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Food / Re: Making Okra Soup Draw Without Ogbono by armyofone(m): 8:38pm

Is it easily obtainable East of the Niger? Or would one have to trek to Asaba (or even further west) to get the leaves?

Trek to Umudike village - grin
Food / Re: Making Okra Soup Draw Without Ogbono by armyofone(m): 8:30pm
Has anyone ever tried the following tip: boiling ujuju (water) leaves, blending them and adding to the soup?

I love ujuju. I miss that vegetable grin

I don't like it being mix with anything. Just ujuju soup and some dried fish and crayfish.

People add it to okra or ogbono cuz it is naturally drawy vegetable.

Ujuju leaf is not the same as water leaf.

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Family / Re: Don't complain that your husband is cheating on you if you are on this table by armyofone(m): 8:20pm

Do they keep receipts to return them? cheesy

And some people on this forum argue that women are not marginalized in Nigeria. They have been used to very low standards for too long, I guess. undecided

Good question - do you Nigerian keep receipts ?

Will there be deductions for wears and tears for her sojourn?


NIN - stop disrespecting yourselves.
Family / Re: Don't complain that your husband is cheating on you if you are on this table by armyofone(m): 2:34am

Sometimes I am marveled at the way you LADIES of nowadays have decided to order men around with useless and baseless theories.

There are only 2 beings that can stop a man from marrying as many as he wishes.
The First is FATE (GOD)
The Second is the MAN himself.
Every other person is secondary.
Even his siblings nor parents can't stop him when the time comes.
Better wake up, else you will be sent packing.
LADIES who failed to get proper home training wll be redeployed to their parents houses.
These NEW GENERATION LADIES keep fooling themselves. As long as a man walks into your family house seeking to transfer you to his, he can equally return you back.
In DIVORCE a man never leaves his FATHER'S house nor village. Better wake up.

Only in Nigeria and other 3rd world countries can you people be doing "return you back" up and down.
Return an adult back ? undecided grin

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Colin Powell, 84, Dies From Covid by armyofone(m): 1:53am
RIP general Powell.
Fashion / Re: The Haircut I Ordered Vs The Haircut I Got (Photos) by armyofone(m): 1:47am


That's Nigeria mickey mouse hot dog hot diggity dog grin

Send the barber to Disney world to have a closer look first grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Colin Powell, 84, Dies From Covid by armyofone(m): 5:22pm On Oct 18
Make sure you take a ride in the Lamborghini to get your COVID-19 vaccine.


Certified genius that can fix Any problem..you don't know me dude ..when you own any Lamborghini in Lagos then you will know me mumu
Foreign Affairs / Re: Colin Powell, 84, Dies From Covid by armyofone(m): 5:13pm On Oct 18
We know them - the SarkniYarkis who slept through biology and chemistry classes because of inability to calculate molar mass and differentiate Hcl and NaCl grin, or use a pipet.


Sharap ..that Vaccine doesnt Work


Go and learn you are beginning to embarrass yourself was that what the scientists told you.Since we all know pain relievers and other medicines have side effects why do you still take them since it doesn't guarantee everything.
undecided undecided


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Health / Re: The Menace Of Quack Nurses, My Experience by armyofone(m): 6:15am On Oct 17
So today in the Pharmacy, a lady came in with a written note to buy the following antibiotics.
Perfloxacin 2
"Cipro infusion" 6
"Ciproxin tablets" 2
Rocephin 6.

On seeing the note I wasn't comfortable, I asked her who the drugs were meant for, she said it's for herself, I then asked her who prescribed it and she said a nurse, I asked her to call the nurse that I want to speak with her to know why she wants to give all these antibiotics to one person, maybe all the bacteria in the world are having a conference in the lady's body.

Not that the the one she wrote "Ciproxin" is ciprofloxacin and Cipro infusion is also ciprofloxacin but meant for intravenous use (these nurses usually call it Ciproxin or Cipro), Ciprofloxacin and Perfloxacin are the same class of drugs with similar mechanism of action, (same Pharmacology) just some differences in their chemical structures,

so basically this "nurse" wants to give one drug in two different forms (Ciproxin tablets and Cipro infusion) with another similar drug (Perfloxacin) to one person and don't forget Rocephin (Ceftriaxone) which is another powerful antibiotic.

So the nurse was called, I introduced myself as the pharmacist that wants to sell the drugs she wrote down for a patient and that I'm not comfortable with the patient taking all these at the same time, that it could cause more harm than good, she told me that the patient ran some infection tests and that those drugs she wrote are the ones that was recommended by the lab results.

Now let me explain what happened here, the lady ran some infection tests and the laboratory scientist also ran what is called antibiotic sensitivity tests to determine the most appropriate antibiotic to use for treatment, this helps doctors to go straight and prescribe the suitable antibiotic, just like hitting the bull's eye without beating about the bush.

So this nurse told me that according to the lab results, that the lady is supposed to use all the antibiotics that showed sensitivity, at this point my jaw dropped, I tried to let her know that she's making a mistake,she now told me to give the lady only "Ciproxin" I sold only a pack of Ciprofloxacin to the lady and told her this pack will suffice for whatever treatment she wants and that has needs further evaluation, she should go to a clinic and see a proper doctor.

She said she was directed to the woman because she has a good reputation of treating people of infections and they get pregnant afterwards, so it was a case of child bearing.
She left with the drugs and came back about thirty minutes later, that the "nurse" said that what I gave her was not Ciproxin, I collected my drugs back and refunded her appropriately. God knows I tried.

Her case was not the first and it definitely would not be the last, I see it everyday, nothing stops me from selling all those drugs and pocketing the money, but I have a duty which i also swore to, to protect and educate people on the dangers of drug misuse, that "Aunty Nurse" that learnt "nursing" on the roadside instead of going to school, that did freedom instead of graduation is who people prefer to patronise instead of going to hospital to get a proper care.

Bless you !! Keep doing your watch dog for those who are sensible enough to understand.

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Business / Re: One Month After AbokiFX Shutdown, Naira Fails To Rise by armyofone(m): 6:06am On Oct 17
So not Aboki's fault - they should "unshut" Aboki.

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Family / Re: Family Land: My Step elder Brother Wants The Survey Document To Bear His Name by armyofone(m): 4:06am On Oct 17
Is trouble not loading ? - he is not in the country says you eh.

He has upper hand in building or developing the land prolly. So watch out. You mama has heard, seen or suspected something. You all be careful.

We are not fighting over the Land.
He's not in the country.. he called me few days ago.. that there's need to conduct survey on our dad's property in which all of us obliged. The process kicked off today. Dunno what prompted my mum to asked the surveyor the document will bear which name. The man said what came out of his mouth.

Long story aside we have sorted it out.. the document bears my late dad's name.

For monika that talked about tradition, we don't do that. Every son of the soil have share on his father's property.

The Thread now is for inexperienced like me to learn.

Bye everyone
Health / Re: Some Myth About Medications In Nigeria by armyofone(m): 12:06am On Oct 17
True for some drugs - 2 hours before taking milk or 2 hours after taken milk.

1. I heard it's not good to take drugs with MILK.

2. Heard that one can drink intravaneous injection liquid and it will have same effect e.g adding the liquid to coke, even alcohol (gin).

How true are these?

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Celebrities / Re: Nkechi Sunday Blessing Passes Out At Her Mum's Funeral (Video) by armyofone(m): 11:53pm On Oct 16

Truly losing someone you love is painful but this is not real at all. I remember my aunt did create a scene during my grandma's burial. While my Grandma was alive mehn , that lady did not act like her daughter at all, she was rude and sometimes don't even call her at all. Sending money for her upkeep end up with complaining . But when mama died , she faint like 3 times . I wish my Grandma could wake up and give her a dirty slap. Rip to the dead anyway.

grin grin
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by armyofone(m): 11:34pm On Oct 16

A special lunch for you anytime you visit Abj smiley

I will look for you.
Family / Re: How My Monthly Salary Is Used On Foodstuff Only by armyofone(m): 11:33pm On Oct 16
Cook your own food. Make menu list - vegetables are cheap - so make vegetable soup. Spinach is easy to cook and is cheap.
All food is good -
Just don't over eat.

A pot of beans and bread.
Concoction rice with habanero pepper is delicious.
Spinach stew for yam, potatoes and rice.

Don't forget to eat 1 cup of rice 2 or 3 times.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Chicago's Wasted Generation Of Illiterate Black Men by armyofone(m): 11:13pm On Oct 14
In reality, women withholding sex in order to rid the city from crimes wouldn't work. It might worked somewhere else undecided


Reminds me of Chiraq the movie

My only recollection from that movie was that sex scene towards the end with Nick Cannon.

Utterly disgusting stuff.

I really don't know what is going to help brothers see the light. Really wasted generations. Doesn't look like anybody cares now.

It is a very sad situation.

PrideofLincoln, what do you think ?


Family / Re: Russia Mum Kills Baby &Son Jumping 190ft To Her Death With Kids In Her Arms(Pix) by armyofone(m): 7:13pm On Oct 14

It has nearly nothing to do with giving birth late. But more with necessary attention and understanding that women crave for after birth.

Attention and understanding should be given to a woman who just gave birth - should be mandatory! The human body needs it not the woman craving for it.

Husband can take leave from work...once wifey is pregnant, save your leave days. Take leave and be home at least 2-3 weeks to help your wife get the needed rest and sleep. While home, start making arrangements for who to assist for the next few weeks.
Family / Re: Russia Mum Kills Baby &Son Jumping 190ft To Her Death With Kids In Her Arms(Pix) by armyofone(m): 10:19pm On Oct 13

My thoughts exactly. Many women suffer from post-natal depression here in Africa but thanks to our cultural setting which is very communal and that doesn't permit isolation of new mothers, these women are able to scale the phase without damage. This story is just so sad.

Everyone is so busy/working in order to pay their bills. Highly possible her mom is working and can't afford to take time off work.


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by armyofone(m): 10:12pm On Oct 13
Hahahahaha grin grin grin

I hope to hit your restaurant, papi - cheesy


grin grin I know someone like you will pay 1k to eat just the egg, i believe you.

Gracias mami.

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by armyofone(m): 10:07pm On Oct 13

Am sure is Miyan kuka, are you from the Northern side?

A true child of the soil - nwa enu ale, papi grin
Yeah, miyan kuka.

You Northern mallam aboki ?
Kawo abinchi mana.

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by armyofone(m): 8:00pm On Oct 13
Your left hand nails undecided caught my eyes. Tor

Hello lovelies.
Please help a sister. Pls support me by watching and subscribing to my YouTube channel by pressing the link bellow, it doesn’t take anything from you.����������
it doesn’t take anything from you. Here you learn how to make meat pie without oven

Food / Re: Why Do Most Nigerian Visitors Dont Finish The Food Served To Them? by armyofone(m): 6:29pm On Oct 13
Ask your guests what they would like to eat or have anything special they want you to prepare.

Maybe then they would lick your plates to your liking cheesy
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by armyofone(m): 5:58pm On Oct 13
grin who doesn't like good money cheesy

Yeah...he will be fine.

There will be hell if Prestonn ask for big money say 4millions than plantain and egg lady MariahAngel grin


I’m sure it’s because Guy signed that huge contract with them and Bobby probably feels like he deserves same.

Oh well.

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by armyofone(m): 5:39pm On Oct 13
I will go get it - grin

Did you read Bobby Flay will leave food network ?
He requested for 100m - FN refused.


Yes ranch is perfect for me wink
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by armyofone(m): 5:18pm On Oct 13
So you like Ranch wink I like blue cheese.


Dip it in ranch. Yum
Celebrities / Re: Ned Nwoko’s Wife, Laila Unfollows Him And Co-wife Regina Daniels On Instagram by armyofone(m): 5:14pm On Oct 13
Downside of polygamy - No man can ever share his love equally among wives or women. Either too much on one side or too little on the other side. Not to talk of raising kids in such environment undecided

Men and women should stop the act of polygamy - it is endangering to children.


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by armyofone(m): 4:30am On Oct 13
Village kitchen

Jollof Rice ❤


Feliz Domingo a todos kiss

Na so, it is to give it style and new name so egg fit pass throat own we dey - papi, imela.

Egg in a blanket, bedeviled star egg, egg star cutlet Devine, or egg benedicto, star grazed egg? grin

Nice one papi.


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by armyofone(m): 2:46am On Oct 13
Na northerners go sabi this soup. Is called kuku made from dry baobab leafs with maize swallow.
Between,who get one money wey him no the use? I dey find small soft loan,payable by month end.

Do you mean kuka ?
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by armyofone(m): 12:56am On Oct 13
Cool crunchy cucumbers - a gal's best evening time snack!


Family / Re: I'm Losing My Only Sister by armyofone(m): 4:20am On Oct 10

Shameless goat.

So, igs only your sister who should carry the responsibility og your parents. You are ma.d. You arent thinking of getting job to help and make yourself useful to your parents, but it's your sister who must do it.

I am sure you all used her like the rag when you were small. The girl ran away from you all. She cooked and did everything all cooked, wash plates, clean the house for you lazy goats who called yourselves boys.

Your papa has boys na which is what he is proud of. Go and take care of your father and mother. Shameless goat. Just imagine the boldness to say her sister is the one who should take care of them. So, you are not to. The girl is meant to do the housekeeping till she dies while you go out and live a fulfilled life. On top expecting to use her bride price. You are an idioota. Confirmed

You really vexed grin I understand - uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

Story of an average Nigerian girl! The four guys in the family should pull their weight together and leave the girl for now.

Travel there as a concerned caring brother only to check on her well-being not to ask her to come play the usual 1st "first born role"
Romance / Re: How Many Women will dare to get married If This Is Applicable Today? by armyofone(m): 8:47pm On Oct 08
Many women - It was wiped out because it was too one sided - since the men were chopping left and right and the women learned from the men.

I saw the attached somewhere and I just can't imagine this law in the present day.

I wonder how many married women will be alive and how many unmarried ladies will dare to get married If This biblical law is enforced in this present day.

This one shock me...

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Health / Re: Suicidal Man Jumps From 9th Floor, Stood Up And Asked What Happened In U.S.(Pics by armyofone(m): 6:01pm On Oct 08
The thing people go through in life is the same anywhere or everywhere.

He should reconsider his thought from what is making him suicidal. It is a tough world everywhere. The same USA some people are dying to get to, even as a refugee

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