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Romance / Re: What Determines A Wife Material In Your Own Opinoin by Abedi4JESUS(m): 2:01am On May 11, 2020
Religion / Re: Prophet Fufeyin: Now Is The Time To Display Your Wealth By Giving To The Needy by Abedi4JESUS(m): 3:18pm On Apr 17, 2020
Politics / Re: Bishop Oyedepo, Atiku And Obasanjo Meet At OBJ's Residence In Abeokuta (Photos) by Abedi4JESUS(m): 3:11pm On Oct 11, 2018
Atiku is officially CAN's candidate. It is now very obvious why Oyedepo and the other tithe mongering pastors have been attacking Buhari. It is all about their selfish desire to continue to benefit corruptly from Aso rock and nothing else.

What morality do these people preach to their members when they shamelessly frolic with well known political rogues? They want to forcefully return us to the 'stealing is not corruption era' and sadly, some gullible people are already falling in line.

Keep talking about corruption when the lives of cows are more valuable than that of humans. If you don't repent, your village may be the next to partake of the good that Buhari did to the people of Benue, Plateau, Taraba and the likes
Politics / Re: Anxiety As Nigeria’s Fresh 25 Oil Cargoes Await Buyers by Abedi4JESUS(m): 1:24pm On Oct 11, 2018


1. In the seventh year that king Obasanjo reigned over the kingdom, a great trouble broke out in the land. For when his time was come nigh that he may descend from the throne that he called unto himself noble men in the land.

2. And he declared unto them saying: "Now that my days on the throne are few, allow me therefore to rule over thee for another four years".

3. And he gathered together of them that maketh laws in the Red Chamber in the city of the king, and even unto they in the Green Chamber, that they may amend the books of the law to favour him.

4. But this thing grieved Atiku the son of Abubakar who was the king's deputy. And he said unto his master, "howbeit seekest thou to rule over the people for another term? sweareth not thou by the name of thy god to set me upon the throne after thee?

5. Practice thou not this great evil against me and against the kingdom for it is written in the books of the law that a king may not reign but for two terms which equal eight years''. But these words changeth not the heart of the king.

6. And Atiku conspired with the Governors of the provinces and of the men who maketh laws in the city of the great king and they rejected king Obasanjo that he may continually reign over the kingdom.

7. And the king was wrought with grave anger and he declared according to these words to Atiku the son of Abubakar saying, "because thou hath done this great evil unto me, thou shall no longer sit upon the throne of this kingdom even unto thy death".

8. When the son of Abubakar saw that the king favoureth him not, that he departed from the camp of the king by the name PDP, and pitched his tent in the camp of the king's adversaries by the name ACN that he may contend the throne of the kingdom.

9. And it came to pass that Governor Yaradua who ruleth over the province of Katsina found favour in the sight of king Obasanjo. And when the time was come for the appointment of the king that he defeated Atiku and was appointed and anointed king over the kingdom. And king Yaradua ruleth the kingdom with the fear of God. But his days as king was full of affliction.

10. And when king Yaradua gave up the ghost that Goodluck the son of Jonathan who siteth by his side as the deputy reigned after him. But when the time was come nigh that the son of Jonathan be appointed again that Atiku departed from the camp of the king's adversaries and entered into the king's camp that he may be appointed.

11 . But the son of Jonathan defeated Atiku again for he spake according to these words unto the people, "I feel thy pains brethren for I was once like thee. I wore no sandals on the soul of my feet in the years of my youth when seeketh I knowledge, for my parents were of little means". And the people loved him and appointed him.

12. And the host of the other camps were vexed with a great vexation. For sixteen years they made battle against the king's camp and hath not prevailed against it.

13. And a certain noble man by the name Audu the son of Ogbe declared unto the leaders of the camps that contended the throne with the king's camp saying: "howbeit thinkest thou in thy heart to prevail against the king's camp if comest thou not together as one?

14. Harken to my voice this day, come let us reason together that we may enlarge our coast and verily, verily I say unto thee, the throne of the kingdom shall be delivered into our hands.

15. Of the camps that came together that day to form the APC were ACN from the west, ANPP from the North and a part of APGA from the East of the kingdom. Even the unhappy in the camp of PDP crossed over into the camp too.

16. And Atiku the son of Abubakar departed again from the king's camp by the name PDP and entered into the camp of the king's adversaries that he may contend the throne.

17. But Mohammed the son of Buhari was favoured among them that seeketh the throne from the camp of the APC for he swore unto the leaders of the camp saying, "Behold brethren, I am full of age and my eyes are becoming dim, suffer me to ascend unto the throne for I shall only reign for four years". And Buhari was anointed king over the kingdom.

18. And it troubled the son of Abubakar in his heart that he was rejected as king again. But he saith in his heart, I shall be of long suffering and remain in this camp for I shall ascend unto the throne after the fourth year of king Buhari.

19. But it came to pass that as the end of the fourth year of king Buhari's reign was at hand that the advisers in the king's court said unto him, be of good courage, gird thy loins and present thyself to be appointed again to reign over the kingdom for another four years.

20. And when Atiku heard of these words that he was vexed with anger and he repenteth that he joined the APC.

21. And he said, "I shall arise and go back to PDP which is the camp of my youth. And I shall declare unto them, “I have sinned against thee and against God. Accept me this day that I may once again contend the throne in thy bosom”.

22. And on the twenty fourth day of the eleventh month of the year before a new king is appointed that Atiku the son of Abubakar departed from the camp of APC and joined the camp of his youth.

23. And there was great jubilation in the camp of PDP that day for they said, “Verily, the prodigal son returneth.

24. But they forgot that Aremu, the son of Obasanjo, who still sees himself as the King maker, will not approve of it.

Nice one
Celebrities / Re: 'Chioma Breaks Up With Davido' - Kemi Olunloyo Says Pray For Davido by Abedi4JESUS(m): 8:45am On Oct 11, 2018

I'm a junior pastor at my church. Be careful

Be it known to Nairalanders this day that this GoTV is anti Christ. I have gone through his comments and no Good Christian would compare Christianity to a religion that breeds terrorists all over the world. If you don't desist from such act, the judgement of God would come upon you.... remember we don't take up arms for our GOD. Be warned
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Uba 2018 Recruitment Whatsapp Group by Abedi4JESUS(m): 9:26pm On Apr 18, 2018
Career / Your Potential by Abedi4JESUS(m): 12:54pm On Mar 28, 2018
Less than 5 percent of the world’s population utilize up to 13 percent of their full potentials. Those 5 percent are called genius. What are our potentials? Myles Munroe noted that “we should die empty”. To die empty means to die having harnessed our potentials and used it for the benefit of humanity. Our potential is unlimited. Man is created to dominate the earth including all other creatures (Gen1:28) not just to dominate your classroom, workplace or community. About 13 percent of your potentials is not just to be a bank manager but to own a bank, not just to be a software expert but a software developer, not just to make a first class but to graduate with 5 point CGPA on a 5 point scale, not to make A’s but 100 percent, not just to play instrument but to produce some, not just to study hard but to understand everything studied, not just to earn money but to make money, not just to pray but to be a god, the list is endless.
How many people have died empty? Certainly non! How many people have harnessed their full potential? Certainly non! An America’s past president noted that in this 21st century, the riches of the world will no longer be on what is beneath the ground, but what humans carry within. Do you know what you carry? Paul said I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. The world no longer celebrates about 10 feet super giants but those ordinary men that have made themselves extraordinary by seeing “I’m possible in every impossible” and transforming them to reality. It is palpable that in this century, there is no impossibility. How? Since man can now fly, man can now communicate with people overseas, attend church services online, hypnotism drugs are being produced, gadgets now interacts with the human minds, missiles are being launched, invisible fighter jets are being produced, someday, man will teleport. What are you thinking? Think outside the box. Surround yourself with the right persons, seek for strategic information. Your Degree or experience should not determine your life. You are worth more than that but strive to be the best in every stage you are in life. Ben Carson will always say “Dream big”.
For comments, corrections and criticisms please use RICHYOUNG79@YAHOO.COM Thanks.
Business / How To Draft Your Own Business Plan by Abedi4JESUS(m): 11:43pm On Mar 04, 2018
Good day, writing a business plan is quite easy, however it takes a lot of resilience for a starter especially in the financial segment
To learn everything about business plan, please click the link below.

Business / Re: Feasibility Study/business Plan For Unisex Salon by Abedi4JESUS(m): 11:31pm On Feb 09, 2018
From 35,000 upwards depending on the nature of the business, the capital involved amongst others

You can contact Mr kings on RICHYOUNG79@YAHOO.COM
Business / Re: Feasibility Study/business Plan For Unisex Salon by Abedi4JESUS(m): 9:54am On Feb 08, 2018
We write comprehensive business plans at an affordable rate.

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Politics / Tribalism In Nigeria by Abedi4JESUS(m): 2:06am On Nov 03, 2017

One of the major problems facing Nigeria as a country is tribalism. Tribalism and nepotism affects virtually ‘every’ aspect of Nigeria including sports, politics, ministries, banking sector, aviation, insurance, oil and gas, Ict, commerce, education amongst others and even as sensitive as religious bodies. We all agree that one of the major weaknesses of president Buhari’s administration is tribalism due to the fact that political appointments are given to people from the North. But come to think of it, the three major tribes in Nigeria are tribalistic, but from my own point of view, the Igbos are the most tribalistic, next to the Hausas in Nigeria. It is generally believed that the Igbos pursue after business, the yourbas-education and the Hausas –politics and power. As God may have it, each tribe got what they wanted.

It is undisputable that the Igbos control the commercial sector in Nigeria. Them, controlling the commercial sector does not mean they are the only successful people in business, but they make up a large number of the successful entrepreneurs in commerce, international trade, manufacturing, as well as petty businesses while the Yorubas mostly pursue after education. Talking about outstanding lawyers, lecturers, Accountants, amongst others they are in charge. However, a small percentage go into entrepreneurship with their vast knowledge. The yorubas exhibit an advantage over the Igbos by partnering with those who have power (Hausas), that is why you see some very rich Yorubas but they make up a very little percentage of the Yoruba population. The Hausas decide to retain power by excessively increasing their population to always be favoured by democracy. Presently they control almost every aspect of Government including military, ministries, amongst others.

I am a Batch B II stream corps member serving in Katsina state, and a fellow Hausa teacher told me that the Igbos initiated tribalism in Nigeria. He said that, before the Biafra war, the Igbos dominated in ‘top key’ positions in the military, education sector, ministries, amongst others and that when an Igbo man is occupying a key position as a result of his qualification, few years later he goes home to bring another of his brother, who in turn brings another of his brother which is not uncommon in the Igbo culture. But what shocked me most was that he said, some of the Igbos were using forged certificate to occupy key positions in government agencies which I believed without thinking twice. At a time, the Igbos dominated in “every” sector in the states’ economy leaving Northern indigens with nothing to do other than farming.

My view- we know that our Hausa brothers were not educated then, but we also know what our zealous Igbo brothers are capable of doing.
The Hausas out of hatred, revolted by killing the Igbos which could not be controlled by the then administration which led to the Biafra war”.

How do we address this issue of tribalism presently?

My take- Since the North who are not very educated controls political power, when carrying out their appointments, they should understand that Nigeria is not a regional or personal business. If they truly want One Nigeria,
1. They should have the mentality that Nigeria belongs to EVERYONE and it should reflect in their appointments and policies for example: accepting the idea of restructuring
2. Sensitive top positions like ministry of finance, Central Bank, debt management, education, external affairs, ministry of inland revenue, CAC, amongst others should be given to competent people while tribalism can prevail in the lower levels.
3. And they should also have the mindset that since Nigeria belongs to everyone, the position of the presidency should be rotated without resistance.
We agree that president Buhari is tribalistic, but before we say that, let us check ourselves and ensure that we are not.

Finally, to the Niger Deltans- learn to help one another. Few trees can never make a forest
Proudly Deltan
Proudly Nigerian
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Comments are welcome- Thanks
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancy For Facilitator by Abedi4JESUS(m): 5:03pm On Oct 31, 2017
What field?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancy- Accountant by Abedi4JESUS(m): 5:00pm On Oct 31, 2017
Please location and qualifications
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lasaco Assurance Job Invite by Abedi4JESUS(m): 4:56pm On Oct 29, 2017
Seriously? Thanks
Jobs/Vacancies / Lasaco Assurance Job Invite by Abedi4JESUS(m): 9:59pm On Oct 28, 2017
Hello house, i just got a job invite from LASACO insurance as a marketer, please for those that are ahead, what am i likely to expect in the interview and how much is their pay like? Their working conditions, amongst others........Thanks.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Fbn Insurance Job by Abedi4JESUS(m): 9:48pm On Oct 28, 2017
The answers to this will be of great help to me as well

Experience answers please
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Account Executive Urgently Needed! by Abedi4JESUS(m): 8:14am On Oct 28, 2017
If a recruiter could be so insensitive to decipher the difference between 'this looks like scam and 'this is scam', I rest my case. All the same, job seekers beware!!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Vacancies! Vacancies!! Vacancies!!! by Abedi4JESUS(m): 6:03pm On Oct 26, 2017
Please contact me to supply you quality wood chairs, beds, etc as well as cane and iron chairs at a very cheap rate. 07065730951 or abedikingsley@gmail.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Account Executive Urgently Needed! by Abedi4JESUS(m): 3:51pm On Oct 25, 2017
This looks like scam.... Job seekers beware
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Vacancy by Abedi4JESUS(m): 3:17pm On Oct 20, 2017
Contact for Account and Economics experienced home tutor....ICAN in view
Nairaland / General / Incessant Robbery Attacks Along Birnin-gwari Road by Abedi4JESUS(m): 5:04am On Oct 07, 2017
Please forward until it gets to relevant authorities…………
I am used to travelling through Birnin-Gwari /Dandume road because of the nature of my job. It is no longer new that Birnin-Gwari/Dandume (Kaduna/Katsina) road is known for incessant robbery attacks by some unidentified Fulani men who are mostly heavily armed. Just this week we saw on Nairaland that Abba Kyari rescued an assistant commissioner of police abducted along that same road, then on Tuesday 2nd of October, 2017 a lot of people were also robbed from around 8am to 9am although no life was lost. On that day the victims explained that after robbing them ALL, the robbers started looking for those of (Non Yoruba/Hausa)-Igbo origin to kill and luckily enough non was found that day. Few weeks to the just concluded Sallah celebration during the peak of the Biafra agitation in the South East, some bodies were found along that same road but rumour has it that those who were killed were the ones who did not have any money to tender to the armed robbers. Who knows whether it’s the whole truth? Relevant authorities should intensify security in that region so that the situation does not escalate into what can no longer be contained. Boko Haram started by killing Christians and burning churches, but now they kill Muslims too and even burn mosques. It is quite commendable that as at this Thursday 4th of October, four Check points were observed along that road instead of the regular ‘one’ and the authorities are advised to continue even at nights for a sustainable period and as well go after the robbers to stop them from migrating to another location which may be dangerous as well. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Business Plan Write Up by Abedi4JESUS(m): 2:51pm On Oct 01, 2017
Business / Re: How To Write A Business Plan Or Feasibiility Study Report (fish Farm) by Abedi4JESUS(m): 10:30am On Jun 24, 2017
Sir, please provide your email or phone number let's go private
Business / Re: How To Write A Business Plan Or Feasibiility Study Report (fish Farm) by Abedi4JESUS(m): 12:40pm On Jun 23, 2017
Please continue

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