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Education / Re: Any Addax Scholarship Beneficiary Here? by Adeolakk(m): 12:06pm On Sep 07, 2018
Me and my colleagues here, none of us have received.

I wasn't paid last year too. How can we contact them?
Education / Re: Cash Prizes Sent To Winners Of The Xfire Nairaland Undergraduate Scholarship by Adeolakk(m): 6:31pm On Jan 17, 2017

You should receive your cash prizes today, before 4pm today hopefully. Once it is done, I will alert you.
Kindly acknowledge receipt on this thread.

Also to let you know that another Nairalander (GraceBestowed) has pledged a contribution of N10,000 to the scholarship. If/When the pledge is redeemed, the cash will disbursed either to the winner or spread across all 5 winners (depending on her preference).
Thank you very much sir.

I received mine around 5pm too.
Education / Re: Cash Prizes Sent To Winners Of The Xfire Nairaland Undergraduate Scholarship by Adeolakk(m): 9:06am On Jan 16, 2017
Congratulations to all participants. Everyone of you are all Winners and you all did well even though some performed well than the others.
I really believe in you guys and i just want to say, Go achieve what you want to achieve.
Wish all participants the best in their academic endeavors.

Xfire, Seun, lalasticlala, InvertedHammer, ariel20, Richiez ,Dejt4u and all those who made suggestions, I am saying ,Thank you..
Thank you guys for this great initiative.
Education / Re: Caleb University, Lagos Cuts Hair Of Students At The Gate (Photos) by Adeolakk(m): 11:30am On Jan 11, 2017

Sir how would we explain this statement to the society?

If you were an interviewer and i came for a job interview with dreadlocks, how would you look at me?

Personally i have a long hair and people view me as indecent. How can i convince them not to.

P.S I liked your statement though.
Your sense of decency shouldn't be based on what people say.
Education / Re: Caleb University, Lagos Cuts Hair Of Students At The Gate (Photos) by Adeolakk(m): 11:25am On Jan 11, 2017

Meanwhile in the real world, companies, organizations and the Armed Forces have dress and hair codes.

Or would you like your doctor, banker or lawyer to see you with their hair unkempt.
That was not his point.
Education / Re: Annual Xfire Nairaland Undergraduate Quiz Competition (scholarship) - Maiden Ed. by Adeolakk(m): 2:25pm On Jan 04, 2017
Email: adejoe97@yahoo.com Institution: University of Lagos Course: Petroleum and gas engineering Level: 400
Education / Re: Full List Of 955 Winners Of TOTAL E&P Undergraduate Scholarship by Adeolakk(m): 2:02pm On Jan 04, 2017
Did you send ur results when asked to? Do you know anyone I can call at Total?
I sent my result at the right time. No I don't
Education / Re: Full List Of 955 Winners Of TOTAL E&P Undergraduate Scholarship by Adeolakk(m): 2:02pm On Jan 04, 2017
Did you send ur results when asked to? Do you know anyone I can call at Total?
I sent my result at the right time. No I don't
Education / Re: Full List Of 955 Winners Of TOTAL E&P Undergraduate Scholarship by Adeolakk(m): 1:00pm On Jan 03, 2017
Hi all,
I know many people follow this thread silently.
Biko help me, who can confirm if OML have received their money.
I am on OML and I have not received mine.
I will also appreciate if I can get a number of the person in charge of OML.

Abeg help me o, school fees portal in my school is about to close
was paid last year too
Investment / Re: 10 Questions For MMM Subscribers (Mavrodians) by Adeolakk(m): 7:48am On Dec 24, 2016
When you ask Mavdroids where the 30% comes from, you hear 'U don't understand the system'.
Ok, Mavdroids, explain the system, you hear 'Go to the website'.

I work in finance, ANYBODY that invested in MMM has fraudulent tendencies, QED.
Taking money for doing nothing is an aberration far as value creation is concerned.

I haven't heard any Mavdroid testify that MMM money helped setup a business, no! Instead, you bought a car, or married or travelled or just spent it lavishly. And this is the real tragedy in making money you haven't earned. I'm not sorry for anyone who lost money or got divorced or got physically assaulted or sacked for MMM returns- It was well and truly deserved grin grin grin
Nigerians lost money now, they will still lose money next time cos we think we are sharp. Long live MMM jor, it's not easy to be a fool these days.
True talk. I was standing beside a woman once. She received a call that someone died because of this MMM. Well, he invested 2M into it and died two days after the announcement of freezing. What people fail to realize is; MMM won't work without you putting money into the system and you are equally RESPONSIBLE for whatever happens to anyone because of this fraudulent system because you kept the system going.
But No, our nigerian brothers and sister won't think about this.
Investment / Re: 10 Questions For MMM Subscribers (Mavrodians) by Adeolakk(m): 7:43am On Dec 24, 2016

When the whole thing crashes, you all will be looking for support and sympathy. More strategically, it is a means of drawing funds out of the country during an economic downturn.

Many of you cannot see beyond your noses because of the love of 'free money' that is unsustainable.

Funny enough no answers to the questions yet. You guys don't ask questions? Just follow the money or more precisely, the allure of it?
Thank you for this post. Humans will always find ways to justify their actions. Smarter members just play on others intelligence and then greed makes them continue. "A scheme to reward nigerians" my foot.
Education / Re: Agbami 2014 Has Started Awarding by Adeolakk(m): 11:43am On Nov 13, 2016

pls have u started processing urs ?
can i go to other GTB designated branch that aint my original branch?
yes. Explain to them
Education / Re: Agbami 2014 Has Started Awarding by Adeolakk(m): 7:23pm On Oct 19, 2016
Who has gotten a new card
Education / Re: The Euphoria of CGPA and the Illusion of Success by Adeolakk(m): 9:15am On Oct 03, 2016

By Pelumi Olugbenga(Ambode of LASU).

An hour ago, I read through some comments posted on a social media platform. The comments revealed how some students were saddened by the potential mass failure in a departmental course and how their 'CGPAs' are on the verge of a possible decline. The feelings that came with this was very much nostalgic. It inspired me to review my four semesters in LASU; with a view to dissect the values that have been added to my life, and if a University Degree is really even worth the strive. The reflections of my sober moment are not far fetched. I will try to make this not too lengthy.


The Nigerian educational system has passed through some facets. With the Tertiary level, being the zenith of this Britannic model of education. Over the past decades, what has proved to be a subject of passion, zeal, desperation and extremism in Nigerian Universities is the CGPA. Upon admission into the University, the goal of every student is to graduate with a FIRST CLASS. Majority of such dreams, more often than not, dies in the second year into the University.

Obviously, the CGPA(Cumulative Gradient Point Average) massages ego, it inspires smile and induces tears. Why does a decimal point carries so much weight to an extent; people commit suicide for not making a targeted Gradient Point? The society has made us to believe albeit erroneously; that, not making a good CGPA means not making it in life. More worrisome is the fact that; there is this delusion among many undergraduates that a '5.0' CGPA will automatically earn you a wealthy life in the outside world. This is false and quite delusional! Although, it gives you a cushion, but there is far much more needed to navigate through the storm of the outside world.

Fundamentally, the Nigerian Educational System can be likened to a Zoo, where the Zookeeper in a quest to test which animal is the strongest, gathers the Antelope, Giraffe, Monkey,Lion and Tiger and declares thus : "whoever climbs the tree first is the strongest animal in the Zoo". Surely, the monkey will win under such circumstances but the monkey is no match for the Lion or even the Tiger. Given this analogy, it therefore appears that in every society; where there is no equal level playing ground, any result produced from any contest is bound to be distorted as it lacks the fundamentals of a true competition. In this light, not everybody is made for the Nigerian University System. Some are better off as fashion models, musicians, technicians, photographers, craftsmen et all. These people and their ilk are meant to be in special skill acquisition and development centers and not in a place their talents doesn't belong to and thus, may never be maximized in such an environment. Admittedly, the basic knowledge and usage of English is a prerequisite to make headway in a British colonized country like ours. This can however be achieved outside the four walls of the University. English studies, etiquette and soft skills(which are not even taught in the University) should be incorporated into the syllabus of such centers. This is how it is done in the Western world.

Instinctively, there are three categories of students in Nigerian Universities. The first being the so called "book worms or scholars". The second being the "average or normal students" and the third category being a conglomeration of misled elements, who surely have no business in a sane University Environment. After taking a deeper observation, I pointed out other group within these categories. Time won't permit me to digress that much but these observations will be integrated into the analysis of the larger groups.

Using the overemphasized CGPA as a yardstick, the first category, to be frank, are predominantly students whose cgpa falls between 4.4 to 5.0(on a scale of 5.0). These are the revered 'geniuses' on our campuses. They are the 'living and moving books', as the society has taught us to believe. However, there is something paradoxical about this category of people. Many of them are aided by the way the system is structured and their academic success is not necessarily a product of invincibility. The system has made little room for innovations but it has rather strongly maintained a high level of conservatism. The system also encourages cramming. Hence, a student who crams a lecture note and gives it back to the Lecturer; verbatim in the exam is more likely to have a distinction than a student who made an indepth research or even have a better in depth knowledge of the course. There are empirical facts to back this up. The reason being that, most lecture notes images the sentiments of a Professor about a concept or topic. Once a student toes the same path in answering his examination question, he will be on the same wavelength with the lecturer who would then key into his answers. Most times, when students go 'too deep' into a course by unraveling so many things that were not taught in class and flaunts such 'new knowledge' in his answer booklet, such students are most likely to get a C. The 'verbatim givers' are much more likely to have an A. Little wonder why some students can read a singular course material 10times before exam - the system rewards such approach, the verbatim givers, I choose to call them. I do not hold any grudge against the 'genuises', what I find quite bewildering about most of them is the tradition of studying the same set of materials from the beginning of the semester till the end all under the auspices of getting As. Why should I study a course material(which was probably used by the ancestors of my department) all through the semester? This is very crazy. A high CGPA without the initiative to solve societal problems is a WASTE. I once met a First Class student from the University of Ibadan who can recite all the theories of Karl Marx, John Locke, Aristotle, Plato, Voltaire and others. I was stunned and mesmerized by such enormous knowledge. However, when I challenged this great friend of mine to apply all his knowledge towards proffering a solution to a national crisis I posed before him, he stuttered. His initial eloquence that poured out the theories suddenly went into oblivion. Apparently on paper, he is a genius. But in practice(the most important aspect), he evidently appears to be impotent. If the materials you study doesn't propel you to 'think out of the box', my brother, shelve them and go on a journey of self discovery. I've seen so many 'scholars' who starts a sentence with "Am", who doesn't even know when to use "Have and I've". Some can't even properly spell the basic things related to their course and you begin to wonder how they attained such Cumulative Gradient Point. Truly, no man is an island and everyday, to me, is a new day to learn new things. However, when you dedicate all your time on pursuing a singular goal, you are very much unlikely to learn anything new in life, other than the materials, you've confined your brain to. The University is not a place to pursue a singular goal. It shouldn't be a one-way traffic where all you pursue is "GP, GP, GP, GP! ". The outside world will demand far much more than that 'decimal point' you hold high like an oxygen. Self development they say is the key to greatness. The greatest and richest men in the world barely graduated with a high CGPA. In fact, they even dropped out of the University. I'm talking about the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. What makes them great was their ability to identify a societal problem, think about a possible solution, expand great possibilities and here they are today. Problem solvers mostly ends up being the greatest acheivers. Are you investing in yourself? How well do you spend your time? Do you spend all your day clinging to your books? My brother, you are not an undergraduate if all you do is to romance those books - 24/7. Being an undergraduate is an opportunity to explore other possibilities apart from your academics, it is a time to learn new things, discover your ever changing world, meet new people, network and if possible, learn new skills. How often do you learn new things? By new things, I do not mean the next topic on your course outline. No. I'm very much far from that. Rather by new things, I mean : the needed soft skills, continuous improvement of your communication and public speaking skills, understanding your ever changing world and how you intend to navigate through the stormy way to your career.

The world is changing. The society now demands much more than CGPAs and similarly, academic brilliance is not just enough. We are in a century, Professor Lanre Fagbohun described as a "century that abhors excusiologists but instead promotes the deep thinkers - problem solvers. According to him, it is a century of CLASH OF IDEAS".
The thing is, in the labour market, there are thousands of four-point(4point) graduates. In fact, majority of Covenant University graduates made either a First Class or a 2'1. What will distinguish you from the crowd won't be your result but rather your ability to understand, anayse and proffer intelligent solutions to problems. A good result surely gives you an edge, but it's not just enough. Personally, my best moments as an undergraduate have proven to be a product of self development and deep thinking, with little or no attachment to the decimal point on my DPU profile. The only attachment it appears to have is the fact that I've never allowed it to be on warning/withdrawn. Thus, maintaining my studentship in LASU. Surely, I do not celebrate mediocrity. In fact, as an undergraduate, who knows the reasons for being in the University, your CGPA - no matter how political, religious or busy you are, should NEVER fall below 3.4 or at worst, 3.0! Anything short of that is most likely a lack of seriousness and misplaced priorities. Although, I also do not particularly blame the people that are even below 2.0. The reason being that : many of the students in the University have no business in the University in the first place. Many would have been better productive as photographers, event planners, musicians, technicians etc after leaving various skill acquisition or training centers (as I mentioned earlier). Some are even born business men and women. Meanwhile, even majority of the ones that have the traits of a typical undergraduate are studying courses they never dreamt of studying. Hence, the whole system is distorted. There is no equal level playing ground. Apparently, there is a need for a rejig and review of the nation's curriculum.

Notably, high CGPAs boosts chances of gaining scholarships and Postgraduate admission into the likes of Harvard and Oxford University. It must however be also pointed out that self development, extra curricular activities, politics(student leadership) also plays pivotal roles in gaining admission into the ivory league Universities as well. Oxford University for instance, doesn't admit based on high CGPA alone. A check on their website shows. Likewise testimonies from their graduates. In fact, they highly rate potential post-graduate students who involved actively in extracurricular activities, student leadership and those who also participated in various competitions while they were undergraduates. It is never a one way traffic.

Consequent on the foregoing, I hold no intention to hurt the feelings of anybody. Rather, I intend to awaken the consciousness of my readers to their ever changing world. The world keeps transcending and it's really disturbing when I see many people pursue a singular goal as undergraduates. More stinging; is the reality that your stay in the University is also very short. Shockingly, some live it as if life ends in the University. The 4 - 5 years is nothing. Before you know it, you are already out of the system - facing the shock of the outside world. Most Importantly, I do not intend to portray myself as an invincible or immortal human. I make mistakes and fail virtually everyday. But, I learn from every moment of my life. The primary goal of this article is to bring to the fore : the little experience I've had and what I've also learnt from other people. Having a massive CGPA is good, it gives you an edge to some extent. However, it is never a free meal ticket in the outside world. Finally, graduating with a First Class is great, but going through the rigors of self development,deep thinking and networking makes you a quintessential graduate.

Best wishes.

Pelumi Olugbenga(popularly known as Ambode of LASU) is an undergraduate at the Lagos State University where he studies History and International Studies. He is a writer and a sapiosexual.
Contact : 08160156636.
You are missing the point. In this nigerian system where it doesn't matter whether you come out with a first class or countless degrees, if a student decides to just coast through school by cramming and getting As but learns soft skills by the side and other things, is this student at fault? I'm tired of people blaming students for cramming. First, our educational system isn't that good so what's the point. Most times it seems like a total waste of time to kill yourself to pass an exam. Stop the stereotypes.
Not saying I encourage it. However, First class students should be given that respect because of the effort they put at least in doing these things.
Romance / Re: 7 Facts About Men,ladies Beware by Adeolakk(m): 8:47am On Jun 24, 2016
This post reeks of immaturity.
Religion / Re: Are My Tithes Acceptable Unto God Even Though I Don't Go To Church by Adeolakk(m): 6:59pm On Jun 13, 2016

Who was God referring to here ? Start from Malachi 2 and then come back and tell me. Don't just pluck one verse out of context and use it to fleece the flock.
Please teach me. I'm listening. Who was God referring to?
Religion / Re: Are My Tithes Acceptable Unto God Even Though I Don't Go To Church by Adeolakk(m): 7:00am On Jun 13, 2016
Paying tithes is like pouring money down a black hole because in 99% of cases it is not used for the welfare of PEOPLE with REAL NEEDS, it is used to build empires for crooks masquerading as men of god and further what in their opinion, is the gospel or perhaps the kingdom of God. In addition they spend the money on their needs and that of their families, friends , cronies, girl friends etc.

Besides paying tithes is not biblical.
Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it
Malachi 3 : 10. You were saying...
Politics / Re: Ondo State Is Broke,I Can't Pay Workers, Mimiko Says. by Adeolakk(m): 9:49am On Jun 11, 2016
All I see are excuses. He is a governor for God's sake. He should be smart enough to improve his state without the federal government's help. It's not too late.
Religion / Re: Do You Know That 'dab' Dance Move Is Anti-christ Demonic? Here's Why! by Adeolakk(m): 9:46am On Jun 11, 2016
Truth is that anybody can make up a whatsapp BC to spite non-Christians. Funny how you all believed it. Sad actually.
Education / Re: Unilag Students Forced To Sleep In The Rain As School Shuts Students Out Of Ho by Adeolakk(m): 10:08am On May 07, 2016

Wash as in ?

That is not unilag premises , or it's a Photoshop ? Or it never rained , or that's the Drama dept of the school performing ?

What are you saying. Every unilag student knows that's GTbank.
Education / Re: 20 Popular Slangs Used By University Students In Nigeria by Adeolakk(m): 2:34pm On Apr 21, 2016
Cant believe you guys forgot "cast".
Cast - to expose someone's secret or doing.
Education / Re: Unilag 2015/2016 Admission by Adeolakk(m): 9:43pm On Feb 15, 2016
who has fagunwa or mth space to sell
Education / Re: Unilag 2015/2016 Admission by Adeolakk(m): 6:25pm On Feb 13, 2016

geez. why nah?
Education / Re: Unilag 2015/2016 Admission by Adeolakk(m): 12:59pm On Feb 13, 2016
Bedpace @ Jaja hall
how much for it
Education / Re: MUSTE 2014/2015 Scholarship Shortlist by Adeolakk(m): 7:03pm On Jan 22, 2016
do you have the list
Education / Re: Mtn Foundation Scholarship 2015/2016 by Adeolakk(m): 9:55pm On Dec 13, 2015

why are you talking from the back of your brain?
Education / Re: Mtn Foundation Scholarship 2015/2016 by Adeolakk(m): 3:13pm On Dec 03, 2015
for unilag

1 Like

Family / Re: My Husband Has Idolised Me And Now I'm Fed Up. Need Help by Adeolakk(m): 12:17pm On Nov 26, 2015
Reminds me of my first actual relationship.. But I thank God,, that babe really tear my eye wide opened and the friends I had then.
Funny how things can change though..... Smh
totally understand you Bro. I think her husband didnt get enough experience before marrying her. He is still trying to please her 100%. Thats d problem
its sad that people don't understand her plight here.
Education / Re: Muste Scholarship Organizers Deviates From The Founder's Intentions by Adeolakk(m): 1:58pm On Nov 22, 2015
If it wasn't intended for student to apply, then, why is it opened at the first place
70% and above of highly eligible student failed to apply, not because of their incompetence, but, due to the ineptitude being displayed by muste and its organizers.
We the student of Nigerian University are highly pained and sadden by this unforseen ill development, we hereby ask with one voice, the organizers of muste to reopened the application form to enable those of us diligently waiting to apply, see our effort through the application processes.
Thanks for understanding.

I actually applied the morning the form came out. dont know where d problem came from later
Education / Re: MUSTE 2014/2015 Scholarship Shortlist by Adeolakk(m): 1:54pm On Nov 22, 2015
I waited for an hour to write mine. the test appeared by 1pm. No scores were displayed after
Webmasters / Re: Google Celebrates Nigeria's 55 years of Independence by Adeolakk(m): 6:17am On Oct 01, 2015
Very different from the last one, what's with the eagle? Compare to this a year ago....Wow! time fly so fast. BTW there is nothing "Nigerian" about that doodle apart from the colours, Noting that is peculiar to our culture. How many times have you ever seen an eagle in Nigeria self. They should change it, It looks like a logo for a brand of soap or milk.
Happy independence day BTW.
there is an eagle in the coat of arms. It's symbolic remember.
Education / Re: Mtn Foundation Scholarship 2015/2016 by Adeolakk(m): 9:42pm On Sep 21, 2015
can u send it to me adejoe97@yahoo.com

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