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Politics / Re: Data Shows That Peter Obi Outperformed Both Tinubu And Fashola As Governor by Achilles881: 8:36pm On Oct 08, 2022

Every state representative should be able to live in the state they rep and govern

Which is exactly what obi is doing, but anambra doesn't have the kind of federal government presence present in Lagos for certain capacities and if you have to access those, you can't help but go to Lagos, he tried by bringing a small port harbour through niger river, even with mean resources and it's still operational within the capacity federal government allowed, such small facilities in smaller countries operate with better capacity, due to national government removal of bottlenecks, Lagos is now a victim because it's ports are congested, a more decentralized policies will sanitize all Nigerian ports, building more capacity, be more organized and generate approximately 19 times what we generate now
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Doesn't Hate Peter Obi At All by Achilles881: 5:10pm On Oct 08, 2022

That's how little their brain functions...

with beclouded minds how will they be able to comprehend the truth? undecided

Mr Learned

Ohhh, I said this story is for children and emilokan urchins, you are an adult with high cerebral capacity, your trying to teach urchins sarcasm, anyway, oya de goo, you Don expose my fictions too much

Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Doesn't Hate Peter Obi At All by Achilles881: 4:23pm On Oct 08, 2022
Igbos force Ikweres to forget their Bini language and be speaking Igbo. Laughable grin grin cheesy

This op should start writing fables and fictions for children, he has a talent in that
Urchins, this story is for you guys, this kind of story made for children is, what emilokan children usually believes
To add to the story and make it sweeter for urchins, the Igboes also forced them to rename their villages, their traditional gods, their market days under six months, then all their tongues were collected and washed in urashi river, to wash off all their bini language, and some incantation was then performed on their tongues before it was given back to them, from that, day onwards the started, speaking ikwerre igbo till this day, the forgot all their bini dialect, not one was remaining.
I know children and urchins will like my story


Politics / Re: Rivers Withdraws Criminal Charges Against Amaechi, Cole by Achilles881: 2:30pm On Oct 08, 2022
Amaechi and Wike now back and they are breaking coconut on Omehia's head

Amechi betrayed good luck, his ijaw river state brother, for buhari, a nothern Muslim, wike betrayed his Igbo river state brothers, claiming he's not Igbo and using Nigerian army to massacre obigbo people, for tambuwalal, a nothern Muslim, both of them were betrayed as history has always predicted by their nothern Muslim allies, now they are together consoling themselves, more useful idiot Southerners like umahi, uzodimma, uzokalu etc, are receiving theirs too, more Christian betrayers both in the south and north are in operation now, heading to 2023, they'll also be betrayed as history and tradition demands

Politics / Re: Buhari Orders 24 New Fighter Jets From Italy, For 1.2 Billion Euros by Achilles881: 2:15pm On Oct 08, 2022
I get the first good news in 7.5 years of this useless government of Buhari.

Read the news again, something is being planned, not for the progress of Nigeria, far from it, Americans have a condition before selling their own, he's going for the ones without those conditions.
Politics / Re: Data Shows That Peter Obi Outperformed Both Tinubu And Fashola As Governor by Achilles881: 1:22pm On Oct 08, 2022

Lol…then he should live in the anambra na

He lives in onitsha till today, he only comes to Lagos when he wants to use federal government establishments like international airport, embassies, ports, some headquarters of federal agencies, and met foreign partners who can only come to Nigeria through federal government established international airport.

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Politics / Re: FFK To Obidients: Poor Little Children Who Throw Punches But Can't Take Them by Achilles881: 1:13pm On Oct 08, 2022
Though FFK is a man looking for what to eat, the Obidients lacks critical reasoning, they are just one way traffic.

The way they argue out of point both online and offline sometimes enh, ha, shame go dey catch you wey dey follow them argue.

The biggest mistake men make is to think that knowledge is exclusive to them, such men end up as complete morons, and you are a perfect example of such personality with low cerebral capacity, a neutral human being can easily acknowledge that supporters of obidient are more enlightened, with higher humans capital than other candidates who only operate with traditional mostly, unenlightened illiterate structural base, that is how one of your type said that emilokan achieved more than obi, until the six indexes to rate development were pulled out and it was discovered that obi was miles ahead of emilokan, he ended up blaming international bodies for giving obi such high rates, how foolish and stupid can a supporter be.

Politics / Re: Can Obi Promise Openness In Government Even With His Name Featuring In Pandora? by Achilles881: 8:58am On Oct 08, 2022

This long incoherent essay to defend a thief?
He decided to keep the family's money in his daughter's name? Obi will soon go to jail - write it down.

Daughter's name, family, whatever, the question is, was the account opened before his tenure as a governor, handed to trustees when he became governor with no investment from him during his tenure, if him no use him daughter's name na your name him go use open the account, you want to see who's going to jail, look in the mirror, by the time you'll finish your exaustive search on obi for dirt, you' ll find yourself rotting in jail

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Politics / Re: Fani Kayode Lambast Peter Obi Called Him A Mannerless Duncs With Low Self Esteem by Achilles881: 7:54pm On Oct 07, 2022
Piter obituary is a fool, he can only rule over his fellow pigs not Nigerians

"I have no business nor do I respond to abusers. I believe men that hit women are scum." PO
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Manifesto: 'Prospects Of Transformative Governance' by Achilles881: 4:31pm On Oct 07, 2022
By removing import and forex restrictions

Obi wants to make us a consumer of foreign products..


(1) it will make Nigerians to be impoverished (especially the farmers)

(2) Our intellectuals will not be motivated
( Meaning our education system will be useless)

(3) The country's currency will not be made stronger

Be warned

To all students graduated in Nigeria universities this one go surely affect you all

Hahaha, chai, anyway I'm a manufacturer and a farmer, with 50 workers workforce,

1) my farm needs technological transfer to treat waste and convert those waste to exportable products, problem, forex restrictions and government caps and beaurecratic bottle necks, that were absent during Jonathan era, work force that would have been created, 300 all lost,' so much for helping farmers indeed
2)our education system is already useless and buried, free trade is not only in goods, but also in services, which education is part of, we are backward both in schools, manufacturing education, so we need exchange programs to upgrade to latest innovations and ideas
3) only criminals and criminal politicians will loose their cash pipe, since there's no parallel market, where the sell and trigger inflation, ie no more buying at 460 and selling at 720, triggering a peculiar kind of galloping inflation, now if parallel market doesn't exist, manufacturers will access dollars at reasonable price to bring in essentially parts for their job, fallout will be, crash in price of manufactured good, triggering more export, triggering, more demands, triggering more employment, and with Nigeria becoming a market hub again due to our trade capital, naira will bounce back, APC locking us up from the rest of the world had only set us back.

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Politics / Re: Can Obi Promise Openness In Government Even With His Name Featuring In Pandora? by Achilles881: 10:31pm On Oct 06, 2022

Did he declare the money in his asset declaration form when he was governor? The law requires him to do so

Ok, according to their Investigation, his family had the asset before he became governor, he handed the investment to his trustees, he did not invest any money until he finished his tenure, and even though the investment is jointly owned by his family and other partners, actually his family investment is not up to 5%, but of course you don't care, you want him to declare that the whole investment is owned by him, so that Nigerian government will tax him for a foreign investment that had nothing to do with them, and of course the oversea country will also tax him too, then you will be happy, noo, you can never be happy, your happiness will only come if he forfeited all his legal money even while innocent, same you cries if a drug Baron was forced to forfeit his illegal money, you always became blind like a bat when you see bullion van offloading looted Lagos money in a criminals residence, your blindness increases immediately you see private jets and other properties owned by your slave master, both home and abroad, wealth illegally procured by your favoured criminal, sorry, your still searching for anything you can stick on obi, but wait, have you ever considered what you are, now, visualize yourself a neutral human with no ethnicity and religion. then look at yourself in the mirror and project this same topic you are flogging now, you'll definitely understand that you are now operating like a subhuman specie, you won't even consider yourself a human, it might be that you are actually a lower primate specie that exist among humans, you really need to think seriously about what you are, no real human operate with such low cerebral capacity.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Are Really Suffering by Achilles881: 4:22pm On Oct 06, 2022

Talk is cheap, are you good yourself? Would you be different if you get there?

See, jealousy, hatred, domination, greediness, lack of empathy towards others, selfishness, and whatever evils you can think of were fully inherent in African culture and tradition, there is little this generation can do about it.

Leaders emanated from society, and are truly reflection of it.

I was talking with a sister few days ago, during our discussion, she said one of her white co- worker over there who has decided not to have a child pays 50% of her income to charity. How many blacks especially Nigerians can do this to her close relatives, not to talk about charity.

If this kind of person become a leader with more resources, how do you think she will manage those under her?

Well, it's a hopeless situation actually, I don't know how we are going to do it, but if we can be lucky to vote in a reasonably honest politician, don't know whether that's possible, but if we CAN, then Nigeria can be saved, but I really don't think it can be done, because Nigerians are the only people that I have ever seen on Earth, always eager and mightily determined to vote in criminals, don't know how they arrived at such circumstance, but it's really amazing how Nigerians determinedly follow criminal politicians and then start running away from their country when the criminal starts operation, the surprising thing is that if you ask them if they knew before hand of the ciminality of that politician, they'll tell you, yes,
So why them did they vote for criminal?
They'll say, he bribed us.
So why are you complaining ?
We thought he'll change.
Nigerians undecided
Politics / Re: Kogi Floods: Scary Situation On Lokoja-Abuja Road (Photos) by Achilles881: 3:51pm On Oct 06, 2022

If you're not dumb, you will know that Obi was the governor of just Anambra then and he can't control what happens in states North of Anambra. Yet he was involved and identified with the victims by walking through the muddy waters to address their plight and give them hope. Even victims of flood from Kogi were given accomodation in Anambra and provided with food and medication. Corrupt and wicked politicians like Tinubu or Atiku would have either ignored them or sent people to go and check and dump their report in the trash can. You think flood didn't ravage Lagos during Tinubu's time? Can you show me where he identified with the pains of the victims?

Some of you are so disgustingly ignorant that in trying to insult Obi, you end up campaigning for him. Those pictures of yours alone can make him win the election. Because it shows he is humane, never arrogant and has conscience.

Shame on all Tinubu supporters!!!

Not only that, he provided a solution by building a gigantic sakamori that channelled that water from okpoko that you saw there then under a bridge on the outskirts of onitsha, then straight to niger river, this bridge is just around two kilometers from the new niger bridge, the channel Peter obi created under it was instrumental to the construction of the new bridge, Because it removed the heavy flooding in that route.
Politics / Re: Presidential Election: South-West At Crossroads Over Tinubu, Obi by Achilles881: 3:21pm On Oct 06, 2022
always start by making my bias very clear,I will vote for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in February 2023 and yes I have my Voters card ready.
Back to the matter,I hope Asiwaju's aides come to Nairaland to read comments,I think it's time for Us Asiwaju Die hard supporters to be realistic with what will happen Next year.
It's time to start making projections for Next year Elections.
The Task to elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be a battle,and it's time to start fighting Dirty.
The projections are very simple, whoever will become president of Nigeria needs to win only 17 states,I repeat only 17 states.
Asiwaju must be realistic about his projections,the North will betray him so he should stop the very crazy and futile effort of trying to please them.
My own Suggestions is for Asiwaju to concentrate on the 6 South-west states,and humble himself to make a deal with Gov Obaseki,Edo state is the only state that looks winnable outside the areas where ApC has Governors.
He should throw his resources into Cross Rivers and Ebonyi state.
Asiwaju will only be president if he can win at least 9 states in the South.
He should focus on these 4 States in the North Central,kogi,Kwara, Nassarawa and Niger.
For the North West and North East,only a Zombie will think H.E Atiku and Sen Kwankwanso will lose their states to Asiwaju.
He should only focus on winning four states in the North West and East.
Borno,Yobe,Kebbi and Gombe.
Only those 4 States look winnable.
I think Asiwaju supporters should start helping H.E Obi campaign, Peter Obi must scatter Atiku Vote in all the Eastern States and some South-south States.
Obi must win at least 3 states while Kwankwanso must win at least Kano and Jigawa.
This is the only route I see through which Asiwaju can ever become the President of Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria.

Let's assume all things being equal, that in the south there's no Igbo Yoruba or any other group, and everybody in the South has the same kind of bias you have for tinubu, and tinubu and obi are of same ethnic/ religious group, and then his vp from the North comes up with a statement that's exactly opposite of osibanjo's statement, telling us about handling security, ( red flag) I've learnt long ago not to ignore red flag from the north, which is actually the reason I'm still alive today, now the oga we voted for handles economy, whatever, considering our ogas health, per adventure an unfortunate thing happens, infact, an unfortunate thing can be induced to happen, and people will say, ( "anyway we know he's not well"wink where exactly will south be, it's safer to have obi there, a VP is not supposed to be more dangerous than his oga, tinubu can loot money, but his VP has the capacity to loot life

Politics / Re: Peter Obi In Harvard University USA (Photos) by Achilles881: 11:18am On Oct 06, 2022
Lecturers from the department of political science in UNILAG, UNN, or Covenant University will not reject a proposal from a Haitian Presidential aspirant to speak to their students.

It is not that fact that you're speaking at Harvard University that matters. It is the platform that gives you audience at Harvard that determines your worth.

The Ivy league will never reject a presidential aspirant of the most populous black country who volunteers to give his account of governance in Nigeria to students.

Harvard scholars have heard Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Barrack Obama , Bill Gates, Chimamanda Adichie address them at televised events.

If you understood the prestige attached to Harvard you would know that the institution would be lowering its standard to invite Obi who doesn't understand the concept of Green Energy to speak to its students in an important event.

Speaking at one of the smallest hall in Harvard to scarcely occupied seats can never make a person president of my country. Know this and have peace ✌️

It is said that once a person is suffering from inferiority complex, such an individual is automatically mentally enslaved, the fact that you have no achievement to point at as a Nigerian does not in anyway diminish other Nigerians who had positively made their mark in life. Havard, as you pointed out doesn't lower their mark for anybody, be he or her president, queen, king, prime minister or whatever, obi is a former Harvard student, and his Alma mater acknowledged his achievement, which has made him a good ambassador of havard, so they are proud to showcase him to the world, work harder to achieve some success in life, so that one day, institutions will make you their ambassador, envying achievers, instead of emulating them is not the way, while you think you are destroying others reputation, your only destroying yourself

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Politics / Re: Statistics Indicate Obi's Victory & Why Rivers Is More Important Than Kano by Achilles881: 10:35am On Oct 06, 2022
Granted that Peter obi is trying to pull Nigerians away from tribal and religious politics, Nigeria is not yet matured enough to vote on competence, based on the fact above, your analysis is a bit off the mark, I tried to correct certain figures you posted therein


My Objective Analysis
How people might votes in the swing states

Lagos(7.2) corrected
Atiku - 2.4 (1.0)
Obi - 2.4. (2.5)
Tinubu- 2.4. (2.7)

Tinubu - 2.0. (0.5)
Atiku - 2.0. (1.cool
Kwankwanso - (3.4)
Obi. (0.3)

Tinubu - 1.1. (0.4)
Atiku - 1.1. (1.9)
Obi - 1.1 (1.1)
Kwankwanso - 1.1. (1.1)

Atiku - 1.7. (0.2)
Obi - 1.7. (3.1)
Tinubu. (0.1)

Tinubu - 1.2. (0.cool
Atiku - 1.2. (1.5)
Kwankwanso - 1.2. (1.3)

Delta (3.4)
Atiku - 1.7. (0.3)
Obi - 1.7. (3.1)

Atiku. (0.1)
Tinubu - 1.6. (2.6)
Obi - 1.7. (0.6)

Tinubu - 0.9. (0.3)
Kwankwanso- 0.9. (0.4)
Obi - 0.9. (2.1)

Tinubu - 0.7. (0.2)
Atiku - 0.7. (1.2)
Obi - 0.7. (0.4)
Kwankwanso - 0.7. (1.0)

Obi - 2.8. (2.7)
Others. (0.1)

Atiku- 10.8. (8.1))
Obi- 13. (14.7)
Tinubu- 9.9. (7.6)
Kwankwanso- 5.9. (7.5)
Politics / Re: Go Back To His States And Campaign - Lagos Deputy Governor (video) by Achilles881: 8:05am On Oct 05, 2022

I support this video and its statement.

Peter Obi packed his family and abandoned Anambra people to their fate with terrorism. He contributed to the terrorism. He was building brewery to produce alcohol and consumption, when Tinubu was creating infrastructure to empower.

Till tomorrow, Peter obi and his wife lives in onitsha, yes he has a rented home in Lagos because of seaport and international traveling airport located by federal government, but his wife and family stays in onitsha, now the truth is, your not even from Lagos, you can never swear that your from Lagos, because you go kwench immediately, real lagosians just de watch una, igo clear una eye las las

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Politics / Re: Kiev’s Counter Attacks On Kherson Have Failed – Top Official by Achilles881: 7:37pm On Oct 03, 2022
Na wao Russian defense, did I hear defense, I thought it was Russia that were attacking.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Successfully Disrupted Nigerian Politics - Reno Omokri by Achilles881: 3:21pm On Oct 03, 2022
The simultaneous Obidient rallies at Festac, Amuwo, Lekki, Kaduna, and other towns and cities across Nigeria, was AMAZING.

“They are a great achievement and anyone who tries to belittle them is not politically astute. It is not just the sheer number of attendees. Imagine the logistics behind organising people at different ends of the nation. Commendable. Very commendable.

The above statement is the reason obi is an extraordinary achiever, his organizational acumen is 2nd to non, any policy,he implements in Nigeria will gain from his quality of organizational intelligence, and catapult the nation to the highest level, every generation produce players but but only the 1996 Olympic eagles beat Brazil and Argentina and won gold, Peter obi is like the 1996 set
Politics / Re: "Now, The Rally Will Not Be Hijacked", Obidients Thank Lagos State Government by Achilles881: 3:52pm On Sep 30, 2022
The Lagos state government is too dull for my liking. Why deploy tear-gas firing police?

Send in OP mesa, the military with koboko let them restore this flat-headed miscreants brain back to its default setting.

Kai.. Danboroba shege !

See where you come hide Dee post like say you get liver na waa for all this urchins
come out, no de hide obidients are not violent

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Politics / Re: Towns Peter Obi Turned From Typical Villages To Major Towns In Anambra by Achilles881: 3:34pm On Sep 30, 2022
Yes, that's what he did, moved tyre market to mkpor, new part mkt to mkpor, building materials to ogbunike, electricals to obosi kitchen wares between ogbaru and onitsha, smes and artisans to awada, he dropped 33kva lines all over awada, but they smes industrialization ended up spreading through okpoko to ogbaru, from where the industrialization headed to atani headquarters, obi followed suit dropping 33kv lines in pursuit, the lights are taken from 7pm Mon to 10 am tue, it will then be on till another 7 pm Monday of the next week, the manufacturers use the downtime to clean up and overhaul their engines, the only downside to this is that all the secondary school girls, some of whom are supposed to be ashawo are busy in such factories producing machine parts, car parts, plastic hangers, porcelain and plastic plates, rubber shoes and slippers, all kinds nails, building materials and what have you, I was overly impressed.

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Politics / Re: Price Of Obi-datti Badge Higher Than Others In The North Due To Demand by Achilles881: 2:36pm On Sep 30, 2022
Yeee, yeee, yeee, who is slapping me now ahhh!! Ok I'm I submit, I'm m obidient

10 minutes later

thank God, since 10 minutes ago that I became obidient, I've not received any brain resetting slap, from today I'll continue to be obidient.

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Politics / Re: Price Of Obi-datti Badge Higher Than Others In The North Due To Demand by Achilles881: 1:07pm On Sep 30, 2022
Only my own badge is is two times more expensive than that of obi, yeeee!! Who slap me, undecided
Politics / Re: Video: Nigerian Army Independence Day Show Practice Goes Wrong by Achilles881: 11:32am On Sep 30, 2022
The problem is not from the paratroopers, but the parachutes, all the chutes are torn reducing the buoyancy and is therefore difficult to control causing all the mishaps
Business / Re: I Am Richer Than Davido And Wizkid - Portable Says With Bundle Of Ghana Cedis by Achilles881: 10:45am On Sep 30, 2022
This mumu
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Slamed Peter Obi Again. Obi Lives In Lagos, Not Anambra. by Achilles881: 2:29pm On Sep 29, 2022
Eiya, Reno, this particular propaganda has already been used by agbado urchins, so we decided to go and verify, and disappointingly, it ended up as a lie and we were not surprised because truth and agbado urchins are like parallel lines that can never meet as for you Reno, if I'm the person that hired you, I'll sack you because you are doing a bad job, your supposed to be the one exposing stains on Peter obi, but you end up bringing already debunked allegations that end up making obi more popular.
Reno: is obi Jesus, can't you find even the smallest sin against obi, so that your pay will be justfied, your really falling hands, everyday you'll be repeating report like last born

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Politics / Re: Tinubu: Join Shettima And I As We Share Our Vision Of Renewed Hope For Nigeria by Achilles881: 12:40pm On Sep 29, 2022

A prosperous Nigeria is all we want. I’m fully supporting the aspiration of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to build a Nigeria with shared prosperity. I’m passionate and excited about the prospect of a better Nigeria. I’m fully BATIFIED.

Yes a prosperous Nigeria, by printing money recklessly, according to tinubu, so that at the end of his tenure dollar will be 7000, with half of Nigeria dead,
Politics / Re: Tinubu: Join Shettima And I As We Share Our Vision Of Renewed Hope For Nigeria by Achilles881: 12:40pm On Sep 29, 2022

A prosperous Nigeria is all we want. I’m fully supporting the aspiration of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to build a Nigeria with shared prosperity. I’m passionate and excited about the prospect of a better Nigeria. I’m fully BATIFIED.

Yes a prosp Nigeria, by printing money recklessly, according to tinubu, so that at the end of his tenure dollar will be 7000, with half of Nigeria dead,
Politics / Re: Obi: As A President I Will Dialogue With Agitators But Not Bandits by Achilles881: 11:40am On Sep 29, 2022
Nnamdi kanu, Simon ikpa and obi are on para lines infact, obi have never been accuse of
given IPOB, ripob, epob, esn, msn, massob or whoever in that mode shishi, infact same you guys even accused him of killing them and dumpling their bodies at ezu river, so which of your accusations do we take now because you guys are talking from both sides of your mouth

But igboho used his mouth to confess that tinubu support him financially, yet obidients didn't make such a serious indictment an issue

Urchins, urchins, urchinsssss!!!!
Stop gallivanting and show us why we should not vote obi
Or is it that agbadorians are in love with obi and don't want to reveal his secrets
Politics / Re: Obi: As A President I Will Dialogue With Agitators But Not Bandits by Achilles881: 11:17am On Sep 29, 2022



Is boko haram agitators? Are bandits and cattle rustlers agitators? Are kidnappers agitators?

Try get sense !!!

Bandits. are actually bandits and criminals

Bandits: Robbers are sometimes called bandits, especially if they are found in areas where the rule of law has broken down.
This is real bandit country.

Synonyms: robber, gunman or woman, crook [informal], outlaw More Synonyms of bandit

All synonyms of bandits are criminal in discription, so obi is right


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