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NYSC / Re: The Massive Corruption At The Government Hospital Where I Did My NYSC: Ex Corper by Ayemileto(m): 9:50am On Aug 16
Computers / Re: How To Sell Old Inactive Fiverr Buyer Account For Quick Money by Ayemileto(m): 8:08am On Aug 14
Come and experience a 100% transparency transaction

Do you sell accounts too?
Computers / Re: How Safe Is Buying A Laptop From Ebay by Ayemileto(m): 8:07am On Aug 14

Any shipping/logistics company's address.
I don't offer shipping services but can suggest one or two of them

Please suggest
Programming / I Will Edit, Update, Customise PHP Website. by Ayemileto(m): 12:49pm On Jul 24
Hi, Everyone.

If you have a PHP website you need to customise, update, upgrade or add new features to, I can do them for you.

Kindly check my signature for contact details.

Thank you.
Literature / Re: My Name Is John Dare Henry - THE END by Ayemileto(m): 10:29pm On Jul 01

The JDH series WILL BE giving way for another work this July JOHN REAPER : SONS OF WARS 2101.


Nice work OP.

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Education / Re: My Cousin Brought This To Me, Please Help Me! by Ayemileto(m): 12:06pm On Jun 17

Thank you Sir!

Bt wait oooh, shey na Nokia 3310 u use snap this picture nee?

Omo. Didn't check my Camera settings before snapping. It was at 12MP instead of 48. Na why. grin

Maybe I'll update it later.
Education / Re: My Cousin Brought This To Me, Please Help Me! by Ayemileto(m): 9:31am On Jun 17
Good Evening Nairalanders, So this evening I came back from work very tired, my cousin Came into my room and said, "Broda, Please help me do my Math assignment". To my surprise, it was word problem in mathematics. As a 300L B.Pharm student, I excitedly collected it and sharply wanted to do it at that spot, bt wat I thought it was wasn't it. So I told her to leave it on d table wen am done I will check it again...

Pls help me show ur working, dat girl go request for explanation... Thanks

Attached is the workings.

You use simultaneous equation to get Bakos age 5 years ago, and his age now.

The other questions are simply addition and subtraction.

Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by Ayemileto(m): 12:43pm On Jun 05
Nice one Centino. Welcome Back

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Webmasters / Re: Laundry Website And Management System by Ayemileto(m): 12:35pm On May 28
Still available.
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Behead Nigerian Army Couple In Imo, Threaten To Kill Their Family by Ayemileto(m): 1:17pm On May 02
Family / Re: Can I Sue My Father For Selling Our Inheritance, His Properties Anyhow? by Ayemileto(m): 4:38pm On Apr 23
Religion / Re: Oyedepo: Wealthy People With ₦1bn Worth, But Owing Banks ₦10bn Are Stupid by Ayemileto(m): 7:18pm On Mar 13

Now I understand the difference between a man who borrowed from bank to finance his project and another one who depends on other people’s gift and offering to finance his project.

Dangote’s worth is $14billion while the cost of Dangote’s refinery is about $19billion

Based on the full article, I don't think it applies to business men (like Dangote) because they aren't doing big boy around town, and they are not using the loans to purchase liabilities. Instead, they are investing with it.

As for the cost of Dangote refinery, I don't know of banks that borrow people more money than their collateral sha. Maybe they exist and I just don't know.

But, as at when Dangote started his refinery, the cost was supposed to be $8billion (I saw it in newspapers then). I don't know if they changed the initial plan for the cost to have jumped so high, or maybe it's because of inflation.

But, I think the $19billion tag placed on the refinery might be to avoid questioning on the $3.2billion NNPC paid for 20% stake.

Let's not also forget FG sells forex to Dangote at a cheaper rate because of the refinery. So, it might as well be to get much more forex out at a cheaper rate.

What I'm saying is that, it might not cost up to the $19billion price tag. The price could have been inflated for several reasons. shocked

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine: Sanctions May Cause Space Station To Crash - Russia by Ayemileto(m): 2:07pm On Mar 12
To those who don't know, Russia puts more effort into the ISS than the US and often flies US astronauts to the ISS and brings them back.

Now, Russia is ending all working relationships between them on the ISS, which means the US and their NATO allies can no longer get to the ISS and do their part to keep the ISS in orbit.

So Russia is telling them to find a way to get themselves up there to do their own part of the deal to keep the ISS up there.

Are you sure it's this same Article you read?

Also, your assertions that US and NATO can't reach ISS again is completely false. SpaceX has been taking cargoes and humans to space for years now.

They started off with Cargoes, and during Trump's time, started taking humans there too.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Convoy To Kyiv Ambushed By Ukrainian Forces by Ayemileto(m): 11:30am On Mar 11
remember the battle of stalingrad , the Russian troops that died , at the end the Germans gave up , there will be more. But these Russians they will not give up

The Russian - Finland war is another example. grin
Sports / Re: Messi, Neymar Humiliated Has Benzema Bag Man Of The Match by Ayemileto(m): 8:44am On Mar 10
PSG is a very Useless team.

They gifted Madrid those goals with poor defending.

They were in control, and just threw everything out the window.

Very useless club and players.

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Politics / Re: Mike Ozekhome: Judgment Sacking Umahi Cannot Stand Appeal Court Scrutiny by Ayemileto(m): 9:46am On Mar 09

This was a totally different situation. It was a party issue based on who the valid candidate was and not an issue of cross carpeting

But the issue shows that votes belong to the party - not individuals.

If Votes belong to individuals, the other guys votes in the election couldn't have been awarded to Amaechi.

Also, Amaechi's tenure would have expired 4 years after he was sworn in (and not 4 years since the original guy was sworn in).
Politics / Re: Mike Ozekhome: Judgment Sacking Umahi Cannot Stand Appeal Court Scrutiny by Ayemileto(m): 9:24am On Mar 09
PDP and Judicial rascality. How can you expect a court to remove a governor who was voted by the people and not by the Party?

Indeed the party is just the vehicle through which he rode to power but the votes were given to him as an individual which is why even Inec when presenting his certificate of return has his name on it as the winner and not that of the Party.

PDP keeps showing how desperation can make one act like a court Jester and a fool

What of Amaechi's case when he became governor in 2007?

Election was already completed, and the PDP candidate sworn in.

5 months later, the supreme court ruled that Amaechi is the original candidate of the PDP, and he should be sworn in instead.

Also, Amaechi's tenure expired 4 years after the initial guy was sworn in (not 4 years after he was sworn in).

If Votes belong to individuals (and not party), how can this happen? shocked

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Business / Re: I Opened A First Bank Savings Account Online Using My Phone by Ayemileto(m): 4:33pm On Mar 07
Good day nairalanders, pls I opened a first bank savings account with my phone using my bvn I want to know if the account is valid, or do I need to go to a first bank branch. Normally first bank ask for certain requirements to open a savings account for example nepa bill, account opening cash and means of identification but dis requirements wia not asked of me during d online registration. Pls I need a response is really urgent

Deposit small money in the account and try to withdraw it afterwards.

If you can withdraw it, then the account is valid (although might be limited).

If you can't withdraw it, then you need to go to bank shocked
Politics / Re: Women In Abuja Protest Against National Assembly's Misogynistic Agenda (Photos) by Ayemileto(m): 5:19pm On Mar 02
In everything she said, only the first two is valid.

For the 3rd to 5th point, they want women to be served everything on a platter of Gold.

This reminds me of elections in my Alma Mater.

Males cannot contest for VP positions because it's reserved strictly for ladies, but females can contest for president sit.

This has made it possible to have Female President / Female VP combination, meanwhile, it's impossible to have male president/ male VP combination - because males can't contest for VP.

If ladies want a position, they should contest for it, they shouldn't be expecting everything to be given to them on a platter.

As for her last point, Nigerians in diaspora who wants to vote should fly back to Nigeria to do so. You can't be enjoying good life in UK, and be voting for evil people for us.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden Mistakenly Calls Ukrainian People 'Iranian' in Address, Video Goes Viral by Ayemileto(m): 2:58pm On Mar 02
A world without USA would have been a better place to live.

Are you sure? Because many of the things you enjoy today (that makes life easier for you), were either invented or discovered by the US, or their western partners.

So, if we remove all US inventions, alongside that of their western partners, do you think your statement will be valid? shocked
Politics / Re: Lucky Irabor: Some Politicians Want To Lure The Army To Stage A Coup by Ayemileto(m): 8:28am On Mar 02
It is also asserted that the worst side of democracy is better than any form of military rule.
However I feel that Nigeria in particular and Africa in general still need the military rule cus of the peculiarity of our politicians.

No be the military rule put us for this mess we dey?

Na military cancel the regional government we dey run before, come concentrate power for Centre.

Na military destroy education, by taking over schools and colleges from missionaries.

Na military introduce Federal Character, thereby giving preference to quota system over competence.

I can go on and on. The destruction the military started is what put us in this mess.

Should I also state that since we return to Democracy in 1999, 2 of our Presidents (15years combined) have been from the military?

No say this kind of stuffs again oo. shocked

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Vladimir Putin's Black Belt Revoked By International Taekwondo Organization by Ayemileto(m): 1:25pm On Mar 01
Phones / Re: My Data Gets Exhausted Too Quickly. Gurus In The House Please Help! by Ayemileto(m): 4:41pm On Feb 28

Check your Data usage in Settings => Network settings => The SIM

You'll see the list of apps using data, and the quantity of data they have used over a 30 days period.

The apps using your data might be your Launcher, or any other apps that keeps running.

However, If the data usage shown in your settings is far less than what Airtel have deducted, then Airtel is stealing from you.

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Education / Re: Former Scondary School Teacher Marries His Former Student In Delta (Photos) by Ayemileto(m): 3:31pm On Feb 28
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukrainian Troops Destroy Russian Convoy Of Tanks by Ayemileto(m): 10:59pm On Feb 27

This is a developed country, they’ll eventually conquer it, even the Ukrainian president knows this. This war is barely 4 days old. What more do u want??

Yeah, Russia can win, because they have the numerical advantage Not because they have the better millitary.

The Finland - Russia war comes to mind. Despite over 300,000 Russian casualties, Russia still kept throwing men forward, overwhelming the Finnish people.

Finland eventually signed a treaty with them sha, and I'm guessing that's probably what will end this war.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukrainian Troops Destroy Russian Convoy Of Tanks by Ayemileto(m): 9:32pm On Feb 27
I hope people understand that this is the country’s capital were all their military resources is concentrated, there’s no country we’re this would be achieved so easily. All of Ukraine military resources is concentrated here and once this city is conquered the war is over. So it’s just a minor setback. Even during the world wars it took several days to break through Berlin even when Hitler was losing on all grounds

What of Kharkiv, The second largest city?

Why haven't Russian taken over despite fighting for it for days now?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukrainian Troops Destroy Russian Convoy Of Tanks by Ayemileto(m): 9:27pm On Feb 27
I am suspecting the west has started arming Ukraine side secretly even with Intel's, am sorry this is gonna be a long drive for putin

It's openly, not secretly.

Go to twitter.

Poland, Netherlands and some other countries already donated good weapons to Ukraine.

NATO are also planning to donate weapons too.
Sports / Re: Leeds United Sack Marcelo Bielsa, Announce Replacement Tomorrow by Ayemileto(m): 4:02pm On Feb 27
I dont get the hype Belsa get, he havent won anything major in his career.

Because he hasn't coached any major team.

A coach is as good as his players. shocked
Foreign Affairs / Re: Snake Island: 13 Ukrainia Soldiers' Final Words Before Being Blown Up By Missile by Ayemileto(m): 8:27pm On Feb 26
As if you don't know the play book of the US....

How do you think they forcing Germany to host forces and missiles despite Germany refusal or how do you think they are trying to Compel Germany to remove Russia from SWIFT despite the fact that it will hurt the German economy more than Russia?

Yes I know that there are standard requirements for NATO with Ukraine doesn't meet but Russia will not wait for the day that Ukraine finally meet them.

It this point Where Russia feel like it Security is threatened... There's not going to be peace in Europe until those element are removed and it doesn't matter who is in NaTO or not.

You should go and read the Russians security demands. The Russians are currently using the Madman doctrine right now.

They will match on Romania and threaten the world with nuclear war by threatening New York and London. You think the US will go to Nuclear war over Romania to watch New York in flames?
The mad man Schwab at Davos and his Davos crowd who are ruling the western world in their current craziness will not want that.

Remember the Cuban missile crisis..? The world is on a similar path.

If you don't know what happened in 2014, atleast go and read about it and stop asking questions that does not relate.

SMH for you.

"US playbook" indeed.
Politics / Re: Abdulazeez Ganduje Threatens Legal Action Against Father Over ₦190m Deal by Ayemileto(m): 8:18pm On Feb 26
I hope EFCC and ICPC will act sha.

Awarding contracts to his son is actually illegal.

Both the son and the father needs to be jailed.

Like seriously? Giving a contract of billions to his son. Billions just for an IDP camp. Corruption runs in that family

It's "millions", not "billions".

Billions has 10 - 12 digits before decimal point. shocked shocked

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Snake Island: 13 Ukrainia Soldiers' Final Words Before Being Blown Up By Missile by Ayemileto(m): 8:06pm On Feb 26
The reason is very simple ..
The US is compelling them to do it or face sanctions..
US is compelling Ukraine to join NATO, or face sanctions? WTF did you get this from?

Did you even know there are standard requirements to join NATO and Ukraine does not currently meet those requirements?

While most of those decisions does not benefit any of those countries militarily ...

It gives them a sense of protection.

If Georgia was part of NATO, will Russia invade them in 2008?

If Ukraine is already part of NATO, will Russia invade them now?

If Finland is already part of NATO, will Russia be threatening them now?

The US purposely change the rules based system to overthrow Ukraine legitimate govt and install a puppet that will allow them place missiles on Ukrainian soil just like they've done in Poland and Romania... In most cases, Russia have redrawn untill now when they drew the red line.

How did US overthrow the legitimate government?

Did US force the Ukrainian parliament to vote for impeachment?

Did you even know the vote was Unanimous, as even the president's party members didn't vote for him to remain in office? As in, he didn't even have a single vote.

Or is it the US fault that he failed to properly manage the many months of protests that eventually became bloody and led to his impeachment?

Kindly educate me on how US "overthrow" the government, because to the best of my knowledge, he was impeached by his country's parliament. shocked
Foreign Affairs / Re: Snake Island: 13 Ukrainia Soldiers' Final Words Before Being Blown Up By Missile by Ayemileto(m): 7:51pm On Feb 26

Russia hit Georgia for the same reason it is hitting Ukraine now "NATO has no business in our neighborhood. Traitors would be treated like traitors".

Lies!!! Georgia was not planning to join NATO then.

And Russia invaded to support and liberate two separatist regions. An Aim they successfully (and easily) achieved after Georgia's president declared a one-sided ceasefire.

Crimea is inhabited by Russians. Before Crimea was annexed, why did the west orchestrate a coup to topple the Ukrainian president in 2014? The west can't possibly think they're the only ones who have power. Why aren't you talking about that but talking about Russia's reaction of the annexation of Crimea?

Was it a coup? Or what is your definition of coup?

The president fled the country following months of protests (which started in 2013 and have grown to become deadly).

He fled before the parliament could vote on his impeachment.

The parliament went ahead to vote in favour of impeachment, with no single person (even his party members) voting for him to remain in office.

How is that a coup?

And even if we agree to call it a "coup" rather than an "impeachment", what evidence do you have to prove that it was sponsored by the west?

You're here talking about Russia's 'aggressive nature', please tell me how many countries in the world Russia has invaded when it wasn't a reaction & I will tell you at least 30 countries that the US & the west have invaded for absolutely no reason but lies & greed.
Almost all Russia's neighbours have lost territories to them in the past. And this includes China (Reason why I doubt China will ever go to this war with them, even if NATO interferes).

And in many cases, it wasn't a "reaction" but a "preemptive" action. A good example of this is Finland's case. Russia wanted some of Finland's lands and cities because of its strategic millitary position, and offered Finland lands in other areas. Finland turned down the offer, and they(Russia) decided to take the lands by force.

Russia has disputed territories with Japan & China, please tell me about them. Thanks.

Use Google. Information is freely available. Basically, Russia shares border with China, Japan and North Korea.

And some of the territories around the border are disputed.

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