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Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 9:37am On Jun 13, 2023
Does thinking a word stop us from experiencing what the word describes?

Yes and No.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 9:51am On Jun 13, 2023
You pick up most of your thoughts and emotions psychically, from the people you are physically near, and also from people for whom you have strong positive or negative emotional feelings. In addition, you also pick up psychic impressions from where you work or go to school, the roads you drive on, the stores you shop in, the city and the country you live in, and, to a certain extent, from all the people who live on our very crowded planet.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 9:55am On Jun 13, 2023
In what way are we affected by other people’s vibratory impressions?

Well, let us suppose that you live next to an alcoholic. You might suddenly find yourself wanting to drink. If you follow that feeling, which was not yours to begin with, you might start to drink on a regular basis. Then, in an intoxicated haze, you might neglect your work, get mad at the people you care about, or even get into a car accident. In short, if you followed the feelings of the alcoholic next door, without realizing they weren’t your own feelings, you could ruin your entire life! Or let us say,"that you love someone who is very depressed. Even though that person may live in a different part of the country from you, you may find yourself thinking and feeling that person’s unhappy thoughts and depressed emotions, even though you might be a very happy person.
Psychic impressions can also remain in a physical location for some time. If a newly married couple who were very happy with each other moved into a home just vacated by a couple whose marriage had ended in divorce, the newlyweds might find themselves fighting with each other all the time, even though they really loved one another.
Without either of them consciously realizing it, the newlyweds could easily pick up the thought forms of the previous tenants of the house, assume these were their own thoughts and feelings, and act upon them. In addition to the vibratory effect that individuals who are physically near can have upon us,and the even stronger effect that people to whom we are emotionally close have, we are also affected by the collective consciousness of all of humanity’s vibrations.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 10:06am On Jun 13, 2023
Very few people become enlightened in any given lifetime.
Re: Meditation by Aladdin1(m): 4:14pm On Jun 13, 2023
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:04pm On Jun 13, 2023
Whats your location? how may one learn meditation from an experienced guru? ?
The first and most basic thing you gain from studying with a master is pure power.When you are with your master, he transfers highgrade kundalini energy into your subtle body. The empowerments from your master energize and activate your chakras, allowing you to do things that you could not possibly do with the amount of energy you normally have at your disposal.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:11pm On Jun 13, 2023
Whats your location? how may one learn meditation from an experienced guru? ?

Your master’s auric empowerment awakens your past-life abilities and talents, and can even boost your IQ.
When you study directly with an enlightened master,you also gain vibrational purity. Just being in your master’s aura on a regular basis will detoxify your aura, and even help you to remove many of the negative karmic patterns that you have acquired over the course of your incarnations.
Another important thing you gain by studying with a master is example. By watching your master in different situations, you will get to personally see how a Buddhist master displays grace under pressure, in all situations. Life is never easy, not even for the enlightened. As a matter of fact, enlightened masters are often persecuted by the society they live in.An enlightened master is cuttingly honest with people. Human beings are so used to lying to each other, and to themselves, that they have come to call a great deal of their lying the truth.
But enlightened masters always tell the real truth. This tends to make them unpopular with lots of people, including their own students. But if what you really seek is enlightenment,then you will want and need your master’s honesty, even if it bruises your big ego on a regular basis.
Re: Meditation by Aladdin1(m): 7:50pm On Jun 13, 2023

The first and most basic thing you gain from studying with a master is pure power.When you are with your master, he transfers highgrade kundalini energy into your subtle body. The empowerments from your master energize and activate your chakras, allowing you to do things that you could not possibly do with the amount of energy you normally have at your disposal.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 12:29am On Jun 14, 2023
How may i meet my master? Can you teach me the path to enlightenment?
They live in little villages in India or up in the high Himalayas in Tibet.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 12:38am On Jun 14, 2023
How may i meet my master? Can you teach me the path to enlightenment?
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 12:45am On Jun 14, 2023
The mind is limited. It's a small computer, a little home computer. It can only process a certain amount of information. It has a limited storage facility—64K. However, there are other parts of our being that can do much more. Now, the mind will not necessarily be aware of what the other parts of the being do or will only have glimpses of it. In order to become aware of what the other parts of our being do, we must move into the superconscious. From a point high on top of the mountain we can look down and see everything that's happening in the valley, on any side. When we're in the valley, sometimes it's hard to see just past the next line of trees. So from a high altitude, from the superconscious, you become aware of what the many sides of your being do.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 1:15am On Jun 14, 2023
Science tells us that it's healthy to dream. If we deprive a person of dreams, if we keep waking them up every time they start to dream and then let them fall back asleep⎯if a person doesn't dream enough, they begin to exhibit abnormal behavior when they are awake. It seems that dreaming is a very healthy experience. It purges us. It allows us to process, or cycle through, many different emotions and experiences, radical feelings and tendencies, which would perhaps enter into the world of the waking experience otherwise, and which might not be socially acceptable. So in dreaming we can do what we want to. We can break all the rules and not hurt anyone, including ourselves, and then we can enter into the rational orthodox world after awakening.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 1:22am On Jun 14, 2023
When we dream at night, what is actually happening is our subtle physical body, our astral body, another body of ours, is traveling. It's traveling into different worlds, different dimensions that our physical body can't see or perceive or enter into. And at night we travel to these worlds. There are countless astral worlds and we have experiences there. Some of the worlds are lower worlds, hell worlds, worlds that are infested with demons and horrible forms. And in these worlds, we see our worst fears. They do exist. Other worlds are heavenly worlds, beautiful worlds, worlds of color and light. When we enter into these worlds in dreaming, we rarely remember them afterwards. We can remember the horrible worlds because we can relate to them. If we see a horrible creature or being or an unkind person, if someone's chasing us, those things can happen in this world it seems. But for most people, which is indicative of the spectrum of consciousness that most people experience, it's very hard to retain the higher astral dreams. When you move into a world of pure light, of ecstasy, various shades of spiritual coloration⎯since most people experience so little of that in this world, what we would call the world of the waking⎯there's no point of relation. When you wake up, you lose it because there's nothing to join it to in this world, whereas in this world there's hate and fear and violence and aggression. These are the dominant themes of the world of men and women. The perception of beauty is extant, but not as developed, so it's easier for us to retain the lower dreams. Also, many people don't climb into the higher astral regions that frequently because they're bound by their desires and tendencies. As you are in the waking world, so you are in the dreaming world. If you're still attracted to the material worlds exclusively, if you're bound by fears and personality structures, then in dreaming you'll also be drawn to those worlds. Your hidden desires will manifest.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 1:31am On Jun 14, 2023
In the yoga of dreaming, in which there are two primary stages, we begin by learning how to dream. At night, when we go to sleep, we meditate first and we plan to wake up in the dream, to become conscious during a dream that we're dreaming. So you'll be asleep and you'll be engaged in a dream, perhaps you'll be walking through Times Square in New York City or visiting a friend's house. And of course you're unaware that you're dreaming. Then suddenly, you say, "Wait a minute! This is a dream! I'm dreaming. I know my body is lying asleep somewhere and this is a dream. And as a dreamer, I can now change realities at will. Now that I've brought my attention into this dream and I'm no longer locked into the movie where all I'm aware of is what's on the screen, I can actually realize I'm sitting here watching it. I can change movies. It's like being in one of the Cineplex theaters where they have eight different movie screens, eight different little theaters, and you can get up and leave the theater and walk into another theater. And then another and another. You can choose what you want to dream. That is to say, you can travel and have conscious experiences in the dream state. You can go and visit a higher being in another world, see your friends, visit those who have left this world. You can dream your way to wherever you'd like to go or be.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 1:33am On Jun 14, 2023
You can dream yourself to a physical location. For example, let's say you're sleeping, and something's going on 100 miles away. Well, you can actually go there in your dream body, see what's physically taking place at that time, then come back, wake up and remember, know what was occurring 100 miles away during those hours of your sleep. Experiments have been conducted at several universities where people have demonstrated this ability, which is of course old hat to Tibetan dreamers. People have been able to report conversations exactly that were occurring at great distances, which they could not have possibly witnessed without going there in their body of dreaming.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 1:37am On Jun 14, 2023
So in the first step of dreaming, we set up dreaming. Oh, there are dream exercises that you can practice to help. Before you go to bed, you should sit up and meditate on something that you're going to do in dreaming. Meditate for a while and have a nice meditation, and perhaps at the end of meditation, and perhaps for a few minutes at the beginning, you'll think of a place that you'd like to go in dreaming, where you'll become conscious. A power place perhaps, where you've been, and you'll go there in dreaming and become conscious that you're dreaming. You might go and meet someone in dreaming and you'll think to yourself, "Well, I'm going to go see so and so in dreaming and wake up in my dreaming when I meet them.” And if you hold the image of the person in your mind, particularly if you focus on your third eye, the agni chakra, between the eyebrows and a little bit above, during your meditation, it will be relatively easy for you, with practice, to accomplish this. Now, there may be many, many months and every night you'll be practicing dream yoga and you won't get there. But if you don't give up, eventually you will. That's the first state of dream yoga, and that's to become conscious in the dream world. Then the next step is, of course, to see that the waking world is the dream. Once we're in the dream world and we wake up there, then we see that this other world, this waking world, is just another dream and that there's no essential difference between the two. When you're asleep at night and you're in a dream, it's perfectly real. It is reality. Oh, later when we awaken and the dream fades, we say, "Well, gosh, it was only a dream.” But in the dream world, when you wake up, if you recall the waking world, which has now faded, you'll realize that the waking world is only a dream. Eventually you'll see that there is no difference between the dreaming world and the waking world. Both are dreams. All are dreams.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 1:37am On Jun 14, 2023
Now, there's something that lies beyond the threshold of a dream. Beyond the threshold of a dream is waking, eternal waking, which is the superconscious. The superconscious awareness is beyond dreaming and sleeping, in deep sleep, beyond what we would call normal waking. It's a state of eternal, timeless consciousness, in which there's no sense of form or self as we've grown to know it. And with no self, there are no dreams. Perfect peace, perfect light, the awareness of your own immortality, beyond discussion. All dreams come forth from the superconscious and all dreams return to the superconscious. So the art of dreaming is a pathway to enlightenment, one of the many. Dream yoga.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 2:00am On Jun 14, 2023
The crown chakra is the nexus of one thousand dimensional planes. That is why, in Buddhist Yoga, it is often referred to as the thousand-petaled lotus of light. The amount of kundalini you are able to bring into your crown chakra,will determine how many of those dimensions—the petals of the crown chakra—become simultaneously active. The different samadhis are simply measurements of how many of the thousand petals of the crown chakra you are able to simultaneously access. The more dimensions in your crown chakra you can simultaneously access, the more ecstatic your samadhi is, and the more complete your experience of nirvana will be.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 2:01am On Jun 14, 2023
There are said to be three stages of samadhi—Salvikalpa samadhi, Nirvikalpa samadhi and Sahaja samadhi. Salvikalpa samadhi is like accidentally falling into a beautiful and pure lake of absolute bliss. You did not fall in intentionally, but you found it refreshing nevertheless.
Nirvikalpa samadhi is like intentionally diving into the same lake, and swimming and playing in it for a time. Sahaja samadhi is like living on a houseboat in the middle of the lake of bliss, and occasionally coming ashore for supplies.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 2:10am On Jun 14, 2023
When you die and your perception of this world ceases to be⎯which occurs every night when you enter the deep sleep state, where there are no dreams⎯this world goes away, it doesn't exist. This world does not have an existence that is independent of your being.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 6:59am On Jun 14, 2023
There are other ways to look at dreaming. We view and see life through levels of attention. By that I mean that as you're listening to my voice right now, you are having a series of perceptions. These perceptions are conditioned by your sense of selfhood. The way you regard yourself, the way you see the world and life, is something that you have constructed. Just as in a dream we will have a completely defined reality⎯we go to Disneyland and we're going to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean cruise, and we'll ride the little boat and there'll be pirates all around us, doing the things that pirates do. We'll enter into a complete world for a while, with its own conditions, its own laws, its own gravitation. Each dream is a world in itself. So the state of awareness that you are in is a dream. Now, when you're in the dream, you don't necessarily see that. It's only on stepping outside of the dream that we become aware that we were in a dream. When you're in something, you don't have proper perspective, is what I'm suggesting. Or we could say that you do have proper perspective, but it's only the perspective of the dream. The art of the perceiver, of the dreamer, is to see and understand that all of the ways of seeing life that we have, within any given lifetime, are dreams, and to be able to step outside of our dreams and see them as dreams, which is of course another dream. This world is made up not of people, places, things and conditions, but of different dreams. It's a dreaming vortex. When you were a child, you saw the world in a certain way. You no longer see the world as you did when you were four. You may forget what it was like to be four. How you viewed life: your emotions, your feelings, the sense of taste, touch, smell, sound. But the world you're in now, the glasses you look through, are very different. When you were a child you were in the dream of childhood. Then you were in the dream of adolescence. Now you're perhaps in the dream of being an adult. Then there's the dream of old age. There are dreams within dreams. There's the dream of romance, there's the dream of marriage, there's the dream of the family, there's the dream of success and of failure, the dream of war and peace, the dream of art, accomplishment. What I'm suggesting is that life is like a giant computer, I suppose. The computer is nothing without the software. The computer is just a big piece of metal, tubes, transistors, chips, diodes, and it sits there and it doesn't do much. What gives the computer life is the software, the programs that we run on the computer. Now, there is no such thing as a program. A program is a dream. We dream a context in an alphanumeric sense. We create a reality through designing a program. This is why I think computer programming is so fascinating and such a good art for a person who practices meditation, because it's advanced dreaming. When you write a program, you are practicing dreaming. So we write a program. Oh, perhaps to generate a list, a database, accounting package, a game, whatever it may be. We create a reality. There was nothing. And then we put one point in the center of a blackboard, and then there's one point. Then we put another point there and we draw a line between the two. Then there's a third point or a fourth point; we draw lines in different directions. We develop a decimal code. We gradually construct something. There was nothing originally, except our open perception. But then we put the pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle together, and a picture forms. And we look at the picture, and if we look at it long enough, we believe that it exists independently of our perception of it, which is not the case at all. It is our perception that gives everything life.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 7:03am On Jun 14, 2023
There are places in this world where it's easier to change levels of attention, it's easier to dream⎯dreaming in the sense of when you're awake, in the waking state or in the dreaming state. Places of power. The American Indians used to go to places like this to dream. They were called dream quests. When a young man reached a certain age, or if at any point in life you had to make a decision, you would go to a place of power, a high hilltop, a lonely desert, a place by the ocean. It was usually relatively inaccessible. There were spirits and forces. The magnetic energies and subtle physical energies of the place of power were different. There were beings that existed there, guardians who would help you. You would go to the place of power, perhaps fasting for several days, three or four days first, to cleanse your body and develop your attention, to draw it away from the world, which is synonymous with food. You would focus your attention on eternity. You would go to the dreaming place, and you'd stay there and spend the night there. And at night you would be able to dream different dreams. Someone would come and visit you in your dreams, perhaps an ancestor or a spirit would come and tell you something that you needed to know, where your tribe should travel to, what you should do. You'd be given secret information by other beings; advanced beings in other levels of reality would come to you. The gateway between this world and other worlds would open.
Then there are those whom we call the enlightened, who are always dreaming. They are dream vortexes. They are moveable places of power. When you are with one of them, it's the same as being in a place of power. You can dream more easily. When you go to a place of power, it's easy to change levels of attention, to change dreams⎯changing dreams not simply by going there and falling asleep and dreaming of “Darby O'Gill and the Little People,” but in the sense that while you're awake, if you sit and meditate there, you'll find it very easy to change levels of attention. When you change levels of attention during meditation you can change levels of attention permanently.
Re: Meditation by Aladdin1(m): 4:29pm On Jun 14, 2023
So how do we row?.Are you based in Naija?

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Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 6:02pm On Jun 14, 2023
When that(Brahman) which is in the form of cause and effect is seen,the knot of the heart is broken.All doubts are dispelled.And all his karma wears out.If you stick your hand in a fire it will get burnt.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 6:04pm On Jun 14, 2023
Of everything he is the inmost self.He is the truth;he is the Self supreme- Chandogya Upanishad
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 6:07pm On Jun 14, 2023
Two birds with beautiful wings,which are close friends,cling to the same tree of them,one eats the fruits with relish.The other looks on without eating.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 9:22pm On Jun 14, 2023
Places of vision, of course, are usually on tops of hills or overlooking mesas or on a high mountain. They’re places where you can see with extreme clarity. Now, they don’t have to be physically high, but usually they are. Sometimes it’s by a river, by a stream, by water. Water is a reflector of cosmic energy.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 8:19am On Jun 15, 2023
The best time to meditate is when you first get up, whether it’s morning, evening or afternoon, depending upon your schedule. It’s nice to be clean; it wakes you up and just takes a lot of the energies off. Water neutralizes strange energy, unpleasant energy. So if you can take a shower before your -- we’ll call it the morning meditation, regardless of when you do it -- that’s a good idea. Or at least wash your hands and face. But water takes a lot of the strange energies that you’ve picked up in dreaming and the human aura of the planet Earth and washes it away and it makes it easier to meditate.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 8:20am On Jun 15, 2023
Creativity is a nice quality but it doesn’t have much to do with learning to stop thought. Consistency does. Consistency really involves just doing something once, each time, and not thinking about time or space or repetition. You just live it once. Forever. And that’s consistency. That’s perfect consistency.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 8:21am On Jun 15, 2023
To meditate, what I suggest a person do is, of course, they sit in an upright position -- if you lie down you relax too much and you don’t really have the focus of concentration necessary to meditate
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 8:22am On Jun 15, 2023
Normally, kundalini is always flowing through all your chakras, through your subtle body, subtle physical body, what we call your astral body. Kundalini is the blood of the astral. And it’s doing everything it needs to, but it doesn’t need to flow much more than it is, unless there’s reason, unless there’s demand, unless there’s activity. So in human life, unless there’s something very major that happens of an emotional nature, there’s very rarely an elevation in, kind of, the seratonin level of kundalini. It doesn’t change much. But when you seek to enter into other states of consciousness, that requires more energy, and so the kundalini flows. Of course the more complete your concentration is and the less thought, awareness of self in the mind, the more the kundalini flows and the higher you go beyond body, mind, time and space and so on. It’s hard to talk about some of these things; you have to really experience them.
Re: Meditation by Meditation01(m): 8:25am On Jun 15, 2023
A person who meditates, who becomes a programmer, is like a duck in a happy pond. You’re in the right situation for many, many reasons. But the reason I like computer programming the most is that it has to do with visualization and creation. When we’re programming, we’re extending ourselves into a series of planes of mind in which we have to, in a very creative way, interact with data and create pathways through things, particularly when we get into the world of complicated relational databases and mainframe systems. We’re creating, kind of, neural pathways. We’re mirroring the mind as best we can. It’s necessary in complex programming to make jumps that are nonlinear -- to get to a point of understanding as to how the data pathways should flow. I mean, data pathways are God in advanced programming, essentially. In order to create data pathways, we have to get to them before they exist, in our mind. That’s the real secret. In other words, there’s a place for a data pathway that cannot be directly seen because it’s nonlinear, it’s not logical. And in meditation we develop an intuitive skill whereby we enter into nothingness, the voidness of existence. And within that voidness are all possibilities, but they’re not necessarily built upon human logic. In other words, it’s intuitive. We learn to use the nothingness of infinity to create things that we could not get to in a straight line. In other words, the shortest distance between two points is your mind. It’s not a straight line, it’s your mind. If we go into the mind, we can see data structures in other worlds, in other universes, in other infinities. We can bring those data structures into this world, and then we create data pathways that we could not have conceived of in a logical linear sequence, but we can just assess their thereness. Then those data structures become binding realities in which we entwine data pathways, and so on and so forth. That’s computer programming at a higher level -- other than AI, which is a little different, not that different. That’s kind of what we do in advanced meditation. We are going into nonsequential universes of mind and creating pathways between the parts of us that exist. And we interphase different parts of ourself and our being in different time/space structures and beyond time/space structures in different gradients of auric light in order to transmute our consciousness.

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