!t story, even threatened to call the cops on him."

"So, how did it end up into him being called Uncle Tim?" Alex asked.

"He showed proof of it with a childhood picture of him and my mother," Annette replied. "He also gave me something else: a teddy bear doll that i used to own and cherished a lot when I was a little kid," she continued.

Alex nodded.

"I don't know what happened to the doll back then or how i lost it, but i do recall finding out that it had gone missing, and it being on the same day i received the news of my mother's death," Annette went on.

"But how did the teddy bear doll end up in his possession?" Alex demanded.

"He said that it was mailed to him by my mother," Annette replied. "He said it also came with a letter from her that told of what the doll meant to me, and her giving it to him for safekeeping so as to be able to show prove of their relationship to me incase if she wasn't around to do it herself." She paused to briefly reflect on the past, then said, "I guess she must've seen it coming," and sighed.

"I guess so," Alex agreed.

"Well... " Annette unclasped her hands and rested one on Alex thigh as she made glances around the room, trying to hide from him, the tears she was now fighting off. "... that's the story of how I lost my family and left to suffer in some God-forsaken orphanage, with many nights of me crying for my mother and Alex not being there to comfort me," she concluded.

Alex, on hearing his name, then regarded Annette with furrowed brows, saying, "I don't see any possibility of that happening," and looking as confused as a student that's staring at an examination paper with test questions on a subject not in his curriculum.

"Oh... " Annette chuckled. "Alex is the name that i gave my teddy bear," she said, clearing the air. Her eyes suddenly lit up with an intriguing gaze at Alex. "Could it possibly be..." she paused with the fascination still written on her face as she stared at him.

"Possibly be what?" Alex asked, regarding her suspiciously.

"I don't know." Annette's head tilted slightly to the side with a fond smile. "It's just that there's this particular good vibe that i always felt as a kid whenever I had that teddy bear in my arms."

"Till you got it back from your uncle," Alex guessed.

"Till I had my arms around you," Annette corrected.

Alex smirked at what he thought to be a teasing joke. "So you think that i might be the living embodiment of your Alex, huh?" He asked.

"You tell me... cos i can't think of any other explanation as to why I felt that way."

"I can't think of anything other than it being one heck of a compliment."

"Apart from being all up in my face looking very handsome, just as i had always seen the teddy bear to be, I was even more impressed than being scared by your show of epic strength after seeing you leave those three assholes on ground with their faces pushed in."

"And i guess you must have imagined the teddy bear as your protector from the bad guys, too, as a kid?"

Annette nodded gleefully.

Alex smirked at her and turned his attention to the cellphone she had left lying next to her feet. As he regarded the device with a fixed stared, the conversation that Annette had had with the person on the other side of the phone came to his mind.

There's something phony about this uncle of hers that he felt instinctively while listening to their phone conversations. But he was unable to put a finger on it. And this man, though having said words that paints a picture of him being more of pussyboy than the caring uncle, do have this particular tone in his voice. A tone that, to him, somewhat gives an image of a Saw-scaled viper; a beauty to behold and extremely dangerous to mess with.

"So, did this uncle of yours tell you the reason for him not being around all those years?" Alex asked.

"He said that he had been living outside the country for a very long time," Annette replied. "He was unable to come back as soon as possible, on learning about my mother's death: he said that he had been locked away in prison for a crime he did not commit, and got deported after his release."

"I see," Alex said quietly, still analyzing the conversation that Annette had had with her said uncle.

Annette then inched herself closer to Alex and leaned against him, her body being graced by the warmth of his skin and his broad shoulder supporting the head she rested on it.

"Alex.." She began softly with her palm slowly running down to his abs and caressing the strong six-packs he was packing.

"Yeah?" Alex murmured.

"If i stick with you in whatever it is that you are into, concerning this situation, am i guaranteed to be protected?" Annette asked.

Alex thought for a brief while. "My own safety isn't guaranteed, though," he replied quietly. "But I'll damn be the wrong bear to be poked," he replied quietly.

"Is that for sure?"

"The wickedness is gonna be on a different level."

"That's good enough for me."

After them being still for a little bit longer, Alex then remembered what he had wanted to do and asked, "I hope you don't mind if I smoke?" And without waiting for Annette's approval, he reached into his pockets. "Sh!t..." Alex paused with his eyes staring ahead.

"What's the matter?" Annette asked.

"I left my cigarettes in the car," Alex muttered, realizing that he had left his pack of cigarettes in the BMW that Eric had left with.

"Don't worry." Annette immediately got out of bed.

"Do you also smoke?" Alex asked surprisedly as she reached for her purse and briefly rummaged inside it.

"Rarely, though," Annette replied as she rejoined him in bed. "But i have something even better," she continued and handed him what she had taken out from her purse.

Alex then took note of what Annette had gifted him. It was a brown, cigarette-sized stick of rolled up paper, twisted on both ends, and looked to have no right to be called a cigarette. He held it close to his face, made a brief cursory study with his eye, and then turned the crooked, knowing smile that had formed in his face at Annette, who immediately got the gist; she needn't have to tell him that he'd been given a marijuana joint.

Without waiting to hear of his approval to partake in her unhealthy hobby, Annette then proceeded to flick the lighter that was also taken out from her purse and held the flame in front of him intently. Alex knew the gesture was a percursor for the next recreation that could potentially be the wrong thing for them to engage in. But him having partaken in the former activity that she had brought forth, which he still considered to be the worst, Alex then decided that he might as well go the whole nine yards with her.

Of what difference would it even make if you turn back in the sh!t that you've waded halfway through, Alex thought to himself as he held the joint in place for Annette to fire it up. You'll still come out on both ends being covered in sh!t.


Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ironkurtain(m): 3:26pm On Mar 03
The blunt burned as Alex took a draw with his eyes shut, filling his lungs with the smoke, holding it for a long moment, and letting it recede from his nostrils. He then regarded the weed, which seemed to be the best he had ever had, a short-lived stare, then took another draw before passing it to Annette, who was eager for her turn. He sent another cloud of smoke through the air in the room and watched as she toke the joint with the confidence of a firefighter.

"I've been saving it cos i knew that one day I would be needing a hit." Annette exhaled the smoke in her lungs. "My secret and only bad habit that won't be ending anytime soon," she went on, coughed a few times, took another draw, and passed it back to Alex.

"Angel must've had a bad influence on you," Alex murmured as he accepted the joint from her. "I'm really surprised that you had still stuck with him till his death," he continued. "Was it out of love or loyalty?" He asked.

"I didn't love him, and i was only being loyal to his dad, which i now regret," Annette replied. "And my mother is probably disappointed with me on that," she continued. "The bad influence was only just the dislikes he had created, which i had to deal with, considering how close we were. And it being only due to the fact that i was basically raised by his father. I was way smarter than him and always knew better."

"And what about this stuff that we are having now?" Alex gestured the marijuana in his hand.

"He only showed me the best one and where to get it," Annette replied. "Smoking it was my personal decision, and i like having it whenever I'm in an extremely tense situation...." She looked at Alex, "...or when having the best time of my life," and smiled.

"Well..." Alex took another draw and exhaled the smoke out of his lungs. "There'll always be a tense situation ahead for you. Perhaps even more best times to come. Just don't depend too much on this as to get addicted," he noted.

"Didn't i just tell you that i know better?" Annette muttered and took the joint from him for another hit and smirked on seeing his eyes now gleaming to the effects of what they were smoking.

The discussions continued, and so did their tokes of the weed that effectfully faded their concerns for the situation that had initially brought them together. It made them engage in irrelevant discussions and even brought out their laughter to some jokes that were as interesting as working a nightshift security job.

It went on for quite a while until the second joint from Annette purse was reduced to ashes, and their every sense of reasoning smothered, too. With the effects of the weed lasting longer than it had burned, it soon had them looking like a couple on a date, with their judgments being turned weak. To which it later delved into having the bedframe being put through another round of steady rocking to Alex's sustained, substance induced thrustings, and Annette going wild again with squeals of pleasure as he sexed her good and thoroughly.



Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ironkurtain(m): 3:32pm On Mar 03
Eric dropped his weight heavily behind the wheels of the BMW. He had gotten a raise in his concern by the phone calls he had had with Rangel and Nina.

"What's the matter?" Lisa, who was seated beside him, asked. She did notice it.

"Nothing much," Eric replied with a low grunt as he shifted his weight. "Just the usual minor setbacks," he continued. "My mother called. She wants to see me and Alex as soon as possible," he told her.

"Oh." Lisa nodded. "Did she say why she wants to see you and your brother?" She asked, feeling a little bit disappointed that the news could spell ruin to their night.

"She only says so when I'm right in front of her," Eric replied. "She couldn't reach Alex. She wants me to do so. I've tried several times, but he's probably up to some buffoonery as to be unreachable," he sighed with a clenched jaw.

Lisa smirked. "Maybe it's Annette that's keeping him too busy," she said. "That girl can be a damn piece of work at times. You would think that she's one of those old-school style, virtuous breeds with the kind of attitude she puts up around guys. But i do know girls who are like that very well. They become something else when it comes to what they want...." Lisa glanced at Eric. "...or who they really want," she continued.

Lisa's words did bring to Eric's mind how Annette had stuck unusually close to him on their way to the hotel room. And he was then left feeling that it could probably be for a different reason other than her being left quite scared by the violent situation she had encountered. He also thought of how she, while he still had one foot out of her bedroom, had gone ahead to strip off without waiting to be sure that he left with the door shut. Girls rarely get that comfortable to do that even with a male friend, not to talk of a someone whom they just made their acquaintance with.

"Well, I hope not, cos it won't be good if that's the case," he muttered under his breath, now feeling suspicious of his brother.

Eric's hand reached for the engine ignition button and then paused midway. "Have you made the decision with your friend on the place for the get-together?" He asked Lisa.

"Haven't done that yet." Lisa shook her head. "She gave me the option to choose the location, and I'm still trying to decide on the best place for us to stay," she continued.

Eric thought shortly. "What about us clubbing together tonight?" He suggested. "What do you think?"

"That would be perfect!" Lisa elated with a smile. "My friend gets bored easily. A crowded setting would be the best place to keep the mood interesting, though."

"I have the best place for that in mind. I'll make a phone call and reserve a table for us."

"But what about the meeting that you have with your mother?"

Eric then proceeded to bring life to the car engine. "That's why i said it's the best place, cos that's where she wants me to meet her," he told Lisa with a smile, though bearing in mind that it would be a great risk on his part to have the person, whom Nina had ordered him never to be in contact with, being present in the same place that he would be meeting her tonight. But he was still willing to take that risk.

Putting the car in motion, Eric then drove smoothly to their next stop, where Lisa wanted them to go before meeting up with her friend. As BMW made its way towards the location, they talked about what they would be doing next, discussed other plans for the vacation, and shared their opinions on several matters. Even though he was interacting well with Lisa and looked to be genuinely giving his attention to her throughout their conversations, his was mostly preoccupied with something else. He was preoccupied with other thoughts, and it was about the phone call he had earlier had with Rangel.

Rangel had told him of the recent development; Jessica not answering phone calls made to her cellphone. Considering the violent encounter that had happened the night before, it was, to a certain degree, a great source of concern to him just as it was to Rangel, who had sounded frantic with fear when he broke the news.

Having granted Rangel's wish to be released from Mary's detention so as to go look for his girlfriend, he was able to convince the man to stay put in the motel for the time being. He'd told Rangel to give it some time as to see what happens next before deciding on the next move to make. He also told Rangel that as long as he has Mary on his side and also the large man, whom Rangel had said was scaring the living daylight out of him, being present, his safety was highly guaranteed.

While carrying on his interactions with Lisa as they made their way through the traffic that was steadily grinding into a slow crawl, he did give the situation at hand a lot of thoughts. He has to come up with the next best course of action and do it as soon as possible.



Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by Vidamia(m): 6:50pm On Mar 03
Thanks for the updates

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by nastynic(m): 8:22pm On Mar 03
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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by Ophixialtohny: 10:01pm On Mar 03
Omg thanks boss for the update nah since we dn d wait kudos

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by bigbauer(m): 8:21am On Mar 09

While carrying on his interactions with Lisa as they made their way through the traffic that was steadily grinding into a slow crawl, he did give the situation at hand a lot of thoughts. He has to come up with the next best course of action, and do it as soon as possible.


Do you have the completed book for sale on any platform?

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by Deejay1000(m): 10:16am On Mar 26
Thanks for the update boss.

Do you have the book for sale full series smiley


Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by Ubong001(m): 2:07pm On Apr 09
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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ironkurtain(m): 3:05pm On Apr 09
The serene silence of the elegantly marbled corridor of the hotel deluxe rooms was interrupted by a sudden bang of a door slammed shut, followed by utterances of loud curses.
The brief commotion also startled Alex out from his snoring sleep and had him making glances around the hotel room as a female high heels stomped past outside the door and faded down the corridor. Annette slowly moved, with a low moan, the arm and leg she had rested on his body, asking what was the matter in her sleepy voice, having been woken up by Alex's sudden movement.

Having no knowledge of how long he had been out, Alex immediately jumped out of bed to reach for the phone in his jacket.


Alex stood frozen as he gazed bewilderedly at the clock on the cellphone screen, his groggy eyes turning alert at the number of calls he had missed, and his outburst startling Annette into being fully wake. He had slept for two hours, missed twelve phone calls, and got two text messages: one was from his mother telling him where to meet, and the other being angry curses from Eric for failing to answer his phone call with more curses accompanying the swear of untold things to come if he had been up to no good.

"How the hell did I get myself into this f@cking damnation?" Alex groaned under his breath, delving into a furious search for his underwear in that instance with mutters of curses at himself.

Annette rose to a sitting position on the bed, rubbed her sleepy eyes tiredly, and stared in silence as Alex struggled into his boxers.

"Going somewhere?" She asked him intently, folding her arms across her chest. "I thought you said we'll be spending the night together."

"Something just came up," Alex replied breathlessly as he, after a quick glance at Annette, frantically threw on his other clothes. "I gotta tend to it right away cos it's very urgent," he went on, vividly recollecting that promise and other words he had uttered recklessly from being under marijuana influence.

Getting the idea of what Alex was about to do, Annette stared disappointedly at him as he covered up the impressive physique that had made her swore to leave him with nothing but dust in his tank.

"I'll be back as soon as possible," Alex continued as his hyperactive hands speedily buckled his waistbelt. "Until then, i want you to stay put. Don't go anywhere unless it's very necessary to do so, and call me first if that's the case," he advised.

But Annette wasn't having that at all, and neither with a single care to even know what the something was all about. Without saying words to Alex, she then got out of bed and picked up her own clothes, too. Her doing so brought an abrupt pause to his urgency, and he was left with a baffled on his face when she started doing exactly as he did.

"Did you hear what i just said?" Alex then asked her.

"Yes, i heard you," Annette replied quietly. But she continued putting on her clothes.

"So what do you imagine you're doing?"

"What does it look like?"

"Certainly not what i said."

"I heard what you said, but I didn't say I will do it." Annette then hooked up her bra. "I'm going with you. Have you forgotten that we are in on this ride together?" she asked, slipping into her blouse.

"What if the ride is wheeling towards Lisa tonight?"

"That's what i also wanted to ask you apart from the number of times you had tried to submerge me into the mattress."

Annette finished adjusting the sleeves of her blouse and looked at Alex. "We've been together throughout the day, and she hadn't call you, not even once," she noted. So...".

"Knock yourself out, then," Alex interrupted her, having no time to debate about Lisa, nor give a number to her other question, which he knew for sure he had definitely done more than twice, having woken up feeling like he'd been put through a cement mixer. "But be reminded that this is only business between you and me," he continued, giving his pockets a quick pat for his car key and other belongings. "Don't say you weren't told, and that's just in case if someone starts catching feelings."

"You haven't done that much as to have me that desperate," Annette sneered at Alex but knew she was wrong about what she said: she had fallen for him way into the boundaries of having no care whatsoever of him being taken, so much as to her now seeing on the horizon, the unashamed willingness of sharing him with his mate, if she can't him all to herself.

"Whatever." Alex then made towards the door. Annette followed suit. They exited the room and headed towards the elevator with quick strides.

The elevator cab arrived and transported them down to the hotel reception lobby. After being checked out of the hotel by the young female receptionist behind the desk, with Alex in lead and Annette following after him, they both made towards the Mercedes benz in the parking lot. Alex then ushered Annette into the front passenger seat and told her to give him a few minutes to make a quick phone call. Stepping a few meters away from the Benz, out of Annette's eavesdropping range and keeping a close watch at the vehicle, Alex then took out his cellphone to make a phone call.

Eric felt his cell phone vibrating in his pocket as he handed his i.d to the club bouncer for the usual scrutiny. Instinctively knowing that it was Alex calling him and choosing to ignore it, he kept still and waited till the bouncer handed him back his i.d with a nod of approval. He then proceeded to join Lisa as she beckoned excitedly at him. She was standing next to the two individuals whom she had would be spending time also waiting for him in front of the entrance door after they had gotten theirHe had picked up Lisa's girlfriend and her male partner, and they all had arrived at the Paradise club: it was the place Eric had suggested for the double date.

The Paradise Club, known to be the best club in the country high-end clubhouse that's renowned for its excellent location, spectacular party atmosphere and one of the few places to have been able to enjoy some of the world's most renowned DJs. It attracts a high number of mixed crowds, ranging from the middle class, to some of the country's high status individuals, including celebrities, top sports athletes, and the Mecca for lavish parties and those willing to throw a ridiculous amount of money in a single night.

The club's entrance policy was strict: they only granted access to those who adhered to their required dress code and appearance, mandatory age bracket, and look to have good etiquette. Some exceptions were made to the patrons with the club's paid membership, which didn't come cheap, and neither was it easily granted to anyone.

After battling their way through the big crowd of ecstatic clubbers, they finally arrived at the table Eric had booked before their arrival. The girls were chatting excitedly with raised voices in the midst of the banging music, and both looked well dressed in an eye-catching, sexy outfit: Lisa had put on a black long-sleeved, knee-length bodycon dress. Her friend wore a shorter and sleeveless red one that had the top of her breast slightly exposed.

The boyfriend to Lisa's female friend, who was also well dressed for the occasion, looked to be of similar height and build like Eric, though not as handsome and certainly not as tough. He did seem to be a likable type of individual with an exuberant personality. Even though Eric had interacted with him with a somewhat: in-no-mood-for-chats type of attitude, he didn't seem to bother in any way and still made cheeky remarks at Eric like a friend he had known for a long time, and did succeed in leaving him with an amusing smile

After seeing that the rest had settled themselves at the table, Eric then handed Lisa his credit card for the bills of whatever poison they would be having and excused himself. He got to his feet and reached for his cellphone, which was still vibrating the incoming call.

Turning away from the rest to hide his frown on seeing Alex's number, Eric tapped the button and held the phone to his ear.

"Dude, what the f@ck have you been up to?" He began.

"Are you in the club?" Alex's voice rasped out of the earpiece, and with a tone that clearly states of his indifference to the emotions of the person he was calling.

With the regret for being unable to reply the question with strangulation, Eric said, "Does it sound like I'm in a church nightly vigil?," trying not to give the idea of his fouled up mood.

"So what's the situation on the ground now?"

"A lot of people drinking and dancing to loud noise! What the hell do you expect?

"I mean the situation with you right now."

Eric sighed. "I'm here... with Lisa and her friend and the friend's boyfriend," he replied, and it was followed by the longest pause he had ever gotten in a phone conversation with his brother. "Aren't you supposed to be saying something?" He then asked, getting suspicious of his brother's silence.

Alex then went ahead to inform him that he was on his way to the club, mentioned Annette also being in tow due to her stubborn insistence to follow, talked about how she had been trying to get to comfortable with him without giving explanations as to how she did so, then suggested to have Lisa forewarned about it so as to avoid any unwanted confrontation, and concluded with insisting on being there in person to give the full details of what happened between them so far in hotel room, and trying to be as convincing as he could, but still sounding suspect.

Eric listened in silence to all these gists, with a vast black cloud of frustration hovering over him, balling his fist and itching to connect it with a human jaw. Alex had indeed been into something not in their plan all these while. This he was very sure of, and what Lisa had earlier said about Annette was giving him the clue of it likely being something inappropriate.

"Anyway, mom's in a V.I.P. room... and I'm yet to meet her," he spoke into his phone mouthpiece after Alex was done talking, then glanced at Lisa, and went on, "So you better hurry up, and be sure to have a very, very good explanation for all these sh!t or I'm gonna see to it that we both regret her getting into bed with dad," he concluded and ended the phonecall.

Tucking the cellphone back inside, Eric turned to Lisa, who was now staring enquiringly at him, and motioned him wanting to have a word with her.

Lisa then got to her feet. "What's up?" She asked him.

"Alex is on his way," Eric told her.

"Oh! That's great!" Lisa elated.

"He is coming with Annette," Eric continued.

"Oh lord!" Lisa muttered frustratingly, heaved heavily with her head half turned, then thought briefly to herself, and asked, "Do i have to deal with that Mooch in this night of all nights?... Wait the minute," she thought again. "Is she... now seeing Alex?"

"Alex was supposed to ask her some questions concerning the recent murders in the news," Eric sighed. "She seems to have a clue of what might be going on."

"How?" Lisa demanded.

"Well, according to Alex, she has been acting strange since it started: being restless and constantly checking up on the people very close to her," Eric said. "And... ." He moved closer to Lisa. "All the victims so far were members of Angel's fraternity," Eric said quietly to her.

Lisa sighed, now looking quite concerned. "But isn't she supposed to go to the authorities that are investigating that matter?" She asked.

"Annette doesn't want to come forward with what she knows or think might be happening," Eric replied.

"But you don't have to take it upon yourself," Lisa told him. "The authorities would definitely agree with me on that."

"I know," Eric nodded his agreement to what Lisa said. "But you were also a member of that fraternity, too. "That's why i need to find out what this is all about so that i can find the best way to protect you," he continued. "Perhaps give the authorities the best clue to work on while i protect you," he added.

Lisa stared at Eric, her love for him getting even stronger than ever: and would've expressed it right now in a big way if it was just the two of them together. With that feeling, she then decided to play along with whatever plan he was having in mind.

"So, what do you want me to do?" She asked.

"Good. This is what i want you to do," Eric began, appreciating her willingness to cooperate. "Me and Alex will be meeting our mother in one of the V.I.P rooms. So we gonna take turns keeping you, Annette, and the rest, company," he stated. "I don't know what Alex had done with Annette, but he did sound like he had done something, probably more than just asking her questions."

"I guess so," Lisa chuckled, getting the idea of what Eric was talking about.

"She still doesn't know about us being twin brothers," Eric continued. "And if what I'm thinking happens to be the case, then you might've to safeguard me from her in case if Alex had done more than enough to have her acting too familiar. Though i won't even allow her to get near me."

"Don't worry, i will do as much as i can as to have me not breaking her arms if she tries to get touchy with my man," Lisa smiled, pressing herself against Eric with her arms around his shoulder.

Eric then kissed Lisa on her lips, to which she passionately responded in the same kind before they both went back to their seats. The other couple had already gotten the attention of the club waitress, and they joined in placing their orders.


Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ironkurtain(m): 4:49pm On Apr 09
After a ten-minute drive, Alex finally reached their destination and brought the Benz to a stop in the Paradise club parking lot. He killed the engine and unbuckled his seatbelt while Annette stared with amazement at the club building.

"I heard that this club's the most happening place in town, but...goddamn!" Annette gazed wide-eyed at the longest line of people that she had ever seen standing in front of a club entrance.

Annette then unbuckled her own seatbelt and joined Alex as he made his way towards the club after they had alighted from the vehicle. Following him, she was wondering if they would be able to make it into the place, seeing the number of people who were trying to do the same.

When they got closer, Alex then paused to take a brief look at his wristwatch, stared at the three individuals manning the door, and continued walking with Annette beside him. He boldly bypassed the long cue, with Annette making anxious glances at the clubbers waiting in line as they earned a lot of questioning stares from the impatient eyes that were staring at them.

With less regard to the low grumblings from the crowd, Alex made his way towards the sturdy looking man who was standing in front of the door and looked to be incharge of the check-ins: he was slightly above average height, well-dressed in a tight fitted black suit. He was flanked by two huge bouncers that could unsettle a wild beast with the mean faces they bore and the ocean of muscles they had for a physique.

The man paused in his check on the I.Ds of the next young couple in line, seeing them approaching him. He initially regarded them with the irked look he had on his face, which then turned into a friendly smile when he recognized Alex.

"Mannie!" Alex began at the man, then got in front of the next clubber to be checked in after the couple were given their pass. "It's been a while!" He continued, extending his hand, which the man immediately took, and they both dapped.

"It's been a while, big man," Mannie said, then paused to make a head to toe glances at Alex and stared at him enquiringly. "Dude, please tell me you didn't come here to party looking like sh!t," he continued, narrowing his eyes at Alex's outfit. "Did you dive into the Salvation Army cloth donation box, or is she responsible for this?" He asked with a cheeky grin and a glance at Annette.

"She is an old high school acquaintance." Alex introduced Annette, and she gave Mannie a weak smile that meant nothing. "And I was too occupied to have a change of clothes," he continued.

"He would've looked even worse if it was me," Annette joked quietly, drawing another grin from Mannie.

"We are still in the sunrise hours of the club for you to worry about missing the party, and you know that we have strict rules when it comes to dress codes," Mannie went on.

"You know that i ain't much of playing by the rule book," Alex grinned.

"I know... but come on, bro." Mannie heaved an uncomfortable sigh with his eyes, taking a second note of Alex's clothing. "Even if i let you into this vanity festival, your attire is gonna be damn loud enough to attract the boss's attention," he said, then glanced at Annette. "Your girl might get a pass, though, cos she's beautiful," he remarked at Annette.

"Yep, and enough to tell these two 'Gorilla-city' muscles with you to let me in, too."

"Aw... alright then,"

One of the 'Gorilla-city' muscle men then stepped forward with a hand-held metal detector.

"Are you carrying anything that's not allowed in here?" Mannie asked Alex.

"I have a loaded four-pound iron on me," Alex mentioned, referring to the Glock 43 handgun he had concealed under his garment without Annette knowledge.

"Shiiid," Mannie sighed. "What is it for?" He asked.

"A safe-keep in hand for the suspects," Alex replied. "You've already seen the news about the girl in the park."

Mannie nodded.

"That's why she's with me," Alex continued.

"The guy with her was a relative to a close friend. A good dude who didn't deserve what happened to him, and his girl, too," Mannie sighed. "Anyway, you do have to keep it on safety," he advised, then asked, "Anything else?"


"Cool, and do let me know if you'll be needing help and a change up in artillery, in case those punks show their asses in here."

Alex nodded at Mannie.

Mannie motioned for him and Annette to be let-in. Someone then loudly uttered a voice of displeasure with rude words, drawing Mannie's furious eyes towards a tall, skinny man with an unmatching outfit and among a small frustrated-looking group of the so-called 'ten-ninety' individuals whom had been denied entry into the club: the ones that look suspect enough as to spend ten percent or below of the expected revenue from a patron and cause ninety percent of the anticipated problems.

"Why don't you come over here and say that to my face, nancy-boy!" Alex heard Mannie mouthing off at a particular man as he and Annette proceeded through the entrance door. "Say that again and see how quick I take the shine off that smart talking choppers in your face!" Mannie's loud voice continued before it was drowned by the banging club music as Alex and Annette descended the stairs leading to a half-basement corridor that was lit with neons and psychedelic lights, which led to the club's main floor.


Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by quadri956(m): 6:09pm On Apr 09
Can’t wait for the next episode. This is really interesting

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by nastynic(m): 9:58pm On Apr 09
Thanks for the update man

How are you doing tho?

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ironkurtain(m): 1:59am On Apr 10
Thanks for the update man

How are you doing tho?

It hasn't been easy for me my brother, since coming back from Nigeria after my father's funeral. A lot of situations were lined up for me over here. Thanks for the comments though.


Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ironkurtain(m): 12:20pm On Apr 10
They made their way through the corridor till they stepped into the club's huge dancefloor and in the midst of the big crowd. It was an exhilarating atmosphere of cheering, laughing, yelling, and bodies dancing and shaking to the DJ's music jockeying skills.

Alex made glances around him as they stood for, processing his next move and on a lookout for his brother. Annette looked to be excited by the scene around them.

"So....are we gonna just stand here with all this fun going on around us?" She then asked Alex, itching to partake in the rowdy activity going on before her.

"Didn't i tell you why i was coming here?" Alex replied, saw her eagerness to join the action, and said, "This is important, and you better don't f@ck things up for me."

"If you say so, handsome." Annette muttered with discontent but remained still.

Alex then got a text alert on his cellphone, which he immediately read. It was from Eric; he had already sighted them and told Alex to meet him in the restroom.

"Follow me," Alex beckoned at Annette, and she did so, squeezing through the crowd with him as he immediately headed towards where Eric was waiting for him.

On reaching the restroom area, Alex stood Annette in front of the door to the men's room.

"Wait here," he told her.

"I hope the piss won't last up till the club closes down," Annette muttered with a mirthless smile, having seen him take a peek at his phone, thinking he was going into the place to call Lisa.

"Just don't go anywhere," Alex continued indifferently and proceeded into the place.

Annette folded her arms, sighed, and glanced around the place with a frown. She was beginning to feel jealous, knowing Lisa was in there waiting for Alex as he had said, and thinking that the girl would probably leave with him for the regular proper lay after enjoying other trimmings that comes with dating him here, while she gets to have the insignificant treatment.

Alex saw Eric standing in one of the bathroom stalls waiting for him. He immediately stepped into the space that wasn't big enough for both of them.

"You look like sh!t," Eric began without looking at him.

"Yeah, the guy at the front door said the same," Alex said quietly. "And also worried of you being seen by the guy in charge cos he's good friend of mine," he went on.

"I'm aware of that relationship and took care of the problem: pulled enough strings to make him take a short break from his position," Eric replied. "Where is she?" He then asked of Annette.

"Standing outside." Alex jerked his head at the door.

"So what have gotten from her so far?"

"Her agreement to fully cooperate."

Eric narrowed his eyes at his brother. "Is that all?" He asked.

"Hey man, that came with a cost. It wasn't cheap at all, and i ain't talking about money," Alex sighed.

"So... what did it cost you?" Eric demanded curiously.

"Look, don't get me wrong, man. I had to do what i had to do cos... i know how important it is for you to get...," Alex started in explaining his actions.

"Important as me also knowing what you did to make her agree," Eric interrupted.

Alex sighed and then said, "Well, she wanted us to get to know more about each other in order for her to play ball.

Eric averted his gaze from Alex and shook his head. "I f@cking knew it," he muttered to himself, staring into space, and remained silent. But his reaction was far from what Alex had anticipated after hearing the threat he had made in their phone conversations.

"Anyway, i had already seen that coming, though," Eric continued quietly as he thought to himself.

"Hold on! You knew all along that she was with an unsettling need for the diznick, and you didn't care to share that information with me?" Alex regarded Eric with a cocked eyebrow.

"Well, I didn't know your damn frustration would have you making idiotic decisions," Eric muttered.

"Dude, she's the one that came at me and near-turned me inside out."

"Atleast she did enough to make you reflect on that idiotic decision."

Eric then proceeded to unbutton the black blazer that he had on. "Give me your jacket," he told Alex.

"So what's the deal?" Alex asked as he, too, took off his jacket with no questions.

"I will take Annette to our table, and you have to go meet mother first. I will join you later, but i want you to find out why she wants to meet us in such short notice and in a place like this," Eric replied and took Alex's jacket after handing him the blazer.

"What about Lisa?" Alex asked again and slipped into Eric's jacket that fits him perfectly.

"I've already told her what's going on. She is game, too, but certain to break Annette's limbs if she gets out of line with her man, and it's gonna be on you if that sh!t happens."

"I hope not, man. Anything else?"

"We'll take turns keeping them company at the table so that they won't get bored."


"Yeah. I promised Lisa an interesting night-out, and i don't know how well Annette had gotten to know your ass, but you gotta play your cards right cos i don't want her starting any sh!t with Lisa."

"Got you."



Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by Ubong001(m): 12:49pm On Apr 10
Thank you sir i dey your back how have you been ?

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ironkurtain(m): 1:59pm On Apr 10
Thank you sir i dey your back how have you been ?

Everyday pushing it like a man suppose to do, my brother. How is ur side?
Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by Ubong001(m): 3:25pm On Apr 10

Everyday pushing it like a man suppose to do, my brother. How is ur side?
we are good
Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by nastynic(m): 9:48pm On Apr 10

It hasn't been easy for me my brother, since coming back from Nigeria after my father's funeral. A lot of situations were lined up for me over here. Thanks for the comments though.

Hard luck man... It's just time, we gon be alright.
I thought you've gone back. Thanks for always remembering us regardless of how hard things have been

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Re: Bloodline.......part Three. [The Family Reloaded] by ironkurtain(m): 10:05pm On Apr 10

Hard luck man... It's just time, we gon be alright.
I thought you've gone back. Thanks for always remembering us regardless of how hard things have been

Thanks bro.


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