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Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 5:13pm On Feb 28, 2006

Hello People, I will like to use this tread to bring folks interested, or already practicing professional in the Area of Logistics and supply chain management, also professionals in allied functions like shipping, materials handling, inventory/stock management and Transportation planning, should please feel free to join us and share their expertise with us.

My Profile:
Currently I work in the(sales and receivables section) with a Major Logistics service company In the south of Nigeria and have  one year 3 months experiance, i have learnt and seen  how major firms, oil and gas, manufacturing etc  outsource their logistics Functions , control and operate their supply chain operations, both Locally  (Support base services) and Internationally (Terminal /port).

With a Higher National Diploma in Production Engr and a PGD in Transport Mgt and planning in View, I Now want to really build a career in Logistics and SCM and move from my present function into the main aspects of logistics and SCM.

Since Logistics and SCM is an emerging function in most Organizations and without Formal undergraduate or postgraduate courses run in these areas by local tertiary institutions, it’s hard to get training locally.
[b]My search so far has only come up with some firms offering Training and short course in this area, ultimix Export Academy in Lagos ,The upcoming Phillips consulting LOD program in Principals of SCM, coming up I think some time in July 2006, DPSS, CIPS exam tutoring in october 2006 and The Nigeria Institute of transport technology/ultimix PGD programm in logistics and scm[/b]I am making serious search for the best place and at a reasonable cost where one can take short courses, training or postgraduate studies in logistics and SCM, my search so far shows that South Africa seems to be the likely destination for this training,, due to the relatively reduced cost to pursue this program there as compared to doing it in Europe, especially the UK and Netherlands. If any one has a better idea of where one can Build Up his career in Logistics and SCM locally or abroad, please share.

Another important aspect in the logistics and SCM business, is having a working knowledge of the most comely used ERP application software’s for Example SAP
(Logistics) and SCM, Modules. The Cost of learning this application here in Nigeria is over the roof top, that’s if u are an individual like myself yarning to take this courses. SAP training school in Nigeria is located in Abuja and Lagos

Currently I have working experience with Navision attain ERP and ARIBA spend mgt E-procurement application (Buyer interface).

I will also want to suggest that if anyone out there has an idea of where one can learn, JD Edward (inventory software) and other Hot ERP applications commonly used by big firms. To please lets us in on it.

I hope we can share ideas and build a very interesting and informative discuss on this and even much more.

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Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by mikedeoye(m): 1:02am On Mar 08, 2006
I was quite happy to read your posting on Logistics and SCM. I'm happy to let you know that i m a practioner within the SCM field. I had a first degree in Industrial and Production Engineering ( from UI)  and an MSc in Production and Operations Mgt with specialization in Supply chain Management.

As regards ur request, i think u have done a very good homework on the development of the discipline in Nigeria and you are probably in a better position to inform of the latest as far as Nigeria is concerned. Sure, in terms of training, the best education on supply chain management that you can get is in the US. The likes of UK, Holland, Sweden and Germany are not doing bad as well. But based on your experience, i really dont see any reason for any further education, the truth of the matter is that Supply chain/ Logistics traininng  is better acquired in a hands-on real life scenerio. It is such a dynamic field that alot of things keep changing all the time.

As regards ERPs, i dont know what you mean by trainings on ERPs. Ordinarily, it is unusual here ( where I am ) that SAP or other ERP producers organises trainings on any of their applications unless you have purchased it for use in your company. Ofcourse, there are product DEMOs to introduce you to the product but as for the working knowlege of such, it can only be possible when you directly work with the applications in life scenerio, an example is the knowledge of ones you currently work with.

The other thing about ERPs is that, different companys implement different ones depending on what their core operations is and that is has to be adapted ( customised) to that company. For example i once worked with a SAP application while i worked in a company . This was specially customised for the company and ofcourse was different from another SAP application used in another company. The thing is that a good company will always train you on the use of the particular ERP that they have implemented. I recently did a study on common ERP applications in the Market (Oracle , SAP, Movex, Intertia, Monitor, PeopleSoft J.D Edwards and the likes), even though SAP has the biggest share, research shows that SAP is not appropriate for all organisations, IT consultants will confirm that to you. I see no Nigeria local firm implementing big ERPs like SAP or Oracle cos of the cost implications, The ones that probably use them now in nigeria are the multinationals who have that implemented due to the influence of their parent company abroad.

This just what i have to share with you for now. Can i know the company you for? Im trying to search for logistics compannies in Nigeria that i can apply to as i intend to return home before the end of year. I intend to work in any Logistics service company or within the Logostics division of a company.


Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 10:41am On Mar 08, 2006
Mikedeoye I think the pleasure is all mine, to see your response to my Post on this thread, it’s been here for quite a while.
I must Say your qualification and knowledge of SCM/Logistics Functions is most impressive.
Wonderfully enough, while you where @ (UI) studying Industrial and Production Engineering, I was just a little Distance away @ The Polytechnic Ibadan, studying Production Engineering.

“Supply chain/ Logistics training is better acquired in hands-on real life scenarios”…. You are certainly right when you said this, but I think the way it is now in Nigeria, major companies (manufacturing and oil and Gas companies) will rather employ expatriates to manage these functions, few Nigerians are heading such Departments, thus depriving local acquisition of skills managing in this area.
According to several studies made by International Oil and Gas companies, the total logistic costs account for between 25% and 30% of all operational expenses, This is an enormous amount when considered in terms of naira or USD in oil and gas logistics operation locally, Logistics and SCM is playing a major role in the Oil and gas business in Nigeria Now, since most deepwater exploration/production and Ultra deep water fields rely heavily on land support bases with warehouses and stacking area, where materials and supplies can be timely, and cost effectively shipped to these Rigs or FPSO’S and Just like you rightly said, its these companies that have implemented SAP and other Big time Erp’s.

I think I find your enlightenment on ERP very educating, I have always thought SAP, can be used by any organization. The way its being deployed by major companies here and the hype that its creating locally.

I think they are some few good logistic firms in Nigeria, but the issue is, Will the pay package and other benefits be good enough for you, compared to where you are coming from.

With your qualification, experience and knowledge base, its best you seek employment with the major multinationals, starting with the oil and gas firms and then some major manufacturing firms e.g. P and G.

Mobile Nigeria and some other oil companies now have special requirement for Nigerians who have the needed expertise they desire and have studied or works abroad , I suggest you check their websites and in some case send unsolicited application with your complete portfolio, you never know what might turn up. As for where I work, I will like to keep that private for now, but I will send you a personal email with my company address and website for you to check it out.

Do you know much about CIPS, Charted institute of Purchasing and supply? I intend to become a member and pursue full membership before taking the various stages of their exams, starting at the Foundation stage of the graduate Diploma to professional status and then MCIPS.

I think this is one of the most accepted professional qualification status for procurement and Supply chain managers.

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Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by mikedeoye(m): 4:20pm On Mar 08, 2006
Wills, thanks so much for that reply. I think why our people here on Nairaland couldn't contribute to this thread is because not too many people know of this exciting field and opportunities therein in nigeria. It is our duty to promote this in Nigeria and that was why i was quite happy when i saw your post on the thread.

You are very right, most big time positions in Logistics and SCM in Nigeria are being managed by expatriates. Shell for example will rather prefer to send expetriates to nigeria to handle such positions rather employ someone locally. Infact, a company like Shell mostly recruits Nigerian Techical ( Engineering) graduates abroad to return home to take up positions but they hardly recruit Nigerian graduates abroad into their commercial positions in which Logistics and Supply chain falls in within their organisation. They prefer foreign experts to handle such and that is why it might be a bit difficult to get recruited here from abroad. Anyway, nothing is impossible.

As regards CIPS, I don't really know so much about the certification, the only thing i know about it is that it's a UK based organisation and it's more about purchasing and supply which has always being the traditional functions within companys before the advent of the conventional SCM as discipline. As it is now, Purchasing is just an arm of the extended Supply Chain. Ofcourse you know that SCM is much more than procurement ( or maybe sourcing) , we ve got other interesting parts of the value chain process like Demand planning and the real supply planning itself, the core manufacturing itself ( covering production planning and other internal logistics like material handling, warehousing and the likes) and ofcourse distribution and transportation. Maybe because i have always been more of a full SCM boy, i see a certification in purchasing as just too limiting when there are other cerfications that covers all processes in the chain. APCIS ( America based) for example offers certification in SCM which can boost your chances of being relevant in any part of the chain. Anyway, as far as nigeria is concerned, CIPS wont be bad at all, it is a good way to really develop ones expertise in the procurement and sourcing are very strategic functions in any organisation. So, my brother u may go for it if the opportunity comes up. i have got a good resource on SCM, please chck this out: http://www.supply-chain.org/page.ww?section=SCOR+Model&name=SCOR+Model

As for work, i worked manufacturing multinational in nigeria ( within the FMCG) before coming abroad, so i know the big time coys who are really into SCM. But i would rather prefer to swich industry on returning home maybe Telecommunications and Oil and Gas. Though, pay is important but is not always the most pressing, the are rooms for comprises. I'm impressed with my qualifications and knowledge within the field but i need to put all these into alot of practise into boost my expertise and knowhow in the field.

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Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 4:52pm On Mar 08, 2006
Mike its Nice to see your reply and once more I must say it’s another Eye opener still, for me.
I Chose CIPS simply because I believe its certification will be a bit more acceptable in Nigeria as at Now, and what’s more the Body has reorganized the Need to change from The traditional functions within company’s, to conventional practice in SCM as a discipline and Modern sourcing function, starting from last month, CIPS has commenced a process to change in certification process, I believe all this is in a bid to become more relevant in the ever Dynamic profession of SCM.

APCIS (America based) certification in SCM, is not bad at all, but as at Now i don’t think they have a local arm of this body here in Nigeria and do conduct their professional exams here in Nigeria, that’s amongst the reason i had to settle for CIPS, since we now have CIPS approved Tutoring centers in Nigeria where one can study then take their Exams afterwards.
I still intend to find other bodies which will help one acquire knowledge and best practice, in all part of the supply chain. I am currently making enquiries at The Professional Society for Supply Chain Management South Africa, which i think is affiliated to (APCIS).

Thanks for the Link, I hope more people will join us to share their knowledge and information on how and where is best to keep developing once self in SCM and logistics.

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Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by zebudaya(m): 8:26pm On Mar 08, 2006
I just saw this post, and i was wondering what other opportunities there are for Industrial Engineers in Nigeria, apart from supply chain. I don't think i like finance. When you say logistics, is it the same thing as applying statistics to solve a problem?
I am an Industrial and Systems Engineering senior, and I want to know who's hiring us in Nigeria
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by mikedeoye(m): 8:37pm On Mar 08, 2006
Hi Wilson,

hope to read from you later.

Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by mikedeoye(m): 9:24pm On Mar 08, 2006
Zebudaya, good to know that ur are an Industrial Engineer. Ofcourse logistics or supply chain uses Statistics to solve problemsInfact just like in any field like marketing, finance what have u. However, Logistical management ( SCM) basically deals with the management of the flow of material and information across the 'value' chain. By 'value chain', i mean set of activities which are constituted of sourcing and purchasing of raw mtr'ls, the conversion ( manufacturing) of the raw materials into finish goods ( or usable services) and the final delivery ( dsitribution or transportation related) of the products (goods or services) to the final customer. Due to the increasing level of competition in the marketplace, SCM has over the years become very important operation which any company can use to leverage itself in the market. As Wills said, Logistical functions now constitute about 25% to 30 % of the total costs in most coys, ofcourse that calls for great consideration. Sure, no matter how small it may be, every company has as one thing or the other asscociated with logisctis and that creates opportunities anyone that is interested.

Apart from manufacturing, IEs can practise in any other industries like banking, consulting, Telecoms infact anyway u can think of.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by zebudaya(m): 10:53pm On Mar 09, 2006
Thank you very much for your post. It was very informative.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by Dewalex(m): 4:43pm On Mar 11, 2006
Hi all,, wills has made a good point on SCM this is a profession that  people  has never look into or take serious in Nigeria. This is a very lucrative profession anywhere in the world.
As per Nigeria, as time goes on it will be a talk of the town.
If anyone is interested in this career, please do go for it especially if u can do it outside Nigeria you will have competitive advantage over the others.
Good luck guys.

Please read this interesting article on SCM
Please visit http://www.careersinlogistics.co.uk/careers/profiles.html for more information on how to get into the sector.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 8:39am On Mar 13, 2006
Dewalex,Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us . U said it rightly SCM and Logistics is a Lucrative business and as such Open for people to build long lasting lucrative professions.
With a degree, in Engineering,  Business and social sciences ,  its quite easy to pursue this career.
Its very common to see, vacancies for Logistics officer, coordinators etc, on the papers these dadaysits an indication of the growth of this profession locally and the  labour need in this sector locally, which i expect to grow as economy activity picks up in virtually all sectors of the economy. All we need to do it pray that, The Politicians do Not spoil everything for us with their greed, This Government has Done its best, I feel they should Move over and let a new breed of contribute their quota to the development of Our country, and build a better economy for us all
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by dividend06(m): 2:09pm On Mar 16, 2006
Nice one guys, absolutely informative.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by soar7(m): 1:07pm On Mar 18, 2006
How does one get into this field? I have a Bsc in economics.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 2:59pm On Mar 21, 2006

How does one get into this field? I have a Bsc in economics.

Logistics and SCM cover a wide-ranging spectrum of functions, as someone with a background in Economics U sure can work as a logistician, Buyer, inventory and stock control etc.

If you are interested in getting into this filed, from my own point of view I think you need to consider the following.

Are you working already and if yes what’s the firm you wok for into…. Virtually every large organization and even some medium and small ones must have some need for Logistics officer or supply’s managers…. You many want to start from your present company to find out from people working in that section.

On the other hand if you are not working yet, or there is no SCM function within the company you work with, then you just in time to build your career, getting employment in logistics and SCM functions is kinda tough for fresh graduates, cus this jobs requires some level of experience in the industries to function well and grow, but never the less some firms are willing to training people and also give on the job training if you have some kind of related qualification ( professional or educational).

UNILAG Runs a post graduate program in Transport management and planning, this will not be a bad program to pursue, it gives a added advantage. Also you can try join CI
Charted institute of logistics and transport.CILT…. Its UK based but has a local arm here in Nigeria.
CILT(UK) is a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport which, as a Worldwide organization, operates through a number of autonomous National Councils, Independent Divisions and Branches.
This means that subscriptions are paid at local rates and in the current local currency

CILT Nigeria Contact to find out more

Greg Llukwe
National Executive Director
c/o Nigerian Railway Corporation Building
Murtala Muhammed Way
PO Box 152
Ebute Metta
002348033780239 (m)

However, it is recognized that some applicants may still want to apply for membership of the CILT(UK), especially if they reside for a length of time in the UK and/or their business interests operate in and around the UK markets, this is possible, provided you inform the CILT(UK) in writing.
Website: www.ciltuk.org.uk
There are many other foreign credible professional body, that can help in your pursuit to build a career in Logistics and SCM.

These are the little info I have @ hand, But fellows please contribute more to further enlighten folks and what ways to build a career in his field and secure good fulfilling jobs/careers…
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 7:23pm On Mar 24, 2006
Hi mikedeoye,
Check this out .
Careers in Africa UK Summit ,its taking place in London on April 28 - 30, 2006.

And there is positions available for many functions including, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing & Production

Apply online @
www.careersinafrica.com before March 31st, 2006, to be able to attend the summit.

See the Topic, careers in Africa UK summit on the Jobs section of naira land for more details,
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by waluz: 3:43pm On Apr 07, 2006
Hi members, thanks for your discussions about purchasing and SCM, its very important and it helps like some of us who are still in Unversity(persuing a degree in PSCM.)
I wanted any member to help me and provide a link to resources (study notes) in the field of PSCM any required information for study purposes. So far am in my 1st year and i really like this course and thats why i want to research more. so far i like notes for stores and inventory management and supply market management.
Hope members, you will help me.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 8:17pm On Apr 07, 2006
Waluz,good to know are join us to keep this tread alive and build our intrest.
For a start ucan check out
This group on the web, go to:
and join In,
I will post more useful links from time to time,
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by odunoba(m): 8:09pm On Apr 11, 2006
kindly furnish me about where the proffessional body of the above is and schools where there qualifications can be obtained.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by waluz: 5:21pm On Apr 13, 2006
Thanks wills for your link, i joined the group. have nice time, bye

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Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by eyeruroma(m): 6:55pm On Apr 22, 2006
I am seriously interested in Business Logistics. I want any member in the house to link me with any site where I can download freely good books on BUSINESS LOGISTICS?
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 6:40pm On Jul 21, 2006
The charted Institute of Purchasing and Supply CIPS Nigeria,
Ist Conference Held At Rockviwe Hotels Abjua 11 July 2006
One big Step in the Building up and development of the Procurement, and Supply chain management Profession in the public and private sectors.

In attendance where key resources personal in P and SCM, form the Private sectors and Government,

All interested folks of the SCM professions and related Profession. Watch out for details of the Conference on this tread,
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by BABS2006: 4:49pm On Jul 25, 2006
thanks for your lattest post concerning this topic- SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT.
I would like to be enlightened further on the responsibilities of finance staff in supply chain management.
this structure have just been introduced in the finance dept.of my company and i am lucky to be included in the team. I would like you or any other subcribers to please provide me with the details responsibility required as a finance staff.

thanks you.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by RTM: 5:19pm On Jul 25, 2006
Hi wills,

I consider myself lucky to come across this site and your quest for knowledge on supply chain mgt. Infact, I have searched for info on this topic but all to no avail. kindly share with me what you know about this "logistics and Scm". It is a new unit in my organization and I am lucky to be a pioneer member of the unit at a very senior level. I am to head the finance section of this new Department. Pls. Wills or any other person that have idea of what is expected of the finance section of SCM should help me out. Thanks.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 9:38am On Jul 26, 2006
Good to know you can join us fellow,……, I will try to find and post stuff on SCM and finance, in the mean while, join the SCM yahoo web group ,its Fun, you can post question and have people well grounded in the SCM field from all over the world, give answers.

Please people on this tread and anyone with vast knowledge on SCM and Finance, your help is most needed, do share your expertise with us.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by DemolaBad(m): 1:46pm On Jul 29, 2006
Hi. boy, am I interested inthis!

I work as Inventory control Analyst for a company here in Lagos and i've been wondering if at all there was any future in this job.
This thread gives me some hope.
I was pursuing a certification in ICAN before i joined this company and I thought I could go with ICAN, but not only have I found ICAN difficult but I see that the course has little to do with my job. i want to drop the "Accountant's dream" but i couldn't see where else to turn. Now I think there just might be something in this, and i want to know what it may be.
Inventory Control has become sort of monotonous for me (truthfully) and i need some advice.

really, what is there to purchsing? I believe you have to have knowledge about what you're buying and where the market for it exists. Where I work, we sell engineering equipment and I'm an economics graduate (working 3 Years now) and the truth is I know little about what I'm bringing into stock.
What advantage (or should I say Light) will a certification in this field bring me?
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 7:49pm On Jul 30, 2006
@Demola-bad, Glad to know that just like me, you too is interested in Knowing more about the Purchasing and Supply chain management field, Like you rightly said, working just in inventory can be somewhat monotonous. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, is a chain of integrated activities and stock management or warehouse management is one aspect of the profession, what a certification with Charted institute of purchasing and supply (MCIPS) will give to you I believe, is knowledge and acquired skills, of all aspect of the SCM chain, and not just warehousing… from Knowledge about the business environment in a global economy, to best or Good practice in stock control and management, logistic, supply sourcing, legal aspects of the SCM and Purchasing business, are just a few of what CIPS certification and other well accepted certifications in this sector aims to instill in the holders of such certification, so you don’t really have to work inventory , you can work in the planning aspect of SCM and Logistics, or contract management. The field is quite broad and a good grasp of virtually all the aspect of this filed through a professional certification will go a long way to help you build a career as an all rounder.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by DemolaBad(m): 7:37am On Jul 31, 2006
good mornong, Wills.
wow! That sounds like a lot to study!
I've been to the CILT website. Didn't see any Nigerian contacts.
where do you know I can make inquiries in Nigeria? I'll need to know how much it costs and if I really do need to pursue this.

For real, though, do you think there is a future in this? I mean you speak about this sort of job(career) being given by major companies to expats. can a Nigerian stand a competitive chance with a local certification?

everybody wants to go abroad for some degree or other certification. i don't think I have the resources.
man, what do i do?
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 9:20am On Jul 31, 2006
Good morning Demola, CILT, has a Nigerian contact, its posted here, on one of the discus on the tread, scroll up and you will see.
Demola regardless of the fact that I said certain companies will rather hire expatriates to fill top positions in the SCM operations in their company, there are still a lot of Nigerians that occupy positions in this field, the reason I said that is simply, other then Purchasing or Procurement,…. logistics and supply chain management , you will agree with me is a subject not in our educational curriculum, and it only makes sense to use people with the right expertise and skills to run top positions in this area in any business, I want to believe that for a Company like SPDC, they have taken it upon them selves and has over the years been encouraging their staffs in this sector to follow professional development in P and SCM thru CIPS, and now quite a hand full of the certified MCIPS in Nigeria are SPDC staffs.

For me I do believe there is a future in this profession, it cuts across all industry and sectors, public and private, so as it develops and more organizations locally recognizes the strategic role SCM plays and how is can really affect their entire business if well managed there will be a real need for professionals to hold these positions.

Demola the CILT and CIPS are not local certifications but rather international certification, its recognized globally and thus you are not limited in anyway, .Like you rightly said, not every one of us can go abroad to get further degree or certification that’s why I will recommend CIPS, its international and has a strong and growing local presence in Nigeria and other African nations, they have even made avenues available where membership subscriptions and exams registration fees can be paid in local currency .There are other professional bodies that are well respected in this field like the one in the US, but I chose CIPS because it has a local presence here in Nigeria, and even with out company support its something I can still cover the cost of running.

Take time and search the web, you get a whole lot more info and what’s more every professional training is a lot of study.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by DemolaBad(m): 11:31am On Aug 07, 2006
Demola the CILT and CIPS are not local certifications but rather international certification, its recognized globally and thus you are not limited in anyway, .Like you rightly said, not every one of us can go abroad to get further degree or certification that’s why I will recommend CIPS, its international and has a strong and growing local presence in Nigeria and other African nations, they have even made avenues available where membership subscriptions and exams registration fees can be paid in local currency .There are other professional bodies that are well respected in this field like the one in the US, but I chose CIPS because it has a local presence here in Nigeria, and even with out company support its something I can still cover the cost of running.

Take time and search the web, you get a whole lot more info and what’s more every professional training is a lot of study.

Good morning again, wills.
i have sent an email of inquiry to Mr. Greg Llukwe, the contact I got from one of your threads.

I appreciate with a grateful heart all you have shared with us on this forum.

I'll keep you updated on all I get as I proceed. thanks.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 3:50pm On Aug 17, 2006
Great Way to Track Supply Chain/Purchasing Savings
Hi @ RTM and BABS2006
I just came across this, and I think it will be somewhat useful to you guys since you deal with Finance related SCM function it by Larry Baton (Rouge, LA USA) he has 10 years experience in purchasing.
help prove savings to the Finance Department, he has built an
Access Application to track and report savings achieved daily.
Visit http://www.bizwebworld.com/supplychain to check it out.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by polo44: 10:06pm On Aug 31, 2006
Guys,i am impressed with the topic on scm.the scm in Nigeria today can be group along with procurement,and since the Federal Goverment of Nigeria did not have a procurement ministry the activities are not carried out by procurement profossionals in the public sector the problem rises to private sector as well, exept for some multinational companies.In regard to the best and acceptable institute in Nigeria that can offer training on scm it is the Nigerian institute of purchasing and supply management {NIPSM}.Yuo can make enquaries at the secretariat.27,shipeolu streetoff ikorodu road onipanu junction lagos.tel:o1-4730380.Iam a professional graduate of the institute and i owns a b.sc degree in business administration.you can mail me at kayfact@yahoo.com.
Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by wills(m): 8:19am On Sep 01, 2006
Thanks a great Deal @Polo44… This Info comes in handy, I encourage folks with a budding interest in SCM, and Procurement to avail them self’s of this opportunity and starts building there experience and certification locally, if you find the other ones a bit too expensive to pursue at this point in time.

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