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Culture / Re: How Did The Populations Of The Igbo, Hausa, And Yoruba Come To Be So Large? by AtaniWarrior: 9:47pm On Nov 25, 2018
I'd like you all to give your own thoughts on how the populations of these three ethnic groups came to be so large. grin But here's my own theory:

The Hausas have had strong united traditions. The Hausas were originally a trading people in the Sudanic region of Africa and might have possibly started out with a rather small population. As their trading cities grew in influence, they became centres of migration for traders and merchants all across the Sahel. These traders might have had different backgrounds but all spoke Hausa as a trade language, making "Hausa" more of a linguistic group than an ethnic group. By the time Islam arrived in the Sahel, the Hausa elite and then the commoners converted to the religion and assumed a united "Hausa" identity since after all, they lived in the same place for hundreds of years, spoke Hausa and worshipped Allah. As the trading cities expanded, they attracted more and more people from al across Sudanic Africa and soon they too experienced the cultural diffusion and mixed into the Hausa population.

The Igbo as we all know were never united into one kingdom. They might have xisted in many small independent city-states just like the Germanic kingdoms of the Holy Roman Empire. Trade was also very important in Igbo culture and might have helped increase the Igbo population also. As Igbo-traders expanded outward and settled in various other cities, their influence spread and soon Igbo might have also been adopted as a second language by the peoples and as the Igbo population grew, it might have become the primary language of these poeoples. I m also hypothesizing that the yam has played a large role in the population growth of the Igbos. Yam, was easy to grow and required little land as compared to crops such as sorghum, bailey and etc which grew in the North. This reduced the need of land to feed large populations and effectively dictated the size of modern day Igboland. Yam could not be grown succesfully in the Northern plateu of the country thus making Igboland a "tropical" land.

The Yorubas, like their Hausa counterparts, also had strong communal traditions. Much of Yorubaland has been united twice, first under the Yoruba kings of Ife and Oyo and twice under the Binis. The Yorubas had minor trading cities but trade did not play as much importance in its culture as it did to the other two. With the empire secure, and all Yoruba speakers united under one ruler, the people were free to multiply and epand, and with the arrival of Islam, polygamy spread much further allowing for a large population boom.

Good topic. I agree. I mentioned in another topic the Igbo expansion from Central Igboland to areas of present day Ebonyi and Abia States where they encountered many non Igbo groups. The Igbo speakers eventually became dominant and assimilated a lot of people.
There were also non Igbo groups that moved into areas dominated by Igbo speakers. These migrations probably played a role in the large population of Igbo people.
Culture / Re: Is This The Origin Of Igbo Land? by AtaniWarrior: 2:40am On Nov 02, 2018
Igbo people are not from Israel.

Igbo people are from West Africa. It is possible that the Proto Igbo speakers came from the Niger Benue Confluence.


Culture / Re: We Are More Than Just Egyptians, Moors, Igbos, Hausas And Yorubas. by AtaniWarrior: 2:34am On Nov 02, 2018

Please note that in comparison to what is now referenced as empires, these Kingdoms could sparsely pass as "empires" in the modern use of the word "dynasty' or "kingdoms" would be more appropriate.

Case in point, the Zulu's were a Kingdom but definitely not an Empire in the modern sense of the word.

I agree.
Culture / Re: Gbagyi : The Unsung Tribe - History Of The Gbagyi People By Isaac Somto by AtaniWarrior: 3:15am On Nov 01, 2018

You are welcome. Thanks
No problem. I’m actually very interested in learning more about the groups in Central Nigeria.
Culture / Re: Efik/ibibio Names And Their Meaning by AtaniWarrior: 2:06am On Nov 01, 2018
I think Eyo is actually the correct spelling. What is the meaning of the name Eyo?
Culture / Re: We Are More Than Just Egyptians, Moors, Igbos, Hausas And Yorubas. by AtaniWarrior: 1:30am On Nov 01, 2018
Garamantes Kingdom as well. The list goes on. Africa was home to a lot of kingdoms, empires, and states. It is very fascinating.
Culture / Re: Igbon, Iresa And Ikoyi: A Pre-historic Relationship Till Present Time by AtaniWarrior: 1:03am On Nov 01, 2018
Thank you for sharing.
Politics / Re: Re Let The North Rule For Ever by AtaniWarrior: 10:32pm On Oct 28, 2018
Tell us how the Aros/Arochukwu became slaves of the Akamkpa.
Why are the Aros ruled by Akamkpa kings to this day
Aros/Arochukwu were never slaves of Akamkpa. Akuma Nnubi was one of the founding fathers of Arochukwu. He was selected to become the first king. After he died, all of the kings of Arochukwu came from the Oke Nnachi lineage (possibly of Edda origin).

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Culture / Re: Anioma Is An Ethnic Group - Emeka Esogbue by AtaniWarrior: 10:08pm On Oct 28, 2018

The diversity of this haplogroup is more prevalent in West Africa which is why the hypothesis is that it originated more West-central than anywhere else. It is possible that E1b1a7 originated somewhere in central Africa but much closer to Sudan and the Central African republic than to say the Congo but definitely not in Southern Africa. The Migration flows from central( closer to Sudan) to the west then back to east and then down central via Cameroon then down South.

Please note that E1b1a is the not the oldest Ytdna haplogroup in Africa but was the most successful of all to populate the continent via the Bantu expansion. Ethiopians, Somali, Nubians, Southern sudanese and many North east African's carry an older version of this Ydna but not the E1b1a mutation.

All the so called Igboid groups such as Ika, etche, Ikwerre and the likes are most likely of igob "stock' in my opinion, the indicators point to this conclusion but again it will not be tested. Nigeria doesn't have any Universities that are researched based that will even ponder this question so it will remain in the arena of socio-political discourse.



That’s interesting. DNA is very intricate. I will definitely do more research.

Regarding the Igboid groups I respect your views. The situation is complicated. Igbo cohesion has a lot of potential to accomplish even greater things. Same with the other groups in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. With the right mindset of the people and good leadership, the sky is the limit.
Culture / Re: Origin Of The Yakurr New Yam Festival Leboku ( Ekoi) by AtaniWarrior: 2:25am On Oct 25, 2018
Great post. Shoutout to my Ekoi/Ejagham people.
Culture / Re: Gbagyi : The Unsung Tribe - History Of The Gbagyi People By Isaac Somto by AtaniWarrior: 1:44am On Oct 25, 2018
Very interesting. Thank you for the information.
Culture / Re: Anioma Is An Ethnic Group - Emeka Esogbue by AtaniWarrior: 1:19am On Oct 24, 2018

I believe so however other subclades of E1b1a such as E1b1a7a8a are also spread across the Igbo and other closer groups around the surrounding area. The clade E1b1a unifies most West African, central and Southern Africans.

I do believe however that in addition an autosomal DNA test would also be needed to accurately determine "founder populations" of all these so called "igboid" groups.

The suffix letters and numbers at the end of the subclades are simply added mutations and help to determine what specific "ethnic group" possess these unique mutations

African Ancestry which is a test that differentiates itself from say 23&men and ancestry.com does a better job in pinpointing the actual "ethnic group" in Africa one comes from and the more tests done the more accurate their predictions would be.

The Ytdna would tie these so called Igboid groups first of all to specific groups in the South of Nigeria, then specific mutations would narrow down to the specific ethnic groups as well.

Mtdna would find out if their women came from the same ethnic grouping or from other surrounding groups and finally the autosomal would determine how close in complete genetic makeup they are to each group in the surrounding area.

They will not include these possibilities in their discussions however because I suspect a more sinister geo political motive in play.

Thank you for the information. Perhaps the E1b1a7 and E1b1a7a subclades originated in Central or Southern Nigeria? E1b1a8 subclade from the Nigerian/Cameroon border area? E1b1a8a and E1b1a8a1 subclades from Southern Cameroon?

I think these areas are where the subclades might have the highest frequencies. Hopefully we will get more information from future DNA tests.
Culture / Re: Anioma Is An Ethnic Group - Emeka Esogbue by AtaniWarrior: 4:15am On Oct 21, 2018

Ika people should run massive tests on their people for Y-dna and find out once and for all who their founding fathers are.

You people are spinning stories left right and center, it is possible that Ika may have merged with other groups of people but with genetics and the patriarchy system practiced in this part of the world, a simple genetic test of Y-dna, Mtdna and atdna will map what groups are "founders" and what group were incorporated.

Linguists and anthropologist note that there is a strong correlation between genetics and similar lexicons, grammar and alphabet structure within two groups of people in close proximity, in other words if two people speak a somewhat mutually intelligible language they both emanate from the same "founder" population.

Any thing else regarding this matter is subjective heresay, folk tales and possible historical fabrications. A history or self determination based on lies is a lie in and of itself.

DNA does not lie!


Is the E1b1a7 haplogroup the dominant paternal lineage for Igbo people?
Culture / Re: AGULERI OR NRI Where Actually Are Igbos Originally From? by AtaniWarrior: 11:58pm On Oct 19, 2018
Lmaooo this thread is hilarious lol
Culture / Re: Are Your Parents Tribalist About Who You Date? by AtaniWarrior: 12:27am On Oct 18, 2018
Yes lol
Culture / Re: AGULERI OR NRI Where Actually Are Igbos Originally From? by AtaniWarrior: 12:17am On Oct 18, 2018
This Eri centric fanatics, 80% of them are from that part of Southeast (Anambra) that has been subdue by the descendant's of members of Eri cooperative society founded on 1945 in which the mission of their descendants is to establish an Eri hegemony over other Igbo's, they will continue to emasculate various different traditional history of Igbo people, disregarding it and presenting it as ilogical.
Even if is about Igbo's originated from their present location there's also an Eri centric version of it, Igbo's originated from ancient Egypt/middle East/Moors of North African and West Africa well, there is also an Eri centric version of it, the Biafra Igbo's/Biafra history there is also a very strong Eri centric presence in it. I'm from Akumimo Obingwa Abia State and I don't have any problems with Igbo's originating from any where, I just fill something that is wrong with some Igbo history which I choose not to go with the approach been used by the Eri centric school of thought. I pray that Igbo's will wake up to see this for what it is and fight it according to our saying that says Egbe bere Ugo bere kesi ibe ya eberela nku kwasi ya.

That is interesting. I have studied the history and culture of the UmuEri/UmuNri lineage thoroughly. MCM Idigo from Aguleri mentioned in his book “The History of Aguleri" how Eri and Aguleri people were originally from Igala.

My mother is from Agukwu Nri. Some of my uncles who are very knowledgeable about Nri history also confirmed that Eri was from Igala. People know the truth lol. Some people chose to be honest while others do not.

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Culture / Re: AGULERI OR NRI Where Actually Are Igbos Originally From? by AtaniWarrior: 11:56pm On Oct 17, 2018

The same"Modern" science gave you the big bang

Modern day science/ Religion= Nonsense
This is why they haven't solved ANYTHING,
always discovering never concluding

True knowledge is the knowledge of our Ancestors, BLACK PEOPLE
In this age (7000yrs period) true knowledge is restricted
A fraction of it is taught only in the occult aka secret societies

This is the age of the non blacks existence and rulership
We (Black people) taught their leaders and most intelligent among them some fraction of the true knowledge in ancient Kemet aka Egypt
mystery schools
We then gradually put ourselves in a self induced mental sleep/coma
Cause we black people created the non-blacks for the purpose of them to rule over us so we the Gods can experience what it's like to be without out divinity (God Powers)
This is why we cannot remember anything of our true-story (not his-story)
Our true-story is kept in custody of our initiates in the 360 degree secret societies in 12 tribes of the black nation
10 in Africa and 2 in other parts of the world

The most intelligent of the non blacks we taught 33' degrees of knowledge
Their leaders we taught 33+3' degrees ie:36' degree knowledge

They then formed their various secret societies (white brotherhood, Freemasons, theosophists, Illuminati etc) where they keep the true knowledge/science and feed you all junk

One of the knowledge in the 36' degree is the knowledge of Psychic science
This, their leaders used to form all this modern Religions confusing you FOOLS

Black people who learnt the 36' degree knowledge used theirs to form their own occult aka secret societies different from the authentic 12 where 360' is taught
They are the ones who formed your various African religions and occult ie: deity worship, voodoo, witchcraft etc

This is the revolutionary period of this cycle, the restoration period
True knowledge is being gradually brought to the public and the Gods reawakened

So when you hear Biafrans/Igbo people say they are from Israel they know exactly what they're talking about

Culture / Re: Are Eastern Nigerians From Central Africa? by AtaniWarrior: 11:45pm On Oct 17, 2018

It is likely that proto Igbo groups did come from that confluence or via that route, the only reason being the more you move West the lesser the language and genetics tie to the Bantu, plus expansion predate those of the bantu estimated to be about 1000BC.

Sene-gambians, Fulani, Twi, Kru, Asante and many other essentially "Niger" speakers differ more and more phenotypical and linguistically from the Bantu or groups closer to the Bantu. It would support the theory that there were probably waves of groups in the West-Central or Benue-Congo confluence that migrated West ward of Africa with proto Igbo, Efik, Igala groups constituting the last waves of people in the West making them much closer relatives to the groups that headed central, east and South.

Respect. That makes sense.
Culture / Re: Are Eastern Nigerians From Central Africa? by AtaniWarrior: 1:16am On Oct 17, 2018

is the evidence based on Language or on genetics?

The reason I ask is because a lot of people tend to use bantu, which is a linguistic classification to delineate race, which is incorrect, while it is evident that Bantu and kwa probably emerged from the same stock of peoples a lot of West Africans did not

Good question. The evidence is based on the genetic relationship between the Kwa and Bantu speakers. I agree that the Bantu and Kwa speakers have common ancestors.

I am aware that Bantu is essentially a language family. The Igbo language does not belong to the Bantu language family.

What is your view on the theory that the Proto Igbo speakers came from the Niger Benue Confluence?
Culture / Re: AGULERI OR NRI Where Actually Are Igbos Originally From? by AtaniWarrior: 12:38am On Oct 17, 2018
*laughs in Ngwa*. I don't know who those Eri people are.

lol they are solid people. I honestly wonder how many of these people online claiming Nri supremacy actually studied the history or have ancestral ties to the UmuEri/UmuNri lineage.
Culture / Re: AGULERI OR NRI Where Actually Are Igbos Originally From? by AtaniWarrior: 11:59pm On Oct 16, 2018

Don't mind them. They can't even come up with any oral tradition that even remotely hints at it, not to even talk of science. They're grasping foolishly at straws.

Exactly. It is very unfortunate to say the least.

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Culture / Re: AGULERI OR NRI Where Actually Are Igbos Originally From? by AtaniWarrior: 11:52pm On Oct 16, 2018

West Africa is their current home but they originate from Island of Palen then they migrated to present day Middle East, current day Israel/palestine
There they as well as other blacks there became the Israelites
They later migrated to Africa, west Africa precisely after the Romans invaded Isreal

Igbos are Isrealites
Israelites are the direct descendants of Yahawah and the El-ohims who took part in the genetic experiment to graft the non black races

You have to understand that pre-6000yrs+ ago only black people existed on this earth and they occupied every continent
This is why u have pyramids and other monumental structures in all continents
Black people built them

The earth is being restored back to balance
By the yr3000 all non black would be extinct
Only black people would be earth as it once was

The Black Man/woman/person is God and there is no God besides him/her
This is True-story
Not His-story or Her-story

There is no scientific evidence that Igbo people came from Israel.
Culture / Re: Ikwerre Of Rivers, Ukwani And Ika Of Delta Are Not Igbo. Here Is Proof by AtaniWarrior: 12:50am On Oct 16, 2018
To each his/her own
Culture / Re: AGULERI OR NRI Where Actually Are Igbos Originally From? by AtaniWarrior: 12:36am On Oct 16, 2018
In this current cycle (from 6000+yrs ago), their Origin as well as that of the other Israelites (real Israelites are black people) starts from the Island of Palen (aka Patmus), then current day Israel/Palestine, then various parts of Africa

In Ndi gbo people's case, West Africa and current day Southeast Nigeria
Starting specifically from present day Anambra and spending from there southwards
who told you they are recent....igbos has a long line range of history from the isrealites itself just check the origin of the igbos on google you will be surprised

Igbo people are not from Israel.

Igbo people are from West Africa.
Culture / Re: Are Eastern Nigerians From Central Africa? by AtaniWarrior: 12:24am On Oct 16, 2018

They was obviously a split of peoples somewhere in West Africa around the northern regions of Cameroun that separated proto bantu speakers. one or several groups may have migrated west wards, the other group south and south east words to occupy the rest of Africa. The Kwa speakers may have diverged much earlier and maybe were followed by other groups whose languages still clustered with Proto bantu migrants.

It is evident that Bantu and Kwa speakers are related. Igbo people as a whole are not Bantu and they do not come from Central Africa.
Culture / Re: Are Eastern Nigerians From Central Africa? by AtaniWarrior: 6:46am On Oct 13, 2018
No, Igbos are not Bantu. They are not from Central Africa.

Igbos are from West Africa.


Culture / Re: Obi Of Onitsha Declares War Against Osu Culture, Condemns Caste Cystem, Set To E by AtaniWarrior: 6:39am On Oct 13, 2018
Great move
Culture / Re: AGULERI OR NRI Where Actually Are Igbos Originally From? by AtaniWarrior: 12:31am On Oct 13, 2018

Igalaland? Are you okay at all?
Better respect your old age.
...If you disagree, you had the opportunity to simply state reasons why you disagree like a civilized human being and we could have had a productive debate...

Yet you made a conscious decision to write baseless insults...Tells a lot about your maturity, character, and intelligence level...

I refuse to dialogue with you after this post...

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Culture / Re: AGULERI OR NRI Where Actually Are Igbos Originally From? by AtaniWarrior: 4:40pm On Oct 08, 2018
Igbos don't have a single origin but appear to be a mass of people with very diverse who recently (80-150years ago) came together to form a pan-ethnic group as a unit with the colonial Nigeria.

Indeed all ethnic groups in this Country have more than one origins but the that of Igbo ethnic group is only noticeable because it is very recent.
Exactly. The Pan Igbo identity is recent. We come from different areas. Nri, Aguleri, and other groups belonging to the UmuNri/UmuEri lineage were originally from Igalaland. Several other Northern Igbo groups have ancestral ties to the Middle Belt. Just like some Western Igbo groups were originally from non Igbo groups in Midwestern/Western Nigeria and some Eastern Igbo groups are from the Cross River/Cameroon area. There are also many Igbo groups that may have been in present day Igboland for thousands of years.

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Culture / Re: How Far Back Can You Trace Your Ancestry? by AtaniWarrior: 2:58am On Oct 03, 2018
Great topic. It is a good idea to learn about our ancestors and improve our culture.

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Culture / Re: How Far Back Can You Trace Your Ancestry? by AtaniWarrior: 12:47am On Jun 12, 2018
we can all trace it back to Adam and Eve
No, Adam and Eve have nothing to do with me. That’s Middle Eastern mythology.

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