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Politics / Re: Zainab Ahmed: More Taxes, Blocking Revenue Leakages Will Reduce Nigeria’s Debt by anifranklyn67: 7:04am On Oct 19, 2022
Taxation and blocking revenue leakage is her solution to our buharious economy

She's simply clueless !!!
Sports / Re: World Champion, Oluwatobiloba Amusan Arrives Lagos (Photo) by anifranklyn67: 2:41pm On Sep 13, 2022
[quote author=chisomkachy post=116626151][/quote]

She should avoid buhari
Car Talk / Re: Most Common Reasons For Engine Oil Leakage In Cars by anifranklyn67: 7:13am On Aug 17, 2022
It doesn't matter if there are just a few drops or a substantial puddle; this raises some sort of concern in the mind. You can afford to ignore the oil leak, but you should never try to put it off completely while keeping in mind the repercussions.

However, finding an oil leak for a professional is not difficult as it can be done with just a quick inspection. However, once there is an oil spot, it is up to you how you respond.

Your car uses gaskets to close up a number of points, including the timing belt cover, camshaft, and the oil pan, etc. However, they frequently serve as the primary cause of leaks of any kind.

In the meantime, it is preferable to have a few ideas about what could be causes and where your car might be leaking oil.

Worn Oil Pan Gasket

The oil pan is a common spot for oil leakage. The oil pan is located somewhere near the bottom under the hood. Therefore, there is a huge probability for damage from a hit when travelling over an uneven bump.

However, if used for a prolonged period of time, oil pan gaskets are vulnerable to wear and tear. A worn oil pan gasket will not be able to seal the oil pan with the engine block.

Oil pan gaskets can be changed, but you must be sure of the exact amount of engine oil because leakage could cause it to reduce. Simply schedule a car oil change at Service My Car if it is below the recommended level.

Cam Shaft and Crankshaft Seals

As an engine’s internal component, the crankshaft is fixed at the bottom while sticking out a bit from two sides of an engine.

However, it is protected by the seals at both ends to prevent the engine oil from leaking. But, if these seals start to worn out, there are a whole lot of chances of leakage.

Similarly, the camshaft too has seals at both ends, and they might get worn over time, resulting in leakage.

However, it cannot be identified until you make an inspection under the hood. A leak needs to be taken care of on-time.

Cover Gasket or Seal

In an engine, a timing belt works with the crankshaft and camshaft. Modern automobiles use a timing chain rather than a timing belt, though both are concealed by a cover.

A timing chain is lubricated by the engine oil, so there are seals to protect any kind of leakage. But, there is always a probability of leakage. This leakage does not appear too hazardous until it results in a lack of lubrication and, consequently, some sort of internal damage.

A common risk due to timing cover seal leakage is damage to the timing chain and even the camshaft and crankshaft. Therefore, you have to check for the seal and replace it as well as look for the timing chain and go for car timing chain replacement if needed.

Leaking Cylinder Head Gasket

A head gasket protects the engine from the infiltration of coolant. However, if it gets worn, there are a lot of chances of coolant infiltration, but in some types of engines (especially boxer engines); the head gasket may cause external leakage of engine oil.

Therefore, a worn head gasket is not a matter of ignorance as it might affect engine operations and force you to go for expensive car engine repair.

Loose Oil Filter and Drain Plug

Every time you arrange a car service for your vehicle, the oil filter is always changed and the oil drain plug is exchanged. However, there are enough chances of human error that your car’s air filter might get loose and the oil drain plug is not installed properly.

In such a scenario, you may often spot some oil dripping under your car.

Loose-Filler Cap

Engine oil is reserved inside an oil tank and it is safeguarded with a filler cap. However, a loose cap might be the reason for the leakage.

However, it is simple to spot because there might be a sizable oil puddle under your car because oil may leak out of the tank's mouth in large quantities.

Excess Engine Oil

It is expected that a damaged seal or a loose filler cap will cause an engine oil leak. If there is too much engine oil under the hood, it could also leak.

You can recognize this if there is a puddle of oil under your car but there is no check engine light on the dashboard.

The overflow is caused by too much oil. The extra oil can easily be identified from the vehicle using a dipstick, so this is not a serious problem. When filling the oil tank, there may occasionally be some extra oil that spills out of the tank. However, this might only produce a puddle of oil once or twice.

Your vehicle consists of a number of fluids, such as transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant, etc. They all hold a risk of leakage. However, engine oil is more prone to leakage. The leakage from the engine often appears to be light brown or black in colour under your vehicle.

However, a leakage happens due to the worn and damaged parts, while you can easily avoid such events by opting for scheduled car maintenance at a reliable service centre such as Service My Car. Here, you also get all your needs fulfilled with your car service without any hassle. Just book a service online or request a quote at our website. You can also call our service representative.

If you need any type of Car service or repair, Service My Car provides you free pickup and delivery plus full car servicing at the nearest Car service center.

My Honda is having high temperature issues

However I have checked, my two fans are working properly

My radiator is a double cell radiator,

Meanwhile this always happens when my AC is on and also when I take a long ride,

Mechanic has been unable to identify this fault

Any help here can do
Thanks alot
Politics / Re: One Million Man March For Peter Obi In Nasarawa (Pictures) by anifranklyn67: 4:24pm On Aug 06, 2022
I'm actually not a Yoruba but I've lived in Yoruba land, Lagos precisely for long

Any Yoruba, Hausa or fulani man and woman campaigning for Obi should have a rethink and retrace their step back. Though this isn't supposed to be so but you see those IGBOS have turned this election to tribalistic one. They have even turn it to religious one

I will support and vote for Tinubu. He has more achievements, antecedents and legacies to point at as a governor and when he left government than EVERY other contestants

Tinubu is very much accommodating and tolerance than other contestants. IGBOS are taking political position in Lagos. IGBOS are civil servants in Lagos and other South western states. IGBOS are doing businesses freely in Lagos and other south western region

Please go to any eastern state to see if you'd see any Yoruba or Hausa man as ordinary councillor. It is a TABOO to the Igbo

To them their igbo president in form of Obi is the best after bread and butter while others are nothing to write home about. Support Tinubu or Atiku and watch them curse, bash or threaten you. They accused you of being paid for supporting Tinubu or Atiku while them are doing it freely. They always insult the Fulani and Hausas and call them all sorts of names. They even call them cow, almajiri etc. They insult the Yorubas calling them fulani slaves. They condemned Nigeria as a country. Claiming Nigeria is a ZOO


For the northerners who reside in the north you can ask any of your family or friends living in Lagos and other South western states they will tell you how Yoruba are so friendly, loving and accommodating. Go to the state headquarter at Alausa ikeja you'll see igbos holding top position without any discrimination

Go to east and see how all positions are occupied completely by all igbos.

An average IGBOS are resentful, spiteful, hateful, bittered et al. They literally see themselves better, superior and more sophisticated than other tribes.

PLEASE verify this my claim if you aren't aware of it and make a decision on who to campaign and vote for

I leave you to your conscience

Somebody definitely wrote this for you guys

You have been disseminating it in every post relating to politics on NL
Politics / Re: Zainab Ahmed: Economy Doing Better Than Previous Governments Under Buhari by anifranklyn67: 7:26am On Jul 28, 2022
With due respect to women all over the world

After listening to this woman's claim that ECA depletion is for security reasons and now economy is doing well under buhari than pass governments,

I can boldly say that this woman is irregratably foolish!!!


Politics / Re: UK, US warn residents against travel near Kuje prison, 19 states by anifranklyn67: 7:26am On Jul 07, 2022
The solution to all these problem of insecurities is by Voting Tinubu. We can solve this by recruiting 50 million youths into the Army and feed them with Àgbado' and Cassava


That way u creat "demand and consumption"

Kai!! Who pintch me grin

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Madrid Vs Manchester City UCL (3 - 1) On 4th May 2022 by anifranklyn67: 10:01pm On May 04, 2022
If u allow realmadrid to enter extra time you are finished...they are just professors of extra time football

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Politics / Re: Terrorists Release Another Photograph Of Abducted Kaduna-Abuja Train Passengers by anifranklyn67: 6:27pm On Apr 26, 2022
Where is NIN
Car Talk / Re: How Are Preparing For Subsidy Removal? by anifranklyn67: 6:44am On Dec 09, 2021

Hong Kong
The list goes on. Price of fuel in Nigeria is amongst the cheapest in the world rn.

Minimum wage in your country is mere 18,000-36,000 and you are comparing yourself to countries of almost 500,000naira minimum wage

Even if you are agent to this brainless regime, does that mean you don't have common sense..??

Gentle man you are Fantastically stupid


Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 9:59am On Nov 19, 2021
Sorry for late update guys!! We have been busy just as usual, however for fast communication, always reach out on calls, sms and WhatsApp via HOTLINE+2347067451362

Latest Prize update on melon

Machine peel (Lafia): 80,000 for 30paint
Handpeel 95,000: 30paint custard

For large qty, contact us for special bargain...

Still your humble servant Francis..the Ogbono General

Politics / Re: Bandits Kidnap Hamza Umar's 4 Children In Katsina by anifranklyn67: 8:01pm On Sep 06, 2021
Simple statement we can't comprehend...it's a family business!!! Why is it difficult to understand...stop disturbing us with this kind news
Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 8:47pm On Aug 06, 2021
Greetings from here guys...
Just quick one: 2types of melon wifely cultivated are Hausa specie and Igbo specie

Hausa specie: mainly cultivated in Niger state and some part of kwara state

Ignore specie: cultivated across Nasarawa, Benue, Taraba, Adamawa and some part of Kogi

Now melon storage is currently on going
However a particular user was asking the difference in storing the two species. I can authoritatively advise u to go for Igbo specie(Popularly known as Lafia)

We are selling unpeeled for storage now @27,000 per bag picture of the bag shown below

As usual melon update

Handpeel...60,000 30custard rubber
Machine peel 45,000 30custard rubber

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General
+2347067451362(WhatsApp Call SMS)

Politics / Re: Abba Kyari: I Was Hushpuppi's Debt Collector - DCP Denies N8 Million Bribe by anifranklyn67: 1:44pm On Aug 04, 2021
Can somebody tell this man to pls consult Lai Mohammed before making any other comment for crying out loud !!!
Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 4:17pm On Jun 15, 2021
Beware of scammers, I only sell melon myself...I don't connect people where to buy melon, be very careful, don't come back here on this thread to cry after falling a victim...be wise..stay safe!!!

However melon prize as at Tuesday 15th June 2021

Machine peel...42,000

All containing 30paint rubber,
Sorry for late update...we have been very busy

Always call for prize update when we fail to post here on time

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General
Politics / Re: Buhari: Those Who Attacked Ebonyi Communities And Soludo Won’t Be Spared by anifranklyn67: 8:00am On Apr 04, 2021
As one senator rightfully said, no one takes him serious....not even the rodent in my maize house

A totally wasted 8yrs

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Crime / Re: I Have Just Been Scammed!!!! by anifranklyn67: 9:53am On Mar 27, 2021
You can still get your money back...
Through the power of "card Charge back case" and the beneficiary bank will vomit it after the financial judicial department have settled on your favour...mind you, over the counter bank girls and customer service have no idea of what am saying

Call me to put u through if you cares

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Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 10:46am On Mar 25, 2021
Melon update as @thur 25th March 2021

Handpeel 30paint bucket 49,500

Machine peel 30paibt bucket 35,000

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General
Celebrities / Re: Iyabo Ojo: An Armed Robber Raped Me In My Husband’s House by anifranklyn67: 7:06pm On Mar 13, 2021
People don't talk about women raping boys ....very unfair!!!


Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 6:50pm On Mar 13, 2021
Melon update as at sat. 13march,

Handpeel 30paint.....50,000

Machine peel 30paint....35,500

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General
Business / Re: Business Ideas For A 5 Million Naira Capital by anifranklyn67: 8:53pm On Mar 12, 2021
Agro is the future....!!! 2m can confortably farm cassava on a 100plots.....the harvest will blow your mind...you will see your 2m going up there at 10m..cassava is more than lucrative now!!! There are many other crops to farm though


Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 10:50pm On Mar 06, 2021
Good work you are doing here.
How many tin cup in a paint rubber?

Milk tin cup...22cups
Short tomato tin cup....18cups

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General

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Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 12:07pm On Mar 06, 2021
Melon prize update as at sat 6th March

Handpeel....#49,500 (30paint rubber)

Machine peel....#34,500(30paint rubber)

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General
Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 2:28pm On Feb 26, 2021
Fantastic update Francis

Thanks brother information is key!!!

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General
Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 9:39pm On Feb 24, 2021
Melon update as at wed. 24th Feb

Machine peel 34,000(30paintrubber)

Handpeel 47,000(30paintrubber)

UNPEELED 25,000(100mudus)

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General

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Crime / Re: Mother Dumps Her Newborn Baby With A Written Note Along A Road In Katsina (pix) by anifranklyn67: 9:25pm On Feb 12, 2021
Is there anyway this message can reach the authorities, give me the baby to raise...I will give her the best life can provide...I am not childless but my heart bleeds for this act...below is my contact number, let the people incharge know about my request

Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 2:38pm On Feb 10, 2021
Weekly prize update on melon

Handpeel (30custard rubber)...46,000

Machine peel (30custard rubber) 33,500


Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General
07067451362(WhatsApp call SMS)

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Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 1:33am On Feb 09, 2021

please what is the difference and which one is better

Igbo specie that is Lafia is always the best...but like I always say, dont expect to learn everything about agro just on the pages of Nairaland...

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General

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Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 12:28pm On Feb 05, 2021
What is d difference b/w white ador and green ador. Sir how many paint is in a bag?

I will be deceiving you if I tell you that you will learn everything about ogbono on the pages of Nairaland.....

But my candid advice, go for white, leave green....but mind you prize heavily fluctuates check prizes always whenever you are ready to place orders from any source

17bucket custard inside a bag without a dust

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General
Romance / Re: Man Drags Lady To Court Over N5k After The Lady Refuses To Visit Him (photo) by anifranklyn67: 12:22am On Feb 05, 2021
Scam him how? Why should a lady who is not your wife visit you in your house? To do what exactly? What happens to meeting at an eatery?
Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 11:16am On Feb 04, 2021
How much is ogbono now?

Ogbono New Harvest:
Green Ador....170,000

White Ador....160,000

Ogbono storage:

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General
Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 8:34am On Feb 04, 2021
Do you deliver to Abuja?

Yes we do...in all part of the country and beyond

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General
Agriculture / Re: Egusi Melon In Large Quantity Engine And Handpeel by anifranklyn67: 5:04pm On Feb 03, 2021
Hello my Lovely Nairalanders...
I must apologize for keeping off for quite a long time...it has been a hectic year long investing on cassava milling project....please bear with me for keeping this trend dull and not updating you on prize of melon

But now I promise to give you all update u need on melon ranging from hand peel, machine peel and unpeeled

I must not forget to thank you guys for great patronage from Nairalanders even when I am not active here, orders have been flying from all corners with enormous trust.

Thank you so much...pleasure is mine as I remained committed for protecting the trust u placed on me!!!




UNPEELED (mudus)....23,000

Sincerely Francis
The Ogbono General
Kilometer 40 onitsha owerri Rd. Behind Total petrol Station. Ihiala LGA
Anambra state
+2347067451362(Call, SMS and WhatsApp)

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